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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  October 1, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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man to scrap its 30 shooting inside a snyder hall. "mellon computer lab one female shot at this time. "the window couple girls turned away from the building that i heard screaming at the first gunshot and without some people running and said we need to get out of here right now. the for the second third gunshot." "confirmed as a long gone." located"the shooter in one of the buildings officers engaged that suspect. there was an exchange of gunfire that the shooter is deceased." should a >> reporter: did massive damage before you shot and killed a dozen people
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murdered authorities say 20 others injured. "a friend of mine was when the victims shot she's been transported the sacred heart that's all we know at this time the bullet did mr. splined the country a lot of muscle to issue. >> reporter: the number of injured killed has changed the chef just told and it upheld a news conference her numbers the same time that the seven are injured. former president of the community college has said the school had no formal security staff just one officer on a shift in one apparently was won the biggest debate on campus last year the question was and was pothos are and security officers to respond to a shooting. the the >> catherine: we frustrated president a bomb a call for common sense gun laws in the wake of the shooting today. he says that the u.s. is becoming numb to mass shootings and perpetrators have sickness
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in their minds. we do"not know yet while this individual did what he did and fair to say anyone who does this has a success in their mind. regardless of the and the motivations may be." for the >> catherine: says thoughts and prayers along turnoff is simply do not do anything to stop similar attacks from happening. what happened today is fairly similar to a college campus shooting in oakland four years ago at a disgruntled former student of the gun walked into the university christian college on fed water drive and opened fire. people died of some students of others were university employees three people injured police say during that rampage the gunmen walked into a nursing class in session
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and ordered the students to line up against walls and shot them. on a shooting rampage as he left campus then those in nursing student but had dropped out of those indicted by grand jury in 20147 counts of murder of three counts of attempted murder they have yet to be tried on the county judge has ruled he is mentally incompetent to stand trial and remains in custody. >> catherine: cavort in shooting the virus by their more video interviews and kron 4 k.k. goal is on her way to refer to my reporting from the scene starting tomorrow on kron 4 morning news. >> catherine: alerted you on the application and down the road the kron 4 mobile application today. >> grant: more breaking news and more gretna's arrest has been made in the murder of a benicia family that charge 16 year-old
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for the murder of his bad fiancee and couples a year-old son gavin. investigators say the family was found shot to death and they're burned out cabin in the sierra foothills of the timber 13th telling investigators that he didn't go to the family to the green wood cabin officials say recent evidence uncovered contradicts that statement no motive has been determined and will continue to buy you updates as soon as they become available with this breaking story. and of >> catherine: half-hour federal grand jury indicted met the molar for kidnapping 38 year-old molar accused of adopting any tuscan from boyfriends vallejo home in march kidnapping. case at one point was considered a hoax by vallejo police but in a bizarre twist of events authorities discovered evidence that tied molar tooth and his disappearance and later demand for ransom. or are
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charged in a home invasion burglary and dublin and that was in june. currently in jail in sacramento county is scheduled to be arraigned on the new kidnapping charges next week. >> catherine: a major announcement from the golden state warriors this afternoon the championship winning coach is out for sports director gary joins me on the set temporary e. >> gary: the whole thing: will he be out of season doesn't start till october 27th. hopefully this is a big to do as far as basketball nothing but if your steve kerr as something he had to back surgery over the summer just the other day fully today have just won the championship but not able to enjoy myself all his ruptured disc now wears him out and said
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blanca this lessonon his progress. >> gary: from the concern of basketball was alvin gentry, the system last year of very experienced head coach in league having three other stops but has moved on to new orleans and head coach right now will be the younger son of hall of famer bill walton in room coach during the absence been a lawyer since 2014 former nba player and once again brought the turned run for words when you head coach and here is the general manager bob myers talking a little bit more about her.
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below is that seven of the timeline really depend the money is better and ready to go. hopefully soon if not we will deal with as it comes. >> gary: pens on how long he is out of basketball of the free fall baseball basketball player. is from the nba cannot occur was that this was an extremely valuable but he got along without a coach for a while. as long as kerr is back its fine lawyers will be ok. >> gary: the producing tonight the great tony isaacs memo will market experience if 20 has a back problem of too bad for tony if you have a back problem i feel bad for the the station same thing with the lawyers so as long as occurred cliff tops are ok the franchise will go
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personally. all of >> catherine: and women said they were kicked off net one train really try and work with the company owns the wine train but nothing has happened is now they're taking action as teresa sosa reports they announced their single line train for $11 million. >> reporter: is shad with the two women bonded to gather they announced why there were still in the napa valley wine train. they've lost their jaws because of what happened.
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>> reporter: all unfolded the back of islam from the book club bought a block of tickets for the wine train the napa many times before, and the trend they say after the guy on the train person complains planning they were too loud and then some accusations of being drunk and say that wasn't true for several say they don't drink they were kicked off for lunch and officials since apologized offered free tickets plus washington investigation company. has been villainesses the actions were excusable and apology falls far short. "the experience erase kelly at the stand in the hot sun and have people on the train looking at us as if we were criminals.
