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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  July 21, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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f the united states of america is suffering a self-inflicted wound in the murder of our it is an undocumented immigrant have been convicted of seven felonies in the united states and all reported five times the amount of this year he was released from jail and allowed to stay here freely because of those little holes. >>grant lodes: he was a new log amenity a jolt turned to convicted felons who returned to the dance is illegally have been deported once sun a mother and father of a death will not be in
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vain the houses could take up its own legislation in response to the pier 14 matter it will block federal funding to cities that resist turning over, plans to the federal authorities. >>catherine heenan: she helps san francisco was say-chain-the century politician the local law enforcement should have notified the emigration of tories in the case of the accused murderer of kate steinle the man who killed kate is a classic case of multiple felonies and prior deportations a simple phone call would have been among happen in today's san francisco supervisor army to topple a new reform for the city's sanctuary.
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>>emily turner: this is the first time officially the city of san francisco has discuss changes to the central policy one of the big things that came up today discussion is that person and foremost they would not change the fact of san francisco as a sanctuary city however what supplies as supporting this the discretion does and for three things the first of those he's asking the share offer to rescind the gag order that he put on himself and his district than to communicate to a federal immigration authorities the second thing he is asking for is the pass legislation requiring the share of the back and prosecute any outstanding warrants before san francisco pays to have a prayer the transfer back to the sitting.
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>>emily turner: we did speak to someone on member of chief at the share office in the hallway who was here on a different matter at the surprises meeting where hope of the talks among the the letter to my on the matter in the meantime it is important because they said he is learning this issue at the feet of the share office and that is really the heart of this issue will be speaking to a reputable the share of the here and the next hour and bring you more coming up at 6:00. >>catherine heenan: map on the bay area crime on the minds of senators today in washington also mention but forma walden west finds cap slab who police accused of a top molestations the feds have on the radar before he was arrested wife francisco chances is also an illegal immigrant.
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>>catherine heenan: then a city in apparent murder-suicide not listen a lot of details but it is happening between a loss phil valley road and then for client shots were fired this morning on seven of us to arrive to find a body of a 19 year-old woman and a 21 year-old man both of them had gunshot wounds but said the initial indications suggest this was a murder-suicide the modesto man arrested for killing up to your boy remained in the santa clara county jail tonight mark martinez is also suspected of killing his own a 6 month old daughter his mother and former girlfriend and two other children. >>dan kerman: will continue the memorial outside the home where the murder took place continuing to grow well learned a little bit more about martin martinez
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did the divorce document title amanda cruz has been poor friend from her former husband indicates that police were not the only one perspective that martinez may be a killer the memorial continues to grow outside the modesto home for two adults and three children were murdered on saturday minute with not even know the families are convict suspects police said a prime suspect in the murder of martin marty math whose mother onetime girlfriend unmanned cruise and 610 tile are among the dead but at the death of crude to your son christopher buckley back in october that led to martinez arrest for murder police it was martinez was a suspect during the last nine months forensic experts confirmed the death was a homicide until this past person but police would not the only one to suspect martinez amanda
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cruise ex-husband timothy replete who was christopher spa also suspected in the divorce back against he complained about a conversation soon-to-be ex- husband had with her daughter elizabeth. >>dan kerman: my boyfriend killed christopher and also told her that my boy from will go to prison for the rest of his light which into your bass still many unanswered questions as you know martina commands and santa clara county jail without not know when you transfer back to modesto at this point still no formal charges in the reply that, of the d.a.'s office we expect that to come the next few days. >>catherine heenan: they've been rocked by this tragedy as you pointed out of memorial continues to grow just outside of the home where the five bodies were found a patient of a man crew sent the issue was a
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respected doctor and a much love mother. >>: not only was she a friend but i cannot believe lives when i heard her name the police saver, such as a chaplain for the office as to what into that house and made the discovery are being made available the covers continues on our web site which posted the entire news conference by police in rivera some new details about the suspect on the charges that he is facing complete nonstop coverage on our web site >>grant lodes: barry bonds is clear his name and a court of law today federal prosecutors say they would not appeal are reasons the court ruling that overturned bonds to about and of the obstruction of justice conviction that it's about 11 a
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jury found him guilty of obstruction when asked about their reduced legal proceedings started nearly a decade ago and the former giants break, and a be known as a convicted felon he had more runs and anyone else in baseball history what he was recently inducted into the bay area holophane baseball writers said the shah and the 51 year- old and persistent rumors of performance and has and drug use while he was a player or after today's news broke he released the statement saying in part " the finality of today's decision gives me great piece as i said before this out, but i have long wished for and leave home of a tankful of what this means for me and my family will report. >>catherine heenan: he texas by all, all with to the vatican as dire warning also in a democratic grout parts of the east bank with the usgs is saying tonight and the bart plan for all, trans bay to closure
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the alternative method it is getting across the banks much cooler temperatures now clouds are starting to roll and will let you know to expect in the south of the forecast, up next.
