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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  September 30, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: slippery conditions you may want to grab the umbrella of make sure we're prepared for that when shoppers are working are popular there was the lawyer precipitation happening around santa cruz
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starting to see some yellows at work more intensity if they put us into the sow the a little bit of rain shot on the other side everything is coming into place for that the notes our reporters down to 64 at the close of one and 67 happening for the drive home sprinkles the possibility 75 for the in balance but near about 69 are so southwestern north is not going to give the consulates of afternoon selling like we did yesterday to set for the course of the task of the climate control with the cells
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moving up and to see every. >>george: which to say we're not tracking in the incidence either on the stand on the approach will look how slowly the traffic is moving and it creeps like this all the way along the flat section starting to slow now on highway 24 approaching 580 in the maze of the richmond bridge is now back up across all the land of the toll plaza the back of starting to crack the on the richmond park when 16 to 18 minute trip times now into san
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rafael we're watching polos on the peninsular war an actor has the report on the southbound side. >>darya: the killer is on the lows it happened yesterday at 1030 in the morning there were gunned down while the repenting of maryland and west oakland he was working at the committee are to project. >>will tran: there was no mode
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of them looking to serve as footage there been looking for for the past they are so to see exactly in what was in the area of we know someone shot him when they got a better description at this point there was no discussion list to the public he did not die at the same deal with police department unfortunately that is what they later died as sokolov ps hope of life in oakland usually the oakland mayor they do not talk about this but in this case is to restore her off the so she said this is a tragedy the sitar bracken the chief of police
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causes absolutely unacceptable. >>: he was one of my children in that is all i could say for him to be doing this art and not even caught up in anything it just hurts so many people rushed to the place where he was shot that was just a day it is far from over what the police department do their jobs and try to track down the shooter they will turn out the family and friends in the community to return once again at 930 that another candlelight vigil we plan to be there by the way of his work it will be completed by the middle school students and other artists and oakland.
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the and >>mark: men who died in custody main jail in san jose on monday to has been arrested twice this one was forcibly removed from his cell last week with new information will allow mixture of deputies said they tried to move the 33 your inmate from obsolescence cell last monday because he was not cooperating and many other grow as fast he refused to move after 90 minutes after he is pepper spray and fired two plastic projectiles and him in a correction officers the debt is
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at the back in court for plea hearing october 13th the santa cruz county jail 23 you're in a man has died now we learn during drug detoxification. >>mark: she died guest today for this after she was booked in the jail for me on their toes of the of have an outstanding warrant she was house and the jail infirmary to see be monitored during her detox official have not said much of the that they found in medical distress and she died. >>darya: it was a freshman at mitty high and west san jose he was struck by a car last month after what he was a park across the street from the school he died two days later today as the
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deadline to avoid a federal government showdown they're expected to pass the resolution to keep funding the government and its fourth few months to approve one house had been in doubt because a group of conservative republicans have been threatened to oust house speaker john banner and the oppose the move to the spending bill included federal funding for planned parenthood but the lost of leverage last friday when they announced it was retiring the provision has not gone to the senate because democrats had enough votes. >>mark: such an infestation and we there was one in berkeley and now to and caught all tell we're like a lead fibrous to be infested the rent cannot library. >>jackie sissel: we're waiting
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to see the exterminator shoal creek and save the lives from of the door closed and will remain closed at the rennes cannot branch library and, all told until thursday at their earliest the contract to get rid of those bad bugs and as you guys were talking about this is the third library in the bay area have seen the bed bug infestation and just last week in half his video from the library itself that was shut down yesterday people were showing up to be surprised the library was closed and even more surprised why?
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>>: it is disturbing what they're going to do now is the one to do what they called their correct frame they have found bed bugs on several of the chairs but they also said these bed bugs can live in side of the books of a said they want to go through this meticulously and try to get taken care of before they reopened to the public another question is where are they coming from right now no answer to that question but obviously a lot of people are wondering exactly why so many bad bugs are being found in the library across the bay area. >>mark: have a list of symptoms for you as well as how to prevent them from getting inside of your home >>darya: plans to demolish the building of causing concern to build has been vacant for years and perched on a cliff overlooking the ocean along the esplanade avenue they're
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looking into demolishing it to make sure the building does not fall off a cliff but some people who live nearby and at demolishing it could create more problems as of early as november and secure the hillside the topic is expected to come up at a city council meeting on october 19th the niners problem continue on and off the field to men announced when the team sent their assault to believe i stated in the battle lasted less showing this video lesson the team instead impersonal fell to the five african security their
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attack consisted injured last october by two other people who were in line for the bathroom so far this year showed the attack of the attack as the others across the victim's several times in they pleaded guilty to felony assault charge that it no contest to assault charge. >>mark: who russia has launched an air strike inside of syria near the northern town of homes a senior u.s. official to the media partners cnn that the russians plan to continue striking ices and side of syrian the early this morning that their president vladimir prudent the approval to use the air force at the request by syrian president for military assistance in fighting ices still had an amazon now working to deliver your package is in about an hour will have more on the service clouds from the bay
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area and traffic their habit was a bomb on the san mateo bridge.
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>>mark: the appellations flash
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flood watches another storm watch in the flooding and now and this from coming up that could be major problems is expected possibly at the carolina coast as headed to saddam. >>reporter: santa cruz the general flow pattern sought was to mark eased as a title shot we're talking about the santa cruz mountain the bottom of the law of sloping we get more and activity the debt and assigned it also do some of the dry lightning or about on the lease at all that would be the saw to that sometimes it was developed as a rain shadow effect your
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denied it is much or would not be as intense but it will not be the worst thing in the world to have some top brand they're ready for the pickup in about 4:00 by the sun sparkles in the text in the south bay in 767 going on for the they generally speaking it is the shield of cloud car that is affected by all of this much more realistic kron 4 test would respect of a stream as it passed today in the evening shot overnight tomorrow morning.
