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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  September 11, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>mark: the reading of the names continue this morning after the moment of silence mark in the moment the south tower collapsed after being hit by an airplane >>darya: ramona's and the bay area happened today in the east of the lafayette slab of when to hold a 14th annual 911 remembrancer and candlelight vigils will have a large as overpass flock displayed in the state at high which would for
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the of the crossing at the 684 when. >>darya: candlelight vigil will be held at dusk in 911 eye witnesses point to speak at 645. >>will tran: the parade will begin at noon to be a half mile parade thousand people expected
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they were credited with stopping a terrorist attack the back in august 21st with zero on a train from amsterdam to paris they along with another american psalm of taurus on the triumph have ammunition ak-47 they have the honor by friends already with the nation's highest honor the legion of honor medal and
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the president have already called in to thank for the services both men said that these men along with the other people on board the train stopped a massacre of their advice to the come down here if you do make sure that defies the parking the that will be an issue perhaps the best thing to do support our way from downtown to walk to this location. >>will tran: the biggest parade that will happen is they're excited to honor these men taking a look at the heat to prodigious again we're going to see a start to back off today
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and. >>james: the size beginning to part with colors this morning fantastic start and you have an assistant at the sunrise and his neighborhood snap a picture posted on the facebook and e- mail it to as right now we see temperatures in the upper 50s for some all the way up to 70 degrees of as we run as a full spectrum temper is this more in by noon time will be once again and about 95 for the lunch hour and saw their upper seven is to near 80 degrees to some of our bay shores.
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hist >>james: the cool down slow to kick in the is happening cook for 82 were there to the bay shoreline schools and 71 out of the coast that is the way the day is shaping up more call it a crime tomorrow and more on sunday will lead them out for the tell coming up in about 15 minutes. >>george: the right out of the east of bay and seven of five the traffic is backed up into the macarthur maze but not all the way through the drive times in 21 minutes for the westbound ride and we are currently considered free for the trip out of the east bay into san
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francisco from the east bay to san mateo coming out of hayward we have not called any breaks had this is in the normal commute no friday like get for the san mateo bridge a 22 minute trip time now out of hayward and heading for foster city. >>mark: is only a 10% six homes and destroyed 15 homes threatened with a mandatory evacuation orders and place of
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pleasanton man shot and killed by officers in july and the report contradicts what the police department has been telling the family happen. >>darya: independent toxicologists found that there were not dropped present at the time of his death even the police had said the fed that thought he was under the influence when they responded in july to reports of his arm 19 year-old cresson a car dealership when the officers confronted him they said the demand for back seriously injured an officer they did
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reach out to the pleasantly the problem to see what had to say about this new report of the decline to comment. >>mark: in several locations the city put to a neighborhood of one rally was held like a park members of the community and police officers with their despite his arrest of three women never said there still upset is not ok for someone to write hate messages anywhere she
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was booked on five counts of felony crimes of five counts of felony vandalism have monopolies in the east that are looking for avarice 45 you're a man who was missing coulson was less than a long 1:00 yesterday afternoon on a matter boulevard in san leandro to settle this fall and a description as his 55 and weighs about hundred and 30 lbs. he was last seen wearing a white t-shirt and blue sweat pants and he uses public transit a lot especially bart bill look up to help police the the have not told us what is considered at risk is hoping someone could help find him. >>mark: 60 of to try to stop him but he took off crash into a car and then took off from and of the to the bay in the at&t park
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police said one for you to push some appear much consumers on both and even the police a wave runner or able to corner him and a crisis negotiator was brought in amendments to surrender peacefully to southern california and armed carjacker is dead after he ran to across a restaurant and held a is 4 ft. 4 hostage behalf of a tear from the lapd shall this high-speed chase off with officers with a mammoth office on before corn to the rest on fault of the tracks stolen car and then carjacked woman at gunpoint for the crash that scarf the swat teams won the restaurant and evacuate least seven people and the density stop the man once said of the hostages were safe the man's name is not and released. >>darya: 11 shootings have happened 12 days and now police
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are afraid there is a copycat children police have no suspects another getting help from the swat team of fbi and the governor of arizona to try and find a sniper this morning a source close to the investigation says a copycat may be responsible for two additional shootings and a different part of the state to the oceans have been misled one of their big investigated as separate incidents. >>: answer to remain alert and aware and we're going to find who is doing this.
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>>mark: tell you how the fbi was a will to stop it a live look from san francisco as we go to break at the commemoration is taking place around the nation and here in san francisco were fire stations are written in the names of the 343 in your city firefighters who lost their lives 40 years ago today. --14 years ago.
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>>darya: we're working it out to another day a you could see some clouds and political are ready. >>james: is an chris to clear in the wind has been absolutely nonexistent and we just and cooking under the sun on the one
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side we have santa rosa office = 49 this morning today is a different story will be hot however when i want to get into the hundreds like we did we make it there for livermore and for brentwood the majority of the east valley community should max out right there in a 97 to 99 degree range a local lawyer and
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95 declined five " would you can consider about hundred and five not too long ago this week the tech look at the broader picture this is what we've 94 and 98 degrees on average in the south bay morgan hill and give 200 and the north bay which of the '90s generally would not coming in and the warmer a hundred degrees as well. >>reporter: the 74 cast retreat
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and into the '80s into the inland location button clinics with the bay of bond no hot spots to track so far this morning time down 717 edge of a said earlier this is the only time this week said the monday holiday that we'd have a hot spot free morning up until now. >>george: drive times are grown in the 26 to 28 minutes for the westbound ride out of the macarthur maze and it is heavy on the is the approach with our still incident free on the span while there were still some problems in the early morning hours in san francisco there have not been any accidents on the bridge and falling the right to some separate to out of the east of the here and there has been no friday light at all for the san mateo bridge 28 minute
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trip times coming out of hayward leading up toward san mateo for the drive in and out of more and work through the fault of their no delays in the normal run ride is catching a break this morning we do not see the back of said the drive times running about 34 minutes of novato the rich and bridge however from the east into iran has backed off earlier than usual now up to 18 minute trip time from richmond into san will sell. >>george: as a look around the bay your trip time to the corridor now 40 minutes fans is added to the minister that trip time here in the south bay 101 ride is not bad and 28 minutes is a little better than usual from the no. 1 01 ride here is mid peninsula trafficked and even with the earlier contacts and and broadway the trip time out, out of the berlin game and still just 21 minutes.
