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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 20, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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this afternoon near bailey road. investigators are still at the scene. our kron 4's emily turner is live in pittsburg with the latest. what can you tell us? >> reporter: the highway is shut down and backed up for miles. one person is dead and that he was shot, that's according to contra costa county sheriff's department. you can see behind me right here how badly traffic is backed up. take a look at this video i shot earlier of the scene where they are actually still investigating what happened. we know that right before 3:00 this afternoon the sheriff's office received several 911 calls about a shooting that happened actually on the interstate where apparently one vehicle was shooting into another vehicle and caused a wreck because one of the vehicles ran into the center lane divider. we know that the person who was in that car has died. police are saying, deputies are saying that it is likely gunshot wounds that killed him. they are not releasing the
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information on who that person is. the suspects, the people who fired that weapon are not found. they are not saying who it is. folks are on edge. >> so the traffic is backed up? >> miles, probably like our gps said like two hours. and it was only like a three-mile radius. so i have no idea what's happening. >> did you see the crime scene? >> no, we didn't see it. oh, on the bart we did, yeah. >> what did you see? >> just cop cars. people were scared. i don't know what's happening. >> reporter: so again one person has died. the interstate or the state highway is still shut down. we don't know how long it will be shut down. a woman did stop by my live shot here just a few minutes before we went to air and her husband is actually one of the workers who is blocking off the interstate. she says that the coroner hasn't even gotten there yet so obviously that's going to take
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some time. they won't be able to clear the scene until then. in the meantime i will be here bringing you live information as soon as i get it. emily turner kron 4 news. president obama left the bay area this morning and is now in palm springs. mr. obama was in san francisco since friday to speak at the u.s. conference of mayors. he was also here in the bay area to attend a few democratic party fundraisers. the commander-in-chief is in palm springs to golf with his high school friends at the sunny lands estate. the president looking to spend father's day weekend with the guys as his wife and daughters are on a european tour. president obama not the only democratic party leader to visit san francisco presidential candidate hillary clinton also in town. hillary clinton, who is running a campaign for the white house, was in the bay area to speak at the u.s. conference of mayors, as well. the annual event is being held at the san francisco hilton and will go on until monday. in addition to addressing the charleston massacre and gun
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violence, mrs. clinton also made sure that she was strongly supportive of mayors all over the nation. >> i want you to be sure of this, whether you are a democrat, a republican, or an independent, if i am president, america's mayors will always have a friend in the white house. [ applause ] >> hillary clinton's visit to san francisco is the last stop of a week-long national tour after her official campaign launch last weekend in. more sideshow chaos on the streets of oakland. police responding to two separate sideshows early this morning in that city. kron 4's scott rates is live at oakland police headquarters. you have video of the incident. scott. >> reporter: that's right. another saturday morning sideshow here on oakland caught on video. this time there were gunshots and they got too close for comfort. [ gunfire ]
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>> reporter: frightening moments for a freelance photographer as gunshots are fired dangerously close to where he was filming. listen again. first you hear the gun, then one, two, three, four shots fired. [ four gunshots fired ] >> reporter: this after a lengthy sideshow underneath 880 on high street in oakland saturday morning. [ screeching tires ] >> reporter: in the video you can see the drivers of a camaro and an older model mustang spinning donuts and screeching tires and then this. the sideshow spectators start shooting off fireworks! [ sirens ] >> reporter: the crowd breaks up once they hear the sound of sirens. chp tells kron 4 news this was one of two sideshows in oakland early saturday morning. he says when chp officers arrived, they attempted to pull over a honda accord believed to
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have also been involved in the side show. officers say the driver did not stop. a brief chase broke out ending a few miles away when the car crashed and burst into flames. four suspects started running. three were arrested, one still at large. the chp saying that fortunately despite all the chaos, nobody was injured. now, i did check with opd, as well. they tell me that they issued 22 citations last night and that they towed four vehicles. i also asked them about the gunshots in that video. they say they will now be looking into it. reporting live in oakland, scott rates, kron 4 news. two victims of the deadly balcony collapse in berkeley were laid to rest today. friends and family gathered in cotati to mourn the loss of ashley donohoe and olivia
