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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  September 9, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>james: you have about an hour left before the kids have to be backed 73 some parts of the they otherwise miss upper 60s full of the communities it is a warm start as we said all morning long the public demanded ejected this morning will have to carry a lid on today to of this added level clocking in to known wreck the when the floods in school we have 85 to 89 degrees for the bay shoreline and for the inland valleys the 21 of quickly by pretty afternoon with back to the centers for wear in yesterday's with a per 90s to low 100 along the shoreline.
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>>darya: track the fate added to the schools and the kids picked up early real live as san jose and leigh high school with more information on these closures. >>reporter: it is one of the high school is out with better closing early to avoid having children inside of the classroom during the afternoon hours when the supposed to reach triple digit heat ibrahim in the classrooms at leigh high school in other areas close to not have air conditioning in imagine spending time and saturdays class shall be very uncomfortable was month high
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schools closed at 1140 here ed lee high-school not only of the stone is being dismissed early from class.
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>>darya: if you cannot typical enough these days without a see you can always go to one of the cooling centers it is easy and free in if the weather of days in the traffic of days without having to wait.
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>>george: we're finally starting to see some accidents in the clutch of hot spots developing in the east of them starting to add to the slowing and the southbound direction for the nimitz which is the commune direction leading toward highway 92 will show you the drive time in the man in first here is was one to exacerbate the problems of the bond 80 in thornton just below the time off for the dumbarton bridge another crash reported both of those are likely to be in the traffic lanes if we'd seen a change here we've added to the minister the drive times for the court or commit from san leandro south down to milpitas and tracking the ride to the south bend we're
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still looking at a reasonably well but if at a slow one on one 01 and the northbound direction that is why the drive time is now up to 31 minutes we've added 15 minutes to the strict time sister started tracking and in the early morning hours tracking the ride to the bridges will continue to climb the drive times do in this town for 18 minutes across spend and longer if you're heading from haywood all the way to some sale.
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>>darya: it killed eight people 66 others in injured an entire neighborhood was flat and for the memory of the explosion is too difficult to think about. . >>mark: 80,000 students and cal state campuses including in the bay area a this universe is were affected by the have including sonoma state in the maritime academy it was stolen from all line sexual-harassment
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preventing course this tutors of required to take a hacker's guide will information like e- mail addresses gender relationships status and sexual adenosine here's a list of all the camps is affected by the breach including los angeles and brother did now and cal poly the universe the official said a higher offer is the time to investigate. >>darya: several wildfires are burning right now across california this morning on the love for looking better press bird and seven california to evacuation orders have been cancelled for dozens of homes and the fire on the ride this one is a fire in northern california is starting guest today is burned more than a hundred acres in an area near sonora the firefighter was
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injured battling the fire also home to all buildings have been destroyed in the past few minutes to learn the best fire near sonora is 50 percent contained this hour. >>mark: the person who killed a young woman and the left of material was book was killed as over one month ago on which to work the salon, chef of the is releasing falls of these two cars it could be connected to was the murder of police issue shot multiple times while sitting in her car on the shrove this is the 21 year-old had dreams of becoming owners.
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>>darya: instead they ran away went to school and report what happened here is the description to police in this is who they're looking for short light-colored hair and he was last seen driving a white two- door pickup truck with a lumber wrapped the same man tried to lure her in some for of the friends with alcohol on sunday
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in some city but they ran away his cushion the man of looking for white or by racial bald and his late '30's about five for 1060 warmer raiders had and are red shirt with the letters lrg . >>darya: today is today you see what new apple things are out there for you it will have the touch capacity in a different option the pentagon where a chapter from give a hard press and the speculation which is something new from the tabloid line here in san francisco are tech reporter of course it's going to be there will check in
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with a lot of the 30 and get his view on the possible problem. >>darya: seymour this dramatic video and hear what happened coming of + avenue some taking heat from republican presidential candidate why is there a war words.
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all >>george: problems on 24 and a couple on 880 will get to those in a moment still of the ride today than guest today. fifth and >>james: we want to sit in rows on the the sun would be to see in the live picture from the embarcadero cameron the sons of to the right-hand side you conceive is going to be
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our most of the day this afternoon with the law already on the mild to 1 look to mid 60s across a good bit of the event will begin from = santa rosa 53 even warmer still daily city at 70 degrees it depends on where you are aware wicking of to mild temperatures as low interest really after the world looking denied it to near 100 for the bay shoreline with 100 + the 6:00 were still looking at temperatures in the '70s and '80s as to go to bed tonight will have to wait about 10:00 or so before the draft things that go to the '70s and overnight will bring it back down to the '60s one of three to 1 05 even 1
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06 to canada where you are careful with your style of the sun find air conditioning and possible push off in the outdoor work until letter on it will be out on the bay area today. >>james: 95 in oakland this afternoon 99 in hayward 93 and downtown san francisco warm enough for bird selectors for today. . >>michelle apon: santa rosa reached 100 degrees bidding old record of 99 haywood 97 degrees meeting of the old record of 91 the oakland airport warmed up to
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mid-90s bit of the old record and south of the day might rest on the record of 95 including 298 degrees, the next hour will be talking about the potential for some new records for today. >>james: supported what the sticking around to the inland valleys today tomorrow and into friday we did a little relief for the bay and closed beginning as soon as friday and when will be the inland valleys get their relief. >>george: this kid to go with a is a westbound highway 24 for some of the morning accident like a fair run across road in the westbound direction is already been slow of lafayette a pleasant hill road and alum may was a bomb so traffic coming from 680 southbound adjutancy here in the accident and hay
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were some 80 and a street this involves a big rig into a few of the cars of blocks believed it was and is a reporter by the chp to be blocked more than one lane in you to see it is backing of the ride down it is southbound into san leandro and almost into oakland of getting the average is the bay bridge back into the macarthur maze 26 to 28 minutes from highway 24 at a still better than 56 minutes or looking at a guest today your trip to the san mateo bridge and
