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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  September 17, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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valley fire right now this from cal fire a few moments ago. 7300 7,370 a. have burned still at 35 percent containment as of right now. that number has not changed from last night. at least 585 homes have been destroyed. still at this hour 7650 homes remain threatened. as far as evacuations that have been lifted the berryessa state's area was under mandatory evacuation however has been lifted one evacuation however warmer temperatures are expected to come back in the next few days and then still unclear how much the brain had impact i can tell you a community meeting hellfire has just started here and some of
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the evacuees from. members of the committee i will check in with that meeting right now have a fit for you have five very. >> pam: many have lost their homes and are wondering what they will do for housing. long term. today, kron 4's will tran got some answers from the red cross. >> with a >> reporter: as this boy over to the parking lot but the tense here almost side-by-side. days ago and is walking rim not anymore. bluestone of homes and been hit hard red cross will be allowed to return and a week or maybe a little bit longer those who do not have homes to return will be doing for a long-term holding? "movement recovery phase long- term housing will be addressed
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by each case worker assigned to a family that lost their home it will try to integrate with. we will be aired last person is taking karen. will the >> reporter: it ultimately be moved to building? and you're there absolutely. as soon as the evacuation orders are lifted roads open a number of people that will go home if they still at home and a number of people this population will decrease significantly at which point the building with a building here are people who are choosing not to stay inside however we will be in a different facility all little more. >> pam:with the valley fire at only thirty-five percent containment. and thousands of people still waiting to know if they still have a home.
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we now know. three people lost bruce burns, barbara mc- williams, and leonard neft are all confirmed dead by officials. still missing. barbara mcwilliams, a retired teacher, had multiple sclerosis rescue crews said, they were unable to make it to her, before lost. leonard neft - a former san jose mercury news reporter - was packing his car to leave, when he last spoke with his wife. and bruce burns. as crews battle the valley fire. some cal- fire personnell are fire started. fussiness say he was the kind gentlemen. "it's a cry more." coli >> reporter: the struggle the talk with me about her friend bruce burns unfortunately
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oslo and tell her the sheriff's department believes one of the latest model town residents to die in the valley fire. "some givers hogfish bruce. ran a business that the town of" >> reporter: we found at the address for burns enterprise. that much left. it was to recycle center full this plane of on the hill above the business appears this was a home. found shattered wineglasses on the ground was left of some babydoll. this poses everywhere some intact some burn they were awfully tough to this water tower at one. will. it says that someone had been trying to battle the blaze of by themselves been. to give you and i have zero hot the fire was when it raised through birds enterprise. but here these
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are very golf clubs the club here is melted and it disfigured. or hear what looks like a whole collection avert marshmallows those are all golf balls. family member says they last heard of burdens on saturday shasta parkin says the dogs found a body around this area and they believe that it was for a freeze ferns. "i you have more life to normal as any of our precious people. >> pam: crews battled for the valley fire held personal figure out how it started grant lodes is here with the latest on that investigation. grant. >> grant:investigators seem to be focusing in on a shed.just outside the community of cobb.where this fire started. cal fire hasn't confirmed exactly where it started.but
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investigators have been working in and around this shed. the main house on that property did not burn. this aerial video.courtesy of a neighbor we talked to who lives a few acres away says he saw smoke saturday afternoon.went over and saw what he described as a little backyard fire.then 30 minutes later.whipping winds had pushed there it exploded. the exact cause of the fire.and where it started.are still being investigated. the cause of the deadly butte the sierra foothills of a p-g&e power line.touching a live tree started this one. reviewing the inspection and patrol info for the past two county where the fire started. two people died in their homes as this fire raged. more than 250 homes have been nearly 71 thousand acres have burned, it's 49 eprcent
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contained.and mandatory evacuation orders are still in effect. >> catherine:officials across three continents were issuing tsunami after an earthquake rocked chile last night. this is new video of some of the damage. about a million people evacuated coastal areas after an 8-point-three quake hit off chile's coast wednesday. at least 11 people were killed -- including a man hit by a by falling rocks. a tsunami advisory for a 300- mile stretch of california's coast has been canceled. there were tsunami concerns as far away as new zealand - 6- thousand miles from the earthquake's epicenter. the quake appeared to have a much smaller impact than the 20-10 quake in chile that killed more than 500 people. >> pam:another turn in the case
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of the alleged kidnapping. involving denise huskins and aaron quinn in vallejo. attorney's for the couple. filed a claim for damages against the city of vallejo, for the actions of the vallejo police kron 4's j.r. stone joins me nowj.r. - the police department at one point called this kidnapping of denise huskins a hoax. >> j.r.:well they did.and lawyers for denise huskins and aaron quinn argued today that police were against their clients from the start thinking they were after money. this is video of denise huskins and her boyfriend aaron quinn. it was taken earlier this year called police many hours after the kidnapping. in court documents he says he was drugged and threatened. that is why he didn't immediately call. the claim for damages today says that after reporting the kidnapping he was immediately taken to the police department. fitted with a jail suit and questened for 18 hours as if he had murdered denise huskins. his lawyers say he was the
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victim in this and treated as a cold hearted killer. huskins says she was eventually dropped off by the kidnappers near her parents house in southern california. attorney's say police did not possess probably cuase or even reasonable suspicion when aaron was seized. saying he suffered emotional and physical distress, humiliation, and mental anguish. so huskins and quinn basically "niece and aaron victims of horrific crimes have the right not to be victimized fall at by vallejos the police" >> j.r.: want compensation for what they had to go through. the chief of police did write them an apology letter back in july of this year. but in it he says "we believe our officers took with the information that was available at the time." lawyers say that's not a full apology and their clients are suffering to move on in life on after basically being called liers.
