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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  September 22, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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when a car gym today. talks about his wife and the horrific car crash that took her life. >> pam:the crash happened this morning at the "lifestyles r-x" gym. along stanley boulevard. >> pam:an 80 -year-old driver. mistook the gas pedal for the brake. and slammed her car nearly 70- feet into the building. >> pam:5 people were hurt. >> pam:49 year- old kathy baker. an executive at lawrence livermore national laboratory was killed. >> pam:this afternoon baker's husband talked to kron 4 haaziq madyun. about his wife. >> pam:it is a story you will see first on four. >> reporter: since she was the love of your life? >> absolutely. she meant everything to me. >> reporter: he and his wife were married in 2000 and worked together at the lawrence livermore
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laboratory. >> was the most beautiful person in the world to me creek she loved and appreciated everyone that works for her creek she was a really good community leader and the person >> reporter: she was-he was at work when he heard the news. (laughter) >> reporter: kathy baker did i have any children. she leaves behind her husband. and countless people who loved her. >> pam: lab director bill goldstein from the lawrence livermore national laboratory. released a statement regarding kathy baker's death. >> pam: he says quote- "this is a tragedy for her immediate family, as well as her lab family. kathy was a special person and a valued
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member of our laboratory. it is hard to put into words. just how much she will be missed." >> pam: there was a wild scene early--as is reported. she confused the gas pedal for the break, it 80 years old. if there is no signs of drug or alcohol involved in the accident. at this time no charges have been filed. >> pam: there was a wild scene early this morning this morning in alameda county. which ended, with a man being killed by authorities. >> pam: catherine heenan is here with details on what happened. >> catherine: a carjacking and shooting suspect was killed early this morning in a shoot-out >> catherine: with alameda county sheriff's deputies. that happened here - near san leandro. >> catherine: but authorities say the same
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suspect had first shot someone in oakland. >> catherine: and then led them on a chase. >> catherine: at one point they say the man was running down highway 580 -- and then tried to carjack a passing driver.and also shot at another passing car. >> catherine: the sheriff's department says he was shot and killed when he opened fire on officers. >> he fired at chp officers and sheriff's. he was using real bullets and you do not get to set the reset button this was not a game. >> catherine: no deputies were injured. >> catherine: the man the suspect allegedly shot in oakland was hospitalized in stable condition. the car that was fired on later was damaged -- but the driver was not hurt. >> pam: authorities continue to search for two men who went missing during the valley fire. today. the lake county sheriff's office released these photographs of the two men.
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>> pam: 61-year-old robert litchman. pictured on the left. isyear-old robert fletcher. pictured on the right. is from cobb. >> pam: both towns were hit hard during the wildfire. at least three people have died. >> pam: the valleyl fire has scorched more than 76- thousand acres in lake, napa, and sonoma counties. the blaze is now 75- percent contained. >> pam: the state of california is still awaiting on the president to issue a disaster declaration. the governor made that request yesterday. >> pam: if it happens, it would free up federal money that could go a long way towards help those who lost their homes in the valley fire. >> pam: for now though, those who have been living in the evacuation shelter at the napa county fairgrounds, are now starting to pack up to move to another temporary location >> pam: kron 4's dan kerman is live in calistoga tonight. with that part of the story. dan? >> reporter: 10, a lot of them are gone. less than 200
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people hour here. from one temporary to another. many, are happy to have their family with them in their community. and, they are ready for the next step. >> reporter:juan padilla is packing up after losing his home to fire in middletown, he, his been living in this tent at the napa county fairgrounds but this shelter which was once home to about 1000 fire than two hundred and will close on thursday >> reporter: paula padilla/12 years old -- >>i'm kind of worried because i am not used to this, this is my first time so i am not really used to doing this kind of thing >> reporter:juan's daughter paula is also packing up most of the items the family now has have been donated >>we got clothes and shampoo and toys >> reporter:like most here, padilla and the shelter at the twin pine casino and hotel in middletown. a change to be sure, but there will be familiar faces as there have been here
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>> juan padilla/lost his homei have a lot of friends i know them for a long time , they are family to me so they extend a hand to everyone >> reporter:eventually padilla plans to move in with his other daughter who lives in cobb, that is until he can find a new place to rent it may all sound overwhelming, but padilla instead focusses on what's really important. getting a second chance >> i don't care i lost all my my life so i am happy >> reporter:relief is on the way for roads damaged by the valley fire. >> reporter: 40 on longer solutions or lawn care for shh individuals. hopefully it will come up with the conditions for these people that are moving from one
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short time temporary position to another. and hopefully, they will find something more learned to farm. --more long term. >> pam:federal transportation officials cleared immediate availability for two million dollars. the money will come from federal relief funds and given to caltrans. >> pam:roads and bridges in damaged areas will both benefit. along with new signage and guardrails where needed. the areas most in need of help are in calistoga to the napa and lake county lines. >> pam:also the hidden valley lake area and middletown. transit officials say there is no cost estimate yet. but it's expected to reach around nineteen million dollars. >> pam:some the children affected by the valley fire got a special treat today. to help get their minds off their troubles. >> pam:the exploratorium invited students from middletown elementary schools. in for a field trip. >> pam:kron4's maureen kelly went along with them. it's a story you'll see only on four.
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>> reporter:minutes after getting off the bus in san francisco kids from the lake county international charter school were literally jumping with joy.happy to be reunited with their classmates.many having been separated since the fire ripped thru their communities more than a week ago >> reporter: >>just the experience of seeing each other and being able to play again is really important you know >>when you get to an exhibit you can uses your sense >> reporter:the staff at the hands on science museum were quick to the 500 kids expected from four middletown elementary schools.after being approached by a parent.who thought the kids could use a break from the stress they've been in evacuation centers.some having lost their homes and all of their possesions. >>just not being in school their whole world has turned upsidedown >>.it's an activity it's something to do so they aren't just sitting around thinking about the devestation of the fire >> reporter:the parents say the kids have been incredibly resilient considering what they've been though and deserved a treat.
