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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 25, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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and the scarcity is our however the senate clara police department telling us this all started 348 this morning when the call to investigate of reports of a domestic disturbance residents owned by mcdonnell here and carlyle port just a couple blocks away from levi stadium where they arrived the 48 mcdonnell is not there and a woman whom police could not identify said she had been insulted and three hours later mcdonald's was arrested at home and turn over line in san jose. figures questioned how the senate clare police headquarters and he was transported by a black policemen here the senate clara county jail and booked on misdemeanor domestic violence charges as well as misdemeanor child endangerment with more detail exactly what happened lot scotus and clara police department per clark now. "said pilot sasaki going to do
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much in that assault would icahn said of the victim was a salted she. was holding a young child and infant and what we do know after the assault occurred and so the child endangerment occurred he left the location of senate clara went to another location. he is located in the san jose. what they have to do is peace that together and figure out. what happened out 'cause you here. "that is a residence with the child" >> reporter: this is the most recent booking photo ran mcdonald and as we said earlier this is not the first time he has been arrested on domestic violence charges accuse as you recall of abusing his ex fiancee back in august of this year who was pregnant at the time but no
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charges were filed in that case for lack of evidence then last december woman he met at a san jose bar accused of assaulting her the case is still pending arraignment on placing charges of domestic violence and child endangerment what appear in the senate clara county jail to late this afternoon are just learning that is a fairly made of $15,000 bail and is now free pending his first court appearance. >> pam: demonstration for tonight protest what some are calling oakland's new crowd control policy however the mayor says there's nothing new about it then karen joins us live with more on this. >> reporter: protests over the weekend and allows decisions as always but a lot or acquires as one of protests opens tonight to a permanent apartment a protest the mayor says this is a new approach to an existing policy
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satisfies will protesters and businesses but demonstrators. "we're doing a better job of managing these crowds to avoid situations that cause vandalism and caused protests to an early oakland mayor libby it defended the knicks' season approaches that deals with protest. "irrepressible appellate for change renewed after hours of diesel paid to the protests turned of vandalism and we know what has happened and passes up an acceptable." or the"in the concerns of existing policy to do a better job of maximizing the interests of everyone. "she cannot do this" >> reporter: tussore organizers say that the so called the approach is in fact a new policy violates the city's crowd
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control policy dictated by federal court settlement. "the geordie are those that are not breaking and that is the vast majority will have now is a new blanket repressive law and it is a policy and is a new policy vast new repressive policy the targets everybody. >> reporter: settle for tonight at once six will hear from a liar and helped draft the oakland cut control crowd control and things lettuce changes by like a lot to at six. no. >> pam: stranger on the oil spill near santa barbara and on this holiday clear import continues on oil blackened beaches there capt. is your update on what's going on. this >> catherine: is limited news is the fact that a says of a
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pipeline leak has been downgraded 101,000 gal. a and 42 wounded gallons less than they thought the bad news is it does include that we know more about wildlife death u.s. coast guard says that this bill has killed one c line 9 pelicans untold numbers of fish stocks also really hurt tourism business memorial day weekend usually packed in this area up businesses laydown. "many potentially getting hit by a truck in water sierra we just as a way to the allenby will do this interview where were standing right now if it were at normal memorial day weekend figure 60 people attended in the water right now. >> catherine: 6 bill for a broken pipeline created 10 square mile slick in the ocean and to local beaches close to their tilly's june 4th. the
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cleanup crews no longer talking in terms of zero mobile bidets weeks they're acknowledging now the work could take months. >> pam: today is memorial day the day that we all take time out to honor the men and women close surplus serve our country . >> pam: actions their families community came together on of the brave men and women from the five branches of u.s. armed forces that made the ultimate sacrifice giving their lives to keep americans save. and that at st. anthony's dining hall in san francisco today veterans are being honored this service many find themselves links and history and this holiday deserving of food and fun ship one organizer says one of five
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meals served it will go to a veteran. among"all day honors list fallen duty which is really in court here were also those parcel straddling and those that the allies are risk struggling to make ends meet and always one i have held for them. >> pam: dining room and expects to serve about 4200 people today. and president of bosnia if those who served our nation as for all americans to remember those who gave our allies will doing so and on this memorial day many families visited arlington national cemetery to remember those with their partners at cnn. >> reporter: a day of solemn remembrance presidency, our
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present those indicted serb commander in chief has done many times before read at the tomb of the unknown. americans address underneath these hills and across the country across the world there why our nation and doors. also >> reporter: said to is the mother is your unique. "this in 14 years you guys is not engaged in a major ground war. >> reporter: or to moral the honor more than 400,000 americans who died and over 60 million his serve. >> reporter: force moral mullis silence the those who passed.. every year by the jacobs said it rings a new sport, not here mona
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here first thing you did he ran up and hug this down to one early that question just ambiguous father died in a training accident in 2011 mother will make sure her son never forgets his father sacrificed. >> pam: less than an hour the warriors' hopes to complete a sweep of the houston rockets and place their ticket to the nba final and like turner live by houston tx with more on the doves. the law >> reporter: of a human tell you what also there are a lot of excitement of the air it's not cibber future but they are certainly in die-hard fans cassidy of the shares by may
