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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  September 24, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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victoria beckham's stumbling party exit. what happened? >> plus celebs making the pilgrimage to d.c. to the pope. >> that's coming up right now. >> on "entertainment tonight." >> pope there it is! >> the networks are all stepping up. >> a fiat riding pope francis today. why the s fired up? >> plus -- >> are newl single "voice" coaches and blake dating? did she party too much? >> then leave a legacy for your children. >> who will get his reported $10
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million fortun >> my vocal cord was cut >> donny osmond's first after throat surgery. can he still sing? >> i thought my career is over with. >> you say it. it's not something i like to be called. >> tonight's bla premiere takes on a racial slur as we get new season secrets. >> how steamy it going to get? >> pretty steamy. what? did i say that? >> now, this is "entertainment tonight." ar blake shelton and good wen stephanie dating? donny osmond on his throat surgery. we have so many stars coming your way. >> ah, but the biggest star in the country righ touched down yesterday and touched off papal passion. let's start tonight with our pope culture report. >> i think what we're seeing the world's curiosity about this pope being reflected in the media coverage. >> i'm happy to be a guest in this coun francis arrived in
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america today. >> pope, there it is! pope there it is! >> the pope is here until saturday. he's visiting washington, d.c., new york and pennsylvania. not even going to bother coming to l.a. he said it's a lost cause. >> the trip to washington, d.c., has been very educational for the pope since he's only ever read about purgatory. >> from late night to the front pages to the morning shows. >> we' our correspondents spread out all over washington. >> pope francis is everywhere and hollywood loves it. eva longoria and roma downe ho posts pics outside the w house. kirstie alley tweeted, i love pope francis and kerry washington wrote pope francis might be my celebrity crush. >> maybe here's why. think about the pope and what he does. he's a story teller. he's telling the greatest story of our time, how each of us can be better people. >> it is math class wednesday, so we'll take yourquestions.
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>> he's tracking the pontiff's every move on sirius/xm, the busted halo show. >> what i heard people say is under pope francis people of all various levels of society from celebrities down to som is not known at all feel more confident and more comfortable talking about their faith, their catholic faith. they seem to be more proud be a catholic. >> luke russert tweeted this pic of nuns tailgating. it reportedly cost journalists $25,000 to reserve an anchor booth for the pope's visit to philly. >> it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to put o coverage of this magnitude. >> there's thefiat. >> but this is truly a once in a lifetime moment. this pope, his first visit to the united states ever. so it is worth the cost. >> let's get to more news. and there are blake shelton a gwen stefani roma rumors. it's an interesting idea. why they could be a couple.
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the on-air flirtati is constant sprnl duringmonday's premiere of "the voice." >> blake, you look supercute in that. ♪ if it's real then don't want to know ♪ >> another thing, during interviews, blake and gwen are usually kept separate, which typical when couples are promoting the same show orfilm. as for blake's divorce from miranda, he said today that is amicable. >> our whole thing is we're just going to be cool about this. it is what it is. we're buddies. >> and he why we think blake and gwen aren't a cou from new york, "e.t." senior news editor says that, despite the rumors, there has been absolutely no confirmation. >> not one reputable outlet is actually saying they are dating. a strongly deny it. >> here's why we hope they're not dating. their couples name, just pick your poison. either blen or guak.
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>> they took a little her steady hubby keeping her upright. was she a little tipsy or was it the stilettos? can't say for sur she's an expert with those shoes. >> victoria beckham loves her sky-high stilettos. that's what she's known for. she even wore them when she was nine months pregnant. frank gifford has favored kathie lee and their in his will leaving a lesser amount to his th kids by previous marriage in court docs obtained by et of the estate. the older kids inherit 2 million. >> we don't know why he did this. frank probably left more money to his two younger kids who are just starting their lives out rather than their other children in their 50s and 60s. leaving money to your ex-wife is rare. >> let's get to tv news. michelle turner is here. and ncis was the easy winner last night with more than 17.5
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million viewers. but the debut of the muppets is making a lot of noise. and not just because miss piggy is loud. >> no, the show is getting attacked for its humor being racy. racy, the muppets? >> and more controversy on the way tonight on "blackish". only you were on the set. >> this episode centers around the of the n-word. but they simply call it the word. this will be an episode people are talking about tomorrow. >> you're not stopping my son from saying the word. >> you people are trying t eliminate a word from my son's vocabulary because you think it's ugly. >> is it not? >> you, it would be. >> i won't lie, i use it. i'm not proud of my use of it. >> personally, i do not use it. i wouldn't know how use it. >> young people of every color and every ethnicity are using it as a term endearment. >> yes, but what happens when you have a 6-year-old actor on
