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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 4, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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everybody. i'm vicki liviacas. scott waits is live. we once this is not first time they've had a fire in this exact spot. >> reporter: neighbors tell me 5 years ago, the same area burned. this fire was very close to houses. you can see the smoke rising off in the disfans this is a picture that was tweeted out about 4:00 this afternoon. you can see that's an ominous sign. a lot of concern. luckily, firefighter were able to get this under control. 3 age says were called out to battle this 3 acre fire pup can see oakland fire using a lot of
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water. it was a pesky blaze. the fire again burning a few hundred yards away from homes. >> everybody seems to be callous in lighting off fireworks and playing with matches. >> any time we have a fire in the oakland hills area, we're worried about the general location of all of the homes to each other. we always worry about losing homes. >> reporter: firefighters told me they will be here throughout the night just monitoring this, making sure nothing flairs up -- nothing flares pup the fire inspector is looking at the
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possibility that fireworks started this fire. >> it's dry out there, and it's a very breezy night. >> it has been breezy this evening, but fortunately, these are cool and moist breezes. look at the humanity up to 77%. and the east bay is pretty breezy. fairfield up around 30. the other weather issue we're dealing with for tonight is the fog and how it will affect the
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fireworks, and this is how it looks right now. the low clouds are very low. way from san francisco, clear skies. up to mount pleasantton in san jose. we're showing the fireworks live here. check it out. vicki? >> exactly, brian. the countdown begins for the annual 4th of july fireworks sew. you can see the fought there. thousands of focus eagerly awaiting the fireworks. that begins in an hour, followed by the fireworks display at 5:30. brian will be there. i'll be there.
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you can see the full coverage of all of the fireworks displays across the bay area. you don't have to watch the show by land, you can also watch it by sea. things can get dicey out there on the way ellie turner joins us live from a boat on the bay. imagine nap i'mly? technology may not be working for us here. emly, can you hear me? we know you're on the water. emily apparently is having such a good time on the bay, she can't hear us. we'll get back to her whern able to communicate. independence day celebrations spanning the bay. alicia reid caught up with families in foster city. they were enjoying the day before tonight's fireworks
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show. >> it's been a blast. >> reporter: a blast for earcht lea ryan park. >> we found a spot, we sat down, and that was it. >> we've been over the grill a background of music and people surrounding us, it's all good. how can you go wrongt 4th of judge? how can you groning? >> reporter: information the perfect day for music and dancing. lot of special sauces and recipes hit the grill july 4. >> we're about to throw some rib eyes on there. we have ribs, hot links. >> reporter: there were activity for everyone, including toddler. >> it's a good time to be with
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your family. >> reporter: we're in a country we wry sometimes take our freedom for grantd. this help us to celebrate our freedom. >> reporter: it was a fun day stole battery the 4th in marin. tow of people lined the streets for the 4th of july parade in mari. the parade includes dance troop and a variety of bands. we want to see your 4th of july spirit. can you send us your photos to we also have a complete list of
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july 4 events taking place tonight. we have several shows across the bay area. the fun kicks off at at 9 p.m. right after the 8:00 news. with the big crowds celebrating the 4th of july, law enforcement across u.s. are on high alert. lauren sanchez has more on what new york authorities are doing to make sure everybody is staying safe this holiday weekend. >> according to triple-a, about 42 million people will be traveling this holiday weekend. they gave out patrols and staff.
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they were watching crowds. there are also 7,000 cameras watching for anything that looks suspicious out -- suspicious or out of place. >> i noticed more of a police presence that make mess feel safer. we need to take it serious for the safety of everyone. >> reporter: police are looking for law enforcement
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immediately. it will be a very busy weekend for officers. vladimir putin has congratulated president obama on independence day. he expressed confidence that russia and the u.s. can work together to fine solutions to international problems. the kremlin and putin noted that de spite the difference f differences between the 2 countries, their realize is important. the parents of a woman killed in a san francisco pier say they're focusing on healing instead of the fact that the pan accused of shooting her has been deported some 5 times. katherine steinley's father, jim steinle your, hopes justice rains down on sanchez. officials say sanchez had 7 felony convictions and has been deported 5 times. kate s terks inle y's employer,
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medtronic, released a statement saying we are shocked and saddened by this death. a marin county sheriff's office dive team is assisting in the search for a missing teen. he or she, we're not sure, because was being pulled wine the waltercraft when the occupants of the craft turned around and the juvenile was gone. cal fire crews released an apert leer for a grass fire the fire was first reported just before 2:30. officials are not sure how that fire started. no injuries are reported. the city expects some 200,000 people to attend
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tonight's big fireworks show in san francisco. but you don't have to watch it by land, can you watch it by sea. that's where we find emily turner. can you hear us now? >> reporter: i can hear pup sorry at earlier. we're pulling off a pretty amazing feat. i'm literally live on a boat in the middle of san francisco bay. it is going be a big night object -- a big night on the bay. here's john talco from what is it like? >> we're so blessed to be here. but this weather can get brew fall you have the fog, current, lot of wind. tough respect the san francisco bay. it gets really, really tough
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here occasionally. so please wear your life jacket. that's the least can you do. if you want to party, keep your drinks to a minimum. this is a way to keep it as safe as possible. >> reporter: when it comes down to it, of all of the anybodies you need to do, what do you think the most important element is? >> reporter: it all depends. tonight, have your life jackets on and have people looking all around. >> >> how packed do you think it will be? >> it will be full of people, full of boat. >> i now we will be live out here on san francisco way bay, emily turner, kron [ pause in captioning to change captioners ] 48 news. >> talk about a front row seat.