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>>mark: since july 3rd ever was a for one reported case of salmonella in 30 states to all involved in the garden writer cucumbers from and in with some fresh produce and eight san diego to people follow also san the company was negligent they needed medical treatment after eating a tainted cucumbers last month. >>darya: 3 member nevada supreme court panel ruled there was no reason that he should have a new trial since his lawyers argued that his trial attorney mishandled the case and had conflicts of interest but the panel disagreed the 60 you're serving nine to 33 years in prison for box hotel room heist when he claimed he was a key item that was stolen from him
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after his 1995 acquittal in the death of his ex-wife and her friend to is not eligible for parole until 2017 the new shuttle system uses sensors to detect the festival the waves of receipt of large and quick it in the catholic the magnitude of the quake before the shaking even starts they said the system could be completed in the next three years the remembrance ceremony happening to a member the 911 attacks if the have chief johan wang speaking right now among those who also went for the mayor to speak.
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for all of us who remember 14 years ago and 3,000 mi. away seems like the distance but it is burned in our memories as an event that will never forget but most importantly that we take lessons from that and the continue to support our san francisco fire department our police department and our first responders and of course have our trinity's ready for anything that might occur to a to thank the chief and thank the commission's in the police chief and all those that work together to make sure i'm the our city is ready to take a
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moment to remember some specific names who were not trained * responders but whose names and families we know well. >>: we remember him and the people on that airline who determined that there were not going to let the terrorist fulfill their mission to the touch of some of those names of
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people there reacted in that event of all to say that as the trinity we understand the sacrifice the you're prepared to do were working in continuing to work with your chief a commission to make sure that this department the support the most importantly that the public appreciates in the work that you do every single than whether it is responding to a fire weather had it is an accident on the streets sick or whether you are on a very databases the sometime and our live basis treating those in need all restrictions lifted the opportunity to thank you and to let you know that those of us the city appreciates
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your role in our response and our sacrifice and and your readiness thinking for bank a member of a world-class fire department. >>mark: will be right back with a minimum of silence from new
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york city.
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>>mark: a spokesperson for the s.f. the u.s. is a utility company and inspecting more than a hundred 50 mi. of sewer line to reduce and a flood of the to to door of powerful storms officials also one of the public the small plants and cause the problems they're hoping the public help of some smaller issues coming of an unsolved murder in the east bank. >>darya: dozens of people still missing this morning japan following massive flooding while were scores are racing against a clock.
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>>james: for more people is plentiful great come later on this afternoon is want to get hot and the the release the coast and now bay shoreline community will start to feel a little bit, but on today is what a let up the golden gate bridge was sure of the contrast of sunshine is like out to is as to the to the north from san
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francisco to iran were looking at fog this is just isolated to the golden gate bridge at the moment a few spots along the coast in this as well but it is not a widespread event right now we're still seeing a pretty healthy mix of 50 isn't the coast 60s by the bank and even some low seventies in learned that the current condition by noontime should woman and then to about 95. >>james: 5 3:00 this afternoon class of getting out is a son to walk, this point are get along with after-school programs some of which may be outdoors still keep the extra water with you but she's dehydrated because we will be on the hot side in the upper 90s to good news is lunacies many 100 today as to get a lot of the relief and then half tempted by the baseline at 82 when the really cool down for the illinois schools that comes as we can and will market them
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out in detail coming up and just a little bit and also forecast have some of the green leather pushing in and talking about that to see if this indeed lead of sfo. >>george: here at the bay bridge the backed up now into the macarthur maze to 30 metric tons at the i am afraid this is the the normal problem free across a
7:33 am
span and lighting usual dry time for the marin ride here at the richmond bridge with looking at the back of the occurred earlier than usual is not beyond the restaurant are aware now cocky and 20 minute time for the west to bomb ride out of the east bay in heading over toward san rafael. >>mark: 22 people are missing after a deadly flood near tokyo police said three people already died fearsome helicopter rescuers cut taken place to a list of hundred 70,000 of the get to safety after a burst of bags of the tokyo this week after typhoon hundred and 15 people have been rescued as of this morning from the bracket rain for triggered widespread flooding after the typhoon
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passed through and japan's other indices at more flooding is possible the white house and to bring more syrian refugees to the u.s. 4 million serious are selling their homelands of the rafters by more than four years of civil war. >>darya: live welcome to my to the united nations points out america has given the largest share and paid a 10 year-old san leandro boy is so hostile that he was hit by a car on his way to school he agreed to let the sun ride his bike to school for the first time and even drove to score a lecture here drive safely.
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>>mark: the helmand likely saved his life they arrested the 40 grow driver of the sec for not having a valid driver's license. >>darya: never gunned down after a traffic accident in north oakland the reward for information leading to the rest of the killer has been increased filled hundred and
7:36 am
$25,000 fbi making the announcement also said that contributed 25,000 to the pot those affected by this murderer still hurting and they're still looking for answers. >>darya: florida man was arrested an alleged plot to bomb and nine in a more even and kansas city missouri and best this senate they're committed getting on line with an undercover fbi agent and told a to how to build the bomb using a pressure cooker and rat poison he also told is to put the bomb and nine in the morning in kansas city.
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>>mark: football season under way after brand images of total a lot pick to sign to the scratch of their heads this morning a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge or traffic is backed of course in the toll plaza. this is the dawn of an old day.
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>>mark: the dynamic a service to recapture was like a tornado on the surface of the sun the lower right-hand corner of the screen taxes twister is really a direct a mass of plasma astronomers said the so the cycle spa for about 40 hours earlier this month and tempers in the plasma storm were measured at about 5 million degrees. >>darya: here is a new total pictures taken by the new horizons spacecraft into the past the planet two months ago in this is the first look at a high-resolution images this said the images show complex landscape that is still developing and is a disservice to the total is much more complex and the first thought the picture shows the rv block of by wins but the scientists said this should not be impossible because has no atmosphere.
7:41 am
>>james: were looking pretty good outside a quick look at the san francisco with temperatures today to give up in the upper '70's to the really nice and comfortable it will be out there come from the ocean to allow cool breeze the full four passengers of a bid.
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time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey >>darya: the morning there have --gary. >>gary: even will ball's not deflated it was pretty good the at repair of the mets on then his. hands are his. >>darya: it was amazing and they call led a statement when you have to explain that to me because i know a statement ring.