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>>catherine heenan: of former oakland high school security guard has been convicted of felony assault and taken to jail he was arrested for attacking a student with several calls in the attack easy cop and surveillance video the guard was
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kicking the student and pulling him out of his chair into of the elevator they told the court this could have read to him and was actively resisting the guard was fired after this came to light and was until today free on bail the police they say a group of men escorted a cafe have three laptops were taken from a san mateo cafe early this month they released this bill but said the man walked into the coffee shop briefly at about prices and then grab the three computers running away and jump into a car these are some pitfalls from the cafe. >>catherine heenan: 3 african- american man believed to be in their teens or 20s the official said the have put together what they call a dream team to help the residents deal with an upcoming closure of the trans bay to the peseta's want to be needed and not as one to cause a lot of delays. >>grant lodes: the governor
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brown to cancel a litmus climate change fire to a global stage today speaking at the vatican attitude a symposium on climate change and human trafficking but also in attendance in thomas the more than 60 mares from cities around the world who attended saying it is up to you he was animated at times an acknowledged a lot of people who say global warming is not real or not man-made. >>: falsifying the scientific director of every country television station political party ph.d. in the university personnel they formed a group of people that is attempting to put a cloud of doubt and uncertainty over the clear signs that you heard early this morning we have to respond in of we do not the world will suffer
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many of the suffering already the action have lot, in addition to the climate change position that they both share the warmest and two years apart and they both share catholic background. >>catherine heenan: the switch from petroleum to grenoble diesel fuel will happen by the end of the year be made that announcement from the vatican today at a news conference cases the switch could/gas emissions by 60 percent black for cleaner air and says the city is answering the call for local action on global climate change. >>catherine heenan: along
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interstate 10 the city of desert center the highway has been closed of off the rack from blocking travel between los angeles and phoenix the interstate is planned to reopen some there will be run by an open and its direction >>diane tuazon: temperatures are much cooler compared to yesterday along with the committee long got it was timmy economical because of the ocean and sea breeze in place to put the right now in the mid '80s for antioch ride not a full and more cloudy a chance of drizzle by 10:00 p.m. october 9th hours by 5:00 a.m. to grout crowded
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coastal fog and met with the sunshine will have products in this until midmorning and is pretty much lost the crown for the clouds as the afternoon hours cellaret the shows to the much of a telex to all area would have been scattered thunderstorms with the showers and placed for us all have the secret of plays 13th hey result when speed right now does was keeping things cool the compared to yesterday the future cash for to let them as a chance of some time by 11:00 a.m. for the invalid cities by the afternoon hours. high clouds hours place >>diane tuazon: we have scattered clouds and the afternoon hours for the in an allocation things would change tub to wise cool temperatures at
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least 7 9 ft. as a you feel the court ockham thursday fighting worse when in fact receive the average the time of year. >>catherine heenan: the baltimore ride in april officials one intersection of the course of several hours indicates she lost her job at many of her friends since the parents out of her as being born white the former have the naacp
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chapter the fender her racial identity again and the new article in vanity fair she says edition identified as being black to step down from her job after her parents thought the opposite would not being honest about her at the heritage she says the controversy and all the attention she is not been working much and does not have much money donald trump and not backing down despite attacks from opponents his latest patent involving a cell phone new video of a drawn back and shoot a gun the fbi is now looking into this.
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>>catherine heenan: despite a week of blistering criticism that account has no plans to change his tone the television
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star style could be working in the washington post-abc poll shows him leading the gop field by 11. with the poll was larded completed before he refused to call senator john mccain and war hero he talked of his competitors believe have an early consequence in the campaign only the top tech canada's will get into for the gop debate in august and with the crop of 16 candidates in command candelight swing state governor of ohio who into the race today could be on the sidelines what trumpets and most political analysts still believe the run will be short-lived even though his future may be uncertain peace opened up all
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whole lot of airtime. >>catherine heenan: the vice president joe biden and 20 visiting the east by scheduled a visit a manufacturing plant in york on thursday the company is developing an expensive and portable diagnostic blood testing devices the goals may blood testing easier outside a hospital he will also hold a roundtable talks on health care the white house says this will be his home and stop and the bay area this week instead of fly out the first one of the first last entire weekend they know
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there will be big delays as we report they're trying to make that as painless as possible. >>terisa estacio: that will play a major role in helping our bay area residents of rv up, trans bay 2) the total official said 96 buses will be put into position the shuttle people across the bay bridge all-star and fatter the opera's first the summit of the second the official talk about the delays of " the could bring and the reason behind the closed its event at a news conference issue plan on at least 60 minutes of the delay on each way should we have a major service disruptions to in the transmit to for anywhere between the west oakland station and montgomery street station the people who despise the trains are trying to the crown have no flexibility we need to get in their complete
