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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  May 15, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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iran is now down to l.a. on a dealing not anymore and for a
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delay could use a little bit more and as you get up and get ready to head out the door sunshine heading down in san francisco skyes opinion where you are either clear or partly cloudy conditions san francisco to talk about your forecast today expecting you to max out upper 50s to may be very low 60s. in any event 59 will be a good average for you and get around to run 2:00 this afternoon which also picking up a little strong to the notorious today. looking at them to come at us from the ocean tenet 1 m.p.h.. at san francisco forecast talk about the entire bay area coming up a full check in a minute. a quick look with the images at the moment before have believed. 53 livermore. pacific southwest 52 degrees and was a 54 unconquered and then in the north bay and the supper for is a very low 50s. in a chilly
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start their. like asset be back with a complete check of the forecast an extended gallican the weekend in just about 50 minutes. george > >: meantime let's check out your ride to the bay bridge or conditions are improved here for the westbound read loss the backup on 880 approach and the drive times have actually dropped from 17 down to 15 minutes now so looks like improving conditions here not so much so as the san mateo bridge to get this 7:00 and traffic is stopped all said normal here for the west down 92 rad sadly we're always hoping for better than normal conditions friday morning's that's not the case at least right now. drive time spiking over 19 minutes. the golden gate
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bridge ride problem free so is the trip through marin county. incident free their and the ride through marin the richmond bridge so far enough back up to change the drive time still just 10 minutes for your trip heading over to center felt. the promise look at the peninsula ride and here's what one a little slowing here and not much at all and so the drive time is just 18 minutes for the northbound trip out of paul lot so and berlin gained. mark > >:happening now. a killer is on the loose in vallejo. after a high school student was will > >; school is run up the hill and we spoke with the minister and they're nervous until the killers are cops on high alert and type of 17 year- old boy was killed repined
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need. and the memorial candles still burning and if at an orange mark on the ground that the least marker what markers for the police department we don't know how many times his shot is mizzenmast rusk one month away from graduating not sure of like he was not on campus at that time perhaps according some people that was wrong lunchtime showed us here for less its visual the planned have 14 days of visual for this young man and get a chance to talk to his parents here's what they had to say about their son
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"he's a good fun loving kid it was his family loves his friends loves life" will > >: the left this picture there as the memorial that picture taken just a few weeks ago. that was the senior prom there on campuses and will be long to an and vallejo this morning. we'll check back with you parents students. darya > >;breaking overnight. the wreckage
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three bodies have also been found at the site -- according to nepal's defense secretary. six u-s marines and two nepali service members were on the helicopter when it disappeared tuesday. radio transmissions indicate the crew was having a fuel problem before it went missing about 45 the crew was assisting with relief after last month's earthquake which killed more than 8-thousand people. mark > >:investigators are learning more about the amtrak crash which killed eight people in philadelphia. but they're still trying to determine what caused the train to speed up as it early this morning, crews loaded one of the train cars onto a trailer, and took it away. it'll join other cars already transported to a rail yard in delaware, as investigators work out the details of how the crash happened. they won't get much help from brandon bostian, the engineer who -- initial data indicates -- was driving the train at more than 100-miles-per-hour in a 50- mile-per-hour curve when the train left the tracks, crashing and killing at least eight people. bostian has agreed to talk to n-t-s-b investigators with his
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lawyer present, but his lawyer says bostian doesn't remember much -- having suffered a concussion in the crash. "having the engineer speak would be helpful, but it's not essential. they have the physical facts. they have the event recorder. they'll be able to come up with a probable cause." the n-t-s-b says they have good quality video which shows the train accelerating as it approaches the curve, instead of slowing down. in the final 65 seconds of the video, the train goes from less than 70 to 106 miles per hour. the question is why. a former coworker calls bostian "a great engineer." "have you ever seen him drinking?" "never. " "too sleepy?" "no." "texting?" "no." "phone calls?" "never had his phone on it was never had his phone out." with eight people dead and more than 200 injured, it's up to investigators to determine human error is to blame.
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i'm andrew spencer, reporting mark > >:and happening today. the first funeral will be held for one of the eight people killed in the derailment. a service is being held this morning for u-s naval academy shipman, justin zemser. traveling home to new york city when he was killed in tuesday's happening today. darya > >: a community in the south bay is planning a vigil for two of the gilroy students who were killed in a suspected d-u-i crash earlier this week. wednesday. three of the victims were students in the gilroy unified school district. 18-year-olds yesenia mendoza pina, yolanda jimenez, and sara williams were passengers in the car when the crash happened. williams worked at rebekah children's services. coworkers say they're in shock. ".we're heartbroken we're devastated."
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aspire"india culinary apprentice in the food industry serving the capacity to serve others:" darya > >:24-year-old joseph vasquez flemate was also killed. police identified the driver as he's still in the hospital, facing d-u-i charges. the vigil for mendoza pina and jimenez is happening at 7:30 tonight at mount madonna high school. on monday, there will be a vigil for williams at 8:30 p-m at the christopher high school quad. by bay city news service vigils have been scheduled for three gilroy unified school district students killed in a and sara informations on
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behind car won a office shikar should the dollar police and the are surge in that his home plate arrests the cocker man and a child cannot recasts per child porn and other research the chair of the board chambers of commerce and executives near the two murals was really supposed at a thousand years.
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outbreak of norovirus on a passengers were all set to leave on the cruise yesterday, but were given a health warning when darya > >: they're giving a health warning so they know what happened before the themhealth officials say a little more than five-percent of the nearly 26- hundred passengers on a previous trip came down with norovirus. it happened during a trip from san francisco to hawaii and back. everyone had recovered by the time the cruise docked in san francisco, but the ship had to be disinfected. the ship will now head to vancouver. daarya > >:a controversial bill aimed at increasing california's immunization rates is on its way to the state assembly. state senators passed the bill yesterday. it would prohibit parents from
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seeking vaccine exemptions for their children. because of religious or personal beliefs. unvaccinated children would have to be homeschooled. governor jerry brown has not publically taken a position on the bill. mark > >:a case of mistaken identitycoming up on the kron 4 morning news. what finally freed him after nearly 30 years. grizzlies. we sent kron four's j-r stone into enemy territory. memphis.
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>> mark: of this grisly nevada the western conference finals and sent the are stoned in enemy territory he joins us now live from memphis. >> reporter: saw one other person weighed down the street one all day. on the top so i do want to mention the fact that we are having fun on this: state warriors game day but it is important to mention the big talk about everything as b.b. king passing a does have a club here and there is a lot sadder that club hundreds of signatures the same fast track family and friends on all of you mbb and he concedes some the school kids directly behind me today said it signed at. and then we get to warriors
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basketball and that certainly will be the top of the evening tonight. only a couple blocks away now again i didn't run into many fans wires fans that is but did run into one fan making his way from loss angeles area san francisco late last night. "to the barbecue competition i got lucky the game is on friday. pretty happy i get to go see it and get to go eat some good food catching the game is awesome. a clean close out in game. 6 i game it better plan from the start and watching the series hoping memphis actually won two games august to close out in memphis. i got my tim hardaway jersey on already." >> reporter: can you believe that guy holes in memphis would win two games just so he gets see tonight's game and will get
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to see tonight's game. hopefully it will be something like this to see all the highlights here hopefully it will like it up zero like that have for the last couple of games because warriors basketball. talk about wires basketball and grizzlies basketball and the radio today as you sang at the clippers couldn't last night and then maybe there's a chance the grizzlies could win certainly don't want to see that an will be as elegant as a strong schedule later this morning all be there as well. it's all golden state warriors later on today,. >> mark: the game starts tonight at 6:30. this >> mark: sofa 1/2.
