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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 13, 2015 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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>>james: thank you for joining us at this early for him our best of luck we often like to do with the check of the weather and traffic. . >>reporter: was just a few clouds here looks like at the bay bridge not of that would start the morning is all have a call from but we have a strong sea breeze that move and letter on this afternoon winds are calm and skies are mostly clear but lead on this afternoon those winds will pick up and keep the temperatures on the slide = afforded to low 50s and call a spots are long and update the
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mid-40s. part of the spread to limit the before presents and 45 and across the peninsula 49 for daily sitting. >>reporter: not too bad for this morning and not as to be ready for the day implanted temperatures will be in the low fifties for the next couple of hours and that will warm to the mid-60s. >>reporter: 20 call with the sea breeze to temperature will feel even cool a letter on this afternoon with talk about the forecast just a warmer storm track 47 a forecast. >>reporter: traffic is looking good and quiet as you continue off into the westbound direction are before the bay bridge here is what looks like right now are before the toll plaza traffic very quiet dressing a handful part of the road this morning. >>reporter: >>gary: traffic in the westbound direction moving smoothly. >>reporter: traveling 101
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southbound over the bridge of very quiet again handful of cars headed southbound to downtown san francisco if you're covering up around and around town and the senate any delays on the road as well looking at the richmond san rafael bridge bridge traffic very quiet this morning and not a bad way to start off your monday morning. >>reporter: it will be breezy and slightly cooler in comparison to worm were were >>james:in the news this monday morning. >>james:the search resumes today for a motorcyclist who fell off the antioch bridge after a collision. >>james:this happened sunday evening. >>james:emergency personnel searched for two hours and were only able to find some of his belongings. >>james:officials say the motorcyclist collided with a car and then "flew" over the west side of the bridge. >>james:the coast guard called off the search last night
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because of safety reasons. but they're expected to be back out this morning. >>james:no one was injured after shots were fired outside a fisherman's wharf restaurant in san francisco sunday evening. >>james:police say just before six o clock. two men on motorcycles got into an argument that turned violent at the intersection of jefferson at leavenworth. >>james:the shots fired shattered a glass door at an electronics store on the corner. police did pursue the suspects. but they got away. >>james:so far- no arrests have been made. shots fired at a crowded fisherman's wharf -- but miraculously. it appears no one was hurt police say two men on motorcycles -- possibly three. >>james:got into an agrument that turned violent at the intersection of jefferson at leavenworth just before six o'clock tonight. >>james:a police pursuit turns deadly in the east bay. after a driver smashes into another car with three people in it. >>james:now. richmond police say the man responsible is behind bars. kron-4's scott rates show us what prompted the pursuit.
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>>reporter: he tried to pull over the gunmen for speeding behind will corvette he felt seal to officers emergency light however police say after assure pursuit of the loss tim it was not until lead witness told police they saw the corvette flying through a stop sign slamming into this town the civic killing another man in san pablo and injuring two other people investigators say he allegedly ran away but later called police to cook up a story. our investigators are ever to interview the driver and after that interview he was arrested and booked into our jail for vehicular manslaughter this whole thing is tragic the simplest thing for the german to have done was to stop on the
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police officer and as they tried to affect the traffic stop. being run over by the car police were pursuing. >>james:police are still looking for the trio of robbers who hit and killed klecker. and injured another pedestrian. >>james:the men are wanted in a string of recent san francisco robberies. >>james:police say the robbers' black toyota corolla was found abandoned on treasure island. >>james:a man police say killed the mother of his child in san jose. right in front of their one year old. is now behind bars this morning. >>james:25 year old drew butler was taken into custody saturday. >>james:police say he and his girlfriend. kendra gonzales, got into a fight last week. that's when they say he shot her and
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left her body. along with their one year old daughter. and two other passengers on the side of the road. >>james:loved ones say the 33 year old gonzales was upbeat and the life of the party. >>james:sunday, a fundraiser was held to help cover funeral costs for the mother. and to support her children. ages one, seven and 17. >>james:still ahead on the kron four morning news. a major break in a south bay burglary case. the incident caught on video. you'll hear from relieved the homeowner coming up. >>james:and remember the bay area man who got his custom prosthetic leg stolen? >>james:he's back on track this morning. >>james:we'll show you how he's doing >>james:and the high cost of the
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drought. as the state deals with the ongoing drought crisis. we'll tell you how just much water is needed to grow everyday food staples. you might be surprised by the numbers.
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>>james:new this morning. the power is back on for more than 30-thousand homes and businesses in san francisco. >>james:the outage started late sunday and was spread through eight neighborhoods in the city. >>james:it also affected the 16th street bart station. closing it down for a time. >>james:p-g and e says it isn't sure whether the outage was responsible for the station's closure. >>james:the company did say though that this morning. >>james:a motor home in the south bay goes up in flames. but firefighters battled it quickly. >>james:take a look at the pictures.
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>>james:they were sent to us by terry sayers. >>james:the blaze started around 6 o clock last night on blossom hill road and snell avenue in san jose. >>james:firefighters knocked it down forty minutes later. >>james:officials say no one was injured in the fire. >>james:the u-s is calling a intercept of an american reconnaissance plane "unsafe and unprofessional." >>james:pentagon officials filed a complaint to russia over an april 7-th incident involving a plane similar to the one you see here. >>james:according the pentagon.a russian fighter jet intercepted the plane at a high rate of speed. >>james:then conducted two more unsafe passes in close proximity. >>james:russian officials deny the pilot did anything wrong. the complaint comes amid concerns over what the u-s views as increasingly aggressive air operations by russia. >>james:california's ongoing drought can lead to higher food prices down the line.