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>> catherine: the place of a stir of failed mike kelley is accused of embezzling $15,000 from the department's price alliance and official said all $1,000 have been paid back incoming president of the organization realized money was missing but megabucks at last i evans was found in san antonio arrested agree to extradition organization is in the program for ltv to members of the four and kelly former prime alliance member as scheduled be back in court october 6th. destination in the alleged mistreatment of inmates sackler county jail now being expanded and that says all rash of complaints from florida ports the fbi will be joining the investigation. when an >> reporter: inmates have formed the have formal
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complaints by corrections officers here and the main jail. amid growing criticism of the department's ability to investigate itself sure florey smith says: the fbi to assist with the investigation. i will"in an effort to bring an outside agency to assist its investigation and hope is clear sign the public that only a written complaint seriously or committed to making sure there's of these investigations are credible and stand up to scrutiny. >> reporter: green to a number of dealers to move from duty including the three who were arrested and charged with murder in make michael tyree in august then johnna in charge of the jail says hemostat now working to regain the public's trust. >> reporter: be scrutiny for everything we do. months or
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years to come. >> reporter: for refuse to discuss the number of complaints many of them already made investigation under way long before the three deputies arrested here charge of murder for mentally ill that inmate michael terry. >> catherine: site helping people make money on the side by renting a parking at the home someday area city is now following up roadblocks. the sites of the city of oakland's nearly 25% next what city leaders think is behind that trend the site you rarely see caught on camera on a mountain lion a public telephone a powerful but when a gun up there. there but such an after the
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homicide >> catherine: 724% in oakland that statistic includes today's most recent killings recorded this week. taken violence comes on the heels of last year's dramatic drop in crime is the elected one of quincy leader about the problem. >> diane: plan in the myth of a speck of crime. >> reporter: homicide the matter
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of days including the shooting death of artist tony to dead bodies dumped on roadsides one skyline boulevard oakland hills another found wrapped in plastic and west oakland tied for police investigation thursday morning and found critically injured falling-32 shooting and the 3100 block of i street of the city council members a member of the public safety committee has been monitoring the threesome of take and violent crime. "been shootings" >> reporter: the recent murders occurred while he was out rhodopes walk with a residence in the fruit will district. pretty >> reporter: is friday it while we're walking the gentleman that shot right where we walked in the senate twice.
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"the activities we take them very serious but with neighbors have to come up and say we can't tolerate felt. a resident >> reporter: skin and into the step of filing for? "the participation residents now are coming more for taking pictures and videos involved directly and for pulling the issue now looking for response" "five years the see no changes" >> reporter: whereas the sellout of from crime in his mini coming up that six. >> catherine: investigation if workers were underpaid at uc- berkeley. department were told that under the please click of a after toboggans and other
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sporting events performance first building services says workers were denied overtime despite working 16 hour days workers caught in dollars and our state law requires overtime after eight hours and says workers should be paid at time and have. california >> catherine: monocular water but. citizens are doing with it and but officials say californians surpassed water saving mandate for the third month in row using nearly 30 percent less than a year ago and the goal set by gov. jerry brown was 25 the state urging everyone to keep and serving even with the el nino on the way no guarantee of course that will really help end the drought
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>> grant: clear when or how the wind at dawn when the sun came up this morning, and lion was no longer up their fire fighters did not try to rescue this calf fed can blame them as you know will have more modern florida seeing more because of the drought forcing them to look for water the water of their butt and get the noise to give the kids will scare anyone. >> catherine: dianas here watching whether french cars needed for bringing week will take anything we can get at this point and now we've warmer temperatures for tomorrow interesting picture shot right here live cam the embarcadero and nice the clouds and their so
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moisture in the air some chance of having light rain showers out of the 20 percent chance of rain showers breaking apart as it is moving southeast dragon brain past 24 hours most of the rainshowers for today his brentwood to 40 in. out in. oakland area everywhere else got one to 2 in.. >> diane: fremont not too far behind. dealing with that that storm system as we have leftovers pushing out at the mention se a will be really dealing with leftovers of that store. tracker showing you there was all white thunderstorm activity all in tracy that is long gone officials now have more rain pushing up the stop them. san francisco peninsula nice and clear size there with the storm checker. not dealing with any rainshowers as of right now come. the jurors right now dealing with mid-70s inland valley locations. mid-70s and ever 67 francisco and peninsula. and then when it's
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pitiful little bit because of a storm system moving out it's pretty typical at this time when the that's the thing game in the area if it's. and of our open 14 for hayward even unconquered tunnels our san jose. and breaking it down for you why the catholic or chance of it the formation see out there again 20 percent chance that only happens tonight. 10:00 p.m. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning cloudy breezy and then gradual clearing with the clouds and a little warm up comes and what place it with about the coming up next. >> pam: when it comes to parents our expectation is different for women are ever-present by canada and who had a makeover. >> gabe: 7 people make money on the side renting out driveways. city in the bay area are saying not so fast this might not be legal. >> catherine: ford high school is in a self picture from a school by school football game
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>> catherine: reporter game set with one ordered the stop using that website. >> gabe: site eyre be in be for travel is. who own their home and driveway right out the driveway to other people to park. run the airport sfo ottawa parking this is really taking off people renting a driveway to people travelling to sfo people who travel get a huge discounts on parking lot cheaper than commercial lots or airport lots
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of people warranting their driveway at a steady stream of income-income really help because it's so expensive to live here in the bay area feel like a win-win but it's not that simple the key. home and had this on my door and told me had to cease and desist or they would start noticing me for violation. and roses and release in late for people within the bay area. >> gabe: and other users serve these notices of the city center about a stop renting out their driveway. "doesn't allow commercial uses and in court on residential property rented out the driveway for compensation city considers that to be commercially used. >> gabe: city attorney who says the sides that finance city
5:26 pm
ordinance and it could have a impact for other cities with street parking. a round of the neighborhood's streets are packed barely any street parking if people read out the driveway that puts their car in the street in coming to get more crowded in the case happened have to car driveway only one personal car only rents out one space to seat is not impacting her neighbors in that way patrick the co-founder of the website his take on a battle brewing between city and residents. "it is looking into the ordinance and we're committed to working with the city of san bruno to come up with something that works for everyone. there are a lot of people using this and come for their mortgages at for their kids' tuition and these are real people. >> catherine: on top of the tragic shooting a committee
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college in oregon what we are learning about the gunman next at 530 and east coast getting ready for a major hurricane to make landfall possibly this week and.
