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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 16, 2015 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: we want to again with the clicker live look outside the rain that is headed our way and we have several different angles of this live storm track the satellite and radar were received off in the distance on the right-hand side a few bridges december to a bridge in the upper right the golden gate bridge all dry for now, the clear sky for a lot of debate. . >>reporter: good news to
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finally another little batch of ring here is the progress for hitting a clear shot up the north edge assisi's stars out there as we start today a live shot of the play bridge in fact temperature's not want to do all whole lot because of the cloud cover ec -11 up on the santa rosa compared to yesterday and most of these seven numbers drawn in some five and six degrees below today than what they were two to four hours ago that is somewhat suspect in pick see the sky is a pretty clear lots of stars during the action however things will change here is a look at that forecast will
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start of some terrible called a lot a.m. and 54 is where the summit will be going into the afternoon session hours start to develop a were thinking as early maybe as for clause by 6:00 a will see scattered showers even. >>james: pretty easy on the westbound 80 know problems like oakland law problems across the span or san francisco last jump to the san mateo bridge highway 92 nothing doing all the west blindsided the commute direction the tail lesson from hayward out to foster said it the job over to the golden gate bridge no indication of fog and all it is an easy ride from rencontre down to san francisco the rain that
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is coming our way one of the impact in the morning commute but it will in this method allowed back on the way home today about the timing and again more on that come. >>james: will get another of the and just a little the the mass of ratified a continues to burn for napa and sonoma and the county's this is video from a helicopter for the ship with abc seven news the showed a home is in charge of the ground it is not over yet the latest numbers are the fire has burned over
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67,000 a. this is hundreds of other structures have been destroyed as well nine thought structures and all still threaten this morning that continue to work through the night to try to describe of trivia and control to have a look at the same last might have the fire command center as firefighters will come off the lines to get some rest minute and have less left in 40 hours the commanders of the allied plan enough the next day's work of volunteers make sure that everything and everyone went to the right place so. >>james: they're just getting a few hours of sleep before have returned to the front lines again later on this morning.
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>>reporter: those of their temporary names given to them after volunteers from the wandering in the burn down neighborhood there always are camped out >>reporter: all 16 horses and both of the go to their rescue will post of facebook the owners claim the but as a matter of what is next the rescue was
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already at capacity but they vow to continue helping as many animals as they possibly can during this crisis with the additional animals the nation's are desperately needed with no home to return to this is ill be cared for until the have someplace safe to call home.
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>>james: 11 working nonstop from the clock to repair dozens of our lines and power poles it grew at peace gee's headquarters at the middletown bible church one of the largest operations in the state. >>j.r. stone: destruction that it slows down power poles and electrical lines almost everywhere you look one to three down polls lange on the ground in front of me within 50 ft. of one another because the fire is still active and have only survey of 15 percent of the area affected a wide range of customers are affected as some are linebacker to the area pg&e crews warned against touching or driving over down wires it lives they are not lying if.
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>>james: pg&e officials saying they cannot give one gentleman
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these images the geysers make up the complex of 14 jill, plans and leg and some accounting supplies power if you haven't yet go ahead and download this free, to lead is information on the fire were constantly updating of the we have the other headlines as well available for free of fraud apple and android and we also have the weather application a dedicated web application for now been returned to download that you have live later an update from the what the center pfft will have the republican presidential hopeful square miles and a second debate the debate takes place to a lack of
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the 11 republican candidates included in this field doubt then second of grumman would have been christened carlists year-end. and end. >>james: we will take a quick break recovery efforts to continue in utah as flash flooding takes the life of 12 people the water concerns to commence his office and we have converting three couch in east fish we will be right back
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>>james: that is what we're going to be talking about today some of it hitting the area not at the moment but we have a clear shot of the bay bridge approach on the right-hand side we do see storm track a satellite radar there is some activity to get a better idea on the timing of a were looking to get over the course of the day led to give a forecast of there in the middletown 49 as you hold
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is this course winds of the west south west to invest in 11 will have, once led not smoke with cloud and what will happen later today temperatures might have to reach about 70 toilet as you might see the skies opened up a little bit committee about 30 percent and so here is the southwest when 1015 with gus and 20 that is not good but the plus side of this is will be mostly cloudy with rain and showers with all of that. >>reporter: the blind share will be up for the north hills look at the bay bridge as restart a fairly clear sky conditions will season starts out there during their performance to the peninsula and the 50 santa rosa at 47 of the sea off toward the west the future castellans go
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forward by 5:00 p.m. good coverage and rent house all the way of north still have a nice rain that looks like is happening. >>reporter: we have to 12:00 p.m. and you see the green up toward the north by this evening however it did tell of the peninsula south to bay but the north to bay you to see how cool it is complement of the rain and clouds would clear all a little bit notice the blues got to the performance appearance that is due to the clear skies temperatures drop off late tonight after this event is all said and done we did see much
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movement because of the cloud cover east bayshore line to purchase for today at 67 for berkeley oakley's 7168 a little in hey with about 69 this is where probably there would be a good shot of ride happening as much lower to middle seventies. >>reporter: we have about 91 or so it may be returning to the '70s. >>james: northbound and 80 just north of a street in hey with the left lane to block because of an accident the chp has
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issued a severe tropical bird in the area that lies and the firm of the way around it his northbound 880 just north of a string of less head over to the golden gate bridge pretty good the ride on one 01 not bad into marin county if you are in the north valance you know they're also a sea its dealer for highway 29 this is a teleplay near kalispell all lands closed because of fire not the valley fire. >>james: 29 is closed because of that fire that jump over to the richmond san rafael bridge no problems as a direct way west about 580 from richmond out to settler fell more attractive
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with a of this coming up hundreds of homes a been lost and scores of evacuees still have not been able to make a back to their homes to assess the damage. >>charles clifford: using the street to view this out home in middletown looks before the fire and hear saw the same house looks today and listen to us the picture almost nothing remained you consider the grout door a few miles away in copper this the home of a firefighter who was always working on the beat fire this is how the house look before the weekend years of a said house look today from our helicopter partnership with abc seven news here is another whole not far away if and here's how looks now this house was actually saved because their