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what is the city of vallejo saying about this claim? they haven't been served with a lawsuit and they can't comment on pending litigation. but a six months if nothing comes from money >> j.r.: has been the motive that comes up over and over again also been reports out there smaller guy in jail right now may even known of has lover for quinn but lawyers they say that's completely false. >> pam:a woman carjacked in an east bay community. and now police are searching for the two men they say are responsible. police say, the assault happened in the parking lot of dick's sporting goods. in the crossroads shopping center in pleasant hill. last night, she was approached by two men around eight- in the
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evening. the victim told police, the men stopped her as she got out of the car. they took her car keys from her around two- hours later. and in able to get away. also in the east bay. a man and woman are under arrest in antioch. police were called to a home on san joaquin avenue , near capistrano street. they found joshua jacobson dead. in front of the home. jessie swanson was quickly named a person of interest in the death. he was arrested yesterday, after police used a warrant to search his house. swanson is charged with murder, intimidating a witness, terrorist threats, and a weapons violation. a woman named sunny jacobson was also taken into custody. on a single conspiracy charge. jacobson is this city's fourth murder of the year. the muslim teen in the headlines. after he was arrested for bringing a homemade digital clock to school. now his future is changing.
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coming up. the offers he is getting from tech companies in the bay area, and from the white house. plus. millions watched as the g- coming up. who came out on top. for standing up to 'the donald'. and next. amazing acts of kindness and generosity to the young victims of the valley wildfire.
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christmas came early for the children forced to flee the valley fire. kron 4's maureen kelly was there, as volunteers from the san francisco firefighters toy program. made a special delivery. oh i want this soccer ball >> reporter:soccer balls.and baseball bats were must have items with the kids at the evacuation center in they dug into the more than 30 bags brought up by volunteers stuffed animals went over big too him stuff. the kids were pretty happy during the mad scramble for toy making those that lost everything in the fire.forget about the hardship of being forced out of their homes free you don't have to pay for
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them for parents it's a relief that the kids now have somethign to keep them busy.and their minds off their troubles since many only had time to grab their kids as they ran from the flames.nevermind toys or games. i didn't even have time to grab a bottle or anything this is great >> reporter:the volunteers say this haul is part of what they were planning to give away to needy families during the holidays.we are going but when they saw the tremendous need of these burned out kids.they knew they had to help. because of the obvious need out here the volunteers with the san francisco firefighter toy program say they are going to try and come back up here with this van full of kids bikes.after reaching out to all of the local police and fire
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agencys for donations. >> pam:pope valley elementary school will reopen tomorrow. the school has been closed since monday due to the valley fire. however, the school says, closed starting on monday. some remain closed. school closures, stay with kron coverage on the valley fire. among the homes and businesses the valley fire destroyed hoberg's in cobb. and we got to see the destruction first hand. kron 4's justine waldman, and the owner of the resort, walked the property together. to see "really wrapped around by the fact that if a home is gone and roy bean's of the like that. >> pam: for the fire 15 families in middletown buffalo rely of it
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as home. is joe certain and a makeshift. survivor >> pam: is shocked by what they found. all"does the sporting fed really feels good." >> pam: like to help the fire victims' recross is collecting tax-deductible donations. send money by phone by text or the
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internet and. also find this information on our web site. go to kron4news-dot-com and the czech by how to help have on our valley fire coverage. >> pam:sunshine back around the bay area today. temperatures warming up. diane is here with weather details as we head closer to the weekend. pit >> reporter: difference compared to today warm things up quickly here into a week and especially. look in her life can right now along the embarcadero showing quite breezy conditions much of the bay area. wednesday is right now these are wind speeds oakland currently 80 mi. an hour 16 hayward a little bit funny onshore breeze he sat east bay shoreline cities have the jurors right now a slightly warmer compared to yesterday as expected with. stir was in place kept things cooler. fit right now the images made 81 livermore 78, pleasanton feast. bay shoreline more like below the upper 60s low '70's. fair
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francisco peninsula right around 65 degree mark v. delay are showing all for california lot quieter than yesterday for the rainshowers all long gone off to ease their. high ridge pressure system now heading into our area and what that does is, pretty quickly here in the '90s and you see that a few minutes. that splatter 7:00 p.m. mostly cloudy conditions of temperature is low 70 and mid coasts for sixties. when the victim of our afternoon highs for 4:00 p.m. tomorrow looking like upper 80s there in an allocation for. 23 degrees warmer compared to today east bay shoreline the 76. hottest day of a week from sunday 98 degrees also talk about how long a warming trend will last in the 74 cast coming. >> pam: california housing
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market cooling off when the numbers during ordered of the yearthese children facing an found,
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>> pam: kansas close to a further notice like cocaine toll will par bluefish riel g tel will mean the dollar to the term in the leg can go to the irritation problem is an the dog years behind schedule. all tested positive for the elderly in the past. the details on the construction of the senate clara valley medical
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center. construction company is out for santa clara county terminated the company's contract connie turner had a $300 million deal to build a facility however project is two years behind schedule county filed lawsuits against turner alleging breach of contract for. turner says for project is 90 percent dunnville. also believes the county rejecting their reasonable proposals to finish the work. the county says turner believes litigating will burn the company more money than finishing the project rejecting fair and reasonable >> catherine:nearly 20 years after voters legalized medical marijuana.california lawmakers have finally passed legislation to regulate the industry. the bills are now on the governor's desk.dealing with like how to handle growth and distribution. today in oakland a group of legislators held a news conference to detail the first-of-its kind framework. and to urge the governor to hurry and sign it
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into law. they say until now -- the medical marijuana industry has been a mess. california"in living in while the west. no testing standards required for medical cannabis. an adequate enforcement for illicit activities illegal grows for a version of product out of state bifurcate. environment being neglected destroyed and water has often inappropriately diverted. with this legislation much of that land." >> catherine:the three bills in question are designed to handle things ranging from patient there would also be new ruels for marijuana processing and testing by third-party labs. >> pam:as the summer ends, california real estate is cooling off.. corelogic - a research firm - says, it is because there are not enough homes. or, the houses are too expensive for some.
