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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 13, 2015 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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face it's gonna be all yours this morning. that's gonna be a seven minute drivetime so far getting up to that connector to 101. :rproblem free of course but s other than that no problems to report as far as traffic goes it's moving very well at this hour. it's going to be 20 minutes from highway 37 in novato on south 101 getting all the way down to the span and into san francisco. switching over to our master overnight road closer in oakland that you need to know about it is scheduled until úav two ls arhut forou their but so far no delays are reported. time right now is 4:04 a.m. this morning we are hoping to learn the identity of the man shot and killed by oakland police. that shooting sparked protests in the east bay late last night hundreds of protesters briefly blocked traffic on interstate 980 in oakland. earlier in the day carjacking suspect was shot and killed by the police department buried officials have not released the identity of the man's name. her testers say his name is joe part. demonstrators marchehrouúthreet everers ere ng burning a confederate flag. police say this is the city's fifth officer involved shooting of the year and the third where someone was killed. kron4 spoke with the oakland police chief who explains what led up to the deadly shooting. >> oakland police chief holds up a photo of the 9-millimeter handgun found next to a suspect after officers opened fire. >> the suspect did not fire and he ran to the police. >> the chief said this all
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started in the afternoon officers in east oakland tried stopping a car wanted in connection with an armed robbery reported in oakland last month. >> that person did not stop in a vehicle pursuit ensued. >> the suspect a 24 -year-old man from oakland led police from the 27th street freeway offramp where he crashed into a car and tried carjacking another before three officers surrounded him a block away. >> at that point the suspect advanced toward the officers while holding the firearm in his hand. >> the chief says those officers used a trauma care like this one to render aid but that the suspect later died at the hospital. >> one thing we cannot control of the actions of the people that we attempt to arrest. unfortunately sometimes >> the chief goes on to say that all three officers involved officers involved in the shooting were wearing activated body cameras and right now investigators are reviewing that footage. the fire continues to burn in lake county this morning. and have now moved into napa county more than 20,000 acres
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have burned since sunday and it is less than 20% contained this bite the firefighters are throwing at this fire. we were up there and here are the details. >> flames crowned on the trees near morgan valley road and there have been reports of the fire jumping that road in several places. more than 1600 firefighters are on the line but they are exhausted from battling the rocky fire last week. cap fire officials say they have their work cut out for them and it is not easy work way any stretch. >> as you can see behind us here we have some light flashing fuels that that fire can quickly spread to go to this medium to affect large brush that is really erupting into the volatile vegetation with the lack of water that we have had lately. >> 50 structures are threatened and firefighters have vowed to protect those structures with all they've got. >> it's very rugged steep terrain they have been working through but as this fire made a
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very quick forward progression what they're trying to do is hope that forward progression as well as around the perimeter right now. so we have 118 different engine companies where firefighters from all over the state that came together. we are following breaking news from overnight. the death toll from a warehouse explosion in china is now at 44 including 12 firefighters. the explosion happened late wednesday night blown up the windows of high-rise apartments and destroying several office buildings. dozens of firefighters this morning is still missing. government officials say the warehouse store dangerous chemicals. and because of that firefighting efforts were suspended early this morning. at least 50 people are hospitalized this morning. more than 60 people in critical condition. stay with kron4 all morning for the latest on this deadly explosion as we continue to monitor the situation. scientist have been predicting the el niño weather pattern could finally put a dent in california's drought
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this year. later this morning the national weather service will release its el niño forecast experts say so far there's a greater than 90% chance that el niño will dump heavy rains in part of california this winter. today's announcement is at 6:00 a.m. and we will have that forecast for you as soon as it is released. the fbi has arrested a former schoolteacher one of the connection for crimes against children in fremont. authorities arrested 52 -year-old frank on today grow in los angeles wednesday morning. this is pictured there in your screen. in 2001 he was charged with multiple counts of sodomy and sexual abuse by the alameda county district attorney's office. at the time he was working as an elementary school teacher. the fbi to cover the investigation after he fled to mexico. yesterday the fbi received a tip he had been living in la for several years. police are still searching for the woman who ended up in
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the water after crashing her stolen car on the bay bridge yesterday morning. that's a story we brought to you on the storm tracker4 -- dash kron4 wednesday morning produce unclear if she jumped into the water while trying to evade police. the chp said they received several calls from police who reported seeing woman knew the toll plaza about four hours after the accident. police say they're still trying to locate that woman and we will see if she has any injuries. that she is still out there on the loose. islamic state militants of claimed responsibility for a truck bomb that killed at least 60 people in baghdad early this morning. the explosion happened early this morning at a crowded market. 125 others wounded and isis has vowed even more attacks. other news we are following this morning. former president jimmy carter's fight with cancer has taken a turn for the worst. the former us president
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announced wednesday his cancer is spreading. he underwent surgery earlier this month to remove a small mass from his river. the nine -year-old nobel peace prize winner said he plans to undergo treatment at emory healthcare facility in atlanta. he said he hopes to learn and share more about his condition next week. california inmates helping fighting fires in lake county and turning their lives around. coming up on the kron4 morning news how their efforts are helping to save the state millions of dollars. new measures taken by the state to help with the drought and how will impact your morning shower. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge.
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i know it's early, but it is hot out there. i was driving into work and my car thermometer, michelle, said about 65 degrees. if it's 65 degrees it around 2:00 a.m. you know it's gonna be a hot day. a lot of kids are heading back to school. tell them what they should wear this morning. >> they should dress in layers. as of right now temperatures are starting off mild for much of the area all because of clouds across most of the region and fog across coastal spots. so as of right now this where the temperature stand. we have temperatures in the lower 60s across modes -- most of the reason san francisco 61. we have mid 60s as of right now and inland actually on the cooler side in comparison to the east bay shoreline we have low to mid 60s across those areas. looking at the south bay we have mid 60s in the north bay upper 50s to right around 60 degrees. so that's what we are waking up
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to right now. as kids get ready for school or as parents get their kids ready for school run 7:00 a.m. will still be dealing with coastal fog and lower lying clouds across parts of the area. temperatures will still be in the lower 60s so not a bad way to start. by 11:00 a.m. some of these kids will probably want to put on their t- shirts because it will be much cooler rather much warmer for those inland spots. lunch hour 75 degrees but across the coast in the bay mid to upper 60s and lower 70s. by 3:00 p.m. when school gets out a nice afternoon is in store we have low to mid 80s close to average for this time of year for those inland locations. across the bay mid- 70s and across the coast temperatures will be into the upper 60s and it's going to be very nice outside. all because of an upper-level low giving us cooler temperatures today. then we have a bit warm up into tomorrow. he is what it looks like for satellite and radar composite across the bay. turning your temperature into tropical storm hilda which is well off to the hawaiian islands about 200 miles away from the big island. it will continue to track to
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the southern part of the hawaiian change. so killed it will continue to track off to the south and southwest and will completely move out of the area by this week in. so we do have some impact to talk about it we could still see some heavy rainfall especially across the big island they could see anywhere from 4 inches - 8 inches higher elevations could see as much is 12 inches. the surf will continue to affect hawaii, maui in eastern basin shoreline anywhere from 8 feet - 12 feet and damaging winds up to 45 miles an hour and higher gusts may be possible. the back to the rest of the bay area forecast this afternoon temperatures will warm into the upper 60s across san francisco. mid- 70s across the east bay shoreline looking to mid 80s across the inland locations. across the north bay and south bay upper 70s to right around 80 degrees. as we fast-forward into the first half of the weekend that's when we start to
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completely warm up. but this saturday, 97 for inland spots in the bay mid to upper 80s. coming up will talk about the rest of the weekend. i'll have all of that coming up at 4:45 a.m. your order morning commute so far as hot spot free and slow spot free so as you make your way out the house this morning and hit the roads you will have no delays to report at this hour. starting off at the bay bridge toll plaza few heading into san francisco looks great so far. here's a live shot looking at the toll plaza no delays at the pay gate that it will be an easy ride all the way across the span with six minutes to get you into downtown. the san mateo bridge also problem free for your west in mind -- 92 ride it will take you under 10 minutes to get from the nimitz in hayward over to the 101 connector into foster city and the richmond san rafael bridge also looking very quiet for your westbound 580 commute. getting to the toll plaza will be problem free and all the way
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across the span up to the north bay you're looking at just about a seven minute drive time so far. the golden gate bridge south 101 other than the fog will be an easy drive for you all the way from highway 37 in novato going southbound and then through sausalito and across the span into the city you're looking about a 20 minute commute so far so that will be easy for you. switching over to our maps we do have some overnight road work in the alamo southbound 68 from stone valley down to sycamore valley down in the day and morality -- area. until 5:00 a.m. and switching over to oakland a couple of lanes are shut down until 5:30 a.m. this is for the westbound 58 right from 35th avenue to interstate 80. and i come back i will talk your drivetime through downtown san jose. is wildfires continue to get across lake county this morning ... were going to go into commercial break we will be right back.
