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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> vicki : now at 11. a deadly wildfire scorches more than a thousand acres in monterey county. it is now 30 percent contained. one person has died in the fire. kron 4's kate cagle joins us with an update on the fire kate. how quickly is the fire spreading? > >kate:vickie, it's like northern california can't catch a break.just as valley fire evacuees get the go ahead to go home.there are new evacuations.this time in monterey county. cal fire says ten homes have already burned down because of the tassajara fire. one person has died.
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this fire started yesterday afternoon.and it has already burned a thousand acres. the red cross has opened an evacuation center at carmel middle school. earlier the monterey county sheriff's department planned to escort some evacuees home.but canceled because of dangerous conditions. they will try again tomorrow. those evacuation areas include tassajara road from carmel valley road to ka-shah-wa. cal fire says firefighters made containment lines.but this drought is making things difficult. nearly 300 firefighters are working on this fire. the smoke also creating a health hazard in monterey county. meanwhile.the s-p-c-a is working behind the fire lines tonight.they have already rescued more than fifty animals. back to you. >> vicki : the valley fire is now listed as the sixth most damaging wildfire in california history.
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it has been burning for more than a week in lake, napa, and sonoma counties. forcing thousands of people from their homes. the fire has burned more than 75-thousand acres. and is 69% contained. more than 1-thousand structures have been destroyed. including homes. three people have died from the blaze. and four firefighters have been injured. the valley fire has left millions of dollars of destruction behind. this past week wineries and business owners in napa and sonoma counties have raised between 6 and 800 thousand dollars towards the recovery effort. kron 4's alecia reid talked to families who may were allowed to go back home today, and are in need of donations. >> : i don't know how it survived >> : it's like there was a bubble around it. >> alecia :cleaning up remnants of the lake valley fire.this family is shocked their home made it unscathed. >> : fire was everywhere. all around. all you could see was fire.
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>> alecia :within minutes of seeing flames far away in the mountains, cathy stipanov gatehred the family's 3 dogs in a trailer, and tried to get out, but the smoke was too thick. she lost control and drove into an embankment. >> : i tried to go back but all the trees were on fire so i crawled back up the embankment >> alecia :the black lab and 2 jack russels died in the inferno. betty sanders had no idea she would come back home to see her home standing, or her horses alive. >> : my husband told me it was all gone >> alecia :while they are checking for damages families in healdsburg, came together to raise money for fire victims. children wrote cards, and adults dropped off cash and checks. >> : right now it's 880 homes, plus people are deadit's a real serious situation.
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bill >> alecia >>:the important thing is that these funds don't get lost in a bureaucracy it but gets used locally >> alecia :for those that were able to come back home, they say it's time to pick up the pieces and move forward. reporting in middletown. >> vicki : while evacuees from the valley fire figure out what to do about their homes and jobssome of their pets have been in very good hands. sam the siamese kitten was discovered friday in middletown. he is still trembling from his painful burnshis face and paws singed by flames. sam is one of nearly 100 animals who have been helped by middletown animal hospital. less than 24 hours after the town burned and people ranveterinarians here began driving the roads looking for animals in need. >>:we are kind of stuck in this bubble of the evacuations
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>> vicki : sam is still looking for a home.but other cats were left here - in good hands - by owners as they fled. with so many animalsthis hospital has been operating at maximum capacity. a cat and her owner are seeing each other for the first time. it was the owner's first stop on her return to middletownshe hasn't even seen her home yet. it's a trip she didn't want to make without an important friend. triple-digit heat scorched parts of the bay area today. the warm weather, smog, and smoke from the wildfires has triggered another spare the air alert for tomorrow. kron 4's brian van aken joins us now with a look at the forecast. brian. >> brian :we have some cooler temperatures coming up we have to wait a while as we have a hot day for tomorrow coming up today was just scorching in the temperatures up almost into the triple digits everywhere
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mid-90s for san francisco and oakland and triple digits in the east bay with record highs around the area 104 degrees broke the record and heyward also has a record high of 96 as of tomorrow we're going to have more high temperatures again with a triple digits in the east bay and to the south of san jose we have lots of '90s one thing that is changing is that we have a bubble of 80s which is representing cool temperatures coming into the bay it will not be quite as hot in san francisco is set in the mid nineties and eighties more significant cooling comes tuesday but will talk about that coming up later >> vicki : for the latest information on the valley fire and all your bay area news. be sure to download the kron-4 mobile app. it's free to download from the apple store.
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two people escaped injury earlier today when a small two person plane went down in a field northeast of byron airport in contra costa county. officials say there were two passengers on the plane. both passengers were treated by paramedics.but neither are suffering from any life- threatening injuries. fire officials received the first report of the crash around 5:10 this evening. the cause of the crash is still unknown.and there is no damage to any surrounding areas. coming up. rabid bats take over one east bay neighborhood. we'll tell you where they are turning up. plus. a man opens fire inside an alabama church. the motive behind the shooting ahead. a new report finds the world health organiztion mishandled the ebola outbreak. how the organization reportedly slipped up.
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>> vicki : new at 11 an investigation by the associated press finds the world health organization and others made a series of mistakes in handling last year's ebola outbreak. according to internal w-h-o
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emails, recordings of teleconferences and interviews with key players... the u.n. health agency failed to organize a rapid response to ebola even after the epidemic was declared a global emergency. as ebola cases spiked. officials struggled with problems like defective chlorine and hiding conflict among aid workers. a dramatic scene at the san francisco ferry building today. how first responders handled a terror attack drill. the republican presidential poll takes a surprising turn. who are now the top contenders. this is the dawn of an old day.
