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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  September 30, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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make records but we do have a nice measure of rain. >> diane: mostly san francisco, and east that. storm trackers showing where in its currently right now. places east of concord and san jose are stretching wide spread to the l.a. valley locations. i will talk more about how long we will continue with the rain showers. >> diane: 66 for plaza 10th and east bay shoreline and the low 60s boswell as san francisco and the lower peninsula. >> catherine: of course, and not enough way to end the
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l.a. drought. kron4 decrement is why it in san francisco tonight. and we just heard dianne say that it was kind of phasing out. >> reporter: >> gary: >> reporter: no showers at the moment. i have ben completely out before the head but escaping the rain for most of the day. you can see traffic moving nicely creek leaving san francisco. however, that was not the case earlier. as rain started to fall. >> reporter: dribs of rain is something we used to be familiar with. but it was a surprise earlier today. >> when needed a little bit of lanes creek--rain >> reporter: not all bay drivers were prepared
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because as soon as it started falling the accident started piling up. >> people were spinning out driving way too fast. amber not able to negotiate. >> reporter: this teed of the dickering yet to come has many people excited. -- tease >> is an exciting when you receive the first out of line because is so refreshing. and clean. >> reporter: is really a wake-up call, assets the chp. many people did not do well and it is not a heavy rain day. you should be prepared when it rains have your credit slowed it down before you get to 0.8 and point the.
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--point a to point b >> reporter: the people i spoke with art asking where is all this rain i haven't seen anything yet? san francisco, definitely a different story. you can see what look like they're on the streets of san francisco, with rain coming down pretty much amount of rain. coming down all morning. >> reporter: closer to the golden gate bridge decided to let up and a bit. and that is where the rain stopped. >> reporter: the rain stopped at around 3:00. back
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out here live. just a little cloud coverage. again, hopefully people here says they need in the north bay. >> catherine:to get the latest forecast -- you can check our kron 4 weather app. for daily and full week forecasts. >> catherine: we keep you up to date daily so you can plan ahead. download it today for apple and android devices. >> catherine: in the east bay. an outpouring of grief. dozens of people showed up this morning to honor the life of antionio ramos. the artist who was gunned down yesterday as he worked on a mural designed to uplift the community. >> catherine: kron 4's will tran begins our coverage tonight. with the emotional reaction >> catherine: to the loss of a promising young life. >> reporter: people are crushed to out oakland and throughout the bay area. they started off with a
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prayer in front of the group was his sister, inconsolable. they cannot understand what happened and why? >> volunteered on the first mural he walked out, and say he liked what we were doing. and started to show up. this was his neighborhood, and his home. it was something that he liked to do. we are all here honoring him and his family. (cheers & applause) (cheers & applause) >> this is something so horrific. our committee is really suffering. try to get to the group cost her it is like a cancer. it grows and grows and grows for no reason it is the sickening part of this. a that not understanding why someone has to take another person's life. >> he was a great friend. he
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was a diligent and a very good artist. he was sweet and good to the community and helpful. >> reporter: antonio's plant of salmon said it will continue with the project and when they are done they were dedicated to him. will tran, kron4 news. >> catherine: we are learning more about the events surrounding the shooting death of antonio ramoso-p-d homicide investigators are following up several leads. kron4's haaziq madyun spoke with opd offcials about the clues they are pursuing to find the shoooter in this case. >> reporter:he didn't bother r life of antonio ramos the shooter apparently strolled away from the scene. that is according to one of several people in the area tuesday morning when ramos was shot to death while painting this mural under the 580 freeway overpass in west oakland. >> reporter:now officials
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here at opd headquarters say homicide investigators are following up on a number of leads provided by witnesses who were near the location of gunman killed the artist following some sort of heated argument. >> reporter:driving through the area you can't help but notice quite a few surveillance video cameras surrounding the location of the shootingit is possible cameras may have captured the gunman on his way to 35th and west streets his casual stroll away from the shooting scene may have been recorded as well >> reporter:opd investigators confirm they are checking all availble cameras in the area for any evidence that could lead them to the man who pulled out a gun an shot ramos who was there with a group of artists working on a mural project to promote non violence in the communityin oakland haaziq madyun kron4news. >> catherine:a friend of antonio ramos is raising money to help his family. she's set up an online crowd-funding effort on the "you caring" web site. >> catherine:in just 24
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hours. it's already raised more than $20-thousand dollars. with roughly 500 people showing their support. the money will go to antionio's family. >> catherine:the friend who set up the page says he was a sweet spirit, a good friend, and an amazing artist. >> catherine:new details on a body found wrapped in plastic in west oakland yesterday. police have identified him as a man in his twenties who was killed in richmond. >> catherine:they're not releasing his name yet. the man's body was found yesterday on on union street near 26th in an industrial area. >> catherine: richmond police now believe he was a victim in one of their cases. investigators don't think the murder was random, but call it isolated. >> catherine:the life of a san jose high school student was remembered today at mitty high school. a memorial was held for 14- year-old loukas angelo. >> catherine:he was hit by a car last week - and was left in a coma. he died friday.
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>> catherine:his high school held a memorial and reception this afternoon. loukas was practicing for the upcoming basketball season just before the accident. >> catherine:friends and students posted on social media using the hashtag 'pray for loukas' to show their support. >> catherine:a two-point five earthquake shook the mission creek area of fremont this afternoon. the quake was reported around 1:30 p-m. and it's epicenter is estimated to be near the intersection of interstate highway 6-80. and state highway 2-38. >> catherine:there were no reports of any injuries or damage. >> catherine:there is much more ahead at five. coming up. what is killing the fur seals? >> catherine:tonight we hear from local marine life experts about what may be causing this troubling trend. plus. good news for traffic ticket dodgers. >> catherine:how you may be able to settle up with the state and not be hit with late fees. and with hammers and saws in hand. >> catherine:how a team from kron 4 spent the day giving back in the east bay.
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my name is jeff richardson, the vice president of operations here at c.k. mondavi. to make this fine wine it takes a lot of energy. pg&e is the energy expert. we reached out to pg&e to become more efficient. my job is basically to help them achieve their goals around sustainability and really to keep their overhead low. solar and energy efficiency are all core values of pg&e. they've given us the tools that we need to become more efficient
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and bottom line save more money. together, we're building a better california. >> catherine: of debt in his jail cell on monday. if investigation has not disclosed a definitive description of death. no foul play listed creek are no descriptive reason of why he died. further investigation will be in process.
