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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  July 31, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>: it is very big and jumping all over the place. >>darya: there will open the cooler temperatures they had last night into this morning will help make progress is steep and rugged terrain make me very difficult to get a handle on the flames less still present this morning by the blaze of the evacuation have been lifted people living and the mobile home park a sacramento county the have a fire to deal with the have to be evacuated when the fire broke out yesterday several propane tanks exploded with added fuel to the fire and all seven homes were destroyed and
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six others were damaged force and no one was hurt. >>darya: we have a crew headed to the scene. >>michelle apon: 13,005 under a is a little but overton about the football field the brush is very dry in a steep in that area of the awful dilemma with some pretty warm conditions as of right now 71 degrees will have some live north wind that
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is not too bad but later on today customer to one of multiple digit heat but mid-90s still pretty one does with the firefighters will be dealing with this afternoon along with a string shower thunderstorm chance donald from the mobile application in the news you can follow exactly what's happening but we're looking at a little bit closer to the bay area we have mostly cloudy skies.
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>>michelle apon: 4 isolated showers and thunderstorms may bet if you're traveling man off to the east heading into top of this weekend your bill will showers and thunderstorms possibly tomorrow but as of right now most of the bay and is pretty much dried. >>michelle apon: looking at the north of a slightly cool side of the fifties to low 60s lower '80s by that time not too bad in comparison to yesterday's it is
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not going to be into the mid-90s or triple digit heat from its upper 80s. >>rebecca: the hot spot in castro valley is no longer in was about 80 right at the cost of rotted boulevard exit the epicenter divide at one on the right-hand shoulder and call the debris in the right hand mind but all that has been cleared and still on the right-hand shoulder they're waiting for tow truck to get there and clarence no backup and no delays so far this point getting from the tall
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and to the setting--city. >>rebecca: the 880 connect over to the 101 connection on foster city so far that is good news as well just a nice started light traffic switching over to the bar map this weekend they're born to shut down the trans date to move that may service is set into from san francisco and oakland and vice versa services and all of this is and will be open to you can make it from richmond down to fremont and the pittsburgh the alternate in the
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meantime. >>darya: he have been following this morning from the embarcadero bart station atop the passengers. >>will tran: out of the people getting off the train and heading to wherever the need to go in such a big part of our lives is basically removing the backbone the we can without the transfer to the the need to find other alternatives to get in on the sap and cisco.
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>>will tran: that is what they're saying they will have extra buses in is 45 years old the tracks was so old it cannot handle the at this point when they shut it down and start at 6:00 in the morning and should
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not always to monday the second time will be on labor day weekend a three day weekend a lot going on will try to warn people that will be close translate to in and out of san francisco. >>james: they came to see and mourn the life of the fallen officer they're packing but are reinvested at the memorial service he was killed during an
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early-morning traffic stop early last week and remembered by many as the sun and the father and a mentor and a hero. >>: your time to go came away too soon for a son was supposed to bury his that and not the other way around. >>james: the sergeant was a 15 year veteran of the hayward police department and also a respected leader of the hay with octane in the task force and it was of the call the police department was july 22nd his death as a specially heart wrenching for people living in brentwood where he lived in was raising his family and is home to a number of people and law- enforcement is set down with the city's mayor who share his feelings about all of this.
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>>phillipe djegal: after attending the funeral the mayor now prepare for his community plans tribune friday to the fallen officer and brentwood natives. >>phillipe djegal: and city park bell building of the stage for friday night's concert starring night during the summer it is the weekly event but this time it will double as a fund- raiser especially his two grown daughters. >>phillipe djegal: of you with
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the which tribute band will headline friday night's event the series got in front of city hall at 7:00 in the evening and the mayor says that everyone watching this is invited. >>james: the coverage of the memorial for the sergeant continues on our website that is where you can see more pictures from yesterday's memorial in what some of the emotional eulogies by his love once a new development and the crash and san francisco a man was killed he was trying to get away from the police on lombard street we now have more details about how this. all this >>darya: man was being sought as a suspect on a brutal attack and an elderly man and some accounting we received information from the sonoma county sheriff's department who notified our investigators and told us that there was an incident that are suspect we have in custody may have been involved in a serious crime in
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sonoma county where he attacked a 97 year-old man and accounting. >>darya: suspect with a caretaker he's accused of attacking its start as a hit when the suspect ran into a car on records and have no two officers responded to the scene of accident and they said there are attacked by the suspect. >>darya: one more officers arrived bells of the cycle and during the struggle the suspect died but right now please do not know the exact cause of death but they are investigating the two of the two were injured but treated and released from hospital. >>james: is passed the bridge potestas are heading north from
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one to show how police a beverage they're supposed to help the nursing mothers but miss using those fellows could prove deadly will explain why coming up next.
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>>michelle apon: will fill monday when you step out the door and we have a chance for isolated showers or thunderstorms today you to see
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whether green is located the are trekking off into the south lake tahoe build with, storm chances today and tomorrow this will proceed to track close to the south bay if you are in the south make the sea the potential for a straight shower the 58 degrees right now across the bay lower 60s in mid-60's inland edge of because 11:00 may be having an early lunch program from birth parents >>michelle apon: plan on summit's upper 80s across the l locations across the bay the
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future task were going to see some more cloud cover and a little bit of fog across parts of the peninsula looking at areas across the east to bay or even south to bay you have some sunshine with that sunshine will have the combination of daytime heating and instability in the moisture a chance for some possible thunderstorms this afternoon keep that in mind if your across the delta and north bay wine country even in the south bank of attention for that thunderstorm and isolated showers may be possible across the peninsula. >>michelle apon: we're really going to stay into the 60s over the next few hours by 12:00 the
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mid to upper 60s will stay right along the upper 60s to near 70 when the drive for offline also mid-60s >>michelle apon: 72 will be a few degrees average pittsburgh 88 by 3:00 p.m. and looking at mid to upper 80s across livermore by the afternoon sun on mid 80s across the north bay and south ave across the east bay shoreline to the warmer until low to mid '70's a few degrees cooler than yesterday.
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>>rebecca: an accident south 680 driver for the relay and exit the left lane has bought two cars and all track of our reach slow off, and hear the drive from highway 4 is going to be 40 minutes as you make a difference of 680 in to walk switching over to the bark as you taking of bartering does one and no problems to report for you all trains are running on time this weekend will be no service between san francisco and oakland. >>rebecca: the west oakland station will be shut down as well as other stations will be open the convict away from fremont all the way to richmond pittsburg bay point from sfo to embarcadero all that will be open it is only from san francisco and oakland that no service for this entire week in in the meantime your alternates will have a bus shuttle and service in the bay bridge if you
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cannot avoid the area it will be made to delays and speaking of the bay bridge and looks good right now of course this weekend will be busy so far can headed out the door and one to take an easy ride downtown san francisco it will take you into the city so far that looks good over 21 01 as a direct connection in foster city. >>james: the shell icebreaker that was the target of environmental protesters have left portland bomb for are the " feel the ship had an out yesterday and kayaks from the rev. and the others ever dangling from the bridge a story of and fall for you this week by its record to the to leave earlier in the day but turned around and activists angry from st. john's bridge refused to let the vessel by. >>: they train year-round on
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removing individuals from rocky butte from off of buildings with in the city of portland and off of bridges so we went ahead and went over to the side with a firefighter with down to where the road for connected and anchored we attached our ropes to their ropes and then disconnect of their rope from their anchor and then lower them safely down to this terrible blow. >>james: the icebreaker is a key part of the expiration and spill response it protects them from eyes and carries equipment back and stop gushing oil. >>darya: it came in at $3.8 billion and while that sounds like a lot of money the company says it is cutting 6500 jobs and slashing operating costs by
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10%, they're less aggressive response falling crude prices the company is slow-moving in bureaucratic howe about chevron? >>darya: 500 people were gonna of the corporate office are losing their jobs the spokesperson at chevron said the production that is a part of a $1 billion cost-saving effort for the company in the job cuts are not done their they will shed 1500 jobs overall the ceos said that one to have fun at the strength to meet the challenge of of eight crude price environment. >>james: in the search for the missing malaysia airlines flight 37 it and investigators are now saying they believe someone deliberately your vet flicked off course and the figures at this point are fairly confident the debris that wash ashore on the island in the indian ocean did in fact come from the airplane the second report of the wing from triple
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seven the same type of feeling-- plain bad when down the debris from the office of insight into what happened this the last thing that was heard from the flight. >>: is the first real evidence that there's a possibility that a part of the aircraft might have been found it is too early to make the adjustment. >>james: 1 and 40 people were aboard that doomed flight it will be sent to france today for further study. >>darya: we're hearing the 911 call from the shooting in lafayette louisiana dispatchers did not realize the shooting was as bad as it sounded. 911 dispatcher--you know if anyone was shocked? common shares have you heard?