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as wildfires continue to move across california this morning firefighters are getting help from prison inmates. where the wolf with our media partnership with cnn has the details. >> blithe on the fire lines can be grueling with long hours, heat, and exhaustion often plaguing firefighters. >> it's a challenge out there fighting those fires. >> for tyrell along the beach being locked up he's one of 4000 california inmate firefighters. >> i do a lot of jobs mostly cutline so the firewall spread over. >> they are not murderers or arsonists, instead lower level felons up with proof they can work as a team. >> it shows you how to work and be a better person and structure. >> roughly 800 inmates are fighting the jerusalem fire in 24 hour shifts. in their off time they come
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here to eat, sleep, and shower before returning to the firefight. prisoners not only have significant manpower they also say the state a lot of money. >> i've seen a number of vestments this say at a minimum the inmate firefighters are saving california about $100 million a year. >> with this fire season showing no signs of letting up there is concern the state will run out of inmate firefighters, because thousands of prisoners are getting crimes reduced to misdemeanors under prop 47. the california department of corrections and rehabilitation has a backup plan and has contracts with county jails to get more inmates to step in if needed. >> in the sense it's the same type of inmates but now we would be getting them from the counties will need them. >> for these prisoners the experience is tiring and frightening. but it's a chance to help and shorten their senses. >> i like to work hard, i want to get out sooner for my kids. >> neither inmate we spoke to
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wanted to reveal the crime they committed that got them lockdown instead they are focused on getting out and starting a new your life. >> the jerusalem fires only 16% contained right now. in order to help conserve water during the drought, california has approved strict new standards for shower head sold in the state. officials voted to face a new efficiently standards, limiting showerheads to just 1.8 gallons a minute. that will be the nations strictest limit. the current stammered is about 2.5 gallons permitted. the new rules go into effect july 2018. the vote follows governor brown sweeping water measures put in place because of course of the four-year historic drought. amid questions around hillary clinton's private e- mail server. one of her opponents is actually gaining traction. cnn's andrew spencer reports a new poll this week showed bernie sanders overtaking
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clinton for the first time in a key primary state. -- bernie sanders maybe drawing a huge crowd but he is been trailing hillary clinton every state until now. a new poll shows likely democratic voters in new hampshire supporting sanders over clinton 44% - 37. >> people have often underestimated me. >> the self-described democratic socialist has excited parts of the progressive base, challenging the idea that hillary clinton will have an easy road to the democratic nomination. sanders search also comes as clinton turns over to the justice department her private e-mail server now wiped clean and a thumb drive of her and work-related e-mails. the questions running that e- mail server may not her clean in the long run. >> if the justice department
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does not have anything in here they can work with which obviously think hillary believes they don't when they put forward by signing the affidavit, then it's going to turn a corner for them and it will be something the sort of falls off the front page i think for a while. >> to forget about vice president joe biden. he has not entered the presidential race and is reportedly considering whether he every will. but he still managed to pull 9 percent of the support in that new hampshire poll. officials with the us olympic committee say los angeles is in the running to host the 2024 summer olympics. the mayor of los angeles says: the games will bring economic benefits to the city while keeping them affordable for attendees. wednesday's announcement came just over two weeks after the usoc ended boston's attempt to get the 2024 games. los angeles host of the games in 1932 and 1984. raiders fans are frustrated now the plan seemed to be forming to move the raiders
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back to southern california. and it fell officials and others met in chicago to talk about relocating the team to la. and kron4 dan kerman spoke to some fans were not giving up. >> the facts on the ground are the there is no viable proposal that is been made to the raiders. >> statements like this one from nfl executives at the owners meeting in chicago gave rater fans hoping the team stays in oakland little to celebrate. >> heartbreak. heartbreak because i could kind of see the writing on the water it >> rob rivera heads up the black hole, a raider fan club. >> art davis, if you are out there if you can hear this one little voice that may represent a lot of folks, please do all you can yourself as an nfl franchise to go out and meet with local businesses on your own. local corporations on around and see if you can put together a deal that can then sir plan what is going in slow-motion within the county and the city
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of oakland. >> rivera is not the only one who is not given up hope. >> it's not over yet. things are moving rapidly and we hope something comes for a simpler it >> chris dodd in hopes his organization save oakland sports sent this letter to the owner mark davis in a number of team owners reminding them of oakland remains the best location for the team in part because of its diehard fan base. >> there's a file van -- fan base here season-ticket sales are at an all-time high despite their losing on the field last 12 seasons and we want to let the rest of the nfl owners now that we can support nfl football up in the east bay we want everyone to know that. >> save oakland sports says at the end of next week the developer working on the coliseum city's plans which include greater stadium is expected to unveil his proposal. at that time we will know whether or not oakland is truly viable. still ahead we are getting you ready this morning for back-
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to-school. we will take a look at how one south bay school district is helping her kids eat a little healthier. a fire in san leandro being blamed on arson. the latest on the investigation. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. a little bit of fog as we continue westbound through the peninsula. we could still see more fog until about 10:00 a.m. but we are talking about sunshine. all those details coming up.
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here are some of the big stories we are working for you this morning. a carjacking suspect shot and killed by police is sparking protests in the east bay late last night. hundreds of protesters block traffic on interstate night 80 in oakland. it started yesterday when officers tried to stop a car wanted in connection with an armed robbery in oakland reported last month. they have been looking for this person for a while. the suspect crashed into a car
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in tried to carjack another before three officers surrounded him about a block away. officers say they shot the suspect because he started coming toward them with a gun. the suspect later died in hospital. police say this is the city's fifth officer involved shooting of the year. new jerusalem fire still raging out of control this morning in lake county. the fire broke out on sunday and since then has burned more than 20,000 acres. it is only 16% contained. more than 2000 firefighters are on the frontline working to contain the fire. it emerged with the mass of rocky fire yesterday. the rocky fire still holding at just about 70,000 acres this morning. the good news is it is 95% contained. the death toll from warehouse explosion in time -- china is at 44 including 12 firefighters. the explosion happened late wednesday night blowing up the windows of high rise apartments and destroying several office buildings. dozens of firefighters are still missing this morning.
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government officials say the warehouse storing dangerous chemicals. at least 500 people were hospitalized this morning, 60 of them in critical condition. we of course are following all of those stories and we will have much more on them in just a few minutes. but if you're just getting up you want to know about weather and traffic. let's start off with weather. we are waking up to mild temperatures as of right now. we have mid 60s for the inland spots and surprisingly these bay shoreline is actually on the slightly warmer side. we have mid 60s as well and across the coast upper 50s to run 60 degrees this morning. waking up with coastal fog in a few locales -- clouds across the bay. by noon those clouds will move that we will see gradual sunshine and temperatures just like yesterday during the 12:00 p.m. hours into the mid- 70s across the inland spots. and for coastal spots plan on upper 60s for another cool day across the coast is in store. by 5:00 p.m. temperatures will be mild and
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slightly below average. low 80s for the inland spots. for the bay mid- 70s and mid- 60s under mostly sunny skies. not as breezy this afternoon for the coastal spots and east bay shoreline. here's our live look at sfo with a layer of clouds out there and it may impact incoming flights we will talk more about that in the next hour. i want to show you what it looks like at the golden gate bridge. you can even see it partially because it's foggy and it is still dark outside. but we will be dealing with fog so take your time and give yourself extra time as you leave for work to get the kids off to school. temperatures out there this where he stands san francisco 61 degrees, oakland 66 the same for hayward and san jose. and if you are inland temperatures are in the cooler side with mid to upper 50s. livermore 64 degrees. coming up we will talk about the rest of the weekend forecast. will temperatures still stay want? we will have all those details
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coming up. i am tracking an easy commute for you so far at this hour in the morning. so no matter where you are traveling expect a problem free drivetime especially if you're heading into downtown san francisco from the bay bridge toll plaza. for your westbound 80 ride that will be a six minute commute time across the span into san francisco. you can see a minor way in the cash lanes but other than that once you get onto the span it will be in speed limits flowing nicely into san francisco. over to the san mateo bridge traffic is moving up just as nice for the westbound commute on the left side of your screen. some moving over to the 101 connector in foster city should take less than 10 minutes at this hour. let's look over at the maps we do have overnight road work in a couple of closures in the east bay starting off with alamo. southbound sick city from stone valley out to sycamore valley the left lane is shut down through the day and more area. but still rescheduled till 5:00
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a.m. so not bad. and then switching over to oakland where we have two lanes shut down westbound 580 from 36 up to interstate 80 so you will see some come zones there until about 5:30 a.m. and then checking your south bay drivetime are these bay drivetime starting off through downtown oakland that will be an easy 14 minute trip in the northbound direction. and now moving into south bay getting to downtown san jose that will be a nice drive only 18 minutes on north 101 getting up to montague expressway in. when i come back all have a check of the richmond san jose bridge and also the golden gate bridge drive. it is for 35:00 a.m. it's time to get ready for back-to-school. every parent likely knows that you rewrite can make a huge difference in our your child performs in the classroom. and there are some big changes in the menu at one south bay school district. -- >> yes that's an apple.