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>>it has been hard we finally got to drive back thru and see what had happened to town we call home and it was very hard, there were some tears but they have been so strong, they've been stronger than i daugher keeps on saying it' okay we are just going to find a new house mommy >> reporter:but for today. it was about having fun. the children experimented with propulsion and color.learned about science and enjoyed each other's company..including five year old sophia white. >>what's your favorite part so far? >>looking at stuff. have you been having fun getting toether with your friends >>yes >> reporter:and what's the best part about that? >>is because you can have fun with your friends. >> reporter:do you miss school? yes. >> reporter:what you do think about today? >>fun. >> reporter:and the fun doesn't end here. the same mom who wanted to do something for the middle and high school kids too, so she reached out to the oakland
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a's who geneously donated one thousand tickets 500 for tonight's game.another 500 for tomorrow's game maureen kelly kron4 news >> pam: if you would like to help victims of the valley wildfire. the red cross is asking for donations. >> pam: you can make a tax deductible donation online, through our website. >> pam: or by texting the word "red cross" to 9-0-9-9- 9. to make a 10-dollar donation. >> pam: people can also drop off supplies at various donation stations. located throughout santa rosa, napa, and yountville. >> pam: for a complete list of donation centers. just head to our website at kron- 4-dot-com. >> pam: and a reminder. >> pam: for push alerts on breaking news. be sure to download the kron 4 mobile app. >> pam: it is your number one source for news and weather on your phone or tablet. >> pam: it's free in the android market and apple's app >> grant: 11 homes were lost to read this one started saturday fnn, burning quickly 1,000 a..
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containment is up to 65%. the cause of this is under investigation. >> pam: a historic day. as pope francisco rise in the united states for some time. coming up that fight. how the point of was greeted ahead. meeting at the white house and congress.
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>> pam: as kron four's rob fladeboe reports, all three men are facing felony charges. >> pam: >> reporter:prosecutors say the alleged attack on a minnesota vikings fan following the 49ers home opener here at levi's stadium on september 14th had nothing to do with football rivalry but was rather a senseless act of criminal violence. >> reporter:eric martinez, juan arais and felix chavira are charged with felony assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury. they are the three men police say tackled and then assaulted a 35-year-old vikings fan, who was later diagnosed with a concussion. >> reporter:deputy district attorney alexandra ellis says the law has zero tolerance for such behavior.
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>>alexandra ellis/dep. dist. attorney -- this is a case about senseless criminal violence. and it would not be tolerated. a the outset of a sports arena or anywhere in our community. >> reporter:ellis declined to say whether there is evidence alcohol played a role in the violence but she says eric martinez is also being charged with a misdemeanor battery on the 18-year-old security guard who went to the aid of the vikings fan. >> reporter:since the 49ers moved to levi's stadium, santa clara police have responded to 24 reports of assault on game days. in santa clara rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> reporter: rob fladeboe. kron 4 news. >> pam:mysterious
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circumstances involving a missing benicia family. adam buchannan, his seven- year-old son gavin, and gavin's mother molly mcaffee. are all missing. >> pam:buchannan's el dorado cabin up in flames a week ago. it was discovered yesterday. >> pam:county sheriffs say, two bodies were found inside, but they have not been identified. the cause of the fire is under investigation by the district attorney, sheriff, and the coroner. >> pam:adam buchannan also has a teenage son. solano county sheriffs have searched not only the family's benicia home, but buchannan's business. >> pam:computers were confiscated, and a car impounded. buchannan's lawyer says, the remaining members of the family are cooperating with the investigation. >> pam: find a solution or continue with litigation. that's what a sunnyvale judge told two families suing the parents of an autistic boy. >> pam: in the controversial lawsuit. the plantiffs say, the boy was a nuissance in their south bay neighborhood. >> pam: the lawsuit says, the boy's parents are unable to control him, and they
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felt unsafe. >> pam: parents of the boy disagree - >> pam: they say, he was always supervised, and the incidents which occurred. were blown out of proportion. >> pam: both sides agreed to mediation, and that is expected to move forward this month. the family of the autistic boy no longer lives in the neighborhood. >> catherine: a new 'bike yield law' is being considered by san francisco's board of supervisors. the proposed ordinance from supervisor john avalos would essentially give bicyclists a bit of a break at stop signs. >> catherine: the idea stems from a law in idaho where bikes can generally treat stop signs as 'yield' signs. ticketing cyclists who yield instead of coming to a full stop would be the police department's >> catherine: lowest enforcement priority. >> catherine: the idea was triggered by recent strife between cyclists and the police. >> catherine: and the backlash against a july 'crackdown' on red-light running and stop sign cheating. >>not everyone likes the idea -- saying the proposed
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law could endanger pedestrians, especially the elderly and people with disabilities. >> catherine: pam? >> pam: this weather is changing. >> diane: on day afternoon keeping things cooler for us. more like in the upper 70's in places like antioch and livermore. east bay shore lines, the low 60s. and mid-60s. down in fremont with 66 degrees and the east bay shoreline cities in the upper 60s. >> diane: 60 mi. per hour for oakland, 13 for hayward, 13 for redwood city and livermore.
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>> diane: mostly cloudy conditions tonight with temperatures in the 80 degree mark for the inland valley. low sixties for along the coast. we should expect pettifog. until tomorrow morning. --fog >> diane: 11:00 p.m. tonight, low f o g m pettifog. --patchy fog. at 8:00 it pulls off and decreases. i'll explain more and the 7 day forecast coming up next. >> pam: if a picture is worth a thousand words, then one bay than a million stories.
