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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 21, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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hicle to other children also hurt they survived johnses blood alcohol was determined to be 0.1 for twice the legal limit and it was outrage from the family even though it is rusted out the bill out of jail and formal charges not brought sooner against him jaws was taken into custody this afternoon at his home in fremont without incident close to be posted on breaking news here. >> pam: to listen to still evolving child pornography is scandalous " science camp and the south bay kron 4 of flatboats plans tonight attorneys for child are holding the senator connie on out of his vacation responsible. >> reporter: said his attorney as talking about the case involving the spent. 27 year-
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old edgar a former counselor here at it science camp in saratoga. arrested last week for possession of child pornography attorney. as for the parents allegedly abused filed legal claim against san clara county office of education runs the camp. tonya allowed sexual predators'. to children without any supervision. resulting in horrible sexual abuse. and permanent harm. >> reporter: since his arraignment last week you charges of manufacturing child pornography law against him and non big kids as the campus, a bear and characterized by prosecutors as a parent's worst nightmare. the claim accuses the agency and that budget negligence and run properly supervised hidden and his interaction with kids at the camp. "it's really disturbing is that children were actually
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encouraged to go see him when they were sick close sick or felt sad at night and they were all loaded with this pedophile. >> reporter: office of education in the we had a comment on the claim and pending the litigation even as law enforcement continues its search for possible victims in the case just and the kron 4 newsroom this evening the planet closure of the oil drive next week has been postponed now this chp nor caltrans has said why they shot down is being postponed nor did they explain when it will be rescheduled the shutdown is necessary so that caltrans can complete the construction project that has been working on for the past three years. please >> pam: in campbell ever arrested suspect who they believe attend did a kidnapping a cut young girl as she was walking last saturday near her home 25 year-old velasco was arrested on suspicion of
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kidnapping false imprisonment and child endangerment and the preteen girl was walking near mason corp. perry avenue shoes approach by the suspect in a car and then reportedly tried to grab her and she screamed and fought back and managed to escape the suspect was found in his car in a parking lot of a storage facility in campbell and his storage unit police on clothing that matched the suspect's description it say velasco is now a county jail being held without bail. >> pam: oil spill on the coastline owns the pipeline involves says that more than 100,000 gal. of oil may have spilled that's a lot more than we thought originally catherine is here with more on the fallout. >> catherine: this close section of the petition because of this bill corkers meantime are out cleaning up and it's slow mostly
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using rakes and shovels to get the oil off the beaches such as the scanning those being used it's happening in the santa barbara area their day since the spill roughly 8,000 gal. of oil have been collected only a fraction of what for a broken pipeline and the coast guard is trying to find out what did mr. clinton is getting harder not easier will continue to dissipate spread out as you would expect on water and so. "has not gone further south and it is going offshore spreading out which will make it a bit more difficult to collect. dolphin >> catherine: so if you feed from the oil houston-based company that owns the pipeline says it was not operating at full capacity by perot and not a lot of consolation to anybody but brown declared a state of emergency federal help will be
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available when environmental group is asking why there was no automatic shut off on the underground pipeline ruptured on tuesday. >> pam: you sent about the network of pipelines from the east bay stan herman as encouragement to the night with more on those concerns. >> reporter: lots of pipelines struck the bay until it is oil tanker plenty of those who travel to the bay as well right there behind me right now those who have focused on the environment here in the bay area say santa barbara situation is something reminds them of how critical things could get if willis similar situation here hundred so communities for a veteran wall there's no drilling rigs of our shoreline blackened salmon barbara the area remains hon. to oil spills.
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"and close estuary and body of water but wheat have for example chevron one working handle up to four tankers at one time and this pipeline that pass suspended read over the water so if anything happened to the pipelines with of pipelines ruptured a ship hit the pipelines or if the pipe became disgruntled from the ship that would lead directly into the bay and have another disaster like the costco + the closed nature of the bay itself makes the prospect of a spell even worse as all five other refineries in the bay area all along the shore you stay here for long the turkish straits if there is a disaster it would immediately into either wetlands or right into the court chemistries are
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some public that just about spoke concern but the type of oil spilled the oil currently coming to the bay area but oil that could soon be coming to the bay area. more on that coming up tonight essex" >> reporter: why the encouragement to dan carmen kron 4 is. >> pam: crushed and killed four people in gilroy on suspicion of the aid to the manslaughter driving under the influence the suspected you why driver 23 year-old anthony james on the night of may the 12th the suspect was allegedly driving under the influence on lately road in gilroy when his car carrying four passengers struck the concrete ditch 318 year-old girls won 23 year-old man all killed in the crash and the suspects suffered major injury himself a released from san
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jose hospital his bail set at $250,000. >> grant: chase with a dump truck that and had a crash that injured three people we see some the wreckage right there the minivan where people were injured police say the chase started saying, on isabel circle after midnight and the driver of the dump truck refused a pullover trying to ram a police cruiser causing officer backed up so he avoided the truck chase then went to south san francisco and daly city trembling stops eyes red lights and it with a crash san jose avenue out lonnie street and the driver of the truck tried the run from the scene caught and arrested will be booked was released from hospital the dump truck was reported stolen on the san francisco fortunately the three people in that marin minivan did not suffer life- threatening injuries and the driver was not yet released
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impaired at the time. will face charges from felony assault on an officer to a cell with a deadly weapon. >> pam: is try to get the nba championship brown continues tonight team takes on a houston rockets in game 2 of the western conference final j. r. stone live at or korea kickoff is less than an hour away music is playing were getting close right now the music is playing golden state has a chance in this game to go on to zero and they may be able to win warmups' underway electrically behind me is c one of the splash brothers are at their by thomson. setscrew without your little while ago he just finished up his warmups with one those five shots so much hope with this team are on
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the golden state warriors fans the biggest and talking will best of all clear that one of things everybody's still talking about some of curries' o'reilly and who was in the press conference even one as to what the fans today they're saying was that was a " moment to listen. "the key but she deserves to be in the wba future that you need a player i have three daughters and their precious goes to show kind of guy says curious well- rounded a father of basketball player and a man of all-around.