7:45 am
>>gary: you can go through the offseason problems and you can deny the were the best team in football it to say that we cheated we get out on the field we're still no. 1.. >>darya: regarding katie israel and their assets the nfl says they provided all of that and it was the weather combined with
7:46 am
the power issues that made this short out. >>darya: it was not the timing pretty looks like he can his arm was alive he looked healthy and fantastic news a lot profanities line. >>gary: his bill for tv and we've talked about this where a baseball is on the radio cut lost that is why it is the
7:47 am
americans came as great on tv. >>darya: people were running around too much going on in the to the circles and highlights and we need to see it. >>gary: you're at the gym last night at 6:00 klay thompson klay thompson gave a brand-new car game tickets jerseys to one of the heroes of the world right now who lives in sacramento. >>darya: they foiled the train
7:48 am
attack that is on the train headed to france and happened on to become one of the heroes and spencer star on his huge warriors fan and klay thompson drove up and a brand-new car today fromhim.
7:49 am
>>gary: there's a tendency to say that makes so much money but it is the idea to take your time and you think about it have the presence in line to help someone that is really good supposed to set a record for the only thing ever to do our broadcast while taking pictures because the story and telling you right now there's a guy who was training to bird world record apparently in arizona cardinals star patrick hinson hold the record now and this person who was from india who wants to break the record and take more than 1449 pictures in one hour.
7:50 am
>>darya: with from the food store which relate to one to show you this is the way to make a piece of music college kids and they're trying to figure out how to do things on a budget.
7:51 am
>>gary: long was you attacked anchored to a delay have to add a record were looking for big national news san francisco anderson director.
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>>james: he said just a shot early in the more we talk about how great the conditions look to bring some rises to send pictures is to give a great shot in the neighborhood you can to if you have a pitcher ago had an e-mail to us if you'd rather just use the mobile applications to cook and pork and you can attach a pitcher on to the news from a great looking shot. >>james: the sun is high enough now and the toll was from the blue beginning to shine through some of the klaus temperatures at the moment 58 in san francisco illiterate warmer in oakland 61 there in the south when the mid-60s with 66 san
7:55 am
jose and 70 well livermore the was still the after the get to the 100 mark but far fewer to lead them to have yesterday's accord not as aggressively working its way to the inland valleys but get down to a handful degrees for not more so for the weekend take of the extended outlook in the eyes dropped almost 10 degrees tomorrow to help russia, the from the south the make things a little more human for us felicitations on the mama was nothing quite so hot. >>george: we've been in july and a hot spot for a rise so far this morning at this coming week to have so traffic the usual places and to bay bridge a forceful westbound ride here is backed up to the macarthur maze for holding about 29 to 31 minute drive times even from highway 24.
7:56 am
>>george: map of this money not quite a hurdle with the drive times of about 20 minutes here is equipped with a was been happening in the south in you concede that while we do have some red on the senses out of san jose out for cupertino this drive times at 24 minutes if is one of the best of the week in the same can be said for the north on 101 ride out of the cairo the valley and leading to montague as well. >>mark: the state high school exit exam could become to on and off state law mickelson of the bill to gov. brown that were suspended exam for the next three years and also suspends requirement is tutors it to pass the exam to graduate the with the promise of the complete all of a resurrection requirements to force said the tests are needed because the state is developing new test a line with, or standards.
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>>darya: they're recalling more than 1 million trucks because of problems with air bags to enter seven reported connected to the issue the recall may include the ram pickup from 2012 to 2014 and a second recall for the ram quantico that i have a short circuit caused the air bags inflate foot of the crash. >>gabe slate: for an elected one of the new iphone does what hit the market was showing a get top dollar for his soon-to-be own life on the the next. if [female announcer] if the most challenging part of your day is the staying awake part... ( gun shot ) sleep train has your ticket to a better night's sleep. because when brands compete, you save. through sunday, during mattress price wars, save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic.
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this is the bay areas news station. kron 4 news at 8:00 starts now. >> thomas carlo moody. laura lee.
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. >> abner. >> the names continue to be red of those killed on the september 11th attack. it happened 14 years ago today. >> thanks for joining us here. as we remember the 9/11 attacks in 2001 family members reading those names. we have been live throughout the morning. >> there are ceremonies happening right here in the bay area as well. let's go live to san francisco. >> reporter: i've been here at the station 7 here on 19th street to honor the 343 new york city firefighters who lost their lives during september 11th. the event game with a moment of
8:01 am
silence when the firefighter and department recruits came out here on 19th street. they lowered the flag to half staff and named all 343 firefighters who lost their lives this day 14 years ago. the fire police and police chief say this was important for the recruse to be here because they are the next generation of people who will run into burning buildings and save people just like they did on september 11th. a flag was hung from the wall of the pentagon to remember 9/11. that's the same wall that had to be rebuilt after a plane crashed into it on september 11th.
8:02 am
the flag ber gad is holding -- the crossing at the 680 freeway. a candlelight vigil will be held at dusk. the whole event goes from 4:00 to 8:00 tonight. that is one of many things happening around the bay. >> later today, victims of the september 11th attacks will be remembered in sacramento. they get ready for the celebration of these american heros. will? >> reporter: we are four hours away. you can see the flag half staffed to remember the victims of 9/11. this is a sweet day, a happy day as well. three young men, lifelong friends will be honored. thousands of people will turn out to say thank you for what
8:03 am
they have done. here is a picture of them. they were in europe at the time. their name anthony sad her, alek scarlatos as well as spencer stone. they were there along with another american who saw a terrorist attack right before their eyes. they subdued this man. one of them spencer stone was cut in the back of the neck. for their actions president obama called them to say thank you. france's president gave them the highest honor that could be bestowed on anyone. sacramento has been waited for a long time. joining me is mary. you are a resident here. your thoughts of these young
8:04 am
men. they are most famous than athletes. >> we think so. it has set us to be on an international stage. we are a great city. we have many wonderful amenities. >> reporter: when you found out, of all the places they could have been -- >> all three of them are life-long friends, they grew up in the same neighborhood they were travelling in europe and this happened. >> reporter: you have your phone ready to go. >> i'm ready to celebrate them and honor the day. >> reporter: thank you so much. they didn't plan on it for 9/11. it so happened all of the days, the times and schedules just happened to be on 9/11 so it
8:05 am
again is a bittersweet day. if you want to drive up, there is still plenty of parking. if you wait much longer that will not be the case. make sure you packed plenty of water. it is already hot this morning. >> thank you, will. we will check back with you. an update from james. >> we have our camera out here showing what it is like there this morning. we have conditions a little bit cloudy but not bad. earlier i'd ask for folks to send pictures for the sunrise. we have another great shot wanting to share with you here. this coming from -- i wish i could tell you. who ever it was that sent this in, fantastic shot. you can use our mobile app, it's
8:06 am
free. it has that button and send the image. here is your ready for school forecast. right now temperatures upper 50s to low 70s in spots. by noontime we will warm it up to the 90s in the inland. it will be hot for the inland valley schools. we should be hitting our peak temperatures and today it should be in the 90s. a little bit of break for you today with low 80s along the bayshore line. that is your ready-for-school forecast. i'll have your weekend forecast coming up in 15 minutes. what are you following george? we look at the east bay ride
8:07 am
from san leandro down to milpitas. they need a big rig tow. look what it has done for the drive time. 60 minutes. thankfully that is about the worse of it. the back up into the mcarthur maize. the san mateo bridge ride out toward san mateo also about 10 minutes. you will spend about 21 minutes on the span itself. if you are heading out of the east bay for marin county. for the with 580 ride. currently the drive time out of
8:08 am
richmond and heading toward san rafael. there is a massive wild fire keeps growing. now it is spread to calvary rus county. now it has grown to nearly 15,000 acres and only 15% contained. 1500 homes are threaten. fema is providing federal funds to combat that fire. san francisco preparing for el neen you. what demonstrators are accusing a store of. babies who are talked to from the time they're born
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in oakland a pro test after the beating of a customer. they chanted and held signs outside the store. they held customers trying to check out on the lines. the customer was trying to buy groceries. the guard beat the man unconscious. the man was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. you may want to think twice before putting your valuables in a hotel safe. this video will show you why.
