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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  September 3, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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accused of murder of 31 year-old michael and custody death at the main jail a week ago. very emotional news conference here that the sheriff's department the seven we start off at a given amount shot of these three share of deputies revealed had been arrested this morning. identified as matthew paris and jerry rubin they are charged with murder. conspiracy. under says that michael died of blunt force trauma this. the deputies according to the chef investigators last traded see him alive. being house the fifth floor of the main jail last thursday night. when trading transfer to a mental health facility. his town unresponsive and built the alarm was sounded investigation continue from there. a very emotional news conference here. we will hear first from sheriff and then the county coroner. let's listen to that now.
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"appointed discuss that i feel cannot be understated our own investigation has concluded three correctional the peace gary matthew and rafael of the reason for this brutal murder of michael. unable to disclose all the evidence that points to the culpability of these three individuals unmistakeable that jerry l. lubin matthey ferris and and rodriguez committed this cowardly in effect against an unarmed individual and trusted to protect. "a lot lacerations of the organs and planes./with the bells face of it that resulted in the death of mr. tyree. in short he bled
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to death internally. >> reporter: he was and jal on low-level petty theft in drug- related charges. should point out correction officers slightly different from regular deputy sheriffs they are all under the share of corrections officers khalifa represented by the average union. ferris and rodriguez were booked into the county jail this morning same jail their alleged tete commit this murder and residing in alameda county jail for their own protection this attorney files former full formal charges more of the. three will be arraigned next week coming up at 6:00 tonight we will hear from a well-known bay area attorney who will rip the are presenting at michael's in this case. >> pam: there any indication during today's news conference
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about the motive behind this incident? >> reporter: the sheriff did not take any question that all the. it would of been one of the first question that school was the motive here. there is some indication one of the three deputies had prior investigations with the guard. even working on confirming at and beyond that we do not know what the motive is and the fact that these they were the last to see him alive. apparently there for routine welfare check they conducted at that time tonight when of the three reported that mr. tyree was unresponsive and the emergency was sounded from their. >> grant: breaking news at a sacramento one person shot and killed two others shot and injured on the campus of sacramento city college right
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now police are searching for a suspect person accused of shooting three people on campus near a baseball field the sacramento city college. this is south of downtown sacramento near the zoo if you're familiar with the area you see bottom right that was a golf course. this is a video from a short time ago e.c. police have cordoned off the scene. search for suspects described as a man for pacific islander not wearing a shirt wearing cargo shorts one. person killed two others shot and injured taken to hospital. this is the sacramento city college on lock down right now as police tried to find the guy responsible for this college shooting. we'll keep posted on the news. >> pam: we may note tomorrow in the shooting death of a case that a severance the scope here 14 held over trial for the pulmonary here a sanchez
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continue with a and in >> reporter: testimony wrap up today were from four witnesses today a. fifth place of a certain witness and a hotel across the street. throated all stethoscope setting korean see video coming up very quietly listening through a translator as what was going on. one witness added police officer testified leaving the pier after she heard what the budget of a gunshot into a fog of. she later passed on to police officers. all suffered from another police officer killed a photo of sanchez on the pier. the also heard rumblings officer today made the arrest for driving up and down the embarcaderos by at&t part. he spotted the ball a spot of francisco lopez back of
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his head. that is why he stopped. initial reports were that this was an african- american involved in the shooting which francisco sanchez is not. however he stop them anyway mayfly contact and then started taking of shortly thereafter the arrest was made. not tomorrow we should hear arguments from the attorney and once that is completed the judge will make a decision as to whether enough the suspect in this case will be turned over for trial for. if so for what. for second-degree murder or for manslaughter or not faceoffs. that this point the public defender tell the ft believes what is most appropriate is manslaughter cut he still maintains this is an accident and believes there in previous days support. then the public defender would give the sake coming about six. >> pam:
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fremont police are looking for two men who they say not only robbed a house. but hurt the family's dog in the process. one of the men is seen clearly here in this surveilance video. police say, the two broke into the home on amapola drive, near driscoll road, last friday breaking the sliding glass door. police say, the men put cookies on the shattered glass which the labrador ate. the food caused several cuts in the dogs mouth. investigators say, the men got away with about two- thousand dollars of jewelry. the contra costa county sheriff is investigating a man's death. and they believe he may have deputies found jay welch dead. outside his home in san pablo. they made the discovery yesterday morning, around nine- thirty. he lived on alpine road near hillcrest road. officials say, they got a medical call to the home, but did not say who made the call. the sheriff believe the crime was not random, but no other details were released. some people in lake county.
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forced to leave their homes. as the elk fire continues to burn. cal-fire and local fire departments are fighting the blaze. they have been working around the clock for more than twenty- officials say, at least twenty homes are evacuated. displacing no homes are damaged, but several cars and a boat have been destroyed. cal-fire is considering using airdrops to get this fire under control. crews expect to be on scene for the next several days. >> pam:san mateo native, and new england patriots quarterback tom brady. will be back on the gridiron much sooner than expected. that after a major victory for the superstar quarterback in court. grant lodes is here with the judge's ruling. and the n-f-l's reaction. all of this dealing with deflategate. grant? >> grant:the judge overturned brady's four game suspension. essentially said the nfl
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commissioner went way too unfair. the court process is not over.but today's decision was definitely an enourmous win for tom brady.his legacy.and the patriots. and a >> grant: of the guns, brady and no. 81 for. judge me york overturned billy before game suspension of the patriots are he be the ruling issued thursday morning judge richard berman issued the roger violated the league's collective bargaining agreement with the players' union did not have the authority to carry out the suspension. ruling concluded with these words. brady's for game suspension vacated a effective immediately. for you a suspended in may for his role in the flag gate scandal. fl independence investigator it hired accused brady members of the patriots of knowingly deflating footfalls level of below please life. brady denied
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any wrongdoing. that statement fidel says that we are grateful said judge herman for hearing this matter will respectively disagree with the decision. fossa says that at the nfl will appeal. "the uphill battle now as if for the nfl that is going up hill they appeal this tom brady in all likelihood will get the play." >> grant:folks at serra high in san mateo are no doubt happy.patriots fans.ecstatic. average ticket prices on stub hub for the patriots first game today increased more than 100 bucks once the judge's ruling was announced. at 6:45.gary will have his take on this landmark decision.and what it means for discipline in the nfl going forward.
