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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  October 1, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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stock that in the south of this morning will jump to weather map is the saw the benefits they receive scattered showers we're seeing showers in and around the area of the more as a handout for the out to my past and the east valley out in the delta and at half ahead of was to come to my next update will run to the animation.
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>>darya: to avoid that and you need to leave even donald that for free that has done to drive times and heading out the door for the bay bridge that the committee when your accounting a bigger than normal drive times. >>george: currently at 33 minutes into downtown san francisco. >>mark: if you have outstanding traffic tickets you could be in luck this is a way in to reduce
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debt that will include park into it is reckless driving and driving under the influence this for six months. and this time it will last for 18 months and and in march of next year. >>darya: he was murdered while painting a mural in west oakland in the hunt for the killer continues this morning members of the community showed up for a visit yesterday for two to seven your artist and tonya rommel's it was tuesday morning where he was working with the super heroes mirror project under the five a free ride we know the
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names of the two people killed and a double murder in the east bay early this week or thompson and james hamilton was found dead in their mobile home on monday that said the weapon used in the killing was a rich this say they arrested laurie son and he is hospitalized in police custody he reportedly has not been question yet listed are searching for any of the suspects.
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>>jackie sissel: this is all three libraries here in berkeley that will be evaluated for bed but in fact the berkeley library system was the first to find bed bugs and fact has video from the north berkeley lybrand that was closed for several days that at the least afraid
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that but today they were be more evaluations done at three more libraries here in berkeley there are the clear my branch of the south branch and also all the west branch will all be evaluated what they do normally is bring a canine unit and better able to detect those bulbs the war on the perimeter outside of the detected anything that is when they shut the library's down with talk to past expert guest today obviously they're trying their hardest to make sure there mitigating and these the didnt side of the libraries and today tomorrow be evaluated and berkeley.
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>>mark: they're trying to figure how to keep housing affordable and that explains with the city is doing to do with housing problem the ceilings and both of the bathroom's caved in after a year-and-a-half or battle of the land or she decided to settle. >>reporter: she is no longer
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paying rent and has for months to find a place except everything is so expensive film apart and she can afford is in stockton with last announcement making his way to oakland city councilwoman fares there be even more displacement they won the open housing cabinet where they're working on a number of strategies to immediately stabilize neighborhoods and protect existing residence by converting a market rate housing to affordable housing. >>darya: the city council is to reaffirm the public's right to photograph and videotape the
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police and passed ordinance last night that was brought by the civic organization called 100 black men of the bay area of people had been detained and arrested for a photograph and the police you know california law allows people to take photographs and videos of the police the groups cited the 2009 shooting at the food bill bart station platform when the police tried to take recording devices away from witnesses people cannot be punished for taking photographs and videos of the police as long as there and the play's the thing have right to be. >>mark: a man called and a threat since several bombs or inside the building in the bomb squad and the search box on nothing several was allowed back inside build a half an hour later. >>darya: more problems for bill
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cosby the local university that is taking back their honorary degree in her can what can getting stronger now how parts of the east coast are bracing for the storm.
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>>darya: is turning in the atlantic near the bahamas track
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into a category three last night that a sustained winds topping hundred 10 mi. from our they're getting ready for on the east coast-starting the preparations and it is bracing for what will be a very wet weekend we're trying to get the word are to the community to think ahead to have a plan that expected to strengthen in the atlantic as a head toward the center of the hamas and we have team coverage. >>anny hong: heavy rain is already flooding streets and south carolina where it is blamed for one that officials say a man died when flash floods submersible cars another man was found clinging to tree and taken to hospital for treatment governors appeared on the coast are warning residents to prepare for what could be 01
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to part with her can what came over to the u.s. here is a look at the weather computers the satellite image not quite a well-defined yet but we are looking at a category 3 storm right now to see a pretty large storm getting closer and closer to florida and the sea is over to the bahamas and also eastern cuba was what happened with what it is once eventually move of north impacted protested the atlantic coastline places like the virginias the carolinas here is a look at what can forecast is a category three will become a category for some time today it will move west southwest of 4 mi. from our. >>anny hong: it will turn of north was sustained winds of hundred 20 mi. from our gust over hundred and 40 to become a category to let it will strengthen first and then we can over the weekend as the head of north by sunday into a category two impact in places like the north carolina coastline in the
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virginia coast line continues to lose track of the potentially make landfall as a category one in the washington d.c. area also bring heavy rain and also high winds for the new york city area as well people from the carolinas of north the massachusetts are watching very closely hurt him walking they're waiting to see the exact path right now the models are not quite in agreement always want to happen but this model here is showing at the princess lea effect is caused by the weekend we will keep you posted. >>james: ghostwrite we're talking showers in the east bay in some portions of the south bay earlier there was some showers ride over york incendy those are pushing off in the direction of snow on a with the the hills and pleasanton could have histories with here before too much longer it to see some portions of south pleasanton and eastern pleasanton those shows continue on rap and rock lamarck
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as streams of over the out to my past track is to shower the delta sensenbrenner on the radar and walnut creek looks like a pleasant hill for have started to see some rain began to fall out there and what has been nice and quiet now since early this morning when it was all covered in green the things are beginning to settle down now in the north bank of the tree to catch their run this future cash and a this is a new model run new data computing and is actually showing that things are metal out loud and. >>james: not allowed activity the last round of the show did earlier have the potential for all of showers and look like it is beginning to die down a little bit by 3:00 to to getting out of school public showers and the south bay that will be about 60 of the drive home things are clearing out of the time the road to be nice and dry for at that point to to this
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afternoon was a muted their equal mix of the seven is the best of illinois college in all directions low seven by the bay shoreline mid-60's the san francisco and the coast of the peninsula here is a quick look at the pretty all but temperatures warm tomorrow the sun comes a we really dried out and turn it around again to start pulling it off with a chance to maybe some more rain will explore that and more details coming up. >>george: says francisco first arrived on one on one more thought and how many boulevard in the accident has the backing up the traffic onto the 7 freeway 280 know about coming out from babysitting. >>george: if you had to the bay bridge you're going to be heading out there in just a little while we're in for big surprise this is the hot spot in back to track all the way to the meeting might not into the macarthur maze now onto highway
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24 we just caught the drive times at the bay bridge and is now coming in at 45 minutes for the westbound ride out of the maze even the 880 approach his jammed that is what the cost to the least 46 minutes you're ride across the bay on the san mateo bridge not much better here 29 minute drive times out of hayward hitting all the way out to san mateo it on to save a little time if he got on it yet trip to the golden gate bridge is problem free-throw recounted the drive times out from in the bottle again six minutes if you're heading into marin the the richmond bridge we're looking at a 16 minute trip time was down from the beginning of the back of heading over course and fell. >>darya: and daily city of three alarm house is burning and it is a three alarm fire on knows avenue we're headed to the scene of the house fired just arrived at to lay the was the latest. >>will tran: they are still
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battling this an hour and two would is a building and smoke right behind me you to see the fire fighters finding on the roof the good new one to quickly pass along no one was in the two families live in the instruction were not exactly sure how they got out whether not the will of themselves or for smoke detector will optimal but nonetheless it out no fatalities and no injuries you could see the smoke the flames coming from the top floor the firefighters not just from the daily city fire department but there also call for help in south san francisco firefighters also hear with on john daly boulevard and east bound has been shut down because all the fire trucks westbound is still available to you if you want to hack through this area will have an update coming up in about 15 minutes from now but the fight is far from over government
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offices and the nation's capital are open for business this morning after all, the bill offered a government shutdown. >>mark: passed the bill early yesterday afternoon for honoring just the december 11th president obama sign the bill last nine the measure was approved seven hours before federal agencies would have a lot of money. >>darya: we have more on the bottom of the federal funding of planned parenthood.