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earlier caught up with them when they're on the core practicing this morning they say it all comes down to momentum they should around today the corners set hoping to break the 40. record the as and when tonight would break a franchise record for most wins in a single close season of the synagogue for the overall the sofa and four suites "message is the kids and do we do defensively opposite to the game plan china make it if possible knowing megastore a lot of talent little things that add up over time and wiccan do that and take care that's the message now is boring and we like something more exciting but i get nothing for it now. >> reporter: will get the nation
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right here a few red jerseys but the gold and blue is here and they are ready to have fun this idea of those costs about a hundred dollars times the one who has won those seats and in chad by eleanor: been a $4,000. >> pam: just-in-time for the summer driving season prices at the gas pump are going up coming up at shea how much a gallon gas is going for her on the bay area yet another whale washed ashore on a bay area beach. i happen this time next in the silicon valley tectum is creating a housing crisis from the bay area coming up will hear from families being priced out. close for a few more days warmer temperatures arrive and let you know and rackets here coming up
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>> reporter: as a going up and we found one station south san francisco customers being hit for more than $5 a gallon. the federal government gets 18.4 cents for every gallon the state gets a cut in a couple of ways tax of a sales tax of 2.2% and that good news is excise tax to drop to 30¢ on july 1st and not such good news is that jerry brown wants to raise again and he's not alone states senator set of san jose introduce senate bill 16 this the gas tax by 10¢
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ways raise license of a corset registration fees and the owners of luxury cars the amish nichols with hundred dollars annual fee bill would raise billions to repair the state's crumbling roads current gas tax revenues cover only one quarter of the highway repair needs deferred maintenance has left us with the plight of pavement problems small towns like more in debt to big cities like oakland san jose and seven cisco. has a >> reporter: support of both local mayor and city reached it tends of millions of dollars for the road work. >> pam: a career average regular prices for a gallon gasoline on the bay area set francisco gas is averaging $3.78 a gallon and oakland prices $3.64 san jose
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jammers are looking at $3.66 for our regular gone of gasoline. >> grant: skidding has stations cassations i hear this-france and has the grain drill and trying to rob the people own this gas station by getting in there taking up the cash this is happening in turlock series the south of modesto and you can see the guy gone up to a machine looking around and turn on locket with a drill here's daytime a video of the station or surveillance video here you ties the chain to the cash box but can't get out in this particular time honor says he's been successful my times before taking $4,000 at one side and stealing or three grand at another gas station plays are looking for the guy that is to accomplices often show up the station early morning with a few customers were known as around.
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>> pam: kron 4 julia reports a spectacle of strong people from portuguese beach and the sonoma county this time. >> reporter: a dead whale on the beach this time of a 28 ft. juvenile grain while park rangers say it's been dead for a while probably wash it up a sometime last friday and saturday sid's to be no obvious reason for its death bed of sienese sign of trauma to the body but the marine mammal center did and take a tissue sample of the whale hoping to figure out what causes the death this is the sixth time well as washed up on the beach and it was late april into great whales washed up and sackers a sperm whale and a humpback whale washed up on two different occasions on the beaches of pacifica last week 40 ft. gray whales have been mass they plan
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to let nature take its course they're going to leave the well on the beach and at the time it take it back out. >> pam: 70 dead whale that washed ashore at midday april 25th for a killer whale discovered off the coast of fort bragg and a battle over bears under way in like tahoe us they as been asking for a protective order against a bare advocates in the area and they harass him after you try the travel bear that damaged his vacation home former republican state lawmaker william o'donnell accuses the barely a threatening him over attempts to track the black bear at a barely attorney says over 40 percent of the bears trapped in the area between 20092013 euthanize and would also o'donnell have problems unless he takes a different approach to keeping the bear out. >> pam: dollars of the spot has
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closed because of dangers elegy park officials say that the correlates racial recreation area has a toxic blue-green algae bloom which caused visitors to have skin irritation and according to officials these algae blooms are rare likely appeared to to the drought and also say that water quality checks will be done before allowing visitors to swim again. in will be closed through wednesday but the other parts of a part will be open. >> reporter: 0 we have to deal with lots of low clouds spread so cool temperatures again we've seen below average readings for baez's afternoon 57 agrees that the forms account for san francisco today close this is by the bay south bay only in the upper 60s fuel load mid-70s for
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the inland valleys these temperatures about five to 10 degrees cooler than what they typically are this time of year storm checker for weather system. the producing cool conditions also responsible for active weather in the sierra for more than a week now notice things really going on here in nevada that to the north of lake tahoe of a lightning strikes lots of heavy rain this is been beneficial for some locations in the sahara 3 6 in. of rain over the past week or so. that's good news and sports night live for a lot of low clouds drizzle once again slow clearing for tomorrow morning however i think we will see a clearing take place for an hour to faster and the we had today a little more sunshine look for a slight bump in temperatures aware of some sunshine for the afternoon with the exception of the coast and the bay later this week starts to warm up and talk more about that later on. >> pam: on the daughters of b.b.
