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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 1, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> pam :at eleven. a recently retired east bay teacher is behind bars. for possessing child pornography. the veteran teacher from acalanes high, was well- liked by many students. good evening, i'm pam moore. kron 4's alecia reid joins us live from the school. alecia how are students taking the news? >> alecia :people are in shock. they're horrified marshall pfeifer taught here for 25 yearsleaving an imprint on many of his students. >> : it's surprising. i wouldn't expect that. >> alecia :the english teacher many students knew and respected, was arrested for storing child porn on his home
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computer. >> : we take child porn very seriously. we go after it as hard as we can >> alecia :marshall pfeiffer retired from acalanes high in june. on monday, investigators with the internet crimes against children task force showed up to his walnut creek home and put him in cuffs. a number of agencies across the bay area also took part in the probe. sot - it's shocking because he seemed like a nice guy. >> alecia :the school district is working with police, and says there's no evidence that suggests the 66 year old former teacher took part in any illegal activity during his years at the school. two of doug watson's children attend acalanes. he's appalled. >> : i have zero tolerance for this you don't want your children anywhere near these people. >> alecia :police say pheifer is
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a first time offender. if convicted he's looking at 3 yars in prisonlive in lafayette >> pam :happening now. the west oakland bart station remains closed. following a shooting. this is cell phone video of the incident. bart officials say a man was smoking on the platform. when two bart officers asked to put out his cigarette, he refused. police say he resisted arrest and threatened to jump onto the tracks. when the man reached towards his waistband. bart officers tased him. he then shot himself with his own gun in the stomach. the man was transferred to the hospital. and is listed in critical condition. the incident remains under investigation. the family of pier- 14 shooting victim, kate steinle, is filing wrongful death claims against san francisco city and federal officials. the family took to the steps of city hall today. to explain their plans for the lawsuit and why. kron 4's grant lodes has more details.
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>> grant :the lawsuit is again san francisco chef--sheriff and the bureau of land management francisco sanchez has been charged with her murder. they released him back in april in spite of an immigration hold on him. he said that they released him because of the city's sanctuary law, but heard that cannot take it anymore--her dad >>:she stops and she takes a selfie, turns around, shot as she fell seat said--she said "help me dad" that is my birthday--bedtime
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story every night, and if you want it to be your bedtime story we have heard from many people but in a while the silence has been deafening. >> grant :he is upset that he has not heard anything and has seen no evidence of change no dollar amount for the loss it was revealed today, to hear at the entire lawsuit we posted on >> pam :just as classes are starting. an alleged sexual attack on the campus of u-c berkeley. kron 4's justine waldman has the latest details on this disturbing story. >> justine :students are just
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starting their school for the semester and are now agree with unsettling news. woman claims she was attacked at a uc- berkeley campus library >>:that is rather disturbing, campuses are supposed to be safe places >> justine :the 20 year-old victim did not tell police which library in happened in, the time of the crime, or give a detailed description of the alleged attacker. even so some students are scared >>:presuppose to feel safe? statistically this is supposed to happen so we just need to be aware i have not checked my in box >> justine :it is unclear to campus police if the victim goes
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to school at cal. as the investigation goes students are now rethinking their safety. >>:when i first came in the did not stand any idea or anything so i guess anybody could come in >> justine :a letter was sent out to all students saying that all incoming students must attend a seminar, if they cannot attend their students may be blocked >> pam :new at 11. police in hercules are asking for the public's help. in identifying an armed robbery suspect. this is surveillance video of the incident. it happened a month ago, at the 76- gas station along willow avenue. the man walked up to the cashier. pointed a gun at her. and then demanded money. the suspect got away with an undetermined amount of cash. and was last seeing running towards rodeo avenue. officials say, the suspect was so calm. that other customers in the store did not know a robbery was taking place. police believe the suspect has committed other crimes in the just ahead. the newest reports on the growing el nino storm
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system. and what it could mean this winter in california. a witness tells police. a woman was stuffed into the trunk of a car i nthe east bay. we'll tell you what happens now. mother natures beauty at her best. hundreds of feet below the sea. the amazing pictures ahead. the sea. the amazing pictures ahead. bill's got a very tough 13lie here...... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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this golf course is electric...