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he demonstrates how it works. he finds a simple trick to pop the lock. there he goes. look how easy it was for him to do it. >> what is that a paper clip or something? >> it looks like a paper clip or something, we're not going to tell you. >> it's better than your open suitcase. >> i always use them. >> i do too. >> better than under the mattress. >> is nothing safe? we got your full forecast coming up. we have dave spar. we have the coverage on your beach forecast today. we are looking for a daytime high somewhere between 83-85 degrees. it will be much cooler than it has been all week. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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i'm ke smalboxe ng. you n't pectuch. anthenwham i hit m wi hug crmy gdnes righrountwo! brg itgirliend rich, eamy100%natul chse. ni bybel ack litt bigr. federal scientist are conducting a drought study. it's an attempt to gain insight of scarce water supplies. these springs bring -- this year it was lower.
8:16 am
officials say this years drier weather could be a preview of future droughts. el nino could bring much needed to the bay area this winter. there is a 95% chance that the el nino could last through the winter. the rain will help the drought in california but all that rain could also bring flooding. kron tells us how san francisco is preparing. >> reporter: the sewage system can handle a steady flow of water over a long period of time but a single storm could overwhelm drains and pipes. >> you get too much water into that pipe at one time and the water will flow right on top of the surface of the street. >> reporter: now that el nino is a real possible they have
8:17 am
stepped up efforts to be ready. they can make sure the one that is in place is to work like it is supposed to. >> to make sure there there were no inclusions that might prohibit from coming in. >> reporter: a trash bag blocking a drain could cause flooding the street. they hope the public will help. >> if it is safe remove that debris. if it doesn't, that's when you call the city at 311 and we will be out there. >> watch el nino building in. it could be soaked. >> i mean, number of years we have moderate of el nino. the problem is they don't have reservoirs, we do.
8:18 am
>> remember all the rains and flooding and then nothing. >> it would be great if they could collect the rain. it just goes down the storm rain. >> we need kind of like a reservoir, guys work with me. you think like this. >> water is the new oil. >> until water is $50 a barrel we will won't see anything like that. there is a slim chance we may see a sprinkle come saturday into monday. there moisture streaming up from our south. you will feel it in the air but won't see it falling. if you do it will be a light little sprinkle. it's really nothing much too that. right now we are seeing temperatures that are slowly beginning to -- we are seeing conditions out of the gold gate bridge. we had fog right up here through the front of the bridge from our
8:19 am
perspective. we can see more of the salesman as it connects with the marin side. temperatures in the city warming up a degree since i last check 58. san jose warming now 68 degrees. livermore -- here is your forecast for the peninsula. a warm to mid-90s ai don't say head along the peninsula. on the coast side it lot stay cool. we have a nice little ocean breeze. the relief will filter deeper and deeper into the valleys. we are looking at 100 still in napa, 101 in livermore. that is mostly about it. most lowcounties will max out in the upper 90s.
8:20 am
san francisco as i said 79. here we have your beach five-day forecast. i want to bring dave spar. >> reporter: good morning everybody. we are looking at temperatures still very pal thatable. still rad at the coast. santa cruz at 85. we do have tropical moisture working into this equation that affect the bay area too. we will have more humidity to content with. as you look forward to the beach about 79. a reporting station which is inland there. the beach should be good. pacifica. it looks very good. you might get that little
8:21 am
sprinkle. the bay pretty much about 80ish. we go back to 80s. but still for today we are the hot spot hopfully. george is that still holding for us? >> it is. the nimitz freeway ride on 880 here on the southbound direction. it was accident at thornton just south. and to head east toward niles canyon road. you head toward thornton that is where the accident is. it blocked the fast lane leaving us with a 60-minute drive time. the rest of your ride here not too bad. let's take a look at your commute to the bay bridge. still holding 28 to 30 minutes. the cash lane are starting to easy a bit for the westbound
8:22 am
ride. the 880 backed on the eastbound but no longer the westbound. heading toward san mateo still pretty slow here for the ride on 92. the backup still reaching nearly to the nimitz freeway and the trip time 26 minutes over to san mateo. heading to marin county for southbound 101. as it is friday we notice that the northbound lanes are a little bit more crowded than they are other days of the week. that is much the case this morning. look what the fog has done to the lens here. this smearing that collected on the lens. it's been a long time since we have seen that. for your eastbound ride leading to marin county still backed up beyond the richmond. 18 minute drive times into san
8:23 am
rafael. mark? >> reporter: several rallies were held yesterday. this is after john spray painted the words no more chinese. members of the community and police officers were there despite his arrest some people in the neighborhood are still upset. >> it is not okay for someone to write hate messages. >> that is unfair for us. it is scaring us. >> an attack against one of us it is an attack against all of us. >> five counts of felony vandalism. a mom in england was arrested for what she had planned for her daughter's 18th birthday. she rented a limo and enjoy a night on the town. to ensure everyone had a good
8:24 am
time she also bought 12 bags of cocaine and about 8.5 grams of total. luckily the police dogs sniffed it out before she could hand it out. the assistant decided to get into action. started to ask if president obama was upset that the republicans have agreed to back the deal then this happened. >> disapproval in congress. is the president upset that he couldn't not get one -- >> sorry. [ laughter ] >> siri responding i'm not sure what you want to change. >> that's funny. she can't do this, she can't do
8:25 am
that. she doesn't understand me. >> then i say some things to her that i can't repeat. a former beauty queen is getting in shape for the competition. challenging part of your day is the staying awake part... ( gun shot ) sleep train has your ticket to a better night's sleep. because when brands compete, you save. through sunday, during mattress price wars, save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. but mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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8:28 am
welcome back. a beauty queen has is a competitive eater. >> she is tipping them in water. >> they always do. she is a beauty pageant in new zealand. this is the start of the cheese burger eating challenge. it got tougher as the burgers got colder. she thinks she can do better. >> that's a lot of burgers for a beauty queen. >> that's my natural speed when -- [ laughter ] [ laughter ] >> a typical friday. >> i'm not as eating as much as
8:29 am
i can but i combine thing. >> and then just -- get the duct tape. >> can you ask for it? >> then your duct tape it to your butt. all right? ford. i would say the ram. ok, lets move to the second door. best v8 horsepower. the ram. i say ford on the v8. chevy. what about this year's motortrend truck of the year? chevy. what do you think? the ford. there's no reason why they shouldn't be. let's see how you did. oohh! that's the chevy silverado hd, the chevy silverado, and the chevy colorado. no way?! chevy, chevy, chevy. wow. that's a clean sweep.