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>> pam:the kentucky clerk who has been refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples -- refused again today, to change her position. catherine heenan is here with the dramatic result of her decision. catherine? >> catherine:kim davis has been sent to jail. a federal judge ordered her locked up for contempt of court. this is davis on the job earlier this week. at a hearing today - the judge said her religious beliefs are hundreds of people had been waiting outside the courthouse -- protesting on both sides of davis has refused to give licenses to same sex couples -- despite a supreme court ruling against her. insisting that her christian faith should exempt her from doing so. a lot of people in the crowd were pleased with the judge's decision. "here to support equal rights for all. all have a job and call
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in respect. said that had come to this at this point guard made it very clear that shoes cable of the issuing american life and make clear shootist elijah but and doug had bedews job. the judge has warned deputy clerks that they'll "also" face jail time or fines if they don't issue the marriage he rejected the argument that they can only do that if kim davis orders them to. today's ruling for jail time surprised some people -- who fined. >> pam:a north bay college on alert. after a sexual assault on campus. for. plus. help is on the way for drivers who navigate one of the busiest commutes in the bay area. next, the plan to make interstate- 80 easier to drive. and the 49ers prepare for their last pre- season game.
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but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. >> pam:one week from tonight. the n-f-l kicks off the regular season.
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but before they do. there is one last pre-season game tonight. as the 49ers take on the san diego charges. kron 4's mark carpenter is live at levis stadium tonight. with a look at tonight's game. mark? >> reporter: fans coming in behind me though this the preceding in general was then a fall involve traffic will be here quickly fell to talk to earlier worked out thinking early this was the lot by great american parkway earlier this afternoon. this but this being thursday night exhibition this for the time for the 40 diners people to live up to the building sellout here had no problem getting a jump on holiday weekend. kickoff is an
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hour and 45 minutes away worth noting this is the final preseason game and if matters are one and two only victory coming here at levi against the cowboys. in terms of starters did not know who will be playing the ceremonial first series callan said this week of practice of is that not: if you'd be seeing any in action and also keep in mind at sixth in sports we have more reaction from inside the stadium and the players warming. kimberly >> grant: at to levi's and a done well there's a lot of. men on of knife and the
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family life stadium right here. not too bad coming south on what rowland who would a thought. if on 101 very flooded to 80 heading north there the problem to 37 trying to get there from the east bay coming down the will not be that easy either certainly if there are a very will be in good shape of the chinese if there you might be lucky or sitting in traffic fairly to the game. >> catherine: 4 will fall sir between if
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bart will halt service between down oakland and downtown san 5th through the seventh. subway work happening. and a lot of subway work around 4th and king in the city. one of the big events which will mean traffic -- a billy joel concert. "we do not want folks to the second traffic getting frustrated. strongly encouraged to take a bus train failed to get here and get to get home to get tax chief. any other way finfish to begin here will be much better experience. >> catherine:the first tube-less weekend was august first and second -- and there were few problems. transit officials are hoping for the same luck this time around. on. including a cal football game at the coliseum. >> pam: >> grant: >> pam:a new plan is on the way,
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to help you better navigate the highway specifically, the corridor. today, kron four news got a sneak peak at a new system being installed to help drivers. as kron four's terisa estacio reports, the hope is, the signs will not only help drivers, but reduce major traffic accidents. >> reporter:there they are called the 1-80 smart corridor project these digital signs have been installed to help drivers, well, make smarters decisions. this is project spokesperson ivy morrison. sot/tc: 18 ivy morrison/smart traffic"signals and software that is designed to provide real-time information to motorists." >> reporter:today cal trans and the project officials teamed up to give us this look at what the signs might show when they go online. this collection is on the university avenue overpass. the project includes hundreds of
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these - dotted along the corridor stretching along a 20 mile route from the carquinez bridge to the bay bridge. >> reporter:morrison says the signs have a good reputation to really make a difference for drivers especially dealing with tough commutes like here on i- 80. while the smaller signs are directional and offer advise, like reduce speed to better handle a slow down ahead the about an accident. besides - these signs, there are also some signs going u p on side streets. "of that the entire product online for drivers the next couple months" >> pam: beautiful there on the bay area again today that to the sunshine bride is here with details on the long holiday weekend had.
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>> reporter: will face of cool autumn like whether we go into tomorrow. but the system passing by toward our will makes for some pretty gusty winds tonight tomorrow also some cool to mild temperatures. then he is on as they head to a week and. alive view from the embarcadero clear skies right now. temperatures in the '60s and '70s. relatively mild only in the load mid-70s in mill valley right now of. typically well in the 80's or even 90s this time of year. out in the tropics from hawaii. hurricane and tropical storm this is an agnostic of. this is the main an agnostic causing problems that are a direct impact but a lot of moisture coming from the system over hawaii producing heavy rain and flash flood warnings in effect now if you go for their art to ease this forecast had over the north next five days there also
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could be some residual impact from this a direct hit as it moves to the north. the bay area clear skies over the bay area tropical life to working to the desert southwest. that will not affect us will will affect us is that this was the system right here in. keep things mild to tomorrow pretty windy if we could see when death approaching the enough for our temperature's only in the '60s and '70s but for this weekend and not becoming of. >> pam: california looking to crack down on drowns next for lawmakers want to run for a drop from operators from flying from pledges his allegiance to that means clear race for the white house staff.