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message of orange flame retardant before it reached an other homes were not as lucky but this is before and after here is another house before several buildings were heavily damaged but the facility is still producing partial power. >>james: of images will will remain closed today because of plant a number of schools are reopening today this is something you need to know those that are open and close the lake for unified school district the a public high school and elementary school district as well as the school district they will all be open to women across the list of the closures on our site as well as those every offering that as
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check it out >>james: reallocated and mcallister was fair ground and throw santa rosa napa and yacht builder if you haven't yet downloaded as a great way to state of bed on rekindled in also on this continue to cover stories following flash flooding in you talk are looking in drainage pipes and bring in heavy machinery to help research the death toll from the flood is
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now 12 and that inclusion children off at least three cars were swept away in the town of hill build a total 16 people in those cars and only a few survived this then is victim was 4 years old this a rescuers were able to save three children. >>james: 2 teenager dead after a school bus drove off overpass in his discretion to the street below we brought you the story yesterday morning were given the latest on the casualties would this is a a car made it unsafe lane change the called the bus to swerve and eventually fly off the overpass aware of a guard rail the driver who served as the bus has not been yet charged with violations to total storage should try to avoid another car and is coming into her lane the
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servicing year-old they're all killed in the crash soc each. >>james: with plans to file rubble death lawsuit from of drivers this is the family also missed two of the cars include in the main center of the guard rear of the of past. >>james: over the use of antibiotics in their meat and poultry products between five restaurant chains and graded all
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too to political never got a for serving much of their me from adam was raised without regular use of antibiotics starbucks pizza hut rotted king and tackle bill they said the use of antibiotics--burger king taco bell of>>james: there may be a link leukemia virus often times and text panels blood cells and every tissues then analyze breast tissue for 230 women from the l v they compare those samples for women who had breast cancer for women who led no history of the disease 59 percent of breast cancer samples had evidence of exposure to the
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edge of the afternoon at percent of the samples never had breast cancer showed exposure to be of the group would take a crack break donald trump continues to lead in the polls and a mini haters are already deciding where they will move investing becomes an ex-president the top five destinations people say they will flee to if the dollar trout wins the white house calf will be back with more headlines in just a minute with of this a weather and traffic as well.
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>>james: hear some of the stores were a following of the 5:00 our morning of the east bay and attempted a deduction and several more after-school dance out will a lot more for it to you were at have been hopeless are looking for + our careers continues of the valley fire we
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have crews a little town to get a look at the devastation and destruction to us will have a live report from the evacuation center espousal people are not allowed back inside their homes a star wars the end of green landed at how that. >>james: that to look at the pictures to and from that mexico was the number one destination to the threat and to leave 200,000 sweets but look at a 75 found 70 mexico 69 said they did not have a specific destination that when to get out of the country with 5000 they had to canada 11 fog will go to u.k. and 6000 said zeid would book a flight to australia so many
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homes left empty in the fires on there is growing concern now about possible looting what they will some residents are doing to protect victims belonged in this rain finally arriving here in the bay area will get a better idea of when and how much rain should expect.
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>>james: the mass of that the fighting continues to burn for napa and sonoma and the county alleges number shows and burned over 67,000 a. it is contained has grown to 30 percent that helps miller is a son of holmes a been destroyed $9 and structures are still threatened by the blaze this morning to night is the second republican presidential debates teaching it never candidas including gop front runner, trump calling fear
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in a bin carson and jeb bush is thus a 5:00 to laugh from the presidential library in simi valley.. >>reporter: as we go forward today we have as james mentioned nice bundle call on late this afternoon we have a break in the action of in the action to check out the stars will have clear skies in many areas to start things off before he gets going to remember for a top aide were they do lifting that is one of the features is a cold front vote and is doing lifting his weather get these
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conditions 49 humidity at 79% in the winds out of the west southwest the forecast didnt which is a pretty impressive rain showers are scattered showers with all of that but it will land along and with the firefighting efforts right now of the these numbers we find a board that as complements the clear skies are doing for us the cloud cover will come in and of progress in the fifties the loss of 55 but chilly at the santa rosa and 47 we have for temperatures.
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>>reporter: about 5:00 for your evening commute by three it overnight will be left with the cloud cover that would and such a clear route by the afternoon or late morning tomorrow afternoon the sun will be back into the driver's seat to get some warming happening in the east bay because it will be pretty much staying clear for the drop by 5:00 p.m.. >>reporter: notice how the
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temperature drops off started since the 54 to 73 for the scare locations and about 70 but at the beach forgive about and be lucky to get through the upper 60s through the list of the south bay for to of the seven is pretty much controlled morihiro 74 for example evergreen services mountain view a 73 contrast in our break down for your daily planner about 73 happening today is thursday 7985 for those in limitation.
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>>james: no major problems except for one you're ride all was what 80 looks pretty good knowledge issues as directly from oakland that is where we haven't issued this morning about a digital of a street in hayward because of an accident three nestlings again not available to you the job over to the golden gate bridge pretty easy ride as looks on south about 101 trimming from marin county got near san francisco faugh also we have the richmond san rafael bridge the final stop this morning the problems of western farm 5 rating is a
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pitcher of the retired schoolteacher her body was from her burn down home in the caretaker says she left the law 3:00 the afternoon saturday and never off the detector into a nearby neighborhood and down to little taller but she declined to go with some this said they tried to get out later that evening to find her what had already been involved in the flames. >>maureen kelly: this of the remains of her brush i'm only guessing that this is a constituency the washer and dryer right over here there's a recognizable defense industry or what is left of the is still has fruit hanging on the branches, but that are charred beyond recognition over here is what
4:37 am
house conceded the chimney still standing although there is some red tape are rounded possibly because it has been compromised dismay of the house you conceive a mattress or what is left of and spring still poking up beneath the rubble there is a water heater right there and what looks like other stover refrigerator there are so charred and is really hard to tell however there's another structure right here what is left of it all you can really see just looks like more parts on the air conditioner possibly over here all of this i have fallen completely down the ravine. >>maureen kelly: the ziff the
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month and reportedly have an advanced case of and it was hard for her to get a lot it is easy to see how she could have been trapped by this blaze. >>james: the sun and read to you we shoot a is a pretty clear message residence in the area 7 is a real concern also loading evacuate holes homes. >>: if a lot of cops and neighbors that have stayed have been looking out for each other. >>james: of emergency responders the media and those authorized
4:39 am
by law enforcement are allowed into little town still ahead a close call for some kayakers in monterey bay as the welcomes the from the water and land and their kayak will have more of the amazing video coming of the mass a while fire had destroyed has the people's homes as you well know after the break will tell you family should know about the first steps toward rebuilding in the wake of the destruction.