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those are carrots. and there are lots more new healthy food choices on the lunch menu here in washington elementary. the district dietitian, jamie karp explains. >> study show kids to eat well and are not hungry perform better in school. so that's a great thing as we start the school year to make sure kids are not hungry and they do have healthy options. >> the new menu even has the name, think california rolled out to the entire san jose unified school district wednesday. it's based on locally sourced foods and vegetables, lean protein and whole grains. >> we are thinking clean so we want fewer ingredients honor prepacked items and our recipes to have fewer ingredients. also additive free if we can help you. >> the lunch your washington elementary today a lean protein ham and cheese sandwich. apple and in orange. a bag of celery a bag of carrots and some fat-free milk. middle and high school menu
4:37 am
includes gourmet items like greek salad and hummus and avocado wraps. there will be muffins made from scratch. the idea that less is more just ask second greater tiffany garden. >> you should eat carrots and apples and anything that is a vegetable. then after you eat your vegetables then you can have your suites. >> we have much more to help you get ready for school just visit our website kron4 weather special section with resources you can use to help get your child ready for back-to-school with all the tips you need. make sure they say to get all of your paperwork done before school starts. they want your child to hit the ground running. san leandro police say a fire that destroyed a grocery store damaged for other businesses was no accident. the marina supermarket on doolittle drive was demolished on tuesday. but crews are still working on
4:38 am
clearing debris from the area this morning. firefighters say the neighboring business owners are looking at the damage to see what it will cost and working with insurance companies to reopen as soon as possible. no arrests in the case so far. coming up a holiday vacation turned into a nightmare. how a woman left her house healthy, and ended up a quadruple -- quadruple amputee. the pilot is making a sweet treats in the east bay. will introduce use this morning in this morning's edition of dine and dash. here's a live look outside it's a beautiful morning it's going to be a little mild but it will pick up of course as the day moves on it will be a warm day.
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print name may be janel st. james but most people know her as ... >> most people comment a little pie lady >> the pie lady happens to make incredible pies. this is where we first met her at her pop up coldplay to three near jack london square. people loved it but that it disappeared from the landscape. we finally tracked it down. i to three has opened up again in oakland. >> it took a while to find the perfect place >> after nearly two years locals can finally come in for a slice of homemade pie from the pie lady here near oakland. and just like the old spot she bakes up all sorts of pies.
4:42 am
the secret, the crust. >> the -- crust is made of all butter in small batches rolled out by hand and that makes all the difference. super battery and super flaky. >> if you really want to make your own bike they have quest to help you fake it or better yet she will wrap up a nice homemade fresh pie to take home with you. >> i don't even have a sweet tooth but now i do after watching that story. i'm hungry now. coming up on the kron4 morning news the father of a black teenager shot and killed by police in texas speaks out this morning. what he is hoping to gain from the death of his son. here's a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see on the front of your screen it starting to back up just a bit. but still things are running smoothly across the bay area. we will be right back
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read no rain in sight unfortunately. fortunately, if you are headed back to score looks like, you should probably be wearing shorts and maybe some layers. i was out there yesterday in san mateo it was already warm at around 7:30 a.m. so tell the kids and their parents what they should where's they leave the house. >> when you leave the house it will actually be on the milder side because of the cloud cover. oakland 66 degrees, we have mid 60s inland across south bay same thing. looking at the north bay and the peninsula upper 50s to lower 60s. so that's where we stand this morning. as we get closer to when school starts around 7:00 a.m. you can plan on temperatures to stay into the low 60s. one thing you may be dealing with on your drive to school is some coastal fog especially coast -- closer to the coast and outlying areas. then by 11:00 a.m. some of those clouds will move that we will start to see some sunshine as we get closer to the lunch hour. by 11 amtrak -- plan on mid-
4:46 am
70s and inland locations the bay lower 70s and across the human upper 60s be by 3:00 p.m. temperatures will be warm inland plan on mid- 80s by 3:00 p.m. mid- 70s for the bay and across the coast upper 60s under mostly sunny skies. here's what it looks like looking at the bay bridge. we have a little bit of cloud cover looking at the east bay hills. we have a little bit of fog if you're traveling across the san mateo bridge. the closer you get to the peninsula you will be dealing with patchy fog and we showed you that shot of the golden gate bridge. fog distance of their take your time as you begin to move across the span. this afternoon temperatures will warm into the mid- 80s for the inland locations across san jose upper 70s the same for the north bay with temperatures near the 80-degree mark read across san francisco 60 degrees and looking at mid- 70s across the east bay shoreline. friday looks warmer with mid to
4:47 am
upper sadie -- 80s. plan on mid to upper '90s for saturday. for the bay mid to upper 80s and looking most of your storm tracker storm tracker4 for your forecast any outdoor plans you have will be warm across inland spots and across the bay and perfect beach weather with those mid- 70s. looking into early next week it will turn milder. i am bringing you a hotspot to end this 4:00 a.m. hour and low pete is all lanes and northbound 880 just passed to 37 are shut down momentarily because of a three car pile up and chp is on the scene. they're telling us they have to wait until a tow truck gets on the scene for them to be able to reopen the lanes. thankfully it is still pretty early in the commute so the commute -- backup is not back yet. these lanes will be reopened momentarily but a tow truck has to be on the scene. switching over to the bay bridge toll plaza where it is a model dash minor way as
4:48 am
cashless get into downtown san francisco. but that's really it is fires are delays are concerned. drivetime will still be about six minutes or seven minutes to get into the city. and the san mateo bridge also moving well for this hour hour under 10 minutes to get from the east bay of to the peninsula the richmond san rafael bridge very quiet you don't really have to share this morning it's all yours four your westbound 580 ride will clock in a seven minutes from the tolls all the way to the north bay. the golden gate bridgebridge your drive is gonna be pretty good getting through nevada 20 minutes over to sausalito across the span into san francisco. in national news this morning hundreds of people turned out to mourn the death of a teenager shot and killed by a police officer in texas. the city's mayor and police chief were at the rally along with the teens father. the gathering follows several days of anger and protests in
4:49 am
that area. >> the message from the pulpit came from pastors. >> the world needs to see a pitcher of our unity. >> politicians ... and the police chief. >> i'm here tonight to show you the your police department cares. >> the father of christian taylor was among hundreds attending this church service that was also promoted as a unity rally. >> i pray for both families. >> there were prayers for former officer brad miller who was fired yesterday after he shot and killed a 19 -year-old college student last week during a burglary at a car dealership. cornerstone church presented a $5000 check to taylor's father, who told cbs 11 that he hopes
4:50 am
something good will come from his son's death. >> i want change i just don't want him sacrificed and then nothing gets done. >> police chief will johnson prayed for taylor's family and have this to save to the crowd inside the church. >> i can never promise you that we will not have a crisis in arlington. but i can promise you that we will respond with compassion. that we will respond with love. and that we will respond with accountability. >> arlington's mayor told the audience it was time to move forward. and says his city is different from others that have dealt with controversial police shootings. >> the scene at the other cities where they have had racial dynamics of police incidents that have driven a wedge in the community. and we are not going to let that happen here in arlington, texas. >> arlington's police chief says a criminal investigation is underway for the shooting of
4:51 am
a teenager. a missing jet skier was found alive off the coast of new jersey. dylan gallon spent 12 hours clinging to a buoy before the coast guard finally found him. it started when the jet ski he was on started taking on water began to sink. he swam to a light tower in the ocean. the teenager says he watched potential rescuers keep passing him by because no one could see him in the dark. at daybreak the 19 -year-old decided to swim for sure when the coast guard at that point finally spotted him. >> waving my arms making as much splashing as possible which they started to head right for me. which then i saw three coast guard officers there and they helped me onto the boat and i just basically broke down in tears because i was so happy else coming home. >> gallon is being treated at the hospital for dehydration, muscle breakdown and the onset
4:52 am
of hypothermia. he is expected to make a full recovery. in kentucky a man was found healthy and alive after spending a 11 days lost in the red river gorge. josh atkins was last spotted at the cougar ridge camp august 1. more than 100 rescuers were helping to try to find him. but when they had no clear answer they called off the search last weekend. it was not until the owners of a meat processing plant found him less than a mile away from a campground off a major state highway. the couple was able to identify adkins by fire -- flyer. they say once they saw him the note was him. >> we stopped and asked him was he josh? and he said tom? and i said yeah that's my name and we told a lot of people were hunting for him i said get in the doors jump in were gonna take you to get some help. >> atkins is back in his family would this morning he was living off stream water and corn. and just like the the case with the new jersey guy he's also
4:53 am
expected to make a full recovery. the next time you think about pulling out your smart phone around your children you might want to think again. psychologist say there's a clear impact on kids when parents use phones around them. a recent survey found one third of children believe their parents spend too much time on their phones. experts also say children use negative word such a sad and lonely to describe how they feel when their parents are using their phones around them. coming up in the next hour of the kron4 morning news. the golden state warriors championship trophy will be right here in the studio and you won't want to miss that. we will talk about the schedule for the upcoming season. i'll have that coming up here's a live look outside at the embarcadero and you can see clear skies. look at the flag in the center of the screen a little bit dusty in some parts but still very beautiful morning. we will be right back.
