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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 21, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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alamo fairfield lake county at returning to the only home you've ever known and finding nothing but ashes other academy benicia couple seven year-old son feared dead after fire destroyed their cabin cases a bizarre turn $300 fine for using smart phones i have laptops let everyone amused by this official loafing street sign is that the cisco part. shp is nearby city rat pete's ago freer choice for prime time is. >> pam: disraeli's to hold scorch acres of land flames
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erupted in martina's alamo fairfield this afternoon. this video by helicopter partnership with abc seven the fires burned dangerously close to home quick action by firefighters it help to get them under control the for more data and damage to be done. more on these fires and just a minute return the devastating valley fire burning more than 1000 homes. other if their most damaging wild fire in california. 75 percent contained tonight many residents are starting to return to their homes officials are warning them about e hazardous conditions that may exist because of a fire including us buses headed else other chemical byproducts of fur and plastic na tonight at 8 litters on the prowl prey on
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miltown residents' homes burn down one and realize his victimized interviewing him this evening they are alive and miltown. i can tell you have to go very far here middletown define damage like this car is complete burnout the man and then i talked with today versus home burned and howff dealing with thieves richard miltown home for more. he is dealing with a bigger problem looters they victimize this whole month significations in the past 48 hours. certainly not all. >> j.r.: walking with which
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richard he realizes family wheelchair accessible raab picture here was gone.. a more caring face of rampant. not anymore. >> j.r.: horton to noplace beef
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up patrols the area several lou arrest made last week can tell you one. today sought military personnel and the so areas nevertheless fees these are still out there other evacuees able to return their homes as well. travis see what was left of the family spent the day sifting through the ashes of their miltown home was the value of loss and the fire they did find some ceramics for a few of sentimental value families now staying in apartment in santa rosa nicholas says that it is difficult being away from his home town. kantor"giving it for life and that for granted as he can change every minute of your life ever know what direction like will take you for my family and everyone else's family the other be the same again. school back
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in session coffeyville high school in close more the week to the valley fire homecoming. week since trying to be in high spirits especially since some of them have lost everything and for the students sinister real and will take time to heal from its travel experience visit kron4news-dot-com for informational i'll fire and help build a tough fight but felt the fire victims and balladur free kron 4 mobile application set connected receive push alerts. of the church high winds and several fires today alicea is
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live in martina's tonight a fire threatened home and tells us about another east bay fire did destroy home ferris to grant is here with more about a home gutted by a fire in fairfield. >> grant: thing when quickly went home destroy the see if there others damaged flames shooting out of homes in the fall this black right here both sides of these tracks run up against all these homes these serials courtesy of helicopter partnership abc seven news is now under control and no injuries to report investigators are now working figure out exactly how it started. alicea read and martinez and then to
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east bay fire is that had lots of people worried. >> reporter: writers work hard to get the fire under control in a short amount of time half-hour this blaze martina's fear carter a " baker's plane spread 5 a. spotted at this house under construction for hellfire says a piece of equipment malfunctioned winds and dry vegetation fire canister like close to home sitting livestock and homes. our earlier in i'll
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about accused of borough drive was destroyed. chopper video from a partnership with abc seven buffs nearby trees credible stop it from threatening other homes preferred exact cause of this fire under investigation luckily no one was hurt in the their fins and. >> pam: other is a 17 year-old boy confesses sexually assaulting a 14 year-old girl in richmond. they say the so happened last friday afternoon will learn knox regional park point richmond. spotted the attack and called 91 ridge employees and knowledge the completely miss handle the call and the dispatcher waited nine min bids to call east bay regional park police as the saying there the crowd of progress to limit was a close suspicious circumstance police
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department lodged investigation surrounding this incident. . >> grant: and for guy that the pendulum in the face all out walking her baby in a stroller this happened right here in metals feel the road. i she's being robbed the o'clock last night that 27 men punished her purse office of shoulder and doff to ennises tried the chaser down and able to catch up with him again please let me for the sky tonight. . >> pam: is ecru the accused killer may year-old madison middleton back in court today handcuffed in juvenile green khakis this 18 year-old gonzales entered a plea of not guilty. charged with murder forcible frayed blue and acts of the child. in gonzales be great to
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madisonville to before dumping her body in a recycling bin. if convicted death penalty is not possible he was a minor at the time of the incident meanwhile outside the courthouse and sacker is best and to madison middleton remember her today finds with pictures of they year-old face were held up an alleged killer faces a judge inside the courthouse madison middleton's father michael grandparent and those closest to her gathered outside their gulf the direct the spotlight away from the suspect adrian gonzales. "good words and a longtime will mark an essay father did not go
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inside to the arraignment today he is already forgiven adrienne what on october the fifth medicine will be remembered all across setscrews the be milton day and that would they would be the ninth birthday. one of >> pam: for violating conviction of a so a child awaiting extradition back to texas. i had slight help france suspends another day in cuba + no attack allowed parking signs warning violators will face a big sign the popular part the ixion's being spotted less busy fools fewer brawls? alcohol restrictions being considered
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for levi stadium.