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>> pam: all over california controversial back in backing bill takes an ugly turn next at five by one supporter of the bill says the opposition as crossing the line + california higher listed market shows no sign of cooling off next the new record the state just tips
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>> pam: incrementally as claims she's been stalked and threatened and tells police because of her work on controversial vaccine bill. capt. here with more on the tails on the story. >> catherine: disturbing jody as a lobbyist working on what's called a speech to 77 bill that would require most california schoolchildren to be vaccinated says that the bill radical opponents have cross the line
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police reports say she believes her behavior encouraged by this man brine stammer president of the state chiropractic association and vexing opponent the video shows him encouraging someone to follow her documented opponents taking photos. including some at the capitol and also between saying faster rate kelly savages also the more we will and our federal water from back talks to a reporter but this guy been towards the misunderstood. "never condone aggressive behavior or any type a stocking whatsoever clams is talking of following the money in the fight against the law is herself sacramento police meantime say investigating any credible specific threats and the ongoing controversy against her and
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anyone else. >> pam: 0 research firm says the california home prices went up last month to a new 7 1/2 year high of it new and existing single-family homes and condominiums climbed above $400,000 during april the $405,000.60% rise in the same period last year with an 45,000 large homes sold in california during april that doesn't gain for march and kron 4 gives light has the story of how the tectum have had an impact on housing costs. >> reporter: this current tech blue more living through continues to have a mass of effect on housing here all our counties and cities are being affected by this especially bad credit that the center and silicon valley from the big tech companies and googol apple right now and on view the average apartment two-bedroom is going
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between 2550 $500 example of we find the crags list average it square feet apartment apartment complex to badgers wombat nothing to special living in kitchen listed for 3000 to $0 a month living in cars are these the commuting distances to get the work with your for decades a front lines of this housing crisis and on view and kissed it legal for middle-income apartments high-end and come by holocaust then moving into better apartments if demand keeps going at this rate people be suffering companies that link
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that are hiring planning to hire a checking a people from all of the world the will have the housing prep transportation so working on is providing more housing particularly and bayshore area also looking at ways to revive better transit introduce you to actual people were being affected by this and also being pushed out among view and nowhere to go to do a very sad very stressful and stories are important. the store >> reporter: tracker and for the most career on the bay area looking a parley claudia mostly sunny conditions right now the little better result for parts of our hills
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just busily east of san jose where we see it pops a shower activity also more aggressive rainfall and well no. the lost arc toward the north of clover dale not seeing any lightning with those and then also taking a look at the modern is where we do have some lightning and some showers going to places like the cisco truckee and also south lake tahoe still holding on to the unsettled weather pattern for another day live look right now sfo this evening under partly cloudy conditions we are looking at delays on arriving flights right now averaging just over an hour no problems for oakland and san jose airport. little bit of rain last 24 hours and came up over 10th round when hundred 600 for a clinton francisco going downtown also 600 and will conduct and to which is that right now 67 and system mid-60s and san jose still cloudy semi to tomorrow and a little milder for the week and more details on your holiday forecast coming up
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a little bit later. >> pam: a graveyard at san francisco international airport close it would get the inside of the commercial sour. >> reporter: officials of san francisco international mark the milestone for thursday afternoon when they avoided the media for a look at the new airport tower a momentous occasion for this project completion of the physical construction of this tower. kasten and tie and and dramatic. approximately 40 ft. taller than current air traffic control tower. "this tower provides visibility question of total 70 degrees on on the extent of an extra. you. >> reporter: as earthquake safe lift waiting for this year to be a solid 1000 of its flights in and out of sfo each day and only
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to withstand the terms of functional as well as operational in the summer of 2016. crystal lines officials think will be assembled for air travelers. spacewoman surprising delivery what she did not know was coming nine months in the making later half eaten pizza may be the key ingredient in solving a murder mystery.
