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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 27, 2015 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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male announcer: this is the bay area news station, kron 4 morning news starts now. >>mark: more than a dozen people are dead after severe flooding of look at some of the damage until the has been come in for a real images out of houston to the mysteries in cars so far is killed more than 30 people in texas and mexico on oklahoma list check-in with all law. >>anny hong>>darya >>polo sandoval: weekend storms
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claim lives destroyed homes into raging rivers this is continues for the missing it will record the release texas the town's mayor called it unprecedented. we had a 33 have fled since the that was the highest on record this was stopped at 44 and have. it was still missing along with the two children the stops is floating down the water and tell mom and dad that i love them i love you and frame this the more than 11 in. of rain monday night it puts the city's many bodies over the bank's texas
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governor declared a state of emergency at least 40 texas counties and deploy the national guard to help with recovery he played the response and an answer. in houston tx we've seen in other parts them become firm here in texas no. despite the change unfortunately least 13 people missing and taxes in lebanon them in hays county the oldest is 81 years ago the youngest only for a period >>james: it probably will last until thursday both for and finally comes down satellite a
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rare perspective look down and the state of texas we're talking about to veer to thunderstorms the divide line of red on the leading edge of the system you can see that is where will see the most severe weather it will part will expire sometime wrong 5:00 the rest of this area you see in a dream that is all the flood warnings in effect until saturday it's because they're expecting all the wrong to continue to keep collecting in the low-lying areas that is used in the south of that down toward austin here is a lot of the outside looking out of the bay bridge we have clear visibility but there are once again clouds
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overhead starting a was overcast conditions the difference today is the clause or not nearly as steak and hopefully sooner tim rogers ride down nice and mild 55 to 58 degrees early the when still strong and a smaller house sustained wind in fairfield and the morning breeze a condition to the delta it least for today we're looking for mid-70's in concord of the seven is out there isiac close to the 80 degree mark. >>james: looking for low 60s in downtown san francisco mid-60's across the bay in oakland and and not a 73 to 76 degrees call
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for temperatures to continue climbing into thursday there is a slight chance you could get raindrop or to we're watching that carefully for you a brief little system will corporate quickly we're doing our right conditions are pretty smooth on your approach from oakland and san francisco were also tracking the san mateo bridge conditions last unlike on highway 92 your at the limit this morning to talk over next to the golden gate bridge or were looking at an easy smile the rise of about 101 now will present a problem for marin county into san francisco the final stop the richmond san rafael bridge was down 580 all was well so far
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according to chp but we will let you know if it pops up those slowdown in early morning ride. >>mark: and a bid to bricky new store u.s. nine the fbi investigating to separate and bound flight into sfo last night they landed safely and research the threats were found to be not credible is a similar to an incident and lax earlier in the day yesterday the fbi said someone called in a threat from taiwan to los angeles the plane was searched and then everything was deemed safe the incident see if they're connected back here in the bay area and happening today the golden state warrior
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fans of the houston rockets in game 5 the war is coming of gold is a close-up victory tonight they will take on the cleveland cavaliers in the nba finals he will be live at the arena and said the for tonight's match up. >>mark: the blood of is the mobile home park in paulo out cell is now set to close the city council made the decision last night so the land can be sold the residents are mostly lower in come and they told them that they're being evicted from the city where the cost of rent is growing up with few options available for them to the park is more than a hundred units and about 400 residents the decision is the residents will have to move within the next 30 days more than 100,000 accounts had at the irs with the hacker stole and how the agency is
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responding six people are arrested in switzerland now headed to the united states for trial will say what they're accused of doing. the fall that and one of the bay area is talking a lot after the break we hear from a doctor the says he was lucky his injury was not a lot worse.
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i don't need anything fancy. i never had much to begin with. when i look nice on the outside i feel better on the inside. to help, sleep train is collecting new clothes for kids big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's day a little brighter. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. >>mark: the war is in the rock is they're still talking about the fall in game 4 in houston he was temporarily taken out of the game rather doctors examine his head and neck and was allowed to return to the game with injuries could have been much worse. vicki liviakis: he specializes
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in head and neck and a retired player care for the west coast he's seen the damage after a concussion the first in with the mind that he probably had a concussion he hit the back of his head and then at you could also get get injuries and pensioners he saw the tumble by the warriors star and figured he was a big trouble he believed the team doctor ran the right test of the court to allow him to resume playing there such a big emphasis on concussion and the national football league is difficult for them under a lot of stress to get people back to play to lead to the people play after such an injury will have clear guidelines that we follow and the doctors would not have
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the go back of the day did not really feel like it was ok he that of his doctors. >>james: we're tracking weather around the bay will also talk about temperature this afternoon for details straight ahead.