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>>: we need more ambulances at the grand theater the suspect is down we have seven more victims inside ones of the is down with a black handgun. >>darya: the gunmen not a shot 11 people killing two before he turned the gun on himself. >>james: the silas to sell the action up 38% from last year of increase may be due to the fact that more states are relaxing the science of restrictions right now there nearly 800,000 silences registered across the country.
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>>darya: 01 this morning about those popular crescent shaped pillows for nursing children wellington and the deaths because people are not using them correctly the police are connected to three infants suffocation and pennsylvania it is meant to help the with breast feeding what the biggest are awake the people have been using for sleeping something experts say you should never do. >>: the baby could slide down his air which can be cut off. >>darya: supposed to lay flat and not have a call like that to tell him not to use the for sleeping in this case it was we will be right back. >>stanley roberts: coming up more than three-quarters of a million dollar and a red light tickets were handed out in one sitting in the 30 days will tell you where in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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>>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: if you like running red lights faster just to stay far away from the intersection of millbrae and rollins wrote during the month of june the red light cameras recorded over 3500 suspected violations in just 30 days however to of the violence of reviewed by police only 1500's
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actually issued 5000 tickets and 30 days that a lot of tickets in the tickets are $480 each the majority of the pilots is were from drivers making right-hand turns for some reason many people believe they do not have the stop light is red while turning right despite signs that the allied science report turn on red permitted after stops. >>stanley roberts: this according to highway robbery that netted a website to keep track of red like camels the baseline for running a red light is $25 with a $30,000 were handed out however if you attack or off the court fees it jumps to more than 750,000 of a neglected its and just 30 days and like a police officer ron like cameras never sleep the
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rest bicameral on guard this day and nine.
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>>james: a wild fire continually burning out of control and the county take a look at the latest we just got an update from cal fire and a tour of the fire has burned more and 15,000
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a. and another thousand from what they told us last night it is still 5 percent contained hundreds of people still evacuated from their homes so far at least three structures have been destroyed a thousand firefighters are not actively working to try and get the blaze and control >>jackie sissel: in the distance you can see pg&e crews are setting up what looks to be a workstation there's obviously loss of burned mind to consider some of those lines as a shuttle fire trucks, down from the fire dickensian this can in the smoke the were hovering over.
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>>jackie sissel: it is 730 in the more incentive to continue to rise would of been awed even obviously still breaking out here act will be on this fire called them on the weekend as we head for new information will pass along.
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>>jackie sissel: as we drove in did not look bad bobby but we have gone up here you can see the smoke is laying down and as i said earlier as you look off to the east it is always looking back to the sun you concede some of the first mope it appears to be billowing up that is the main concern the naked in a hot spots and get is must contain as
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quickly as possible. >>james: the smoke is not going anywhere dissembling. >>michelle apon: temperature only in source salomon is the side of how big it is now is 15,000 a. that is about 11,000 football fields, and see how big it possibly be in the have mentioned it is 5 percent contained there's a thousand firefighters working on an average for right now the temperatures and low '70's the wins very light at 5 3 mi. per hour from the north later today it will have two wins and the south the wins will shift in the warm up into the '90s. >>michelle apon: not triple digit heat but they'll be dodging the chance for stray
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shower which is much needed, but a there the potential strike thunderstorm there is potential for the lightning where open of thunderstorms in that area this afternoon. >>michelle apon: here is what is going on a few more shower starting to get closer to the south bank it is getting closer so maybe gear were you might see a quick move and shower in your area will continue to track of to the northwestern directions to the south bay san jose santa clara milpitas by a morgan hill you will see the potential for some showers will mainly it it will last this morning. >>michelle apon: nothing widespread isolated and best which you are traveling to the east bay heading into lake tahoe this weekend and you have a chance for some scattered showers and thunderstorms as of right now for fifties across the coast into lower 60s it would definitely feel a little bit on the kuala side of if you are and when the lunch hour warming up into lower '80s
7:36 am
letter on this afternoon its upper 80s nothing like the midnight is like we had a guest today. >>michelle apon: will see more clouds and sunshine of percent is at the close with mid-70s across the bank not a bad looking for cash for much of the area more club and we have been one thing is for sure you receive the humidity has all the ones in the moisture continues to track closer to the area. >>rebecca: it is going to be a slow spots and hot spot for the east bay drive on south 68 right past the land because of an accident it was blocking the left lane everything has been moved to the right hand shall ever traffic as you can tell by the map in a solid as a mecca way out of copper here is the drive time 14 minutes from highway 4 down to walnut creek. >>rebecca: is one to be a 19
7:37 am
minute drive time for the west kron 4 ride all the way over to concord, is one to be no problem no delays to report as of right now but this weekend there will be no service from san francisco to oakland the transfer it to will be shut down and crews will be working on that no service between san francisco and oakland. >>rebecca: to all of the service will be running as normal and the alternates in the meantime to get you around the trans the closure is going to be the bay bridge or you can also catch a bus it will be extra buses and services for you if you can avoid either it will be the best bet is one to be very busy expect have the delays and especially if the wanted taken the bay bridge into and out of san francisco this weekend. >>james: good nose for conservation and california water usage fell by 27 percent that beat out the governor's call it one ever wants to cut back by 25 or face fines we did
7:38 am
better than that the state water officials of the more than half of the local water agencies met for nearly matched their savings target. >>james: california judge said she is likely to side with state regulators or seeking to cut agricultural water use the farms have been notified to stop pumping water from rivers and streams the jurors previous recession was what the farmers that these notices violated their rights but after hearing on thursday shifted his will to change her mind and leaning in favor to the restrictions her final ruling, any moment what watching the store for you. >>james: it continues online you have tips on how to conserve water and the writing tide of drops training for water wasters pictures there you can look at and which bay area cities are seven of the most water will be right backed
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>>james: the 15 year-old faces several charges including rape and murder. >>rob fladaboe: handcuffed and downcast their parents and court of adrian gonzales the 15 year- old accused of murdering and eight year-old girl killing of
7:42 am
sadness and this belief among those on the court will was former classmate something so heinous will be the alleged kidnapping and murder of a rope from sources say was ripened strangled by her friend and neighbor who police say lord to his apartment at the complex will for hiding her body in a dumpster by so many others she was shocked when she fonda-- found out. >>rob fladaboe: gonzaleses charged with murder rate and kidnapping dish attorney says justice demanded he be tried as
7:43 am
an adult public defender says he deserves a fair trial is simply cannot believe what is happening to the quiet kid she knew simply as a.j. it was never threatening even if he was depressed he was a gentle person he would never harm for facing a maximum sentence of life in prison the source in the cases because the investigators he considered suicide it was ordered back to court of the timber 21st to enter a formal plea. >>michelle apon: we're tracking submarines showers will let you know when you can expect and we can forecast coming up after the break.
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>>james: indians' carlos santana
7:46 am
crushes this home run to center that brings into runs in the hands of reappoint also delays with the giants after missing out on david presents and the giants when the right-hander from cincinnati in its credit to minor league prospects he will be a free agent at the end of the season.
7:47 am
>>darya: you cannot believe your eyes we see a ball player with tears in his eyes. >>reporter: is his 23 year-old crying because he made a big error doesn't he know unless you think you're being traded the media will report a bill this sent them to milwaukee in the news spread through the crowd and to social media.
7:48 am
>>reporter: he grounded out and took his position walk away tears before perry played a slow-motion, with the organization almost eight years ago on his 16th birthday when the ending of tears and then the manager and a side to tell him it had almost been one but it fell through. >>reporter: he was praised back, passion cannot be blocked.