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>> pam: 10 in care providers say it's truly rare east a mother
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recently gave birth to baby that she did not know she was carrying kron 4 physique how she found out she is pregnant and this my kron 4 story. the plan >> reporter: apprise me jordan malachi dinkins a boy showing turnout is ridiculous it is somehow wrong and said his mom stephanie for nine months without her even knowing he was there their fun kicking or anything like that it is amazing that these labetalol sudden i saw little head coming and pulled out myself actually healthy 6 7 ounces a said was control pills every day and the 23 year-old imam says she showed none of the typical
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physical signs of being pregnant danny wait a middletown's and started job. as the"and got the all-time i gained a little but wait but nothing like a big belly burgers fries chicken whole deal. ""the shah to know what to do when they brought the baby in despair, heart and love our sense. >> reporter: she's worked in the monterey care for 50 years typically women feel something during the first trimester know there's a attorn that exist all people have a for describe
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themselves as not knowing there were pregnant there are women but to have any symptoms in those weeks by 20 weeks a baby starts to move everyone that i've ever met at the point can feel something is different when they get their limbs the movement changes from bumps to flutters toro and this little guy just political until those time to make a presence non. >> pam: developments tonight in the death of freddie gray in baltimore next to the grand jury finding an + cut on-camera intensity jewelry heist how the victims turntables on the robber.
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all six baltimore police officers charged in that the for gray have been indicted by a grand jury catheters' back now on today's developments and the
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announcement friday gray's death april 12th while in police custody triggered protests riots and the charges from the grand jury today is this similar to those announced by the state attorney for weeks ago. >> catherine: grey's neck broken because his injured while being handcuffed shackled and put headfirst into a police van charges were detail today including those of the service industries charges. "this is seizing goods and junior second-degree deprave heart murder and voluntary manslaughter second-degree negligent assault manslaughter by a vehicle and gross said negligence or manslaughter by a nickel criminal negligence and misconduct in office for failure part to perform duties regarding safety of a prisoner again raise please for medical attention were repeatedly ignored the day he was arrested at a week later in the hospital does become a symbol of what protesters say
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pleased which brutality against blacks. >> reporter: sunshine today for many areas in the bay area live look at some detail this evening there looking internally partly cloudy conditions right now temperature there are still cool san francisco 62 close 64 san jose mid-60s and conquered 67 degrees right now wednesday still breezy for spots including oakland at 40 m.p.h. is an hour . a 13 and vallejo 21 m.p.h. in fairfield also breezy in nevada so the area of low pressure has been moved over to the east and another area comes through low pressure as continue give us the unsettled weather pattern through tomorrow we did notice a little more sunshine today hopefully that made you feel warmer than close in the low fifties mar morning severance the scope and in san jose high still below average with '60s and livermore 53 oakland low 60s and san francisco upper 60s in
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sunnyvale and san jose. at a whole lot change as far as temperatures go tomorrow memorial weekend check out so for saturday temperatures will be a little milder and landless '70s mid-70s by sunday and partly cloudy conditions more sunshine on monday for your holiday temperatures in the upper '70's pushing close to 80 and i come back will break patty's day highs a little bit later. the plan >> pam: is looking for the police the be the man that they believe responsible for killing at mansion not far from the residents of the vice- president from our partners at cnn rhine noble has the story. >> reporter: a murder mystery that has rattled the nation's capital a wealthy businessman and his wife and 10 year-old son housekeeper all found brutally murdered at their mentioned washington d.c. mayor as acting asking for help. if he"sees something were begging the this is something" >> reporter: dillon which they
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believe he is the man caught on the surveillance video in the home of some of so topless and when did neonate delivered to it to the house who was like if the blanket the hostage situation d.c. police recovered that american ironworks we do believe there is a connection between this suspect in this case through the business focus shifts is shifted in york and sofa and lives in brooklyn law enforcement forces say she told police his plan and turn himself and but even if he's arrested that doesn't mean the investigation will be over not ruled out the others involved but it cannot comment beyond that hope is to spend one's picture as far as i can with the hope that someone will recognize him. if a"ulysses this person assume
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he's armed and dangerous and cut the copley's" >> pam: florida man who flew that gyrocopter on the ground of the u.s. capitol last month pleaded not guilty to federal charges doug hughes says that he one of the call attention to the people corrupting influence of big money in u.s. politics after a special court appearance today postal worker admitted he knew the move was risky. "well as to do what i did and get away with all this being forced down or shut down" >> pam: joe charges against use including violating national airspace when him imprisoned for 9 1/2 years and he took off from gettysburg virginia flew through some of the most restricted airspace in the nation in order to reach the u.s. capitol meanwhile the postal service has put him on paid leave and like a texas businesses now reopening in the
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area where bikers got into that deadly shootout last sunday in the marketplace was shut down for safety reasons and so please could recover weapons evidence there and nine bikers were killed 18 others injured in a shootout in the restaurant parking lot last sunday and for many of those arrested have been set at $1 million nfl star convicted murderer aaron hernandez was arraigned in a boston courtroom today on additional charges the former new england patriots accused of shooting a man in the face and ordered a silence his testimony and upcoming double murder trial against hernandez and the nikkei's hernandez is accused of gunning down to people in boston. back boston. >> pam: last month sentenced to life in prison on for another murder last year. >> grant: family jewelry dealers attack by robbers simply releasing this video of the battle hoping people will recognize the
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suspects the data which are right here really doing most of the fighting back and last month in georgia the jewelry dealer all related were leading hotel trade show and a lot of jury with them on the crips and jump sprang jewelers with pepper spray and that guy in the white shirt was able to expose one of the thugs ripping off his shirt as masked. ava"the catch for the guys and is it a b him and not go down without a fight" close >> grant: silica the pepper spray and that the crux of dead the good news is that the jury was not stolen because they fought back no one was seriously hurt in the attempted robbery. orders >> pam: getting ready to take off the houston of the western conference finals coming up sports structure gary joins us with of preview or more women
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are ditching the scale.