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highway 92 a slow one in fact stop look at this was to bomb and even though we're incident free on the bridge this of the condition was was to have to contend now almost daily. >>george: of golden gate bridge at the clearing of the northbound problems we're in the late free across the stand in getting into iran the of the richmond bridge the back of not just a bit beyond the richard park when about 14 to 16 metric time over to san rafael. >>mark: my cup of the ticket and a former san francisco mayor devon nilson what he was mayor of san francisco issued marriage licenses there was was released
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from jail yesterday spend five days behind bars for refusing to the judge's order to issue their licenses to same-sex couples- this is just in the deputy clerk of such a system of granting those mayors licenses even in davis tells him to stop officials are trying to figure rubble caused the british airways jet engine to burst into flames on takeoff it was just before seconds before takeoff
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and the pilot was quick enough to stop the once he saw the smoke in your concede the flames that will are the airline does have a guest and lost biggest just exploded british airways flight 2267 was supposed to be bound for london never left the ground the pilot for gillette spotted flames and smoke aborted the takeoff and seconds for getting the first list air-traffic control emergency chutes were deployed in the past and this led to the ground three backed away from the plan and no one was seriously hurt seventh was to
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happen today a suspect hit-and- run driver who jumped off the bay bridge to get away from police is due in court when it got there and they saw hard jump would secession jump the bridge railing then she swam to shore and hitched a ride on to a dump truck heading to san francisco the police said all the while she was drawn to face the charges for felony hit-and- run of vehicular theft the u y and resisting arrest. >>mark: the state assembly voted yesterday to send the bill back to the senate for final vote the bill required dickerson the to maintain in this is directed to for workers and volunteers have been vaccinated for the flow the characters will certain medical or health conditions will be
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exempt because of the california and at the one of the strictest vaccination loss for schoolchildren in the nation. >>darya: of sort suspect is still, los the 21 year-old to 27 your pager espinoza as low as 36 your miguel de la rosa the robber arrested in connection with the stabbing that happened and 30 monday night in a 300 block of beech tree in santa cruz police found two men from san jose who was stabbed in that fight is the inside wall just a short distance from santa cruz beach boardwalk one was hospitalized with serious injuries and the other was hospitalized and later released.
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>>mark: the pope's appearance september 26th and 27 at the world league of families in philadelphia if you can get your tickets toward meeting 20 $15 or 4/ticket could for limited to for each. >>darya: to woman with $20,000 on a lottery ticket but now she's been denied the money sea was behind the coming of.
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>>mark: the list is broken into categories destructors to and of the powers of the zebra the and the spurs for the top the list of this crap 11 different reporters in a closed over and amazon.
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>>mark: watching wall street in the dow jones industrial average falling as way of correction territory the dow was up over 18,300 early this summer. >>darya: you really did not win that exactly what happened to a woman she bought a lot of tickets at a grocery store and virginia each crest of the numbers and she won she went to turn the ticket in because the winning ticket and the lawyer said that was a mistake the machine that issue the ticket, the ticket in the wrong spot the winning numbers the she had on her ticket ride to part of the next ticket.
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>>darya: from the compound but the rally there investigating but so and it was the next ticket was is not exist which no one got because is not part of the mexican. >>james: then i want to give relief until sunday and monday san francisco will be hot-is a quick attempt to graft and was once the in the city 93 expected high this afternoon is expected
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to be awfully one is arrested down to the financial district for perhaps not near the ferry building where or right now.
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>>mark: did not want the kids out in that talk of a with the advisory the schools the getting in the south of the brand of high school at 1110 prospect 1130 was my high school at 11 fording you to see how hot is
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going to give. >>james: for them and despair valid 100 + in the north bank down to the south of san jose 100 that is where a high school the the levels alit temperatures anywhere from hundred and hundred and 4 lead on this afternoon.
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>>james: there is an advisor in effect once again the entire bay area enclosed the coastline which was the case yesterday about an hour with some class getting started 7:00 and to the editor of our pressing temperatures in the mid to upper 60s general with a few locations in the low '70's 11:00 a.m. and for no lunchtime recess were looking into possibly upgraded to near nine for the bay shoreline line these to mid-90s in and by 3:00 this afternoon another day of just really blistering hot weather is specified in the balance will be a 206 the sum of hot spots. >>james: along the bay shoreline another day of mid to upper 90s to the potential for even a few hundred along the waterfront a lot of those communities are
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unprepared for heat like this will contract in this forecast will come back to 15 minutes to talk about will report to see the hottest temperatures and will give more specific when will this end the to the question. >>darya: there's actually official: centers with and have that life and you have listed all that the public appreciates at the walnut creek to the head of the civil park community center they know you're using them for is a cooling center and is meant to be all this week pleasanton as the call incentives as a library on o'brien avenue at the senior center on solo boulevard the city officials will have water air conditioning in place to watch tv the confident if you can get all the information on the go about the weather and traffic with the mobile office is to download it is free.
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>>george: it used to be a meeting in iceland on that the bay bridge around 545 the then for the last several months they've been coming on at 530 and with the return to school this the same if not the killer is in full swing we're saying hot spots like this accident was not on highway 24 to the faculty for menaced the current drive times a walnut creek out to berkeley this morning with this is also backing of the ride on 680 in the southbound direction with more than double
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the trip time since the committee began for the ride on 101 or tracking the bridge ride here we're not looking at a 26 to 28 minutes trip time to the bay bridge all of the approaches are slow again the drive times are have with it were yesterday extremely slow is 24 minutes across the span that another seven to nine minutes between hayward and san the sale for those stretches of 92 for lyft and half hour ride track in the ride to the richmond bridge westbound traffic now that the just the on the richmond parkway but again not as bad today is yes to them or conditions were so slow that it was backed up all the way to harbor way.