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notice how this breakfast burrito starts with the basic tortilla, but then inside... it's stuffed with tender, juicy, sliced steak. whoa whoa...slow down...what? i said steak. in a breakfast burrito? i can't keep up.
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this is advanced burrito, right? this is intro to burrito. boom. jack's new steak & egg breakfast burrito's got tender, juicy steak, scrambled eggs, and creamy sriracha sauce, all wrapped in a warm tortilla. lookin' for a basic burrito? this ain't it. welcome back. our top story. a parade in sacramento and a rally. kron 4's will tran is at the live celebration. >> reporter: they have been
8:32 am
waiting for this for weeks. it just so happened to come together on 9/11. they will honor the victims at 9/11 at the capitol building. you can see the flag at half staffed. they just need these very special people who happen to be in sacramento. you can see how busy it is. it is only a half mile parade. they expect thousands of people to be here. the barricades are here. there will be extra security. let's give you their pictures. they are from sacramento. their names anthony sadler, spencer stone, and alek scarlatos. they saw a terrorist on that plane. this terrorist happened to have
8:33 am
an ak-47, lots of ammunition, a box cutter, and handgun. the france president gave them a highest level the country could possibly give them. the president obama called them to say thank you. they are met with a lot of local officials here including the mayor of sacramento. they know it's during the middle of the day and a lot of people are at work. they are asking bosses could you let them out to see these guys. it will go down there. down capitol, this is where it will end. a lot of them had to be told, come down here, we want to say thank you to you. two of them humble didn't want to be here. one of them spending a day and
8:34 am
going back alek. they are trying to say and do what they can and say thank you. we talked to a woman who said of all the places they could have been they happened to be from here from sacramento. the forecast. >> this is our bay bridge camera. we have been tracking it all day long. you see the clouds high above. we had a chance to roll a video of it. this is a time lapse piece of video from earlier this morning. pretty cool looking shot. you can see it in fast forward town. the clouds streaming ahead. that is what it looked like this morning. we had people sending in their sunrise shots this morning. isn't that great. that was one of our producers
8:35 am
having the start and record button. let me give you your final ready for school forecast. right now we are seeing temperatures in the mid-50s for some places along the coast. noontime look for 95 inland. upper 70s to low 80s on the shoreline. we are winding up the school day and maybe you starting to think about the commute home. yesterday, we had mostly 100. a little bit cooler for you. on average we are looking at 82 degrees with 71 out at the coast. that is a glimpse of the forecast for today. i'll come back and talk a little bit more about the weekend. we had a lone hot spot on
8:36 am
nimitz freeway, it's been clear from the traffic lanes now. we have seen our down kick in the drive town. we dropped seven minutes from 64 over an hour to just under an our from 238 to 237. looking at the ride here from the south bay. mid peninsula the same is here. her is your trip time from palo a to. this is a good ride for the best of the week. a look at your ride to the bridges. westbound out of the east bay still holding around 30 minutes because there is still slow traffic coming from 24 and the mcarthur maze. it is now a 22 trip time from hayward all the way to san
8:37 am
mateo. you will spend 15 minutes on the span itself. you will notice a difference maybe a little more el boy room. they are adding more rush hour trains to the pittsburgh and lines. the richardmond direct day service will be extended. the mother of a 10-year-old san leandro road that was hit by a car is sharing her story. she agreed to let her son ride his bike to school. drove to the school to make sure he arrived safely. he was hit by an suv while he was walking his bike in a crosswalk. >> we get a little closer and i saw a pair of shoes out in the
8:38 am
middle of the street. that's when i knew it was him. i was angry at first. i was furious. once i got more of the details i'm -- i'm going to let the officers do their job and i'm going to do my job. i'm going to be the mom i want to be and help my kid heal. >> the helmet most likely saved his life. if you are thinking about getting one of the new iphones i'll show you how to get top dollar for your soon to be old iphone.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
welcome back. the california state high school exist game -- it suspends the requirements that students need to pass that exam to end high school. supporters say the tests aren't needed anymore because the state is developing new tests aligned with common core standards. george? pg&e is a strong supporter of solar energy. we focus on helping our customers understand it and be able to apply it in the best way possible.
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to do that go settles head general, select erase all contents. i have more information on with your tech trends gabe slate. it looks like things are looking up. we will get a break on that heat. >> i grant you cooler weather. let it be done. we have a live look. this is our walnut creek camera. it has been our warmest spots all week long. i hope you get to where you are going on time this morning. let's take another look at the conditions we are getting at the golden gate bridge. you can see some of that drizzle collecting on the lens. that is the condition.
8:47 am
this is much better than we had in the morning. you can see a little bit of it on the live shot. let me play you what it looked out in pacifica. this was the scene here across a good bit of the peninsula coastline. here it is in pacifica. it will be like this a little bit longer before it starts to clear and we will get some sunshine out at the coast later on today. let's take a look what temperatures are right now. we are seeing 59 in san francisco, 62 in oakland p 62 in san jose. we have 72 in fairfield, 72 in livermore. temperatures will warm up, we will call them hot levels on the south bay. we will probably max out 94 in san jose. it gets warmer as you head
8:48 am
south. morgan hill at 101. here is the wider view. we are going to get warmer like livermore and napa. look at that 97 to 99. 95 up in the north bay to near 100 out near napa. so that is kwiend of what we are seeing in the temperature story today. help map out how they will develop in the course of the day and the evening hours to come we will hand it over to dave spar. >> good morning, those temperatures are backing off. let's start things off how they will look forward today. we will see that warm up for the far eastland valleys. a little bit of relief happening in the peninsula or up to the north bay just a little bit.