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state lawmakers are looking to put new regluations on the use of drones. a pair of bills advanced today in sacramento. their goal is to keep the flying
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cameras. away from schools and jails. the assembly approved both bills the first would make it an infraction to fly drones above schools while they are in session. the second bill. would make it a misdemeanor to fly a drone over lawmakers say, the gadgets make it easy to smuggle in drugs or contraband. now both bills head to the state senate for a final vote. >> pam:the house ethics committee has representative mike honda. the committee says, honda had congressional staff aides. perform campaign work. and more than that. the claims indicate, it was done when they were supposed to be doing a panel is looking into the allegations that honda's staff it's also believed he used an office-sponsored roundtable event to boost political support. honda's staff was interviewed as well as his aides. the panel found substantial reason to believe that taxpayer resources were used. the second review underway will
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>> pam:a local college on alert after a sexual assault on campus. next at 5:30. where it happened. and the description of who police are looking for. plus. will the father of the virginia reporter killed during a live t-v interview make a run for office? coming up he speaks about that. and his new mission.
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>> grant: kenya the sacramento police and for gunmen who shot three people lack a college campus killing one of on a. your baseball field sacramento city college and video from the see of agostudents here at napa valley 3 s were shot one of them fatally. given the bill hospital please the king right now for a short list pacific islander men wearing cargo sheriff's. and the school gun lock down near sacramento is still. the south of downtown we do not know the conditions of the two injured men. we will continue to follow the story again the search right now for the gunman. >> pam:
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>> reporter: college are on edge after learning that a female classmate was sexually assaulted inside of this womens in the 1800 building located pretty much in the heart of the campus. "a sexual assault which is surprising it happened right around the time that i got out of class, just happened on a day that i didn't go to the bathroom" it happened monday around 2pm. according napa police the victim was inside of the restroom when suddenly a man came out from one of the stalls and sexually assaulted her. the suspect is described as a white male adult with short wavy brown hair, blue or light colored eyes and may have been wearing jeans and carrying a dark colored hoodie "this incident is highly unusual and i cannot stress how seriously we are taking it"
5:32 pm
the spokesperson for napa valley college says students were immediately notified once administrators learned about the incident. in fact these fliers have been posted in every restroom on campus. "we have done wide alerts to our studentspepper spray classes" the napa city police department is handling the sexual assault investigation. they anticipate having a police sketch of the suspect available by friday. in napa haaziq madyun kron4news >> pam:no third party run for donald the current front runner for the republican nomination pledged
5:33 pm
and grant lodes is here to show us how he did it in typical trump fashion. grant. >> grant: just a few weeks ago he publicly declared he was keeping open the option of an independent run. now just as publicly. he changed nat weeks of closed door negotiations paid off today. donald trump gave the republican party leadership what it wanted, this thing is when early to no. when as rnc chairman with great respect those very importantits a turnaround since the that during the first republican
5:34 pm
party leaders saw trump's third party threat as a recipe for a democratic victory. that's why rnc chair reince preibus slipped into the trump tower for a 15 minute meeting to seal the deal- then slipped out. "why did you have reince preibus come here? he didn't go to the came here?" presidential candidate "well, the chairman asked if he could come up. you saw him. he was here a little while ago. i was greatly honored he did come up, making this promise could help expand his support among the party faithfuland avoid problems in south carolina's primary where the promise is required. but the pledge is not legally trump is still on top in the latest national poll. his numbers are up from last month but another candidate is rising even faster. we will have that story on kron four news at six. >> pam:former aide to hillary clinton and her i-t guy says he plans to plead the fifth when it comes to the investigations of her use of the unsecured e-mail server. bryan pagliano is scheduled to appear infront of closed door congressional hearing next week. he set up clinton's controversial email server and its security a lawyer for the ex-state department employee says he plans to plead the fifth
5:35 pm
amendment to avoid testifying before the committee. the clinton campaign said they encouraged all aides to talk she will seen the death penalty private >> pam: resident camp for with security video department: security irking the processes of the file is protected by special process they hope that the video provide significant evidence today authorities also release the last transmission the dispatch from lou cannon and some of his last words when he sensed something was wrong. "
5:36 pm
>> pam: no additional contact others responding officers found him dead in his service weapon was missing.he is charged with the racialy churchgoers back in june. documents filed today use the fact that more than two were killed. and others lives were prosecutors also say they will use evidence about roof's mental state, adult and juvenile criminal records, and lack of remorse as evidence. roof also faces federal charges including hate crimes. he is expected back to court in october. >> catherine:the father of the virginia reporter killed during a live t-v interview. says he's not going to run for alison parker's father says her death last week has completely
5:37 pm
changed his focus. and he'll continue pushing for greater gun control.instead of running for a seat on the board of supervisors. "ordeal benefic couple times for you to continue your candidate for from the board of supervisors often continue and i says i do not know this is the furthest thing from my mind. >> catherine:this is a vigil held for alison last night. she and a cameraman were killed by a former colleague.who later shot and killed himself. andy parker says he's going to washington next week to talk to lawmakers about gun control. >> pam: can progress gave. his love pizza vicki is live at the crash course in making the perfect by.
