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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 14, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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it's still standing. oh thank god. thank you thank you so much >> pam:when a big fire breaks out kron four is there. delivering the news to a lake county homeowner that she is one of the lucky ones. i lost my home lost everything i love i don't know how to take that in or swallow it. lives in chaos are met by acts of kindness. i donated some food and i donated some blankets and towels >> pam:stay with kron four as drought fueled wildfires explode at have not seen fires spread and move the way they are moving in this case. 62-thousand acres. and only 10- percent contained. the 'valley wildfire' has decimated 400- homes. and is threatening thousands more. now it is also blamed for killing an elderly woman. the massive fire burning in lake.napa and sonoma counties. it has devastated the communities of middletown, cobb
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and hidden valley.and some people have lost everything. we have team coverage on the wildfire tonight. kron-4's dan kerman joined firefighters. as they combed through the ruins. kate cagle helped worried residents check on their homes. j-r stone spoke with a firefighter. who lost his childhood home to the fire. but first tonight. grant lodes joins us live from calistoga. where people have gathered to find shelter. >> grant: more than a thousand people estimated to be hearing cost of a napa county fairgrounds up from 800 yesterday it some more and more people continued to the war more donations continue to come that is the good news don't need any more items right now and how long they might first choice around that the county fairgrounds almost like a festival out here of course
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there is extreme sadness and sorrow and confusion some of these people. of see talk tuesday homes burned down to. talk the people they know they're ok. false test of the folks who don't know what the status of their home as. the tense and some people sleeping in their cars for. a bunch of porta-potti is just bad deliver here. while there are bathrooms here we need more help. firefighters. no lot of people and we were of their yester day
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. his house in his apartment there. "they are all burnt" "dropping helicopters very active and firefighters on the ground still battling this fire there still a long ways from being done on. lot corded and effort is happen. we're starting that process. >> grant: been cooler committee as pickup all like many schools are closed morrow but themself cases towson's. and then no school again tomorrow. we come back up here live. a trade dinner after popular feast. stake chicken and pork and
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veggies topos the salads. quite a spread of food donated for. if all the food necessary against hundreds of people out here. and herman was in nearby middletown today. with firefighters going door-to-door. >> reporter: here among the ruins what used to be a residential neighborhood. specially year yet night. but you can still set the small smog very heavily. there is as a few homes and the middletown neighborhood. foster rubble and still some smoke. appliances remained visible on the chechnya. and what might not be visible if that these firefighters back to this neighborhood. "and make sure there are no people here and making sure
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there are no hot spots we need to put out. >> reporter: cruise checking each thought this is one made if failed to make out alive one.. i haven't found anything here but ash.. fact live in middletown again. we're looking at residential neighborhood. even see what used to be a car. the whole area filled what you might find red junkyard. but now seeing it in a residential neighborhood. at the middletown kron 4 news >> pam: fast-moving fire call a lot of people off guard vernon for a little over two days already one of the most destructive dangerous fires and this state of california trulls
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clifford is here with a closer look at is considered one of the most fast-moving affecting few cafes. >> reporter: did saturday afternoon earning over 24 hours in the last they are sofa has spread further to the north- south niece.. 65 north of soft 7 cisco 8 mi. south of clear lake. as of monday afternoon the fire consumed over 62,000 a. mostly like kelly the flames now reached and napa counties as well for. comparison figures and francisco triumphed a thousand acres charred an area of twice that size most and are on the burn zone have been closed
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evacuations centers sell for thousands of foot people who have the fire. mohsen south sonoma and napa counties. >> reporter: 5 face their number is a few hours are show it. new update from sometime in the morning. >> pam: pull in the head a lake area and of fire being told the boy what fire pyre fire upon like anis people azinger a resident along in a cell next day >> reporter: breakdown for you
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tonight into tomorrow and then wednesday mostly cloudy tonight pfft showers possible for that area mostly sunny conditions and coolers league goes by much relief for various of about fires are likely have the the 60 percent chance of that than dropping highs to 60 degree mark big picture here is cooling things down because the moisture. and the after developing later on in the week. the back >> pam: tuition's continue through sonoma counties those. the fuel from their homes no idea what they will return to. families finding shelter at nine different centers set up through the area for waiting to hear anything from the fate of their homes for accepting they
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will need to rebuild half"ago and we left everything. "somehow lost everything and loved. buffett you know we all came together here in tulsa." >> pam:the red cross is asking. if you are interested in making a donation. the best thing to do is go online to give money. donations will go towards helping those who lost everything. to help rebuild their communities. for a complete list of evacuation centers and road closures affecting the area. visit kron4-dot com. we have an entire section dedicated to the valley wildfire. wildfire battles are happening across the state. the largest in the state right now. has already torched more than 200 -square miles of land. near fresno.