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>>reporter: 1 has drawn more anger than jason the to do not need federal dollars on to do this and a kilo of the congressmen and produced a chart showing a sharp reduction in cancer screenings and a sharp rise in abortions based on planned parenthood on accounting moments later they did and did the night and adequate the truth is what this office and by the numbers the
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charge is misleading suggesting more abortions than cancer screenings at planned plan your 2013 when cancer screenings actually outnumbered abortions almost three to one still republican plan is some other bills pointing out planned parenthood far from scraping for cash at $127 million surplus last year at the group's political action committee for trade planned parenthood is non- partisan the our rage from planned parenthood is still reverberating. >>mark: that person is telling nascar fans they should keep flying the confederate flag belongs is on private property
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the comments from the on african-americans came as he received informal endorsement of our racing legend richard petty the nascar driver appeared with cars and a cap for disabled children established by the foundation did not expect to stay on u.s. soil if he becomes president the u.s. has committed to taking in about 10,000 or syrian refugees in the next year
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with more expected after that. >>darya: russia link actors tried at least five times to pry into hillary clinton's private e-mail accounts while she was secretary of state it is unclear if she click on any it has an exposed our account they receive the affected e-mail describes as speeding tickets they instructed the recipients to of a lot happens to take control of the computer's security researchers analyze melissa software has said the affected computers would transmit information from the victims to at least three service computers that were working overseas including one in russia the university said francisco the lettuce cool to the senate, or a degree of work to bill cosby. >>mark: was a unanimous decision and just yesterday the president in a letter to inform him of the decision 51 women have accused him of rape or sexual assault the summer hit minute and still with the positions to have the extra marital relations with several
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women included some will not use of assault to loss of seven filed against cosby more than a dozen higher education's have given costner, rare degrees of the years the back story is back in the returns this weekend, all the episodes were you get to see behind the scenes how we get the news on. >>terisa estacio: it is hard to get to places sometimes it is limited internet this sunday night it and follow our reporters and anchors out in the field.
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>>mark: this celebrated the decade memories that were made there the decision was made to
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close the windows for good and shut down the store to be closing with the memories will carry on he's going to donate his signs of a saucer eyes khamsins she could not attend her wedding jessica plans to go to the wedding but her babysitter canceled at the last minute there was no one to watch her child so she could not go sister imitation said no kid she could not take them she stayed home after the wedding she gets in the mail a $75.90 a bill for the dinner that she and her husband was supposed to have the reception.
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>>darya: >>james: thousand people were forced from their homes because of the rising rents what they say are a legal evictions was the city is doing about it.
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>>darya: 03 alarm fire is
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burning on the house on fire and we are at the same for while. >>will tran: he was kind enough to take time off at this very it business situation the first floor occupants whose rooms directly connected to the garage discovered the fire of the open the door that black smoke came and went out to the backyard to get away it came from the fire the smoke when upstairs and alerted the upstairs occupants and they got out as well at this time no injuries have been reported a little bit of damage
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to the green house next to lead the good news is no one was injured this is ride off of john daly boulevard if you need to head east of town that has been shut down the of the need to go west bound to concede those of the car is not a problem will monitor the situation and have another live report in just a few minutes. >>mark: we're talking some more
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wrens hours around today tech live look outside right now from the bay bridge the cloud a little bit of sun and the cause of the san mateo bridge right now where traffic is backed up and at the bay bridge as a right now we're seeing some rain at the moment like to but there you can see where it is falling. >>james: that is on the we're picking up the showers off to the east dublin now in the the more just north of 580 you can see in that and that we have moderate rain activity that is what we're saying at the moment
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for that portion of the east bay for the to the north we have concord looking at the stress of 680 between 242. >>george: stop a 8028 minutes for the dublin to fremont drive and your corridor commit now nearly doubled in fact a little over that how we started from two to five minutes to 55 minutes from 238 down to 237
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heading to the bay bridge earlier, stahl has left us with a big backer of all the approaches talking 35 to 40 minute drive times this morning out of the macarthur maze. >>mark: happening today you will use like a credit card to register may change with a new credit cards and look a little different. >>reporter: on main street there is a lot of retailers change the way where we're going to be doing business this is all to add another letter of security and prevent fraudulent purchases because now they were
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responsible for fraudulent purchases things and are really going to change to consumers except for giving these new cars is also very important to note that the microchip cards do not add a layer of security when it comes to all my part purchases. >>darya: to please all to have been cleared of charges and a deadly often involve shooting a happened earlier this year, officers will not be charged for the death of he called officers and claimed an armed intruder was threatening to kill his family they got their headed turns out he made the whole story of he told his axion said he wanted to die a man is behind
7:35 am
bars is one in connection with a string of burglaries in the east and they're pulling over to to to your michael that and report and circled the incident they found in the town to his car skidded into all the two that hit stolen some of the things in the car that yet more stolen property. >>mark: contain property that the store from six different cities in the east they believe there recover property connected to more than 10 cars a home burglaries robert bleep was convicted of crimes including having sex with a minor by force or fear is said to be released into a neighborhood along the bethel island and of the border the 51 year-old is under what amounts of evaluation when that is done he is going to be released to live and house and
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the 2400 block of that road. >>darya: that will host a booster seat giveaway at how families in need they're heading off for able to seize before and after school the first giveaway just got underway 730 to eight the did this morning after more
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cases of the west now has been discovered on wednesday to check and tested positive for the virus that was thought of thing today cleared the to vista middle school between 650 to 9 and 10:00 p.m. people in the area advised of the windows and doors this is the third
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operation to happen, to cost accounting two weeks to come from skills and can cause feasance have sex and body aches we will be right back.
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>>darya: this according to a new study by the governor's highway said the association in the type
7:41 am
of drug would drivers behind the will and the cases it was that detective 23 states including california permit medical marijuana and four others and the district of columbia have the law as recreational marijuana smokers switch to low nicotine cigarettes are more likely to quit smoking as according to a new still the purchase and the town of madison about a hundred people were assigned to smoke the regular brand of cigarettes. >>mark: several experimental type they may with low nicotine dose was too low nicotine cigarettes one of smoking less and more likely to quit side to say it is pull the fda should mandate lower nicotine levels.
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>>george: when you get out the door you will be spending about 40 minutes at the bay bridge the world with gary when the morning news' returns.
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time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey >>gary: i was just watching on the man looking at myself last night at 6:00 broadcast
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>>gary: is the hours how you pilaf and stay from and do your thing that is to be admired and you've never get used to getting up that early >>darya: i practiced on the weekend getting them i get up and wanted to in the morning to be ready it is funny he passed draymond green who was living at line 30 at night i am hundred
7:46 am
percent kidding but that will mix to break. >>darya: in the old country they do a little differently take a look at the owner of the net instructing his players is a modified concept and a dribble it is one of the rare things that he did this we see people do not with the ball underhand but he does all the things he dribbles he had been using tennis balls to have them using boards to have to dribble cleansings they're laughing it
7:47 am
was pretty fun of this guy we want to say early to mid '50's. >>darya: he's a free style jet skier and he ran for russian president this is how they do in the chamber at these as we know very interesting than a doubling while doing pushups while doing
7:48 am
pushups they are dribbling against the wall that had tiny tennis ball and it was crazing. >>gary: he one of the contract to stay with the team so we came out last like filling great we talk about feeling good and hangover we look at minority house talking when the blue jays clinched he keeps on going and
7:49 am
keeps saying that finally he actually at the interviewer can you ask me the questions and japanese because i cannot think and talk in english anymore if you know another language always wondered about this year the pretty good added butter and retired in this case the players and met with a drunk and usually we say we've people along.