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tom brady and nfl commissioner
4:56 am
roger the dell faced off in federal court wednesday over deflate gate. cameras were not allowed in the courtroom so an artist was tasked with sketching the new england quarterback's likeness. now the sketches are causing a buzz on social media. these are the sketches people are criticizing the artist saying the sketch looks nothing like tom brady. the artist later apologized for not making brady pretty enough. the quarterback is fighting a four-game suspension after the nfl concluded he was involved in the game balls prior to a playoff game against the colts last year where the balls were deflated, or not up to where they should of been. new video has surfaced of what is being called the biggest great white shark ever filmed. footage is from a 2013 dive on mexico's guadalupe a island off the baja california coast. the 20-foot shark is named deep blue and experts believe she is about 50 years old. the shark expert who posted the
4:57 am
video said deep blue swam near group of scientists in steel cages. one person was even spotted outside the cage. experts say the shark could be pregnant. coming up on the kron4 morning news at 5:00 a.m. nearly 500 people were killed in a warehouse explosion in china, 500 injured. the latest video coming in from the newsroom this morning as crews continue to look for more than a dozen missing firefighters. a transgender inmate who wanted the state to pay for her operation will now have to pay for it herself. we will explain why. were keeping track of your forecast is you get ready to head out this morning. all that in just a few minutes. you can see a live look from the bay bridge toll plaza.
4:58 am
4:59 am
>>mark: we are following the latest >>darya: how much rancor el nino brings a southern california
5:00 am
where a standby from the live announcement from the latest. this is the bay area,kron 4 morning news begins now: >>george: it is good to be back
5:01 am
will be using its talk about a hot spot that is already slowing traffic in milpitas. >>reporter: here is a look at the oakland bay bridge and contrast that with what we have going on this is afternoon highs we are looking for in the lower 80s and work on the far east bay center fell by 81 santa rosa around 79 and down the south but we got look and an undisclosed 80 upper '70s the support clock number to plan on a three day forecast for today mean what
5:02 am
along the coast getting a to 76 the city in san francisco maybe even a rich closed at 80. >>george: would take a look at the hot spot we've been tracking rebecca have been telling about already here in milpitas on 880 nevertheless were managing to slow the traffic on both sides of the nimitz is the entire north along ribbons blocked traffic been taken out at calaveras boulevard and we see is already trading of back appear your trip to the bay bridge this morning. see the ride for interstate 80 was about park police to berkeley 15 minutes that is a comfortable commit leading you to the bay bridge light enough traffic here
5:03 am
for the west about ride with no problems or the latest the same is true for the trip on 92 of the san mateo bridge the that the right side of the screen tracking zero the latest for you're ride 11 minutes a little foggy as you can see especially around mid span. >>george: if you're looking at the ride here you can see light traffic now am approaching the toll plaza there are no delays even across the span of or on the approach as his to richmond on interstate 580. >>darya: this morning with and learn the name of the man shot and killed by police and open on wednesday the shooting sparked protests in the east the last nine on the process of briefly blocked a couple interstate 980 in oakland earlier in the day what officials have not yet released the identity of the victim of protesters say his name is joe part this is the
5:04 am
city's fifth officer and the third in which someone was killed he spoke of oakland police chief who explains what led up to the deadly shooting. >>phillipe d: oakland police chief opposable follow the 9 mm handgun found next to the suspect after officers opened fire the chief says is all started in the afternoon when officers in east oakland tried stopping a car one in connection with an armed robbery reporter in oakland last month the suspect the 24 your man from oakland led police to the 27th street freeway off ramp where he crashed into a car and tried carjacking in another before three officers surrounded him of block away. >>phillipe d: they said the officers used the trauma kid
5:05 am
like this one to render aid but that the suspect later died at a hospital--trauma kit. >>phillipe d: he went on to say but all three officers involved in the shooting were over reactivated by cameras and right now investigators are reviewing that footage. >>mark: will fall when the letter to the jerusalem fire still raging this morning in lake county off now is moving in the napa county the fire broke on sunday for burned more than 20,000 a. as the lack of the contains only a 60% for the 2005 fighters on the front line of they're exhausted from battle and the mass of rock fire off just enough less swift the two fires merged yesterday and the rocket fire is still are the 75 a. of the payment of 95% firefighters open four full containment today of a big focus now is protecting 50 trucks of
5:06 am
the french and by the jerusalem fire very rugged terrain they have been working through but as the fire made of very quick for progress and with careful right now is trying to hold off that if aggression as well as from the polymerize off so we have a hundred and 18 different companies will have firefighters from all facets of his in the area stock dropped considerably. >>mark: would check for updates on the fire and bring to your throat morning. >>darya: in the last few minutes the national weather service is one to lift an annual forecast it could finally put a dent in california's drought. >>michelle a: it could bring some much-needed rain across parts of california and come up in less than one hour the national weather service will release the and the new forecasts and ending a pattern in strengthening l. neal means warmer than normal centers
5:07 am
temperatures in the pacific ocean near the equator that is expected to bring what what an average conditions over parts of the u.s. what drive an average conditions across the ohio valley and pacific northwest and decreased activity for bed when a hurricane season heavy rain for some california also real possibility the printing on the strength papaw's would get close to normal rainfall and snowpack and powerful enough so that it can actually bring the much needed rains in northern california. >>darya: police are still searching this one for the women who end up in the water after crashing a stolen car on the bay bridge we know that she would try to get away from a couch to sit uses the have several calls from people for forcing the woman of a toll plaza for hours
5:08 am
after the accident they're trying to locate the woman this morning to see if she suffered any injuries. >>mark: death toll to 44 people killed as long the 12 firefighters killed as well as a dozen more firefighters are still missing this morning we have video showing the explosion at the warehouse the government official said the warehouse dangerous chemicals and because of that firefighting efforts were suspended early this morning and this 60 are in critical condition no word on what caused the. >>darya: they're arrested a former schoolteacher connected to a client according to arrest the 52 year-old in los angeles yesterday morning in 2001 he was charged with multiple counts of sodomy and sexual abuse by the alameda county d.a.'s office given working as and elementary
5:09 am
school teacher the fbi to go with investigation police said there arrested a 17 you're responsible for several burglaries and a sexual assault investigators said the suspect's father brought him to the police station where he made a ton of sulfur and we want a story on monday. >>mark: there may be arrested after an extensive evacuation-- destination in that case he allegedly cut through a screen of an open bedroom window made his way in an allegedly assaulting the but the the
5:10 am
suspect is testing of what charges of burglary and sexual assault of a minor. >>darya: commission service officer noticed a honda accord and a reported stolen in the north york station parking lots he led chp officers on a high- speed chase he led off the freeway and drove to city streets and antioch and mention the park the car and tried to run away but police caught and arrested him. >>mark: one of the sacramento state presents and pay for their reassign such it will have to pay for the surgery on our own and they say it michelle was granted parole yesterday just one day before the federal appeals court was going to hear her request for surgery her list
5:11 am
and certain to have the present on the surgery she will be supervised on parole there in san francisco. >>mark: still had a coyote terrorizing a bay area neighborhood was a your units to be on alert a nightmare vacation on a mother who got to be the bible of and the unthinkable happens we will have the story coming up a massive prison riots and sacraments of one inmate is killed in connection to a prison escape here in the bay area will have details on what happened after the break. ♪ ♪ it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand.
5:12 am
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5:15 am
>>reporter: 80 t is was coming our way it does cross the bay will start things off the oakland bay bridge glazing going on the sea from the life of the bid a little better mr. going on and you might wind shear wiper's a little bit we have the low- level moisture at work before the drizzle in the midst the lotus still far from home and is
5:16 am
now winning as high pressure takes over and we are warming trend for us of the next few days. >>reporter: make sure a few little clout and harris guys but basically all the different moisture all the energy the whole bill is far to the north 594 santa rosa of the breakdown for planning purposes was parked about 64 in the region 75 by the afternoon in the inland locations of around 81 at the coast at about 60 give it up to 66 for all time high.
