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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> pam :now at 11. devastating images of homes burned to the ground. and this firefight is not over yet. as the valley fire continous to threaten homes. good evening i'm pam moore. the valley fire has made its way through three counties including lake, napa and sonoma counties. here's what we know so far. the latest numbers show. the wildfire has burned nearly 68- thousand acres and it is now 30 -percent contained. that is an improvement. up from 10-percent containment at this hour last night. at least 585- homes have been destroyed. and 9-thousand are still threatened.
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jeff bush joins us live from the lakeport command center. as firefighters continue to move through the night. jeff? >> jeff :fighting a fire this size is a 247 operation, you have the equipment and people going and coming all day. it is a very delicate dance that takes a lot of effort to make this work smoothly engine after engine after enginefirefighters coming off the linesmany of them haven't slept in the last 24 hourshard workthe incident command center is where most of them come to clean up and get some restbut, it's not glamorous of particularly comfortable. tent living is what these firefighters have come to expect. it's hard but each of them knew what they were signing up for.
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fire commanders are plotting out the next days work inside while volunteers are making sure everything and everyone goes to the right place. >> ryan benton : we make sure everything is clean, we help with traffic and help with foodjust make sure everyting is comefortable for the firefighers when they leave and get back. >> jeff :which is a full time job. ryan benton says it's a challenging job and it's an important job. everyone plays a part and everyone feels a responsibility to fight the fire in their own waya busy, team effort with it's own rewards. >> benton : these guys coming inthey are real tiredhave you seen the looks on their face?: they just smell like buring wood and you can just tell they have been working hard all day and they are just ready to rest and shower and we try to make it as easy as possible for them. >> jeff :the fire crews are getting a few hours of sleep tonight and will be back up and fighting the fire again tomorrow morning. i'm jeff bush, live in lakeport, kron four news.
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>> pam :thousands of people have evacuated their homes as they escaped the lake county fire. many of their animalls have gone astray. kron 4's alecia reid visited the sunrise horse rescue in saint helena that has been saving animals since the fire broke out on saturday. alecia? >> alecia :meet smokey and lucky pennywell those are their temporary namesgiven to them after volunteers found them wandering in their burnt down neighborhood. their owners are camped out at the calistoga fairgrounds. >> mary taylor : he cried in relief that they were here. they must have had to rush out and leave them behind >> alecia :photos of all 16 horses both of the goats that were rescued were posted on fb. the owners have claimed them, but it's a matter of what's next. >> jan flynn : you know it's not just humans that are displaced by the fire >> : the outpouring of support
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has been great. our volunteers have been here, not around the clock, but almost. feeding and grooming, and watering and caring for these horses. >> alecia :the sunrise horse rescue was already at capacity, but they vow to continue helping as many animals as they possibly can during this crisis. >> : in addition we have assisted in the rescue of 25 other horses, 3 lamas, 20 cattle, 8 pigs, and a number of dogs >> alecia :with the additional animals, donations are desperately needed. and people are already pouring in >> eleanor anderson : we brought over hay for the horses, kennels for dogs, cardboard crates for small animals that they're finding, toys that'll put a smile on anyone's faces, and some halters for horses too. >> : we're committed to helping these horses for however long that takes >> alecia :with no home to return to, im told these horses will be cared for until they have someplace safe to call home.reporting in saint helena
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pamas we have been reporting. hundreds of homes have been lost and scores of evacuees still have not been able to make it back to their homes to assess the damage. kron 4's charles clifford shows us some of the images before and after the wildfire. which illustrate the devastation . >> charles :this is how it the neighborhood looked like before the fire and this is how the same house looks today. almost nothing remains and to concede a garage door warp to the ground on the left. this is the home of a firefighter who was actually away working on the beat fire. this is how his home look before last weekend and this is how it looked today with even his truck destroyed here's another example of the helicopter view here is another home far away,
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this house was actually saved because fire crews managed to drop orange flame retardant on it before here's another house before and after you can see how the fire destroyed everything nearby including the trees, here is a google earth view here is how the same spot looks today with several buildings at the plan heavily damaged but the facility is still producing partial power >> pam :insurance companies are now on site at the napa county fairgrounds in calistoga. to help people who lost their homes or vehicles to the valley fire. they set up these tent stations. where people can come and file a claim in person. representatives have wi-fi and computers set up. they are prepared to start a claim on site. so, what do you do if you don't have back up copies or digital copies of your insurance information? what if you have no