7:50 am
>>darya: to do not like the team or the management or the stadium do not go and thousands of those like to could licenses they're putting on the market they're looking at how many flooded the secondary market because they could tell when the season tickets on the market and they seen a huge amount of them but it might not be like a said
7:51 am
nothing they're upset with the team but they're tired of the management and people do not like the stadium that is the only way you can effect change and still it is my favorite as long as i've been doing this 30 years and you get people with this like to since 19894 but they're still watching. >>darya: only to effect changes practice i want you to go over the tapes look at your tapes look at the tapes and practice.
7:52 am
>>gary: you're making fun of me but i am the only guy that likes looking a himself every knife-- night >>gary: ok thinking--thanks.
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>>darya: just a little thing is hanging along that could help you today a lot of people got
7:55 am
wet-today we're starting a new series called the heroes each month will profile the first responders to the going above and beyond making a difference in the community. >>grant lodes: he's an engineer with the alameda county fire department but the story has nothing to do with fire or saving lives that are the hero because he had an idea to spearhead a back-to-school drive.. >>: 1 identified apartment if i ever get a chance i would definitely and find a way to
7:56 am
give back to the schools every school is a need of surprise and a ledger is the only such school demirel on students hear it all the help they can get. >>grant lodes: notebooks construction paper is your name midwest and his colleagues and local 55 collective the tennessee donated more than $3,000 worth of supplies and $600 to use for whenever they needed is important to have the
7:57 am
tools, although this is a steppingstone to help them succeed for their education the supplies a distributed on an as needed basis throughout the school year this the second year was a local 55 organize this back-to-school supplies drive decency the relationship aranda west and an engineer with the alameda county fire department making a big difference in the lives of kids and families in emeryville. >>mark: coming up in the next hour or their close more than one east bay city the cruiser buy with them for bedbugs will have more on the lead disclosure on the report of the east coast getting ready for hurricane will have team coverage in the next hour show you when the hurricane could hit.
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>>darya: members of the community showed up for a vigil for a 27 year-old artist and tom your mouse that brought flowers and candles and messages he was shot on tuesday morning what he
8:05 am
was working on a super here was a your project under the 580 freeway he was with a group of to an artist painting the mirror when he was shot the group uses art and education to inspire people and stop violence they promise they will finish that merrill and his memory when the the name of the two people who were killed and a double market in the east than law rick thompson and james thompson were found dead in the mobile home and castro valley. >>mark: the weapon used in the killing was a ranch alameda, said that these are arrested the son and his hospitalize a police custody is not the question yet they are searching for any other suspects of three public libraries and berkeley are being a guy when it for bedbugs. >>jackie sissel: we are at the south branch library of the
8:06 am
berkeley library system up to now these libraries that only reopened earlier this week but it was closed for some time as they're able to go through that and get rid of those bed bugs and has not been isolated to berkeley and also bed bugs were found in several libraries up in paulo out so in closing of the mitchell park and iran cannot library of which this video was shot yesterday when passed the job at sparked when inside and get active spring inside there to get rid of those bad blood inside of the library that branch is expected to reopen today but as far as the
8:07 am
evaluation here are the three sites that will be evaluated today in berkeley. >>jackie sissel: that is the claremont branson also the west branch all be evaluated with that do a canine unit and got through the library inside out and make sure there aren't any infestation's if there are that is when they close the door and to the treatment he obviously we're waiting to hear from the library system. >>mark: the house of representatives we sincerely
8:08 am
appreciate all the support receive from our viewers and advertisers. >>mark: storm headed straight for the east coast team covers of was being done to prepare for the hurricane ikea is along going to sell the lines records on them will have more after the break.
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>>george: it is backed up south of the on highway 24 in the drive times are about 38 to 40 math since all this as a result of an early morning spa the deck is drive for your westbound ride. >>darya: ikea is no longer going to sell window blinds with court because of the risk of strangulation the said the commission says one child die each month from 1996 to 2012 because they were strangled by one the court that is what spurred the decision starting today and they say none of its stores in the united states are born to sell the lines that have the poll course.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment,
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and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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>>darya: it is strengthening and it could hit the east coast over the weekend and is turning and midlantic said the bahamas the take a look at the big storm they're expected to strengthen and midlantic has a hitch was the central but, as we have team coverage of the hurricane. >>anny hong: heavy rainfall and flash flooding are possible for part of the east coast regardless of past a major
8:16 am
category three hurricane it is currently located near the bahamas with a much uncertainty remaining in the forecast beyond 72 hours winner to face right now along the east coast looking for a possibility of more substantial inland flooding is possible that letter passes marron the area and in a second look at the track where country during his visit the heading up north in the next couple days is on to strengthen today to a category for with sustained winds with hundred and 5 mi. from the dustin over it is one
8:17 am
to go of northward through the weekend it will weaken to a category to by sunday efficacy get closer to the carolinas and virginia coastline out for washington d.c. professionally as a category one and is also potentially going to impact places like new york city manager is the impetus nellie of the north toward massachusetts as well as potentially a tropical storm but there was no question that a lot of people in the east coast will be getting lots of rain also the strong onshore wind create minor to moderate coastal flooding. >>anny hong: here is a quick check of the forecast. >>james: tear was a quick live look at what we're saying in this out there where we are conditioned data nice and mild the rhine has pretty much died down just a little bit working its way to the diablo range the
8:18 am
east bay and the balance will be tracking showers in the delta for sale is the last half-hour the more moderate rain falling at the moment between antioch and redwood cutting that right in half their we do have to shout to and spots a long time before between into at the martinez the showers will fall on and across parcel on a quick dose of since moved on that you see right there move this way up and over the hills and tore the delta that is what we are attracting interest at the moment the rain is falling right now about what still to come the bottom of the screen will have some showers offshore that are working his way toward the southern portion of the peninsula as the switch gears and show you a wider bill. >>james: you see the shower is beginning to come on shore not much of the back side of it where the convict and hopefully start to calm down and hit toward noon hear the crowd was on the satellite writer of year again the sow was confined in a moment to the east bank temperature still mild low 60s bay area wide weather in san francisco or in the more we're
8:19 am
looking at temperatures from 61 to 64 degrees this afternoon will continue to be mild weather tough time picking up will have some relevancy on a to upper 70's mid to upper for the east of a balance. >>james: here is a three day outlook friday saturday in view we have to the to the warming up as a headed to friday that will be a nice sunny day and then those temperatures will come down as head to saturday and sunday at it ascended the real watching very carefully we have a slight chance of maybe some more showers will be track and that give you an update day- by-day as we get closer to an. >>george: one of them is the ride into san francisco marathon on both interstate 280 and u.s. highway 101 early your car problems here alemannic on the bay shore have cleared but not until the backed up the ride all the into daily said on to ignore
8:20 am
the down and be on third street for the one on one of about ride would continue to track the bay bridge as a hot spot this morning with near 40 minute trip times out of the macarthur maze on 580 in high with 24 try to get to downtown san francisco and san francisco and britain early morning stall but since then we had no other incidents what the san mateo bridge is and to hot spots it is a slow spot 29 minute trip time a better day today than yesterday close to the normal the golden gate bridge ride has been exactly that normal which means problem free the trip time ran through marin from novato southbound is still up from 36 to 39 minutes from highway 37 and we're still looking at 20 + minute trip times are richmond. >>george: hitting of resource center fell on 580 westbound. >>mark: it is carried out new air strikes in stereo saying
8:21 am
they had for isis facilities the official said the strike to help the syrian military 5 ices and the terror groups but the u.s. and opposition groups said the russians have in fact targeted syrian opposition fighters not ices the mexican government is extraditing a major drug cartel suspects to face justice in the united states suspects were put on planes to the u.s. yesterday the officials say in return for the extraditions of the plan to turn over suspects by mexico the mexican government has the u.s. extradition request for top cartel figures but the mexican attorney general has promised to change that the department of justice said the two countries about to push for collaboration. >>darya: human remains found inside above the and and and and identified as an 18 year-old who was the missing for seven years and dental records were used identified joshua maddox investigators think that he was
8:22 am
trying to squeeze down the chimney when he got stuck the owner of the captain says it's been empty for 10 years the body was discovered back in august on the cab and was being torn down for development. >>darya: they should kick the fly the confederate flag as long as on private property the, some the only african-american in the 2016 presidential republican field came as he received informal endorsement for all racing legend richard petty the retired nascar's driver appeared with person at a camp for disabled children established by the foundation. >>mark: the not expect to stay in the united states if he becomes president you have the migration because syria is such a disaster and now we want to take in 200,000 syrians the
8:23 am
united states has committed to taking in about 10,000 more syrian refugees in the next fiscal year. >>darya: the same soviet tank in another country may have more sugar and that then over here in the united states will explain a live look outside at the approach to the bay bridge as we are looking at a day where we could see some sprinkles we will be. ride back
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the amount of soda, of sugar in favor soda you drink is different depending on where you buy it. if you buy it here or overseas. you king campaign group -- 274 sweetened soft drinks and sugar levels varying around the world. some of the top brands had more than double the sugar content of their equivalents purchase in different countries. in some cases there were as many as 60 spoons more sugar in
8:27 am
different countries. and more than recommended in the amount of sugar you should consume in an entire day. look at the sugar amount in the same thing. this is how they vary around the world. a sprite in thailand -- they like it sweeter. in the uk four. dr pepper in the us has 9 teaspoons. i always thought it was crazy but when i go to mexico i drink koch and it tastes sweeter. >> that she does are even different in mexico. >> i don't eat she does -- she does. the city of oakland making it easier to photograph and videotape police in public. the latest decision by the city council. you might be asked to do something different with your credit card today if you go shopping.