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burke. kron 4's jeffrey pierce attended today's ceremony. [ bagpipes ] >> reporter: services were held for two victims of the balcony collapse early tuesday morning. at st. joseph's church in cotati family and friends mourned the loss of ashley donohoe and olivia burke, who were among the six people who died in the collapse. >> all our stories will end in death. sometimes it comes when it has scarcely just begun. and this was true in the case of ashley and olivia. >> reporter: ashley donohoe was the lone american among the victims. the others were all students from ireland. [ bagpipes ] >> reporter: saturday's ceremony memorialized both young women because olivia and ashley were cousins. a spokesman for the family said they would be looking into the circumstances of the tragedy. >> we'll fight to make changes,
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so that no family will ever have to go through what we have gone through. >> reporter: ashley donohoe was buried after the ceremony. olivia burke's body will join the four remaining victims to be returned to mourners in ireland. in cotati, jeff pierce, kron 4 news. >> the irish consulate of san francisco released a statement this afternoon on behalf of the victims' families. they say, "as we leave berkeley and return home to ireland with our beloved sons and daughters, we would like to thank everyone in america and ireland for their sympathy and support which has been a tremendous comfort to us at this tragic time." vallejo police are trying to figure out if alcohol, drugs or a medical condition led to a deadly crash in vallejo yesterday afternoon. it happened just before 3:30 on sonoma boulevard near redwood street. police say a driver veered on to the sidewalk and struck and injured six people including two small children. two people were dragged and pinned under the car as it re-
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entered the street. one of those victims died at the scene. three people were transported to the hospital. one is in critical condition. the fbi is investigating a website that appears to have photos of the charleston church shooting suspect in pictures you see dylann roof holding a confederate flag along with a racist chant. a manifesto was found on a website called lastrhodesian. com. the writings are in line with what roof told friends and what he said before allegedly opening fire in the church. roof was arrested in the killing of nine people inside a historic black church wednesday night. a rally was held in new york city today in support of those killed by roof. another mayor de blasio joined hundreds of church gores at the rally. it was -- church-goers at the rally. it was held in solidarity with the people in charleston. de blasio denounced it as an act of terrorism. he was also joined by a state senator who led the crowned chanting that south carolina
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should remove all confederate flags from the grounds of the statehouse. >> after newtown, we thought we were going to see some solutions. people are going to demand it now. this is the intersection of racism, guns and mental health. >> the gunman faces nine counts of murder and weapons charges. in response to the tragedy, hillary clinton is calling for more gun control. today the directic presidential candidate crit -- democratic presidential candidate criticizing congress' inability to pass gun restrictions even though she alleges most americans want them. we have more. >> my heart is bursting for them. >> reporter: democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton used the charleston mass shooting to call for measures to keep guns out of the hands of people with mental illness and others. >> i am not and will not be afraid to keep fighting for commonsense reform and along
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with you, achieve those on behalf of all who have been lost because of this senseless gun violence in our country. [ applause ] >> reporter: casting the shooting in religious terms, republican presidential candidate rick perry said shooter dylann roof gunned down nine children of god. >> there is something more basic to our humanity than the color of our skin, our ethnic heritage, our nationality. we're all made in image of a loving god. >> reporter: perry later told reporters he welcomes the gun control conversation but -- >> i do have an issue that the knee-jerk from the left is we are going to take people's guns way from them when in fact there are a host of contributing factors here's. >> in the name of jesus. >> reporter: saturday also saw memorial ceremonies for the charleston tragedy. greater allen ame theat of new
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york hosted a prayer service and participants had a rally for the victims. an intense manhunt is under way in new orleans for a prisoner though escaped a transport after he shot and killed an officer. darrell holloway was transporting a man from the police station to orleans parish prison. while in the vehicle, the man climbed into the front seat and got a weapon and shot the cop. the car hit a pole after the officer was shot. and the man escaped. >> this subject kim through the back to the front seat through a port opening between the cage which separates the front from the back seat. and actually shot officer holloway. officer holloway put up a fight to try to get this subject to not exit the vehicle. but he succumbed to his injuries. >> when medical teams arrived holloway was taken to a local
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hospital where he died. in a statement read today, the mayor said that the city is using every law enforcement resource at its disposal to find capture and prosecute him. coming up at 8:00, a waterpark in antioch reopens following a possible chemical exposure. what officials are doing to prevent something like this from happening again. >> a new lead for the search for two escaped inmates where the prisoners were possibly seen ahead. >> and an abandoned boat leaks diesel fuel in san francisco bay. the search for the owner next. >> a mild day by the day with temperatures in the 60s and 70s but hot in the east bay valleys with mid-90s. it's going to be significantly cooler for tomorrow. i'll have your father's day forecast coming up next.