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more than 3- thousand firefighters are tacking the so- called "rough fire". it is 40- percent contained. and has been burning for more than a month. another massive wildfire continues to burn in northern california. in amador and calaveras counties. the "butte" fire has destroyed more than 70- thousand acres, and is just 30 percent contained. mandatory evacuation orders remain in effect for several communities. so far, the fire there has destroyed 135- homes, and 79 outbuildings. some six-thousand homes are still in danger tonight. coming up more fire covered strip had read neighbors who had nothing but the shirts on their back plus kron 4 first run in the neighborhood threatened by the fire away at the tel family led no idea whether their home was still standing are not and
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jobs to convey area of much- needed rain
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>> pam: 48 and 11 cal sofa how much longer the close residents could chance to find out
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anything about their homes with one woman who escaped the >> reporter: bidets all depends on when the evacuation orders are finally lifted the this is particularly frustrating for people from the hidden valley lakes community. because the fire despaired many homes for reducing next door neighbor is terrible. second bottles of water evacuator fiction for themselves. "very lucky even though will have staff we have everybody. flames coming over the hill for everyone tried to get out. "until sundown here at the time and sang their goodbyes we did not not fulfilled make if." today's >> reporter: persius they've had no idea what
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happened or how my head the row of five smaller and p crew budget carl life her home and to work. once made if the mid call >> reporter: from crime hi how are you? "still standing" dropped and light rainfall >> reporter: but her entire floor looked good. her great fault of her illness was scared when so many. others are many gave me the best i couldn't even. >> reporter: got here live ec
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the bustling tent city hour ago i reunited with jellying the tab that video she says she feels so much better now her home is ok back here and focused on helping her neighbors who still had no idea what they're going to be coming home to. "all in the wood burning i was freaking out." >> pam: the many stories we're hearing of the thousands of people forced from their homes and neat and evacuation centers tonight we're hearing from the woman escaped the flames came here mickey levy office met with one woman who escaped the fire zone found herself miles away and he strafed. >> reporter: even as her name left her home near middletown when she says the sky suddenly turned black. and her car and didn't look back. as a"-all of my car it was
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covered with ash. i went to the gas station wash off. >> reporter: didn't wait to evacuate the and the makarova's far away from the plan that she could. "it was putting the whole time that was leaving for" >> reporter: here safe and family and drove her good friend karen. waiting hopefully she'll get back soon your cat and her client 6 mentally disabled and the good care of a colleague. "thomas thinking about them and might lose everything? the clans can be ok." >> reporter: should be the video she took as a black smoke filled the sky. these are her cat she says are ok called local fire decease somehow get back into your home and back to work and the main highways still
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closed still intends to affect somehow remain. is grateful she says for her bay area friend. "the referendum hayward for and to hear all know what i would do a be lost without them. unclad and blessed and lucky" >> reporter: the news for eve got word today right now her house is still standing firing a burdensome new round her somehow missed the stone. news >> pam: some and you for your here. california desperate for moisture enfilade today helped cool things off. if the temperatures dropped diane tuason is in the weather center to tell us if there is more rainfall in the forecast. >> reporter: of some rain showers right now as we speak look at storm trackers shot and were the rainshowers are located there were right now danville
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will look reconquer politesse san jose san mateo cinephile all those areas currently having a light rain showers right now and continue festive evening there of course it does sound by tomorrow morning so that the chair's right now for '60s parts like fannie offhand upper seventies listen that should say livermore pleasanton east bay shoreline like the mid-60s differences could peninsula stays in the a vs 50 playing by the wind speeds of had it because the storm system is moving up to our area here 70 mi. an hour oakland and hayward 17 at livermore as well 14 concord 18 of our fairfield written things down 40 to 9:09 p.m. class b conditions to mature to as you saw on the storm tracker a.m. cloudy preconditions temperatures will be a for fifties and valley east bay shoreline at 50 along the coast by noon time something's up to 70 degrees under partly sunny skies. afternoon highs tomorrow around 4:00 p.m. cooler
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temperatures that all the moisture in place all the heavy cloth and place as well to think will things down quite a bit 74 anax 70 livermore and pleasanton east bay shoreline 60 city's downtown sao system before fremont 73 east bay shoreline cities to partly cloudy tomorrow as well semblances of peninsula keeping things in the low 60s the. next few days for you cooler temperatures on a light shower wednesday 75 maxim of the valley east bay shoreline low 70's by youths thursday jumping things closer to the 80 degree mark and in the 74 cast and a return, trinity me easier next opening its doors for animals threatened by the wild fire. . >> gary: giants in motion and i
