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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  October 2, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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>> jim carrey, new tributes pour in after his girlfriend's apparent suicide. >> and tom hank's troubled son and his shocking confession. >> it's all coming up now. >> on"entertainment tonight." >> i was selling coke, doing coke. i even smoked crack. >> what jeff hanks is saying growing up in tom's shadow and where we found his dad as he went pub >> then jim carrey's heartbreak over the apparent suicide. are these the last photos with his girlfriend? the autopsy and her secret scientology pa >> plus, did sandra adopt a new child?
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>> and we get a wedding exclusive. >> i need a week off to get married. >> his surprising celebrity guests. >> there will be some moa. >> you look beautiful. >> and miley backstage at s&l. how she is gearing up to host this weekend. >> here's what i'm wearing. >> and my good wife getting her sexy back. >> julianna on her new set romance. >> so yummy. how you could not resist that? >> now in our 35th season this is entertainment ton thanns so much for joining us. nancy o'dell isoff. samantha harris with me. we start with a startli confession from tom hanks son. >> he posted 11instagram that are brutally honest about his struggle with addiction. >> people were buzzing about the possibility that chet was missing. now he's telling the world what really went down. >> i just want to say i know, like, my name is in the media about me like going missing. >> tom, is chet okay? is c missing?
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>> or ge kidnapped or something. i've been in a rehab. a couple m ago i was selling coke, doing coke until i couldn't even snort it up nose anymore because it was so clogged. i even smoked crack. if i can change, you can change. there is a solution. >> what i see in the videos is more than hopeful. he's positive. he's, you know, he'sengaged. but it's too much. too much too soon. >> hln's drew says chet is not out of the woods yet. >> i'm just really grateful for god. >> people commonly this not an uncommon thing, they have a pink they're so relieved to be getting help and feeling better they feel this is it. i'm great. there is going to be fantastic. tough. it's tough to stay s >> no comment today from tom. the oscar winner is in new york right n shooting his new movie "sully." clinlt east wood is directing. hanks, of course, players the hero pilot. back in march chet and his dad
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fared fat bonding sitting next to each other at a hockey match. he referenced the challenges of growing up in a famous family. >> it's been a long journey discovering who i am. a lot of pressur that i dealt w being the son of my dad and find wrg i fit in. >> i have no doubt that tom hanks was a g dad but he was a public figure and it could have psychological impact on his son do. not blame the p >> you know another thing is, you know, like that stuff i was in the media the n word and everything. >> the aspiring rapper apologized for using racial slurs on social media in june. >> it's not my place to speak on. that i'm genuinely sorry for the people i offended. lastly, wapt to say that i'm thankful for you all giving me support. you know, people that i don't even know. >> you know, sobriety, a life battle. we wish chet the best. >> we do. one serious story to another, will he's bring in michelle turner. you've been in the apparent
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suicide of jim carrey's girlfriend. >> we're getting answers. we're getting clearer picture of the relationship. we start with a new pho of jim and katarina when they were still a couple. this and katarina looking a little serious while at art gallery. the floor strewn with black roses. this was two weeks before her apparent sui and in striking contrast is this new video of her dancing, just posted by a friend showing "some beautiful soul that kat is and what a joy she was." meanwhile, in front of jim's los angeles house, flowers were delivered yesterday. no word on whether a memorial is planned there. there are reports that jim is paying for the funeral services and that her family is now in town. at her house, the l.a. confirmed to us that there were several pieces of paper, notes, and envelopes found, one of which was addressed to jim. and then t this, she may have been a pra scientologyist up until she died
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according to a report by tony ortega who is writing about scientology for 20 years. >> her friends tell me that kat first got invo with scientology four or five years ago through a friend of beck's, a musician. she started her scientology courses before she started dating jim. i asked was jim carrey aware that she was involved in scientology? and my sources said, yes, he was. >> i'm a buddhist. i'm a muslim. i'm a christian. >> for his part, he express add you wide interest i spirituality. >> i got into scientology for a while, and that's how i got this nice glazed look in my eye. >> and we did reach out to the church of scientology for comment. they did not respond by our deadline, guys. >> all right. thank you. such a sad story. let's move on to happier news. we're joined by our news editor in new york and is it true, has sandra bullock added to her family? >> certainly looking like that, kevin. we're working all of our sources