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repair out that section and rebuild it all on hand tuesday to discuss how they have helped join a force of the creek green team to assess the impact of residence during disclosure. >>terisa estacio: >>catherine heenan: with an essay about been very active fault with this happen the fbi now launching an investigation after a viral video services of a john back inspire a gun--that
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male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 evening news starts now. >>catherine heenan: a for piano or a quick read of the region centered about miles north of fremont with from some people who say they felt that 4000 of people the alarm clock was set for 241 this morning the reason
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why because the magnitude for part or quake hit the bay area. >>will tran: specifically in the fremont area ride over to save weight is 24 out one of our boulevard summit before inside working at the time fortunately only a few can of beans fell down but still a lot of people scared it felt like it but did not hear a train the house was
5:30 pm
shaking all walls and the bed with local after its stock but we got out and try to look around and see anything had fallen everything was in place no injuries and no major damage to report. >>catherine heenan: the epicenter was in the niles area of fremont on the hayward fault of the have been at the 14th small aftershocks the biggest of the 2.7 the main shock was felt from santa rosa to salinas' no reports of any damage or injuries produce a physicist
5:31 pm
told us that this was fairly typical for that section of the hayward fault. >>: very low level of shaking and typical lippen 92 for about 5 mi. and, as the she reminds us that the the so-called big on strikes in the bay area the odds are it will happen on the hayward fault she says. the 31 percent chance of a 6.7 or a bigger quake somewhere along the fault in the next 30 years. >>catherine heenan:
5:32 pm that is all on our web site. >>diane tuazon: the cloud cover also helped the community level bring in the down here was what to expect most account a chance to to result mainly after midnight for the coastal regions the rest of the core temperatures and dry conditions that was to apply for the rest of the week into the weekend as well the will be much cooler tomorrow is pressing for the inland valley really warm conditions but it does not want to be hot if push it out to bring was maybe 8680 degrees but otherwise everything will look like the upper seven is the low 80s. >>diane tuazon: will have the pettifog along the coast of
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reach of the flesh, and a lot of cloud cover in the morning hours and some clever gimmick optimal temperatures run aground seven degrees on average stop the city we have scattered clouds but overall most of sunny skies and temperatures in the 87 napa san jose 81 for evergreen the opposite is will have scattered pettifog formal balance and fell as a morning our commitment that will move off of and in some time for the afternoon we have high cause of as much like we did today 76 for sonoma 81 out napa and the peninsula macroclimate's keep things the fifth was called up on shore flow also with the ocean breeze for pacific regions and if i 81 degrees wednesday 7930 you feel the court dock on thursday but then a seasonal temperature is backfired into the weekend. >>diane tuazon: this time of the year warping the backed up to where we should be. >>catherine heenan: there were in fact intended as terror
5:34 pm
attacks investigators say that mohammad of bill had done internet searches a modicum of the smart phone just a day before the shooting in writing from 2013 the fbi says it appears it with struggling with mental health problems and religion all that made worse by drought and alcohol abuse the four marines and a sailor died after thursday's rampage. >>grant lodes: into a wooded area this in a connecticut a teenager rig-veda posted this now or video the faa is now investigating police a plan connecticut where this is film say it does not appear to violate any state law for a connecticut they're also a drama advocate does have an issue with this the good news obviously
5:35 pm
here is that no one was hurt tonight the faa's investing in with a baking board behind the drawn gun violated the faa rule with a ban careless or reckless youth of a model aircraft. >>catherine heenan: they're taken steps to stop the offer into france of firefighting efforts were heard about this happening several times in california and introduce a new buildup increase find that will make even jail time possible for violators and of the bill would keep emergency responders exempt and this comes at a firefighter said efforts to put out a bit wild fire off interstate 15 last week are hampered by five long been flown in that area 545 the produce is because of the club of lee will need to bay area man on a mission to change that
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prefers country music biggest couple calling it quits the inside as track in the fall out from election to the divorce announcement.
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yoplait! >>catherine heenan: he committed suicide last august at his table on home his will reveal in been struggling with parkinson's disease the longtime resident
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will soon have his own bay area landmark of the people as some opposition, will soon be the robin williams tunnel during his career the comedian and actor won an oscar six golden globes he survived by his wife the split of country music sweethearts instrument tonight insider joins us from hollywood with more. >>: we have a hundred men out the course of just over a year after making a joke is confined their divorces finalized according to into a reporter the split was not over monica but
5:40 pm
reported and fidelity which caused him to open the file if the rumors are true it will submit the case of life imitating art in the country world. >>catherine heenan: started at 7 and 730 an attempt to and we're back with the endicott the is the optional who says liz can be deceiving when it comes to produce what he wants to sit on your dinner table.