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>> darya: though they were leaving and accompanist today live here on con for morning news. and they can practice what they did yesterday with all the video outputs are now recite crown websit kron 4 dot com. >> darya: weather forecast on this friday here's a live look at the >> mark: colder here is james on what's more stark. >> james: of friday later this afternoon and lota mid-60's it depends on where you are it will be a cold one and relatively flat but if an bombilla the degrees saturday to. conditions partly cloudy and mostly sunny
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and mild weather all-around dry and the rain and we saw yesterday nothing but a memory at this point and well to our south and patmos angeles. wraparound moister still going on the sierra tahoe area right now so seymour is nothing more inches this morning before all said and done. i've looked outside golden gate bridge camera good look at the clouds out there. clearing as well the sun hitting the stands so that's able to get through the clouds that are out there this morning,. essentially will warmus up a. and right now school 49 santa rosa 54 livermore. low 50s on the rest of this list your concord san jose oakland san francisco all coming in from 51 says the 53 degrees. a chilly start this friday but its friday so everything is better now let's friday. and we expect this afternoon is no forecast for in the east bay ballet's 671 muckrakes 64 danville, a little cooler in san ramon and then a little warm back up the mid-60s
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and the hat to livermore valley interstate 580. coming in at 66 today and even warmer conditions in the delta and not coming in at 69. 71 coming for potentially redwood. will see more sunshine than anyone else in his cross to get that warm and then also yesterday a big school for you damp out the dull thud with that range afternoon highs everywhere on the baseball on the same lines upper 60s to may be close to some degree mark and expect that an sec clearly san jose 57 and in the north bay of 65 to 69 this afternoon. >> james: is the extended outlook expecting conditions to be dry and warming as we had in the middle of next week that the weather. >> george: the bay bridge commute keeps getting better and better drive times are still holding around 15 minutes. only backups are down the center line. but a few days it's a
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badge to be paying the ride across the bay bridge the san mateo bridge this at great conditions here supply estimates for the time leading westward from hayward out towards them tell as the trouble-free for the golden state bridge and directed torrent county is well under 30 minutes from nevada down to the bridge with heavy traffic of course between nevada and center fell we ride to the mitchell and bridge west on interstate 580 the backed up as only here at the toll plaza and doesn't return to richmond so just attended a trip * yes counseling here is one area where it burping of some slowing in what could be the call the not commit direction of interstate 280 or northbound at magdalena's of santos tells about in the lands now this is not close encounters of the third kind it probably fell off the trailer was traveling in the northbound
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direction there is debris, going across lance thought this is a slow ride from cupertino at about 46 minutes to its north onto a drive time. >> michelle: 721 deadly trend later derailment and philadelphia new focus on travel by train how safe is it and how compare philadelphia is putting a new focus on train travel. just how safe is it and how does it compare to other modes of transportation? the simple answer is that train travel is very safe and it's safer than the automobile. the images of the amtrak crash might make you nervous to get on a train but crashes like this the most dangerous way to travel there were 23-thousand people killed on motorcycles over a recent five year period. next is the car. about 5 people are killed for every one- billion next on the list. slightly safer were subways and the safest way to travel is through the friendly skies. >> michelle: 4 1 billion austral's trains are safer than traveling by automobile.
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>> darya:a virginia man is free today. after serving 29 years for a crime he didn't commit. joe st. george spoke to the man happened. and what it's like to be free after nearly 30 years. "too good to be true.good day fishing." home and finally free. after nearly 30 years behind bars for a crime he did not commit michael mcalister wednesday night. "i assume you went to powhattan last had made some pork chops for me and we at pork during our conversation thursday.mcalister expressed sincere thanks to governor terry mcauliffe for his pardon after prosecutors and detectives admitted they got his rape case wrong. turns out mcalister on the left looked a lot like a serial rapist on the right in the 80s- the victim's testimony was wrong. he says he doesn't hold grudges. "you don't feel ill feelings to her?
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no oh she wouldn't have done that intentionally." mcalister says its unclear if he'll seek compensation for his time lost or if he'll look for a job. he is thankful that the convicted rapist. confessed to "right now i am just so overwhelmed with everything i don't even know where i am." "do you ever regret it was your lawyering skills that put him behind bars? nah." the prosecutor who put mcalister behind bars is former delegate joe morrissey. he says a week after conviction he told the judge their might have been problem. "i said im not so sure he got his day in court judge." "he is very precious to all of us he is a wonderful man." mcalisters sister denise is excited he'll get to see his grandkids - and teach a lessen about freedom. >> darya:virginia's compensation law provides that a wrongfully convicted person can receive up to $40,000 per year of wrongful imprisonment with a cap of 20
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years. that means michael mcalister could get $800-thousand dollars for the time he spent behind bars. coming up i head to union city after a viewer request regarding illegal dumping and found some interesting things some dumped and some not. i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly
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>> reporter:this is a us again donation bin in union city but this is not a story about these bins its what behind the then its debris that was illegally dumped a viewer email sent me to union city claiming that there has been an slight uptick in illegal dumping so i cruised the streets looking to see what i could find outside the connolly's furniture clearance center someone dumped mattresses and box springs along with other debris, but just to be sure i check with the employees they tell me people dump here all the time and the city holds the business responsible with other people behaving badly but there was one bright side to the whole thing one of the employees came up in some six inch sequence pumps. i hope he wears them well not judging >> reporter:during my cruse around union city i stumbled on
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this a huge military tank and was like did someone really dump a whole tank. and for the record this tank was not illegally dumped .it was legally parked waiting to be picked up by a collector but really how many times do you get to see a tank just chilling on the street actually i wouldn't mind have one of those especially when i'm looking for stop light texters i'd be like arnold " put down the phone" any way. where was i. oh yea illegal dumping. i even found a toilet albeit it was actually in hayward but how can you not pass up showing a free toilet on the street the point im trying to make is this if you leave something on the curb and it's not slated for a special clean up day that is call illegal dumping if it's on your property it's not illegal dumping then it's called blight both are frowned upon by cities in union city they use the see click fix app so you can easily report any illegal dumping i must say while union city does have some issues with illegal dumping its not as severe as some other citys
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around the bay and i believe that because of civic pride however if the incindents dumping are allowed to continue it could spread and become a huge problem kron 4 news >> mark:and if you just can't get enough people behaving badly tune in to kron 4 this sunday. stanley. >> darya:you can catch the all- new special this sunday night at 7:30. a person"shown the people watching a procession through the community." "it's a sensitive story a very sad story have the coverage and would you be ok with being the same type of coverage if it was your brother or son are dead who was gunned down in the line of duty.
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>> darya: live here expected to bring me something big like weather and you get nothing. >> james: some nice morning here on this friday. my kids know the market down close the outside right now it's a nice day i know another way to sit. tomlinson's sampras's go some is out its local but no surprises and been
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saying that day and day out on the bay low 50s temperature dealing with right now in san francisco should warm up nicely too upper 50s low 60s but allows small the cool afternoon the temperatures will play out storm checkered tape are forecast at the sky temperatures looking at low fifties for most of the morning by about 10:00 until 11:00 which should be in the mid-50s at that point. arming the upper 50s as we get closer and closer to the 8:00 p.m. hour and then by about 2:00 4:00 this afternoon should be looking at 59 to maybe 61 degrees depending on where in the city you are and a little crazy for you as well keep in mind where temperatures are right now a quick little update for you what conditions are like as he had outdoor gear ready to any way be back in 50 minutes with a complete check the forecast here extended day on the bay and yes we will talk about the weekend you will like
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it with mexican to its warm states and the update and not a traffic. >> darya: >> >> george: oping ton northbound interstate 280 on a trailer became loose from the trailer ended up in the roadway. right now at right angles crosslines to the flow of traffic blocking the meadowlands the trailers in the center divider backing up the right here for northbound interstate 280 and we opted that short time for you coming up after the centers update but again in see this line to ride all the laid-back but on the 85 interchange in the cupertino with the accident at magdalena northbound and deride the bay bridge is a much better for the bay bridge this morning light and easy trip easy 15 met drive time little backed up the san
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mateo bridge has been pretty heavy continues this way 2226 minute drive times out of hayward and san mateo a golden gate bridge one a one ride no delays although commuter run as a little slow at center fell by better than usual this morning and the richmond bridge ride interstate 580 is beginning to back up toward castro the drive time about five minutes now in the center fell out of richmond. >> mark:happening now. police are trying to figure out who put a camera inside a u-c berkeley women's restroom. the camera was found one week ago. in a public bathroom inside hall. kron 4's mike pelton is live in details on who police are mike? >> reporter: listens to us all the files in the process of moving out one of them tells may after getting a realistic about hitting camera inside or the bathroom is likely there for more than a week. north found inside the unit one residential
7:34 am
complex of the series of six doors running essential building or the camera was found and they say at the end of last month from putting out of order signs on the public restroom trekking all women to a staff restaurant down the hall and that's where the catalyst on last friday uc- berkeley notice this insistence on shirt, people became victims of many students feel violated this morning. "i find a right at all like someone would use in the like this is very wrong an invasion of privacy." "be more mindful run my studying i think all the more cautious next time. >> reporter: sitting persimmon chest no longer with university also checking other restrooms for possibility there other cameras now this morning and others in some other not surprises happen because their relatively similar incident happened a couple months ago and
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tell you about that coming up at 830. >> darya: residents thanks to a deal between the governor and the u-c board of regents. residents' tuition will remain flat at just over 12-thousand dollars for the next two years. the agreement authorizes the uc board of regents to raise non- resident tuition up to eight- percent annually. which would bring it to more than 38- thousand dollars this year. in 2017, all tuition would rise by at least the rate of inflation. >> mark:the oakland unified school district is changing its policy on what qualifies as grounds for suspending students. teachers and administrators are no longer allowed to suspend students for non-violent offenses. that includes talking back and ignoring orders. the district is the fourth in california to phase out defiant behavior as a reason to suspend students in grades four through 12. supporters of the policy say statistics show that minority students are not fairly
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punished for non-violent acts. the changes will take full effect in the next school year. >> darya:a hercules man has been arrested for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from his own mother. police say angel garcia used his 84-year-old mother's personal information to access her bank account and take more than 300-thousand dollars. garcia is accused of creating multiple fraudulent accounts to use at several local businesses and casinos throughout california. the 54-year-old man was booked into the martinez detention facility where he is being held on more than 200-thousand dollars bail. >> darya: this they say it ignores automatic spending caps imposed by congress in 2011 to address the deficit.
