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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  May 27, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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male announcer: this is the bay area news station, kron 4 morning news starts now. >>darya: we have a new twist to a picture of a has met team you concede there been called to check a southwest flight heading to chicago there was a strange smell reported--hazmat this is a picture of the emergency response is happening right now in the person who took this route that the baxter being unloaded from the plane taken off of the plane tried to get more information on the situation as well it does not appear at this point that the situation is connected to the threats there were made against sfo would tell you about this morning.
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>>mark: the rest against to flights coming into san francisco both planes landed safely is the scare situation it will turn out to be hoaxes. >>jackie sissel: i am at the international terminal as a vote on the other side of the airport from where that has meant situation is going but obviously they are still looking into a threat made to two airlines that are headed toward sfo not according to the zeroth year of investigation the fbi they say yes today last night they received a threat to two and #lines there were heading into sfo now both of those planes landed safely at as several and research after this is the fbi said that those threats were not credible. they're not telling us
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exactly what the threats were but they are taking them seriously they're not even telling us exactly what airlines they were searching i had a chance of the travelers many of the people i spoke with did not even know about this but the big question is when you hear about these threats before or after do you change your travel plans? >>: think they have uncovered a is for the security in the check goes along with the threat was but i don't change anything >>jackie sissel: to visit were you? >>: no not really it does have to go for it. >>jackie sissel: they're investigating whether not these threats are connected to the threats made against cbs is in
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yesterday and at lax now the eve the airline was able to land, it was also searched nothing was found on that that was a bomb threat apparent against that airline they yield 10 different airlines that were threatened on memorial day obviously there is a string of these threats being made the fbi continues to investigate will have a call into the tea as a right now are hoping that some point lead on this morning they can basically give us some more information on what the threats were in exactly what they're doing to prevent more of these from coming in as a developing story as it get more information will pass along. >>darya: the store is a kind of is but one lives since the weekend in the search continues right now to find those people who are still missing after the storms went to texas and
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oklahoma and mexico a second look in some live pictures now out of dallas there are concerns about this possibly breaking. >>polo sandoval: it is now teetering on the edge of the concrete wall this morning the emotional and a process expected to resume yet again yesterday we drove to a neighborhood of this tiny town many people laying out their belongings the cleanup is underway with a claim lives and destroyed homes its quarterly texas the town called on president said.
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hundreds of homes were washed away including a cabin where an entire family had gathered for the holiday weekend. >>polo sandoval: the house is floating down the water and tell mom and dad that i love some thefts i love you surf and pride to the east the storm had misused and what saw more than 11 in. of rain monday night it puts the city's many values over the bank the governor declared a state of emergency he also deploy the national guard to help with the covering he prays the response to the disaster was he texans respond by coming together helping each other we see that in houston tx we stated in other parts of the state and
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at least 12 weather-related deaths have been confirmed in texas so far this morning there is concern that the number and can he is bound to go with 13 people missing we're now learning that the oldest of them hate lawyers old recording in central texas this morning. >>darya: even all the wet weather has passed the part of taxes they have the deep for the tax along time to finally move. >>james: getting into louisiana we have pictures coming out of their but as we pushed and we will see the heavy rain shower.
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the flood warning in effect for eastern texas until saturday scare in the bay area it is not near as bad obviously we have gray skies overhead light drizzle and hours of debate temperature the mild weather still looking in the mid fifties for the current our with temperatures woman to near 64 by the bay low seventh and temperatures during the afternoon is a little bit warmer 78 for the inland valley with 65 by the bank. >>james: their response that could be in the upper '70's look for that i will break that down with detail, and 15 minutes. but handed over to minutes >>george: where starting at the
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back of for some time been into the macarthur maze were the drive time thankfully have been holding below 25 minutes for most approaches to the span for the '92, drive to the law of san mateo bridge is a slow but not quite as bad as usual we are still under 20 minutes for your trip time out to san mateo and at the golden gate bridge a typical ride between the problem between the waldegrave and the toll plaza of is building up a bit between central san rafael and novato in the southbound direction for the usual at the richmond braves the back of his grown slightly westbound slowdown from castro street adding about four minutes we're looking at 12 minute drive over to senator fell as of a threat to the south bay and picked up since 281 01 northbound or we're
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not looking as severe conditions here and. >>george: 101, still under 30 minutes from the capitol expressway to the monte expressway and if 30 minutes now from the 280 drive >>mark: they're asking for the public's help she was is timmy is struggling inside of the car. >>reporter: last saturday evening this great herds family 90 and has was bound for the bay bridge toll plaza the blaze was being driven by a black male in his 60s with gray hair and a full beard there is a black feed her four is or 50's then known
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as a child sitting between the two adults in the middle of the council of the vehicle was a young child 9 to 12 years of age female african-american also with short hair crying and screaming the toll taker was concerned enough that he called us about this incident. >>reporter: did not know for sure to charles in danger but they do know the answer was unusual enough to warrant further investigation >>reporter: there are no less a place on the blazer but it did have several distinguishing feature that someone might recognize on the back of the vehicle floor right corner we called a separate operating permit a couple of bumper stickers and toss with stickers and the back of the vehicle as well the front of the blazer
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also had after market fog lights on it. >>mark: still ahead at performs the for the police and activists wonder if the changes will be enough will have details ahead after the break will tell you how hundred thousand people person information was stolen from an irs data base will return in just 90 seconds.