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>>will tran: today is exactly 150 days from the super bowl san francisco work hard for the bay area of it is come to town is a big moneymaker everyone is talking about it and it has done even started as a sinkhole of
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the nfl the superable some average game that happens every year not to mention you get it on and on legends this is the place to bees and is perfect.
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>>: in a bid to the torso run some zones kid activities and i always a lot to do. is going to be seen live.
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>>george: you waiting this
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morning if you're heading to the bay bridge for about 34 minutes now out of the macarthur maze even 22 minutes back of the drive time to san francisco. >>mark: he will be honored by the fremont school board to nine the senior students tommy all, was at the 7-eleven lasted 44 found the wallet on ground he opened and founder was cash inside of it as a second among he returned to his teacher.
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>>darya: symbolizes the of the transformation it was taken at the scope to challenge is the video of this and the thamar with the olympics over the years so that is why someone chose this. >>james: it is one to be great but allow how do not forget the sunscreen.
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sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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>>gary: most of them just terrific and what they're done to the sport and it is one of the great success stories ever. >>darya: that, does not only a short sleeve shirt their more liberal but this is praising it as 90 degrees with the heat index and feels like a hundred and he's in the usual suit.
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>>darya:. >>gary: no son is dead at 8:00 so football season starts tomorrow the super bowl as a for five months away live this morning a synthesis of celebrating to both 50. --superbowll 50
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>>gary: a super bowl was a super bowl but a lot of interest around here is wanted and on how the 40 niners do. >>gary: and they have a good year and everyone stays out trouble and all the echoes within that will aid in the interest in the feel-good store is with the 49 as duke the previous four months.
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>>darya: we found this on the red bubble that come all the dead was aware your appetite the mayhem that much more famous. >>darya: they want this part air
7:52 am
from the buckeyes so bad and that they want to fit into our car for men cell does not look like it did. >>darya: troubled you still of the 49 incinerators decided all the fan said and the campaign the really going to tank still if you buy a ticket for game we want to see the best players out there.
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>>gary: he is out there helping rubbing shoulders and elbows with the lombardi trophy as well. >>gary:bye.
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>>james: the sun will become awfully hot, add on this afternoon as temperatures quickly climbed the moment we see 69 san francisco warm in their 60 in san jose with a loss of is a daily sitting out in the east bay there was a mix of low to mid '60s right now convinced it will see them all turned up the heat in the inland valleys to 100 to 1 05 potentially in some spots the south of the dinar to the east bay all included in that given course of the bay shoreline the -200 employes of lexan the sale 93 in downtown san francisco to them things will eventually cool lawful have to wait until almost as a beginning of next week. >>george: where back to work and back to score the tech a quick look attractive there have been now for the ride through the east bay 6 '80s out to west 24
7:57 am
we have tax and is now in the san ramon valley as well as here on highway 24 because overcome problems of the tournament's ride is jammed up on 880 south from plenty of slowing care for the south than 4101 the stress interstate 280 into the northbound direction and the bridges are quite so you're the look of the bay bridge ride west down completely backed up into the macarthur maze the issue of freeway in the number of approaches are also slow will of the drive times for the bridge coming up on my next report if. >>darya: which could see gas prices go down even more experts said the prices could dip below 2 50 gal. by christmas does because refiners to be switching over to the cheaper one to the lan beginning september 16th average price down to bay area $3.30 to down 1/4 to 25¢ less
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>> mark: more triple the temperatures cause in lots of problems. >> darya: the dry conditions are making it harder for firefighters. >> darya: we are tracking the heat again today. it will be a hot one around a bay for. he waved along the week. the temperatures will be well over 100 in some areas. >> mark: the worst is around the bay where people do not have air-conditioning.
8:01 am
>> james: as you head out the door for work or school it is clear and sunny and in some cases already warned. san francisco is closing in to 70 quickly and other places have been in the '70s already. temperatures just outside your door art in the mid to end quickly climbing at the upper 60s. we are going to warm up to at the upper eighties around the bay and then inland we will hit the '90s around lunchtime. made
8:02 am
up for nineties around the bay shore and inland valley we have 100 degrees to 106 degrees. this out the two will see extremely high temperatures which will make it difficult for glasses and schools and the santa clara county. >> mark: temperatures are forcing some schools to let students out early. >> reporter: here the first bell just rang at lee high school. they will have a short day today and tomorrow because of the dangerously high temperatures. most of the class and still have air-conditioning. all outdoor activities are also being
8:03 am
canceled. >> we have a thesis paper fans because there's no air- conditioning. i'm not really focused because i keep thinking about how hot it is. >> we will just have to watch film in the locker room. everyone wants to practice but we understand safety issues. >> reporter: several other south bay high schools will be sending high school students home earlier than usual. random at 1110 prospect at 1130 and others similar to these time. in the
8:04 am
next hour you'll hear about parents school closure affects them. >> darya: it sounds like that kid was a football player? >> reporter: yes >> mark: there might be cooling centers set up to help bbb he. beat the heat. some of these are located at community centers or libraries or senior centers. you can take the kron 4 forecast with you in the mobile application.