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king and calling for an investigation into the death of a blues legend +. the downside the tech game of the massive housing crisis coming up next we talk to families that are getting squeezed out of the bay area
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>> reporter: a downside to this enormous task whom we're living in right now the massive housing prices we hear from families being squeezed out of the bay area. a very stressful time for my my husband can't figure out will do. she's consume with fear and anxiety on having to relocate as a two-bedroom apartment in men view for $2,900 a month complex just bought the new owners told residents they're renovating and everyone will have to leave when
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the renovation begun the reapplied a move back in but the rent will code amount market value of us aboard $5,500 a month for a two-bedroom. she's doing a residency at stanford and easy close to the area to be on call. but to"turning cities to unappealable 47 in san jose and sleep because the so stressed family lives in the same complex social worker whoreson area is to be close to it because her 94 year-old mother and specimen should have to move an hour more way, workers appear i can't do it even if i could present even in the plaza level is still openings and as on chrysler's never world by the time you call it their gone. there's a hundred
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other people that are in line for them. the herd >> reporter: the concerns the times they will freeze everything for one year so there'll be no narrative asians for release one year that gives them a little bit of time for a trend figure out where to move out stay tune tonight at 8:00 p.m. and continuing coverage talk to san francisco families and they're being squeezed out of the bay area do the type and. they're put >> pam: a threat is made against passenger plane and we know about the threat next at 530. more rain pounding texas after weekend of severe weather turns deadly we have an update coming up.
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>> pam: 9530 people living in western kansas cleaning up following severe weather over nine in the national weather service says there's storms their produce one tornado that as one of several severe storms ripping through the midwest and the south and texas number of people missing has risen after
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the central part of a longhorn steaks at slammed by severe weather devastating a video of some other rescues have been going on has been really tragic there in the rain is not finished yet cnn has more with robert waverly texas. >> reporter: officials say the number of missing people has risen to release 12 including children. "folks from several the different it getting ready for the weekend festivities. is crammed one life into the oklahoma over the weekend is moving fast hit hard under the home of a hundred-agone. he's"said veteran of make it but
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is a delicate >> reporter: borane flash flooding expected an oklahoma taxes were just a few inches could be devastating oklahoma relentless rain arctic cause major flooding some roads are just too dangerous to drive on because of high water flash flood watch issued for much of the state officials say at least two people have died there in the death toll includes a fire fighters up into a storm performing oresteia >> reporter: patterns and amassing to be clear what might that move across westies the massacre so hot weather pattern has not been moving been staying in place with the order of the day gives it moral and the next day with all this rain taking place that is bad news for texas and oklahoma just this month some locations and picked up
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more than 20 in. of rain so this is to start flooding taking place and could go on for weeks all this green on the flood warnings and watches across texas and oklahoma and to arkansas' while also tornado warnings appear thunderstorm warnings this continues for tomorrow and future cash going through the morning in the afternoon same place under the guns today and gets it for tomorrow. >> reporter: eastern oklahoma texas and arkansas that means more floodings severe weather. here in the bay area were stuck in the same pattern not severe were dusting the cool and cloudy weather continued no big change temperature's only in the upper 50s low 60s by the bed in fact some francisco offices and the coolest month so far this year all the labs may it's been warmer than the so we've seen a big change in our record keeping with have for much of 2015 for tonight look for low clouds going away and inland valleys all the way to sacramento valley
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really expense of low clouds for tomorrow a gray star with a drizzle and the clearing perhaps an hour to more quickly for tomorrow and the sunshine may help the warmer temperatures a few degrees crash as we go through this week we will see little bit less fog will more sunshine and that means we warm- up thursday friday all all of the 74 cast coming up string of commercial airliners surged today after an anonymous phone threats made against the flight's captain is back now with the latest on the trauma involving these flights at least 10 flights affected by threats today including airport said n.y. new jersey boston. >> catherine: is an air france planes had to be escorted to york kennedy airport by fighter jets this morning it was parked in a secure area checked out the fbi says no hazards were frowned and it was cleared a chemical weapon was on board was the clintons are for the other
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flights including saudi arabian airliner american airliner from england at but in each case there is made and later discredited fbi's things that the same collar or a group of people might be responsible air france flight was the only one that got the jet escort police in baltimore investigating a number of shootings that left seven people dead over the holiday weekend and authorities say at least 34 people up until just this month in baltimore marks the first time the city as had 30 homicides in one month and over most eight years. mayor >> pam: says she's upset with the recent violence in the city. "hardening recession increase in violence especially when you think about progress we've made come too far to have this type of setback. police have not named suspects or motives in any approach of
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the strings to the daughters and the late blues legends say that he was poisoned by two of his closest aides. "patti king claimed that the business manager personal assistant poisoned their father" >> pam: 40 in las vegas and now awaiting results of autopsies but performed on became yesterday test results will take up the eight weeks and the grammy-winning guitarist's renowned blues legend died back on the 14th after failing in his 89 years old irish yes voters in gay-rights activists are celebrating all landslide win that comes from a referendum on same-sex marriage mainly catholic country the first in the entire world to improve the marriage by popular about. >> pam: 62% bowdoin fe and for a changing irish constitution something that even archbishop of dublin call a social revolution in the wake of historic decision tourism video
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has been created to promote elegy bt matchmaking. >> pam: win tonight the warriors heading to the nba finals coming out how this team is preparing for their matchup with the rockets and then at the class of 2015 prepared to enter the workforce looking at what the job market looks like for this year's graduates. for over 60,000 california foster children, it's a challenge to replace clothes that are too small or worn out. i grew 3 inches last year. i don't need anything fancy. i never had much to begin with.