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>>reporter: more furnaces the late afternoon and evening hours again for the south bank in parts of the east but to pick up that showers this will add to the crime control kit to the dollar which to concede to the to do rise a little bit latter part of the week and another system to look for that of the cold or low from the european model to the one were pretty much go away and that may bring a little stretch our.
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>>george: the westbound ride back up into the maze on 24 of the long does drive times so for 31 minutes for the westbound 80 ride it was down 92 ride the trip from the east bank and over toward san mattel this morning also attracting in now at 2426 minutes the drive times are continuing to go here this is not at all with the harbour where we're now looking at a 22 to 26 minute trip time our richmond nearly doubling here were tracking the drive for you for the east bay there is some slow traffic on 680 in the
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southbound direction that is why we're looking at a nearly 20 metric time for you're ride south coming out, but as a wall the creek and the westbound 80 e sure ride with the talk about and think a little busy at 37 minutes. >>mark: took upon herself to watch over the flock of shield the palm they lived in completely dried up there and on many areas as mother goose the first time we brought the mao we stood there for two hours and kept filling bubbles fidget like to have had water for months
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the like you to go on strike every year but dried up early this year. >>mark: because there handy military flags off of their balconies where active duty coast guard member and with an aspiring u.s. army officer of and the outside that ground on the u.s. coast guard like an arm of like an american flag as a campus housing and a letter from the school same that they violence living agreement for the campus housing they face expulsion the agreement says on the patio furniture is allowed on the balcony in with a flat to down immediately because that fire has of the students plan to stand their ground.
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>>darya: he said he wanted to bring the boy to his homecoming dance eagle to christian brothers' high school and all boys' school in memphis tennessee the boy's mother schools are not allowed and dance is because fights could break out the high school has declined to comment the nation's
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all set deregulators same fee at chrysler fell to properly report problems with this vehicle as required by law as a result of that accident did not at the attention they needed from the national highway transportation said the administration gaps and reporting raise the possibility that the eyes of filter recall card should have been the company admits there were problems with this reporting the could now face a major find as will a several recalls. >>darya: the continue to talk about better and faster service to our delivery would be free one our servers would cost you
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799 other knows where following is the back story hardly put on the node to go behind the scenes to see what it is like in the studio and in the field. >>reporter: there are apparently some developments unfolded right now at this hour but something just unfolding installed as a stick.
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>>mark: instead of the stuffed or a this is the tech toy been marketed for dogs and cats that involve them to chase moving target it could be eating up
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more of your data and the resultant for bigger bill this is feature is what is called is turned on by default when you upgrade it is made to switch over and use data we percent now asked for and the cause a bill to go up a medical data if unlimited if you want to disable that this is got to the sentence on the cellular tab and go down to the bottom turned off. >>mark: 1 claim to be legally
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binding agreement to protect copyright of your files and profile information the other claims to let you pay a subscription fee to enter your post a private you may have seen them on your posted by friends recently saw some insight is free and users are in the fall was an accountant the post on the site a special guest is going to be joining us. >>darya: here for life in view will show you why he's doing a show called the great food truck raced he's also involved in the record charity and his local he would talk to us and not make it was a lesson that cooking.
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>>darya: and of my eyes are working. >>reporter: we are looking for someone to develop a long bond recalls to concede a lot more of a strained on the issues we get a little closer they do have to get to the santa cruz mountain it appears is doing a pretty good job in the lead for getting its finally in parts of the south than again this of in favor of the entire program the south bay with everything going
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for will monitor this as listed the flow pattern not necessarily guarantee that strike and the ground but the resistance of the air but still will let you know what is going on with 20 more upstream to the have and they tell us to look out for more shares of the spot where antioch also it appears consistent on radar. >>reporter: here is the flow pattern of the satellite radar composite the sea populating a lot more to get more real stakes in that note this an estimate to put them together for composite forced to continue to monitor more the forecast come and look at george with the traffic report.
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>>george: the trip time out of the maze leading west or san francisco the east bay ride out of hayward heading toward san mattel this morning also tracking a typical commit 26 minutes now a little less than that across the span but across the whole or 92 from heywood out to san mateo and nearly half hour trip time another slow ride this morning for the rich and bridge that the between hardaway and marina and again 26 minutes now out of richmond as it had a cross from the hoffmann split on 580 out to san rafael. >>mark: habitat for humanity than with system activity people
7:32 am
on the roof now. >>james: the getting settled for the volunteers to the agreement to enclose the whole group was from kron 4 will see more activity on the hill to boston to unload supplies and by the next time you guys come back out to meet a 30 by then was as a whole lot of activity not only will the family out there that when the organizers will be getting things on the way to get the orientation in was struck on the tool bells with our hats on and looks like we may be out on the staffing will be really exciting.
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>>darya: they're pleading for the return of their loved cat after a thief was caught on camera stealing the tactic of the surveillance video the posted it there's the guy walking the to the 17 year-old cat chasing after him and catching him and grabbing him the couple filed please support a they're asking for the public's help in identifying the best cat nor a dog was shot in brentwood after attacking another dog and woman to happen there mcintosh court this is the dog became the aggressor barking and by another dog woman owned both the dog was bid what time to bring up the fight she screamed for help and neighbors came out and shot the attack in dog fights when a habit of the dog by the throat of the aggressive dog was shot twice survive in the carrot and no
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control the of the dog was a bad their hospital the woman and the dog that was attacked and expect to be ok. >>darya: football coach and oakland acclimatize school is on leave tonight pending today can investigation to surface also to medium it shows that during a brush to the coach in a shoving match and the bus broke the student. >>maureen kelly: the disturbing video is a student the team traveled by bus from away game at crescent city on september 19th its stars and the diplomats and then the code seemed to push this to them back to his seat as the gunmen as rising the to tussle in the aisle the district said no was injured in the incident in a disciplinary action was taken
7:35 am
against an unnamed student because ntt said and identified as carlos anderson the district and the oakland school police are trying to get to the bottom of what led up to the incident the j the coach's job is on the line will run on able to reach the carlows anderson to get his side of the story he is on paid administrative leave with a standard protocol and his union contract the district said his investigation typically takes several days to complete. >>mark: senses of 40 niner days
7:36 am
not guilty in the sexual battery charge their cues the group encounters woman at the home of former teammate greg macdonald this incident happened last year the woman said she was intoxicated when she fell and hit her head in her unconscious she then claims that he groped her and don recur they pleaded not guilty last week to sexual assault charges and is due back to court in january there facing a maximum sentence of six months in jail if convicted we now know the name of the two people who was shot and killed and richmond early this week the shooting happened more than eye on that accord near san pablo ave of this call this because the shots fired when they got there they found 33 year-old. >>darya: from gunshot wounds in the chest there were in the car and they both died at the scene of his have not identified any suspects in the demand of the mold at this hour. >>darya: he tried to still package on the doorstep of a home in concord hear this
7:37 am
evidence video we showed you yesterday as he jumped out of a car or that an accord that he ran up and grab the package with a home on the data saw what was happening to the home owner ran outside the guy got the package of the car but he grabbed the purse of the card had idea to place a arrested daniel price tesla unveiling its new was model and as tv will have a close-up look of some of the coral features of fall ball fell many of them why this video coming up at the world according to gary.