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>>mark: a strange smell they unloaded all the bags from the plane but apparently no emergency they're there reloading the bags on the plane did not find the source of the smell the warriors are headed we hope for the finals with this one in which to finish off the rockets in game 5 of the western conference finals. >>darya: the have not been able to get three wins they're going to pull out where more prestigious is not to worry will has been following an oral or written a with been checking brought the morning and also to will be talking to gary about how the war years if they move on that was fixed the caps-- cavaliers >>will tran: i think that the
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warriors will close out tonight because they know the cavaliers to have to crs because we do not a fine of will begin on june 4th mr. james is a bees and you need the rest the rockets are tough the clippers could not do what we're not aliquippa is we are better but hopefully this is the night we have three cracks in game 5 in game 6 of there's a need a game seven but sector so you cannot get any higher than this to consider the cement right behind me this is again cheaper than game won the seat of going for about 174 in game 1 of the seat i'm sitting is 16 and 171 of 51 or 157 out the door look how high it is scores it should say you're here when they get a chance to go back to the nba finals with in four decades everyone will be
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standing and loud it will be is 6.8 guy. >>will tran: 0 hundred and 57 you have these seats and not you can come here and rednecks of the paul with the ventilation. if you're single like me you could total shock anyone to put your arms around someone because no one will bother you because i could barely see the game but in the chicken sate warriors' game 5 where going to the playoffs
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>>will tran: when we when it will be here game 1 on june 4th. championship game >>darya: unlike the nails or allowed to pick just that when the cheering on the nose and online. >>james: the cause of a head drizzled and delays of the
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airport allow shopper we're talking about 75 minutes what an hour and 15 to pick someone up check ahead of time to measure their flight is there. looking once again amid 50 degree weather around the bay 51 for san francisco on the cool side up to 58 on the warmer side in san jose cash everyone is right in between those two temperatures will probably be about 10:00 the poor receive the temperatures begin to climb at that point the sun will be able to have a decent shot once we do have a high today this is what you expect in the south bank is so 75 for downtown san jose 76 nearby campbell warming of the upper seventies near $80 a home in valley 71 and montague we're looking for the 70 degree weather in the inland valley for is a 75 to 79 in the north bay 73 to 76 should be nice if conditions in downtown san francisco run from thursday will
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continue the warming trend even more so friday into saturday in fact by this weekend we're looking at my slow '80s inland with temperatures and 69 to 70 degrees on all we're doing pretty good for the forecast not bad. > >>george: an accident had been reported because it was clear pretty quickly if the shoulder if it has not done much to slow the ride with the drive time is still at 30 minutes here for the trip on 101 southbound as we head down from novato getting down to the golden gate bridge toll plaza of course the southern portion of that except as you approach the timber on towns like the southbound on highway 101 here is the bay bridge ride we have been backed up into the macarthur maze most of the morning but the drive
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times are still holding pretty well below 26 minutes for the trip out of high with 24 that is good for the ride and san mateo bridge we have not yet seen the hard stop and go traffic the drive times will stay on the 20 minutes out to san the sale for the golden gate bridge ride an easy into the trip to rent county for 101, southbound getting into more randy the richmond bridge the backed up here at the toll plaza now reaching almost to the richmond parkway 12 to 14 minutes is a trip time into san rafael. >>mark: the national news and major change in store for the cleveland police after the federal report had big problems for an apartment the mayor for to jackson lane of the plans yesterday it change in use of foreign policy and a commitment to buy a tree policing the changes are following the report from the doj and from the pattern of excessive force and
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cigarettes while it's unlikely the officers to protest the way for the outcome for the camaro is investigation and attention to escalate the charges are not filed. >>: was a 12 year-old kid and never had his first date or first is the family is really something behind that. >>mark: he was shot and killed on the playground by cleveland police officer last november also has been filed more than zero hundred thousand people had the personal information stolen from an irs data base. >>darya: the tech advantage of the agencies on line get transcripts service that allows you to download several years of your tax return of the information and downloaded the forms and an income address as security numbers everything as you know when you file your taxes they use that information a claim the tax refund of about 15,000 people and those people
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will give their refunds back in the irs is offering to pay for credit protection services to those for affected. >>mark: 19 kids in accounting will the show on? they're starting to pull their support for advertising. more troubles for the denver family and the reality show 19 kids in accounting at least for advertisers now withdrawn their support of the shell--duggr general mills choice hotels and walgreen's several petitions change the accord are calling for tlc to cancel the series. also not helping matters to the family and old club that won on notice at this time not one wire rope-a maid and incest joke for 2008 about having to take his brother and sister on a movie
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date with his then fiancee some of the latest fallout after reports servers that joshed the better the 37 year-old polish child was accused of molesting several girls including some of his siblings starting when he was 14 of 10 in the 2006 spring there are also a police report a called and forcible reporting that one of the victims may have been as young as five years old. >>reporter: the report says that he confessed to his father who then apparently waited more than a year before contacting authorities instead the daughter said the owner of the church and receive counseling although according to the magazine that was seen early contradicted by his wife michelle who admitted to police that joshed never received counseling and in said have listened to a family friend who was on the home remodeling business in a statement friday john said he " acted inexcusably with the scandal growing still
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see it had suspended the show and is now said they don't know if it will return at all. >>reporter: it would not be the first time a reality show a tlc showed none the less does that trouble by scandal here come sunny but will the so chronically the family of the beauty contestant gets wrapped up the claims the girl's mother mom of june was dating a man who serves in years in prison after being convicted of aggravated child molestation and the dynasty the initial fall of the robinson family that made the cut in products suspended for a week after the show's star bill robinson may cover some remarks about race and sexuality to the magazine ratings have slipped >>darya: what you think is the most viable brand in the world? it is apple apple is the most viable brand in the world they just did an annual ranking and
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apple has increased his value by 67 percent over the past year promoting its products globally as an overvalued now the brand is at $247 billion will come san after that about half. >>stanley roberts: coming up as i hang out with ease to bay regional park league as they look for people behaving badly.
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>> james: skip to the weather here is is a live look outside camera set francisco long embarcadero and then the flagging tennessee there's a little bit of wind out there not terrible produce differences the will get gusty with the support of some 23 did 25 mi. per hour in the afternoon paper forecast as a brake on the day and the kids just beginning school commute getting out there or looking for mid-50s is not near as widespread as yesterday and we may run into some of it and noontime boat began to the 70's
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and 10's with upper 50s to near 60 by the bay and then 4:00 this afternoon should give up to the upper '70's for silver were spots even a degree now and mid- 60's out by the day of its pacific coming up my full check of just a bit. in the meantime here is a live look and let live or on the bay neighborhood nearest you this you can expect a for you help the door. at a traffic to other of the shipping. >> george: of decline over the traffic center that those good news for you it means fewer delays and problems. a bridge party city staying here it back up and the maze very early but the backup hasn't grown much neither have the drive * 2224 minutes 92 in the san mateo bridge has been steadily getting slower but not as early as usual and even at that address * not as high as usual. currently at 22 metric time and sometimes up to 29 minutes or more. here at
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the golden gate bridge still a good ride south on northbound no problems on the presidio parkway except heavy traffic heading down toward richardson. chip in to read in the village could range the backup to the rich and parkway could suggest that 14 to 60 minutes. at that a quick look at your rides to the saucepan pigment's a lot better than the usual conditions here 858 and won a one in the northbound direction tomorrow looking at about 22 minutes' drive time for 2 a northbound and there was a problem at saratoga with his pencil ride on 280 and lighter than usual at the 1 019210184 interchange. call for >> darya: just as a suspect faced a judge did he lie case the claim to lives mother and child-anchorman was there for the proceedings and to hear the family's grief.
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>> reporter: deal prez has lost a wife and child these friends and relatives say the freeze continues over the deaths of us from morales and her baby daughter mother and daughter were killed three weeks ago when alleged drunken driver speeding through livermore jumped a curb and slammed into them. "as a hard worker and she was doing my loneliest she loved to dance and smile" >> reporter: can the other tuesday to demand justice.
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the'tall we want is justice" >> reporter: brands but local palm 0.4 @ germany and the influence to counts and two counts of murder is as tragic as this case is it's not a murder case. "sure to established less as a result of accident not for murder" >> reporter: and it remains locked up and will be back in court to enter a plea on june 16th. what the >> mark: as to count so will the ticknor time to look at increases of will have less at 1030 on site in st. lafayette are worried because saying they're being priced on their homes kron 4 viewer tells us new owners took over the complex of february since than 20 families forced because the rent increases in ratio to management company yet to get response. >> darya: rethought since march
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community leaders still fighting to keep a preschool from shutting down. all the kids clubland this a preschool that nearly 300 children from low- income families attend problems started earlier this year school was called the release would be up and they'll be if another plus separate the doors will close on july 1st. there you see about to paris teachers and students felt the city council yesterday pleaded for them to find a solution. "low-income families lot of them english learning recent immigrants single mothers mothers on cal works these of the family is that the society's help to get on their feet not a handout this is that help to get their children for kindergarten public-school productive members of society" >> reporter: was asking the city for open space to build another school any exit manager says the lanky process. will keep you updated our happens. >> mark: and as for yesterday's
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they must reduce our door irrigation a 25% of 2013 or used to pilot the measure will be billed twice the current water rate. in a covered conservation efforts and it reduced the indoor water rate 10% the 2013 usage barnes parks golf course is also required to reduce water usage. >> mark: is all american pipeline is formulating a plan to excavate the broken section of pipeline hundred thousand gallons of oil on the santa barbara coast. company says it's unclear why excavate excavation might begin. thousand gallons had been recovered from the ocean and volunteer workers clear up the coastline and like area beaches, 10 square miles like in the ocean after the pipeline ruptured may 19th. while the officials say the 13 birds are owned pelicans a marine mammals including
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dolphins sea lions found dead in the oil. please >> darya: looking for a pair of burglars that went to a home earlier this month as surveillance video from inside the home you can see the two guys and they're walking around this as an herington court a street there on may 15th and loss autos and 345 in the afternoon they walk and look around and then the police confesses to black teenagers maybe 58 years old pattern through a window on the back of a house. added up pleading with the duffel bag filled with electronics and jewelry. in a >> darya: refacing cameras on the strains in building install of the northeast corner line between busing to lawson washington same route where train derails two weeks ago in philadelphia killing eight people. cameras would show a slight on inside the cab of the train. currently amtrac trains like cameras facing outward and
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the goal is to eventually havall the and were facing cameras on all the trains. still >> mark: and had a big surprise for one california high school of how one ap english class changed her life.: catcher rick apologizing for insensitive social media comment about the deadly storm in texas we tell you what he said.