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>>mark: another day of heavy drizzle or around the bed that may blue continue. >>james: there is some relief on the horizon by probably tomorrow will start to get more into the springtime pattern will have this morning fog and clouds burn off a little bit quicker than it has been is the lingering in off the court with me in the afternoon the that is all set to change beginning today a lot of the outside showmen as the overcast conditions i will let you know they're in a chain letter on
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this money as a result mild at the moment 55 and open 58 down the san jose and 53 san francisco everyone pretty much in the low to mid 50 degree range would expect those to the to start warming up a little bit sooner because they were accepting the cloud it is when the once again will let you know up in the delta fare still total about an hour sustained when it counted 13 in oakland alyssum the strongest winds will sing at the moment. >>james: temperatures in the inland ease the bay about 3:00 the forecast will looking for 79 in antioch possible '80s near brentwood very warm day expected in the del some of its upper seven is in the livermore valley would 73 in danville 72 in san ramon and they're comfortable on the creek look for 75 to 76 degrees the rest of the bay area equally warm response in the
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south bay 75 in san jose a day of low to mid '70's across the north bay san francisco's downtown 62 oakland coming in at 66. the temperatures are a little bit warmer than they were yesterday the warm-up beginning today and probably accelerating as we had as a third and friday and into saturday will have thursday to above and a little bit more friday were getting into a is saturday will hold on to the great looking we can with what to call it off just a touch on sunday a system to the north bank could start on by giving the north bay a shot at sprinkle sunday monday but then it is gone and back to warmer temperatures by the end of next week that is the forecast. >>james: as you can see the ride on westbound 80 oakland to san francisco moving find the will force of the issues and given over to the san mateo bridge
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highway 92 to tell lies on the right-hand side the commute direction no reports of any problems that is an easy ride popping up to the golden gate bridge so far so good 101 stop looking alright still have not been reconfigured for the morning commute we would expect at zippered truck to come up sometime in the the our the final stop for a the richmond san rafael bridge was down 580 again a few had lights and shot it is an easy ride no delays no backups as you can get out the door anytime soon it will be a good shot to get your going. >>mark: a man accused of killing a mother and child in the drive under the influence child then was there and spoke with the family of the victims.
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>>dan kerman: police said the mother and daughter were killed three weeks ago when an allegedly driver speeding through livermore jumped a curb and slammed into them she was a kind of person she was a hard worker the family and dozens of the supporters canether at the county courthouse and the more talk to demand justice will blood alcohol level was 0.14 is charged with two counts of murder and to cost of driving under the influence of the
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attorney says the tragic as this case is it is not a murder case he did not enter a plea he remain locked up in the county jail will be back in court to enter a plea on june 16th. >>mark: amtrak said they plan to start selling in would facing cameras to avoid a train the camel will be install between boston and washington the same line where a train derailed two weeks ago in philadelphia killing eight people and injuring 200 the camera would show was going on inside of the cab of the triumph currently at the have cameras in a word the goal is too densely get the in were facing him on all the trains. >>mark: changes coming to cleveland police department acted upon major problems.
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>>reporter: bold words from the mayor of cleveland as see injustice the parma officials laid out plans to change the way the city police offer rates the dissent decree announced tuesday followed a scathing report from the u of j. the pattern of excessive force and civil rights violations by department. when it changes in use of force policies prioritizing more diversity in the force and a commitment to buy its replacing is an agreement that gives us an attraction to implement a comprehensive reform that demonstrators against the police brutality was still the streets. they marched to show our rage they welcome the promise of
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change and they're still waiting for the outcome of the rise investigation that could escalate in charges on fire. >>mark: more than a hundred thousand people with the personal information stolen from irs data base by rest had to cabanas of the agency's all my get a transcript service was a lot deeper down though several years attack was certain that all forms of personal information they claim the tax refund of 15,000 people they disable the transfer of service agency blames the sophisticated organized crime is reaching out to the victims and offering to pay for credit protection services. >>mark: the giants tried to keep
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rolling their for the winning streak for four games to have pilots after the break technical live look at the bay bridge toll plaza like traffic on this wednesday morning on the when shows like hours required?
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>>mark: the giants and milwaukee taking on the brewers the giants on the board in the first inning with a home run and than in the fourth inning but giants busted the game wide open and scores clear runs in the inning by matt duffy that was more than enough office for madison baumgartner of the giants stole the when with the final six to three san francisco the morning baseball the first pitch is that 1040. that is a looking to make it for in the role each rate was too
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much for the a's to handle--the shor the trade missio >>mark: know this morning swiss police arrested six top officials on corruption charges during an overnight raid 14 officials are to be named in an indictment they're conducted as well members of the body reaction from election. according to did release the names of the official source arrested the suspect is backed by bribes and kickbacks $100
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million from the early nineties until now still ahead more on this plane then made an emergency landing at lax last night will have the latest details of that would allow us to play and a little girl who may be in danger by the chp is looking for the driver to live look from the san mateo bridge like traffic so far on this wednesday morning forcing a pretty heavy drizzle and spots around the bend.