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>> catherine: the bathroom scales practically obsolete ignoring skills when the line check way and simply engaging weight gain my's try on favorite
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jeans were more likely than men to rely than 56 percent of men vs. 26% of men and the people behind the studies say they're not really surprised about their reliance on clothing no idea so many women were doing. >> reporter: 1 tracker for whether centered checking a few showers a day now when we can see some more what weather before warhol is this like weather coming up after the break
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>> pam: we as the questions but the school superintendent took off without answering them and kron 4 news first reported last night at 6:00 questions about
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campus security on the heels of the shooting death of will vallejo high school student now learning safety problems or well-documented years before the fact raising more questions about whether the school district has done anything to address the concern " we have uncovered all coming up tonight on kron 4 news at 6:00. >> pam: 50 minutes from now wears take on the houston rockets in game 2 of the western conference final scores record gary is here with a preview of tonight's game. >> gary: 82 games a sensitive to the playoffs you beaming my word you'd think you're planning to my. looking at them all the sudden money gets to the playoffs your boss's yacht of the chair plath time has excited
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were all excited. a couple wards' read off the tops that carry a unanimous choice abroad james burke first-team all in the day today clay thompson made the third team and as clear an honor for both those guys. and james hard-won allegre missed his on the first team as well as the big story tonight as he watched the warriors in game 1. white howard hughes and play-by- play of the radio this morning by howard's not going to play it. he has a sprained knees and kiss the of the we get back to houston last mile have the sky on a play hard will start tonight for houston just announced howard will be in their and the viet little injury you can't go this is gonna be fun and as a big day at the giants in the afternoon the
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dodgers today and that the real close in the bay area to get around them the tense game. but people worried about the playoffs more about going 15 minutes because of miles for my stick to this place. >> gary: era i had our first dozen years look data resides and destructor. hitting care. >> pam and sunlight and. >> gary: and better will come across such a received a written better break in his inaugural you the highlights tonight. >> pam: regret is bouncing his desire to be a suspect work. >> gary: work to begin his wife can keep/.
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>> catherine: areas game won all remember that seth carias daughter rileys stealing the show. press conference now are saying a double image of the duo's matching foot wear this picture to a month ago making the rounds now because the whole world those who wryly as wearing those pint size cakes rally carias joined as a household name especially here in the bay area there she is hollow photographer took these pictures in january before under armor launched curries' signature issue. but kerrey want store shelves a totally clear people serve buying it up but a new tourism matching pair for o'reilly had been with the
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toddler size pair for is cute little daughter. >> reporter: senate conditions out there for good portions of the bay area level against contractor we are tracking a few areas of showers in the south bay very spotty south lost us and also an interior hills once again. up in the north bay, well north of the north bay looking at the system going through mainly from water and heavy rainfall. and just north of silver like it or also looking at temperatures critical and scattered showers up and that cisco check the area a little vessel in the tyler elevations. but so are still holding on to the unsettled weather pattern live look at our embarcadero camera agency parley climate conditions out there a lot more sunshine out there still breezy and sunspots and looking at 50
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m.p.h. vallejo 21 in fairfield 14 in oakland 16 redwood city also breezy san jose test from 25 m.p.h. and temperatures are pretty comfortable for places like nablus 68 degrees right now '70s and fairfield 64 oakland 50 degrees in downtown san francisco as '60s and san jose. sure that the fitful mice today and tonight expecting credit conditions once again a bit breezy and cool site chance for a drizzle over 93 tomorrow mainly to the morning hours. the disease and what roads with the commute and then we're looking for mild weather for memorial weekend and not a holiday on monday storm trackers satellite radar the molesters spinning around it can in the bay area a little bit of drizzle over the next 24 hours like we could also see some showers heading to the southern california region tomorrow in a terrace and light
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showers feature cast showing us tonight once again clotted conditions of a little better drizzle to tomorrow morning and then tomorrow it could prelacy of you what roadways in the morning and then are looking at a chance for some shower activity also to the afternoon and then the saturday will be drying out court temperatures- oakland tomorrow 57 in fremont heading over farther east 57 like crazy to mid-60s and livermore temperatures will be below average a promise you warmer weather is coming here it is saturday sunday monday graduation parties barbeques special event on blood memorial day will be warmer and more sunshine on a holiday.
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>> reporter: a food shrank to like me loveseat centrum now but not always a guest expert shares story yo-yo dieting and fighting the keep the lid off a sharing her tips on dining-. don't go out starving to death. "i really enjoy the company that year with often one u.s. company you get to that memorizing him the mouth position this you
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just nonstop sharon sherrill like a great idea no shame at and dogmatic we do when confronted with this sort of sunday. the poll commissioned in the sunday as coming from the food shrink right here." the key >> reporter: do but no gilts have a dining. in the next edition of people behaving badly
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>> reporter: watch ases several swiss, burlingame unfortunately happened during a step in forssmann operation for the san mateo counties saturation traffic and enforcement program options from all rottenness led to come the other to enforce traffic climbed one city. "are you doing sir with the gestapo./>> reporter: writing from hillsboro police department. >> reporter: going traffic aberration to increase its its u.s. the study world read like
5:56 pm
britain from a officer chica driver told the officer resigned and stop his emmy pan concept of a break. "good driver and listen and. maximum moment >> reporter: sofa so active train tracks. this is >> reporter: ebro supply tracks and oxters iraq will place this driver. was doing 40 and 25 while holding a cellphone. switch to agree on so fast "wasn't going fast they lost.