5:17 am
>>george: we start off with a hot spots as we continue to track delayed for a ride on 880 in the northbound direction in milpitas the crash has been diverting traffic off the calaveras boulevard is creating some delays the combat direction is on the southbound side of the freeway and is not having a big of an impact if you are driving this route in the morning that will be a problem for you track and the problem and sent francisco were smoke has been reported under the freeway in been reported by motors that head northbound on 101 just has cesar chavez you receive the senses are showing green on the
5:18 am
roadway no indication of their already delayed because of reports tracking the ride to the bay bridge was bound still in the back of order latest in a 11 minute trip time as you get out of the macarthur maze and for the ride on highway 92 in the san mateo bridge still a small trip although likely to back up as if already started to see some increase in traffic over summerlike you're the 101 ride in prison getting a little foggy so far no impact on the drive time 24 minutes out of novato down to the bridge. >>mark: police arrested and charged the san francisco man in connection to the robbery of two news crews michael jones been charged with robbery at reso and
5:19 am
grand theft on july 2nd the reported alive on the pier 14 murder one of the suspects reportedly pistol whipped the cameraperson install the equipment they insulted the cameraman and stole his camera and tripod. >>mark: l working with media outlets to a trade pact tracking technology. >>darya: after i really charged at a man walking his dog that happen early tuesday morning at the sea cliff apartment on the esplanade avenue this city was
5:20 am
out walking his black lab and the coyote started charging them he said he was able to scare the coyote away officials say it is served as a reminder to be alert especially at the job was as wild animal to people as they're looking for food and water and. >>mark: his fight with cancer is taking a turn for the worse the former president announced yesterday his cancer is spreading he underwent surgery early this month to remove a small matter to his liver the 90 year-old said he plans to undergo treatment at emory help care facility in atlanta he said he hopes to learn and share more about his condition next week. >>darya: a mother of tool is in the hospital not after a tick bite that left her a quadruple amputee from a tax bite for days after a visit at grand lake she thought she had the flow on bay
5:21 am
5 for family finally took her to the hospital to test her for what now virus and meningitis the results came back negative on basics that her organs were starting to shut down and by day's seven her hands and feet were turning dark blue and black it was when someone thought to check for a tick bite that she had gone one week earlier that one by called the rocky mountain spotted fever to ravage the body of forcing doctors to amputate her right leg and then go on from there that all happened in seven days now she's a quad and pt in their rallying raising money to help her in her new life the insatiate happen to be alive. >>mark: officials say 70 inmates
5:22 am
were involved no correction officer werner they use pepper spray and fired off a cliff to warning shots to try and control the crowd they identified as 71 year old was the original convicted of rape back in 1965 and in 71 it will involve in an infamous escape attempt that left six people dead included two correctional officers. please >>mark: unveil a city are asking for the public's health try to find a missing a 10 year- old risks he went missing yesterday morning as before 6:00 a.m. program members home he is mentally disabled but is known to ride the mission 14 was line he was lasting wearing a windbreaker blue jeans and white and gray snickers. >>darya: raiders could be one step closer to leaving oakland howe friends are rallying to try to keep the team here after break a major for compton will pay millions of dollars out of
5:23 am
the stubborn death of a worker will give you the detail that merging this morning the tech a live look at their approach to the bay bridge this is much better today no trouble for you we will be right back. shsome noushinprodts haircan igh ir ♪ ve ogen istu difrent. it providelighweig ygenusedoiste
5:24 am
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5:25 am
and that's something even my brother ... sister can understand. mom, brian threw a ball in the house! >>darya: the mayor of los angeles holding the games that would bring economic benefits to the city while keeping them
5:26 am
affordable for those attending the game this is just two weeks after the boston area ended the neighboring business owners are working to assess the damage and they hope to reopen their place as soon as they can. >>mark: they will pay $6 million to settle charges papagos of death of a worker of and does area man died after being cooked in an oven with tons of tuna this happened at the coal worker mistakenly believe the man with into the restaurant and feel the pressure cooker was 6 t of tuna the man died inside the oven now
5:27 am
the company is paying more than a million dollars to work and family and they will upgrade their ovens and pay fines to find safety investigation. jackie s: a lot of the bay area that means lots of traffic we will have some safety tips and traps come alive report. nascar® driver.
5:28 am
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5:30 am
>>george: there will hotspot. >>reporter: it is really very of the oakland bay bridge across the deglaze going on with some of the lights we have therefore traffic is starting to build a little bit we had to the sap francisco golden gate bridge and there we have a piece of bad work satellite radar picture off shore will be a last little ways come on through that make for some scattered clouds and throw most noticeable not so much across the greater bay area here is look how the breakdown comes into place for the in the location 64 begin to 81 or so
5:31 am
edge as the skies open for everyone to the coastal timber to also climbed and the seven day 6674 were doing speaking of which the afternoon high in the greater coverage the legal 80 today napa 83 santa rosa 79 and 6 ft. happening in san francisco with south becoming antipater's largely in the upper seventies to near 80. >>george: much better news now for the ride as you can pass to 37 the milpitas they're still illiterate shawmut on the road with a there still is one line blocked their managed to open up at least two and possibly three of the northbound lane there is little debris he saw the senses update you and say it does what possible the red for a little bit of yellow of the northbound side. >>george: early in the morning
5:32 am
you concede there been no impact for the southbound writer heading out of fremont for the southbound trip that at least as good news look at the bay brands already starting to slow for westbound ride with the backed up now the middle class have been activated it will climb above 11 minutes they're slashing by setting out there may be in that is good news no work and installed and since across the span. >>mark: the jerusalem virus their raging in lake county in is just part and to move into not accounting the fire broke on sunday is far more than 20,000
5:33 am
a. is owned 16% attainment in merge with the rocket fire to the north yesterday the rocket fire is still holding just under 17,000 a. over _ miles contain is up to 95% and firefighters of the full containment later on today. >>mark: major impact on this fire season cal fire has to rely more on firefighting aircraft the plan cycle to the very critical fire fighting tool called mvp x is a fire retardant with water salt and red coloring the bright color mix it is a fire crew to see where that retarded has been dropped it is thick enough to be dropped accurately loose enough to coat the vegetation before takes off and it's loaded with gallons of red fire retardant. >>mark: in the past few days the
5:34 am
job was to hundred gallons on the fire burning is more than was generally good use in the entire fire season. >>darya: were getting ready for school and today kids and milpitas are going back to class the police department is warning about traffic delays as you head out the door and about a careful. jackie s: today is millepede is a lot of schools are open especially open another vacancy out here and from milpitas high school obviously excited about a milpitas police department is also warning there may be some traffic and safety issues they want everyone to be aware that this morning, we may see
5:35 am
increased rather try to help people get around the give us some tips exactly suggesting for traffic mitigation with top white every year but it is a good thing to go over again as a said recall discussing more traffic and encouraging people to use public transportation carpel as much as possible walk or bike to school i visited there is always a big one. jackie s: there's one waistlines bus loading zones there is one of the lots of kids come in and out of the area and they really want people to pay attention slowdown and understand that this is born to be on hot spot as we said and a lot of parents are excited.
5:36 am
>>darya: as their kids get back to school we will continue our coverage. >>mark: lunch is also making a big difference in higher top performers in the classroom including apple's carrot sticks and other fruits and vegetables the new menu is called a big california and has put place the entire san jose unified school district the menu is based on local resources and vegetables lean protein and whole grain we have a lot more help you get ready for school does visit our web site >>darya: big news this morning the fans are frustrated now that plan seemed to be moving ahead for them to move off the southern california the officials were in chicago yes let's talk about the location and right now they say there is
5:37 am
no viable proposal that's been made and for keeping the raiders in oakland a lot of friends are hoping that able to stay they saved this process of a letter to oakland remained the best of precipitating. >>darya: expected join the proposal next week and that as we know whether not open is truly viable. >>darya: back and start getting ready for season home games this morning at 10:00 a.m. the single game ticket for the 2015 season
5:38 am
and may go on fell. >>mark: what was this schedule ardors thinking apologizing for this sketch tom rating something very special of the 2015 nba championship trophy right now. snait.
5:39 am
we sck i. rsh's kes a smo...eove . yomaket spial. hersy'is me, yrs, ouchocate. rsh's kes a smo...eove . dave'rnindoub bog.isame, hey,hreeutt. and sttingach y with deliousowl of heart hlthy keogg'raa hos yo cerl? swt! ttes ke wning how would u kn at wningastelike daveoveshe t scos
5:40 am
anthatello's rsin an is one more ep tards a alt. you t sler tn yoplay yore ia huy toose,uh? , ok invest iyoureartealt th klogg rain br. noryintoda.. >>mark: the rise of customers will have to pay for the full price of the phone and continue to trend began to bother to a 20 mobile killed contracts they would not pay a monthly cost for the smart phone or tablet and then plans rating from 1 gb to 12 gb. >>darya: parents are guilty would even if they learned it
5:41 am
there was a clear impact on kids we use your phone too much basic his usenet and words like they are sad and lonely to describe how they feel. >>reporter: we will have them for coming up next. >>darya: the warriors trophy is here some warriors girl the one to tell us how you can be a dancer we will be right back..