8:28 am
i will have those details coming up next. we are following breaking news out of daly city where a three family -- three families are to placed this displays after a fire ripped through their place. i will have the rest of the details coming up in a live report. ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store.
8:29 am
a house fire in daly city
8:30 am
in a busy area near john daly blvd. >> crews have been on the scene all morning. they have done a lot. >> reporter: the fire is outcome of the hot spot is not a concern anymore. they will continue to monitor for hotspots but it looks like the worst is over which means pretty soon the investigators will go inside and find out exactly how this fire started right off of john daly blvd. they believe it started on the downstairs unit. three families , a total of five people, it started in the garage area. a member of the family alerted everybody in the units. everybody got out safely. this started at around 5:40 5 am i got here at about 7:15 and they were -- they had their hands full. there were still flames coming through the windows it look
8:31 am
like it is pretty much done now. you can see some firefighters on the other side of that window mopping up a bit. the good new -- the good news is it looks like they are getting ready to leave this place. on the left side of the screen you can see cars moving along, that is not a problem. eastbound as far as the crews, this was so intense the fire department pretty quickly after they got here called for backup. it looks like a lot of the crews are getting ready to wrap up and leave the area and turn this over to investigators. back to you. another big story we are tracking, rain yesterday and a little lingering this morning. >> some showers near fail. -- fairfield. we have live look outside of san francisco. a lot of clouds around the bay area.
8:32 am
it is a little drier than yesterday. >> that is nice for the commute. let's go back to the radar and i will walk you through where we are seeing the rain at the moment. good news is it is beginning to dry out nicely. you can see they santa clara valley with no activity right now being reported on radar. if you are seeing anything it is light drizzle. the showers that were over antioch and brent word moving off into the direction of fairfield. they are beginning to clear out that portion of the delta. where else are we seeing showers? we have to go south and you can see santa cruz and monterey bay have quite a bit of rainy activity. that will impact the entire area over the course of the next half-hour as this wet weather continues to move by. i will be back in 15 minutes and we will talk more about what we can expect this afternoon and look ahead to the weekend and see what is on the agenda for saturday and sunday. george, good morning pick
8:33 am
>> good morning. still a hot spot on the right to the bay bridge with solid back up into the macarthur maze on interstate 580, interstate 880 this backed up beyond the eastbound lanes to the toll plaza and east shore freeway. for the westbound ride and south bay freeways it is to -- still fairly heavy here especially a 101 and 85 in the northbound direction near 40 minute trip time for the ride on the capitol expressway northbound from the montague expressway. 280 northbound, nearly 30 minutes for the northbound drive. it was 14 minutes when we started this morning and the trip to the mid-peninsula is still heaviest around the 82, make that 84 and 92 interchanges where we intersect the bay shore freeway with traffic from the dumbarton and san mateo bridges. happening today, away you swipe your credit card could change and look different. a
8:34 am
very harper is live with more on the new chip card systems. >> reporter: good morning. if you are shopping this is what you need to know. at retailers like this you may be asked to insert your credit card instead of swiping it and that is because starting today retailers are switching over to those credit card machines instead of swiping the card you will have to insert the card to because the cards now have a special microchip and they're doing that to cut down on fraud. don't worry, if you still have an older car today you will be able to make purchases still, but you will have to -- you might have to and say there's insert your card rather than swiping it. it is about the way they are changing the card machines to cut down on fraud. now the retailers might have liability instead of your bank picking up the tab when fraudulent purchases are made.
8:35 am
be on the lookout because you might be getting a new card in the mail from your bank. happening today, livermore police are teaming up with alameda county supervisor scott haggerty his office to giveaway booster seats to families in need. they are handing out free boosters before and after school so they just finished the morning shift where at 7:32 8:30 they finished wrapping up and they are giving way booster seats. they will be back at the school at 1:30 p.m. until 3 o'clock giving away more free booster seats. there are only a number of limited feet so go to 298 junction avenue. in livermore if you would like one. the giants relief pitcher jeremy affeldt will hold a news conference this morning. he is going to announce he is retiring. the news conference scheduled for 11 to 15 at at&t park. we will bring you more information and we will send a crew down there to see jeremy say goodbye to baseball. he is retiring at the age of 36. rising rents and
8:36 am
illegal addictions have forced thousands of people in oakland from their homes. the city council is addressing the cities of portable housing crisis pick it was a full house at the city council meeting last night after last weeks announcement that cooper is opening up an office in oakland. some city council members worry that even more residents will be displaced. councilwoman rebecca kaplan is pushing to fix the affordable housing crisis is strengthening tenant protections and taking actions to increase affordable housing options. in the 2013, 14 fiscal year there were nearly 11,000 evictions in oakland. between 2006 and 2013 between 2006 and 2000 13/10,000 homes were foreclosed upon. the mayor has formed a housing cabinet working to stabilize neighborhoods and protect existing residence by converting market-rate housing to affordable housing. the oakland city council is reaffirming the publics right to photograph and videotape
8:37 am
police. the council passed an ordinance last night that was brought by the civic organization called "100 black men" of the bay area. that group says people have been detained just been detained and arrested for photographing police even though california law allows that. group side of the 2009 shooting of oscar grant when bart police tried to take recording devices away from witnesses. under the new ordinances people cannot be punished for taking photos or videos of police as long as they are in a place they have a right to be. two san jose police officers have been cleared of charges in a deadly officer involved shooting that happened earlier this year. the das office says officers right out and james so will not be charged for the death of told watkins. lycie watkins called the police claiming an armed intruder was threatening to kill his family. an investigation found he made the store up. he told his ex-fiancie he wanted to die. when officers got there they say watkins ran at them with a knife, forcing them to open fire , killing him. yesterday the shooting was
8:38 am
ruled a lawful gun. coming up, two fisherman get caught in the middle of an oracle -- workout will hunt. how it happened and -- orca whale hunt. how it happened and how they managed to get out. how to save your phone after it has been dropped in the water. coming up. a little bit of a wet this morning, we will talk about more hotspots and the weather in just a few minutes. this is the dawn of an old day.