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>>james: the next that can be a difficult one dealer with insurance companies which is already a difficult thing to do what half of your schurz paperwork burned up in your house it was not what you grappling rent-a-car the axis coast insurance agent to find out the answer. >>gabe slate: insurance
4:42 am
companies have started to show up here and set up this tense stations to serve people i saw farmers insurance allstate nationwide triple and and state farm or all here now on site to talk to the red cross and every major insurance company has contacted them and there should be set of hear with in the week that brought computers wireless and ready to go you can file a claim right here on site that is not problem one of peace and blessings all your receipts your spending you could be reimbursable said dispensers
4:43 am
that benefit is within their policy to support additional living expenses. >>gabe slate: we laid all this information >>reporter: rain headed our way in the like into the afternoon and evening hours will pinpoint this for you come up in just a minute.
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>>reporter: not much happens and the evening hours will give it early evening ride up to sunset a couple of hours that after as well the opportunity for this to come we have a clear path to move through the entire bay area with some to suggest to seven and a terrible year earlier this and shower mostly cloudy with iran and showers developing and during the course of the day the east bay joplin
4:47 am
off of a lot because of the clear skies and somewhat dry area offshore the peninsula in the fifties the chilling. >>reporter: it is rotted not until midmorning to harvest the to see the sun come back out again the timing of this is pretty clear in the second evening commute issued a bill with a view to the warmer for everyone except the north back in the peninsula as you will notice headed later and to that the north and still remains quite chilly because of the cloud cover and the trend of rain we do have chp alert
4:48 am
affecting another where, to get that clear at this point no estimate on when this might be the golden gate bridge 101 looks good on the southbound 101 the problem reported there this morning. >>james: was bought 580 pacific you have less of from the distance with a giveaway to the toll plaza on the problems as you get into the iran side of the discharge hundreds of
4:49 am
buildings in this path the blaze despairs of structures and many of them proved and for the resources for people there in the area. >>haaziq madyun: this is what looks like as the heir to the drops fire retardant would on the hillside above middle some of the seven days and about ways is as firefighters continued efforts to save as many structures as a can lead tellers they want to thank firefighters for their heroic efforts in the
4:50 am
small green hair size devastation acres upon acres of farmland and from this symbol of hope a bright and shining church with a broad like and all round yet standing seemingly untouched by the valley fire and as some pundits the structures in a matter of days. >>james: we told above the valley fire through pustular all formal opposition were countless and not alert some of this is regards to the fire and other headlines this what the giants' winning streak and set against the red top fraser and his 34 home run leading off to tend to like a for costa from an error
4:51 am
cincinnati walk away with this for nine to a the victory against the giants. >>james: billy had three hits and three runs batted and eric so far and jake smolinski each had a pair saw as the athletics snapped a six game losing streak against chicago the runs were the most by the a's since 2013 two-time nba mvp steve nash will be joining the warriors he will be a part-time assistant coach for steve kerr pay was general
4:52 am
manager, as when he played for the he offers compares hell with the current nba steph curry and his role in that is the latest of golden state will have to kayakers being reminded they're looking to the live despite the fact is loss itself of and on to the kayak this happened just outside the land is set to a mall rats in the words sounded a be an excited postwar.
4:53 am
>>james: it will have been given command of he already had the keys to the city and all of the three men who stuffy attack our parents downtrend is getting a military arm as well we will be right back.
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>>james: the air force now making the most of the story
4:56 am
call him their very of captain america has already received air lines metal to the highest non- combat awarded to be given out the since the incident on the train was tears related it is confirmed that he will depart for heart for his actions is of a severe hand wound from a box cutter near the costa storm piece of the injury was tackling the gunman the ceremony will be held at the pentagon with the secretary ashton carter official in the arms congratulations to him got a problem on system deserves a like so now and looks like they are working on a dislike button the company says she hesitated to give the thumbs-up to the thumbs down bus and but he realizes people was expressed about the on post about unpleasant news not every moment is a good one to the lack of it
4:57 am
would expand their stance availability felicity's they are looking for men suspected of trying to pull 13 your girl into his van wert happen and hopeless of the kron 4 will have the coming up for its continuing coverage of the bonfire will live a little town mcalester will cover the devastation and destruction this morning we will be right back.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: who been looking at the radar and has been pretty active of norsk they can use this is what we have going on in right now on the radar imagery of cloud cover we have clear
5:01 am
from the lows aren't in the bay area of north remains the case until this is down south expected to happen are conditionally of that these numbers 4976% in terms of the relative humidity is not much the way of winds that is good news smokeless scattered clouds forecasted and.
5:02 am
>>george: will start by talking about the nimitz freeway would talk about problems on 880 no delays for the trip out of the east headed over toward hayward this morning.
5:03 am
>>darya: continuing to threaten homes is one of the. >>james: hundreds of other structures 9000 structures still door and this morning whereas the house we lost everything it
5:04 am
was a custom home and chiclets and takes all love and take it would not home when the fire erupted on saturday left earlier this to celebrate his birthday and then came back to find that. >>reporter: fans of required at the napa county fair ground as expected the evacuees are still slipping we can tell you is a lot colder than has been in the past few days the red cross is expected that this tense city will be at bustling as a was yesterday.
