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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  September 29, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> reporter:opd investigators say some kind of verbal altercation preceeded the shooting >>"at which point at the conclusion of that argumentfiring and fatally wounding the victim" >> reporter:harris says the victim was a dedicated artist >>"i know that he's been committed to this projectin their community" >> reporter:witnesses say the victim was painting this section of the mural when the shooting took place >>"this is one of the most devastating things that we could ever think of that could happen while people are working really hard and dedicated to this project" >> reporter:oakland police investigators say they're looking for an unidentified lone suspect, who took off on foot after the shooting. in oakland haaziq madyun kron4news >> catherine:as haaziq reported. the artist killed today was part of team working on a community mural project >> pam:
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>> catherine:the group - called "art esteem" -- has completed two of five planned murals in west oakland. all using an underpass as its canvas. the project brings together young students. and artists to envision and design the murals that are uplifting and help beautify the neighborhood. >> catherine: oakland police are looking for answers after a body was found on the street today -- wrapped in plastic. >> catherine: the body was found in west oakland just after eight this morning.on union street at twenty- sixth. that's a commercial warehouse area. >> catherine: police were not initially able to determine the gender, race, or age of the person. >> catherine: last night. two men in killed in a car. police believe they'd been targeted. >> catherine: the victims have been identified as hoang nguyen pablo. >> catherine: the car was found on natalie court near san pablo avenue around eight thirty last night. both men were shot in the upper part of their bodies and were dead when medical help arrived.
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>> catherine: another inmate has been found dead at the santa clara county main jail in san jose. it's the second death there in just over a month. >> catherine: in the first case, 3 correctional officers are being prosecuted for the inmates death. tonight kron 4's dan kerman joins us live from the main jail in san jose. >> catherine: dan -- do we know if there's anything suspicious about the death? >> reporter: we do not know at this point, catherine. >> reporter:sheriff's officials say the inmate was found in his cell after attempts to revive him dead shortly after 11am >> clara county sheriff'sthe inmate was arrested september 6 for the santa clara county sheriff's office for two counts of assault and battery and parole hold, he was released on the 19th and rearrested on the 20th of september by milpitas police for assault and battery,
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drunk in public and a parole violation and a small traffic violation warrant. >> catherine: >> reporter:the inmate was in the north tower of the jail and kron 4 news has learned he was on the 8th floor, which is where those with psychiatric --are housed. >> reporter:sheriff's detectives and the internal affairs bureau are d.a's office is monitoring that investigation. >> as far as a suspicious aspect its very recent they are talking to all the witnesses, in the area the inmate was housed there was 24 hour nursing staff, yesterday morning there were also defense attornies in was found unresponsive. >> reporter:this is the second in clara county jail in just over a month. these three correctional officers now face murder charges in connection with the august 27th beating death of inmate michael tyree. >> reporter: coming up
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tonight at 6:00 we will speak with michael tyree's attorney. at this point, the inmate has not been named. >> catherine: matthew farris was granted bail today in santa clarahe's the last of the three deputies charged with murdering an inmate. >> catherine: a judge allowed farris to post a bond of one-point-five million dollars. once bond is posted - he can be released. >> catherine: jereh lubrin and rafael rodriguez posted bail last week. prosecutors say the deputies beat mentally ill patient michael tyree to death. >> catherine: they're also accused of hurting another inmate last month -- juan villa. >> catherine: grant? >> grant:two men are now suing the san francisco 49ers'. after they were assaulted in a bathroom. at levi's stadium last year. kiran and amish patel say the stadium failed to provide adequate security.
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>> grant:the two cousins say. they were attacked and seriously intoxicated men. while in line at a restroom. >> grant:this disturbing cell phone suspects. brothers. amador and dario rebollero. times. >> grant:amador pleaded guilty to a dario pleaded no contest toa 49ers spokesman says the team does not comment on pending litigation. >> grant:meanwhile. san francisco brooks pleads not guilty tobrooks' is accused of at the home of former teammate ray mcdonald. >> grant:the incident happene last was intoxicated. fell and hit hear head leaving her unconscious. >> grant:she then claims. brooks groped her and mcdonaldmcdonald pleaded not guilty last week. to sex assault charges and is due back in court in january. >> catherine: a football
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coach at oakland's mcclymond's high --- pending an investigation into this video which surfaced on social media. >> catherine: it shows the junior varsity coach - in what appears to student. kron4's maureen kelly has the latest from school officials. >> reporter: >>we are extermely disturbed by what we saw >> reporter:the disturbing video now posted on twitter.shows what appears to be a violent interaction between the head jv coach and a student as the team travelled by bus from an away game in 19th. it starts as a yelling match.and then the coach seems to push the student back into his seat as the young man is rising.then the two tussle in the aisle. >> reporter:the district says no one was injured in the incident and no discinplinary action was taken against the unnamed student. >> reporter:the coach and p- e teacher is being identifed as decarlos anderson. according to his linked in page anderson has been with the oakland unified school district since 2011. >> reporter:the district
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spokesperson says that anderson was well regarded and there was no red flags about tensions brewing between anderson and the student involved.the district and the oakland school police are trying to get to the bottom of what lead up to the incident. >> reporter:but the jv coach's job is on the line. >>certainly our prelim impression is very negative >>regardless of the provokation it's never acceptable particulary an educator to behave in a violent manner >>and that is the standard going forward in the investigation >> reporter:so far we have been unable to reach anderson to get his side of the story. he is on paid administrative leave which is standard protocol under his union contract. >> reporter:the district says these investigations typically take several days to complete. maureen kelly kron4 news >> catherine: an update on a brazen attempted theft in concord. police have arrested daniel price for trying to steal a package from the doorstep of a home. >> catherine: the homeowner not only caught the suspect in action -- he gave chase.