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>> pam: mark carpenter is here with a story of a man who has merged his love of giants baseball. and technology. mark? >> reporter:yeah pam-- for decades brad for some of the greatest images in giants lore. in addition to loving sports-- he's also an avid iphone user. >> reporter:and last week-- apple approached him to capture stills at a giants game with their brand new 6s. >> reporter:what emerged was spectacular- handheld brilliance. >> reporter:a visit to brad mangin's home office is like walking through a baseball time machine. he's been there for some iconic giants moments. like bonds' 756th and the last three world series victories. >> reporter:despite being there for so much history, he's not stuck in the past. and instead- has embraced the iphone for part of his work. >>"i can shoot a picture. i black and color, type a caption, send it. and that's stuff that i can't do with the bulk of my canon stuff that i do most of my assignment work with." >> reporter:last week-- apple asked him to shoot several giants games over a course of a week. >> reporter:and his shots likes and a gallery on sports illustrated.
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>> reporter:what amazed mangin was that handheld device. >> reporter:that he otherwise couldn't with 12- thousand dollars worth of equipment. >> reporter:like a cover- worthy shot of arizona first baseman paul goldschmidt. >>"it's tough to put a regular camera's lens to where you don't get the netting in your picture, but i was able to get the lens in a perfect spot through the netting where it looks like i'm on the field, right next to him and the lights are backlighting him. there's a glow around him and he's dirty bcause he had slid earlier in the game and it's just really a cool image. it makes him look bigger than life like the great player that he is." >> reporter:after shooting pro sports since the 1980s, it'd be easy for mangin to go through the motions. >> reporter:but what drives him most is showing the world a glimpse of his access. >>"it's fun to be able to bring the players close to the fans. by sharing these
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little moments to show them you know what they're doing and what they look like because the fans are obviously much farther back in their seats." >> reporter:mangin has shot every world series since 20- 15 and his images have graced the cover of sports illustrated 9-times. >> reporter:mark carpenter, kron4 news 2 >>a close encounter between a kayaker and a hammerhead shark off the california coast. is caught on camera. >> pam: how the man tried to fend off the shark. next. >> pam: plus. the man behind the five- thousand percent price increase. of a life- saving drug. has a change of heart. >> pam: what's behind it. coming up.
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>> pam: a southern california man has quite the fish tale to tell his friends. >> pam: he spent part of his weekend. waging war with a hammerhead shark. off the santa barbara coast. he talked to reporter andrew luria. about the battle caught on camera. >> reporter:in one of those what would you do moments, 33-year-old mark mccracken, fishing a half a mile off gaviota state beach near santa barbara over the weekend, >> reporter:found himself being hammerhead shark. >> reporter:that shark had its eyes on the fish and, mark feared, on the fisherman himself. >>"and i feel a bump to the back of my kayak and then right after i feel another one and turn around and that's just when chaos kinda broke out. he uh, he was right behind me and i couldn't tell if he was biting my kayak or head butting it or what he was want >>to find out what he was capable of" >> reporter:but the shark quickly found out what mark was capable of, as he jabbed it with his paddle time and time again. >>"so i started kinda hitting to hit him in the eyes in the head anywhere that i thought would get him away from me."
5:26 pm
>>'he's not leaving, he's still here' >> reporter:but the fight wasn't over. for 15 minutes that shark continued to keep too close for comfort. >>"he's not done, he's still there." >>"this guy was he was wired differently or something. he was fired up and trying to give you everything he had" >> reporter:then as mark paddled in, the round of hammerhead versus paddle blade. >>"i just beat up a shark! how was your day?" >> reporter:when he finally made it to shore, so did the hammerhead, virtually pacing back and forth as if it >>"kinda pacing back and forth it look like he was waiting for me, he wanted a round two, he wanted to battle me some more or something i don't know. something was wrong with this shark it seemed like he was a little crazy." >>"dry land is nice." >> reporter:indeed it is. >> reporter:andrew lauria. >> pam: pope francis begins
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his historic visit to the united states. a live report from his first stop. washington dc. is next. >> pam: and g-o-p presidential hopeful ben carson. defends his comments on muslims.
