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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  September 23, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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>> nice night tonight. >> mari and her new man's red carpet debut. plus tension behind thescenes. >> and emmy stars on the move. >> that's coming up right now. >> on "entertainment tonight." where we found tiraji after praising for competition. >> the universe needed to hear that message. >> winners post emmys and did the emmy stars just break with their men? as this on screen couple gets close backstage. >> they're to dating. >> also, brian's new man kaucau texting. >> then, chemo, cancer, no hair.
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>> two st two cancer survivors. joan lunden after 16 rounds of chemo. >> and tv chef sandra lee's double mastectomy. how new york's governor helped her heal. >> he said, you're g i love you. >>plus, where is sean penn filing a$10 million lawsuit against "empire's" creator. >> and is john crier on ncis? >> i saved mark harman's life. >> shut up. >> now this is "entertainment tonight." >> sandra lee's first interview since her double mastectomy and joan regaining her life after breast cancer these two prominent and inspiring women on the way. viola, amy, tiraji are among big emmy stars making more news today. >> tiraji after the emmys. pushing past the paparazzi at lax and holding her adorable yorky. she is speaking out on the history making night telling
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ellen deserved to win in their category. >> can you not win an emmy for roles that are not. there. >> i feel like the universe needed to hear that message last night. you know? >> it would have been good. it would have been great. i just think that the universe ordered up what it needs when it needs it. >> meanwhile, that is the emmy winner carrying her award in elegant black box at jon hamm kept it casual after his win stepping out a plain white t and khaki shorts. next,breakup. jane the virgin's gina rodriguez hit the emmy red carpet solo out her former boyfriend. >> so she confirming to "e.t." today that she and henry have split a year of dating. she's been really vocal saying, you know, her career exploded out november where and henry really kept grounded in this crazy hollywood scene. >> and it's apparently ove
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under the radar couple will forte and january jones. >> so will and january reportedly split after five months ofdating. they split last month. the two of them still have to work together on "last man on earth." it should be interesting to see how that goes. >> now to a couple alert. "gotham" xco-stars. >> so they are totally dating. they were holding hands. >> cameras captured the images of the couple chatting backstage at the bar. let's move on to emmy ace emmy surprise. schumer staingrammed this picture of the hotel room flooded with balloons s by her best friend. never tell jennifer l your room number. she just signed a book deal for $8 mil to $10 million and who knew an hath away was a big fan? she sat down with our car steel. >> you recently said you have a big fan girl crush on amy schumer. wuf been tweeting. have you talked yet? >> no.
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no, never met amy. i love her. but, no, i haven't. >> traps "train wreck 2." >> i hear there is going to be a second one. >> i'd love to see new that. >> i would love to see me in that, too. not going to lie. that is hearted wish. >> amy is not the only one who anne hathaway is drooling on. at a premier of her new movie and is also crazy about mariah carey. >> mariah car coming tonight. >> i know. we were listening her to get ready. and i'm like really, what do you think she is going to wear? is she here yet? >> she' excited you're here. >> that is too cute. >> when she did arrive, she was with her new man james packer whose company helped finance "the intern." this was first official red carpet together. and in the plus minutes they walked it, james was a red car rookie. for instance, when walking with the beauty, don't talk too much.
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while he was chatting. she wanted to soak it all n also, don't rush. when packer appeared to want to move on, she was having none of. that most importantly, when your date is being interviewed, don be standing right behind her checking your phone. >> date night tonight. are you supporting yourman? >> exactly. it's fun. >> you look incredible together. >> thank you. >> hat away's co-star in "the inte intern" brought his wife and ann brought her and at one point ann was with joe-joe curber in had a slight wardrobe malfunction. >> i got tangled in my dress. everyone stopped taking photos while i righted myself. that is a classy thing for them. i'm really grateful. >> that's what you want to hear. also in new york, rumor willis made her broadway debut as roxy hart in chicago. she had the support of the whole family. there they are right. there mom and dad, demi and bruce and sisters an bruce's
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wife and posted this picture with the caption, beaming with pride. how much do we love seeing that? right now let's bring in michelle turn we are a new celebrity feud. >> oh, yeah. no smiles over this sean penn is fighting mad about something lee daniels said so much so he hit the executive producer of "e with a $10 million lawsuit. he says daniels has too far. the defamation lawsuit obtained by "e.t." says "daniels has f asserted and/or implied that he is guilty of continuous violence against women." the battle stems from daniel's recent interview with a hollywood reporter when he compared penn to terrance howard. daniels defended howard who was accused of physically assaulting women. the lawsuit claims "p unlike howard has never been arrested much less convicted for dples violence as hisex-wives including madonna would confirm and attest." and now after seven months of making news, brian williams is back on the air covering it.