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>>james:it takes a lot of water to grow crops. and just how much may surprise you. >>james: >>james:a single tomato consumes more than three gallons of water before it makes it into your grocery cart. >>james:a head of broccoli nearly five and a half gallons. >>james:a pound of beef takes 1,800 gallons. >>james:a single egg. 120 gallons >>james: gallons. >>james:the cost of these items will surely go up if the drought lingers on. produce scan >>james:if you want to save water, stay away from the supermarket. >>james:it takes a lot of water to grow crops. just home much may surprise you. >>james:let's start in the produce >>james:the drought is also causing a to the state to revise
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mandatory we will be back with more news weather and traffic
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>>reporter: harrah's will agree not sfo need the senate we do have just a few clouds out there also to the distance of and that will have allowed slot will bill was to judge a letter --later >>reporter: we have a sign that continue to approach the error in giving us cool temperatures enough rent when a seat in the rain and high pressure will continue to save friends across the bay area of what is why we are dealing with some sunshine but winds also pick up later on this afternoon plan on a guest to commit is to plan on. >>reporter: san jose 54 concord
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on a slightly cul-de-sac at 50 degrees livermore 51 santa rosa starting off on the cool side into the mid 40's. and some resistance is the contains about into the work this morning and afternoon will quickly woman into the upper sixties to low to mid '70's was such a warm letter on this week downtown san francisco the home opener will be today at 135 it will be their lunch time temperatures will be low to mid 60's and a much o'clock temperatures will slowly warm up into the mid 60s across much of the game and when the game is all over 15 to 20
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m.p.h. the rest of that high temperature around the area we have some of the '60s father and a note we had more '70s the persistence of the '70s the middle of this week will start to warmer for low to mid '80s for parts of the inland location and some near a degree temperatures for parts of the bank. >>reporter: will continue to the core cross-cultural efficient it will be a breeze to you as the drive home looking at the san
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mateo bridge traffic and the westbound direction has picked up just a little bit more but still going the speed limit look at the golden gate bridge traffic heading south about as quiet and not very many cars on the road as of this morning if you're traveling northbound on 11 getting into marin county no delays in this area. >>reporter: the richmond san rafael bridge traffic still tied in this area of winds are light and will enjoy the temperature this morning. >>james:the price of a regular gallon of gasoline has dropped five cents in the past three 2.45 dollars a gallon. >>james:lundberg says that the drop came despite a rise in crude oil prices. >>james:retailers and refiners have dropped prices to chase
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demand from u-s drivers. >>james:the average price for a gallon of regular gas is down one dollar and 16 cents from last year. >>james:although prices are dropping.the bay area still has some of the highest gasoline prices in the country. >>james:according to triple a. >>james:a gallon of regular gas is going for three dollars and 27 cents in san francisco. >>james:oakland currently is three dollars and ten cents a gallon. >>james:and in san jose you can get a gallon of gasoline for three dollars and eight cents. >>james:a follow up now to a my kron four story we brought you last week. >>james:a 17-year-old man has been arrested for burglarizing a south san jose home.all while the homeowner was inside. >>james:heidi quezada called police after she saw on surveillance cameras that showed someone was attempting to break into her home. >>james:police arrived and set up a perimeter to try and catch the suspect.and find potential look-outs or get-away drivers.
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>>james:but the suspect was able to get away before officers contacted quezada. >>james:now that someone has been relieved. acting as look-outs or get- away >>james:police say that the 17- year-old is a san jose resident. >>james:he's been booked into juvenile hall. >>james:this story was first brought to our attention by a viewer. >>james:if you have a story you would like us to look into.submit your idea on our website at kron-4 dot com.under the my kron 4 story tab. >>james:a local paralympic athlete is custom running blade was stolen last month from his car. >>james:kron four's philippe djegal met up with the 24-year- old inspiration who -- thanks to the public and his doctors. >>james:is trying out a new leg. >>:sot- "to me there's not much if anything, like running."
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>>reporter:so, as you might imagine, its been a rough month for ranjit >>:"it's been pretty frustrating." >>reporter:having to take time away from his passion. >>reporter:sprinting and the long-jump. >>: "basically, just been waiting, you know, the last couple of weeks doing other things. cross training and treating it kind of like an injury." >>reporter:but thanks to the u- c-s-f orthopedic institute. >>reporter:the parts for ranjit's expensive new custom- made running blade >>:"even if insurance doesn't end up covering it between, uh you know ucsf and the company i work for -- lim innovations -- both of them have offered to sponsor it outright in the case that insurance doesn't cover it." >>reporter:on sunday, ranjit finally gets back on the track at city college of san francisco. >>reporter:to test out the new blade with his prosthetist, alex hetherington. >>:"its a very time consuming custom device. um, its not just a leg made for, uh, walking and your everyday work environment -- it's very specific." >>reporter:alex says it may take weeks to get it right.
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>>reporter:the theft of the running blades out of the back of ranjit's car last month have set his training schedule back. >>reporter:but he still hopes to compete in next year's paralympic games in ri de janeiro with team u-s-a. >>reporter:meanwhile, the public has raised more than 10-thousand dollars to help ranjit pay for new blades. >>reporter:but now he's been taken care of, he plans on donating that money to a child in need. >>:"it'd be awesome to get a knee and a blade at least for that kid and get them up and running and just, you know, get a youngster out on the track who can you know, maybe be the next great american athlete." >>reporter:in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. >>james: hopeful cell towers affected thousands of people in salinas here live in the outside we have the toll plaza camera at the bay bridge share the view we looked all over oakland test output of our timber just 53 on the thermometer read nonfiction the to 60 by noontime 66 lead on this afternoon back with more
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headlines in just a moment.
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>>james: pg&e crews this salinas had to shut off power to the structure to avoid possible electrocution to respond to the singapore and convince them to come down if he refused to budge from more than three hours after finally climbing down to houston to a nearby medical. >>james: workers began reinstalling that it the clock over the weekend after months of refurbishment cruise will be working over the next few weeks to reattach the plot arms and the numbers the work is part of the $2 million told of a
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seismic >>james: was cruising to the top of the box office. you want to share me cookie. >>:no baby, cookie don't share. >>:actress taraji p. henson shared the spotlight with another famous "cookie". cookie monster. >>: sesame street on saturday night live.
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>>:and let's just say. she was looking out for everyone. >>:hey bert, i'll trade you my apple for for half your sandwich. >>:no bert, he's trying to play you-what you trying to do big man? >>:buh buh buh. now you can't speak english? >>:it' has been a great year for the actress. >>:along with the hit fox show "empire". henson won entertainer of the year at the 2015 naacp image awards. >>:it's a boy for justin timerlake and wife,jessica biel. >>:people magazine reports. biel gave birth to the couple's first child "silas randall". >>:the notoriously private couple announced the pregnancy back in january with an instagram post >>:showing timberlake kissing the baby bump. >>james: goal lead to a new apple watched by the high many were sold in just a first date of 3 orders it will people think about it when they tried it on in the store. if there is a live look out cited the camera san francisco international airport will be back with more headline
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to lift is a quick look at conditions the solvent of the red-47 degrees really should warmer to mid-70s if this afternoon.