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>> pam: now at 5:30. >> pam: pope francis has started his historic visit
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to the united states. >> pam: president obama and the first family. along with vice- president biden and his family. were all on hand to greet pope francis the moment he stepped foot on u.s soil. >> pam: our washington correspondent jim osman joins us live from the nation's capitol tonight. with what's on tap for the pontiff. jim? >> pam: >> reporter: it is relatively quiet here at the capitol. but it has been quiet with a lot activity at the andrews air force base. in west d.c. where the pope is dame for the next few days. if you look at the schedule you can't cut it into two parts. one >> reporter: is where the control places where the pope will be. where they are used to dealing with dignitaries. >> reporter: then you are
5:31 pm
really dealing with public key events. where he will take of the mobile around. the ec. --dc >> reporter: it will be filled with tens of thousands of people in the art museum. in the area. that is the area of security will be placed. keeping an eye on. . >> reporter: the images, that i have seen. and the other correspondents here on kron 4 news, reporting back to me, it is that there were glorious crowds today. they think that this is just the beginning of what the pope francis will see this week. >> reporter: i understand
5:32 pm
that he has been practicing more on english. i believe you will see more of the outpouring of the neighborhoods, self philadelphia. the irish catholic community. where you would see the public out corporate we have already seen masters of crowds at the andrews air base. >> pam: this is the first night of young concord. he is ongoing. --yom kippur, honoring this special day. >> reporter: pope is a
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religious figure, but he has also turned into the new face of the pope or the catholic community. >> pam: >> diane: we have a lot of low clouds in places. it looks like almost wants to land. the man as the much relief that we have been pending on all week long. >> diane: 7:00 a.m., tomorrow morning will have coastal f o g making way for sunshine midmorning all around noontime, cooler temperatures are in place. 80 degrees for the valleys. >> diane: tamara, at we're delicate 84 antioch in
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fremont. with the mid-70s and parley clear skies at a low 70's for san francisco. >> diane: thursday, 91 degrees and friday 92 degrees. it warm day for friday's but, it will go back to the cooler temperatures for the weekend and i will explain more in the 7 day for tests. >>7-day forecast >> pam: catherine heenan is here to tell us what ben carson now says. he really meant. >> catherine:just two days ago, carson told a television interviewer that a muslim should not be in the white house. >> catherine:he called islam
5:35 pm
inconsistent with america's principles and constitution. >> catherine:in ohio today, he said he didn't mean all muslims. >>presidential candidate i don't care what a person religious beliefs are or what their religious heritage is. if they embrace american culture, if they embrace our constitution and are willing to place that above their religious beliefs i have no problem with them. >> catherine:a much more conciliatory message than his declaration in a newspaper interview that quote "muslims feel that their religion is very much a part of your public life" >> catherine:.and that is "inconsistent with our principles and constitution." >> catherine:his critics note that article six of the constitution forbids any religious test for public office. just the kind of test he appeared to embrace on nbc. >>"i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not." >> catherine:carson says the media for taking that comment out of context. >>presidential candidate "the pc culture says
5:36 pm
whenever, you know, you are asked a question, it has to be answered in a certain way. if you don't answer it that way, then let's attack. let's not try to understand what a person is saying. let's just attack, attack, attack. and hopefully everyone else will look at that and they will realize they were never supposed to say something like that. that's what pc culture is." >> reporter:in fact most republicans are against the idea of any muslim in the white house >> catherine:in a recent gallup poll, 54 percent said they would not support an otherwise well qualified candidate who happened to be muslim. >> catherine:by comparison, three out of four democrats and 60 percent of all americans say they'd vote for a muslim candidate. >> catherine: asked for his own beliefs toward he does oppose same-sex marriage, but well under the supreme court ruling for legalizing it. >> pam: a busy day in washington controversial topic on the table. on a vote of 54 -to- 42, senate democrats blocked a republican -backed bill today. which would have
5:37 pm
banned abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. >> pam: sixty- votes were needed to advance the measure. >> pam: the vote came just two- days before pope francis delivers an historic speech to a joint session of congress. >> pam: it also came during a broader debate on capitol hill. about whether to strip federal funding for planned parenthood. >> pam: pope francis is not the only high profile visitor to the u-s this week. china's president "xi jinping" landed in seattle this afternoon. >> pam: today, he is meeting with officials at microsoft and boeing. >> pam: he is set to attend a private dinner with president obama thursday, before beginning the official state visit on friday. >> pam: the two leaders will hold bilateral talks, a joint press conference. and a formal state dinner on friday. >> pam: issues including the economy, climate change, maritime disputes in the south china sea and china's alleged cyber-espionage against u-s companies. will be discussed.
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>> pam: the number of cars wrapped up in the volkswagen emissions scandal. continues to grow. >> pam: coming up at 5;45. how the car maker's u-s president. is trying to regain the trust of its customers. >> pam: and next. the legal fight over a monkey selfie. [female announcer] for thousands of local foster children, extracurricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team... getting help with math... going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal... ...when you can't do the normal things.
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[announceto help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that for most kids are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... ...but anyone can help a foster child.
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>> grant:a macaque monkey who took now-famous selfie photographs should be declared the copyright owner of the photos, rather than the nature photographer who positioned the camera, animal-rights activists contend in a novel lawsuit. >> grant:the suit was filed tuesday in federal court in san francisco by people for the ethical treatment of animals. it seeks a court order allowing peta to administer all proceeds from the photos for the benefit of the monkey, which it identified as 6-year-old naruto, and other crested macaques living in a reserve on the indonesian island of sulawesi. >> grant:the photos were taken during a 2011 trip to sulawesi by british nature photographer david slater, who says the british copyright obtained for the photos by his company, wildlife personalities ltd., should be honored worldwide. >> pam:a huge backlash against a c-e-o. who raised the price of a prescription drug by five -thousand percent. >> pam:next. why he says the price hike is good for society.
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>> pam: the number of vehicles volkswagen - could be much bigger than originally thought, according to the automaker. >> pam: the company has set aside billions to tackle the problem -- and, as cnn's steve nannes reports vw has launched an effort to regain the trust of customers. >> reporter:the president and c-e-o of volkswagen u-s- a wants customers to know --
5:46 pm
he's sorry. >>"our company was dishonest with the epa and the california air resources and with all of you. and in my german words, 'we totally screwed up'." >> reporter:u-s authorities revealed volkswagen had programmed cars to emit lower levels of harmful pollution -- only when the cars were undergoing emissions tests. *not when they were on the road. >>"this kind of behavior i can tell you out of my heart is completely against our core values." >> reporter:volkswagen announced beyond the half- million vehicles u-s regulators found a problem with. the company's internal investigation found problems in 11-million vehicles -- worldwide. >>"we must fix those cars and prevent this from ever happening again." >> reporter:volkswagen leaders say, billion dollars to make that happen. but, the company dollars in government fines -- in the u-s alone. and -- some owners of the so-called "clean diesel" autos have lawsuit in california against the company.