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the video shows a man pulling up in a car.coming up to the home and grabbing the package. >> catherine: the homeowner's daughter tells him what's happening.and he ran outside.startling the would-be thief into dropping the package. >> catherine: he also managed to grab a purse from the front seat of the car.before it sped away. >> catherine: police believe the man in the video is price.who is a concord resident. >> catherine: the valley fire is mostly out now -- in southern lake county. as calfire crews finish up work on containment. >> catherine: it's ninety- seven percent contained.and has burned more than 76- thousand acres in just over 2 weeks. four people are dead and four firefighters were injured. >> catherine: it's considered the third most destructive fire in california history. almost two thousand structures burned -- more than twelve-hundred of them were homes. >> catherine: yesterday, fema opened a center to help
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those affected by the wildfire. >> catherine: as the drought continues and wildfires become more explosive. the california insurance commissioner says more people could be dropped from fire coverage >> catherine: and residents in high-risk areas might have to shop for more expensive insurance. the commissioner says it *is legal for insurance companies to choose not to renew policies. >> catherine: he says the drought is a game-changer and insurance companies are taking steps to protect themselves. >> catherine: the red cross is asking for donations to help victims of the wildfires. you can make a donation online, through our website. >> catherine: or by texting the word "red cross" to 9-0- 9-9-9. to make a 10-dollar donation. or you can call 1- 800-red cross >> catherine: we first told you about the valley fire through a push alert. for the latest information on the valley fire. and all your bay area news. be sure to download the kron 4 mobile app. >> catherine: it's free to download from the apple store. >> catherine: planned parenthood has been under
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the microscope for months. now it's president faces tough questions about controversial videos. >> catherine: also - it seems that just about everyone is on facebook. >> catherine: tonight a warning about a hoax which users shouldn't fall for. and another bay area library is closed because of bed bugs. >> catherine: find out where -- next. >> diane: cooler temperatures in mostly cloudy conditions right now. this is the dawn of an old day. because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for.
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>> catherine: a berkeley library is open and free of bed bugs. >> catherine:the north berkeley library reopened today. it's the second bay area library to find bed bugs in less than a week. >> catherine:a janitor had spotted them at the north branch library. >> catherine:after an exterminator identified the problem as bedbugs - the building was closed immediately for several days - while everything was being steam cleaned. >> catherine:as a precaution, bug-sniffing dogs will search other berkeley branches for the pests. >> catherine:the fight continues on the penisula to make sure that bed bugs are not in any other libraries. last week - there was a bed bug infestation at a library in palo alto >> catherine:now, there's been another closure. >> catherine:as kron four's
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terisa estacio explains, this latest closure is to make sure there are no more bugs. >> reporter:this library behind me rinconada is closed this tuesday as pest control experts and dogs go through - >> reporter:last week, mitchel park library was closed two chairs destroyed the director says now they are not taking any chances and closing libraries to have the experts go through them all. >>sot/tc: monique ziesenhenne/library director palo alto - we are gloing through all of them.
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>>tes: this is closed for most of today, it will reopen tonight if no bed bugs found. >> catherine:san francisco residents may recognize a new bakery opening in the city. >> catherine:it's nowhere you've been before. but it might feel familiar. >> catherine:la boulange de san francisco will be opening in six old la boulange locations -- possibly starting next week. >> catherine:pascal rigo - creator of the starbucks bought and retired la boulange - says. >> catherine:it's like he's opening again for the first time. >> catherine:the locations will be on pine, fillmore and union streets.along with cole, hayes, and noe valley. >> catherine:the menu will be a bit different. >> catherine:rigo says he's going for a more rustic feel, but not everything will change. >> catherine:one of the largest youth swim teams in the bay area is looking for a new home because the club where they train is closing. >> catherine:kron four's jeff bush has the details from walnut creek. >> reporter:the owners of the club sport valley vista sent this letter to it's
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memberstelling them it has become too expensive to maintain the club and it will be closing. >> reporter:that's bad news for the people who have been coming here to use the tennis courtsbut, it seems the valley vista baracudasthe swim team, may have to disband because there is very little pool space in walnut creek and there might not be a new place to train. >> reporter: 12 year old micky rajecki has been on the team most of her life and says it was tough to hear the news about the closure. >>micky rajecki --norman start at 4 but i started at 3 in every sense that i have been on disappointing. --i have been
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on the swim team. >> reporter:most of the time i would swim on their swim team. i started when i was three, which you usually have to wait until you are four and ever since then i've been on the team. >> reporter:micky is not aloneabout 190 members of the team are in the same situationlooking >>i had just got picked up told me they are going to close. i just didn't answer couple minutes to process it and to think if he was thing and i just was a little disappointed. i still am now but if it has to, it has toso. >> reporter:the club is scheduled to close for good on january 31st. walnut creek, kron four news >> diane: it looks like it wants to rein. but we would not be dealing with that right now. 76 and antioch, 75 and livermore, pleasanton as 77. mid-60's as san francisco and the peninsula.
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we have a little bit of an onshore breeze. >> diane: as you head into the evening and expect 7:00 p.m., mostly cloudy conditions and then the f o g will grow to around 9:00 near the coastal regions. -- will roll >> diane: that is pretty much that will stay there, thepatchy fog with cooler temps. that may possibly bring light rain showers. i would say more about that in the 7 day forecast. >> diane: cooler temperatures slightly below average amount 5 to 7 degrees where we should be this time of year below
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that. i will have this 7 day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> catherine: new research may help women with cancer who are pregnant. >> catherine: the belgian study says that fear about cancer treatment hurting an unborn child - might be unfounded. >> catherine: the focus was on children exposed in the womb to cancer therapies, including chemotheraphy and radiation,. >> catherine: the study says children's mental processes and heart functions developed normally. compared to a control group. >> catherine: researchers say pregnant cancer patients should not assume that every form of cancer therapy is safe. but the findings might affect a woman's decision on whether to take her pregnancy to full term. >> catherine: it's cold season. >> catherine: and research says that americans suffer from more than a billion colds each year. >> catherine: cnn's martha shade explains the best ways to prevent and treat the virus. >> reporter:we all know the symptoms: a sore throat sneezing and a runny nose. colds are all too common this time of year.