5:57 pm
lemass"tam was let already lent ran he became " one very unhappy camper. all >> pam: vallejo school districts under fire for the security of its students kron 4 is learning tonight the problems have been well documented and sent its sixth come up with a family that says they warn the district that something was not done about the problem things could turn deadly also
5:58 pm
said its real story about that kid miles got the little boy who protected 7 cisco so of our hearts and legal affairs: 7 documentary about his epic experience coming up next on kron 4 is at
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>> reporter: anything about the say the parents of their concern right now. kron 4 spoke with a mother who says she raised safety concerns the district back in 2012 when her daughter was being harassed.
6:01 pm
the war >> reporter: them "* did not take action we would be here talking about child being murdered here we are" >> reporter: murder vallejo unified school district student max rest killed brett across the street from the devil high- school list is close to home for le donnell williams her daughter in the sierra. "reflect on all we went through back in 2012 and my daughter was attacked at a middle school of years old by 14 year-old boy. "hogan mills will soon using video camera to a show been brutally attacked on school grounds. >> reporter: the cause imam to take her out of public school and rolling her at a hostel program in the past three years.
6:02 pm
"for india home instead of having to worry about being attacked at school" the bad"for him and his family in canada prevented. >> reporter: so does her mother "my believe they need to overhaul vallejo's school district with the superintendent. and i get tickets seriously on the beat have the job. board people who have children at that schools their children are not attacked ." "said rachel's award a lot less of concern about safety"
6:03 pm
"this list may respond because i felt finely some sense of somebody is holding accountable she cannot as to grant them set their answer questions arcata's allies are literally. an eerie effects from the brutal beating to this very day. >> pam: recent investigation district attorney decided to file murder charges against a man accused of driving drunk and a crashing into an apartment in livermore killing two people police said 35 year-old brian jones lost control of his car but jumped a curb and slammed into an apartment building on
6:04 pm
marietta boulevard driving under the influence of local and had attended the livermore wine festival a couple hours earlier the crash killed 46 year-old astronomer oz rodriguez and 14 month year-old daughter they just come up to the bay area from their home in monterey county to attend a family event in addition to the two counts of murder johns also charged with credit under the influence causing injury and excessive speed and driving between 75 99 mi. an hour at the time of the accident just taken into custody this afternoon. >> grant: the bay area child is out under in bars. police say he had rented a storage unit was living in his car there is that cars over 1998 honda accord police were searching for based on
6:05 pm
surveillance video that showed the suspects following the child before he stopped and tried the crapper last saturday near that calls home police searched the storage unit today found a clothing that the victims' said her attacker was wearing employees say velasco a 25 year- old had no idea at he is a wanted man. both in the county jail charged with kidnapping false imprisonment and child endangerment. >> pam: working around the clock trying to clean up a spill that now covers at least 9 mi. of the
6:06 pm
santa barbara coast line. officials close a 160 square mile section of motion of fishing because the oil spill and now affecting wildlife a picture someone had sort of felt puck in at least five pelicans have been found covered in oil so far are ruptured underground pipe poured up to 105,000 gal. of crude and 21,000 gal. of that have reached the pacific ocean the rest was still on land. as of today they have scam to more than what it thousand oily water from the ocean but the coast started that the presumed eeoc part could take months the beach is closed until further notice close. scientists at a bargain because a lot of oil moving through the bay area and this particular oil spill raising concerns about safety here anchorman at port richmond
6:07 pm
tonight with more on all these concerns. here a >> reporter: 7 cisco base still does it talk to are there are great concerns about a similar problem happening here. bay is pristine but clear skies blue water the only things you see also sea oil tankers pipelines. while being brought in by ships from all points of the world especially the persian gulf region. "they're bringing in the debate on barges and ships. >> reporter: communities for a better environment says that that makes the bay area vulnerable for oil spill. order"whether foreigners are will lot underground pipelines as well as exposed pipelines
6:08 pm
some bringing crude oil pipelines and other by ship and then in the pipelines and they also transport finished products such as jet fuel and gasoline these pipelines running right to people's neighborhoods. agoraphobia >> reporter: for oil companies succeed in bringing a heavier type of crude to the bay area. if there is a derailment pipe rupture that occurred with tar sand and the sofa so heady so thick it would sink to the water table and that itself into a sub aquas soil makes it extremely difficult the an extremely expensive more so than we were seeing even as saddam barbara. mr. boyle is not coming
6:09 pm
in the bay area pushing away up efforts to have that happen and remain steadfast making sure whatever oil is coming in and out the bay area keeps the big clean. >> pam: signal it to good commanding lead in the western conference final live at oracle rena plus several closures this holiday weekend that could not determine idea around town tackler county office of education under fire tonight lawsuit just filed following the arrest of a camp counselor.