5:42 am
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5:44 am
aa chance to try somethinglook. different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. take advantage of our summer offers. get this low mileage lease on select ats models, in stock the longest, for around 269 per month. >>darya: it took four years to get is inherited as we have some warriors with us this morning.
5:45 am
>>: has to be handled with great care and white gloves. >>: to the second time we have seen that. >>darya: we all four parties and we parade but you guys stick with them and dance and cheer for them, you have an opportunity to get more on your team. >>: this weekend at we have auditions is on saturday we will have about 200 girls so far
5:46 am
edition we're really excited. >>: it is not about the mining the love of dancing we are part of a huge community and we spend a lot of time practicing so it is really were warning.
5:47 am
>>: amazing magical loud thinking about. >>darya: you energize the crowd of you guys will provide the excitement so we appreciate that the team appreciates and thank you for bringing this and. >>mark: 10:00 a.m. auditions as the nets gymnasium and livermore thank you for coming in we will be right back.
5:48 am
>>reporter: were born to do a quick bridge shake a little bit of a laser can see from the lights going on what data is not a lot heavier fall of what we see across the golden gate a cobbler read our stops and we see these blotches' on the storm track or a little more across the bay bridge we do not see as much happening now in this us around touch on the peninsula heading east there's a little bit more action along pittsburgh basically each of walnut creek there were a couple of splotches you may be picking up again a little bit more of a light rain professionally in here is what we're talking about the golden gate bridge quite thick and even up to parts of the north there were the fault is quite intense and spots we have a song below in this off to see a little last-minute waiver bypass on by late this afternoon for some clout.
5:49 am
>>reporter: beyond that the as high pressure is spread as a successor takes over several on the peninsula 68 san francisco ocean beach down 63 davis city in 67 ocean pacific as well. >>reporter: organum control again for the cold ocean planet oakland bay 77 san mateo and you can save redwood city and 80 for the south of the south read this is where the lower 84 inland can be found as a currency more the city for example 84 but then closer to the water's edge into '70s territory. >>reporter: across the entire bay area this were numbers will be in the lower 80s and leaks from mount but the bigger one on to beef up there and the next successive day, here is the 74 caslon in the middle of the bull's-eye of to near 100, and sunday before retreating back to the '80s and that will appear comfortable after the
5:50 am
performance >>george: a little better think you for asking here in milpitas on 880 in the northbound direction conditional much improved the accident have been cleared just a little residual slowing on the 237880 interchange the holon not bad the, drive times through this area south on which of the commute direction 26 minutes non. >>george: for the corridor ride from to 38, down to 237 is coming at 20 minutes off the dublin grave that a still a pretty good writer here in the east bay you will notice good condition for westbound highway 24, was bound interstate 80, still under a 10 minute, drive times a we are watching richmond with a couple of incidents reported on 581 in the eastbound a correction and back toward the freeway. >>george: the other on the westbound side of the so far you can say with the greens on the senses 0 impact on the ride the
5:51 am
bay bridge not backed up into the macarthur maze but close to the edge of that 16 to 18 minutes now metering last act of san mateo bridge ride was down 92 there was a stall out near the top of the high-rise, it has not backed up the commit we're looking at a 14 minute trip time now that the golden gate bridge ride in 1 01 south bomb still looks good for the trackside 24 minutes your trip time from iran and over at the richmond bridge we mentioned those problems on 580 but so far zero and packs--0 impact. >>mark: during the job california residents can get rebates for both old and efficient toilets with water saving alternatives the turf and toilet rebate program you $24 million in funds from prop. one prop one is a water and
5:52 am
estimated 60,000 toilet licking get a hundred dollar rebates to replace one toilet for household into what the dollars per square foot--$2 per square foot. >>george:----->>mark: that is about 2000 per household did more information on our web site california not proven strict new standards for shower heads sold in the state bay 1.8 gal. a minute that will be the nation's strictest lament the kurdistan's 2.5 gal. a minute that go into effect of july to about 18. >>darya: the average renter is paying 47% of their monthly in, to print before the real-estate bubble this with about 30
5:53 am
percent of their income for rent the senses the housing market ranks second among large metro areas for the worst of rents and affordability and san jose residence and a 42% of, >>mark: san francisco giants second astros yesterday and did not and well they beat them to nothing. he returned yesterday but had believed in the fourth inning because of dizziness that game as a 759 at at&t park, he was a figure atop this one and the blue jays won nine straight be a is 4 to 2 they started at and held the position to three home runs with few or 15 games they took on the blue jays again this morning in toronto. >>darya: before you head out the
5:54 am
door and the sec pick at the temperatures news weather and traffic when we come back. i was t awe ofow mh acidy waint i waso fusedn mang goodood oice i d nodea at iwas damagi thenameof mteet i ntedo fiit, i wantedo fiit rht ay. my dtistecomndedronal.
5:55 am
heaid at pname camakey teh stnger th it s imrtan tha at isomeing couldo each d to lp ptect the amelf myeeth onam is finily hping me to ad t lifthat i wanto li.
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
jackie s: that means traffic school and started across the bay area. >>darya: 10 to shut down intersection of 89 in oakland after a fatal officer involved shooting. >>mark: they battle the new jerusalem fire are getting help from prison inmates find out how much money the state saves you by hiring prisoners. this is the bay area new station the morning news start now.
6:01 am
>>george: there is a new problem on the shore for where we heard jackie mentioned a lot of people back in school that is already having a big impact in changing the traffic. >>reporter: for example the bay bridge here a little bit of the glaze, on you can see a little bit of clearing and write in the horizon indicates there joining us shortly to the radar because there couple of little spots a doubling the intention to basically it starts off again on the bay bridge of the bid was in the peninsula but right here in the bay bridge now seems to be favoring the east side. >>reporter: a couple little splotches on its part in the far east bank and the mother was on walnut creek but has since santa clara of the bid will continue to follow this this morning and can know where you are because this. >>reporter: your problem the money to when to walk of a time
6:02 am
as depressed over just 11 mid- 60's as we speak right now antioch and 5859 for vallejo the exception there know of a premature and at 61 for san francisco, above the seven forecast however it is a distorted of rep talk about and the kids start the school. >>george: the issuer free ride which had really started to back up until we got this practice was first reported on interstate 580 but turned not to be a little closer here to the inshore freeway let's bring you the accident first is a cutting board or westbound notice the pattern of slow traffic you concede the gradual buildup with the yellow and changes to read for the westbound ride because this is the location of the crash it appears there may be a lame block but even without it
6:03 am
is having an impact because we've gone from a 12 minute trip time to what a 10 minute trip time for the west about the short freeway and expect that drive to continue to build. >>george: back of the totem pretty steady right at the foot of the macarthur maze would expect that to back up into the maze as well for the trip on 92 to the san mateo bridge still holding pretty well despite the earlier reported problems with about 580 at the top of a high- rise the traffic flowing smoothly that we're still tracking about 12 to. 14 minute trip to >>mark: we are getting you're ready for school and to the kids until peas are headed back to class the police department is warning people about the traffic delays in the area and. jackie s: the school does not start for another couple of hours here at milpitas high
6:04 am
school but already we're starting to see a lot of people coming around high-school drop in off early or teachers getting ready and also when you get out here you will see there are lots of signs directing people where to go where not to stop work to stop work to load were to unload the in the first day of school the first week of school the first month of school use the means an increase in traffic and also safety tips for people are for the first time dropping of the kids and a new school milpitas police departments about little memo reminding people there will be an increase of traffic starting today. jackie s: letting people know some tips like how to get around how to avoid the traffic is a big one obviously use public transportation if you can ride the bus ride to school bus if you can take a car pull as much as possible the bid was always walk or bike to school if you can with other classmates and the other one as planned for
6:05 am
additional time harvest is the first week of school for a day of school a lot of give and of lacquerware to go there are signs all over plans letting you know where you can be better wanted lots of kids in the area are obviously slowed down their tentative of crosswalks and enjoy the first day of school. >>darya: police are investigating the fatal shooting they got the call are 1 a.m. today a man was shot and the 1800 block of lundy avenue and the victim was forced the hospital but died on the way he is not an identified the seven are treating the shooting of a homicide in the government has not been found. >>darya: with cutler and the
6:06 am
name of the man who was shot and killed by opening a said the shooting sparked protests in the east bay last by hundreds of protesters blocked traffic on interstate 980 in oakland after the shooting early in the day this will happen a carjacking suspect was shot and killed by police a have not lived identity of the suspect but protesters say his name is joe barton and this is the fifth officer involved shooting in oakland and it is the third daily one was will accomplish chief who says that all started yesterday afternoon off to try to stop a car wanted a connection with an armed robbery that happen and open last month. >>darya: the suspect was one for your man in oakland who led police to the 27 street freeway off ramp and he crashed into a car and tried to carjack another car before three officers around him the chief says that at that point the man advanced for the officers while holding a gun and so the officers opened fire. what >>: thing we cannot control
6:07 am
of the actions of the people that we attempt to arrest and unfortunately some time as it is like today still occur. >>darya: said the officers who are involved use of trauma care to try and save the man who they shot him later died at a hospital all three officers were raised by the cameras that were on the time the shooting so investigators are looking over that footage. >>mark: the jerusalem fire still raging in a move into northern napa county above counted knox real and brokaw on sunday is burned more than 20,000 a. and the last of the only 16 percent containment more than 2000 firefighters on the frontlines but they're exhausted from babbling borrow massive rocket fire the rocket fire burned 7,000 a. and this morning consignments of the 95% they're hopeful for the time later on today the big focus is trying to protect 50 structure of the threatened in the jerusalem fire.