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>> catherine: organ state police say 10 people are dead after a gunman opens fire and a small community college in oregon karen has the latest developments. "mass shooting in america" >> reporter: all organ community in mourning after a gunman opens fire technique college we have confirmation that the shooter is deceased. "with a 20 year-old male. my thoughts and prayers are with the victims' and family we are holding the community of douglas county and our hearts today. should a >> reporter: appears that when the cross to buildings including the science building first 911 call him at some 38 local time. >> reporter: on arriving there they located the shooter and one of the buildings officers engaged that suspect there was
5:31 pm
an exchange of gunfire and 200 shrewder very little now no known motive at this time roseburg organ 70 mi. from eugene officials say it's a small close-knit rural community in this community dow is switching and looking for answers. "said a few months ago and say a few months before that each time we see what these of mass shootings our thoughts and prayers are not enough. >> diane: slick lawyers guys all across the bay area a few low cloud earlier today certainly will move off to the southeast region of our area temperatures right now dealing with the upper '70's for in the allocations of the seven manioc livermore currently 79 degrees east bay shoreline cities 69 richmond and hayward 70 degrees for not currently at 71 fax francisco
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peninsula locations stay nice and cool mid-60's tomorrow with a higher pressure system making its way into our area that in turn warms things out 78 degrees for. and the special and city and allocations compared to today 83 antioch tomorrow 84 livermore 84 plants in fremont 81 degrees 78 out of oakland 73 for richmond and then san francisco peninsula will stay pretty much where it was week and forecasts for you nice clear sky saturday sunday morning and afternoon than in the evening saturday we have more clouds coming in with a slight chance of rain showers sunday oakland's and conditions at again and one day of warming trend pretty brief and then things get back the seasonal average. >> catherine: officials declaring a state of emergency anticipating the arrival of hurricane achene the next few days and cnn steve reports the
5:33 pm
category 3 storm is coming as close the region's already dealing with a lot of rain. >> reporter: jersey officials are worried they'll get hit by two other systems asset for storm system. state of emergency as of this morning. >> reporter: and says the southern part the state is currently in the most dangerous asking residents the stock up be ready. "reports and encouraging i will consider evacuations if necessary. >> reporter: be canceled campaign other areas along east coast of the united states preparing for the high winds and flooding residents of massachusetts still recovering from earlier storms this year that left seawalls damaged but
5:34 pm
carolina gov. claim to state emergency for his state as well and concern for the outer banks and coastal regions already received a week's worth of nonstop rain. "the apostle billy of deadly flooding in many areas around our state. >> reporter: cash shows it could be by north carolina monday new jersey by tuesday. with >> catherine: officer shot bad months ago this market failed manhunt with treats its suspicious men never found officer had radioed he was chasing them the result of a gunshot residue test, inconclusive residue found on the officer's hand indicated he could of fired a gun or a gun was fired near him the case is
5:35 pm
still being investigated as a homicide a possibility of suicide is not being ruled out. there were"indications of a struggle of the crime scene that will confirm at this point the 10 that was shot with his own weapon. >> catherine: said there was evidence of a struggle use heard him say the officers celesta account for half a dozen at by the unidentified samples found at the crime scene that not many arrests to identify any suspects and israeli prime minister is taking aim at world governments for what he says is their failure to condemn iran for 30 to destroy his country today for the u.n. general assembly again criticized fire and a killer deal allows iran to go on the prowl what do what it wants and increases the possibility of war.