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>>mark: the river in central texas to the southwest of austin during the like a storm of the rescue workers pulled third by from reverie yesterday a number of people killed in texas and holiday weekend
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another 11 people remained missing southwest of austin eight of them were on vacation in the vacation home that was pulled away by floodwaters on sunday that invest in the stress of two separate and on flights last night they landed safely it was found to not be credible the fbi said someone called in the press yesterday afternoon from taiwan's los angeles they're working to determine if the incident and lax and as a folk are connected to the golden state warriors tradition of the houston rockets in game 5 the war is coming off in game 4 in houston getting to sweep the golden state for up to victory tonight and sit on the cleveland cavaliers.
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>>james: it is overcast it but we have the clout of their once again there are some drizzle and spot i did run into as much of it this morning the drizzle is going to be a little lighter for you which is nice temperatures still very mild and the winds also still out there we have gone conditions and terms of the winds and temperatures adjutancy in oakland is the average every one may be a degree artur below the march 52 and san francisco and san jose once again wicking to mild temperatures but when still breezy out in the delta
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was fairfield looking at 21 to 20 mi. an hour sustained winds of oakland 30 mi. an hour sustained winds at times the breeze picks up l r look up throughout the day today i will tell you it is changing that so much of what western when it is more rubble direction changing the touch of the more nor that went against the warmer it will get it is will we will expect a little warmer 78 they're 79 and the almaden valley 72 sunnyvale and cupertino and in mountain view to a red cross and one degrees and model to ms. savage to the couple of the upper '70's in the south bay. >>james: 75 in conference 76 for
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pleasanton if you hit the highway for tort antioch in brentwood pushing up against the 80 degree mark were looking for 8180 to possibly 83 degrees for place lybrand were discovered they those communities out there and the delta no. they 73 to 76 there is the extended outlook thursday will want to warm it up still more so for friday and hold on to a nice summer life for test will let you know if it does turn into anything we will want that for your day-by-day will have a nice ride on westbound 80 know problems hitting from oakland into san francisco and the same can be said for the san mateo bridge
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the right hand side the tell lies that is the rest about commute no problems headed from a wood out of foster setting with which chipping in aisle 101 out lawrence county so far so good checking with chp no issues from from santa rosa down to san francisco so far so good nothing getting in your way one final stop for the richmond san rafael bridge as you can see cricket crickets there was one set of headlights is been an easy ride across the span no delays expected will let you know of anything does pop up. >>mark: sea its be looking for car last seen on the bay bridge a young girl spotted and a car may have been in danger she was screaming and struggling inside of the car. >>charles clifford: they pass
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westbound through the bay bridge toll plaza he was blamed driven by a black male in his 60s with gray hair and a full beard a black female and their '40's or 50's sitting in the passenger seat warmer of multicolored scarf as a pastor also applies the bay and noticed the child sitting between the two adults in the middle of other such a council of the vehicle was a young child 9 to 12 years of age female african-american with short hair crying and screaming the toll taker was concerned of the call was about this incident the highway patrol said they did not know for sure the child was in danger but they believe as it was a huge was the it for investigation will to locate the vehicle and the driver and passenger in the juvenile and do a check of the juvenile to make sure that she is all right sea its tree says there were no license plates on the blazer but it did have several distinguishing features
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that someone might recognize of the back of the vehicle in the rear window and the lower right corner there was what they called into three operating parliament but for sectors across with stickers and the back of the vehicle and in front of the blazer also had a couple of to after market flights on that. >>mark: the fight continues and antioch to save of the love of preschool attended by nearly 300 low income children equipped caprice will allow shut down by the end of june because the lease is running out of the committee got to speak with members of the city council and try and find a solution about two dozen pairs teachers and students asked about fighting a new place to move so far they
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have not from the location for the school will keep you updated as needed the information tragedy for young married couple vacationing the wife dying after her bicycle struck the side of about shut it happened just before 2 yes the afternoon she was coming to the driveway when she collided with the truck carboxyl the will issues for knobs that of the same part of the land behind the side of the accident the have not release the identity of the couple will the name of the truck driver. >>mark: was airlines like making an emergency landing at lax there was a concern that the fire had broken out in the cargo hold direct order of the play after he says a activated in the car rolled the fire department went to the plan on the ground and determined that there were no actual fire that could not
4:37 am
find any sign of the blaze still ahead death threats since the fifth to greta cell phone you would never guess who set the we will have details.
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[♪♪♪] ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ gonna have a look around ♪ ♪ now is the time ♪ ♪ i started flyin' ♪ ♪ both feet off of the ground ♪ ♪ head in the sky ♪ ♪ eyes open wide ♪ ♪ happy to look around ♪ >>mark: is helping people with speech this ability to communicate our tech reporter visited a young boy who showed how the new device has changed his life for the better.