7:49 am
>>darya: tom bray had his deford level of >>darya: most experts advise the one to protect the information but it will cost you to do a factory reset but earlier this year the university of cambridge studied from the factory recent on android devise does not always erase everything they could get text messages account credentials messaging conversation and 80 percent of the cases could find a few e-mail's it is not only more fun toastmaster old phone but may be that is the way to go.
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>>michelle apon: meticulous as satellite and radar we do have a few showers will off to the south bay and is getting a little bit closer to the seventh tip of the south bank here was where it is right now moving through deal were we did see a thunderstorm but now just from my removal of the to the northern direction or when we build a few light showers and it will last until about lunchtime to the rest of the bay area of four to show you what looks like into the sea the clouds have increased across the south bank. >>michelle apon: there's still a chance there will not completely into the lunch hour and say the delta of the east bay and south bend with those areas will see the sunshine, the have the potential with the sunshine by daytime heating and moisture in
7:51 am
the atmosphere. >>michelle apon: keep that mine for this afternoon if you are across the peninsula of the wall covering chance later on for today and to the clock on the drive home most dishonest guys across the bay by 9:00 is the court even temperature that will fall and a nice evening will cool air moving in committee was to allow for much of the day into the weekend. >>michelle apon: 664 inland spots across the bank the efforts of '50s and the forecast is pretty good a stray showers may be possible for the and locations for the seventh obstacle 69 degrees and across the area by 4:00 to bridges will be on the slightly course side for in locations but still above average for this time of the year. >>michelle apon: up 60 less talk
7:52 am
about what we're looking for the afternoon across the rest of the bay area mcveigh inside vetiver to warming up into mid 80s across in the locations presence of one of 87 for antioch concord 86 across livermore 80 degrees. >>michelle apon: as we get close to the fremont low eighties looking at the peninsula the temperatures are warm enough to near 70 later on this afternoon temperatures 69 degrees we're tracking and heading into why it later on this weekend the chance for showers and basically every single day for the next seven days. >>michelle apon: you can start to see some heavier rainfall by the middle of next week and some gusted to damaging winds kick at the mine if you are heading to hawaii for your summer vacation. >>michelle apon: mid '80s looking for a permit to upper seventies across the bay and into next week it will turn a little bit: lead on look at
7:53 am
thursday a day for inland spots and we are tracking some of for seven is the low 80s across the bank to the always check the forecast a special lead on this afternoon and also good to track traffic. >>rebecca: the symbols for traffic and weather track in the hot spot and pleasantville and early achsah unclear photograph and shoulder south 680 right past the it is still a hot spot because it is traffic really backing of traffic all the into concord. >>rebecca: it will take about 1415 minutes or so from highway 4 to back the connector down to walnut creek switching over to the bay bridge toll plaza this is very empty at this point getting into the city friday morning commute you're heading in this direction there was just a minor delay of the cash pain lanes a fast track or the carport or a on a to go straight into san francisco without any problems whatsoever expected
7:54 am
under 10 minutes to give you into downtown off if you're heading into sfo 25 minutes from across the bridge into down south 1 01. >>rebecca: this looks good under 15 minutes for your westbound 92 drive from hayward and 880 connect up over to the 101 connect in foster city so far the richmond san rafael bridge of this will impact morsel the warsaw earlier this morning traffic is backed ride around the harvard when exit to the tow. >>rebecca: out to center fell making that connection with 101 in the northern the golden gate bridge looks great problem free of red down south 10 1 t with high with 37, in a 2020 minutes into san francisco when i come back one news weather and traffic stay with us after the break.
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>>james: the 510 facial expressions to cancel a committee by a storm he drew attention when his owner posted pictures of his somber face and it would bar from their the dog from a comparison to compete hacked--grumpy cat
7:58 am
>>darya: his eyes are bright and he does look upset. >>james: 5 send a clear mean they're looking dogs. >>darya: continues for the american dental killed a beloved african lion they're bringing him out of hiding and being charged a mass of wildfire burning out of control this morning in the county will have the latest on the numbers and how many homes have been destroyed by this fire. ...a rabbit... ...a rabbit genetically modified and bred with a panther... ...with turbines attached... ...on ice... ...shaved... ...with a...what the?! with the fastest speeds
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firefighters >> mark: face a fight. >> reporter: i am on the morning
8:02 am
the valley road south of clear lake and the fires on you can see this valley completely burned out and and the distance to concede pg&e crews setting apart the makeshift command post so many of these lines have been burned this fire and updated information 20 minutes ago from hellfire so let's talk about the updated numbers from cal fire aspires got overnight now at 15,000 a.. since it's only 5 percent contained at this moment they are saying that they have lost three structures numerous more outbuildings in this fire continued to battle with fire " a very rough steep rocky terrain and accessibility is a very tough so continue to battle it now as you said there
8:03 am
were some evacuations has been an evacuation centers set up in the middletown. 30 mi. or so from where i am at right here now obviously as the day moves on the much like yesterday temperatures will start increasing already quite warm out here we are seeing steams of smoke or on that and actually after this live shot travel farther east and see if we divide and where the fire lines are down. of a chance to talk with one firefighter earlier he said that they thought the fire had split over night north of the lake and then smoke kind of lying in that valley right now. piquancy that burned plan. all the brush completely burned out of this fire. we're gonna
8:04 am
continue on this story all morning long. >> mark: coverage leaven the weather center taking a look with michelle 23 square miles massive this wild fire is burning and then fire fighters are dealing with 41 temperatures. and he thought how warm 78 degrees in that area. >> reporter: committee of 42 percent that would chop up the day. there's some very light winds from the north and to set this afternoon a triple digit heat but still very warm. mid- 90s later today another thing we're dealing with we do what this rush-hour but the walk the streets thunderstorm with that potential for some lightning if we see any lightning strikes with any thunderstorm the posset
8:05 am
pops up in the area this afternoon that could also aid the fire which elected the fire. we just want a straight chair this afternoon. satellite radar composite we do just have a few isolated pockets of showers moving in close to the bay area as you can see right on a vote the south bay so waiting for that short a move through also potential for isolated showers and thunderstorms today all that coming up at a $15 to a quick check of traffic this morning. >> reporter: freeze the commute south city right pass their gregory lynn and said there was earlier crash were two cars have the left lane block for quite some time everything has been moved to the right-hand shoulder. unfortunate because the activity on our initial other traffic still solid coming out of cocker so here's your drive * 14 as from highway 4 has to make your way into that 680 connect your heading into will muckrake and switching over to
8:06 am
our report maps now all trains are running on time if you're heading into bart station it will be really easy to just how much rain maker with a work were ever going cause they're all running on time for you no matter where you're heading will get to your destination with no delays this week and snowboard service from san francisco clinic and also the west oakland station will be closed because crews will be working there all other stations will be open and service all the other stations will resumed to just normal and all week in long so it just because of the traffic to get to the san francisco oakland will be close in the meantime however will have extra buses employes also take the bay bridge will also be alternate. expect heavy delays trade to leave a lot of extra time when the hat at had a door and then stay home for weekend. >> james: as rebecca said will
8:07 am
begin shutting down service over the course of this week it will trend has been out there talking with people at the embarcadero station in san francisco. well some people still confusing surely make clear just a transfer to the south that struck down but either side will still be operating. >> reporter: you know what's happening in a bar over the weekend? shutdown"" >> reporter:. "you just too nice to educated. >> reporter: it'll be at guy in show tomorrow abortion should down. eliciting stethoscope and the now what's happening with our over the weekend? i come"from our local and always trouble piano bar is doing specifically over a week and? "it said that they are doing
8:08 am
something but i don't know what" >> reporter: this is a little of knowledge what they're doing james is telling people for a long time they're shutting down the trans by tubenose service between oakland and san francisco. if you're in a spell your just fine of about the ease of using part. san francisco in this area also use bart reason why they need to shutdown peseta morning and will not reopen to monday 1:00 a.m. is because they need to make repairs on a 45 year-old system. >> james: but you very much will again the to shut down this week and. still >> mark: ahead on kron 4 morning news. >> darya: the big development that could be the missing malaysian air plane that went down american investigators are weighing in on what could happen to that claim. and trouble continues for the american distance the to the beloved the african lion. what could bring
8:09 am
the san out of
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yore fallyere. ng w frothe ndlo rst me ithe jors yodon'knowaarp because is fily enying cro-coury baseball staum tp th anneonli at rp tvel. it'shereour urne bens with inspirion, planningbookg, a hottrel ts fr reapros if you don'thinkeizehe triphen u thk aa thenou d't knowaarp find morsurpsingpossilits anget knous atarp.g/poibilies. trouble >> james: continues for american dentists to kill beloved african lions zimbabwe melos extradite overshooting cecil the line in the densest walter palmer admitted paying $50,000 to kill that lion near national park in western zimbabwe. the environmental minister says the nation as officials started extradition
8:12 am
proceeding hoping the u.s. will cooperate by house petition requested palmer be extradited to african nation earn enough signatures to get a response from the bomb the administration have to wait see what the president says as of this morning nearly hundred 50,000 signatures by house has yet to respond but palmer is in hiding. he has not been heard from since monday. that's when he admitted to killing the line of he thought it was all done illegally. >> reporter: kajar chances for today and a week and forecasts all the details coming up after the break.
