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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  September 22, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: out of the east bay there's been a deadly also involve shooting it is having a feast 14 exit ramp off the 230 in northern san leandro and the rap is still closed ride now of the stress of highways open which is open but investigating the shooting that killed the suspect no officers or injured but police said it was related to a drive-by shooting. >>darya: and did was sit spin out of the county sheriff spot in the vehicle and san leandro and that is when the shooting happened. >>jackie sissel: the crime lab
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is here probably will be remaining here on the scene on the online and off ramp 2238 on east 14th avenue and as before early this morning, according to officials this all started in oakland last night when there was a drive-by shooting or one person was shot down on 2:00 a.m. this morning after is been given the suspect description of the vehicle the suspect was driving the police department officer spotted the vehicle attempted to pull over the vehicle sped and osmanli they found the car abandoned on 580 surely after that they got a call the there had been attempted carjacking near where the car was abandoned their rebel to the suspect information and it was a rich legacy is the officers who said they spotted a potential suspect walking on 238 a short time after that attack the carjacking not that when they engage them suspect he started firing shots to the chp
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officer and also as cars a day struck one of those vehicles of all the commotion going on out of a common share that is a very close by they spotted the suspect also at that point there was a gun battle between the suspect in the alameda county sheriff's department at least multiple shares deputies shot at the suspect was pronounced dead at the same now we did have a chance to talk to the 80 know some he's a spokesperson for the alameda county sheriff's department it describes this rather confusing sing. >>: they're the ones who fired an alternate shot and killed the suspect he was a black male in his '30's we do not know exactly is just get the driver was in the vehicle and not the person that was head of that person went down and called 911 when the contact with them very
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confusing scene with loss of moving parts will have the drive by shooting. >>stanley roberts: the deputies and after that he was pronounced dead at the same now as far as this on an off ramp to 38 from east 14th according to official they said this probably be closed for good portion of the morning if not to the afternoon and the continue to gather evidence on this breaking story as we get the information we will pass along. >>george: miller is the back of
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slow from recalled here westbound as to answer the why but it is only a little worse than usual and maybe a few more people are deciding to take 580 instead of heading out to the nimitz is just a little slower there of the rise is still a fairly typical commute despite the rapid closure not so typical is the extremely heavy traffic this morning for the highway for ride we had several incidents 5355 minutes the drive time now as you head into antioch. >>george: we had a minor incident around so no boulevard that added to the deadline already nearly a 50 minute drive time for the south lawn ride to 38 down to 237 will take a quick
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look at the coverages for your the rich member is battling back of head and sadly so because the back of our riches beyond the richmond park or were looking at drive times and were approaching 20 minutes into san rafael. >>reporter: his head back to school is the chill of the breeze we're getting.
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>>anny hong: the president has
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some clue as to what he might say to us during his visit but they're also being prepared for plenty of surprises which have led to the cathedral, a seattle to the families and then later on today he had to washington d.c. to begin his u.s. tour and when he arrived for the friday visit will take the lead and was considered by an the security experts to be excruciating the difficult to loves getting out and being with the people to sit the service would not discuss how many pages of police officers to take part of protecting him and during a trip this said it will be among the
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largest mobilizations of security offers in american history. >>: help everyone the secret service is planning a vacation and this tended. is going to be something that the department, security has never managed before in terms of his land and its intensity one single thing goes from were all on to focus on it. >>anny hong: after a loss of the seat of france also mixup the new york and also philadelphia before returning to rome on sunday. >>darya: the boy accused of killing is a you're never fades not guilty and and here's 15 your agent gonzales as he was handcuffed and wearing john hot issue khakis walk into court yesterday gonzales is charged with murdering madison middleton and dumping her body
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in a recycling bin in the apartment complex in santa cruz and both live with their families if he's convicted he cannot face the death ensue because he is a minor. >>mark: those who know matter some militants gathered to remember her madison's father michael our grandparents and those closest to her gather outside the goes to the wreck the spotlight away from the suspect. >>: is not always be a lot of the blood want to remember that this is about a girl who lost life. >>: had a great sense of humor she was very good with words. >>mark: father did not go inside their arraignment he says he has already forgiven asian gonzales on october fed madison will be remembered all across santa cruz will be madison middle to nec in santa cruz that they would be her ninth birthday.
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>>darya: the oakland city council approved nearly $26,000 and a settlement for a crash of former mayor jane swann was involved last year. >>darya: of the driver laetitia remain lovely will receive $15,000 in the sediment in the city also can live with over $10,000 to the insurance company for the damage to her car the tennis tour through during the city council meeting earlier this month and have a final just yesterday she accused some of thing on her cell phone on the crash happened but they denied that. there was an end to the cover rather not the driver to use and sell for the time of the crash >>mark: produce a tangible for volkswagen the all american said the have to set aside more than $7 billion to cover the cost of commissions cheating scandal flaccid the wrigglers reveal that volkswagen cheated in the mission test on about half a million diesel vehicles they're committing the about 11 million vw and audi vehicles worldwide
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so similar emission issues they're halting some u.s. car sales after regulators demanded a recall the company lost more than a quarter of its value and stock markets as the scandal broke. >>mark: they may find themselves to is driving more than a new iphone by 2019 the could be seen the first electric cars with the company famous logo apple is speeding up the plans now to make enough electric self driving cars and for years the company hopes to triple its 600 employees team behind the car presence of the code name tyson apple already hired engineers with all manner barred from some of them even for tesla. >>darya: three fires broke aug. the afternoon and is becoming dangerously close to several homes in fact in fairfield one home was gutted in the fire could burn more host if not for the quick action of firefighters. >>reporter: the other at 330
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firefighters worked fast to get them on the control within half hours this blaze and martinez neckar acres flames spread 5 a. it all started at this house is under construction tell fire set the piece of equipment now function with the winds and dry vegetation the fire came extremely close to home meet him there able to get it under control seven livestock in homes an hour earlier and alamo the two-story home on the on the block was destroyed this is chopper video from a partnership with abc seven is spread to nearby trees with the cruise will able to stop it from
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turning other homes. >>reporter: conditions that cause of each fire is under investigation luckily no one was hurt in either incident. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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>>reporter: while entranced that is now falling quite different than it did just of nearly two hours ago certainly not going to see the woman wore around this
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morning, as well and offer a fair filled as to conceive and my strong onshore flow in the areas most affected by it not as most of the saw the they contrasted with that and temperatures today will reflect that fit to pass on for to the.
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this is where some of the numbers due out a similar or '80s lost cause macy about 82 or so for high with 764 mountain view in the 74 cast the high does return a little bit of an uptick happen as a head on into friday are so but then back to someone earlier 707 as. a as >>george: will continue to monitor the ride into castro valley because of a police investigation will bring in new store this morning in the shooting that occurred the early morning hours and san leandro the have closed the east 14th street on an offer to and from 238 northbound hitting from castro valley out for the nimitz freeway and the last time we looked at this we were saying another backup here for the west to bomb 580 ride the look is a menace to clear itself out to relieve the heaviest traffic and
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the typical commission ride on 880 headed northbound from to 38 into downtown oakland and also making the southbound turned into hayward. >>george: we're looking at a nearly 50 minute drive time for the or commit at the bridge is the backup continues to build the bay bridge is backed up into the maze to high which was before the san mateo bridge was mama's almost solid from 880 on 92 out to highway 101 and san mateo the golden gate bridge like in problem free about 20 minutes trip time into san the sale now for the west about 580 ride. >>mark: the four dead and two police officers recovering from injuries after a gunfight broke gonna talk a parking lot and model accounting if it happened to 45 years of after all of the target in san sitting the city
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of sister tried to serve a warrant to the man who were sitting in the car at a store when the gunfire broke out the police officers are expected to be ok according to to get look for one of two in missiles can from terminal security jail the tied bedsheets together and find out from the roof chris lanier is a map will johnson scare from a correction center in louisville they're back in custody and minor injuries johnson's on a loose this morning both men had been arrested for possession of heroin. >>darya: at before menopause the woman and stole her purse this is just released overnight that looking for suspects who looks like this if this happens sunday evening in the third 100 block of middlefield road.