5:36 pm
"70 years of after the the u.s. iran's rulers promised to destroy my country murder my people that response from this body fur nearly every one of the governments represented here has been absolutely nothing. water silence deafening silence. . >> catherine: a major change happening in today for retailers consumers how protected from fraud coming up at 545 the next new revelations about red wine
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or give >> catherine: and coniferous state of florida relational pot joining washington state colorado. 200
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medical marijuana this century's most important registered to sell the drug supporters hope will help curb a flourishing black market opponents argue only increase drug use access by children. >> catherine: talk of potential health benefits from drinking red wine the new study might raise concerns researchers tested 65 wines from wine producing states including california found all but one of the wines contain arsenic levels exceeding those allowed in drinking water. today so it shows the blood samples in fact doubled the amount of arsenic and my son alarming but the author of the study says the casual wine drinker really has nothing to worry about. >> catherine: criteria goes into testing emissions next how it depends on where you live. >> diane: of of for now and let
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you know, the jurors what they stand for the weekend to clean
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>> catherine: pushing what sparked a shooting rampage a college campus thing on top of every development in this story at six new details about that antarctica the president thought and prayer are not enough. but the top of the hour on kron 4 news at 6. >> catherine: your credit cards should now include microchip >> reporter: incentive for retailers in those cards the microchips just like this one microchip and some of us having the setback to add a layer of
5:45 pm
security all retailers are going to the credit-card reader machines that read the microchip all to keep a fraudulent purchases down change. if a because retailers that don't have those could be held responsible for fraudulent charges before today banks have to pick up the tab now for shoppers and which expected to change. you might receive one of these new credit cards for your bank. with michael chang is also important to know these microchips don't provide another layer security when it comes online purchasing. know that you'll have to replace these cards every couple years the chips. a key >> catherine: yet no longer selling window blinds of chords they said an average of one child died every month between 1996 and took the victim of an 12th from 1 to accord the fact that ikea to ditch the
5:46 pm
cords the new policy kicks in today at ikea stores in u.s. the swedish furniture retailer plans to go global with this policy january 1st. >> catherine: prosecutors say the announcement of the investigation into for volkswagen's ceo martin winter corn for fraud if premature now they say he's not a suspect in a broader criminal investigation underway the former ceo took responsibility for the scandal fall in the company's admission that rig diesel engines to pass emission testing america and europe. he denied any wrongdoing and resigned last week a for. third of the company's market value has been wiped out since the scandal broke. for volkswagen admitted cheating involving about 11 million diesel vehicles for scrutiny than ever on the emission testing governments worldwide are relying on the cars to police themselves. cnn visits
5:47 pm
one independent test house it says test results there are far more accurate than those found in the lab. when a >> reporter: properly done emission standards vary from country country according to the icy teach your support during grotesque pending on climate and driving conditions as well as the drivers themselves the emissions are 40 percent worse than clever results of nitrogen oxide emissions seven times higher than legal limit those numbers by layer of standards anywhere. thinking lab testing useless. mitchell >> reporter: analytics
5:48 pm
confirm that report their equipment measures things seen driving a car emissions from speed bumps the temperature a much co2 national said this is putting out. while all this equipment can be found in the lab this test is designed to be mobile. hired a genocide mean for consumers and public health . for testing bad for consumer then the worst gas mileage than advertised research found at the gap between the lab real-world driving conditions caused average consumer an extra $500 per year. and clear missions
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better testing. >> diane: hayward further to offer our fall onshore and san jose concord to mills and our those should stay with us this evening and then tell the truth right now dealing with a good handful of for seven days for an invocation to learn more 7755 for pleasanton and a feat far behind and manioc east bay shoreline cities with seven diesel services to a peninsula states in the mid upper 60s here's what we're dealing with for the rest of the evening a look ahead for you 8:00 p.m. clouds in place and also a slight chance of showers there comes with a 1520 percent chance of light showers in the north
5:50 pm
bay area as the storm system moves out of that area 7:00 a.m. claudine morning fragile clearing by noontime with amateurs already in mid-70s and valleys in east bay shoreline tears were dealing with that storm. in southeast and the sierra lower dealing with as a high pressure system off and then overnight what it will do for us is warm things up about 78 degrees warmer compared to what we had today with the highest. east bay shoreline cities 77 billion to 76 union city fremont 81 tomorrow at around 4:00 as being your daytime highs east bay and locations more like the mid-80s 85 out of redwood 80 danville run out you shy guys to get 81 degrees alicea sunny skies of this city's anywhere between 82 to 84 degrees on average you for yourself the of the north they scattered close the morning gradual clearing some of the day
5:51 pm
with the conditions that around in time someone for bayside 66 degrees to the coast saturday talking about saturday evening expect some light showers sunday morning early morning than by the the shell crabs necessaries does that will stay with us for early next week. >> grant: at at&t park pitching 2 1/3 innings against the rival dodgers. with the standing ovation from the crowd hugs all around.
5:52 pm
>> grant: star foretime hutcheson the top five in the validating three times the fuel baseball you know he is drafted by the a's twice actually won 92 games while playing at the coliseum. >> catherine: story is back returns this week and all new episodes and will go behind the scenes to see what it's like at kron 4 as to bring the news here's a preview. the will"story is not that most the time and rural areas hard to get to places sometimes a limited internet that the challenge yesterday we all kind
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>> catherine: will shove famously made fun of gop carli face and a rolling stone article make up for the comments that the last debate does bring up interesting point of their politicians appearance can translate into votes. insiders then be in hollywood with more. the search >> reporter: to erect the kitchen is running for office in different for women than men. islamist tough part of a process. tonight we investigates presidential hopeful going under secret of the services. >> reporter: work done under eyas the little bit a little bit of a turkey neck. she firmed up pulled back a little bit so persian line would be stronger.