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>> catherine: scores of drivers have not been paying the fines on their traffic tickets. and if the ticket is really old. the fines have likely increased. and your drivers license could be suspended. >> catherine: starting tomorrow the state is offering amnesty to some violators. >> catherine: drivers with lower infractions would pay either fifty or eighty percent of what they owe - depending on income. >> catherine: d-u-i violations are not eligible - and the program only applies to traffic tickets that should have been paid off before january first 2013. >> catherine: the ticket amnesty program runs though the end of march. >> catherine: pest control workers descended on the second palo alto library to be closed for bedbugs in less than twothe workers went thru the rinconada branch this pests. >> catherine: this after dogs trained to sniff out bedbugs detected the insects in some chairs yesterday. this branch is set to reopen tomorrow. >> catherine: the mitchell branch was shut down temporarily for the same reason last week. people who showed up to the closed library today were creeped out when they found out why they couldn't go inside.
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>>that's scary when you have little kids and maybe bringing it home, but i'm glad they are taking care of it. >> catherine: a city spokesperson says that customers who are concerned can place library books in a plastic bag and return them. >> catherine: all of the books will also be checked by the pest sniffing canines. >> catherine: so far no bedbugs have been detected at the children's library and the college terrace library. the main branch will be checked on friday. >> catherine: both branches which were closed for treatment will be re-checked next week. >> catherine: beekeepers are feeling the sting of california's severe drought. the lack of rain has reduced the number of plants -- which bees need to make their honey. >> catherine: one tradesman says his production is down
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as much 80%. they're looking at other ways to feed the bees.but say things like processed bee food or sugar syrup aren't ideal. >> catherine: it's hoped that the coming el nino will help. >> catherine: a vacaville woman is making it her mission to keep geese alive, but she's breaking the law to do it. she says she stepped in because her pond is going dry in the drought. >> catherine: reporter anjali hemphill has more on why the city says that when it comes to saving the geese they can't step in to help. >> reporter:one by one.more than one hundred geese greet marcy gamba every day. for some dinner and an evening dip. >>"i come out in the morning.come out in the afternoon and then come out in the evening to make sure they are safe." >> reporter:marcy took it upon herself to watch over this flock when she noticed the 780 acre foot lake in lagoon valley park, where they live, had completely dried up, thanks to the drought.
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>>"it makes me makes everybody cry that comes out here." >> reporter:marcy, who is now affectionately known as "mother goose". wants to raise awareness that these geese and ducks left high and dry. need help. >> reporter:so she and some volunteers bring them food, water and even some kiddie pools to swim in. >>"the first time i brought the bowls out i literally stood there for 2 hours and kept filling the bowls, and filling the bowls.they drank like they hadnt had water for months and months and months, i could tell they were thirsty." >>"this is pretty typical for the end of the summer in vacaville." >> reporter:mark mazzaferro with the city says this lake usually does go dry every year, but this year it happened even earlier. and he says in the past.the city has been advised by fish and wildlife to not interfere with nature. >>"we have a responsibility to make sure the park is safe and does this pose a danger or a threat? maybe." >> reporter:for now, the city is allowing marcy to use their water to tend to the geese. but both are hoping it wont have to be much longer. >>"we just want to keep doing this until the rains come."
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>> catherine: and, that can be a while. that is, heavy rain anyway. >> catherine: the situation has even drawn attention from a group in north carolina - which has started >> catherine: raising money to help. but marcy doesn't want a solution that would lead to removing the geese. >> diane: we are now done with the rain showers just yet. take a look at the allied camp right now at the embarcadero. what have the clout for much of the bay area. with all of the heavy rain appeared in the central area of the east bay and stretching out to other parts like san jose and the south region. >> diane: in livermore and pleasanton just east of concord and pushing into brett wood can be just one round of it. with light showers.
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>> diane: all of the moisture coming into the pacific ocean. pushing through much of the central part of california. the conceit, that we are not quite done with those rainshowers just yet. we have another 30 percent chance of those of showers to be scattered. and the overnight and morning commute. expect the rose to be what for tomorrow. >> diane: 70 and cloudy, with temperatures in the low sixties for the coast and the upper 60s for the inland valley. scattered showers by 10:00 a.m. and to the midnight hour spirit. >> diane: by noontime, it should clear up and we will have the full forecast coming up!
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>> catherine: hall is the day going grant?--how >> reporter: >> grant: we are in martinez. we were on the roof hammering some shingles for habitat for humanity. for safety reasons that brought us all down. people are over here hammering and the exterior of the homes, securing it in the and that of a earthquake. people are sighting which is the next step appeared volunteers, are out here in droves. almost every day. it is something that the people
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who give their time is the most valuable thing in makes them feel good about themselves. >> it is all worth it. because it's good to give someone something that we take for granted. it's good to be a part of it. >> this is a valuable cause. >> we normally do not get to do this. most of us have office jobs. this is terrific. >> grant: lee holmes and total. the first team will be ready this coming spring by 2017 all homes will be finished. for low income families and some moderate income families. habitat can always use more volunteers.