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>>mark: in this is the time to piece together what happened. >>: the impounded a peck of trouble that has not come back again the attorney for the
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family said a statement of their remaining members of at a seminar or written with authorities and their investigation federal medical x- rays are taken a look of a host of problems of water with a birth control implant. >>darya: 7 so for 13 years and is a marked as the only prominent birth control the does not require surgery study suggests problems with this are rare but they recently received thousands of health complaints from women who have been implanted device and planning of thing from chronic claimed bleeding had an allergic reaction that as an expert to recommend possible solutions is been a wild week for 40 niners fans. >>mark: the most recent has happened yesterday also rest amount and down in south east of los angeles a man and a manager is again a bit of this letter is
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rock comes at the for the fans were arrested after attacking a man outside a lead by stadium as a last monday night's game felix 01 areas and air cortines were booked into jail to a girl was also arrested issue, the citation of the side of it was able to walk away from the same and is expected to build and. >>darya: occurred in the of all republican officials want to prevent rostrum happening by cutting off a little sooner the proposal to boycott policy and not an all-out ban but it would be the second half alcohol ban that is without looking at right now also the cost of the end of the third quarter it is one of the changes that they're thinking about trying it fans to drink less at home games and other ideas have more officers worked the game so that when i'm eccentric less the mabel more
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police presence that would cut the violence police say there is a lot of violence and a lot of fights about 30 arrest are made per game mostly involving alcohol the council will discuss the proposal of tonig's meeting. >>mark: them in the core of the san francisco rock of parks apartments saying they did not put the signs out a spokesperson for the essence is said there were come removing the sign and finding the people responsible to go to the other stores were following the prime piece of real estate in san francisco the
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one between the two white blaze the tiny shack you now believe was a shocking price tag is for them. >>darya: live look at their approach from the bay bridge to amend the backed up with a shot in the to the bank of clout what might be surprising is how will this compared to yesterday.
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>>darya: into a collective the controversial corporate career carleen surging and the latest cnn poll now in second place trailing only donald trump who fell eight points after last week's debate people come to nome in the understand who i am and what i've done and most importantly will do that and as for me the law also turned and in both his tongue in his suite on the surging fear them he blasted her saying that they're terrible business that compresses on press of after the jobs as secretary of a job in the training program and at&t and there she sort the ranks and just 10 years to come in the
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company is for senior vice president no woman had ever resume such ties to american business she oversaw the matter purchase of compact to compass combine cells led them to make this claim it's the one into a tailspin losing half the stock a value of wang lost 30,000 workers the 2005 era was fired
7:28 am
for donald trump all comes down to what he says happened at hk during her reign. >>mark: to the highs on wall street's big losses to the dow jones industrial average as investors wait for the federal reserve in interest rates and more economic news out of time we will be right back.
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>>darya: also involve shooting and is a police shoot and kill a suspect this is happening on the east 14th the exit ramp off the 230 head of the san leandro this
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result of the offer is a closed the suspect has been killed and offers a lot and then police say they're starting with the shooting and oakland then there was a carjacking one with driving on the freeway a suspect out on the freeway firing vehicles this is the sudden killed by police. >>jackie sissel: the continue to investigate to collect evidence on this officer involved shooting of the lead to the suspect's name pronounced dead here at the same loss of moving parts on this blood star from the beginning according to oakland people in alameda county sheriff's they set around a 15 last night if there was a drive- by shooting in oakland where one person was shot the vehicle
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spotted around to 15 this month by another of the police officer of the officers attempted to pull over that vehicle the vehicle sped and there was a straw percent later short lead to 15 minutes later that is one that vehicle was spotted at abandoned on 580. >>jackie sissel: they did the suspect estimates and description announce shortly after that that is one chp spotted the potential suspect walked onto 38 northbound to pull up and down as the firing not only is he is the office of the also a passing vehicle struck a one of those vehicles all americana shares that it were in the area of the status and gunfire with them there was a gun battle according to j.d. nelson a spokesperson for the
7:33 am
alameda county sheriff and that point the suspect was shot and pronounced dead at the scene we did have a chance to talk to jay nelson scary talk about all the moving parts of this story and also the danger involved in the shootout. >>: is semi he was involved and is on a real-life gallo and death already using rubble as and will consequences if you deny the to push the reset button to the shares the part will probably be out here to this on an offer to 238 for the good portion of the morning as a continues to gather evidence as far as theuspect this that is
7:34 am
a black male in his '30's they shot and killed the suspect will be out into the man of the morning trying to gather information on this. >>george: on the approach to the dumbarton bridge and north of 45 car accident been reported down by the california highway patrol to have from time to time been shutting off the traffic flow in order to clear the accident this is backing of the ride all the way out to the nimitz freeway was already been of very slow roll we've been looking at really slow or more traffic this morning 49 minutes, the label we seen this time is 55 minutes and if the choice of little but this only further at the lead the assault on traffic
7:35 am
the drive times out of the macarthur maze for the san mateo bridge highway 9229 minutes coming out of hayward mention is been a slow ride all the way over to san mateo the richmond bridge already bathtub and badly so for the west bound by the as the backup begins well before the richmond park when. >>reporter: things have changed for us today much cooler not as noticeable from the members arrested start today the breeze will start really all they into the east that we see numbers of fifties to nearby six to the peninsula hold on to fifties as the north bay to the wind speeds
7:36 am
come in a clearly from the west on shore flow write their place and make itself known and britain also and 40 m.p.h. and their fear from where picks up more so as well bring in some fog you care about and emotions and say the pictures we have come in from the bridges the planning forecast going on scattered clouds and were 61625877 and 82 by about 5:00 p.m. and the coastal may score 65 the bed 71 camille would have the 74 cast. >>mark: 3 people have died and more than 19 of the shops have been destroyed the home town of to 1267 homes destroyed his barn was a 76,000 a. of 400 square
7:37 am
miles to societal september 12th this all with our 100 structures are threatened and as of this morning but the time remains a 75% the residence will be leaving the telescope of terrebonne area where they have the evacuation center because it is closing. >>will tran: a lot of them do not know what they would do now and the have responded once they got the word they could return to the homes they left as quickly as they possibly could and they concede the fairgrounds a couple weeks to a couple of days ago it was shoulder to shoulder with tense and there were no walk in space but now is to consider plenteous space at its peak about 1000 people stayed at the evacuation center now we're down to possibly 200 the deadline is on thursday 10:00 a.m. they must be out of here for many people that are ready to go because this is
7:38 am
all the possesses the have left in this world. >>: will have the impression that was coming but we did not know when i think were all hoping to stay longer that led to believe i'm very gracious and happy that would ever we got everyone was able to pitch in there and help out where they could because it's been a big
7:39 am
lesson the red cross can simply not be here indefinitely. >>will tran: are grateful for the people of the french bond and its major business and that is why i have to turn it in over half their many places that are available including the casino also the hopes and and not put up a spa to one man this morning that is where he is on to go.