8:05 am
>> george: with el nino coming i have a friend who is roofing and he says they have been slammed because so many people are getting ready for the storm. i'm glad to be here doing this. the right coming out of concord in and out of walnut creek are slowed down. there is a 65 minute trip time southbound on interstate 880 out of san leandro to corridor. here is our foreign crash with a solid line
8:06 am
of traffic all the way down. the san mateo bridge and the northbound 101 also slow. the bridges have been slow enough. let's look your day ride. the traffic is of very slow in to the macarthur maze. out of the macarthur maze we're seeing an even longer back up. here on 92 san mateo bridge we see 32 minute drive times out of hayward. >> darya: of baltimore city board has just approved a 6 44
8:07 am
million tryout with defense attorneys asking for a change of the jury. >> mark: there is a gas pipe break in san bruno and killed eight people and the level the part of the neighborhood. after the explosion pg&e would instigate a safety program. some people want of a higher penalty
8:08 am
imposed upon pg&e for these kind of accidents. some want the panel the to be as high as $1 billion. >> darya: this fire that you see, the evacuation orders have been canceled. it is now 70 percent contained. on your right you concede to fires merging. one home and to outbuildings were destroyed. as new fires 50 percent contained. >> mark: the woman was burke was killed on her way to work.
8:09 am
police say she was shot multiple times while sitting in her car. family said the woman lives planning on becoming nurse. >> darya: apple stance see what new things are far out from the company. speculation leads of that to use new things to die pad and movements apple tv and that operating systems. the tech reporter gave sleigh will be here sen. >> mark: a plan person the flames in los angeles. plus
8:10 am
something will be a little different with your egg make muffin. more next
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over the next 10 years. slow and steady wins the race. >> james: here's a quick look at where we're going in concord where temperatures are warm up >> james: here's a quick look at where we're going in concord where temperatures are warm up to 105 and more next. [female announcer] through sunday, during sleep train's mattress price wars,
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>> mark: is a call morning here but can't start to the day. >> james: gradually beginning tomorrow we will see a little relief on the coast and the next day a little relief in the bay and then the week and we'll get some leaf as well. the difference between this map and today, we include the coastline which now is part of the advisory. there are no clouds whatsoever over the entire
8:17 am
stake--staked--state. we have 68 degrees and 69 degrees in livermore and daly city is up one degree to 75 degrees. every location here is in the triple digits. 106 sunnyvale 100 in san jose 104 in morgan hill. we have won a 64 livermore and brownwood and walnut creek and pleasanton. but some bayshore
8:18 am
communities will be at 99 to 100 degrees. gomes of go >> michelle: will set some records later this afternoon with the very high temperatures . many of these records will be broken by seven to 10 degrees. no matter where you are it will be very warm later this afternoon. >> james: how much longer will be warm, is the next question.
8:19 am
in the next three days will see conditions letter just as hot. we will see relief for the coast line tomorrow and relief for cosine tomorrow. from hot temperatures tosspots we have george. >> george: right now we're not looking at any specific accident better time anything is out. the short freeway drive time is 36 minutes. out of former cricket is a 36 minute drive time. the right here on the nimitz freeway southbound 880 within over one hour drive time of 68 minutes.
8:20 am
here in the south bay we have 101 northbound back up. by the peninsula there is a northbound access at burlingame. your drive time out of nevada is 42 minutes, which is unusually high. at of the maze we have a trip time of 36. and fortune to the richmond bridge once again today it is slow. how this problem from across the span close to northerner and--no.
8:21 am
marin. >> mark: there is a big apple than today with ceo tim cut. kron 4 new reporter >> gabe: slate will be giving us more details. >> gabe: i just pulled up here. i will get some video later. it is quite a spectacle as he moved rotations. their tons of media taking pictures and the building is very decorated. with the new
8:22 am
iphone will have this new force of touch technology with this spring to the difference between a cat and a deep grass which might bring a quick command your favor applications . the camera will probably get beefed up. we're thinking at 12 mega pixel cameras. it could shoot 4k video. the other rumors are that a pink iphone might be released. they might be made out of the stronger alloy. there are
8:23 am
rumors floating around about a giant ipad. the big news today will be with apple tv which will be in new streaming box. this is one of my personal favorite devices but remote-control is very frustrating and i hate it. there'll probably be a new remote control and redesign of the device. that might end up being a bigger deal but this point, how much better can the iphone really get? some of these
8:24 am
funds are really reaching their peak of what the technology can do. >> darya: think you gave >> mark: start your job before 9:00 is considered torture by one a source. we'll talk about the bay bridge toll plaza and whether when we come back after the break. it's, it's positive thinking. and teamwork. yes. okay, so we, were going downtown...
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>> darya: forcing people to work before 9:00 a.m. is similar to torture. as is according to leading sleep expert dr. paul kelly. he is at oxford university. people under that age 65 who work nine to five are exhausted and stress because of sleep deprivation. this could lead said lack of sleep and
8:28 am
memory and alcohol and drug abuse. for older children--was as close to me?--to age 55 is a- time were those early hours of sleep are most needed. whoever worked before 9:00 might hazard pay. this is all major problem for day care. because of course everyone has worked. >> james: there is still the key
8:29 am
advisory and if you're not careful you could get heat exhaustion. >> mark: there might be a more invasions' of hands and what you see them in your home ♪ y're unpacng ae? yeahhelpe fi sommugs.
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>> darya: did triple digit he is the big story which has hit the bay for second day today.