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the firm says, the median price for houses was down about ten- thousand dollars. from last year's high. more than forty- thousand homes sold this year. which is more than 20-14. san francisco's prices were up over sixteen- percent. with the median price above a million dollars. san mateo was second. with a fifteen -percent increase. solano county prices are up thirteen- percent. with median hundred thousand. and alameda is up six percent with homes around six-hundred- and-fifty thousand dollars. just a short time ago cal fire held a meeting with the evacuess at napa county fairgrounds. we'll have a live update on what was said next at 5:30. plus the americans who stopped a terror attack on a french train were honored in washington.
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>> pam: speculation how'd of trump would do in the second republican debate last night. catherine is that the tell us how he was nearly upstaged by another plot said if. >> catherine: not talking of and
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carson carly is the one getting credit standing of the trump. "a record four times what should we trust you to finance this nation. got the biggest applause for the night. interview"and last week about shrubs of the following about you but the face with anyone vote for that fish can imagine that the face from ex-president mr. trump later said he was talking about ever sell enough not your parents. please feel free to respond what you think about his persona. "i think women heard very clearly what mr. trump said.
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>> catherine: did better against senator ron paul. "this rural response for appearance short talon fall broadly by goodness that have been in junior high are we not way above that are now all be worried that someone like that. "the vertex them on looks and believe me plenty of subject matter if there." voters >> catherine: have a tendency to have abandoned early offenders from police seems to be picking up speed more more public and say he is their most likely candidate to win allies have been cars in second place a month ago for only 1 per cent fall said he would win next november jed. bush the only other candidate in double digits still flee down from august's fall was taken before last night's they. >> catherine: will heroes
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honored washington d.c. today to sacramento knave natives that the gunmen a terrorist on train last month for receive medals of the pentagon this afternoon of. defense secretary ash carter presented the awards in the third money for class spencer receive higher melville gunmen also spoke with them. courage king team fair to say a law of people say these days is on people's the miss will the future. noncombat heroism. and anthony sadler received a civilian award: the secretary of defense's medal for valor.
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>> reporter: generally this afternoon and now things will circling down in over nine hours ahead for you 8:00 p.m. mostly cloudy conditions temperatures low seventies for the bay and in the allocation 6 is a long suffered the scope of 7:00 a.m. partly sunny conditions breezy 13 of the hour on average temperature is run between 55 degrees and 52 degrees into mostly sunny sky got a thing of the 80 degree mark for inland allocations tara things slightly warmer feature cast for you today and you can see a lot in the delegations. the seven days of east bay shoreline cities ever discussed is the '60s. and that the transition the valley who attended a degree mark even though not face-off they said jose will be in the '80s already finding time east bay shoreline low 70's mid-70s and san francisco peninsula the '70s as well and areas in the upper 60s to follow the peninsula/
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>> pam: value i'll fired i'll he people are deadfalls been evacuated from their homes nearly 600 homes are gone because. of the raging flames across the county's valley fire only 35 percent contained. it has spread all across lake sonoma and napa counties 70,000 a. have burned and almost 4000 firefighters are still on the fire line short time ago of hellfire of a community meeting with the evacuees located at the napa county fairground. scott rate is at the fairgrounds tonight and joins us with an update of the evacuees were told. ford >> reporter: thousand plus firefighters out of getting a handle on the valley fire here at the napa county fairgrounds that meeting is underway right delphic people
5:35 pm
who've been evacuated out of their homes meeting right now with cal fire. what it looks like and just in their five minutes ago shot this scented back and you concede pretty big crowd in there and said the grandstand's they're sitting there listening to cal fire officials given the fate on the fire giving the latest numbers waiting for those the, any time now also looking into the red cross and they're talking filling and residents living and now where they stand also carry the face from pg&e and other officials as well i know that there as a coordinating with how they're gonna get fed tonight against number of evacuees continues to grow. all kind of logistical issues right now being worked out in that meeting. more on that meeting coming up with the clock and we know what is the updated numbers as well but again to recap here the valley fire continues to burn continues to burn out of control 35
5:36 pm
percent contended same number led yesterday have indurain appear. it helped firefighters get a handle on some of those lines but it's still very much out of control here still tens of thousands of homes there remain evacuated and in jeopardy tonight. >> pam: muslim teenager arrested after bringing a whole main digital clock to schoolthe muslim teen arrested after bringing a homemade digital clock to his school is seeing his fortunes change for the better. coming up the offers he receiving from washington dc to and next. how drinking a cup of give your workout a boost. on wall street. the markets ended mostly lower after the federal reserve decided to keep interest rates low. citing weakness in the global economy. the dow lost 65 points.