5:47 pm
>> reporter:as governments from germany investigations -- the environmental protection agency says, if you own one of the cars caught up in the scandal -- just keep driving it, until volkswagen finds a fix for the problem. since issue. >> reporter:i'm steve nannes reporting. >> catherine: a young ceo has apparently been shamed into reconsidering a huge price hike >> catherine: for a drug used by some aids and cancer patients. his initial plan -- to raise the price of an aids drug from 13 dollars and 50 cents >> catherine: a pill --- to $750 a pill. >> catherine: 32-year-old martin shkreli.bought the company which makes 'dara- prim' last month. >> catherine: people were in an uproar when they heard about what they called price gouging. everybody from aids activists to hillary clinton have been blasting shkreli. >> catherine: some calling him the 'most hated man in america.' >> catherine: after defending the price hike -- and claiming he's "helping" people because his huge profits will help pay for more research.he now says
5:48 pm
he'll re-think the pricing. >> catherine: he admits it's because of a world-wide backlash. >> catherine: what shkreli was considering isn't unique by the way -- other companies have been sharply marking up the cost of old medication after buying out drug companies. >> catherine: groupon is planning to lay off about 11-hundred employees. it's also shutting down operations in seven countries.including thailand and the philippines. >> catherine: it's a sharp reversal of fortune for the company.which at its height, refused a multi-billion dollar buyout offer from google. >> catherine: the lay-offs represent about 10 percent of groupon's workforce. >> catherine: jobs will be eliminated in customer service and international sales. >> catherine: the 'deal of the day' recommendation service went public in november of 2011. shares have plummeted nearly 80% since then.about 50 percent this year alone. >> catherine: apple has a new project that has some investor's excited. our financial expert rob black talked about the winners and losers with kron 4's mark dannon.
5:49 pm
>> yes, it appears apple has a 2019 project coming to the to the market. it is a small market. apple is going bid with this one. it will integrate what they've done with their phones into the car. so things should be seen as a street that are good and batteries. as well. >> i do not want to have the apple cart. i just one card to be smarter. at apple is in the right place to make this happen. stop >> are down. 20 percent. one
5:50 pm
of the founders of twitter, flawlessly saying that we cannot have a c e zero being a ceo of another company. but they need to get him there. >> we wait, and we wait and wait. there are some people at twitter that will only work for dorsey to rid of that is how loved he is. >> this is 10 years away. a partner with an accelerated program pulley and innovations and business ids. target need to get into the 21st century. because 18 years old to 22 is seen that there is an old-fashioned experience. they will test
5:51 pm
robots. and more of a digital image inside the store. >> catherine: on wall street. the markets closed sharply lower. >> catherine: partly because the prices of oil and copper were down. >> catherine: the dow fell 179 points. >> catherine: the s & p dropped 24 points >> catherine: and the nasdaq lost 72 points. >> diane: we have a lot of low cloud in place across the bay area. and giving us cooler temperatures all day today. the inland valley is more 70 to 75 along with antioch livermore. east asia airlines are the mid-60s.
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>>audio/ technical difficulties.
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>> diane: we will be right back after a quick break.
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>> pam:next at 5. the backlash against a soap star after she slammed viola davis's emotional emmy speech. return to index of >> pam:viola davis' emmy win made history but not everyone in her abc family is happy about it. the insider's debbie matenopoulos is following that story from hollywood. >> reporter:pam, 'the how to get away says emmy win caused a social media celebration. that is, soap star tried. >> reporter:emphasis on tried. >> reporter:to take her down.
5:57 pm
>>19:45:28 the only thing that seperates women of color from anyone else is opportunity >> reporter:just moments after viola davis' historic win, general hospital actress nancy lee grahn blasted her emotional speech tweeting. "viola davis winning lead actress emmy's historic. my upset is acting awards dont fix racial injustice. as an actor i see how irrelevant >>cbs this morning. >>its not like theres been a plethara of leading ladies and you just havent recognized us. theres been nothing. >>i have lived through so many explosions than you could ever imagine >> as her twitter feed. after apologizing and responding to many of her critics, heartbroken after being called a racist. she also posted "i've been schooled". >> reporter:and on today's ellen viola's emmy competition empire's davis and admitted she might not have made the same impact as her friend. emmy clip >>thank you to the women for taking us over the line
5:58 pm
>> reporter: >>i think the universe needed would have won i wouldnt have said that but it would have been good! >> reporter:if taraji won, just as epic. >> reporter:but i'm guessing, in a different way.
5:59 pm
(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> it is nice to be home now. >> pam: more help is on the way for thousands of people that have been affected by the wild fire. >> pam: later this
6:00 pm
afternoon. president obama declared the valley by year a major disaster. that declaration was now free up federal money. to help with the mast of recovery at bart. it is to help the communities in lake, now but and also solano counties desperately needed. >> pam: here's where we stand tonight. according to palpi year the valley fire has now torch more than 76,000 a.. it is 75 percent contained. 1900 structures have been destroyed. more than 3000 are still in danger tonight. there are three confirmed deaths. right now, to people are still missing.
