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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> pam :tragedy tonight in south carolina. at least nine people are dead. following a shooting at a historic black church in charleston south carolina. police are still looking for the gunman. kron 4's philippe djegal is following the story. he has the latest information on the shooting. philippe, what can you tell us? >> phillip :pam. tonight, the charleston police chief says his department is investigating this shooting as a hate crime. the f-b-i, and a-t-f are involved. right now, the focus is on tracking down the shooter. police say this case shooting is considered a hate crime because it happened at an historically black church in town. the emmanuel african methodist episcopal church. shots were fired just after nine oclock in the evening.
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and, when police arrived -- they found several shooting victims. nine people have died from their injuries -- others are being looked at at area hospitals. investigators believe there is only one shooter. a 21-year-old white man, who tonight is still on the run. he walked in, opened fire and took off. he is considered armed dangerous and solely respobsible for the bloodshed. >>:this is a tragedy that no community should have to experience. it is senseless and it is unfashionable that somebody would walk into a church when people are having a prayer meeting and take their lives. i can assure you that we're going to do everything in our power to find this individual and lock him up and to make sure that he does not hurt anybody else >> phillip :at one point, police received a tip that an explosive device may have also been hidden at the scene.
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but law enforcement has checked the area, and did not find a bomb. pam -- back to you. >> pam :new tonight at eleven. the collapse of that balconey at a berkeley apartment building yesterday. has stunned people across the bay area. it happened, as a group of young people. was celebrating a birthday. a number of the kids walked onto the apartment balcony. and, it gave way. the frantic moments afterward. led to a number of calls to 9- one-one emergency crews. here is thenewly released audio. from some of those calls. >>:a balcony just collapsed >>:and what street in berkeley? stop screaming at can't understand you and which really one--street are
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you on? >> pam :that was one of the first call's made for highway patrol officials now believe. rotted wooden beams may have been responsible for the deadly balcony collapse in berkeley. today. crews removed a second balcony from the liberty gardens apartment complex. after it was deemed structurally unstable. kron 4's jeff bush is live at the apartment complex tonight. with the latest on the investigation. jeff? >> jeff :this community is still reeling and the sense of loss is still very real. the candlelight vigil just came through this area and not too long ago. you can see that a long line of mournful people made their way to the apartment building where this tragic fall happened at. it was a quiet affair with people walking along many of them holding candles, freres, fox and
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sorrows--prayersws, thoughts and sorrows >>:i feel bad for all the people who are affected by this and those who are surviving better in the hospital away from their homes >> phillip >> jeff : they will be investigating more into the causes of the collapses >> pam :a memorial was held tonight at the cathedral of christ the light church in oakland. for the six young victims who died. after the balcony collapsed. ashley donohue was the only u-s citizen to be killed. the other five vicitms were on work and study visas from ireland. the local irish community was extremely affected. and had a large presence at tonights memorial.
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those who attended said, the memorial was a beautiful way for the community to remember the victims and the good times they all shared. shifting to other news now the best team in basketball is back at home in the bay. the warriors came back to a warm welcome at the oakland international airport today. after a long flight, they were greeted by fans of all ages, who had been waiting for hours to see the champs. the fans weren't the only ones happy to be there. >> : i can't wait for the parade is going to be so much fun >>:i am on cloud nine >>:we'll remember this for the rest of our lives >> pam :it's safe to say, the fans will remember this championship for the rest of their lives too.
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>> reporter :the parade will head north on broadway over to west grant and then loops around the lake ending at oak street and just about a block from there a big public rally officials say they'll be running rush-hour service is all day long, in order to reduce planform crowding their planning for more riders on friday then i have ever had on one day. ac transit will be impacted as well for more news go on to our web site >> pam :the popular la boulange cafe chain will soon be shutdown. we'll tell you why and hear from local customers. the annual list of the best and the worst beaches is out. we'll tell you how the local beaches made out. a new crop of west nile
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infected mosquitoes shows up. we'll tell you where and when the fogging will begin.
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>> pam :three of california's most bacteria-ridden beaches are located here in the bay area. according to the organization "heal the bay". sunnydale cove in san francisco, marina lagoon in san mateo and cowell beach in santa cruz all have high levels of bacteria. the report monitored bacterial pollution at beaches statewide. that were prime for recreational activities. high levels of bacteria not only harm the environment. but can make beachgoers sick. scientists are still working to figure out the source of the bacteria at these beaches. burglars bust into a south bay pharmacy and steal all kinds of medications. and its not the first time. authorities release survelliance video. the company that built the
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apartments in berkeley. where the deadly balcony collapse occurred. has come under scrutiny before. more on the lawsuit involving another south bay apartment complex. ahead.s >> gary :and coming up later in this broadcast arguably the best pitching matchup we will have the highlights and a's action as well and the warriors coming home and getting ready for the parade, later in this broadcast >> reporter :i will tell you when and how long the warmer temperatures will last coming up on kron 4 news
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> > rob :the sprawling north park apartments here in north san jose were built by the pleasanton-based segue construction, the same company that built the apartments in berkeley. superior court documents show that segue was successfully sued for negligence and failing to comply with building codes. segue spokesman sam singer. >> sam : the apartment the collapse has no relation to the settlement, it was a completely different balcony in different building development > >rob: specifically, court documents reference a section of the north park apartments known as 'the pines,' and segue's alleged breezeways, private balconies and stairwells in a workmanlike manner, alleging negligence and the use of defective materials but singer insists the design of apartments in san jose and those in berkeley are as different as apples and orange. >> sam :
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balcony's in the san jose projects were like cat walks the other ones are different types of balcony's entirely > > rob :still, the san jose suit references damage to balconies and breezeways from water penetration. something investigators in the berkely collapse are also looking into. in the end, as the court documents show segue construction paid out a $3 million dollar settlement in the case involving the pines apartment case here in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> pam :police are looking for three men. who robbed a palo alto pharmacy this morning. these are surveillance pictures of the suspects. it happened just before 4 -this morning, at the maxi-mart pharmacy on cambridge avenue. police say, the men smashed open the front door of the store. and took dozens of bottles of prescription medication. they were last seen runing toward park boulevard in palo alto. a similar burglary happened at the same pharmacy back in april. when prescription medications were also stolen. no arrests were made in that case.