8:39 am
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welcome back. tracking a hot spot on the ride along the east shore freeway or interstate 80 is still slow from highway for all the way down to berkeley near hercules to berkeley drivetime at 41 minutes. check this out, a dolphin returning it iphone to its owner. the owner was a miami heat dancer. teresa was on a boat with her friends and she was diving with the dolphins in the bahamas and dropped her phone. she handed the phone to her friend and they dropped it in the water. >> are these wild dolphins?>> it is like a dog with a ball. he saw something come down and thought she might need it expect
8:42 am
the dolphin doesn't understand once the phone it the water it is not going to work. >> if it was a samsung galaxy x5 it would work just fine. >> maybe anybody will do anything for a pretty cheerleader. let's go outside. there is some rainfall. look at this rainfall imagery, light to moderate. decent showers about maddie about ready to make rainfall in monterey. we will have the full forecast coming up in just a minutes. some cities in the bay area are saying not so fast, this might not be legal. coming up.
8:43 am
8:44 am
welcome back. we are watching storm tracker four and some rain in the bay area. if you showers popping up on the san mateo coast. it is a
8:45 am
strange weather pattern. >> it is making it difficult to forecast. >> we have this other low dropping down with the rain off and on.>> maybe it is just the south bay? >> a chance of showers. >> maybe it's a day the forecasters should take the day off. >> you just never know. >> like we say, it is all about the computer models. when they are all in agreement the skies are blue. >> now what is going to happen? >> i don't know. [ laugh ] >> we are on the same page with that one. we don't know. we can tell you the rain is falling well off to the east, way past antioch headed towards fairfield. some showers popping up interview along the coast of the southern peninsula. santa clara, if you are traveling in the next 10 or 15 minutes on the roads, san jose
8:46 am
and surrounding communities look great. also picking up decreasing activity in the east bay. we had showers over antioch and brent was, the last update it was just above antioch. it has pushed well out of frame. to the south we are seeing quite a bit of activity. monterey and santa cruz are getting hit right now with light to moderate rain. this is making its way on shore. beyond that we are not looking out much activity. let's look at the forecast, futurecast aside from cloud cover not a lot going on. about noon not much activity. the clouds beginning to break up a bit. at 3 o'clock we have some rain potentially popping up in the far north bay and some part south of san jose. the majority of the bay area is looking okay. we continue to dry out heading towards 6 pm and you will be driving home and the clouds,
8:47 am
the breaks that are there and we will get some sunshine and it will weaken and clear out overnight. let's get you out the door. clouds overhead right now. temperatures still in the low 60s around the bay area. temperatures this afternoon will stay nice and mild aside from a random sprinkle you are looking at mid to upper 70s for the east bay, south bay and north bay valleys. temperatures around the bay shoreline will be a very mild 78 to 73, in the low 70s with mid-60s in san francisco. for the weekend, friday warming up and staying dry. the system mark was talking about swings down our direction with temperatures falling on saturday. it is on sunday we potentially could see a sprinkler around the bay. a lot of time between now and then and we will keep refining the forecast. we will give you updates with the latest computer models. next week is a bad. temperatures beginning to warm as we head toward the middle of next week. that is weather. to traffic we go.
8:48 am
new hotspot, an accident in more and county southbound. it is just past lucky drive near madera boulevard. we have three or four cars involved in this crash and at least two are still in the lanes . where you would normally find a smooth conditions south of sir francis bacon drake boulevard all the way down to the waldo great there will be delays. the total drive times are still not bad because the rest of that commute is coming out of northern marin is not unusually heavy this morning. your drive to the bridge is a bad one. the bay bridge is solidly backed up on all of the approaches, 30+ minute drive times. still 20+ minutes even from the nimitz freeway. for the 92 ride out of the east bay, stopped at the toll plaza. 29 to 32 minute trip time over to san mateo from the east bay. for the golden gate bridge, an easy trip, the usual trouble-
8:49 am
free ride northbound and southbound and the richmond bridge southbound heading toward marin is still tracking 18 to 19 minute drive times the good-sized back up at the toll plaza to the west 580 right. north californians are doing a good job conserving water as the drought continues. according to the state water for the californians have met the mandate to conserve water for a third straight month. the exact figures will be released later this morning. officials. >> the numbers will show a 25% savings. that was the goal set by the governor earlier this year. we will bring you those official numbers when they are released. the drought is not having an impact on the environment, it is also causing problems for sewer lines. experts say waste products are moving much slowly -- slower through the local treatment centers because less water is being put down the sewer system which leads to more complaints about the stink. most of the pipeline system has people complaining.
8:50 am
sitting sewage can turn into sulfuric acid. >> concrete structures that might last 50 years might, that lifetime could drop in half if there is a lot of corrosion going on. you will not see that immediately. >> we understand the need to conserve water is more important, is on us to make sure we keep the pipelines. >> crews are using a high-pressure hose to keep sewage moving and prevent pipes from corroding. a new website similar to air b&b is helping people make some money on the side. it is also storing -- stirring controversy. we met someone who's ordered to stop using the website. >> reporter: is a website kind of like air b&b for driveways. it lets people who own their home and driveways to rent out that driveway to other people to park. around the airport, around sfo, where a lot of people want parking this is taking off. a lot of people are renting their driveways to people who
8:51 am
are traveling through sfo. the people who travel get a huge discount on parking. the people who are renting their driveway get a steady stream of income which can really help because it is so expensive to live here in the bay area. it seems like a win-win but it is not that simple. >> this past friday i came home and i had this code enforcement note on my door. they told me that i had to cease and desist or they would start noticing me for violation, $100 for the first day. >> reporter: linda lives in san bruno and has been using for a wild to stay in the bay area. >> i don't make enough money to live here anymore. >> reporter: she and other users were served these notices by the city of san bruno to stop renting their driveways. >> generally the city doesn't allow commercial uses on residential property. renting out your driveway for
8:52 am
compensation, the city considers that to be a commercial use. >> reporter: i met with the city attorney who said besides by letting city ordinance it could have a negative impact on the neighborhoods by making street parking or difficult. that is a good point. i drove around san bruno and it is like most communities, the neighborhood streets are packed. there is barely any street parking. so if people read their driveways that puts their car in the streets and could make it more crowded. in linda's case, she happens to have two car driveway and only one personal car. she only rents one space so she is not impacting her neighbors this is patrick, the cofounder of i asked for his take on this battle. >> our team is looking to the zoning laws for san bruno and in the meantime we are fully committed to working with the city of san bruno to come up with something that works for everybody. there are a lot of people using this income for their mortgages , kids tuition and these are real people. >> reporter:
8:53 am
only on kron 4, a new series that we are calling kron 4 heroes. each month we will profile first responders who are going above and beyond and making a difference in their communities. our first hero is randall left. west as an engineer with the alameda county fire department. earlier this year randles -- randall spearheaded a back-to- school drive for needy students. he moved to the bay area from louisiana in 2002 and he says the committee made him feel right at home and he wanted to get back. >> it made me feel like this is home. when i got hired with the fire department i said if i ever get a chance to work in emeryville i will definitely find a way to give back to the schools. >> this is support really helps students of every social economic level. every classroom has been impacted. it has been a great thing. >> the supplies will be distributed on an as needed basis and this year and the
8:54 am
second year that he has organized this back-to-school drive. a routine fishing trip getting a little exciting. or dangerous. they are in the middle of a feeding frenzy. they were fishing in new zealand when they saw a pot of killer whales hunting a dolphin. the fisherman says they were at a safe distance that a smaller boat was right in the middle of the hunt. the wheels barely missed the boat but continued on and lost track of the dolphin. the golfing -- the dolphin that a. the back story is back. >> behind-the-scenes to show you how we gather news here on kron 4. here is a peak. there are apparently some development unfolding right now at this hour but something just unfolding, as we speak.