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when i look nice on the outside i feel better on the inside. to help, sleep train is collecting new clothes for kids big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's day a little brighter. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. my name is mary molina and i'm a pipeline engineer for pg&e in the sacramento region. new technology is being used in all facets of the company and what we do. pg&e is employing these technologies as an investment to the system for the long run. we're not just going to roll up and go home because we live here and we work here and we care about the work and we care about doing it right. we all have the same goals to make the system safe and to make the community safe. together, we're building a better california.
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>> pam: to those of 15 to more optimistic some other recent years but house that optimism translating into actual opportunity apart as a scene and karen k. so upset expectations vs. reality. >> reporter: vacations' agrees combination of four years of hard work sofa at the job she stars in june 6th internships was steady at the university of maryland and several for the next up the strategy typical among members of the class of 2015 a intensive the considered a job market and their intended field before selecting the major according to a saver survey by mohsen partly they're prepared to prepared this was something i thought a long time
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ago and have really been thinking about using to their advantage. >> reporter: leave campus mid some of the most favorable employment statistics and years and doesn't necessarily mean is going be easy so comes down to what the student an employer are really looking for sinister looking for the right job the the more optimistic than immediate predecessors still cautiously so. >> reporter: considering getting a job but about the under employed or having to take a job with not preferred employer or field there where a lot to get the best job said began at the compete for. this is >> reporter: unwilling to keen compete for more than just a paycheck the founding
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people looking closely with development opportunities work like balancing company culture which is key and liquor addition of like the office that zero turnover last year and they opened so but in four career not just a job really excited about that. >> reporter: star trek and the seeress' tonight another afternoon and chars thunderstorms even some help showers and continue for a few more days of the forecast coming in next
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>> pam: of limply this confrontation so russell ligand as reported more demonstrations planned for this evening how some said police have changed
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the way they deal with the crowd coming under fire with at least one critic who says police are not acting within the law at we are looking in on the story right now we'll have a for you coming up on kron 4 news tonight at 6:00. >> pam: years ago the will and state warriors won the nba championship at a four game sweep against the washington bullets that was a long time ago the where is hoping to save the houston rockets and punched protected them the final once again and kron 4 sport executive producer james neville bomb joins us now with more. >> reporter: lawyers will be heading back and it sure does look like it hundred 16 games have tried a comeback from a three nothing deficit when hundred 16 teams have failed ever happened rockets aren't about to be the first as the table appears of couriers
5:46 pm
arriving toyota center about two hours ago carry averaging 36 points a game against the record 61 percent shooting that's good and lawyers have not lost the rockets all your 7 a no including the regular season who can make a note tonight but don't think for a minute they're taking the rockets lightly. "come out to do we have to do right now close about tonight" "the mitchell they're accountable under sitting with a stake and the sense of urgency to not hear a tune like"
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>> reporter: the in and watching the game or can watch the game of beat to it tonight and follow that some folks, and the delivery this policy the many folks like that i will be live and then tomorrow night we could be looking at the nba final lecture up close to us what had set the verses will braun kerr ndp verses a former ndp foretime ndp this shooter perhaps most creative player in the world right now versus the most dominant player and a brown calves of three nothing not let the rate up that series tomorrow in cleveland by could have to wait at at 10 days for the lawyers to play where its fate
5:48 pm
foregather you're on the bay area right now to watch the lawyers rep the series jaffa's levenson offenses could snipe at a warriors watched party one of money. >> reporter: will filing in to watch the game held more than 10 minutes a single video you see people preparing for the game ordering their snacks and drinks ready to get energized to lodgings protect their game between the lawyers and the rockets hot
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"i expect them to a triumph over houston and sweep the series and rest of for cleveland. the rebels have so be good" >> reporter: you see behind me they believe the lawyers will be flying home tonight from victory. >> reporter: slots a low cloud all the way through the weekend including today along with the drizzle cool temperatures normally when you think of memorial day weekend barbecue picnic six out in sunshine but
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no not the case for today across the base of francisco sigrid's situation and hard to find sunshine but sunny right now and destabilize the south bay the north bay and has now cleared out all this and rosa pamela mob over the overpass the entire afternoon. a we a similar day shipping and for tuesday this weather pattern just suck employs for more than a week now finally change beginning to become more will later this week and what we had today a we have tomorrow with one change clouds in the morning abristle of clouds clear out this little bit faster more sunshine in the afternoon and help temperatures scope of eateries a trend continues into wednesday a few degrees warmer for midweek with faster clearing eventually by thursday friday some white patchy fog in the morning but
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sunshine early and then a woman by fighting temperatures and thus sundays by the by impossibly mid-may beat even upper 80s inland for than the week fog check written ninth they will expand all the way toward sacramento and the second and a valid 6:00 a.m. with a spotty drizzle but here's one thing that changes 9:00 a.m. clears clearing up in the south bay and then to of the clouds these develop ... and then faster clearing and of entry for the afternoon sunshine by the bay and the club's retreating to the coast and hollows of hours ago the interior to load mid-60s by the bay 70 south bay and load mid-70s inland valleys here is the storm trackers 74 carries and again and once a fairly cloudy faster clearing a few degrees warmer by thursday and
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friday were looking was sunny and '70s, the bay '80s and mile the warm weather sticks around all the way into the weekend/
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>> reporter: on the books now and move over or slowdown says it's just a means consumers and civic and reflected a slowdown or move over run with toy truck operator from automotive transport bass said of campbell. indexes that contractor for aaa said their response many of the vehicle breakdown.
