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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 2, 2015 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: the break-in windows for is all or inward 10 people are dead following a shooting at a community college and roseburg for seven other people were injured in that shooting last night they gathered for a candlelight vigil as you can see the shooting happened yesterday morning on the campus and rose bird about 7 mi. south of you during the gunman shot and killed nine people before being killed in a shootout by police this morning we're hearing the 911 dispatch call for the. first the >>: the shooter tsk we do have one field have been shot at this time.
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>>james: he has been identified as 26 year-old they're trying to determine a motive for the children are you a christian he would ask them and if your question stand up and he said
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because your christian europe want to see god and just about one second and then he shot and killed them. >>james: the 18 year-old daughter was hit in the backed by a bullet she quietly is expected to survive one law for the official and a four pronged gunfights shift that from complex as connected with the shooter the adjust also shed what mercer hist they're being
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treated hopefully get an update from doctors again later on this morning the to go now to oregon. >>reporter: 4 people still recovering at this hospital this morning everyone here is expected to survive there was a candlelight vigil held in roseburg last night simply an outpouring of grief for the 10 people or killed when a gunman opened fire saw it is about a three hour drive to put things in perspective there are entire year is that pass without a central source are reported to police the government has been identified as 26 year-old chris harper they refuse to say it his
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name to last night he did not want to give the democratic he probably thought hist several witnesses have said that the government acts to is their religion before killing them less said the gunmen were barred are more as far as the name of the victims but my people that were shot all campus they said they're still trying to reach out to families that want to make sure some.
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>>james: we want to turn the attention to whether this morning hist. >>michelle apon: is want to be a really nice day maybe some patchy fog out toward the coast otherwise attempt to the starting off in the fifth is a san francisco tempered just
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today by 9:00 will be all in the '60s all across the bay area indicated by lunchtime on a lot of was getting into the '70s at lunch time until some side a few '80s. a lot of locations by 3 of 4:00 p.m. this afternoon '70s and '80s we're really nice fall as rare in the second day of october the coastal delhi was the mid to upper 60s some spots may get into lower seventh a mixed bag of low to mid '80s for
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today it will be a really nice afternoon if you have kids heading to school lecturer put a little jacket all it is cool out there we want to mention there is a construction for the east about direction all the way up to the treasure island offered until 6:00 this morning that should be wrapping up we do see a little bit of a live otherwise traffic is moving very well. >>anny hong: a live look at the golden gate bridge is also very
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light truck the conditions here if you're heading for the mayor to the into a $san francisco one truck went through a couple minutes ago we are tracking one incident in the south bay will talk like that come up a little bit later schuss. >>james: in the new details of the gruesome murder of the benicia family 16 your son's arrest and charged with murder the victims' bodies were found burned out a lot of cal the gaslight we have more the rest >>rob fladaboe:---->>jeff bush: the d.a. says that he shot and killed his father adam his brother and his father as their friend molly the complaint says
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that they use a 22 caliber rifle to kill the three family members and investigators from the sheriff's department say that and no one left the family cap on fire after the three were murdered. >>jeff bush: they serve the search what all the family home and business in benicia several items were seized during that investigation and he was temporarily detained but eventually released he has been in the care relative since the murder and was taken into custody early on thursday morning at a high school classmates say that they are stunned by the news of his arrest.
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>>: he was always hard worker and a good student. >>james: the unified school district released this statement on thursday regarding the arrest was superintendent says this tragic loss of life the devastating for the community this is shocking and sat for less if we were closely with the chef of parliament we asked directly if the student in indication of being arrested himself or others and we are informed that he did not. >>james: the victim said she was walking near burke hall in the gym she was approached by a man he started conversation from inside chances dazzle the graft
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and cancer to pull away and jumped on a bus to stake it was less aware are dark green jacket this followed the death of walter and in men who died in his cell on monday the beating death of inmate michael tyree the chef also revealed that five more correction officers are now on the minutes should leave in connection with the case three of some already been charged with this murder would take a quick break what city hall could impact their title defense a storm preparations underway still after the break we been talking about how bad is
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expected to impact the east coast here is a live look outside of live look at the san mateo bridge where traffic on land to is moving well in said was a 59 degree should warm up to 80 lead on this afternoon is one to be a warmer and drier than. i thought i got everything. almost everything! you know, 1 in 10 houses could get hit by a septic disaster, and a bill of up to $13,000. but for only $7 a month, rid-x is scientifically proven to break down waste, helping you avoid a septic disaster. rid-x. the #1 brand used by septic professionals in their own tanks. (nature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm.