7:40 am
>>darya: is a cozy place in san francisco and the out to mention and is listed to get ross when bathroom and is barely standing.
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>>darya: the woman does not remove and car living her nine your son in the back seat what scared her that she left her child.
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>>darya: 109 your son was in the past of the tar--car. he is in a moving car going back or he just to the front seat nine years old and he ends up instead of heading the break he hit the gas habilitate he was injured no one in our offices various kurdish fighters--afraid of spiders >>darya: with ticket weather
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before we go temperatures is 68 come to give enough to get sunglass when will be at work and five the 15 we will be. right be
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time for the world according to
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gary:presented by hershey. >>darya: the announcer ron is stephan take more great last night this that those questions up but it was really hit his good and then they have if found to shooting. >>darya: tried to and from the hamper but i'm not very good.
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>>darya: what happened? >>darya: different girl is not panning out in this it did not look like it. >>gary: lepus considered the best of the younger quarterback and he is off to rough start and a lot of the city has not have the team around him and certainly captured the not have the team around him on sunday
7:50 am
they would just autograph seekers. >>gary: kids you have to roll with a little better than you have to be fair to someone cave
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and the vicious expect to be followed around the this is how he makes his living the idea is if you can tell the someone wants to be bothered and not. >>darya: their reading of so they posted all of the pictures of the one i ever want to see how the make and dress up.
7:52 am
>>gary: i don't find it funny i don't like that stuff >>gary: your part of the team and i did not find any that funny never have. >>darya: leasing under cover left but one of the biggest rookies and all of them will be this year as chris bryant so the have sports stars drive this if anyone notices all he did was put on the fear of sunglasses and in chicago he is a call it and recognize them some said
7:53 am
there like chess players and made to stand there the sea design is going to come in second when the cubs on to make the playoffs and they each had a lot of home runs and if these jiving review recognize some probably around here i would think. >>gary: if you concede that he did not want the bother you have to back off.
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>>darya: i will hold my request autographs now we will see a letter. --lter
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>>: all the things that happen if this guy did it we have a drive-by shooting and oakland weather turned a carjacking inspire the chp officer and inspire the share that is seems like he was involved in his own real live game of grand theft
8:03 am
all except he's aware bulletin real consequences either deny did to cause the reset button. >>will tran: the continue to gather evidence this is the on and off for two to 38 from east 14th street here in san leandro the word is it will probably be close down for a good portion of the morning as they continue to gather evidence out here for as a said multiple locations multiple felonies committed an alternately in and out of a gun battle without their sense of the suspects were shot and killed. >>darya: we want to get look attractive because george was a hot spot come. >>george: it is the dumbarton bridges approach coming over for northern boulevard there at the car rolled as it comes over from a 80 board at heart and would in north there is a multicar crash that is blocking
8:04 am
all links of westmont 84 this is before the seoul plaza and on the approach to the bridge to the traffic is in the bird off to north boulevard and you have to look around and order to get back to the spend this is backing of the ride on a to 8 85th and what had already been woefully slow commute that a corridor ride was already up to 55 minutes. >>george: is climb to over an hour from now from there but that is because of the back of their regions from 84 on to the nimitz freeway this could also start to affect the northbound ride although most of the traffic heading to the bridge fifth comes from the north and shia south your alternate might be the sentencing a shortage of that as a second and seventh pretty heavy here all monologue physically slower ride from the nimitz all the way out to the bayshore freeway fan because of early the current problems on the bayshore frontis the of which can quickly switched back to the traffic math a
8:05 am
southbound car after this was a motorcycle crashed at highway 92. >>george: the westbound buy into the macarthur maze still started plus a minute drive times for the official is the is backed up this morning is the richmond bridge would slow traffic from their hardware for westbound interstate 580. >>reporter: what has driven this is the on sure when you notice the bridge factors to the low- lying clouds into fog that is all the store recovering this morning will let in on the 74 cast in a more what is happening where you live in about 10 minutes.
8:06 am
>>anny hong: it will be washington d.c. later on today to be meeting u.s. leaders including president obama and members of congress before heading to pc to that the pope has been dropping of this trip a cure this morning here is a live look at the pope meeting with families right now in the havana area of the 78 year-old has appeared to be walking with some discomfort during his trip he has needed some extra help getting up and down stairs over the last couple days the pope will leave from havana in about an hour from now and he should be greeted washington by president obama if in the for slating france is not expected to have any schedule events tonight after arriving washington but tomorrow it is a visited the pope will kickoff a
8:07 am
marathon of meetings by starting with a formal welcome at the white house security is imagine is all levels and only sea during a presidential inauguration the pope was well known to leave the pope of the we know that he loves getting up close and personal with the crowd was come to greet him but france's this is not just about proper circumstances with your call for u.s. leaders to resolve differences will other nations the i rendell for example has been embraced by the vatican but remains a controversial agreement in washington. >>anny hong: how they really want him to have a chance to talk and meet with americans and so will have a few opportunities to do that starting tomorrow the next few days what is in the u.s. for opportunity is a from the white house issued a visible
8:08 am
from the white house area in in the cycle is going to be visiting the capital is expected to step out onto the steps of the west balconies that of course of the same area well known for an operation there should be some opportunities for the public to see him of also personal. >>mark: contain monotonous 75% the state's worst wildfire in history with the oakland hills fire in october of 19912900 homes lost coming upon a 30 evacuees will be leaving the cost of the evacuation center on wednesday interstate and move as
8:09 am
hotel rooms off fifth.
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>>darya: after a fighter jet crashed in fresno county in yesterday's afternoon there's this was about four in the afternoon the fighter jet crashed into a dirt field of the pilot was able to eject mid air and parachute is safely to the ground but the complaint. >>darya: no one else was on board it is a center for the navy's west coast. >>reporter: we will continue right after this break
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a multi-car crash blocked access to the dumbarton bridge in westbound highway 84. the accident occurred before the plaza near the newark boulevard interchange off 84 w. been. the chp is taking traffic off and letting it come back on the newark boulevard exit. the suspect the right on to the minutes freeway and i ate -- interstate 80.