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>> george: enologist getting
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word of an ax and in saratoga on highway 85 this is northbound right at saratoga avenue. this is in the midst of what had been a slow but not typical commute because agency always coming up from highway 17 on 85 northbound sean mostly yellow on the roadway. with this next and reported of course that could change currently the track time running about 20 minutes coming from the coyote valley for this month on trial all layup to cupertino. look to the rest the traffic coming right up. >> mark: changing moment for a sacramento high school senior but the news crew wasn't shooting and for her ap english class the knew something was up when a representative from pg&e came in and started talking about her. school seniors love it consumes a shot across the state for a scholarship $20,000 up to five years she says the money is a huge boost for her family came here from china in 2008.
7:42 am
"the family as a low-income a halt without having to be a burden to them and getting more education about their" when you apply >> mark: to more than a dozen schools of shearson and my tv want to come mechanical engineer 4000 students applied for the scholarship. >> darya: pornographer cable subscribers broadband with contract expires at 2:00 today if agreement is not reached subscribers will not be able to watch kron 4 and we will we tried hard to reach agreement with wave will negotiate with topical treatment the lobby will continue to provide a news sports entertainment and things that are important to you on for more information go tequila kron-4-dot-com
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>> james: attires in toronto 35 first official look for low 60s threat that came with light winds out there and mostly cloudy skies. picture-perfect for difficult part.
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>> darya: the team is back from the rain in houston all rested radio tonight for game 5. >> gary: imagine that's the way they've been doing even though the weather is bad service like home after the game flying accident. that knowledge behind at and behind a major set this find everything is great wit in no rush to and maybe the night. wouldn't bet against it the good of the double digits lawyers favor. and that houston got one but i'd be surprised these are the best
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players in the world but boy can they come in and one on the lawyers i wouldn't bet on it. sports talk are removed on and lking about is up in the calves what were the guys was the matchup that the last few white people dislike what kron 4 and veal calves liver on and coming and pictures of them all in the hot tub is the will celebrate think of strathspeys and with a liberal on. >> darya: the family sat in his family in here with a self picture that liberal untuck a beautiful wife and kids and is adorable i don't know if he's
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not as likable. >> gary: and to jordan thing and people remember michael jordan and you hear someone compared to him now automatically of corn but according came back play for another team became less school. people find their rough his tattoos some folks they funneled it too hard. >> darya: of the tattoos and the cockiness whatever else what about capra neck as he like a will give us all let answer bremen promotion stuff part of the latest one to slow storm's a
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common system was coming and play so well as to be a storm and so is the pictures from the trouble is going on in houston a memphis the picture out our bodies like wet and since the flooding mendes everything else eyases and soaring to the preseason opener and august 15th but. >> gary: you makes social media with relatively young that a guy who likes to take his shirt off
7:49 am
faugh. >> darya: " the differences between the brawn cap and how the handling tissue up the social media you would never see seth terry taking his shirt off pumping is chess on social media it's not his thing will run this said that during all the team celebrated in the u.s. championship think there's a lot of stuff: on there with people and i understand. >> gary: but deserted for courier and zero bronze a greatest car is the latest all is writ for the new guy i think they're missing out the sky as the greatest a like a brown. >> darya: as a team and the warriors will land but we will see his background guy who grew
7:50 am
at the tip to personal but a group without a father announced mother was really on and have a brown when she was 15 and 16 and he helped his mother and look at what is turned into of the floor wife and kids ignorant we want to your message out if you realize how great this guy is. putting too much on thought the people it's a way for them to brag pump themselves up by saw this mix a been look what i did over memorial day at cuttlefish . towns hundred and 86 280 lbs. you see people put on it it's like a big fish story
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>> gary: lit that all honesty like they used to yell things like if people get on there and start promoting themselves it would attract them to listen to the radio or watch tv basically social media showing off. self- promotion enceladus. >> darya: alumina gets his due as his during the dodgers a braves game the other day and starts talking about how a little or of the serious state death quite awhile for almost killed him and didn't realize coming up and tell the mother of three other russians with death and high school that he ran through and then the since
7:52 am
today's. >> gary: to pelham all the time never a man involved in near- death the so wishful for new as it did jump him
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>> reporter: 5 fulcrum embarcadero commercials cutting conditions over the bay as silicon the attraction of east bay here blame island off to the right button and mild temperatures run the base still this morning beginning to warm up slightly in the south bay 50. it there in san jose lies 53 in oakland 54 san francisco mid- 50s to for concord livermore. all 57 center as the mile to star in terms of temperatures and should womanize to this afternoon the zone forecasts for the peninsula 62 expected in san francisco around 3:00 to four cocker so today. if john bayside warm-up upper 60s as the head down toward san mateo close it down to the south bay like paul auto for instance 70 degrees and keep it in the upper 50s alone fifties' along the peninsula coastline today are on the bay mid-70s for in an east bay upper 70 of the bill to the mid-70s and the south bay would command in the north bay with 73 center
7:56 am
fell 76 the map but an oakland look for a high of 66 forecasts shows that we will warm up again in the thursday. >> james: so friday it all ties sitting in the low 80s as we get into the weekend it. great looking forecast had keep it to adhere to get updated day-by- day. traffic detective are backed up almost the morning but the times have held out 24 minutes and 10 minutes more which could be the case given the length of the backup and sell retail bridge 92 boys is possible the bridge is easing early that for a new problem at the toll plaza we will check that out for you at the golden gate bridge were looking in a smooth ride still. >> george: only softbound across
7:57 am
spent mostly through marin county typical slowing between nevada center found no surprises and your trip to the richmond bridge westbound backed up in the richmond parkway again in some free to all the for to metric *. the south they checking highway 85 in the northbound direction saratoga avenue accident within the lines been moved to shoulder the 25 minute drive tim's not a bad commuted all from the coyote valley out toward cupertino. >> reporter: scheduling the federal speak for the first time the accent on for you hear his story learn about this amazing new technology.
