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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  May 18, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> james: fill 20 offer our guest today a ports of 23 and 25 mi. per hour this afternoon + 3 in the delta every world should be just fine the you with a quick look where temperatures are right now all alone amid fifties when i come back we'll talk about that chance sprinkle in the north bay and breakdown we might see those for now the we will vote on the traffic the news accident is clear bad news bad accents and so dry sense for a 80 in the southbound direction and become much beyond 230 were backed up on the nimitz freeway southbound next and here at a street is cleared from the traffic lanes. >> george: back up the riding
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castro valley onto 38 because so much of this traffic westbound turn south on the nimitz some of the north a but somoza the heading the southbound direction and these delays are probably why we do not see as much traffic at the san mateo bridge and the drive time already 34 minutes softbound and court to 38 on the tooth 37 track your i the bay bridge and the westbound rights to the edge of the macarthur mays now 18 minutes the commute time an image of the san mateo bridge because the accident on the nimitz we've seen letter than usual traffic here presume that's the reason no other way to account for it and hear the golden gate bridge problem for a ride in both directions getting into iran via the richmond bridge the backup now a starting to work its way around the corner a toll the time and a drive time in the center fell out of richmond westbound
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>> mark:a suspect drives the wrong way on multiple freeways during a police pursuit. and then flips and crashes on city streets in berkeley. kron 4's jackie sissel has been at the scene since 4 am this morning. he has the details of this dangerous pursuit. >> reporter: anything but quiet in the overnight hours as you said after the suspect was wanted for stolen car on a 30 minute mile pursuit traveling the wrong way ultimately ending up at crash here in his berkeley neighborhood answer from the beginning according to chp they say around 1130 last night a concord police officer and ran the plates came back as stolen after he initiated to stop the car fled osmanli ending up on highway 4 traveling of the wrong way. at that point chp concord police department disengaged from the pursuit and has chp
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helicopter followed the car traveling the wrong way and down the freeway altman lay made its way down the highway 80 power on highway 80 also traveling the wrong way. at some point in the pursuit suspect actually called 911 that the dispatcher and said he did not want to go back to jail and continue traveling to a got to the on ramp which is the off ramp on university avenue traveling the wrong way went up and around a berkeley neighborhood at hearst in california and he slammed into a vehicle that was occupied. you flip that car over occupied in the person was taken ill hospital moderate injuries. and the suspect out of the car fled on foot. that's where the chp spokesperson takes up the story. "at this location suspects' vehicle car ended up crashing
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behind me at that time driver got out ran into this neighborhood because of the safety we make sure checked each house and backyard make sure the suspect was not hiding or in fact bring in one of houses and for sure we were not able to locate them and cornelius has none of the residents had complained of a new entrant break into their home." >> reporter: searched the area for three half-hour's as you heard they had no luck finding the suspect as far suspect information but they're saying all white male between 20 and 2500 5,175 lbs. obviously he did make that phone call to the dispatcher no indication whether he traced the call or have really any leads on this case there is only that one injury
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that was considered moderate to a person whose car was flipped over after he struck the vehicle obviously very scary situation talking about from conquered a berkeley 30 mi. traveling the wrong way to bay area roads. situation develops. >> darya: 192 people are being arrested and processed in connection with a deadly shooting among rival motorcycle gangs in waco texas. nine bikers were killed and 18 others were injured in the shooting that broke out yesterday outside a popular restaurant. the 192 people in custody are facing charges of engaging in organized crime. investigators say 12 state and local police officers were outside the restaurant where the gangs met to talk about turf and recruitment. but the meeting still ended in bloodshed.
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police say a fight broke out and escalated to include knives and guns. tragedy at one of the world's most beautiful spots. extreme athlete dean potter and another man have died in a base jumping accident in yosemite. this is video of potter base jumping with his dog in the past. officials say potter and graham hunt were attempting a wingsuit flight from a 75-hundred foot cliff saturday night. a search and rescue mission began when the jumpers' spotter lost contact with them. crews found their bodies sunday. no parachutes were deployed. potter is known for his extreme climbs and base jumps around the world. base jumping is illegal in yosemite. >> mark:amtrak resumes full
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operations along its northeast corridor for the first time in nearly a week-- since the crash that killed eight people and injured more than 200 others. this is video of the first train leaving the station. the first train left the manhattan station about 5:30 a- m amtrak spent the weekend installing new speed controls on where train one-88 derailed. investigators still don't know miles per hour ahead of a 50- mile-per-hour curve. but it may have something to do with a crack in the windshield. the f-b-i will help determine whether the windshield was cracked before the train crashed -- perhaps hit by some kind of projectile, like another amtrak train-- that was just 20 minutes ahead of train one-88. and the same thing happened to a regional train. "indeed, the septa engineer did report to dispatch that he had been struck by something but there was nothing, nothing at all, from the amtrak engineer to dispatch to say that his train had been struck." >> mark:the n-t-s-b says engineer brandon bostian has been cooperative, but his lawyer says he doesn't remember much since he suffered a concussion
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in the crash. >> darya:a grass fire in san jose is now contained. we first brought you this story firefighters spent the night watching out for any hotspots. acres of land. the fire started around 9-30 last night at the intersection it quickly went up to two alarms. but crews were able to knock down the fire a little over an hour later. no homes were damaged and no one was injured. firefighters are trying to figure out what sparked a 75- acre grass fire along interstate 580 yesterday afternoon in the altamont pass area. in the center divide near the north flynn road off-ramp. firefighters say high winds made it hard to get the fire under control, but they were able to contain the fire within a few hours. one lane was blocked while the fire was burning. >> mark:a 72-year-old woman is
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recovering this morning. after she fell off a horse riding in the mount diablo state park. this is video of the california highway patrol air-lifting the woman. who was knocked unconscious from the fall. authorities said she was riding with a group along a single- when she fell. luckily she was wearing her helmet. and only suffered minor injuries. she remains in the hospital.but is expected to be ok. this is the second helicopter rescue on mount diablo in less than a week. last sunday a 74 year old female hiker fell near the summit and had to be rescued >> mark:we have new video in this morning of an aircraft that crashed in hawaii. killing a marine. 21 others were injured. sunday, the osprey aircraft made a hard landing at bellows air force base in oahu. you can see the heavy flames and black smoke. the smoke was seen by people living nearby. we don't know the extent of the injuries for the other marines involved in the crash. the marine corps says it happened during what's called
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people hit the pavement this year for the 104th bay to breakers race. the race started at howard and beale streets sunday morning. wound through golden gate park and ended at ocean beach. police say there were less than a dozen arrests. the 12-k race of course brought plenty of costumed characters. many of whom didn't make it to the finish line but had plenty to celebrate. >> darya: highthere were those who were serious about the race though. a runner from kenya. issac mukundi mwangi won the men's division. finishing the race at 35 minutes. jane kibii. also from kenya. won the women's division with a time of 40 minutes. each of them takes home 3- thousand dollars in prize money. degree close here is a sober friday after the race came the aftermath. bay to breakers isn't the type of event where runners go home after they're done.
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>> reporter: the actual race lasted only a few hours, but the celebrtion was an all day event. the panhandle was packed with peoplesome to continue the festivities, othersto take it all in. sot - yea bay to breakers, yay san francisco i love it yea! it was a great day for a picnic after the race.or just lying out in the sun. wait, is she sunbathing?? sot -she's taking in the sun. it's rare when the sun comes out in san francisco so when it happens, people like to sunbathe in the park mmmm, i'm not so sure about that. but folks definitely had each others backs. sot - all of these people who don't know each other, coming together and having an experience. the party continued in the park. sfpd on hand. sot - police are so lenient, as long as you know how to hold your liquor or play it safe. theyre so lenient. they're so cool. some people have participated in this fantastic san francisco event more times than they can count. for others, it was a first.