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>> reporter:but a new review from the contains tips on how we can fight back. >> reporter:the researchers looked at results from 67 trials and found that good old fashioned hand washing may be the best way to prevent catching a cold. >> reporter:studies in children found that those taking zinc had fewer colds than other kids. >> reporter:the researchers say that adults may benefit as well. >> reporter:probiotics may be helpful to ward off colds but vitamin c the "gold standard" of cold fighters did not seem to help the average patient nor did echinacea. >> reporter:so what helps if you do get sick? medications like ibuprofen and acetamiophen help relieve the aches and pains but they will not make the cold go away any quicker. and almost all colds are caused by viruses so taking antibiotics is not recommended. >> reporter:cold symptoms usually go away in about 7 to 10 days. >> reporter:if you aren't getting relief by then see your doctor it may be more than a cold. >> reporter:for today's health minute martha shade. return to
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>> catherine: there are several other things you can do to avoid getting sick. >> catherine: go to our kron 4-dot-com for the ultimate cold and flu survival guide. >> catherine: we've posted all of the tips there. >> catherine: hundreds of guadalupe fur seals dying on the coast of california. federal officials are left wondering why. >> catherine: they want to understand why the mammals are stranding themselves on the beach. >> catherine: miles from their natural habitat. >> catherine: wildlife officials say eighty seals came ashore since january. that is eight times more than normal. >> catherine: national oceanic officials declared an unusual mortality event for the animals. >> catherine: guadalupe fur seals breed on an island near baja. more than 600 miles from where they are stranding themselves. >> catherine: still ahead. >> catherine: why some patriotic flags could get two california college students kicked out of school. >> catherine: also --
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>>:09/"you can get world's >> reporter:google has unveiled a new smart=phone, a new tablet, a and a new type of streaming audio device for the living room. welcome to subway, what can i make for you? how about our new flavor-packed italian hero? with three authentic italian deli meats; spiced capicola, a cracked- pepper-seasoned mortadella and spicy genoa salami. enjoy it while it's here! subway. eat fresh.
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>> catherine: kron fours tech reporter gabe slate was there and gives a close up look at the new google gadgets. >> reporter: the first thing to notice the but it was how big it is. the display is 5.7 in.. the next teachers is the thing the predecessor on the back of the device that allows you to use your thing a print to on what your phone. when a >> you are in store to
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suppress the back of the fund to onslaught. it is just that easy. >> reporter: this is the highest resolution camera ever. in the next this device. the front facing camera is that a mix make up pixel cameras. --make a pixel >> reporter: get free or in now and the ships in mid october. >> are offering this into the fun colors. lemonade and coral >> reporter: now is not just a stick but it is a short eight and nine cable. then >> new kron tests will be available starting today. for an amazing price. >> reporter: chrome test
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audio will plug into any speaker in the house to have a regular kid phone jack or auxiliary input and allow you to stream music on your phone to the speaker, wirelessly. >> reporter: equip way to listen to music with no wires and of the spirit from test audio is a available now at $35. >> reporter: more later tonight. gabe slate. >> grant:don't fall for it--- another facebook hoax is making its rounds again. >> grant:facebook news feed's are being flooded with posts that say. you need to post a legal notice or. you'll lose copyright control of pictures and other content. >> grant:you've probably seen them in your feed posted by friends recently. >> grant:but it turns out.
5:27 pm
its just another hoax that's been around for years, but for some reason is popping up again. >> grant:facebook says its social media site is free and users own the photos and content they post on the site. >> catherine:the head of planned parenthood is put on the hot seat on capitol hill. >> catherine:what sparked the hearing --- coming up. >> catherine:and next. >> catherine:pope francis makes an eleventh hour plea to try to stop the execution of a woman on death row. return
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine: new at 5:30. >> catherine: the president of planned parenthood faced a barrage of questions and criticism today. >> catherine: that's as a showdown over the organization's federal funding looms in washington. >> catherine: cnn's steve nannes has the story >> catherine: at a house oversight hearing on tuesday. republicans told planned parenthood >> catherine: >> reporter:president cecile richards how they felt about federal funding for her organization. >>oversight cmte. chairman: "this is an organization that doesn't need a federal subsidy" >>ohio: "take the money from the guys doing the bad things, and give it to the one's who aren't" >> reporter:the hearing comes after the release of a series of edited undercover videos -- produced by conservative activists -- that claim to show planned parenthood employees negotiating the sale of fetal tissue.
5:31 pm
>>: "the outrageous accusations leveled against planned parenthood are offensive and categorically untrue." >> reporter:but some house republicans aren't buying it. and they're threatening to shut down the federal government. >> reporter:their odds of succeeding, however, took a big hit when their leader, speaker john boehner, announced he was stepping down in october and promised to work with democrats on a funding bill. >>presidential candidate: "should we defund planned parenthood? of course we should" >> reporter:this controversy has made its way from capitol hill to the campaign trail. with many republican candidates expressing outrage -- and demanding action. but richards insists that federal funding for her organization is critical to providing necessary health care, especially to lower- income women. >>: "it is impossible for our patients to understand why congress is once again threatening their ability to go to the health care provider of their choice." >> reporter:the house is expected to vote on a funding bill on wednesday. >> reporter:in washington, i'm steve nannes. >> diane: cooler temperatures and a lot of
5:32 pm
cloud coverage in the bay area. at 8:00 p.m., mostly cloudy conditions will stay with us for the rest of the evening and tomorrow as well. mid-60's for the bay side and 67 degrees on average for other locations. >> diane: will have low clouds in place by noontime, which partly sunny conditions between 56 degrees and 73 degrees for the inland valleys. >> diane: as i see it will continue to push ford and that will bring rainshowers possibilities by thursday. so, when state temperatures will look like this, 75 degrees for the east bay shoreline and 76 degrees by
5:33 pm
friday pure it would start warming up briefly. i will talk about more on how that will last coming up next. >> catherine: a new congressional report says the u-s is losing the battle to stop americans from joining isis.. >> catherine: the report says more than 25-thousand foreigners have gone to syria and iraq to fight with terror groups since 20-11. >> catherine: that number includes >> catherine: american citizens. >>"and we've had over 250 americans travel from the united states to the region, many of whom have returned to the united states. of this threat, coupled with the threat over the internet that we have seen, which has evolved from bin laden in caves and couriers, to now a new generation of terrorists using the internet to radicalize individuals within the united states. >> catherine: congressman michael mccaul says the u-s must have a strategy that includes the military abroad.a political solution.and a prevention strategy to stop threats to the u.s.
5:34 pm
>> catherine: the report comes as president obama chairs a u-n summit on countering terrorism. >> catherine: about an hour ago - the state of georgia executed a woman for the first time in 70 years. >> catherine: that despite a plea from pope francis to spare her life. georgia's board of pardons and parole received a letter today on behalf of the pope - asking that kelly gissen- daner's life be spared. >> catherine: but this afternoon - the board denied the request. >> catherine: gissen-daner was sentenced to death in 19-98 for convincing her lover to kill her husband. >> catherine: she was put to death by lethal injection at 7-pm eastern time. >> catherine: the first of the trials for the six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray has been set for the end of november. >> catherine: the others are scheduled for early next year. >> catherine: a judge ruled earlier this month that each officer will get his or her own trial, and they'll all be held in baltimore.