7:58 am
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>> reporter: dismayed to two planes a tell you what the fbi same but the size coming up all
8:00 am
my report. >> darya: the deadly storms and not thought that about a texas but this is not out of danger. another >> mark: did cut disguise and drizzle but changes on the way james will have more on that. >> darya: tops or falling at this hour for seen here on kron 4 fbi investigating threats made against to fly to the sfo last night also the planes to land safely it was scary for people on board jackie live an asset vote right now following the latest on what ever became of the steps fbi is investigating a threat and then the more threats that were made over the last two days multiple airlines across the country. according to the
8:01 am
fbi they said they received a threat yesterday last night against two flights heading toward san francisco will those flights all for international flights according to the fbi spokesperson he says both of those flights have landed at sfo. and research ultimately they didn't find anything deemed those threats to be non credible. and according to the fbi they say that they're not paying specific about the nature of the threat. >> reporter: obviously it was concerning enough to them that they search those plans to. as far as passengers here sfo this morning had a chance to talk to many and they weren't even aware of the threats that were made even if they were they said they would not change their travel plans. "i feel better as a threat will know about this" >> reporter: you don't change anything? "now"
8:02 am
"sunday flights coming in and out" for >> reporter: israel bit loath? "for setting the table if the threats but beyond that now" >> reporter: the threat comes in the hills that was made yesterday to lax and bound plane in that plane according to officials a bomb threat in that plane landed at lax also searched the also didn't find anything on that plane. >> mark: multiple threats made memorial made men >> reporter: those incredible this point obviously concerning of the fbi is that they put up a commission to us and reach out to a to say this say they have no comment at this point and developing story as we get more information from that to say or the fbi at will pass along. >> darya: also following up on the report this morning there
8:03 am
was has been investigation that sfo earlier this morning has been clear now crews were called in to check on a southwest flight heading today to chicago. there was a report of a strange smell and you can see a picture post on twitter showing response to this morning. if that is often saw them on low the planned appear there no connections between this has met situation and anything that get reported that was the third to a clinic happen last night. put everything and luggage and one on their way. >> mark: disarms ... often heading east and cleanup underway and central texas floodwaters continued to rise the storms kelly's 31 lives only in texas and oklahoma and across the border mexico. hundreds of homes wash away and 2300 cars in houston alone abandoned in the
8:04 am
flood waters in the search continues to find those missing this morning. among them family of eight or vacation home southwest coast looked away by floodwaters on sunday relative says that all of them were holding and a furniture unassertive floating downriver storm struck the close to a foot of rain in the houston area and then they declared as a disaster emergency and release 40 texas counties. >> james: satellite imagery but the storm system that pushes the texas and louisiana. close and you and you see that line of red right that is those intense thunderstorm activity where we have a thunderstorm warning in effect for today in paris
8:05 am
parousia now behind it all all the eastern texas still dealing with flood warnings which will stay in effect till saturday are so that's how long they expect the deep water to be around for a family receives enough for the encircling infrastructure recommend highly dangerous situation up there following the story and war stories on kron 4 as we continue to follow this affects couple days a cure in the bay area snapshot of a we expect a picture was manufactured awfully warm by about 2:00 before clock max out in the upper 70's the very near 80 degrees was a sunny skies and it had received no sustained winds of 20 but gossip to 25 possible during the entire afternoon. and keep the mind it will be windy and the tulsa live outside with the view that as an attack politically conditions over san francisco mile temperatures bay area wide and fifties back with a complete check of the forecasts and ericsson is some there on the play as well and about 50
8:06 am
minutes here in bainbridge will plaza the west on friday as saying pretty steady even of a backup has been and continues to be in the mccarthy. ms. the draft times are still under 25 minutes >> george: that a 80 approaches been slow since the early morning hours read after the meeting lights are activated since about 6:00 with seems back up over both westbound and eastbound lanes of the san mateo bridge this is a lasting improvement here west on direction for now i could slow in later i get it yesterday but currently the drive times are below 20 minutes. the golden gate bridge like traffic here for the soft on driving with picked up but more flow in the northbound direction no delays. heading into marin via the richmond bridge the backups of reaching the castro street midway between castro and the
8:07 am
richmond parkway. another like a right here to the south bay for the trip on highway 85 northbound faxing clear out lines now northbound near saratoga avenue. >> darya: live look at the bay bridge and attali chp with asking for trying to sell unusual case this say a young girl was spotted in the cargo or the bay bridge its toll plaza and she may of been in some danger needed help and not share this happened around 830 last saturday and you can see that's a great ratan '90s chevy blazer to the toll plaza and that is going through the child may be data totaled a new consul screaming and struggling and trying the toll taker was concern in calling the police chp dozen of the child was in danger but they do believe it's unusual enough to investigate further now they're looking for that car and a young girl to
8:08 am
make sure she's ok. laser being driven by a black male and the gray hair full beard. license plates on the car and then there was a back window temporary driving permit their on the front of the car had to aftermarket fog lights. >> mark: as it wears tennis and shuffling game five of western conference finals wires coming off disappointing loss in game 4 of houston and if they go for a victory tonight the does of the enclave and calves in the nba finals and cutting a little bit later checkup with will trend in the view for more clarino for now and have opted into its matchup. prague >> darya: cresson on of militants and iraq and problems tell you what's coming up in a dangerous new drug that claims to be stronger than cocaine what it's called where it's coming from.
8:09 am
the bank of clouds were looking a warm-up starting today we will be right back.
8:10 am
8:11 am
the marin ride is now pretty big one this morning known incidents really between a bottle and a bridge. that's why the drive time is still running at up 34 minutes for 11
8:12 am
southbound. and the czech press the traffic chimerical. >> darya: new synthetic drug you need to know about becoming more popular delay didn't offer called flack that are gravel and man-made drugs martic cocaine has potentially much more dangerous a small overdose can give users what feels like the strength and fury of the incredible hulk and it comes from china exported cheapness for three to $5 per dose d.a. has put back on the makers are working round of that band by sticking and not for human consumption label on the drug. >> james: fares on forecast today expecting 66 oakland 65 in hayward looks like 72 for fremont.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
>> mark: has been june clue mamey. >> james: has broadened to the cause and to check that area at sfo blue sky in some sunshine coming down. but the warm-up
8:16 am
begin captures climb up the person making its way through low-cost earlier cause lies sfo and lasers still in effect. 75 then delays for arriving flights because of low visibility. schedule but stacked up and sfo dealing with that at the moment. temperatures mild but were starting to see it warm- up. livermore 60 to greece. 59 senators facing some sunshine this morning 54 no: 62 instances aware where temperatures go. the onset and second and. but when the right now though the fact that they've come down a little bit out near fairfield. 21 of 22 off sustained winds earlier now. down to about 18 their calling but last. really gusty conditions in the delta this afternoon and expect in san francisco san jose. those three locations will be on the windy side. and temperatures take a look 79 and the act which is
8:17 am
brentwood the 80 degree mark set. and seven for livermore east bay shoreline 66. among the 72 near fremont and ultimately getting up to 75 degrees and around san jose. 62 downtown san francisco the north they looking for lotus mid-70s of the nice warm day today partly cloudy skies. temperatures going into tomorrow and warmup even more and more cylinder friday and like that to work weekends with low 80s and an upper 60s to near 70 by the day. begin forecast coming up in a half-hour to stick around data traffic. >> george: hotspot developing in the south bay with an accident on interstate 80 in the northbound direction and it is out that the northbound interchange where this accident is blocking lanes in the vicinity of brokaw road to slow the past nine years shy of toward the montague expressway and began to slow the right not only interstate 80 in the
8:18 am
northbound direction as agency coming from the 280 interchange also affecting the right here on one 01 for the north on trip. that's why the drive time as well over half an hour and concentrate traffic is here coming north of the 280 interchange you ride to the bay bridge westbound problem free still in terms of the incidence and still tracking a backup and the macarthur maze 25 on average drive time pitched. epistemic tale bridge there was an accident at the toll plaza already on of the ways so were looking at is lighter traffic now or earlier if unusual so the peak is hard to pass at least the first one. golden gate bridge ride here it is little sluggish on the right-hand lane is you can see coming southbound from south tower tracking right into marin via the richmond bridge still have a back up here for the west on drive from alleys castro 1214 minute drive * ascender fell.