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>> catherine: next. what the volkswagen emissions scandal could mean for diesel cars on the market. >> catherine: and later. why the dating app 'tinder' >> catherine: is in a battle with a healthcare foundation. [announcer] right now at sleep train, get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale is on now at sleep train. (nature sounds)
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she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. ♪
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>>.*cheering >> catherine:for tesla enthusiasts -- the wait is finally over. and it seems to be getting an enthusastic response. >> catherine:wired magazine described the s-u-v being as awesome as it seems. the highly anticipated "model x" has come off the assembly line at the company's factory in fremont. >> catherine:tesla's c-e-o, elon musk,electric crossover s-u-vs at a special event tuesday. the luxury vehicles can carry seven people and travel 250 miles on a charge. >> catherine:if you decide now that you want a model x, you're not to wait a while. delivered in about a year or so. >> catherine:volkswagen says
5:24 pm
nearly 1-point-2 million of its cars in britan are affected byit's planning fix up to 11-million cars with diesel engines worldwide. >> catherine:on tuesday, v-w announced it whether their cars needed a a formal recall. >> catherine:make lake explains what this means for diesel cars on the market. >> reporter:this was supposed to be diesel's big moment ads touted diesel as packing a performance punch u.s sales were on the rise, representingmore than 20 percent of volkswagen's sales in 2014. >> reporter:now, as v-w admits to faking emissions tests, its overall sales are slumping and are expected to be down at least 5 percent in september >> reporter:and the diesel industry is bracing for the worst >>certainly in the us market this was the scandal that the diesel did not need/ what this is doing is putting in the headlines right now the idea that diesel is dirty/this is
5:25 pm
going to affect the entire product lines of every diesel manufacturer >> reporter:clean diesel was supposed to deliver it all: performance on par with gas powered cars- superior fuel economy. and less pollution than regular diesel >> reporter:but even before the volksawagen scandal, diesel was facing tough environmental challenges in europe, where it makes up more than half of the engines in all cars sold. >> reporter:the mayor of paris wants her city to be diesel-car free by 20-20, and london mayor boris johnson wants to raise congestion charges on diesel vehicles >> reporter:another big challenge- improvements in gas powered cars that have narrowed the performance gap - >>the diesel cars are still in their comparative segments but the gas cars have closed the gap quite a bit particularly in the last 5 years with the advances in gasoline technologies/ hybrids are more efficient than diesel- and that's where many u.s. consumers concerned about mileage are going >> reporter:some argue that diesel
5:26 pm
>>i've just spoken with someone at porsche and they can't keep the cayann diesel on the lot/its a personal choice people who love diesel love that its longer distance between fillups/people who love them don't want to sell them and they certainly don't want to sell them back >> reporter:but potential customers who considered doing their part for the planet by switching to diesel- may be lost for good- >>right now you have this scandal that is tainting the image of diesel as a green tecnhology-and that i think will be to the benefit of hybrids and plug in hybrids that have a greener image >> reporter:diesel is still the go to fuel for trucks and other larger vehicles but its big opportunity to gain in the passenger car market- >>we need recessitation- mouth to mouth recessitation >> reporter:may have stalled. maggie lake cnn new york >>the feds. and california are trying to unravel a crisis. they want to know what's killing fur seals. >> catherine: next at 5:30.
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the possible cause. also - why katlyn jenner won't face charges for a deadly car crash earlier this year.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine: there's a crisis involving ashore in huge numbers. mammals are being helped at the marine mammal center in marin county. >> catherine: kron four's terisa estacio explains what officials believe might be causing the problem. >> reporter:it is called a unusual mortality event. and it is happening to the guadalope fur seal. >> reporter:this is a picture of a guadalope fur seal. the event means that there is a significant die off of the animal. and immediate response is necessary. >> reporter:recently 80 fur seals were found standed on the california coast. 42 were found dead. and 38 ae being rehabilitated. >> reporter:federal officials say the at the furry brown coated mamals were in various stages of malnutrition. most of the seals are pups. between 9-12 months old. >> reporter:here in sausalito. the marine mamal center tookk in 33 and are rehabilitating them. >> reporter:experts say they believe hurting the animals, in addition overefishing is a problem - depleting their
5:31 pm
food source. >> reporter:the marine mammal center is already dealign with a similar crisis effecting sea lions, and say that resources are quite taxed right now and donations to help pay for food and medicine is greatly appreciated here in sausalito. te >> catherine: steady rain is already drenching much of the east coast. including flooding that has closed schools and forced some people from their homes. >> catherine: but forecasters say the worst is yet to come. the storms could soon be joined by hurricane joaquin. bringing as much as 10 inches of rain. >> catherine: it could hit an area from the carolinas to new england, early next week. preparations include areas of new jersey.where bulldozers are building up piles of sand in an effort to prevent flooding. >> catherine: take a look at this. the heavy rain on the east coast. forces a woman to become stranded in her car. this happened in stoneham, massachusetts. and video captures the woman being rescued from her car. >> catherine: the vehicles wheels. deep in flood waters. the woman says the water
5:32 pm
just came up so quickly. she was unable to get out of her vehicle on her own. >> diane: and come a cloudy conditions continue and light showers for the inland valley locations. rain showers are and become livermore location continue to move out east. we do have another round of light rain showers to continue any where between 8:00 p.m. tonight at before midnight. so, here is the storm trackers showing you this. a lot of moisture because of the storm system here. with low cloud and place which will continue to cool things down quite a bit. >> diane: we have one more day of light rain showers and then things show more up for the rest of the week. we
5:33 pm
have scattered showers, about 30 percent chance will continue by noontime clearly up, what more sunny skies for the rest of the day. >> diane: temperatures and 83 for the inland valleys. how long with this warming trend continued coming up in just a bit! seats >> catherine: the house is getting ready to replace speaker johnan election for the next house speaker will happen next thursday -- according to a statement from boehner. >> catherine: the long-time ohio week that he's leaving congress october 30-th. republican, kevin mccarthy from bakersfield, is the front-runner for the job. >> catherine: in the race for the g-o-p nomination. three political outsiders top the latest presidential poll, and donald trump trumps them all. >> catherine: a new suffolk
5:34 pm
university/usa today poll shows trump with a 10- percent lead over ben carson and carly fiorina. nationally. >> catherine: carson and fiorina tie for second with 13-percent each. >> catherine: trump has faded a bit from numbers slightly above the 30- percent before the second republican presidential debate three weeks ago. >> catherine: russia surprised many today-- including the u.s. -- when it conducted syria. >> catherine: the move comes as the u.s. trying to hold more talks with russia. cnn's steve nannes has the story. >> reporter:in a potential game-changer in the war on isis. russia conducted military air strikes in syria. russia's defense minister said in a statement that isis military equipment and communication centers were hit. >> reporter:but some u.s. officials believe russia's main president bashar al- assad.