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>> michelle: 80 of seismic conditions will continue lessen the week and and a few charred chances sure looks like on your set later perspective shows getting closer in gilroy this morning said to the south bay's output sent as a common valley possibly seeking more showers of it closer the next hour or two oppress the bay area a chance for showers and thunderstorms this afternoon and now let's talk to your forecast is yet the door to the jurors in the mid- 60s this in the spot across the bay some lawyers 60s across the coast as right now sofa some upper 50s across the north bay load mid-60's any space shoreline load mid-60's this morning to. but the launch our
8:16 am
new and temperatures continue warm-up only into lower 80s for this inland location. it will definitely feel much cooler will not warm up and admit opera '80s i did yesterday at that time. only in the lower 80s not a bad looking one chartist and outside its size and do that wins will be like a mix of sun and clouds. and then looking at the base and lower '70s was a cloudy skies across the coast claudia mostly cloudy skies with the temperatures only reaching the upper 50s. just like yesterday in the area. during the afternoon temperatures not in the mid-90s the center and from locations. only going up to the mid upper 80s across the bay plan. mid-70s at the coast in your seventies later on this afternoon. when the chance for stray showers or thunderstorms. the biggest change for today will be a cross in the despot's concord only heating up and the mid '80s looking at antioch 87 brentwood maybe lower 90s this afternoon and get livermore 88 degrees and then pausing to 87 at the turn our attention the rest of the bay area the
8:17 am
bayshore last few degrees cooler than yesterday in the. seven is across oakland farther south we go out of your upper 70's and 80's. >> reporter: willing medical hot spots abroad pop up for yourself the commute is on south 880 before the 101 interchange a motorcycle involve they're telling us chp said no injuries as of yet. angela is blocked such traffic is a bit slow approaching pass the area. daniel c activity and i had shoulder and that's like folks down. here is your 101 north commute capitol expressway of the montague. a 20 minute drive time so not too bad as of right now at heading over to pleasant hill losses are earlier crash still on the right-hand
8:18 am
shoulder salsa's the right password remain. this allows traffic tied up coming out concord. the drive time along to 42 at 12 minutes from highway for dogs that 680 interchange. making your way over the wall of a creek. the bay bridge toll plaza is very late getting in the downtown san francisco tickets just under 10 minutes to get into the city across the span. after heading sfo expected 20 to 25 minute drive time from that point. then the san mateo bridge looks good under 15 minutes so far making that connection from 888 or over to the 11 split. and then bar looks good if you're hopping aboard a train this morning no delays to report. keep in mind all week and long there will be no service from san francisco and oakland. at a west oakland station will be shutdown as well however all other service and all the stations will be open all weekend long. it is just the transmits to the will be shut down the it you into and out of san francisco.
8:19 am
>> james: details and the search for missing malaysia airlines flight 370. and this year saying they believed someone beard that let off course deliberately. messier's fairly confident that the debris that washed ashore in an island in the ocean is from airplane pick could be part of the wing from the bible seven. and then only the triple sevens in right now not of the missing that part so i condemn the believe this is from the flight. investigators say the and what happened take a listen to this the last thing we heard from the flight before it disappeared. "the first real evidence possibility a part of the aircraft came amid unfounded. >> james: 40 people on the plan before vanished and said france for further said it studied. the >> darya: icebreaker a
8:20 am
target of environmental protests has left for arctic oil fields to. ship headed out yesterday after authorities forced protesters in kayaks from the river remove the others protestors dangling from a bridge icebreaker attended elite earlier in the day but turned around when activist for st. john's bridge refuse to let pass. 'is typical restaurant team train year-round by removing individuals from rocky off of buildings witness the portland's. also bridges so. we went ahead and over the side went down where the roads for connected and anchored with attached are ropes to the ropes disconnected their ropes from the anchor. lord them safely down to it and carry sheriff's follow. >> darya: key part of the exploration still close to his
8:21 am
equipment and stop gushing oil. >> james: tumbling profits the shells of the second quarter earnings came in at $3.8 billion. unlike a lot of money but it is however a compared to what about in last time at this point the run and 6.8 billion. it and see just how much less they took in an. company now says it will be cutting 6500 jobs slashing operating costs by 10%. chevron >> james: making job cuts to its company roughly five under people working at their corporate offices in san ramon losing their jobs company says the reductions are part of a $1 billion cost-cutting effort. the job cuts aren't stopping there the company plans to shut 1500 jobs overall. this >> darya: deal and to cry or a police officer's body camera captured the moment the mother realized she has left her toddler inside hot van. couple
8:22 am
heard the talk other as they were walking past the parking lot of oklahoma wal-mart. they call the police a one-year-old and the van sweating inside and this is what happens when the mother returned to the van. " mother >> darya: was put jail $50,000 bail to get out she's being held on a child of on job i got her one-year-old daughter is fine will be ok now with her father. in this >> mark: gators release 901 caused a from last week's deadly feeder shooting. >> darya: will hear the moments after the shooting happened. after the happened
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
national >> james: headlines now for the first time during that what one calls for my six of the movie theater shooting off at louisiana and hear how frantic the situation was take a listen.
8:26 am
"there's a shooting at pepper seen. i was in the movie. hurd 67 shots. "more ambulances at the grand theater. what on southwest rate." ": more victims with gunshot wounds. suspect down." "300 units the of the suspect he is down" >> james: hauser killed 11 people are shot a lot of people killing two of them. >> darya: and ship alert allows people use for you it nursing now leading infant deaths people not using them correctly the pill. those are connected the three instances of a
8:27 am
supplications and pennsylvania its opposable mom breast feed all the babies are wake of people have been using them in crackly as apollo. "you could slide down at the baby slides down now it's their way can be caught off" >> darya: how it's happening and everyone tells you not to do this in. general a baby and a crib should never have pillow. so there warring parents about that just use it for breast- feeding. >> james: 0 had video here from bart train there will be no bar service across the bay this week and those still operating under side tight. what you need to know did get around this weekend by look outside our golden gate bridge camera showing low clouds fog pushing into the game right now we get another check the forecast and a columnist but.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
this morning. one thing to see above the knee and see the scope of it. where you are you to see the damn. >> reporter: about here, morgan valley road. like road an assault of like port you see how much of this area is completely charred out here you can see how it appears to be a storage unit. everything around it is completely burned as little farther to the west. and then just got back towards the front of the to city see here see a big plumes of smoke. is even farther from the east pratt right now. and then as he said cal fired had it up in 45 minutes here
8:31 am
only 5 percent contained. it's drawn overnight to 15,000 a. of. they say at three structures have burns numerous outbuildings have also been burned. also there are mandatory evacuations threw out the area. now i can tell you i talked to a fire fighter earlier this morning he said that overnight according to him that the fire has split into different directions so maybe fighting this fire on two different funds today also tell you that as the morning goes on continues to get hotter and hotter out here there's a slight breeze unfortunately for the firefighters makes it that much more difficult will makes a really difficult come back out here live as the conditions out here that teheran itself you conceive of hillside a bird house deep is how rocky is now accessibility for firefighters all of this has to be fought basically by foot and hand that
8:32 am
the call there with hand crews or fighter from the air which we're expecting to see firefighters back in there somewhere later this morning but there is a lot of bird area appear more way from having this thinking childproof. >> darya: these black-and-white you still see smoke smollett. >> reporter: piat and the smoke is very heavy in the air. a lot of times you'll see fires like this entire section absolutely decimated everything is burned out and you come across the street a perfectly fine because firefighters basically supplies of these roads they use them as firebox on one side of the street everything is going everything on the other satisfied that the pope is using these national fire braces were the standard round of middle aspires to appear as if they can avoid it is like a moonscape up here.