5:57 pm
"not be the youngest canada in this race ever. client book on a likable harkin's quest for the white house dropping this bombshell allegations. it's more likely not evasive procedures done in her home. plan limiting to this. so much more on this story tonight at 7 on the insider for kron 4 news fact you. >> catherine: from asia the
5:58 pm
college campus shooting as the nation comes to grips with the crime and what happened inside the burning cabin were a venetian family was found dead. the investigators revealing new details why they arrested the son for murder what we learned and the section of the old bay bridge sofa come down plan that will have gone in just six seconds they said ♪ great change comes from doing the right thing.
5:59 pm
like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. >> catherine: has an impact after gunfire or some of many
6:00 pm
college in the argentine people dead and could examine several more wounded worst mass shooting in the state history as our top story tonight the devils, sharon says the gunman shot and killed during an exchange of gunfire with officers no word yet on a possible motive this happen this morning on the canvas of the committee college town of rose bird began this year with new information, but this is telling us perfect scene that the gunman entered a classroom apparently told students to get down on the grounds. then the state religion and that's when the firing began. >> reporter: shooting in the cup and the college in oregon don't
6:01 pm
know if she's on the buses, i don't know if she's wounded somewhere, i have no idea." it sounded like a car backfiring to us and then we had a teacher back storage area but it was no car backfire. it was a 20 year old man who entered a classroom inside snyder hall and began shooting at this time we are reporting and can confirm ten fatalities and 7 others injured of those 3 are critical law
6:02 pm
enforcement from all over it. upon arriving there they located the shooter in one of the buildings, officers engaged that desceased president obama.was visibl where ones that were shot. >> reporter: motive at this point to and from the floor is whether sugar did this and who's sure as bad investigation continuing in the expected other news conference later on this evening when we get more information we will bring it to you. >> catherine: frustrated today when he demanded an end to mass
6:03 pm
killings.saying they've become routine routine in the united .some place in america the president also blasted those who oppose tougher gun laws. in the past, the president has said the failure to pass tougher gun safety laws is one of the greatest frustrations of his week check the developments kate is heading to organize now will
6:04 pm
have live reports beginning tomorrow on kron 4 morning news that our web site kron4news-dot- com fell sideshow from the scene of today's shooting. between throughout the day bringing you of today on the latest. >> grant: new information at this hour were getting our first look at the venetian teenager charged with killing his family. we now know that 16 year-old millen buchanan will be tried as an adult. he murdered his family in this year of holes have been using a 22 caliber rifle. their bodies found last month in that cabin. burned north of placerville. the lead has been charged in the murder of his that adam and fiancee, molly. the couple's eight year-old son kevin. deputies removed from phoenicia high school this morning. disturbing case shaking law-enforcement veterans.
6:05 pm
>> grant: and was found shot to death in the burned out all the rattle cavan said but the september 13th and he allegedly told investigators he did not go with the family to their cavan official said recent evidence they've uncovered country except statement emotive has been determined we will continue to follow breaking news here. >> catherine: nothing of vallejo woman in march 30th year-old man initially arrested for home invasion robbery in dublin in that case investigators found evidence linking mahler to the kidnapping of the knees hoskins how. and in vallejo at the time police consider the kidnapping hoax muller is scheduled to be arraigned on the kidnapping charges of next week's. >> catherine: leave oakland sofa in violent crime
6:06 pm
for us >> reporter: ran up the shop owner says he's had it with crime and his approval neighborhood. in fact the new today numbers shows what increase in violent crime index, but all the cities of the dramatic decrease in violent crime last year this man who asked not to reveal is identity as far as he's concerned all status quo.
6:07 pm
let's"two to three weeks for the first time walking will to. the new police patrols crime in this area is hurting his business. "all the neighborhoods and families living around here may not comfortable with come over the shop.
6:08 pm
spokesperson >> catherine: so very sorry for the incident taking it very seriously. also launched an independent investigation. and then checking conditions in the weather center warm up as on the way. >> diane: interesting week week helluva rainshowers yesterday
6:09 pm
and mother nature giving us some warmth of pictures for tomorrow here is why it will warm things up quite of that feeling. with that salary are showing all the moisture we got from rainshowers yesterday and today light rain showers out in north the region's. subsistence living at the southeast region of where we are at a glance at the higher pressure system off the coast. pushes its way into our area come tonight and tomorrow but that will produce warm things up 78 degrees warmer compared to today's highs. afternoon highs around 4:00 p.m. 83 antioch 84 for livermore 8. the clinton fremont should be at 8178 oakland 734 richmond your severance the scope and locations between 69 degrees to 73 out at the fall again for catholics like that will one day with partly sunny skies in the morning and then in the afternoon more sunshine.
6:10 pm
saturnalia sites guys in the morning and afternoon then later on overnight hours of saturday we have a chance of light showers that will last till sunday early morning. from the warming trend for one day and then i saw all of after saturday sunday the seven forecast coming up of units. push a >> catherine: lisa breaking news weather update doppler dollar kron 4 mobile location #1 source for news whether a new phone or tablet. >> catherine: lawyers kurds out indefinitely illegal acts and will recover from back surgery. team if not the today jar some covering the story since the broker live in oakland and more on the surgery who was going to take his place.