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>> pam :a newly discovered reef off the coast of australia. rivals the natural beauty of the great barrier reef. says researchers. the wilsons promontory coral
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reef is located south of melbourne. researchers used a small r-o-v machine. to capture video of the reef. 300- feet below sea. researchers found vibrant corals, house- sized boulders. and a complex system of underwater dunes. they also identified several rare species of fish. including the long snout boar fish and the australian barracuda. scientists say, this discovery comes. as many ocean reefs are dying off because of pollution and other man-made problems. ahead. federal state and local law enforcement tracking three suspects who killed an officer in the line of duty. an amazing rescue - of a child seen dangling out a window. >> gary :and the later on in this broadcast we have if the dodgers and the giants. we will also pick up on the a's and the angels.
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a little bit later >> diane : how warmly get for the weekend? we will latino after that--let you know >> pam :stay tuned for inside edition with deborah norville. see it, after the news. [female announcer] for thousands of local foster children,
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[whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. >> pam :there is mounting evidence that an el nino. forming in the pacific ocean. is
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getting stronger. if that is true. the system could bring badly needed moisture to drought stricken california, but that relief could also come at a cost. kron 4's charles clifford joins us live from the newsroom. with details on what the experts are saying. charles. >> charles :el nino is a warm water and gas out in the pacific--water mass there are different strengths of any we have not seen a very strong one since the 90's but it looks like it could happen again.
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this new report from the world meteorological organizations claims that "a mature and strong el niño is now present in the tropical pacific ocean" the wmo says that average temperatures across the pacific will be likely reach 2 degrees celsius above normal "placing this el niño event among the four strongest events since 1950" the current el nino started to form last winter and has been gaining strength ever since. experts believe that it will probably peek between october and january and then started to fade off. the last time the planet saw an el nino this strong was the winter of 1997-99 when there was destructive flooding here in california, flooding in the southeast, an ice storm in the northeast, and tornadoes in florida. overall across the u.s., that winter was one of the warmest and wettest on record. but the wmo report also notes that "the outcomes of each event are never exactly the same". meaning that it's impossible to predict exactly how this el nino will impact weather in the months ahead. the national weather service is expected to present their latest el nino update next week. in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> da> >diane: for the most part will not have any fat she--atchy fog
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patchy fog 61 for pleasanton, east bay shoreline will stay in the low 60s here are the colder temperatures for the next couple of days. a weather system down to the south will make its way to our region, and then another one in the northwest it is cooling us down quite significantly about 10 degrees cooler than we have been experiencing and will also give us a slight chance of drizzle along the coast region. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning there are low clouds in place, as you can see if you're in a transition to 7:00 a.m. there are areas indicating a light drizzle. if anything is going to be more clouds and cover than anything else. and then all the low clouds burn
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off with sunshine overall we're dealing with cooler temperatures for the next couple of days. thursday we will have clear skies. here in the afternoon highs for tomorrow. east bay shoreline san francisco and the peninsula stays in the upper 60s friday we will have some clouds but saturday sunday will warm things up with temperatures in the upper 80s even nineties >> pam :an alleged kidnapping in the east oakland - near oakland tech high school. has police on alert tonight. police say, a man "allegedly" forced a woman into the trunk of his car last night. startling news to dog walkers who often use this king estate open space park, in the east oakland hills.