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>>mark: we have details about planned parenthood. >>reporter: president is still rich can to capture to make one clear claim about those on the cover of videos that show groups supposedly selling fetal tissues the our riches accusation levelled against planned parenthood this on heavily doctored videos are offensive and categorically untrue she was met by republican but saw gop members wrapped enter testimony suggesting they're not satisfied with explanations always on the videos and for the more they do not think she's been entirely candid about how group makes and
7:41 am
uses all of this morning says democrats storm to the senses for anti-abortion rights activists who made the video the one to online sales the radical extremists to manipulate the facts that no mistake despite what we hear from the other side republicans are doubling down we want to shift the money of an organization called the line with their record to win. >>reporter: to with the fan in the budget more than a patient.
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>>reporter: the continue to make the trip of 42 we will continue to monitor this morning.
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time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey >>gary: it was just a matter of time the giants we make it to the last week when the season will still and that is all cash. >>gary: 0 and 4:00 today and that is is this look like they're going out with a whimper and another brother who
7:46 am
was an athlete a pass to dennis and 2011 saucy going to let us how it is with everything if you
7:47 am
can help someone like a few more dollars to the hope someone further their career all ears man woman anyone could help this guy he needed a coach he misses three false this when bombs on them and one of the ball off its seven the face and the lasso was flipped out by a ball boy. >>darya: cannot catch a ball matter how many times it is grown we're constantly nomo was
7:48 am
dumb and the time to catch and throw all. >>gary: it seems like there is more stores were the guys ketchum with notice that this is probably that we would never we pro ball for some reason we put a leg up.
7:49 am
>>darya: maybe i would do this i will have my kid build the time to place some sort of basketball or football.
7:50 am
>>darya: is he the unluckiest player ever he elbowed and now he is out for how long there was no word on how long he would be out. >>gary: that is almost 2 1/2 seasons we do not expect a
7:51 am
basketball and bit player to tell another player to take shower this one guy never showered a reporter says yes to the was the worst most disgusting player and he said this guy wearing the same shirt for four times a week and the team is had to tell him to take a shower.
7:52 am
>>darya: all the guys are going enough about the test love and the wing doors apparently that the clause which to make an entrance what i think is it will protect you from biological warfare is the buy a weapon defense mode button you pushed it and the shelter in place and
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we will see you later.
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>>darya: is sent millions of bees swarming under the highway and the truck was carrying honeybee's when it crashed share down to the called the scene but he cannot get out blankets and cover and bees this video from inside the car somehow it did make it out and ended up getting only one sting an emotional reunion between a woman and a nurse who cared for almost 40 years ago in 1977 of new york marce care for tiny burn to buy or she is now 37 and 3 months old amanda had suffered third degree burns was is a lot to hot stand even a fire recently to posted the fall of the nurse on facebook open to find and it worked just as to the vendors
7:57 am
and official were reunited in all the new york. >>mark: she endured years of surgery and bullying because of our stars the share held on to that fog as a reminder of the one person who treated her of loving care. >>darya: more bed bugs turn it up and another bay area library but tell you where and a live report and oakland artist gun down what painted a mural the latest on the investigation to find his tell--killer. >>darya: we see just clouds along the embarcadero and san francisco. .
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slow of this is a macro >> mark: we are following a chance of rain for the bay area with a lot of rain of the bayshore area. >> reporter: the south they could pick up some showers even before the noon hour but the first wave will be through even afternoon when makes its appearance. the consumer the ring originated right off the coast right now is in the santa cruz. cruz we do have a little separation between the temperature and the dew point.
8:01 am
in san jose and along the 101 there will be some rain which my factor into the morning commute . the trend is that the rain continues to intensify offshore . here is your before school forecast and we start out cloudy around '60s and the temperatures. you'll want have your windshield wipers ready to rock and roll. >> george: this set to the richmond san rafael bridge is the slowest driver of them all.
8:02 am
it is 34 minutes right now. even though we have been incidents free at the richmond bridge all morning long. but the bay bridge was started with a early-morning problem which backed up the traffic a little more than usual but it is not major back up with a trip time of 36 minutes out of the macarthur mace. last year san mateo bridge ride we are now tracking a 30 minute drive time out of hayward. westbound out of the east bay over to stand the tail is slow. >> darya: at 1030 in the morning in man was gunned down
8:03 am
in that san jose while trying to a phoenician art project. >> reporter: oakland police apartment is still looking for the killer and they have investigators looking to the surveillance footage. the area he was killed and was very industrial that's why there is surveillance. no description of the person has been made and no arrest. let's look at our work he was doing. we do know that one person came up the ham and shot several shots and then left. people rushed out and call
8:04 am
an ambulance but that the hospital. community members and family and friends went to that site under 580. even the mayor of oakland chimed in this book about love and peace. so many people are talking about it. here's what his family members had said. >> he was one of my children. he was just doing his art and was not caught up in anything bad. >> he contributed so much to the community. and to take that away it they don't even know who they killed.