8:19 am
>> mark: 40,000 cars recalled and the power steering recall covers certain for flexing taurus models includes 201113 lincoln and k s n k t. levin for fuchsia and mercury in lawns and sing electrical problem can cause a power stealing steering to fail again and delicate the software from a cost. >> darya: there at the center of the right-to-die debate and sorus lawyer former sergeant lawson angeles police in constant pain after being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer a domino part of a new lawsuit claims calif. -- allow terminally ill adults who are mentally competent to take prescription medication to help them die without fear of prosecution and with dignity. >> reporter: bring the lawsuit
8:20 am
because it can wait "we go up as 10 times better than i am now it's unconstitutional a patient should be able to deny care but not to request care" >> darya: posses state consider as a complex society as a whole didn't have financial means or serious disabilities and options are limited to recall that this bay area woman remaindered in national headlines of this year moved to portland oregon where her husband so she could die on her own terms. stage for brain cancer and she died last year legislation still being michigan second of the allowed terminally ill adults to qualified to get prescription drugs allowing them to end their lives. >> mark: fits the council more time to discuss rent increases an apartment complex and people
8:21 am
living at 1038 on second street lafayette are worried the being priced out of their homes a kron 4 viewer tells us new owner complex in february and since then forced out because the rent increases will recheck the management company yet to receive a response. o a >> darya: home park upon to will close at close city council with the decision last night the arkansas land and residents feel like they're being evicted from a city they can afford to stay anywhere else few options available on the part has hundred units 40 people live there right now. this decision means everyone has to be out within the next 30 days. >> mark: clara county more than $3 billion on services to help homeless people between 2007 and 2012. average of about 12 million your medical care made up of the majority of the cost
8:22 am
averages about 3000 homeless residents the year if each homeless person averaging $83,000 in county and community services. >> mark: assistant bax's crews are trying to take a key territory for militants. 30 erech soldiers killed in an ice a suicide attack in combat outpost this happened on ma's run in the province or the intelligence ices fighters captured and embark problems and they say that many of those caught with the civilians there chance to take back of a province and monte and went as leslie. >> darya: 20 the time still had fief officials under arrest the extradited to the u.s. on corruption charges tell you what they're accused of doing in that story next. >> darya: cloudy morning and
8:23 am
solicitous of the day later we'll be right back andothin besfood is hven a jar. co to ink it,rand theris aittlslic ofeavein ery j. th's bauseur iredits comerom acesike. pleantvie, ia! and farms coitteto respsiblsourd oi... endewithinedies li cagfreeggs. we'rtalk' re ingdien. r the geratis. m. hven. ank u. re ingdien. om aeal ace. that howe're rkinto
8:24 am
brinout e be.
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we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number... don't miss the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. sleepiq tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! now we can all choose amazing sleep only at a sleep number store. save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq. ends sunday! know better sleep with sleep number. >> mark: 6 top 54 officials arrested the arrests came at the request of the nine states. allegations of corruption and bribery came when selecting.
8:26 am
city is the host a world selecting so far this morning for minority pleaded guilty in. american-up boys are among those pleading guilty. they say he pocketed millions of dollars of marketing commissions and avoided paying taxes. fbi agents of this morning collecting documents the fifth filly at miami beach if what they will be brought back to the last of the face charges of wire fraud and money-laundering phase of the 20 years in prison if convicted. >> darya: dozen people have personal information stolen from an irs database end late on agencies on line to transcript services in download several years of tax returns and hackers downloaded the return so they get the annual incomes addresses social security numbers say is that information to claim tax refunds of about 15,000 people now the irs is one that the
8:27 am
payback that and viruses offering to pay for credit-card protection services to those affected. conjures >> mark: of preschoolers may have nowhere to go sit in my school leaders having a hard time trying to find a new place to build a game five or close it and see the bright lights on and no play if they need tickets available and why you should get to the game before five hours even earlier that a lot coming up. >> mark: lot of fog but the game with the strongest of the verse and the brakes and warm-up more on the temperatures in the neighborhood
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> darya: to pitch in the sentences of original and the spots still glorious morning traffic looks ok for talking to a warming trend and things supposed to sign up as as a like these. as the cut happening quite yet. >> james: sfo now of course embarcadero camera doesn't
8:30 am
shorted all but a plea on the east bay in the valley is we are seeing sunshine this morning and let tempters beginning to show that starting to see arrived with temperatures in livermore concord also seeing some take in thermometers. let but surely and then up for seven days for some spots the east bay in the south bay and temperatures returned mid-60's for a short line committees that a bad forecast for today. example of warm-up beginning to take hold in the starting to climb as we move in the thursday friday that extended a look coming up a full
8:31 am
check 50 minutes stay around for that meantime temperatures are right now we're seeing a lot mid-50s are on the bay and miles start and a list of the traffic center were georgia city by. >> george: the right on highway 8 a here in the northbound there is an accident just north of the 1 01 interchange. north of brokaw road and new the montague expressway this not only backed up this ride on 10880 northbound but as the other reason why the 101 ride leading into that connector is so slow here's a look at the drive time which you can see continues to climb 33 minutes now and it is beginning to back up the ride on just south of the 280 interchange. this backup is growing on one 01 because of the northbound 80 crash. here at the bay bridge the northbound ride looks good and they bridge westbound read
8:32 am
books could it still holding right at the macarthur maze the drive times have stayed below 25 minutes somewhat of a surprise and the san mateo bridge crowded again the accident before the toll plaza pushed out of the way the traffic at the backup on '92 before the toll plaza is now reaching the bridge. like the west on drive here at the golden gate bridge we are in some free delay free and drive * 35 minutes out of nevada out of the toll plaza at the richmond bridge here right here westbound still backed up midway between castro and richmond parkway. >> mark: a new major and some francisco for california's severe drought as of yesterday the residents must reduce adore irrigation systems by 25 percent of their 2013 water usage. this to violate the measure will be billed to twice the current water rate/conservation efforts also require indoor water use to
8:33 am
10% below their 2013 usage. at a community gardens parks and golf courses required to reduce water usage. >> darya: state orders and game 5 of the western conference final so they can move on and get busy with the calves will tram is live at oracle all morning long end the perks of going and may be why you don't want go to get a refund watch on tv. >> reporter: doesn't cost $7,200 like the seat of the sea and the seats still available live shot at 630 people now trying to save up and hopefully will seal the deal. $7,200 and game 1 that behind me going for $7,900 of the door low. price of $14,400 to play both of these and
8:34 am
there's still some cheap seats showed you earlier hundred $57 next to the seven walls of their. close to the seas will only next to the court right next to martinez's own jeff van gundy calling the game along with mark jackson and a leg your opinion of that. the coach the lawyers now calling the game as one referred to it as watching your extra funding well and carries a lawsuit march jackson thinks of the wire success all better forges asking about it. is no bad blood of think her sudan and jackson created i think the relationship is ok. things worked out fine for him. >> reporter: like closers dorsum sure he says he got this if i
8:35 am
win the championship mark checkup miring by the way if it wins tonight to talk to the cavaliers they will play june 4th win or lose and that will start june 4th here at oracle home like other gives a better you hear it early close with a 1235 so you know will be packed the park will be open at 1:00 in the afternoon and first couple thousand people will get about the car flags so the bandwagon jumpers onetime 31st sellout and how much tickets for parking. its $72 is to buy the seats they don't care if it's a lot. and the lot >> darya: pacific and its allies like to say more chances after that the no pressure the ball is in our core in our favor and your pride shows in these
8:36 am