8:32 am
>> mark: some schools are letting out early because of the heat. here's what is happening advocating union high school district today. many high schools are getting out before noon. outdoor student activities are cancelled for most schools. >> darya: we just haven't gotten a break with the way it is wearing on this week. >> james: just by herman plaza there a lot of people swimming to a stay cool. it looks by 3:00
8:33 am
p.m. in room 92 to 93 degrees by the shoreline. bring some sunscreen to protect your head and the rest of your body. >> george: will talk about that in the next >> darya: the super bowl 50 tickets are on sale now. >> reporter: forget about hotspots, these are cool spots. the ticket sales will kick off at noon. there will be eight
8:34 am
vince lombardi trophies here. fiber from the niners and three from the raiders. then at pier 35 and then there'll be other players signing autographs. look at this how. big is this experience. there is 150 days to the super bowl, super bowl 50. we get a couple of years ago. 99 bay area athletes and high school have participated in the super bowl. tom brady and james
8:35 am
jones are from the bay area. marshawn lynch is also from a bay area. this season hasn't even started and there is already a huge fan activity. free free free and nfl nfl nfl. this is the place to be. >> george: right now it is not about any particular hot spot, rather the whole bay area is a hot spot. we're looking this slow traffic. we're back into a
8:36 am
macarthur maze on to the berkeley kerf with 36 minute drive times out of the maze. from here to the bridge and then over to foster city and then from foster city to a one-on-one with a huge backup. on the richmond bridge from harbor way across the bridge to san rafael is 26 minutes. the ride on 880 southbound from oakland and san leandro southbound with a current drive to five of 68 minutes from san leandro and
8:37 am
highly to 37. >> darya: the hot weather is bringing in dance out of the backyard into your home to look for water. californians have reduced their water use by 31 percent. so during the summer that answers rely on the lawn water but now that it is on there looking for a new water supply which is in an your home. professionals say ansar hard to get rid of and that this will be a constant battle to the key is over. >> mark: bifurcatthere is much discussion over the syrian refugees that fleeing and how
8:38 am
many will be allowed into the united states. that united states has accepted only about 1500 refugees. this is only a tiny bit compared to the 11.5 million refugees who fled the company. in year five and a thousand immigrants are expected to leave. >> reporter: a new iphone and ipad and apple tv will be discussed
8:39 am
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♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪
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>> darya: officials are trying to figure out what caused a british airplane engine to burst into flames. british airways fligh 2002267. >> we are coming off the landing. heavy fire services are on the way.
8:42 am
>> darya: everybody got off okay. inspectors were on the scene in about one hour after the incident. >> george: a much longer year than usual back up is on at this and mateo bridge. more next.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> mark: the news stories are on the wildfire in fresno forcing evacuations in the sierra. >> darya: and an assistant football coach now suspended on criminal charges could fall upon his to texas football players. we're losing tell of how the temperatures are getting! >> james: we have high-pressure sitting over california with
8:46 am
clear skies across the entire stake. you can see what is waiting new with nothing but sunshine no matter where we looked. all quarters of the they are working up to warm conditions. we're seeing 70 degrees in the east bay area. temperatures are quickly approaching mid '70s for some of the cooler areas. around midafternoon you can see the colors on the map tell you where
8:47 am
it is hot, which as you can see it is up to the coastline for today. inland in all directions we will be dealing with triple digits. inland we have 100 to 103 degrees or similar temperatures across the whole area. this is they to into the heat wave. >> michelle: we will not see
8:48 am
relief until the weekend of these heat conditions. we will stick with the triple the he art for the rest of the week. luckily we have temperatures getting slightly milder as the week goes on. the sea breeze will return by bringing that the humidity sold '80s and '90s will still be very hot. >> george: the traffic is backed which started yesterday which returned from the labor day holiday weekend. today there are big traffic loads. the bay
8:49 am
area's drive into macarthur maze even will be on the east bay wins with the drive time of the nit bids 22 minutes. the back of this of interstate 880 from a the golden gate fields. right then 92 and 880 interchange at highway one no one. the northern iran camille has been slower than usual tracking of birds of 40 minutes. the richmond region into marin county with a big x to harbor way and the drive time of 30 minutes or more.
8:50 am
>> darya: you apple fans have some new technology to look at. >> reporter: apple is set to unveil a new version of the iphone and possibly a new apple tv and the new ipad. that has not sparked started but we have some ideas. the iphone is ready for its annual read the. i'm looking forward to buying of the new iphone. since last year
8:51 am
brought a major redesign expect to see just incremental improvements. he has enjoyed and i have an apple iphone and his camera is much better than mine . there will probably get a wide angle lens for sophie's.-- selfies. one wild card is for such--force touch. it seems like a natural upgrade for of the iphone. one casemakers seems confident of the new pink
8:52 am
collar. this event in san francisco towards a 10:00 p.m. pacific time--10:00 in the morning. >> mark: political news with the news about might have to be. hu ckabee says that the san francisco actions are very similar to the allegations against kim davis. >> we were never in the contempt
8:53 am
of court. we were doing a same- sex marriages but when the court order came back we listened. >> mark: him davis said her religious freedom said she can follow which was she wants. this morning a deputy clerk was issuing licenses and was afraid she'd go back to jail. >> darya: you can see in the
8:54 am
midafternoon is well over 100 degrees in the inland bay. there is a widespread heat going non during day to of the heat wave. [female announcer] if the most challenging part of your day is the staying awake part... ( gun shot ) sleep train has your ticket to a better night's sleep. because when brands compete, you save. through sunday, during mattress price wars, save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. but mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> darya: thousands of tickets will be made available at 1:00 this afternoon and then at 5:00 p.m. for those who want to see it the the pope, to the world meeting of families. this is for a family--meeting on the family . >> mark: when the this is sold in canada in japan. winners and
8:57 am
losers and wall street, will talk about losses of $9 billion problem for yahoo!. will attack we will talk about schools and temperatures when we come back.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>michelle apon: mainly in an unmarked and the south to become the temperature or to continue to he dubbed her the governor of the heat advisory posted for
9:00 am