8:55 am
>> we told the audience and we still have to remember there is a family on the other side of what they are watching. >> i cannot imagine the pain. this job will keep you awake to what the world suffers everywhere. >> it is this sunday on the back story. it is at 9:30. as we go to break a look at storm tracker for as we track showers moving out of the bay area. a few more are headed south of san mateo right now and coming over the mountains and probably hitting 280 in a few minutes. weove, lovee, cholat crmy, cwi a ltle methg exa. mmm licisnes okie or aonds yummess. hehey's isine, or aonds yummyour
8:56 am
8:57 am
take a look at this mountain lion showing off its climbing abilities. on top of a 35 foot utility pole. it was apparently scared by schoolchildren. he climbed on top of that tower. >> were they screaming because of him or just because kids scream? >> the big cat has been out there all afternoon. the mountain line lives around california -- the mountain lions live around california but usually stay away from people. we had a very special guest yesterday. the food networks tyler
8:58 am
florence was talking about a charity he is passionate about and gave us some good cooking tips. >> to learn he will teach you. a house fire burning in a busy area in daly city. we are live on the scene and will tell you what caused that fire. [announcer] right now at sleep train, get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale is on now at sleep train.
8:59 am
thank you for joining us. we are talking about rain
9:00 am
because we really get it this time of year. we are seeing some rain showers. yesterday we had a good -- of rain in the bay area. today if you scattered showers but a gloomy day with a live look outside. >> the rain, i wonder who is going to get wet and how much. the majority of the area is drying up. we did see some area of scattered showers. do you need an umbrella? maybe. >> you would have to be pretty wimpy to need annabella. >> you are probably okay. we have chance for some showers into early this afternoon. you can see the majority of the bay area is fairly quiet. some showers south of san mateo. we are looking at redwood city a little shower right now. also just off the coast as well. heading to the east bay toward livermore and tracy a little so going through but very light --
9:01 am
a little cell going through but just a very light drizzle. east of vacaville we are tracking a little activity toward interstate 80. this is where the bulk of the moisture is falling right now. santa cruz, monterey looking at light to moderate rain showers. the modern stuff happening in the yellow. monterey getting some pretty good showers. we are looking at some showers later in the week, more details on that coming up. i will let you know how the weekend is shaping up. here is george tracking your commute. as we are taking a look at the ride through the rain county with a hotspot on 101 in the southbound direction at madera boulevard, sadly what has happened is the backup to the accident is beginning to reach up into san rafael and almost merging with the rest of the ride coming down from highway 37 . the drive time is over 40 minutes southbound leading down to the golden gate bridge three
9:02 am
vehicles involved in a crash at madera boulevard and a couple were left in a middle lane. tracking your right to the bay bridge this morning, it has been a hot spot since the 6 o'clock hour when we learned of a skull on the upperdeck of the bay bridge. it backed up the ride so we are still slow coming out of the macarthur maze. a house fire in daly city in a very busy area near john daly blvd. >> here is a new video. you can see the smoke coming out of that home. firefighters were on the roof putting out the flames. they put it out and are investigating. >> reporter: three families, a total of five people will have to find another place to stay after a fire ripped through their unit at about 5:40 5 am. the fire department believes it started in the garage area. a member of the downstairs family saw the flames, alerted everyone inside the house to get out. no injuries or fatalities. the fire department got here
9:03 am
and saw the huge flames, smoke was the biggest challenge which is why they called for backup. surrounding fire departments came to the scene. at this point they do not believe the fire was suspicious. they have talked to the occupants, once the hotspots are under control they will send in investigators to find out the cause of the fire. not only did it damage this townhome but the heat and smoke damaged the home next-door. also happening, if you have outstanding traffic tickets you could be in luck. starting today the state is starting an amnesty program for tickets. it will allow discounts of 50% to 80% off of outstanding tickets that were due before january 1 of 2013. the program is designed to give drivers who couldn't afford to pay fines a second chance. >> this is a way to get those fines paid and reduce debt that
9:04 am
people have and also give them an opportunity to get their licenses back. many people have had their licenses suspended. >> the program doesn't exclude parking tickets, reckless driving and dui. the state tried the amnesty program once before and this time stable try it for 18 months ending in march 2017. there is an outpouring of support for an east bay artist who was murdered while painting a mural in west oakland. in the hunt for the killer members of the community showed up for a vigil yesterday for 27- year-old antonio ramos and they brought flowers and candles and messages to the site is a mural where he was killed. he was shot tuesday morning a working on a superhero mural project under the 580 freeway. >> to show our respect and love and support for the families. this is very sad and tragic. >> it is easy for us to cry because we work hard to help
9:05 am
the community and he was such a wonderful -- doing such a wonderful job. i am sad. >> when you look at that painting it is beautiful. what a way to make that look like a beautiful thing versus and underpass. he was with 10 artists. they were working hard on this art when he was shot and killed. the fellow artists say the promise they will finish that mural in his memory. we now know the names of the two people killed in a double murder in the east bay earlier this week. lori thompson and james hamilton were found dead in their mobile home in castro valley on monday. sources say the weapon used to kill them was a wrench. deputies arrested lori son. he reportedly has been hospitalized and has not been questioned yet. investigators are not actively searching for other suspect. happening today, all three berkeley libraries are being evaluated for bedbugs. jackie as a -- is up the south
9:06 am
branch library with what they're doing today. >> reporter: up to this point basically they have discovered these bedbug investigations -- infestations around the bay area libraries. they will take a proactive stance, specifically at three libraries here in berkeley. here is video of the north berkeley library, the first library to show bedbugs. it was closed for several days only to reopen earlier this week. it has not been limited just to berkeley. yesterday we were in a palo alto and here's video from palo alto where two of theirs libraries -- of their libraries were found to have bedbugs inside. yesterday they brought in pest- control people to do active spraying in and around that library. that library is expected to
9:07 am
reopen this morning at 10 am. as far as berkeley library, it will go the proactive route and inspect three libraries. here of the three libraries that will be inspected today for bedbugs. all of those will be checked. traditionally what they do is bring a canine unit in. they go around the building and if they find anything that will close the doors and shut it down and do that active spraying inside. we have not heard any results but when we do we will pass them along. >> before this did you know there was such a thing as bug dogs? >> i did know there were bedbug dogs. i had heard that before. i didn't know they use them in a commercial sense like this. i had no idea the libraries were such a hotbed for that the bugs. we talked to an expert yesterday who said this is a perfect place because so many people are coming in from so many different areas. it is
9:08 am
quiet and warm anyplace bedbugs can thrive. >> i can see that. thank you. watching wall street and a big drop today for the dow jones industrial average. the dow off one point -- down to hundred points. down to 16,084. apple shares down 2% right now. we will be right back. babies who are talked to from the time they're born are more likely to have a successful future.