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>>catherine heenan: the three year-old stephanie martinez of los vegas she died at a hospital after that accident saturday in anaheim she fell from of fifth floor walk away at the embassy suites hotel political have been visiting disneyland or family the cdc says that nearly 3 million children are taken to emergency room because of false every year and cnn will explain the biggest risk to children happens at and their home the other reason why half of babies under the age of one get hurt the most common way the affair ended is in the fall off, and the baby interior wall off of
5:45 pm
bad and will offer a counter the second is in those baby walkers that will give it to close to the edge of the fifth of will on the staircase the last one is on injuries. >>reporter: never put a child in the curia, county always put them on the floor on the changing table or a couch or a bed and keep one hand and your child the entire time make sure your bass tickets at the top and bottom of your stairs strapped into a shopping carts and never leave them alone be sure playgrounds have stopped the match not concrete and only allow the major corporate equipment of a little better prevention kids can be kids. >>diane tuazon: by 8:00 p.m. most the cloud conditions to purchase additional 7 ft. and in other cities in 67 wells by 7:00
5:46 pm
a.m. tomorrow fog in breezy patio all along the costa rica about 56 degrees on average 60 for the official line 65th and about are listening and this and the clout to make way for some sunshine timber to be the opposite of and for an invalid cities and is long gone will be up to the east that is why the scare been found and taken over the lake tahoe this year area the wind speed right now 60 mi. our focal 13 for hayward 14 out concord and 74 redwood city default track a showing of the red morning hours into corrupt but in the 6:00 hour news to the patchy drizzle that is what the peninsula locations and even scott low cloud for (the more. >>diane tuazon: parts of the
5:47 pm
north bay with its data cloud moved over to the wednesday morning temperature wise to stay pretty much cool and abbas afternoon highs from 3:00 p.m. tomorrow 80 s. dak 79 friends and with enough oil to have hot temperatures is willing one tub on average for the invalid data is not in the warm east bay shoreline quality of the senate to be refocused the night for a with 66 for san francisco the next few days look like this the temperatures and 81 the remarks must invalid cloud the midmorning after macleod will often give you a call when the with that outcome thursday the reason and this was the crime went to calm down thursday and friday coastal clouds chance of the and place of the afternoon near seasonal temperature start friday into the weekend as if
5:48 pm
the sea for the rest of the seventh forecast data that sundeck into the warm up by monday and that was the crime until mid-week next week with a lot of sunshine starting saturday sunday into next week. >>catherine heenan: this according to a new report from the and e. casey foundation that report examine information from several federal agencies between 2008 and 2013 is on the 20 percent of american children were living in poverty in 2013 that is the press about 80% to 2008 best and appointed a number of fact of one that more to the loving raised by single parents and if you lived with parents and secure path of a secure job believe and not about a fifth of all the produce for california farmers never makes it to market because of tiny imperfection diplomats in the west not to mention the irrigation water going down the drain.
5:49 pm
>>vicki liviakis: it ends up in the dumpster 6 billion lbs. of it every year tossed out wasted this because it is not pretty enough he's the young and good- looking guy behind imperfect produce and wants to give us the consumer so-called at deep discounts. >>vicki liviakis: his partnering
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what the real man to do just that next month he's dropping and off of people's doorsteps right here in the bay area in berkeley and oakland for starters and would not want to save a buck a pure and the full death of a low income vehicle you can get the same 10 15 lb. box approach with its $8 if he thinks i'm as what's behind the ears as a student this last project was a full recovery network saving college cafeteria waste but for those who want to save the planet and survive this drought may be going ugly is as good as going green. >>catherine heenan: the 2016, but while the directive sent this raises the level of competition of attract top one of the city's map on and is the
5:51 pm
eighth year than giving some new additions include a mobile application that commute during the race of it will allow you to track runs like an interactive experience the host five separate races it is also qualifier for the boston marathon. >>stanley roberts: coming up the animal to waves $500 i will show you how and an additional zero people behaving badly.