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a diesel spill in south san francisco this morning. it came out of a submerged
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boat. kron 4's philippe djegal reports. >> reporter: docked in space 189 as you can see this 40-foot boat won't be in the sea anytime soon. nearly sunken at the oyster cove marina the u.s. coast guard says just after midnight someone passing by the vessel smelled diesel fuel and found the boat under water and leaking gas. >> any amount of pollution into the water is not a good thing. >> reporter: but thankfully coast guard spokesman amanda faulkner says only 5 gallons of diesel spilled into the marina before divers contained the leak with booms. the white nets surrounding the boat. >> they also plugged the vents which means that they stopped the oil from coming out of the vessel. >> reporter: he says the quick response minimized the damage. >> there's no reports of contaminated wildlife. >> reporter: it appears the leak is the result of old age. the coast guard is working on
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tracking down the owner. in south san francisco, philippe djegal, kron 4 news. crews are still hard at work trying to clean up the oil spill along the coast of southern california. the painstaking task of cleaning up that oil spill has to be done largely by hand. workers are using wire brushes and putty knives to scrape the oil off stones and cliff faces. heavy equipment or chemicals are not being used in the clean- up so as not to harm the coastline or animals any more. the may 19 spill happened after an underground pipeline ruptured. yesterday hundreds of thousands of people attended the warriors victory parade in oakland. as a result, bart had one of its busiest days in history. bart says that more than 551,000 people used bart on friday making it bart's second busiest day. the record goes to the day of the san francisco giants world series parade in 2012 when about 568,000 people rode bart. friday's record though
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displaces the record set by the day of 2010 giants world series parade more than 522,000 riders took bart on that day. well, vicki, a lot of clouds coming in over sfo this evening. low and high clouds. this is a time lapse past 15 minutes. the high clouds making for some really nice colors in the evening sky. the low clouds making a comeback especially at the golden gate bridge. it's gray out there for tonight. and the low clouds coming back into the bay and into the inland valleys that's going to make for much cooler temperatures tomorrow especially inland valleys. we could be about 10 to 15 degrees cooler for tomorrow afternoon. so a cloudy start most places. and clearing through the morning hours. sunshine for the afternoon. the sea breeze is going to be over 30 miles per hour and that's going to funnel in lots of cool air into the east bay
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valleys. and just about everybody across the board we're all going to be cooler for tomorrow here's fog tracker 6 a.m. there's the low cloudiness into the bay in toward the tri- valley toward concord and martinez, north bay valleys. we'll watch the clearing take place first here in the east bay at 9 a.m. still low clouds by the bay. by the way, i think the south bay will be relatively free of low clouds tomorrow morning. also at 9 a.m. clouds north saying all of that is clearing away by about 11 a.m. it will be sunny with the exception of the coastline which will remain pretty gray all the way through the afternoon hours. look for temperatures to drop about five degrees or so here in the south bay. no 80s tomorrow for father's day. and instead, the low to mid- 70s. did i say no 80s? i think i saw an 80 there in almaden valley. low 80s there as we get south and west of san jose. like toward los gatos. look for upper 70s and low 80s east bay valleys so that's a big change from today.