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authorities say, it was after ten -monday night. when a witness reported the kidnapping..saying, a woman was put in the trunk of a black, 2 -door car. with tinted windows and blue paper plates. the man and the woman have not been seen since. neighbors say, the area is usually quiet during the daytime hours, but it is a different story at night. one reason word of this incident was not surprising. >>:none of the regular neighbors would never come up your at night be specially this spot here. when you walk here in the morning you see all of the debris. used condoms, and drug paraphernalia >> pam :the vehicle reportedly fled from sterling drive. onto mccormick avenue. a massive manhunt is underway for three people. accused of killing a police officer in fox lake, illinois. officials say, lieutenant joe gliniewicz. radioed to dispatchers earlier today. that he was chasing three men on foot. however. communication was lost shortly after the call.
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the officer's backup arrived to find him injured by a gunshot wound. he later died at the scene. tonight. his friends and family are grieving. as investigators work to find his killer. >>:he was a 30 year veteran and a decorated police officer. a family man and a dear friend i did not lose just a fellow worker but a dear friend >> pam :the officer is the 26th police officer. to be killed in the u-s this year. take a look at this. frightening images of a child dangling off the side of a building. it happened last week in china. allegedly the young girl was left home alone, and tried to crawl out the window, getting her head stuck in the bars. a neighbor heard the child's cries. and used a mop to hold the girl in place. ten minutes later, the child's parents arrived home and pulled her to safety. the child was reportedly unharmed.
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coming up in sports, the days- a's and dodger's news, gary has the highlights coming up
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save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. >> gary :tough game for the
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giants in dodger's stadium matt duffy to save a couple of runs here in the 2nd inning we are scoreless adrian gonzalez delivers 1-0 dodgers giants lose, 5.5 games back must win tomorrow night jack peterson put him 9th in the lineup great first half, but the eventual final run
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arguing and thrown out tommy slept it's bad of our producer kv evin the bodyguard kevin if we had concentrated more anyway dodgers win 2-1 kershaw tomorrow night a's game manager bob melvin 4-1 angels marcus siemien a col--cole calhoun
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a's only have a month left with their final preseason game this thursday. the niners held their only media session this afternoon. they have to trim the roster to 53 by saturday. and name their starting offensive line. head coach tomsula says marcus martin will start at center and jordan devey is assigned to right guard. colin kaepernick. says he's pleased with the combination. >>:even through the preseason with the different combinations out there we have been able to run the ball very well. i think that will be a strength for us and they did a great game on saturday moving forward think everybody is confident of what we have here . i do not know what reckless
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stands for on his hat super bowl 50 is set to be played at levi's stadium on febraury 7th. traffic for the super bowl is not that great, but media day will be a thing of the past it's now going prime-time the nfl will kick off super bowl 50 festivities with "super bowl opening night" on monday, february 1 at the sap center in san josehome of the sharks super bowl opening night is a shift from the traditional media day held on tuesday morning. the event will begin at 5:00pm tickets can be purchsed for "less than $30" on sunday you not want to be anywhere near santa clara, bad traffic
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as a man who's been to many su perbowns, it's j--superbowls, it's not worth it bodies rubbing against each other,a drunken mess, nowhere to park just can't wait for superbowl 50 and former santa clara player steve nash shooting some hoops at his house and his rebounder is none other than snoop dogg the 41-year-old nash is now retured but that doesn't stop him from still getting some work in. doesn't look like snoop got to do much but rebound for nash nash posted this video on his instagram not a bad post-career life here is drake playing soccer
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trying to play some soccer not the best accuracy on this kick as he takes out a glass light fixute on what looks like a converted outdoor tennis court no word if this happened in his native canada or the states this was posted on his instagram page. which has the handle "champagne papi" he has 11.8 million followers >> pam :good night
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volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. vma backlash. did they go too far this time? >> i rolled up a little something. i knocked the edge off. >> from start to finish, the entire show seemed to be a celebration of illegal drug use. >> then, shoved off a roof. college prank gone wrong. what was he thinking? his girlfriend said he did nothing wrong. >> she was going to jump anyway. >> and it's back on. >> i asked you a question. >> i asked you a question. >> why rosie o'donnell is blasting elizabeth hasselbeck today. >> he was tormented in junior high school. now 20 years later he comes face to face with his bully. >> i took the easy route


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