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>>james: this happens on the eveningthis happened sunday evening. >>james:emergency personnel searched for two hours and were only able to find some of his belongings. >>james:officials say the motorcyclist collided with a car and then "flew" over the bridge. >>james:the coast guard called off the search last night because of safety reasons. >>james:plus-- a police chase turns deadly in the east bay. after a driver smashes into another car with three people inside. >>james:and now, richmond police say the man responsible is behind bars. >>james:the pursuit started at about 9:30 saturday night, when police say 20 year old epigmenio perez was seen driving recklessly. >>james:officers tried following
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perez but lost sight of him. >>james:a short time later-- officers found that he had crashed into another car. >>james:24 year old anthony nguyen was a passenger in the other car and died in the crash. >>james:the driver and another passenger critical injuries. >>james:no word on their conditions this morning. and in san jose-- >>james:a man who police say killed his girlfriend- right in front of their child-- was been arrested over the weekend. >>james:police say 25 year old drew butler and his girlfriend. kendra gonzales, got into a fight last week. >>james:that's when they say butler shot her and left her body-- along with their one year old daughter and two other passengers on the side of the road. >>james:a fundraiser was held over the weekend to help cover funeral costs for the mother of three. >>reporter: if you plan on going to the giants a day later on today a plan on putting on the ball cab because this was to be a busy one outside along with some sunny skies here is what looks like looking out the door from our studios at the embarcadero here was going on
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high pressure in place and friends will often the west and rain happening right now what was the group drive as it continues to be close it will give us some reason conditions before it passes through. to do was up the clear skies letter on for today will we're talking about to go to wise inland if you're heading to fairfield this morning about the sea to pick up later on today not as bad this morning but later on this afternoon you will need to hold from will on tantalize rented of the 42 1/5 is the slightly cooler along the north the backed the to men for along with peninsula afforded to draw 50. >>reporter: said a list of
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animals and 54 degrees east bank which afforded a 50 degree temperature we're not starting off cold but on the cool side for this morning rather light jacket and you probably need a lid on for to get along with the cooler temperatures here is the spotlight for today for oakland 20 in this area this morning it would seem to stay on the course identity of the 42 fifties will talk more bomb would have to expect from the area plus a big one of. >>reporter: we did see just a minor delay on the cache lies on the right-hand side the debt quickly cleared to track the continues to move quietly on the bay bridge traveling into downtown san francisco looking at the san mateo bridge this morning traffic heading westbound so quiet still on the
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speed of announcing delays and some sale this morning a truck traveling off the east out across 92 requite commit this morning off looking at the golden gate bridge traffic heading south on on 101 financing any delays tear is also moving is the limit from traveling northbound into marin county. the king of the richmond san rafael bridge traffic is quiet not to and people on the road for this morning. . >>james:it's the home opener for the giants at at&t park this after noon. >>james:we've got a live crew at the stadium this morning and will have a preview of the festivities planned for today. >>james:the giants are hoping to get a little bump from the home field advantage after a rough start to the season. >>james:the team is at the bottom of the division after opening the season on the road in arizona and then san diego. >>james:last night it was a grand slam by padres back up catcher will nieves that did the giants in.
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>>james:he hit it off former san diego star jake peavy. >>james:that powered the padres to the 6-4 win and game them three of four against the defending world series champions. >>james:the giants will try and get back to championship form against the rockies today at 1:35. >>james: we have some new pictures for hillary clinton is hitting the ground running our presidential campaign was just announced also should media sunday in the sand and are slated now behind the wheel that is not the former first lady behind what the secret service is driver from new york to the first campaign stop and i would today their plans the next few weeks building for the best there alicia joins us now with more on the video that focuses on the people chisel to represent. >>reporter: former secretary of state henry clinton spent many years in washington and not fancy all that knowledge and her second attempt at the white house. everyday americans need a
4:35 am
champion of the do more than just get by as a former first lady and u.s. senator clinton is no stranger to run in the presidential campaign our first attempt failed this time around shoeshine to a different technique americans have fought their way back from tough economic times with is still stacked in favor of those she will more than likely dominate the rest of the democratic nomination but there will be some opposition. this sent this shows of being ever talked to the republican candidate pronounced however comes with a lot of criticism.
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>>: alike heard that adds to accomplish something to area we must do better than the president obama to form policy for the religious shift with allies and embolden our enemies with opposition the rest goes on. >>james: we have senator more realistic to do the same this is to not so announce it at the college at this point it will be up against another dip bush. -- just bushed the high feinstein noted the low and is making history will tell you what they've never done before until now the new reports suggest that
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when it comes to quality and customer satisfaction or a line of funds themselves lost in the crowd.
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>>james:the company received nearly one million pre-orders in the united states on friday, the first day the watch went on sale. >>james:that's according to slice intelligence, a shopping research firm. >>james:of the estimated 957- thousand pre-orders, the firm
4:40 am
reports more than half were for the less-expensive sports model. >>james:the apple watch officially launches april 24-th. >>james:people excited about watch 50 >>: it will be my new best friend. >>gabe slate:did he just say the watch would be his best friend? >>: it will be my best friend. >>gabe slate:ok so yeah. as you can imagine a lot of the people packing the apple stores today to check out the watch are series techies. the ones who have to have the latest gadget. >>:all own all apple stuff >>gabe slate:there was also a lot of people from the apple faithful camp here. >>gabe slate:those that must have whatever gadget apple puts out there >>gabe slate:in their defense.
4:41 am
apple users have had to wait a while for a watch. android users have been enjoying them for years now >>: >>gabe slate:i asked people why they wanted the apple watch what they think they will use it for. >>: why people like them >>: this is a little bit like having cnn on your rest consulate talk to on not sure i want that i'm most interested in apple paid.
4:42 am
>>: policy is is just another gadget or if i like it. >>james: a trip for abalone turns deadly for the three divers on the california coast will tell you when the first nine starts we will be right back. female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children a pair of shoes is a small but important gift. my shoes have a hole in them. i can barely fit in these anymore. i hope no one would notice. they hurt my feet. i never had new shoes before. to help, sleep train is collecting new shoes of all sizes. bring your gift to any sleep train, and they'll be given to a local foster child in need. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child.