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sot - there are a lot of costumes, but we decided to lay low. im in my turban and she's in her dress. sot - we've seen it all today. some things i'd rather unsee tuntuntuntuntun alecia reid kron 4 news >> darya:coming up on the kron 4 morning major construction happing around the presidio. we'll show you what all that work is leading to. and a california congresswoman with her sights on the senate finds herself in the middle of her first controversy. why she's apologizing to native americans.
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>> james: is written now you feel that adults and 20 mi. an hour sustained winter fare fell 13 in oakland and texas lilies and lasting into southland bondholder looking at timeouts are less in terms of wins bid so the reason terribly strong but could pick up in the delta the sector and fog but factor for cerros up no. not try quarter mile visibility there and only place for pignut the fog and pretty much gone by the time you reach nevada heading south on traveling in the san francisco on that and right now live look shows clotting conditions the wind is there and the treasonable or onto badly this
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morning the temperature is mild and clubs have a big part to do with that 54 san jose center rose so will we see the fog, " said a 47 and should warm up the road to mid upper 60s potentially these big dallas soft by 67 more likely to be as warm as it is that for most 64 pleasanton oakland a little cooler 62 for you 50 across the way san francisco and this afternoon across the north bay and drying in the upper 60s and then mostly cloudy and a partly cloudy would depend on where you are claude's will be feature for you all we wrote weekend long and then also strengthen the north bay this is why system toward south wrapping moisture on the sierra. >> james: has the potential for wrapping and in the north bay what happened in the morning hours to say on the clock here is shows nothing noontime so fine a. and still left of their three afternoon before we do see it come into view impacting communities north of santa rosa.
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>> james: interesting unseasonably cool and the breeze and afternoon are expected to become like that all weekend long things improved for the weekend holiday weekend coming up shows warm temperatures. >> george: of loaned 80 on a street where several crash looks alluring lines of traffic. heavy traffic remains coming out of san leandro and the southbound direction and 44 metric time even to 38 is backing up and the castro valley. neither all tonight might not be 680 southbound direction but the dublin drive time pushing 38 minutes now southbound from the dublin interchange, a fremont. mission mourn in the south bay where it is starting to see things warm up especially here
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highway 85 in the northbound direction here on one 01 northbound. the drive times pacific and back this up a bit 101 northbound is now 27 minutes. from the capitol expressway opt for the montague expressway. draft times have moved over 20 minutes and 492 san detail bridge those problems on the nimitz freeway southbound have been keeping a lot of traffic off the stand. we're looking at a much better than usual drive time 15 minutes hayward over the san mateo. for the golden gate bridge when no one right is clear problem free softbound and tracking your rights to the richmond bridge backup not castro st. paul the 14 minutes as he had a rich man coming from richmond over the san mateo. >> mark:you've certainly noticed
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the along the edge of the presidio- and now we have an idea of what the finial product might look like. kron 4's emily turner went to progress. >> reporter:right now, to get from chrissy field to the rest of the presidio it takes a cross walk-take sot but soon, all of this will be underground- a part of the park and we now have copies of what it will look like. a lawn, a cliff walk, overlooks, esplandes and meadows. take sot there's also a plan for additional elements- like a new program facility more overlooks, and a terrace. that, however would cost more than the budget can accommodate and would be up to tax payers to decide whether it's worth it. the final design will be presented in september. in the meantime the presidio park project is asking for the public's input.
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this gun on the green and usually for one so certain about massive parking lots i have to see holiday weekend. >> darya: enough to the bridge of 19 straight in that happens the weekend after memorial day which is the thursday night may 28th through the weekend and detours around so the golden gate bridge. mexican memorial day and then had a that always thought about gas prices. >> mark: keeping with that trend.
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93¢ lower than last election. >> darya: sometimes some of thousands more so i got saved my engine. in san francisco the average is three dollars and 82-cents. oakland is at three- 67. and in san jose the average price is three dollars and seventy cents per gallon. >> mark:new this morning. a record number of travelers are expected to take to the skies this summer thanks to a rebounding economy. airlines for america predicts 222 million passengers between june 1 and aug. 31, topping the summer of 2007 when 217 million people flew. that figure includes a record 31 million travelers on international flights. on average, there will be 2.4
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million passengers a day. after several years of closely limiting their expansion u.s. airlines are now quickly adding more seats. those added seats are mostly the result of airlines flying larger planes and packing in extra rows to existing jets >> darya:new this morning. u-s secretary of state john access is a global right. ramadi >> reporter: a shot the so- called video couldn't believe it. made discouraging, and americans over and examine it undemocratic the. she spoke of
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the socratic the and use that form to apologize. to our letter make mistakes close were all human. and this crazy meeting and said something offensive and for that sincerely apologize. i'm not how much damage he did to our reputation insurance for u.s. u.s. senate seat and was left on social media said attorney-general is also running for the senate seat nomination for the democratic party and this was her initial reaction. "... it to that, as shocking." >> reporter: indicated the war cry was definitely will harder but some not notes sent. >> michelle: is trendy online
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and the popular service road that air car parts with the chance sennar after auction here travel of the so when you open the app there's an option here for uber-copter. travelling by vehicle on a crowded highway can take as long as an hour. but in the air it at approximately 180 dollars per person, one way, the flight is double the cost of a taxi cab the price includes, a chauferred car ride to the from the the partnership hopes to attract over 200 passengers during the 12-day festival festival and the chopper heads straight back to offer nice, france for another booking. >> mark: news. how bryan stow is using his experience to inspire kids.
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>> mark: bryan stow, the giants fan who was severely beaten outside against bullying. santa cruz county. >> reporter:eye of the tiger played for bryan stows entrance. he suffered severe head trauma when he was beaten four years ago by two bullys, marvin
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norwood and louis sanchez outside dodger stadium. after a mirculous come back , he's speaking out to youngsters against bullying. "and my purpose again on a mission to tell a story of survival and to stop allowing the from it hurting anyone else" stow was joined on stage by elliot stone, a baymonte christian school graduate and insprational speaker and his speach pathologist brandi dickson. a strong and very handsome with incomes still very handsome" committee of me in a hospital scatter about this' it got intense but over all the fourth through eighth graders listened intently
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the for"the illinois people to step up and speak about it" bryans mother, father, sisters and ex-wife were also there for support. while this was stow's first public speaking engagement since his attack. he hopes there will be more opportunities to inspire people hong 'a great pillar for this kind of contact with"what people can with >> darya:coming up on the kron 4 morning news. that a young girl was attacked along iron horse trail.
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>> james: car for castro clinton will expect a butcher was struck the day today. stir often a loaded '50s and the temperatures will hold the level to about 10. this slowly rise to mid-50s a little higher mid-50s i should say by that 0.59 year 6 you by noon timex and out around 62 degrees. the clock for clock before temperatures come back out a. winds also blowing not strongly talking just 5 50 mi. per hour coming to us from the west and expecting to oakland and everywhere else will policy temperatures little warmer than that as we had in mind. right now conditions that are miles 55 note and 53 in san francisco and
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looked up least a south bay and axle load mid-50s in the close of onomatopoeia santa rosa 47 there and the fog also a factor for you up in santa rosa because of the cool temperatures. winds blowing at 70 m.p.h. system. the fairfield are breezy spots is afternoon and explore that more detail the the chance for action and sprinkle in the north they coming up in a full check. not a traffic george woody tracking. >> george: policies of improvement now for the south on dry drive * getting back to normal the north on grad that affected and still fact that it is this right onto 38 which is backed up the ride interstate 580 here westbound so the accident for stickers yourself down a street gone now. the informants your trip time as you head out to sell 38 on the 237. the northbound drive time article 21 minutes of the san leandro. we have a bad start for
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that trip and looking at your alternate route they run on 680 in the southbound direction. as he had got from the dublin interchange the money is that instead of 80 south already a 33 minute trip time here. your trip to the bravery to westbound backing up in the macarthur maize 20 + minutes drive * not 28 minutes 2022. triton the sematech a bridge of a big change now your accident either way on a southbound and now all that traffic that was held up on the nimitz can get to 92 on to the bridge and that's led the drive times are just to 19 minutes here in the golden gate bridge still problem phreatic the span no unusual delays are surprises for the 101 ride through marin and richmond bridge trip is backed up to the richmond parkway or not tracking 1416 minutes' drive times out of richmond over the 101580 interchange. we take a look to the south bay coming up.
