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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  September 15, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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tonight. new pictures from the air and the ground. are showing us just how devastating this fire is. here's what we know right now. >> pam:585 - homes have been destroyed. 67- thousand acres have burned. >> pam:and the fire is only 15 -percent contained. there are more than 23- hundred firefighters battling the blaze. >> pam:kron 4's coverage begins with grant lodes. who is at the napa county fairgrounds where many of the evacuees remain tonight. grant? >> grant: been evacauted because of the valley fire. it's been three days of anxiousness and worry. wondering what is left if anything of their homes that sat in the path of a voracious fire. >> grant: on top of the many
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tens out here. --tents >> grant: sticks and with that video. he is a very humble kitty can opt to take me for being here to inform people about the situation here. how to let people know in regards to how to donate money for items. >> we have seen pictures. to wash our entire street on fire. we washed our house burned to the ground. and the aftermath of what we saw was just a strange scenarios to see this entire area and then there is nothing. no i the way to
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explain it. it is built like an apocalypse. hull >> grant: are you holding up? >> has not hit me. it is just something that i cannot read my head around. my home is gone. >> grant: that is the reality of so many people here that are facing. so many, do not know the conditions of their home for it they do not know it is there or, if some of the peseta had to leave behind have made it. some want to put food out to see if one of their pets or livestock arrau homes can have food. --arround homes >> grant:kron 4's terisa
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estacio is at an evacuation center in kelsyville. she went along who were alowed to return to >> reporter:with so many neighborhoods decimated by the fire. and emergency responders are out making sure everyone is accounted for. >> reporter: for one couple. they discovered that everything they loved it was all gone. >> my georgia flag is still there. >> there is my chicken house. >> make it through the fire but we lost everything. >> reporter: it was a lot to taking increate rubber needed a moment before he could talk to meet again. >> reporter: the family only head a few minutes to come and check things out and
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look for their missing cat. >> i am a retired teacher and my wife is a nurse practitioner. we had well over 5000 books that we have collected over the years. my wife collects antiques as well. >> reporter: in hers?--it hurt's. >> well, it does. but i'm sure it will hurt even more later. >> reporter: going out to celebrate your birthday. little did they know that they would see their home for the last time before they left. >> saddest loss for me is my father's picture of his family when he was 5 years old. that was the only picture of my father and his
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family. >> reporter: this chicken coop survive with a few bars that are still alive but many died. >> reporter: this family had gone back to the fire zone, so that it hopefully find their cat. sadly, they never founder trick and they had to leave. --the never found her the when >> reporter: and is going to pick up and they are really concerned that it will hurt their efforts aren't on the front line. terisa estacio kron 4 news that the till-- back to you! >> grant: one elderly woman terrorist and this fire. she had in aspirate she was not able to get out. --cher
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\ished in this fire >> grant: going house-to- house to check on people. >> grant:kron 4's kate cagle is live where they are knocking on >> reporter: this is pretty much a ghost town. some things have changed. and some he that police have been able to come back and see their home. p g at t are about to drive by right now. --pge >> reporter: yesterday as some firefighters on these roads. today i saw the deputies. >> >> reporter: east deputies are from solano county. they
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have been driving up and down streets. stopping at every single house. the deputies first knock on the door and then they looked at the back. always in pairs. they are announcing their presence. they want to make sure everyone is accounted for creek and look out for suspicious activity. there has been many wars about letting out here. but they did not find any evidence of that. some >> reporter: napa county deputies stop by and they wanted to check to make sure that i wasn't a luther. someone that was allowed to be here. --looting. >> reporter: they have heard rumors of losing the have not seen any of it. --
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looting >> grant: 70 people are asking us as we walk of brown is how the fighter is doing? and you know when we will be allowed to leave when the roads are open up. or the progress that the crews are making which is sold critical to all of these issues. --so >> grant: how are things therethis has been a grueling battle on the fireline. the direction of the blaze has been fickle. changing direction making it difficult for crews to get ahead of the flames. >> grant:kron 4's dan kerman is live at the cal fire command post in lakeport. where the dedicated but weary firefighters are being dispatched. >> reporter: in lake port this is the temporary home to just some of the more the 2300 firefighters that are battling the fire. but they
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are not spending much time sleeping here. >> we shall have a 24 hour shift and then rotate. >> reporter: tomorrow, the firefighters will be back at it. >> have to use your adrenalin but not all at once because you're in for the long haul. >> reporter: this campus for most of the planning coordination goal want to see the best way to battle a fighter. many have seen wild fires before but this valley fire is something different. >> had been doing this for 30 years with the progression of this fire is rapid and crazy. this is an unexpected and some president fire behavior. -- on president--unprecedented
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fire behavior >> reporter: thousands of firefighters are still battling this fire tried to get that line amount of fire which is calling at 15%. >> grant: lake county officials are calling this valley fighter the worst tragedy. this see all of the people still here. one of the evacuation centers, one of the biggest with the briefing being here. calling the fire fight in america thought and not a sprint is so big steel. while progress has been done is still a long way to go. when will have more information call me up when this briefing began. >> grant: as soon as this
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briefing begins we will bring it to you live here on kron 4 news. a reminder, if you like to donate or any information about the fire or resources of available to the valley fired. you can visit our website. which is the place to be >> grant: as soon as the briefing began, pam we will break and lives. >> pam:thank you, grant! >> pam: cooler weather is helping the firefighters battling the valley fire. and other blazes in our area. kron 4's diane tuazon has been tracking the forecast in the area. more relief tomorrow? >> diane: we will have about 21 mi. per hour wind gust to it because we are awaiting for the relief of rain showers, the interest which will come at on wednesday. since wednesday morning
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between 5:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.. >> diane: also, keep in mind as the more your transition it will get wendy. --windy >> diane: mostly cloudy, tonight. tomorrow, showers are likely. but the land speak. and mostly sunny conditions jumping back to the mid '80s close to 90s by friday through saturday and sunday. >> pam:as our coverage of the valley wildfire continues at five. we are seeing just how devastating the wildfire is. from the air. >> pam:plus. we are learning new information about the woman saturday night. and why she did not evacuate her home. >> pam:and the valley fire is not the only wildfire burning in the state tonight. next. the latest on the even larger. butte fire that is still burning tonight.