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>> pam: the superintendent at midst that they all that much to the students the families and school employee. a fight outside danville high school over the week and left one man injured 39 year-old man and 16 year-old boy and application just before noon on saturday the rear parking lot center run valley high school that paid the hospital for trade with his injuries and the team take in because they suspicion of battery since been released to his parents for the first time " francis set foot in the united states arrived tomorrow and spent nearly week touring three different u.s. cities before his historic trip here two or more of cuba today and took some time parlay a charity of
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france's drive for the gift from flowers and spent much of today's volume and the second- largest city visited it for thousands lined the streets for seven of his ever visited the city. celebrated mass as second as many days urged the this faithful the vesuvian reference in cuba or in presence of
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christ. >> reporter: fraises modest steps the u.s. in york archbishop expects the pope will preach positivity "here is what division violence that setbacks to the province and where hundreds of refugees it was to give us some good news. >> pam: pope's first stop in the air as states washington dc tomorrow there he meets with president about this that congress wednesday he will canonize the share of farrah and the spanish missionaries founded the missions in california. friday the pope's go to new york city and especially canned and philadelphia. >> pam: week fed hot but there currently who's to us here to phyllis and on with a head this week would tablatures rest of a
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week ago some numbers right now things cool things down for a little bit of this evening here right now and the new allocations hundred degrees earlier this afternoon is they shoreline cities like upper 50s and 6869 hayward fremont 76 series san francisco pencil more like the upper fifties to mid '60's. wednesday's picking up a little bit places like oakland hayward 7 to 10 mi. per hour guy in san jose to mao's an hour with us to crazy of stay that way for the rest of the evening for you and hit 10:00 p.m. was the clear skies of the drizzle and a job killer '70s for the valley 66 bayside 52 along the coast a.m. flight breezy tomorrow 51 and then in the
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valley 59 for the bayside city's anti mostly clear skies only ever '70s where foreign of for 95 noon and i were dealing with color tablatures onshore flow comes down from the pacific northwest are region push things in our area with low clouds and some patchy fog also some moisture coming and the southwest making its way into the southern california regions and then pushing again more clause in our area of the things cooler fog tracker showing patchy fog along the coastal regions of and against the night to 6:00 a.m. most days of the coast like fog in the morning getting plenty of sunshine it will be as hot: trend picking in tomorrow will stay at all week long and small 4:00 p.m. average 83 for the valley east bay shoreline cities less '70s severance the scope of his last
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days of the load of the upper 60s the next three days four days you we keep things up in the cans in a season in the valley thursday they pick up the squad of 89 degrees it won't be in the triple digits down with double digits and explain how the long the college and will last a few minutes. a line. the hat 8 local family goes missing after a trip up north now a growing mystery as the investigation into the disappearance reveals more questions than answers by unusual signs causing local drivers to do a double take staff of mobile devices and pay hefty fine that story's next
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>> pam: savin * will interest the assigned pop up and alamo square park brief note tech a zone free and see us all funds tablets laptops or smart devices permitted. violators subject to $300 fine for the official looking signs even have the small print planning there were posted said francisco reckon parks department but agency says it did not put them up while larry may be fake dead tourists thinking twice. "simply put a tight money and that the amorphous if the city actually did take the time of tufts a terrorist often left
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take pictures of the signers to the statement from a spokesperson said the system in this will transportation agency it says all like unsafe we did not install button to see if we ever role in removing still had apple watch if saved their son's life high tech device alerted the boy was something serious and then at the airport with alarming statistics about sexual assault on college campuses lady guy got is lending her voice to the issue