5:35 pm
>> catherine: gray died from a spinal injury suffered while being transported in a baltimore police van back in april. >> catherine: his death sparked riots in the city and protests nationwide. >> catherine: two san diego state university students say they simply have a lot of pride for their country. and they want to show it. >>but their displays could cost them their education. jessica chen explains from san diego >> reporter:cameron box is an active duty coast guard. connor fenwick is an aspiring u.s. army officer. and they both don't think there is a better way to express their patriotism than hanging *these flags. >>"just being proud of what we're affiliated with." >> reporter:the u.s. coast guard flag, an army flag and an american flag hang on their balcony. it's on sdsu's-on campus housing and the school isn't ok with it. >>"they're trying to say
5:36 pm
it's a fire hazard but it just doesn't make much sense." >> reporter:according to their living agreement, it says no items except patio furniture designed for outdoor use may be placed on balconies. >> reporter:also, hangings and partitions may not be used. >>"if you look up the definition of furniture, it does say it's an ornament and ornaments are particularly designed to beautify something or make it look good" >> reporter:in a dictionary, furniture is commonly defined as "movable articles, as tables, chairs, desks or cabinets, required for use or ornament in a house, office, or the like." >>"i don't know anyone who wouldn't say a flag is not designed for outdoor use." >> reporter:but in a letter from sdsu to the students, they say they've violated the policy and may now face expulsion. >> reporter:box and fenwick say it comes down to interpretation and they plan to stand their ground. (cheers & applause) "why can't we have our own first amendment right."
5:37 pm
>> catherine: san diego state university wants the flags to be taken down immediately. >> catherine: the school says it's a safety concern because they can block visibility. >> catherine: after a summer of celebrating their n-b-a championship. it's back to work for the golden state warriors. >> catherine: we'll hear from the team on their first day back -- coming up at 5:45. >> catherine: and next. >> catherine: how volkswagen may fix its emissions test- cheating cars. >> catherine: and kron 4 has a new feature. >> catherine: it's called the "ford high school selfie" >> catherine: just send us a selfie from your school's high school football game. you can either submit it to our website. or post it on twitter, facebook or instagram under the hashtag "kron4selfie". we will feature a photo every week on sports night live. >> catherine:
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kron 4 was with the nba >> catherine: asking volkswagen to look at more information regarding installing software into vehicles that passed the mission testing.
5:41 pm
>> catherine: after almost two years of delays, interest in the s u b appears to be struck for tesla. it is still some mystery trip costing 100 of the $2,000. the price tag on other versions are not clear yet. the tesla the chief executive is expected to answer some of those questions at an event tonight. --125,0000 >> diane: the cooler temperatures are in place and i will let you know how long that will last. next!
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>> catherine: just a couple months removed championship, the golden state warriors tipped off their run at another title today with the start of training camp. >> catherine: mark carpenter was there and has the story >> catherine: mark? >> reporter:so much for being the new kids on the playground anymore, after claiming their first title in 40-years, the warriors have now solidified themselves as the new danger in the nba. >> reporter:you'd think that head coach steve kerr would be having the time of his life, but we found out today that's not the case. >>"i did not have any fun over the summer. unfortunate, given that we
5:46 pm
just won the damn title. i was looking forward to a lot of fun, but it's part of it and i'll be okay." >> reporter:guess the time off hasn't been parades and vacations for everyone in the warriors organization. >> reporter:but kerr's mood is underwent back surgery twice this summer to repair a herniated disk. >> reporter:just one of the many offseason storylines for the reigning champions-- >> reporter:steph curry and his family welcomed another child to rush the podium. >> reporter:draymond green got paid. >> reporter:harrison barnes is still waiting to get paid. and klay thompson took a tour of china. >> reporter:now-- the focus turns to staying on the throne. >>"this year it's more about getting to the next level of the offense that we ran last year." >> reporter:a scary thought considering the golden state offense-- ranked first in points per game. >> reporter:what kerr really wants is that same intensity they brought on the defensive end. >> reporter:and like a true- championship coach, he knows they're record is 0-0 and he's not thinking repeat.
5:47 pm
>>"it doesn't matter to us. we just want to get better every day. and all that stuff, that's a long ways off." >> reporter:the warriors make their preseason debut monday against toronto and then open the regular season october 27th at oracle with the pelicans. >> reporter:mark carpenter, kron4 news. >> diane: taking a look at the live camera right now at the golden gate bridge. >> diane: temperatures are right now, that we are dealing with bart and the low 70's for plaza 10th and ended 70's for livermore and antioch it 67 degrees in san jose on up and oakland. >> diane: the wind speed will pretty much stay with us throughout the evening.
5:48 pm
with the cloud coverage. mid-50s for the valley and the east bay shore. it will still cooler because of the apache f o g in that region. --patcy--patchy >> diane: that weather system bring inextricable clause in place and moisture as well. possibly, bring some light showers on thursday. if that it would definitely give us cooler temperatures. so the futurecast showing as a better idea of those clouds. >> diane: transitioning into wednesday widespread what
5:49 pm
those cloud going into thursday as well. and 7:00 p.m. thursday with the morning commute patchy anthology. --fog >> diane: 35 cooler from where we should be this time of year. mid-70s altogether. st. for the south bay as well. keeping things cooler. with a brief warm-up i was talking about. 75 wednesday, two days of cloud coverage and things will who are cleared out. clear skies for the rest of the week. >> catherine: the markets were mixed as they stabilized a day after a big drop. >> catherine: the dow rose 47 points.
5:50 pm
>> catherine: here's kron 4's mark danon and rob black - with today's winners and losers. >> pretty solid numbers. what 20 cities going and year over year with the same properties. only the best resource for silicone rates. san francisco up 10%, and the temper. a year high on sales. and the tory heating about six months that is when you was the price drops. we are not there. >> and francisco, is it all cash market. denver, is not. high interest rates. not too much of a problem. wage is not a bigger problem. >> reporter: considering the
5:51 pm
bubba we had in housing we are not seen that?--bubble >> schooling towards all cash offers because some people are not qualifying for mortgages. or financing. >> over 1 million plus miles, higher than the typical vehicle. >> are trying to figure out how the bill could come on up intersections. sometimes it stops which will cause someone to read into it. so you look for google to starchy and cutting corners. but they have to make it more humanist. with that said they're still not there. they should have a
5:52 pm
commercial vehicle with the next three years and it should be fun to watch. >> catherine: the 'back story' is back. >> catherine: it returns this weekend with all new episodes. >> catherine: we'll go behind the scenes to see what it's like at kron four as we bring you the news. >> catherine: here's a preview. >> catherine: this sunday night. >> that was critical. >> catherine: you'll follow kron 4 reporters as they cover the breaking news of a valley wildfire
5:53 pm
>> catherine: that's this sunday at 9:30. right after sports night live.