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60s by the bay, san francisco forecast high of 61 degrees. some 70s in the north bay valleys. it does get a lot warmer next week. i'll have the rest of the forecast later on. the annual u.s. conference of mayors is being held at the san francisco hilton in union square. and a group of protestors rallied outside the hotel to speak out against police departments. rally organizers say the u.s. conference of mayors is an opportunity for them to speak out against police militarization. in light of recent events civilians should be given control over the police and they want mayors to hear them. >> the mayors have the authority to end state sponsored police terror that is the arm of the war on black people that's been happening from the plantation until now. and i would like to say that mayors across the nation not only have the authority, they have the duty to join in and to end the war on black people because "black lives matter." >> and the u.s. conference of mayors will be wrapping up on
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monday. coming up a stowaway plunges from a british airways flight minutes before it was supposed to land. where the body was found ahead.
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some drivers yield to me there was this one and that did not. but that's okay. because they are immediately followed by a police officer with a ticket book in hand. yes, crossing the street in the bay area difficult for the average person. but it's even harder if you are pushing a stroller. there have been cases of mothers pushing strollers that have been hit by cars. >> okay. how hard is it to cross the street? >> horrible. >> tell me about it. >> well, it is basically people just the cars basically they think they have the right of
8:23 pm
way. you know? and i wasn't even sure if that was an actual crosswalk but let me know it is. >> they are members of san mateo county saturation traffic enforcement program. they are targeting drivers who don't give way for pedestrians. this time it's a decoy. no real babies were used in the operation. i watched as driver after driver after driver after driver ignored the pedestrian pushing the stroller in the crosswalk. [ siren ] >> how are you doing? >> fine, thank you. >> did you not see the lady pushing the stroller? >> no. i didn't. >> reporter: what makes this operation unique is that many people are totally unaware of what constitutes an unmarked crosswalk. >> they see people like this, there better be a damn
8:24 pm
crosswalk here. >> this is an unmarked crosswalk! [ overlapping speakers ] >> any person cross something a crosswalk. you think i'm making it up? >> there's no crosswalk. >> reporter: i showed the man in the orange vest a copy of the vehicle code and i guess i won him over. do you feel more educated? >> yes. >> have a good day. >> reporter: but at this intersection -- [ siren ] >> reporter: -- most drivers never read that section of the law. or many just don't care. [ siren ] >> reporter: in south san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> if you have a comment or a story idea for stanley, just email us. coming up at 80 a man from a tiny american town under arrest suspected of supporting isis. what the terrorism task force found out about his plans. plus, a former presidential candidate tweets out what he has to say about the confederate flag. and south carolina's statehouse.
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coming up, the bay area waterpark that sent dozens of kids homesick reopens today. what assurances parents have that it's okay to swim. >> the escaped convicts on the run from the law, why bloodhounds and search crews think they are hot on the trail of these two inmates. >> snapshots from outer space. nasa's mission sending back
8:28 pm
color pictures of pluto next.
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hundreds of people cooled off at the antioch waterpark today. it was closed for two days after more than three dozen people became sick after getting in the water. after monitoring, testing and inspecting the entire waterpark, the contra costa county environmental health department has deemed it safe to re-enter. kron 4's alecia reid has the latest. >> reporter: the health department gave the waterpark clearance to re-open today. >> whoo! >> reporter: now that antioch waterpark's doors are open, they are smiling. >> kids are ready to go.