8:16 am
it is a longer trip now. this right here at 101 because of an earlier accident southwest at highway 92 it backed up toward sfo. it is backed up on one-on-one in the southbound direction. there is an accident on the bay bridge out near pointer island. the drive times are 40 minutes or the westbound right. if you are not out of the house yet it will get worse before it gets better. for your trip to the san mateo bridge not a good option. we are backed up solidly to highway 92. the west and looks better so your overall drive will only be 18 minutes but it is a 32 minute trip time out to san mateo. a look at your golden gate bridge right here is
8:17 am
problem free. of those beautiful clouds and fog. first a look at your richmond bridge ride which is backed up beyond the richmond parkway so it is a so -- trip and running 18 minutes out at richmond. dave? our weather has changed. the high pressure used to be over the weekend. we don't get the clouds and the fog with that because it is like the ocean was compromised. we get some ocean flow that hasn't testified -- has intensified overnight. now the onshore flow is in place and temperatures have been corrected everywhere. right now here in the lower 60s with richmond at 59th as well as napa in midi 50s and upper 50s at work for most of the peninsula. going forward not have the 60s
8:18 am
even at noon still hover around the beaches. the inland valleys form of but not to the intensity we see. and those 60s continue to have her -- hover at the beaches. look at how much real estate is covered by 9:00 with those greens and blues indicate 50s at work by 9:00. parts of the inland valleys you'll notice to the south bay just before dawn. it makes it after the north bay as well. the east bay shoreline is lower 60s at union city and alameda 64 and berkeley at 68. the temperatures pop more so but it is upper 70s. on that creek is a 79. it is chile to what we saw yesterday. the important seven-day forecast -- the high comes back
8:19 am
but we were returned to more of a typical fall pattern. they -- bay temperatures at 80 with beaches about 70. yom kippur at sunset. back to you. a 15-year-old boy accused of killing his 8-year-old neighbor in santa cruz pleads not guilty. here is aging gonzalez in handcuffs. he is charged with murdering maddy middleton and dumping her body in a recycling bin. if convicted he cannot face the death penalty because he is a minor. >> reporter: those who knew maddy gathered to remember her. the goal was to direct the spotlight away from the suspect. >> this is the other part of it. if i'm not out here to do that
8:20 am
there will not be a lots of people who will remember this is about a girl who lost her life.>> she has a great sense of humor and was very good with words. we had a lots of fun together. what more can i say except we are crushed. >> reporter: that his father did not go to the agreement. -- agreement -- arraignment. it will be maddy middleton day in santa cruz. her would have been nice birthday. police in palo alto looking for a man who punched a woman and stole her purse as she was walking with her baby. this suspect happened on middlefield road. a woman in her 30s felt a talk -- tug at her purse.
8:21 am
the men punched her and grabbed the purse and took off running. they could not catch him. the victim has a scratch on her ear and the baby was not hurt. the oakland city council approves a settlement in a crash that former mayor jean was involved in last year. lakisha will receive $15,000 in the settlement. the city will pay over $10,000 to the insurance company for damage to her car. the payments were approved during a cell council meeting only this month and were given final approval yesterday. the accused someone of being on her cell phone out what happened. police unable to determine whether either driver was using a cell phone at the time of the crash. we have a warning if you are on a birth control. a popular implant called a sure has been sold for 13 years and
8:22 am
marketed as the only permanent birth control not requiring surgery. studies suggest the problems are rare. the fda has received health complex for women who have this device complaining of chronic pain and bleeding and allergic reactions. the fda is asking an panel to review and offer solutions. weekly is one step -- berkeley to require warning about cell phone exposure. the warning labels might be required. the judge says the warning contains accurate information including a part that says wearing a cell phone against your body could meet you are exposed to more radiation than recommended. the judge says the risk is greater for children and that part should be removed. still ahead viola davis
8:23 am
made history becoming the first black actress to win the emmy for a feed from any trouble. the harsh words she got from a fellow actress. the approach to the bay bridge as a follow weather and traffic on this cool day. more on your forecast.
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8:25 am
8:26 am
nancy lee grahn attacked by look davis's acceptance speech. she was the first black actors to win an emmy. in a drama. the only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. shortly after long time general hospital cast member nancy lee grahn had a twitter fit about it. she said the enemies without a venue for great opportunity and she later then deleted the treat and started -- tweet and apologized. she said color me heartbroken twitter can't bring out the best and worst of us. >> it is twitter's fault. problems continue for volkswagen. they have put inside $7 billion to cover a cheating
8:27 am
scandal. volkswagen cheated in emission test on about half 1 million diesel vehicles. the intimate 11 million pw and audi 50 -- vehicles. a recall was committed. and the company has lost more than a quarter of its fight for the scandal broke. apple fans may find themselves test driving in 2019 the first electric cars with the company's local. apple is spitting up plans to make an electric self-driving car in for four years. they hope to triple their team and apple has already hired engineers with automated backroom from tesla. >> my kids can't wait. they think anybody dress better than me. what about a place in san francisco that is cozy like the one here is for sell.
8:28 am
it has a shocking price tag. i am will trend life in calistoga for the valley fire victims being told to leave on thursday. people talk with the red cross as to why. [female announcer] for thousands of local foster children, extracurricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success.
8:29 am
joining the soccer team... getting help with math... going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal... ...when you can't do the normal things. [announceto help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that for most kids are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... ...but anyone can help a foster child. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:30 am
8:09. -- 8:29 with a shooting on the east bay. >> the qa reopened but the off ramp has been closed. suspect has been killed. officers injured. police say it was related to a drive-by shooting that happened in oakland. the alameda county sheriff
8:31 am
spotted the subject in a rancher -- alejandro where it happened. >> the scope to jackie following what is happening at the scene. >> reporter: good morning. i am here you can see sheriff deputies from the alameda county crime up is still on the scene on the ramp 2238 from east 14th remains close as they continue this investigation. this is a strange case with lots of locations and suspects committing several felonies along the way. ultimately engaging with the alameda county sheriff department in a gunbattle which left that suspects dead at the scene. let's go back to the last night. this were started. in oakland they said around 8:15 a black dodge during, was involved in a drive-by shooting where was suspect was the victim and shot with life-threatening injuries.
8:32 am
about two deck 15 this morning -- 2:15 this morning the drinker wonderful over and there were the pursuit. ultimately the oakland police officers disengaged from the pursuit that only a few minutes later that black dodge during, was found on 580 abandoned. the alameda county sheriff department received a call that nearby a person had attempted to carjack somebody in that neighborhood. they have a suspect discussion and put it over the radio. chp spotted the suspect walking down to 38 -- 238. he started firing his weapon. at chp and passing vehicles. he -- struck a vehicle but no one was hurt. the officers were close to the scene.
8:33 am
they saw the suspect and the suspect tried to barricade himself and there was an exchange of gunfire 20 suspect and the sheriff deputies. the deputy shot and killed the suspect. we had a chance to talk to jd nelson who described the scene.>> and we got the report we heard it was an assault with a deadly weapon. whether that happened -- sometimes in the game of this in oakland -- this is not our area -- initially that is what we heard. that the person in oakland had been shot during this carjacking. >> reporter: it turned out to be a drive-by shooting. there is a drive-by shooting and the pursuit and the attempted carjacking and the shooting at the chp officer ending in a gunbattle with sheriff deputies. as far as this on and off ramp
8:34 am
we are being told is going to be around noon before they will reopen this offering. they continue to gather evidence. if you are somebody who would normally use this area, you'll have to find other means for the rest of the morning. >> thanks a lot jackie. george here watching traffic. problems on the dunbar? >> yes. even watching this 238 incident and also with traffic around the bay area. is the dumbarton bridge where we have multiple lanes blocked. able to car accident occurred before the toll plaza close to the newark boulevard to change. this then has been backed up the right all the way to the nimitz freeway and it has jammed up the corridor commute. they were taking traffic off here in the work boulevard and letting is coming back on to highway 84 to get to the toll
8:35 am
plaza. look at this corridor commute now. 72 minutes for the right southbound from 2 to 8 -- 238 toward 237. and we are monitoring the lease on the freeway -- delays with a motorcycle accident blocking on 101 southbound on highway 92. the background is beyond sfo on one-on-one 101 -- southbound. the bay bridge -- an accident occurred at the island has backed up this right once again. we are approaching 40+ minute drive times and relate commute which you would like to wait for because you think it will be an easier right want to be the case this morning. nor here at the san mateo bridge where we are still jammed up with a 31 minute trip time out of hayward leading toward san mateo. the problems in the dumbarton
8:36 am
bridge i-70 people north today the 92 instead. here is dave. as a sovereign this camera pictures that marine layer is back with the onshore flow. temperatures at lower 60s most of the east bay for the peninsula. as well as the northbay. by noon it will be 65 coast wide, image 77, debate at 68 as well as noon. lower 80s for those eastern valleys with a look at the seven-day to see how long this will last into the early part of fall. developing news out of livermore. several people hurt when a car drove into a gym. it happened alex 6:30 am while people were happening to exercising at the lifestyle fitness gym on east stanley boulevard. six people hurt and one in
8:37 am
critical condition. the driver was an 80-year-old woman trying to park. she accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake and when into the jim -- gym. the valley fire with an update coming in. it the third most damaging wildfire in california's history. three have died and was in 1900 structures destroyed. the number of homes is 1261. if has just over 3100 structures still threatened. continued remains at 75%. they will close the evacuation center has been set up in calistoga. will tran is there this morning. >> reporter: it'll be closed thursday 10 am. many people left last night. we have seen five or six left
8:38 am
this morning. one drop off with a lots of things on the top of his car. you can see the difference. we were here on monday and it was tent to tent. you didn't see grass. now look at that dead grass. maybe about 200 people left. off the top of my head i would think it was fewer than that -- maybe 100. and they know the end is no. many be spoke with were either lucky the walkway or mad -- rapid -- rubbed the wrong way or were mad at the red cross. >> this is not a red cross shelter. the county has taken this over and became to support and help and the are more in charge of what happens. we hope people have had a good experience and beautiful -- we
8:39 am
will follow them to the shelters when they go. >> reporter: the people we spoke to were told to leave and it was abrupt. >> we have a meeting this afternoon at 5:00 for all clients and staff to listen to. they have been telling them that they are trying to close down and the red cross had no input into that decision. >> reporter: she also told me once you get to the shelters, at least the nurses will be that much closer to you to provide healthcare. the red cross assures they will not the anybody behind -- leave. >> it has been 100 degrees out there. and people are going from tens to hotel rooms. i thought the county but this would be a good move. today enjoy the camping?