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according to a study out of spain. other research from japan finds that drinking coffee may also improve circulation getting our blood flowing a little more. better circulation may mean a better workout. and a study from johns hopkins finds that caffeine helps improve memory. people who had about 8 ounces of coffee did better on memory tests given a day later. this brain boost may help with recall for your exercise routine. for endurance athletes combining caffeine with carbs after a workout may increase the stockpile of muscle fuel meaning more reserves for the next workout. that's according to a study in the journal of applied physiology. but don't overdo it. if you do consume caffeine keep it to about 400 milligrams a day the equivalent of about a 16 oz cup of coffee. and don't forget to continue to drink plenty of water. for today's health minute holly firfer. europe's migrant crisis
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continues to get worse. next the tough decision many facing many families.
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>> pam: enough the the sixth the left to an evacuation center the meeting was being held those affected by the food and for enough. he tells on burglars and the fire loading the story is much more to tell our kron 4 news that the clock. >> pam:migrants and refugees attempting to reach western europe are facing a tough choice- battle hungary's tough new defenses at the border, or travel through croatia on an uncertain path to european
5:45 pm
union nations that are welcoming them. but, already -- croatian they'll need help to handle the sheer number of people headed for their border. just one day after opening their borders to migrants and refugees hoping to reach western europe -- croatian authorities say, they're overwhelmed. in just 24-hours -- more than 76-hundred people entered croatia through at least seven border crossings. at times -- it was chaos. thousands broke through police barriers set up at a train station. the focus on croatia comes just one day after riot police in hungary used tear gas and water cannons to turn back migrants the crossing sealed on
5:46 pm
wednesday *had been a popular path for tens of thousands of migrants -- many of them fleeing violence in their home countries of syria, afghanistan, and iraq. migrants passing through croatia face another threat: land mines. doctors without borders warns -- people crossing borders away from formal checkpoints could encounter some 51-thousand land balkan wars in the 1990s. aid workers call this exodus the largest refugee and migrant more than 430-thousand migrants have reached europe by sea so came in all of last year. the international organization for migration says the response from world governments is not keeping pace with the growing crisis. >> pam:cuba is getting ready to welcome pope francis to the island. posters have been placed around havana to mark the pontiff's visit. and a billboard of jesus has been set up in havana's deliver his first mass in cuba. saturday.
5:47 pm
he'll be on the island until tuesday, when he departs for the u-s. first he'll be in washington d.c. from tuesday september 22nd to that thursday. pope francis will meet with president obama and visit congress. that friday he will visit new york. there will be a visit to the u.n., and a procession through central park. about eighty-thousand people will be attending. followed by a mass at madison square garden. finally he'll spend that weekend in philidelphia. pope francis will visit the independence mall and a correctional facility. >> grant:new information tonight on that muslim texas teenager.arrested and suspended monday for bringing a clock to school.that teachers and administrators thought was a bomb. texas.outside standingthe school suspended
5:48 pm
ahmed police decided not to charge the 14-year old. the reaction on line has been highly critical of law enforcement and school leaders. and several bay area businesses.and others are reaching out to mohamed.supporting him.inviting him over. president obama tweeted cool clock, ahmed,.and did so yesterday. mark zuckerberg wants him to come to facebook. google has invited him to this weeken's science fair. twitter and reddit have offered him internships. and mit wants him to visit its campus. mohamed is transfering schools. as for that clock.police still have it. and the jurors right now in the '80s there more 80 degrees down fremont iraq and then east bay
5:49 pm
shoreline cities remaining in the upper 60s san francisco pence listing in the upper 50s celebrate our form things of the quickly and give us a lot of sunshine to tie splatter mostly cloudy conditions 73 ballets 71 for the bay of 65 the coast 10:00 p.m. slavery's tat hit 13 of an hour and then does wednesdays' should die down bit around midnight tonight $5 an hour off and then of that tomorrow parleys and conditions than the atomic running between 55 to 61 and the valley has tomorrow around 4:00 p.m. for flood dealing with cooler than normal close parisians live in a big surprise low clouds in place he thinking luckily they shoreline a little bit warmer 3 degrees warmer than we were 77 family address any 6 of 1 72 mm f lot 81 degrees for tomorrow
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east bay and the allocations for p.m. did a 84 degrees for on average for 8110 ron that if the the martina's 83-city 89 for brentwood half as it fits for the inland ice city's 85 livermore tomorrow yourself they let the sunshine here your average time maturing between 82 degrees in general said was 82 los gatos 84 month view 78 over to the north face sides sat scattered clouds and center fell mill valley also altar of my door morning hours of the churning average person and five degrees forecast for you being things and the '90s 93 for saturday 98 sunday and highest at a week will be on sunday 90 degrees 93 for the east bay shoreline that's a pretty warm for today 81 for the post monday tuesday bring it back down below '80s for the valley update for i-phones and i-pads. is out now.