8:05 am
>> reporter: beijing not have a motive behind the murder. they are also talking to fellow artist as if there is friction between fellow artists. we do at 930 this morning contact it, there'll be another vigil and i will be there. >> mark: russia launched an air strike in syria. cnn plans that russia will continue air strikes in syria. the president of syria
8:06 am
asked for military assistance and russia answered. russia warned of the u.s. to stay out of syrian airspace right before the attack. >> darya: a man died in the santa clara county main jail. the sheriff's deputies said they tried to move that the inmate to an observation sell--sell. he was later taken to hospital after he shot with chemical covered rubber bullets. when he is put back into the jail he was found dead. three correctional
8:07 am
officers are facing murder charges for killing michael to ivory by beating on august 27th. >> mark: bed bugs have been found at a third library in the bay area. >> jackie: i met...
8:08 am
>> darya: star jackie we're not seeing anything. >> darya: crews are trying to isolate the bedbugs and eliminate them in the various libraries. >> mark: we have a lot of information on symptoms of bedbugs on our web site at kron- 4-dot-com. >> darya: eyed teenager sent home from school because officials did not like to keep wanted to go to the prom with. and that the frustration with twitter is faced with after some problems with e-mail accounts.
8:09 am
and we'll continue talking about to the weather
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what can i make for you? how about our new flavor-packed italian hero? with three authentic italian deli meats; spiced capicola, a cracked- pepper-seasoned mortadella and spicy genoa salami. enjoy it while it's here! subway. eat fresh. >> mark: there is a hurricane is coming up to the west south
8:16 am
carolina that is causing some major flooding in the area. it might make landfall of all the way to southern new jersey. >> reporter: look at this mass of rain that is collecting offshore. the keys to the south end of the bay and we don't see much happening right now around san jose. this is quite aggressive than what we're looking at before. you may see perhaps a couple of splotches. there is still more to come as the satellite continues to composite what is going on in this area. it will develop in
8:17 am
the south and even in the peninsula. there should be a break in the middle of the day but then we'll have some more rang up into the evening hours perhaps all the way into the morning hours tomorrow. during our today everything takes a break but late afternoon evening hours just in time for your commute home we will have rain again. temperatures for the south bay today are in the upper '70's. the 74 cast is not changed a little bit. the tempters will climb and then fall little bit
8:18 am
as we come to sunday with chances of little showers. >> george: and the westbound they into the bay bridge into san mateo we are back up into the macarthur maze's onto highway 24 with some big holes in the cash lands. but the 98 to commute into the east bay toward san mateo we're seeing 28 or 29 minutes. he will spend about 16 to 18 minutes on this band itself. out of nevada we will see about a 36 minute commute into marin. into your trip into marin from at the bridge is
8:19 am
backed up into harbor way with the 26 minute drive time in to san rafael. there is a motorcycle crash which is now on the shoulder with no ambulances on the scene yet which is a big help for the traffic. >> mark: law enforcement officers in san francisco are required to make their guns secured even off-duty in lockboxes or locked trunks when left in cars. this comes after there is a shooting in july with a firearm stolen from the deputies card. the man said he found the gun in a share on the
8:20 am
ground and accidently fired off when you pick that. >> darya: in georgia a man--a woman was executed last night for the plan the murder of her husband at eight teen years ago . she was found guilty of convincing that her lover to kill her husband. the lover got life in prison but she was sentenced execution. the woman's attorney filed several motions and there was a petition but the court maintained the jury's sentence. >> she was very strong and very assured about whatever the
8:21 am
process was gonna be. >> darya: despite all of the appeals the court denied them and she is put to death by lethal execution. >> mark: a boy in tennessee was sent home after he said he wanted to take another boy to prom. this was a christian high school and he was sent to the principle to talk. the school claims the boys from other schools are not allowed to dance is because of fights that break out. the boy said he later e- mail the administration the you surprised he is told to go home and christian brothers high- school has declined any,.
8:22 am
kim davis who is lesbian met with the pope. the pope said it that he told her to stay strong . kim davis was put in jail because of her refusal to sign a marriage licenses as a county clerk. >> darya: we're going to show you some of the features of a brand new vehicle
8:23 am
this is the dawn of an old day. because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity.
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techron. and before i know it, we're pulling into a chevron. you put positive thoughts out there and then i just... oh, wait, are you like, controlling me? n-n-no. your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. that's a long leash. of >> mark: the next generation of the luxury suvs is here. some of them are up electric driven. the features of this new vehicle had numerous safety features. >> i am so excited i put down a
8:26 am
deposit 89 months ago. the mark >> mark: we're just talking about the windshield which goes much higher above the head giving u.s. helicopter kind of the of. >> darya: it also keeps all that our just in case there is a biological weapon for the apocalypse. the mark may be the benefits outweigh deluxe?
8:27 am
>> mark: with engineers testing this new car for durability. now there is the google car which is posted the self driving. that car is probably a lot cheaper than the tesla as you see--suv. >> darya: chrysler has failed to report problems with their cars and now they're facing legal problems. they failed to let owners know of the problems their cars this. >> reporter: we are live here in
8:28 am
martinez with habitat for humanity which is well under way in creating 20 new homes. we'll have a full report coming up in just a minute. >> reporter: we're tracking rain as it goes along parts of the bay area and the i will have >> reporter: we're tracking rain as it goes along parts of the bay area and the i will have stormtracker or for coming up. it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. >> reporter: we're tracking rain as it goes along parts of the bay area and the i will have stormtracker or for coming up. it's been smashed, dropped and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... the cold... and dragged through the mud. introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gle. it's where brains meet brawn.
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are more likely to have a to frsuccessful future.e born talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world.