8:31 pm
>> reporter: getting wet fair game except the sport pool. that's where the chemical exposure happened. it remains closed. >> keeping the sport pool closed for the next week will allow us to collaborate with the state of california, contra costa county again, and really do some long-term investigation to find out what happened. >> reporter: just two days ago, the park was shut down after about 40 people fell ill. at least 10 were transported to an area hospital. and many parents we spoke to have said park officials are on top of clean-up. >> when things happen they take care of it right away. i'm happy they do that because we enjoy it. every time we're here, we're season pass holders. >> i'm glad the park is back. >> reporter: due to the incident, general admission has been reduced to the weekend. for one first-timer and his family not knowing the spill occurred is a cause for
8:32 pm
concern. >> it's irresponsible i think of them not to put some kind of notice. i would have had a choice either to come over or not. instead i'm here now. i got a big family. they're all in there. what do i do? do i take 'em out immediately or how can i be sure that there's no other leaks on the other swimming pools? >> the chemical the park uses to keep the water sanitized is chlorine which is pretty standard. exactly what was in the water, we'll hopefully have answers in a week. alecia reid kron 4 news. the church in south carolina where people were killed will be having service on sunday. a memorial has been set up outside of emanuel african methodist episcopal church in charleston. police say 21-year-old dylann roof shot and killed nine church members as they gathered for prayer service and bible study. today people stood in a long line outside of the church to pay their respects. among the victim killed on wednesday was state senator and
8:33 pm
the church's pastor, clementa pinckney. former massachusetts governor mitt romney has also added his voice on the removal of the confederate flag from the south carolina statehouse. in a tweet today romney said, remove it now to honor the victims of this week's deadly church shooting. romney also said how much see the confederate flag as a symbol of racial hatred. south carolina was the last state to fly the confederate battle flag from its capital and in 2000 it was removed to a flagpole in front of the statehouse. new york state police are investigating a new lead on the two convicted killers who escaped from a maximum security prison two weeks ago. authorities are investigating a possible sighting of the prisoner near friendship near the pennsylvania border. david sweat and richard matt escaped on june 6 from the clinton correctional facility. and a prison worker has been charged in the escape. a $50,000 reward is being offered for information leading
8:34 pm
to the prisoner's captures. a stowaway plunged from a british airways flight minutes before it was due to land at heathrow and was found dead on a rooftop. a second stow away was discovered hiding in the play's undercarriage and is listed in critical condition tonight. they had traveled from johannesburg to london. we have more. reporter: some people have come and laid flowers here at the site and this is the building where this man's body was found. now, the london police have come out and said that currently, they are treating this as what they call an unexplained death. but they also say there are strong indications that this was indeed a stowaway who fell out of the wheel well of this plane as it was coming in to land and, of course, the landing gear was coming down. now, there was a second person who was found on the tarmac at london heathrow airport and so far police are saying he is in serious condition but he appears to have survived. we are talking about a flight that went from johannesburg all the way here to london about
8:35 pm
8,000 miles. it takes almost 12 hours and also we have to keep in mind that the wheel well of the plane is not pressurized. there's little air to breathe and it gets very, very cold. now, needless to say the people here in this area say that they are absolutely shocked by what happened! we spoke to a local man who said that the community here is in mourning. >> i feel very much for people's desperation actually. you know with all the stuff about migrants coming across from north africa, for example, into europe and for people who are trying to reach other parts of the world where they think they can achieve a better life. um, it's just horrible when something like this goes so wrong. >> reporter: british airways said that this is a very rare incident but there are incidents where this happens. in fact, here around the area of london heathrow there have been several incidents where stow aways have fallen out of planes shortly before those planes were set to land.
8:36 pm
an ohio man was arrested on suspicion of supporting isis. he told fbi sources he wanted to stage terrorist attacks in the u.s. from our partners at cnn, we have more. >> reporter: when you drive into sheffield lake you see rows of american flags. which is why some neighbors of the man can't wrap their heads around his involvement with isis. >> a little town like this you have isis in a little town of sheffield lake? come on. >> reporter: neighbors we spoke with didn't know the man named robert mccullum personally. >> s of a nice guy. you wouldn't think though. in your own house. your own backyard. >> nice guy, friendly. >> reporter: a very different picture painted by the fbi and joint terrorism times square. >> i thought he was pretty cool but never really know a guy. >> reporter: a 33 page criminal complaint filed against him friday following a arrests for
8:37 pm
trying to buy an ak-47 from undercover agents creating recruitment videos and communicating with what he thought were isis members. >> that's an alert, you know. >> reporter: his defense attorney saying, he is surprised by at of attention this case is getting every -- he is surprised by the amount of attention this case is getting so much attention. >> he doesn't understand why what he says got so much attention. >> he will be back in court wednesday and is being held without bail until then. the first-ever mission to pluto sharing pictures of the far away place. we'll look at nasa's newest celestial snapshots right after this. >> and the fog may make it hard to see the planet tonight. it's cooling down in san francisco. just in the mid-50s. warm inland but everybody cooler tomorrow. the forecast is up next.