6:01 pm
>> grant: tonight >> pam: tonight we are learning more about the two men who are still missing. grant lotus begins our coverage tonight grant? >> pam: today, the lake county sheriff's office released a photograph of the two men. >> grant: 66 year old robert fletcher is from c zero b b. and a 61 year old robert is from middletown. both towns hit hard to join the well fire. at least three people have died and since the valley started 15 people had been reported missing. fortunately, most of been found safe. >> pam: most of those lost their homes in the valley fire are continuing to live in tents at evacuation centers or shelters and now
6:02 pm
but in lake county. in one of the napa county fair fairgrounds is closing thursday, forcing a fire victims to pack up what's again. --once again >> pam: kron4 dan, is live tonight to restore some people are trying to figure out where they will go. then?--dan? >> we have no place to go. a friend offered me a place to stay where i could place my tent in his backyard. and used his daughter's dress from there. --restroom >> we have to get used to it. good thing we have a job. >> reporter: talk about
6:03 pm
results and perseverance. that is thick. we should also mention, all the donations will be transferred out to share-- sheltered so they could service the people they were met for. dan kerman, kron4news >> pam: the stories just keep coming and bread from the families devastated by the valley fire. many simply lost everything. new at 6. kron4 to receive at a standstill spoke with one family who sifted through the rubble to cede any thing to be salvaged. >> reporter: i caught up with the wilsons to date in middletown they had picked up a bill netted set of tools in downtown, so they
6:04 pm
could sift through the ashes. >> >> reporter: kelly will son was going over the side with her pet goldfish used to be. she had fallen into the old typewriter. she liked to collect them, but there were consumed by the fire. >> i am sad. but i feel lucky. so many others lost even more than us. >> reporter: dan wilson chatted with me as he sat for mom and taking his family form a three bedroom home. it was in such as moving a few months ago. he tells me, they had most of their belongings still packed in the garage. and that poses a challenge and it was time to quickly evacuate. >> we had to leave it we
6:05 pm
could not find stuff. >> reporter: although sad about how the fire rob the family of their belongings. dan told me that more than anything, he is a great bowl. his family is alive and knows that it will get through this. like they have conquered everything else, with love. and support of one another. >> pam: about 500 elementary school children affected by the deadly fighter are getting a free field trip to the export-oriented it students from two middletown school showed up today to the hand on science museum, another two schools are ride tomorrow. >> pam:--arrive tomorrow. >> pam: a parent from the
6:06 pm
lake county international charter school came up with idea to give kids something to take their mind off of their troubles. the kids were happy to learn about science, but also to play with their friends. >> pam: many have been separated since the fire ripped through their communities just over one week ago. the parents who shot from the chips as the adult soul enjoyed this distraction. >> when need a break. >> pam: the fund does not end here at the export- oriented. the oakland a's has also donated 8000 tickets for middletown metal and high-school students for tonight and tomorrow night's game. >> pam:-- >> pam: an update on the butte fire..
6:07 pm
>> pam: fire officials have listed all evacuation orders and commodore and calaveras counties it has scored more than 70,000 a. and is 80 percent contained. more than five hunter homes have been destroyed and to people have died in the blaze. celt viruses that utility services including electrical, water and sewer may not be restored for another week. the cost of the fire remains under investigation. >> pam: the red cross is asking for donations to help victims of these fires. you can make a donation on line, through our web site. or, by taxing the work grant crossed 290999--909999
6:08 pm
>> pam: or you can call 1800 recross--red-cross >> diane: by noontime a clear day ahead of us. here is the f o g tractor, showing us creeping up all around the san francisco and a day city area. >> diane: as we get into wednesday, 6:00 p.m. to the low cloud and mixture of pet g f o g. --patchy fog >> diane: was to have sunshine in places like the inland valley. we will explain more coming up! >> pam: 3 49ers are facing
6:09 pm
felony charges following a brawl at levi stadium. tackling and get insulted a 35 year old viking fan who was later diagnosed with a concussion. >> pam: martinez, it's also been charged with a misdemeanor battery on the security guard who went to the aid of the vikings fan. >> pam: santa clara police have responded to 24 assault since the 49ers' move to lead by stadium. many of which are said to have been fulfilled or field buy out all. and that, as kron4 rob fladeboe reports now. at city hall opposed to take action? >> reporter: looking at everything from tel getting to a possibly cutting off
6:10 pm
alcohol sales says the consul one of lisa gilmore. >> that is not the only option. patrons that entered be stadium already dropped, will use some that a monitoring system before they even get in the stadium. if they are to dropped they may not get into the stadium. --to drunk >> reporter: gilmore says there ought to be precautions for those too old for an adult, which could include the revocation of seat licenses or even a lifetime ban from the stadium. the action seen as a top party i have the super bowl in february. >> i know that there's a small part of people that are causing the problem but the exposure is larger print we want a cleaner image. we
6:11 pm
had integrity and we are out there for the whole world, to say this is a great place to be. >> reporter: gilmore says she will also be reaching out to other stations across the country for their input in hopes that have some recommendations ready in a couple of weeks' time. and santa clara, up rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. >> pam: post france's is in the nation's capitol tonight. it is his first trip to the united states ever. president obama and the first family and were on hand to greet pope francis as his plane touched down at joint base and drills this afternoon. --joint base andrews >> pam: the pulp will have an official meeting with
6:12 pm
president obama at the white house tomorrow. then on thursday, address a joint session of congress. after that, he will address the united nations in new york and celebrate mass at the world needs of families in the philadelphia. >> pam: coming up at 630, we will have a live report from the nation's capital on the pope historic visit. stick around for that. >> pam: 65 up " france is visiting the u.s. has extended its way to the bay area. the women sing at the right obispo traveled all the way from san francisco to washington d.c. and as you can see she was pretty excited. in fact, she and her family charles from different parts of the country to come and see him. we will be back.
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
>> grant: happening today. what appears to be a deadly freak accident at a one employe else through a livermore jam killing one person, who was working out and injuring five others. >> grant: this is video over the scene this morning courtesy of our helicopter partnership with abc said the news.
6:16 pm
>> reporter: >> last thing i remember is hearing the door locked. >> reporter: her husband, said she worked out with a group of friends here on the regular basis. >> with a group of people working out together at the gym for four years or so, they will meet to three times a week. starting a run 515 in the morning. and get back home after work. >> reporter: the 49 year old, livermore resident was killed by the driver of this vehicle. ploughing right through the gym.