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>> pam:tom brady's support of the donald not the only news so is tom's other half gisele. the insider's debbie matenopoulos is in hollywood pam, make that tom's much, much richer half. giselle-- clearly
5:56 pm
the all-star-- on the supermodel roster bringing home the most bacon this year. maybe bacon isn't the right word. do supermodels eat? i'll tell ya what they do.they get paid! that was then, this is now. the brazilian bombshell tops forbes list of highest paid supermodels with 44 million. our insider's natalie robehmed on hugely successful bad blood
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video. and probably the most voluptous model on that list: kate upton. she landed at number 17, raking in a cool 3.5 million dollars just for looking good! we'll have so much more on this story tonight at 7 on the insider, for kron 4 news, i'm louis aguirre back to you, pam.? >> pam: mallet fire playing for climbing to more victims' the full the three to i hear from friends who have died in the blaze coping with a loss of their loved ones and joint effort. the surprise they got an evacuation center today if. volunteers committed half than. coverage of the the start of allied fire continues kron 4 news
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>> pam "the russian people the bruins used to be coming the other. >> pam: "i do not feel less safe one go home. >> pam: good evening everyone has been five days and the valley fire the the people flee the fire in my county. and that continues to burn out of control. crews are making progress team coverage fanfare checking hunt saboteurs adding
6:00 pm
to the fires on this weekend for. start with scott rates fly fat the evacuation center of the napa county fairgrounds >> reporter: more evacuations foreign here tension starting to run a little higher here is very very crowded not much rule and their and literally just wrap up a minute ago cal fire pg&e crews ran the. all sofa people of the red cross. all of them addressing community fighting the community know where things stand right now with the deadly valley fire. so far we do know
6:01 pm
valley fire has scorched close 74,000 a.. 35 percent contained. and that number not changing from yesterday's bill we now. tens of thousands of people evacuated from this home. and if a lot of people going up the disagreement to goes. spokes to a spokesperson and spoke of her about this committee meeting. "incident commander. operating agencies have representatives often talked about what's going on but the plan as. and for complications there might be.
6:02 pm
>> reporter: is really running high come back out here live you see the sign their evacuees have been coming in the front of the map and the county fair ground. now that rain that we had for about half injuring did help firefighters with the missing firefighters the. targeting the progress there. former drug have the jurors coming in and help matters out here. still a long way to go here on the sla fired again. all what to do here for these people for people lost everything. >> pam: just coming in these mug shots of three men in the disaster area. valley lake noticed a vehicle with the men wearing camouflage and black clothing. the search the vehicle he found a loaded gun. gloves
6:03 pm
tools other items that could be used in a burglary. authorities also say the same car spotted on, unless my. of the men arrested bail set at $100,000. and the number evacuee's camping on the designated area lake county. nearly doubled since monday if. see here the tense lined up outside by side. barely any room for an. then many evacuees five of their offices say evacuations and. their cost of its today talk to a spokesperson from the red cross. says after the evacuation orders are lifted. people lose homes have been burned down and placed in buildings that have showers and bathrooms. red cross made clear it is committed to helping those in need for as long as it takes. "in a recovery phase long-term housing addressed by each and that home fans they'll it will
6:04 pm
phase have recovered. will the less. as to his house survived the flames be a bad than if f toll devastating wildfire through confirm and day requires the fed will you yesterday and the body burn people of it as of course there does and as with more on that path story more of >> catherine: to many mentioned who were killed in the fire. banner of zero gas stations. they considered burris firms to be friends. failing got confirmation today of ernest
6:05 pm
f.... bernie >> catherine: threat outside the town if all items in this of the senior looking at all its left the at the address. let please order a merck. in her business to go >> pam: concerns we have only expect to return the fire zone. as though the entire bay area.
6:06 pm
>> reporter: >> gabe: alleles are long backed up by a week and a delegate to the 90. >> reporter: 0 kron 4 you mostly clear skies. >> diane: 90 degrees currently right now for over. night hours 5:00 a.m. fill job the 52 for. small and mostly sunny conditions of. notice the highs there in the '80s for a. by the weekend saturday sunday as sunny and warm conditions of their often deters running anywhere between 90 to 95 degrees. wednesday the fact they're picking up after about 15 of our on after saturday afternoon in the sunday as well for. dealing with he and conditions for the entire area. celebrate are showing the bigger picture here no rain in the forecast. sterling not going to help the situation have dry conditions next with herself a. also he things up for us here in some of the bay area as well as. have the jurors right now in inland allocations 82 degrees for inland valley. they said city's 77 degrees 7 cisco 64 degrees on
6:07 pm
average right now and then current in the crazy side for. some of our oakland and often out in livermore the. with safety of our eyes welfare. had a >> diane: for you into tomorrow morning for a noontime 8:00 p.m. friday conditions the. and degrees across the board there. about we can expect nineties to make a comeback in about often in an allocation the phoenix for >> pam: special delivery for the children at the valley fire evacuation center for. volunteers as severance cisco firefighter toy program did enter their holidays-in order to hand out by doves including soccer balls stuffed animals. the children from many of whom lost family fire. during khalid reports today the spirit to meet it mouse.