9:09 am
talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at welcome back. we have been tracking a hotspot, lorain county -- marin county southbound on 101. that crash has just been cleared from the traffic lanes. it has added to the delays coming out of 101 southbound. the
9:10 am
drivetime is nearly 40 minutes from highway 37 down to the golden gate bridge. thank you. government offices are open today after president. obama signed a bill of urging the government shutdown. the house of representatives passed a bill early yesterday, funding federal agencies through december 11. president. obama signed it last night. the measure was approved seven hours before federal agencies would have run out of money. congressional leaders and the white house have now started broader talks to work on a longer-term budget solution. planned parenthood officials are firing back at house republicans after a testy hearing on the groups tactics and funding. the women's health organization is accusing gop lawmakers up blindsiding its president during five hours of intense questioning tuesday. tom bowman has more on the battle over the federal funding of planned parenthood. >> reporter: planned parenthood
9:11 am
supporters are in an uproar over hearing they think was a hit job with republican congress members repeatedly interrupting and attacking the groups president. and attacking the groups president. no one has drawn more anger than committee chairman jason chaffetz. >> you don't need federal dollars in order to do this. >> reporter: in a key moment the cumbersome and produced a chart seemingly showing a sharp reduction in cancer screenings and a sharp rise in abortions based on planned parenthood on accounting. >> that is what is going on in your organization. >> this is a slide that has never been shown to me before. i am have to look at it. it absolutely does not reflect what is happening at planned parenthood. >> you are going to deny this? >> reporter: richards denied it emphatically. >> my lawyers performing me the source of this is americans united for life which is an antiabortion group. i would check your source. >> we will get to the bottom of the truth of the. >> reporter: while tape its
9:12 am
stance by the numbers the chart is misleading. suggesting more abortion thing cancer screenings at planned parenthood in 2013 when cancer screenings actually outnumbered abortions almost 3-1. republicans landed some other blows, pointing out that planned parenthood far from scraping for cash had a $127 million surplus last year. the groups political action committee portrays planned parenthood as nonpartisan. >> in 2014 100% of the contributions went to democrats. >> reporter: and that richards is paid well for a nonprofit balls. >> my annual compensation is $520,000 a year. >> reporter: the outrage from planned parenthood is reverberating. >> what i thought we saw yesterday from the republican majority was evidence that they don't understand women but they certainly don't understand women's health.>> reporter: we have an important announcement for directv subscribers, we have reached an agreement with directv that reflects our central values.
9:13 am
we appreciate the support we received from viewers and advertisers. here is a look at storm tracker four. we are tracking scattered showers throughout the bay area. most of us are drying up. more details on how long those showers could last before another chance of rain comes this way. we continue after the break. stick around.
9:14 am
9:15 am
welcome back. crimewatch daily, a new show here on kron 4 that is part of our new daytime lineup. we have the host matt doran with an exclusive look at tomorrow's special. what you have? >> this is a really puzzling case. it is shaping up quite as our -- bizarre. this is lieutenant. joke when with. this was -- lieutenant. joe glenn with . he was found
9:16 am
dead in an industrial area have responded to reports of vandalism in illinois. what we have is an exclusive interview with his wife and she expresses her absolute outrage at the early corners report which essentially said that they are not ruling out the possibility that this was an accidental death or perhaps a suicide. her issue is that the man they carried out the autopsy visited her home, sat on her check with her and told her unequivocally that in his view with this was not an accidental death and not a suicide. you can understand why if you look at the circumstances of his death, by that i mean this it was a man who was shot by a devastating gunshot wound to the torso, while he was wearing a bulletproof vest. there was a second shot at while which connected with that best and if you look at that it seems that at least an unusual
9:17 am
attempt at suicide. that is an interview that you absolutely have to see. police are still working on this as to whether it will be ruled a homicide or not. that is something that is being worked through. shaping up as a very mysterious case. >> we will tune in tomorrow for that one. you can watch crimewatch daily today, weekdays at 3 pm right here on kron 4. time now is 9:17. a lot of rain and scattered shower activity has moved off to the east we are still tracking some cells of light rain activity we will zoom in on some of those areas. we did see one go through redwood city about 15 minutes ago. that has now moved to the east and we are looking at driving conditions for the peninsula. we also saw some showers between livermore and tracy. now we are seeing showers decreasing toward tracy. very light activity and light drizzle for places east of vacaville. places along the delta, along
9:18 am
80 might be a little wet but for the overall majority of the bay area things are looking pretty good. you can probably leave the umbrella at home. future cast shows us cloudy conditions. by lunchtime we might see some breaks of son in the north bay. still holding onto generally cloudy conditions with a little scattered condition here or there. it will not be widespread. at 3 pm i'm expecting some clearing, partial clearing out the bay including san francisco, oakland, san mateo, may be spotty showers here and there to the north added to the south. at 6 o'clock tonight it should be a dry evening. there might be a little stray shower here and there but overall most of the moisture moves to the east. later tonight expecting clearing skies. here to look outside -- here is a look
9:19 am
outside. we do have gray skies. temperatures are now mid-60s for san francisco, oakland, santa rosa is a cool spot in the upper 50s. let's check out the highs today. temperatures will be filled -- fairly mild. 72 for the high in oakland. mid-70s for free much. heading east a nice day at walnut creek, upper 70s. 76 in livermore and 77 in pleasanton. the next three days look like this, temperatures rising, especially friday, mid-80s for the inland spots. still in the 80s and a little cooler for saturday under mostly sunny conditions it might be a little windy at times . when i come back we will talk more about the storm tracker 4 seven day forecast and let you know when the next chance for rain might be heading back to the bay area. first, here is storage with the traffic and a hotspot.
9:20 am
as we continue to track delays for the ride through marin county are accident in corte madera has been cleared from the lanes. only moved to the shorter the shoulder. we are still tracking a 41 minute drive time from highway 37 heading down to the golden gate bridge. to the bay bridge we are still backed up into the macarthur maze but the drive times are dropping this -- below 30 minutes. because we are in the 9 o'clock hour we may see that spike again as we see a second wave. at the san mateo bridge we are still tracking 29 to 31 minute drive times out of hayward, out toward san mateo. you will spend about 18 to 21 minutes of that time on the bridge itself. the golden gate bridge has been problem free all morning and it continues that way. the richmond bridge, a horse of a different color, we are still backed up from the richmond parkway 14 to 16 minutes on
9:21 am
westbound interstate 580 out of the east bay. smokers who switch to low nicotine cigarettes are more likely to quit smoking according to a new study. in the six week study about 800 people were signed to smoke the regular brand of cigarettes were one of several experience of types the government made with load nicotine. those who switched to the low nicotine cigarettes smoked was and were more likely to quit. scientists say this is proof the government should mandate load nicotine cigarettes. three people driving under the influence of drugs is on the rise. that is according to information released by the governors highway safety association. 40% of the fatally injured drivers tested positive for drugs. that covers everything from map to blood pressure medication. marijuana was detected about one third of those cases. california does permit radical marijuana and for others and dc , they have legalized
9:22 am
recreational marijuana. let's take a peek at storm tracker 4 and see where showers are falling right now. you can see by santa cruz a few and gilroy and some off the coast. they could be moving off -- moving in on and off today. we will be right back. love the honey nut cheerios. the safeway stock up sale is on. now with your club card, select general mills cereals are 2 for $4. progresso vegetable classics soup, 10 for $10. and foster farms whole chicken, 99¢ a pound. honey, can you bring the truck? the safeway stock up sale. it's just better.
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>>mark: the last phrase of the peninsula is closed for good the menlo park location the owner
9:25 am
says he would donate the sign and several soft serve ice-cream machines. >>darya: 0 and homes for those who needed them picked up a hammer and martinez to help give some bay area residents a roof over their ads check it out all the scaffolding and all the work to be done will have this is the news director and everyone helping out.
9:26 am
>>james: by the time this project is completed we're working on the first san giving away next spring of a given away about a year after that this is not the only project to the habitat for humanity the chapters all over we will be right back.
9:27 am
the drought is affecting all of us. at pg&e we've definitely put a focus on helping our agricultural customers through the drought. when they do an energy efficiency project and save that money they feel it right in their pocket book. it's exciting to help a customer with an energy efficiency project because not only are they saving energy but they are saving water. we have a lot of projects at pg&e that can help them with that and that's extremely important while we're in a drought. it's a win for the customer and it's a win for california. together, we're building a better california.