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>> darya:happening now. police in the south bay are looking for a man who tried to kidnap a young girl over the weekend in campbell. near maysun court and harriet avenue. kron 4's will tran is live in campbell this morning. with details on what happened and who police are looking for. >> reporter: older girl hiding this will not as old as the one on saturday. see how empty this area pliny of homes have been early in the morning saturday morning presume. a lot of people inside still asleep at the time fisheries surveillance video police department employees the have surveillance the of the suspect's car happened was the girl was out walking her dog we're told not even teenagers so a little bit younger than 13 years old and we don't know exact age shall out walking her dog and a man comes up and asks for direction when according to
7:34 am
investigators tries to grab her. smart enough she screams key that startled took off from this area of his car and a mobile phone calls and killed his apartment to find out information if they have any description license plate of the car as well as a solid description of the man. the good news is the girl was not injured. >> mark:thanks will. we'll check back with you later. a warning this morning for those east bay park regional police trail early sunday morning. the pit-bull, terrier mix found severely abused in san francisco. has died push >> reporter: kg horseshoes
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able to fight him off and get away. luckily a biker king surrendered the right times and scared off the suspect. once the 16 year-old was able to get away she called will not creak p d this video courtesy of helicopter partnership with abc seven news shows the iron horse trail near creekside drive and one a creek or the alleged attack occurred. this is the essenes >> darya: will control close of this book over the weekend saying that the euthanize maximilian because he's suffering from kidney failure and despite the that's the best
7:36 am
efforts that could not help the stock recovered to a point he could survive. stolen from its own early last week any conceit pictures of the trauma he had cigarette burns other injuries over his body. although he has either a $10,000 reward money still being offered the five who ever abused him. >> mark: that crashed helicopter nepal a 30 year-old riverside county. eric was one of the six marines into nepalese soldiers that died in a helicopter crash. it died on tuesday and the wreckage found on friday following intense searching out set of katmandu. and the submarine's 2009 and served. "was a great range of this country. really one of the odor
7:37 am
appalled help those people. last week in e-mail telling me she felt purpose delivered to thousand tons of rice and aleksei but was a wonderful husband kenaf's for a better partner in life.' >> darya: police twice * and once he managed a gain control plane's engine during the flight. traverse attained by the fbi in april after united airlines flights to syracuse officials sought proposed cutting hit packed in the plane he is traveling on told investigators he had hacked into the in-flight entertainment system some board. several aircraft also says once his able to hack in the system will write code and allowed him to order the plane to climb ever says his only interest analyzing this is
7:38 am
to improve airport security. >> darya: a truck tried to evade police crashes through a fence into house enjoy the moment of impact can't take incest curry puts the rest of the nba on notice. we have garies reaction to alter long distance shot.
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>> george: is look at the right to the north-south they commute on interstate 280 not bad this morning. but a 19 minute drive time down sat on san jose got bored cupertino address 10 highway 1 01 in the northbound direction is a little slow at 34 minutes now from capitol expressway to the montague expressway. >> mark: pickup trucks and into a home and takes a brick wall with that. you're bound to a camass ec write to the french red tubercle. a man was being chased by a deputy in defense and to home forced the debris flying and there's the aftermath. no one was in the house safely. no one was injured. >> michelle: the fastest-growing twitter handle organization that studies great white sharks getting attention common viral
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merilee has $55,000 and follows the real movements of the great white shark nearly 35 lbs. great white and track for real-time online shoes up and down the east coast now lies a so popular because when fan enjoying your a social media this letter must be like to be some. short public jernigan 2012 when the great white was tag of messages is chose close. bill conservation. >> james: there on the bait and will be like in san jose later on this afternoon. but for daytime high of 67 back with a
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>> darya:. 71 for that far was in: >> stanley bully >> gary: the for the open doors before brett does it all the guys throw close like crazy given a car to you get a car when you get. >> gary: below westering championship. but a >> darya: yet and a young rockets and now what people are alike of which could take on the clearest is better overall
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ratings you throw texas in the next. hard to say as one of those guys to the clippers the lawyers flood be more fun to watch as the clippers have names that the blood used law here comes a place so much would you have the giants and angels play in the world series. in figure two california teams have terrible ratings like he said. and just one part of the country.. >> gary: dollars like the salian also are winning. i wish to meet
7:47 am
some date set for louis the stand by him. eagle clippers meltdown and racquets come back i was all amazing known going ok keeping cool. >> gary: headed by one slips against memphis when they're down two games to one. >> darya: is not a bird breeding world war two novel the kickback. >> gary: the enough to read about it his dad. he is representing the diocese and a national diplomat the
7:48 am
international various that i don't want just throw out their. give lessons but the losses at a news in college when had and play for arizona the stands where enchanting where is your dad some stupid college kids there's a bigger up there it meant the those are right on it, the team looking into bunkers which begins as like the players their very interesting. >> mark: purging the other players to read for an hour. >> darya: says is a hold of rebel the player playoffs are a different animal and whatever
7:49 am
he's doing is working and when they're on the rail the will worry that he make it maintain composure in cape town can back. tursha. >> gary: the for three hours and up hitting just work keep practicing. >> darya: their three games of it won the series a and four revs 30 runs 45 minutes. >> gary: 08 for sports jackets are hot again and to those games. lineup looks pretty darn good >> darya: the worst record in all baseball now taking on * us and they'll. >> gary: would get a bunch of names listed the giants were on
7:50 am
their as bad as the a's record. police you say jesus happening in the sky was happening gaullism passenger something to talk about but we have a group policy no names. and you're losing just the worst at least name jazzier familiar with you can rip them and have a conversation with what's wrong with them or you know who the players are really stands out.. >> darya: duse's see the matter on the. let's roll it and carry with it and the average acetify romney's actually laughing and smiling holyfield is like what you would do with cliff your
7:51 am
five real specific pledges in the stomach. one of those things i guess was funny when they were talking and building up in all of that once you actually saw them in the ring is to be greased are for entertainment rummies in good shape but. >> darya: should of been laughing they raise a million dollars a lot of fun in the game.. 6533 1/3 to 37 lbs. and trim of everyone every athlete that makes a big he called it the city's. his is deliver arthur jones with the cult. and
7:52 am
it has a car delivered and an sofa new corvette can't get. the depiction says a big boy problems. >> gary: even bothered to test drive it. >> darya: said it is a lot this and had it delivered. had the senate backer. >> gary: so is the driving now. i don't know milesian apparently is a roomier.