5:05 am
>>james: of the continue to work of the line to get this fire on the control or manage somehow this the same last month in lake
5:06 am
for firefighters will come in off the line to get some rest you to see the trout stream in they're walking in some with very heavy feet live them haven't slept and 40 hours the five commanders to the mclennan of the next day's work for many of them the only get a few hours of sleep before getting to get back on and returning to the fire. >>darya: warning of the crooks take a look of the anonymous warning sign that was posed in one neighborhood for and what is
5:07 am
a remodeling this is what they say attention scum you looked we shoot one resident devices and warrant to use caution when posting false personal affirmation if they could be using those platforms to locate the homes that are empty then knock on the door and look in the backyard to find in the a lot doors that go inside impairs the tide to assure everyone is accounted for guy keeping an eye out for suspicious activity.
5:08 am
>>james: we have information on how you can delete as well out of the rain coming in do not forget it always took for pass on our web site to a great thing to have with you as a developing here will have a sketch of the suspect will to take a really good suspect this happen monday afternoon near the bomb the drive and write and north island avenue there is a sketch this meant for the white minivan until the girl of the to walk to get inside he's described as a white male 40 years old asked as of 5 ft. 10 in. tall sure the wanted lessing wearing a blue shirt and black jeans the stage
5:09 am
is set for 16 republican candidates to battle involved in tonight's debate sea have attended a stack of old oil into the big event if it arise overnight in utah and flash flooding destroyed the town the lid is on the search and rescue efforts are coming up. between you and me, they're, they're strange creatures.
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>>reporter: will favoring the mark but which is good news for people of north here's a look at the radar and satellite where i sit in the pocket as we talk out been enough of dry air not elixirs skies to but and about 10 to fall below the more generously harassed her with a stand right now antioch and 53 for example fair for a 55 boy of 56 with the exception of santa rosa was as follows a 47 the contrast is a good 10 degrees behind today where from yes today in dry air clear skies
5:14 am
does was going cloud cover to contend with well that will change you will notice a scattering shower for the of to the north the rennes republics trip to the north first before getting down to the city to the south. >>reporter: use this data cloud leftover the forecast looks like that is done and we go to the smallest-open up during the balance of the day into some of the afternoon hours in the tech calls to numbers will hold pretty much mid-60s 74 cast a
5:15 am
quick woman to the weekend in locations ranging about 90 or so bay area are '80s and for the coast not bad at the beach even getting to some seven this. >>george: track your drive to the bridges expectancy of the metering lights activated in the next two to minutes or so that will completely change the complexion after toll plaza for the 92 ride it will hold lot longer will have about another hour and 15 minutes to get to the san mateo bridge before things start to slow down for the west about 92 ride out of the east bank and headed over to force and mattel 1 01 the morning commute by an easy ride now fog free and no delays what you're calling from san francisco, or more rent in the
5:16 am
east bay ride into marin the of the richmond bridge could not be better than right now. >>george: the back of last longer than usual and it has been bigger than we're used to sing over the summer months tracking some drive times looking for here and ensure free ride through the east bank for 15 minutes from hercules to berkeley a minute less of a lot about nimitz freeway ride from san leandro into oakland no delays and to dublin right now from in the west 580 or south 680 in south since it is slow from dublin is a fremont with a 20 minute trip time for the sow about ride over to some low grade. >>james: people for after valid fire evacuation center and, as though preparing for some rain today and because it would and tarps over there tends to getting ready for in the range of them might fall we spoke with
5:17 am
one man was forced of his home he does not mind camping in the rand estimates it will help fighting the fire they are in need of more troops like what you see on your screen here much time the best they can to get prepared for the rain they're looking for tens if have a spare when you can donate their also looking for warm jackets and flashlights right now and is not known when they might be allowed back to their homes the big evacuation center for the foreseeable future. >>darya: their stomachs open the
5:18 am
doors to students and their close to a unified school district the upper lid has called a limited for this to be open to that as was the lucerne's will destroy the red cross is asking for your relations their tax-deductible and you can do write online or off supplies to various conditions sites is this a look at the council of fair ground thrust into rosa napa and danville for complete list of the nation's centers is on our web site >>darya: right when it happened with a push a large when you are not the computer the best way to get the nose when it comes to you. >>james: there will be facing
5:19 am
off once again the finishing touches been put on the presidential library for tonight's debate much of their attention so far in the republican party has gone to donald trump to give the republican front runner adding to masturbate and put to the carson solidly in second place and track four points behind until a few weeks ago the spa was what our budget bush hot dusty dachau and didn't will also be in tonight's debate the topic will cover for an and domestic policy and general politics in that living in drainage pipes and bringing in heavy machinery to help in the
5:20 am
search the death toll from the flash flood and is not at 12th including young children who killed three cars will slough away in the top of hill build a total of 16 people in those cars and only a few survived furs if the gun his victim was 4 years old official said rescuers were able to save three children. >>james: will get another reminder about the timing of this and no warning about the meat that you eat a facile restaurant see what it could be doing to your health one community is getting tougher on tobacco the new requirement that is going into effect will have
5:21 am
the story coming of south this sphere
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gasp! do i look natural herb man? can i call you herb man? i'm trying to look natural. call me natural. you look like a steve. can i call you steve? hi steve. i'm natural. say something. why aren't you guys saying anything? introducing new simply raised chicken with no antibiotics. from foster farms. simply better. >>darya: it is supposed to happen to magical to the death of the golden gate bridge is dry and everyone is on to stay dry have until probably your commute home tonight.
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>>james: brontosaur to your first yesterday morning as was happening a car made it unsafe lane change and does recall the bus to swerve and over the guard rail the driver swerved to the bus has not been charged with violations yet she told started the she was trying to avoid another car the was coming into her line and the accident happened. >>: she wanted to get into school learned all she could learn to do good an attorney for the johnson family said they
5:25 am
filed in a wrongful death lawsuit return to the family also may sell the parts including the manufacture of the guard were on the overpass child to obesity rates are holding steady over the last decade. >>darya: 57 of the fast-food every day and then look the same as it was back in the '90s this is a there's also been no change in the proportion of calories the kids are getting from fast food every day it's been holding a 12% for the last decade and south of b.c. has been stable and over 70 percent of the last 10 years some useless russians on the far this morning overuse of antibiotics in their meat and poultry of the 25 restaurant chains the regretted only to chipotle in an era that has a is for server and much of their meet with animals raised without the regular use of antibiotics
5:26 am
and of the san the failing grades including starbucks pizza hut of burger king and taco bell. >>darya: men at work we need the most but if there is a life- threatening disease the estimates and least 2 million americans contract the antibiotic resistant infections every year until two to 3000 die as was hoped. we will be wrapped
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i geout wk, ansomedy says,smeln' aroun and i to e ste, smell cookies."