6:08 am
>>: very rugged in steep terrain the have been working through but as this fire made a very quick progress and they're trying to hope that progress and as well as some around the perimeter of we have hundred and 80 different engine companies and firefighters will all of the state became together. >>mark: the firefighter the open that will help to make better progress today will continue to check for updates on the jerusalem fire and rocket fire and bring to a drop morning firefighters battling both the fire getting help from prison inmates the about 4000 in the firefighters in california and all lower level felons who have proven to work on 18800 and is a curly five of the jerusalem fire in 24 our oceans did not only admitted manpower but they say the state a lot morning the part of corrections said the firefighters save the state is $100 million a year and for the prisoners the chance for them to
6:09 am
help and possibly reduce their sentences. >>darya: they're going to export the body of the fourth service firefighter who died after a tree fell on him over the weekend a 21 year-old was killed saturday while battling a fire in a remote area of lake tahoe the four services want to escort the body from south lake tahoe to its final resting place to vent the procession will start at the y in south of tahoe at 10:00 a.m. to proceed was on high with 50 through of the sierra a thai resort and it will add a placerville around 2:00 this afternoon the public is invited to show their support along the procession route for this fall of firefighter who died in a minor build a shrine to bottle fire the private memorial service after that is set for saturday. >>mark: which is released the
6:10 am
forecast exports so far 7 and 9 percent chance that he will bring rain in parts of california. >>darya: police are searching this morning for the woman who end up in water after crashing a stolen car on the bainbridge to happen yesterday morning and we had to encourage all morning of the fallout from this traffic was terrible as they searched for her in the water for hours yesterday the crash happened at 2:00 a.m. it's still unclear if she jumped or fell into the water but police say she was trying to get away from them because they for her over because she was in a stolen car at the toll plaza woman was bought about four hours after that accident with a never did find the best time to look it woman this morning.
6:11 am
>>mark: recon build from overnight 44 are dead and 12 firefighters killed as well as the massive explosion in china does not by far the still missing renown look at the video showing the explosion at a warehouse this in the four city attention the warehouse store dangerous chemicals because of that firefighters backed off the scene and is suspended the firefighting operation and is 5 for the people and hospital more than 60 in critical condition no word yet on what causes massive explosion. >>darya: wanted for crimes against children in fremont is behind bars is morning the fbi arrested the 52 year-old in los angeles yesterday it was way back in 2001 that he was charged with multiple counts of sexually abusing children alameda county school district board is to the turns office filed those charges at the time he was working as an elementary schoolteacher but he
6:12 am
took off the fbi took over the investigation because they fled to mexico the fbi got a tip that he was living in los angeles and they with their they found in their arrested and the medical helicopter on was crass after a drop of its in its when wine is becoming a big problem here in california. >>mark: doctors find cancer spreading in the form of the president's bottom--bitody.
6:13 am
6:14 am
a tae yocoulenjoy, blacsilkfromolgers.uld only ca, i's taste so bold, esh ewed, or one p at time. ack lk, om folgers. subway, wbrinlaye ofentinglyen, and licisly ch gcamo together on eshlbakebrea foone uly azinsandch: thnew bwayurke& ban acamole.
6:15 am
on at bway >>reporter: if you know anyone coming in and you may want to double check on the airlines to see what the situation is it will give better alternate with daytime heating but with that means we will warm-up just saw your and of that but as a fortaleza all that make a note of that for incoming flights and listen to the golden gate and look at this still the blaze, on flights--lights. >>reporter: this along the peninsula a little bit in the bay bridge just a touch does a little spots near alameda:
6:16 am
together and open itself the medical will stretch showers but in the far east bay more the action around pittsburgh and is the walnut creek everyone else is being reported at 10 sfo is for the low-lying clouds not necessarily the fifth to cast as we watched as into motion then maybe some scattered clouds this afternoon will see the fall come back in this evening and overnight to greet us again for tomorrow morning seventh as have 65 and north bay napa 62 for richmond far east of a holding to 65 for example livermore and down to a redwood city.
6:17 am
>>reporter: richmond at 68 popping at around 834 level more and got 83 kids work at 82 that's the seventh forecast >>george: supplies and the drive time has not begun to climb as much as we thought it might have with this accident cutting will or westbound it is blocking the slow lane and does account for a slower drive now from highway 4. >>george: the drive times, climbed about four minutes and it is not unusual to see drive times for the stretch of roadway were looking at a slower use you're ride for westbound interstate 5 any an accident
6:18 am
report a westbound a slowing that trip here is a quick look at the south bay where we've been looking at like conditions. >>george: just to update the drive for 101 now from capitol expressway to the montague expressway still holding pretty well here and we're not into the 7:00 hour we do not see stop and go conditions but we are saying bourke-white's on 11 and the golden gate bridge ride the falcons but still a smooth trip through iran were into and free for south about one.
6:19 am
>>mark: it has taken a turn for the worse the former u.s. president announcing yes the his cancer is spreading he underwent surgery happening today people in berkeley upset about a plan to build an 90 story building at a chance to voice their opinion a public hearing out of the people of signed a petition. >>darya: the city council the public here and start the 7:00 tonight at the north berkeley
6:20 am
senior center. >>mark: the epa is taking full responsibility for pulling the animas river in colorado and the three states affected by the toxins in not considering legal action last week and epa team accidentally dumped 3 million gal. of pollutants by men protection agency and into the water when they were using heavy equipment to into line the river runs and koppel to mexico and you saw a you consider the color has been changed from chemicals people launderer arkansas ernest. >>: we do tech force possibility for this incident no agency can be more upset. >>mark: ever turn back to pre
6:21 am
accident levels they're monitoring the long-term effects of this disaster is built and the consider filing a lawsuit another scare and california an air ambulance helicopter flying operations to the hospital in fresno had to take action to avoid a mid-air collision with the drone bass faces a helicopter and, to the royal control drawn yesterday afternoon about 2 mi. north of the french assembly the international airport it was flying at about 1,000 ft.. >>darya: when the pilot noticed the drown it came with an 15 to 20 ft. of colliding with a helicopter to encounter between drones and a paragraph 7, an increasing problem but also pretty issue for firefighters new reports out last week, but nine incidents in california or drowns interfered with. with. >>mark: 7 california's one of the epicene into the 100 people evacuated after baggage train
6:22 am
according to ktla the bomb investigation cosset examine the idea of they did this, and it was saved but it is unclear exactly what that object was a this point. >>darya: and involved in the 1971 san quentin prison escape is dead after a riot and falls in state prison five others are injured and no correction officers were hurt seven inmates were involved in the riot convicted of rape and in 1965 and 1971 he was involved in an infamous escape attempt at san quentin six people died including two correction officers back been in that attempt. >>mark: residents charge the san francisco may connect with robert to news crews along the embarcadero his been charged with robbery average the sock
6:23 am
and grand theft it was on july 2nd the news crews wear out reporting pure 40 murder when the cruise, with second when the suspect reportedly passed with a cable-tv cameraperson's of their equipment. >>mark: air try to locate more suspects and recover the equipment. >>: we have recovered some stolen property but we have yet to recover the cameras we believe that we still may be able to do that.
6:24 am
>>darya: 1 police officers discovered once they caught up with a live look at the san mateo bridge those cloud but not too low and still looks pretty good and traffic is running pretty well.
6:25 am
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take advantage of our summer offers. get this low mileage lease on select ats models, in stock the longest, for around 269 per month. >>darya: the officers took off after the man and gave chase lasted nearly 3 mi. in and run and try to pull into a vacant lot but smacked into a barrier instead police arrested the
6:27 am
naked man they believe he was on lsd. >>mark: this is what does coffee rose three it opened up in march and after a gain a lot of popularity of kickstart he wants to pay the coffee shop as a laboratory full with drinks and cockpit and beakers employees were yellow has not suit still had a the drought is changing with firefighters battled fires across california will show you the tools they're relying on more than ever. jackie s: a falling revenues and a san jose as you concede a is
6:28 am
always a on the scene of another homicide will have details coming up in just a few minutes-- >>darya: the problem this morning over sfo is faulty copies of their delays of and arrivals about an hour and the type traffic of corn to be pretty well will be right back. ? i said steak. in a breakfast burrito? i can't keep up. this is advanced burrito, right? this is intro to burrito. boom. jack's new steak & egg breakfast burrito's got tender, juicy steak, scrambled eggs, and creamy sriracha sauce, all wrapped in a warm tortilla. lookin' for a basic burrito? this ain't it.