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>> james: look outside embarcadero camera showing classic conditions here at the bay closing alert and the bay area and a flagpole hanging by not moving so the breeze on the palm side of this early hour only expected it to pick up litter on temperatures right now mid-50s generally are on the day while those clauses are the reason why an session in we should see temperatures that will look more like this. mid- 60's upper 60s for east bay
7:56 am
valleys and. a person sees potential for south bay and 70 san jose near 70 like cupertino 62 oakland and many of our east bay shoreline communities upper 50s to very low 60s. send us for the other side of the day. 67 cisco north bay mid-60's generally with a few upper 60s as well. of a slight chance of sprinkle or two in north bay because of the system toward south. muster up an arm around could impact the north pay 3:00 this afternoon if you like sprinkles near clear lake. reports of light showers already this morning. and the greatest chance this afternoon near seven a rob a forecast cloudy very mild and will warm up and to the weakened. not a traffic. >> george: so this traffic in the bay area be found right here in the hayward area. in both directions and san leandro
7:57 am
and milpitas as an early morning southbound crash if the backup and that's why were so slow here as well updating the drive * for you now and this is where you find the concentration of heaviest traffic. finally seeing some improvement near castro valley wide in the southbound side of a northbound in the drive time picking up the 21 minutes from 18 southbound. 47 minutes now and more of the come you starts to reach the freeway. leading down from a word in the new york inner-city and then the fremont. in the south bay getting heavier for the 1 01 north on come you as we now track a 34 minute trip time from the capitol expressway. a bridge looks much better has diminished a bit in the maze 19 to 21 metric tons a year. san mateo bridge heavier though and then about the same 2122 metric * free westbound ride the
7:58 am
centel. quick break kron 4 morning news will be right back.
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>> reporter: tell you what he said hall ended coming up 11 pour. >> darya: police waco taxes on high alert day after a deadly shoot-out among rival gangs and how many people are in custody this morning. and they got caught by a weather a cloudy start to this day and what's in store for the afternoon a week ahead. >> james: 10 this morning it's overcast right now probably will
8:01 am
be until at least 10:00. let's like upside as we work hard through a data are forecast a shot behind you in cloudy conditions like reason air always an up to right now as the get ready to head out the door temperatures would mid-50s buy a bottle of a clock and to the noon hour look for a few sunbreaks mainly inland by the bade temperatures warm up by upper fifties and low 60s and lend them this afternoon kids' kinetoscopes school 3:00 4:00 starting to plan you drive home and it will be equal little breezy especially in light in the delta cabbages low 60s by the bay opera '60s for inland communities and in the delta could see us today about 25 m.p.h. keeper jacket with you all day long coldest heart sickle all day and temperatures will probably max out and made up for sixties and that's about it and winds right now fairly strong out the delta fairfield not coming in at 60 on our sustained winds. back in 15
8:02 am
minutes and more details on today interest sprinkles for the north bay and also a symbolic as well. traffic. >> george: a hustle its filing to see some improvement here for the eight eve ride both directions now between 238 and 92 things start to normalize though that means lower conditions for the ride in both directions the southbound trip time now 46 minutes to 38 down to 237. that's a normal time and then 22 minutes means a heavier come you in the northbound direction and that continues to see that drive time grow as the coming year wears on and then here at the bay bridge perhaps little lighter than normal 19 minutes currently recorded trip time and a 80 rant not backed up at all but normal at the san detailed bridge means a very heavy right here and the westbound direction like that traffic coming to a stop
8:03 am
standstill at the toll plaza and drive times on average 2226 minutes at a hayward and san mateo for the golden gate bridge to ride is been easy and then no surprises for the marin comely on one 01 southbound richmond bridge ride back up to the beyond richmond parkway 14 to 60 metric * now heading over to san fell. >> mark: a driver going the wrong way multiple freeways during a police pursuit flips over and crashes into a station in berkeley get away still on a loose this morning jackie so with the latest. >> reporter: with quiet and let suspect he wanted as of last will and heart lead police 30 mi. going the wrong way on multiple bay area freeways ultimately crashed near
8:04 am
berkeley at a for he actually call the police and self mr. from beginning when this all began according to the concord police department in chp arlen 30 < patrol officer spotted a vehicle ran the play in the plate came back as stolen initiated a traffic stop the car fled from the scene ultimately ended up on highway 4 near port chicago going the wrong way at that point chp concord police department disengage called in the chp helicopter continued to follow the car all the way down highway 4 as it was traveling in the wrong direction ultimately pit highway 80 or continue to go in the wrong direction at that point the chp spokesperson picks up the story and describes of the suspected next.
8:05 am
"the police that was falling above and the suspect following user id and stuck his car because of the helicopter continued with lead up and that we could alert: motorists of the danger. >> reporter: illinois on the off ramp to university going the wrong direction mated down to this north berkeley neighborhood on her street california he struck an occupied vehicle in the middle of the street and i flipped over that vehicle inside that vehicle sustained minor injuries
8:06 am
>> darya: 9 bikers were killed and then 18 others were injured
8:07 am
despite breaking chains also knives so 192 people now facing charges of engaging organized crime. close to a local police officers on hand at that restaurant talking about turkoman. then this fight broke out and they couldn't contain it with hundreds of people. escalated and the for the inuit close out of hand nine people killed. >> mark: trackers incorporations after the first time in nearly a week since the deadly crash. kill the people and killed near 200 and the train leaving manhattan this morning. and it left philadelphia around 530 eastern time. antwrens but the weekend and speed control on the curb section of the track record trade 188 to rail and investigators don't know quite sped up to august 60 loss per
8:08 am
hour ahead of the 50 mi. per hour kerf. and may have something to do with this crap on the windshield that was discovered they eat steak the cnr and sat fbi will determine at the windshield was cracked before the crash perhaps of a projectile like another amtrak train that was just ahead of that on that train 20 minutes ago on the crack front windshield some types of debris. in the same thing happened at the regional chain. "this but the surplus of nothing and all from the amtrak engineer to dispatch to say that his trip had been struck" >> mark: they say it that brennan has been cooperative as lawyers say doesn't remember much since suffered a concussion. in the concussion >> darya: magically is asking for your help to help a missing 88 year-old man amalia of rhondda last seen 9:00 last night on to he rode in san leandro employees say that his
8:09 am
family was concerned randa had dementia and think he walked away from their family home he is 5 ft. nine ways about hundred 85 lbs.. has gray hair and brown eyes. last seen wearing a goal long sleeved shirt gray sweat pants. still >> mark: severe weather slams texas to minnesota. and more weather could be on the way. extreme athlete as intense clams and bass drums around the world that after an
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
>> george: and some years been 23 minute drive times in the bridge of the unusual on incident for across spent complete check of check out my breakfast! i got eggs... sausage... ham... bacon... cheese... and toasted sourdough bread. uh, mine's easier. mmm... (eating sounds) do you know that guy? get a load of jack's loaded breakfast sandwich. what's on it? what's not on it? two freshly cracked eggs, ham, sausage, bacon, and cheese all on toasty sourdough made just for you.
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it's like a big ol' breakfast buffet right in your hand.
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8:19 am
>> george: 30 formats a little close north of 37 in the senate fell. richmond bridge rice still backed up from castro st. 1214 minutes on the center fell coming on of richmond. >> darya: submitting national park just seen an accident happen with extreme athletes. this one extreme after indian potter another man stunt jump of
8:20 am
bass trumpet and died video from the past the drums of this done and the smaller third dog a potter and other on the hon jump from what estimates of the cliff and have spotter with them without an found the two men's bodies on sunday no charges have been deployed and distance from the world base jumping is illegal in yosemite to the victims in the crash students in the gilroy unified school district. 18 year-old and a lot sir william's past when the crash happened and a vigil held on saturday williams as your member agree with chris for high
8:21 am
school up 24. year-old male also kill the crash driver survives. identified anthony m. brown is. facing charges. >> darya: since taken over iraq city and they lost a battle in this city just west of baghdad. cover spokesperson says the village of people killed an armada of the last few days including civilians. and iraq's soldiers. now thousands of a iraq's shiite militias gathering east of the city planning a contact to take your money back. >> mark: serious state south, on the trip to south korea after meeting with south korean president and video oat seen earlier today said that if peace continues to develop mr. evans and this regard of clinton denies it will be summoned to international, a corps and more sanctions in austria. north korea.