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>>james: it did cause major problems that are did with flooding from of the storm systems reported that officials are not taking any chances. >>andrew spencer: we assisted part of the country at a category for work and forecast expected to drop 10 20 in. of rain all along the coast is to
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prepare for worst-case scenarios before getting the books about of the water we're all over the city and ready to sign where the rain falls that have gone so far as to kick soars off "island that a
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mandatory evacuation order for some visitors to leave. >>anny hong: that does not leave the east coast will be quite dead because the outer bed and still bring quite a bit of breathing to a lot of people on the eastern seaboard category for as it is the impact in the bahamas a big white blob uc we have sustained winds hundred and 30 mi. from our gusting over
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hundred and 60 it is still 30 about the way from houston you can see it will get closer and closer off the eastern seaboard track a little farther away going to the strict and next couple of days by sunday become a category two east pish fifth it is bad news for the east coast they're bringing the side of the relief may have to watch out the possibility of settling back in the bay area where we can to delay a partly to mostly clear conditions not were brought in an act of high pressure building given us lots of sunshine today
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temperatures are in the '50s 50 in dollar terms san francisco 57 and said was a perfect is in the lower 56 antioch and the 64 our friends and richmond. >>anny hong: low and is in fremont and 76 in union city a little warmer today compared to yesterday for our east bay in an spots mid '80s in water creek 85 also in brentwood 84 in livermore low eighties for saturday a little cooler than 07 lead the cali continues the wins will pick up over the weekend what are looking for a chance of some showers saturday night into sunday maybe a thunderstorm.
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>>anny hong: let's take you over we first mentioned on 17 we do have an incident being reported by the chp whittle's bottles on the northbound and southbound areas of 7¢ on bear creek road the lanes are blocked due to an injured animal lead to a couple of drive times will start with the hercules berkeley drive or it would take about 15
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minutes of interstate 80 very light traffic conditions another drive times antioch to copper on highway for which it is 15 minutes pretty much all green the drive times for wallop creek down through several more that would take about 60 minutes this morning the time allowed for 20. for >>james: at least three cats have disappeared in the past 10 days leaving their orders devastated and desperate for answers detectives are investigating the cambrian district of san jose neighbors there believe that a serial killer is to blame security cameras on the property of one victim shows a man grabbed one of the cats he does cave from
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this side he was chasing him but he was too slow to run and then he grabbed some of it with back to capture all taken within the five law radius members believe the same person is stealing and killing the animals steve kerr is out indefinitely as he deals with back problems after two surgery's tsk. >>j.r. stone: stop referring to his which consist of a lease to back surgery just days later in
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the news is not good he is taking a leave of absence to focus on the rehab is backed the sportswriter says everyone at practice this week notice the trouble he was having pain as surgery in july to repair ruptured disk in his back he had followed surgery in early september we spoke with a satellite in july when he attended a charity golf tournament in tahoe he made no mention of his back problems because of his injuries he and of not playing in the tournament as short timetable and his recovery the warriors'
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season starts in just under a month what he's got a system called has been named in turned coach he was quoted in a statement saying i realize i need to take a step back and focus on my rehabilitation in order to be ready for the grind of another nba season that will lead you to believe that his goal is to be back in time for the regular season. >>james: the plans to demolish the old favorites are now final when it will happen and how the impact traffic will talk about that here is a live look outside the soap was a camera at the bay bridge for oakland 61 degrees right now warming up to 78 later on this afternoon.