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>> pam: his universe is far under the new survey offers a sharper picture just how widespread the problem does. hundred and 50,000 female students in response to a survey undergraduate women nearly a quarter say if they had experienced unwanted sexual contacts sometime during college the confirmed that of a hall in drugs are risk factors to serving also found freshman women appeared to be back greater risk than older counterparts 444 store incapacitated and have this. song from lady guy just as vicious sexual assault on college campuses become an instant hit the song called felt
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happens to you for a music video has more than 8 million viewers co-written lady guy got then canadian songwriter diane warren she says a portion of the proceeds from the sale the sun donated to agencies to help survivors of sexual self. >> pam: is run high disturbing new to tell the merger accord hearing of the murder of a bidault outrage after a man buys the rights to live sitting drug and then increases the price 5000 percent. growing mystery surrounding north a family that disappeared after a weekend shift now to bodies have been found where they were staying
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this and >> pam: family from the north bay and burt cabin and other accounts to people die in that cabin finisterre's piece together what has happened trawls clifford live tonight in the nation with the details. the ninth unusual case here in
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ganesha went to the sierra spend a week there in the family cabin have not been heard from since and learning new details if i indicate this is more than just a missing persons case. attorney representing family of at and fatima buchanan seven year-old son and gavin's father if million mcafee the 03 reported missing a week ago fire destroyed adams cavan in el dorado county. monday if the county sheriff's office confirmed the bird residences town along highway 93 in garden valley september 13th. the remains of two people found inside fisher's office says of the bodies have not yet have been identified cause of the fire under investigation. new gavin mcafee live in this: benicia fathoms other son a teenager. as president of the construction offices here in benicia the farm family home favors and business complex over a share steadies' thoroughly
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searched his office last week also apparently remove several items from the building including computers. family home police and sheriff's deputies made bauble this and stevie live across the street says that one. the deputies surrounded the house "the guns drawn to the alarming teenage boy answered the door. teen-age"debt to burly detained while they searched the home for teddy. for the family in a statement that the remaining numbers of atoms family are cooperating with authorities in their investigation been says the family under a very hard- working and if this tournament surprising >> reporter: and answer questions this evening if the teenage son of the sierra with his family may come back of the
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three people reported missing oil remains of to have been located in the burden of building and identifying them could be key to figure in of this mystery. >> pam: sell-off had been known as baby doe she was found dead in boston back in june see reports >> reporter: emotions ran high end of a hearing for shaban boyfriend michael mccarthy will charge in connection with the death of rochelle's daughter to year-old fellow before identify issues referred to as baby doe remains found in a black trash bag on the shore of the boston harbor charged friday with the ardor and denied bail charge as
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an accessory to murder after the fact she's being held on million-dollar bail both pleaded not guilty in court monday prosecutors allege mccarthy killed the two year-old finn her own home fella's mother admitted helping him keep her daughter's death a secret of his attorney assess the his class as an sf
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we're for the child's mother disagrees. as a >> pam: natural contenders are down to 15 wisconsin gov. scott walker announced today dropping out of the race is the seventh gop canada do sofa former governor of texas gov. terry blocker started out as a front-runner and iowa for his campaign donations dried up and performances in the two gop presidential debate walker now says he wants to clear the field for canada to the positive conservative message republican presidential canada is under fire than carson he said muslim should never be elected president of the united states on nbc's meet the press' sunday carson said the president's face should matter to voters that "
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inconsistent with our principles our constitution. his campaign reported strong fund- raising one-hundred thousand new face of friends one day later. the ad states giving nearly $419 million humanitarian aid assyrian refugees spokesman john curtis says that the money will pay for emergency health care drinking water food shelter now committed to spend $4.5 billion overall comes from the u.s. agency's involvement and congress will not have to approve the additional spending. yet company executive sentenced almost 30 years in jail the council of parnell guilty last year for knowingly shipping tainted tuna products hundreds