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legal >> pam: clinton as the senate clary and in connection with the rest of a counselor at the walden west science camp this man 27 year-old edgar. charge of seven felonies including the commission of a lewd act on a child and possessing a manufacturing and child pornography one alleged victim said the office of education oversees that camp is to blame investigators say he possessed more than 600 child pornography images would not say if any of the kids are involved in that.
6:13 pm
and get >> pam: 2 under way and oracle arena coming up next to + a big closure of a holiday weekend is back to break all done for us
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the game >> pam: to the western conference final between the wires and the rockets: still looking to take a commanding 2 nothing lead in the series. jar live out some of oracle readjusts starting. what's your spin still outside trying to get some of their tickets all these western conference games start at 6:00 and different from that 730 start time that we normally see it. nonetheless the fans the sea creatures.
6:17 pm
"they cover a tape the lawyers they win by over 10 and 1/2 points. a lawyer from los angeles born and raised in oakland came here when us for years all the western conference finals and 75. no doubt in my mind my 700 and the bass out 1400 when to ensure that took off and i am." >> pam: designed kron-4-dot-com with complete game analysis and photographs of fans photographs memorable moments from the warriors' season alda's cyclical way at. kron-4-dot-com >> pam: will they weaken traditional watch for the travel season this year expect to be quite busy aaa predicts more than 37 million americans will travel at least 50 mi. from home this weekend and that's up 5% from last year highs travel
6:18 pm
volume than a decade and forge a 20,000 california plan to fly to their destination which is a nearly 3% jump from last year and a major holiday weekend closures to tell you about and do that gramm is here with all details. >> grant: abridge closure live look a bridge toll plaza bay bridge feels the effects of the cemetery bridge closure to citgo it took like two hours to get across the bay bridge because the san mateo was shut down all i. of look at this dimension sematech a bridge all lanes starting tomorrow night at 10:00 lead bridge will be shut down until 5:00 monday morning cruise will be doing some paving structural work along with routine maintenance that prolongs the bridges live although the bridge will close at 10:00 tomorrow night police
6:19 pm
will start closing certain lanes as early as 7 toman night and complicating matters is another one of those weekends were part is closing its use it stations for the coliseum shutdown will be early saturday morning lasting till 8:00 a.m. on monday and barr will have a boss bridge alternate that will take up to an hour and trees will be performing track maintenance like what you see here which bars says is absolutely necessary to keep the stretch of track to open and there be additional week enclosures at the for avail coliseum stations through the end of the summer. close to will not happen the shutdown of doyle drive has now been postponed in order to complete the testing of the safety communications system in the tunnels and the systems work to protect drivers from fires and a new closure date will be announced with all the system testing is completed and certified by the state fire
6:20 pm
marshall ashdown necessary this a for caltrans the finish the construction project working on for the past three years. >> reporter: toward a dust also attracting a few more showers out for the ukiah and clover like bringing some shower activity no lightning yet but right now lightening free and going up the mountain system this week and keep in mind that sonora toe got our close because of some of the higher elevations and lyricist we saw over and defeat higher enosis some scattered showers activity once again in that will continue for a couple days sell. little more sunshine sedate the skills
6:21 pm
and that's out there tonight was a cloud once again a little bit address possible signal to morning delicacies somewhat roadway for the coming tomorrow. like chance for showers throughout the afternoon hours saturday we should be down to the shore chances would be partly cloudy conditions tablatures will be a little milder so breezy 23 mi. per hour for fairfield 69 concord 18 in vallejo and gossip the 25 m.p.h. temperatures in the low sixties for a good portion of the bay area including san francisco 64 san jose was '60s also said rosa and like a feature cast once again widespread cloud cover little bitch as a possible for the coast potentially tonight and scattered in nature and overnight a little better drizzle activity also for parts of the peninsula and to the oakland area in the small morning little drizzle as well like shower activity and click conditions once again tomorrow
6:22 pm
morning then by the afternoon still seem fairly cloudy with some variable clouds by the afternoon and then seeing a little more sunshine for saturday highs breakdown for the peninsula 53 semitism mid-60s and redwood city and heading farther south los '70s and sat clara 68 san jose and 70 for all men valid. and she up the work we for the risk of such as for showers saturday heading in the three day week and hopefully temperatures will be milder and also now sunday even a little more warm especially in inland spots mid-70s on sunday partly cloudy conditions and then more yet on monday or details on your memorial day forecast coming up a little bit later. >> pam: information on the toccata airbag recall how long it's expected to take to fix all the vehicles affected. plus
6:23 pm
outraged residents washington state after young to like young males truck police details on that coming up.