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>>james: avocados you been eating them wrong this whole turn will to it with your throw away that has 70% of its nutritional value bad news for t global customer the company has been hacked will tell you what they stole people have been going overboard with the amount of thing to dictate what about a pancake what about the food for this coming up such as always was a texas acceptance many
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>>james: we're following this morning of a small town of rose bird or has a shot after a mass shooting at a community college seven others are wounded and no place to try to figure out what prompted the 26 year-old we're in the rose bird with the latest. >>polo sandoval: according to state police statistics your man was killed in the shootout officers will have enough for
4:30 am
four long fight his father spoke briefly to reporters thursday night asking for privacy students describe before the gunman would room to room firing the father of one of the victims told reporters when he learned from his daughter about the they're being felt from the picture or block the community to the halls of congress and the white house about expressing deep enter over the nation's latest mass shooting.
4:31 am
>>james: will have more on this story as it develops she will tackle the issue of gun violence issue becomes president the hopeful is campaigning in boston when asked what she thought about yesterday's shooting she is calling for what she is considering sensible gun control measures this is something has to be done to stay connected with the mobile applications any
4:32 am
new alerts of information will post on the web site and send out as miller threw them mobile application live radar which was awfully useful in the past couple days today it the opposite story. >>anny hong: it is just a few clouds we do not anticipate all been a concern of those arriving flights should be no issues include sfo oakland and san jose airport here is a quick check of the satellite radar picture we did system showers today with starting of dry in the friday morning no need for the umbrella here is a look at the san francisco planner for this morning that of a '50s by lunchtime will hit low 70's and
4:33 am
i stay in downtown san francisco tavern as well made and '70s if you have dinner placidly in the city it will be a nice evening look for the western raised about five dozen lost our philosophy is across the map of the '50s and san francisco and out of 56 of our friends of local 59 in livermore and 57 degrees in san jose she by 9:00 we will see a lot widespread '60s all across the bay area loss of sunshine will see widespread seven as indicated by the yellow maybe in the few low 80s professionally and not but and then would top out at around 3:00 p.m.. >>anny hong: basically '70s and lows amid a is 4 hours location to the it will be a really nice
4:34 am
all they will bring down the south bay and peninsula high come into the next the report, also it is hinted at another chance for some rain will talk more about that coming up in just a second. >>anny hong: that may slow down the ride if you have fast-track get one from family or friend do that this one we're san no problem for the easy and fast track lanes lawyer friday morning alive but at the san mateo bridge camille very light traffic conditions on 92 for both directions nothing to slow dog arrive this morning. >>anny hong: no-fault nothing to slow down this morning and live
4:35 am
look at the richmond san rafael bridge committee on 580 a couple of more cars on the screen but still very light traffic conditions all across the bed with no major hot spots to report. >>james: topping the area had lies at the moment with a local community college on the edge this morning after a student was raped another man expose themselves the crimes happen on the campus of santa rosa during a college. >>reporter: of ms. crisp fall of a freshman now carry something extra with her walk on a way to class as santa rosa junior college choice the business major wants to be safe at school in late august a female student was sexually assaulting and and bathroom and burned all the attack at night and police are not investigating she refuses to
4:36 am
work and they're they're even during the day the college is done with indecent exposure case on wednesday that a female student reported a man pulled down his pants and began touching himself in front of her while she sat outside of all another suitable for a similar incident happened just and minutes later at an apartment complex on khalid abdel to protect students and staff the have now added extra security patrol and is looking into a better life than on campus. >>reporter: she was worried about another attack.
4:37 am
>>james: and appalled to read about the shooting death of a street artist earlier this week said the rise and by this fall's last year's dramatic drop in crime is a crime appears to be lent to rival gangs they're not started but extra foot patrol just a few days a week when shot on the seller's the control should be every day hist someone's last winter to get inside police said the person you some sort of a sovereign to start the fire overhead sprinklers quickly put out the flames but there was some damage done officials say there were no prints private to the fire and no problems at that location before however sphere they say there are an increase in security incidents and will miss the facility also country says
4:38 am
people in the east bay upset by rising bread rises would say was it is doing to combat the rising cost of housing + to major attachment devices been banned by amazon two of them after the break will tell you why online retailer is banning apple and local products.