7:37 am
the bill increases spending by padding an emergency war- fighting fund, which isn't impacted by the caps. the u-s secret service is investigating another drone incident near the white house. agents arrested a man for trying to fly a small drone over the white house fence yesterday. >> darya: he was in a park near the white house, and was not successful. the park and the white house were temporarly put on lockdown during the investigation. president obama was not home at the time. back in february. a man flew a drone, lost control of it, and crashed onto the white house lawn. he did not face criminal charges. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. we're getting ready for game six tonight in memphis. we'll talk to gary about what it will take to close out the grizzlies. but first. a home for sale. and the owners are only asking $150. we'll tell you the catch. next.
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track >> george: in our first hot spot of the morning and it's here on highway 280 in the northbound direction. the problem has been that all but dropped the roadway and jobs in the roadway here interstate 280 at magnolia not the problem is the chp has no way to lift this is black and the alliance because backing up traffic here
7:41 am
toward 280185 interchanging added now six minutes to the total short time for the north on interstate 280 ride and even back up the trip here coming out of san jose as you can see a complete check of a traffic check coming right upper. >> michelle: $150 home the bungalow close to downtown houston $400,000 and michael low order of local realtor once the live close to those orders will soliciting to listing it 20 or less and hundred $50 winning essays the house. plus closing costs and already got a dozen of commissions hill made public 3000 applications by mid june to par with the house at market value.
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>> james: it forecast coming up sake peaked expect temperatures up to maybe mid upper 60s and lends.
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>> darya: or all right or more when to get two chances to get a pretty good on its may >> darya: that was a surprise, the clippers bluet it was one of those things that you're sitting there you an on-line are picked
7:45 am
up the paper the next day you go gees what happened when you're watching a bomb was really hard to believe the clippers went completely. >> stanley >> gary: there are scored with 50 to 15 or 151542 or what was it at the end. outscored by 35 points down the stretch. >> darya: the game 7 end of history proves 70% the time games seven r one on the home court and the going out so this was a big chance in the blood >> gary: i like the term truck does the law setting our koch labeling the best athletes in the world as something derogatory but if they blow this
7:46 am
up 31 in this series >> darya: we could see how the lawyers do tonight potency if we need in game 7 and have been seven of basketball fell sunday if that's the case where it is still the number-one team when all. people want answered a fifth injured people could you want to win if the warriors' no. 1. the numbers there was the bulls a close. but ron carey's this because of the success but i think the fifth straight year
7:47 am
the conference finals. >> darya: it beat a brought out in the same things that kerrey is now america's favorite best favor of a small player in nba again survey 1500 registered voters and not survey like basketball fans which displeases last languages this survey these people and say that there was a long game today who would win a broader or michael jordan and michael jordan they choose michael jordan. >> gary: reason they're able don't vote for lear has to vote with your party vote for the most popular guy of all time. that'd have career vs. liberal on >> darya: just close by the jordan haunting bronze and who would win release of the match today. of registered voters maybe it's like a bunch people that are older that don't even know who abroad as. and michael
7:48 am
jordan i remember him. >> gary: espn pull? >> darya: conjunction with espn registered voters and get your number is 34% + prefers tight is five. >> gary: is favored by 5. >> darya: tonight as the big five as well talk about where the odds of was to win this one mitt romney sport again 52 years old like. michael like but vander holyfield all the way and. >> gary: to get up there? >> gary: hillis and rich at all that and this is for? >> darya: chariot like this
7:49 am
million dollars to erase. >> gary: applies to watch this contrasts ellison pay-per-view or anything? >> darya: the best judge of the day in of a real analysis. democratic party. >> darya: done it a million dollars in the guinness during its silly to their flat out canada michael ruby alves the sky still on the back pocket money out there maybe they'll insist that i run against of felix the spotlight and that's what i think that in romney versus the vendor holyfield once again where the fighting. >> gary: fighting in vegas.
7:50 am
>> darya: up an airline to look silly do things like this and make a mistake fall down but best ballplayers are my falling down attacking rich and pervert for pop flies all cabling to make a picture falls off the mound he's called. you know i love to me about what happened. >> gary: admitted despite. >> darya: thursday falls that might have been at astra's can't. the little ones but the big one. at the falling all- time. >> darya: watched tim owens and fall him a break. >> gary: king 75.
7:51 am
stick to the crown for live in memphis even though there's hardly any warriors fans they're going to find a few technical barbecue
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>> james:, 54 live look here to celebrate our view. and we had yesterday has moved off the southern californian now dealing with the wind clearing conditions to dry conditions and still falling and snow by the way up in the sierra near lake tahoe and a pencil or looking for daytime high in the city in the upper 50s 5758 degrees.
7:55 am
arming and low '60's as the head south along through san bruno down to san mateo 62 mid-60s by the time madonna impasto. warms the gemaras ahead to the south bay. coastline sedalia day amid upper 50s and that'll be as warm as it gets 55 daly city 57 for pacifica 58 have been by. and live shot looking at clouds over the bay right now and a little clear inland sunshine making good headway there lot of pitches start serosa still mid upper 60s for and in spots and then the upper 50s auckland coming in around fit 62 xl a seven day run of a mild temperatures barely budging over the course the weekend and even
7:56 am
more sunshine though and warm temperatures in the middle of next week. himself >> george: pay a big backup now incredible impact from this incident to 80. northbound direction this occurring out here in los autos hills at monte. a boat that dropped ended up in the middle lane and it's been pushed over to the shoulder now. look what it's done to traffic a drive time let's cut it here from downtown san jose a 281 01. all like here on out toward all monte. and that drive time should be about 30 to 36 minutes now it's at 52 minutes and adding nearly half an hour to the drive time. for friday that makes it even worse. this is really jammed up the right even though the lanes are open here now. at the bridge is about a
7:57 am
different story right to the bay bridge a 14 minute trip time from beginning of the backup on the man's. for the san mateo bridge we have not caught much of a break a little better now for the westbound route. 19 minutes was the last, to lead a drive *. and then the golden gate bridge has been a problem free for your ride in from marin county heading to a. and at the richmond bridge the backup is crawling and now reaches beyond their richmond parkway and now looking at a 16 minute trip time in the center fell. >> mark: police and town still australia not looking for not so's with criminal and surveillance video showing smashing grab attempt get smashed down and breaks a gas station attached to change it to an atm then tries to drive off but doesn't realize that the chain is separated so heat drives out with just the chain. uzbek president sent a parked
7:58 am
the truck to a faraway see here he can reconnect the chain because too far with from struck drives off without trying for third time. >> darya: beckwith more a few minutes. >> reporter: threats of technology when it is coming up in the tech report
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>> george: kings and decent sunshine in the inland valleys but here. around the here >> james: on the customer starting off the bus a breakdown on whether and in the morning hours again mostly cloudy and temperatures at the moment in the upper 50s low 50s still looking down at 59 degrees on average a chilly start noon time will be partly sunny warming up slightly mid-50s out at the coast upper 50s by the
8:02 am
bay mid-60's as we head inland by 3:00 recess after and i hit the longest time the day breezy conditions and sustained winds of 17 to 20 m.p.h. looking for guses afternoon 2025 will be windy as to make you wear on the day today temperatures rare on the low sixties for the bed upper 60s and lend as are getting a school and over use today are on the bay and things get specific forceful check and 15 minutes and hereby like a clock upper '40's of '50s >> george: accept all the way back up in san jose. i'll look here at the location is northbound at magdalena where this incident occurred and let's take a look here we actual photograph of your book is set in on the way for a nice weekend
8:03 am
taking the boat out maybe the family and then ended up here on interstate 280 in the northbound direction. now the managed to get it cleared over to the right-hand shoulder but let's go back to the traffic maps show u.s. on the ride. it's backed up the trip now into downtown san jose beyond is that 88017 interchange and like the strive to have 52 minutes out toward el monte the chivvy about a 30 minute shift time even i commute day of heavy traffic and address the south bay freeways to continue a pretty good when a northbound. 85 although as 85 is closer to cupertino any of the traffic turning it to 80 will likely be affected by this back up and then tracking the other rides around the bay now looking at the other hot spots. bridges much better than usual 14 to 15 minute trip time here. san mateo bridge is improving fairly quickly it didn't look like it at 7:00. it is stop and go about
8:04 am
already were seeing things much improved. and just like yesterday at first i was suspicious but i checked the centers of the drive time they are rapidly improving 15 masked. iran to the golden gate bridges problem free and as a typical 45 little bit northbound and other days of the week. lately bigger than usual back up here means 16 minute drive time in the center fell. >> mark:a killer is on the loose in vallejo. after a high school student was found shot and killed yesterday afternoon. less than a mile from his school. yesterday on the kron 4 evening news. friends and family gathered yesterday to remember 17-year old max rusk. kron 4's will tran is live in vallejo this morning. where more vigils are planned for today. good morning will. >> reporter: getting so many people already showing up this morning before heading to class high. so right at the helicon anxious to campus for my location. that's the class max
8:05 am
was murdered from this campus. the scene here the candles still burning and wills a menu and see that picture right there was only a few weeks ago for. um senior prom at less show you another photo close-up shot of mack's rusk. alcatel you he was 17 years old. should have benz will talk to some classmates did not know why he was not. and it was not lunchtime however this is a walking trail witnesses told investigators they saw one person running away from the scene. vallejo police department have any motives behind the murder and this was as scary as happened during school hours his school was locked down nearby schools also lockdown chp set us a helicopter and search of a killer. the killers. so far no arrests in this case. plan to have 14 days of visual escher out why in number is 14 trouble log this young man was in fact
8:06 am
moments earlier i got a chance to talk to is a child could friend they know each other since there were three years old. he was actually in school at the time so during class walking around in an announcement that there was a student who was killed and found local dilator it was his friend max he announces his three years old. in the middle of taking a test simply couldn't get through the test without crying. his parents as far as they know the complete give any enemies and don't know why anyone and would do this according to his classmates that tommy was he graduated suppose the next month the to the fire fighter but to more action from the target and startup money and 9:00. thanks will.