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nasa released the first images from its new horizons mission. it shows pluto and a moon in full color for the first time. the near true color doesn't -- it looks pixelated to me but apparently, the color movies were put together from images in three colors taken on nine occasions in late may through early june. the mission will make its closest approach to pluto on july 14. the picture should be clearer. this is the first mission to pluto and the keiper belt. on earth it was breezy in parts of the bay area with temperatures on the cooler side. but our kron 4's brian van aken here with the forecast. >> we are can see planets here if you look to the west. we'll see the crescent moon, jupiter and venus setting in the west. and the one problem, though, might be the low cloudiness
8:41 pm
blocking the view. we have a lot of that right now for san francisco pushing in. but elsewhere fairly clear skies. as we get into the early- morning hours, the low clouds are going to be making a push all the way into the inland valleys. and that's going to make for a gray start most places with the exception of antioch clear in the morning, san jose relatively cloud-free but elsewhere look for low clouds clearing interest about 8 a.m. through 11 -- from about 8 a.m. through 11 a.m. sunshine after 11:00. we'll have a strong sea breeze from the golden gate to the inland valleys up to 30 miles per hour in some places. one of the forecast models indicating gusts around fairfield might be close to 50 miles per hour and that's going to cool things down especially east bay valleys like antioch, livermore and concord. instead of mid-90s like today, upper 70s and low 80s down about 10 to 15 degrees. it's all because -- all due in part to this weather system in the pacific. it's been creating some high
8:42 pm
clouds across our skies for today. this is going to stay to the north. but it is going to help ramp up the sea breeze for tomorrow. that means cooler weather for father's day. it gets warmer after tomorrow. fog in the morning, gusty winds in the afternoon. monday low clouds in the morning, lighter sea breeze, temperatures rebounding a few degrees. warmer for tuesday with the fog clearing more quickly. and then look at this warmup that takes place through the rest of the week. thursday and friday temperatures surpassing 100 degrees east bay valleys, upper 70s and low 80s by the bay. lots of sunshine. just about everybody knows you can find almost anything at a walmart store but how about a naked man? ha that surprised a few shoppers. details next.
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follow him on twitter, facebook or email him here at kron 4. while president obama was playing golf, the first lady michelle obama was in europe. she was in italy. she visited u.s. troops and families at vicenza. she was accompanied by her daughters in venice today where they visited a cultural site. california beaches have been invaded by swarms of red tuna crabs. look at that. the crawfish-like creatures washed up on shores in hordes this week. deep piles of the critters are left on the shores because they die once they have been beached. scientists believe that patches of warm water are drawing these little crabs further north from their primary habitat near baja, california. the crabs are not good for human consumption but you can bet the shore birds are having a feast. the state of california in its fourth year of a historic drought. the crisis leading the state
8:48 pm
water regulators to propose drastic cutbacks on water use that are affecting farmers. nick janes reports on how california farmers are fighting for water usage rights. >> they are jumping the gun. >> reporter: 86 and still fired up, jim mccleod has seen many of our worst droughts come and go. >> i have been on the board for 53 years. >> reporter: the board president of the irrigation district argues by cutting off his district's senior water rights the state is breaking the law. the water board ordered the district to stop taking water from the san joaquin river immediately. >> they're taking the water away from us when the water is there! the water is there! >> reporter: what's going to do your farmer? >> it will kill it. it will destroy the tomatoes and these walnuts on these trees. >> reporter: it was the first to file suit against the state water board. the patterson irrigation district followed friday and
8:49 pm
other districts filed a group lawsuit. south san joaquin, modesto, turlock, merced, the city and county of san francisco, and oakdale. >> to take property without a due process hearing from a state agency? that's just wrong! >> reporter: the gm of the oakdale water district says the state water board doesn't have the right to cut california's pre-1914 traditionally ironclad water rights. >> they think that despite having contributed nothing to the development of the water resource, that they can walk in and tell you to stop taking water. >> essentially what you're saying is the state water board is sticking its nose in where it doesn't belong? >> yes. >> reporter: he says jobs, crops and entire farms depend on a judge reversing the water board's cutbacks. >> if they have any brains, they will be. they didn't follow the procedure. they didn't give us a hearing. >> state water board says that they do not respond to spending litigation until they file a response with the court. well, if this man wasn't a