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the show who raps the controversial word performing kanye's gt go"golddigger" at a show. ♪ >> do you worry about when this airs what people are going to say? >> no. it's just a word. it's only powerful if you give it power. paula deen said it and catches a littleflak, but then in turns gets $100 million in funding. quentin tarantino says more times than i can count in "django" and wins an oscar for it. that's what the white man wants. he wants to say it because he can't or everybody to say it because he wants to. >> i can tell you about a phone call i got from some anonymous people. and when i confronted them, you know, one of the guys said, yo know, well, just remember you're always a dirty [ bleep ]. >> did you guys talk to the kids about this? >> you know, they get the
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scripts. they read them. their parents get they read through it first and all that. but day one of filming, made an announcement to the crew, you know, this is what this show's going to be about. by no means are we suggesting or condoning the use of this word. and is offensive to anyone, we apologize to you right now. >> we didn't do i for controversy. we did it because we really wanted to tell a good story. >> we d necessarily answer the question of saying this is the way it should be or this is what you should be doing or no one should. we kind of look at it allow everybody to have their own dialogue about this topic. >> make no mistake about it, the episode is rfunny. now, they originally planned not to bleep the word for value, but they screened it for a mixed audience and they realize of came off more offensive than just shocking and played better being bleeped. >> he's really scared about this episode. >> he said the word makes him nervous. this is the most polarizing and galvanizing word, in his
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opinion, in americhistory. he doesn't know what's going to happen. >> "blackish" is returning toni. here's what to watch. ♪ and crazy for crying >> dude looks like a country crooner on nashville but can steven tyler all those lines? >> i get nervous. i can't remember my name. have to have teleprompters out for "dream on" when girls are lifting up their shirts at rock concerts. >> hello. bucket list. duet with steven tyler, check. >> now, let's get to "empire's" epic return. >> for whatever reason, i still love you. >> so lucius is in ja for murder and he's trying to win over his ex-wife cookie. >> how is cookie going to keep this crazy dysfunctional family together? >> with a whole lot of love. lucius and cookie can love each other one minute and hate each
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other the next but let something wrong with one of the boys and they forget all their differences. >> get ready for the goldbergs risky business tribute. we learn the secrets of the tom cruise slide on set. a little soap. >> tighty whities are a little uncomfortable. not going to lie. >> the tighty whities are risky business. >> they are. before tonight's "big brother" finale and "survivor" premiere, the hosts are right here. did you know that initially julie turned down the "big brother" gig? >> why didn't you want it? >> that's ahead. closed captioning provided by --
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the new season of "survivor" premieres followed by "big brother."
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julie chen and jeff probst join us and i take them to when both their shows debut. >> the guests nominate two o their own to leave the house. then it's up to you the audience. >> hard to imagine just four hours ago this group met for first time in a small fishing village on the coast of borneo. >> the first time ev on your show. i just look and go, wow, that was a long time ago. "survivor" was an immediate hit but both "big broth julie were attacked by critics. >> they love to hate"big brother" in the first season. they really did. there's still a fair share of people out there who love to hate the chen-bot, and i embrace that. >> julie did have one fan, leslie moonves. >> i would the first official marriage to come out of "big brother." i probably never would have been on my husband's radar. >> jeff wasn't a sure thing to
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host "survivor." >> down the phil keoghan or jeff probst. >> mark burnett and les moonves changed my life. >> i tried to turn it down. and i was told by the president cbs news that if i didn't take this job, it could be scene as -- this is a qu -- insub ordination. >> why didn't you want i >> because he told me if i took this job, i probably would never be allowed on "60 minutes." >> that was your dream -- >> that was my life-long dream. lesley said, we need someone, in his words to class it up abit. because "big brother" is a little bit -- you know. and that's because i think i was like third or fourth on the list. other people turned it down. >> do still give him grief about it? >> yes.
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you could have been married to meredith vieira if she said yes. >> this season "survivor" is a second chance for contestants who didn't win but had a huge presence. it should be crazy from"jump street." sexy time with kerry washington as she spills salacious "scandals" secrets about her tv lover. >> the man is like -- i don't know. cut this? it's getting embarrassing. >> no. >> then donnyosmond's first words about the throat surgery that threatened to end his singing career. >> i went for the high note and it didn't come out. >> that's ahead.
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feeling good can taste great. yeah. let's turninternational incident. >> oh, just so good when they're bad. >> that a first look at the return of "scandal" tomorrow night. and you lucky man you, got the looks like things get quite steamy. >> that's what all the fans are hoping for, right, olivia and fitz getting it on again. i wanted to uncover the bedroom secrets. let's go to theobvious. we're standing right here in fitz' bedroom. >> my goodness. >> the promos for this season, the tagline is togethe last.