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later at #, candidates don't take the 4th off. we'll show you who's looking ifer your vote today. and just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, so many shark attacks, why so many people are thinking twice about swimming at the beach. and a crash landing at one southern california beach surprising crowds of sunbathers. just what brought that plane down.
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: we are gearing up for the big fireworks shows in the bay your area. our jeff burn joins us from the bay area. what's the atmosphere like over there? >> reporter: the vick, thes and is growing, and the crowd is growing at the alameda
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racetrack you can see that people are starting to file in so they can get a good stop support and watch this incredible tireworks display. there will be a live orchestra accompanying this fireworks show. you can look over and see 1 of 2 platforms at the horse racetrack. it's a beautiful day, blue skies, not a cloud up there. i think the visibility will be perfect for a fireworks show. the alameda county fairgrounds is one place can watch it. we'll be bringing you fireworks from around the bay area. i'm jeff bush, reporting line in pleasantton, kron 4 news.
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it looks radiorely nice out there in pleasantton. temperatures are nice. we'll be in the mid to upper 60s. a different story in san francisco. we've had the low clouds pushing up against the santa cruz mountains all afternoon long, and the fog is just waiting to make its push into the bay. and it already has. the clouds are pretty low also. this is not high fog. this is low fog. one benefit of the fog, it may mess up the fireworks, but it sure grief us a break from the heat. things were cooler for today. et still pretty warm inland. but things will be cooling off for tomorrow as well. here's a live view, golden gate
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bridge, and notice what we have here, we have the fog, and also the fog deck is pretty low. the deck of the golden gate bridge right at 750 feet. they might have to adjust the display to keep the colors out of the low clouds. i do think it's cool when they go up in the clouds and light up all of the fog. tomorrow northern, some cloudy fog. 9 a.m., still clouds by the bay. it will take until ab noon until we see the low clouds clear out for san francisco, and temperatures will drop. 60s and 70s by the bay. just mid to upper 80s inland.
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i'll talk about the forecast for next week coming pup. 2 people were injured after a small plane crash in a crowd beach in southern california. officials say the single engine plane lost engine power and landed on camaract state beach. after landing, the pilot was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. a deck collapsed at a north carolina beach house as a family was repairing to take a group photo. the deck of the single-story home was stilled to be about 10 feet off the ground. the collapse left 14 people injured, 2 in critical condition. emergency crews arrived within minutes and air lifted one of the victims to a medical center. more than a week after a bloody terrorist attack at a beach resort, why that country's leader is you now calling for a state of
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emergency. >> coming up, it's called kit, and they focus on problem traffic areas. this time, it was in the city of alameda. i'll show you more in the next edition of people behaving badly. wasn't that big steve... hey! come back here, steven stay strong! what's that? you want me to eat you? honey, he didn't say that! he did, very quietly... you can't hear from back there! don't fight your instincts.
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do it all. on us. get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage. make the most of summer... with volvo. i showed you how difficult it was to cross the street in alameda. watch what happens. nearly 20 drivers failed to yield to the 2 ladies in a fully-marked crosswalk. this is one of the moments when you wish someone had a ticketbook around. this time, they, we did, with you but they were having chats with some drivers that were doing the same thing. these pedestrians are alameda
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county sheriff explorers, and they're part of hit team. hit stands for high-impact track team. watch this red car. now only did the driver fail to yield, the speed limit is 25. the driver told the chp the pedestrian basically appeared out of nowhere. >> so you didn't see the 2 pedestrians at all? >> until they were like right there. >> reporter: i tried to get her side of the story, but she had an interesting request. >> you don't want your camera on car? >> yeah, because my car is superdirty. i'm sorry, that's ow i am, i'm anal. >> reporter: and then there was this driver in the gray car. she decided to stop and then
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continue own. this driver is about to be pulled over for the same violation. >> you saw the pedestrian, and you didn't. >> i was looking this way, he caught mill. >> so you saw him after you passed him by? >> yeah. >> you know the rule for a pedestrian in the crossing? >> you got to imreem. >> and he gets to utter those famous words. >> i got caught behaving badly. >> reporter: 14 officers wrote, threat get this, 168 ticket, mostly for drivers failing to stop for pedestrians. coming up at 8:30, move over, joey chestnut, there's a new king of the hot dogs. and the typiest of organ donors, how a toddler can give the gift of life.