8:07 am
>> darya:new this morning-- the wreckage of a u-s military helicopter missing in nepal has been found. three bodies have also been found at the site -- according to nepal's defense secretary. six u-s marines and two nepali service members were on the helicopter when it disappeared tuesday. radio transmissions indicate the crew was having a fuel problem before it went missing about 45 miles east of kathmandu. the crew was assisting with relief after last month's earthquake which killed more than 8-thousand people. >> mark:the princess cruise ship health advisory is looking into an outbreak of norovirus on a francisco. passengers were all set to leave were given a health warning when they arrived at the dock. health officials say a little more than five-percent of the nearly 26-hundred passengers on a previous trip came down with norovirus. it happened during a trip from back. everyone had recovered by the time the cruise docked in san francisco, but the ship had to
8:08 am
>> mark: >> darya:happining to day. the warriors have the chance to close out grizzlies. and kron four's j-r stone has been in enemy territory all morning. memphis. >> reporter: as the cannon from the dallas morning the athletics at behind me locals here call it a grand house they say this place gets loud and it will get loud tonight because it's a lifeline of their team on the line many of the regular channels this morning saying i hope in a chance tonight because the lawyers have looked like good and when i talk about the lawyers even see some of the video from the last couple games. the ability and that's like the team we saw all season long a team that has played top defense the last couple games. a team has had the big shots in the last couple of games. many
8:09 am
fans in california on my way out here said all their gas take in this game and they want this to be done with a new get out here and again they're hoping that their team can stay alive the back out here this morning though it is all quiet right now it will be a much different scenario later on this evening so. spoke with said steve kerr across the street right now and having breakfast preparing warm- up meal and then go over it should around a bit-around a letter later little later this morning. turning into one of those all wednesday. >> darya: our website. kron- four-dot-com. blues legend b.b. king has died. order of the raiders and said to value and the big game. this is now on board the l.a. and the
8:10 am
clippers game. >> darya: that was not good for the clippers' last night so ago in game 7 hoping to avoid things a lot j.r. and were hoping to win this tonight. the dime and that that 630. j r and david it both are not official plane. we're sitting opposite like farrakhan for morning news and show them getting on their play oakland flying off. sergei are following the team live this morning, share your still maybe not that lucky pair of wires underwear on. and william ellis the picture may be a teacher or have i thought we enjoy that. share with you on the crown for morning news and kron4dotcom
8:11 am
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>> george: just seen our first down taken the drive time the dow. under 49 minutes from 52 the accident involving about the drop off the trailer moved in the shoulder. an update this and the rest of the traffic comecon for morning news ♪♪ when you just can't seem to escape...
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the snow we wanted earlier this sierra yesterday. this is video from el dorado county. southern california has been hit hard in this storm, but the michelle? >> michelle:good morning mark, that storm has brought an average of one quarter inch of rain, but spots like downtown los angeles receving three- quarters of an inch and a whooping one inch in pasadena.and rain and today. and light rain that moved
8:17 am
through thursday was a much welcomed site. here is one photo taken by a passenger on a bus ride. rain is coming down and water is pooling on the side of the road. and is one photo showing cars driving in the rain. and it caused rain delays at baseball games. here is a photo from dodgers stadium. the groundscrew laying tarp across the field. this person also tweeted that this was her first dodgers game. and here is one from petco park in san diego.the padres and washington nationals game was delayed. so what they did was the rockies and dodgers game on the jumbo-tron. los angeles could see an additional inch of rain with isolated areas up to 2 inches. some thunderstorms may produce and snow may be possible above 6000 feet. now what can expect across the bay? james has a look at your forecast >> james: the l.a. air them
8:18 am
massive block of rain and holes and you would describe a whole lot more coming their way as michelle said. looking for more more in the way of urban flooding as they work their way through the day today. >> james: of the bay area nothing of the sort spent yesterday still seeing some showers rein in the sierra and that's why we cannot afford to end the weekend a what will scsi can restaurants are francisco in the theories yorubaland island summer sunshine fell strength to the skies temperatures slowly warming and the low fifties for most of the morning concord and san jose 56. series livermore in san francisco. and gradually working in an sandro's upper 40's now. the 50 currently. and for this afternoon and upper 60s
8:19 am
upper again today. 67 san jose 70 degrees and campbell scott us all a pretty mild day was a high of the south bay in a space and is similar stories to. to 669 for use in the north face 65 to a mere 70 as well. amid upper 60s for the most of the bay area. weakened outlook we talk about today said sunday and close april much the same little more sunshine by sunday and just a touch relatively mild and forecast year. and next week we have a mild lot to look forward to. an update you on that with a full check later on a sour.. but around. . >> george: had a big, the south bay ensign occurred in lote
8:20 am
discuss health-care a trailer that was calling the ball in the northbound direction of interstate 280 here at magdalena it still off and in the middle lanes and they managed to move the ball over the right-hand shoulder take a look at the bay bridge. backrub fill in here
8:21 am
drive * so good and secure for the bay bridge read. even san mateo bridge cleared out not to a 30 minute time even in the commit direction and the problem free all morning long. and although bitter north bound traffic flow and then over a richmond bridge the backup has ground for a while almost out of harbour way. now it's not even backed up to the richmond parkway so the drive times are back down potential of the minutes. our richmond for center fell. >> darya: ntsb what am trained so the guests up at it before it derail the train from crashed in philadelphia sped up in the last minute before it derailed. the train sped up from 70 miles than 100 miles per hour just before a sharp curve. amtrak's top official says the
8:22 am
railroad takes full responsibility. amtrak president and c-e-o joseph boardman apologized in a letter on amtrak's official blog. eight people died in the crash and more than 200 others were injured. the first funeral will be held for one of the eight people killed in the derailment today. a service is being held this morning in new york for u-s naval academy shipman, justin the 20-year-old sophomore was traveling home to new york city accident. happening today. b.b. king died tonight. a generation musicians and a heartfelt vocals soaring guitar. antique the thrill is gone he sold millions of records worldwide and inducted into the blues foundation. rock-and-roll hall of fame. and 2009 his 15th grammy but the blues album cat can get one-of-a-kind favor. peking was 89 years old.
8:23 am
>> mark: a way to travel will split into a brick.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
>> mark:a california man is suing uber and its founders saying the stole the idea for the car service from him. kevin halpern contends he was the original inventor of the idea in 2002. according to the suit, halpern co-founders travis kalanick and garrett camp beginning in 2006. two years later kalanick and camp presented the ideas at a venture capital conference and uber launched several months later. the lawsuit asks for financial compensation and punitive damages in an amount to be determined by a jury, as well as a court judgment describing halpern's rights to the intellectual property. >> darya:the deadly train derailment in philadelphia is putting a new focus on train travel. and a lot of people are wondering if another way of transportation is safer.