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>>gabe slate: look at the smile broadened can now tell jokes using this device called the novacek he is terrible palsies so he has no cause of test and perilous but his physical impairment which affect a lot of his motor skills to the motor skills necessary for speech. it is a modified phone or tablet with a speaker system running special software the icons and pictures for everything by tapping them you can say one word or form sentences he just turned five years ago decided read my kids and technology is
4:41 am
crazing he told we figured out how to use it cannot talk to they're are freeloading image tile on the device for almost everything he could think of the customizes and add any name other place to name any way you want you can add it as an on a high note he has won more joke. . >>mark: apple surpassing google
4:42 am
for the world's most reliable brand that increases volume by 67 percent over the past year as the company has continued to promote its products globally especially the apple 62 was a $47 billion the brand is made and how the 7 4 billion the top 10 include microsoft at&t arise and and mcdonald's. still had checking the forecast for you here was a quick look at where temperatures are pretty mild but we will have a complete check coming up in just a minute.
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>>james: we want to start off with a live look at the golden gate bridge just as we thought it was the zipper trucked out and about reconfiguring the land to the morning ride that is what is happening on the deck itself it is overcast for the weather but it is not as thick and as
4:45 am
widespread as it was yesterday therefore were looking for to ask you burn off move off break up a little bit sooner than it did yesterday warmer temperatures this afternoon at the moment nice and mild cool but not that we're talking mid- 50s bay area by 58 in san jose 55 in oakland 56 in san francisco appear 57 for concord and livermore very mild to start the winds are still fairly strong out in the delta we have the clock when 1 mi. an hour sustained offensive of picking a 50 mi. an hour sustained winds in oakland but everywhere else is doing all right let's talk about the temperatures for this afternoon a quick look at the forecast for san francisco and the grand peninsula san francisco next not at 62 degrees downtown financial district if you get over to ocean beach it will be cool for your 57 there upper 50s for you it will be on the bay side of
4:46 am
the peninsula however if illiterate warmer 64 expected in san ramon 60 in san sale in the low 70's as you head down for redwood city in palo alto and warmer still was to make it would fully down to the south bank here was what we're expecting by the way in the south bank 7 live in san jose could warm to near 80 as you head down to gilroy or the on an invalid in the east a 75 for concord 762 presence and if you be on the delta however warmer for you 79 to 83 essentially for some locations and another 7376 on hold while the four of the three to 5 degree jump from yesterday's numbers and keep warm the as yet to thursday and friday there was what it looks like for you the 7 day around the bay forecast thursday friday saturday one of to low eighties for the illinois high and getting to the upper 60s low seventies for the base i commending a great looking forecast in december what to feel more summerlike from the
4:47 am
bank again today that is good news for you. >>james: no hot spots an easy ride so far as to start off the bridge check we have westbound 80 moving well no delays of the tollgates and easy commute across the span this morning from here the jump over to highway 92 the volume is picking up as the scene of the course of the last hour but moving at a pretty good bridge across the span a reported delays either the toll plaza on the foster suicide next as jump to the 1 01 ride a marin county was saw the zipper trout moving on and reconfiguring the morning commute at this point a handful of headlines and southbound into san francisco so far so good the transit across that bridge ala not bad december sale or richmond san rafael bridge your 580 wide respond is nonexistent. if you won an easy commute hours the time to get out the door will have more weather and
4:48 am
traffic. >>mark: she is in for a child safety after she discovered that threats she says disturbing threats and section is listed messages she says was sent to her daughter from another student through the social media site kick. >>reporter: is similar to a private chat room with a use of the share messages via the photograph with several other people at one time on the smart phone shift from the messages on the family cell phone last week the messages came from another 11 year-old mark twain elementary school in sacramento
4:49 am
the class may also message and inappropriate photograph the messages also adds a daughter and others to engage in sex acts of the kids would address as well she's not the only $1 toll to the form sexual activities in is to grasp of the television was she saw them she immediately to the child out of school and reported the incident to the principle the district is now investigating is more than a week since the child walk on campus. >>mark: he had been arrested for murder and we've been looking for henry for two months he was once in the shooting death of
4:50 am
the to men that held a to fly in a letter they're found in mexico yesterday just across the border from el paso texas that our federal investigators the fbi of the $25,000 reward for information leading to his arrest of life changing loan for a california high school senior they thought the news crew was intruder on her english class to get footage but she knew something was the reason for the jenny came in and started talking about her missing is one of 10 students across the state chose a for a $20,000 scholarship from to five years the money is a huge boost for family who came in from china in 2008. when you apply to more
4:51 am
the number of schools shed decide said on mit what she wants to become a mechanical engineer more than 4000 students applied for the pg&e scholarship will the show on? he molested the rose as a teenager not advertisers are pulling their support. >>reporter: more trouble for the data family and the reality show 19 kids and counting at least for advertisers now was wrong the support of the shell including general mills choice hotels pale the shoe stores and walgreen's several petitions have change call for tlc to cancel the series not helping matters for the family and oak of the world on notice of the
4:52 am
time nobble enviro-making incest joke in 2008 about have to take his brother and sister on a movie date with his then fiancee some of the latest fallout after reports that jos the 27 year-old otis child was accused of molesting several girls nickel and some of his siblings starting a new 14 obtaining a 2006 spring door to door police report that called it forestalls fondling one of the victims may have been as young as five years old the police say joshed confesses father who the apparently waited more than a year before contacting authorities instead they said they told elders at the church and receive counseling although according to the magazine that was contradicted by his wife michelle hall said in a minute to police that he did not receive counseling and instead have been sent to a family friend who was in the home
4:53 am
remodeling business in a statement he acted inexcusably with the scandal growing tlc has suspended the show and has not said whether it will return at all. >>mark: 6 is not reached by 2:00 this afternoon we have tried hard to reach an agreement but will continue to negotiate without fair and equitable treatment local tv stations when a bill to the scene is to provide top-quality new sports and the same and other local programming we have more information on this story if you learn about alternate pay tv providers this is online. we will be right back.