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>> grant:back to our top story tonight. >> the latest information i just received five minutes before this briefing was that we bart able to steer the fighter into deep scars.
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from last year. it's not extending any father. it has become more smoke. >> as i see good news for all of the spirit and the rest of us that live in that area. (cheers & applause) >> will see activity for the next few hours for it will have more resources set up. it is a part of the process. there is a lot of work that needs to be done to contain the perimeter. as far as the overall valley fired, the growth was at 6 57 a.. with a 15 percent containment. we
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have over a thousand firefighters there. (cheers & applause) >> the only part that we have seen is right behind this. so far, so good. we have been able to progress. and improve our contingency lines. especially on the southwest and southeast area. we are still mopping upper all the way down to middletown. what's knocking down trees. >> we have a lot of resources. so not only if we have these resources we have helicopters as well.
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>> this is a priority. we want to get as many resources as we can so we can continue the work that we have here. hoping, will have better control continued over the next few days. i know that the number one question is when can we come back home care i wish i had an answer for you. it depends on the progress that we make for the next few days. the infrastructures to have to be repaired. >> all of the local utility companies are working will hard to bring back those services. and there critical and need to be taking care of before, we can send people back home. the number one thing is to contain the fire. >> we would talk about repopulate in those areas
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with a plan in place to it we will announce it and i will let you know win. at this moment, we do not have a date of when that will happen. we are making good progress like i said. >> not only from tel fighter, or local agencies but private control to bring these things back to normal status so please be patient with us. --cl fire0-cal fire >> grant: we are going to send it back to you pampered with continued to monitor this conference and update
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the show. >> pam:firefighters are starting to make some progress on containing the valley fire. it has scorched 67-thousand acres. and is now 15 - percent contained. center in calistoga. we have been gathering the latest information on school closures. and how you can help victims of the valley fire. >> pam: the pope valley elementary school will remain closed tomorrow due to the valley fire. but there are a number of other schools which will open their doors to students. >> pam: they include the lakeport unified school district. and elementary school tomorrow >> pam: as well as the lucerne school district. closures, and openings, all on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> pam: if you would like to help victims of the valley wildfire. the red cross is asking for donations.
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>> pam: you can make a tax deductible donation online through our website. or drop off supplies at various donation stations. >> pam: red cross stations are fairgrounds. and throughout santa rosa, napa, and yountville. for a complete list of donation centers. just head to our website at kron-4- dot-com. >> pam: we first told you about the valley wildfire through a push alert. >> pam: be sure to download the free kron 4 mobile app. for the latest information on the valley wildfire, and all your bay area news. >> pam: it's available for free on apple and android devices. >> pam: and there is another major destruction in northern california. >> pam: catherine heenan is here with the latest developments on the butte fire. catherine? >> catherine:it's not as destructive as the valley fire -- but it's even bigger. burning nearly 72-thousand
5:22 pm
acres. >> catherine: it's now 37% contained. if there's a little good news - it's the fact that more evacuations were lifted today. >> catherine: the butte fire is in amador and calaveras counties.east of jackson. at last word - 166 homes have now been destroyed - and 116 out-buildings. >> catherine: 64-hundred structures are still threatened. but law enforcement agencies are warning 'anyone' who's been forced to leave home to beware of scams. >> catherine: they're telling residents "not" to give out their addresses to would-be burglars posing as news reporters. they haven't made it clear yet whether people are actually falling for the scam. >> pam: the cooler weather is certainly helping those on the firelines. diane tuason is here to tell us what's ahead. return to >> diane: certainly, the moisture will help and little rain shower is headed our way. it was not completely stop the fire. it will be windy for tomorrow.