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>>reporter: here is a live look right now outside of sfo will have little the cloud cover out there we will have sunshine but
4:45 am
centers was spent on the cooler side for today hear the sentence for right now around the aerostar and before the courts as well of the '40's to lower 50s with some and for the continent by this city for nine with the timber to waking up this morning across parts of the east bay or 50s to oakland and hayward 52 degrees across parts of the southwest about before is the mid '50s said was a good morning 54 android area and right now we have some light winds across parts of the region we also have a light breeze for some areas oakland from the northwest at 10 mi. per hour as of right now fairfield the winds are generally light but they will pick up a lead on this afternoon. >>reporter: 10 to 2 to 5 mi. per hour will continue on with whatever to this morning's mid
4:46 am
'40's to slow its this is morning timbers is heating up into much upper 50s to lotus mid-60's on the core was sought for most of the afternoon in comparison across parts of the bay of the '60s and '70s and for parts of the close on the cool site of the lower 60s this afternoon from the area mid-60's across parts of the dust of the '60s to lure '70s today is the giants' home opener of you plan on going, temperatures will be an ultimate six is will concede they that wait on the game starts as the game finishes of will continue onward mid-60s who have risen conditions from the west of the prepared for a cool afternoon at at&t park the rest of the storm track before forecasts will be on the plus side for tomorrow.
4:47 am
>>reporter: no rain chances and a degree weather in parts of and the location and looking at the bay area which can expect some of our seven is to lower 80s and low continue on into the weekend along the core temperatures along the coast looking at the traffic this morning. >>reporter: westbound on the bay bridge started to pick up just a little bit more as it is closer to of 5:00 hour traffic has picked up in that area in announcing any delays as of right now on the bay bridge be careful as the drive letter on this afternoon because when to pick up as his last, especially on the eastbound and westbound direction looking at the golden gate bridge traffic heading south bound we are starting to see almost of an open up and is still very quiet on the 101 heading into downtown san
4:48 am
francisco to get the richmond san rafael bridge on 5 it was found still quiet we're also talking about cool temperatures and a call after no with breezy conditions and then you start to one letter this week. >>james:today, the years long saga of convicted killer jodi arias is about to draw to a close. >>james:she's scheduled to be sentenced today in a phoenix court. >>james:the sentencing is largely a formality after a jury was deadlocked on whether or not to put her to death. >>james:the mistrial removed the death penalty as an option. >>james:arias was convicted of murder in the 2013 killing of her ex-boyfriend travis alexander. >>james:but that jury also deadlocked on her punishment prompting the sentencing retrial that began in october. >>james:three men have died while diving for abalone. this happened sunday afternoon off the mendocino county coast. >>james:rescue officials say the men were among a group of divers who went searching for the prized mollusks. when they found themselves in rough seas.
4:49 am
>>james:the bodies of two divers were pulled from the choppy waters. two others made it back to shore. >>james:the body of a third diver was found more than three hours later in a rocky inlet near the open water. sound of jets taking off. >>james:after a four year hiatus the blue angels are back in the palmetto state. >>james:they are flying in beaufort, south carolina this weekend and making history with their first ever female pilot. >>james:c-n-n's traci washington has the story. >>:: "this is a big thing here in the lowcountry, so i'm very excited that that they're back here." >>:: "hopefully, we'll continue to have them back every year." >>reporter:because of sequestration, it's been four years since the blue angels have flown in the lowcountry skies. >>:: "being able to come here to beaufort, in the midst of all these marines who are so unselfish and so dedicated to serving their country and our military, it's something that's phenomenal. it's very humbling this great group of men and women."
4:50 am
>>reporter:this time around, the show making history with the blue angel's first female pilot katie higgins. >>reporter:she's flying the c- 130 fat albert. >>: flying, it was nice." >>:: "that was awesome to see them come in and do some of the flips and twists and stalls. it was exciting! it kind of makes your heart pound a little bit." >>reporter:those exciting loops and twists southeast. >>reporter:some seeing the show for the very first time. >>:: "it's a wonderful time first time we've been here, and it's fantastic. we're having a great time. got the whole family out here and we're really enjoying it. it's a great time for all." >>reporter:as entertaining as the show may be, some of the smaller spectators say it's inspiring. >>:: "why do you want to be a pilot now?" >>:: "to serve my country oorah!" >>james:the next time bay area residents can see the blue angels fly is this october during fleet week in san francisco. >>james:the outlook for the nation's airlines are not looking good.
4:51 am
>>james:a new report finds more and more flights are delayed. more bags are getting lost and customers. are logging more complaints. >>james:the study was done by a pair of university researchers at wichita state who track the airline business. >>james:they say, for instance on time arrivals fell to just over 76 percent last year. down two percent from 2013. >>james:lost and stolen bags were up 13 percent in 2014. >>james:and some of the worst complaints came from regional carriers including american eagle, united express and delta connection. >>james:complaints and on time performance also fell for major airlines like american delta and southwest. >>james: 80 and catch, forced-- as she did not catch kron 4 is sports night live. >>reporter: here is what killed
4:52 am
pretty major experience obviously for him one of the epic performances huge crop 32,000 to more than 82 on little league that the was a bit for they can not playing well they could not maintain it the bottom for one nothing to a troubled. >>: we have uniqueness about us
4:53 am
and we're the best offensive team in the best defense of syria >>james:don't forget you can always catch sports night live right here on kron 4. >>james:it's every sunday at 9=pm. right after the news. >>james:coming up on the kron four morning news. >>james: a sore driver gets to thank his rescuers after a deadly crash after two years will back with more headlines in just a couple minutes.