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>>mark: knobs of sea birds of the calls are being killed to the tech endangered salmon they started this controversial operation over the weekend and call for shooting out of double crested birds off the east san highland the operation is designed to detect salmon with other birds never snapped efficient and the area support what they're doing what they're calling the move for barbaric. w four barn and and as f.w. are some of the words and phrases that now is the part of the english language that at 1700 words to his latest on the bridge dictionary a growing
4:57 am
trend of the global pact coltrane coming up that live at oracle for game 5 matchup between the water is in the houston rockets as the cleveland cavaliers to wait. the company responsible for the oil spill off the santa barbara coast to help with a clean and we will be right back.
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>>george: very quiet so far great start to the morning commute. >>james: web on to the filling the different temperatures he upped the sunshine will be a little more pleasant this
5:01 am
afternoon the one of really begin to maar and friday but we will fill the beginning today here is what looks like live outside the san francisco international airport camera is still the cloud cover at the so many of the airports are been reflected all to but that is what we have at the moment no delays at the airport will let you know if that changes to this is what will start off with the id like our the start of school the pick of the camilla lot of people out door at the point clouds and light as a potentially once again today temperatures will be allowed to mid-50s as it was yesterday will the for sunshine and temperatures will be in the upper 50s by the bay low 7 is already at that point by 3:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon sunny and suddenly warmer mid-60s by the bay of a '70s to may be a low 80 or 2 as we head into the deep inland valley. >>james: i will get as more detail with my fourth check of the forecast coming up
5:02 am
temperatures at the moment like i said nice and mild when i come back i will have an extended outlook. >>george: a great morning for a ride around the they will not tracking any hot spot nazi in the incident led not to be concerned about this all with a look at the bay bridge ride westbound reckon this is our great no problems all across the span all the reproach the same is true for the san mateo bridge highway 92 ride with the six will conditions this is the right side of is the commutes' side where traffic is heading westbound the trip to and from marin county the of the golden gate bridge not tracking any problems or delays and heading into marin via the richmond bridge a look at the toll plaza arise shows very light traffic that is why we attracted such a line drive times of eight minutes into san rafael speaking of drive times their few
5:03 am
hercules to bird looks great at just 11 minutes an easy trip to the altamont pass this morning at under 30 minutes a quick trip for the 238 to 237 ride on 880 southbound just wanted to minutes from san leandro to milpitas. >>darya: the golden state warriors with a is off the houston rockets in game 5 in the western conference finals come off loss to houston the golden state to pull a victory this time at home tonight. >>will tran: unlike the other games this one should be crazy because of the oakland a's are playing at 1235 the parking lot on to orders at 1:00 the at encouraging people to show up by but do not drive but if you do the first because the cars will get the gold is the worker flagon and one which shows will get tickets--t-shirts they're
5:04 am
still available they just got released by the nba that will be released over the next couple of minutes or so the next time you see me and i know people have time and they really like it will play another round of selling the tickets that he cannot afford we will bounce or lawn or call and let you know that they said after game 3 had not expect to be here in game 5 because we blew out the houston rockets but we lost game 4 they said thank goodness steph curry is ok he should be ready to go for tonight's game. >>mark: of the deadly storm ripped through the south are now
5:05 am
headed east we have video of the cleanup underway in central texas it planned to enlist allied with that of letting by oklahoma and mexico as well or to the border hundreds of homes other wash away the sense continues this morning to find those who are missing 11 are still unaccounted for in his country texas topless of boston it is a war on vacation home that was led away by flood water of women who sister was in that home that a from called as the storm hit the house is floating down the water. and it tell mom and dad that i love i love you and play. >>mark: the storm brought more than 11 in. of rain in the houston area on monday night the declared a disaster emergency and in these 40 texas countiestexas >>darya: the fbi is investigating threats made to
5:06 am
separate inbound flights as of all astolat they were searched and threats were found to be not credible but still a scary situation the latest of series of threats against airlines the past few days and jackie is headed over to sfo read now to get reaction and have more details and a live report in the next 30 minutes. >>mark: a young girl was spotted in a car passing over the bay bridge this weekend and may have needed help and have been allowed a third less saturday night that pass through the toll plaza as the laser pass through the notice the child down 9 to 12 years old sitting in the council screaming struggling and crying that are concerned and call please the sea its tree is not sure the child was in danger of the incident was unusual enough to warrant further investigation will want
5:07 am
to locate the vehicle and the driver and passenger in the juvenile and do a welfare check of the juvenile and make sure the sheik is ok. there benjamin by a black male their license plate on the car bird on the back window that was a temporary guy department and in front of the car at 2 after market like to. >>darya: reforms are in store for cleveland's police and activists wonder if the changes are going to be enough and after the break keep your car safe or a string of car break-ins and the east of they had people our age this morning.