8:49 am
the bigger pronounced change will happen tonight by 9:00 p.m. more by the 50s happening in santa rosa a bit. a little bit further to the south it looks like we will make it too. it's an improvement on that. we mention some humidity here. that won't build yet tonight but what the effects will be, that might actually support temperatures a bit because more cloud cover. overnight lows may not be as generous as we just showed you on that. 80s inland. how about that action? we go into the bay upper 70s. the coast looking good at 70s. then getting upper 60s heading to next week. george has a pretty decent traffic for us. is it still that way? >> it is. getting a little better. let's hope that is the beginning
8:50 am
of a continuing trend. now down to 29 minutes. your trip time from the mcarthur maze. from the east bay heading over toward san mateo. 22 minutes, better conditions now. as you head out toward 101 coming off to the west of san mateo span. smooth conditions have been all morning long. they may add that northbound lane a little more usual today. into marin county slow at the approach. about an 18-minute trip time. let's update some drives for you here. looking first at your commute on interstate 80 on the westbound direction. some pockets of slow traffic of
8:51 am
22 minutes. just 11 minute drive southbound. one of the best of the week coming in at just 15 minutes. darya? a building fire in alameda. firefighters are at the scene of central avenue near webster street. officials are asking to avoid the ware. we are working to get more details. the drivers in arizona, 11 shootings have been reported. police have no suspects and are now getting help from the s.w.a.t. teams, the fbi, and governor of arizona. those shootings happened yesterday morning and are being
8:52 am
investigated as separate incident. >> i don't know if it is different people. i know we have different mos. i know there have been different items use. >> remain and alert and aware. we will bring them to justice. >> the cars were hit by something else. only one person has been injured. a 13-year-old girl's year was cut. it's 8:52. class are cancelled for a third day at seattle. both sides are continuing to meet and talk with mediators but the negotiations have not resumed. this strike entering it's third
8:53 am
day now. teachers will be doing community service today in honor of 9/11. the 9ers took to the field yesterday in the facility of santa clara. you know him as the rugby player. he made the roster. there is a chance that this star may not be part of the 46-men active roster for monday nights if game. >> just because he is 3,000 miles away or whatever he is from. he is still a rookie in this league. most rookies unless you are top 10 in the draft they don't get that much hype. >> it just happens. you know, it happens. a lot of people try and don't make it. i don't care where ever you are.
8:54 am
>> the 9ers taking on to vikings. sunday marcus allen was celebrating kick off to the -- got his take on the team. >> i think headed in the right direction. i think jack del rio is a guy that is -- is an outstanding, smart, football player. i think that's going to be interesting what happens. >> don't forget this sunday catch a breakdown of the season opener. called "take this job and
8:55 am
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8:57 am
they to found that big whole on the reef. a neighbor was outside when it happened and says a piece of ice fell from the sky.
8:58 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>darya: american heroes as 911 in the city of sacramento and getting ready for one of the biggest parade and that is honoring the three young men to stop the terrorist attack on a train in france last month that happen all this while they were there on vacation and the government entering the time.
9:00 am
>>will tran: thousand people will be in attendance was the right to the picture of these men the toast of sacramento northern california of the world for what they did last month when they jump all over the terrorist who orders of the centers have an ak-47 son of ammunition of boxcar these men along with another american justice action according to france's present said the massacre on the train so many people turn out because they had
9:01 am
been waiting to sit thinking of you to come in san francisco give yourself plenty of time because our be an issue in the ghost getting around downtown sacramento be very tough as well where so many things going on in the memory of the 911 + with these heroes have to say.
9:02 am
>>: we are very proud a sacramental for these fans, what is going to be a great show we're excited. >>george: with have a great
9:03 am
morning only one hot spot so far this morning if we are noticing the drive times harder to improve this is the one of the best days of the week. >>reporter: does the bay bridge for you in a little bit of an intrusion cloud cover was hoping the slowdown in terms of temperatures and looked at this golden gate bridge quite active in terms of the fog still hanging around the bed even at the 9:00 hour it look a little different as to go through the day that will not mix out to complement of the time heating second attempt to read now were 60 percent francisco richmond and 61 of for 50 for the no. i and off to the east bay you can see our is the number started to count you could see it is a good
9:04 am
print with a " cooling temperatures if warmer for today we have trip the ditches on the board but not popular flight at much of this week to 1 01 going on for fairfield 101 also from the war but everyone else should be pretty much in the double- digit territory in improvement of the allies would try to weaken it. >>george: the southbound 6 a commune but it is not a solid backup in fact traffic does not stop here from south main street as it wends its way south toward the ball on the road if it still the would delay at the corner and a slight back of but only a 19 minute drive times for the
9:05 am
san ramon track to bay bridge 2829 minutes now we are still backed up into the macarthur maze the we are and have been incidents free for the bridge all morning long so the flow has been fairly steady if the measure to secure the carpool lanes are wide open you're ride to the san mateo bridge high with 90 highway 92 looking much much better now we're down to about and 11 minutes to 14 minute trip time across the span off in about a 20 minute drive times out of hay was from the east bay over to san mateo lastly a look at the east of a ride the is a right out of richmond headed over toward iran and the backup now is holding order on the richmond park with 14 to 16 minutes to track time as you head toward santa fe and 1 01. >>darya: today marks 14 years since the september 11th tear attend the anniversary has become an occasion for public
9:06 am
reflections, ground zero if to taunt of a gutted in a memorial plaza on september 11th last year allowed the first of what the public was able to visit the sites on the anniversary if so today the plaza is open and open about earlier and it did last year and people aren't marking the occasion there the tech ... some of the events from earlier today and other events around the country the white house floor to u.s. flag at half staff have been early on our air as well. >>mark: market anniversary with the moment of silence that was when the high-tech plane crash in the world trade center exactly 14 years ago and then another moment of silence 70 minutes later. >>mark: 2700 people were killed and the tears essentially crass those plans into the world trade center towers.
