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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> pam : police are increasing their patrols in lake county-- as looters continue to strike homes evacuated due to the 'valley fire'. two men have already been arrested-- as officers continue to monitor the affected areas. good evening, i'm pam moore. it has been five days since the 'valley fire' broke out in three bay area counties -- lake, napa and sonoma counties. there was some relief from the sky today --- rainfall. helping fire crews who are still battling the flames. here is the latest --- on the 'valley fire'. the number of homes destroyed by the fire, still sits at 585
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-homes, although cal-fire warns, there *are more homes affected. more than 70-thousand acres have burned--- and nearly 8-thousand structures remain at risk tonight. the fire is now 35-percent contained. unfortunately this disaster. is drawing out desperate criminals, preying on evacuees and their empty homes. burglaries and looting are becoming a problem. kron 4's philippe djegal joins us live from the lake county sheriff's department in lakeport. with details on how the issue is being addressed. philippe. >> phillipe :pam, several reports of residential burglaries, prompting deputies to increase patrols near homes. that's why it's quiet out here at the lake county sheriff's department tonight. at least two arrests have been made. first, 36-year-old steven worley of whispering pines. on monday, he was arrested in
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the cobb mountain area after a deputy stopped him on the road. he was found wearing a california highway patrol hat and appeared to have burned out stolen items, including someone else's wallet in his car. deputies accuse him of impersonating an officer. the second notable arrest coming yesterday. 26-year-old royce sterling moore of lakeport was a passenger in a car stopped at a barricade. he was dressed in all black clothing and after a quick search, the sheriff's department placed him under arrest after finding burglary tools in his backpack. they also found drugs, but to mention he had two outstanding warrants. the sheriff's department believes he was on his way to commit burglaries in evacuated homes. just another example of why deputies aren't here, but rather are checking up on homes. live in lakeport, philippe djegal, kron 4 news. >> pam :new at 11.
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hundreds of animals were separated from their homes when the valley fire tore through lake county. tonight many of them are being cared for in the city of lakeport. kron four's jeff bush talked to the animal control manager. about the challenges of rescuing the animals and how to reunite them with their owners. >> jeff :dogs, cats, chickens, and rabbitsa short list of the house pets rescued from the valley firenot to mention the live stock in the rural area where hundreds of homes were destroyed and lives were changed forever. the good news is that most of the animals were rescued but many of them suffered burns and other woundsthese cats are infermed and recoveringyou can see their little feet were badly burned in the fire and the recovery will be long. the fire is a tragedy, for sure but, here at animal control, one heartwarming story developed. >> bill davidson : mr. and mrs. beverly of cobb heard that we had a burned cat from their neighborhood in cobb and they
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came in yesterday and saw the cat and discovered it was theirs and even though their home had been completely lost they were incredably grateful to have their cat back. >> jeff :hopefully there will be more stories like over time. >> bill davidson : right now it's hard to reunite a lot of them because people are still in an evacuation state and even ifi would say about half of the animials we have were actually left by their owners because they were displaced from their home the others are animals that we had to go out and remove from the property. >> jeff :officials here at animal control say the big challenge is going to be when people are allowed to go back into their homes and figure out their animals have been brought here to the shelter and they are going to be doing their best to reunite each and every one of those animals with their people. i'm jeff bush in lakeport, kron four news. >> pam :one hidden valley woman is alive and well tonight. after a wildlife officer saved her from the valley fire. officer ryan stephenson was
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helping evacuate homes along yankee valley road on saturday. when he noticed one resident was still missing. stephenson returned to the street. and found katherine ray. asleep on her couch. ray is wheelchair bound. and was not able to get out on her own. stephenson carried ray and her dog to safety. ray and her family are grateful for stephenson's help. >>:thank you so much for helping out with the fire >> pam :ray's house went up in flames just moments after stephenson rescued her. her house is destroyed. than the rain has stopped as you can see in the storm trackers there. tomorrow mostly sunny skies although high clouds will move out of the way with a high near the 80 degree mark and then