8:30 am
learn more at >> mark: there's a lot of rain offshore which is a south bay and then to and is also going to the north bay. >> reporter: we have an offshore storm bringing a lot of rain and it is favoring the south bay. this is the genesis of it all as
8:31 am
we talked earlier of a couple echoes the showed up in the south bay. also add to the north a little bit is starting to develop in the sea. there's no guarantee that iran will strike the ground. the topography is sometimes tricky relating to the rain but we have a lot more generous rain upstream. this storm is favoring the southern bay as well as the peninsula. future cast for--four there is a
8:32 am
little bit of a sloppy to me back home after all said and done. going back into tonight we yet have the models showing us that rain will come in at that night. we will see a couple of breaks in the skies with the highest temperatures and the bay and '70s. >> george: there's a much better ride around the bay. in the bay area bridges however there is slow traffic. almost all of the
8:33 am
bridges are backed up all the way into a their sources. your ease they ride out of richmond is still back of beyond a richmond parkway 26 minutes. >> darya: more bedbugs turning up at yet another library which is the third infestation the sleek--week. >> jackie: of the library doors are closed but there is work going on inside. in fact a pest control just got here and will
8:34 am
be spring inside. this is one of three libraries inside the bay area that has had bedbug infestations. the doors here will be closed as they do efforts to get rid of the bugs. inside today that they will be localizing the bedbugs. the company says they will spray all round the 25,000 square feet of the library. the question is why libraries? >> i really think it is a true coincidence that we're seeing this. why libraries? it is
8:35 am
simply a perfect place to be. bed bugs like it when we're rest and still. so the library is the perfect situation for that and we have a lot of people coming in, and they're just people with bedbugs. >> jackie: we are told this will be an all-day process. the company says by the end of the day the problem should be completely taking care of. they will come back in a week and have to check all of the library's. >> mark: let's go to kron 4 as habitat for humanity day. >> reporter: we are live here in
8:36 am
martina's. we'll have a lot of people showing in the second one of the house is that we are working on. the steps are not in place yet city have to step up into the area carefully. there is drywall everywhere, their sagging across the house, might need some roofing. there are 20 of these homes that need to be finished for deserving families . we have some of our other reporters with us today.
8:37 am
>> grant: yours is just over your shoulder you embarrassed to wear it? >> reporter: we have accounts payable and accounts receive. >> darya: is at avery their? now you james harding know that you are there. >> i have been dealing these wooden planks together and held the they are secure.
8:38 am
>> reporter: we have no idea what we're actually going doing here on volunteer day. we will get the full rundown here later . actually i put up drywall fear. >> grant: well it's really ugly james. >> james: we have a whole lot left to go for today. we'll be talking more with avery and granta and there's a lot more to go with this project.
8:39 am
>> mark: kron 4 news is very excited to be working with habitat for humanity. >> darya: donald trump is calling out president right now . there is a convicted killer those accidently release from prison and we will tell you where this happened. >> reporter: i'll show you more new technology and my report later
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
♪ though marked the search is on for a convicted killer who was accidentally released and in one of this high-security prisons. there is at least 30 years left on his sentence. >> darya: a special guests will be coming here in the next hour : tyler florence. he will be talking about his show the great food trucks race. and that he will talk about how to get naked but not to make your thinking
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> mark: we have a special tech report now. rep iheart radio is now available on tv screens as well as on the mobile devices. >> is nice to be able to relate and connect with people >> reporter: is nice to be able to a listen to other people and celebrities countrywide.
8:46 am
m >> reporter: you cannot browser favorite music using artist or genre. >> reporter: you can net listen to sports or news in addition to music. >> more people are putting money into their tvs and flat screens and it's just nice to put this on on the weekend. >> reporter: my favorite stations are the gave ramsey shell and eclectic radio and others. >> you were a good in term and
8:47 am
were dedicated and was very sweet. >> when you work hard all day it's nice to come home from work and not listen to us. >> reporter: if you want to give iheart radio i tried the to station 1532. >> darya: you are not behind on the weather here. >> reporter: arraigned has been favoring the south bay a lot but there is more to be had in the
8:48 am
story here. in the south bay you can see nothing happening now with earlier showers a current. up to the southern part of peninsula around san mateo they are getting a little rain out of this to. the bay itself, right across the bay, you see a little patch of doing its magic. this is an organic situation which is constantly changing. the storm when into marin county but then dissipated. the storm will be favoring the south and the south part of the peninsula. you can see it in motion right south of the city of san francisco into the east bay. tonight it will
8:49 am
stay in the forecast into tomorrow morning because we're getting some lifting occurring. future cast for--4 shows us that there may might be some showers coming to work tomorrow and even including a drive home . we have ties in the upper to middle seventies. we see temperatures fall by the time to get this sunday and then the temperatures will rise. you can
8:50 am
track traffic with george. >> george: we're still checking the backups at the bridges. the bay bridge is backed up into the macarthur maze. even on northbound at nimitz freeway going into downtown san francisco's a to 18 minutes. out of hayward into some detail we're same 28 minutes. here at the golden gate bridge the 101 ride has been fine with no incidents. drive times are still up to 36 minutes down to the toll plaza. for the west down ride out of the eastbound bridge richmond into san rafael is a
8:51 am
little high. for 101 north and 280 north there is heavier traffic but around the nimitz freeway looks fine. >> darya: actor jim carrey is speaking out about the death of his ex-girlfriend. his girlfriend was found dead at a home in southern california. the death is being investigated as a possible suicide with an investigation set for today. in a statement carried said he was shocked and saddened by her death and that she was a kind and delicate irish flour to sensitive for the soil. >> mark: in extreme sports car
8:52 am
crashed into a tree after skydiving. eric runner died after injuries from the crash. witnesses say air kidded tree when he was tangled high above the ground. donald trump is taking his aim at president. john said that vladimir p. tin was a better leader than president. trump also agrees and is backing of the syrian president. >> mark: >> darya: according to credit
8:53 am
suisse he can get a 43 motor coach for $15,000 with markings this says donald trump for president. the mark >> mark: we have that of the dow up a little bit today. >> reporter: is always very difficult stories to follow around a journalist and the stories about them. sometimes there is limited internet board the reporters get complacent.