5:35 pm
>>: "we must not and will not be confused in our fight against isil with support for assad" >> reporter:and in a move rarely seen on the diplmoatic stage -- the united states was only given about an hour's notice before the airstrikes began, and it was not given exact locations of where the strikes would take place. >>: i have been dealing with them for a long time, and this is not the the kind of behavior that we should expect >> reporter:republican senator john mccain says he believes the real purpose of these strikes is for the russian president to gain more influence in the region. >>arizona: "these strikes, near the city of homs, is not under control of isis of the islamic state. so already, we are seeing the true intentions of vladimir putin" >> reporter:putin says this military operation is limited in time and there will be no russian boots on the ground. >> reporter:kerry says u.s. and coalition air strikes will continue against isis, and he says attacks with other motives would not be welcomed by the united states
5:36 pm
>>: "strikes of that kind would question russia's real intentions fighting isil or protecting the assad regime." >> reporter:in washington, i'm steve nannes reporting >> catherine: the kentucky clerk who spent several days in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples says she met with the pope during his u.s. visit. >> catherine: kim davis' lawyer says davis and her husband met privately with pope francis last thursday at the vatican embassy in washington d-c for less than 15 minutes. >> catherine: davis says the pope thanked her for her courage and told her to "stay strong." a spokesman for the vatican said it will not confirm the story. >> catherine: davis' lawyer says photos were taken - and will be released at some point. >> catherine: prosecutors have declined to charge caitlyn jenner in fatal car crash in california. >> catherine: the decision was announced wednesday in the feb. 7 collision in which authorities said jenner's sport utility vehicle crashed into two cars, pushing one into
5:37 pm
oncoming traffic. prosecutors say they didn't have enough evidence for a conviction. >> catherine: the crash killed 69-year-old kim howe when her lexus was hit by a hummer. >> catherine: sheriff's investigators previously determined the 65-year-old jenner was traveling at an unsafe speed for road conditions and there was enough evidence to support a vehicular manslaughter charge. >>the case was then referred to the district attorney's jenner's attorney blair berk said she would later release a statement. >> catherine: after two tough losses will the the 49ers make changes for this week's games against the packers? we'll hear from the team tonight at 5:45. >> catherine: and next. >>a billboard beef between a popular dating app and a healthcare foundation. >> catherine: on wall street. the dow gained 235 points.
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>> catherine:tinder is blasting a new billboard campaign that links the popular mobile dating app to sexually transmitted diseases. >> catherine:the campaign by the los angeles-based 'aids healthcare foundation' began earlier this month. the billboards show silhouettes of two couples. >> catherine:a man with "tinder" written across his head faces a woman with "chlyamydia" written across hers. and an image of two men features the words grinder -- and "gonorrhea". >> catherine:tinder is demanding that the billboards be removed. but the aids health care foundation says that there's been a rise in sexually transmitted diseases. >> catherine:which correlates with the mobile dating apps, which it refers
5:41 pm
to as "digital bathhouses." >> catherine:keep calm and take deep breaths.that's the basics of meditation. but aside from relaxation -- it can also improve your physical health. cnn's jim morelli shows how one hospital is using meditation to help patients, family members, and staffers. >> reporter:it's lunch timeand caregivers patients family members of the sickare gathering in the chapel of newton wellesley hospital, outside of bostonto practice an ancient form of healingmeditation. >>breathe in possibility and optimism. breathe out fear and doubt. >> reporter:meditation is considered an adjunct or alternative form of therapy for the sick. >> reporter:but research shows that it "does" seem to have real benefit in certain conditions meditation can lower blood pressurereduce anxiety and depressionboost the immune system, ease pain and even lessen flu symptoms. >> reporter: >>meditation provides a tool calming down. and for just finding a sense of peace in the moment.
5:42 pm
>> reporter:the sessions at newton-wellesley hospital last just 20 minutes but participants say they walk out into the world feeling brand new. >>totally refreshed. i love the feeling when it ends and the door has to open and we have to return to work i'm recharged like a fresh day. >> reporter:in newton, massachusetts jim morelli for cnn >> catherine: next ---- a big announcement from nascar star -- about his future on the track. >> diane: rainshowers above the bay area today. but, how long will that last? we'll be
5:43 pm
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>> catherine: after nearly 35 years of competitive racing. tony stewart is getting out of the nascar driver's seat. he announced his retirement today. >> catherine: cnn's mary moloney has more on his career. >> reporter:one of nascar's most popular for good. >>"next year will be my last year in the sprint cup series." >> reporter:tony stewart announced his retirement wednesday afternoon. >> reporter:the three time sprint cup winner made headlines last year when he was involved in a deadly wreck. stewart hit and killed 20- year-old sprint car driver kevin ward, jr. after ward got out of his car to confront stewart, during a dirt track race in upstate new york. after the accident stewart took some time off from racing. >>"he's grieving. made the decision he's not ready to get in the race car. and we'll take it week by week" >> reporter:stewart was never criminally august, ward's family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against stewart. >> reporter:stewart has said the incident was, 100 percent an accident. throughout his career. the
5:47 pm
man known as the "smoke". became famous for his sometimes prickly, combative personality. >>"the reality of why. forced us into this " >> reporter:though he'll no longer be in the drivers seat. stewart will remain an owner. >>"nascar is likely the most dissappointed because they aren't getting rid of me. they have to deal with me as an there still the oppurtunity to get fined just like always." >> reporter:and he has his sights set on a few more trophies for his final lap. >>"got two more big wins on the schedule that i want to win. wouldn't mind adding another championship to that." >> reporter:i'm mary moloney reporting. >> reporter: >> catherine: an appeals court has ruled the n-f-l's "deflate-gate" next year. the n-f-l is appealing a federal judge's decision to throw out patriots quarterback tom brady's four-game suspension. >> catherine: it was handed
5:48 pm
down by n-f-l commissioner roger goodell. >> catherine: he determined that the san mateo native was involved with an alleged plot to deflate footballs ahead of last year's a-f-c championship game. >> catherine: the appeal could be heard as soon as the first week of february 2016. >> catherine: his bank and getawful performances can no doubt shake a young player's confidence, especially at the quarterback position. days after a historically bad outing against the cardinals, colin kaepernick >> reporter: >>"i have confidence in myself out and help this team win. what other people think of how i play and how i go about things isn't really something i worry about." >> reporter:jim tomsula's mantra has always been own it, fix itso kaepernick's
5:49 pm
four interceptions-- in the past. >> reporter:the team's second straight blowout loss-- old news. and coach says leave your frustration at the door. >>"they've got monday and a hour and a half on tuesday and that all better be in the right place. or one game leads to two games which leads to three games to four games. so the luxury of being frustrated in this building. that's what's gotta happen." >> reporter:and the murderer's row of quarterbacks and high- this green bay comes to levis. and their leader aaron rodgers.already has 10- touchdown passes, no interceptions. >>"what they're doing. where aaron's at. what aaron does. the way that offense works. what they're doing. the way they're playing defensively. they're special teams. they're well coached. a lot of talent. nothing but respect for them." >> reporter:rogers is the