8:22 am
>> darya: a final project 101 soon to go through a tunnel and on top of the top people be able to walk right over to get from christy fields the rest of the presidio ambac also additional features epoxy like overlooks terrace area as well. cost more than the budget allows for some taxpayers will decide it's worth it all the extras final design is in september presidio park project waiting for the public's input about this. full closure takes place the night of thursday may 28th. weekend after the memorial day holiday through holiday through monday june 1st. this is so drivers we come back monday it they go through all these tunnels. couples did turns
8:23 am
and anything else. most importantly work quick sift. >> mark: still ahead congress and apologizing for customer so comment on it american what orcus sanchez says are when jeopardize the u.s. senate seat. take a live look here to chris field. police to be an airport. now it's a beautiful park
8:24 am
8:25 am
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please >> darya: 16 presidential election with republicans on the maid and not official on june 1st in south carolina. they use the phrase running and " they make the best commander-in- chief. gramm has been a big critic of president of, handling of the middle east he believes more american soldiers will have to die iraq and syria to protect homeland. >> darya: lauretta apologizing for recent comments about americans and here's what she said. "thinking along to meet"
8:27 am
>> mark: she was blasting the restaurant social media and appalling shocking yesterday during the general session california democratic party mentioned. "sooner or later we make mistakes were all human. in this crazy exciting russian meeting yesterday i said something offensive and for that i sincerely apologize." >> mark: for the witness said u.s. senate seat and up against signature attorney-general for. the for >> darya: had on the kron 4 morning news police looking for whoever attacked a young girl popular trail in the east bay exactly where it
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>>james: would get back down to the upper 50s by a tonight it will also be blowing it will not be terribly strong buy the 50 mi. from our from the west the gusty conditions will be reserved for in the east bay locations primarily act out in the delta in any event that is a story with temperatures and now we're looking at conditions that are mild a lot of mid fifties before in san francisco 55 in oakland fan in san jose 5556 is really popular number on the maps this morning as edmonton is difficult at the map of the delta where we have a 50 mi. an hour sustained winds will suspect in the when to pick up and grow this afternoon between 1 and 10:00 tonight is was
8:31 am
really windy keep that in mind that we back with a full check in the forecast and up and chat at this and the outlook. >>george: track and a new hot spot this time it is the ride into san francisco won 01 in the northbound direction if it is right here before the 280 interchange at alameda boulevard but an accident occurred in it is backing up the ride along with candlestick causeway the third street all sold even though it is not directly affecting the ride on 280 know about it is sluggish trying to connect with the 101 and 280 crossing over the interchange this morning drive time coming up now from as a fallback at 23 minutes into downtown the right to the bay bridge was prime--san
8:32 am
francisco airport >>george: the san mateo bridge in the 92 ride not much improvement over a normal day still 21 to 23 minutes to tie into san the sale the golden gate bridge ride no delays or problems either not about or southbound the richmond bridge ride was bound is cleared out no longer a backed up on the approach back to it as a miniature time into center tel. >>darya: police and the south bend looking for a man who tried to kidnap a young girl over the weekend it happened on saturday morning near mason corp. and harriet avenue will isn't campbell live this morning following this story and it was called as a look of four. >>will tran: i am in the neighborhood as you can see right behind me this is medicine and herod avenue semitic people heard the news this--herod and
8:33 am
mason >>will tran: she was out in the morning walking her dog when investigators say a man pulled up at for the elections and then try to pull her into his car she screamed that startled and heat off the police from have not called me back but we do know there are searching for the suspect the good news is a 10 year-old was not and did still so many people are afraid this is it is being a school day a lot of people heading to school this morning including mickey. they told me there is as thorough going toward greater back of her dog and a guy came and grabbed her and pulled her in the car she screamed and then never walked out and then the
8:34 am
car that will occur. >>: have yourself or you watch out for any silver cars with people and the guy was hispanic with a mustache. ms. >>will tran: will find out more from the police but here is a will manage it does not want to go on camera she is an adult in the neighborhood if you heard about the news as well you believe that you seen this man before? line >>: with some of the park would transco and had and sunglasses and i told the kids come over by me and not read them as this picture of myself from and i deleted a couple days ago because i needed more room on my phone but i believe is the same guys and he lives in this neighborhood them i said quietly but as income over here and play by nate bloom
8:35 am
he was dead by himself watching children and he editress called on it was very strange. did >>will tran: should call the campbell police department this morning and told his arm exactly what she called me and said she was a corporal with investigators should able to call her back was a top of the store if you're in information i will pass along to you. >>will tran: they both have the same description and she is on a way to high school she's a grown woman that said is a description is the very least they could say yes lead was a focus on him or will allow this is exactly what the police department that love the people are very watchful mindful would go on to give them the tips. >>mark: the police in the its
8:36 am
debt with the format was attack the young grow on the troubled wall the creek the attentive sexual assault happen there creekside drive around 1030 as a morning seville of the 16 your girl was attacked from behind was able to fight off the land as a biker came by june was not her brother looking for an hispanic man his fifties was sure care if in a thin mustache- 6 with the medium build. >>darya: the pit bull terrier mix that was false and really abuses san francisco has died animal care had to put him down over the weekend maximilian had euthanize because she was suffering from kidney failure and despite the best efforts that nothing to do the is the minutes of injuries but you can see photos of them here at that burn marks on him and the dog was goal of what is on the earlier last week and since then
8:37 am
was severely abused even though he is to be put down in euthanize $10,000 awarded a out of it are hoping they can find the person who stole and abusive. >>mark: killed and crashed helicopter and a call from riverside county been they died in a helicopter crashed and the helicopter crashed on tuesday with the wreckage was enough, until friday month from katmandu the tennessee in the list the reason to pause line and some of his poems.
8:38 am
>>darya: they're investigating a deadly crash and hawaii it will take what happened and there is a new lawsuit facing this morning accused of selling counterfeit product will tell you who's doing this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:39 am
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>>mark: days of the lawsuit in new york the rep is is the branch by gucci alexander mcqueen and counterfeits have been had they pour out a bottle for a while they assessed ali baba and only in career to assist in profit the cell of counterfeit to. the dow jones industrial average hit all-time record high and up another 17 points for 18,000 to 88 near record territory here for the doubt.
8:42 am
>>george: we have been watching this accident are no hot spot on highway 101 and send francisco backing up the right now along the candlestick causeway for the lot about a trip to the drive time coming of sfo affected so is the south about ride if it would not tickets with two minutes to get there from downtown san francisco will have a complete check when we return.
8:43 am
8:44 am
rich dimero: millions of gallons of ocean water and to tap water on a daily basis it did not happen overnight the california drought has been grabbing headlines decennial california has been waiting for the drought solution for a long time we take about california's drought issues you cannot help but notice the irony that half the states expect to the ocean you
8:45 am
believe to do with the largest plant and the western hemisphere just north of san diego looking at the first that this is the ocean water coming in this is where all began as a fund-raiser in dallas today of ocean water if 50 percent recovery will serve 50 million of dollars of fresh trip in water up to a minute trip to the high-tech facility and ocean water is ready to drink. at one water flows in a refrigerator this bill and has 16,000 of them went into to 47. what is pushed through the membrane innocently high- pressure fresh water passes through salt stays behind. it sounds too good to be true but they believe there is no real
8:46 am
down side the opponents said the process is expensive and cost about double to those water this way and we cannot really be sure about the impact of senate left the water that is not less salty back into the ocean the facility it supplies 7 percent of san get water for the next 30 years. this is prime beach real estate to have the sought to make it look like a high-tech office building after the successes here in the projects may move forward more quickly than is project. the press of water from this plant will be it is excellent 30 is prices for imported water if a contingency this job you can bet that those prices will likely go up.