8:27 am
but. a train is actually one of the safest ways to get from point-a to point-b. the most dangerous is motorcycle. followed by car. commuter rail and amtrak were next on the list.and then buses. the safest way for you to get around is by an airplane. >> mark:the apple watch may be the hot new gadget. but critics say it's too easy for thieves to erase your information from the watch. it can take just 20 seconds for someone who steals an apple watch to reset it and make it their own. the watch is designed to easily override its passcode and completely wipe it clean. you can hold down the watch's "power off" button, then select and erase all the data from it. issue. >> darya: it's another thing. i got a watch at 0 over so behind . india i found. >> darya: bay school district is
8:28 am
changing suspension policy tell you what offenses teachers no longer allowed to suspend your kids for staff member at find the heading camera uc-berkeley bathroom please say what it undetected for several is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store. save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology.
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>> james: their wet weather yesterday like livermore got some rain and all prepared for it and get nothing so james was wrong and you're right its north with a cisco but no real scoring it doesn't matter tirana as long as you're right that's what we were yesterday and just a whole other team was calling for rain and sought data had it this is all but the timing and was coming into play that was it not gone. backcourts typical be aware there on the day. embarcadero camera over sampras
8:31 am
as crazy the ferry there in the foreground the bay bridge in the back on the palm trees barely moving and not too big a factor at the moment but tell you they will pick up later on this afternoon but for breezy problem about noon to 54 going to see the guts to get up there on 20 to 25 m.p.h.. >> james: to be restored some spots in the upper 40's kilo '50s and close the mid-50s. in time conditions partly sunny at temperatures by the baker 58 so what mid-cities '60s this afternoon and the low 60s on the bay and upper 70 inland's but custom breeze of 70 mi. per hour gusts 12325. maybe colder for you than the thermometer will read be ready for other blustery afternoon and all at least be
8:32 am
dry you like to deal with the rain. >> james: close was low 40's at temperatures on a map at least in the cities that at least 50 and above so warming slowly starting to take hold that forecast talk about the weekend coming up in 15 minutes now to traffic. >> george: jammed up on interstate 280 on loss lantos it was an accident northbound onto 80 year at mandalay not karbala's dropped office trailer add up the roadway this really jammed up the ride and just check with california highway patrol the told me all the units have left the scene little traffic is backed up and stood back up with the 49 minute drive time at a downtown san jose close to 30 minutes for the northbound trip out toward el monte. extra pressure was put
8:33 am
on palawan and highway 85 still at 25 minute trip times leading north and all the heavy traffic is concentrated up here for that one 01 stretch 85 rightists low now and the drive time here had been 80 minutes is now 27 minutes out toward cupertino from 85 interchange from the coyote valley the bridge as much better than usual here the bay bridge at 12 the 14 minute trip time ill-conceived and of the backup. but the san mateo bridge at commanded about 45 minutes ago for the west on ride the 30 minute chat * here the problems for the golden gate bridge the peak of the commute should be in the next 30 minutes but i don't think we'll see any delays even with them and even at the richmond bridge where things had backed up the back up as quickly diminishing and doesn't even reach as far back now as castro 10 metric time over a center fell.
8:34 am
>> mark:happening now. berkeley women's restroom. the camera was found one week ago. in a public bathroom inside hall. kron 4's mike pelton is live in berkeley this morning withmike? >> reporter: this is very unsettling and camera found by staff members last friday here at this unit one residential complex stores here center building where the camera was found late april police is only at our borders on the public restroom correcting all like to a staff locker room dollar halt the tell me that inside reporting the device attached to the wall and to look for electric outlet and similar devices to confine on line for a few hundred dollars in assets possibly there for several weeks. the official said any assistance to this morning admit they're freaked out. "gross yield uc-berkeley go home
8:35 am
care of theirs and cameras and your bathroom and was just weird. makes us look bad i don't know if i would've known that it would increase beyond normal tone of come your." >> reporter: stearns's morning just the past few months another incident at the dorm and cut the cutback to meeting itself on a take pictures of women underneath the stalls for the death and camera uc police looking in a personal interest in the case not a soloist in the longer associate university and mark this morning that made unscrews tell me at their checking other complexes make sure there's no other cameras out there. >> darya: california is freezing tuition at u-c schools for california residents thanks to a deal between the governor and the u- c
8:36 am
residents' tuition will remain flat at just over 12-thousand dollars for the next two years. board of regents to raise non- resident tuition up to eight- percent annually. which would bring it to more than 38- thousand dollars this year. in 2017, all tuition would rise by at least the rate of inflation. district is changing its policy on what qualifies as grounds for suspending students. teachers and administrators are no longer allowed to suspend students for non-violent offenses. that includes talking back and ignoring orders. the district is the fourth in california to phase out defiant behavior as a reason to suspend students in grades four through 12. supporters of the policy say statistics show that minority students are not fairly punished for non-violent acts. effect in the next school year. >> mark:happening today. a community in the south bay is planning a vigil for two of the gilroy students who were killed we first broke this story on the wednesday.
8:37 am
three of the victims were students in the gilroy unified school district. 18-year-olds yesenia mendoza pina, yolanda jimenez, and sara williams were passengers in the car when the crash happened. williams worked at rebekah children's services. coworkers say they're in shock. ".we're heartbroken we're devastated." >> mark:24-year-old joseph vasquez flemate was also killed. police identified the driver as anthony imbrones. he's still in the hospital, facing d-u-i charges. the vigil for mendoza pina and jimenez is happening at 7:30 tonight at mount madonna high school. on monday, there will be a vigil for williams at 8:30 p-m at the
8:38 am
berkeley got role call us the so scholarship for a cam video close we talk marksa memorial for natalia is he is"sing it to his brother under his breath this happen to be that video caught him and a ruinous " coaching staff right here a black never the prom with apple. this boy the social and
8:39 am
you put this. >> reporter: tunable school samaras and of putting an extra inning. >> darya: 0 other incidents after the game. >> mark: the voice of many citizens characters quit after 25 years to. producers the characters aren't going anywhere. >> reporter: was during pit ps td and autism coming up in the text or.
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>> mark: 9930 and if you miss the first episode bevan our web sites kron-4-dot-com watched the zero persons out and then the next episode sunday night at 930.
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>> mark:the warriors are in memphis. oakland yesterday live on the kron 4 morning news. and they went right from the plane to the court. here they are during practiceand high expectations for steph curry. he is the first player in playoff history with six 3- pointers and six steals in one game. tip off is scheduled for 6:30 tonight. stone. >> darya: 0 early for them that the streets pussycat miss lizzy
8:46 am
64 announce something drag diet the yellow or your shirt on heaps viewing parties here in the bay area for tonight's game. you can find the whole list on kron 4 dot com. >> mark: into the brain. some say it's helping cure ptsd and autism a controversial bill aimed at increasing california's immunization rates is on its way to the state assembly. state senators passed the bill yesterday. "home struggling psychological. reunites its army of the soldier jonathan warren suffered through years ' dramatic stress disorder. "despite all our time with piteous be looking for healing" >> reporter: this to advances in
8:47 am
technology unit their peak from braintree and center in new york beach calif. he no longer suffers. "she give me my life back" >> reporter: that residence 30 highly experimental. dr. robert this chief science officer. "it sure fundamentally this issue that is the brain is not listening on the right frequency. >> reporter: story sink the brent. "record from the brent analyze these recordings identify specifics features the correlate to disease states. the news out redneck stimulation to affect. the durable affect in this tour will change leads to a change in behavior of our patients.
8:48 am
>> reporter: tse autism patients that is forever changed their lives. "it is available widespread all veterans and suffering. a mission is to get this accepted on a national level. >> reporter: says private the use the instrument of treatment of label in hopes of future when they'll be used to treat a wide range of issues. >> darya: now that the scheme looks when it would be like and kirkwood getting so is article.