8:40 am
>> reporter: we spoke to one man earlier were he said we are lake county. we like the outdoors. yes they want their homes, but think that used to this environment in tents. one man said he won't move to a shelter or the casino. he will just move his tent to another place outdoors. it is a whole different mindset. they would rather be outdoors than at the place with the ceiling over the top. will be back here this morning as the kron4 news continues.
8:41 am
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8:42. a still in san francisco at three $50,000. -- $350,000. it looks like a fake playhouse for kids. it is two bedrooms and one bathroom. and has been vacant for eight years. it will probably go for about that i. the villager says there disabled of interest. >> better than a car. >> slightly more room than a car. real problems here for the tampering -- dumbarton bridge with an accident on the approach of newark boulevard has jammed the right until the nimitz freeway. i will have a
8:44 am
complete update when the morning we -- news returns.
8:45 am
8:46 am
we have got a hotspot. drawers in the traffic >> -- center with an update. this is and the only bad bridge. the san mateo bridge is heavy we're here to talk about the bunbury branch -- dumbarton bridge. there is a multi-crushed the >> up the right onto the nimitz freeway and attorney the i-80
8:47 am
corridor commute into a parking lot. they have been diverting traffic off at the newark boulevard offramp and along its back on into 84 -- the toll plaza. this is jumped up the right. we are tracking 70 minute commute times for southbound 880 trend to get down toward the dumbarton bridge. that drivetime is from 238-237. now tracking the tried for two on highway 101 still jammed up here. both directions. an earlier motorcycle accident blocked the 10th lanes. they have been clear for a while but the accident on the shoulder still ties up the right. the bay bridge and westbound approach -- 40 minute drive times into the macarthur maze. we have an accident in the island and are still backed up because of it. the 92 ride to the san mateo
8:48 am
bridge is still a 30 minute opposition out of hayward to san mateo. 18 of those minutes will be on the spent. golden gate bridge we don't see any delay. the northern right has been very slow. 40+ minutes to get to the toll plaza in the beginning of the back up which was north of 37 and and into marine. the back up westbound is 18 minutes into san rafael. let's head to the weather center. good morning everybody. we have been marine layer back in force and we are seeing temperatures plummet it is the onshore flow coupled with a chilly breeze for you. numbers haven't done much of anything partially because it is an overcast condition. lower 60s role of the 50s on the peninsula. let's see what
8:49 am
happens. we go through the afternoon 20 the new -- noon hour. the warm-up off to the inland valleys are well around the segment of valley and are delayed. it does not make the progression into our area. tonight look at the greens take over. that is the 60s. they cover the entire they area by 9:00. also some 50s around livermore and to the south bay covering quite a bit of real estate by 5 a.m. we will be reaching our trough. let's look closer from the peninsula. beaches hank in the 60s -- hang in the 60s. along the bay shoreline 72 in san mateo with redwood city at 76. further south that is where we we see 80s. this is a far cry
8:50 am
from what we saw yesterday at 90. seven-day forecast -- yes the work continues. we will go up temporarily on thursday and then returned to tunnel like whether in time for fall into next week. back to you. happening now, two people are dead and two police officers recovering from injuries after a gunfire broke out in this place. on california avenue the santa cruz sentinel reports that officers were trying to serve a warrant to a man what a gunfight broke out. the police officers are rented to make a full recovery. the white house says there was a surprising uptake in the number of unaccompanied minors in families entering the u.s. illegally last month. the increase is concerning. they say there is typically a
8:51 am
decline in border crossings in august. this comes a year after a search of unaccompanied children at the u.s./mexican border. the kentucky county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples speaks out. in an interview kim davis says the means she's been called -- don't hurt her. andrew spencer has a closer look.>> reporter: a tearful kim davis spoke to nbc news. >> what people say about me does not define who i am.>> reporter: a judge jailed her for violating a court order and refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. davis said it would violate her conscience and go against her religion. and she was released she was surrounded by supporters including mike huckabee. some help her up as a champion for christian rights.
8:52 am
others have not been so kind. >> i have been called hitler and a homophobe and a hypocrite and means i didn't even say. >> reporter: davis says she is a normal person. >> what hurts the worst is when someone tells me that my god does not love me. >> reporter: one deputy clerk issues marriages licenses to same-sex couples. the court battle is not over. the clerk is worried the licenses he's issued white being valid -- might be invalid. i am injury spencer reporting. 8:52 with breaking news in livermore. over the scene of a
8:53 am
jim -- gym where a car ran into people at 6:30 am. the lifestyle fitness gym on used deadly boulevard when a car came crashing through. let's see the damage done by this car . six people were hurt. one is in critical condition. you can see others standing there. people saw what happened -- it was an 80-year-old woman trying to park and hit the grass -- gassman said of the break. it went through the gym and half a dozen people hurt. covering that live this morning. it has been a wild week for 49er fans. separate fights with the most recent sunday outside a restaurant southeast of valley
8:54 am
-- l.a. l.a. you can see the men in blue hitting after four other fans were arrested after reading a man athlete i -- at levi stadium . a girl was also arrested at a citation issued. the 35-year-old victim was able to walk away and is expected to be okay. >> many of these brawls are happening after people are ready intoxicated. they are proposing booze cut off policies. not a band -- ban but a second- half husband. currently alcohol is cut off after the second quarter. they are trying to get fans to drink less at home games. another idea is to have more officers work became. santa clara officers make about
8:55 am
30 arrests per game mostly about alcohol. a quick break with more on a car going into a jim -- gym at livermore. more coming up. is very slow traffic on the bridges this morning.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:56 live on the scene in livermore several people exercising at this fitness club were hurt. we are zoomed in at the front door entrance. this is wrote off because a car drove in three the gym and hit several people at 6:30 am when it was busy with exercisers at the lifestyle fitness gym. the driver about 80 years old. police say she must about the break -- gas pedal was the break -- brake. she went to the front of the club and hit about six people. one is in critical condition right now. this terrible accident happening in livermore. we are trying to get more information on that as well.