8:33 am
goodling >> james: team coverage and the weather center, the conditions are facing right now where we access? >> michelle: still warm 78 degrees as of right now the good news as federal will not be as hot as this after an timeouts a mid-90s but the same thing later on today. the low humidity soupcon many some clouds a potential for a austrasia are thunderstorm all because of lightning could actually help draw the fire so as of right now this is where it is located between lower leg and headed by like a between there. the humidity is not too bad 42% again the humidity will continue to drop, the winds from the north a very light. those just of the south to m.p.h.. jackie did mention his 50,000 a., less 23 square miles. at 11 fouls and
8:34 am
football fields you can see a massive it is compared to that size and satellite radar composite few showers have continued to move on up but they are going to dissipate as of right now we're still hoping that we still see a few more isolated showers as it close to the south bay and the we take a chance for someone showers and the afternoon the south bay in the south of the bay area chance for showers or thunderstorms coming up at 845 we thought what a week and forecasts all those details coming up in 50 minutes >> reporter: 6 a of a prairie land still less traffic about really bogged up along the east bay, he writes. the drive time onto 42 highway for making your way to the 680 interchange. that is at 11 minutes sofa has improved but traffic still very slow in the area. checking in
8:35 am
this commute now this is in the downtown oakland 70 minutes as a victory at a san leandro this morning bart always a good option night out now trains reported on any delays so far all running on time and the system keep in mind this weekend of the transmit to will be shut down so there is no service between san francisco and oakland the west oakland station also close all other stations and all other service will be just normal for your week and said commute so again getting across the bay the service of the bay bridge will be your alternate can expect any delays also running extra bus service that will continue all week long as well >> darya: closing transmit to live at the marcus of embarcadero station and you're
8:36 am
telling them about this for the first time in some cases >> reporter: thousands of people rely on our part relies on the transkei to the backbone of their system and see thousands of people all rely on bar every day over the weekend and you can move about san francisco but you cannot move from san francisco clinic back-and-forth a because without the chance to answer your either not going to run the trains in between those cities reason why they need to do the maintenance and repairs to 45 years of not only in its sole the cat and the train at high speeds they would like to do so the shutdown starting saturday 6 a.m. will not reopen chance to tell monday 1:00 a.m. elijah " woody again due this week and would you going to do this again? "maybe catch earlier that day because you go on the boat and
8:37 am
economical price pat and its compact matter what. "make sense to drive the ruins the on the road a million and have people that you attach bar this is a high-level of touristy and a bad time to really think about going on bridge those are"in sofa silicic and was a mere annoyance elicited music and enjoy. to the and the ball will be best alternative. >> reporter: many people they now part of shutting down the traffic to 70 plants like elijah to find other ways to get about here and then so many all other alternatives that extra buses as well ac transit to bart a lot of things to make sure people get around and then it'll be really bad even though part is saying stay on your side abate if you
8:38 am
don't have to go in the severance the scope or local and keep in mind once again it is still move about bar in severance the scope. ephesus society as well you do care about moving back and forth that is not an option at the light ago clearly a very busy right now so i will see a little bit later. >> james: me this morning a big uptick gov. jerry brown has decided to allow parole for one of the men convicted of kidnapping 26 children four years ago. hostages taken from korea to livermore hellcat the underground and they eventually managed to dig their way out escape unharmed back in april prison officials recommended parole for what it involves 63 old james brother richard also involved in the kidnapping pearled back in 2012. mcgill
8:39 am
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>> mark: the bidding area system let emergency fund their lot shuttle buses running to and from the embarcadero st. francis circle over the overnight check on. we make >> james: covering the stars as the nets made on monday of last week more than a hundred families selling notified camelot school was shutting down a school of the san lorenzo school district selling the property parents say the short notice of closure making it hard on them this and a place for their kids in. that also considering teachers at school are not kidding any severance the school is offering information help families and families find new truckers services. i have a chat >> michelle: supply/hours and we can forecast coming up at after the break.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> james: a new application listed share lawyer watching on tv in a matter of seconds richard merrill explains in today's tech report the. >> reporter: immediate maker british tv show these days. there is an application that the sheer logic and surely like with friends. >> reporter: you double-team 7 million followers on social network vine. zero the live on social media and at making funny clips. the watching tv.
8:46 am
>> reporter: the medication at att you burst quality versus social. "only share we're watching year social network access remote to. >> reporter: application of what you're watching is taken fair share of their shows.. as to >> reporter: not easy to
8:47 am
be enough money in six seconds they do a nice job of that. your social bill will the free downloadable i phoned and enjoy devices. find a link to it on our website. >> darya: look at the weather and traffic for you this friday morning. >> michelle: like the opposite conditions out there. what looks like celebrate our perspective we start to see what's you've got even a few isolated showers closer to the south bay. most of this will fizzle out embarrassed and keep our fingers crossed for a stray showers across the south bay. and elbow caceres the area in the afternoon at. as of right now temperatures and the lord mid- 60's across much of the bay mid- 60's across conquered the mark set. arose out of the '50s. 688 degrees right now and also with snap sell at low clouds. said the see more sunshine as ago from east to west. to continue to stay and memo cycladic conditions for much of the day.
8:48 am
tablatures this afternoon-and upper 80s if your. our inland's definitely feel the slightly cooler temperatures and. by cooler color than where they were yesterday in the mid-90s these temperatures above average for this time of year. we're looking at mid-70s across east asia are lined up percent across-the-board but the south bay mid-80s seventh for the north as well across the peninsula if you are in san francisco the second and. ppm 69 degrees with the breezy wins. heading to hawaii where watching her came palermo check off the west the. 1,500 mi. away it will start to bring some shower chances for the big island starting as early as. both sides see raining and gusting winds. and even damaging winds as early as monday as tuesday. if your travel across the rest of the other four islands apostle. we start to see some heavier rain by tuesday into the middle part of next week. now surely the rest of the storm trackers 70 forecast.
8:49 am
we're starting to warm olive oil in a lower 80s and low spots rest of the inland and the weekend we have mid '80s looking at some lotus mid-70s across much of the day for the week and. along the coast opposite seas around 70 and early next week we circle donald more than we warm up back up as high pressure continues to go back and starting thursday. an amtrak here is rebecca. >> reporter: deleting the city is about 80 read a fourth street and embarcadero exit a pickup truck overturns it is blocking the two left lanes urgency crews are on seeing traffic is bumper- to-bumper all the way back toward a one split 10 what is going to be solid all the way down the campbell cattle six so far this plan and switching things over the east bay a bright new motorcycle accident in fremont office of vote left leg is blocked emergency crews are on track to the scene south
8:50 am
on a 8238 and the 237 and out at the 38 drive time. bridge in the san francisco. no delays reported it easy friday morning commute.. estimates feminist in the the city. richmond center fell bridge busier than normal. traffic is pretty backed up all when richmond parkway from the toll. was to pass the toll plaza. yeah warlord connector. and then they all look so far this point and that. and if they hop on one soon this to be no delays so far for you as to make your way out the door that will
8:51 am
rub off on monday morning. the fort ergonomically jury cannot autobus they're providing extra buses for you. it hit the bay bridge a justly sometime early because it will be very. weak travel this very >> james: back to the news now had the south bay crime continues to rise by murders since june an average of the total this year to 17. the spike in crime scene during the summer months and as a police are taking steps to try and reduce the violence. ansett is put more officers on the streets at evening early morning hours on most of the crime reported in the san jose police also increasing their presence in the downtown area as well. >> reporter: overtime game suppression cars burst crushing cars as are now addressing some these violent crime areas and said trading there is doing more pro-active approach to the other vehicles talking with people.