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life's our old family recipe, and a kitchen with just as many layers.
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life's our old family recipe, and a kitchen with just as many layers. still ahead, greece teetering on the brink. about to take a vote that could have an effect on the world copy. and sharks on the attack against beachgoers. and while many of us are enjoying a backyard barbecue, there are candidates hitting the pavement. worst hitting the beach for the presidency.
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we're about an hour away from the big 4th of july fireworks show in marin. charles joins us live. charles, how is it looking out there? >> reporter: just beautiful this evening. there's a bit of a breeze, but not too bad. there's dozens of carnival rides and hundred of exhibits for people to check out. pablo cruz will play for a little while. after he's done, if everybody moves toward to the inch of -- if we move to the edge of the la tboon, people have their lawn cares out in preparation for the fireworks show.
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i'll point this cam rap to the skies at 9:o 30. >> it did you does look like fun out there. jeremy ross with our partner at csn has more. -- at cnn has more. >> reporter: no no west rest for the wear e-weary. jeb bush, lindsey graham, marco rubio with and chris christie
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pressed the flesh at praise in new hampshire. jeb bush seemed to enjoy working op a holiday. >> new hampshire voters are discerning. they're educated. and it gives me a chance to tell the jeb story and talk about ideas that i think are important. >> reporter: even a form presidential candidate got in on the act, 2012 republican follow knee mitt romney greeted crowds at a new hampshire parade, and took a moment to address donald trump's comment on undocumented immigrants. >> i think he made a severe error in saying what he did about mexican-americans. >> reporter: grandmother frontrunner hillary clinton got specific on issues. she told the crowd, she wants to be the small business president. >> i want to take a bright light and shine it on every regulation, every licensing require the, every tax requirement, and take a hard look at the difficulty of getting credit. >> reporter: senator berpny
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sntders says his company is about reaching people. i'm jeremy ross reporting. washington, d.c. is alive with 4th of july festivities. maniness tities in washington proceeded as plans, including a fife and drum corps march. beachgoers are concerned about sharks. a series of shark attacks is making some leery about dipping their toes in the ocean. jennifer gray reports. >> reporter: new video out of florida shows a fisher fishing
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for grouper and getting more than he asked for, a bull shark. he bailed and gotten shore. >> it was 8 feet of me. >> reporter: >> a lot of people are utilizing the beach, and this time, we have the migration of a lot of coastal species. >> reporter: along with shark ply graces a buffet of nesting sea turtles could attract more shark to the beach. the victims of the 10 recent bites range in age from 8 to
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68. >> to have all of these bite os curing recently is very unusual. >> reporter: humans are will not targets for shark, and these attacks are unfortunate accidents. >> they often realize they made a mistake and spit us back up again. >> reporter: the beaches will remain open. life guards saying sharks aren't the biggest danger this weekend. >> id be more concerned about driving down to the beach and getting in a car wreck than i would be having an incident with the shark. >> rip currents are also a huge
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concern this holiday weekend. great white sharks keep showing up in santa cruz. marine biologists have spotted the sharks as many as 20 yards from shore. tuni circumstances an state media says the president there -- says a gunman stormed a beachfront and killed 38 people. most of them were brit herb and german tourist. this is what he said during the live national address. >> translator: now we are in a state of war. we have to confront it with what is required to fight a war. there's no doubt that our armed forces have been put on a state identify letter. but this is a special war, therefore we must have
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widespread mobilization. >> the state of emergency gives the army and police more authority there and puts restrictions on the right of public assembly. coming up, who reigns supreme in the hot dog world? see who knocked joey chestnut off his throne. >> we are getting ready for fireworks, and boy, we have lots of fog here in oakland and emeryville, also for strain. but it is clear elsewhere.
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matt stonie upsets joey "jaws" chestnut. stonie, who finished second last career, downed some 62 hot
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dogs and buns. stonie says it felt amaying to win. there's always next year. >> i think of hot dog eating champions. >> something to aspire to. >> i'm a big eater. ki do it. but i don't know if i can get to 60 hot dogs. we have a nice evening for firework outs there right now except for san francisco. now a live view.
8:41 pm
fog is also gathering out there. there be may be as by display during the fog. here in san francisco, we will look at temperatures right around 60 degrees at fireworks time, with a kale cool seabreeze at 10 to 20 mile per hour. for tomorrow, look for low clouds in the morning, and clearing through the day. cooler temperatures.