5:23 pm
25 mi. per hour right now for oakland. 18 for hayward, 224 livermore and 23 for san jose. so, again it will be wednesday again. leading and toll tomorrow as well. >> diane: will have the wind gust picking up again. you will see most of the rain shower activity, coming from 7:00 a.m. and before noon. and again, 2:00 p.m. afternoon. rainshowers very likely for tomorrow. friday, one meant things up back up for the mid '80s. i will talk more about when that trend or how much that trend will last coming back up! >> pam: we will be that
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>> pam: the caretaker of the woman who died in the valley fire says, the victim turned down an offer to help her evacuate. this is a picture of the retired school teacher- barbara mcwilliams - whose body was found in her burned -out home. >> pam: the caretaker says, she left mcwilliams at around 3- pm when she learned how the fire was developing. >> pam: a neighbor offered to take middletown, but she declined to go with him. that evening, but the area was already engulfed in flames. kron 4's maureen kelly went to the victim's home. and shows us the devastation. >> reporter: this looks like the remains a humble rise. i am only guessing because this is the remains of the washer and dryer over here, barely recognizable. and nancy the apple tree well, what is left of it. with
5:27 pm
some fruit that are charged hanky from branches. >> reporter: possibly you dizzy with the red tape it looks to be compromised because of the fire. this may have been the house, with a mattress or what is left of it here. with the springs still poking up beneath the rubble. there is a water heater right there. and what looks like 8 or some other, stove or refrigerator. there are so charred and crumbled is really hard to tell there is also another structure right here predict or, what is left up it. >> reporter: all of this
5:28 pm
spirit has fallen completely down there is still some kelly left. --piling >> reporter: the victim, had a form of an asset and it was hard for her to get around to it you can see how she could have been trapped in the blaze. --ms >> pam: the scenes from the valley wildfire are just devistating. next at 5:30. we have an aerial tour of the destruction left behind by the fast moving wildfire. >> pam: and as if the fire was not concerns tonight about looting. coming up. find out how neighborhoods are sending a warning to looters..
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: in just over three days, this valley fire has consumed more than 100 - square miles. and even at that. it is still not the largest wildfire burning in california right now. although - it is one of the most destructive. >> pam: kron 4's charles clifford is here with details on the size of the fire. and also a look at the destruction from above. charles... .. >> reporter:yeah, this is an
5:32 pm
overhead map of the burnzone. this fire has covered about 67 thousand acres. it's roughly 18 miles long and 10 miles wide. it is also now burning in lake, napa and sonoma counties and today we are getting a really good look at the damage from above. >> reporter:this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. this is a view looking south from clear lake you can see charred forests and smoke rising off the mountains near the town of middletown. >> reporter:from the air, the devastation is clearly visible. near the community of siegler springs, the fire consumed this home. >> reporter:not far away, here's another house that burned to the ground. >> reporter:now around the burnzone, aircraft continue to make water and flame retardant drops, struggling to bring the fire under control. this house near whispering pine was probably saved when that orange flame retardant was dropped from above but nearby this home wasn't as lucky >> reporter:same story about a mile away where dozens of homes.. an entire neighborhood.. has been lost. fire crews have been going through these areas.. assessing the damage and looking for any hotspots.
5:33 pm
>> reporter:to the west in sonoma county, the fire has also severely damaged several building at the geysers geothermal power plant. several other nearby facilities were not damaged and the plant is still generating partial power. >> reporter:and finally, the exact cause of this blaze is still under investigation but tuesday afternoon, fire investigators were spotted working near this home which is to the south of the community of pine grove. >> pam: all day today. there were scenes like this in middletown. firefighters putting out hotspots. meantime. scores of families are at the napa county fairground. waiting to find out about their homes and what their future holds. >> pam: kron 4's grant lodes is there tonight with the latest on the evacuess. >> pam: grant? >> grant: pam, i was
5:34 pm
surprised at the optimism that still persist with a lot of people out here. there are some that are increasingly frustrated by the amount of time and that they have to stand here. especially, and those that know that their homes are ok and still together. yet, they still have to be here for one reason or another. either infrastructure and issues or no utilities. also, simply driving could be a difficulty. >> grant: it is hard to get through some of the major roadways because of the power poles blocking the street. there are still a lot of good cheer because there's a lot of good will with humanity and humanitarian aid resources that were donated. >> grant: which, is very
5:35 pm