6:08 pm
"address princess than. "name him blackie. >> reporter: 30 other siblings lost a home in the fire early this year the family ocelot or laughing. >> reporter: 20 giveaway bid made the five girls from her travels for a while. these kids
6:09 pm
here picking up toys for their album sells most of them to replace the presence the fibril neighbor going to get before they burned of. now they're throwing him his first surprise party. >> reporter: and dad didn't tell ms. his birth they didn't know 50 will give him a party plenum. told me that i set out he's been having a party. >> pam: red cross is asking for donations to help the victims of the valley fire. make a donation on line for our web site for text in the word across 90999. to make a $10 donation. orff's 100 red cross. valley
6:10 pm
fire is not the only neighborhood it bernie california tonight. thousands of firefighters battling the few fire. gramm is here with details on the story >> grant: into the p d . look at this fired last wednesday not. official but that some believe utility company is reviewing and control for the past two years and the area of the county where this fire began 71,000 a. burned. 50 mi. southeast of sacramento said andreas jackson and a hundred 50 homes destroyed since the be a fire started last wednesday and 6000 phone homes bentonite two people died in their houses and that this fire one man says he saved two neighbors. an oral calaveras county. could not say
6:11 pm
a third. man who defied evacuation orders. "everything had" thus >> grant: is common along beans coz he's trying save people's lives. locals say one additional person tonight is still missing. a reminder push alerts preakness. sure did download the kron 4 mobile location #1 source for news whether under mobile device to. it's free and and drug market. apple application store. >> pam: enough it was once considered a hoax the. bay area woman kidnapped in our own home filing of lawsuits against the city of vallejo. a huge honor for sacramento man that terror attack in france for. today. got to be with today ruboffs dust has settled from last night's presidential debate. vote the
6:12 pm
experts think cannot on tougher.
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
>> pam: the crash of a hoax. man is behind bars accused of being the mastermind among the attack in. j. r. stone live in a newsroom tonight and at the today is news conference runs as with. the details. bernie >> j.r.: tuscan and fear
6:15 pm
they'll argue their clients treated like criminals should of been treated like victims this is video of the knees earlier this year in this video aaron cohen. and then got off and. sexual assault said. once police found out the questions was sexually assaulted and then didn't believe her allegations being sexually assaulted this time. claim argues that husbands haven't been able to move on with life professionally name was tarnished please call this a hoax fast boyer's 5 months later get here from hoskins or when.
6:16 pm
. >> j.r.: his show money and some sort of fattish criminal harm may have been mahlers motive. >> pam: of a concession of the valley medical center care. construction is out and. terminated the company's contract kenny turner. had a $300 million deal to build a facility. however the project two years behind the scandal of. millions of dollars over budget. by a lawsuit against an air alleging breach of contract tenor. says its 90% complete also believes the county is rejecting fair reasonable
6:17 pm
proposals to finish the work. >> pam: not come as a surprise to many a. this year's month of june and july. crush hundred 36 years of records. global temperatures from january. to august 4th than 1.5 degrees above average six of those months. today east bay regional parks district officials announced like ben berkeley has been close to the swimming because of abloom of toxic blue- green algae. cory like in fremont finfish for open have been closed. for the same reason in the past couple months of the. shall say the toxicology is
6:18 pm
rare than likely cause about the job. and then skin irritation gastrointestinal and has some problems and can be fatal the dogs off. those >> reporter: the clear skies for right now. you can see with our live camera and then fifth few purchase of a bridge here. out to the east bay. clear skies for the east bay that will change around 10:00 p.m.. and then sets platter here tempi mostly cloudy skies. the onshore flow cushion the clouds back in a place far regents. 67 in the valleys. 56 for the basic steel on the coast. then by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning scattered clouds in place temperatures will be the low 60s and general. noontime mostly sunny conditions and 80 degrees of bayside city's 71 degrees along the coasts of 67. your satellite rate are showing you track conditions in our region. that will remain in place a good portion of a week next including this weekend. and then and the
6:19 pm
'90s. finland allocations of. i smiled his full area around 4:00 p.m. 67 daly city of. ocean beach about 65. and then said mattel 77. across the bridge that these offshore licence mid- 70s a. 777 and joe fremont 81 has. strobilus 79 the. out in richmond 70 degrees and then. over to the inland valley cities. clear skies and in the invocations south they. conditions like this 83 for campbell 85 out morgan hill 81 to bettino fanned 78 degrees fenner falderal valley and then i shall clarify of a clock and the more unfair 80 degrees from than 70 forecast. as we
6:20 pm
mentioned he things left and when the train came through. did from last tour along at all. friday 84 degrees and. latter- day sunday evening things up to 90¢. they the hottest day of the week 98 degrees for that vallate 9. the three purvey said cities in. 81 out the water. then cool things down come tuesday of next week. >> pam: >> catherine: sacramento bay area men stuffing with terror attack on french train a. washington d.c.. today ilex anthony and spencer lee had honors last month's. and then so coming. their courage"for a quick thinking.