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>> vicki : one east bay community is having some serious concerns over rabid bats. we sent scott rates to fremont to find out what the deal is in the uptick of these nocturnal bloodsuckers. >> scott :on a normal year they might see three or nine it rabies infested bats throughout the entire year. this year so far they have found 12th and that has researchers trying to sink their teeth into finding a reason why
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it is bats like this one that are causing quite a scare mexican fruit tailed bats are showing up dead end testing positive for rabies the health department is telling me it was here earlier in the week at the corner of michigan and washington in fremont with the latest was found someone actually saw the back flying through the sky and then falling from the air and hitting the ground once the person move in they picked up the back thinking it was injured but the health department says do not do that >>:it can be dangerous to pick one out >> scott :they say that most of the rabies latent creatures--
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laden have been found in fremont they are not sure of the cause but the drought may be a factor >> vicki : if you were one of the many tourists or locals at the ferry building today. you may have been surprised to see first responders handling trauma and terror. fortunately - it was only a drill. >>:we have an explosion that is simulated that went off and we have mass casualties and we also have a secondary device inside the restaurant so we have the bomb squad here and they are working as if it is a real-world situation >> vicki : again - it was only a training exercise with san francisco police and fire fighters. officials say because the city is a such high profile place - emergency personnel are always being tested on how to handle the expected and. unexpected. >> brian :the hot temperatures
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are certainly expect it and things did he get for this afternoon with triple digits and lots of the '90s. it felt like the middle of summer time with all the sunshine and it is going to hang on for another day before will be dramatically cooler coming up tuesday and wednesday, and wednesday's the first day of fault --of fall it really gets hot in the afternoon especially in the east bay valley is up and over 100 degrees by the bay you will see a little bit of a change was some fog working its way up against the coast a little b of that cool air is going to sneak in so instead of
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the '90s san francisco will be cooler in the '80s we will have a strong surge of offshore winds coming in and look what happens down about 20 degrees in some places with the '60s in san francisco and 84 san jose tomorrow is the last day of the big time heat and then the change comes with this push on wednesday even more fog starting out the day wednesday and on thursday the sea breeze is going to weaken once again and that will cause temperatures to bump up a few degrees we will be in the '90s and inland 80s by the bay >> vicki : a man has been charged with three counts of attempted murder after allegedly shooting his girlfriend.their
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baby.and a clergyman at a church in alabama. james junior minter was arrested after opening fire during services at the oasis tabernacle church in east selma, alabama. dallas county attorney michael jackson says the shooting stemmed from a domestic situation. the pastor was taken to a local emergency room for treatment.while the woman and baby were taken to a hospital in birmingham. the victims are in stable condition. carly fiorina shot to second place in the republican presidential field following her strong performance in wednesday's debate. a poll out today shows that donald trump is still the g-o-p frontrunner, with 24-percent support among republican voters. that's an eight percent drop from earlier in the month. the same poll shows that 52 percent of republican voters who watched wednesday's debate saw fiorina as the winner. 31 percent said trump was the loser. vice president joe biden's wife will back him if he decides to run for president as told by his spokesperson
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he was believed to be against his possible presidential run and has not announced if he intends to do so. he is still considering if he is emotionally prepared to run in sports. the forty-niners go on the road for an early test against the pittsburgh steelers. and the raiders go down to the wire with the visiting ravens. j-r stone has the highlights and all the sports.coming up.
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>> j.r. :first quarter he gets moving acdc connection ravens respond 9 yd score he finds crabtree wide open and he falls into the end zone with a touchdown 4th quarter tied at 30 udner pressure raiders hold them to a field goal 33-30 ravens
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12 yrds and the score ravens have a chance drops back intercepted, final 37-33 raiders 351 yards in the day 49ers out in pittsburgh tomsula returns to his homestate steelers get the 2 pt conversion 2nd quarter drops back gets saccked 5 times in the game
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22-3 steelers fumbles the ball stellers recover and take advantage of the opportunity shook up after a hit from--to the head player of the game for the 49ers beautiful pass breaks free and takes it to the house they get into the red zone again gets into the endzone knee was down, final 43-18, 9ers lose 10 points on 26 plays in the red zone
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giants and a's a's taking on astro's 2 run shot is gone, 3-1 astro's return of barry zito barry gives up 2 hits and giving a 2 run homer to him final 5-1 astro's giants win 5-1 as well >> vicki : long-standing barriers fell at tonight's emmy awards... as viola davis became the first non-white actress to claim top drama acting honors... jon hamm finally winning for mad men... and game of thrones overcame emmy anti-fantasy resistance to claim the top drama award. an emotional davis won for her portrayal of a ruthless lawyer in how to get away with murder. mad men star hamm claimed the best drama actor emmy that
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eluded him seven times before. and delivering the best drama series award to game of thrones... making a triumphet return... tracy morgan... the actor-comedian seriously injured last year in a car accident. >> brian :look for more of that triple digit heat from the east bay and getting close to 100 in south san jose but not quite as hot for san francisco or oakland the real cooling comes on tuesday with that cool sea breeze coming onshore and falling into the valley is down about 15 or 20 degrees and we head into the first week of autumn
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>> vicki : that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our mobile apps. we'll see you tomorrow
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the weekend insider from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> i'm donald trump. i've made billions and billions of dollars. >> more energy tonight, i like that. this is the country where we speak english. >> the gop debate becomes a trump reality show special. >> what he said is idiotic. >> they bring in drugs, crime. they are rapists. >> while clooney calls out the donald. >> anyone who says intolerant words should be laughed at. >> that's just part of our good week/bad week. >> i feel like something's missing. >> then late night under the spotlight. critics claim it's the best it's ever been but is it still strictly a boys' club? >> where the women at? >> everyone wrote harper. >> and is "empire" down


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