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in tonight's dine and dish kron 4's vicki liviakis learns the art of making pizza from a san francisco master. >> reporter:who doesn't love pizza? meet the bay area's own tony gemignani - mr. pizza. he's the closest thing to a pizza rock star. tony g as he's known is the 11
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time world pizza champ. he got his start in the east and you could say he's been rolling in the dough ever since. tony's pizza napolitana is in the heart of the city's north beach. but he's opening up new restaurants faster than he can flip pizzas. spring out will thentony - operates a pizza u teaching and certifying chefs and the public how to make the perfect pizza.
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if you can't attend pizza u - then there's always the pizza bible if you're downright religious about your pizza pie. in san francisco, vicki liviakis kron 4 news. next. is justine beiber putting his bad ways behind him? the insider catches up with the pop star next. >> reporter: the system in the north of the bay area makes for will windy weather tomorrow in the forecast of helping [female announcer] through labor day at sleep train's mattress price wars,
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mmmmmm yoplait! ♪ oh! good news everybody! there is now 25% less sugar in yoplait original. say "adieu" to that sugar. because it still tastes good ahhhh yoplait! >> pam: at on lockdown right now coming up that six year getting new details about the shooting and the police are looking for at the top of the hour 6 here on kron 4. >> pam:justin bieber is talking
5:46 pm
for the first time tonight about his breakdown at this past weekend's the insider's louis aguirre is in hollywood with more on the biebs new attitude and new >> reporter:pam, justin is taking his skateboarding skills to the streets of new york. as we ask. has he really put his bad bieber ways behind him? skating: he wants space he just choosing the least likely place to find skating space: midtown manhattan, bieber, donning an homage to skating legend shaun here is justin bieber! vo once on the couch, justin explained why he emotionally broke down after his vma performance of his new single "what do you mean" justin bieber
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currently no. 189 countries. game or a 2014 deal ironist after speeding and lombardy on south beach. there annapolis' ago segues speeding calico. still much more on this story tonight from the insider on edge. >> pam:after finding out an eight-foot king cobra is on the loose on their streets. the snake escaped from a man's home in orlando. he noticed it went missing
5:48 pm
yesterday, but isn't exactly sure when it got out. officials say the man's home is less than a mile from an elementary school. the fish and wildlife conservation officials will be making rounds while kids walk to and from school. king cobra snakes are deadly. a bite from the reptile could kill an elephant. >> reporter: clear skies over the golden gate bridge some gusty winds of over 20 m.p.h. winds making for cool temperatures also wins passing of 20 and for richmond in golden gate bridge currently 20 m.p.h. says scattered low clouds threat today. if lots of sunshine and are off this but sunny skies it will be cool smile this time of year. in the '60s and '70s the
5:49 pm
feeling especially in the afternoon sun as wind gusts could hit or surpassed 40 m.p.h.. everything completely changes for the week and the star. in saturday offshore winds kick in that will really four things that we could be living a widespread 80s and 90s by the time sunday monday roll around fog tracker 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning scattered low clouds in the day at the cusp and hang around mid to late morning. a lot of sunshine here the north bay also into the east bay and it will be sunny everywhere as we get into the afternoon temperatures only six seasons '70s warmest greetings not even up to 80 degrees like antioch. warm spot the 78 degrees typically looking at numbers and the upper 80s for around 90 in this time of year of. much cooler than average fell again as i still like that for very long. by the weekend we are looking at a big time warner awful little bit warmer for saturday with offshore winds a
5:50 pm
lot warmer sunday into labor day looking at bayside tablatures the '80s and '90s inland and some beautiful beach weather i think this week and '70s and lots of sunshine. u.s. election though ephod all the way to the middle possibly of to the end of next week with warm weather sticking around. >> catherine:wall street is still trying to find its footing. the market closed the day with and traders are already looking ahead. kron 4's mark dannon talked our financial expert rob black this morning about anticipation. "day with them phnom on plan rates for the nation. most important economic information comes out all month long of. first try every month it's been a problem coming around to and 30,000 any higher the economy's good field of
5:51 pm
sublet in the long run fuel a strong jobs report and a lot of people working in the short-term fed cut interest rates wrote low for a long time since 2006 and. need to get interest rates higher even if it causes our market paid a man. that model for the timber 20 knife manufacturing and delivery already have the pre order hundred and 33,000 the $40,000 vehicle for also announced today coming in march. the deal is taken a model three not yet named cheaper saddam $35,000 or less/ the approach so the stock 38 to 90 knots backed down around 40.
5:52 pm
the company at exodus it's great. wonderful but the stock pulled back to its basic price of $40. its trade and 20 times earnings in the fifth iowa by it and think it's a short-term trade make a lot of money by whether manufacturers company called amber wall of make the census for the cameras. the signal from the commission of anything new numbered. not great but think the rate is pretty low on go pro in the united states a good holiday gift idea. >> pam: standing exodus so scotus to the. facilities and action would tell you see what these can also do in the near future shows us how it works.
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today new technology exists real superi human strength. tech reporter game shows us how works cigarettes.