5:50 pm
first of four super bowl winning quarterbcks the niners will face in october. so this young niners defense will have to grow up fast or risk getting rolled. >> reporter:mc, kron4 news >> catherine: kron 4 has a new feature. >> catherine: it's called the "ford high school selfie" just send us a selfie from your school's high school football game. you can either submit it to our website. or post it on twitter, facebook or instagram under the hashtag "kron4selfie". we will feature a photo every week on sports night live. >> catherine: >> diane: now dealing with a lot of heavy cloud for the inland valleys and east bay shore cities carry with the upper 60s for the valley with a 68 and plans to attend and antioch. mid-60s
5:51 pm
and inland valleys. john you all of that monster. all the storm system there, leaving the parts of the central valley and our region. st. to the south of the spirit >> diane: so, we are dealing with another storm system coming into romo to read with chances of winning showers and a high pressure system to monitor what show was again with scattered showers throughout the east bay area. and by cam light showers to the morning commute. >> diane: first become isolated showers your credit partly cloudy conditions in
5:52 pm
bangs will clear a comfort it early early morning. the high-pressure system will warm things up for the weekend. >> diane: clar skies for the weekend. but we will have consisted weather palin for the rest of the week. seoul, for the most part we have the storm system developing off coast that will continue to give but isolated lan showers. and at a 30 percent chance into the morning hours. >> catherine: the "back story" is back. >> catherine: it returns this weekend with all new episodes. we'll go behind the scenes to see what it's like at kron four as we bring you the news. here's a preview. >> catherine: >> catherine: this sunday night. you'll follow reporters as they cover breaking news all over the
5:53 pm
bay area. that's this sunday at 9-30. right after sports night live. [announcer] you're on the right track to save big
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>> catherine:they came to this roadside memorial bringing flowers, lighting candles, bowing their heads in prayer and writing messages of thanks for an oakland super hero artist, antonio ramoswho was gunned down while working on this
6:00 pm
super heroes mural project under the 580 freeway in west oakland >>"i'm just plain sad" >> it's easy for us to cry creek--he was the when such a wonderful job threat. >> i am sad. >> reporter:you can see this message left by one of the students involved in the project which reads antonio thank you for making our class laugh >>"antonio ramos was just
6:01 pm
such a bright light" >> reporter:the director of the super heroes mural project says everyday he worked on the mural >>"not in vain" >> reporter:in oakland haaziq madyun >> catherine: a friend of antonio ramos is raising money to help his family. she's set up an online crowd-funding effort on the
6:02 pm
"you caring" web site. >> catherine: in just 24 hours. it's already raised more than $20-thousand dollars. with roughly 500 people showing their support. >> catherine: the money will go to antionio's family. >> catherine: the friend who set up the page says he was a sweet spirit, a good friend, and an amazing artist. >> catherine: just in. a preliminary autopsy finds no evidence of foul play or acute inury in the death of a santa clara county jail inmate. >> catherine: on monday. a correctional officer found 33-year-old walter roches unresponsive in his cell. >> catherine: roches had been forcibly week. after he became uncooperative and was banging on doors with his fist. >> catherine: however. the preliminary autospy findings did not determine a cause of death. those results are expected to take a couple weeks. >> catherine: the university of san francisco is the latest school to rescind an honorary degree awarded to bill cosby. >> catherine: it was a unanimous decision by the board friday. >> catherine: today the u-s- f president informing him of
6:03 pm
the decision. >> catherine: at least 51 woman have accused cosby of rape or sexual assault. this summer, cosby admitted in civil depositions to having extramarital relationships with several women, including some who now accuse him of sexual assault. >> catherine: at least 2 lwsuits have been filed against him. >> catherine: more than a dozen other institutions have given cosby honorary degrees over the years. >> catherine: the president released this statement today. saying " "by his own statements in a court deposition made public in july, mr. cosby acknowledges behavior that is inconsistent with the university of san francisco's criteria for a usf honorary degree." >> catherine: people who live in oakley are outraged after learning that a sexually violent predator is scheduled to be placed in a quiet neighborhood there. >> catherine: robert bates was convicted of crimes including having sex with a minor by force or fear. the 51-year-old is undergoing a mental health evaluation. >> catherine: once
6:04 pm
complete... the state has recommended for him to be released to a home in an oakley neighborhood where young children live. >> catherine: a public hearing is scheduled for friday. now to the weather. >> catherine: much of the bay area saw a little bit of rain today. >> catherine: not enough to end the four-year drought.but every bit counts. >> catherine: people on both sides of the bay had to break out the umbrellas tonight. this was the scene earlier in san francisco, and oakland.where many people had to bundle up. >> catherine: a similar scene in the north bay. kron 4's scott rates is live in sausalito tonight. >> catherine: let's go to dan! >> reporter: not a lot of plain that a lot of excitement. --rain
6:05 pm
>> >> reporter: rain fell across the bay area this morning. >> soon as it started raining. a right onto we started getting calls about multiple collisions. >> reporter: the word spinning out because they were driving too fast. to give >> yourself some extra time to get there and slow down. turn on your way show wipers and headlights. do not follow people to close. if you follow all of those rules there is no reason why you should not be able to get to your destination safely. >> it was nice to see the rain. >> it was clean and beautiful. we are hoping that this is just the beginning. >> reporter: others decided
6:06 pm
to soak it up patrick some had their umbrellas. >> is kind of like to forget. it is will rain. >> have a feeling that it will be a really wet year. >> reporter: for now, people are just happy with what has started. hoping that there is more i had carried live in san francisco kron4 news. >> catherine: scott did they get much rain up there? >> reporter: dan wanted some of the rain that we start- desk sought and been carmen video. --in dan kerman's
6:07 pm
video >> gary: >> reporter: the brain really coming down for most of the afternoon. letting up at 3:00. i did see people in the north bay, talking about what the ruling has been like today. --the rain >> here there was very little. >> very little. >> it was not doing anything. >> reporter: hoping that the mine will get up towards the north bay more accurate we will be watching to see where this line goes tomorrow. in sausalito, scott rates kron 4 news.
6:08 pm
>> catherine: that is the question dianne? >> diane: here is what we are looking at what the past 24 hour rainfall accurate and barely made a dent anywhere but the moisture will something that we could let me take. >> diane: fremont had a trace of rain but we are not done with the rain showers occurred will have a light drizzle here and there. 7:00 p.m. cloudy and by 10:00 p.m. 30 percent chance to continue. we could have by 5:00 p.m. in the north bay places like santa rosa we can expect a little drizzle here and there.