5:54 pm
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5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> reporter: something you said is getting twisted around and i want you to address it. >> yet it was just an interview with the guardian. >> reporter: mandan and to ellen attention to explain his comments. he was clarify room westin 1997, that he and his good will hunting writing partner ben affleck or not a gay priest--were not gay. >> i was talking about actors are more effective when you know less about their personal lives. >> reporter: matt said " i do not want to let is some sort of disease. but at the time i remember thinking. rupert everett was openly gay. it's tough to make that
5:57 pm
argument that he did not take the heat for being out. " >> love to come out of the back of the issues love the had lost everything. >> reporter: these custom accuracy there. >> catherine: and more big bucks word detected at the library. bedbugs >> catherine: antonio ramos has identified as the irish shot and killed today while working on in rural and oakland. and the mist of greece, organizers are raising concerns about their safety as they worked to beautify the neighborhood.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> catherine: serious concerns are being raised tonight after another inmate was found dead at the santa clara county jail. >> catherine: it's the third time it has happened this month. >> catherine: investigation is underway. >> catherine: good evening,
6:00 pm
i'm catherine heenan. >> catherine: jails are designed to criminals, but who's keeping those inmates safe while in custody? >> catherine: that's the question tonight now that another person has been found dead at the santa clara county main jail in san jose >> catherine: kron 4's dan kerman is live there tonight with the latest on the investigation.dan? return to >> reporter:the inmate was found monday morning. after attempts to revvie him failed he was pronounced dead a short time later. authorities are looking to see whether criminal activity or negligence may have played a role in his death >>sot sgt. james jensen/santa clara county sheriff'sthe sheriff's detectives are doing the investigation, internal affairs is looking to see if there were any policy violations >> reporter:the inmate was on the 8th floor of the jail that's problems are housed. >>sot i cannot talk about his medical or mental history beucase of hippa violations
6:01 pm
>>it's troubing that people who are being put there to be protected or confined are not being protected >> reporter:attorney paul canny dead at the main jail a these three correctional officers now face murder charges in connection with tyree's beating death. she says like the inmate who just died, her client also had mental health issues. >>whats happening at this jail everybody that you shouldn't incarcerate mentally ill mentally ill people in hospitals where they can be treated. >> catherine: matthew farris was granted county court. >> catherine: he's the last of the three deputies charged with murdering an inmate. >> catherine: a judge allowed farris to post a bond of one-point-five million dollars. >> catherine: once bond is posted - he can released. >> catherine: jereh lubrin and rafael rodriguez posted bail last week. >> catherine: prosecutors say the deputies beat mentally ill patient michael tyree to death. >> catherine: they're also accused of hurting another inmate last month -- juan villa. return
6:02 pm
>> catherine: we just got word that more bed bugs were found at a 2nd library in palo alto. >> catherine: the latest closure is here at the rinconada library. >> catherine: today, pest control experts brought in dogs and found more bed bugs. >> catherine: experts were also testing inside. >> catherine: this comes on the heels of an infestation discovered at mitchell park library last week. >> catherine: bugs were discvoered on chairs - which have since been destroyed. >> catherine: people are happy that city officials are being aggressive in dealing with the problem,. >>.that's how it goes >> catherine: the library will continue to have some closures as they continue to check for more bugs.
6:03 pm
>> catherine: today a berkley library reopened today after dogs detected bed bugs there on friday. >> catherine: an artist was gunned down in oakland today. >> catherine: while working on a community mural. >> catherine: while oakland police search for the shooterthe director of the program tells kron4's haaziq madyun that she's looking for help >> catherine: from the community. to keep oakland artists safe return >> reporter:an artist shot to death under the 580 freeway in oakland. friends identify the victim as antonio ramos of the art esteem projectamana harris is the director of the project >> reporter:does a tragedy like this make you feel like giving up or pushing even harder in terms of beautifying oakland >>"well you know, i want to ask for help from the
6:04 pm
publici mean now i feel like our artists need security" >> reporter:this is the 2nd incident involving a gun being pulled on an art esteem muralist working on the super heroes mural project, back in 2012 artist were confronted by a gunman after he robbed a media crew covering the art work >>"it's important that the community gets involved" >> reporter:opd captain leronne armstrong dosen't think more security is the answer here (cheers & applause) "we don't think it's a security issue" >> reporter:however in light of this deadly incidentharris sees it differently >>"i need support from the community" >> reporter:in oakland haaziq madyun kron4news return to index of >> catherine: on a west oakland street. police found a dead body wrapped in plastic this morning. >> catherine: around eight a-m. police were called to the 26-hundred block of union street. a warehouse and commercial area. because of reports of a dead body. >> catherine: investigaors couldn't initioally determine the person. or even how the person died.
6:05 pm
>> catherine: oakland officers are asking call police. return to index >> catherine: and in richmond. police have identified the two victims found shot to death. last night in the 36-hundred san pablo avenue. >> catherine: officers were called to the being fired. >> catherine: when they arrived. they found 33-year- old hoang nguyen and 31- year-old eric aguilar suffering from gunshot wounds to the chest. inside a vehicle. >> catherine: both men were pronounced dead on the scene. >> catherine: police have not released suspect information. or a motive for this shooting. >> catherine: we will continue to bring you updates as they become available. >> catherine: a popular football coach and p-e teacher at oakland's mcclymond's high school is >> catherine: that's after a distrubing video was released which shows what appears to be a shoving match between the coach and a student athlete.
6:06 pm
>> catherine: it starts as a yelling match on a bus back from an away game september 19th. >> catherine: it escalates as the player tries to get up, and the coach appears to push the boy back into his seat. >> catherine: the two then wrestle in the aisle of the bus. >> catherine: the district says it's to lay hands on a student regardless of provocation but they're investigating what let up to the confrontation. >> catherine: a student at the school who was coached by the teacher involved and says the man and the student have a close relationship.similar to that of brothers. >> catherine: he believes the video is being misinterpreted. return >>i can say that the coach is a good man.dedicated teacher, yes fifth >> catherine:the coach has
6:07 pm
been identifed as decarlos anderson. >> catherine:according to his linked in page he's been with the district since 2011. >> catherine:so far we haven't been able to reach anderson to get his side of the story. >> catherine:he is on paid administrative leave which is standard protocol. >> catherine:the district says these investigations typically take several days to complete. complete. return to index of stories... ---------------------------- ---------------------------- ------------------------ south bay transition-trans return to index of stories... ---------------------------- ---------------------------- ------------------------ (glo) levis beating lawsuit- ots >> catherine: it's a disturbing video.showing a brutal attack last year in the bathroom of levi stadium during a 49ers game. >> catherine: the victims.have filed a lawsuit. >> catherine: grant lodes is here now to explain who's being sued. grant?