6:11 pm
as a >> j.r.: since coach lute will take over as her recovers.- shocked but those close enough so shocked well aware of his back problems and back surgery he had over the summer wears head coach steve had surgery in july in a follow-up surgery in september all to fix a ruptured disk in his back. in a statement today kerr says that after the first today the train i realize i need to take a setback. focus on my rehabilitation in order to be ready for the grind of another nba season. the talk with mark spears nba beat writer tells me when steve kerr walks off the court yesterday he was limping some of the players even told him kirklands stand for more than five the 10 minute without having to sit down during practice. general manager bob myers in turn group walton
6:12 pm
spoke this afternoon right now there is no timetable on occurs return. . "to keep things going the right direction but the players we have they help in doing that those loot despite the multiple surgeries becker had over the summer he was still very active not only the simile but other events as well as spoke with him shortly after his first surgery at that point he didn't even bring up the back problems best
6:13 pm
example of how he was willing to grind it out and hopes that it would not become an issue coverage of the story not over gary has a much more on the warriors in sports at 645 coming up next to the clerk, a share off responding to new complaints of misconduct on jail deputies ease their residents say a tent city demanding action against rising rent and californians are listening to governor brown cut back on water in new figures coming up next
6:14 pm
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6:16 pm
>> catherine: cony clara a the jail in joe guards with is courtney complaints about the alleged mistreatment of the inmates. kron 4 of little reports about a correction officers, on leave following to recent in custody death. " >> reporter: senate but clara county now looking into as many as 100 complaints from inmates alleged mistreatment by jill
6:17 pm
that to >> reporter: we were known to see. because the protest thing. they pushed ahead in the ground for. and then kicked me in my ribs. >> reporter: corrections officers placed on leave in connection with the complaints including police officers association president plants whose you to post accuses the share of a witch hunt. steve reese repercussions could face the politicians gayness true until proven otherwise. all laws and cut the death of walter roach's whose death is considered suspicious even
6:18 pm
though the corner found no foul play in his death. by the alleged in custody murder inmate michael tyree on aug. both inmates mentally ill three of the eight suspended deputies now charged in his murder also thursday growing criticism of the sheriff's department's plans and testing itself scher says the fbi has been called to assist with the investigation. >> catherine: for some agencies will be getting advice that the vices of those commonly set the stolen type of card chp and pittsburgh and staffed with apartments and joining the program idea of course to reduce car thefts and national insurance crime bureau is providing the money for a program that anyone interested can contact the agencies for more information. new a >> catherine: enjoy vulnerability putting in billion devices at risk from in and
6:19 pm
tried media processing components exploited the various websites lead to remote code execution nearly all of life and android. versions 1.0 of the os released in 2008 to latest version. a fix the problem october 5th security upgrade will be available. >> catherine: and are sick of rising rents demanding action from what the officials green kelly was there and they staged a protest on the front lawn of city hall. >> reporter: rents are rising too high to that the message they're sending the city hall staff agree landlords before renting citizens in this town are forced to a real tent city they want fun snowfall of actions. and that lives only a
6:20 pm
few blocks where this process is being held and says her rent was already hiked 20% last year now moving raise another 10% no end in sight at one time she of the city's review advisory to agree her increase last year to high the group can only make non binding recommendations landlord raised in any way we all hear the. protesters' the "lenders at what's going on many fronts are renters and experiencing the same thing a october 1st ordnance to the fed will give rent review and advisory committee more power and no mandatory landlords provide this notice alerting tenants to the community's existence when rent increased if they haven't given notice the
6:21 pm
increases is void. when i tend to rent increase complain now mandatory landlord show up for the mediation process protesters want more to be done in the city recognizes that the plan a special hearing next month and what options they have to keep residents from being priced out of their city including possibility of establishing some form of rent control. it's pure of the east bay bridge will soon be no more favored spokeswoman caltrans has prepared the final after missing the. >> catherine: the will be using nearly 400 small explosives to do that happening in the morning of november 7th at the implosion expected to last six seconds the bay bridge will need to be close up to 15 minutes that morning and figuring traffic will not be heavily affected because of that is a saturday. >> grant: a bit of good news
6:22 pm
californians are turning off the tap and serving water new numbers out today showing we use 27 percent less water in august than in the same month of 2013 third consecutive month presidents exceeded the governor's 25 percent conservation target experts warn those that the four year drought is far from over and they do not want people to be distracted by all hype of an el nino weather pattern. the godzilla that they say all milhaud doesn't guarantee a wet winter for california they want people to keep serving and complete job coverage as a click away on kron 4 kron4news-dot-com what how much water californians are saving holding a prediction that could bring some much-needed rain how the drought shaming is forcing some people to cut back on water use all on kron4news- dot-com >> diane: effie wispy clouds out there the stars echoes take a look at embarcadero camera see out medicines they're dealing
6:23 pm
with a windy conditions places like oakland to miles an hour hayward 12 out and livermore 14 down in san jose 70 m.p.h. these wind speeds stay with us for the rest of the evening of jurors right now dealing with a handful '70s for the valley east bay shoreline city's upper 60s. vs: the peninsula states in the mid- 60s will head for you what to expect by 8:00 p.m. mostly cloudy conditions 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning cloudy morning but gradual clearing with those clouds by noontime will have sunny skies tablatures warming up in the 84 and an allocation the space shoreline here's how we deal with a warm-up hi rich pressure system sweeping through the area here pushing out low pressure we had a ring as rainshowers yesterday that as long gone moving out of our system we have instead of a slight warming trend with a slight will at last a day or so and then back the seasonal average temperatures a good look idea for you tomorrow 5:00 a.m. with those clouds we do have a
6:24 pm
slight mishearing shower hayward 5:00 a.m. that will be the last of the storm system pushing through the area then as we move over to 10:00 a.m. he selah clear skies for nearly all the inland valleys the shoreline north face south bay even san francisco law and the coastal regions 8:00 p.m. friday saturday morning for clear skies again so that's why we have warming trend convenience tomorrow your clubs in the sky also hired pressure system makes its way into the overnight hours east bay shoreline cities year highs around 4:00 tomorrow between 78 degrees warmer compared to our highest today in an allocation same story there 85 redwood 83 in the not livermore about 84 degrees bonington at 83 degrees south the city denies clear skies tomorrow also mid-80s and over to the north bay we see most of the scattered clouds and the morning hours with like nevada center fell militarily their gradual clearing run around the clock and that pushes out in
6:25 pm
bibulous sunshine sunday forecast for you 82 tomorrow brief warm-up and saturday sunday more sunshine a lot of clouds them about the area and cooler temperatures and place come sunday evening and then that should last monday tuesday early next week another round of a warming trend the last of an elite.