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4:41 am
hurt by flying glass and one of those incidents he was arrested in mid september after the gun was linked to the four incidents is in jail now on bail total $1 million and faces more than a dozen felony charges and shot back in and did that man one woman also arrested the both face multiple charges the chase began as police investigated burglaries in the air into the program into two of the cars during the chase the ball on the deputy is already of the hospital they're moving tv
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and local stream of the rise, online shopping store the company also will be prohibited on new listings for their products by the product allows customers to easily watch the prime video streaming servers that will continue to sell trimming devices that compete with the fire tv and fire stick those include the rollcall x box placed this of those devices such do isn't playing the streaming services they will continue to be sold. >>james: asked will be back with another check of your forecast for today will keep you updated of a weekend out of virginia beach where the east coast is still bracing for heart and despite the fact that the letter storm track stairs and out into san the atlantic.
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>>james: talk about the forecast
4:45 am
for this week in but touch. >>anny hong: the snow level did fall 10,000 ft. when the storms came through and a former friend in the bay area that looks great not much more snow to
4:46 am
expect the next san jose the morning to you here is a look at the day planner we're in the fifties at this hour by 10:00 will see the upper 60s you may want to start off the jacket but it will appeal the jacket off come this afternoon temperatures by lunchtime will be in the mid- 70s looking for high of 79 close to 80 degrees between 3 and 4:00 p.m. this afternoon it will be a nice warm day in the south bank look for northwest and raise as we have dinner plans and san jose this evening temperatures are on to be really comfortable. >>anny hong: of the six is at 8:00 this evening some of the
4:47 am
great news for the skiers in the snow boarders or want to see high-pressure bill back in today given us warmer temperatures and lots of sunshine when speedster like to come all 1 mi. an hour for san francisco 5 in concord at and fairfield very quiet a lot of fifties across-the-board 57 as san francisco canyon to the sow that a lot of '80s santa clara and san jose 82 in campbell 82 also allows got a lot '80s and morgan hill. >>anny hong: temper to look
4:48 am
pretty good at 7885 in livermore any sense for our friends up to now but if you're going to be doing some wine tasting this weekend the forecast looks like this to the next seven days you want to plant a couple things on the second day when the a little bit cooler than on sunday we do track the chance for some showers potentially for the rest of the bay area do keep that mine will keep you posted and dry dock for the rest of next week will take about 12 minutes you may see a few slow start this morning but overall things are looking fairly good on 80 if you're heading from san leandro into oakland it will
4:49 am
take about 14 minutes this morning the northbound ride will be a little slower and thus i will have little the slowing overall take you about 15 minutes or less and for the out to lot dublin ride that will take you about 26 minutes this morning sphere. >>james: that were there as they staged a protest in the front lawn of city hall. >>maureen kelly: their rising to hide too fast their sentence city hall stop the greedy landlords that won a moratorium on rent increases and a false evictions she is now moving
4:50 am
because it was raised another 10 percent with no end in sight onetime ship this is review adviser committee to agree to her increase last year was too high because the group could all make a nonbinding recommendations her landlord raised a red wine they hear the full sisters compliance 66 if they have been given notice than a big increases boy is now
4:51 am
mandatory that the landlord show for the mediation process the protesters want more to be done in this city recognizes that so the plan a special hearing next month to discuss what options the have to get their residents from being priced out of the city include the possibility of establishing some form or rent control south. >>james: the reliever announcing his retirement after 14 season is the seven of those seasons was references go he did not
4:52 am
allow all run in the postseason appearance as his been part of each other recent title to james the have a career 0.86 era in the postseason third best ever the major league baseball on the field tim hunter took to the amount for last time his career in the final appearance he allowed three runs three hits and that is when he decided that will be enough he walked off to a ovation in various you don't forget to join every one of sports like live there have recaps and the final game announcers from the forty- niners and the raiders' leading up with the bears that match up is all coming up sunday right after the news at endicott.
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>>james: it is along when the question is there a connection between cell phones and cancer is discussed between doctors and patients such. >>reporter: she is wearing clothes without pockets and does not have a purse of broad can be an obvious choice but is this had a good idea? for the
4:54 am
investigation is needed. >>james: live camera back with more in a minute.