9:07 am
>>mark: that was the moment of silence and bell ringing the time the second plane struck the tower 903 eastern time >>reporter: they gather this morning to honor the loss of hundreds of firefighters who were lost on september 11, 1914 years ago to go to some of the video from this morning's events if it began with the moment of silence and all the firefighters came outside the stood at attention and honor of all those men and women who were lost. >>reporter: 343 firefighters
9:08 am
lost the lives on the state 14 years ago we did those 3000 americans that they as chief his wife said and one remembers.
9:09 am
>>reporter: additionally mayor ed lee says that this was not only about on the first responders to kill that there but the thousands of americans lost their lives of system 1114 years ago. >>mark: lofty a slab will be holding this 14th annual nine 11th candlelight vigil today and they will have the largest overpass flat display in the same high return for over crossing on 680 a candlelight vigil be held adust. >>darya: a tense situation a gun and for people are held hostage see howard n. way to use the this new roller-coaster being built will show you to you and have become of you will not believe it.
9:10 am
today we're gonna talk about trucks. works for me. which truck brand do you think offers best in class hd towing? ford. i would say the ram. ok, lets move to the second door. best v8 horsepower. the ram. i say ford on the v8. chevy. what about this year's motortrend truck of the year? chevy. what do you think? the ford. there's no reason why they shouldn't be. let's see how you did. oohh! that's the chevy silverado hd, the chevy silverado, and the chevy colorado. no way?! chevy, chevy, chevy. wow. that's a clean sweep.
9:11 am
>>darya: is once did ross tossed
9:12 am
passes along this road posters of the first million is to honor the 23 ft. that you go down at the 90 degree angle and 7 5 mi. an hour the feels pretty much like a free-fall moment. >>reporter: will be right back.
9:13 am
9:14 am
>>mark: they're conducting a
9:15 am
broad study and still is a californian is an attempt to get inside the cover resource managers allocate scarce water supply during to drought the survey working clothes and temperatures and a five for the streams and california as well as in idaho and nevada or utah and washington this new package and western u.s. or rent a lot lower than the averages and large rivers are stock levels if officials say this year's warm and dry weather could their previous the to do's to come. >>darya: is already a plan for possible storm to utility company in the city expecting one of hundred 50 mi. of sewer line to reduce flooding during a possible storm officials are one of the public the losing it to do to avoid the problems.
9:16 am
>>darya: there is a 95 percent chance that an el nino could last. through the last . if >>reporter: also generally speaking were talking seven to close might have some areas there ok to the upper 60s than tonight nice relief happening here of a bit more gradual coming to the '60s by 9:00 p.m.
9:17 am
this most likely will drive some low-level committee to contend with that even though we have lower temperatures and begin to feel factor cost of higher temperature than they really are a look will be have to pay for the east bay shoreline most reserve in the '80s a couple of 90 shawmut as you concede as we head for the east these readings the more 101 bird would 1 03 in high of 100 and apple but everyone else looks like will hang in the upper 90s.
9:18 am
>>george: it is right at candlestick point but it wears back of the traffic to south san francisco pushing the drive time of 24 minutes into downtown, the from sfo this morning there may be a lame block tear bread at candlestick point ever earlier recurring problems at cesar chavez and they were in the southbound direction but that is why continue slowly into the city even past the sin of the crash track in the ride to the bridges and the bay bridge was bombed iraq out of the east of that 28 minutes now 11 minutes
9:19 am
to track time for the drive across the bridge and at about 3 to 4 minutes for them to that rather of hayward and getting over to san the sale for the golden gate bridge ride is the problem free all morning long and to call for friday were northbound traffic ban on the other days of the week. >>george: expect a 10:00 will sit least some attempt to get more traffic moving in more land available. >>darya: he was shot and killed in july there isn't a report that contradicts what the police department has been telling his family and independent toxicologists did not find drugs
9:20 am
present at the time of john's death even though they said they suspected he was on the influence of drugs in july to respond to report that the unarmed 19 year-old was trashing a car dealership and when i confronted him the police say that he fought back injury and officer they found nothing to indicate that a taser was ever deployed. >>: i am not surprised as we felt all along and what we would find but, unfortunately we had to find it. >>mark: an armed carjacker is
9:21 am
dead after he ran into a crowd of southern california restaurants and held rallies four people hostage here is a sludge from the lapd helicopters on a high-speed chase that the man led the officers on before going to a restaurant offers a said it filed democrats the cars he was driving force was stolen he carjack a woman at gunpoint and crashed her car later and here he is running into a barbecue restaurant in the town of down in this one the restaurant evacuated least 70 people that the shot the man once the new the hostages were safe the man's name does not released. >>darya: drivers and arizona are on edge this morning because there been 11 shootings in 12 days they're afraid it could be a copycat out there police said no suspects the copycat my response will for doing this assurance that happened a different part of the state the shootings happened yesterday
9:22 am
morning in their being investigated as separate incidents. >>darya: one person was injured in a loss of 13 your rear air was cut when a bullet went through the windshield of as indeed she was writing and. >>mark: to arizona residents far lawsuit because the california company over some of out bricklin to take the cucumbers to july 3rd of the 341 reported cases of salmonella and 30 states play in all the garden riding cucumbers to appear before our call paris on the father's loss of san the company they needed medical treatment after eating those
9:23 am
tank to cucumbers last month. >>mark: researchers are testing and work with warning system the university of washington pick is testing the system over fears that the 600 long mile fault could produce a catastrophic earthquake in the pacific northwest. before >>mark: regardless look back here at the pentagon mark the 40th anniversary of the 911 attack here the american flag over the side of the pentagon that was destroyed when was hit by a plain 14 years ago today.
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
>>mark: is in the lower right- hand corner of your screen they said the twister is really a giant ring a mass of plasma this is a so the cyclones on for about 40 hours earlier this month since is and the platform were measured at about 5 million degrees. >>mark: this to to the tech the revenue rise space crammed with so past the planet two months ago is a some the first high- resolution images whatever seemed of total to sciences said the images to to be impossible because the have no atmosphere
9:27 am
to the talk about how hot is one to be tempted to proven this weekend will start with some pictures for you to start our day of the bay bridge to. >>reporter: will come back and show you this will become back from the brick.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>reporter: into this weekend the committee levels when of the public a bit for everyone in the bay area appearance the scudder cloud cover this all morning as
9:31 am
a live look at the bay bridge is a conceit still some cloud cover to contend with if the temperatures on the board right now they're somewhat reduced because of all this with the exception of the far east and up to the north of the even numbers there in the '50's that is reduced and how does this stand over 24 our example change.