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more often the country's sixth and then piled the first eggs for executive make them felony charges often putting a brake others and their role the outbreak including parnell's brother set to be sentenced. of a. easier across the nation study still high according to a new report from the cdc arkansas west virginia for the states of the highest obesity rates they had an obesity prevalence rate of 5 percent higher holly district cambio colorado lowest rates numbers taken 2014 estimate as states spends more than $140 billion every year for issues related to be see cc said the third of all adults 17 percent of all children of peace is trending worldwide if
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pizza rat taking the internet by storm next volkswagen stock picks a major hit after admitting the company rent-a-car is the past mission test
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>> grant: popular car ran the world accused of widespread cheating faking the air the breed more polluted u.s. regulators say volkswagen past seven years for illegally
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programming its cars to turn on emission controls when they're being tested so half a million a so cars passed emissions tests forever back to normal ways increases performance they say these diesel cars regularly red emissions of the 40 times the legal standard pay if shares in the stock falling 20% earlier today a loss of $18 billion in the company value of frustrated fighting this to the ceo apologize full 2016 models piece of balsa just the thought beetle's audi 83 phones accord before shiver as the complete details on kron 4 kron4news-dot- com >> diane: clear skies for the rest of your evening lows wednesday earlier poll of our guy down quite a bit now so in the warmer side of things than inland allocations 85 livermore right now 87 and pleasanton and
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the office at 84 degrees east bay shoreline for sixties fall of and right now hayward 69 done in freelance 75 their presence of a peninsula leclair dealing with a cooling trend for much of a week to finish the he and i on ensure flow pacific northwest faces with a norwegian and cool things down quite a bit compared to what we've been dealing with some marine layer coming in from the south there from the moisture for a layer makes its way into our region which in turn will close down quite a bit as well patchy fog along coastal region in the morning hours and make way during the afternoon for some sunshine. the overnight lows-it's a 5:00 a.m. if cancelled for fifties of the low 60s here in their 65 to today were. false out of oakland six degrees overnight lows-small 4:00 p.m. peninsula
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similar to today no big change there. in over the east bay shoreline cities more like a 5 degree difference of the cooler temperatures. 79 fremont 7 and just 72 degrees and they move over and and allocations as were you notice what changes there a hundred degrees mark and temperatures past couple days. an upper 80s even upper 70's at that. and then you go with the south bay to the jurors hear ranging from low 80s to upper '70's of sunnyvale 76 firmer in view and then up to the north they vallejo 7778 for nevada 0 petaluma 72 sonoma 75 and a mostly clear skies. 74 cast color temperatures on hand state premature all week long as i conceive their 82 tomorrow 83 to mark and for many east bay shoreline much cooler low seventies mar out mid-70s on wednesday. we jumped up a bit to 89 degrees for the valley and
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wednesday thursday at the very limited difference and again for it right and have a week and coming up that it has " seen says that apple watch for saved his life after alerting him tuesday's problem than coming up the sports forty-niners of their wounds after that be done and it's for guests today raiders rejoiced and a complete from week one and then gary has a reaction from most coaches all sports coming up. the line
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>> pam: to target monetary alerted him something was wrong see and then reports. >> reporter: 17 year-old a senior at football practice
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wednesday when something thoughtful but of cough up some hot that the gridiron as apple watch alerted him something serious after practice went to the knapp heart rate 145 if takes your resting heart rate every few minutes yourself right now i can tell my resting heart rate is normal for me. paul miller the from one as resting heart rate more than double his average. fed the hospital he learned he had heart liver and kidney failure could have been fatal if not for his watch. he
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can't play football this yet paul has something else to afford to internship next summer with apple his recovery force him to miss for the fall season thankful to be alive. than half of the price says it's better for the patience and business aren't triolet of read the press the strive $13.50 a tablet $750 really is that the drug needed to turn a profit in the money goes to research for a better job he adds even that it's a cost the drug still underpriced however other experts say a