8:58 am
george? all lanes are we now on highway 4 tooth dumbarton bridge westbound. they were blocked by a multivehicle accident. even though the lanes are clear the traffic is backed up expecting the nimitz freeway and the east bay quarter. we will have a complete traffic check when the kron4 news returns. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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waki up eep thin? garnr micle eepi cre. like ligweig masof coinuo hydtion itorkshileou sep, so y wakup trefrhed, younr-loing in. micle eepi cre.
9:00 am
good morning. breaking news right now we are following out of livermore. several people hurt after a car drives into a chin. we have live pictures this happened exit 30 a.m. at the lifestyle fitness gym on east stanley boulevard. six people were hurt and one in critical condition. >> that is the parking lot right there. this elderly driver was parking and police say she must have thought she was hitting the brake but she was hitting the gas. the car is still inside the gym. one person is in critical condition but it looks like six people were hurt in the accident . >> the driver was not one of those injured. we will get a crew on the scene and bring you more information as soon as it comes to kron4 .
9:01 am
a federal officer involved shooting in the east bay happened on east 14th exit ramp off of 238. this started with a drive-by shooting in oakland and a carjacking and then a man firing shots on the freeway. the officers were not injured but the suspect was shot and killed by police. the getaway was seen by chb -- chp and he hit one car and no one was injured. police shot and killed the suspect. no one else injured. we continue coverage getting more information. george hasn't fallen it is low. it was a problem at first and then it east off. >> we have been of lucky we didn't get the big traffic impacts we thought we might. they shut down 238 that was a
9:02 am
huge problem. had that stayed close it would have been very bad. there is no shortage of hotspots. look at highway 84. this is the ride leading toward the dumbarton bridge were a multi- car crash was just cleared at newark boulevard. this was westbound toward the toll plaza . even though it is clear now it lanes have been reopened it has really challenge of this right here for 880 and the nimitz freeway. this is the court or commit -- corridor commute. well over one hour drive times for 880 in the self-direction. also to the san mateo bridge it is backed up. so is the bayshore freeway 101
9:03 am
with a cell phone crash at 92. it is backed up into the hills nearly 2 interstate 280. 101 is nearly backed up to 380 but beyond fso. the bay bridge had an accident. we are still tracking close to 40 minutes out of macarthur maze for your drive time. you'll be contending with big delays on all approaches. the san mateo bridge is also a rough ride. nearly stopped at the toll plaza once again. that is why it is still 30+ minutes as you had from hayward toward san mateo. lastly a look at your richmond bridge ride which is still backed up toward the richmond parkway. the westbound 580 commute is still slow heading toward san rafael. much colder today complements of the onshore flow.
9:04 am
temperatures in the 60s with upper 50s in oakland. this contrast compared to 24 hours ago -- was how big these numbers still are. basically we are sending all over the pay area. -- area -- bay area. this is what is going at strong onshore wind double digits found in the city and downtown san francisco this afternoon and tonight. the forecast coming up in just a bit. 9:03 with pope francis in the united states with many crowds waiting to see him. he just wrapped up his visit to cuba. folly that -- we are following that. stroke us go live to santiago
9:05 am
cuba were a farewell ceremony is taking place. we just saw the pope getting on the fight. he is getting ready to come to washington dc later today. you just wrapped up this morning at a mass for the fortune of charity outside of santiago. the are asking him to give cubans what the most desire and most need. when francis arrived in the u.s. the secret service will take the lead protecting a pope who does not want to stay in his pope mobile. we talking with people and hugging them. the secret service will not discuss how many agents will take part in detecting francis. it will be among the largest mobilizations of security officers in american history.
9:06 am
>> i hope everyone in the secret service is planning a vacation after 10 days. this will be something the department of homeland security have never managed before in terms of length and intensity. if one single thing goes wrong we will all focus on it. >> reporter: is go back out live to santiago cuba where we are still watching the plane on the runway. pope francis just moments ago getting onto this fight. he just wrapped up his stay in cuba and it looks like we are waiting for the fight to take off and he will be in washington dc with no formal events planned tonight. starting tomorrow he will be meeting with the u.s. leaders including the first lady and president obama addressing congress as well. we do expect him to get out into the public to speak to americans and get up and close
9:07 am
with his fans as well. that's just in dc but stopping in new york city and ending philadelphia before heading back to rome on sunday. >> thanks any. the lake fire -- valley fire is the third most damaging wildfire in california history. three people have died and the homes lost is 1261. it has burned 76,000 acres this is started september >> reporter:. over 3100 structures are still threatened. containment remains at 35%. -- 75%. residents will be leaving the evacuation center because it is closing. here are details on where they will go. will tran ?>> reporter: thursday 10 am is when they want the people to the the center and
9:08 am
moved to other places including the twin pine casino right up the road which will put them closer to their burned homes many destroyed but at least the will have closer access to the things they need and want to see. as you can see, thursday might not be an option because so many people have left last night and brought the day we have seen maybe 10 people leave . look at all of that open space. interested difference from what we saw last monday. the evacuation center had about 1000 people with many of them fortunate enough to return to their homes once the water and power restored. many people -- we have the red cross here -- they were feel they were rubbed the wrong way. >> the red cross is working
9:09 am
with several agencies to make sure they have a place to go. they operate along other partners and shelters closer to the evacuation so. -- so -- zone . you want to make sure people have a safe place to go. >> reporter: and in the casino at least they will have a group over their heads? >> absolutely. they are making sure they are getting fed and the health care they need and there is a center in milltown making sure they are getting help. red cross is there to make sure they are understanding the next steps in this messy procedure. we are making sure they have helped.>> reporter: the red cross said this was never their facility that they were working with the fairgrounds and it was those people who needed to make the choices.
9:10 am
back to you. >> we will be right back. coming up an important health alert for women using birth control. a 12-year-old boy attacked by a shark. what saved his life. so pdictle a sounsasfyi? what aut plingp a air,a stl, a bebag,nd aualltastg r fo. we a a camy eesehatstilbelies in t beay of kni, inhe eganswip of a . . spe. coue, at dsn'tean you n't nk uor sop u up enjoy ery ngle soi-tay bi. the laugng c. inve snaing.
9:11 am
a chill pill boy attacked by a shark. he said his instincts fought over and he fought back. trying eight junior -- joshua bitner junior said something grab his leg. >> something grabbed my lake and turned me around and turned me around again. it bit me twice. i punched it and realized it was a shark.
9:12 am
>> amazing. josh was treated by p read it's for open wounds. he needed stitches but is in good condition. there have now been 16 reports of shark bites so far this year in florida. you are supposed to punch it in the nose about what. underwater try to poke it in the eye.>> they are waist deep. >> you don't expect a shark in that type of water. >> play dirty with sharks. these are highs today. they were currents 24 hours ago. stay close. kron4 morning news.
9:13 am
that sound. like nails on aac. t lilien t tthisis (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend.