6:09 pm
>> diane: the grain area indicating light showers for fairfield in east of napa. at 10:00 a.m. santa rosa should have a little drizzle by 10:00 a.m. in the morning while everywhere else will have high clouds. >> diane: that is pretty much in it as things dry up by thursday afternoon, or evening. friday at 4:00 p.m. trier conditions and the clouds pullback quite a bit. so we definitely need the rain showers. >> diane: certainly, things will warm up derrick we will have the 74 cast in just a bit. >> catherine: and a reminder.
6:10 pm
>> catherine: for push alerts on breaking updates, and live doppler radar be sure to download the kron 4 mobile app. >> catherine: it's your number one source for news and weather on your phone or tablet. >> catherine: another bay area library on the peninsula had to close because of bed bugs. and for the second time in less than two weeks the infestation was detected in palo alto. kron4's maureen kelly shows us what is being done to get rid of the problem. >> catherine: this video shows a clark pest control worker spraying down the office area at the rinconda library in palo alto. >> reporter:a dog trained to sniff out bedbugs found live insects in the upholstry of some chairs. the same situtation caused the mitchell branch to close last week.a similar finding also closed a branch in the city of berkeley. >> reporter:both of those libraries are back open. >> reporter:a spokesperson for palo alto used to kill the bugs is low toxicity.but they still need to keep patrons away until tomorrow. >> reporter:those who came to use the library were pretty creeped out to find out why it was closed. especially jimmy tobin.who was studying here the day before the bugs were detected. >>it makes me itchy now i am worried that they followed me home
6:11 pm
>> reporter:officials say patrons who are concerned can wrap any books they have in plastic and return them. >> reporter:those books will be checked were the bugs were found will be re- checked sometime next week to make sure the treatment took hold. >> reporter:some people who frequent the libraries were surprised the pests were found here. >>it's a new library.always nicely kept >> reporter:others weren't surprised at all >>people come here from all it's not unsuprising. >> reporter:the company hired to spray the branch says libraries are a perfect place for bedbugs.because the insects are drawn to body heat and like to hang out in places were people sit for long periods of time. >> reporter:maureen kelly kron4 news >> catherine:
6:12 pm
no matter what they produce encourage the kron4 team had a little fun in the rainy weather. kron4 rob fladeboe says it feels great to give people help to people who really needed. >> reporter: i have always admired the founder of habitat for humanity with the many stories over the years but this is my first time to get out and how few nails on my own. >> catherine: you can visit their web site. they take volunteers about three times per week. >> catherine: and crisis
6:13 pm
averted. to keep the government from shutting down. at least for now. and a big change that will take place tomorrow on how you buy things from the store. we will be back!
6:14 pm
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6:16 pm
valley pioneer in lake county. folketing it is expected later this week. the well fires started september 12th and has destroyed more than 76,000 a.. >> catherine: it hit 97 percent contained nearly two dozen structures were destroyed including homes and the fire is responsible for at least four deaths. today the epa started going through the rubble to remove household had to this waste. >> catherine: health officials are warning residents of the dangerous chemicals that could be in the air. the clean up gets under way. >> catherine: the red cross is asking for donations. you can make a donation online, through our website. >> catherine: or by texting the word "red cross" to 9-0- 9-9-9. to make a 10-dollar donation. or you can call 1-800-red cross >> catherine: recycled water is drying up
6:17 pm
in livermore. a station set up to provide used water to residents closed today. >> catherine: most people used it to water their grass and plants. the residents are upset. with more than 250 people signing a petition. >> catherine: hoping to stop it's closure. >> catherine: however, the livermore city council says keeping the station open isn't cheap. and since the winter months are on the way - it's time to close. it's estimated that it costs 170-thousand dollars to keep it open. >> catherine: the money mostly goes to staff to monitor operations. >>complete drought coverage is just a click away. on kron 4 dot com ---a look at how much water californians are saving. >> catherine: also - the el nino prediction that could bring some much needed rain. and how drought shaming is forcing some people to cut back on their water use. >> catherine: that's all on kron 4 dot com. >> catherine: joaquin is now a hurricane -- churning in the atlantic. it strengthened to 85- miles-per hour wednesday afternoon. >> catherine: and the national hurricane center says it expects joaquin to continue to strengthen. a hurricane *warning is in effect for the central bahamas. >> catherine: and a hurricane *watch is in effect for most of the northwestern bahamas.
6:18 pm
it could hit an area from the carolinas to new england, early next week. >> catherine: one mayor in new jersey says they are prepared for this severe weather. >>.comes our way >> catherine: it's still too early to tell just how close it will get -- and how much impact the storm might have. >> catherine: >> diane: we certainly needed moisture in place. here is a look at our live camera at the bay bridge. this afternoon or evening commutes i should say. >> diane: the east bay short city's art and the low 60s. storm trackers showing us where the rain shower is located. the activity, and the livermore area pushing out east. nice and clear for
6:19 pm
the rain showers right now. >> diane: we are not quite done with those rainshowers for the evening. and tomorrow. here is a bigger picture showing you the storm system which is widespread. spreading across our region with low clouds in place and the monster you saw today at the east bay shore and inland valley locations. >> diane: between midnight and 7:00 a.m. we will have the showers continue. and then a clear up what temperatures warming up for the afternoon highs, and the seventh fiscal and peninsula area but the upper 60s for the average temperatures there. 67 in alameda and
6:20 pm
made 70's for the east bay. >> diane: up in the north bay regions we will have scattered showers and clouds for tomorrow correct because we do have another round of light showers tomorrow thursday, isolated showers until mid morning hour. then friday, high-pressure system that will make its way into our area with an honest and warm up. saturday, sunny and clear skies and back to the seasonal average. i will talk more about the 7 day forecast, coming up and just a few minutes! >> catherine: there are heightened house and the kremlin tonight.after russia launched its first air strikes in syria. >> catherine: russian officials say the positions including arms andthe u.s. was only given about an hour's notice before the air
6:21 pm
strikes began. >> catherine: and defense secretary ash carter says the strikes targeted areas there are 'no' isis forces "this is one of the reasons ... >> why the result of this kind of action will inevitably simply be to inflame the civil war in syria." >> catherine:russia's foreign minister says syria's president asked moscow to conduct the airstrikes. president vladimir putin today said there will be no russian ground troops in syria. >> catherine:personal data for more than 21-million people has been compromised. including u-s government employees, their families and people who applied for government jobs. >> catherine:now the u-s says its pulling spies from china. in the wake of the hack. >> catherine:the u-s has not officially assigned blame for the cyber attack. but some officials suspect chinese hackers were behind the breach. >> catherine:officials worry that china will be able to use the data to identify. u- s embassy personnel who are actually intelligence agents. i >> catherine:the government is open for business...