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>> diane: when he is wearing the xl industrial skillets and. he becomes a super being. >> reporter: and 20 t grinder like a father used one hand a hold of his head. this to"will apparently worked less increasing endurance quality of his work thinking ability. piquancy the tool floats. the arm that transferred is followed to the chassis all that goes on the ground by passing mario entirely no way in the shoulders of. works like a study camp for heavy objects help workers lifting heavy loads for long. five. assembly line first responders rescue crews shipbuilders and movers. individuals still skilled tradesmen getting older yet still have the skills it'll have the endurance anymore hurting
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themselves doing these jobs can run this all the law is exhausting. the pit"at that point, and grinder can't imagine a working with that for more than an hour tops. but the sudan on it was waitlist felt the pressure or pain in my back shoulders arms for me is this. to make labor- intensive jobs easier and allow people to continue doing them as they age for his. the market early next year. don't have enough with the official price yet. >> pam: one person dead at two others injured continue. in the fall of breaking news tonight gunmen opened fire in sacramento like the zephiran. and relief in the north bay neighborhood how common or fall back after a venture broken and white neighbors are calling him a hero for news coming your way next on kron 4 news sf
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
breaking news. >> pam:sacramento city college, on lockdown right now following a shooting on campus. others are hurt. grant lodes is tracking the developments. what have you learned so far? >> grant: be shooting on campus near the base for all field at the second of city college of parking lot adjacent to baseball complex right now you see the intense search for the suspect with a before shirtless office of the calendar man wearing karo short of the three guys shot
6:00 pm
when died the other has been hospitalized the second and third guy was ok and he needed hospital treated please getting information we told you to have the house was one is ok did not require hospitalization london hospital for an guy is okay right near sacramento is due south of downtown sacramento sort of on the south edge of camp this if you're familiar with the canvas new video we just got into the newsroom from the ground the police shirt search fill. looking for other shooters still campuses on lock down moments ago here is one witness described the situation. "heard some fan either hurt saw when i was out on the ground any went down concealer to evict a that all happened so quick so fast at second thing straight. >> grant: word on what led to
6:01 pm
the shooting again the gunman still out there police looking for him right now we will continue to follow the situation the campus shooting sacramento left one man dead one man in the hospital another man okayed this by being shot. . >> pam: pulmonary hearing for francisco of the sanchez continued today and career was their choice of life tonight with a key piece of evidence judge refused to throw. >> reporter: a key piece of evidence he refused to throw out was the admission he had done the shooting he is maintained that he did the shooting but accidental and that will really play in the judge's decision whether he will hold them over for trial if so on what second- degree murder or manslaughter
6:02 pm
said francisco judge on friday wolfing determine if sanchez will face bahau charges and the and the file that testimony and carpenter testified she was a hotel across the street from pier 14 when she heard the gunshot she snapped a photo of a man she later identified as low as sanchez walking off the pier and the way from the murder scene testified he was the only person who wasn't. concerned and lawful wife later officer andrew said that he sought that had on the description that and what are the suspect lopez sanchez was not a. he and everything else matched including the t-shirt that said khalid. then the officer testified the suspect began walking away in a brisk pace still many but behalf. sanchez has administered the shooting maintained it was an accident. public defender says. testimony
6:03 pm
says. "listenable fired he made no effort to get closer to individuals that a better shot at them if it. as like that of not make sense as a purposeful malice of forethought murder that really does not. bess >> reporter: and, of the pulmonary hearing his clan will be tried a manslaughter charges not second degree murder.
6:04 pm
also talked that of probable cause for. please had probable cause to wrestle has the judge ruled he believes the bid but believes that even if reversed on that admission still holds of. that is the bottom line admission of making do committing the shooting he believes the holes of regardlessl. morning i am back here at the hall of justice arguments from attorneys and the judge will decide what the future is for lopez sanchez. >> pam:in the east bay. an 85 year old el cerrito man is being called a hero tonight by his neighbors.after the veteran took on two men who broke into his house. he shot one of them in the new at six. as kron4's maureen kelly reports.there isn't a lot of sympathy for the suspect in the victim's neighborhood. the guy got what he deserved.
6:05 pm
>> reporter:this man lives across the street from the el cerrito hills home of the burglary victim.who is he says his 85 year old neighbor.absolutely did the the bottom line is his is 85 years old and these are two men who are lot younger armed with a crow bar breaking into his convicted felons.who are yet again at it.burglarizing homes. police say this all started wendesday morning just after 11am when the victim.who was home alone. heard a knock on his door.he didnt' answer. a few seconds later someone's kicked in his back door and people are coming into the fearing for his life he armed himself and fired one shot.and struck one of the suspects. el cerrito pd found the one suspect suffering a gunshot wound to his head.amazingly, he'd made several blocks away before police caught up with him.
6:06 pm
where the scene occurred and where he eventually stopped running is 9/10ths of a mile. the wounded suspect has been identified as 34 year old shawn oakland resident who police say is a wanted parolee.he now faces one charge of residential burglary and one police believe there is at least one more suspect they are looking for. they are asking neighbors around the area of cutting blvd to take a look at their surviellance video.for a grey or white four with the incident. neighbors say "harry" is shaken one thing we are doing is thinking of taking a collect to by harry a stronger gun a stronger gun would have ended there. maureen kelly kron4 news >> pam: 3 deputies her with the murder of. news conference says tackle erik contreras said the deputies committed this hardly
6:07 pm
can stacked against unarmed individual their chart robb is leavened 76 night from the victim's lawyer. >> reporter: valley cardiac. one week ago today we have the mug shots here the other three suspects those deputies both on 3 on the job less than three years of vinified matthew fairest and jerry lutheran rafael rodriguez of arrested and charged with murder assault under the color of authority conspiracy charge and death of 31 year-old james tyree's support of the jail awaiting transport to a mental health facility. half he was found dead. covered in blood at naked
6:08 pm
they say also covered in his own feces. shares of the three debbies or less able to see him brought alive. alves said of emotional news conference to. the sheriff's department today we hear from the share also bay area attorney representing tyree family. all this and praise the sheriff's department for its quick action in this case. "he's a murderer was booked fingerprinted photograph of the senate clary putting me in jail very same jail they're accused of taking life of an inmate this sort of protect. each accused in protective custody for the protection and transferred said telesat of senator connie. the charges against each subject are murder and assault under color of authority. conspiracy.