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was going on hundred million to a certain that this issue. jim hardin of that letter and is forecast ♪
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the law >> reporter: after everything that have not. they show clearly with a car that's set where. having to provide them literally close on the backs of toiletries everything
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to get by food. >> gabe: ranch spring and action people being evacuated losing their homes. currently 40 displaced people staying with them 60 more cavan's offering to evacuees and the food and close all. so house sources other. livestock other "gary my entire life thought there'd never happen always heard about for after everywhere and never thought it would happen in my hometown" >> gabe: shall stay at the r ranch. very kind very nice to us. the and we came here the best pizza and drinks as very nice. "i left there was fire in both directions. right on the next property neighbors was on fire the property and house next off the gunfire" >> reporter: and in shock able to grab the family dog that was if. the left the house. fall
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further with the riches doing "seeing everyone coming here and helping in the time the need. "the epitome the help of namibia's attrition where we require this and help on the road if. need to take care of everyone.. for a >> gabe: spread fast the they're taking people and animals and local businesses people in the community dropping off supplies all day. "now looking for volunteers to help out at some point may need food toiletries. >> pam: tonight warning for parents about a dangerous problem with has sanitizer affecting young children next. men accused of attacking a driver during critical mass for like a bent betancourt
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♪ great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently.
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we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. was charged with haft the car last month pleaded not guilty sampras's the superior court this morning. san francisco resident in pleaded not guilty to felony charges of assault. folks imprisonment vandalism and throwing dangerous objects that a vehicle. and he's out of custody tonight ordered to return to court october the 28th for a status hearing on his case. that car sustain $1,400 in damage the new charges new changes to bar lines and our
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schedules are. and today bart is adding more cars during the rush hour additional improvements will be provided during nonpeak hours. trains sfo will have of the 10 cars at one time but will. i'll sauternes trains around scienter increase number of rides between stations. all they next $1.6 million from the state bar is hiring 28 additional mechanics extending hours at its main and shop our says will result in getting 13 additional cars and the service ran the trains are expected to show what in 2017 national the authority still looking for the suspect who is behind a bed of the college should be in cleveland mississippi. officials say delta state university professor at the tinsmith shop and killed this morning in his office on campus. shannon lamb has been named the person of interest in the case he is also a teacher at the university. authorities
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still trying to determine a motive for the killing the fish. as a lamb is considered armed and dangerous. and also linked to another deadly shooting 300 mi. away and guardian of mississippi. tonight governor brown says devastating fires in california near reality says cricoid chain partially blame plus a warning from the golden state warriors what you should know before buying tickets next season 23,000 people flee their homes run for shelter bally wild fire ripped the roof fixed 80,000 a. of a report next
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>> pam: in wall flames all directions tell if iron like cagney toward 62,000 a.. fire started saturday exploded at record speed. writing for hundred homes already to the ground and thousands of other buildings the fire forced 23,000 people to flee their homes. leading some people with nothing
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to deny. that blaze is only 10 percent contained. live-in following this breaking news coverage from the front lines and at the evacuation centers set up where we find kron 4 brett lettuce tonight joins us live from calloused of the hundreds of people taking refuge. >> grant: that the mix back out here where. one minute you see two gunmen fought each other and start crying next minute walk over there a clown making plans for little kids laughing enjoying themselves the see a lot of trucks coming in and out dropping off the nation's 18 wheeler roldan and at the go
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people did not know when they're going home least till tomorrow debtor still going on what that looked like about an hour ago. very busy zero on line donated food made really happy chicken for salad tossed left anything you can imagine breakfast starts tomorrow morning 515 coffee folks going to be milling around here, the veteran firefighters people who had to get out of their homes even the state senator people at a hard time believing the reality that is the valley fire.
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now what the never like honey knees california's ralph. >> grant: lot of help has been coming in. engine trucks and truck cars rolling in random people donating falls of water toys for kids fit you name it. they've been bringing it what they need now is for felt money for uncrosses taking donations our web site. links to give money if you'll feel comfortable on line guy. the center of the state house excepting monetary donations for the victims'. charles clifford has been tracking the fire where it's burning whereby the burning alive tonight and studio will get. >> reporter: valley fire is not the largest fire in california.