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unleashgigivet a pop.p.ugh. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. andotis hven in a jar. th's bauseur ingrients come from... farms coitteto respsiblsourd oi... endewithinedies ke ce-fr egg m. hven. re ingdien. that howe're rkinto ing t thbest 9:14. this problem of the dumbarton bridge is lasting a well. >> now that the accident is
9:15 am
clear, because it happened so close to the freeway as opposed to write at the bridge, it pushed all backup onto 880. son of people who weren't heading near the bridge are having to contend with the slow traffic. >> all through the east bay we are seeing read on the maps. about the drivetime. 71 minutes through the quarter. now a bad commute is 55. this is worst then bad. this represents a downtick because just before i updated this drivetime it was closer to 80 minutes for the southbound 880 right. south bay has plenty of slowing with other things going on haven't talked about. look at all of the red on highway 85. 35 minutes for the 280 tribe from san jose to cupertino. add
9:16 am
another 10 minutes to get from 85 toward highway 237 and mentioned you. and checking your right to the bridges, the bay bridge is still solid into a 36 minute drivetime and nearly that many minutes for the san mateo bridge. 31 active hayward over to highway 101. golden gate bridge -- it is just day after day with no problems here. probably the easiest right in debate area -- ride in the bay area. the richmond ride doesn't reach to the richmond parkway. we are tracking a 14 minute time to san rafael out of richmond on westbound interstate 580. let's go today -- to dave.
9:17 am
60s for the inland valleys. along the bay shoreline still some 50s making some 50s on the peninsula and 61 as he would see and 58 four santa rosa. we do see some slight warming happening. look at this different by late on the east bay. hayward and oakland is 15 degrees behind today what we were 24 hours ago. there was sunshine yesterday. then you see in the northbay the difference with onshore flow and low lying clouds and obviously the cold air coming in combining. temperatures for today will be the 70s with still a big change. oakland is 72 and 68 for alameda. as you head further to the east things start popping. not quite
9:18 am
the progression we saw yesterday. but 70s on the board. walnut creek at 79 and today it is a high. in pittsburg it is 80. big change because of all of these factors in play. this won't state that long. high pressure will return as does in our seven-day forecast. 83 for tomorrow and 89 for thursday. temporarily we don't get really that flavor of fall happening until early next week. they temperatures -- bay temperatures at 80. back to you. 9:18. here is a live shot from cuba we can see a plane leaving. the pope is headed to the u.s.
9:19 am
pope francis will walk on uso for the first time at the age of 78 today. arriving from cuba on his way right now headed to washington dc and arriving this afternoon. millions of euros catholics will -- us catholics to be welcoming the pope. he is the envy of every a politician in this country for his approval ratings are huge and his number of followers are huge and he will have a week audience when created by the -- big con audience when created -- great created by the present. if you are on birth control public have been reported with it popular implant called essure . it has been sold for 13 years and is the only permanent for control does not require surgery. problems with essure arden fair -- are rare but the fda has
9:20 am
received complaints of allergic reactions. the fda is asking an expert panel to recommend solutions. watching wall street with rob black. talking about apple approving a self-driving car. >> probably not self driving for the first generation but apple has a 2019 project coming to you and me and tesla should be shaking in their boots. it will be the first big push in the electric car market. just a sliver of the 85 million annual sales per year. you know they will integrate what the done with their phones into the car. you are looking for a seamless i do with your phone. i can
9:21 am
looking forward to but only because i don't want an apple car i just want cars to get smarter. >> just three years away. >> that may just be to have the project engineered. >> so maybe a while. >> okay. and then twitter. stocks down 20% since dick costello theft and jack dorsey's beloved as the founder of twitter. there is a founder -- problem he is on the board of directors and co of square. twitter has said we cannot have a cdl the in other ceo. since he has been there for 100 days twitter has come out with new products or that may have. we wait and we wait.
9:22 am
there are some people at twitter that will only work for dorsey. target testing new robot workers? >> this is 10 years away and maybe less. the partner with a program called tech stars and they basically pulls and innovations and business ideas and they find them and when you think of e-commerce you think of awful or amazon or walmart before target. targeted needs to get in the for 21st century because millennials think it is old- fashioned. so not only are they testing robots but they will also have more of a digital image inside the store and counters where you can pick things up you have pre-ordered. this isn't a story about them going robot yet.
9:23 am
but it is down the road. are homebuilders a goodbye -- a good by -- buy? >> i would be avoiding them right now. the party done so much in such an accommodated said fed -- world. we need not high-end housing. wall street critics the future and the future of housing should start to slow. i wouldn't sell them or buy them.>> if you have a question for rob posted on the facebook page. we will be right back.
9:24 am
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9:25 am
abnt-mdedld tonackg?how d itecom eati onefterhe nt? we are areamchee tha stl beeves in saving r fo. >>darya: 5 charter school in sunnyvale as close after an 18
9:26 am
year-old lawyer was arrested on charges of molesting and a cure student the had not conducted background checks on any of its employees including the suspect he into other hourly workers of the score were fired after the school received a report of the assault. >>darya: the board announced the the school is going to be in compliance with all the background checks requirement and this would they're going to inspect the documents to complete those checks today the school board says it should be opened by opened by tomorrow morning. >>will tran: it we all live this morning and, so that the evacuation center where the evacuees they're being told they have to go to another place will tell you where and when the deadline is coming up in a live
9:27 am
report. >>jackie sissel: a car slammed into the front of the gym and the more injuring a half a dozen people we're in the more we'll show you that vehicle inside of that jump coming up in a live report. >>darya: a live look at the golden gate bridge we have hot spots coming when we come back.
9:28 am
9:29 am
>>darya: back to the recon new store were several people working out this morning at a gym in the east of their head by a car that went right through the front. >>jackie sissel: you concede that and the mercedes s u v inside were the work of facility is inside of this stanford help center off east enrolled in livermore and apparently this have been around 630 this
9:30 am
morning we're actually out some of this facility is a stanford and health centers what they're calling it not show up as a rehabilitation simmel will. >>jackie sissel: you can see how far the sgb ended up inside of that sample in the cost of the fifth is 60 ft. inside of the gem is still there track now were being told the driver of the car was not injured but six people were injured one of those six critically injured when one to stay on this side opposite dropped the show giving any new details of we give them were
9:31 am
actually on a hillside overlooking it was cancelling a that is a parking lot right in front of the heads and their parking spots right in front of the front door those are all glass doors to the sea as it runs all the lead on the son of the which can tell you how far into the jump and what exactly is inside the gym when you consider a better look of the vehicle how far and make it then obviously of some bank overlooking and is looked to the of the car had gone inside the front door and the right term for actually in the were its and of the net would not release any of the other equipment inside of their.