remarkable and people are appreciated because they rely said the be in even worse situations than this. folks here have the opportunity to ask specific questions with the officials and first responders that have been here bring in information. representatives from the local health department. and sheriff's department. they have ppg and eve rep. the just announced during the briefing that it is donating $450,000 to the writ--red cross >> grant: the questions that bloomed largest we meant what would be going on with the fire in what is the progress? there is if or was it clear up today but the crews for able to get a hand on it. water drops were
5:36 pm
being made a mistake to look for progress listen to hernandez fernand us >> we are able to progress and continue our continue to arm around the perimeter of the fire. we are still mopping up in certain areas all the way down to middletown. knocking down trees in mopping up in the of the excess of brush. >> grant:, some good progress. crews are doing what the weather conditions permit and everyone just wants to go home. especially if you know if your home as an attack. haazig madyun have been talking with people who just want to go back and protect their
5:37 pm
blocking. belongingness >> reporter:a warning has been posted for anyone thinking about looting valley fire victims. kron4's haaziq madyun found the message today on the side of the roadon his way middletownwhere some residents are concerned about theives >> reporter:attention scum you loot we shoot. that is a pretty abandoned homes evacuated due to the valley fire. the border of pope valley and middletown where residents say there is real concern over someone taking advantage of their misfortune >>"it's horrible you know i lost my house, i lost everything i had" >> reporter:richard woita says middletown residents are on the lookout for theives >>"we put out the word you know the people who are left here just look out for one another" >>"i know people have been neighborhood" >> reporter:bo sheffer advises exercising caution when using social media because looters could be using those platforms to locate evacuated homes >>"just don't give any of your information out online"
5:38 pm
>> reporter:as it stands now only emergency responders, media and those authorized by law enforcement are allowed in the middletown. police are seen making regular patrols throughout the city. in middletown haaziq madyun kron4news >> grant: so many people are here. and when a great job and as you can go down in to see people still asking questions of the first responders. the briefing just wrapped up. we will continue to get the questions answered. you can go to our website for different resources to rid
5:39 pm >> pam: while drought fueled wildfires burn in california. deadly flash flooding in utah. sweeps cars right off still trapped inside. >> pam: the latest on the rescues is coming up at 5:45. and next. a close call for some kayakers.
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>> pam: san ramon police are looking for a man suspected of trying to pull a 13-year- old girl into his van. suspect. >> pam: it happened yesterday afternoon near davona drive and northland avenue. police say a man pulled up in a white minivan. and told the girl to get inside. >> pam: when she refused. the man got out of the van and grabbed her wrist. she was able to pull herself free. and ran away. >> pam: he is described as a white 40-year-old man. around 5 feet, 10 inches tall. he has short blond hair. and was last seen wearing a blue shirt and black jeans. >> pam: this city is pushing for the raise because some many people cannot afford to live there. however, the mayor does nothing to erase that quickly it's very
5:43 pm
realistic for the city. >> pam: palo alto based hewlett --packard says it is cutting 30 thousand jobs from its enterprise unit. spinoffs of its technology divisions focused on software, consulting and data analysis. >> pam: the split is expected to be month. >> pam: the latest job cuts are on top of the 55 thousand restructuring that started in 20-12. >> pam: the annual dreamforce conference has taken over san francisco again. the conference is held at the moscone center by the san francisco-based company salesforce and is filled with speakers. demonstrations and workshops. >> pam: this time around the conference has brough a cruise ship that they are calling the "dream-boat" people attending will be staying in the ship instead of hotels. >> pam: howard street will be closed to cars and bicycles until sunday so drivers are being asked to take alternative routes or use public transportation.
5:44 pm
>> pam: two kayakers are being reminded that they're lucky to be alive. despite the fact a huge humpback whale launched itself up -- and 'onto' their kayak. >> catherine:it happened just outside the moss landing section of monterey bay. everyone sounds upbeat and excited -- but the video shows just how close woman - came to being crushed. >> catherine:a witness said they'd been paddling through a large pod of this happened. the man and woman were not injured. >> catherine:after being thrown make it safely back to shore. but everyone who saw this video says a direct hit by the huge whale would have been fatal. we'll be back
5:45 pm
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5:48 pm
>> pam: those stories and much more coming up at the top of the power tonight at 6:00. two high school students seriously injured after a school bus accident in southeast houston. >> pam: authorities say the bus was carrying students to a high school when it was struck by a swerving car. the bus driver then overcorrected the vehicle, flipping the bus over a freeway overpass and landing on the road below. >> pam: two other students and the bus driver were taken to thethe driver swerving the car has been detained for questioning.