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the rest of the week will be sunny and warm as temperatures jump back into the '90s. it has now moved on to the east, and i'll talk about that seven day forecast coming up >> pam :a neighbor who lived near valley fire victim -- barbara mcwilliams -- speaks out, about he tried to save his friend. but was turned away. nick janes brings us the story. > >nick: know where was hit as hard by the fire as anderson springs where there are far more homes that burned. >>:is the place where his elderly neighbor and disabled teacher perished in the fire unable to evacuate her burning
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fire, the lone fatality of the valley fire >>:is heartbreaking > >nick: he was stopped by a chp officer who did not lot of law and get to the area and he feels he liked he blames him the call for an evacuation assistance came and that officers had responded to the area but were unable to reach her as this area was already engaged in flames this man believes that much more should have been done to save his friend's life >>:i believe they have a responsibility to get her out of there and if they weren't going to let me they needed to do something but there wasn't anybody
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>> pam :did you fire is the biggest one right now but it is currently 40 percent contained-- the butte fire a deadly earthquake strikes chile. forcing the state of california to issue tsunami advisory's. we'll tell you where. a wife in agony. over her husband who has been missing since saturday, when the valley fire started. and the candidates trade jabs at tonights second g-o-p presidential debate in southern california
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>> pam :a tsunami advisory has been issued for the southern and central california coasts. as well as hawaii. all due to a chilean earthquake that hit this evening. the advisory-- is in effect from 3-oclock until 7 oclock tomorrow morning. southern california residents are being told to stay away from beaches.during that time. it was an 8-point-3 earthquake that hit off the coast of chile this evening. killing five people. one- million people have evacuated the areas affected by the quake. here is video that shows the moment the violent shaking occurred. officials are warning. that a tsunami could travel across the pacific. they say, the waves will not likely be large, but can still pose as a danger.
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just ahead. among the people missing from the valley wildfire. a one time san jose news reporter. details ahead. the g-o-p candidates get fired up for their second presidential debate. we have a complete wrap up.ahead. >> gary :and a little bit later in the broadcast we have giants and a's highlights. then the good news for raiders fans >> diane : and the alleged know which areas can expect some more rain showers in your seven day forecast coming up ahead
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>> pam :tonight. authorities continue to search for people who went missing during the valley fire. one of those people is leonard neft-- the former police reporter for the san jose mercury news. the 69-year-old had reportedly been reluctant to leave his home. his wife, adela, says the last time she spoke to her husband was during a phone call saturday night. on the call. he told her he did not think he was able to leave at that point. neft told his wife he was packing the car to get away from the fire. but when he came outside the flames were surrounding him. >>:he said that he was going to try to drive the car, and i'm
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hoping he is out and not elsewhere out their >> pam :this is what their home looks like now. but neft's wife says, the car in the picture is not the one he would have used. so she was hoping he got out alive. but officials say, the fire in that area was relentless. there are many stories of loss in the valley fire. and an equal number of acts of generosity. all this week people in need have found help from surrounding communities. >> : i lost my home, lost everything that i loved. >> : i don't know how to take that in or swallow it, >> : i can't really wrap my head about the fact that my home is gone. >> : never been in a war, and i never want to be in something like that again. >> pam :before the fire, one in five families in middletown lived below the poverty line. now about half of the town is now homeless. >> : how many of you are from middletown? >> : how many of you lost your homes?
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>> pam :these children facing an uncertain future in a makeshift tent city. >>:every time they want to lay down they want to go home. they don't really have a home to go to any more. >> pam :survivors shocked by what they found, >> : i am here and there is nothing left. >> : so much worse than i thought it would be. even though i expected it to be bad, i didn't expect to see everything gone. >> : i can just tell you our world has just changed overnight. i can't eat. i can't sleep. >> : more than anybody could imagine bringing hope to the hopeless. >> pam : help from surrounding communities. >> : i just wanted to help them get food and i donated some clothes. >>:it feels great because there are so many people supporting us, >> pam :if you want to help, the red cross is collecting tax deductible donations, you can send money by phone, text or the internet. you can also find this information on our web site. go to kron four dotcom and check the "how to help" tab on our valley firecoverage.