9:32 am
>>george: it is going to be good news bad news for the traffic report this morning as you can see it is backed out to the 280 interchange an rea tracking a new hot spot for 101 santa clara northbound agreed america parkway and accident here has left traffic slocum of downtown san jose still backed up for the macarthur maze but now 26 minutes to drive times instead of a high of 34.
9:33 am
>>darya: the city of sacramento was honoring the three young man who brought their it and got to get the for vacation.
9:34 am
>>will tran: a stray the pictures of these men will talk and anthony spencer and alex there were there on the trend on august 21st another american accents of the to action when they saw this terrace of one residence and had an ak-47 had done it ammunition box cutter a handgun he jumped into action first in these three young men saw he needed help they came men they subdued and to the point where there were credited with saving hundreds of lives to pick today the local dignitaries
9:35 am
is committee has not and that's what people like me just. >>will tran: window that thousand will be in attendance governor brown will also be here and live with perfect symmetry did not plan for to be on line 11 and it just so happen everyone's schedule came together for to be on line 11
9:36 am
there but celebrating these men. >>mark: helicopter rescue video coming in for rescue from the rooftops of hundred and 70,000 japanese or to get to safety after the burst their banks of the tokyo after a typhoon came to 150 people been arrested at a this morning record working rainfall.
9:37 am
>>mark: the mother of the tendrils to invent a boy who was hit by a car on his way to school in sharing his story in hopes of a of the driver is more cautious send it agreed to let her son ride his bike to school for the first time this year she drove to is what the to hear ride there safely but a few blocks away our line was had by and is using that is going to to 5 mi. from our. >>: we get a little closer and saw a pair of shoes in the middle of the street and that is when i knew that it was hot line in his shoe 1/2 the home of the
9:38 am
young boy was wearing likely saved his life police arrested. >>darya: commuting to work using art is about to get easier of the more comfortable will tell you why.
9:39 am
today we're gonna talk about trucks. works for me. which truck brand do you think offers best in class hd towing? ford. i would say the ram. ok, lets move to the second door. best v8 horsepower. the ram. i say ford on the v8. chevy. what about this year's motortrend truck of the year? chevy. what do you think? the ford. there's no reason why they shouldn't be. let's see how you did. oohh! that's the chevy silverado hd, the chevy silverado, and the chevy colorado. no way?! chevy, chevy, chevy. wow. that's a clean sweep.
9:40 am
>>george: center north 9101 agreed american car or is been a
9:41 am
better than usual rise of the back of does not reach much beyond the 880 interchange. >>darya: choices actually the sea is silent will be back with more in just the couple of minutes.
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>>reporter: a little bit of clout cover yesterday but more today and into a weekend hunting and a slight chance of happening we go to the temperature math as we speak the seven is already now some of these numbers are starting to pop due to the time he'd we consulted to task for here is a look at the temperatures to the north and a resultant to drop nicely amount 9:00 we did better than that this open windows might still believe in these areas most of the peninsula getting down to
9:47 am
the fifties. >>reporter: they're not so much tonight but trauma because of humidity building and not be as pleasant as not express a little bit of dry air going forward is a generous and drive like to the south and a higher elevation along the coast of the story about a little bent. >>reporter: san, about 81 go on recess in 95 for the sock and the self-employed lost greetings art and upper 90s temperatures and to the '80s for the weekend early next week to bay area will be into the upper 70's and at the beaches to the sense of loss or seven days.
9:48 am
>>george: is actually alive arrived even with the accident and has been almost every of the debt except for this holiday recall why we are with the south to bay right now and except for the bay bridge to commute really is winding down nicely in a 11 minute drive times across the san mateo bridge the golden gate bridge were expecting them to add the third line and indeed they have as if cut the number
9:49 am
of lines now southbound to three and added the third line on the northbound side it will be just in time for some people will be getting off soon and heading to marin county for the ride here to richmond bridge and earl did the usual back up now gone somewhere back down toward a minute drive times down into san rafael. >>mark: its title wednesday, the county is now spreading to calaveras county and this woman is one to 32,000 a. for to percent containment six homes have been destroyed 1500 homes are threatened and mentor evacuation's are in place famous for by federal funding to help combat the fire. >>darya: you commit is about to get a little more comfortable started when it will make two changes to relieve crowding on the trains that added more were some strains to its bird between as a full line will carve of
9:50 am
added all strands of in russia are committed if the rich and a member of my direct week they services want extended to 9:00 p.m. and also one to turn trained counselor asked to increase the number arise between stations. >>mark: the list as a suspect would not want to be caught the man even hit a pitch for about an hour his video and he was finally arrested the study as to when it tried to pull over man for riding a motorcycle on the shoulder of the 280 on renting street see a tree cut stopper but it took off and crashed into a car and then to go running and jumping to the bank near at&t park is a one. you to push a to appear the rest is from his offices on both and even a wave runner for able to corner the suspect in a crisis negotiator was born and the man eventually surrendered peacefully. >>darya: fbi involved how to solve a cold his murder in oakland supporters of the victim got a your survey in june of 2013, was gunned down after a
9:51 am
traffic accident in north oakland if the reward for information leading to the rest of the killer had not been increased $225,000 fbi announced that yesterday said they're contributing 25 grant those affected by the murder are still hurting and still looking for answers. . >>darya: that is a graduate from the university of oregon one more rain is dead and 18 others injured after rollover crashes and routine training exercise at camp pendleton marine base in southern california to happen yesterday afternoon the marine
9:52 am
was killed his not identify either the said the accident is under investigation. >>mark: the lineup for the next republican debate now says 11 contenders would take the stage for cnn debate the six remaining candidates in the field will again participate in a separate debate to the change to the main debate is edition of carfare and other performance or on the fox news the they of fear and give momentum of the present to the heirs this wednesday on cnn the city of san diego in the nfl
9:53 am
chargers reports of mr. deadline to go on keeping the team and san diego. >>darya: listen today is the deadline for tax plan to decide whether they are born to pay foris to stop the team from moving to los angeles will be right back.
9:54 am
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9:56 am
>>mark: accord to multiple sources all been smith will be seen in the silver and black after being cut by the niners for multiple run-ins' will block this year and to drive on the influence of rest he was cut but nine of the stain in the bay area he has signed a one-year bill with the oakland raiders all-pro pass rusher had a long series of off traditions and now the raiders soon-to-be overlook them in time to tame a great defensive player and write in the apartment of 44¢ and four years.
9:57 am
>>darya: as to the ticket to 7 day around the bay forecast where getting the court down its start today because 99 is better than 1 05 the saturday and sunday into next week to consider temperatures that is nice and warm not miserable all around the bay area ride into the next evidence. >>mark: stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am..
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