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i geout wk, ansomedy says,smeln' aroun and i to e ste, i sa, "ono you jussml me, justot o of work, fifth >>reporter: this is the guy we're going to watch as we
5:30 am
get into 45 6:00 today the coverage area was favored in this entire program but not for much hi about 70 were looking for middletown a sock was when barton the 15th of the dust could be 20 that is when this data showers are for the pick of the bus stop 58 at the coast and 67 what happened into the late afternoon the bay will be about seven it also for pickup and a dismal the status our possibility that early even a school pick of seven is gone on to the mid-70s for the far is to bay a heisman senator from a command to 71 santa rosa is 67 because of heavy showers we for
5:31 am
the forecast. >>george: from the they were not attracted any hot spots for the convict if you're going to be heading out the door soon could sit back of the bay bridge and that is a destination where minutes away from cm unless activated them have just been turned on to consider the back of very quickly now starting to form for the worst bomb ride for the ride out of the east bay come from hayward over to san sale the bridge is getting a little more clout with the drive times are still good 11 minutes with a trip out of the east of the heading to moran no delays yet at the richmond bridge but expected sooner than you're used to and we seem bigger than usual back of for this was about ride. >>darya: continuing our breaking news story the valley fire and our coverage as the continued threat to homes is happening to us still thousand of hone their concern about 67,000 a. have
5:32 am
burned like napa and sonoma county the fire is 30 percent contained 9000 structures and all still threatened this morning. >>darya: get a glimpse of whether the homestand and if they look ok were with families as they drove to their homes and had a lack of balance the family that we spoke with said they did not know what to expect there were trying to maintain a positive attitude. . >>darya: for all of the three
5:33 am
families that we spoke with the house despaired when family was able to unite with their caps. >>james: for victims of the fire have been the not about the fair grounds and callous toga we have been there since the fire erupted we been talking to people who fled their homes many cases with just a moment's notice the have not been able to return home to the neighborhood to see if they are still stanley asked about how that feels. >>reporter: we seen pictures of and in were watching the news the other that and lost our entire street on fire was our house burned to the ground and the aftermath of what we saw was strange watching that entire area of the town is nothing..
5:34 am
>>james: 7 expressing the same thing they're numb right now they mentally know that the house is gone but the emotions associated and not be fully felt until they get back to their house and see what their own eyes what is left where active addresses such as this morning and about 30 minutes will bring her back on air with a lot for us to continue to talk to those evacuated and hear their stories. >>darya: the evacuees are at shelters a lot of them are never to bring their animals with them and for many of those animals are now lost volunteers of a collective the wandering animals and attempting to return them to an owner's these two horses were found wandering in their barn down neighborhood and all of us can talk at the not
5:35 am
for the ballet county fair ground and they weren't just overcome with a sob if they were here the sunglass horse rescue was already at capacity with a vow to continue pumping as many animals as they can. >>james: 26 year-old who was arrested for possessing of
5:36 am
burglary tools to wars and presence of drugs the poor over car driving along of close the road and his live-in early yesterday morning he was sitting in the backseat of the research is backpack and that is when they found pliers and drills and other tools they believe that he was planning to burglarize the homes of the back where residents in the copper mountain area to remind our coverage of the fire will continue to our broadcast for two to 0:00 this morning will continue on line and is on our web site you find a lot more resources we have an interactive map of the vector share of the rosa close the schools are still close and for the wanted reopen keep in mind check our web site to find the very latest there. >>darya: 7 the restrictions on tobacco sales and berkeley with a less like to raise the minimum age to buy tobacco to 21 the new plan also bans the sale of
5:37 am
flavor to back for a cigarette with this is on the seat of a school of our ships will affect the were the two to five tobacco retailers and those who will start in january of 2017 rain headed to bay area then headed to the fire lines were to be helpful to use a live look at the golden gate bridge at this for everyone still driver also their synagogue thousands of pink slips will tell you how many jobs on the line this time to kayakers get a little too close to a whale will show you the incredible video. >>james: the life imagism are some and restoration and the sea off to less the storm system coming in will get another reminder from dave but the timing of the system how much grain we might get out of it.
5:38 am
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fr neuogen®.
5:40 am
>>darya: we're waiting for that to take shape on the left to conceive of a bridge all of the bay area right now we are still driving so on the release severing to at&t fiber-optic cables near livermore on monday night the offer to run the $50,000 reward in connection with the latest attacks the network is legally considered a critical piece of the nation into the infrastructure in the attackers who recall the subject of a state and federal prosecution the have already opened an investigation into fortissimo attacks on line since last summer more pink slips coming to a bay area business.
5:41 am
>>james: but/25 to 30,000 positions as far the company split into two different enterprises that will focus on businesses like cloud technology inside the security bill relating to about 55,000 workers in the morning news continues after this break. most aller pil onlcontl one flamtoryubstce, flase ntro six see e wod in who new ght. flonas thichans everhing
5:42 am
5:43 am
abnt-mdedld tonackg?how d itecom eati onefterhe nt? we are areamchee tha stl beeves in saving r fo. thlaugng c. inve snaing.