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>>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: that may have been planned for the town car driver at least he was promised their few people who entered the stone free on randy legally however on this day the officers from the san francisco office of the california highway patrol were waiting for the onslaught of part will violence there were not disappointed between a 37 p.m. monday through friday this map mr. carpal you need at minimum three people in the car and as you have a two-seater that was designed that way
5:55 pm
backed up with six more wills or you have a green or white california clean air vehicle sticker this location of the tory for drivers will try to slip by undetected if no one when this is the very same on a ramp where this guy was crossed love with illinois and recall for violations he claimed of supporting bias and on the stock and minorities this driver has expired clean air sticker which is something she just found out. >>stanley roberts: you must have a sticker on the car and not in the car or near a car like this
5:56 pm
is safe to assume the never found those stickers to many of the drivers claim ignorance this level appeared to have a car pull but the final call for violation of a whopping $515 but it is not a moving violation in san francisco. >>catherine heenan: bailout an illegal immigrant to go free and that is the action one supervisor is now taking intense moments in the hallway get a father removed from capitol
5:57 pm
hill next at 6:00 will tell you why his connection with the bay area and why he was so emotional a lot more news ahead at 6:00. it took tim morehouse years to master the perfect lunge. but only one attempt to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 evening news starts now. >>: a shot rang out she fell looked at me in said help me last word of whether hear from my daughter. >>catherine heenan: father of the women gunned down as backing congress to track down on criminals who are in the country illegally they're taking a look at the city's center resolve the law to allow her accused killer to walk the streets there live
5:59 pm
from san francisco city hall with more on how to prizes are approaching this problem and considering reforms. >>haaziq madyun:---->>: the chivas filled in discretion is granted to him with an hour to process and also enjoy city policies and he felt the exercise discretion and properly reporting of this law applies to make sure exactly what happened would never happen again and are sitting. >>emily turner: forcing change to happen a three-pronged
6:00 pm
approach of the legislation is assisted as before the first is that aspect of a share to rescind the gag order that bans communication with federal immigration officials the second element they're asking for a basketball legislation be passed that would require the sherpa official to come from the district attorney's office the do in fact intend to prosecute war before the share bring someone into the city to prosecute did not intend to prosecute and and let go inside of the sitting third and finally the ship and plan to ask the shairp wide he was held more than 2 1/2 weeks after he should have been released these all question the opposite want to ask the chef office however there was a representative of the to share office in the supervisors' meeting this afternoon on a different topic there were a lot of talk to me at that moment and we're working to get in touch with the assistant legal counsel of the share office which hopefully will get back to me within the next half hour in the meantime
6:01 pm
will have a full report coming up tonight bought at fox. >>catherine heenan: a coalition of immigrants the right organization as they say it supports changes in the san francisco policy if they can streamline the process their concerns and a fine ice ages and the person of interest is getting out of jail the public's faith in harm's way in the statement released today is the individuals could be wrong to detain or be held for crying so old they no longer present a danger to the community the pure 14 murder was really big and go on capitol hill today we're here to talk about the emotional appearance. >>grant lodes: he praised his daughter in condemning the city of san francisco that he wants to see a lot of bearing his daughter's name that would give mandatory jail time to convicted
6:02 pm
felons who returned to the u.s. illegally. >>: that is one every 12 days the contracted a man accused of killing kit with a daughter he called kind happy and caring is an undocumented immigrant who had been convicted seven felonies and the united states park reported five kinds the call top immigration official to testify committee chairman his role no legislation targeting so-called french electricity.
6:03 pm
>>catherine heenan: speaking in support of centrist city lost of reference from convexity. >>: by one or even a small number of individuals but dole's comments sparked a very heated reaction from one of the falkland a man whose son was killed in san francisco and 2010 he died in a car crash involving an unlicensed driver who was also in the country illegally outside today's hearing the father of lashed out. >>catherine heenan: he
6:04 pm
eventually detained by capitol hill police and exported from the building witty and tradition to modesto he was of arrested on sunday one day after the bodies were discovered and modesto home. >>reporter: as inconceivable more is growing but it is what's in these documents that remain locked up in santa clara county jail awaiting transfer to modesto the prime suspect in the murder of five people including his mother onetime girlfriend amanda in the 610 child police
6:05 pm
stayed there were the suspect from the experts confirmed the death was a homicide into this past thursday police would not be on the one to suspect martinez the ex-husband is the fourth documents they complained about the conversation the soon- to-be ex-husband had with a daughter elizabeth beck told elizabeth that they kill christopher and also for the rest of his life at this point in remain in the santa clara county jail with no one of the transfer of to modesto at this point the district attorney's office still has not yet filed formal charges against them. >>pam moore: the investigating what they believe to be a
6:06 pm
murder-suicide. >>catherine heenan: this morning they will later identified as 19 your declare 21 year-old scott verdict. >>catherine heenan: not only do we live in earthquake country the quake happened on one of the most active faults in the bay area the report that the same experts say there is going to be a big quake on the hayward fault is only a matter of time. >>rob fladaboe: it was no doubt
6:07 pm
exciting for those awakened by a hayward faults and geophysicists family voltaic also happens to be where the next so-called big one is most likely to occur right to the fremont to the berkeley section they're not all two of the league and the stress on the herrenvolk to increase those odds still demise of the hayward fault with anywhere along this month would likely cause major damage of this money
6:08 pm
is not so much we do not know exactly what went to happen we want to be prepared the experts with a plan to be ready for that big one on the hayward fault. >>catherine heenan: major delays are expected because of the close of the trans bay to it will help about 96 buses they figure will be in service from various agencies to take people across the bay bridge bass said the shutdown of nasa's their it has the rebuilt the track during intima of switchers and out of an apple transit officials more flexibility during problems in the two they say with as many as 20,000 cars on wrote and that is every day the delays really could be substantial.
6:09 pm
>>diane tuazon: the bay bridge, you could see lower clouds and play for much were only going to in the seventh of the east with shoreline cities and 64¢ a since the peninsula where looking like the mid '80s at that maybe 8586 out bridge would but for the most part will be warm but not at war will have the core temperatures on the east bay shoreline for about 60 degrees by 6:00 p.m. in san francisco as well much of the same pattern into the weekend here is the next few days 81 wednesday it will feel core temperatures come thursday with the crowd cover.