8:47 am
>>darya: today look at the weather this morning. >>james: 5 clouds everywhere at the senate where he is that. i figured it would take until 10:00 the to start to see some good news is that it did mention the wind to start with that 50 mi. an hour winds in fairfield right now to stand a guest of took a ticket to 24 m.p.h. this afternoon and at this area around the bay the delta including copper and will likely cover was the guest this afternoon in the low 20s. >>james: to small losses than
8:48 am
wins an oakland is a strong is we're saying for now we're looking at the cloud conditions over the more they cloudy over a good bit of the bay area overcast conditions mild temperatures a lot of mid-50s have not changed a whole lot the sun has not had a chance to break through yet and warming up the ground until that happens a number of one to stay relatively mild and when will the one of probably not until the to the clock will start to see the to the judge lies ultimately by 3:00 this afternoon this will we will expect look to mid-60s for the and then ease their eldest 6467 degrees 67 and maybe 69 degrees in the south bay said jose a good example where we would expect the of the santa clara valley 62 local 50 in san francisco and across the north bank it would then know where your brother to for 64 in san rafael to lead to a very mild
8:49 am
and the wind was to be blowing really gusting in the delta but still blowing elsewhere we have shower the rapid from the sierra and could drop down into the north to the about 3:00 this afternoon perhaps a lot to our you have to be relieved of the santa rosa to experience the extended outlook calls to continue cloud conditions all week long temperatures of what they reflect ride around 60 to 70 degrees will see but spoken to this entire for the holiday weekend did not forget to the plan will have the sun shine in pretty bad teeth as well. >>george: we're attracting hot spices and it is the ride into san francisco hit in the northbound direction we have this accident at alamein the crash has been cleared now that only from the traffic lanes but it is gone from the freeway look
8:50 am
it would have done to the right leading out of san francisco with the back of all the way to the central freeway with heavy traffic down past third street and the cow palace off ramp where backed up into brisbane all 101, or about which is attracting a 23 minute trip time into the city coming from sfo fact the bay bridge look at is the ride you like no backups no delays in the drive times below 15 minutes into the city even from the macarthur maze we may see a little rebound affect tear letter but now this is his or to get. >>george: 87 proof pretty quickly as well as the july time to drop below 20 minutes 18 it was the last but is less than that now for the golden gate bridge and this is what we will see the peak of traffic flow no delays out about your trip into marin via the richmond bridge are no longer back of beyond the
8:51 am
soap was up for the west about ride toward a managed lifetime into san rafael. >>mark: that crashed in hawaii killing one more rain and injuring 21 others the 15th marine expeditionary unit that are hard landing at dulles airport space and a wobble that unit is based in southern california men who play for training the 21 who ran and the detectives of the hospital the marine corps said it happened grammar routine training exercise. >>darya: the pickups santa to louisiana home of going right into the brick wall of the home through the fence and then into the house service cambers nearby after the accident happened this man was being chased by deputies and try to get away with a slab right through the fence into the home debris when flying. nose and house no one was hurt.
8:52 am
>>mark: a me up this next weekend the past three weeks unless the average of 22¢ plus the price of $2.80 nationally the hike could be because of the weaker u.s. dollar and the stronger demand for oriole that 93¢ a gallon lower than they were last year that likely to slow or stop because of an expected increase in supplies the gas prices within hide their $4 a gallon that average is 382 4 gal. of regular. >>darya: for the data braker thousands of people took part in a 104 and door is the study at howard beale street yesterday morning and ended at ocean beach look at the sea of people many of the colorful costumes and some had a little too much to
8:53 am
drink our runner from kenya i isn't won the men's division he finished in 35 minutes and drain already from kenya won the women's division with a time of 40 minutes there she is with the pink glow always runs the risk the 1 1/6 on $3,000 prizes >>michelle apon: over the weekend she was a guest speaker at the university graduation on saturday to allow this video.
8:54 am
she stuffed with the star spangled banner amid wreckage to the singing to a popular song called single latest and she sang tech mail to the ball and heard that i graduated in 1968. >>darya: will be back with more and a couple of minutes.
8:55 am
8:56 am
>>darya: to the movie brought in more than $70 million of beating the original pitch perfect by nearly $5 million the sequel to the 2012 film cost and timing to the deuced that was an expensive movie in made $40 million a special tribute to the victims of the september 11th attack on his the people climbed above 90
8:57 am
floors at the freedom tower in america today for the stevens of the tunnel to towers declined about 2000 steps it was a firefighter who died in 911 money from the event is one to be used to build smart homes for some of the families of those who were severely wounded. >>mark: gas prices may be spiking now but a new report shows it to be low for years to come we will have details in the winners and losers along runs ever lead lewis on the crash and berkeley and these on the loose door is the bay and a live report.
8:58 am
8:59 am
♪ ♪
9:00 am
>>michelle apon: is going to happen in the middle part of the data clouds will move back and and with a to clear skies as a flat now you can say on the satellite and radar composite off the edge as well-off and to the area if you're going to be across oakland or the east bay shoreline plan on to the to study of into mid '50's by the
9:01 am
afternoon temperatures warm into lower 60s and it will be on the cool side once again for today breezy at times with the winds would start to flow just a little bit more with the temperatures into the sixties but with the wins it could feel like it's a perfect is at a time you may need to grab a light jacket it was a call for much of the day to digest the forecast and pretended to with the free mobile application from the eye to and act store or from blue will play. >>george: when the ride in and out of san francisco on highway 101 with a northbound accident at alemannic the backed up the ride and that is why we're still slow coming from sierra point on the bayshore freeway and leading
9:02 am
of from ctesiphon of tracking you're ride to the bridges that is a much different story of what backed up at the bay bridge the trip time below 15 minutes not even from the macarthur maze even the san the sale bridge has an approval for the west about ride this is the right side of the supreme the telex in the combat direction we are back down to 13 minute trip time coded get bridges zeolite traffic even during the peak of southbound flow they're not any delays at the richmond bridge the backup is gone with back to a eight minute drive times into san rafael if it out of richmond was downrichmond >>mark: as does the drive the wrong way on most or freeways. a police pursuit of crashes on city streets and berkeley and then gets away. >>jackie sissel: i am here and then spread north berkeley neighborhood it was anything but
9:03 am
quiet in the overnight hours after the suspect class the vehicle but not before he led police on a 30 mi. pursuit over bay area freeways going the wrong way let's start off with how the story began back in concord and a lot 1130 of the spotted a car ran the place in the play came back as the land he initiated a traffic stop the car fled the scene and the chp in the concord police department stop the car pursued in had the sea is the helicopters followed along during the pursuit ultimately admitted of a to highway 80 and got on the freeway they're also going the wrong way during this entire episode apparently called 911 and told the dispatcher i do not want to go back to jail he went down on the off ramp to
9:04 am
university avenue to along the wrong way ended up in berkeley his and hers and california street where he strikes a car this making a u-turn in the middle of the street flipping the car over with the driver inside that driver was heard moderately taken to a local hospital and is expected to survive we did had a chance of the spokesperson he describes the same after the incident. >>: because of the safety we make sure we checked each house in bacca to the edge of a suspect was not still were not able to locate them but added these houses non-residents had
9:05 am
complaints and will try to bring into their home. >>jackie sissel: at around midnight to the call off the search as far as the suspect that the seven as suspect as a white male between 20 and 25 years old that is less the hundred 5,275 lbs. obviously it could have been much worse 30 mi. all senses the bay area freeway going the wrong way and only the one minor injury here on the streets of berkeley edgy and more adamant on the suspect will pass along. >>darya: 200 people are being arrested in process in connection with a deadly shooting that happen when a fight broke out between rival motorcycle gangs the gang of five different games all going to the same bar and restaurant
9:06 am
nine doctors or killed and 18 others were shot and outside the stress blind in waco although some people who are being processed many of them face charges of engaging in organized-crime some visited did have 12 state and local office of some on hand if outside the restaurant where they were meeting with zero going to meet their talk about turf in recruitment into of officers and seven more than a couple hundred people they use their fists chains and knives and guns. >>mark: it resolve this for operational long enough its core of this morning sister plants and killed eight people injured more than 200 others video of the first train leaving this morning from manhattan at 5:30 a.m. eastern time is spent the weekend is all a new speed control investing is to the know why the incidence of the 206 mi.