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here at the "e.t." news desk to confirm a report that her son louie is no longer an only child. >> a new child for sandra? here is what we know. >> reports surfaced she adopted a new child. the source says she's at home with the toddler for a couple months now. >> we reached out to bullock's press. we were unable to get them a comment. the report that sandra is wanting to adopt a second child first surfaced abou month ago. i wasn't until she spotted recently with a new child that the story >> now jetting to new york, here is miley heading home after s&l rehearsals, stopping to take pics with fa and giving us nothing less than her wardrobe best. >> this is what i'm wearing. >> so no pants? >> our source on set over at s&l said we should be prepared for a crazy show. i mean it's miley cyrus. we have no idea what she's going to do she's been showing up every day on time like a pro. she spends several hours a day on set practicing. she is really great energy. she really funny to the cast and crew. she was even spotted backsta
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teaching how to get more instagram like >> nipple pasties and. this like the combination of the two have got me a lot of >> also in nyc, courtney kardashian's ex-husband stepped out with a mystery blonde for a wild party night. >> we caught him leaving a club with this mystery blonde girl number one knows who she s they were really partying at one oaks and they went two house parties together and ended up at the solo house where they were seen meeting together at 6:00 a.m. she accompanied scott back his hotel. probably the sixth girl we've seen him with. but scott is waste nothing time. >> let's get into someone who is definitely not speaking to scott right now, kim kardashian. we got her baby tentative birth plans. >> our sources close to kim confirmed that she is already scheduled her c section for morning of christmas day. she already has an appointment
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booked. i mean talk about the ultimate gift. >> that is kim, m christmas about herself, too. it will be christmas with a k now. let's talk fashion. last night was crazy. what else wou you expect? pamela anderson was there and, of course tlshg is the organization that is famous for getting stars to take it all off for the cau case in point, alicia silverstone. >> it was the first time i had ever, ever been in any way, shape or form naked in any kind of film. so i was very fright ened. i've never done it it was only for this. >> i'm alicia silverstone i'm a vegetarian. >> vegan. all those goodthings. >> pamela anderson shared a friendly kiss with her ex-husband tommy lee. some racy choices. joe annakroopa made us get out our ribbons and we can't get
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used to ireland baldwin as brunette. the party was at hollywood's peladium. paul is a long time supporter. so is joakim phoenix. is that a and there was this once ad and was in step with a nice theme. >> i'm wearing st. john and aldo shoes and they're vega yai! it's a hard thing to find. kerry ann weighed in on monday's first ever dancing disqualification of kim. >> i feel bad for her. but those are the rul she can spend time with her family again. it is very grueling. that's a serious thing to have a mini stroke. take care of herself zbhchlt health should always comefirst. >> without a doubt. next, torre spelling subjected to a detector test. her 90210 sex secrets revealed. >> did you lose your virginity to one of the cast members? >> brian, austin green? >> yeah.
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>> was there anyone else? >>
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because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. >> tomorrow, an "e.t." exclusive new scenes from the unauthorized 90210 >> who's that girl? i never want to see her again. >> what we uncoughed on the set. >> there is a lot of juicy
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things. >> the make youts, the fights, dirty doherty. >> tomorrow. >> and there are juicy 90210 secrets getting released. tori spelling did a polygraph test and she straight for the teenage love life. >> did you have sexual relations with a your co-stars on "beverly hills 90210?" >> yes? >> lie detector. that sense is true. >> what? done yacht virgnl done yashgs the virgin on the show. was there sex behind the scene? >> i'm a i was brian, us atun green. >> was there anyone else from the original ca just going to say, that you had sex with? >> yes, i'm not going to tell you who it is >> it wasn't derrick, or it? >> jason priestly? >> poker face. >> bad boy. >> w you tell me? i mean you're going. to i will wait a night. >> number. >> there are only three.
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i don't think it was ian. no, not ian. >> that leaves -- >> oh, god. >> luke perry and jason priestly. >> in our "e.t." vault, we found luke ki torre's head and sharing a moment with jason. but you have to wait for tori spelling celebrity lie detector to find out who was her secret on set lover. >> did you answer all o the questions regarding 90210 truthfully? >> yes. >> 40 also gets hit with this question. did she r have over ten plastic surgeries? tune in for the answer. i just can't believe it. >> it sure is. all right. coming up, joe to us exclusively about his wedding to sophia and his emotional day at children's hospital. >> you feel uplifted watching kids have fun. >> and we're talking to julianna about her girl crush. >> her eyes are so stunning.
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i couldn't remember why. >> okay. that is next.
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joe lost two things, sophia vergara and the pittsburgh steelers. so would he miss a game to tie the knot? let me tell you, this happe at my own wedding with the basketball playoffs. it was a close one tlachlt is just one of the do details we got joe to give up. >> i called ownership. i said listen, i need week off to get married. they were ha to comply. >> we think he's kidding. but turns out joe and sophia's wedding date sunday november 22nd clear. the steelers don't play that weekend. >> there will be some members of the steelers organization at my wedding. i would say that.