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identification? we asked one state farm insurance agent who said that is not a problem. >>:they can stop here at our booth and we can access their policies on site review their policies and see all the benefits available to them >> pam :and online, there are all kinds of resources and checklists for people who lost a home or car to the fire. the i-r-s, fema, and the red cross. have all listed important information people need to know, before they return to their property. we have laid out all this information, in an easy way to consume, in the "valley fire section" on kron 4 dot com. and on our free mobile app. the pope valley elementary school will remain closed tomorrow due to the valley fire. but there are a number of schools which will be open. they include the lakeport unified school district. the upper lake high school and elementary school district. as well as the lucerne school district. will all be open. we have a complete list of
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school closures, and openings on our website.kron 4 dot com. kron-4 first alerted you about the explosive valley wildfire. through a mobile app push. you can download our app for free to stay connected on the latest developments and to watch live newscasts on the go. the caretaker of the woman who died in the valley fire says. the victim turned down an offer to help her evacuate. here is the picture of the retired school teacher- barbara mcwilliams. her body was found in her burned -out home. the caretaker says, she left mcwilliams at around 3- pm saturday, calling her later. when she learned how the fire was developing. a neighbor offered to take mcwilliams into nearby middletown, but she declined to go with him. lake county sheriffs say, they tried to get her out that evening, but by then, the area was already engulfed in flames. coming up. with so many homes left empty in the fire zone.
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concern tonight about possible looting. and one man is already under arrest. important resources staying open up in the fire zone. despite the surrounding inferno. thousands more layoffs coming. at one of the bay area's largest tech companies.
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>> pam :a lakeport man is behind bars tonight. on suspcicion of attempted burglary. possibly in the fire zone. 26-year-old royce moore was
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arrested for possession of burglary tools, two warrants, and possession of controlled substance paraphernalia. sheriff's deputies pulled over a car. driving along a closed road in kelseyville early this morning. moore was sitting in the backseat. authorities searched his backpack. and found pliers, drills, and other tools. sheriff's deputies believed he was planning and attempting to burglarize the homes of evacuated residents. in the cobb mountain area. an anonymous warning was posted in one neighborhood. for anyone thinking about looting 'valley fire' victims. a sign posted at the border of pope valley and middletown reads - quote - "attention scum. you loot. we shoot." it is not known who posted the warning. one resident advises.everyone should use caution when posting personal information on social media. because looters could be using those platforms to locate evacuated homes. currently. only emergency responders, media, and those
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authorized by law enforcement. are allowed in middletown fire area. coming up. the valley fire may be the most destructive. but it is not the largest wildfire sweeping through northern california. the latest on the butte fire. ahead. plus, a major drug store chain. making plans to deliver right to your door. >> gary :and we are finishing up baseball with the giants and a's highlights and the warriors acquire a two-time mvp. and the locker room >> diane : and some rainshowers headed to the area our latino how long they stick around your seven day forecast coming up next--let you konw
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with an energy efficiency project because not only are they saving energy but they are saving water. we have a lot of projects at pg&e that can help them with that and that's extremely important while we're in a drought. it's a win for the customer and it's a win for california. together, we're building a better california.
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>> pam :our wildfire coverage continues now. the valley fire has destroyed hundreds of buildings in its path. but as kron 4's haaziq madyun discovered. the blaze decided to spare some structures -- and many of them provide important resources for people in the area. > >haaziq : this is what it looks like from the front lines of the valley fire as an air tankers drops fire retardant on the hill above middletown. it has been several days and the battle wages on as firefighters continue their efforts to saves as many structures as they can. one business still standing is store 24which is open for the first time since the valley fire started >> : a dream come true for us
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we thought we had lost everything > >haaziq :employees here want to thank firefighters for their heroic efforts >>:the risk to their allies to help save the town--they reisked their lives > >haziq:in midst of the smoldering hillsides, devastation, and acres upon acres of charred landi found thissymbol of hopea bright and shinning church.with the ground blackened all around ityet standing seamingling untouched by the valley fire that has consumed hundreds of structures in a matter of days. in middletown haaziq madyun kron4news >> pam :an update tonight at 11. on the butte fire. it is now 40% contained. this fire has been burning in amador and calaveras counties. and has destroyed nearly 72- thousand arces in just under a week.