5:49 pm
>> pam: kaplan?--capelin? is >> catherine:los angeles county this firefighters had their hands today. after heavy rain. >>this video shows a crew rescuing a man and his dog from the swollen los angeles river. you'll see the dog first. >> catherine: the man had been hanging on to tree limbs along the river. a storm drenched southern california today, flooding freeways, knocking out power >> catherine: and causing mud-slides in orange county. and this wasn't the only water rescue. >> catherine: at least 8 people were pulled from raging rivers - including the san gabriel river. three fishermen were among those rescued after getting trapped in fast-rising waters. >> pam: the desperate
5:50 pm
search in arizona who have gone missing after their car was swept away in a severe flash flood that has already taken nine lives >> pam: officials say all the small children, the youngestold. flash flood warnings have been in effect for much of today. >> pam: tonight. partners at c-n-n has the details. >> reporter: and this video you can see rescue crews tried to rescue the say the family from a cart momus of being swept away police the children away from the windows. washington built of several hundred yards downstream. a total of 16 people were inside the two vehicles. all of the victims are mothers and children. the yuccas just four years old--the youngest >>
5:51 pm
rest >> reporter: crews came out in force to help. the flash flooding last more than two hours. but the recovery is expected to take a much broader because of the more of rain approaching the region dripping--approaching the region >> i do not recall this type of fatalities associated with the flooding. >> diane: mostly cloudy conditions and expected for the evening approaching the bay bridge. in what we are dealing with here is the satellite river are showing more strict anticipation of rainshowers coming from this system. giving us another round of showers come tomorrow. keeping temperatures cooled as well. >> diane: cloudy and wendy
5:52 pm
tomorrow. with high wind speed because we are expecting that system to come through. --windy >> diane: tomorrow, there you have the feature cast at 7:00 a.m. with low clouds in place across the bay area. if the see the yellow and green. transitioning to 8:00 p.m. you see the light showers. even parts of san francisco and the peninsula. he eventually san leandro and hayward will get showers as well. with light showers by 11:00 p.m. merritt 1 date of cloudy conditions and light showers before heating things up. --so, remeber
5:53 pm
>> diane: thursday would jump to 85, friday it will have sighting condition spirit and saturdays and sundays will be in the '90s so things will be warming up. kron4 news will return after a short break.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> pam: next. the backlash against actor matt damon after his hollywood. >> pam: matt damon trending hot today for his controversial comments about diversity on last sunday's episode of 'project greenlight'. >> pam: the insider's louis aguirre hollywood. >> reporter: during the selection of the one in director on that and then beyond series, a tragic-- project relied. --greenlight >> i think on the surface, they look like one think spirit but they may end up giving us something that we do not want.
5:57 pm
>> you go by the best director. you go by with the work that they have done. >> i am glad daiichi select the word diversity for all of the spirit because they're making should throw a broader net. also, is changing the old rules at the 11th hour you will undermine most competition is supposed to be about. which, is giving someone the job based on merit. >> that is why these comets me sing sole a characteristic because i have made him so many times and he is a nice person for a professional. --had very professional >> pam: the desperate search continues for several people in arizona who have gone flooding. >> pam: a few people did get
5:58 pm
the chance to go home and take a survey of what was left. and, we got to go along with them. the valleys fire, will continue next at 6:00.
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
our world has changed overnight >>it's hard. >> pam:hundreds of homes lost thousands more threatened. lake county fire survivors left without the possessions they love. >> pam:new at six, emotional day as families learn the. >>we're at the house. we lost everything >> pam:good evening, i'm pam moore. >> pam:the valley fire continues to burn tonight in three bay area counties. but today crews made significant progress.thanks in part to the cooler temperatures. >> pam:but still, a lot of work to be done before everyone can go home. we're covering this fire
6:01 pm
from multiple angles. >> pam:terisa estacio is in kelseyville where she spoke with a family that lost everything. >> reporter: >> grant: just a field of tents. this seems like a concert out here. but certainly a graeme undertone of sadness. the people who love lost their homes. and some who do not know the status of their spirit. >> grant: just south of some of the hardest-hit areas. as we continue to panel here. >> grant: 3 acupuncture print and chiropractic and masai's for people who are stress what what is going on one.
6:02 pm
>> we are calling it an unplanned party. it is an unfortunate situation. we are happy to be in the position to help them out and we know that they would do the same for us. to give them all the resources they need. >> diane: >> grant: what is your best guess to take care of these people are when they could call home? >> we do not want to guess. but we will be prepared to take care of them for the rest of the time needed- a
6:03 pm
few weeks >> grant: weeks? >> yes. >> we do not need any clothes, to be fine at this point or any bottled water. >> grant: you really think a couple of weeks in may take for some people to get back home? >> are going to be prepared to take care of these people that long or more if needed. >> grant: 1 from a hundred to 12 under yesterday's. -- it went from 800 to 1200.
6:04 pm
>> those are not the numbers that we have. but i have never been more proud to be a telescope and print with the outpouring of support of the community. what the local chefs and volunteers with money coming and donations. it is just a fantastic community. >> grant: are a lot of people, people are coming and going creek literally. >> grant: some people had to evacuate yesterday. >> is nice to see families reunited. and that is very heartwarming accurate you still have some cars to try to find some of their family members and other relief centers accurate we are geared up and will take or whether we need to do. >> grant: one of the
6:05 pm
officials to have talked opened up his heart and land. to some in lake county who are either homeless or can i go back to their home for any number of reasons power poles and lines are industries trying to get the situation is under control grid there is a lot of work that is being done far away, from this area. >> grant: people are wanting to go back to what ever their home situation is and they are going to wait it out here. because, they have to grit rain is coming and that is why a lot of people are putting tarps on their tents. camping in the rain is no fun if you done it. but they will take the rain because this will help the firefighters get control of the fire.