8:49 am
>> james: allow travel done in the reservoirs or groundwater so we can use it for roundabout today and will keep using a little bit of this morning quick look here at store and tracker for the site are. >> darya: the time when i think tahoe like a mountain bike and a news appliance and stuff and all are new and summertime activities not a small. >> james: split that for us now to get out of their complaint implants of cannot undo. >> james: your san francisco although taiwanese state allies in the south bay's claws are clearing things and this and sunshine they're here on the media bay itself as little cloudy the winds are they're not strong but there's a breeze out there and it will strengthen as we had in the afternoon hours temperatures at the moment slowly but surely 56 unconquered 55 and will send jose the san
8:50 am
francisco (54 degrees. >> james: are as a no longer than the with the pickup the 50 l continue climbing into the afternoon and south a quick glance for our highs after an. campbell scott us and getting close to 70 degree mark in the communities and help the fall just short of 67 in fact was far inland valleys of sea temperatures right there between 6569 degrees and that certain holes to fill the space 66 and 69 temperatures and that member 60 range for the north bay as well. seven system downtown 57 today and will stay partially cloudy for the most part are on the coast and in the media as a head inland. of a partly cloudy mostly sunny depending on where you are. it's indecent sunshine any way and then saturday sunday looking pretty good. temperatures barely moved the action of warm-up more once we get into next week. the middle of the week we have a nice little trend there were temperatures and and get back up
8:51 am
to the mid-70s. a little more like spring early summer. and several traffic center toward keeping an eye on something here is on for. >> george: the slow ride for interstate 280 this morning. an otherwise would of been a letter the unusual rise in the south bay the chp i spoke with them confirmed for me no longer at the scene of this much earlier occurring accident just a little after 7:00 this morning and then the truck carrying a towing a trailer that was holding about. the bulk of the trailer ended up in the roadway and the chp and believe has left the scene about a summer traffic pattern of the guitar tracks are gone yet and still trying to deal with the ball on the shoulder because it is still solid all the way back to a knobby on- site a 817 interchange with interstate 280. also completely balling up the right here 85 northbound. in the commute. this drive time is backed up to 49
8:52 am
minutes a truck for a little while and you and see we ought to magdalena not agree alternate route on this drive time as well and it's actually up to about 38 minutes now highway 85 and 237 and sadly there are no good options for you this morning on the freeway and then i have to sit the city streets getting reports that they're jammed as well and this is been out there now for nearly two hours on interstate 280 northbound at magnolia and we have seen a much better than usual ride as of the bay area bridges the bay bridge were getting our second wave here even so under 20 minutes for the drive time in the senate to abridge a much earlier than on the drive time here for the golden gate bridge penicillin easy trip just nine minutes now
8:53 am
heading south from the sausalito exit over the waldegrave gone to the plaza and your trip time here for the commute into iran is back down to eight minutes and no longer backed up for westbound interstate 580 controversial >> mark: bill is witticism listed senators passed a bill yesterday from apparent from seeking clearance to look for exemptions for blacks and vaccines unvaccinated to ocean via postal governor jerry brown has not taken a position yet on the bill. >> darya: timeout is 853 happening today local families are for parental rights rally against the vaccine and it. they will be at demonstrating in fremont on the parkway mentor vaccine bill takes away their right to make medical decisions for the families denies children access to public education.
8:54 am
when the >> michelle: standing on line and local licenses characters ran the show even though the man behind characters quit. and what we brought forestry you 21 year-old assistant sector been with the show for 026 extents. in 1989. provided it the flanders of prints will scare mr. burns and mr. smothers many minor characters. all those characters he voice will remain on the show. and not kill off to. as an executive producers for testing new voice actors to fill those roles. an executive producer treated the show will go on it by the people who love it and those wonderful satire ever. gains from said paley tried were still trying harry no kidding let's talk and to this morning looking for integrity honor and show-biz but no further than the voice-over community.
8:55 am
>> mark: and hotel opens today along with little inspired restaurant. each room outfitted with robinson models pirated venture condemn lego friends themes men started to 19 hours a night and early access to land.. >> darya: so legal betting badly needs to have a special. this sunday at 730 ci only has the travers putting kids their risk and what they're doing while they're going sillies on at the sunday
8:56 am
8:57 am
globe report from j. r. stone on wheels straight and try to find where stands plus for
8:58 am
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>> darya: family members remember in the teenagekron 4's will tran is live in vallejo this morning. for today. >> reporter: into campus and to the classroom stop by here. says the scene with the 17 year-old boy shot and killed ron 1155 yesterday morning. in an coelacanths are still burning a lot of them made sure plight new candles 0. little windy out here and they dropped off more flowers more candles and you concede the picture he should be in school today. instead they're talking about him in class and grief counselors. you the video
9:01 am
little bit earlier this morning. they stop by here a lot of these friends known him since they were toddlers. fear for five years all have to talk to him a few weeks. and then as far as they now they didn't have any enemies. accuse a good guy and after graduating next month he won the firefighter to get a job right away and move on with his life. at this ploy vallejo police department have any motive not made any arrests. all have the golan to one run away from the scene for some months up something so terrifying that lack of high school. a son throw from my location. other schools also shut down by the search for the killer or killers. no arrest this morning. get a chance to talk to a young boy and known him since three years old. his foot hit the sale of max. "i can't believe it refers to contest during lockdown someone
9:02 am
said max got shot. and this is yes and i can't believe it a family really close with his family and couldn't believe when i found out the newest and broke down in tears for a just lost my childhood friend fifth residual last night that's when all started to sell and they usually on. >> reporter: visual last night they'll have another one today and up to use so beloved of communities they say they plan to have a visual or vigil's the next 14 days that a lot these kids and boys and girls we spoke to this morning there is just crying confused no idea anyone would do this while he was not on campus still a mystery. trephine ottawa 55 it was not watch it was it should and forth. in my view was in class
9:03 am
we do not know at this time. we do know that was right here and it is king park right next door as well as. let's going down to: that the for the newscast will in no. the rewards >> james: now will be nice out looks little grayer in this shot. >> michelle: will be dealing with clause syllabus lunch and the metal parts the day clubs will move back in this evening will be on the close at once again as of this morning cool temperatures and wind up to light winds and the winds will be picking up this afternoon so a different story from over yesterday and starting off with low 50s across the coast. 50s across england and locations. by the lunch hour is only mid upper 50s for coastal locations across peninsula even been
9:04 am
locations. and locations were up in the mid-60s more than yesterday's daytime highs will in tibet near 70 degree mark. what about a week and forecasts and leave you with temperatures as of right now on half moon bay and the canneries redwood. 5057 the space ballet cocker san jose. 56 jose and here's order to drive. >> george: tracking this house but not for a little over two hours on interstate 280. in the northbound direction here in los altos hills at magdalena of a. both offer much aware managed to block the road is for a while. finally now have clear the scene and so the drive * the finally starting to drop a little down to 37 minutes. still this should be about 29 to 30 minute drive time even at this hour. so the backups still reaching into downtown san jose. 2 a northbound also putting extra pressure on both 1
9:05 am
01 and highway 85. this drive time is still coming in at 39 minutes leading up to 237 highway 85 with all the heavy traffic when a one concentrated here in like this 85 ride 34 minutes at at cupertino coming up from coyote valley and so they're no good options for you at least on the freeways and i do think though that now that the s&ls finally completely cleared i just clear from the shoulder will be seeing some improvement. here at the bay bridge were seeing the second of traffic so the drive times are actually climbing again. back up to 18 minutes now from below the 14) and detailed bridge a good option for you because there are no delays here for the westbound ride. trip times are tough 13 minutes for the easy trip across the span no delays now there was an incident inter lyndon near the civic center ascetics parkway this been clear for a while and only amount for a be a brief
9:06 am
delay for 11 southbound writing to marin a longer any delays from the approach to richmond side and that's why the drive time is back down to 80 minutes of the over the san mateo. >> darya:happening today. the warriors have the chance to memphis grizzlies. and kron four's j-r stone has morning. he joins us live now from memphis. oakland airport for memphis. the kron four morning news. >> michelle i seen one guy this morning and he was choosing don't know if he's heading to work or what to try to chase him down i couldn't get him. that's the one guy in memphis this morning. so another guy steve kerr heard of that.
9:07 am
play about the fact having breakfast a little while ago preparing a similar scotches. if kennedy for the big game mysteries of pilots who doesn't see warriors highlights especially wary of highlights from moscow games curry hit six three-pointers let stand. all these people in memphis this morning say okay one game won game our guys back today. he'll take that care of that again warriors talk to some of these bands try to say hey haven't you been seeing a separate shows up at the said. "progress is toxic"you're all the grizzly's ha? "49 hours spent two different sports it that these close west coast football team in basketball team. "the present and tested out the
9:08 am
dough over the other side. as a skilled person as he not" >> reporter: another thing that the play of talk while the strip before i don't now amid the wrong choice for another reason the fact is hot outside humid outside and i am sweating take up loans insured under #one because. they come up with this survey america's favorite nba player wonder even if the grizzlies stands really do like curry also is that ok and cannot hear everybody so nice when you bring up a hearty feel about seth terry people take a step back and say well as could.