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i've been the fastest moving most dangerous and and just a couple days devastated several committees number and three counties will earth view of the burn some of the valley fire burning 8 mi. follow clear lake and lake county started saturday afternoon here near the community of cobb. hellfire says the cause of the blazes still under investigation within 24 hours flames had spread dozens to the southeast and sunday evening hundreds of homes destroyed. thousands more still threaten many of the home's been lost in the community of miltown here on highway 29 during the fire second base strong winds pushed the waste to the north- south and east hot temperatures extremely dry drought-stricken conditions on the ground 80 easier for the fire to spread the fire continues a threatened numerous communities including the towns of, but miltown. in valley lake and lamond. morris
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rose close down nine evacuation centers set that was an account used for thousands of people forced to flee the fire. >> pam: the fire fighters working tirelessly to protect homes even while their own homes may be in danger tonight spoke with one firefighter lost his childhood home. at a"work on a separate incident we're working and all day and that word after the fire in the county is really facile whole area neighborhood be filled in flames licking up the hill by mines thinking so much fire here so much going on. no way could still be here. the maker way up and literally turned the corner bested a
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ground ought to do but sit there and offered him 15 seconds set the picture take off so hot there's fire everywhere the delicate no time to grieve as take a picture of it back to the ending go bertrand to beat chauffeur while the little brother kinda numb they haven't seen what i've seen an allotted undermined faith that bad and all honesty nothing my family the biggest animated output at let pets my dog one-family for material possessions it can all be replaced some people in distant belief yes the to be a place might not as beautiful now
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but you rebuild this were usa. >> pam: hundred fires broke out of seven california so far this year option 40 percent compared to this time last year a great loss in the fire or than double by prediction from governor brown says that this year's wildfires exceeded computer projections and expect worst years in the future much worse. "air is not political climate change not political this is not just the fear this is a future in southwest of america were the places it will experience more and more at arming dry conditions and add to that drugs fairly regular exactly foreseen in small measure increasingly of the next few years and decades it's really
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about you but your children about the future of how society will function overseeing in europe now the bad vibrations that will happen in california central america mexico people get on the the takes a real challenge because we are in a battle with nature. nature more powerful than we are. >> pam: visit kron4news-dot-com for complete fire rally coverage in check in with a fire is heading. an information donating to people who are affected by this tragedy. tonight at 8 pelhams evacuated as that valley fire explode in side take you live to the growing tent city where people are gathering tonight. less for other news found shot have as i sat on the white house only if another high-profile billionaire
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says he can take down the republican candidate and dangerously clean the warnings tonight about hand sanitizers every parent should know
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>> pam: recession increasing costs related to children consuming and sanitizer past five years. what about helen sanitizer 45 to 95% one ampere give you an idea contain about 12 and 5 percent of all
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respectively doctors say ingesting to threescore to hand sanitizer cause of all poisoning in severe cases that can cause a child to stop breathing. doctors recommend parents and teachers store and sanitizer out of reach of children monetarists used. >> reporter: temperatures 59 degrees overnight lows dealing with a lot of upper 50s all across the east bay inland valley locations as well feller greater choice draft that earlier today and the the pushout ease what it will do for us to keep things cool and a lot of cloud cover in place tonight off a bit of wind speeds a tad bit 30 mi. an hour but we have another storm system to track for you from the office of the northwest they have it drops down to our region come wednesday that will give us another round of showers clotted conditions as well all day wednesday so fast or too when state of a better idea 5:00 a.m.