today from 11 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. that is when we have hot temperatures out there that includes much of the island spots including coastal spots to an attempt to appoint to be well above what they should be for this time of the here with that being said to have a warm day in store this war stand right now we have to have been seven is if you are heading into san francisco across the bay opened at 69 degrees if you are and plan on its upper 60s san jose red none 69 degrees if your car from the threat of such a said one of just a little bit more right now it's a low to mid '60's not let 71-chemical and out the door can attempt to this continue to give up as in the closer to launch our plans to mid-90s for those in the spot copper '80s to run 90 across the back and if you are crossed the coast cannot some resistance to its ultimate '80s. >>michelle apon: triple digit heat into the afternoon were talking about 106 for the
9:01 am
daytime high and those in locations plan also mid-90s again sunshine will not have these temperatures last all that will start to cool down just a little bit but not enough to release and he department now if you're watching the last hour we talked about what impact is what i guess they just about 150 degrees earlier yesterday afternoon but this morning if you want to know what was called the spots were worth of the optical a temperature swim 29 degrees and, about 29 degrees. >>mark: still is some high schools in the south bay getting out early and it is the heat they will the students to build a to get out of the dangers he before it is at its worst this afternoon. >>reporter: hear students have
9:02 am
been in class for about an hour and about three hours is going to be out again if this is all because of the dangerously high temperatures we're expecting to than today we spoke with students and parents here and parents might be a little inconvenience by the heat but they say in the early dismissal but they say it is all but i did take a look to what one had to say. >>: she had long planned and that mr. with the schedule is the right decision to do for safety and is really hot out here most of the class will generally have air-conditioning at this moment to see why really want early dismissal. >>reporter: prospects high- school leninist political and of a third was my high school at 1140 high school is will we live
9:03 am
in a student's go at 1140 lehigh's will be the best suited to go home at 1145 last the del mar high school will release their students at 1225 the schools here in the campbell union high school district will be allowed on their students to go home early today and tomorrow is the time to decide what it will to do on friday. >>darya: their cooling centers to go into if you do not have a seat in the kids do have to get out take a look at where there are some cooling centers a walnut creek at the civic park community center that is open until friday every day pleasanton is offering calling centers at the library on october have an and senior center of seoul boulevard they want to have water and air conditioning places to watch tv still with us and give our
9:04 am
mobile application we're not home and your computer or tv if you have the mobile device with a classifications and things and it's all about hot spots and whether about the news and in this case for to see there's any hot spots in traffic. >>george: this crash here as san antonio road has managed to back up the ride all the way into san jose and and is turned into a 32 minute trip time leading up from the 881 01 interchange just to get into power oct. to the northbound drive so is really grinding the slow the report to the scene to be having a store ride for the rest of the northbound trip because of early recovering problems if the tech a look first at the bay bridge ride finally a little better news as the backup has started to ease so were for the first
9:05 am
terminal instead of looking and on the third minute trip time 29 minutes now because it is so slow 11 walk from backing of the west about 92 ride in the richmond bridge a westbound slight improvement here with us still almost back to her boy to the usual 14 to 16 minute trip time is still close to the 24 or 26 minutes this morning out of richmond and into marin county. >>mark: today marks five years since the underground pg&e gas pipeline exploded in central eight people were killed 66 others injured entire neighborhood was leveled the memories are still vivid for many of the people live and the chris one neighborhood is so whenever to seven members of the explosion of the still difficult
9:06 am
to think about. >>mark: pg&e said the kid a pipeline safety of some of the negative they're not convinced the search continues for the person who killed a young woman employe of. >>darya: mr. westbrook was killed just over a month ago to 21 your had dreams of becoming a nurse i hope that last vision of
9:07 am
her haunts you until you turning yourself in was the firm is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >>darya: police and the east of they are searching for a man who tried to lure two girls into his car at happen in morocco yesterday afternoon near the middle public-school the mantle and to have lost his dog and the girls held for which they ran away to the school and reported what happened of them looking for a white man between the ages of 30 in 40 years old he has light-colored hair and it was short and it was last seen driving a white to brown pickup truck with a lumber right on and with a decal on the passenger side door to listen fearful residents about the kidnapping were a girl her early teens to walk alone around 9 this
9:08 am
morning she says a man called out to her and tried to grab her and pull toward the creek she escapes the attacker ran with the victims as the same man tried to lure her friend of alcohol on sunday but they ran when the attacker again the medium bed 51060 ball where raiders had an erection dark jeans. >>darya: 5 and today this hit- and-run driver of off the webers to get away from coffee to of course today choose the rest of sunday after the chp got tipped she was in oakland police said she cries the stolen car on the bay bridge last month and when they fifth moved in she jumped the bridge railing swam to shore hitchhiker ride on the dump trucks headed to san francisco and she was drunk this at the time she was driving nasa faces felony hit-and-run vehicular theft the u i and resisting arrest, a dramatic video showing of plant and and
9:09 am
catching on fire this on the tarmac a loss biggest will have more on the situation ahead charges will become from a pair of high school football players who attacked a referee during a game.
9:10 am
>>darya: take a look of these dramatic pictures of the fire of this happened yesterday in las vegas it was british airways flight 2267 is supposed to go to london but never made it off the ground and flatus for pilot spotted the famine aborted the takeoff for the incentives of as a is to get everyone off listen to the calm voice of air traffic control
9:11 am
>>darya: emergency chutes were deployed in this the to the ground where backed away from the plane and no one was seriously hurt the big changes are coming to macy's and the retailer plans to close dozens of stores macy's of the tentacles 35 or 40 with a call underperforming stores and they're expecting to shut them early next year to average nearly 800 stores far has already shut down 52 locations and open 12 new stores over the past five years no word on which the cases are going to close or how many jobs will be lost that all eligible employees were laid off will get some type of settlement.