6:10 pm
>>catherine heenan: the government takes on the climate and he's doing this and vatican city also howe antioch parents are coping with the relocation of a very popular baker center after a decade of court but barry bonds' fifth news of a huge victory.
6:11 pm
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>>catherine heenan: they have to leave the city on facility the preschools is that the backed the top to us about what has been a blip tough to find another location in this my kron 4 story. >>haaziq madyun: it is the final passing day an emotional one for the faculty at kid's club preschool antioch the education program of the largest big thunder preschool facility and contra costa county and an early start in rome of 300 students and the big will education capa's for the past 11 years is been the major problem
6:14 pm
and find in the facility. >>: was a great idea but now backfired on us because now we lost this building. >>haaziq madyun: with and a preschool teacher for many years and we love this program a lot and we committed myself to the this is a career for me and is really hard to try and think about what my next step will be because what i dedicated my life to the kids capri's will have but a decade education program primarily serving lower-income antioch residents like r.e.m. centel's. >>haaziq madyun: is one to be
6:15 pm
hard for me the current executive direction it is disappointed an easy reach an impasse with into got a unified school district and with city leaders trying to find another location words are doing no good. we need good >>catherine heenan: if you have a story i did you like us to consider you can visit our web site and click on the stories have a former high school security guard is in jail tonight after being convicted. of convicted. >>catherine heenan: he attacked or wheelchair-bound student and still it caught on camera the
6:16 pm
defended himself that argued the still and have bred to kill them he could face at least four years in prison. when he is prison >>catherine heenan: he learns of his legal problems are finally over and he's back with details of the government's decision. >>grant lodes: not sure if he was a certain relief as the word for him he is the all-time home run leader but he allowed a convicted felon the prosecutors say they would not appeal a recent second court ruling that overturned the 2011 and obstruction of justice conviction back to about 11 remember the jury found him guilty of attraction when he was asked about steroid use many years prior legal proceedings started nearly a decade ago reported the government spent one the $50 million prosecuting this case now the former giant great will no longer have to have that label of convicted
6:17 pm
felons attached he hit more home runs and anyone else in baseball history what it was reflected back into the bay area hall of fame baseball writers nastily largely shunned the 51 year-old a myth of persistent rumors right after the news broke he released a statement saying in part " the finality of today's decision gives me great piece has bought out, is something we have long wished for and believed and thankful for what this means for me and my family moving forward. >>diane tuazon: as to concede the live camera along the embarcadero and looks like the one to rent a live event will get packages along the coastal region in the overnight hours a look ahead by 8:00 p.m. tonight
6:18 pm
most of produce high temperatures of the '70s 66 the eighth pitcher live by 70 and foggy and breezy conditions are about 30 mi. hour on average with the wind speeds the no time to mark low seven for the east but shoreline the left of moisture from what was heart and the largest moving over to lake tahoe in the sierra area causing a scattered thunderstorms are accountable to california and nevada side because the high cost of friends pettifog on the morning hours as i mentioned when speaking adjutancy 50 mont are open 60 pay was 70 out concord in redwood city the show was all the fault area here by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow the dark area of grain in the canning passage of the of the coastal regions by midmorning as a noontime to bar most laconic and this our most sunny conditions for the
6:19 pm
anabolic location east asia might as well as san francisco peninsula called for rejection see the cloud cover. and cover >>diane tuazon: most of the same pattern scatter call for open and hey without have the transition into thursday as well afternoon highs rockery p.m. it will be warm conditions it will not be howe will have to but in the '80s made the upper 80s for redwood 79 for pleasanton and livermore oakland 66 for richmond and average about 65 degrees from san francisco peninsula area mostly cloudy packagers of the afternoon briefing conditions as they cloud amid morning cloud moved off in five it would have cost of fog in the morning but see the to the to come back in time for the weekend saturday sunday because always get out what our forecast but down one of the freak weather application falls more phone and android. >>catherine heenan: he will be visiting the east bay on
6:20 pm
thursday and visit the manufacturing plant in york is developing an expensive and portable diagnostic blood test it makes it easier outside a hospital setting he will also hold a roundtable discussion on health care the white house says it will be his own stuff in the bay area this week in fact scheduled to fly out backed washington's same date occurs they another republican is in the president shall with the pile government says he is running of the 16th republican to into the red for republican nomination and made the announcement today in a matter of ohio state university tonight he is in new hampshire for evening town hall meeting and donald trump is continuing to stir up controversy. >>catherine heenan: overtop opponents of stop carolina he took a lesson nederlands the gramm made been feuding since he insulted him on cnn yesterday
6:21 pm
at and a reaction to those comments. >>catherine heenan: the only person happy and the line tackle clyde said but despite the criticism he has no plans to back down the lead in the poll of action recording president obama was in new york city today he's set to appear on the daily show with john store for the last time tonight he's been on vessel six times since 2005 twice as president minute of the visits were fun but he did ask some tough questions both men are nearing the end of a
6:22 pm
tenured his lash shoals of the 6 president obama this come up of his final year in office would continue governor brown talking about climate change of the world, and global warming at the vatican later will take you to the airport with hundreds of planes and no passengers.