6:08 pm
>> grant:2 men sue 49ers over stadium bathroom assault eds: apnewsnow. will be updated. santa clara, calif. - two men assaulted in a bathroom at levi's stadium before the start of a san francisco 49ers' game are suing the team, saying it failed to provide adequate security. >> grant:kiran and amish patel say in the lawsuit that the 49ers had a responsibility to screen fans for intoxication and gang affiliation. the two cousins say they were attacked and seriously injured last october by two intoxicated men wearing gang symbols while waiting in line in the restroom. >> grant:two brothers, amador and dario rebollero, were charged with felony assault. amador rebollero pleaded guilty. dario rebollero pleaded no contest. >> grant:the san jose mercury news reports that the lawsuit was filed friday. 49ers spokesman bob lange said the team does not comment on pending litigation. 9/29/2015 12:13:51 pm return to index of stories... ---------------------------- ---------------------------- ------------------------ (glo) levis beating lawsuit- landing vo the team is being sued. >> grant:kiran and amish patel say on this game day last year. the team and stadium personnell failed to provide adequate security.
6:09 pm
>> grant:the cousins were in a bathroom line right before they were attacked and seriously injured. the physical agressors in the video.two brothers. amador and dario reb-ollero. punching the victims several times. >> grant:amador has pleaded guilty to a felony assault charge. and dario pleaded no contest to an assault charge. >> grant:a 49ers spokesman says the team does not comment on pending litigation. return to index of stories... ---------------------------- ---------------------------- ------------------------ (glo) levis beating lawsuit- take full return to index of stories... ---------------------------- ---------------------------- ------------------------ (glo) levis alcohol city council-wpvo >> diane: 10 out in hayward. at livermore. this is we are dealing with tonight heavy clouds are in place. with temperatures in the 70's for the inland valley. , 65 and other areas. >> diane: the wind speed,
6:10 pm
what app ogee. if b.a. degrees for the inland valleys locations all around that time. >> diane: 72 for the east bay shoreline, 68 for the pennant law. as we have the moisture passing through to give boston a slight chance the temperatures will stay cool for the next couple of days. and then we will have a warm-up for the belly. was mostly clear skies. pam talk more on how long that will last coming out. >> catherine: was find out why some residents will lose some fire insurance?
6:11 pm
>> catherine: later, in new era will begin for a community separate the million dollars makeover coping children with the tools they need to succeed.
6:12 pm
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
>> catherine: crews are mopping up what's left of the valley fire. the flames may be gone, but the road to recovery is just >> catherine: here's where we stand tonight. >> catherine: the fire, which began september 12th, has burned it's 97-percent contained. >> catherine: evacuation orders have been lifted for all communities in the fire zone. >> catherine: although there are still evacuation centers operating in kelseyville and middletown >> catherine: a fema disaster recovery center is up and running in middletown.
6:15 pm
>> catherine: it's open tuesdays through thursdays from 8 am to 7 pm. >> catherine: as the drought continues and wildfires become more explosive. >> catherine: the california insurance commissioner says more people could be dropped fromand residents in high- risk areas might have to shop for >> catherine: the commissioner says it *is legal for insurance companies to choose not to renew policies. >> catherine: he says the drought is a game-changer and insurance companies are taking steps to protect themselves. >> catherine: those affected in the valley fire are getting a lot ofand now two marijuana companies are getting involved. >> catherine: care by design and absolute extracts are offering 200 dollars worth of pot for free. >> catherine: to those who have a the plant is offered to people from cobb, kelsyville, middletown and hidden valley lake. >> catherine: the marijuana is available at five different despensaries. >> catherine: one in san francisco, santa rosa, sebastapol, and in lake
6:16 pm
countynations. you can make a donation online, through our >> catherine: or by texting the word "red cross" to 9-0- 9-9-9. to make >> catherine: or you can call 1-800-red cross >> diane: showing why we have the cooler temperatures, clearly cooler than what we should be this time of year. you see the system sleeping through the area. down father in the monterey area the moisture will stay that way. and the southern part of the region and should become more of the moisture coming into the area with a light chance of winning. on thursday. -- light chanc of rain
6:17 pm
>> diane: no big change with the clouds, sting in place for much of the day. and with transition into thursday early morning. what coastal ethnology along the shore. so here are your highs for tomorrow morning for it from the '60s on average. for the set francisco staff location cliffs >> diane: are averaging in round 77 for danville, and 76 out and livermore. we have 75, 4 loss' dawdles. loss of gatos >> diane:-all cleared up. with cloudy conditions. 86 degrees on average, clear skies coming this weekend
6:18 pm
rally into next week. >> catherine: a reminder. for push alerts on breaking news, and up-to-the-minute weather forecasts, download the free kron4 mobile application. >> catherine: vaccination opponents submit petition signatures to california. in an attempt to overturn a recent bill signed by govenor jerry brown. >> catherine: the bill signed on june 30. requires children entering kindergarten to be vaccinated against diseases. such as measles and whopping certifies that child has a medical condition, such as allergies. >> catherine: valid signatures from more than 35-thousand registered voters--- are needed to qualify the referendum for the november 2016 ballot.