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
>> pam: imagery call. the so >> catherine: take a long time to resolve record 34 million u.s. cars are affected and now experts say could take as long as five years to replace the air bags made by the japanese company finding the owners will be a tough part for dealers to repair so many cars airbags at rest sending shrapnel to drivers and front seat passengers at least five u.s. deaths being blamed on this problem government. today make clear it does not think cicada is moving fast enough and national highway traffic safety administration wants to take a more active role in managing this recall and getting the problem fixed. >> pam: for news ahead at 630 including vallejo mother who
6:27 pm
says she raise concerns over school safety in vallejo years ago. + two young black man shot by police washington state the protest today how authorities are responding tonight. drought hitting california farmers hard the water now off limits.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
"don't know if i have the answers all the fixes but first and foremost as a major overhaul and security systems they need officers back on campus. underage alleged sexual
6:31 pm
abuse victim filed a claim against sackler county officers of education the town. it runs walden was science campuses snag it negligent in the case a counselor at your covarrubias. accused of committing a lewd act on a child as well as possessing manufacturing child pornography. office of education at the comment on a claim pending litigation since conducting the investigation even as law enforcement continues to look for more possible victims in this case. >> catherine: 40 close lending stance and dolphins swimming today only a few feet away from the thick oil now. 160 square mile area of the ocean has been close to the fishing because of a spell 105,000 from pipeline
6:32 pm
two-stage 9 mi. of sea covered only by $8,000 raked in trouble from beaches. skin from law water and then this could put take for days. and it could affect fish wildlife for months to come. all of >> reporter: the big concerns that an oil spill like santa barbara is seeing could happen here. "our vulnerability of being transported by marine delivery and that at any time we seen a number of examples of that history. for like >> pam: sully's stories go to kron-4-dot-com. >> pam: spoke more police officers indicted today charged in this young man who died from a spinal injury while in police custody video shows for degrees screening as he's being put into the back of a police van and
6:33 pm
baltimore and state attorney angela said for the grace suffered a severe spinal injury after use tax cut shackled and put headfirst in his police a man and his death last april sparks days of protests awry in baltimore the sixth of what police officers are facing various charges in u.s. justice department also investigating this case because a great symbol of police retaliate against black people protest olympio washington tonight over the police shooting of an arms quarters. of its >> pam: service responded of the report could tempt the steel pier from the safeway store but the two young men are black officer reported using a sofa with a skateboard and to use the unarmed volunteers mayor was quick to call for,. tim "people must close a result of an altercation with the officer of the law. come together as a
6:34 pm
community and support their needs officers needs the needs of the families and communities need." >> pam: there was seawaters hirsch some will not shoplifted think the shooting may be at mistaken identity because of the general police description that the suspects were black male. >> reporter: we're looking at very low clouds out there live look at the golden gate bridge you can see a mixture some clouds and son and a little more blue sky across the bay area today expecting credit conditions once again for tonight breezy call tomorrow slight chance of some showers even also for the morning commute and then were getting ready for finally some milder weather for the memorial day holiday weekend so. like radar picture once again more showers and thunderstorms basically like tahoe area parts around ukiah
6:35 pm
some pretty spotty at best and picked up anywhere from a hundred of an inch of rain to maybe a 10. milo's 527 cisco. a 50 sayville 54 san jose pellicle day with temperatures below average shopper '60s and antioch 63 oakland close its season. tons of a cisco 67 op north of santa rosa and the upper 60s and sunny build san jose. a memorial day weekend shape up so seen '70s return once again and said. today and sunday even warmer on monday over 70 is for your memorial holiday but this storm trackers 74 on the back forecast upper '70's on monday and will stay with that for aggressively into next week.. call for
6:36 pm
>> grant: 40 farmers will have to stop pumping from san juan keen watershed and the first time anyone can remember this happening the orders of the pumping will be set out tomorrow additional mandatory cuts also expected to be announced tomorrow you can see where this regulators taking the extreme steps the distraught monetary out today indicating 47% of the state in the darkest read exceptional drought territory bay area not the worst category by virtually the whole state is dealing with serious drug conditions in these levels are the same as one week ago when a drug coverage continues on-line web site we have links to tell you how you can conserve water at home also calculate how much water your home uses interactive map showing which cities in the bay area are best equipped to survive drought kron-4-dot-com
6:37 pm
>> pam: fighting crews won hearts of millions not getting our first look at the feature film starring back kid. >> reporter: skerries the seventh of about nine and a very long time all because drivers are ignoring in the next edition of people behaving
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6:40 pm
>> catherine: cliche by the entry about the miles of the hutu became a super year for the day in san francisco remember some francisco became gotham city november 15th at 2013 make a wish of that for five year-old miles and the number of people helped make that happen to canned the watch was released down in part the trailer.
6:41 pm
"it may be the field a story of the year about a the young leukemia patient being given a chance to live out his dream to be a super hero. remain >> catherine: intermission from leukemia and the data which released an insect eaters june 26th and other product to the story upcoming movie featuring julie roberts. >> pam: coming up the sports take a peek at how the wires are doing in game 2 of the western conference final the giants could big game for madison baumgartner on the mound at the plate gary has the highlights in reaction coming up
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
. >> gary: the evening everyone
6:45 pm
and not all about you been getting tired of watching like denny lay a scud grant off- camera who was watching the game. " what's going on the commercial >> grant: bricks a perfect time to flip over kron 4 will sportscasts here warriors and control the same quarter. 14 at last check that you got a nasty stela three and one. >> gary: needed 28 this underway don't know about you but every once in awhile when there's a big championship going on this it was going on the parking lot on the tour were going right now courtesy of the jarrow here is a great jason and he's put a tie on snipe. >> reporter: you people? i soloist on my ear.