5:44 am
>>darya: southern california's already below the find how many people had been rescued and how they're doing this morning it is tax free day in colorado for marijuana sales see what the state is listing taxes on this than--lifting >>darya: 43 states including california have been streaming out of the act of voting machines how this will put your personal information and risk
5:45 am
south was once in 15 gusting about 20s when seven starts one fold unfortunately will this the ones with at most a cloudy and ran status hours amount of this video quarter and is to perhaps a third higher elevations will get even more that in the far north may from of to the north to to write down the sea lot of fifties on the board of section santa rosa 48 west as go to
5:46 am
motion to cast for sky's the to cloud up a little bit uptight cause a first ticket down to the city for to your does on the rain starts to get going by the noon hour then lead on this afternoon that is when it starts to drift across the city a problem for you commit home even in the east in which they're not expected to get as much chris said pretty much of to the board we go to a clearing sky conditioned by the way tomorrow and this is the tone for a nice weekend in-store a woman with into waiting for that is in a little chilly by any chance to the to along the bay shoreline to the ec currency rallied about 6865 richmond berkeley 67741 oakland and for the to the east
5:47 am
did this with a number star to pounce. >>reporter: mid-70s bird was about 78 antioch and 74 into the 74 cast the what we're talking about the start to talk back into the '90s and the for the beach is not too shabby into the lower middle '70s out of the east bay and to iran via the richmond bridge still a very light and easy ride as it is by
5:48 am
the way through the east bay right now with the hercules to berkeley drive times and just 16 minutes will still look good for the west 58 ride between livermore in dublin. >>george: different picture from the optima past out to little more this morning that drive jammed up here in the corridor a 28 minute trip time for southbound 880 like traffic on the freeways to the sock that just began to see some delays on 101 northbound a to a two- minute trip time from the capitol expressway to the montague expressway. >>james: when wilson by live this one with a closer look and what these see this morning. >>will tran: reports of possible looters people come into places you cannot be a careless
5:49 am
authorized personnel or media with their some people who always find a way it and not the police officers from several agencies are on high alert we will hear from the very beginning we were here all day yesterday morning and we didn't see too many police officers of this morning driving around middletown ec the patrolling of the sea one officer here is another officer from salon accounted this home right behind this is about 4 mi. from downtown middletown this places and in with their still drove down this long driveway just to make sure that it is safe and no one is in there because they definitely do not want anyone taking advantage of the evacuees for ivan stang and family friends on a worst-case scenario as the evacuation center about 10 50 mi. from their telescope the police department in the police officers they know to keep eyes open one for fires and were so that to you coming up at 6:00. >>will tran: is extremely smoke
5:50 am
is a bill on the lookout for best of it until you the fire farm to raise over there and to to do patrols to make sure that the homes of us still up in the structure is still intact to make sure that no one breaks into these homes or even goes door to door tried to talk to anyone at this location who might be here was the come back and a 30 toiletries and other items this is an overhead map of the burn zone. >>darya: covered 67,000 a. that is roughly 50 mi. long and 10 mi. wide and a colors like and
5:51 am
parcel not and sonoma county more than seven is 200 people are still without power because of the fire and pg&e crews are working around the clock to have to repair dozens of down power lines because the fire is still active pg&e crews have only served if 50 percent of the affected 400 power poles or down more than 100 of those are transmission lines. they're prepared to start a claim on site what you need to do if you do not have a copy or digital copies of year's transformation that is not a
5:52 am
problem just ask the people there for help we talk to state farm answers agent and he walked us through what will happen they're all kinds of resources in the checklist for people who lost their home or car and the far the irs estimates in the red cross of all listed for information pippen to the before their return to the property and we have laid all of that out in an easy to understand way in the valley fire section on our web site. >>darya: 2 kayakers how lucky that a huge come back well miss
5:53 am
them but he came very close to them on their kayaks and they hit the water to to was a man and woman they were not crushed witnesses said the repair of the large pot of feeding well saturday when this all this happened the man woman with from overboard with the web to swim back to shore. >>darya: will be back with more.
5:54 am
5:55 am
>>darya: not every moment on facebook deserves a liked people
5:56 am
want to comes down. >>james: ballistic a quick look
5:57 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: we have you covered as we track the rain as having to bay area as you quick sample look we have the live radar for you we have dave the standing by. >>reporter: were i to get a break and all of this going for clear skies dry conditions of the surface you're going to
6:01 am
probably noticed this at the surface with a high cause building and then in a thickening of an apparent pattern friend happened later during the day or into the evening hours to give a valid forecast in fire forecast later today we have the when speaking of to the customer 20 unfortunately but this will compound conditions rain scattered showers amount from this maybe a third to order an inch or so the focal point of this trial before the of to the north temperatures in the 50 still to the far east of the antioch students 53. . >>reporter: missed a professed is also in the first is not a new currency in the north bank it is a breakdown for the city in san francisco pretty steady state dropped entire day to day by noon and 2:66 to buy for and dropping off to about 62 by 8:00 p.m. the forecast to the boston show apart a crowded to scattered clouds most a cottage by know what the present part of the forecast and a pickup later today is probably the east bay
6:02 am
in the north into the peninsula most of what will happen again by pick up for a letter afterwards the south bay will miss all of the 73 for the illinois locations 67 toward the beach with and get to this idea of our mobile application to check it out with and did that the store. . >>george: where not looking at a two to 21 metric time out of the macarthur maze of the back of stars to reach the 585 over and the berkeley curve and the next bridge tobacco will be here the san mateo bridge of about 30 minutes away from that perhaps a less because where are racing some replies coming on 14 to 16 minute trip times over to san sale coming out of hey were
6:03 am
aware track and no accidents for the contra costa ride on highway 4 in pittsburgh was bond leverage road could be a number of vehicles one account there may be as many as 10 vehicles involved in this crash was bombed the starting to back of the right now coming out of antioch the base drive times already up to 31 minutes for the westward trek. >>darya: the fire at last check was not uncontrollable have no word to anyone hurt continuing our bird in news coverage of the devastating gunfire threatening thousands home still this morning. >>james: 67,000 a to a costly cannot of course of some accounting the deposit contains
6:04 am
the latest numbers firefighters confirmed 585 homes have been destroyed hundreds of other structures have been destroyed as well and all about 9000 structures still are threatened this morning and now some people are returning home and is in the opposite of very rough and tough week for them has been affected by this fire the a lot some of them to come back and look for some lost pets they discovered the worst had happened is just a few minutes to go out and check things out the family was not
6:05 am
home when the fire erupted in the earlier that day to go celebrate his birthday by this time the day was done the house was gone. >>will tran: today it is smoky in my opinion that it was yesterday were about 4 mi. from downtown middletown off of 175 their home still intact but like james just mentioned homes around here they're still in the line of fire because there are still police officers and the fire department's patrol in this area 15 minutes ago which showed live police officers actually hear there is no reason for anyone to be here and there were about looters and that is why they're patrolling a ticket bought a quarter mile drive with to get to this location they
6:06 am
purposely drove down here this home is intact but that one around to see if anyone was inside the they're fearful that people could take advantage of the evacuees will more likely the to use of video this is brand new that we shot this morning this about 3 mi. from my location this spring about the road and anderson spring or we should say this about 3 mi. from me is still burning.