6:21 pm
the friend >> catherine: subdue the of an armed man to technical is on her. the nevada says they present the very best of america. and whatever they do in the future they not he knows he they will do well. >> pam: the gop candidates tackle the big issue on wednesday nights. cnn republican debate it was tense moments between the purchase offense that made the most impact. and details from the invalid california. "don't need an apprentice from what house we have one right now. "life is a lovely woman i said
6:22 pm
nothing wrong and never attacked him on this ... the. believe me plan yet subject matter right there. the they"watchers lone female candidate carly the winner. her stance on issue resonated with the crowd sofa planning planned parenthood. coronation fast enough force for the l'vov veto this bill scheele not. in the child to addiction. "invest more in treatment of drugs. dr. chung got the most time to talk. suggested "president bush if not a war. i want that on the record. can a"it's hitting the and singers have plenty of chances if nine more public candidates to come.
6:23 pm
>> pam: pulmonary #show last night's debate was the highest- rated and of seen in history. 20 million television viewers were watching at 10 in the debate 921,000 people streaming it online for making it the most watched what stream of primary debate. >> pam: so continues to climb from last night's earthquake in chile of next brand new video when the quake hit later how you can help the thousands of people displaced by the devastating valley fire.
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
>> grant: friday afternoon when person after to 30 a little after 5 fulton area of fremont for urban neighborhoods. when year-old michael the 25 year- old anderson from fremont but
6:26 pm
apparently the arrested tuesday. the officer saw car matched a picture witnessed of the right after for one of the robbery if robberies' fiscal. i'm has become a problem in fremont gold chain robberies' already this summer. . >> pam: aftershocks continue to rattle sections of chile following yesterday's powerful 8.3 magnitude earthquake there. see the shaking in this video and 11 people have been killed one person reported still missing authority. say advanced planning quicker reaction following the quake minimize the severity of the disaster. 1 million people that you waited ahead of the tsunami way experts believe aftershocks continue for several months. the mean time that the earthquake triggered tsunami advisory for why california fell cents cancelled
6:27 pm
and national weather service says there was 3 ft. wave reported and why a state island earlier this morning. their horns of significant damage. >> pam: at 630 huge outpouring of support victims of the valley wildfire.-help those who need it most many of the evacuees planning to spend yet another night out in the cold and learning more about two people killed fan the flames overtook their neighborhood stay with us ♪ ♪
6:28 pm
it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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mary >> reporter: fidel fire officials from pg&e and recross. all the community meeting in side to update the community where things stand and where and how they will move lower. i can tell you looking at people's faces going to be very tough to move lower phil continued follow this and have a face starting tonight at 8:00 on kron 4 news. >> reporter: middletown in front of burns enterprise java department saying they believe the owner of the property. bruce burns died. west heard from bruce burns. untethers lightly
6:31 pm
center pierre. as for house was. and looks like there are many homes about. looks like someone was trying the save the building in businesses. in town residents say burns was a very sweet man like a teddy bear he and the others that have died will be missed here near middletown.. >> reporter: 5 of their said the evacuation center and callous of the financially the homes survived the be able to return fanfare red cross will work with on those whose homes burned down will be moved to buildings were there char's and bathrooms. if they're committed to working with them and no one left to. meet to alpha. >> reporter: as comes early for kids burned out in the valley fire the tour. program brought
6:32 pm
more than 30 bags equipment boards tamoxifen for children living at the evacuation center. some of these kids lost everything in the blaze delivery got their minds off their troubles for a while anyway parents are relieved the kids will have something the occupy them since most fled with a little more than their families and those.. valet >> pam: 8 fought the fire left the deep wound in the nfl of counties all this week for me their stories of generosity. "been a war never will be in something like that danforth >> pam: off of the town is home less. razor >> grant: hound if your
6:33 pm
hand for house turndown. these children >> pam: facing an uncertain future in makeshift tent city survivor shocked by what they have found. all the"people supporting us it's just relief officials confess. if the >> pam: would like the health front crosses collecting surtax deductible donations. send money by phone tax internet fall. so find all this information on our web site kron4news-dot-com click on the how to help tab on. valley on.
6:34 pm
nice >> reporter: clear skies right now and clouds rolling in around 8:00 this evening. in the east bay area afternoon highs tomorrow 4:00 p.m. three to four degrees warmer compared to where we were today your high smile inland valley locations 85 livermore pleasanton 86 out and sat east bay shoreline cities 74 degrees on average sentences of his location of the '70s and we can forecast a warming trend takes place tomorrow stick around all weekend long friday 84 degrees and sunny skies saturday 93 and then they're jumping to 98 degrees, sunday. funding will be the hottest day of the week. even bayside city's 93 degrees down at the close 81 it will be a warm one saturday in a hot one on sunday. then things will start cooling down, maybe early next week. >> pam: minkowski weekend
6:35 pm
almost hear a look at some big movies hitting theaters that is next.
6:36 pm
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6:38 pm
many >> reporter: the people of the fleece of us the their animals behind now they found refuge for that at a heavily on for you to you to the ranch that's become a safe haven for these courses and many more. >> pam: before movies hitting theaters this week based on true stories of crime to not climbing in gary roth gives new the preview. >> reporter: is what e in black masks. movie tells the story does rise to power his downfall and his infant ties to the fbi.