6:46 pm
>> gary: communications allows any parking spots available right now. >> reporter: there are couple at a media and i will say i left the station and a meeting and left about 430 to an hour 45 mats to get over here but we made it nobody cares about the what they do care about sf and four three-pointers in the first quarter now has let me double check my math 56 three-pointers and this playoff run alone and the record is 58 for a playoff average miller back in 2000 to a. broke the record site and then potentially have 67 even 10 more games left in this run to the championship speaking of curry he's on the cover here sports illustrated most recent issue there's been little joy to you a lot of folks instrumental and his rise to success one of
6:47 pm
them although very self- deprecating about the whole thing this year bruce frazier assistant coach these current passes all practiced long after practice a hundred three- pointers and well documented and frazier witnessed courage makes 77 in a row and talk with frazier has also all palace steve kerr a few days ago/ "finally tune shooter and the moment and whether it's going in and out and you know some megaron but most the time he's an actor with what if all goes in or not. >> reporter: are a carrier that's bruce for the assistant
6:48 pm
coaches also known as a spiritual adviser on the team had ever takes the pulse of the team right now you'd say they're operating near cape performance as they're now 67 wins away from nba title. henceforth i live and have our whole interview with frazier and right now carry from the horseshoed here between or chlorine at oakland coliseum press and back to enjoy going capsule the imports. >> gary: of these thugs damage is already part of the scene or trend again last-minute ticket was going on for? >> reporter: that's where the comcast is up and they do that
6:49 pm
thing after the game gives dennis o'donnell conduce 6:00 p.m. live shot and the reason why these fans are out here close comcast have a couple flat screen tv monitors set up if the stance taken the game then watching it on tv from the parking lot as he called back couple on like defense got scams earlier today bought tickets on cards list j r come up with the stands to talk about their experience. reach out to hundred bucks the store there but j.r. will have a for you it o'clock >> gary: with jason on the same basis under all this people just got around out there this
6:50 pm
wannabe and the environment of the team but the reality we just like to be in your area intervene. for the new orleans had coaching job were those guys has been around head coach in three different spots clippers miami detroit but it's a lot of credit for the war's success this year there dissolvent entry this system is one thing but it got a shot had job quadruple your salary not to mention how the challenge of being the boss says the first time in 1958. dodger shut out three straight games in the series madison baumgartner verses clayton purchase of this the headline going and. in baumgartner while first time this year big farm boy goes deep and a home run to put the giants
6:51 pm
up one nothing any other restless story the dodgers shut out tuesday and today carter plans to make it to nothing san francisco them baumgartner throttle lot of pitches over a hundred working in the seventh inning final line with a 6 1/3 seven hits and runs six strikeouts batters a little thread going but sergio roca and out of the bullpen august cairo heading a double play and from there was a false or running crawford an all-star has been as hot and keep the field are guessing will for nothing then santiago comes out of the bullpen to finish off josh peterson tonight at 811 will hear from but gm baumgartner there is for nothing the giants
6:52 pm
they win today they are red hot and grant give us a quick update. >> grant: 9 on the way to to nothing lead. >> pam: it had any is back with a look at holiday weekend
6:53 pm
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\ \ >> reporter: groom holiday crisis coming up on kron 4 news at 8:00 p.m. hear from some of the families squeezed out of the bay area. >> pam: aulard of entertainment is just minutes away coming up at 7:00. the insider and it's followed by entertainment tonight at 730 and then back with kron 4 news at 8:00. and he is here as we had and the long holiday weekend. looks pretty good.
6:56 pm
maybe just a little drizzle tomorrow morning in a slight chance for some light showers tomorrow over all warm things up especially saturday sunday and monday for memorial day holiday and graduations day the speaker and barbecues memorial plans lb dreier and warmer especially for monday. >> pam: >> pam: back and o'clock in a surly help us to join us then have a nice evening everyone always stay in touch. kron-4-dot-com
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"the insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> so i have to deal with this garbage tonight. bill is in the cross-hairs again -- >> the part of the transcripts was bill o'reilly dragging his wife. >> but who leaks the transcripts and why are they targeting o'reilly? >> and chris brown's alleged stalker faces charge s. why she could spend seven years behind bars. >> while miley's is found guilty and sentenced to prison. >> he could be out before summer vacation is over. >> we are inside the case. >> plus why won't nick cannon stop dancing? >> i can't feel my legs. >> and after dave's star-studded exit, how tv's late night landscape is changing. >> i'm just glad your show is being given to another white guy. inside the new late shift.
7:00 pm
will they finally make room for a woman? >> amy schumer would be a great "late night" host. >> i'll take it. i'll take it. >> how hollywood from the inside out. it's "the insider" together with yahoo! >> david letterman says good-bye to late night tv. j-law pleading, don't do this! but he has. hi, welcome to "the insider." >> his departure trending hot and so is bill o'reilly. a bombshell article that leaks claims in recorded testimony in his custody dispute with his ex over their two children. >> bill o'reilly's daughter saw him, quote, choking his mom. that's the alarming moment described in new court papers obtained from gawker from the nasty custody trial involving the popular fox news anchor and his ex-wife. >> we got the documents from are a source. the transcript as a whole paints a picture of, you know, a disintegrating household. >> but o'reilly is not having it. releasing this statement


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