6:09 pm
michael died divorce trauma who is administered to those of duty bound to charge to take an oath to protect him i am so grateful as the family for recognition when somebody does the wrong a bad thing even if their deputy they're held to the same standard of conduct as you and guy. that is how the system should work." >> reporter: bay area attorney have not let her glass the the mug shots here of three deputies involved met the fairest jury lubin all three on the job less than three years important point out there are corrections officers were under the sheriff's office not voice warren kantor presented by different unions. if they are sherriff of these none the less. as we heard earlier they
6:10 pm
have now been held and no bail transferred to the alameda county jail for their own protection. and formally charged friday as well as tomorrow expect to be arraigned next week. tonight, we are learning more >> reporter: of view at the embarcadero looking up toward the bay bridge clear skies little breezy when. as in many spots up and over 20 mi. per hour will be the trend is not only for tonight but tomorrow as well and even when your tomorrow afternoon could see us close to 40 m.p.h. as a weather system
6:11 pm
will to the north and the pacific northwest he is a school for tomorrow much warmer this weekend that coming up. >> grant: releases are the next eight batters last preseason game in our way little less right now close. the teams prominent players sat out this last preseason game of the fans going to leave by stadium traffic issue on some sidestreets. area highways parking still pricey $50 to park your car. this is the first nine targets game at leigh by stadium on a week of data for last year's things giving the game. and the commute traffic was way different last year because of the holiday. take a live look now at the major roadways in the area. actually all that bad southbound 101 southbound to 80. pretty green going northbound on those two roads entirely different
6:12 pm
story coming from the east bay to 37 that will be a crawl as we go from 81 01 by. could be worse certainly preseason game by checkable interest as regular season game our coverage just beginning a. coming up 645coming up at 6- 45.sports director gary radnich will get you ready for the big game, kron 4's mark carpenter is live at levi's stadium where fans arestick around for that. >> catherine: 11 of people stayed home that what happens so there really have been busy and try to get the word out. second time in five weeks. bertrand de to be close over this three day weekend. . does the traffic to several big projects scheduled. "projects metro subway
6:13 pm
happening and meanie tunnel that will shut down service early every night for 930 bart transmitted to construction will shut down our trains. between oakland san francisco for the weekend that one will be the substitute bus service for all those in central subway work at the intersection for the entire weekend. figments plan for the holiday weekend. of course felt he traveled to a minimum. if a's games at the coliseum all three days. cal football game. sold out billy joel concert saturday night at&t part. >> pam: student sexual assault that description of a man of lisa looking for less california lawmakers pass a bill limiting were drowned and five areas of concern of next all along sofa to after while fire
6:14 pm
but is for a period connected to the case
6:15 pm
6:16 pm
>> pam: sexual assault of a female student. please have a description of a male student however has the dominion explains why investigators also looking for another female possibly connected to the case. >> reporter: nowhere for monday 2:00 p.m. here in front of this
6:17 pm
women's restroomit was monday around 2pm. here inside of this womens restroom in the 1800 building on the napa valley college campus. that is where a man sexually assaulted a female student. the man is described as a white male adult with short wavy brown hair, blue or light colored eyes and may have been wearing jeans and carrying a dark hoodie possible witness" city of napa police lt. debbie peecook says the suspect was hiding in a stall while the victim was inside the restroomthere was also another woman on her way out just before the sexual assault occurrred "so we don't know if this other witness saw or heard something but we are looking for that witness" "i never thought this would happen here" "it's kind of surprising to be honest" investigators are hoping the female witness has received one of these crime alert emails or see one these fliers posted in restrooms on campusand police a
6:18 pm
callon the napa valley college in napa haaziq madyun kron4news >> catherine:more news on drones. as california lawmakers push new bills to ban them over schools and jails. the state assembly today approved legislation to make it drones over public schools during class hours. it would apply to drones flying up to 350 feet -- but make exceptions for law enforcement, news media -- and people with written permission from the school. another bill would make it a misdemeanor to intentionally fly or jail. a method that has been used to smuggle in drugs. both bilsl now head to the senate for a final vote. >> pam:the oakland police department says it will publicly release police body camera footage of two deadly encounters with suspects. they involve the deadly august 12th shooting of nate wilks,
6:19 pm
and the july 19th death of richard linyard.who died after being wedged between a building and fence following a police pursuit. last month the department showed edited versions to kron 4 and other members of the media, but police release copies of the videos. of the videos will be released. investigators believe the release of flammable gas.likely killed a man whose body was found in a shed. crews responded to the fire yesterday on the 400 block of they discovered the man's body after they put out the flames. this video, courtesy of our partnership with abc 7. fire inspectors say the shed was filled with propane tanks used for welding. the identity of the victim has not been released. >> grant:yet another wildfire in lake months. kron4 was in lake county today.