6:39 pm
flat mass is rated r. seven struggling drug addict held hostage by an inmate but to make connection over book.. rave pg- 13 everest a band of modern climbers faces a severe snowstorm team dance together to stay alive in incredible odds/13 fax of a sudden a maze runner sawed-off the scorched child here the escape the maze now face a new challenge in the desolate landscape. scorch chiles rated pg-13
6:40 pm
>> pam: 10 in news on the way 7:00 it is the insider followed by entertainment tonight 730 fen back with kron 4 news at 8 coming up in sports gary talks after the founder of timber on mile was competitive open water some events in the world. the a's billion dollars survey of some breakfast for lunch in the wild game against the white sox various types of sports coming up next
6:41 pm
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>> reporter: early morning all the clock was co-starred in chicago. >> j.r.: sunny and clear >> gary: strange play for the second base umpire dutch. roger is badges the chopper and then
6:44 pm
there you go the ninth inning right down to the 21 lead. a couple out from a victory here, the a's believe butler young. staff country breakfast., and taken away by garcia ferric is that as though a three run shot. butler of the three run blast looks like he was taken away. fell over the fence bob melvin can break they deserve one this time of year so billy butler and now a big yes the finish for two. that gave him a little role in this race to move on the play houston beginning tomorrow night the giants home to play the arizona diamondbacks people feeling good around here for diners back now is for complete well cabinet doing a little talking.. alan capper did pretty
6:45 pm
good take a look of this one the toughest in the nfl. he got his third. arizona very good your home for the packers who knows what shape the new york giants will be in haiti. that over minnesota advert so important people feeling very good about the forty-niners at least through week one set currie. talk about him for a chorus. and david sent with brian trophy davidson and n.c.. the dissipated in team worked out. its official shot in fact a brand new practice facility had question and answer session with the students. bob was the coach
6:46 pm
and courage credits of his developments that the wildcats of lead 82008 the sky everything he touches his gold return home to his alma maters today. george hamilton of swimming real roll the tape here biggest inning of and in the bay area are cp can run mile september 20th if on a sunday be in church but sprang for you international and the world champion swimmers competing in this great event here is my friend founder of the event and took last year off made it stacked up even better and better "your stars in the zeroth
6:47 pm
champions from now but and then their olympic silver medalist in the often k from on the books again here is from the rcmp to run miles. sunday september 20th if and timber on over 20 restaurants catering. in full. the weather great food great music barry. good benito tend to run big decease of knowing who. "i did our person of you together 25 years ago. grace and beef athletic. "assuming it's been my life as a kid i older brother's sister had plans to meet. u.s. swimming
6:48 pm
sofa that's exactly what want to do that figure from their before i knew it i had game thinking along with the gold medal. be this is of the issue due for all living. >> gary: vessel "i'm hoping that by coming away competition like this doing well and went makes them proud pay. is that all the time they spent on the years of life. . your estimate yourself at"ucla international teams many many years ago. these see the best anchor at him more similar story her parent care of the 5:00 every morning terry the teleprompter
6:49 pm
"it gives the best people in the world find exciting ways of making the score different differences this relation be additive and the boys are boys and girls to become a growth trend of the boys will suffer the same time thessaly love my little work. "living out of frightened and scotland from manchester.
6:50 pm
the 10 k all about the experience 1215 years of experience and make it from the podium next year. this is so mattel of duty here we are the the great race this week and beautiful weather a little bit of a battle but shall find a way to get out there will be a great race. "sunday morning downtown to broaden show that, in the morning of the world's best immerse come toward you was competitive over water swim backyard.
6:51 pm
>> pam: plenty of sunshine for the bay area dianas that the details
6:52 pm
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>> pam: the company plans to release those the sow for wednesday the apple says the bug is taking longer than expected the fifth company the not say what the fly as an artificial set the date of the release of the software which os is expected at new faces of users replied e-mail's also am a expected to make watches run faster another present to add to the christmas list $49.99 amazon fired have also selling in a six pack. under to hundred $50 the tablets are small the have of the 120 gb of storage available free order today to begin shipping september the 30th.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: s.a. heated up sunday the hottest day of the weekend 98 degrees even a couple hundred in and allocations bayside city's 93 along the water. 81 degrees will be a nice one this week and clear skies and place cool things down. dole will be back in a clock and we hope this join us then stay in touch kron4news-dot-com this is the dawn of an old day.
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"insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> i'm donald trump. i made billions billions of dollars. more energy tonight. i like that. this is a country where we speak english. >> the gop debate becomes a trump reality show special. >> we don't need an apprentice white house. we have one right now. >> out of the media madness -- >> does america want a celebrity president? >> i have the ideas. >> then the demand for kanye as president grows stronger. a new campaign video that is trending. >> i'm not politician, bro. >> plus, modelling's biggest money makers get a maj wage increase. ♪ did taylo turn her bad blood clue ifashion's topearners?
7:00 pm
♪ all night long >> then lionel richy takes las vegas. we're inside his new residence and will he be taking a third trip down the aisle? >> don't get too ahead ourselves, ladies and gentlemen. >> now hollywood from the inside out, it's the "insider" together yahoo. inside the war. we have the prime time players hoping to ta down shanda's angels. and from tgit to mus see tv. no bigger trending story than last night's gop presidential debate. i felt like i was watching an episode of "the real housewives of simi valley." >> absolute insanity, espe in the center of the room. cnn's live debate watched by over 22 million people. just shy of fox news' 24 million. safe to say a lot of it was due to the trump factor. social media tracked every word. is it just proof everybody is


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