8:54 am
with this fire affecting some many people in this community... >> darya: this sunday he will follow breaking news with community... >> darya: this sunday he will follow breaking news with reporters covering the fire many wnklereamcomewi highoe buhope. community... >> darya: this sunday he will follow breaking news with reporters covering the fire doest wo on inkl. inicly pven neutgena rap wrile rair with t fasst rinolormu avaible, wor on ne les d ev deewrines. yoll s youer lkingkin inust e we. st hopg foresus, and art einghem. rad wrkle pair. ...a forark ots rad to repr. fr neuogen®.
8:55 am
>> mark: charlie brown and
8:56 am
peanuts gang will becoming a postage stamps celebrating the 50th anniversary of the charlie brown christmas. it first aired in 1965. in 1950 is when the first debut in the newspapers have been. >> darya: pets as twice will be talking about today. you can see as pacific that was using his pot on the night had. there is a company releasing digital apps for cats. the company says
8:57 am
that the games have been down loaded 2.7 million time. you can see what your pet is to interrupt the day. >> mark: i do not suggest straping ago approach your dog. >> darya: we will see darted talking even more about bedbugs . also a man he was gunned down what he is painting a mural. there is a live luckier with the weather which is the big story of removing and.
8:58 am
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the triple choice sale -- on now at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now. >>mark: thank you for joining us the big story we're following right now some rain shower moving all around the bay area especially san francisco.
9:00 am
>>darya: we're waiting for them to get wet when they do could be a little slippery. >>reporter: the start to commit may be coming back prepare for the shoe to fall this stream of cloud cover that we have since yesterday is still with us with and talk about the radar is pretty much quieter and more of a string to be had his head for the to the north to south part of the peninsular have their cells it does make themselves known other bed and even out to the bay itself we believe it is
9:01 am
also to the san mateo bridge and leaks from the radar parts of the bay area before get another set of all for this evening high temperatures going on about 5:00 p.m. for your drive home. >>george: we're still free of any major incidents not tracking in the hot spots the continue to monitor the backed up that they like the bay bridge was found
9:02 am
not aware of any incidents but will check on it and see if anything my bill for 4580 west bound. >>darya: search is on for the gunman who killed an artist working on the committee marrow and west oakland and ratified a freeway at 35th street he was with a group of about 10 artist
9:03 am
the group uses art and education to inspire people and to stop violence they say he had an argument with a man who was not part of the group and the disagreement as the letter the other man shot as the tech a live look that is coming up just in an extended minutes they continue to strike eisa stronghold for serial disk. >>mark: the russian parliament gave vladimir their approval to use the air pours out of the vote came after a request by syrian president we have been
9:04 am
arrested twice this month it was forcibly removed from the cell last week she of deputies tried to move the third three and a to a conservation cell because he was not cooperating this was the second in custody death of the santa clara county main jail in the past two months that now facing murder charges accused of beating
9:05 am
inmate michael tyree to death two of the three officers and yesterday the third was released on $1.5 million bail out. >>darya: a 23 your inmate died during drug detoxification four days after she was booked into jail for being under the influence of drugs and for an outstanding warrant if she was house and the gel and from where was to be monitored during the drug detox the have not said much other she died at the jail bed bugs found at another library in the bay area. >>mark: this is the third infestation there was one and berkeley and now to and auto.
9:06 am
>>jackie sissel: the doors are closed but there is work going on inside in the last hour we see in the past controlled company that was hired to get rid of those bad but show up here is video that was shot and side of the library to concede the worker in they're actively spring to get rid of those bed bug is said that they will be inside of the ring, library for the majority of the dayspring all 25,000 square feet of the library to get rid of this bed bugs allegis said it is one of three locations around the bay area and the last week and a half was in this bed bug infestation. >>jackie sissel: the first one was an no. the berkeley library were they spotted bed bugs at three different locations and sadder that library the one and all the berkeley is open so the mitchell park this one here will
9:07 am
be closed until thursday at the earliest we found that they're trying to sniff out the other bed bugs sold today were coming in were doing what we call localize chemical application in that area and has cost the measure were treating the entire library area that has control express's it thinks it is basically a coincidence that we've had three of the shoulder at the libraries are on the bay area this the perfect breeding ground for the loss of people that are coming and with jackets and coats it could be in their shoes it also be in the books when they get here they jump off a does with it the infestation obviously they said by the end
9:08 am
of the day this particular branch and, also will be completely cleared that will make a complete set to mature there all gone. >>mark: that is on our website happening today is habitat for humanity than james and other employees are out there doing their part and martinez to build a home. >>james: we're literally on the roof here.
9:09 am
>>darya: they're passing been hammering and all sorts of things we have several of the employee is out there volunteering to they will check back with james as the work continues to build those home for people in need >>mark: will have from here at 9 45 kilos right here in the bay area coming of also new satellite images of hurricane just into the news room is expected to head toward new york city will have details and now you can pre order your six-pack of tablas for the holiday is what say how much they're going for after the break.
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9:14 am
>>darya: there is a satellite picture is strengthened to 75
9:15 am
mi. per hour when early this morning in the hurricane center said it expected to continue to get stronger. >>darya: are looking for on storm to hit >>reporter: it may help some of
9:16 am
the grounds having a little for the sock to the peninsula adjutancy as low will be followed all this this morning as it continues to progress and the east bay shoreline and the slack is holding together as well as the new raises upstream in what they do is first of all we have lift fact occurring you come back and you have a paulo an hour later that is because same process here it collects
9:17 am
and moisture with colder air like that that is why we like to talk about cold air and lifting there was a morning call is gone to britain for public hours in this evening favoring the south bay now it looks like there's another shot unsinkable showers as a matching donor to the overnight into two or more will have another shot to temperatures along the east bay shoreline probably for high 68 for example alameda and berkeley come in and 71 for the east temperatures make it up to the upper seven is a walnut creek and 77 in redwood as 79 to the very contended on getting some some of first notice you're the kind of force on friday and saturday and. >>reporter: back down again ago sunday of strain we have there's a watching may become more sprinkles.