5:56 pm
usually the least degree get out here this carries a flatness paris of the cars vetoed. travers blawing by and the fine for not will ago were slowing down through pledges 66 $7 and
5:57 pm
more plant your drivers heading an emergency room personnel whether it's police fire caltrans paramedics or toy truck operators mix of hot you for the rest of your life. trouble >> pam: for 49er in mcdonnell newest 63 now have the police to dispatch that led them to rest their year-old football player for domestic violence and on this holiday heart felt honor for those who fought for our freedom will lot more news on and memorial day coming next on kron 4 news at
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>> pam: below: bracing for more scenes like this protesters taking over the streets tonight and demonstration in response to the city's new get-tough policy on demonstrations good evening everyone oakland says that it is tracking down a nighttime marches in an effort of fight violence and vandalism activists' claims that the policy is unconstitutional they promised a fight for their rights and kron 4 and herman joins us now with more on this policy. >> reporter: several it to protest as bystanders businesses does it is don't see it that way. owens was the pate peaceful may day protests and vandalism after dark the city criticized for its hands-off approach letting businesses often for themselves and this week and the things changed protesters with the public spaces and sidewalks close the budget on the streets after nightfall kress decided
6:00 pm
was that love of vandalism designed to continue to allow ample opportunity is the protesters and demonstration as well as create conditions where it's a lot less likely to devolve into vandalism and approached the crowd control policy requires demonstrators to a permit to demonstrate the city's roadways after dark which we worked with them on extended period of time and they also note along with the city agreed to set card control policy federal court order and city of oakland changed it your readily
6:01 pm
that's not provided in the policy and it actually stays the plays are to facilitate street marches arliss of a permit has been obtained during it of course as unreasonable and feared a traffic. iridescence see it that way "at old-time analyzing your approach completely consistent with existing policy and clearly within bounds of law. ready to go back to federal court to make things right and hope it can be avoided with the city and lay will hope to do within a week. i'm a cop with a law once again his picture sackler police arrested the former 49er defensive end suspect suspicion of domestic violence child endangerment and we now have a copy of the police dispatcher
6:02 pm
are seeing violence and the broken door down. rob >> pam: flambeau as live in san jose tonight and brambly understand that mcdonald's is out of travel at this time. >> reporter: tear in the senate clara county jail this afternoon and barely made bail for 30 he walked out the front door called a cab and then drove away the let's go to a videotape right now on the first english a new piece of property he owns here on carlisle court a few blocks away from levi stadium and the just heard was place from we do not know exactly identity to place the call the third is also led to an addition to a domestic violence charges shall endangerment and santa clara police confirming their recall
6:03 pm
there about 348 this morning where the woman had made a frantic 91 call and then but when police got there macdonald was not there he found them in the attraction to a house in san jose on terra nova drive and turn over land san jose and about 7:00 this morning and said clara police were is questioned for several hours when she transferred to the jail and a police van and booked into county jail here it said current. our police department received a call of a disturbance at the residence of remic of law and officers arrived they learned their rhythmic on was involved in a domestic violence assault and also involved in child endangerment so subsequent of that means and attended to locate him but fled the incident and located at a place
6:04 pm
in san jose in the block of terror . according to ted clark in the woman who called 911 reported the disturbance this morning says she was a salted while holding a baby. and i got out of jail tonight freon and told a $50,000 bonds. >> grant: coverage continues right cedric mcdonald out of jail also on of the job the bears signed mcdonald after the niners let him go had this to say on
6:05 pm
sweater left to the news of the rest of the chicago bears are a mcdonald today and the bears went on to say general manager ryan case specifically we believe in specific chances of our expectations were and if you're to remain mildly the standards decision made to release him now a prominent chicago bear player also treated kyle long who is the son of raiders all famer holly to carry could await good riddance says kyle long. after news reports of have been cut by the bears. >> pam: >> >> reporter: onshore winds coming in and off the ocean combine to produce what's been so far the coolest month of the year for san francisco january february in fact every month so far up till may has
6:06 pm
been warmer than this obscene record highs for much of the year not for may and looking at cool readings once again today highs in the upper 50s for san francisco lota mid-60's bass said of the '70s popping up in the inland valleys across the board temperatures 5 to 10 degrees below average things do warm-up later this week talked about that coming up. >> pam: moral this celebrated in a different ways there are communities in the bay area catherine here now with how the holiday but today and at least two of them. >> catherine: like shriek specific part today filled with music and storytelling on this memorial day and one of the things which made this observant unique body answering letters from all young marine killed in combat in vietnam family members said that they did this a way to make the stories of sacrifice more real more human. chin said a
6:07 pm
particularly moving "gordon to recognize those people born to hear the stories today. a socially meaningful the hill letters and i certainly wrote a lot of them and i was fortunate to make a back home. >> catherine: fayette there's a small gathering the lafayette across as hundreds of as you know doubting that hillside once again as a protest against for a memorial for troops killed in iraq and afghanistan and said its seven, there'll be another vigil the that the site which is a dear hal in oak road. >> pam: and coming up the lawyers looking for a sweep of the rockets and a berth in the nba finals all live in houston for game for the playoffs close
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the oil spill in southern california not only contaminating the water it is hurting business on one the busiest weekends of the year a major recall of sandwich meat sold right here in the bay area what you need to know straight ahead.