6:22 pm
after president obama signed a short-term measure today to fund the government. >> catherine:the house passed the bill...which the senate then approved this afternoon. president obama's signature averted the threat of an immediate shutdown. >> catherine:the measure only funds the government through december 11th... many conservatives wanted to use the bill to strip planned parenthood of funding. >> catherine:but the bill keeps the group's funding intact. >> catherine:a major transition is underway for retailers and their customers. it's aimed at protecting credit card transactions from fraud... and it kicks in tomorrow. >> catherine:new at six. >> catherine:cnn's karin caifa explains why you may have received a new card in the mail this month. >> reporter:after a series of high-profile breaches, new liability rules are about to take effect regarding credit card fraud. >> reporter:starting october first, fraud liability falls to whichever side hasn't yet made an upgrade to new technology - the bank or the
6:23 pm
retailer. >> reporter:this change, consumers won't notice. >>they will still be reimbursed for any unauthorized transaction on their account, so there's really no difference or change in liability as it relates to the consumer. >> reporter:another change -- they will. >> reporter:millions of consumers are receiving new credit cards -- chip cards, smart cards, or e-m-v cards -- already used in many other countries. >> reporter:embedded chips hold payment data and assign each transaction an individual code -- adding an extra layer of security. the transition for the u-s is big, and matt schulz of credit-cards-dot-com says that's why it's likely to be slow. >>it's the biggest change in the way we use credit cards in decades, and people aren't ready yet. there's a lot of confusion out there. >> reporter:doug johnson of the american bankers association says that about 70 percent of cards will be chip-enabled by the end of 20-15, but less than half of retail devices, equipped to handle them. so swiping will be an option, for awhile. >>you'll still see the mag stripe on the back of the card, so essentially if the point-of-sale device hasn't been refreshed and brought
6:24 pm
new with the ability to read the chip, the point-of-sale device will still be able to read the mag stripe. >> reporter:even after chip transactions become the norm, schulz says the same rules apply. >>consumers definitely have to take the same precautions that they've been taking for years, even with this new chip card. because the most important thing to remember is that nobody cares as much about your money as you do. >> reporter:that includes checking online statements and credit reports regularly, and when something looks suspicious -- flag it to the card issuer. >> reporter:for consumer watch, i'm karin caifa. >> catherine: still ahead. new information on the deadly crash involving caitlyn jenner. the prosecutor's decision on whether to file charges. >> catherine: and we'll introduce you to an east bay firefighter on a mission to make a difference. it's our new segment.kron 4 heroes.
6:25 pm
[announcer] right now at sleep train, get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale is on now at sleep train.
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>> catherine: caitlyn jenner. will not faces charges. in a car crash that killed anotherthe collison happened last february in malibu. when jenner's vehicle crashed into two cars. pushing one into oncoming traffic. >> catherine: a 69-year-old woman. kim howe. was killed when her lexus was hit by a hummer. jenner faced vehicular manslaughter charges. but today prosecutors say they don't have enough evidence for a conviction. >> catherine: the washington utilities and transportation commission suspended the operation of the ducks. other smaller but vehicles might be back on the world and one month. the cost of the crash has not been determined.
6:28 pm
>> catherine: coming up at 630 and east bay fire fighter is focused on putting smiles on the faces of people that need it most. >> catherine: chair needed rain headed to the bay area and more on the way. stay with us. my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't
6:29 pm
hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
6:30 pm
welcome to subway, what can i make for you? how about our new flavor-packed italian hero, loaded with three authentic italian deli meats. including our new spiced capicola, our new cracked-pepper-seasoned mortadella and our always-delicious spicy genoa salami. enjoy this amazing taste combination on freshly baked bread, toasted with melty provolone, tomatoes and oregano. the new italian hero won't be here long, so try one today. subway. eat fresh. >> reporter: here and
6:31 pm
oakland the community come out to pay their respects to the young artist that was killed by was penning his mural you see behind the green. --paint withing the mural behind me >> reporter: and palo alto a second library branch is closed because the big bucks to rid this video shows a pest control worker sprang for the insects. a spokesperson for the city says what is being used to kill the box is low proximity is still needing to keep patrons away until thursday creek >> reporter: patrons that are concerned have put their backs-there's the book into
6:32 pm
plastic bags to see if the books are detected by the drug sniffing dogs. >> reporter: across the bay area people were pulling out rain jackets like these. as drop started to fall. >> reporter: 20 of people had their umbrellas ready. but not all drivers were prepared because as a lot as the rain started falling the accident started piling up. >> sink bowl vehicle sped out. --single vehicle >> diane: overnight lows. a handful of 50 separate, 57 per antioch barrett with a couple of '60s and the inland valleys and 64
6:33 pm
antioch and read what creek also, down in the south bay. >> diane: cooler temperatures for another day because we have a nother round of a slight rainshowers. >> diane: the isolated showers will happen any time between the overnight hours into the mid morning hours and by noontime, that should all cleared up. >> diane: warming up up and the inland location. with clear skies and temperatures back to seasonal average. >> pam: >> catherine: a reminder. for push alerts on breaking news, and up-to-the-minute weather forecasts, download the free kron 4 mobile app. >> catherine: we're starting a new series of
6:34 pm
stories.called 'kron-4 heroes.' each month, we'll be profiling first responders that are going above and beyond.making a difference in their communities. >> catherine: grant lodes is here now with our first kron-4 hero. >> reporter: this story has nothing to do with a five- year or saving lives. randall is a hero because he had an idea to create a back-to-school drive. >> a whole lot of school supplies. >> reporter: >> they make me feel like of this was home. if i had a chance to work emeryville i would venture i get back to the school system. >> every school is deserving
6:35 pm
of school supplies. >> reporter: students tierney all of the help they can get. >> students on every social and economic level has been impacted so it is a great thing. >> materials are still coming in. >> reporter: the committee donating more than $3,000 worth of supplies and $600 to use what or for ever- judge or what ever the children need to rid >> it means having a successful school year. >> this is just a stepping stone to help them succeed in their education
6:36 pm
>> reporter: this is the second year. you see the relationships he makes with some of the students patrick randall last hour kron4 hero. engineer at the fire department making a big difference. >> catherine: we're just four days away from a brand new episode of kron 4's reality show.the backstory. here's a preview of what we're working on for this week. woma my m ani have e sa hands.