9:18 am
>>george: what we're observing is the second wave that often hits us in the 9:00 hour so many people like to wait until the back of guys down of bed before heading into the sitting and that is exactly what is happening this morning the drive times actually climbed on the last hour back up to about 30 minutes for the west about ride in that it is the approach is still slow as well backed up over both sides of the toll plaza of it is not unusual that we the sea intermit and stop and go conditions here from time to time the drive times have held in toronto to six to 28 minutes into a system water droplets on the lens of the camera and embarrass the sprinkles that
9:19 am
dave has been talking about track in the ride to the golden gate bridge to delay free here across the spend little sluggish and the north end coming off the wall great the richmond bridge was about now that the to the richmond parkway and along a slope and all lanes here as you can see track and sun-dried for you through the east of and southbound in the westbound ride on interstate 80 looks better now at a 28 minute drive time from hercules to berkeley with seen some improvements here for the southbound trip. >>george: leading to westbound highway 24 just as you minutes ago this was a 24 minute drive times with loss of the menace of the trip time now down to 17th. >>mark: to soon have to make sure the guns is secure securely they introduced the ordinance that will require off-duty officers to secure their guns and lock boxes. >>mark: this order is was
9:20 am
inspired by the pier 14 shooting in july it was stolen from a parked car of an off-duty federal agent who left in a backpack. >>darya: despite repeated attempts to try to stop that they prayed outside the there were among them they said that her mother has changed in the years since this happened in 1997 which was when kelly convinced her lover to kill her husband he went to prison for life she got the death penalty more than 90,000 people signed a petition and the governor to stop the execution deloria's
9:21 am
file seven motions to try to stop the. they denied most our request for but the execution and 12 to 20 eastern time this morning the 47 year-old was put to death by lethal injection. >>mark: he wants to bring the boy with him to the dance if he intends christian brothers high school of law school in memphis this showed the school monday but was called the principles office he detractor lot of attention from the media when he went public with the desire to bring the mail date to the dance.
9:22 am
>>darya: she said as she met with the pope during this historic visit to the u.s. they met privately with pope france's last thursday afternoon at the vatican embassy in washington the same men met for about 15 minutes the pope thanked her for her courage and told her to " stay strong the spokesperson did not confirm or deny the story is in five days in jail for defying a court order to issue a marriage licenses to same-sex couples the morrises pictures of her meeting with the pope were taken and they will be released at some point.
9:23 am
>>darya: happen today a memorial will be held for 14 your boy. >>mark: 0 we will be right back.
9:24 am
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>>darya: an emotional reunion between all woman and the nurse who cared for her almost four years to come in 1977 and new yorkers care for a tiny mercer libra the baby is now 37 years old and there she is at 3 months old and she suffered third degree burns when she fell into hot steam humidifier she posted for all of that nurse on facebook she was appalled to find her that endured years of surgery and bullying because of
9:27 am
her scars the she says she's always held on to that vote as a reminder of the one person who treated her with loving care. >>mark: both houses of congress are expected to pass a resolution that will continue on the government for a few months ago of conservative republicans was threatened to oust house speaker john bannered they opposed the move of the spending bill forward because it included federal funding of planned parenthood lost lives on friday announced he would retire in a few weeks the provision would have gone to the senate and we'll hear habitats for humanity.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>darya: he was were identified in the ever pass on to a defect string or coming up on 24 hours when he was shot here he was rushed to the hospital where he
9:31 am
later died there have been another candle light vigil that of all the way and show you what is going on. >>will tran: the reason why this is a crowd of people gathering the 24 hours later they cannot believe he was working on this art work here the candles burning it is growing by the man that many people is slamming the cars at this point there have
9:32 am
been no rest in this case but they do know one person came to him on tuesday at 1030 in the morning shot him took off this area have surveillance cameras they're hoping to look at for a to see that in the description of the suspect at this point they did not even have a mode of we will get reactions at once the vigil starts come back out a will carry for one that happens sphere. >>reporter: will have some of downtown san francisco also the south back here is a wide of the things i did a little bit closer we want to make a note of adding
9:33 am
up to the north will see covering the northern part of the peninsula says it received a trace a line earlier today covers the golden gate and the like it is covering the bay bridge to we had even further to the north and earlier was covering the san rafael richmond san rafael bridge now you can see it is clear out saw the camera there was so wet roads and finally the east abasing activity as well as ec the peninsula and the slight is covered over here with ranges are everywhere and you can see some intensity oakland and you concede alameda looks like it is getting activity that extends all the way across the bay itself back to the west we just showed you the flow pattern as no surprise coming southwest to northeast and this is a composite of all the radar stopped at the to get what we lost this into the forecast is calling for tonight that if
9:34 am
we're thinking maybe some more the spot just make note of overnight and early for tomorrow morning. >>reporter: that this assumes a gifted son out this afternoon right now let's get you to work. >>george: it is high when 92 and the san mateo bridge ride westbound traffic is really gonna have been out to the base of the high ride the drive times have gone up to 40 minutes along this of the morning and we just got off the phone with caltrans would have them turn their cameras up one side and down the other look and for problem and they cannot find one there is nothing to account for the slow traffic off excess a late rush of cars trying to get over to san mateo and 2101 in 92 westbound backed up all the way into the net and again a 40 minute time out of hayward over
9:35 am
to san mateo the longest of the morning at the bay bridge we'd have the second way if of traffic come through after 9:00 we're looking at 36 minute drive times for the westbound truck into san francisco we have an incident free this is just a second wave of traffic trying to get from the east bay over toward san francisco. >>darya: unusual member of guadalupe filled are washing ashore in california now the seals are being rehabilitated. >>terisa estacio: is being called an unusual mortality event and the striking of the guadalupe for seal this is a picture of the offer still that is a significant and there found stranded on the california coast 42 found dead and 38 are
9:36 am
being rehabilitated federal officials said that the bronco the memos were in various stages the non attrition with it were discovered most of them are pumped between nine to 12 months old here and saw some of the marine mammal center to in 33 and they are taking care of the right now we're on to talk to officials about why this event is happening. >>james: i am watching a lot of people do a lot harder work and it is aware of on the recording and shingling you notice whether
9:37 am
houses all around there something being done on a house across the way with habitat for humanity we talk about the amazing today we are working on roofing and siding these groups want to have sole panels on the rose eventually the first couple
9:38 am
houses might be ready for dedication to the new family will get those next 10 going into this it will have a 20 home commended the here will want to talk quickly about volunteer in the habitat humanity and they're willing to help out with a pickup hammer will teach you how to use its will teach how to build a home where the for volunteers and love to have the committee's health average is
9:39 am
the wall and hosta we're standing on and on how to pick up the phone and call. >>darya: for get a toy or ball of yarn for your pants were going high-tech as she was on the market.