photos share with kron 4 keeping coming it's a lot of fun to show on the air and on line. kron-4- dot-com >> mark: planes all-american pipeline saying they're formulating a plan to fix the broken section that still hundred thousand gallons of oil on the santa barbara coast. they said it's unclear when excavation will begin. thousand gallons of oil it waters recovered from the ocean pipeline ruptured mid-19th and then a marine mammals dolphins see lions died from the oil slick. still >> darya: lawmakers making sure women are paid equally will all make it so they'll have to demonstrate that any pay difference between men and women faced on carries no job
8:37 am
consideration not a gender. also allow employees to of have paid discrimination it in different locations workers of different places the senate approved a bill on monday and heads to the assembly. >> mark: kid's club preschool attendance only to end the children for low-income families and problem started earlier this year school told the release was expiring and if the gulf and another place operate the doors will close july 1st to dozen parents teachers and students went to city council yesterday pleading with them to try and find a solution. >> reporter: is felt that the productive members of society. "schools asking the city for
8:38 am
open space to rebuild and other school" >> mark: manager says will be living food-processing keep you updated plan any new developments of the story cleve lynn. police are going to make changes special reports found excessive use of force and racial bias were they doing to reform. 65 year-old grandmother giving birth to quadruplets is and she'd said that the baby later in life. >> reporter: the scheduling this federal speak for the first time gives the knicks and kron 4 hear his story and learn about the amazing new technology
8:39 am
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8:42 am
>>mark: stages nine with five of the fathers. she said she decided to become pregnant with her nine year-old daughter comes she wanted a younger sister. >>darya: the recall against the mayor offered some missouri south south sixth--ferguson missouri
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>>james: we first discovered there were delays and they're still opens san jose your our work this morning. for 56 degrees in concord 58 per pleasanton and the board asked the sunshine into one thinks of 57 and fairfield san jose 58 thereby in sunnyvale for ultimate seven for san francisco and oakland have become an hour they've dropped to 18th it will pick up again this afternoon we are looking for a gusty conditions around the bay if fact of the seven is to near 80 for the delta 79 and antioch 75
8:46 am
and fairfield mid-70s of the seven is in the south bank also looking for temperatures will be right around 66 in oakland the unsettled to traffic center. >>george: the show's track but we are tracking is a hot spot in san jose and it is the 880 write because of the accident your car rolled the crash has been cleared from the lane but its load ride here the right to the mid peninsula where traffic has been steering pretty well
8:47 am
for it would not have the big back ups at the 90 to 1 01 interchange but as so often been the case but we are tracking a 20 minute trip times about from paulo out of off to berlin game the bay bridge back of holding fairly steady still backed up on 582 high with 24 ft. to four still slow westbound san mateo bridge skillful for the ride come over from before out for san mateo for the golden gate bridge. >>george: the richmond bridge ride was about 580 back to just beginning to break up now. >>mark: that one to dark installing and wood bracing cameras on their trained first camel be installed in the northeast corridor between boston and washington the same
8:48 am
group with a strained terrell two weeks ago and philadelphia killings faded in the of the 201st camera show would go on on the inside of the cab trained sixth saw the only half as assisting our worst amtrak said the goal was to eventually get the and were facing cameras and all the strings. >>darya: that toppled the khmer a ferguson deserve and need to be removed from office for this is an honor to submit a petition today demanding lemaire face a recall the mayors to be held accountable for the town's issues. . >>mark: after a federal court found the problems within that department. >>reporter: goldwork from the
8:49 am
mayor of cleveland as see and just as a part of officials later plans to change the way the city's police force operates 105 pays consent next tuesday followed the scathing report from this year and from the pattern is arise violence by the department the privatize more commitment to buy its replacing men were still on the streets and they're still waiting for the outcome of the to mayor wright investigation
8:50 am
into to could escalate if charges are not filed. >>gabe slate: not to knock who was there? that is a good one look at that smile he can now tell jokes using this device called the novacek to he has served a posy and no cause much this impairment but he has physical impairment which is a lot of this fine motor skills to command a sign language and the motor skills necessary if each
8:51 am
of the icons and pictures for everything by tapping them you can say one word or form sentences. >>gabe slate: he does not even read he just turned 5 years old kids and technology on his all he figured out how to use this and cannot talk through instead of saying noises he can tell us what he once there are pre loaded and the tiles on the device for almost everything you can think of would customize and
8:52 am
add any nameplates fame anything you want it and added he has won more jokes oriole. >>mark: for cable subscribers from late astounded this as part will not be able to watch our new station they tried hard to find a reason this agreement with our friend will treatment tv system will not be able to continue to provide top-quality new force and the same and a local programming that is important to him.
8:53 am
8:54 am
>>mark: thousands of seabirds of the oregon coast are being killed to protect endangered salmon and spearheads in in shooting thousands of double crested, and birds on the east san island operation designed to detect the salmon and steelhead
8:55 am
with the birds eat the irishman in the area support with the army corps is doing but in private to groups called the bar barrick. >>darya: they're looking for whoever stole 300 lb. bronze statues from the catholic church in the east bay the statue was taken from the transfiguration catholic church and castro valley is a custom-made statute which was bought nine years ago the leaders say it has been the source of comfort for parishioners they believe that the bronze statue was made out of may have been the motive for the theft she knew that something was up one to represent a from pg&e came in to start talking about her eyes was seen as one of 10 students who were chosen across california for scholarship $20,000 for up to five years the money is a
8:56 am
huge boost for her family she applied to a dozen schools but her sights set on mit or she was a, a mechanical engineer with a 4000 students applied for the scholarship the trouble is still there including a family vacation to noted a way of the weekend.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>>darya: the storm has moved out of taxes but the danger has not passed keeping our eye on bay area weathered as the flags are blowing the clouds are still with us. >>darya: all morning long the fbi investigating those threats made against to license sfo last night both planes did land safely but it was a scary situation for those on board jackie has been following us live with the latest details and
9:00 am
was going on. >>jackie sissel: i can tell you restyled to the tea s.a. and to the fbi and according to the fbi they receive the threat guest today never land in search after the search nothing came up a embodies both press is not credible with the image of that threat was or to what airlines they were directed to obviously is an ongoing investigation i had a chance to talk to people out here sfo this morning about those threats i can tell you almost no one even heard about the threat some people were concerned they said it will go
9:01 am
about their business as usual. the fbi said there also investigate whether or not this threat made last night is connected in any way to an easy a flight that was headed toward lax that had a bomb threat fog is a this a trend and is working right now the fbi continues to investigate and resolve multiple agencies to see if they had an on-camera the right now they do
9:02 am
not. >>darya: the delis on the richter the south now they're headed east that crandall is but one lives nudges and texas oklahoma and new mexico to hundreds of homes are washed away in the search continues this morning to find people who were still missing among them and entire family of eight people were in a vacation home in the home was swept away by floodwaters a relative says that all of their holding on to furniture when it started floating down the river. they
9:03 am
down more than 11 in. of rain the governor there had declared a disaster emergency act and of its four texas counties to release his stock rating. >>james: you can see the storm on the heavy side down there near taxes will also expecting shower of you spots in the country billing with that right down and arrested a quick look at temperatures around the bay we are starting off today on a cornell has been mild we seen a lot of mid-50s and so far this all resting at the moment and
9:04 am
she had expected to warm up with near 8070 to 79 degrees and about an adult in the brentwood physical the degrees warmer and look for '80s 82 degrees there but most sunny skies will be breezy in the dust with gusts of 25 mi. per hour for the afternoon keep that in mind. was it ever to tell because it will result antioch the mid-60s by the bay and.