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wednesday morning all. hello claude in place of. much of east bay area and north the south bay by 2:00 p.m. you see a lot of the storm tracker indicating the storm cells of. lorraine approach in the north they places like santa rosa sonoma and napa. it often does rainshowers round wednesday afternoon 60. and more further into the north bay region than in san francisco bay area lot of low clouds in place as. body drizzle or to hear in their certainly it will move down the peninsula around 10:00 p.m. wednesday. parts of los showers there for oakland hayward san leandro as well. thursday morning early morning the midmorning things clear up with those clouds are warming things back up and the '80s for and when allocations in the week high. stora peninsula dealing with low 60s mid-60's across the bridge to the east bay shoreline cities. 69 cast her ballot 57
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financial enrichment 66 degrees inland by locations temperatures remain low '70's under. mostly sunny skies south bay as well the bichirs mid-70s 77 less got us prima at 75 north they will be at 72 on average a better clot in the morning and equip% and in the afternoon 70 forecast a slight chance of rain on wednesday with a bat saturday sunday back in the 90 the few days of the clouds in chance of rain on the weekend might nice and sunny and the '90s. billion >> pam: earmarked he been will crush the i'll trump in the race for what house. but have no plans to run for the presidency even things you'd the clerical and as well the shark tank start wishes chump well as campaign rally in dallas tonight. that the american airlines center home of the dallas mavericks' in the 18 which condones. said at a continued of breaking news of valley wildfire in three counties burning hundreds of
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homes in the ground we will take you live to evacuation center there. and then coming up in sports and the fate of 49ers season opener gary will look back at the raiders' swap yesterday, sports is coming season opener gary will look back at the raiders' swap yesterday, sports is coming apart help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team... getting help with math... going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal... ...when you can't do the normal things. [announceto help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that for most kids are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... ...but anyone can help a foster child.
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>> reporter: like fire as it's called scored 62,000 a. fire started on saturday destroyed 400 homes. thousands more still threatened tonight only 10 percent contained of this hour in. his numbers improve throughout the night with a cooler temperatures grant lotus live and evacuation centers and cost of a grant wood is the latest. >> grant: people chen to keep their spirits high a lot of folks in the state of shock at what kids right here and a clown just showed the clock is ticking
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balloons and what is yours in the shape of. "the the puppy with a heart a floor holding it and a mega this to my nephew." >> grant: evacuated here did you lose your homes of the city with the situation? "volunteering here." >> grant: focus of the services here in addition the balloons nearby client. stickle of this video a few hours ago for three acupunctures 3 in the south from
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the sow irish free chiropractics couple services offered here like a tragedy losing your home and people beyond broken up county close tomorrow insurance representatives and yen seen any heard of any turns out there were few folks really build their lives and those who had been done even know what the status of those homes are right now because on streets and highways power " holes in the stretch people don't know what there is to go back to.
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>> pam: reporting live life like for us. >> pam: your fans single game tickets your eye pain could be funny nba fans issued an alert fans who buy a single game tickets from the third party may be buying fakes lawyers say the best way to avoid discipline is to buy tickets from the team the golden state officials say bought counterfeit tickets last season. seven >> gary: and nothing welfare with plenty of. first half and the of that night's drive intermission over minnesota john madden mark
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david nice ceremony for ken stabler halftime but that was about it often at one point fell behind 33 to nothing cincinnati scored a couple of meaningles touchdown late. make the final score 33 of 13 a major disappointment after all the talk jack del rio. if nothing cooking with this team huffs yet it's the first game the and a 50 mortadella. "explore spots ability.
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>> gary: raiders' next game question as will their part in start betting the answer is yes after listening to the coach today deloria says part injured himself runng out of balance here bruces on and diarrhea says parkin and my office freezing of all this afternoon did no official word see how we feel sunday the raiders house baltimore ravens charles wilson underwent an mri and could be workable week again looks pretty good for carpets wilson come to see alan more than likely done for the season toward a cl war and. again to the 49ers and minnesota vikings tonight philadelphia atlanta fan
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bradford making debut the bat ryan jones ryan 2334, will touch down bradford past of the hands of boredom matthew bradford 36- hosting ballpark fare francisco as 73 and a ninth-inning sonny array real rough starts training they hits earned yet they've somehow been back seven to three two-out than help of a past ball keller flowers. tolidine
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fans right now 77 in the ninth inning. a story would wear them when you go out like redaction michael jordan nike's face a fun story to under thousand dollars advertising issue caught out with hollywood last night. this just in we did a little research ideas as the start to talk to refer so. free until the
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first chin tartans feet can wear whatever it wants until october 1st. contained >> pam: followed to its breaking news deadly valley fire next a final update on the conditions
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>> pam: of wildfires scorching 62,000 a. still only 10 percent contained tonight borane include temperatures did help. this fire
8:57 pm
started saturday destroyed 400 homes already still threatening fells and the other homes evacuation centers set up a number of locations all of which confine information on our website kron4news-dot-com our coverage continues right now online and ardent for mobile application live on the value ideal fire news at eleven. very latest developments certainly hope to see than banks for being with us everyone stay in touch kron 4 kron4news-dot-com we state will see again tonight at 11.
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