9:07 am
our them looking into a crack on the windshield the will of the tournament was jules crack before the crash the think possibly the project out of have and let another amtrak train 20 minutes earlier dissaving also happen to a regional trying this said there been cooperative with the lawyers said he does remember much to discover the concussion in the crash. >>darya: that as a free help to find an 88 year-old man who may be at risk he was arrested around 9:00 last night at his gym is concerned because he has the mention of that think he does walk away from their family home he is 5 ft. 9 with a lot hundred and 85 lbs. in a gray hair lies and are 75 a. in
9:08 am
alameda woosh leader carl bildt after break.
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
>>george: no backups or the laser beam eyes are still active you all have about a 12 minute trip time even at the macarthur maze i will update the rest of the traffic coming right out. >>darya: here is the helicopter shot put abc seven news this is to respond to fire one lane of traffic was blocked what the fire was still burning.
9:12 am
9:13 am
ifour rse staing lo morlike tise bo.. you y beuddlg thugh lergs. try zyec®or perfu lergreli. and zyec®s dieren an criti®. beuse stas woing ster onhe fst d youake . rtec. mule nmore . anytng.anhere anime.anyo. spre theelicus tte you ow a lov
9:14 am
hersy'is me, yos, ouchocate read ♪ ♪ l thgoodss omilk l thdeliousns of hshe's rup. sqeze.tir.hare >>george: and the good news we're not tracking any hot spots but even better weather in much in the way of delays the bay bridge no longer any backups for the west about ride we will see a back up again so far that is not the case nor is it here at the san mateo bridge was an easy 13 minute trip time that is
9:15 am
westbound from hayward out to san the sale the golden gate bridge has been a problem free all morning long it continue to commute in the richmond bridge there is no longer a backed for the westbound ride pushing it added a amitriptyline heading over to senator phil the 27 minute trip time that some little more to dublin and 880 ride a much improved in 35 minutes to the corridor from to 38 down to 237% over to the weather center. >>michelle apon: here looks like on a saddle and ride the composite much of the basin showers will off to the east end of to the north for a california
9:16 am
but is all because of its slow off to southern california wraparound moisture but when i see any raindrops' with it because it patchy drizzle into the lunch hour looking at the plan for today it one of the to lower 60s this attempt is we're talking about it will be on the cool site once again with a daytime highs amid 50's alive the outside a layer of clouds look at the golden gate bridge it look like along the coast of much of the day we could see sunshine and a metal part of the day temperatures out there to the 50s across much of the area of where talk about much of the
9:17 am
fifties across the region will not leave you with the storm trackers 7 forecast will continue on with a slight warm up into tuesday and wednesday by thursday 1 court date and by friday was up to one up into the weekend. >>michelle apon: 7 is for saturday and sunday amid the six is for the bay the contract for cash with the free mobile application >>mark: watching today's winners and losers with rob black. >>rob black: the first thing as an investor at the airline's stock who will be a discretionary spending has gasoline prices is selling to the will invest chevron texaco and expiration 55 $50 a barrel
9:18 am
is up 12% this year and 4% from 2015 low dust is a horrible scenario >>mark: thereby in the $6 stock for $18 a share in shut and your ticket may be fake? >>rob black: it is also pick. a lotfor an investor wants to capitalize buy shares of all the press release stocks shoot up in the pit was the reading the press release the people are
9:19 am
switching and going from google to apple for the first time ever the numbers are pretty astonishing they did of which i from 6 percent are first-time users that whatever really good year year
9:20 am
>>rob black: should i pick up my own to talk to use an initial fall manager hank? >>rob black: at the fund to be done there is nowhere to go but up. topic as cannot keep up but
9:21 am
ultimately what you have read now is a scenario where you want to bid you're on to pay more typically with the madison funds you pay less and is one of the biggest for deciding factors stick with the indexed if you want something of a cute like the tech fund you could add a little bit but not too much. that so many indexes unchanged at no cost and or maybe one- tenth of 100 percent yet hundred dollars is like $99.95 posted on
9:22 am
the facebook and answered all the air we will be right back a pipeline engineer for pg&e in the sacramento region. new technology is being used in all facets of the company and what we do. pg&e is employing these technologies as an investment to the system for the long run. we're not just going to roll up and go home because we live here and we work here and we care about the work and we care about doing it right. we all have the same goals to make the system safe and to make the community safe. together, we're building a better california.
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9:25 am
>>darya: they lost the battle against ices and to 7 mi. west of baghdad the spokesperson said 500 people were killed over the last days including civilians and iraqi soldiers thought about iraq militias are gathering east of the city planning a counter attack to try to take a mighty backed there on a to a trip to south korea ps and worse for no. 3 after meeting with south korea's president kim is a video of the to meeting earlier today a vacancy to develop nuclear weapons is so great in this regard to human rights is leaders will be summoned to the international criminal court and
9:26 am
could also be more sanction happen today a visual be of one of the gilroy students killed in a suspected the u r class last week. >>mark: there were passengers in the car when this crash happened at the vigil was held on friday which i remembered individual a third tonight at christopher has called the to afford your man was also killed in the crash the is identified as anthony is facing the u i charges. --dui >>mark: that will cost more than the budget allows for it will be up to taxpayers to decide what
9:27 am
to build over the top the design presented in september in the meantime the park asked for the public input before closure will take place the night of thursday if may 28th through early morning monday june 1st the family moved drivers onto the road went in through the newest and most >>darya: was a u.n. animal care officers were not able to save costs and a be used spitball found a year in the bay area, is awarded to the final ever did.
9:28 am
9:29 am
>>mark: the skidmore on the
9:30 am
falcon the forecast. >>michelle apon: upas the of the drizzle on the ledge and we're going to continue on with this pattern into the middle part of the day with after lunch will start to see more bricks and the cows more sunshine will be in store as of right now into the fifties across much of the bay in san jose 55 degrees into the next hour it will quickly warmed up into low 60s by the is our mid-60's will warm up there with the daytime highs heating up into mid to upper 60s a lot of the bridge from the northwest but we pick up the kids from school or you drive home plan on reason conditions and temperatures into the '60s will continue on with cooler temperatures after sunset into the upper 50s were talking about a warm up into the weekend will talk more about the coming of what the 74 cast.