6:06 pm
>> pam: yes, who grant this will help and we do appreciate rain. >> pam: kate cagle is in hidden hard by the fire. emotional moments for some fire. officials allowed some evacuees to return to their homes to look for pets left behind. live in kelseyville tonight.she went into the >> reporter: this has been a very emotional day for a lot of people here. >> reporter: for one couple it was a very, very tough moment. >> reporter: here at the cal
6:07 pm
seville high-school cars lined up for it it was all part of the process. of these residents can caravaned back to the fire zone to find out if they had any pets still alive and wondered if they still had a home. >> reporter: had a couple of dogs? >> yes. we're at a graduation received a phone call. >> reporter: remaining road closures to clear and dangerous conditions as well. and some very tense moments. as the evacuees drove by some homes for it. >> we're at the house and we lost everything. >> reporter:
6:08 pm
>> we would do what we do. starting your print-- starting here >> reporter: is area is still at risk. --this >> reporter: 1 it had at. cal fire says they're very grateful for the rain that will come fan but they are very worried about the wind that is supposed to come after the rain. there are also worry about the evacuees that are spending the night and tents appeared. a very to modules day and a lot were read out here. >> pam: looked at this, and this is desolate. this is what many people saw.when they returned to their homes today, smoldering rubble. other homes, and communities were spared. >> pam: and today.some evacuees got a chance to go
6:09 pm
back and look for their pets. kron 4's kate cagle is live in hidden valley lake tonight. >> pam: she tagged along with some of the evacuees.kate? >> pam: hidden valley lakes is still a ghost town tonighti'm on greenridge road and there is only one person home right now - he manages a local bank and got in to make sure it's it can be open once the evacuation order is lifted. >> >> reporter: the fire was much more sporadic here. it is a gorgeous place to live if he was summoned people want to come back home tonight. but it is a ghost town tonight is there's only one person home. >>"richard hicks. james bomberry" >> reporter:inside the lowerlake high school gymit's a numbers game.
6:10 pm
these evacuees are hoping to check on their pets back home today. >> reporter:everyone has a number.all the way up to three hundred and fifty seven. >>"people's animals are stuck in their houses. it makes me so sad." >>"loren hill" >> reporter:loren hill is heading back to check on his parrot.kito. >>"food she can probably go quite a while but it's water i'm concerned about. because she likes to play in her water." nates: james bomberry! >> reporter:this is the first trip back for all these evacuees. they will be escorted by sheriff's deputies. >> reporter:and they will only get fifteen minutes. >>"yeah baby i know. you're scared." >> reporter:once inside his homethe news is good. >>"it feels real good to see the house."
6:11 pm
>> reporter:it's dark. there is no power. >> reporter:but kito - which means precious in swahili - is doing great." >>"you're going to be alone for a while okay?" >> reporter:cause it's already time to go. " >>"we tried to make it as quick as we could for you. get somebody else in here." >> reporter:there will be more opportunities for evacuees to come back in the coming days. >> reporter: there is not much left of this house and sally there are a the shells of homes that look like this. just piles of sheik rot and, shane goldson and twisted burned metal. you can see over here some plumbing. only, recognizable things in this house. over here, and you can see that this is a housing with a
6:12 pm
family where a bicycle is just a skeleton with the tires burned away. handlebars are melted off >> reporter: over here, and this the melted plastic of the garbage bantered just completely what. if looks like the flames did not actually make it all the way to the road here. here is an example of the fickle nature of fire creek where the homes just across the street on rose anderson wrote creek was completely cascade. >> pam: this reminder. be sure to download the kron 4 news mobile application. >> pam: wild fire coverage continues tonight with a
6:13 pm
focus on how children are coping with this tragedy. >> pam: we are live with the command center in lake portables see how the crews are trying to rest. >> pam: lee would tell you how you can help those in need from the fire. will be back! this is the dawn of an old day.
6:14 pm
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>> grant: had dogs, chicken breast, chilly, pie... these people are eating well. they deserve to eat well. for what they have gone through. no one wants to go through. the insurance companies are here. people are starting to file claims and try to get some of the delicate items that they have lost and the fire document. so many tents and are these are set up. the big truck, to help veterans who may help. so many resources calling up parrot with so many people need it for it >> grant: and met a group of
6:17 pm
kids today. a remarkable group spirit take a look. >> grant: you can see all of the people of the window but with instructors donating their time and services. and then this group of kids from middle school tote high schoolers. they're all from middletown. at a lot of them lost their homes. >> his brother sent me a picture. >> in such a chancre at our house burned down and our neighbors across the street burned down. and then there's a standing.