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>>james:a group of books are likely to be pulled from schools and libraries across the country. >>james:one thing they have in common. lots of diversity among the authors. >>james:the american library association today released its annual list of the 10 books getting the most complaints from parents, teachers and community members. >>james:they include sherman
4:56 am
alexie's prize-winning autobiographical novel, "the absolutely true diary of a part- time indian". and "persepolis". a picture book about two male penguins raising a baby penguin. >>james:several of the authors listed were either non-white or they addressed gay, lesbian or transgender themes. >>james: a truck driver from n.c. return to india to meet the first responders who saved his life and accident almost killed him happen to use the down he was either on a busy highway indianapolis the truck was cut off and look at the damage these pictures he took over traffic between the semi first responders to indianapolis and our and have tried to get him free fire crew said it was challenging rescued it from the experience team members he spent weeks in the hospital received more than 30 centuries lost part of his left leg with a recovery in the we have to stop to make
4:57 am
in indianapolis to attack the rescuer. >>: it was lanais of them--it was nice of them but very seldom do we have thank you for what it did. >>james: the drive from n.c. indianapolis is little over eight hours he and his family said it was definitely worth the drive. coming up giants fans getting ready for today home owner will have live reports from at&t park was progressive from fire season is can start early will sale of the job is affecting staffing levels could be higher on bay area weather and traffic as the law of the outside the camera on was about 80 given us the stock currently in san francisco 52 degrees should on a to the mid-60s by this afternoon.
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>>reporter: it is monday 5:00 i am adding--anny >>mark: the weather looks pretty nice. >>james: it will feel really
5:01 am
nice outside right now let's get a start with the quick check of the forecast you can see it just a mite low clouds they're just a lot of land across the this is we're looking pretty good temperatures in the clause i will see that will run out quickly with an extract of forecasted that storm track four timber to diligently be afforded to made a very low 50s it will be a cold start by this afternoon. sunny and mild one things up to the upper 60s at that point this afternoon when the just a little bit but also mild flu season averages and the upper 60s to maybe even to mid- 70s depending on where you are it will be a nice one of them and it will not get nicer as we head into the rest of the week here is a quick look at images i will leave you with this before combat more fortunate in 15 minutes were looking into to buckle up in santa rosa. >>james: 49 and as an 54 in san
5:02 am
jose and san francisco right now 51 degrees i will be back in 15 minutes was for some of the forecasted the quick of the on the commute. >>george: an easy ride around the bay so far where not tracking any hot spots delays or problems for your commute let's start with a look at the bridges and you're ride to the bay bridge westbound here is the e sure from where commit time just 11 minutes from hercules to berkeley and a trip here from the bay bridge into san francisco nine minutes even from the macarthur maze and on 90 to the san mateo bridge july free out of hayward across 92--and headed over the 92 delay free with your headed northbound or southbound and the southbound traffic on 101, looks great and crews are working at the bridge not at the fourth line on the southbound there is no backup is done with the restricted land in the southbound direction now.
5:03 am
>>reporter: we have reduced overnight where two people have been injured a shooting in berkeley and happened just before 145 this morning berkeley said the incident happened at ashby and shattuck ave alloways give more information an update on the condition of the victims. >>mark: the defendant or champion finally take the field at home the senses " 2 t at&t for the first regular-season game will is drive the ball park this morning. >>will tran: think about the plane taking off a 130 in the afternoon but their arrival of the airport 89 hours earlier of and their actual flight this started showing up at around 430 in the morning here is joe redwood city retired at 35 years old and we saw the beautiful family last year everyone has
5:04 am
been waiting with the watching them on television for the past week what is your reaction to the giants so far? >>: more about the injuries the we're not have to be home in getting started here. >>will tran: he needs to be in school right? if the teacher of the frontal is of the and i expected to be in school who was a favored giant? >>will tran: really cannot took the better player for him this is your third year here is become a family tradition. you could be anywhere is a little chilly look at that we hang out
5:05 am
and come to quite a few games. comedy is have you been here for the home opener? >>: this is my second year doing it this early >>will tran: what do we do not as 5 36:00 thank you so much guys we have is we are here will get more reaction they're all going into a public house which is getting warmed of the giants. >>mark: with a 10 game homestand against the rockies diamondbacks and the dodgers will to see your giants pride to the edge of best and to the breaking news at kron will be sharing great pitch like this all morning long >>reporter: a motorcyclist a falloff the antioch bridge after collision is missing this morning to the crew resume their
5:06 am
search the accident happened last night emergency personnel such for two hours and only able to find some of his belongings official said the motorcycle collided with a car and then flew over the west side of the bridge the coast guard called off the search last night because of safety reasons but they will resume such efforts this morning also happening now after a week in closure a portion of van ness avenue that was under construction is that open this morning van ness to ellis street was closed over the weekend that as construction crews to start building an underground tunnel it will connect the california's pacific medical said the captors with the medical building they're installing temporary walls of the tunnel and and and two weeks because of what happened all over again. >>mark: two people remained in critical condition after a deadly pursuit a crash in the east bay this happened late saturday in richmond the cell phone video showing aftermath officers tried to stop 20 year- old man who is a was speeding at
5:07 am
a corvette with a loss and after a short chase the letter with this complete this or that fly through a stop sign is slam to honda civic killing 24 year-old man and injuring two others invested assay he ran from the scene and later called police with a different story said he was carjacked but police arrested him a small memorial now lies at the spot where the man was killed and still ahead after announcing she run for president hillary clinton starts to campaign with the road trip will have the latest + a major health-care change across the country will tell you what a new study found.
5:08 am
the rld fild wi air but r pele wh co sometis brthinair n bediicul if you he co, asyourdoct abo oncdail anorellipta. it hel peoe wi cop brthe tter foa fu 24hrs. anoro liptis t fir fda-prov proct containi twoong-ting brchodatorin o inher. ano isot f asthma. anoro ntai a te ofmecinehat ncrees ri of ath peoe wi asma. it is noknowif ts ri is ineasein cd.
5:09 am
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5:10 am
we are areamchee tha stl beeves in saving r fo. thlaugng c. inve snaing. >> george: 10 this five tanker check us in trying times for a ride on the east shore freeway is the trip from hercules to berkeley. no delays yet to all top pass this. some sluggish
5:11 am
traffic as it comes from all. nimitz freeway ride to the corridor to 38. dundas to 37 at 21 minutes into the milpitas. no. it air traffic and a time from con 4 mobile app free download works on both apple and enjoyed devices. aggregate to even touch with what's happening here on kron 4 when you just keep watch. >> mark: edger health-care changes nearly nine hours 10 adults now have health insurance to. new survey overlap with the end of the 2015 signup period of the president obama health care a lot. the share adults uninsured now down to 11.9%. first it was this your love. this level since health woes began tracking in 2008. track >> james: king weather outside bay bridge toll camera of a really nice and clear and a little clout there this morning top what
5:12 am
how warm it will get today and how much warmer it will get more than the week will be right back. how how brksidchocatenohas crun. brooide unchclusrs - cris mul-gras an eet uit-avor pies dipp in ch dk cholat
5:13 am
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5:14 am
with a 10 piece meal or larger.