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honor most of the time there and rot areas it is hard to get to places sometimes there's limited internet that is always a challenge we had all kinds of problems trying to get live shots the fire affecting so many people who live in this community this sunday night for long as reporters cover breaking news of a wildfire in lake county early this year but also the very latest the some of the big car breaking news will bring each evening police in san francisco looking for a woman who was also said we're live with the latest of the suspect/.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: the suspect is down we have multiple gunshot wounds. >>mark: we are following the latest and people killed after of gunman opened fire before police gunned him down. >>darya: the massacre is sending shock waves across the nation and red barber and all the way here to bay area the shooting happened yesterday morning on the on what community college and roseburg off about 7 mi. south of eugene and about zero hundred and 80 mi. south of portland gunman shot and killed nine people before police killed him but in a shootout still will forced to hide and classrooms open the killer would not find them there for people still
5:01 am
recovering at this hospital this morning one of that in critical condition a spokesperson for the hospital everyone here is expected to survive there was a candlelight vigil helping residents last night that a total of seven victims recover from the massacre this tragedy has shaken a small-town this is a very rural area of or against it is about a three hour drive
5:02 am
south of portland the gunman has been identified as a six year- old kris parker mercer all vote the shares refuse to say his name to reporters last night he did not want to give the gunman the credit that he probably saw. >>reporter: they're looking what some of intelligence associated with him on one proposal is written the notoriety match the receive same more people you kill the more you're and live like a court said the gunmen wore body armor carry three pistols and the rifle.
5:03 am
>>darya: president obama is once again calling for new gun control laws in the wake of the shooting had delivered a statement after the shooting and his presidency it happened way to meantimes last night he expressed anger and impatience for the string of mass shootings that have happened across the country. >>: just a few months ago each time we see one of these mass shootings it does nothing to prevent the carnage from being inflicted some place else in america she will tackle the gun
5:04 am
violence issue becomes president. >>mark: she was campaigning in boston was used asked about yesterday's cap the shooting she is calling for was to call sensible gun control measures and says something has to be done will follow the lead to developments on line and our web site will have a timeline of events as well as pictures from the scene.
5:05 am
>>james: sit here is a glimpse of whatever to go in san francisco today maxim that are around 73 degrees around 2:00 and so before we bring it back down to the mid-60s although not so good for the nimitz freeway out of oakland into san leandro. >>george: work has been out since late last night and it has been slow on the ride on 880 southbound heading down toward marina boulevard the good news is it is scheduled to be picked up at 5:00 so we could see the end of this fairly quickly it is a potential hot spot and something will be keeping our
5:06 am
eye on here in the tropics and tear track in the ride to the bay bridge this morning light and easy with no delays for the westbound ride and your trip out of the east bay for san mateo on 92 westbound looks great career in the drive times at just 11 minutes so. >>anny hong: that this offer some injuries but this happened after 7:00 p.m. last night and delay of what a black hole motorcycle officer they were working in special assignment focusing on driving under the influence they're patrolling from the areas of broadway and howe street saw this all motorcycles speeding down the street they tried to catch up for the motorcycle is one of the officers collided then with a pedestrian the put-and 54 you're
5:07 am
black resident was heard and suffered minor injuries as well, all appears to be a contributing factor still in the crash low- key fallen this breaking story brought the morning and get you more information as soon as it becomes available so. >>mark: we're live of the university details of what happened when the police of looking for sit they have a description of the suspect. >>will tran: this happen on wednesday at 7:00 on the suit was what it could have this section notice is a man following her he got really bold and reaches for her grabs her above the hills and francis's hist face against the biting said he kistler several times she manages to get away goes to the platform he follows her she also was able to hop on a bus stop not a composite sketch the
5:08 am
description take a look at the screen skid described as a man 20 to 23 years old six-foot tall slender build like complexion of brown eyes with brown hair if he was wearing are dark green hoodies style sweatshirt at the time said the good news is she was not injured campus police start telling the students be careful and remind them that they're always ask what with a partner never be allowed in this case it appears that she was allowed at the time first. >>darya: if the family 69 year- old son is arrested charged with the murder of the eldorado county d.a. says nolan killed his father and his little brother and his father is your friend police say he led the family cabin on fire classmates
5:09 am
of the boys say they are stunned by the news of a cabin fire was reported weeks ago police temporarily detained him before eventually arresting him he had been in the care of his grandmother since the murders investigators later found evidence in his truck that contradicted his original story to the police he was taken into custody early yesterday morning at the initial high school he will be tried as an adult. >>mark: inmate died on the cell monday in the beating death of inmate michael tyree they also revealed five more correction of
5:10 am
this is our now on the matter should leave in connection with the case of three officers already been charged with his murder the department is not asking the fbi to help with the investigation there is a federal kidnapping indictment for case was considered all hoax or a charge of one count of kidnapping last march federal investigators say he broke a to the vallejo home a kidnap denise provincial at $15,000 ransom and was released in hunting the beach or the for the laws when from her home. >>darya: 44 parents left it was arrested in a separate case of home invasion and dublin and evidence found in that case help investigators connected to the case out of vallejo we are pleading not guilty in the black hole case six. a man >>darya: as a hurricane making his way to the east coast how they're preparing for the worst press of a cause apparently eating the wrong way all this time houri's the postal will show you.