12:22 am
>> that promo seems to leak fact that there's some hanky-p happening at last b it's "scandal" so there's no guarantee what that means or how long it will last. okay. that answer has me thinking the promo could just be another dream sequence. but if they're back together, i have one word -- >> it's tricky. if olivia is doing what she's doing in thepromo, what's going on? >> she's a littledistracted. >> nibbling somebody's ear. what? did i say that? >> olivia getting a little distracted. >> and maybe other parts. oh, my god, can we cut? this is getting really embarrassing. >> no. are you kidding me? this is gold for me. these two have done it just about everywhere. in the oval, in the shower, in the electrical closet, in their dream home, in the kitchen and,
12:23 am
of course, there the hotel. so i worked on a soap for many years and had my love scenes. i had my way to prepare. >> what did you do? push-ups all the >> i am so embarrassed. i never told anybody but yes. >> do push-ups before the love scene because they want when they reach up to stroke your hair, they want their muscles bulge i bulging. >> if it makes you feel more confident, then so be it. tony goldwyn does none ofthat. he sits in a corner and eats ice cream and still looks like he worked out seven hours today. >> my ego will be affected by that. >> i'm just being honest. >> three things that we need to have a perfect s premiere of "scandal." >> you need popcorn. you wine. you need -- i'm going to give
12:24 am
you five. batteries in your remote control. >> yes. >> because you don't want to miss anything. you want to be able to pause. >> you don't want have to get up. >> you want your social media open, twitter open. you should something white, white blanket, hat, tissues maybe. >> white tissues? >> you might need that. >> oh. >> so basically they're going to make him cry. >> kerry wouldn't tell methat. i tried, but she wouldn't tell me. anything can happen on a shonda rims show >> and donny osmond. this is scary he went through. >> absolutely. his voice is his bread and butter, here's the back story on this. donny had to have throat surgery when doctors found a bleeding lesion on his vocalcords. his ability to ever sing again was at stake. he talked to me about undergoing this risky operation. ♪ get ready get ready >> when was the first time you said, something's not right here? >> i was singing one the
12:25 am
medleys in the show and i went for the high note and it didn't come out. next night couldn't hit it. it just got worse and worse and wors finally mid-june i had to cancel three shows. i just couldn't -- i could barely even talk. >> the voice that made him an american icon w slipping away. surgery was the only answer. >> when somebody takes scalpel to your vocal cord and you thing, please be careful. this was serious. >> i'm you were petrified. >> it's my livelihood. it's who i am. it defines who i am. i'm a singer. and when that goes away, you basically strip me of my identity. >> this is the polyp that endangered his voice. after surgery, it'sgone. >> well, i just started talking about ten days ago. after the operation. he ordered me nosound, not even a whisper for three weeks. after three he put this camera down my throat and i sing for the first time.
12:26 am
put it on my facebook account. and within minutes millions of people watched it. so i called up my wife and started talking to her. she said, you sound 20 years younger. ♪ feel it all over >> now recovered, donny and marie show is coming back to the flamingo las vegas hotel and casino. we were there as he rehearsed a new portion of their act. thankfully we will hear him again. >> it's a gradual process. [ humming ] >> donny can do about anything. he and wife debby are unveiling the donny osmond home collection of furnishings. >> a major laun we'll have our furniture all over the country. we've come out with two li we come out with city and country. there's two different lines that you can choose from. >> confession, i am excited about this because donny actually offered to help decorate one of rooms in my new house. i'm taking him up on it because i'm moving into my new place
12:27 am
this weekend and i'm a mess. completely overwhelmed. no idea where tostart. >> can i show this pick that donny tweeted out of the two of you and they call puppy love. >> he's my boo. >> for real. i like, look at these two together. >> in ou "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which musician told us he would most likely be a truck driver if a rock star, bruce
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get rey! w surstamascaa by'ore. per amat lass. one: pmer icke to e ma supevoluzed! two: bck fer fmula retcs ! sur-exndedevoluzed! persr... new superstamasca by l'ore make desner ris. gunvalson disses them. travel consideration provided by -- welcome back to the show, everybody. in tonight's "e.t."birthdays, which musician told us that he'd likely be a truck driver if he w rock star. >> probably taking long drives. that probably would have been a good l distance driver or
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something. >> the boss, bruce springsteen, turns the 66 today. >> jessica alba is sharing her beauty secrets with us. >> you want ripped like the stars? we'll show you how these trainers make it happen. >> bye, everybody. that's going to be fun. "the insider" hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. finally a place on tv to hear about donald trump. >> trump takes late night and shows us his serious side? >> you can say anything to about donald trump. i said a few things about over the years. and she's perfectly fine with it. >> plus the empire strikes back. as the l pride roors like never before in tonight's premiere


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