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>> diane : things have calmed down quite a bit for the range are we had earlier today with overnight lows of around 5:00 a.m. you will see 60s across the board in your inland valleys an east bay shoreline and san francisco peninsula average about 5050 degrees the rains from the bottle showers earlier is leaving--69 degrees yiou can see the future cast here green areas indicate light misty showers it is just leftover showers from this system caused by 8:00 a.m. you can see a lot of the low clouds pullback quite a bit with maybe some scattered clouds during your commute time at 8:00
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but as you can see scheer all day long a lot of the clouds pullback quite a bit and then all you have is sunshine for the valley south bay and north bay which will help warm things up again. but we have another day with slightly cooler temperatures before for another day your seven day forecast for you there we are going to warm things up pretty quickly for the weekend with 93 on saturday and 97 on sunday with mostly sunny skies will be beautiful weekend ahead with things dropping down to about 85 degrees on average for monday >> pam :15 republican candidates traveled to the mecca for conservatism -- the ronald regan presidential library -- for the second republican primary debate. in two separate debates -- the candidates talked about the issues and. one another. cnn's mary moloney has the highlights.
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> >mary: for the second time in many debates they made politics more entertaining the initial focus in both debates was not policy but trump's >>:donald trump said the following about you won't look at that face can you imagine people saying that face as the president" >>:i think she is a beautiful woman >>:you got hillary clinton to go hear wedding because you gave her money >>:i was a businessman and i got along with people because that was my job.
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>> reporter :it wasn't all tough talk >>:i also aware that california had a drought and so that's why i brought my own water >> reporter :the candidates for both debates took a chance to pose in front of this hoping to exemplify the qualities that made ronald great >> pam :in sports. will raiders uqarterback derek carr be able to play sunday? . and giants ptichers continue to get it done. at the plate!. gary has the highlights. and all the sports. coming up
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>> gary :time is running out for the giants. but they are going down swinging a rainy night at the ballpark in san francisco bottom 4th/ 3-0 giants jake peavy solo home run off collin balester 4-0 giants.former giant andres torres likes it peavy's 1st home run since 2006 9th by a giants pitcher this season top 9th 5-3 giants 2 on with 1 out santiago casilla strikes out jay bruce billy hamilton is called out at 2nd for an apparent game-ending double play but upon review it is overturned reds still have life
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top 9th/ 2 batters later bases loaded santiago casilla gets brandon phillips to hit into the force at 2nd. game over final: 5-3 giants dodgers and cubs both won giants still 7 ½ back in the division and the wild card with 16 games left the a's have decided to call up barry zito after all they are purchasing his contract from triple-a nashville. they cleared a roster spot by placing right-hander jesse chavez on the 60-day disabled list with a broken rib. zito won the cy young with the a's in 2002 and won 102 games in 7 seasons in oakland the big question is could he face off against former a's teammate tim hudson when both teams meet september 25-27 in san francisco the a's have already said they don't plan on starting zito zito spent the entire year in nashville where he went 8-7 with a 3.46 era in 24 games. he last pitched for the a's in game 1 of the 2006 alcs
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u.s. cellular field on chicago's south side bottom 4th/ 3-1 white sox mike olt hits one way up into the centerfield bleachers off cody martin for a 2-run home run 5-1 white sox still 4th inning melky carbrera remember him? down the left field line off switch-pitcher pat venditte 2 runners score on the double 8-1 white sox final: 9-4 white sox raiders quarterback derek carr. took almost all the snaps at practice today. he should be ready to go sunday at home against the baltimore ravens. carr injured the thuimb on his throwing hand trying to stiff- arm pac-mac jones in last sunday's 33-13 loss to the bengals. pacman. by the way. was fined $35,000 for shoving amar cooper's heat into his helmet. he will appea
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--head dolowski wednesday night mls soccer. chris wondolowski and the earthquakes hosting the montreal impact 35th minute/ scoreless wondo scores his 14th goal of the season 1-0 quakes final: 1-1 tie the quakes play new york city fc at yankee stadium saturday >> pam :you scold me when i don't support you but you don't even listen we do our job >> gary :but you're supposed to have a reaction when i say " montreal impact" steph curry has signed an extension with under armour that will carry through 2024.
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financial terms of the deal were not disclosed although curry did get an equity stake in the company under armour originally signed him for only $4 million per year in 2013 >> pam :good night everybody ♪
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11:30 pm e suru x osstk. it whamaa suru.u,ve us mpg miss colorado! >> the big backlash. >> i'm a lifesaver. >> came out in the nurse's uniform and basically read her emails outloud. >> did they really mock america's noblest profession? then, the tv star who claimed he escaped 9/11. >> where were you? >> 54th floor of the south tower. >> deborah: it was all a big lie. and she walked out of the funeral for whitney houston's daughter and now she is revealing when -- revealing what led to


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