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the number of homes destroyed has risen to 233. and 175 outbuildings. 64-hundred structures are still threatened. meanwhile. the 'rough fire'. near fresno. has been updated to 49-percent containment. this is the largest wildfire currently burning in the state. it has torched more than 200 - square miles of land. near fresno. more than 3- thousand firefighters are tackling the blaze. seven of them have been injured. their status is unknown right now. remarkably. this fire has been burning for more than a month. >> diane : satellite radar is showing the moisture coming up from the pacific northwest and it is now dropping down to our region which will certainly help
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the valley fire about a 70 percent chance for that area a lot of low clouds in place as the transition to 2:00 you see light to moderate rain showers coming in mainly in the north day until--north bay until about 8:00 p.m. transition to 11:00 p.m. you have conquered and hayward and oakland have some light rain showers but it is only going to last for one day. i wish you could last all week but it certainly will not the forecast goes back to the '90s for right now we will keep it to the mid-70s for the inland valley locations and lows '70's for the east bay shoreline and
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san francisco and the peninsula will stay in the '60s 73 for inland valley locations and 64 year east bay 64 your east bay >> pam :hewlett- packard will cut tens of thousands of jobs in coming months. the computer- maker announced tuesday, that it would slash 25- to 30-thousand positions. as part of the company's split into two different enterprises. "hewlett- packard enterprise" will focus on businesses.such as cloud technology and cyber- security. "h-p inc." will sell p-c's and printers. c-e-o meg whitman described the downsizing as - quote - "final actions". that will "eliminate the need for any future corporate restructuring. the company has already laid off some 55- thousand workers walgreens is preparing to offer
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a home- delivery service. today the drug store chain announced a new partnership with the on-demand delivery startup called - "postmates.' the service will be available in cities with walgreens or duane reade stores. where postmates already operates. customers will be able to shop from the drugstore's online catalog, or order a prescription using the postmates app. purchases will be delivered within the hour. for a $4-99 flat fee. postmates recently inked delivery deals with several other companies, including starbucks and chipotle. offseason and gary has your highlights up next
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>> gary :is an orange tuesday. those with hopes of the giants can still make a late-season run had to feel good when posey three were on hunger--three run homer tied the game giants start to show some of their youth, 4-3 giants ramone cabrera giants leave 7th down 8-5 down 2 in the 9th
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buster posey comes through to tie the game 8-8, but in 10th inning sergio romo, gone off the bat of george fras =--todd fraiser homers, 9-8, red's win giants will stay 7.5 back or drop to 8 back a's face an old friend today billy butler delivering up the middle here josh reddick is going to go deep
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oakland puts 17 runs on the board final 17-6 jim tomsula, after their 20-3 season opening win over the minnesota vikings new head coach jim tomsula got some props from his team in the locker room afterward colin kaepernick gave "jimmy t." the game ball it was a big win for a team and coach that has come under a lot of scrutity much of it negatvie during the offseason >>:we have the game ball for jimmy t >> gary :very nice giving the game ball to him, the next four games are at pittsburg at arizona good for tomsula and the 49ers but the next four games at pittsburgh at arizona hosting green bay and at the new york giants will be a good indicator of where this team stands
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marshawn lynch's mom delisa lynch thinks seattle seahawks offensive coordinator darrell bevell should be fired he actually agreed with bevell's call to give the ball to her son on a failed 4th and 1 play in sunday's loss to the rams but she's still steamed at the decision to not give the ball to marshawn at the end of the super bowl when a russell wilson interection gave the game to the patriots --interception delisa lych posted this on facebook monday "he should be fired" >> gary :maybe go a little bit easy on the facebook stuff two-time nba mvp steve nash who was last seen shooting hoops in his house with snoop dogg will be joining the warriors as a part-time assistant for head coach steve kerr who was general
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manager on the phoenix suns when nash played for them nash played for them >> pam :good night u'renly ung ce. lessou he a baru nnouer) e suru x osstk. symmricaall-eel ive us mpg e suru x osstk. it whamaa suru.u,ve us mpg take a look at these bbq best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping... yep, greatness deserves recognition. you got any trophies, cowboy? ♪ whoomp there it is uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one. best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. well i'll be... does that thing just follow you around?
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blowing through stop signs in beverly hills. they can't do a thing about it. >> then, biblical floods. pioneer women washed away. do they really think the deadly floods are the sign of a coming apocalypse? she has been branded a menace to children. you won't believe why. >> this is the beach where it all went down. >> what happened on the beach that changed her life forever. >> it's rick dick cue dwuqslous ridiculous. >> exclusive, sandra bullock's new boyfriend. his troubled past. straight from the woman that


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