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my new summer meal's got eight pieces of chicken, a large coleslaw baked beans with pulled chicken, 4 biscuits and a half gallon of dole classic lemonade. you see what i'm talkin' about? it's still finger lickin' good.
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>>darya: a rise in vehicle break is in downtown lafayette not far from the bart station and the elementary school take a look at the smack it shows you where there have been break and and
5:11 am
just the past 30 days most of the car lot and the crux break and and and there was no pattern to really when it is having a day or night the best bet is to park in a populated well lit area and do not leave anything visible in your car is stolen from the east bay church officials that the motive is watching what from the bay area this morning another day of heavy drizzle secure from the golden gate will have more on clearing and the one of the head.
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>>james: it all begins we have some light weather on track is still i was just that morning cloudy and cool little drizzle not as much as is today this is
5:15 am
a list the outside right now a little cloudy of the drizzle was not near as bad as it was yesterday i did not have to use the wipers collected a little on the windshield but evaporated a much milder start this morning the temperature is also my at have san jose 50 right now near six is a pair of 55 for oakland san francisco 56 in concord 57 and the more that is the car temperature conditions at the moment we have breezes affect the 21 mi. an hour sustained winds of autumn the 14th and oakland it will be gusty and spot said francisco san jose antioch you have guessed it was for 20-25 model our be ready for that the winds will be kicking it once again temperature this afternoon that in real life and this is nice and warm 75 to
5:16 am
maybe even 82 all of the delta 75 for san jose will have 66 of callosities was san francisco come to be slightly warmer in wine country here is what we have read now 7 day around the bay forecast and continue to warm it up as we headed to thursday and friday looking pretty good with a lot of the inland communities and fried into saturday a great looking weekend ahead chance of a sprinkler. >>george: great traffic conditions we are not tracking any hot spots or slow spots the drive from the baylor star with a look at the ride here at the bay bridge toll plaza an easy trip as you can see coming in from the macarthur maze with no delays in the cash land or the fast track laying the high which
5:17 am
was for part-time 11 minutes into downtown san francisco from here to 92 and the san mateo bridge also a good writer we're not tracking any delay is now coming out of a word of the 11 minute trip time is good from 88092 interchange all the way to san the sale of 1 01, and the golden gate bridge a smooth trip here problem free as expected early morning hours with no delays in marin county also a good trip time into marin the the richmond bridge very slight traffic here not much in the way it an accidental as we are incident free across as an look at all of the grange on the trip from hercules to berkeley that is why it is just an 11 to 12 minute trip your internet drive looks good this morning a typical slowing as you head through anti got with the ride out the pittsburgh-based. will pass and the top looks great 19
5:18 am
miniature trip time san ramon valley 580 westbound and six '80s out looks good list at the drive times the 20 minutes south on 680 from dublin down to fremont. >>mark: a missing woman out of company this morning and please ask for your help to find a 72 year-old was a blessing in 6:00 last night at her home she suspended along five-foot said she has helped problems and does not have access to vehicles or mobile phone she has been known to visit churches in the area. >>darya: the city council is taking more time to discuss discuss rent increase in apartment complex people living at 1030 of to the street in lafayette a worried because they said that the price of their places we talk to management but we have not gotten a response
5:19 am
that one of is the mobile home park in paulo also is set to close down the city council made a decision last night and said a land can be sold liz's feel they're being evicted from the city where the cost of land is growing and there are few options left for them it has more than a hundred units and about 400 people live there that decision means that although people are going to move and find someplace else to live in the next 30 days. >>mark: the jesus statue was taken from the transfiguration catholic church in castro valley the statute was bought nine years ago the church leaders said this source of comfort for persons the bronze statue of what is made out of may be a factor of what they stole it. >>darya: he was in court
5:20 am
yesterday brian jones is charged to two counts of murder and felony driving under the influence he lost control of his car and crashed into an apartment complex to early this month the crash killed the woman and her 41 old daughter the two were killed also to other children were hurt family members from outside the courthouse adjutancy demanding justice douglas said it was a tragic accident. we want to make sure that we establish as much as possible that this results from this accident from or not a murder he was charged with two counts of murder and two counts of driving under the influence alcohol level was twice the legal limit. >>mark: major changes in store for cleveland police after a federal report from problems
5:21 am
with an apartment the mayor and a just as a department level of they include the intervention in change of the force policy the changes following a report from the doj and found a pattern of a cecil force by cleveland please the protesters were still waiting for the outcome of the investigation and sentenced to escalate if charges are not filed a huge and killed by clinton police last november he did i get medical attention to several minutes after the shooting at the fight continues to say it's a big area preschool from being shut down at 530 we have details on what is being done to try and keep those kids from having to find a new place to learn after the break the sports world is what the by
5:22 am
arrest at the top of the biggest dr. organization on the planet we will have details next a live look at the approach to the bay bridge and easy ride oakland is 55 degrees i today 65.