6:29 am
>>mark: following a 217 points before but then oil prices start to settle in and sort things turn the dollar climbed to one of 50 to close down rest of wheat yesterday adopted are down 17 right now we're watching to watch friends on wall street it
6:30 am
will bring the numbers speak to down 17 the doubt and to feed- for the year. >>darya: the south where police are investigating a homicide. will t: this happened at around 1:00 in the morning five and half hours later because the homicide detectives are still on the scene this is on the 1800 block of one the avenue of this is a business park vesta a process in the sand hoping to gather more information evidence to lead to ever shot this man the man's identity not being released at this time but we do know that the officers they responded to shots being fired became here and saw the man he was wounded but alive at the time he was rushed to hospital where he later died. will t: they're looking at the same because of the business partner could be a break for them the reason why they're
6:31 am
plenty of cameras mounted on the side of the building in fact will move the camera over and will show you one of the cameras this seems to be one of the same the world looking at once the people who run the building get here to work this morning if we are sure homicide detective left to talk to them to get their hands on the video. >>reporter: we did not see
6:32 am
anything happening and on the bay bridge we go further closer inspection an apparent put something on the bridge is gone or around since the close on the bridge heading for the east that is what does little collection into showers is all pretty much east of walnut creek for the time being 75 in land and across the 85 going on by 3:00 p.m. but then by 6079 as temperatures change dramatically. >>darya: we're talking about ending of this morning--telling you---el nino. >>michelle a: which could see
6:33 am
some el nino conditions with that being said we are under and advising the and temperatures will likely increase in late fall into this winter for northern california there is a slightly above normal rainfall snowpack's possible and we're also talking about this pattern given above normal and central eastern pacific hurricane season the largest on record was 1982 to 83 in 1997 to 1998. >>george: the change of the buttons and your unexpected company in always a pleasant surprises this is. cut and will
6:34 am
are the good news is already been clear to the right-hand shoulder look at the ride to the sea its load westbound all the way down from highway 4 and that is why the drive times has been climbing last ship to two minutes now 25 minutes for the ride a typical commit at this hour the morning would be about 80 to 21 minutes it is not horrible it is definitely slow the good news as we mentioned it has been clear to the shoulder. >>george: 10 degree in 20 minutes from capra express which of the montague expressway and hear interstate 280 northbound 14 minute trip time out of downtown san jose as you head out for cupertino a quick check from the bay bridge this a great commute so far this morning the back of started to reach write to the edge of the macarthur maze now is backing down closer to what the grand avenue and the drive times are still well under 20 minutes for the westbound
6:35 am
truck better than expected here at the san mateo bridge still heavy but no stop and go conditions yet that is why we're still enjoying under 16 minutes trip times as you get out from hayward over to foster city. >>darya: the firefighters made major progress on the jerusalem fire overnight the fire is to take 3005 rotted acres it is 30 percent contained this morning the rocket fire is holding steady at about 7,000 a. 95 percent contained 55 open four full containment later on today. >>darya: the airline on firefight aircraft and fire retardant they're equipped with a very critical fire fighting tool called mvp x is a fire retardant composed of a mixture of water salt and read: the recommended easy to fire crew to see whether retard has been dropped its bid enough to be
6:36 am
dropped. >>darya: in the past few days they have dropped more than two with a thousand gallons of retardant on the fire is burning across the state that would account fire to the the uses during the entire fire season the plan seems to be forming to move the raiders to southern california and a fellow official and on a meeting in chicago yesterday that toppled are relocating the team to los angeles there is no viable proposal is made to the writers. >>mark: they sent a letter to readers mark davis and a number of other nfl, for reminding them oakland is the best location for the team. >>: they're not fill the raiders and supporting it is a viable
6:37 am
fan base season-ticket set up an all-time high and we will focus unless all the rest of and promoters that we can support them and we want to let. everyone know let >>mark: developer working on the coliseum's city plan which include the writer stadium it is close to the have a healthy lunch everyday world on bay area school district is helping parents who do not have time to make their kids' lunch but the iconic sesame street and shrieking by pbs on to start running short episodes this fall.
6:38 am
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a new sea chance to tryew look. something different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions
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and experience a cadillac for yourself. ♪ the 2015 cadillac srx. lease this from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. >>darya: it is going to have power this fall the titanic series premiere back in 1969 but the scare the tax effect november 16th pbs tested out the 30 minute version last september mr. of the hour-long version on added * lot the shorter version is slightly better in the ratings because as you know kids these bands they cannot plan attention.
6:41 am
>>reporter: sfo delays coming in this morning by the fall of the low ceiling as well sticking around ... one we're opening up to the big time warmer temperature rise would have the seventh round the bend.
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
will t: thousands of students had to school every day in the first meal of the day is provided by the cafeteria staff joining me now as the senate until union high school district in the hard for parents on the budget to do that that is
6:45 am
one of the challenging thing this bill but to find items that an inexpensive ticket they're not funny those items was always self-conscious every year relative to implement the changes will have fresh and vegetables over here and muffins and mix of the databases--daily basis.
6:46 am
>>: with cheese cheddar cheese >>reporter: maybe things would give back a somewhat normal not
6:47 am
just there but across the grand bay area storm track and let you know we're talking about on the beverage and looks like a couple of spots showing up you might have some mixed force might bring it the wish to walk was working off to the east bay to a little collection of the rockets aren't around everything ease the " pre tub as climbing san francisco 6863 ocean beach in numbers for 671 a so far have more than the seven a forecast
6:48 am
of one of us come here inevitably someone may still see the signal possibly before retreating just a touch into next week. >>george: were tracking a sore ride for the east bank were also picking of some slowing here for westbound 24 southbound interstate 680 what is the 80 drive when the accident clear out of the lines on to the shoulder and install the drive that was here and cutting boulevard and you could see the drive times still climbing here 27 minutes past the which dropped the man in since last checked it out of the 28 and under 30 minutes still not bad
6:49 am
for you drive but slower than usual with heavy traffic beginning at high with four was about interstate 580 solid the livermore with have a heavy traffic out of the out to my look at the slow traffic building up here on southbound interstate 680. >>george: south bay freeway still pretty good just beginning to slow in 101 north from the bay bridge was on this is not too bad ride the backup is a building and still is pretty steady in was grand avenue now moving back to the foot of the maze big changes at the san mateo bridge definitely slowing down 50 to 16 minutes the drive times westbound and for the west and the golden gate bridge like traffic conditions bill but you'll probably need the windshield wipers and the richmond bridge was on interstate 580 the back of just beginning to build at the toll
6:50 am
plaza adding three minutes to your drive times west heading over to san rafael. >>mark: we had a special guests here the warriors championship trophy right here in our studio with two members of the war years dancing. it took four years to get this in here and there is >>darya: we all cannot touch this it has to be handled with great care white gloves. >>: is a the second time i've seen that is the first time the
6:51 am
war is a standard as well but because of the championship we all part is for them with a parade for them but you guys stick with them and dance and cheer for them and no matter how they're doing with an opportunity if anyone else was to bay a dance team and is a professional job allow the girls are full-time and love opportunity to get them on the team this weekend they have are additions and and on saturday it will be really exciting when about 200 partial for additions and we're really excited.
6:52 am
>>: we're part of a huge and will spend a lot of time at the arena in for a lot of time practicing it's rewarding to see a whole season. >>: rehearse about three times a week depending on the game schedule about 811 so long time but all work and.
6:53 am
>>darya: receive the very things coming of.
6:54 am
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6:56 am
>>mark: investing public decide which packed names the votes are in and the winners for the dogs of baron von prevent--furry pants.
6:57 am
>>mark: the king is backed the postal service officials it is still one the most popular stamps the postal service's new this one firefighters getting the upper hand on the jerusalem fire burn into exile in the napa county with sale much progress they've made bueno cabinet said the force of the fight with all this month tom brady looks terrible in court.
6:58 am
>>darya: more women are publicly accuse and bill cosby of sexually assaulting them with labor his new accusers coming. female announcer: sunday's your last chance to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose up to 48 months interest-free financing on a huge selection of tempur-pedic models. or choose to save hundreds on simmons beautyrest mattress sets. you can even choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular stearns & foster mattresses. the triple choice sale ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ sleep train your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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>>reporter: the summer and the bridges are looking some areas are kind of bad and things look up and been and not looking up


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