6:18 pm
>> grant: raise your hand if your house burn down. >> i am looking for my father. >> grant: and mantas handle or just handed this to me. a few minutes ago. one of the tranquil areas that was lost in this fire. he does not know where is from. it shows you the amount of heat that was a part of this fire. >> grant: the heat, and the exhaustion. in lee county. "
6:19 pm
firefighters have been staging their. dn? --sdan ---dan?. >> reporter: firefighters are spending 24 hours on the fire line. >> reporter: hear one of 2300 firefighters is situated in one of the best possible place to battle the valley fire. >> have never seen any think like this. homes that i thought would be loss' want to risk and some that i thought could had stood the fire was just gone. >> reporter: it is back to
6:20 pm
the fire. but no one is complaining for it. we >> are here to do a job and that is what we would do. >> reporter: >> it is overwhelming to see the destruction been done to the town pri is overwhelming. we want to come in and help as much as weekend. --as we can >> reporter: are now hearing the firefighters from out of state are coming in and and and they feel that what is needed to get the upper hand on this fire. >> pam: want to keep you up- to-date on the plan for school and the fire zone area and this school.
6:21 pm
6:22 pm
>> pam: the pope valley elementary school will remain closed tomorrow due to the valley fire. but there are a number of schools that will open its doors to students. >> pam: they include the lakeport unified school district. the upper lake high school and elementary school district will also be open >> pam: as well as the lucerne school district. we have a complete list of closures, and openings on our website.kron 4 dot com. >> pam: if you would like to help victims of the valley you can make a tax deductible donation online through our website. >>or by texting the word "red cross" to 9-0-9-9-9 to make people can also drop off supplies at various donation stations. located
6:23 pm
throughout santa rosa, napa, and yountville. >> pam: for a complete list of donation centers. just head to our website at kron- >> diane: temperatures right now, running anywhere between upper 60s for the ellen valley locations and low sixties for the lower the bay area. >> diane: light showers for tomorrow with clouded conditions and cooler temperatures we do have the land speak picking up. 15 for hayward, 234 livermore and 15 down in san jose. tonight, by 9:00 p.m. to purchase will be in the '60s. we do have a cloudy and windy night. you can expect to see light showers
6:24 pm
for the morning commute with local out there in the upper 50s for the inland valleys east bay, mid-50s. >> diane: by noontime another round of those showers. by 2:00 p.m. you proceed light to moderate rain. for santa rosa, sonoma and much of it in the north to bay. >> diane: san rafael and vallejo. by 11:00 p.m. est oakland and concord with rainshowers. >> diane: thinks will clear up by mid-week. of the 7 day forecast. thursday and friday should clear up with saturday and sunday back into the '90s. you get only enjoy the cooler temperatures to the next two days and one back up for the weekend.
6:25 pm
>> pam: catherine heenan is back with us with another fire that continues to burn out of control.
6:26 pm
6:27 pm
>> catherine:an update now on the huge butte fire.which is 37% contained. >> catherine:it's less destructive than the valley fire -- but even bigger in size. >> catherine:the butte fire is in amador and calaveras counties.east of jackson. it's covered nearly 72- burning since last wednesday. >> catherine:at last word - 166 residences have beenbuildings. >> catherine:and 64-hundred structures are still threatened. a little good news -- more evacuation orders were afternoon. >> catherine:but law enforcement agencies are warning 'anyone' who has been forced to leave home to beware of scams. >> catherine:they're telling residents "not" to give out their addresses to would-be burglars posing as news reporters. >> catherine:they haven't
6:28 pm
made it clear yet whether people are actually falling for the scam. >> pam: gary is coming up with all of the sports and our top story tonight with firefighters making significant progress battling the deadly fire. new information after the break!
6:29 pm
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>> the people that are left here to look out for one another. >> people have been taking care of the neighborhood. there have been a lot up patrols and cops for it. >> reporter: had been warnings not to look around here. haazig madyun kron 4 news. >> pam: charles clifford is live tonight in our news room with some of the big beautiful before an incredible before and after pictures. >> reporter: lot of people wrote losing everything literally overnight. some of the devastating before and after pictures. >> reporter: using google st
6:36 pm
view and looking at it before the fire and now after. the ec much of it does not remain. this is a home of a firefighter always working on a fire. this is how his house look before and how it looks today. even his truck is destroyed. >> reporter: here is another home, not far away from the fire. but this is how it looks now. saved, because they managed to drop water on it. >> reporter: this see how the fire destroyed everything. even the trees. and finally, this is a global first image that a plant. before the fire. and this is how the same fire
6:37 pm
looks today. the facility is still producing partial power but it was heavily damaged. >> reporter: some people are not being able to return home if so there may be able to grab a pet and return for it. >> diane: went speed picking up quite a bit. fremont, five to seven ma per hour, livermore 23 and concord 15 mi. per hour which will stay with us for the rest of the evening. we are looking at a handful of mid to upper 50s. >> diane: 55 degrees are among the coast. >> diane: so, and there you
6:38 pm
have the temperature is 73, 69 for the east bay and 67 for the coastal area. >> diane: we are warm things up ever so slightly. so you have two days. it should all clear up by thursday. >> diane: with that warmup in place. >> pam: we will be back.