6:17 pm
>> it crashed through those doors accurate going all the way into the wall. >> was just the most beautiful% met in my life she inspired me to do everything i did. she worked very hard at the laboratory and made her way up the chain. made it all the way to chief financial officer. what i believe to be a very wonderful job for our community. >> reporter: was the love of your life? >> she meant everything to me. and i will misinterpret --mr. turner--miss her.
6:18 pm
>> pam: may well members of the lifestyle fitness gym are shot after hearing the crash. one woman said it does appear the of this is located in the same building as the gym. she sees a lot of indications go into that office. another obamas is the crash his close to home. >> pam: officials say neither exxon nor drugs played a factor in this crash. >> grant: this is a fatal accidents felt 101 in palo alto. the two left lanes are blocked as please investigate the crash. traffic is a mess in this
6:19 pm
area. always is in this area but, this incident is the best you that-says this incident is increasing the traffic. >> pam: tellers will have to wait an extra year before sitting in the car. -- toddlers >> pam: governor jerry brown, signed legislation to keep children facing backwards until they are 2 years old. the bill was backed by not just doctors, but traffic safety experts as well. the american academy of pediatrics says the seats provide the best support in the case of a crash. however, some parents feel babies cry mormon facing backwards and the law will take effect in
6:20 pm
january of 2017 >> catherine: the problems continue to grow for volkswagen because of an emissions cheating scandal. and now, the company said 11 million cars could be affected. u.s. regulators revealed last week that both black and cheated and the emissions test on about one half million diesel vehicles. >> catherine: but now the company is admitting that there were similar problems with roughly 11 million bulls wagon at all the cars worldwide. both lead and setting aside more than $7 billion to deal with the problem. and the ceo says he wants us customers to know that he is sorry. >> diane: cloud are much in place for most of the bay
6:21 pm
area. extending out to the bay bridge. it is pretty much going to stay that way for much of the evening. >> diane: low sixties for the east bay shoreline and san francisco with the peninsula at the upper 50s. on the breeze the sun for oakland and hayward. concord with 50 mi. per--15 >> diane: satellite's radar showing dried weather patterns. we do, have a slight pressure system that will make its way into the region. it will warm things up for just a little bit. and then things will cool
6:22 pm
down and time for the weekend. the high, averaging at low 70's. >> diane: as we transition into the mlb locations it will be worn in certain places. but everywhere else will be in the low 80s. south bay, a lot of low clouds in place that will clear out by midmorning. and apache f o g in mill valley .--patchy fog >> diane: first day of fall for tomorrow. but we were jumping up to and the low 90s. >> diane: we will have sunny skies and then back to where we should be around this time with a lease and mostly clear skies.
6:23 pm
>> pam: is something that would change the way bart members get their tickets. >> grant: watching kron 4 news from your tablet or your found. --phone, giving the mobile application is really easy just go google play on that and draw it device or the app store for and iphone. >> grant: start here with the kron 4 news application download it today.
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6:26 pm
>> pam: s bart is planning to update its aging ticket machines. they are easily will be using a high-tech pay system that will require new equipment. bart has given its long time finishing vendor and $12.6 million contract. >> catherine: to update the ticket heyman systems, the new machines will let use more options to pay, including your role pay and mastercard and visa. eventually the options might include mobil payments. >> catherine: the machines now being used are said to be getting all tweet older and tougher to make tanker it
6:27 pm
--maintain >> catherine: said the cisco's government is thinking about how to use tries at a useful tool. and might lift the city's ban on drones for certain situations. >> catherine: they could officially be used for things like fighting fires or checking the conditions of public grounds, or for city permit compliance. the policy is reportedly in its early stages. talk of the drum policy came not long after the recreation and park department and general reported the theft of the trunk. some members of the public were surprised that such surveillance technology was being used. >> pam: >> catherine: center cisco has issued a ban on buying
6:28 pm
or using rose is not clear when that might change. we will be back
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
>> pam: pulp france's had
6:31 pm
made history. --pope >> pam: tonight, the head of the catholic church was been his first night in the united states. right now he is in washington d.c., the first stop on the historic trip. chris welsh has more. >> reporter: this is " france's first time. pope francis first official trip to the us--u.s. >> reporter: on hand to greet pope francisco moment he touched a foot and one u.s. soil. >> reporter: as were
6:32 pm
children from catholic schools all across from the d.c. area who greeted him with flowers. (cheers & applause) >> reporter: hoped france's left andrews air force base not in a memo or a mobile but and a c dot. --fiat >> reporter: 11 official meeting with president obama at the white house tomorrow. addenda on thursday to address a joint session of congress. after that he will address the united nations in new york and celebrate mass at the world meat of families in philadelphia. --world meeting >> reporter: during his trip to cuba, told france's top
6:33 pm
personal people shaking hands and sharing husks. today that may be curtailed a bit and you aspirate this visit is considered a national security special yvette, many the secret service and fbi or coordinating with the larger security operations ever creek >> this implied threat is significant creek nobody will want to have to protect it go down on their watch. >> reporter: or are some republicans then they are staying away from the speech. st. they cannot goal because they think that he will focus too much on climate change. >> reporter: regards to the focus of the speech they are keeping that sealed. hugh has not said what the
6:34 pm
contents of that speech will be brit--will be. >> reporter: it could be interesting if he touches on a.m. immigration to rid which is something that he has been focusing on more this year. >> pam: >> reporter: is bubbly fire shelter is set to close down on thursday. some thousand people were here and now less than 2000 are here. -- valley fire shelter >> reporter: here in middletown, this is the wilson family behind me bridge picking up a donated cleanup hit--kit. saying
6:35 pm
that, she is particularly heartbroken about all of the crisp ornaments made by her children were consumed by the fire. her daughter, used to collect typewriters and those melted as well her husband says he is very sad, however, grateful that his family survived. >> reporter: in san francisco. inviting close to 500 children from the elementary school to help take their mind off the fire, at least for a little while. >> their entire world has been turned upside down. >> reporter: paris says the children had an incredibly resilience was what they
6:36 pm
have had to go through. -- the parents >> diane: mostly cloudy conditions. , and by seven in on clearing up by 10:00 in the morning creek and time for sunshine. however it will be cooler at 80 degrees. >> diane: wednesday, thursday and friday look at that! with 85 degrees starting off with fall. with cooler temperatures. thursday, cooler conditions with a slight warm up with 91 degrees and by friday 90 to prefer it however, those temperatures will not last long as they will include down on the weekend.