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better drug is not needed he claims that he has no plans to lower the price. >> gary: all of us who think we really know what's going to happen should read the cue cards and go home raiders the first game here they go again but the derrick bounceback hand healing in up and then down the middle touchdown throw set roberts the beat the baltimore ravens 37 to 33 jackdaw rio one in one of the couch loca are feeling good years del rio. will the"see the productivity get as strong challenges fought bitterly this job yesterday moving the football executing
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the game plan and what factors would add to it. the forty- niners things going their way off list birth during the score 20 brown com to allowing company did better the second- half and then hits per gave up first time he's had to face the media after being rolled.
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>> gary: that there has again earlier unofficial but. >> gary: attending a thing than the desert so tonight and drew laughs trouble continue to be the best young quarterback in the game playing his home opener. sad that in the dome ryan's fitzpatrick eric decker and new york jets beat lot franco or fumbling at the goal line. recovered by the royal you off to a slow start as well walk
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through for three interceptions the jocks to drop into. 20 the seven and donald trump pay not talking about who to vote for and not talking politics when you sit him down and starting decibels questions about the near any think the nfl "joe is of very elite quarterback tony. got hurt is a terrible for the dallas cowboys at the tony the great guy and a walker the boss and wisconsin had a job out today if he could handle f in the nfl questions trump has been doing his business he is a big personality. >> gary: been a big personality that he like to join us the dissever couple weeks have avoided see why your typing away
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at a computer. some west remember our roots and over again in the garage but fathers typewriter for most criticism what the right people say the lesson recrossed and jasey cd be surprised how many people felt like a cross or jasey by you know i'm coming from the area? .
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cresson, a filly would segue here dedicated cover the philadelphia daily news to the pope dear francis our team is clearly in need of divine intervention " francis will make his way later in the week to meet president of, with the current state of the eagles face of health to go all into it now my motto on all this better players always say things got they got alone he's pretty busy the pope has other things to do size was off as if it makes the guys feel good why not. coming up with more on the flood is the most famous for and the world right now peats the wrath over parts are on the world has dedication to this slice of new york pizza.
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>> grant: nell and yellow pigment this video davidian ogling viral you see a slice of new york pizza. iraq's heading on the steps appears the close of this to you to this morning. has half-million views relative editing is loaded down the rich had to bring a recipe step down subway station stairs or master splinter bring food home to feed the eat-in teenage mutant turtles.
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determined ever drat with slightly more than an average size large near topeka. >> diane: of which is wrestling in the valley finial that from the triple digit temperatures. we're back at 11:00 hope you in the valley finial that from the triple digit temperatures. we're back at 11:00 hope you join it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. in the valley finial that from the triple digit temperatures. we're back at 11:00 hope you join it's been smashed, dropped and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road.
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it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... the cold... and dragged through the mud. introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gle. it's where brains meet brawn. great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry.
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it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
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narrator: in the criminal justice system sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. in new york city, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the special victims unit. these are their stories. ( children talking and shouting ) let go, it's mine. no, es la mia. whoa, whoa, okay. now it's mine. ( both shouting ) hey, boys, here you go. play nice. hey, mama. get away from here. right now. what, bitch? i-i think you need to chill. charlie, can you send...? ( gun fires )


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