9:09 am
resolve and board the flight to memphis and then practicing yesterday as well and getting on board their charter plane with casual clothes. continue to follow the strict the memphis twitter pages.
9:10 am
what'sapped tonackg?how d itecom abnt-mdedl eati onefterhe nt? we are areamchee tha stl beeves in saving r fo. thlaugng c. inve snaing.
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9:12 am
vote >> mark:the wreckage of a u-s military helicopter missing in nepal has found at the site. according to nepal's defense secretary. six u-s marines and two nepali service members were on the helicopter when it disappeared tuesday. radio transmissions indicate the crew was having a fuel problem before it went missing about 45 miles east of kathmandu. the crew was assisting with relief after last month's earthquake which killed more >> michelle: close change our procedure we can forecast + on lease to the just war coming up and then
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>> darya: spring storms and going across the say oceanside yesterday and national weather suit service national thunderstorm's yesterday in getting the brunt of system seven california and san bruno mountains yesterday and today up to open the hatch 1/2 inches and some parts of los angeles. firefighters rescued six drivers the dog there or rushing waters and san diego and pull the man
9:16 am
from a flood control from los angeles law weather down there and dealing with for today imparts a leak and. looks like outside close as for the bridge week it looks good and continues to grant of dry ranges are expected overseas through and '70s and in locations parts of it but mid-60's across the coast and the coolest into the upper 60s and what else is happening these temperatures and amid upper 60s and warm spot right now conquered 59 degrees sofa and the cooler side 51 in santa rosa and warming up from there across the space shoreline's pauper '60s for temperatures
9:17 am
that really have not changed over the past several days and continue on with cool temperatures into the weekend as well. 3:00 east bay in locations middle upper 60s with one lower 70 and store 71 for brentwood later on this afternoon and across the south bay temperatures in the upper 60s. and we have a good-looking forecast for the rest of the area. upper six across central and breezy. so forget to check the forecast in the wake of forecasts of their free, for mobile application. provide tunes at store and to play a. restored with the traffic. >> darya: >> >> george: oakland hills highway 13 north on direct jus before 24 and a pariah the car sped in the trash back and you see the pair is there up the four board and also attracting so that's not surprising liniments
9:18 am
freeways in the northbound direction rather hot spot in the south bay continues to slow the ride but much improved now for both northbound interstate 280 and northbound highway 85 and the drive time is now getting somewhere back to normal 29 minutes for the bayshore freeway that's this ride in a state to a northbound ride is 27 minutes so that's actually slightly better than a typical day at this hour and much better for the ride compared earlier this morning even highway 85 commute much improved now as lanes are cleared at magdalena for early occuring problems and a look at iraq from the bay bridge toll plaza still a great comedic the drive * back down to 50 minutes now coming west of the macarthur mays in san francisco and san mateo bridge is clear over an hour now for the westbound ride and for the golden gate bridges and problem free all morning long and i
9:19 am
wouldn't be surprised if they have the third plane before the end of the broadcast in the northbound direction and over richmond bridge the backup is gone drive time is 18 minutes once again the order over the senate fell >> mark:police are trying to figure out who put a camera inside a u-c berkeley women's restroom. the camera was found one week kron 4's mike pelton has details >> reporter: refund by staff member friday at the unit one residential complex dorms at the onset of building candle's found and late april some input and out of order signs on the public restroom trekking all women to a staff locker room down the hall. the tommy inside was a recording device attached to the wall. a look like a logical outlet similar to spy devices you find on line for a few hundred dollars. is it possibly there for several weeks. campus
9:20 am
officials did send an e-mail distance this week and you can. guess their can the six". the unit i don't know pretty sick of u.s. me" if i didn't it said none of the phones and get a bill now come. >> reporter: another incident and another man was caught a cold bath in using a sulfonic take pictures of women in the cells and a bath and camera uc police looking into a personal interest in the case now soon and no longer associate with university police and has an ingenious in and campus to make sure there's no other cameras and berkeley. >> darya:the n-t-s-b is trying to find out why the amtrak train that crashed in philadelphia sped up in the last minute before it derailed. the train sped up from 70 miles
9:21 am
per hour until it reached more than 100 miles per hour just before a sharp curve. amtrak's top official says the railroad takes full responsibility. amtrak president and c-e-o joseph boardman apologized in a letter on amtrak's official blog. eight people died in the crash and more than 200 others were injured. the first funeral will be held for one of the eight people killed in the derailment today. >> mark: a service is being held this morning in new york for u-s naval academy shipman, justin zemser. the 20-year-old sophomore was traveling home to new york city when he was killed in tuesday's accident. >> darya:blues legend b.b. king has died. his lawyer says he died peacefully in his sleep just before 10 last night at his home in las vegas. king influenced a generation of musicians with his heartfelt vocals and soaring guitar. he was known for songs like "the thrill is gone." he sold millions of records worldwide and was inducted into the blues foundation hall of fame and rock and roll hall of fame. >> darya:in 2009, he won his 15th grammy in the traditional blues album category for "one kind favor."
9:22 am
he was 89. >> mark:happening today. president obama is addressing police officers in d-c. today is the 34th annual national peace officers' memorial service. officers killed in the line of duty will be honored. the memorial marks the end of police week. 2014 was an especially deadly year for police. 126 law enforcement officers died. >> mark:and today in the bay area. the santa clara county sheriff's office is hosting its annual memorial service honoring the men and women who were killed in the line of duty. the sheriff's office will unveil a new plaque in honor of san jose police officer, michael johnson. johnson was shot and killed by a suicidal man at an apartment complex in march. the ceremony starts at noon. it's open to the public. coming up on the kron four morning news. google's self-driving car will hit public roads soon. find out how it works and when the company will start testing it.
9:23 am
what's hapned snaing? hodid bece sentindey eating o aft theext,aftethe xt? so pdictle a sounsasfyi? what aut plingp a air,a stl, a bebag,nd aualltastg r fo. we a a camy eesehatstilbelies in t beay of kni, inhe eganswip of a . . spe. coue, at dsn'tean you n't nk uor sop u up enjoy ery ngle soi-tay bi. the laugng c. inve snaing.
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it'sard ndintimeomoisrizeour in ery d. ♪ th mro dpletof velin jelly, w valinentenve ce spy moisrizeand sorbin secos toelp al d ski so tre'slwaytime
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for aledkin. th's t heang per o vasene. secds. this is not ice cream. this is not ice cream in an ice cream cone. this is not ice cream in an ice cream cone in the hand of a tall man. this is not ice cream in an ice cream cone in the hand of a tall man in san fran. this is not san fran. this is not a tall man it's pam and dan. this is not an ice cream cone it's a frozen custard cone. and this is not ice cream, it's extra thick and creamy frozen custard...