6:37 pm
>> diane: alvarado, cooler day wednesday. --overall >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> grant: at a caltran accident. this trying hit this car and you can see extensive damage creek that is in our cities right there, it is pretty banged up. we do not know any extent of injuries let it is in north caltran curry of iran to be the back and of the vehicle. and the front left side of the car. >> grant: delays are ongoing. we do not know the extent of its so there are a couple of issues on the peninsula as people get all
6:38 pm
round and home from work. we have a northbound train at fourth avenue and accurate we will continue to follow the same right here, we will be back after this.
6:39 pm
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>> pam: not everyone is on board with this replanted i will have had information, not on our nose for a o'clock. >> pam: fall elegies may be triggering elegy concerns. --allergy >> reporter: new allergies are lurking out there. what are they? pollen. wellington to late fall. about three- quarters of people that are allergic to spring plant are allergic to ragweed, and the mold. which means calls the one where it leads to beat its breeding ground.
6:42 pm
>> reporter: those tiny bugs, but are in every home. if you are suffering from itching, coughing and runny eyes and nose print see your doctor creek he should he or she should be able to review of your symptoms. --he or she should be able to rid you of your symptoms.
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>> gary: good evening, everyone!
6:46 pm
>> gary: zito, indeed. he want to go out with a good memory. and that should happen, saturday. we were talking to hitch, and she says she has a $38 ticket for the game. she has received $100 offer for it. standing room only tickets are 01 for 60. --are going for $60 >> gary: we will see what happens. the fans, most of the fans want to see it happened. and the a's are going to give it to them.
6:47 pm
>> gary: the raiders picked up forma second rounder quarterback david m. center at--amerson, waived by the washington redskins yesterday. >> gary: the only team that will not pay their 50 are in bold print to honor super bowl 50. the archrival of levi stadium owned by the forty-niners. >> gary: every team has follow suit, except for the silver and black. they look for took this sunday. >> we produced. we did our
6:48 pm
job and when all we need to do next week. >> would do a better job, work on getting better. >> gary: general interest, all of the other teams will take their 50 yd line in gold but not the raiders. which, i bring this up and people think that you are being cynical. but these teams do not want these teams to do well. because they are competing. >> gary: they want to be the best team in the bay area. does that make sense? >> grant: and little act of defiance. when >> gary: have your sales
6:49 pm
team go out to sell your team and being add spirit you want to see or be the winning team. >> gary: they wanted to have good health. but in no way any gangster it--but do not lohan-- but do not win any games. >> gary: going out to get matt cassel. acquiring him from buffalo. williams is expected to start at home vs. arizona. kassel, in fifth season taking over for brady in 2008, he was out for the year. he had a pretty good year but
6:50 pm
nothing new. >> gary: making $1,500 per game to put on a biking costume and strut are around. he has asked for $20,000 per game and he wanted it over 18 years signed contract. which would give him 1.6 million. (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich from the jack in the box sports desk. >> gary: the and minnesota vikings are no longer together with brett are accurate--radner >> we still our names to the
6:51 pm
same way that there pronounced differently. the number one answer is not mean when you tie this into gold. i think we need to settle who is the staff and of stevens here. --stefans (cheers & applause) (laughter) >> gary: they ended up in a tie. curry, rose smolder and then when good guy and came awfully well and that program. >> pam: yes, he is molds. thank you very--yes, he is smooth!
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>> pam: the oakland zoo raced over $13,000 this month from an auction of culliver paintings produced by some of its very own
6:55 pm
animals. a chimpanzee, elephants, giraffes, river otters and others contra bit--contributed >> pam: the money was raised for the oakland schools conservation partners to work to save wild animals. zoo officials say there were a total of 562 bids for the animal art and that included an elderly san francisco woman who paid $645 for a painting by barney at 25 or 23 your old chimpanzee. >> pam: will see you at 8:00 the night
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
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6:59 pm
♪ the "insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> the only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. >> viola's emmy speech backlash. her historic win touching twitter from a very vocal soap star. >> there's been a lot of comments. >> as the stars come to davis' defense. >> the universe needed to h that message. >> then don't cross poppa ryan. >> i'm the dad guy now. >> why he cut off the best friend to protect his daughter. >> francis has been called the people's pope and a rock star. >> as his holineshi the states, we're inside his heavenly social media game plan. ♪ >> plus, it's the dawn of selena
7:00 pm
domination. ♪ i'm so sick of the same old love ♪ >> how she's finally getting over bieber. and shutting down her body shamers. >> i would love to sit down with every single person who has ever said anything mean to me. they would never say it again. >> now hollywood from the inside out, the "insider" together with yahoo. twitter says ask me anything. be careful what you wish for. the #asktrump trended for many different reasons all over social >> you can say that again. for the thousands with questions, it sounded like christmas in september. i mean it's genius. we're going to get to that. we're going to kick things off with viola davis' historic emmy win and the "general hospital" soap star who tried to take her down. >> the only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. >> viola davis' powerful


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