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so i'll sneak maybe former player or two in. there. >> the steelers host the ravens tonight on thursday night football on cbs. joe will be at his hometown game with some pals. sophia can't make it. and she told ellen she roots for a different team. >> it's the new york giants. >> what is the name? >> the new york giants. >> theyiants? >> joe is trying to convert her with steelers swag. >> i bought her spanish terrible to she has sweatshirts and stuff that have started making the way out of the closet i'm happy to report. >> joe bleeds steelers black and gold and has a true heart of gold. he invited us along when he visited some kids at pittsburgh's children's hospital. >> i'm jo >> yeah. >> it means the world to me let people know that this is still my home and to be able to use whatever sort of success that i have in los angeles and the entertainment industry to
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bring awareness to my favorite children which pittsburgh's children's hospital. >> and you probably didn't know that this was joe total unroyable from this early role. unrecognizable from this early role. >> i played against spiderman. >> you can't walk out of here feeling sad. you feel just lifted because you're watching kids play and have fun. >> wow. joe is so committed to helping these kids. you know he is going to serve as an honorary chair for the children's anniversary gala tomorrow night. >> all right, speaking of anniversaries, tomorrow on "e.t." we revisit one of the most infamous murder trials of the 20th century. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> the o.j. verdict 20 years later. "e.t." was in court for judgment day. >> praying for justice. >> now, our new interviews with the key players. >> it was an outrageous verdict. >> the jury, they loved o.j. >> pretty much shook my belief in the system. >> tomorrow on "e.t.." >> this weekend is the season seven premier of "the good
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wife." and cameron masterson was first on the set to hang out with the new cast member vanessa william. >> this is an amazing cast. there is a lot of excitement on this set. a lot of it centers a julianna's character. last season she suffering from so much pent up sexual energy. well, alicia is letting loose. >> "good wife" getting her sexy back. >> she needs it. you have jeffrey d. morgan around, i dmeenlt be stupid. you should jump at thatchance. >> when that guy came on screen and, you know, i was watching it going, wow. it's like immediately. >> immediately. >> you can feel the chemistry. >> take chance. might be fun. >> let me think about it. >> the thought of these two hooking up, we're all in for. that and i'm lobbying the writers for a few elevator love scenes circa season two. >> he's so good and yummy. >> i meet her in a job interview and i would describe it as
12:23 am
sparky. i think that's a little sparky. yeah. i think we're trying to play down the sparky. but it's there. so what are you going do? >> for the first time in my life, i don't have to answer to anyone. >> there's a lot of changes in store for julianna and company. she's got a new gig and a brand new co-star in vanessa willia >> you'll be the character that will kind of finally tame you. >> we'll see. >> sounds like it you're going to try. i love it. >> i made a terrible fool of myself. we huge hilarious dinner scene last week. and it was her fi scene with me and you just -- she is so -- her so stunning. and i just -- i couldn't remember my lines. i'm so sorry. >> i'm lost in your eyes. >> completely. >> going into season seven this is normally whether other shows would start folding it in. but not "the good wife." fans are in for a shake- and how cool is it to know some of that you came out and hillary is clearly a fan of the show?
12:24 am
>> oh, yes. >> she wants to note schedule and when is "good wife" on? come on. that's neat. >> i introduced her at an event once. she said she was a fan of show. you know, i thought she had to say. that but then when i read in the e-mail -- >> she didn't think anyone would see the e-mails. >> yeah. >> lead actress on a hit show, producer on show. mother, wife, how do you find the balance in your life? black." the c fantastic and so much fun. 8 1/2 million viewers tuned into premier much easily winning
12:25 am
the time congratulations to those guys. >> gritty, gritty s also returning this sunday is madam secretary. we were on the set while the executive producer morgan freeman directed t premier episode. >> this is an awesome cast. you don't have to do anything in terms of directing. with them, you just go and watch. >> another one to add to my dvr. here we go. ladies, get trod have some shoe envy. dphil's wife robin mcgraw is taking us inside her massive closet. and bypassive, it's the size of a room. >> in our birthday star of the "hangover" once worked in new york as a hotel bus boy? is it ed helm, bradley cooper or zach galfanacis? ooh. yomakee li, ♪t frnd" ay)
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>> hearing the sound of birthday today, julie andrews is 80. and which star fr "hangover" once worked in new york as a hotel b boy? you called this one, za galifianakis. happy birthday, zach. >> dr. phil and his wife robin are giving you the chance to be the first fan ever to join them for their famous walkoff at the end of his show. >> it only takes a $10 donation to enter the contest. this benefits robin's when georgia smile foundation helping to r domestic violence. >> and robin gave us a look at what walking in her shoes really like when she took us inside her closet. >> let me just say, the whole house is incredible. anyway, en we'll see you tomorrow. >> i am married to dr. phil. i'm going to admit not even he can cure me of this weakness. >> i've donated, right, pup?
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but you shoul donate. >> that signature walkoff. i've been doing that every day with philip to supporthim. so why not use that to support the foundation? the in"insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> i think ivanka is going to be amazing. >> very supportive daughter. >> my kids are good kids. >> meet the female force behind his campaign. >> no, it's not his wife. >> daughter ivanka could be the donald's secret weapon. >> and then we get details on the wedding to jennifer. is married life that much friendlier? >> it s i can't quite explain what it is. >> plus, sarah jessica parker channels terry bradshaw. we have all the most fashionable bells from new york's ballet fall gala. >> plus, we're with the empress of s g


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