6:19 pm
>> catherine: the president of planned parenthood - cecile richards make one clear claim about those undercover videos that show her group supposedly selling fetal tissue. >>"the outrageous accusations leveled against planned parenthood based on heavily offensive and categorically untrue!" >> reporter:she was met by a republican buzz saw. >>ohio "here is the troubling truth: a picture is worth a thousand words." >> reporter:gop members ripped into her testimony. suggesting they are not satisfied with her explanation of what is on the videos, and furthermore being entirely candid about how her group makes and uses all its money. >>utah "if you want to be a private entity, be a private entity but you don't need federal dollars in order to do this?" >>wyoming "why do you need federal dollars? you're making a ton of dough!" >> reporter:democrats stormed to the defense. saying the anti- who made the videos are the ones who ought to be investigated. >>maryland "do you really
6:20 pm
want to do this? do you really? do you want to align yourselves with the radical extremists who manipulate the facts?" >>new york "make no mistake: the other side, republicans are doubling down in their war against women." >>ohio "are you kidding me? we simply want to shift the money from an organization caught doing what they were caught doing and give it to the community health centers. take the money from the guys doing bad things, and give it to the ones who aren't." >> reporter:as the fight tore through the day, republicans zeroed in on the idea that richards was defending her budget more than her patients. >>south carolina "you've spent 21 million dollars on lobbying in the past two years, zero on mammograms. why is that?" >> reporter:while democrats asked: wasn't the hearing supposed to be about those videos? >>texas "we've been mixing more than apples and oranges this afternoon - it might be apples and potatoes!" story synopsis : planned
6:21 pm
>> catherine: a new poll shows hillary clinton would beat donald trump in a general election - if it were held today. >> catherine: the n-b-c news/wall street journal survey says clinton would beat trump 49 to 39 percent in a head-to-head race. >> catherine: among the other findings. clinton would be neck-and- neck with other g-o-p contenders -- including carly fiorina, ben carson and jeb bush more verbal jabs between >> catherine: donald trump and rand paul. >> catherine: yesterday, the kentucky senator appeared on cnn, asking how anyone in the g-o-p could quote, "think that this clown is fit to be president." >> catherine: trump fired back on twitter, predicting that paul will drop out of the race soon. >> catherine: trump is the still the front-runner in polls for the republican nomination. >> catherine: but his popularity has slipped since the c-n-n debate nearly two weeks ago. >> catherine: paul had the support of just two-percent of the people polled.
6:22 pm
up next.
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6:24 pm
>> catherine:trial dates were set today for six baltimore police officers charged in the in-custody death of freddie gray. >> catherine:charges against them include involuntary manslaughter, second-degree assault, and reckless endangerment. >> catherine:the six officers were indicted in june. >> catherine:they have pleaded not guilty. >> catherine:freddie gray was arrested on a weapons charge in april. >> catherine:authorities said gray suffered a severe spinal injury in a police van because he was handcuffed and shackled -- but not buckled in. >> catherine:he died from that injury a week later.
6:25 pm
>> catherine:two men are charged with killing a u-c- l-a student. >> catherine:her body was discovered last week when a fire broke out at an apartment complex. >> catherine:the district attorney revealed today that andrea del vesco was stabbed to death. >> catherine:she was a senior and sorority member at the college. >> catherine:andrea was from austin, texas. >> catherine:prosecutors say alberto medina of fresno broke into her apartment and set it on fire. >> catherine:he's charged with capitol murder, arson, and burglary. >> catherine:eric marquez - also a student at u-c-l-a is charged with murder and burglary. duck' service suspended
6:26 pm
>> grant:"ride the ducks seattle" has regulators. that's pending an investigation after last week's deadly crash in which a duck vehicle collided with a charter bus. the crash killed five people and injured dozens of others. >> grant:this is an emergency adjudicative proceeding of the utilities and transportation commission. just one day after the ntsb announced that the duck boat involved in last week's deadly crash didn't have an axle repair that was recommended in 2013, state >>we need to act immediately. >> grant:instead of waiting for a formal complaint- utc commissioners voted unanimously to keep ride the ducks fleet of amphibious vehicles off the streets. >>the suspension will go into effect immediately. >> grant:ride the duck seattle operations are suspended pending a state investigation. it's the utc's job to make companies operate in a safe
6:27 pm
manner. >>we believe it is important to act immediately to protect the public safety. >> grant:at issue, what the ntsb investigators revealed sunday - axle issues. >>when i landed, i was looking right at it, and i'm going there's no tire, there was no fluid or anything and i'm >> grant:a 2013 safety bulletin for recommended inspection and reinforcement of the front axle housing assembly. >>ntsb i personally looked at the failure and this particular duck did not have the fix. >> grant:investigators say its front left axle sheared off, but they're not sure whether that happened before or during the collision.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
6:31 pm
6:32 pm
>> diane: we have a slight breeze for the rest of the evening. for about 13 mi. per hour in places like oakland, hayward at 10 mi. per hour as well as
6:33 pm
livermore. it will >> diane: stay with us for the rest of the evening. with the overnight lows. , we are dealing with a hand full of '50s. >> diane: afternoon highs for tamara with cooler temperatures for the last, the next two days. cooler conditions out in the valley. >> diane: san jose at 75, at east bay shore cities will have cloudy conditions and patchy f o g in the morning hours. >> diane: slight woman come friday. >> catherine: a new state of the art community center opens up and oakland today.
6:34 pm
this new center is a result of an airlift and million- dollar campaign for it mayor says the people of oakland is a step in the right direction. >> this is one to the temple of that progress. >> catherine: yoga, office spaces and the computer room and more. >>video preview >> reporter: have to remember that there is a family on the other side. what if they are watching.
6:35 pm
>> pam: with the world suffers every day. >> catherine: king catch a brand new episodes of the back story here on kron for the writ--kron4
6:36 pm
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
>> catherine: amazon continues to talk about better and faster service. >> catherine: expanding its horizons to deliveries that could happen in an hour. >> catherine: amazon is testing an uber-like service for delivering its one-hour 'prime now' packages. >> catherine: the service would enlist people to deliver packages with their own cars.. and pay them between 18 to 25-dollars an hour. >> catherine: two-hour delivery would be free... and one-hour service would be $7.99. >> catherine: people in seattle can now sign up. >> catherine: apple's new i- phones are flying off store shelves. >> catherine: apple says it
6:39 pm
sold a record the first weekend of sales. >> catherine: meantime - it might pay to protecting your new phone --the most of the old one. >> catherine: cnn's karin caifa explains. (cheers & applause) >> reporter:from the very first devices sold in sydney -- >> reporter:to smiling shoppers in hong kong -- >> reporter:to consumers who camped out on the streets of chicago in the early hours of friday morning -- apple said monday it sold more than 13 million 6-s and 6-s plus i-phones in the first three days on the market, a new record for an opening weekend. >> reporter:that also means millions of old smartphones, with nothing to do. >> reporter:in anticipation of upgrades, each of the major wireless carriers rolled out trade-in deals for customers. apple has their own trade-in program too, as do a number of major retailers like best buy, target and walmart. >> reporter:just like purchasing a device, shopping around is crucial for getting the best price for a trade-in. >> reporter:prior to researching, take an honest assessment of a smartphone's condition, and how much storage it has. unlocked phones -- phones not tied to a specific carrier -- generally get more money on resale websites.