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>> catherine: for any company with ties of a recall more than
6:11 pm
two under thousand pounds of meat the company operates and sells sandwiches in the area regulators say the meat was produced without being inspected their season on authorized markova inspection recall check-in beef and pork products% to restaurants and several states california and arizona organ nevada there have been no reports of any related illness but the sandwiches have several locations in the bay area straight ahead the warriors are just four quarters away from their first trip to the nba finals nearly 40 years their lives in houston were game for the playoffs and just about to get started the company at the center of the oil spill as a big california now backtracking on just how much oil leaked from the ruptured pipe.
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>> reporter: a talk to a man who wasn't as states might go when we want said it decided he is in a book his flight to cleveland his aria about the coming up at a. lawyers >> pam: fans gather are on the television and several on the team jassem bush's live out
6:17 pm
a voyeur's lock party in san francisco. >> reporter: the mood is a lecture here at hedgerows on king street one of several officials lawyers and parties and the detonation representing their team it here tonight. lou will seems to think.
6:18 pm
>> reporter: audit said here for the warriors basketball team people saying they cannot wait to see the lawyers when this game. >> pam: and houston to 03 the first quarter we are keeping an eye on things are wires coverage continues on line. our website the will of updates on such familiar reaction fans virus posed in coverage all just a click away at kron-4-dot-com why >> reporter: cameras of gray skies and drizzly conditions cool conditions also not like this everywhere in the east bay valley is also the south bay pretty nice to of sunshine currently the amateurs in the '70s but it took a long time for low clouds to clear up in livermore concord and it was
6:19 pm
before we saw the sun here and then san francisco item no. really saw any signs today it's been like this all the way through the afternoon a similar day on the way for tomorrow and this weather pattern is just not budging and mention some change later in the wake 8:00 p.m. tonight loquats pushing back in the inland valleys as those of the stage for another great start for tuesday morning and the clouds the jurors so clearing perhaps an hour to more quickly than what we had today a cause temperatures to pump up a few degrees for the afternoon and the same is true for wednesday little warmer still by thursday friday finally change this persistent onshore will weaken a little bit and then the will make for more sunshine more readings by thursday friday loss was seven days by the bay '80s made to possibly operatives and the warmest inland valleys and on the weather system producing the cool clotted conditions also making for some very active weather in the sierra for the
6:20 pm
week pretty much every afternoon when the sun shines and african producing locally heavy rain of the locations with three to 6 in. of rain and the past week thunderstorms taken place in the north of lake tahoe flood advisory hear some more storms up in the northern end of the sacramento valley for tonight and them that threat will continue for another day tomorrow's weather system holes in place and eventually it will begin to slowly move out by later this week temperatures tamara few degrees warmer the will has today lotus mid-70s south the east bay valets going up in the mid-70s likened to dance jack livermore '60s by the base 77 cisco began the '50s: the low 60s to escort small little warmer upper 60s low '70's no. they've guys now play what you expect the rest of week coming up litter on. >> pam: and behind a massive oil spill in southern california downgraded the amount of oil it says still from an underground
6:21 pm
pipeline break the now estimates 101,000 gal. of oil was released and that number down for the 105,000 gal. an initially reported and the coast guard says that the spill last week has killed one sea lion 9 pelicans on untold numbers of fish and they beaches are also close until june the fourth. >> reporter: as closure is expecting business shopowner say plastics of spell isn't this contaminating the water is also hurting their bottom line still taking a toll on sales even to not be seen for so parents also plan of, at a worse time has sports and a son of barbara harbor should be bustling with customers who want and get out and paddle border kayaker but instead things are so the oil spill that we've immoderate
6:22 pm
thousand gallons of crude oil in the pacific ocean impacted and 9 mi. stretch of the coastlines of forcing him to causes other chopin valletta would be will the normally do this interview the were in a normal memorial day weekend there be 50 or 60 people attending in the water right now friday the federal government ordered the oil pipeline order to make safety improvements on a ruptured pipe that cleanup could last for months. >> pam: care in the air for a plant from france heading didn't united states to fire just had to scramble to help us
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
>> pam: 31 year-old suspect linked to that triple homicide saturday according to police a man named damian allison at this run homer and 54th st. mary's secondary school they both went
6:26 pm
home near rawlins and american and side with the three victims that negotiate with him and they eventually worked out to commend the custody they found with gunshot wounds and pronounced dead at seen name the pilot found dead in an alameda county plane crash has been released according to officials and jim morris 66 year-old lafayette man was flying from concord to san jose and these crazy of how other partnership with abc seven data show the plane went down in a rural area castro valley happened last thursday and officials looking into whether he died from he died from an asset or something else kill him prior to the crash. >> pam: warhead on how the the plan to crack down on my time protests + close to honor a this memorial day flash floods caused
6:27 pm
havoc in texas the moment who saw her father would be. with theelp comrt eper m keing momealt! i'm epindad schule. i'm epinmy m hap! comfort keers -hom pressial cegivs caprove me plaing d eparion, heal