9:05 am
>>george: the north about ride in fact 17 changes is number as it comes up all of the santa cruz mountain it right here interstate 280 and then becomes a 80, northbound and is backed up from here to hear with a 32 minute drive time this in the wake of an early recovery accident that brokaw road the crash is clear the normal trip time there should be just about 11 minutes and hear for the southbound ride out of cupertino on 280 heading toward san jose at the end of the you're ride to the bay bridge still holding at about the macarthur maze but 22 minutes now the drive times slowly start to creep downward for 92 in the san mateo bridge were back down
9:06 am
to the teens and 18 minute drive time getting out of hayward over to foster sitting the golden gate bridge continues to be a smooth ride or problem free but still heavy for the northern marin ride 35 minutes getting down to the toll plaza from novato and the richmond bridge the backed up now and not quite to castro street for the west about 580 ride as this continues to improve. >>darya: the chp is asking for your help and tanker became concerned because they saw a young girl in a car that was a classic look at the seville the shot from that day was a 30 last saturday and the great stanley 97 blazer with a toll plaza and as those on a to the so seconal
9:07 am
was a child sitting in the middle so the child was screaming and struggling and crying and so the auto sector was concerned a later call the police. there were no plates on the vehicle that was a temporary driving permit in the back right window a lot of the car had to after market fog lights. >>darya: we've been following this all morning long ever since they came back from houston defeated in the game for an math james harden pulled that off he
9:08 am
is back on the troubled him coming up the forms are in store for cleveland police what are they doing and why it is not going to be enough after the break or to tell you how 100,000 people person information was stolen from the irs.
9:09 am
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9:10 am
natully autil resus® 7
9:11 am
>>george: still into men so traffic in the san mateo bridge just when you think it is safe to cross the water the drive times stays the same at about 18 minutes or from time to time we see in the slow and go conditions that would check the rest of the traffic coming right upper is called on gravel the man may drug is similar to cocaine but had to to to be much more dangerous to say a small
9:12 am
overdose can give uses would feel like a stretch and fury of the incredible hope and the mac as a working their way around by sticking the consumption label on the drug to to be aware of a few of kids is dangerous she is a civil-rights lawyer and a former sergeant lost angeles police she is in constant pain because she was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer if she is now part of a new lawsuit that claims california should allow terminally ill adults who are mentally competent to take prescription medication so that they can die without fear of prosecution and with dignity the
9:13 am
californians against the suicide issue the statement saying the policy now is being considered. >>james: we're checking weather around the bay is a quick look at the oakland a's forecast have passed known as first pitch to purchase to be in the low 50s will partly cloudy skies and light winds back with more and a moment. >>stanley roberts: coming up i hang out with east bay regional park police as they look for people behaving badly. >>: i got caught behaving badly. go! ♪♪
9:14 am
it's more than a movie. it's now a ride. fast and furious. supercharged. ride it at universal studios hollywood.
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9:16 am
>>george: in any event it is time for the traffic of they hear with the ride in the south bay west attracted hot spot that is the ride on a 80 and highway 17 in the northbound direction we're still back of all the way from here the 85 and to change in the northbound direction leading all the way up to highway 101. that is because of
9:17 am
the overturned accident that is right here on 280 southbound and cupertino at the hands of past that is affecting the ride as well at the bridge is the bay bridge westbound has been steadily backed up into the macarthur maze all morning long still no real improvement in the life of the back of although the drive times and seen to drop by a minute or two with each check if at 92 in the san mateo bridge we keep looking for that long lasting improvement but we seem to keep getting waves of so traffic tracking you're ride to the richmond bridge on interstate 580 west down the backed reaches outside the camera view to the drive times are back to 10 minutes for the
9:18 am
westbound track leading over to senator fell. >>james: this talk about all we can expect bay area wide today as to make a way around the bay will start with a live look at sfo. religion not impact you in terms of temperatures because we are looking for one temperatures this afternoon in fact we could get close to a degree mark for four and the east bay locations like adults and have bred what you are find hard to see potential a degree weather there are problems sfo because of low clouds earlier we have acquired a lead to 75 minutes still for an incoming flights with a single one of the more breaking the 60 degree mark san jose close at 58 we have 59 and presence in the warm-up begin to take hold in a densely with his temper just beginning to climb
9:19 am
easy on the delta fare fill seven more losses than wins is will expect bay area wide it will be around 3:00 or so the warmest ease they will be the delta we get closer to a degree mark otherwise mid-70s of the seven that will be a forecast for the south in the north as well will the different temperature to get close to a remark once again tomorrow and then finally more more committees get there on friday. >>mark: a single tax could crash your eye from--texas assistant crasher have the phonecrasher >>rob black: if it crashes from its use of a lot of memory no
9:20 am
impact on apple's stock i am not the stress by ed that investigated and hammered out if you have the issue of it crashing to have to get that person the same additional text message and to yourself in addition to text message. >>rob black: the cash flow into the system and which set forth on buildings hiring new strategies new equipment but instead companies are being very cautious about the buybacks of
9:21 am
getting a lot of hand and active investors assess this which is to do to morning it is higher because people buybacks and dividends altman did not good for the united states opposed the proper is the need expectations tiffany turned into a bottle but they for the company also flat where and diamonds the blue boxes luxury in the economy that is ok intends to do very well in the comedy that is bad. tiffany is
9:22 am
rotted at this point in time we over the couple more stores in china michael sells watches tiffany's the competing with apple they're doing quite well how high can nike shares go. as one the most expensive retail stocks out there because of these two things of fit bit of fat man as well as a phone one more americans exercising counted steps as we're using those two items the benefits them because they bought them make the shoe market you have to walk again to get new shoes.
9:23 am
>>mark: posted on the facebook page we will be right back.
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
here is stanley roberts who found some:people behaving badly >>stanley roberts: it appears they're about to take it and on a boat and not just any boat to get on to use this inflatable boat the problem is that it was for it to year-old there or
9:27 am
instructed to correct the problem before going into the water with a bit of good buys all the rubble as a be on the side of the moreno the lake itself estoppels opposed to a thousand pounds and review month's the money comes directly for fishing license and permit all but no longer have to have your edition were less visible you must have it on you and for the comedy and these voters have
9:28 am
a slight problem no fines were issued and hear something new that i learned 7 tie at a put a motor on that it is official not a kayak anymore you can bring the beer and wine you just cannot bring any hard liquor tequila falls on the hard liquor and other safety note if you see people swimming in the water to give the of the 100 ft in livermore.
9:29 am
>>darya: is inappropriate to remember b ki a blues l legend
9:30 am
9:31 am
>>darya: cents and offered the rockets in game 5 that would allow us to move on and check on mr. james and the cavaliers will been looking at the different seats that are still available the prices and are the chances for success are good we
9:32 am
asturias have to take us to the section. >>will tran: any seats available they're still one seat available for the price this is a the bottom of the bay 674 if you fly solo anchor to call it one to be alone if this is 674
9:33 am
showed you the other six this morning i really want to have some nosebleed seats from a serious budget that is about a hundred $51 for all it is still cheaper the game one of course becomes a tumbleweed spent a winter night kelsey by the way speaking of the game and what you need to do it better come early because they are playing at 1235 they will have a lot of people there as well you're encouraged to ride bart stations began it will open at 1:00 this afternoon to come here getting ready to go if they went it will be the first time there will be in the finals in nearly four decades started nine years to be exact. >>darya: you're rooting for him
9:34 am
over messages is because he's likable. >>will tran: i really hope they bring it home is hard to beat the rockets the war is almost unbeatable at home. >>james: as we get up to look after weather forecast for today
9:35 am
still great over san francisco look beyond to the east bay mud i would tell you where this season bees and sunshine and then as this which perspective take a look at walnut creek nothing but sunshine come down the to the san ramon valley beginning here and this spread to the bay itself before too much slower here is what we're expecting the current at a clock tower was such temperatures and low to mid 50's partly cloudy will be the forecast temperatures by the bay getting up to 60 degrees where low seventies inland 3:00 4:00 this afternoon sunny and certainly warmer we're seeing dylan ballad temperatures approaching the upper 70's to maybe even 80 degrees in some spots mid-60s by the bay bridge with a forecast for today it is better as we headed to small room i will be back in 15 minutes and have the extended outlook to talk about that one up for the end of the week.