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
>>george: the justice appeared isn't that amazing how every left the traffic backed up all the way into downtown san jose with a 32 minute drive times headed north from there to about another 30 minutes 25 minutes from palo alto from berlin game as we see a slight improvement. >>george: for the worst bomb ride for the san mateo bridge
9:15 am
and highway 92 a much better condition but we may still system slow and go for sometimes intermittent stop and go traffic the drive to underwrite about 20 minutes not lost a stand to settle 36 for the trip to the golden gate bridge water was a slow ride through north america and this morning that the no. 47 is still sluggish third person and renaissance a little olive oil down of off to spend no delays or problems and the bridge number is a 10 to improve with a still of the about two to two and a drive times consider the typical 40 minute commute on a rich man heading over to senator fell. >>michelle apon: 01 to show it was the outside as you haven't looked outside of the window
9:16 am
until sunshine one of the days ahead of the outside stay hydrated take until bricks one of the possible for much of the afternoon here would like to get ready for school in benefits after school violence our timber to clear one of the to located for those coastal spots operated across today at noon and if you're inland temperatures article on to the into the mid- 90s looking at the afternoon plan a some of you may still be headed home from school for 406 for the afternoon to specify those and limitations to the judge will continue to slow the cool down just a little bent final summit nine for those in the spot to a seventh still very warm clothes and locations.
9:17 am
>>michelle apon: santa rosa 100 hundred of 99 heyward 97 mid-90s the same because of record but to raise triple digit heat widespread across the reason san jose 100 degrees santa clara and milpitas 101 mountain view 98 degrees if you are an island and a triple digit heat and a few more degrees warmer than with the south is one have to the judge will be about 10 degrees cooler 95 san francisco 93 daly
9:18 am
city in half moon bay if some of cool spots on the map this afternoon to plan on submit '80s, by friday still the will triple digit temperatures the star scored on just a little bit of humidity will start to increase it will be very warm and humid this weekend if with mid-90s across the emmen spots. >>mark: wares and losers.--- winners and osers. >>rob black: we did all sorts of data if he new hiring was a little tree toward a to job openings in america it is something that also talks about turnover of people willing to quit if people will feel comfortable in their jobs the layoff this charges fell to 121% this is an indicator that
9:19 am
the chairman for the likes to take a look at the is a post on the market for this job for less and expected to but that is one to realize higher for and implement rate is a seven year low of 5.1% below the slot and opens out there that will fill the ways rosa been endemic with a way to what happens a lot of of the corporate profits as far as margins of it will not live said but this part of a cycle of the jobs report.
9:20 am
>>rob black: you to sit opposite in a bit of a problem the stock is down 45% for the year while the s&p 500 is down and consider them up performance against the market, she would of been fired or if she didn't have the core business value is said nothing
9:21 am
could will soon they wanted to act as a president of cool to advisor will be the company this fall will have tax consequences for the current president-a trump the titles
9:22 am
are rising and interest rate that economists out of who was a to a fan in may says the third year fixed mortgage rates above 4.3% in the 2016 thing about 15 months of the move was or for some forward this today if not too shabby. >>rob black: into the clinton close long senate comes to was a car that and thousand dollars on an available clitorises a
9:23 am
thousandths is not going to make much difference the reason you may want to keep it open to specific wanted buying a house or a car to get a credit card for 1020 years of college is a 20 year-old, and credit-card companies like seen credit company's lexington you have an account since the to have been missed or blown or messed up if you see you have a controlling 20 of the credits or rafts to go up it depends on recall the new cards versus the old ones. >>mark: is distrusted the annual fee is a you want to cancel the will waive annual fee for the year may be too every bit of negotiable everyone to two years to call your cable company in said the cycle for new package.
9:24 am
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9:26 am
>>darya: he felt to the ground immediately he used a racial slur the official cell different story one place of san antonio's high-school star is a game referee in the backed off and then the second player strikes the video clips have a watch on on millions of times and just few days.
9:27 am
>>reporter: both have been suspended from school the video does not appear to tell the whole story also velez the games refereed directed to different racial slurs to the jets football player during the game began comply has been identified with the concept of
9:28 am
the poor people so on and any statement from me will come at a later date. >>mark: still ahead of the giant bay area beer company fifth is being bought out by another giant beer company.
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>mark: arriving charlotte leasing schools and the campbell union high school district letting out early because of the heat ran high prospect was on
9:31 am
all getting out before noon today as well as the boredom the high and getting out 1140 and tomorrow night getting on the 1225. >>michelle apon: which is less know what the service has issued a here advisory for today when it continue on into tomorrow temperatures of going to be dealing with the hot temperatures for a good amount of time they're on to above average for this time a year
9:32 am
with that being said we are starting to one of at 931 this morning is your san jose this morning or even in this optimal to mid-70s if your inland temperatures range from 60 to the '70s when one spots across the delta fairfield as 79 degrees in the north bank will have the ultimate seven is as of renown temperatures will continue to hit the we're expecting to a prodigious heat-- triple. >>michelle apon: the east bay shoreline mid-90s and upper 90s across the hayward a very beautiful shot very light winds
9:33 am
as of right now from typify to the plaza plenty of events going on is to us at 11:00 to the judge will be into the mid '80s tim to quickly one of the lower 90s. >>george: his live-in tracking hot spot normally by this time it probably is not nearly as much as you'd like if you're one of those commuters and is about to leave a house looking for the lighting usual traffic but it sure freeway for example it is still slow here coming down from hercules to berkeley from there
9:34 am
you then have to contend with the bay bridge ride and we're still backed up into the macarthur maze while we did see the drive time ticked down below 30 minutes now they're back above they're attracted a 33 minute drive time for the bay bridge camille out of the macarthur maze for this was a mantra from here we're going to 92 were we just updated the drive times again and will attract about 26 minutes trip coming out of hayward all the way out to san the sale will spend about 90 to 20 minutes of that time crossing the bridge itself. >>george: here receive traffic still bathtub and is backed the be on the richmond parkway but not all the way to carve away any longer the drive times down between 18 and 22 minutes into san duracell.