5:15 am
>> darya: 10 missed 515 happy monday everyone for. it is warm and the subject here we got some roller coaster coming for us. >> james: since jordan dismissed the northwest and northern california. bringing some rain and clouds. and also will see as the winds which will pick up this afternoon. and do the temperatures in the cool side ocean breezes what. look outside a relatively clear we do expect those close to be little more visible once the sun comes up. and it all a little bit about the oakland hills there off in the distance stole dark right now. ballistic what the weather forced to dates. to buttress right now looking at 51 oakland 50 san francisco. 52 down the san jose east bay boat 50. will 50s barry area what is for the north by
5:16 am
picking up the mid-40s there and santa rosa. entablatures looking for places like san francisco other parts of the peninsula star. enough of the cool site of a lot of 50s. a ton and upper 50 by noontime low 60s. by about 2 3:00 in the afternoon we should peak and 63 to 65 degree range. before to the jurors come back on them 50s by o'clock tonight. and i guess it'll be little reason this afternoon with those winds coming in strong from the ocean. the gossip of the m.p.h. certainly we will feel the special along the coast and no. it goes on. we will see lens filter and les >>:pam moore is as wells. speaking of which gives workers will be used in jellies someone agrees popular number here places like india pleasanton livermore. how many counters and as well in san jose and santa clara valley will be right there in the 70 to 72 degree range. 63 services 066 oakland across the north but looking at 68 degrees were seven rows of. walling the 70 up in the napa valley. and here's your to
5:17 am
and the outlook is an enormous forecasts. storm tracker. for knapp here is to say pre much hold on for the same cloth for tuesday. a look at the time a great jump as we head into wednesday's. high pressure going in gear. mid-80s by thursday's. friday. and then we will end this week and feeling a lot like summer less flex brand. that is the weather. now but the chimera good lettuce and george. >> george: chp minor incident and as a 580. >> george: and that's not a problem and the bridges great and the bay bridge right westbound. a volume paying up just a bit but there are no delays either on the approach or across the span. incident three on the bridge as well as. we are on the sematech bridge for highway 92 ride. which looks good on the rights of the screen here. west on trip no delays out to or cross a high-rise. looking at the right to the. golden gate the 1 01 north bounce
5:18 am
off of problem free. light traffic coming in from iran and. 22 the 23 minute drive times out of nevada for the golden gate bridge. >> george: richmond bridge ride much better start today as the seen no delays here coming in from richmond tore the toll plaza. east shore freeway commute we talked about that 12 minutes. antioch the concord right books got a little slowing already on the east end coming through ransacked but the route to pittsburgh bay. problem free so far. the commute 580 west bound into a self. trips to the south bay no delays the ad, 101 northbound ride the that is bought easy trip at 18 minutes from the capitol expressway. >> mark: larry clinton is next. about thousand miles
5:19 am
trip and as interest and secretary of state for slaves and having a planned public stops in a. >> reporter: cancer research and the van traveling without the press from the york tie what the then her to be less night. mostly, the dow. clinton officially announced a campaign on the presidential nomination on sunday. democratic she brings every quality want to happen republicans will be morning in and night. she will stand up to what she's been around the block a few times on this. and i think were bringing more people to her side. republicans trying the put clinton's policies ought to brought about as. >> reporter: she failed to a
5:20 am
power for policy was to set up to the issues that affect the. she owns domestic policy. and reason there's 20 republicans running as all of us think we can beat her. >> reporter: democrat may be running an uphill battle. natural to us see politics in two terms look for the other party. is an instance for change. political analyst says that more minority voters joining electorate to giving an edge to democrat. shipping country it time for change big forces battalion and a bid had won for the democrats. >> reporter: first official campaign stops in iowa. >> mark: laurie clinton is beneficial republicans expected to do the same rubio inspected the announce his presidential bet. 43 year-old senator will be up against another just bush as well as ron paul and ted
5:21 am
cruise. >> darya: agencies of our essential southern california coast are increasing staffing earlier than usual because of the drought. by departments cinnabar brought saddam a stow and modern counties all adding fire fighters' engines boulders and helicopters and air tankers today in preparation for fire season. all virus usually peaks in the fall but because of the dry conditions during this drought we're experiencing. wild fires have become a year-round concern. >> mark: yearlong sawed-off for about the drug to a close since it sent by judge leslie formality after jury deadlocked on whether she will be put the death this trough for the second time removed the death penalty as an option. she is convicted of murder 2015 killing of verse boyfriend but the first all said about
5:22 am
her punishment but sheet that's prompting the sentencing retrial began in october. \ >> reporter: often man accused of killing and this man of this job and also what happened. a young girl columbia and the second chance at running. your there were news fitted with a new prosthetic leg after his was so when. and that story coming up after. the after
5:23 am
5:24 am
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5:25 am
>> mark: before heading out the door looking for temperatures warm day yesterday fairly mild star are on the baked. some bidders for around 50. all the spotlight on the mid 40's up and santa rosa. james will have more on the cool down the warmup in just a few minutes. >> reporter: 0 periling the data of the athlete getting back on track after custom running light was on last month from his car. it wasn't a custom-made running lead has arrived yesterday run you got back on the track after six solid san
5:26 am
fransico. toss out the new lead. public raise more than $10,000 to help run with the blades a. always been taking care of the plans on donating the money to a child in need. the awesome the get near boy at least to go up and running and get back on the track. >> reporter: hopes the compete and carl pickens and with team usa. detail >> mark: lot terrifying south bay break an update on my kron 4 story ahead. close call for actor ryan reynolds and tell you about the hit-and-run and all the been the paparazzi and canada level appears center fell bridge after taurine on friday with the bay bridge fire to a sailings of for this morning.