8:50 pm
blake shelton fan before, he sure now. row hoe hartman an oklahoma resident was headed home when he got stuck in muddy waters on a country water. hartman and another passerby attempted to push the truck out but didn't have luck. that was until a familiar face with a tow rope showed up. sure enough, it was country star blake shelton coming to save the day! blake lent a hand and gave him a ride home after the car was freed from the water. >> my wife called me i said blake shelton pulled me out and he is going to go ahead and bring me on home. i said you better slick up and -- [ laughter ] >> -- you know, we be there in just a minute. [ laughter ] >> he said actually they got along nicely and when blake dropped him off, the two took a few pictures and blake was on his merry way. so he could prove it to his wife. people shopping at a walmart in kentucky got a little more than they bargained
8:51 pm
for when a man wearing nothing but shoes socks and a halloween mask ran naked through the store. in the bizarre youtube video the naked man poured milk on himself and ran through the store screaming that he is on fire! that video is removed by youtube because of nudity. um, authorities say that the video may have generated some laughs but the crime of indecent exposure has to be taken seriously. >> if we don't, then, you know, it could be happening all the time. so, you know, that's why it's important to go ahead and make these arrests. >> and this video ends with a streaker speeding away in a getaway car. there are no arrests yet and warrants are out for the streaker and videographer. oh-oh. so you don't have plans for father's day yet? don't worry. we have you covered. coming up on "dine & dish" every data's wish list fulfilled on his special day. every dad's wish list fulfilled on his special day.
8:52 pm
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8:54 pm
don't fret about father's day. "dine & dish" has you covered. what dad doesn't love to bowl? lucky strike by the ballpark is kid-approved. in pacifica it's a shoo-in. >> kids, bring your dad down. free shoe rental. >> reporter: for golfing dads whent in livermore offers a great golf and lunch package for father's day? >> or for miniature golf and
8:55 pm
gourmet with a twist, too, up at urban putt in the city -- tee up at urban putt in the city. if you prefer a slice, tony slice house near at&t park offers breakfast pizza for an all-out sunday brunch. >> nothing better than this. >> this is manly brunch for manly men but the ladies like it, too. >> reporter: for moms who feel the pressure to prepare something special. >> this is cupcake wars. >> reporter: andria the winner of cupcake wars baked up a brew for you. >> in this world of girlly girl desserts and colors he requires some beer. >> reporter: in sonoma and the city you can pick up muffins and beer. >> i ate 30 to get it right. >> reporter: house of prime rib is open an hour early on father's day to handle the early bird diners and the ever popular tommy's joynt although no longer with the original
8:56 pm
tommy's family will still seven dad the specialty of the house. why not celebrate the day with a horn blowers beer and lunch cruise on the bay. vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >> for more information on father's day activities, you can go to our website, click on "dine & dish." we have a list for various events in the bay area. it's on "dine & dish." and you know, brian van aken it's his birthday so that's true dedication to meteorologist showing up today. >> somebody has to talk about the weather. >> maybe we should send somebody to get one of those muffins for your birthday. >> that would be fantastic. [ simultaneous speakers ] >> should i talk about the weather? >> why not. >> the father's day will be cloudy in the morning especially by the bay. but look for us sunshine in the afternoon. no 90s in the forecast inland just upper 70s and low 80s.
8:57 pm
>> no rain either, no. >> dry conditions. >> all right. that's it for kron 4 news at 8:00 but stay connected with kron 4 and get the latest developments at or download one of our mobile apps. see you at 11:00. captions by: caption colorado
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♪ ♪ the aftermath of donald trump's announcement gunning for the white house. >> we have the criticism and hollywood's take but could this spell the end of "the apprentice?" ♪ ♪ >> i'm running. american workers, he's going to have to come clean about the hair. >> clown runs for president. >> will this be the craziest campaign ever? >> plus brian williams' first sit-down since being ousted. >> i own up to this. >> did he demand $10 million a year at msnbc. >> do you remember who called 911? >> i don't remember. >> star trek days after her stroke, we're at home with the 8 -year-old. >> i give it to god. >> and take kevin


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