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tomorrow afternoon, about 5 degrees. as we go through the week, we'll see more fog. on thursday, it will make for pretty cloudy conditions. vicki? a 3-year-old girl saves the life of 10 people. the amaying story of ow he gave the gift of life.
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today, i'll tell you about the mobile app spr girks. it's catching on here with families in the bay area. it's one of those apps that can
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make your busy life a little more easy to manage. >> as a mom, i definitely prefer to take it this out. >> reporter: this is pore patricia with her two sons. she also has a husband and a baby op the wake so 5 to feed. her backup is this mobile app, sprig. it officer on-demand meals to your doorstep. you make your order, and on average, within 15 minute, the food is brought to you. there's no tipping, no cash involve, your credit card is charged through the app. >> we usually can find stuff that people like. >> reporter: they offer all kinds of choices. and there's something for everyone, including vegetarian dishes, vegan dishes, and gluten-free options. >> it's great for them, because
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it's usual to help try something new. >> reporter: lnchs and dinners are about $10. and with spr girks, you're getting healthy organic foods. 3-year-old o live a ya sweatberg died of a terminal disease, but her organs went on to help overs. her family learned there was a zero% chance of survival from her diagnosis of brain chancer. they were able to save the lives of 2 other children that might not have made it without her. >> i know that i have renewed
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faith. i have seen god's hands in this. >> one of the little boys olivia helped had only a few weeks to live. the greek finance minister is lashing out at international e creditors just hours ahead of a historic referendum. he accuses them of terrorism. there's a strong chance that greece will be forced out of the euro zone if they vote no. >> reporter: the greek people are asked to vote to accept the international monetary fund of the euro group. it's made up of 2 part. the first document that's attached is swiet intieted reform for the completion of
8:48 pm
the current program and beyond, and the second document is preliminary debt sustainability analysis. it then has the question, whichever citizens reject the proposal by the free institutions vote not approved, no. whichever decisions agree with the proposal vote approved, yes. >> reporter: but do athenians understand what's being asked of them, especially since the propositions are no longer on the negotiating -- negotiating table? >> translator: sadly, this isn't clear. they have not clarified what you are voting for or against. the question is confusing, so you can please party member. >> reporter: as i asked people their quick salespersonnation
8:49 pm
of the questions... >> can i ask you? we're with cnn. >> reporter: we were stopped by this visibly range woman. >> i am not scared. european, bad. >> reporter: the mosts are -- emotions are clearly running high. that can make it hard to think clearly. >> reporter: have you read it? >> yes. >> reporter: how do you interpret this question? what is being asked of you? >> i think what they're doing is they know we're going out of the european union. >> reporter: speaking to people here, it seems each person has their own interpretation of the referendum question. these 2 ladies say it's about
8:50 pm
debt sustainability. others tell me it's much, much simpler than it reads. >> translator: after 5 years of can despare in grows, the public has to escape from this harsh program and vote no so things in greece can change. >> reporter: from all those i spoke to, only one clearly understood the question question. >> if we agree with the program propose by the europeans, the greek government on westbound or not it's not about the euro, it's not about europe within because greece is inside europe, and this is something that cannot be changed by any referendum or anybody's opinion. this is the facts and the history. so what we are about to vote is if we agree with this proposal or not. >> reporter: whichever way the outcome is, one thing is certain, this will have repercussions right here in greece and far beyond its
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borders. diana douglas, the first wife op kirk cowing douglas and mother o of michael douglas has died. she was 92. she is an act rains model who appeared in dozens of movies and tv episodes. she was on cover of life magazine back in may of 19 4eu 43. quiring douglas saw the cover and vowed to marry her. they tied the knot that year and had 2 son before divorcing in 1951. they remained on amicable terms and appeared together in several films later on. coming one we'll show you some hot tips for backyard barbecuing on tonight's dine and dish.
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got your backyard grill on? we turn up the heat with a few tips for barbecue. welcome to the bay area barbecue and grilling schools school. yes, there really is a barbecue school. and these student of the grill aren't messing around.
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his secret? heat. >> there's a perfect temperature where it will fall off the bone when you bite it. >> that's pretty good. >> reporter: most people who sign up for the class are guys, but there are women. >> we are cooking for my caveman. >> reporter: and all ages. >> i never knew about grilling vegetables. but i guess guess you can. >> injecting with applejuice, beer. viki liviacas, kro increase 4
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feups. we're just minute ace way from the big 4th of july fireworks show here in the bay area. we have several of them. this is the scene right now. it's live from treasure isle. we'll be able to see something, please tell me. gliff read they can adjust the eight of the fireworks. glop 1 thowrntion feet? >> 1,000 feet will be in the cloud. we don't want to be that high. i think about 500 feet. career skies for the other displays. >> that's it for kron 4 news at
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8. stay connected with kron 4, and get the latest developments at kron -- at stay with us. the show is at 9:00.
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