8:52 am
the chain >> james: and ours is not a permanent thing but stay in place until we a handle on his reasons by. >> darya: control be of fogging in a neighborhood west i'll hasn't been detected area i'm sematech drive creek drive and waverly street. checks by around trading at neighborhoods starting at 9:00 sunday night was ousted president paul. the going to fall again and then transmitted through mosquitoes it cannot be spread from person to person. >> james: water usage has fallen by 27 percent that is better than the governor was asking for. and that more than half local water agencies nearly met their savings targets acajou the
8:53 am
governor ordered overall cutbacks of 25% on water use the beach community nine months to hit those targets or face war finds. >> james: so farmers have been notified they need to stop pumping water that would be deemed to try the judge earlier on that she said what the farmers and their violating their rights after a hearing thursday judge thinking and reconsidering leaning in favor of tighter water restrictions could come at any moment today and then drop coverage continues on line their tips on conserving water at home and also all their
8:54 am
kron-4-dot-com when a >> darya: week after the release of the hospital george h. w. bush is taking to twitter to the bank his well-wishers. close to this picture with a caption head man of data plan was safer than getting out of bed. and you never know. the 91 year-old broke a bullet in his neck earlier this month when it fell as home in maine it did not require surgery it looked he will be in a neck brace hesitancy for several sessions needed for recovery this from guy with sky diving for his birthday. >> darya: coming up of a morning
8:55 am
news. constantia a good run exercise in this weather. state of your
8:56 am
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8:57 am
>> james: president of the international olympics committee announcing beijing will be hosting the 20220 of the winter games. >> james: made today in this was a video from the last nine games in russia. beijing be out of the other two cities in the running and this makes beijing the first-ever a host of winter and summer. >> darya: 9 rio tighten but the virus is a drunken the water.
8:58 am
athletes can be competing filing complaints and concerns are in gets sick the a lot of their chance to the >> darya: up on the morning is that while fiber in the county is crying jackie is there live on the scene with an update from him. a major part closure we need to talk about this against. we stand weekend female announcer: you're on the right track to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time you can choose up to 48 months interest-free financing on a huge selection of tempur-pedic models. or choose to save hundreds on simmons beautyrest mattress sets. you can even choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular stearns & foster mattresses. the triple choice sale on now at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪
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your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
9:00 am
>> mark: becomes a germs in your home by just about from the. coming up high keep jurors out of your kitchen. >> darya: does apply the evacuate their homes to uncovered on a wild fire michelle and the weather center. for its logokron 4's jackie sissel is live at oracle arena where the services will be held. >> reporter: i just walking up their e conceit hellfire airplane believe that this scouting plane up right now to
9:01 am
get the fire as the value and take a look at the area scorched all this land so far this morning. according to cal fire they abducted and affirmation sang at the fire grew overnight . 15,000 a. in nine years and video a shot about 20 minutes ago. that's the front line of the fire. the central fire chiapas morning 15,000 a. the. say they only have 5 percent of this fire contained at this point. three structures have burned and numerous outbuildings also burns and this fire. there are also telling us the there have been mandatory evacuations all over the area out here. now just a little bit south of clear lake but the fire is burning a little farther east where we're at. and very remote rocky kelly area. houses are far and few between i'll. obviously they want access see those houses
9:02 am
make sure those houses do not add to the numbers of structures they've already lost. as i've said it's a very remote area at 2 1/2 to 3 hours from the severance iscariot so it's a two-lane road, fighting the fire is it's very remote obviously getting out over had at. in the first side of the morning shows up at that look at the fire and. a tie and the temperatures continue to climb out here and the jurors are in an issue for firefighters wednesday recall right now is great news obviously. it like this thing under control. as saw fire trucks from cal fire saw five engines from stethoscope going
9:03 am
downhill five minutes here obviously they're bringing out all sorts of resources. being told there some bells and firefighters on the line right now. you see how much of this brick out here on late ago before this fire is out. >> reporter: 80 degrees as of right now the committee 48%. at the cost per hour later on this afternoon temperatures will he not been notable that he like yesterday mid-90s for this area and firefighters will deal with high temperatures there as well a potential force the street vendor charts are they could use a straight chart with a straight batters are a potential for lightning will. but what any lightning in this area because i could help grow the fire even bigger. we are going to the north and to the south committees will drop later on
9:04 am
the santa fe to about 20% and we talk of a big fire is 50,000 a. about 23 square miles the size of 11 fouls and football fields again see how big that is. notice we're talking about the last chance for summary as of right now starting to follow these showers and tracking of getting close to the south bay but it's barely even reaching the ground single. but greenspan across the south bay dow. but it's reached because it's still pretty dry across much of the bay. we will feel less humidity move as well as your continues it closer the area. ps of the potential for some straight under stars as well cost the rest of the day. and one thing is for sure it will be cooler rolling 80's the upper 80s across in the spots across the bay the. the upper seventies looking at similar studies across the cost. and looking at a week and it turns a little bit cooler so not too bad mid-80s so humid across the big. no change in upper 70's if you are the cost. expected for today
9:05 am
continue to last all week long coming up talk about what to expect early next week argosies and hotter temperatures also all those details cannot. >> reporter: 5 tot's by right here in san francisco if you are going to be leading the seventh estimate what it out just a little bit scsi in similar has been issued in the meantime traffic solid back to the lowland's but a lot no. 1 ally backed up all the way candlesticks so far and head out the door and just wear out so over fremont across a 84 avenue is in. accented with a motorcycle involved the left light is blocked their on the scene as well. traffic is salomon in its drive. staff at 39 minutes now. starting
9:06 am
tomorrow there will be no service from services co oakland because transmitted to will be shut down for crews to be working and last all week long so get your on the closure: 7 cisco could that will be close. >> james: trend is live at the marcos station with more about the closure. >> darya: started planning around it held either will. >> reporter: out people know about this looking around to see if it were bowriders there's always a handful of people sought need walk up to some people " was talk really quickly
9:07 am
piquet. what people showing up here we try to the body of my lunch see plan and grabs somebody capable tell you it set out saturday 6:00 a.m. reopen monday 1:00 a.m. and all system 45 years old that they needed to make the repairs have the best way it was a good time did do it a thousands of people rely on bart. this is the back of for people moving back and forth in san francisco oakland. the first phase the second will be labor day weekend it will not be as busy during that time reason why a lot of people leave town and it hit the road a ways . "it's my of the bar system this week and? closing down work on the toddles west oakland's to embarcadero close down. mckeon alternatives to not use bart?"
9:08 am
the water taxi service of committee providing a special for the week and from oakland appear 1.50 water taxi." >> reporter: was surprised if i talk to other people who said nat king of the bridges and amass. and for every live which side of the bay state there. this the >> reporter: be on. a couch in three on if i headed to san francisco i always use barred. watered >> darya: caxias a good idea if a. having trouble finding people don't ask them if they like to try new perfumer something might have a little better luck the the. the
9:09 am
detritus of something many of fliers. place a lot will. mother arrested after an hour whether it was a jal about continue the american this
9:10 am
>> darya: continues for american best to kill the beloved african the line them. bob was exit at
9:11 am
him for shooting cecil alliant. as a pay $50,000 to kill the lion canyon national park in western zimbabwe. the environmental ministry says that the nation as officially started the extradition proceedings. hopes the u.s. will cooperate white house requesting caller be extradited to the african nation burn enough signatures to get air response from about my administration the dodgers 50,000 signatures on their. was the response the white house has yet to respond on response i guess with a subtle the responses. debts has admitted he killed alive but he thought he did it legally. >> reporter: >> michelle: a possibility for some cooler temperatures this afternoon plan for a break even when stockman fuchsia our chances all the. details coming
9:12 am
9:13 am
>> reporter: we are looking at a
9:14 am
similar right here in san francisco in. it's about 80 at the forestry embarcadero access so the left lanes blocked by the chp emergency crews a pickup truck overturned and then there is not yet never quite sometime in the meantime the traffic backed up all the way the little ones but no. 01 in a solid all the way from candlestick park exit over to the east bay now fremont exit on the south 80 left lane is blocked and motorcycle involve only minor injuries reported so far and the delays are pretty happy news to drive time now to increase our laws by 10 minutes 42 massillon's of 88 to 38 heading down to 37. sampras is a much better story here very light for you on the morning commute was about 80 ride the. it will be about a 67 minute trip for you cross and into the city as sematech a bridge and this looks
9:15 am
good. the net under 12 minutes the from the east bay toward the top 101 connector foster city. problem all morning frites sensory here as of 01 high. with 37 and 2022 two-minute drive time in the san francisco . bar looks good good option this morning of trains running on time keep in mind this weekend there will be no service between sampras cisco oakland's and all other stations running out on hopefully so kill ballistic richmond fremont line and also down to sf out if you're in the city. no service in between because it translates to will be shut down so in the meantime take the bay bridge by expect a really big delay there also have a bus service in place
9:16 am
to try to get around this exposure. but the weather and 59 and friday >> michelle: 60 to nine blood mid-60's across the state's shoreline and the rest of the bay across the coast temperatures warmed up one degree 59 degrees of us the area looks like this at all as a 67 degrees at an. no. bailout of mid-60's as of right now and close to let our temperature's only warm up in the opera the ladies and the spots of film okra more comfortable compared to last few days for the base in the decennial seven days of the upper 60s around the lunch hour and at the 4:00 hour to the jurors continue to warm up in the upper 80s but no mid-90s so much cooler but will be monday across much of the area looking at the bay mid-70s across the toes up for 66 years 70 and talk about its future cash this morning as we get closer to lodge our boys are the see more sunshine especially for the south bay north bay. when these
9:17 am
areas get that the potential for daytime heating atmosphere unstable so the potential for public shower thunderstorm in the afternoon for those areas. across the peninsula even parts of north a closer to the coast yet the potential for a straight shower, to be dealing with war cloud cover in the afternoon after close to the bay the upper 70's areas farther south across south at morgan hill 90 degrees allman valley 88 degrees and then i say charlotte thunderstorm in the afternoon press the bay looks pretty good the rest of today's storm trackers and a forecast l b, but
9:18 am
'80s color week and with human conditions mostly sunny skies may. upper seventies across the bay by early next week preminger's slowly warm up into the low 80s by thursday 88 for those in the spot. >> darya: officer's body camera captured the gut wrenching held it as a woman confronted with the fact she left her toddler a one-year-old baby in a hot van the child is doing ok today provide survive the ordeal a dispenser ports at the mother's not jail. a plea >> reporter: approach as a county in the wal-mart oklahoma it was unclear she would be officer's body camera captures the confrontation. the town"there had been left alone inside the van and said a partner lot.