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>> reporter: oakland city hall manner is defending the city's policy in terms of dealing with protesters at night. "team better job of managing these cars to avoid situations the cause of vandalism and protest to an early" >> reporter: the mayor says the low crowd control policy requires demonstrators to get a permit if they wish to demonstrate on the city roadways after dark. "as organizers like fabrics' say that it violates the city can't control private policy dictated by federal court settlements. >> reporter: here in san jose forcing francisco forty-niners
6:31 pm
linebacker ray mcdonald once again spends time county jail after being booked yet again on domestic violence charges in this time police and settlers say they're responding to reports of a domestic disturbance at a residence owned by mcdonnell peering carlisle court a few blocks from levi stadium a woman their claims mcdonnell the sofa in her while she was holding a baby and they please to not identify the woman but of arrested five hours later at home in san jose a mcdonald was booked into county jail on two misdemeanor counts of domestic violence child endangerment. >> reporter: the development by the city also who created the moral people who actually owned land no one has a definitive plan for hard move toward one thing becoming very obvious cross is becoming hard to
6:32 pm
maintain what is actually running hard to keep the hillside clear debris something needs to be done soon. >> pam: terry veterans and committee came together in san francisco agency here they're all there to honor those the amid the often sacrifice then the urination kron 4 as it was there to. >> reporter: figures in the years the cancer about the bloat all part of the memorial day ceremony at the san francisco national sanitary of presidio as army sergeant of the u.s. labatt team firing of the canon ft symbolizes. in honor of we have a vote we can also if. music >> reporter: led by the 991st marching band from the presidio officers' club here moral they parade. as a moral
6:33 pm
they major-general robert austin burger flex although it drafted to fight in the vietnam war. and he served with or undrafted. >> reporter: 6 for volunteers and then you look at the people on the vietnam wall 73% were or killed were volunteers lost to choose their prescribed of serves as a backdrop for the helicopter fly over provided by the u.s. coast guard during the ceremony when the speaker is honoring the brave men and women making up the five branches the u.s. armed forces there francisco mayor adlai.
6:34 pm
>> pam: as is tradition president of bomb will visited arlington national cemetery to honor those who served and died in battle memorial day in the day to remember the years to gain their lives for nation president later this is lynn that the tune of the unknowns today than they spend moments with their bond fallen heroes the president said this is the first memorial day and 14 years that the united states is not engaged in a major ground war >> reporter: barry white we have slightly warmer weather coming up the next few days working
6:35 pm
hard trying to find a live camera with a little the sunshine on and luckier the san mateo bridge i think that sunshine heading the stand right there we do have some sun and more sun through this week special by thursday friday and other close our for tomorrow crash will clearing in the afternoon but the storm trackers 70 forecast a little bit less fought on wednesday thursday friday becoming mostly sunny with a fast clearing but for tech ventures bayside in the low 70's mid-80s inland and it stays mild warm and the weekend air france flight escorted to n.y. john f. kennedy international airport today an anonymous threat this jet plane as well as three on their roster and commercial airliners all surged. and authorities say that there were a number of other threatening calls around flights. none have been found to be legitimate and they received an anonymous call this morning
6:36 pm
about chemical weapons threat on the air france flight. an fbi says than no workmen were found and no incident. >> catherine: flooding damage in his state is absolutely devastating flash flooding in the central part of the state has damaged or destroyed hundreds of homes now at least three people have died including 14 year-old boy has dog found dead early tonight more than a dozen people missing at community have been told to monitor footballs and new storms helicopters out today rescuing people from homes from cars and one young woman her father on top of his truck to a long time for rescuers to read jim.
6:37 pm
as a: served up a first channel at the station look like and it cannot can beat code it's absolutely massive" >> grant: >> c >> catherine: a state emergency declared in 37 texas counties among the missing mother and her two children. also flooding in oklahoma people trapped by flooding there were also being rescued today >> pam: other data will on the bay area beach 0 will be done with his remains next. >> reporter: red light here and more the next edition of people behaving badly
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6:41 pm
>> grant: h-p lt. jeffrey was not unresponsive and on the surface as today in the waters of salt point state park in sonoma county fellow divers lifeguards paramedics tried to revive read to no avail he joined marine corps' 1980 retiring from the reserve in 2011 rate was hired by the chp 1988 and leaves behind two daughters this marks the fifth person to die in the area since abalone diving season started last month. >> pam: other dead whale washed ashore portuguese this time sonoma county and number that has appeared on bay area beaches in recent months and the 28 ft. juvenile gray whale discovered on sunday it appears to have been dead for quite some time and marine mammal center already taken samples from the will
6:42 pm
likely begin investigating the wells' death tuesday at the earliest after the holiday and they do not have any plans to remove the carcass from the beach. >> pam: what how the lawyers are doing as they try close out the rockets and western conference final and the giants of they are down alone ball lithogenous singles jason has highlights tonight and all the sports jason is next
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> reporter: aristotle in game 4 and they get away from the nba filed in milan and oracle right now our scoreboard says 3725 houston up 22 wires are brought to a little bit of a comeback crowd is the score now? >> c >> grant: between ninth >> reporter: is committed deficit like that in about 24
6:46 pm
minutes if it wanted to. anyway was exactly four years ago today they won their first and only nba championship. >> reporter: for gray head coach l. adelson 25 squad slipped the washington bullets' fourth straight on like this year's warriors team the 75 squad big underdogs that year chattels is still with the lawyers or your organization 51 years and recently reflected on a 75 championship team..