9:32 am
>>darya: team to follow the fed also involve shooting in the east led have on east 14th exit onto 38 north of san leandro on the off ramp has been close to 30 did that was open and oakland police officer spotted the suspect will then led officers on a chase he got away but the short time later chp officers saw the suspect walking on the freeway. >>mark: started shooting and offices and cars they shot and killed the suspect no one was was injured. >>george: always had a really rough ride around benefit and up will start of course with the closure of to 38 because of that shooting now adjusted off from the remains closed we had more
9:33 am
to vehicle accident the shut down the approach to the dumbarton bridge that is unclear for while not the traffic through this entire corridor has been jammed up because of the we're still looking at an over 70 minute trip time out of san leandro from to 30 it down to 237 an hour 10 minutes or more for the southbound drive in the approach to the dunbarton and some cell bridges are still both very heavily jammed up as is the ride here through the south bend 101280 and highway 85 still in over 30 minute time out to cupertino track in the drive to the bay bridge west to bomb still a 36 minute proposition from highway 24 into san francisco and the san mateo bridge does not really look much
9:34 am
better at all there is something going on here just past the toll plaza that is not having a big impact on the drive this is all the heavy traffic. >>george: the people of boarding the dumbarton bridge is backed up this ride is still over 30 minutes to get from hey would out to san mateo. >>reporter: is a little partial clearing working his magic with temperatures still much reduced and there were just 24 hours ago '50s and the concern of the started to jump ahead you to see the trial very much so using just as before was about will a few is behind the more the pronounced along the bay shoreline was saddam is there to
9:35 am
about 75 and a noon on 7 it would do to about 2 and 4:00 p.m.. >>mark: howe new numbers coming in has been on a third much damage a wildfire in california history this over three dozen structures still threatened and this morning the fire is 75 percent containment.
9:36 am
>>will tran: the authorities the power and water restored a lot of them left already 10:00 a.m. as the deadline for them to leave this place you can see just how empty as there's plenty of grass and speak with an audible walk through here task without leaving through the tent but not as plentiful space to see the red cross workers they're they're talking to people like a sure they're ok health wise they can go to other places is there a broad sell-off in fact one woman said she will stay with us sister esther possibly can for those to do not have the option that can be relocated to the 29 casino in middletown was a little bit closer to their home some of their homes and damaged or destroyed in the still be there a little bit closer the can grab some of their things of them it
9:37 am
is better for them and is better for the evacuees and they will have the nurses and their staffs there as well not to mention for roof over their head the casino this center there and the house of to 250 people and necessary to. for >>will tran: the people spoke to this morning some of them felt thereof the wrong way if it was such an abrupt move. sfax
9:38 am
>>mark: they're providing transportation for them to move over the next two days. >>darya: back with more of the breaking news story in just a few minutes and costs will have the white house this morning san there was a surprising uptick in a number of on the company miners and families entering the u.s. illegally a spokesperson says the increased concern they're not saying what is causing the festival of the kind of border crossings a august several people are injured will. be right back
9:39 am
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>>mark: it happened and livermore jackie is live with details on what happened the car still inside. >>jackie sissel: the car is inside and we just got a briefing from the livermore police department we're being told is one person has been killed in this accident five others set to a local hospital you concede that mercedes as you've the inside of a jam and that is exactly what it is if according to livermore police department is a gem and there were some sort of class coming on the inside of that jam when and if you're a woman apparently mistook the gas for the break and slammed through the front door of sunglass all of the place. >>jackie sissel: 04 year-old woman who was a resident of
9:42 am
little more was pronounced dead at a hospital to concede that the livermore police officers are out here now investigating all this took place at around 630 this morning she was pronounced dead at the scene right now and the kiss of whether not the 80 your driver will be facing any charges she had a couple support beams is a long way in salvador went the angle of this is maybe a little misleading.
9:43 am
>>jackie sissel: cars have slammed through the front of buildings basically did it have went in and then they stopped this one is very far inside of it went past one room and all terrell it ended up inside the room where there was some sort of class going on. >>george: the so track and we're still attracting all over these drive times are over 30 minutes will update this and the rest of the hot spots when the morning news' returns.
9:44 am
9:45 am
haso id whas cong. my tas - shuge t sonexpted. i'like a boxer ia ri. a sml bor.
9:46 am
yodon'expe muc.. and en, am! i hit 'em th aholeloa crmys leftrigh uprcut leing ste ds.. licisly zzy! look! s toue iknocd ou ohmom eps to t rin ing , gifrie! rich, crmy, 0% turachee. mi babel. snaca lile bger. >>george: issue we talk about
9:47 am
how things are running down but sadly we're not we're still track in hot spots like the nimitz free ride to the east bay if 238 down to 237 still over an hour 71 minutes the giant time look at the south bay freeway on a bad day we see in 2428 minutes with a 36 minute trip time from highway 24 which is still back to children's hospital the san mateo bridge no joint again about a 31 minute trip time given problem free all
9:48 am
morning long that nicely already added the third line in the northbound direction at the richmond bridge the backup is gone just a little sluggish and the ride and lanes because they did not have all the cast lines opened at this hour. >>reporter: some double-digit to the font to clean along the bay shoreline is special line oakland and hayward at 13 degrees behind again where we were 24 hours ago as the high pressure the started to weaken there was a look toward the north that ushers in the onshore flow pattern that would normally seen is to bridge the coming a
9:49 am
little bit around the bay bridge but from the golden state with to the close proximity everything in the marine layer there mashona will continue to do is magic will continue to see that this afternoon keeping temperatures corrected main water south the bay shore was a couple of '80s spoke out again but nothing like the '90s is offering yesterday. >>reporter: has to check out what highs will be all over the region.
9:50 am
>>mark: during her reign the company into a tailspin losing half the stock value off in line all started thousand workers by 2005 she was fired dogtrot has been quick to blast the business records when people find out what a horrible job she did and business run and two companies into the ground and loosened and 80. >>mark: donald trump has filed for bankruptcy for time for the common the ability to climb the rungs for twitter syndrome has ever risen to such heights in american business chasseurs the latest info she's a second place to allow normal don trump that it had bought a point of the last debate. >>mark: pope francis gary to arrive in america after three days in cuba the chair the takeoff she was short time ago they gave them of the rock star
9:51 am
treatment with a large crowds gathering a touch of class for the holy father and his message that took a few subtle jabs of the country's communist leadership they explain the bouncing at paul francis has been subject to on the student isn't. >>reporter: they cannot prevent huge crowds from gavin the brink of france's cubans even if a thing different and have
9:52 am
different perspectives he said i want you to walk together to you do not lose hope of a be lecturing to the country that was for nearly three decades a slick atheist and were many catholics faced discrimination services never ideological for will do not serve ideas we serve people the father of marxism in cuba fidel castro the pope met
9:53 am
them in a form and content bed at his home in havana this tv show or of cash as children and wife whole of canada did not know that we're right when meeting the pope as a right reserved for the queens of catholic countries the pope listed on tuesday to head to washington d.c.. >>darya: how on-line of pope francis inspired beer was there during to commemorate the this and if tech alive the outside of your approach to the bay bridge.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>>mark: we learn that one person is dead now and several others injured after a car drives into a gym in the more this happen is to study this morning at the livestock are at a gym on the e stanley boulevard police say five people and injured and one
9:56 am
person died of the hospital is a 40 your room is where we were told the driver and 80 you're a woman who tried to part of police is accidently hit the gas instead of the break the car deck inside the gym will continue to fall this story throughout the day looked for updates from our web site >>darya: son the evening of total llama eclipse is going to coincide with the super ramon unlikely to happen with the earth is the time the full moon in the sun never saddle covers the most giving in the red color and the super moment is on to even bigger than normal since it is a bit closer to earth than usual the two events: five times since 1900 here is the chance it happened sunday night at 7114 and will last one hour and 12 minutes. >>mark: a getting ready for the visit to the u.s. including the beer brewers in washington and
9:57 am
baltimore there are crafting bears to commemorate the france's visit to the u.s. and the brew was are not involved as a resurrection sale and the brooklyn plant in washington they're serving nearly two dozen beers all of religious panes-- themes. a check >>darya: to drink in this early tried to hold off until is 12:00. >>darya: will see you back here at 4:00 a.m. to our time tomorrow morning >>mark: stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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