5:27 am
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5:29 am
. >> reporter: happening today defending world champions, home to officially open their season. defense will flood at&t part ahead of the won 35 games afternoon. the trend is live at at&t park and looks like a party have a chance to join you early this morning. >> reporter: i was thinking 30 and 40 fans already arriving with kids. a lot of schools will have their students because will be here 18 see. and eight hours away from first pitch but many people still on the
5:30 am
excitement of the high from last year at. sure you video was standing all winter how baumgartner and the non gain seven steals the deal at a performance by. it's why the giants came back the san francisco and. three world series in five years. this as an odd year. we've been winning on even years with. this is an odd years everyone's thinking about that. they're hoping this year we will break the jinx and take, another world series. and giants sort of lending back to san francisco losing three out of four in san diego. just a heartbreaker a very tough overly dense. but they played colorado rockies and not a great teams of lawyers as a turnaround. 10 game homestand. will be sure to get more reaction the fans pouring and enlisting the sports radio show. will not be hard to pull them all and talk to them. jazz fever obviously alive and well. they started back cf.
5:31 am
>> james: is could be really windy out of the ballpark this afternoon to look. little baseball forecast for you for the game today at at&t. s. tisch 145 broken the day down into tailgating portion. noon and then can time around to the. a couple years at 4:00. noontime sunny skies. temperatures around 63 reason other degree here toward 2:00 p.m. sunny and breezy at that point. for this afternoon in my be heading from the ballpark now looking at a strong sea breeze gusts potentially about 30 mi. per hour. temperatures around 60. and i smiled a plenty of sunshine and you'll need sunscreen a jacket both at at&t parked. what were seeing outside right now golden gate bridge live camera visibility pretty good. all layout to the marine side of the span
5:32 am
and. at a today looking for generally cool conditions to start. talking what mid-40s at the moment i. about 5:00 hopefully of the low 50s here and there. by the end of the hour that is. by noon time look for gently in the upper 60s. and then by about 3:00 for clock of the upper 60s potentially mid- 70s for inland warm spots. we will cool off a little bit into the day tomorrow. then we have that big warmup for the end of the week. tell you just how warm it will be when a comeback from full check in 15 minutes.. of. traffickers >> george: still pretty good ride and the trip from the bay. not seen any hotspots an unusual delays for your drives. and this is still the spring break for some so that's why were likely to see a little bit wider operative their commute the unusual. and then at the bay bridge front for the time 531. booking absolutely normal conditions with a cash plans backed up and the fast-track plan is not.
5:33 am
within the next 10 to 12 minutes like this to the backup phil and as a meeting let's get activated. we're trip to the san mateo bridge highway 92. facilities to ride on approach. no delays all the men drive time across the span. you're on won a one of the golden gate bridge the crews have finished with the land realignment. they are out of your way. no delays as you had from civics center southeast the essential center fell. all its of the golden gate bridge. >> mark: kill the motherless child right in front of their one-year-old now behind bars a sporting. true butler was taken into custody saturday. he and his girlfriend tendrils got into the fight last weekend that's when they say he shot her and to other passengers on the southern. all love one say the the 31 year-old was upbeat and like the party.
5:34 am
washington recipe is known as personal as been caught. really unbelievable still in shock to know her children have seen something horrific. >> reporter: a close call for actor ryan reynolds in canada. in vancouver he was a victim of a hit and run at a hotel parking lot friday. he was hit by a driver believed to be a member of the paparazzi who drove away from the scene. he was not injured in the 38 year-old is and then to avert thumbing marvel comic dead pool. and the average price of the average gallon of gasoline containing a drop. gasoline dropped 5¢ and last three weeks. $2.45 for national average. and that's a drop this arise and kuralt
5:35 am
on oil prices recently. jots prices and chased a man from u.s. drivers average price for our average gallon down $1.16 for march was last year. the drop in the bay area prices stoma homicide chief. the san jose 308 oakland 309 most expensive by longshot san francisco much higher for average gallon at 327. fall >> reporter: by my kron 4 story brought last week's 17 year-old boy has been arrested for burglarizing a south san jose home. all a homeowner was inside. heidi k. saw as the after missing and surveillance cameras someone attempting to break into her home. as video here please drive set up a perimeter to try to catch the suspect find potential lookouts or get away drivers. suspect you see here was able to get away flee the same. moscow has been arrested though he is she is relieved.
5:36 am
so happy so relieved i couldn't believe it so please a san jose police department after everything i've been through that section on a circulation. at the end of the day held accountable for what he did this and wanted. >> reporter: place citizens year-old is a san jose resident was booked into juvenile hall. >> reporter: first check in after heidi reach out to is to give a story like us to look into some met at by visiting our kron-4-dot-com and click on the my kron 4 story tab. >> mark: to liquor clinton running for president little people are saying about her announcement on social media. genetic video on what happens to the deadly police shooting in oklahoma to look at coming up. tech going over that for apple watch co. were orders of our.
5:37 am
but gordon's will for a lot of people in these bay spring a classic. oakland 53 little cooler with hyde mid- 60s warmup on the way james will have weather details.
5:38 am
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>> reporter: news this morning a look of the nation's airlines not looking good. new report finds more and more flights are delayed or bags getting lost customers not logging more complex study. done by pair of university researchers who check airline business and. say for instance on-time arrival go over 76% last year. then down to% from 2013. moscow and bags up 13% 2014. complaints rose and on-time performance for major airlines preferred that american adults said southwest. >> mark: apple launches a big kid already it the company receiving million 30. of the estimated more than half for less expensive store models. but you want to pour in one should just get the orders not have common. watch officially launches next arctic. >>
5:41 am
\ >> james: again the bay bridge camera showing it partly cloudy conditions to start out temperatures this afternoon warm almost hot temperatures but end the week the full details coming up in just a minute.
5:42 am
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what's hapned snaing? hodid bece sentindey eating o aft theext,aftethe xt? so pdictle a sounsasfyi? what aut plingp a air,a stl, a bebag,nd aualltastg r fo. we a a camy eesehatstilbelies in t beay of kni, inhe eganswip of a . . spe. coue, at dsn'tean you n't nk uor sop u up enjoy ery ngle soi-tay bi. the laugng c. inve snaing.