6:37 pm
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>> gary:good evening
6:44 pm
everyone! >> gary:after perhaps his worst performance as a pro! >> gary:4 interceptions 2 retruned for touchdowns in the team's blowout loss to the cardinals colin kaepernick must bounce back this sunday >> gary:against the packers >> gary:things not looking good as 10-point underdog at home something almost unheard of in the nfl >> gary: steelers a week earlierand the play last week of kaepernick is not encouraging >> reporter:if the quarterback is the the 49ers have been off key for the last two weeks. yet, colin kaepernick is not letting sunday's frustration of four interceptions carry
6:45 pm
over. >>"i'm not too big on feelings. feelings aren't going to help me win a game. i'm focused on doing what i can to help this team win." >> reporter:perhaps kaepernick's cyborg, no- feelings approach is the best way to forget about the worst performance of his career. >> reporter:if you ask jim tomsula though, the last few days have been anything but emotionless. (cheers & applause) "you know there is frustration, what do you want me to tell you? there's no frustration? i'm not gonna lie to anybody. you walk through the door. i'm frustrated. you're frustrated. everyone's frustrated. it's what you do with it." >> reporter:and there's no time to dwell on what was. >> reporter:the fact is aaron rodgers and the high- powered packers are coming to town.and so far the mvp front-runner has fired 10- touchdowns, no interceptions. >>"a lot of people say he's playing better than he's every played. i've looked at this guy for how many years. i don't think this guy is playing better than he's every played. i think he's always played that good. i got the utmost respect for aaron rodgers." >> reporter:after surrendering nearly 450- yards in each of the
6:46 pm
rodgers' caliber to keep up.or it could be another long afternoon. >> reporter:mark carpenter, kron4 sports >> gary: if you want to have a career doing tv sports. at an electric you cannot be a cheerleader. you have to call up the good, bad and the in between even if they get mad at you. >> gary: however, i will be rooting for kapernick sunday, because he is getting beat up. this is the time that i like to have him to say, hey, i have bad days but i still have something left. >> catherine: i like that packers and i did like the there's a growing up. -- bears >> gary:menawhile jack del
6:47 pm
rio was asked about bears head coach john fox. who was also head and denver. here's what del rio had to say about going "foxy" >> gary: and speaking of foxy the tripliets j.r. stone mark carpenter and bip roberts sports night live >> gary: here we go. lanza nice football. he would do a little chat right here. about two wins over the last two weeks. >> it is cool. it is an exciting thing. obviously, for our team and organization. like i said, we set a standard for what we want to be and we are not close. we have so much more to do. we see the blue print, is made up for us accurate.
6:48 pm
>> gary: here is what bill reel had to say going up against the man he called fox secret--foxy >> want to beat the people of that he wants to be me and i want to be camp. --and i want to beat him. >> gary: at catherine just told jail. and send us your school pride and seld us your high school football selfie your photo may appear on sports night live >> gary:--as catherine just told you.
6:49 pm
>> gary:submit them to or post on social media under the hashtag: "kron-4-selfie" >> gary: that was my first major assignment at kron4, covering the bears. and orleans when it wiped out knowing electorate and they were a lot of fun creek walter payton of, of course >> gary: afterward, we should go to the bar and talk about football. >> gary: saturday, everyone said this will be the deal again touch center at but, he was involved three double plays. getting out of trouble. giving up four
6:50 pm
hits. taking him out that practice style. finished up for indians and four hits. with two runs and four walks after he was in trouble the whole time but he did get out. >> gary:the toronto blue jays clinched their first division title in 22 years with a 15-2 route of the orioles. >> gary: projecting to win 60 games this year. they have the third best ought to go all the way behind cleveland and san antonio.
6:51 pm
>> gary:nets owner mikhail prokhorov brought some interesting workouts at practice wednesday he did pushups with both arms and legs balanced on basketballs and many other variations --- challenged the players as well >> gary:brooklyn finished under.500 last season seem to be desperate for ways to improve >> catherine: coming up. parts of the bay area got >> catherine: some much- needed rain today. >> catherine: diane is back with what we can expect for the rest of the week. [announcer] you're on the right track to save big
6:52 pm
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>> reporter: >> catherine:get ready to get even more creative with your facebook profile. soon you'll be able to upload a short looping video as your profile picture. >> catherine:the video lasts seven seconds. >> catherine:another change includes setting a temporary proflie picture that reverts back yo your original one... automatically after a certain amount of time. >> catherine:the third change... the company will also make your profile picture or video bigger...and center it on top of your cover photo. >> catherine:all changes will apply to mobile devices first. >> catherine:a full hour of
6:55 pm
entertainment news is on the way. at 7:00 it's the insider, followed by entertainment tonight at 7-30. then we're back with kron 4 news at 8:00 >> catherine: and we all want to know about the rain? >> diane: by noon time the rain should clear up with a warming trend coming friday and and should be nice and warm sunny for the weekend.
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"the insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. did you know that he was go announce his candidacy? >> for president of the united states. >> take a deep breath. >> geezy's presidential plans are already in play. his lady outlines his political decision for 2020. >> is he here >> he's serious. >> then brian austin green is suddenly seeking sp support. >> the pendulum has clearly swung. men have no problem asking for support. >> does this force hollywood's bread winning ladies to pay up? >> plus a walk on the high side with joseph gordon-levitt 110 stories in the sky. >> are you afraid ofheights? >> we're all a little bit afraid
7:00 pm
of heights. >> inside his death-defying new role inspired by the real daredevil's tight rope trip between the twintowers. >> if you start letting your mind wander, you will fall. >> now, hollywood from the inside out. it's "the insider" together with yahoo! >> uh-oh, someone alert gossip girl. blake lively is bowing out of the ga what would moses say? >> i think she'd say that's a good thing. >> nice one. >> we're tracking that story in a bit. but the donald and melania we're concentrating on their real competition. let's go inside kanye 2020 political vision. >> did you know that he was going to announce his candidacy or it possible? >> i did not. that was ns


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