9:26 am
...a different kind of delicious. new from dreyer's. nestle, good food, good life. google's pod-like self-driving
9:27 am
as a smaller office under that. >> darya: so these little dots below all going here behind-the- scenes and crown forestries the back story the tennis talk about during adenosine five years. and here's a look at the so to "this guy is in violation by going around and talk to me on camera about swine on here have talked on, about that for second. and i'm calm for be behaving badly. data if you miss
9:28 am
the first one last week it still under websites the concern the whole first episode of a really great and crime for crops kron- 4-dot-com
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> darya: area did get some rain yesterday if you didn't hear is the areas that what like livermore had a pretty good downpour for most of the day and then as you see all we have are clouds over southern california still getting a good battering by storm. the clouds and shelf >> michelle: not too bad waking up the clouds across the area we see little sunshine for middle part of a bed and heading out for maybe lunch by like on 11 or such asceticism sunshine in the afternoon these close rollback and where we stand right now looking at the bay bridge east bay hills. a thick layer of clouds out there and giving those temperatures
9:31 am
slightly milder side and we continue and maybe upper fifties over the next 30 minutes to. as to get ready for work or may be some guarantee the do you prepared build vehicles they once again and only differences will have just a slight chance for showers. polynyas afternoon the mid-50s along the coasts lower 50s and then warmup and the med upper 60s for indications the 73 space allocation not too bad for allocations lower 60s by the early lunch hour and the afternoon. bicol like the rest elite has been and continue the saboteurs and the weekend. now even continue on with comfortable temperatures in the next week or about the coming up storm trackers 70 forecast to. george with a draft. >> george: updating ahead in our hot spot here in the south bay assets to 80 about the north on route. and it has really cleared up quickly now that the winds are open drive times are back down to 22 minutes now for north
9:32 am
on interstate 28085 is clear out 81 looks great leading up to 880 interchange out of. and the surface so traffic is not so bad only cost about two minutes over the normal commute times so much improvement here tried to the bay bridge excellent track this morning those back across lans the back ends right here reread the san mateo bridge highway 92 commute ending an hour-and-a-half ago much. better conditions and might otherwise expect for the golden gate bridges and problem free still only have to lynn's northbound the. i still see that change for than the broadcast by the richmond bridge easy enough but they're no delays now at the toll plaza. camille >> mark: 80 in the south
9:33 am
bay plenty of visual for tuesday and skill in selected bi crash earlier this big and when we first of the store for an icon for morning news wednesday morning a crash scene and some of the victims were in the gilroy unified school district 18 year-old city mendoza and sarah williams passengers in the car and the crash happened williams worked at rebecca's children services co-workers say they're shocked. "every wonderful young lady to inspire culinary apprentice and food industry"serving the capacity to"serve to "are heartbroken and devastated" >> mark: please identify the driver as and that anthony still in hospital phasing be like charges the vigil for mendoza and as as at 73 tonight on the
9:34 am
high school of visual for williams' 8:30 p.m. at chris for high school. >> mark: video classmates wearing all black and for the three teams and also links to a global phone like a cow and national safety council in tips for parents and teen drivers on a website. >> darya: san jose police have body cameras and making sure all the recording are protecting of the public right of privacy as well. this allows a free demonstration and begin capturing withers expectation of privacy like in a hospital bill for says the council before they put out on the streets. >> darya: if response to wednesday night. >> mark: raises outburst posts on twitter and and the high school students on racial slur from st. mary's high school in berkeley. and of the u.n. viral
9:35 am
and close the baseball players, scholarship. the play yesterday for a playoff game 15 days at a player poses twitter this. spoke to the father of the star athlete about a son's remarks. i can"knows what he didn't win senate he was and wright also just sang it to his brother under his breath. just happen to be the video called it an the coaching staff right here is all black member of the prom with that and just so the social media took this" >> mark: mary's won the game yesterday. >> darya: and unified school district changing policy on what qualifies for suspension. this teacher is the administration now longer allowed to suspend students for nonviolent offenses. that includes talking back or ignoring orders and that includes a the fourth in california to phase out the finance behavior as a reason for being able to suspend students
9:36 am
in grades 4 through 12. supporters of this statistics show minority students are not fairly punish for nonviolent acts changes take effect in the next school year. still had been getting ready for severance the scarlet and its data breakers sunday and joining us on said at the top of all the excitement for this year's event and the weather as well. plus tom bradley predicts the nfl players association by a neutral arbitrator and cool here now.
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
>> george: reprobate fact here at the bay bridge toll plaza enjoying a great ride right now and the trip time coming in from the 80 over crossing coming in right here is down to about 12 minutes right now even out of the macarthur may's overall trip
9:40 am
time would only be about 14 minutes. a nice end of the bay bridge and then the other bridges looked up depress the traffic coming. >> mark: nfl commissioner roger will personally hear the suspension appeal for quarterback tom brady. the challenge of the route league and rejected the players' association to have this unheard by a neutral arbitrator that it received a 44 game suspension and four. >> mark: were watching the weather the traffic as we head into the weekend and weekend when the beta breakers is fun to be running a special guest a few of them in the studio for the coming up in a live look at the golden gate bridge not all that cold anymore provoke
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
lookit >> >> mark: 1 of last spring's
9:44 am
cannes gets along with other cats and kittens very smart adopt leonard lifeline animal shelter in sonoma., kill nonprofit shelter >> darya: 80 breakers is happening this sunday. and katherine couric on the so this morning with more on the setting event. >> reporter: artificial race dates he's. these the ones that areas when they're rich. is there what they get open today 11 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. lots of really fun embellished year under our a huge gluts hamster wheel power all men better machine people are in again and hamster wheel a it make power is an omen butter . the rich and for the race
9:45 am
so the longest time in seven tracheal and other crazy topics so long as one the contrary in line. and many people and the robot koban is a 40 world record for the most overall ever sat yes have a way of making this fund. and we don't need to be naked to be different and have a good time naked people have less and less. by adding other ways to set ourselves apart only in san francisco. >> darya: as far as our itself
9:46 am
you to the serious runners and great unwashed not even near them so they start it at 8:00 a.m. and lots of very serious runners so not be there promptly at 8:00 a.m. people sign up today at the expo at vienna's signed up yet and you can't figure corral if you on what it's like family friendly rate your ago. the odds go the wrong way. the like asset lots of fun world-record settings will happen there and find exciting
9:47 am
all this down time when the start the race. setting world records to cover people in yellow jackets and then gives us things have to do. the block is for joining us the weather is going to be perfect for this bid breakers not too hot to cold. >> michelle: and we are going to have some comfortable temperatures the start and transparency this is a nice one joining with a hatch. these can be racing giving me some good seconds to get a debt relief and member for the rest is a sign stretches across lb a cool stardom morning extrasolar 50 is a start by the finish line to be running it as well filthy what you feel good about it added to the finish line to be pretty good comfortable temperatures fifties all said and done and the winds will stay light as to
9:48 am
continue west on a film meissen if this is an uncomfortable plan mid-50s when it's all said and done so very exciting week and had long outside media of cloudy skies out there and we will continue on with mild temperatures across the region. the upper 50's of a cool spot across an arousal or 50 to start off the morning and these temperatures look good for the weekend plan on mid-60s to stick around for much of the bed if you're cross the spare valid indications upper 60s around 70 close so locations upper fifties really no change from the past several days across the bed not temperatures were also warmly applauded but more for early next week and rain chances are limited upper 60s lotus '70s and as far inland locations the allocations warming up in the mid-60s checker forecasts and latest updates to free, for mobile application from i to absorb and related project forecast a breakers is weekend.
9:49 am
and racecourse here at the western addition outpoured pastry of course into a park and then continuing down to the ocean. >> george: that in mind three or zero early morning sunday how you get across markets street and embarcadero will be best route kier issue in the early morning hours and abridge check for you to check on the bay bridge get a little there is confined the cash grants now short drive just 12 minutes in your trip time to the senate tale bridge all the minutes now with no delay in the golden gate bridge ride problem free as we thought the party added that third lane now in the northbound direction. as your heading and memoranda of the richmond rage you have an easy ride is no delay in 8 minute drive time.
9:50 am
and of >> mark: it's friday and as a guerrilla on the news is there one behind me right now. >> darya: for studios and along the embarcadero but the shots showing in the clouds will be right back
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
>> darya: nixon list and then busted. safest way to get around is by airplane. this cruise ship health advisory looking into an outbreak of narrow virus
9:54 am
accrues duchess astray here in san francisco leprechaun for morning news when we sought:. the passengers and then set out on their crews yesterday afternoon after that and they were there when the plane dr. lee. in them know there was an outbreak and there was more than 5 percent of the 2600 passengers on the cruiser came in. and came down with narrow virus those orchards and francisco to hawaii in back. and then everyone recovered by the time crews stopped in san francisco but the ship have the growth and told the passengers getting on board the went on their way. >> mark: 7 the and virgil and mentor of uber peace as is suing the co-founders. and venture capital capitalist a burst launch several months later passed for punitive
9:55 am
damage and amount given by the jury and a court judge describing helprin's rights to the intellectual property. >> mark: intellectual bill at immunization rates isolated state assembly so. state senators passed a bill yesterday that would prohibit from religious or personal belief grounds unaccented children would have to be home schooled gov. jerry brown not publicly taken a physician position on if the bill gets to his desk. >> mark: pencil be rallying on fremont on parkway mentor vaccine bill set soy their rights and medical decisions and children access to public education. >> mark: if frontier event and the cons foundation of world war two veteran and and not close look at vintage world war two
9:56 am
airplanes that airplanes at moffett field at noon today and be there on display through may 24th saw. in time to check them out and then on aircraft and check of dentition boeing the teen flying fortress 18 better so fine condition in the u.s. the to cost $12 for adults six for kids and world war two veterans in for free. >> darya: organizers getting ready for market share. >> mark: some detail and mention showcase with everything from science and arts and crafts and inventors from all over the world showing up showing off their creations hundred 50,000 people attended the family family and the family of that happening to our sunday sematech county. >> mark: will stay at like a land like a land hotel all made of light goes inside and decorate with logos and lego inspired restaurants to see here. all kinds of lego graphics
9:57 am
and models this like that are at like a land and get to choose from pirate adventure capital or a little fun theme. started a hundred $19 a night and that does give you early access to a land which is aligned along. >> mark: a little warmer as we head toward the middle of part of next week looks like rain and said that seven days and never stay connected any time on crown for mobile application and whether as well. kron-4-dot-com this page and to
9:58 am
what'sapped tonackg?how d itecom abnt-mdedl eati onefterhe nt? we are areamchee tha stl beeves in saving r fo. thlaugng c. inve snaing.
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