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
>>pam moore: there are some developments unfolding at this hour but something just unfolded as we speak telling the audience what we found out we still have to remember there was a family on the other side what they're watching. >>darya: it is this sunday at 930 right here we will be right back.
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>>reporter: contract the rain showers across the bay area the first head we keep saying it shows where we're coming from from our stock was more of a string wanted a closer inspection the general view perspective of the bay area with heavier rain showers in the southern part of the peninsula of its a little pocket with the sea along oakland and alameda and also from dublin as we can speak we talk about the san rafael in richmond bridge this ashley had activity earlier there was rain shower happening is seems a broken up in our system was what happened on the bay bridge will have to commute areas of getting some rain this morning we had against out with heavy is trend appears to be san mateo probably ride across the bridges to concede heavy showers continue down the peninsula in continue to come
9:47 am
from the southwest it will start to break up a little bit later on. >>reporter: the models will go ahead and follow this forward for us successor with the possible as the hands of the overnight and early tomorrow morning before all this program has wrapped up and out of here here was a three day planner to let you know what's going on thursday a couple sprinkles 7¢) and balis weekend looks quite interesting as it may have another chance of some scattered showers.
9:48 am
>>george: high with 92 a hot spot this morning 40 minute drive times out of hayward that have been no incidents into account for this so something of a mystery but definitely if you're heading out the door and a few minutes expect like ride that would be the case this time of the morning went to the surprise given some extra time you're ride to the bay bridge still heavy this morning coming out of the macarthur maze were still backed up nearly to highway 24 the ensure freeway back of beyond university avenue almost golden gate fields. >>george: with slow going up the incline section there may be a vehicle with some sort of like on the shoulder out near the new suspension to our it is not blocking any lines but it may be contributing to these delays with the backed up to 36 minutes for the golden gate bridge problem free hear with no
9:49 am
delays in either direction and for richmond bridge ride thankfully things have cleared out. >>mark: the new bill media player we were there and gives us a look at the new gadgets they are high and 10.2 in. tablet to rival the i pat and i have a pro. >>gabe slate: that will be available in time for the holidays on the store started at
9:50 am
499 for the tablet and 149 for the keyboard we incorporated a high-resolution a mega pixel from face it, didn't the road best pictures on the stone the next tenting feature on this phone this fingerprint sensor on the back of the device lets you use the finger pressed on locket phone that is for an unlocked found that you can use with any carrier that also unveiled an
9:51 am
entirely new type of gadget it presents any speaker or a receiver in your house that has a regular headphone jack or artillery and could is like an invisible bridge from your phone to your speaker a quick way to listen to music no wires that are available now is also $35. >>darya: instead of the toys or ball or all of the arm of the offense he scrolling through frisky has been making digital gains for cats since 2011 and dogs another option $2.7 million
9:52 am
note a man is behind bars after he posted messages on facebook while he was surrounded by a swat team during a five hour standoff in bakersfield is started yesterday morning the u.s. marshals tried to serve a warrant for a weapons charge and a seventh suspect fired several shots and then there can himself in a trailer to women were inside the got safely while inside he went on facebook and posted messengers sang bring on
9:53 am
the fed is i want to live as long as i can if he did surrender and was taken into custody. >>mark: thousands and a tendency know the law must took the stage and demonstrated the main feature of the cross of as you've been could carry seven people and travel to other 50 mi. on one charge and has a 5.60 reg will automatically activates the braking system if the dissects the crash to happen in this plan and hospital operating room install 75000 a first model are about zero hundred and 30,000 for the top-of-the-line everything they're willing to put down a $5,000 deposit now you can get one by end of next
9:54 am
year the rain solid move to this morning the showers this afternoon.
9:55 am
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9:56 am
>>reporter: we've been covering this this morning the storm track the radar of very little bit as it did the yellow indicate heavy rain shower a much better commitment is of land and then cited the airlift is a shot of his to announce we did see it early in the richmond san rafael bridge some activity have been since left as a rain shower has since cleared out from the sudden and of the peninsula it appears to be
9:57 am
working as well as is now focused on the east bay adjutancy oakland and off to the piedmont and for the to the east for heavier rain shower that will be the story if as it goes into the latter portion of to that for the return of that perhaps for your drive home. >>darya: they're coming to postage stamp to use them anymore on thursday the services want to start some of these to celebrate the 50th anniversary these stamps feature 10¢ on the tv special and aired in 1965 the release coincides with the second anniversary of the pin as comic strip. >>darya: stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am..
9:58 am
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>> announcer: today on an all-new "dr. phil." >> richard is posting sexual content. >> announcer: creepy dad? >> you're putting sex and women before anything. >> announcer: or mid life crisis. >> dr. phil: you bought a golf cart, jet ski. did you wind up? debt? >> dr. phil: you're back-pedalling? >> no, i'm not. >> dr. phil: the hell you're not. >> dr. phil: let's do it! >> have a good show, everybody. >> dr. phil: this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> stand by, i'll count you down. >> dr. phil: i try to be an emotional compass and point you in the right direction. >> five, four -- >> dr. phil: i'm not giving up on you. [cheers & applause]


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