6:20 pm
smoke billowing the clear skies. this was started yesterday prompting evacuation since lifted the. and call the help fire right now 25 percent contained 670 a. burned no homes damaged destroyed about fired north of clear lake up for like right there and that like county have a whole real hot spot for big fire this summer and watching our news reporting about last month to massive fire is extremely destructive near lower lake both our right now fully contained some of before the rocket fire burn with 75,000 a. in jerusalem fire tore through 25,000 a. the two fires destroyed nearly 50 homes on of fire if dependent on the weather next couple days. >> reporter: not looking great for fire fighting because we'll have lots of strong winds
6:21 pm
wulfenite and breezy winds. and then intensify for tomorrow clear skies although clear in brisk winds coming off the ocean temperatures and below the mid '60s for tonight when will be breezy 20 the 30 m.p.h. developing after midnight scattered low clauses for the so for tomorrow in the afternoon sunshine those gusty winds again readings will be fairly while in the '60s and '70s the changes follow weekend. and then that will push have pictures of the ratings will soar by sunday monday 80s and 90s in the forecast meanwhile in the tropics the hurricane humaneness a strong hurricane. wins over a hundred offer our east of hawaii and the forecast
6:22 pm
will track it to the north and. no direct impact is expected to be some heavier rain. starting out today in those clouds will sticker read on for much of the morning also. fairly dose the does the sunshine. and then also in the afternoon heat of which is cool said jose up to 75 degrees. bonn within fees for severance cisco relatively cool in the inland valley.-year. look at the week and forecasts coming up litter on. the venture >> pam: virgil kentucky court clerk behind bars after refusing to issue a marriage licenses to same-sex couples doll shop plays nice of the republican party pledged
6:23 pm
today everyone talking.
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
>> catherine: kirov the death penalty a white man charged with killing nine black churchgoers. april favors funds and a executed as a face charges and murder charge in the june 7
6:26 pm
chief in charge than all the has confess the killing during a clash draw will schedule july busy. continues escort to school. to kill a bill in come secure system how a with the investigation is in this the killings it reportedly shows 3 people meantime - officials are angry about a woman they say falsely reported that she saw two men run into a cornfield - just 5her story prompted an intensive search of the area. she later admitted she made it all up -- because she wanted attention from a family she works for. kim davis is in jail tonight. she's the kentucky clerk who still refuses to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. a judge today ordered her jailed for contempt. outside - hundreds of protestors
6:27 pm
on both sides of the issue were demonstrating. davis insists that her christian beliefs should make her exempt from following the law.despite a supreme court ruling against her. all the other clerks in her office - aside from her son - say they'll comply and start issuing the licenses. rolfe's >> pam: 630 race for the lighthouse is heating up the data. old trumpet leading the pack but unlikely canada it is gaining steam plus the three day labor day weekend was here. find out how many people plan on hitting the road. latest on the breaking news tracking s sacramento one person dead following the shooting at the camp with sacramento city college if. new information coming up. at the up
6:28 pm
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. did a >> grant: reshooting at sacramento city college police are searching for the suspect. you see crews here on see in working to find that i. of bid suspect information as well with. if that minute shooting will be this afternoon on campus. a parking lot near baseball field. police are looking for a man police now say
6:31 pm
it running from the same. all white t-shirt on and. the beige car short. please just reading for the description and five minutes ago of. three guys in total shot what. has died the other hospitalized for. a third victim doing ok did not need to go to the hospital. looking at ariel from the scene this is right near the sacramento's to sell. from downtown familiar with the area. the continued update this story with police trying to find the shooter. >> reporter: justice differences go with the final day of testimony in the pulmonary hearing against sanchez/but the killer of kate's family in that pier 14 murder during testimony today allman of the hotel across the street heard the gunshot. at the photo of sanchez. after leaving the pier after word. on friday judge wrote. whether not the voltage is over for trial itself for a charge the bank
6:32 pm
second degree murder or manslaughter the offender maintain this was an accident in this letter is the right decision. >> reporter: 5 year-old veteran who lived in this house a hero. shot a man and had allegedly breaking into his house. police said the victim was home all on wednesday. a little after 11:00 a.m. he heard a knock on the door. he did not answer a few seconds later at least two men kicked in his back door. when the veteran fired on the suspect hitting one of them. police say they found 34 roche on marly all wanted parole will. and did almost a mile away. police still if looking for at least one other suspect. >> reporter: share if the fees charged with murder in connection with and in custody death of an inmate at the main jail corrections officers
6:33 pm
matthey fairest and rafael rodriguez were arrested this morning. the death of an may 31st year-old michael james tyree. found dead in his cell last thursday. the three deputies charged with murder. assault under the color of authority. conspiracy. set to be arraigned next week. along >> reporter: side in this day eight with caltrans. they are showing new signs they felt all along interstate 80 take luckier. some small signs of the sun as well on. all electronic they will be able to provide the latest information for drivers a green arrow for the deaths to be in that light verse. is another lane they decongested. caltrans says it's been working on this for a while. hoping that have all of this online for drivers in the next couple months. >> pam:
6:34 pm
>> grant:big news in the republican presidential race. donald trump has dropped his threat to run as an independent if he fails to win the party nomnation. he showed off his signed pledge today as a new poll shows him the first choice of republicans nationwide. presidential candidate "so i will be, totally pledging my allegiance to the republican party and the conservative principles for which it stands and we will go out and we will less than one month ago, trump was the sole candidate to refuse the pledge. "mr. trump - what changed? what changed over the last few weeks presidential candidate "i think the thing that changed is the fact that i went to number one place very quickly the non legally= binding pledge commits him to support the g=o=p nominee, whoever it is, presumably even his harshest critic.
6:35 pm
he and fellow outsider ben carson top the latest monmouth the next four candidates are in compared to last month, carson. a retired neurosurgeon, made the biggest jump. from five to 18 jeb bush is the only candidate today he was in new hampshire getting hammered by a voter on "we're pissed off. right now there's an air of appeasement - 'let 'em come in. let 'em stay." presidential candidate "here's what i don't think is practical. rounding people up, dividing families up, creating real chaos. here i am a candidate for president of the united states believing that we should campaign con brazos abiertos with our arms wide open." the monmouth polls found trump dominating all republican demographic groups: young, old, male and female. in all cases carson is in second place. >> reporter: mild temperatures
6:36 pm
cooled mild weather tonight and for tomorrow and minister storm up and to the weekend live sfo clear skies breezy and mild for tonight. and in the pacific northwest and hang up for another day keep the school's small for friday. pulls out offshore winds develop things really began to warm up especially by sunday to labor day. as going in the '80s for the day mid-90s. in the valley. i think some beautiful beach weather for the second amateur in the '70s of sunshine and warm weather sticks around all the way to next week. >> pam: on holiday weekend rider on the corner and then drivers as they get ready for the road.