9:31 am
>>george: here is the reason why it there is a satellite malfunctioned westbound 24 at the telegraph off ramp is the bottom of the ramp the not cycling correctly that is backing of traffic onto the freeway with the freeway back to the call the convict from the caldecott all the way back from the air around at isn't because of the one signal light problem delays here for the westbound highway 24 ride the rest of your trip to the macarthur maze nothing it completely clear a 80 even the east shore freeway that is why we look at the bay bridge this is what we see and cleverly are thankfully no rebound here at all. >>george: 11 to 12 minute drive times now westbound the golden gate bridge has been problem free all morning long derided
9:32 am
into marin via the richmond bridge no longer backed up or delays asked for was about 580. >>darya: they're looking for a man who try to kidnap a young girl over the weekend and campbell asked saturday morning and mrs. gore and. avenue. >>will tran: the police department plans to release more sketches of this personal little bit later today here is the composite sketch that we already have he's described as an agent or a latino man and early '30's worm a strike began at the time there is evidence video in this neighborhood that caught a car leaving the scene either itself or tan car on saturday morning from 10:00 in the morning of preteen girl according to the pleas to from
9:33 am
she was walking her dog on that morning a math was up in his car and asked for directions that is when he grabbed her she screamed that startled him and information of his department's said because she screamed he pushed her down and it was trip and is never a good mother parents they ran out and help the girl spotted the car leaving the scene at this point we do not have a description as far as a license plate number on the car but nonetheless where travel very fast or of the seven did not take longer is a very tight- knit kennedy and they talk our committee is very tight when anything like this happens we get notified right away is
9:34 am
estimated to raise the kids and we look out for each other and be aware of this is a wish and my daughter had already heard about it and so. >>will tran: 1/7 pedophiles' everywhere you have to be careful you cannot just expected to not happening here you have to be careful. the police department forced to leave the girl was not injured they will continue investigating they will talk to other people in the neighborhood again should release another series of
9:35 am
composite sketches some might a little bit later today. >>mark: that the four men attacked a young girl on the popular trend on wall muckrake the attempted sexual assault happen on the were stress of arunta and 30 yesterday morning here is video of the trial police said 16 your girl was attacked from behind the she was able to fight off the man as of bicyclist came by and scare away she was not her but to look for a hispanic man in his fifties is about 5 for 6 with a medium build. >>darya: the pit bull terrier mix that was found to the abuse and san francisco has died they had put him down over the week and a maximilian had to be euthanize because he had a kidney failure and they run able to as like the best efforts to help recover from all the wounds to concede in the picture where he had a cigarette burn marks on
9:36 am
him and other severe injuries the stock was stolen earlier last week from its owner and they never did find who did this to him they're often a $10,000 reward to whoever abuses dog to find whoever abuse them. >>mark: 8 people died more than 200 and a mass accident the server small the a dozen city officials came together at the site of the accident they're also on hand. the force also have been filed against amtrak will limit $200 million that is a limit amtrak and fail to victims' set by congress that may be too low to cover the cost of eight lives loss of more than 200 and and that diriment one of
9:37 am
the six u.s. marines aboard crashed helicopter and paul was a 30 year-old from riverside county. >>darya: he was one of six marines into nepalese soldiers who died of their helicopter crashed on tuesday it had been reported here the wreckage of the crash was found on friday after intense days of searching katmandu. >>: he was a great father he was a great marine he loved his country and he went to go to nepal to help those people again even tell me that he felt purpose and that he delivered 10,000 lbs. of rice and that he was going to feel it the next day when he was a wonderful husband i cannot add to a better partner in life >>darya: they served at.
9:38 am
>>mark: you still flying car lots on and then you think. h
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from the makers of frontline plus. >>mark: did ask it be a reality in a few years they accepting deposits to buy the cars they want and that it will be wishful thinking the fed numbers has prevented to ride and fly and the proper permits to get some time. >>darya: of very windy out
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>>michelle apon: they will pick back up again in the afternoon to we're stuck with cloudless skies. let's talk about temperatures as of right now mild stopped and had to lift his presence of 56 degrees the more 57 across south bend and across the peninsula to mid '50's with a to a mile start all because of the cloud cover as to track down the temperatures this morning will start of the comfortable temperatures right now into the mid '60s for and location during the lunch hour by the early afternoon they will quickly warmed up into the upper '60's and 70's we pick up the kids from school: as it is closer to
9:46 am
the bay much cooler along the coast of daytime highs only into the fifties it will be breezy as well we're dealing with them because of low pressure system in southern california rapid as some effect this will cloud cover but showers are just what to the east and off to the north >>michelle apon: that was set on the call side is they valleys into the upper fifties to low 60s before the offer to we got the look pretty comfortable across the rest of the area at
9:47 am
the '60s and across the peninsula temperatures into the upper 50s not a bad way to cut off your monday but to get warmer letter on this week looking at the storm track a seventh forecast a slight warm up into tomorrow and wednesday thursday will back down to cool temperatures by friday was up a warming trend into the weekend mid-70's in store for the week in with a lot of sunshine and forbade his time on mid-60s to contract a forecast of the free mobile application is free from the apple store and android store. >>george: updating would have been a problem on highway 24 the westbound direction it appears the back of his clear our pre nicely there were delays reporter because of signal lights there were not working correctly from westbound highway 24 you could see the rest of the ride into the maze without any delays there is a
9:48 am
look at fact of the bay bridge toll plaza no backups or delays there may be allowed a slowing on the east shore but that is heading down to the maze here for the ride in the san mateo bridge no backups or delays in either direction 11 to 12 minute drive times both eastbound and westbound and an easy trip now across the golden gate bridge that is the zipper truck traffic light enough and the southbound direction they did the realignment earlier than usual and you're ride into marin the richmond bridge just a minute trip with no delays between richmond and san rafael. >>darya: police arrested 11 people during the data bridge the stress of san francisco it was suggested they thousands took part this is not a huge number arrested but by people are arrested on felony is 3 for mr. manners and three others because the drop in public medical crews responds of 14 medical calls 10 of those job in public people had to sober up at
9:49 am
the sole dissenter is that at a in the morning and is the drinking it was never embarcadero is a 12 km race and has been held since 1912 most people the cave good and had a nice time with you know we found some behaving badly as well. >>stanley roberts: will to did breakers some he use the restroom behind than it was his turn to relieve himself the head of the number one sign during the entire process these two
9:50 am
young ladies it listed a search for some bushes with next to the power was much better again. i found peter pan and now we have proof that peter pan release itself in the woods and and this guy did i get away claimed he was called the san francisco park rangers to he was issued a ticket and then he tried to shake hands but was rejected she was playing a game i called up to up in the air it's not a fun game to could land you in the sobriety test there is a lot
9:51 am
more some i can never sure you there was a surprise is projected to this event since even surprising it was bananas with you have not seen any thing yen to a tone for more to come on the 2015 data on richter-- >>mark: 21 others injured the 15th marine expeditionary unit in a hard landing gear the u net due to the to the hospital
9:52 am
marine corps as it did happen during a routine training exercise to. having now students at the the high school level were protesting the increase security lesson we got the city was found shot and killed less than a mile from the school in the middle of the day. >>reporter: teresa is casi--this parent is out here holding signs not the only person there are several other students the signs all demanding that the administration do more to protect students at a high school last week in addition to the student killed on wednesday and there are three students that were held by gunpoint at spoke with some of the students protesting today. it attracted
9:53 am
more security what are you guys thinking that is why we are out here for the protest today people a tub of the surveillance camera and campus will read was also will be helpful was to the connections a high school is wide open and they say they've tried to reach out to the school district as well but they cause a blonde answered will concede to follow the story drop the day but in vallejo that is the latest. .
9:54 am
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>>darya: as we are just putting out the week and starting with a cloudy weather and lack of porto warming up this week and not near that get. >>mark: thank you for joining us we are back there every morning starting at 4:00 a.m. top stories weather and traffic picosecond actor with us throughout the entire day if the to the next newscast our facebook phase in our twitter at our new mobile application we also have a specific application just for whether jason all over that period >>darya: this has in so much fun we should do it again will will meet you back here tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. dr. phil is coming up next have a great day.
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