6:26 pm
6:27 pm
unsanitary >> catherine: 8 conditions being blamed for these years disease special medical officials say dirty cooling towers are to blame the towers have high concentrations of the bacteria and dozens of inmates and employees at sec report blames the sludge build up in water pans combined with
6:28 pm
heatwave more than 80 people got sick and 90 percent of the inmates refusing to be tested for the illness and the towers have since been cleaned. next at 630 close bracing for brush with hurricane 14¢ of emergency are declared in one state a long time giant calling the courier very passports coming up and top story tonight the list and people killed after a gunman opens fire at a kansas and oregon. be unstoppable. ♪
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
6:31 pm
>> reporter: in oregon and other mass shooting by college campus this time authorities identifying the shooter cris harper research. 26 years old according to cnn the shooting occurred after 1030 this morning at the community college in rows for gordon. according to authorities the suspect entered the classroom as people their religion and began shooting some people are dead several injured critically no word on the shooter's motive. sugar was killed during an exchange of gunfire with authorities. for the >> reporter: councilmember assessment in crime appears to be willing to rival gangs and the city we
6:32 pm
recently lost to live on the street over the gang activity been other shootings at so not only of people getting involved some of the merchants are more encouraged to get involved. that's less than a change of oakland. the families >> reporter: families of five people at the fun of this state or a fire ripped through each of their units at 545 of the morning the fire department lisa started downstairs in the garage area a member of the downstairs family saw the flames alerted the rest of the unit to get out no injuries no fatalities at this point in they don't believe the fire official hotspots concern to all day ones those were taken care of now of the investigators to find out exactly what started this fire off john daly boulevard.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: 1 of kick off the line train and the actions gotten nowhere on this day and announced some train for $11 million therefore this is for violated two people since lost jobs they say because of bad publicity surrounding the event. wine train since apologized taking full responsibility for the situation however the women say this is much bigger than a simple apology. >> reporter: 2 mystery man of in the county jail lead to total eight corrections officers are now under scrutiny as many as 100 inmates have made formal complaints about the alleged mistreatment by deputies. sure also confirms fbi has been called in to assist with the
6:34 pm
investigation began after three deputies arrested and charged with the murder of a mentally ill inmates back in august. >> catherine: officials worried about the hurricane heading east coast another storm system pumping a lot of rain on the region's governors to states have some emergency new jersey n.c. both warning residents to get ready for the arrival of what team in the next few days. right now whether reports not encouraging i will consider evacuation's if necessary. talking about the real possibility of deadly flooding in many areas around our state. . expect >> catherine: don u.s. shores next few days coastal regions again getting really hit by rain in some places forecasts show the category 2 storm near north carolina by monday in new
6:35 pm
jersey on tuesday. hurricane already hitting the ball, is very hard dumping rain causing a storm surge is looking at the flooding here it could have 140 mi. an hour winds producing up to 20 in. of rain and again dangerous storm surges are big worry water levels as high as 8 ft. above normal tides and the hurricane could be pounding the islands through tomorrow. . fifth >> diane: before livermore 374 pleasanton oakland 59 degrees and hayward not too far behind at 58 the differences: the peninsula cooler temperatures this evening as well dressed in layers after heading towards night for your evening plans tomorrow for p.m. the warmer conditions 8 degrees warmer in the inland valley locations and east bay shoreline cities a few degrees warmer and
6:36 pm
san francisco peninsula compared-83 at 84 livermore pleasanton 83 degrees oakland at 78 tomorrow sampras's: the peninsular region 69 for half moon bay 73 for san francisco to week and forecasts of this friday warming trend saturday interesting day saturday signed as a morning afternoon and saturday evening expect claustral lynn in a slight chance of rain showers in the sunday early morning. things clear of sunday afternoon all day and have the jurors warmups' slightly them that the seasonal average saturday sunday after last all week long. >> catherine: this set a new approach makes it easier than ever next and health minute news.