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
bill's got a very tough 13lie here......
6:39 pm
looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric... >> pam: for major have the companies to will adobe intel and apple all accused in a class-action lawsuit of conspiring together that the higher one another as workers for. companies agreed to settle the case yesterday the judge approved. the money will be distributed to the thousands of plaintiffs who say they were precluded from potentially getting better jobs violating one company for another. at
6:40 pm
labor day weekend almost hear many people will be heading out of town for the final holiday of summer. u.s. travel association assets levered a travel generate $13.5 billion in spending. 2% increase from last year for. initial delays and 35 million americans will travel at least 50 mi. from home. most of them by car. rates for drivers because gasoline prices going down. "that may be the cheapest prices since 2004 for labor day weekend. in terms of their pay at the pump or gas prices." >> pam: drizzles than an average of children $70 on long weekend road trips here's what it will take to fill the tank corps in driver dollars of regular down 20 8¢ a month ago across pay on
6:41 pm
average fell off the they paying $3 a team on average the giants will be without one of their pitchers for the rest of the season. and we are live from the levi's stadium where the 49ers are gearing up for their pre-season finale. gary has the all the hey terry stop! they have a special!
6:42 pm
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>> gary: the evening everyone star of the big national story after all. this back-and-forth all all. tom ready ready to go in the nfl regular season began this. brady suspension lifted today after federal court judge overturned for game suspension the judges said brady did not realize he could be suspended for several games
6:45 pm
about under the flynn football's danbury's legal team fit not have equal access to the investigative process nfl will appeal and with the way these things go more than likely not be heard until after this season >> gary: now when you're still you're off from voting when he talks he's tearing of right now giving eat some insight and from the field if finances edibles business there was a time for trump was $10 million legal
6:46 pm
fees and what's going to happen nell fidel commissioner of the league he's going-the hand over the judge and jury portion of the somebody else getting be in the core of public opinion fans bad but for commissioner to continue to become law on losing and the nfl opening game for television ratings made radio is more intriguing raiders
6:47 pm
are playing seattle tonight in the 14 letters levi's stadium cabinet would even play the age with the guys go out the bill and practice a little bit game for all burn this or any of the main states to get her they really do see in the scrimmage been great mark carpenter need to our staff at first time mark. but a >> reporter: 10 to get a feel so much if not the building at the mill, despite this being a preseason game fans trickling into the bleachers and ethel's
6:48 pm
involve people will show what for the first receiving game for two weeks away what kind of 40 niner will be saying going this verbal fees ago or one that turned an aphid eighth season last year over all the coaching staff and other will says the will stick fans still faithful. a support"of the forty-niners i think a lot of great season this year ever nickel command of his own this year and expecting great things. "coach and of little benefit of the doubt. london for super bowl year every year but still a good players. doing the right thing on the field that is important. >> reporter: only when coming at levi against the cowboys' big
6:49 pm
monday night regular-season opener september 14th against the vikings ferry when into earlier net not even alicea starters on the field only on the guys in the bible open the lock down. >> gary: some of these producers could then the stories of an uncertain time element the oslo is the one you be you if i don't got one night that's fine if you just be you will be ahead.
6:50 pm
>> gary: he will be good telling grant talking to him. i have this thing in the tv business and if she knows what you mean i think he's like brad grey is not be up never been fired. tv business will ease of fiat compare at the still feel good
6:51 pm
and the come officialdom will be of for the season during his last his of the diet. a late comeback another office offers. megafauna start at the bottom. do like. had surgery on his left hip and colorado will end his career as the most popular giants pitcher ever make a case of the million-dollar
6:52 pm
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redeemable application help parents stay organized on top of everything to do and at 8:00 p.m. i show you that. >> pam:this 39-year old.three bedroom.two bath also known to many as "the flinstone house" isand it could be yours for a
6:55 pm
others are hurt. >> pam: be back on with news of other sports clubs you then have a nice evening. ♪
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volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. "the insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> it was just so overwhelming for me. >> bieber's redemption tour kicks off. but has the public truly forgiven his past transgressions? >> mr. bieber, you are charged with dui, alcohol and drugs. >> as justin confesses how he became a changed man. >> i just had a bunch of knuckle heads around me. plus, why is stephen colbert shaking down jeb bush? >> house always gets beak wet. sounds off on former client's race scandal. >> want to date me, some girl underage. and jake gyllenhaal reaches new peaks in "everest."
7:00 pm
>> no, no. come on. >> but will an oscar be waiting for him at the summit? >> you are the golden boy, buddy. >> oh, golden man. >> you know what i mean? >> now hollywood from the inside out. it's "the insider" together with yahoo. . >> hello, everyone. and welcome to the "insider." >> justin's vma breakdown now revealed. but has he really put his bad bieber ways behind him for good? this as the biebs takes his skateboarding skills to the streets of new york. we go inside bieber's redemption song. >> he wants names. blah blah. >> choosing the least likely place to find skating place midtown manhattan, donned shaun white made his way to valor. shredding after shedding that jacket one sleeve in the 90


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