6:07 am
>>james: will continue the team coverage.
6:08 am
>>reporter: we're here at the fair grounds with there's hundreds of evacuees and still hear my can tell you it's a lot colder than has been passed today is intended to prepare for income and whether the rain supposed to be here with patrick would have stored about 200 extra cot and storage and blankets and comfort kits for any of the residents can't the outside the come to our show to have to show to spaces available to us here were using one-half of one of them right now for the senior citizen centers to the endurance of donated a bunch of
6:09 am
yellow large sectors that are available for people are really want to be hardcore standout and we have lots and lots of parks.
6:10 am
6:11 am
>>james: this is the same take a look behind me where a stream back into the command center the firefighters trying their best they can to get whenever slip the can before getting back out onto the fire lines.
6:12 am
>>darya: they want the looters in the come to know about it is also warning its other the residents saying the nine posts stuff on facebook online and social media about where you are and were your home is because there for the people crampon that and find addresses and other places vacant and go still things to run the emergency response media and of course the law-enforcement are allowed into the fire is some the search continued for one person still missing following their lives flash flooding in utah where looking now and drainage pipes and bring in
6:13 am
heavy machinery to help with the search is since the 12th and then include young children and mr. kearns was for the way in the, you build a total success it for and those cars only a few. few >>james: still ahead you talk is not the only place recovering from flooding the other images in a big hit the to the lot closer to home the finishing touches of them put in place ahead of the second republican presidential candidate debate tonight with a howe the candida's reich heading into tonight's face-off.
6:14 am
6:15 am
6:16 am
>>darya: burning at least not as an accounting will have a house fire public information officer joining us this morning economic in time to be with us today cash. >>: air still in 30 percent
6:17 am
contained 70,000 a. what direction is the burning are still and all directions. >>: we have containment lines along highway 2 to 9 however whether to use the air stopped
6:18 am
and that was good news for a lot of people speaking of those areas already burned in the fire has moved on now for those in the evacuation centers in the time might when they might be able to come back to assess damage.
6:19 am
>>: in specific areas of the fire the health care analyst
6:20 am
into fire discipline run with the wind the rain might help a little bit but not as much you
6:21 am
miss their request for additional resource and we need more people in the just because we have firefighters been gone for so long for several the firefighters to have to be replaced.
6:22 am
>>darya: the restores about that you can't help but when area and your own home is burning. >> >>james: nearly 2 1/2 inches of rain falling yesterday alone, and if the road race and brought traffic to heavy rains that time to solidify rescues to concede no one heard in this
6:23 am
incident. >>reporter: the to go check this out is the boundaries that we're getting and we could use the stress type line which would have no weapons and began to present their your sit on the tractor and the to go to the live radar imagery it to see quite as much going on the composite which tend to show an emotion and general idea of war is going to although we do, how
6:24 am
we're going to get them in the fifth is enough to begin a formal with all that and you see fit to cast for the to the timing of all of this of to the north lawn accounts a good cover is happening there have your eyes off the scene to the north to the coverage and another with a concentration will be less tear recalls and over nine hours and things of off into tomorrow but the sun back again and start to see temperatures climb higher today in the south bay looking in seven is mid-70s and this is the area most feared by the rain or
6:25 am
much later in the day your high temperatures for much of the illinois case will begin to lower 90s as we can live in the for the beach and that in our seventies. >>reporter: download that was a bomb on interstate 80 here and paul street in berkeley emeryville. >>george: accident in the middle lane backing of the ride all the way into else original from the west a commit now at 20 minutes down to the macarthur
6:26 am
maze will take a quick break. it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner. unleash the power of dough.
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>>darya: because of an accounting error, what would not collect up to anfinsen sales tax on marijuana their spending and a 15% excise tax on marijuana growers this happen with a scowl on the estimated taxes will go back to 25% tomorrow many people on a will to help the animals out of the flood the
6:29 am
fire the open of the corral gate and let them loose to fend for themselves. >>jackie sissel: >>: the four suspects tried to drag a girl to his van will tell you where it happened and what happened come up a live report
6:30 am
>>james: the opening bell to ring a moment to what the new stock exchange does it give an eye on trading this morning all knowledge find out what is due here with the money this morning the future trading at last check had been terribly impressive.
6:31 am
>>reporter: most readings in fact into the fifties even this late 61 from the more but that is the area will be spread by the rain until late this afternoon evening public this out there where that will be the most feared that problem will not happen until 6:00 it looks like a is a breakdown speaking the south but what is you see
6:32 am
how the numbers are far different getting the to the mid-70s because even the cloud cover we're not even get until late in the deck of prayer and speaking before the start to drop off will to show the 74 pairs because most of that by the time needed to the which will be such a far cry for stand for today, the mobile application anywhere you are at any time you are. >>george: major delays building in for the hot spot highway for the western farm commissioner jim the with the three right lanes shut down by the small to vehicle injury accident that also spill debris in the lanes of low of screws of offerings have been dropped across the lanes and daughters been flattened tires of a number of passing vehicles backing of the ride into into your for the 160
6:33 am
turnoff for the antioch bridge look at what has done for the drive times track in the ride to the bridge is the bay bridge is backed up into the macarthur maze will get to one minute trip time here and the san mateo bridge at 632 should be slowing and indeed it is at the drive time starts to spiked 18 minutes and expect that drive times to climb probably by another 10 to 12 minutes as the commit wears on.
6:34 am
>>james: fire that burned through the neighborhood did not burn everything there was a threat that's something every device appeared to come come back home yet to find out the fate of the house and 70,000 structures still threatened this morning.