6:47 pm
"target disks the simi all of the tv beckon afford to pay for it sure for four straight games but the use of the same thing on the tv the next day" >> reporter: a voice and their big underdogs and my poll confirms these big underdogs but they did when warriors battling right now up to you throughout the sportscast as grant is standing by. >> reporter: last month a judge as the hottest team in the majors 22 and 10 this april 22nd pick members memorial day today that the affair milwaukee comes in with the worst record in baseball so said a mismatch but inland's a comb and then what have they game today are giving up one home-run to chris davis the second one a solo shot to one bruce bernie birdsong not a slide and bottom fifth grinning crawford is the bobbles a
6:48 pm
grounder hear about will suit up and like a throw bounces that in a nice little place there by brand and all the first to carlos gomez hundred pence bottom fifth the giants still down to one like it plans going to wall but transcanada jars his back and that he'll be fine getting an up and keep playing and a figure in the giants win but meanwhile run will take: succumb and decollating gone for under 74 ft. acquire close out the park her on the radio the burning pervert fury shot and grab that 15 innings for its one run note " the days get a comeback in the sixth and threw it susette the rbi single crawford comes around in the game is tied just like that for for the next batter pinch- hitter the single map of the will come around and beat the throw home as the jazz to delete
6:49 pm
five to four but they were not on the sixth inning the beginning of the year newry and aoki with another rbi single and run to score 64 at giants the giants after underpants' delivers a 21 double they win this game it before they of nine of the last 11 and that's the first time this season the giants have come back from three runs down to win a baseball game. the a's looking for the first and went straight and 47 games and still had won three in rhode knicks castellano the grape that can catch your that's off eric show were pop fly but the day belonged to jesse the a's pitcher in the gaza can over from san diego and derrick morris trade gets help here from the double play the sixth double play with two runners on and
6:50 pm
delete butler gets what they need here a grounder in short it's the second arius safe carcass and in scores when nothing days and then he gets castellano to go out a complete game shutout for a complete game of his career the when the third straight to nothing over detroit hyla the day goes to washington national michael taylor all about leaping catch to rob cubs pitcher of extra. medics with succession just amazing graphics >> reporter: barry's you know back in northern california member of the a's tripoli's team nashville sound the scheduled pitched our night in sacramento at really feel against the river caps and the
6:51 pm
a's farm team for a while but not this year now belong to the giants he is given special jersey with both giants and a's patches 37 year-old was really struggled in the minors batters hitting almost 300 of his you know rocking a 5.29 era so trying to do in the 37 year-old crazy up the specter out in the nfl special when it anything bronson domestic violence the chicago bears defensive lineman rich mcdonald arrested early this morning produced misdemeanors child endangerment courting this sector police mcdonald physically assaulted the victim while she was holding a baby and the bear is the side to give mcdonnell shot after cut by the niners and accused of domestic violence sexual assault and two separate incidents so will be very surprising if mcdonald finds another job in the nfl his legal troubles may just beginning here
6:52 pm
again and venus williams out after round one of the french fellow americans launce stevens the her in a straight 7661 this is the second fastest and last three years ago eliminated in the first round at that rolling beer and then act been sitting here but brett grant what is the school right now of the lawyers came. 55 >> grant: 32 wears down 23. >> reporter: the explosive offense lawyers, one of fire themselves up sometimes and maybe make a game out of it but listen if the ones i've been shot wednesday night at oracle the one at five games. cool >> pam: starts a week a warmup on the way bryan is back with your forecast.
6:53 pm
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"thinking about my daughter. >> reporter: for families and sentences go being squeezed out of the bay area due to the tech boom as a fact housing. what you can do to help >> pam: for our entertainment news at the top of the hour first insider 7:00 followed by entertainment 7¢ 30 color back a kron 4 news 8:00 o'brien is back before go into another check whether because as a holiday set offical start of the workweek. >> reporter: mickle temperatures and have again tomorrow but eventually. through the week it will warm up and we see temperatures: the '70s by the late '80s and lends and then june start sunday and feeling a
6:57 pm
little bit more like the season.
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the "pitch perfect" stars share their vocal warm-up secrets. ♪ one two three for four five ♪ now hollywood from the inside out it is the "insider" together with yahoo!. hollywood's hottest bodies. who's sizzling in their swimsuits. hey, everybody. >> this memorial day we are on the set of history's next miniseries following the massive success of hatfields and mccoys. but today kicks off the unofficial start of summer and that means bikini season. "people" magazine out with its beach bodies issue. >> zac efron has certainly been hot to a very long time but we think his body has gotten to an incredible place. >> he's filming a new movie called "dirty grandpa" and he has been shirtless on set a number of times. we have never seen him looking better. >> zac efron certainly has an impressive body of work.


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