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
>>catherine heenan: the mayor of boston nor does the york san francisco and san jose use the governor brown the is hosting the by the pope use of them he did address the summit today we have heard what we're doing to the creation what a trillion tons of co2 and other greenhouse gases would do an exuberant and absolute we have to respond and
6:25 pm
if we do not the world will suffer will all suffer in fact many people means the suffering already gormless into years apart this there but catholic background san francisco mayor ed lee said the city will switch to and will fuel and this covers about 6000 vehicles ranging from fire trucks to police cars the switch from petroleum to and will vote diesel fuel will happen by the end of the year he said the switch could flash gas emissions by 60 percent make it for a planned air the city is answering he taken effect across the country one group specifically hold a rally thursday 5 from minimum-wage a $50 an hour.
6:26 pm
>>catherine heenan: an announcement is scheduled for tomorrow is the minimum-wage is raised it will affect about 200,000 workers there and lost angeles accounting taken steps toward lifting the minimum wage the help to raise the to $15 an hour by to 2020 it would apply only to unincorporated parts accounted the city is also trying to raise wages still had a motive for republic day care center in the east bank a store we been falling since you've learned the have to pack and leave but it is not clear where they will go get it from the bay when it temporarily shut down the drone that can fire a the video that has federal authorities fired up the news continues into minute.
6:27 pm
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
>>reporter: the memorial continues to grow of the two adults and three children that were murdered here over the weekend the prime suspect in that case remains in the santa clara county jail no word yet on when he will be transferred up here his a suspect in this case even are arrested for the murder of two you're christopher replete his then girlfriend amanda cruises sun documents command crews in the case as husband had believed the martinez will kill the plan to
6:30 pm
introduce legislation that would change that would not change the central nervous city exactly what certainly will change the way edition of a separate steps. >>reporter: over my shoulder property members are boxing up and preparing to move up to 1 1/5 is a winning ticket in the program will wait another in this accommodate them the principle has been at this location for the past 11 years however this year the antioch unified school district is not to renew the lease. >>will tran: you were woken up by the magnitude for final are correct that the bay area at 241
6:31 pm
specifically in the fremont area no injuries no damage to report we immediately took to the l we ran over here to the safe with 24 our locate amount will require lots of people working at the time only a few cans of beans celadon but a lot of people stop shells and the overnight hours they said a thousand shells moving but nothing else fell down still even though now that is over the collapse about at the moment everyone was scared. >>gabe >>reporter: the experts say the magnitude 4.0 earthquake centered near fremont likely did not believe in the stress on the hayward fault nor the increase the chances of a larger earthquake here anytime soon however it is a reminder about
6:32 pm
the standing forecast that there is up 31 percent chance of a map the to 6.7 or greater a quick, someone on the hayward fault and the next 30 years and then we need to be prepared. >>terisa estacio: the have to do that's so they can make some repairs inside the tube the team will include buses from ac transit that will help show people across the bay bridge the two will be called for the entire week in starting all the first in the city at a temporary transfer terminal. >>j.r. stone: the case with the
6:33 pm
headline the senators also acknowledged the cave of the cat council and saratoga who was arrested on child molestation and child pornography believe this year and they say giving granted the deportation of question web more was not done with that status the wake of the investigation into his suspected wrongdoing he is now behind bars. >>diane tuazon: the city could see across the board 81 pittsburgh 80 in antioch and then but as well 77 and where else martinez unpleasant area 71 for family angeles at the alameda 66 out richmond moving over to the south they do have scattered high clouds and place over all the time for the only ones the upper 779 on average for the south viscid no.
6:34 pm
basically static pettifog mill valley of the early morning hours otherwise affect the flow '80s as well for the daytime high, san francisco climate keep within the to the 16th ocean beach 65 and david sticky sap process will get above 66 degrees the 7 1/4 half of cool things down and you feel the quantum but the components that 79 degrees and was limping back and to gear its fourth high go average lafayette's saturday and sunday with plenty of sunshine. >>catherine heenan: there is an airport with hundreds of jets but no passengers does not stop and the city of roswell from making a lot money. >>reporter: we have a lot of
6:35 pm
open a concrete if you look closely every jet has something missing and windows boarded up some might call the state depressing resold to other manufacturers once everything viable is stripped away construction workers recycle the rest of the scrap metal for copies of hired more than 200 workers to do this job that pull in more than a quarter of a
6:36 pm
million dollars for the economy every plan is a piece of history and will most will never fly again their part will please he says do not call this place an airplane graveyard. >>catherine heenan: more news coming up including the drawn by has the very disturbing ability to shoot a gun the fbi wants to know more.