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some mosquitoes in oakley have tested positive for west nile virus. this is the first group of mosquitoes to test positive for the virus this year. they were found near summer lake. officials will be fogging the area thursday evening from 8-40 to 11-30 p-m. the spraying will take place along allagash and sonnet courts, sycamore drive, east cypress road, and harborage court and harborage way. >> reporter :we had a nice day today with seasonal temperatures above normal if, but the overnight lows look like this. the satellite radar is showing no rain in our forecast, is a high-pressure system coming in from california that will come into our range and giving us a chance to warm things up and giving us plenty of sunshine in the next couple days
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you kind of sit here making its way into our region early tomorrow morning and that is when to give was the indication of a fog in the coastal regions, and keep our temperatures slightly below we have today east bay inland highs tomorrow looks like low to opel 80s in general. moving over to the east bay shoreline much cooler or around--all around it looks like a really low 80s and upper '70's move over to the north the region--north bay region there will be fog earlier in the morning that that should burn off around noon time
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92 saturday 91 sunday, so there'll be a cool down tomorrow before it gets hotter again on friday >> pam :starbucks is closing down all la boulange cafes by the end of september. starbucks bought the bakery chain in 2012 to address customer complaints about the menu being uninspiring. since the acquisition three years ago starbucks has seen a significant growth in food sales. but running the 23 restaurants is no longer sustainable. one customer says he's not really surprised about it being bought and then shut down. >> i am not particularly sad or anything like that but it seems like pretty common for a big corporation like starbucks to buy a local small actually good company and kill its sole--soul
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>> pam :eventhough the individual restaurants will be closing.starbucks will still sell la boulange food in the u.s. and canada. today. u-s secretary jack lew announced. that alexander hamilton is getting some company on the ten-dollar bill. this is the first time in over a century that a woman will be featured on the redesigned bill in 20-20. a decision on who the woman will be. will not be made for several months. lew is asking for the public's help. he will be seeking input over social media with the hashtag "the new 10." by law. the portrait must be of a woman who is no longer living. in sports. the warriors have some fun on the flight home from cleveland. and the pitching dues between madison bumgarner and "king" fleix hernandez. live up to the billing. gary has the highlights. and all the sports. next ♪ ♪
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>> gary :the warriors are coming up in a few minutes but now we're talking about pitching because we can't talk about them can--dunking the giants fans here are traveling well bob carter did
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well--baumgarter felix hernandez as they call him king hernandez. he should have made the catch here he said that maxwell was coming over and took his eye off the ball jasey will supposedly be in oakland this saturday night to represent the boxer andrea ward. the giants lose two to nothing is continue to play pretty well --a's it was the pride night at the
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oakland coliseum and billy butler a.k.a. country breakfasts with a three run homer >> pam :it doesn't bother me >> gary :bit like when i call him country breakfast--they don't like it these just pounding san diego in the inner league play is san diego they've been really bad, 16-2 the a's have won four straight games now to the warriors the champs are home the warriors had some fun on the flight home from cleveland this afternoon a few players sent this video
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out on instagramthe team rocking out to the song "coco" by o.t. genesis while taking turns holding/cradling/loving/smoochin g the larry o'brien championship trophy mvp andre igoudala was actually able to take nap on the flightmvp trophy on his lap draymond green posing with the trophy and steph curry holding the trophy tight in oakland steph curry the first one out showing off the hardware andrew bogut, draymond green right there tooand watch david lee lose his hat! igoudala shows off the bill russell finals mvp trophy here's iggy and some other and this is the parade troute. friday in oakland it starts at the wariors facility at 11th and broadway.north to west grand.along lake merritt.and ends at 12th and oak streets. a block from there is the public rally at the kaiser convention center it is scheduled to start at 10 am bart says they will be running rush hour service all day to accommodate the crowd johnny manziel is retiring the money sign manziel starting using it in college at texas a-and-m and
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took it with him to the n-f-l but today at the cleveland brown's practice manziel says he is done with the gesture >>:the money sine will not be making it back--sign. this last season was a disaster for me >> gary :will you and me we are from the streets and we fought for education floyd mayweather is selling his ferari enzo only 400 in the world were built by the time the car stopped production in 2004
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mayweather bought it for $3.2 million and is looking to sell it for between $3.6 and $3.8 million the enzo is one of only 111 models built to u.s. specifications it goes from 0 to 60 mph in 3.14 seconds and sports a v-12 engine that pumps out 660 horse power. >> pam :good night everybody see tomorrow--see you tomorrow we spend a lot of time online around here. but with all this speed from xfinity, it's all good. hey, why don't we do some homework for a change? gary, you too.
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exclusive. the pool party that divided america. now the mom in the middle of the pool party brawl speaks out. >> my life has been completely turned upside down. >> and the girl who organized the party. is she becoming a bikini model? and, are they getting a divorce? >> how is your wife doing right now? >> the husband of the embattled prison worker. he's not standing by her any more. then, america reacts. >> and the latest poll. does donald trump really stand a chance?


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