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>> we're back from msnbc headquarters. i'm brian william. >> pope francis' visit could be divine intervention. this is williams' first day back after nbc dumped from the number onenewscast. now williams will attempt to rehab his image and boost the ratings of flailing msnbc. the scandal forces daughter alice son to post tone her marriage but saturday papa gave away the bride to ricky van veen in a top secret ceremony in wyoming. and new york city prepares to rock the people's pope. jennifer hudson and harry connick jr. join gloria stefan in what will be gloria's second papal performance. ♪ >> it's going to be cool. >> he is the man behind the new song getting huge reaction on the internet, "we're all mexicans." dozens of stars rallied for the video that puts latinos in a favorable light.
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is this a response to trump? >> hope it's not offensive to him. it's not about him. >> there have so many in this video. my buddy pitbull included. but not all of them arelatinos. whoopi goldberg and kat griffin were in the video as well. >> we like hollywood doing g next, john crier is on tonight's ncis. hear how it took him six years to land the role.& >> by the way it's been four years since bradley cooper hit big screen in "limitless" now it's a tv series. >> it's bradley cooper. >> and date night at the spring queen premier. but first, we have screen queen star nici nash. >> look at her. >> one of the beauty tips you use every day. >> i got that on before i got the back. >> i hear you.
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i understand. >> because i'm transparent girl. i just show many you trooj truth. >> she is one of the celebrity that's shared their transformation. >> how did you decide on the hair and dress? >> my dress is alock. i didn't want to do a lot with hair and makeup. >> you can brighten your eyes, add eye shadow highlights to the inner corner. and covergirl sophia vergara made a statement in amazing auburn. >> i always have to be a little red. it's in my spirit. >> and kristina hendricks is a chameleon when it comes to hair color. she colors her own hair. going from that med men red to a medium golden blonde and then to sandy blonde in august. >> will you go red-red again? >> i'm sure at some point. >> and pan teen's tip for gorgeous hair, flock hydration from root to tip with the daily moisture renewal shampoo and conditioner. rite aid knows when you look,
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>> how adorable is that? tha is dylan farnz b with taylor swift. he is a 7-year-old super band
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who has been on ellen. >> and verygood. he can rock it. >> and speaking of fun to watch, this is going to be,too. scream queen's debut tonight and cameron, you were the first on the set. >> i was. i got a look behind the scenes. there was a lot of buzz this show. and there's a big premier in los angeles and gwyneth paltrow made it a date night. her guy scream queen executive produce eastern writer, he posted this date night photo to instagram. inside there was some hand holding but no over the top pda. brad also caught gwyneth shouting with sky letter samuel. >> i really like tonight is my homecoming, prom. we have a working our butss off the last six or seven months. >> what is this? >> the show is like a sorori house within the fake story. we're all just constantly hanging out. >> i will come afyou. do you understand that? >> i was left guessing quite a bit and into the sure where the character was going to go. >> nick was kind of popular. even late on the show had a fan
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girl moment naming the wrong jonas brother. >> what was it like dating jonas? >> i'm sorry. no. no. i mean it's fine i have to get it all worked out in my brain. they're all just one beautiful triage of amazingness. >> we just havefun, right? >> it is the show that everyone's been obsessed with. we'll be tweeting during the premier. now moving on to another big premier, limitless makes the debut on cbs with executive producer bradley cooper leading the charge. >> you ready to become somebody who matters? >> reprising movie role, he launches jake mcdermott on a w working as an fbi consultant. >> bradley obviously had a huge hand in that. >> it' there for the taking. >> i love that bradley is going to make an appearance in this. not just in to episode, he's going to pop-up every three or four shows. >> that's going to help. >> doesn't hurt. >> all right.
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coming up, six years ago john crier told "e.t." his wish ton on "ncis" and tonight that wish is granted. >> loved that show from the first season. they've been finding every reason not to have >> two emotional interviews with two very public women touche cancer. sandra lee and joanlunden. >> tell me about the hair. >> the bravery even during the darkest times. >> they knew when i came out the surgery that it wasn't going go well. >> that's next. closed captioning provided by --
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that is n ncis left 15 million fans hanging at the endst s finale. the show never shyed away from
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killing or losing character. mark har mon is the holy grail of ncis. so could he really dead? we'll find out tonight with an interesting twist. the man who can him is none other than john crier. we talked to the former 2 1/2 men star who also has to be a huge fan of show. >> can you hear me? >> actually, th my line. >> how does it fee knowing that your dreams are coming tru >> it's emotional. i want to die entertainingly on your s >> so back in '09, john told us he really wanted to guest star on "ncis." >> i loved that show from the first season. and nobody believed me. >> am dr. task. >> and now he's got the most intense role ever. >> i save marhaaman. he was sh in the chest. and you neee a heart surgeon and a heart you need was a lot li this.