6:40 pm
>> reporter:before finally trading in that phone, be sure to back perform a factory reset. with so much personal data stored there, it's important to take as much caution with an old phone, as with the new. >> reporter:for consumer watch, i'm karin caifa. >> catherine: the warriors began with their nba title. gary has the sports next! >> catherine: and kron 4 has a new feature - called the "ford high school selfie." >> catherine: just send us a selfie from your school's high school football game. >> catherine: you can either submit it to our website. or post it on twitter, facebook hashtag "kron 4 selfie". >> catherine: we'll feature a photo every week on sports night live.
6:41 pm
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>> gary:good evening! >> gary: steve kerr says he wants to build on a group that already has led the league in points this year. they are going to be, we will talk about this in a moment. brett will give our break down. here we go, is bing gordon that would try to push klay thompson a little bit. try to make the team. gorton and steve kerr. >> this is a good
6:45 pm
opportunity for me to come on and show that i can help. >> better fundamentals. better attention to detail. the want you to have the continuity so you can pay more attention to how you won it. >> gary: the new kings of the bay area. the giants tried to extend their season at least, with possible playoffs. everything it warriors. i will give a premonition and the market down. steve kerr will be more low-key, up curry will be more low-key. >> gary: it is different when you are on top but everyone is shooting at
6:46 pm
>> grant: i looked at it as less pressure. >> gary: like the giants. it doesn't like it are going to make it this year. >> grant: you told larry the he was the east coast guide. >> grant: they always tease me. larry, my sidekick suspect east they are ripping the giants. >> grant: how are you going to rip someone that has won three out of six. >> grant: the biggest rivalries are the clippers a right? >> gary: catherine, you know what i mean? when you are on top. everyone is shooting at
6:47 pm
you. (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich from the jack in the box sports desk. >> gary: think it will be more professional during interviews. >> catherine: it is smarter to lay low. >> gary: here is a big shocker. >> gary: chicago bulls star derrick rose is injured again >> gary: he sufered a fractured left orbital the bone surrounding practice today he is scheduled for surgery on wednesday, and a timetable for his return will be determined after the operation. >> gary: the injury is the latest in a long line for rose he missed all of the 2012-13 season after tearing his acl and played only 10 games two years ago after tearing his meniscus in his right knee. >> gary: the ncaa has suspended smu coach larry brown for 9 games.
6:48 pm
>> gary: and banned the smu men's basketball team from postseason play this season after finding multiple violations in the mustangs program. >> gary: the ncaa says the problems include academic fraud and unethical conduct it singled choices that included "not reporting possible violations in his program, initially lying to the enforcement staff during the investigation and providing no specific guidance to his staff on rules compliance." >> gary: it is kind of sad at 75, and you are still cheating to it that is were off, rose stuff. --rough , rough stuff. >> gary: the great yogi bear died last week at the age of
6:49 pm
90. there is a close friend paid his respects. >> i am so proud to be axed to come up to say a few words. yogi, was always a special friend. >> gary: of you there was a german who spent time in the service. he was honored by a lot of people today. and this day and age, what everyone is afraid to say though wrong thing. for making an off-the-wall comic. this guy was for real. he made a second career. --off the wall comment >> gary: the two people who
6:50 pm
was a salted and the back from abroad is now suing the team brith they were to cousins, and the bathroom right before they attacked and seriously injured. the team will not comment on pending litigation ok, we will go from that says story to last night steve young making a career for himself on tv as a host. >> gary: he is trying to imitate rate louis. louis, like it and laughed. and gave him the old broke. -- bro hug >> gary: steve young having fun at understanding that is what works on tv.
6:51 pm
>> gary:coming up. >> catherine: the triplets. >> catherine: keuerig unveils a new machine that lets you make your favorite soft drink from the comfort of home. this is the dawn of an old day.
6:52 pm
because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for.
6:53 pm
the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity.
6:54 pm
>> reporter: tech reporter gabe slate i will show you all of the new global gadgets. --google >> catherine: the company, best known for its single- serve, pod based coffeemakers, unveiled the "keurig kold" today. >> catherine: the "kold" makes soda and other carbonated drinks using plain tap water. >> catherine: it's also pod- based, with pods containing soda flavoring and special beads packed with carbonation. >> catherine: the "kold" will cost you a cool 370 dollars.
6:55 pm
>> catherine: the machine comes from keurig's existing partnership with soft drink giant coca-cola. >> catherine: caffeine up! today is national coffee day. >> catherine: com suggests enjoying a cup or two of your favorite coffee. >> catherine: a number of coffee, restaurant and grocery chains are offering free or discounted coffee for the day. >> catherine: they include dunkin' donuts, krispy kreme, tim hortons, mcdonald's and whole foods. >> catherine: some are going the charitable route, such as caribou coffee. >> catherine: that is it for kron4 news as six we hope you had a good night see later!
6:56 pm
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i'm a gas service rep for pg&e in san jose.. as a gas service rep we are basically the ambassador of the company. we make the most contact with the customers on a daily basis. i work hand-in-hand with crews to make sure our gas pipes are safe. my wife and i are both from san jose. my kids and their friends live in this community. every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me. one of the most rewarding parts of this job
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is after you help a customer, seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california. the "insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity convers >> the n word. >> yeah, i s >> it gets ugly. she is seeing red on screen and behind the scenes. >> i'm under contract. >> inside the alleged rant. >> and another controversy. >> someone said i sed gay actors should get in the closet. >> he is surviving nor soc media backlash. and there is nothing but love between tom hanks and steven spielberg. we're inside their 20 bromance. >> and our wives are betty and wilma. >> then ed sheeran on the move.
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your exclusive backstage pass to his world tour. >> you do vocal warmups. >> and i teach him. >> you didn't, did you? >> how to roll in style. >> now hollywood from the inside out, it's the "insider" together with yahoo. chris brown proving just how loyal he is to 1-year-old daughter royalty. but how much of his reported $30 million fortune will she receive? we're going to get to. that debbie, forget the color purple, it seems whoopi goldberg is seeing the color >> yeah. has the view moderator made herself a hot topic today? after a reported backstage racial rant targeted at an abc executive. could goldberg's view days be numbered? let's go inside the 12 years of whoopi analogy. >> was there ever a point you said i should go, too? >> i'm under contract. even if i felt like leaving, there is no way i was going. >> on a scale of 1-10, in terms


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