5:23 am
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♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ gonna have a look around ♪ ♪ now is the time ♪ ♪ i started flyin' ♪ ♪ both feet off of the ground ♪ ♪ head in the sky ♪ ♪ eyes open wide ♪ ♪ happy to look around ♪
5:25 am
>>darya: $100 of people had a personal information stolen from the irs database the event of a disease get transcripts service which allows you to download several years of tax return has downloaded information which you have any address of security the use the information the planned tax refund about 15,000 people that iras are offering to pay for credit protection services to those affected. >>mark: that likely to face
5:26 am
charges and filed new york later on today they're testing to officials on corruption charges during overnight and gather for an election. >>jackie sissel: at the airport would tell you what the fbi is saying about those threats coming up in a live report. >>james: to purchase or down ice and mild i will be back the clock about how much warmer we will get as we were awake through the weekend.
5:27 am
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5:29 am
>>darya: it is going to be a different day when we wind up this afternoon. >>james: live sfo fiscal international airport so far we're doing ok is unconditional reports of any delays at the airport we're watching very carefully to settle at do not to get at 551 we almost there in you to see the sky is beginning to britain just a bit will live there will seem a bit like we did guest labor hour delay of arriving flights may be similar conditions will have to wait and see if some of the weather this will weaken expect the pick of the camille a lot of people want to be out in about look for low to mid '50's at that point this
5:30 am
morning was less of a drizzle of there for you but you could run and the office of the '60s by the bad by 3:00 the 4:00 this afternoon read on to get into upper 70's is not low eighties for some inland spots. >>george: with a to still look at the nimitz freeway is not want to clear until 6:00 this morning is only costing you
5:31 am
about the door about ride is not will take liddy to all for this morning is starting to build and a cash plan for the west about ride but still good to you as is the ride on 92 december to a bridge delivery for the west about ride this traffic is not what we call the cab will announce the new direction for a trip to the golden gate bridge agree ride still in said free as well as the lead free to run countess' outbound and tracking the ride to marin county the the richmond bridge look at it like traffic approaching the pope was will
5:32 am
take a closer look a was going on in the south bay. >>mark: the fbi investigating threats made into to flights that were headed into sfo last night we brought you breaking news both planes landed safely but still in the latest of a string of threats >>jackie sissel:. 2 is in a row will be seen through its we did have a first last night the fbi is investigating threats made to it to international inbound flights adding to sfo the redeemed not a credible after the search the officials would not be specific about the nature of those threats made to the plane as i said that although not credible
5:33 am
at to the incident that made threats against the airline and that not telling us was airline it was the top of the trial was an accident they were concerned about this letter and the other threat made in the last of days. they're investigating whether or not these threats are connected to the threat made yesterday at lax against eve the airline that plane landed safely in research nothing was found on board on a to talk about a string of
5:34 am
threads that written threats made on memorial that >>jackie sissel: against the airlines obviously concerned to the fbi and the continue to investigate as to get more information on the specific threats and what those threats are if we will pass along. >>darya: committee leaders and antioch are fighting to keep a preschool from shutting down the problem started early this year when the school was told that the lease was running out to the school is not final and the press ought to read and they will close on july 1st and went to the city council yesterday here they are pleading to find a solution. lasorda nemesis it
5:35 am
opens it and another school i but the necessity will be aligned a process will keep of and in canada's what the school. >>mark: that must produce them out the door irrigation system to just a quarter of the $2.30 water usage goes to a violent the measure will be a bill twice the current water rate the new conservation efforts required people to reduce and low water usage to 10% below the 2013 usage committee that is packed was required to reduce their usage. the company said it is
5:36 am
unclear when it might start 10,000 gal. of oil it water have been recovered from the ocean the bar to work as planned along the coastline that created a tense 1 mi. slick in the ocean after the onshore pipeline ruptured may 19th san the oriole into the water this is 13 birds mostly brown pelicans a marine mammals including dolphins and sea lions were found dead. police a loss of to look for parol burglars broke into home early this month. >>darya: from inside of the home you can see the man that come and put these on and start looking around that maybe 15 to
5:37 am
18 years old the came in through a window in the back of the house until they got and they left with a duffel bag full of things electronics injuring. rob black >>mark: more than $3 billion was spent on services to help homeless people between 2007 and 2012 and average of about 50 million a year of medical care the county averages around 3000 homeless residents a year with a homeless person averaging $83,000 in committee and county services after the deadly train derailment that have been selling new features how are they keeping a close eye on the conductors since the crash and we will be back with more weather and traffic as well.