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
>> pam: wishes the reaction of one family as their return home. >> catherine: spencer stone will be awarded the purple heart this week. he is one of three sacramento area man hailed for taking down a suspected terrorist on a high-speed train in europe last month. >> catherine: the air force
6:42 pm
is making the most of the story. calling him our very own captain america. it is already giving stone be feared man metal bohai it is not combat what it can give. --the highest not combat >> catherine: but since the incident on the train with her is related. is now confirmed that stone will also get the purpleheart he suffered a severe hamel from the boxcar and other injuries when he was tackling the man. the ceremony would be at the pentagon.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> gary:good evening everyone! good feelings!
6:46 pm
(cheers & applause) ♪ >> (cheers & applause) >> gary: it was cool to see leadership after canonize control gang. --game >> gary: 49 hours at his third after the 20-3 season- opening win over the minnesota vikings. new head coach jim thompson look at some props from his team and the locker room afterward rid colin kapernick de jimmied t the gang bought it with a big win for a team and the college has come under a lot of scrutiny. much of it-during the off- season. >> gary: despite the
6:47 pm
victory the foreign miners have road games at his first arizona and new york against the giants for it was a home game against the packers for it today, tom solis did not so fast on the celebrations we have a lot of work to do. >> gary: carlos hike was the player of the game and had the plight of the game. -- carlos hyde and the play f of the game >> gary: his end of the first have spent move on his first touchdown run left vikings defensive end daniel hunter grasping at year.
6:48 pm
haik rest for a league tie-1 68 yds on 26 carries. scorned the team only td pass after the gang he talked about the stand. --spin >> gary: the first athlete for the kardashians to get their hands on bridge the bush. --karashians >> gary: without cam. it would not be any of the other family members. she gave them all a show. >> pam: that is it creek the family business.
6:49 pm
(laughter) >> gary: imam has axed seattle seahawks, steamed at his decision to not give his baltimore dashon. she is asking for him not she is asking for him to be fired. giving the ball in overtime to keep it going. sunday, they did not pass. they gave it to her son. on facebook, she said this guy should have been fired. yes, i said it, fired tear! she caught ---he caught that dumb call on my son.
6:50 pm
>> gary: today, we got a chance to see a sign of mike carpenter... >> reporter: stars of like any other donation. then, this happens. >> reporter: the high octane thrill is all part of the 15th annual sonoma raceway blood drive. and yvette centered on saving lives in exchange for a joyride on the 12 turn, exhilarating, professional course. >> have people like the giants this is an experienced its you can get anywhere else. i work with offering t-shirts incentives for our donors and a month, but this is a uniquely sonoma raceway experience.
6:51 pm
>> " i have given for so many years to rid it is not about the numbers. it is about where the blood is going. but help is going. i have been here a couple of times before and i will be back again. " >> reporter: sonoma raceway, the only place where you lose your blood and hope not to lose your lunch. mark carpenter, kron4 sports. >> gary:thank you, pam!
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>> pam: for social media users we know there are post that we do not necessarily like. in looks like facebook is working on just that,
6:55 pm
with a dislike button. the company's ceo mark zuckerberg says he hesitated to giving a thumbs up to the bombs down button. but he realized people want to express and the be on post about unpleasant news. >> pam: not every moment is a good when he said. the initial disliked but will only be a test spirit if users like it, facebook will extend its availability. >> pam: will be back and a clock! stay in touch >> pam: will be back and a ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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is already here with x1. only from xfinity. the "insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> a controversial picture from ""vanity fair." >> feel like something is missing. >> late night under the spotlight. critics claim it's the best it's everbeen. is it strictly a boy's club. >> where the womenat? >> matt damon goes vira as social media slams his comments on diversity behind the camera. >> we're about diversity, you do it in the affidaviting casting of the film, not the casting of the show. >> tomorrow's debate showdown >> plus, sister sledge topped
7:00 pm
the charts singing their timeless sibling love anthem. >> you were the voice. >> don't say that too loud. >> now we're inside the family feud that tore the sisters apart. >> this would all make sense. >> now hollywood from the inside out, it's the "insider" together with yahoo. alec baldwin's first interview since leaving rehab. how social media actually helped her in her recovery. plus, her personal project runway that has taken her out of the shadows of her famous parents, alec baldwin and kim bassinger. >> this is a fascinat story. we'll get all that. first it's the growing "vanity fair" controversy that is getting plenty of traction. thanks to the headline why late night tv is better than ever. which highlights all of the funny men. the operative word there being men. so does the absence of women in late night tv confirm a mad men mentality?


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