6:37 pm
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6:39 pm
>>catherine heenan: the problem of drowned in a way of firefighters and qualifies but down from has created a drop in the five bullets this prototype drone of government was created by a teenager and connecticut's un of the surprise
6:40 pm
and a federal investigators now getting involved in this they said the drama in this video does not appear to violate any state law the drawn with about wings is designed to better withstand a mid-air collision and is because of the wins more with the drawn had something typical drug courts cannot detect this video shows that the when the draw on our when the robot could use the designed to squeeze into tight places is one possible use within about the collapsed building after an earthquake. >>catherine heenan: will explain in just dollars in returns to oakland for the first time since the all-star was traded away a that a very interesting story to
6:41 pm
tell about his ride back to the coliseum that all sports coming up next.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>>gary: barry bonds to beat the government so to speak federal prosecutors have decided to drop their crops and of justice case against bonds as we said almost 10 years this is the financial wherewithal to take on the fence he released a statement today we're believe how more than thankful also like to thank outstanding legal team for the continued work on my behalf the hall of fame quick little close of the voters
6:45 pm
today now the giants the concern of the offer him now a position build big spring training via the executives handshake or what ever you want to do. >>gary: the hall of fame bill the giants have a relationship almost like one of your kids or your kid gets in trouble you never give up on them outside people may be a different story that is how was once the on qualifying there still want to say those numbers were inflated but after the giants back and now will prevent an them host in the four to three games against toronto tonight and that meant the return of jobs donaldson the leading vote for the american league of the all-star game.
6:46 pm
>>gary: the number one question that people get associated the play-by-play he says every city they go to the house and good prospects but this guy means he's a great player guest of the coliseum today at a pretty crazy experience two hours later his daughter flora a little bit. >>gary: the hang your root beer
6:47 pm
floats day in the former and current player we have media people to love is all done and to make a pretty nice deal it benefits type 1 diabetes is the type one he runs numerous camp for a diabetic kids in the participating tomorrow for the first time. it will >>: the member of minnesota transit it was not able to participate last year but certainly the been excited for the is that this whole year at a lot of fun. >>gary: successful even for a number of years you mention it is funny ice-cream and so the
6:48 pm
but then on to serve salads is but one of those build the goes on and on and you also get to meet some of your favorite media personality. >>gary: the questioning it together ice-cream and so the-- soda it would not work for those of you who said tom braided inflated the football he came out today in said no timetable for the ruling and will take the cynical viewpoint he has to make sure all the other zero men on board just remember this the football work for the owner any of these decisions he has to make sure
6:49 pm
everything is cool and desperate if he is suspended even one game that he will sue the league 40 niners will not be travelling to youngstown and december the family of course and now a is york and jet york on the franchise and jim harbaugh says when we're back for east coast trip the seven returning 3,000 mi. those in the smiling days of jim harbaugh but the team today said the bad weather might impact their preparation we showed you the bladder the
6:50 pm
fellow who got shower they mated rain yesterday the steinman of rock and the comedian with find out he was arrested and interrogated by swiss police he was released and held overnight. >>catherine heenan: prince has his take on the events that happened in baltimore after the death of freddie gray.
6:51 pm
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i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you >>stanley roberts: coming up the drive was caught in place a they're not supposed to be a sfo will explain the next edition of people behaving badly tonight at 8:00.
6:54 pm
>>catherine heenan: time this video has just been a relief from the baltimore ride back in april but the video shows one and a section over the course of several hours and overall it indicates police willie did stay back to bay did not confront rioters some to the lead to a lot more property damage the police official said it did help keep the office to save you know the ride that very destructive the rise erupted after the funeral for freddie gray who died in police custody music legend print has released a video for the city of baltimore the music video feed to the death of freddie gray environment and rats that was triggered after he died in police custody.
6:55 pm
music: >>catherine heenan: a peaceful rally that he attended and actually hosted in baltimore that was in may he called the new songs a tribute to all people baltimore a full hour entertainment news on the web at 7:00 followed by entertainment tonight at 7 1/3 we're back with a note that a clock for just enough time to tell people warm but still not as warm a clipping from heart of hollywood.
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6:57 pm
blake and miranda's alleged infidelity but who cheated
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
"the insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> i haven't had this much heart in a long time. things have changed in my life. >> as blake and miranda's divorce continues to trend, reaction continues. >> why did i do that? >> from leanne's indiscretion to shania's spouse swap, we go inside country's heat-up. and miley is returning to the vmas. why mtv chose little miss wrecking ball as this year's host
7:00 pm
host. heads to wally world 30 years later. but imagine snick. >> i wouldn't try to recreate. now hollywood from the inside out. it's "the insider" together with yahoo. leading the moon man charge. we're inside mtv's vma nominations. but the big buzz what can we expect from miley cyrus? >> maybe she'll bring back the foam finger. >> or the questionable bears. give riri a run run for her mo mo. >> there's no bigger trending topic than th of country music sweethearts blake shelton and miranda lambert. the duo adding their name to the laundry list of country music couples who reportedly lost the line of


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