9:19 am
>> reporter: apart not heard something as a lark by the van. christie lends doubt call 911 they found four of the doors unlocked the. chavis side covered in sweat. mother herself last note doesn't understand how this could happen. "college sheet set. up set. more people with care the reason why the baby should of been left in the car. >> reporter: for the mother jailed on the few dozen dollars bond for child neglect one-year- old daughter is safe to of the chair back under 100 degrees she is now with her father. >> darya: a warning this morning about those occurred crescent
9:20 am
shaped pillows use for nursing babies now they are linked to some infant death because they're not using them right so far close connected the three infants evocations of pennsylvania. it is meant to help moms with breast-feeding their babies while wake up people have been using them when their babies are sleeping right there in the crib experts tell you why you should never do that. "we could slide down if the baby does lie down you see their way and that air committee off and nothing in the crib. >> darya: was inclined you put the crew of blocks and something. and bobby tells you to the pillow should not be used that way. time now 920 at japanese the preschool set to close its doors covering this story since the announcement was first made on monday. last week more than a hundred families suddenly notified that camelot school in castro valley was closing. the san lorenzo school
9:21 am
district is selling its property. parents say at short notice of closure making it hard for the debt by some places and their kids. also considering the teachers at the school are not getting any type of severance. and then up schools offering information to find new child- care services. >> darya: new details about the search for the missing malaysian airlines flight and h 370. u.s. investigators are now saying someone deliberately a beard the flight of course investigators are confident that the debris that washed ashore on an island in the indian ocean is from the missing plane as they could be part of a wing of the boeing triple seven the same type of plane as the missing flight is and no other player in the world with that part that is missing the investigators figure this is for sure piece of the missing plane nearly total 5840 people on board the flight the debris will be set for france today for further study
9:22 am
but the >> darya: bowl the virus could be if the seat of the past. a new anti virus could have a hundred percent success rate. and it is a vaccine would help prevent the virus from spreading and current and future outbreaks. the vaccine is so promising that his vote but was extended all people at risk at. in close contact with infected person who says more research is needed but the results so far of the trial showed hundred percent efficiency. for the >> darya: first-time 911 calls from last week's and movie theater shooting in the offing at louisiana. naturally this does seem to realize how serious was. "already reporting a shooting at the grand. "i heard six or seven shots" "many more ambulances at the grand theater well as south west
9:23 am
street." "spec is down 1212 more victims inside with gunshot wounds." a plea >> darya: scuttle the seen it on john hauser the gunmen to. he shot himself kill themselves after he shot those 11 people killing two. >> darya: gun silencer sales are booming now across the country an alarming rate the. roh calls back allowance firearms silencers sales of 30% from last year. increase may be due to more states relax in their loss of silencers. all anyone is now legal in 41 states. and the gun makers contributing to the popularity of the silencers making more firearms designed to work with them. there are now nearly hundred thousand silencers registered across the u.s.. but silencer are illegal
9:24 am
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most >> reporter: sure desert not armfuls of a matched a good for you. one person of germs can give you disease and that could be anything from a common cold to life-threatening illness. >> reporter: you might seem like
9:27 am
a big sister had been actually another room to consider. kitchen. "we can't run so raw meat into the kitchen sink we rinsed vegetables and also leaf plates with food on overnight a lot of people cut raw meat on a cutting board and then use the same cutting board for a vegetable what people used sponges for the dishes and let down connors sayings and just transfer bacteria and jurors back and forth. how do we get those terms to stay away? "support was japan's second part is keep the surface is clean the third. is to be mindful about how germs spread in a lot of dedicated cutting board for raw meat and a different one for vegetables. a dedicated sponge for countertops a different one for dishes
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
but as >> darya: active fires across the state was. in lake county that fire has burned 15,000 a. and jack >> reporter: militarize numbers
9:31 am
they increase acreage there is only a 5 percent containment in see some the scorched earth out here. take a look at this in the last 1520 minutes you see that huge plume of large smoke coming opera and just to the north of where i'm at the closures clear like this fire is far from over. a lot of work to dopamine the cannot and said they have only 5 percent containment on this fire and the acreage increase l little over 13,000 overnight to 15,000 a. on all. lost restructure's numerous outbuildings and they're also in telling us they're still mandatory evacuations in place. i tell you in the last 15 minutes or so starting to see
9:32 am
more and more resources heading up toward the fire line. she ceasefires lay down at night there will shift change and cursing in the morning fresh firefighters there if i as much resources as they can at this fire. are being told some thousand firefighters are on the line. out here live in see in it since this last time a couple minutes ago. the and see that huge, black smoke continues to blow a jury this tree over here is the microphone to. the wind is starting to pick up out here and that does not do the firefighters any favors. they are hoping to the low-end would die down a little bit tanagers reduce and help firefighting because the train out here is treacherous. it is very steep very rugged the good news is within the last 45 minutes or
9:33 am
so. >> darya: is saw the picture but we lost your microphone there thing is leaving covering this fire growing i'm freaked out don't know if you've seen news reports to say oh no. the kid's summer camp is right by here and they bring up a good point. taos is a lesson we moved people of that aid to middletown high school. miles away from where my kids camp is and the campers as a fire psa of an evacuation center were there some work there sure fire is not moving. some kids near middletown high school that's the safe area where they're moving the evacuees to 70 at the shelter their. as i on the attraction check. in the winds constellate michele the nature. >> reporter: and this afternoon
9:34 am
firefighters will be dealing with mid-90s. a possibility of a stray showers and thunderstorms. it talked about how austrasia hours at a middle of the thunderstorms because it could bring potential for a lightning we'd. do not want lightning anywhere near this fire winds will be from about 10,000 mi. an hour and humidity will continue to fall to 20% and as i mentioned 15,000 a. right now burn that's about 22 square miles the size of 11,000 football fields a lot of football fields as see above the fire as salieri are composites of the chars getting close to the soft night and continuing and this looks like out right now a fuel stocks along the south bay area. now reaching the ground just dealing with clotted conditions of a south bay a potential for stray showers and that as of right now say across some parts of the inland warm up to 70 degrees.