6:37 pm
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>> catherine: honors on edge please the and for someone stealing cats and we hear from distraught owners they want their companions back tonight at 8:00 if he needed to perform cpr would you know how to do that. the heart rescue project the medtronic foundation and the spread the word cpr not as complicated as the survey at mccoy has that story. >> reporter: of the aid of some
6:40 pm
one experiencing cardiac arrest might be daunting recent studies show any type of actual hands-on might be the difference between life and death, "a hand in the center of the chest push hard fast a hundred times a minute keep doing it till paramedics arrive. by standard cpr half an hour class even watching a video most importantly takes fear out of the equation that person cannot
6:41 pm
be hurt as cpr is done incorrectly as important many people we know concern of the push of one's chest they might hurt them. >> catherine: guidelines will apply to adults with children collapse and unresponsive often not the heart but rather a problem with their air way a seizure another problem. in sports triumphs close out a home series with some surprising retirement news coming before the first pitch where its head cut steve kerr taken leave of absence after having to back surgery this summer ferry has the updates and all the sports coming up. kron 4 >> catherine: new features news high sport itself picture the son of the picture your high-school football game and the senate for web site posted on tour this book in saddam under the hash tax kron 4 fell picture and will feature a
6:42 pm
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6:45 pm
the the >> gary: saw steve kerr talk earlier in the week you knew it wasn't right bubbly personality the time to get in and out dust but just look right today it did become official take a leave of absence in recovering from back surgery with walton, the system will take over curr ruptured a disk as back during game 5 of the nba finals two surgeries to repair over the summer wears bow open to october 27th and general manager bob myers in the column.
6:46 pm
"lion will be predicated lisa radio hopefully soon but if not we deal with as it comes. >> gary: a veteran team coming back guys who know exactly what their roles are if not like all my gosh half implement a new way to play some people coming in who don't know our system is badly prequel joking earlier and repeated again talent is talent the scene as a brilliant producer the his back goes out by worry about the scene individually if you're back goes out to worry about the entire show is the anchor talent if
6:47 pm
capt. does not hitting the show . this mockery don't call me set curry of this will be fun. >> gary: jackson had surgery a few years ago lisa settler a big hello in sale-a cut could fake it is an athlete with a back problem free tough the that. >> gary: picture announces this would be his last year to date jeremy after seven good years of the giants that i indeed it
6:48 pm
announces his retirement. "the the i decided halfway to the year i did a whole year process not being able to be a part of the delegates to be the effect of the most. >> gary: run through all his members particularly his playoff members modern era has had better playoff world series numbers but the cool thing about him when grindstone tragedy happened this guy stayed by with him for years helping to raise money was there on all types of causes and yes really good pitcher but as old saying goes that the credit there that back up even a better guy tim hudson
6:49 pm
this would be his final appearance major-league performers 17 seasons this was it and the dodgers be a little bit here after two and a third three hits three runs they said i that's enough, to a roaring ovation tim hudson says goodbye after major leaguer winning active pitcher in the big leagues right now, and center- right if he can come up with the dog down three to two but then at the house i have walked off home run monday couldn't do it today and if a ball game dodgers 3 giants to madison announced will not pitch as rare rotation on sunday you will hear wage increase and a night mark carpenter have it roberts off
6:50 pm
the wall of j. r. stone knowledge of college football lead o'clock sunday night and then as catherine keeps style material trend follower one of the best ones of the thousands received and you get in there
6:51 pm
>> gary: williams of the season is over time to heal and also said hank honig over the heartbreak of the u.s. open would again the career grand slam novenas williams for the rest of the austrian williams for a slow season will let will go on even though i can't see some of the tassel of watching and i'll handle sofa shifting if we double-team week and remain. >> catherine: of heading our way as we close in the weekend that will be back with a forecast
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>> catherine: stearns the sunday with a preview. apparently some developments unfolding right now at this hour is on the unfolding as we speak telling the audience will week besought the stuff remember a family on the other side is to
6:55 pm
bring new episode the this sunday 930 right here on kron 4 for our vendor can news on the layettes 7 insider followed by entertainment tonight at 730 fax kron 4 @ o'clock. it will want a little deaf >> diane: a nice change one day i and tie you in the encircling off. this is the dawn of an old day.
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the in"insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> i think ivanka is going to be amazing. >> very supportive daughter. >> my kids are good kids. >> meet the female force behind his campaign. >> no, it's not his wife. >> daughter ivanka could be the donald's secret weapon. >> and then we get details on the wedding to jennifer. is married life that much friendlier? >> it s i can't quite explain what it is. >> plus, sarah jessica parker channels terry bradshaw. we have all the most fashionable bells from new york's ballet fall gala. >> plus, we're with the empress of soul, gladys knight inside her legendary diva battle.
7:00 pm
and why oprah had to pack up their 37 year motown feud. >> i don't know what diana was doing. >> now hollywood from the inside out, the "insider" together with yahoo. >> presidential hopefuls nip tucking their way to the west wing? no this is not a rhetorical question. nor are the kardashians involved. we are going inside the candidates' secret cosmetic services. >> does that mean we're cracking the code on trump's combover? >> it looks like his wife may not be his top choice to getting the female vote. >> number all signs point to another woman in trum cabinet, his first daughter, ivanka. >> i think i've done a very good job. i have a very strict and very tough i always said no drugs, no alcohol, i even say no cigarettes. i remember ivanka was -- she didn't know what drugs and alcohol were. she said dad, you drive me crazy with.


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