9:28 am
9:29 am
>>darya: we talked about how confident no confidence. >>anny hong: and the cloud a condition was zone and on the arrogance with a single light sour activities los gatos full curriculum also sent a letter the rain coming and a little
9:30 am
better patch of green and a sprinkle activity for you were definitely tracking some lie scattered showers dropped to bay area a lot of is to become too on and over the next couple of hours and then make way for some partial clearing to the afternoon. >>george: you're looking at 22 minute drive times of their ears steady improvement for your east bay ride out of hay wud heading over toward san sale and was
9:31 am
stunned to see some improvement for the southbound 880 ride coming up will of the trip as a milpitas on the nimitz freeway southbound. >>darya: 11 when the kick off the train and not come out there or tech offer reportedly being too loud now they plan to sue. >>terisa estacio: which is cut off the phone with the attorney representing the 11 women he said that this is an important step to take to send a message now there's going to be a news conference at the hotel right behind me starting at 10:00 this is to announce and $11 million lawsuit filed against the not a wine train this all started in august african-american women were reportedly being loud and they were asked to get off to train that is why they're filing
9:32 am
of lawsuits and represented a from the wine train says that they take this matter very seriously and they have launched an investigation will be covering the news conference will be tweaking during the news conference if you like to follow and hear the latest on this case. >>: added on know i'm going to do in regard to how i am going to survive the oakland city council tried to figure out how to keep housing affordable. >>reporter: they're living in
9:33 am
its oakland apartment that she says is uninhabitable the siblings of both the for bathroom's cave then after a year-and-a-half court battle with her landlord she decided to settle she is no longer paying rent and has for months to find a place except the only a partnership before the stock then with last week's announcement they're making is with oakland city council member but the kaplan fares a bit more displacement she's pausing to sex oakland affordable housing crisis by strengthening protections while taking action to increase affordable housing in the long term that won the
9:34 am
open housing cabinet with there were working on a number of strategies to immediately stabilize neighborhoods and protect the existing evidence supporting an oakland. >>darya: the oakland city council is reaffirming the public's right to photograph and videotape police that has an ordinance last night that was brought by the civic organization called 100 black men of the bay area of this is that people have been detained and arrested for for graphic police even though california law allows you to take photos and video of officers they cited the 2009 shooting across the ground at the four bell bart station and embark police tried to take a recording devices away from witnesses under the new
9:35 am
ordinance people cannot be punished for taking photographs or bills of police as long as they are in a place that the have the right to be. >>mark: karimov of loss and the tv station had to have the afternoon newscast on the front lawn following a bomb threat they stood outside the building and landed on broadcasting 4:00 p.m. newscast that on a good job of serving water as a continuance. >>darya: california had met the man for the firm third straight month exact number the supposed cannot lead on this morning they expect the numbers will show it to 5 percent savings and consent
9:36 am
is a self your asset with me in with a material for concrete they're using high-pressure hoses to keeps a which move in prevent pipes from corroding. >>mark: have cloud on the bay area and there's more showers this moving into the santa clara valley.
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
>>darya: a woman says she got a bill from the bride which could not attend the bride wedding invitations said no kid so she could not go she stays home and then later in the mail she gets a bill for seven $5.90 for the dinner the shed her husband was supposed have we will be right back.
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welcome to fort green sheets. welcome to castle bravestorm. it's full of cool stuff, like my second in command... and my trusty bow. and free of stuff i don't like. and in my castle we only eat chex cereal. chex cereal. it's full of delicious crunchability. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. and that's something even my brother ... sister can understand. mom, brian threw a ball in the house!
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>>mark: for several months looking for the first effort also volunteer in staff's favorite over at the shelter is to be the only in the household and the interesting and adopting it and contact the forestry location the phone number is there a your screen.
9:44 am
>>darya: was scared of buyup bus pulled of screaming kids he stayed there all afternoon by the morning he was gone the stanford daily victor bennett spent is not the specter mao lines they lived in california and they stay away from people but tracking another chance of rain in fact the rain now moving up into the santa clara valley. >>anny hong: 11 months to a low moisture left over we may feel the muggee nest in the here feeling good about half the morning and again today we may
9:45 am
be encountering some drizzle out there this morning for the east bay was track and won the cell just north of san leandro early this morning that now has the minister and without looking at the showers come to on and over the next couple of hours is not going to be a day to day but temperatures are going to be allowed this afternoon here is a look at the sea to cast for the to see put the clock into motion by lunchtime generally dry and the most exotic conditions we
9:46 am
see partly sunny conditions today at around three we in picking up the kids from school
9:47 am
a little on the potentially for watching this is a to the north on sunday this is where we change this like chanced a slight chance for more shower activity primarily in and of the bay on sunday it will bring down the temperatures of the '70s for the inland spots in the bay shoreline the next week web tracking a slight chance of showers on sunday. >>george: we promised to update the ride to milpitas and with good reason because we are still bathtub and to fremont to north the mission one southbound trying to make the turn around the corner of yet another accident for was about 37 ft. just as it turned on a to 237 the album is a milpitas expressway coming off a 80
9:48 am
southbound the overall trip time down there is not that it is 38 minutes now instead of the usual 25 track in the ride to the bridge is the bay bridge on westbound still backed up into the macarthur maze still hot spot with a third + minute drive times however the san mateo bridge is definitely improved the drive times are dropping down toward 14 to even 15 minutes. >>george: tracking your commute to the golden gate bridge no delays for the 1 01 drive by the northbound or southbound the back of this clear in his back down to on a 11 minute time out of richmond in the east of a westbound on 580 in the out toward. san toward >>mark: we after he is in our studio this morning to talk about a campaign that is close
9:49 am
to his heart is called dree could do good. >>: where copper block down the street this is a beautiful part of san francisco there was a lot of people almost 24 million people sold as actually hard to come by not fast-food not take- out but actually good wholesome food difference and thus was were partners with also waive fantastic organization and we're trying to raise awareness on the issue of food this is in this country we're asking everyone to grab some fruits and vegetables and take a picture
9:50 am
they would donate $10 a produce or wholesome way as well be distributed around the country and the monetary value of and which is really great we're super excited about the program the we're working on. >>: it is obviously a knife in
9:51 am
and out is it really the chef's knives $300 pair of shoes will lasted three times longer than hundred parachutes also plays into the night for stainless is a hard still that holden and very well in high card and still holds an edge incredibly well as fraud in a commercial like you want to get really good night when you have to keep the chart when you have a good time cutting something concern into a joining will do our best to take a gigantic status to does is in the country everyone involved is a great charity.
9:52 am
>>darya: behind-the-scenes him here is a sneak peek is always very difficult stories they're always and most of the time they're in world air years it is hard to get to places sometimes there is limited internet so that is always a challenge yesterday we had all types of problems trying to get a live shot out his the back story checked that out and is back to this sunday at 9:30 p.m..
9:53 am
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9:55 am
>>mark: we are starting a new series of stores called heroes each month will be profiling first responders for going above and beyond make a difference in their communities we are here with the first hero. >>grant lodes: he is an engineer with the alameda county fire department this story had nothing to do with fire and saving lives he is a hero because he had an idea for every chance to work in an revell of find ways to get back to the school's out here it is the only
9:56 am
such court and rebuilt and students here need of help they can get notebooks construction paper scissors glue sticks you name midwest and his colleagues the local 55 collective that would take the time if and efforts to make it happen to make sure they have what they need it means having a successful school year the
9:57 am
supplies are distributed on an as needed basis brought the school year this the second year the local 55 organizes back-to-school supplies drive you can say the relationship they make for some students. >>darya: your consent today and is going to clear out and one of the just-in-time for the weekend pretty nice were cast. >>mark: stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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