9:35 am
>> reporter: better news at the san francisco earlier similar has been cancelled by chp eastbound 80 credit the fourth avenue embarcadero exit unfortunately traffic's the recovery in the area as solid from 101 split no. 101 is bumper-to-bumper always from the candlestick exit as switching over the east bay now some
9:36 am
better news out of fremont as well. early moderate injury accident off of a passport avenue. has been clear from the lane as well the traffic is getting much better for you had a 42 minute drive time earlier it is now 36 minutes from 238 down to 237. definitely. and looking at bart. i thought was a good option. so again all other stations will be open and then we will have service. not between. >> darya: the other big news story we talked about we have to cover of rolling along the track. they too close for maintenance as rebecca was just saying we've been talking the passengers all morning long about what they're gonna do this
9:37 am
weekend. >> reporter: running just fine to saturday 6:00 a.m. the when the disclosure and long overdue because this is a 45 year-old system than. need to make repairs to the chance a tube over the weekend you cannot go between san francisco oakland and you can still do that and other ways there is the ferry also buses but if you stay in the east bay while bart still runs. live in san francisco still an option for you. and trying to get people who do not know what's going on this one obviously knows what's going on she's bar spokeswoman and tell us why bar is actually better so long as he always the chance bitumens begun. >> reporter: local more frequent service especially east bay trains ride every tenet 20 minutes better than normal on weekends said francisco even better every seven minutes so very much short go service all
9:38 am
part of the close just trans base services and less of a station is " become part to the wary need to go within seven cisco or with an east bay if you challenge has a buses every 45 seconds at the 19th street station. >> reporter: this weekend? "every time the close a to a space that but what we get is we will tell leven's the bay area this was the best of that week and in terms of not many things going on the giants games later there's big conventions conserves
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
>> darya: this makes a beijing
9:42 am
the first ever placed holes called the winter and summer olympics. we'll be right.
9:43 am
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>> darya: desisted but the state water officials showed that more than half of local water agencies met or nearly met their targeted savings plan for sorrels and then more cutbacks and then the city can serve as letting your lawn brown
9:46 am
>> darya: the for people living in menlo park mosquito control of fogging and unless all virus detected. and take a look at the area affected. bordered by menlo avenue san mateo drive creek drive and waverly street so treacle go around and fog that neighborhood starting from 9:00 sunday night the five in the morning monday. if that does not do the trick then though half the fun began in testing mosquitos that the cut samples of and decide at that time if they need three fog >> reporter: he temperatures mild and inland and then at the coast of '50s low 60s today it will likely be in the cooler side in comparison to where we were earlier this week. minorities still below average for you this time of year. they
9:47 am
made up for seventies across the close lower '70s and that will continue into the weekend for the same thing and then in the spots a few more degrees on the other side of today will be different a jets' frustration hour or thunderstorm. all because of monsoon moister living this way close to the area. in see that some showers with a fizzle as a necklace to the bay area. where is still carry a chance for stray showers or thunderstorms only because there is plenty of moisture in the atmosphere along with a stable atmosphere. it could spark an afternoon shower or thunderstorm. as of right now to butchers sell. news across pleasanton and livermore. the action at some sunshine right now across the san jose upper 60s. north basin sixties as well. and also continue across east bay shoreline only slightly cooler spot as across the peninsula. bases at 59 degrees there. francisco in the lower 60s. and this afternoon temperatures are going to warm up not as hot as we were earlier this week. in fact it will be cooler than where we were
9:48 am
yesterday. look of this afternoon across in the spot. mid upper 80s. covington warming up to 87 degrees a. livermore 88 degrees and settles a the second across the south bay handful of the upper 80s. looking at the no. 8 '80s as well. vallejo though on the cyclical side and a load mid-70s. across the peninsula plants amid upper 60s. so cool across the coast along preconditions later on this afternoon. if you are heading out to hawaii and the bay island. it is the potential for some showers and thunderstorms today to the weekend but hurricane will continue to track of the last and it will give a chance for some heavy rain much fall and clean thunderstorms. the potential for gus damaging winds by the early parts of next week's. for the rest of the island you have the potential for some char starting by tuesday through thursday or friday of next week's so keep your eye on the traffic as to continue on with the chance of for some rain across the whole
9:49 am
islands and show you what we're talking of for the bay area this weekend. mid '80s for in the spot to underboss the sunny skies it will be he would keep in mind if it had any outdoor plants but not the rest of the bay of per '60s. across the beaches plan on upper 60s to near 70. here's a look at your last check a traffic with rebecca. >> reporter: while it will be a bit of a grinding out of san francisco so far at this point. an early settler has been canceled because we have an accident with injuries involved where a pickup truck fleets over and landed in the two left lanes eastbound 80 right at the fourth street exit. so getting on to a lower deck is still really a grind of. traffic in the area is very backed up it will be heavy at back to the 101 split. before the on no. 101 you're looking at i'll drive time of about 20 minutes from the candlestick park exit. getting up to that won a one split. that onto east about 80. now getting into san francisco much better story here live
9:50 am
shot. the bay bridge toll plaza approach is very light and traveled. you could definitely tallis friday morning by like this shot say it take you about seven minutes to get from the toll across the span into downtown. and the san mateo bridge this looks good your clock in and out of bids from the east bay over to the 11 connector foster city and the richmond center fell bridge is easy about under 10 minutes and about 12 to 5 minutes for you drive time on the west downside getting up to the north bay and connecting with that 1 01 interchange: the bridge also looks good is this all morning long problem free and south wall want action perfect all the way from highway 37 the bottle and it will take you an easy 20 minute drive time as a major way from 37 through sausalito and across a span in the city so far as we go on our part but not all trains are on time and then to the miners began a service because the transit to closure
9:51 am
the service is going to be suspended from san francisco to oakland all other chains will be running for you only to get across from san for cisco to open. the alternate the bay bridge will be a mass the. a lot of extra time before you make your way out the door a. also you can take a bus and they're putting a bunch of extra buses on their system for you to try make disclosure much easier over the weekend. >> darya: you might remember that mom was in an ambulance at the time but there was a complication and the firefighter had to take quick action. the baby news is frankest to meet that firefighter. >> reporter: this is a fun story to bring you on this friday. a special reunion on special delivery will be happening here in south san francisco. and this is the first time a baby frank
9:52 am
as family are going to be reunited with the firefighters especially one fire fighter ever since those firefighters delivered the baby frank on 101 near sfo. and this all started to unfold and the mom was in labor. crew letter up ambulance and then baby frank of he did not want to wait he was ready to come into this world there was a serious problem has umbilical cord was wrapped around neck firefighters. stanton action especially all person added interview recently with kron 4 news. firefighter jesse talks about that moment. delivery"happen faster than normal. everything went really well" the three >> reporter: in taking place in south san francisco posted as pictures on kron 4 is this book page as well as kron- 4-dot-com and also putting them on twitter.
9:53 am
seattle seahawks russell wilson quarterback cashing in big time he agreed to a whopping $87.6 million contract extension and over four years that makes will send the second highest-paid quarterback behind only the day packer's aaron rogers. here's video of his comeback victory against the packers against nfc champions wilson says he is set to return to the super bowl for the third year in a row. >> darya: to view the organization for four more years cannot wait to get on the field but the fellows at seattle. >> darya: we have a little more whether traffic big stories for you before we go on this friday
9:54 am
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>> darya: 15,000 a. near like connie fire at least three structures were destroyed in the fire. the fire is still 5 percent contained there are a thousand firefighters out there trying to knock it down. major inconvenience for commuters this begin to be where bart closing trans the tubes for minutes of a week and expect a major traffic headache on the roads in the bay bridge and people come the cars instead different and requires a shutdown nearly hundred shuttle bustles bill during passengers between 19th street in oakland antwrens they terminal in san francisco. service is expected be back to normal by sunday night. joel continues for the american dentists to kill the beloved african lion the bubbly less extradite the dentist for shooting cecil the lion. air is
9:57 am
a white house petition requesting he be extradited to face those charges. a hundred 50,000 signatures are on. for president george bush picking to twittered say they'd you he posted a picture caption who knew dug out of play not safer than getting out of bed. he's 91 years old he broke a bone in his neck earlier this month when he felt at his home in maine. no surgery but has been in the breezes physical therapy this from all little fall when he survived skydiving from his first. to spend some time recovering. that's it for this morning hope you join us back here monday have a great weekend kron-4-dot-com stay connected-kron 4
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