6:35 am
>>darya: the three families where the brick guest today they were scared away with to reunite with their cats and we ask about what about those and animals and dolls and the burned area that cannot do that cannot get in right now they do not have a projected date when you can.
6:36 am
>>james: have informational- donate to a lot of stamps it was to assure the money you don't and it goes to the right calls we have that information for you >>darya: colors of the four men to try to pull of the to your grow and to disband. >>jackie sissel: this actually started on monday around 3:00 right here on the corner of the debarment and northland the little girl was walking home in a white minivan pulled next to her and told her to get inside of the minivan she was able to
6:37 am
break away and run toward her home the discard the suspect as a man and about his 40 years old white male senate about 5 ft. and short blond hair and beard worm and a blue t-shirt and black jeans the van would describe as old a model white van with tinted windows and white material are missing their very anxious to give any information on this case if anyone was in the area and saw anything please contact them. >>darya: of some more about the woman who was killed in the valley fired what they were her caretaker says happened before
6:38 am
she died and were getting ready for next year's presidential election for the three states including california have extremely out of the voting machines will say how that could put your personal information and rest.
6:39 am
6:40 am
>>james: as it moves closer and closer to bay area here is a
6:41 am
live look the radar their shows us what we're watching intently on the left side of the screen as it approaches to cairo there comes may landfalls with to the north and look for the shower to start spreading their why throughout the day. >>darya: the machines and even 15 years of design for its restraint in addition, and using machines that no longer even being made a makes it difficult to find replacement parts of the breakdown the machines could lead to longer life and the palms votes mistakenly been deleted and a voter data possibly being the report suggested could cost more than a billion dollars to of that the country's voting technology
6:42 am
coming up the sec another kick at storm track as we wait for the rain we will be right back.
6:43 am
6:44 am
>>james: will it seems to follow the 7:00 hour and have the breaking news as the valley fire continues to burn the souls of
6:45 am
the offline to he jets shot moments ago. >>reporter: this equivocal meet home we may start off with some clear skies peninsula pretty
6:46 am
much in the thickets of to the north that at about 15 is on a watch is going forward as we see by known good coverage even getting into marin county pretty much the rest of the bay area between 5 and 9 and midnight that is why it wanted the chance in the south that is one too much more models to make start on to another the threat of an inch or so and amount to be brought to light to the commune and about to the venture so with those of going through the stuff
6:47 am
for kansas will it have right now some scattered clouds by noon were talking six to nine flaws in the locations 66¢ to close and then for pickup its tracking however will be looking for the south of into public avoid all this until later this evening. >>george: it is an accident westbound on highway 4 chp said one time as many as 10 cars involved in this crash are waiting for three flatbed tow trucks followed of screws were
6:48 am
still on the roadway and it has solidly backed up the ride from leverage all the way to 116 that is why we are tracking a 74 minute drive time should be reversing those numbers should be bought a 47 minute trip time for the west about ride out to conquer come out of antioch this morning after bay bridge we are backed up into the macarthur maze 26 + minute drive times here and it looks like this backup is continuing to build and slow this morning as well for the san mateo bridge number into the westbound lie not to to to to to to 6 minutes, out of hey were heading over toward san mateo if you're heading to the golden gate bridge the traffic is a little heavy with the drive across the span is problem free but we are a + 30 minutes for the trip turned out of novato and from the east today and tomorrow and accounting we're looking at a slow ride already has a sparse to back up now westbound tracking of the 16
6:49 am
minute trip turned over to sen befell and heading out of richmond for 580 westbound. >>darya: will learn more about the woman who died in fires is a retired schoolteacher named barbara mcwilliams and her body was found her burned out home architecture session left midway into my friend the afternoon on saturday she called her when she learned the fire was growing a neighbor offered to take her with him as he was evacuating but she said no and she did not want to go the debt is tied to the car out that night with the area was already engulfed in flames at that point saturday night that went to her home to get look at the devastation left behind. >>maureen kelly: this is the remains of tarbrush i'm only guessing that because of the still seek the washer and dryer
6:50 am
right over here there the recognizable behind the garage to concede that autry or what is left of it still has fruit hanging on the branches but there are charred beyond recognition over here is one house you can see the chimney still standing although there is some red tape rounder this may have been her house you can see a mattress or what is left of an and springs still poking up beneath the rubble there is a water heater right there and what looks like some other stove or refrigerator but they're so charred and crumpled it is really hard to tell there's also another structure right here is
6:51 am
still some pilings left the farley told a portrait one time the victim reportedly had an advanced case of an impasse and it was hard for her to get around it is easy to see how she could have been trapped by this blaze. >>james: 2 will be cutting as many as 34,000 jobs in the coming months the computer maker announced yesterday it was last of five to 30,000 positions as far the company split the two different enterprises will have packard enterprise with a focus on businesses like cloud technology and some security of the 80 ink that will continue to
6:52 am
sell pcs and printers to consumers this of the downsizing is one of the final actions that it will. >>james: in the way of business news motivating investors will keep track of the numbers tell apple is working on a way to allow users to delete the build and act on the eye from. >>darya: he tells them that he understands people my bit annoyed and you have the storage they're called now sold
6:53 am
at a mechanism allowing space on your phone to a lot of people of the complaining about this we will be right back.
6:54 am
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>>james: he wanted to do something and, of conferences of common visiting philadelphia he started working on this model last september and to about 10 months to finally get it completed it will be on display at the institute in philadelphia for february he is headed to philadelphia in september on the 26 as part of his visit to the u.s. where track in the rain hour by hour
6:58 am
it has brought all have the latest numbers and the containment number is one we come back.
6:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: 11 to begin this hour of the latest on the traffic from have dropped from a hot spot in the east bank. >>george: the accident and often
7:00 am
a little over an hour over been tracking this would is progressively worse there were a number of vehicles involved in this crash the town and to got to 103 lanes were blocked and they manage to get one of those lanes open here is the problem screw's their drop in the roadway the accident occurred in one location and leverage but the concern is that a number of vehicle the driven through there may end up sometime later off to the side of the road with a flat tire and what is done to the drive times in normally that is a 47 minute trip time is up to 82 minutes.


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