5:44 am
>> reporter: new store is working on for a six time for rap music motion night is due in court. what a judge will decide that could change is featured. >> reporter: 615 space sex is launching an unmanned rocket with 4,000 lbs. of food supplies restaurants and the international space station. special delivery
5:45 am
for an italian astronaut on find out what is. at 655 with box office results are in. romance >> mark: up against a furious seven and alien. adventure and who cannot. >> : time announced the 45. >> reporter: first weather and boyos gorgeous this week and what about this week's. >> james: so as well for two next to go outside live shot here of walnut creek and very clear conditions set the san ramon valley not a lot going on on the weather front as a little cool out there and the winds not too big of a factor at the moment but it will pick up later on today. tagore the forecast what's happening right now san fransico it is the san francisco one degree warmer oakland 51. elsewhere it like concord livermore is: 48. in color still center as a coming at 45 degrees. >> james: socialist spot
5:46 am
starting spots relatively mild this morning picking up 50 mi. an hour winds at sustained winds oakland 50. mount our wins out in fairfield press the bay area 5 mi. or less. and that changes afternoon and was to focus on oakland a break now temperatures for the day warmup to near 60 degrees by time the an end to the mid- 60s by noontime we will keep right there in 6667 degree range. noon right up till 4:00 p.m. and be nice smile the afternoon in downtown oakland. temperatures dropped the upper fifties and fifties and to 8:00 p.m. tonight. those winds 1520 gusting up to 30 m.p.h. 25 part-timers and the careful of that'll breezy come later on this afternoon. temperatures also are on the bay looking for 70 contras 71 ncr pleasanton livermore. in the south bay you are from 70 to 72 degrees. cupertino coming in at about 78 in san jose coming arabis ended remark.
5:47 am
cool as to how the hands of 69 sunnyvale 647 tel. 63 degrees by the time you get the san francisco. crossing the golden gate bridge in the north bay looking for a purse '60s the low 70's once again. will be a nice holiday today and was slightly cooler tomorrow to some tracker 7 there and they forecasts. this system the north will be bringing awesome car coverage will wind. over the next 24 to 48 hour. high pressure gets back and here is the get that temperatures shoot back of the low 80s by wednesday mid-80s four by friday. that's a weather. our river traffic center george keeping an eye on your command. >> choir >> george: i did are on the bay your commute likely to be a good one so far. but the bay bridge is a big change metering lights have activated. now look back up is starting to fill in all across all the lands. drive time goes from 12 minutes up the 16-18 minutes now. we
5:48 am
start the build back up for the macarthur man is. fridge trip to san mateo bridge highway 92 that we can see the volume is increasing here. we don't see brake lights turning on all past the toll plaza drive time holding at about 12 minutes: gate bridge rise still a problem for a. and it's an easy trip still through marin county getting to iran via the rich and bridges still an easy proposition. delays here is getting through the toll plaza five a westbound. east shore freeway interstate 80 west of his good looks good dry 10 coming 15 minutes from hercules to berkeley tracking slow conditions here from livermore to the altamont. that's no surprise. >> george: to court or a southbound now 25 minutes getting down from 238 to
5:49 am
highway 237 south bay freeways still look great not checking any problems year 1 01 to 80 or highway 85 rides. >> michelle: following western the on-line this morning and if you haven't heard hillary clinton as than the. no her campaign for 2016 democratic presidential nomination. and running for pleasant president every day americans need a champion of want that to be me. even signed at age and pleaded that out. and here's another tonight. qualify with photos of her as a lawyer first lady's secretary of state. an announcement of running for president de. >> rep >> michelle: will share with you opposing looked at the presidential announcements. please >> reporter: same goes terribly wrong and tulsa oklahoma. officials
5:50 am
say a reserve deputy excelling fired his gun and sell stun gun so. spec died. the incident happened on april 2nd of the video from the undercover operation captures the suspect eric harris. selling done to our undercover officer shortly after the exchange. paris runs from officers trying to arrest him as a see here the suspect was caught. during the take down deputy robert fired off his gun instead of as taser. the entrance won as much as you can in every party can in times of crisis sometimes training is not going to take you through the scenario. >> reporter: but the capture moment that's when someone reacts differently in times of stress and pressure in this case argentine court deputy thought here is getting ready to discharge his taser. investigation is still ongoing.
5:51 am
public >> mark: memorial service in cincinnati college vest well player at inspired many as she fought inoperable brain tumor and the. 19 year-old born hill died friday in cincinnati hospital. plan four games for justice this is an. memorial service will be tonight and xavier university basketball arena. but some one word that a layoff the start of the season. >> mark: laurel and be paid players will be in a crowd that day and the memorial service the seventh. >> reporter: and clock above the bay bridge toll plaza back on its perch this morning were. tours begin reinstalling it 4:00 or the weekend after months on refurbishment. the clocker move last august's haute portrait mortar hands other mechanical features could be rebuilt crew. as will work over the next few weeks reattached o'clock arms and neon numbers. part of bunt
5:52 am
$2 million toll plaza seismic retrofit project. >> reporter: cutting out the door this morning morning storm tracker if temperatures are not so chilly north day 43 of bottle of 50s antioch and 51 oakland more on your forecast only come back after the break.
5:53 am
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5:55 am
.. >> mark: jordan has been fitted for green jacket after completing one of the greatest performances in the history of the masters 21 year old clothes a thought to under 78 to win a grand slam title and justin rose never shrank for three shots and led wire to wire final-round 18 under par tide the masters record score set a target woods 1997. it feels great a plan on not
5:56 am
to an offer, while borden next sitting next few nights but this is a test. reason i have the hairline crisis and now. it's stressful for would do. the ultimate goal in my life still long ago didn't really expect. open >> mark: within eight under 64 on thursday and first where wire winner since raymond floyd in 1976. >> reporter: king on several developing stories on the kron 4 more news coming up next hour fun at a van ness ave back open for san francisco with the closure happen again tell you when. giants favored in the bay area. will be back with
5:57 am
the rld fild wi air but r pele wh co sometis brthinair n bediicul if you he co, asyourdoct abo oncdail anorellipta. it hel peoe wi cop brthe tter
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>> mark: tell you what police are not leaving the man's story. and keeping an eye on bay area weather traffic a kickoff for a quick look of the going a bridge like traffic. three for record-breaking temperatures. >> mark: is for joining us. happy monday everyone. quiet starting in traffic. getting a little busier. >> george: couple accidents in the east bay there are. no hot spots yet but will tell about those a moment. >> james: cooler than warmer in unmoral than cooler. smart car was broken down in detail. live shot here


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