12:21 am
>> shut up. >> oh, he speaks. >> why do you like john crier is the best person for this part? >> wel laugh the whole time. you just laugh. >> it's a lovely table overlooking agent gibbs a or thea. >> we got introduced at the same time. there were a lo people betting that "2 1/2 men" was going to make it than we were going to make it. >> lite he is like -- he was so exci now he has a really fantastic role inhere. we're delighted. >> now that we made this tv dream come true, we have to get the none. when what is the next tv bucket list item? >> i don't know. "survivor." waunt to see me shirtle some island in polynesia. >> slow down,john. as of now, you are set to appear on episodes of "ncis."
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>> fantastic. now let's tourn a story that i know affected both of us very deeply. joan lunden and sandra lee sharing with us their emotional battle with cancer. >> i think important to note that more than 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each and every year. but these two stars are proof that there is hope. >> and tonight's big picture, joan and sandra survivors. >> how are you feeling? >> i am feelinggreat. >> tell me about the hair. i love it. i love it. >> i have back. i kind of digging it. you know, i never would have ever cut hair like this. and it's kind of funny when some passes me in a store and says like your hair cut. like i cut it. this is how hair has grown back. i'm so happy to have it growing back. joan's journey included nine months of treatment, 16 rounds chemotherapy, she lost her hair and before boldly doing this on the cover of "people the 65-year-old experimented
12:23 am
with many different wi and many different looks. is this what you call the gi joan look? became gi joan. i walked into a hair salon that i had never been to before and i asked the lady behind the counter, do you have anybody here that can shave my head? and this tall guy named juan walked ov said follow me. and he put his cape on me. pushed my head forward and i heard -- i heard that razor. it's a very odd thing for a woman to hear. that and he was right over the top of my head. don't ask me why, afterwards i got down aen picked up all the on the floor and put it in tin foil. >> doctors advised sandra to double mastectomy. she is cancer free and by her side has been her partner in life, new york governor andrew cuomo. >> after the mastectomy, what were the words betwe you and andrew? >> well, he was the last person
12:24 am
that i saw before i went out. he was in his scrubs. he said okay, we're d this. i got in my little suit the operating table and he put his face next to mine. you're going to be okay. i love >> he said you're good, i i love you. what did you say back to him? >> he said you're good. love you. i'll be here when y wake up. he's the only one that makes me cry is him. nothing else makes me cry. isn't that just amazing? so sweet. he was unbelievable. he moved into the hospit me. he was there every single day. i actually had him to go back to work. i did. and then he didn't go. he went and hid in another room. and i got up and found him. i said you have to go back to work. >> both ladies have faced cancer and have emerged on the other side stronger and determined to make a difference. joan s inspiration with her
12:25 am
book "had i known." sandra is working on a documentary. >> i don't think that you can kind of go away and do that little dance with death and come out another person. really you come out on the other side and you say i made it. i fought it. i survived. i'm going to put my hand out and pull someone else through. life is too short. let the little stuffride. let it go. and you get real really fast as to what is important in your >> loving the people that you get to be on this planet with and wanting best for them is a real thing. >> the energy from those two ladies, i know from joan was amazing. >> yeah. >> they spread thword. >> agreed. another person dweelg a health scare, donnie osmond. he had a bleeding on his right vocal cord. tomorrow donnie talks about his surgery. >> my vocal c was cut open. this was serious. >> inside the dangerous procedure. can he still sing? >> i went for the high note and
12:26 am
it didn't come out. i thought my career is over. >> that'stomorrow. >> and right now, in our entertainment tonight birthdays, what star told his first job was clean up after dogs was it henry winkler, scott bay y o or ron how order? >> the answer is next. scott bayo or ron howard?
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needny me prf th tha
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utrona. welcome back, everybody. tonight's birthday, which"happy days" star says his first job was to clean up afterdogs? >> my father used to own a kennel. i had to clean the kennel. >> happy birthday, scott bayo. he turns 54 today. >> last night at dodgers stadium, there was a code black
12:30 am
invasion. marcia gayhart threw out the first pitch. >> i call that a strike. good job, marcia. >> good-bye, everybody. the "insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> the only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. >> viola's emmy speech backlash. her historic win touching twitter from a very vocal soap star. >> there's been a lot of comments. >> as the stars come to davis' defense. >> the universe needed to h that message. >> then don't cross poppa ryan. >> i'm the dad guy now. >> why he cut off the best friend to protect his daughter. >> francis has been called the people's pope and a rock star. >> as his holiness hits the states, we'in


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