9:35 am
>>will tran: his to lose at 150 days to super bowl sunday if this is sent to clear as if we needed any more reason to get lathered up possible experience will begin as known as 11:00 will have the san experience so much going on we know the steve young and all the raiders and on the legend will be here to talk about the super bowl and the bay area it to see there is a band of the here there be a concert or stage will be a concert tomorrow and looked at this look of the gold card five from the forty-niners this against dan
9:36 am
marino and the to get a little technical. >>will tran: what is the official term for that shaped it
9:37 am
is a great way to learn sparked interest of children and a be going into these fields in the future, you also to take pictures how cold they you can take those with eight lombardi trophies.
9:38 am
>>mark: los angeles office joins san francisco and boston than in smokeless tobacco and ballparks to repair an ordinance that would ban the product from am to professional sports venues the proposal cited findings in the cdc that high school athletes use smokeless tobacco nearly twice as much as non athlete council members hope the ban will reduce reduce teen smoking. >>darya: telephones to reduce water use by about 31% a lot of that the result of your now wonder yards so with no water in the our they're looking inside during the summer and they are
9:39 am
going to be a problem for a lot people is what's the problem record the job we did not know when that is when to end. >>darya: this is part of the bowls in from the edge of the floor board you put the baby powder.
9:40 am
>>darya: of the nose for fraud in this morning. >>mark: the u.s. is willing to take in at the crisis their worst when a new video of the terrible situation where hundreds of frustrated migrants broke through police lines and hungry they're not mosasaur roxbury and afghanistan the consent of the comfortable conditions and not knowing will happen to the next for you is a mix of about 1500 syrians for all serious for have this civil war for is a tiny percentage of 11.6 million for people who fled the country there is an award in this one in seven refugee crisis for not going away in about 500,000 migrants have into your office your lawn mostly from syria and libya. >>mark: local deal here with a problem of a slab aeneas'
9:41 am
emerging of heineken the dutch brewer buying a 50% stake in la when it this is the fifth targets like the natives and farms craft bore and a u.s. the volume is also sold in town this weekend in japan the new deal will allow the to be exported to a more global markets. >>darya: a did agree to california colleges could affect about 80,000 student will tell you who have their information compromise gas prices as low as we've seen in years that could go even lower will tell you why.
9:42 am
9:43 am
>>george: look for example of this ride through oakland on the nimitz freeway hall went on interstate 580 to the macarthur maze updating the drive times
9:44 am
you can see coming in now 2526 minutes for the committee out of san leandro of the to downtown oakland and then of course were still backed up into the macarthur maze will update the bay bridge drive times coming right up >>mark: a different universe is were affected by the sec include some state maritime academy informational stole from online sexual harassment prevention for the students were required to take the got away with information like e-mail addresses tender relationship status information also security numbers and credit card numbers were not affected.
9:45 am
>>darya: it is imported from the keep an accurate pitch count.
9:46 am
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9:49 am
their wedding for the big event and we expect for the new i from expected to have the cameras in there and and force technology in closely it will have something like that the so far we're not really hearing that the lot of anticipation about a new trend in bath to unveil to will find no release
9:50 am
some it is a shaft and pink and my instinct tells of that is to women but you never know it and
9:51 am
checking and a hilly sending information as it happens >>michelle apon: still punishable skies no call this
9:52 am
guy if you're tech in the bay bridge maybe into downtown san francisco to a purchaser at from 72 degrees a handful of seven is across the entire base santa rosa fog of 74 your heading into the sitting temples will with a warm-up by the next hour plan also of the '70s for san francisco by 88 degrees and and temperatures will continue to heat up into the mid-90s the rest of the peninsula plans to triple digit he for the man peninsula to sign for redwood city on the other side because we have this upper seventies to mid to upper 80s the pentagon where your at this afternoon across the they will have mid-90s and oakland san leandro from 100 castro valley of hayward 99 this afternoon
9:53 am
plan also predicted heat is on to the very heart of saturday and have to be outside try to do everything early to even have to be in hot temperatures this afternoon will continue on with another he advised before tomorrow but will continue to stick to run for friday when it was such a subcommittee a slightly milder temperatures for the weekend warm and humid for in the spots those '90s for the weekend looking at some of the seventh floor is across the bay if you're crossed the coast for deafness to the sea breeze of a percentage. >>george: through the east bay where the nimitz freeway both northbound and oakland is still heavy as will the south bomb if
9:54 am
you consider the traffic coming out of san leandro still heavy into hayward s and 921 01 interchange still fairly slow scan the bridges are still bathtub the bay bridge still solidly backed up into the macarthur maze is a 22 to 23 metric * still from the nimitz freeway and still of some 30 men is coming out of the macarthur maze will take a quick break in the news will be right back to stay with us.
9:55 am
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9:57 am
>>darya: the precesses getting a facelift is for 2016 and changes are adding a better fuel saving this is a new pre is the total to lost vegas of they're saying you want to get 55 mi. a the beside the passenger room to to 24 in. longer and half inch wider.
9:58 am
>>mark: stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.. ask haso id whas cong. my tas - shuge t sonexpted. i'like a boxer ia ri. a sml bor. yodon'expe muc.. and en, am! i hit 'em th aholeloa crmys leftrigh uprcut leing ste ds.. licisly zzy! look! s toue iknocd ou
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