9:36 am
>>george: with attracting hot spots in the south bay for the ride on 1780 in the northbound direction also 280 of the south bombsight the sea with eliminated most of the red on a northbound trip the drive times and about 19 minutes in should be 11 minutes for that stretch of roadway it was here in cupertino sought to 80 at the hands of with that and may still have a vehicle the good news is because the traffic flow in the opposite direction has not had too much delay the ride at the bay bridge is no longer at the into the macarthur maze but is still slow westbound through the maze but not leading to the bay bridge is leading to the shore freeway the richmond bridge
9:37 am
ride west bound into san revell no longer a backup or delay. >>darya: plays all american pipeline sit there for letting of france estivate if the broken section of pipe test could well along the santa barbara coast of the company said it is unclear when that might begin 10,000 gal. of oil water have been recovered so far the government dollars to workers are cleaning up the coastline of oil black in the area and to 12 square mile and a slick in the ocean because of the rupture a marine mammals include office and sea lions were found dead as well knew this morning state lawmakers are advancing a bill to make sure that women get equal pay the law will make it so employers will
9:38 am
have to demonstrate any pay difference between a man and woman will be based on reasonable job related consideration and not by gender it would allow employees to claim pay discrimination between workers and different location. we will be right back with more and a couple of minutes'
9:39 am
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>>darya: they will fight extradition to the u.s. a luxury hotel and they did not name the person who read for the simple extradition it will be handed over to authorities so immediately the allegations of
9:42 am
all kinds of bribery corruption and anything else in the soccer world bailout by that scandal today will have an important announcement for cable subscribers of ways or ran from a known as a sound the contract to carry it expires the 2:00 today and there's no deal reached by then with subscribers would not be able to watch another with have tried hard to reach an agreement and will continue to negotiate with out there and at what treatment than i was built to provide top- quality new sports and entertainment and other programming that is important to you to the alternative katie provided to go to our web site. will be right back in a couple of minutes
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>>darya: fans are still talking
9:46 am
about the fall the steph curry took in game 4 that is flying over the shoulders and a winding up on the shoulder and his head is really what had a doctor's with the team explained that they examine his head and neck and he was allowed to return to the game to dr. reid spoke with intersect and a lot worse if. vicki liviakis: the brain moved forward and then this was is backed the specialize in the head and neck in fact he's a heavy and a retired players care for the west coast he hit the back of his hand and then the law also get some neck injuries and pensioners like many warriors fans he saw the tumble by the warriors star and figured he was in big trouble he
9:47 am
believed the team doctor ran right test on the court that allowed him to resume playing in such a big emphasis on concussion dispenser in the national football league will be very difficult for the team physician or: under a lot of stress to get people back to play to have to let people play after such an injury because we've had it clear guidelines that we follow the doctors would not have let him go back and they did not really feel that he was fully recovered but the doctor would not be a bit surprised if curries neck is not plenty sore. >>darya: in football new this morning the 49 a star quarterback column capper neck is under fire after he posted was some felt was an insensitive comments about the texas
9:48 am
flooding he posted in a picture of some flooding in cars floating in texas and he wrote i want you the storm was coming houston and then he removes the picture and he said an apology and i mean any disrespect star for the comments he meant to that he does the storm coming thing because to try to pump himself up and ready for the preseason and all the sec on houston he meant no disrespect. we're looking at the series of flooding which the line is from the still a terrible situation. >>james: it is not into louisiana as resume and you will see where the heaviest as falling if the sibylline of red on the radar that indicate a severe thunderstorm activity a severe thunderstorm warning for the eastern half of texas still dealing with a flood warning that is what we're seeing on this map the flood warning that
9:49 am
does not expire until saturday that is how long they expect to be dealing with high water and of course flooding conditions attached on also possibility of a lot of headaches ahead of them and track in the recovery brought the rest of the week this is what it's like close to the coast however if you head in and is a very different story in fact the opposite pitcher through the san ramon valley and walnut creek showing us that temperatures also responding we have conditions approaching the 60 remarked for san jose livermore in the east bay where the cameras positioned is already past 6158 san francisco to the a in oakland. >>james: patisserie getting into the 80 degree mark for the dust in the south of the san jose 7562 in san francisco led 60 the cost to bay in oakland looking
9:50 am
for a nice day of mid '70s there will be someone kicking around but the temperatures will be awfully nice for your 7 day around the bay forecast will continue arming of the request of the workweek in this week with low 80s inland and close a seven degree mark by the ban. >>george: we still have the accident a cupertino on interstate 280, this is in the southbound direction here at the hands away the cars on its roof and lanes are blocked the bigger impact is on the northbound ride and pour interstate 280 which you can see is still slow with a 24 minute drive times out of downtown san jose as a hangout for cupertino on 280 north down in look sluggish here but only so as to
9:51 am
approach the toll plaza there is no back up to the bridge in the maze with traffic through the maze is slow and is only out to interstate 80 to the san mateo bridge finally blasted improvement back down to a 13 to 15 minute drive times for the gold index bridge in the 101 ride their you concede the zipper truck turning the land in the bridge back to three lanes in each direction to the traffic is a little slow but otherwise an easy trip across the bridge as it is across the richmond bridge no longer backed up for the west about ride public out of richmond and heading toward san rafael. >>darya: she is scared for a child safety after she discovered death threats and sexually explicit messages on a smart phone we spoke to mom about the threats. >>reporter: she said disturbing is to send messages that were sent to her daughter from another student through the social media side kik is our
9:52 am
fifth graders she said i'm going to kill you as a private chat room with use the commercial messages videos and photographs of several other people at one time when a smart phone i was scared and i'm shaking and not just thinking about it among sister from the messages on the family cell phone last week the messages came from another 11 year-old and mark twain elementary school in sacramento the class may also message and inappropriate photograph she claims the messages also adds a daughter and others to engage in sexual activities that she had to but to pay on school property of the kids were just as well she's not the only one that was told to perform sexual
9:53 am
activity they're too graphic for television but when she saw the check she took her child out of school and reported the incident to the principle the district is not investigating it is more than a week since the child walk on campus. >>darya: he has been arrested for murder here you see him being taken into custody they're looking for him for two months to identify and a barn l.a. county they found him yesterday in mexico just across the border he is in the custody of the fbi there had been 25,000 award for information on his arrest coming up more bay area weather and traffic for you when things will change and we're
9:54 am
waiting for the clouds to break up over at the bay bridge many other areas where we are seeing some sunshine on what is going to be a little bit of a warm-up today. dioverrookde andiscer aexcing mbinion tass. ch, rk ccola veri sofcents. avor wit oticruituice it's cholatand uit avor likeou've ner expeencebefo. dioverrookde. snait. we sck i we sosh . weove . rsh's kes a 'mo...yomaket spial. hersy'is me, yrsouchocate.
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>>darya: if you do not know now you can look the mother is an extra 7600 workers in the dictionary some of them wtf totaphotobomb things to keep tax and shorthand they are more serious lack pollinate collapse this order that was for the and it's possible that that are happening on a world that is if for this morning thank you for joining us we hope you will be back here starting at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning cash in the meantime stay connected with the mobile application and our web site facebook and
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