5:38 am
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>>george: a quick check of traffic for you here is the change as the me realize the bay bridge have been activated system and the back of the ride ride out of the 880 over crossing it will of course continue to grow the current track time as to get out the door the next few minutes to get to the bridge will be 60 minutes west bound into san francisco. >>mark: amtrak is adding to plan on installing inward fixing cameras aboard the train the first term will be installed and no. it's quarter boston and
5:41 am
washington the same with this terrell to settle in philadelphia killing eight and injured more the 200 the camera to show was come on inside of the cab and trying that only camels facing hours they say it would insulate the have the in were freezing cameras on all the trains. >>james: 04 forecast to talk of the east bay this up by the peninsula this hour it was a quick glimpse of the zone forecasts for the norplant again looking for a lot of men 7476 and apple said it would apply loss 73 in santa rosa. when caret crangs t,ali cathinabou getng rief. onlyicorte mi haa pateed fastissoing rmul it startto rievesudd crangs st. i ner kn whei'llneedelie
5:42 am
that'shy inly oosenicotte ni.
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5:44 am
>>mark: the devastation in texas how big big blue to you
5:45 am
to or bad said and how is apologizing.
5:46 am
>>james: high percentage of the tool box 79 to 80 degrees at a for a good number of the delta committee and to have bread world and discovery back all right fair and seven in nine to 83 degree range for will apply to list and is priced 6:00 tonight and mid-60's costs as it is the endicott our dusty. but it will and cupertino and of in
5:47 am
morgan hill here is a storm tracker 4 7 day around the bay forecast the beginning of a warm-up will increase and more so for friday and the confirmed temperatures to settle in the low 80s it will fill a lot like summer time around the bay. >>george: we are taking a look at what is going on in the nimitz freeway in oakland this is not look like the freeway this looks like it to say 580 and the westbound direction the right look great isn't a minute trip time as you head westbound this is coming out of richmond and there are no delays along the richmond parkway from the richmond parkway as you head out toward highway 101, and connect in san rafael. as a you're ride
5:48 am
on highway 80 westbound leading to the bay bridge for the san mateo bridge with a problem free in the west about ride here is a trip leading south from the more ran head winds down toward the toll plaza the total lifetime memory and is still at 23 minutes and less head down to the south of that the montague
5:49 am
expressway is just under 20 minutes. >>darya: we let me more about a former los angeles police officer who was arrested for murder in have been looking for henry for two months he was one in the shooting death of mr. rodriquez and march to identify a bar and a recounting they're found in mexico yes the just across the border from an oppressive taxes that are for the $25,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. >>mark: happen today they're expected to say whether not they're running for president the former u.s. senator appearing at an event in his home town in pennsylvania earlier this month seeking to fox news his city will make his plan know today if the second to mitt romney in the presidential
5:50 am
nomination race president obama will have to wait to put his emigration reforms into place the appeals court denied a request by the justice department to implement the executive orders it will allow teens and young adults born outside the u.s. would raise it to apply to live and work legally 26 states and taxes are charging action in the district court judge has blocked from taking effect. >>darya: apple has surpassed the will to become the most viable brand in the world the supporters of the annual ranking of the world's most viable brand apple has increased in value by 67 percent off just in the past year as apple continues to promote its product globally is brand is now valued at $247 billion to the meantime global is valued at a hundred and 74 billion others in the top 10 include microsoft at&t horizon
5:51 am
and mcdonald's. >>mark: the giants and milwaukee ticket on the brewers the giants but to this game wide open scoring three home runs by mike duffy the giants want to win the final six to three going for the site this morning for the first page 1040 in the morning our time the a is looking to make it for in a row against the tigers but it was too much for the a's to handle if the tigers scored one run and that was all they would need special up a is for sunny seven innings >>darya: cable subscribers away broad been formally astound i was always contracts to carry it expires at 2:00 today 2:00 p.m.
5:52 am
in the agreement is reached by then wait subscribers you would not be able to watch our new station will continue to negotiate without fair at all a big local tv stations would be allowed to provide news and a segment that is most important to you for further information you can go to our web site let's take a peek at the temperatures would storm track four snowstorms and scientists another great start to the morning a little bit of a war right now mid-50s for everyone will be back with more and a couple of minutes.
5:53 am
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>>james: places like the delta san francisco and down in san jose to consider gust of was appointed 25 m.p.h. it will be
5:56 am
pretty long lasting from about noontime all the way to a 11:00 tonight we're expecting gusty conditions that is the commerce situation i will have a full forecast coming up in just a minute the english language is getting some new words that adding 1700 new words to its dictionary. >>darya:wtf nfsw photobomb >>darya: we make the word out of letters some additions are more serious like: a collapses order
5:57 am
inexplicable become a lame duck which is a growing trend that happens the threaten global agriculture
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