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ni bybel ack litt bigr. >>mark: officials along the east coast are concerned about the potential impact it could have they were expecting as much as 10 to 20 in. of rain to fall for the category 4 hurricane it is a long distance, buyers of about home to long island york they're already getting ready for the storm as is to the flooding along the east coast are preparing for worst-case scenario that is the carolina of
5:15 am
the high country n.c. adana's for tech source of the island the commission is showing a mandatory evacuation for nine of the people who live there the county official has metal to repair themselves just in case it had their way. >>darya: they're in place and ready to go the department of transportation says the majesty status allow them to mobilize 2500 employees and their on call to help maintain the roadways throughout the weekend if the seven declared a state of alert since the ones that about 40 roads remained closed and southwest a junior from heavy storms already earlier this week the storm for the harkin expected to hit ocean city maryland high winds and large a loss of land are likely even before the storm gets there ocean city staff beginning their preparation for the storm and
5:16 am
completing the priest or action many outdoor events for the weekend have been already cancelled postpone an advanced of the storm the city have no plans for partial or full evacuation at this point her case and the mark the last time the ocean city was evacuated. >>james: will continue to move along that path as it continues to get weaker and weaker but again this uncertainty that is the path that the hurricane can take the outer bands could still deliver quite a wallop to the east coast that is why they're staying on high alert side stand prepared just in case it should
5:17 am
happen to have everything in place and ready for it clear skies over sfo would temper to the cooler today than it was yesterday 57 oakland and san francisco and a mix of of the fifth drop the bay area right now speaking of oakland to the to should like sour ride around 78 degrees those when still come from the ocean mild but it will be gusty at times throughout the day today temperatures will be warmer in that with the story
5:18 am
low to mid is for the east of a south bay and the door to bay temperatures along the bay shoreline mid to upper 7 is low 70's the upper 60s all along the coast. >>james: it will not be as strong as the one that just went by when i did as much rain from a but we will watch it for you. >>george: with been watching some construction delays but the work was picked up at 5:00 as scheduled in san leandro 880 south about at marina boulevard you could see the traffic is already starting to move once again we traded rate for yellow on the road sensors for tracking the ride to the bridges around it will not look in any hot spots yet there is an easy ride
5:19 am
here at the bay bridge toll plaza for the westbound commit no delays out of the maze the ride to the san mateo bridge in the east a trip over to san cell looks good not tracking any problems for the ride leading off the press ought to 1 01 and the golden gate bridge ride this great loss about the south are to and from around county about a 25 minute drive times that put said about a 10 minute trip over to senator fell. >>mark: they're addressing the summit of raw leaders at the similar to that the sums of the rush a decision to start bombing targets and the world tarnation is acting at the request of syrian president to attack the terrorist group isis with the u.s. opposes and questions the assertion that it is targeting is monetarist they say russia is using as insurance to go after
5:20 am
rebels fighting a side the foreign minister is rejecting the claim that moscow was turning rebels and the syrian army which has been trained and supplied by the sea and. >>darya: police are investigating an arson that planned parenthood and their loss and the so you can see in the video so once last window to get inside and that person you some sort of a solomon to start a fire despite was put out the flames but there was some damage there is an increase in security at the woman's health facility across the country. >>mark: it will increase of $14
5:21 am
an hour this time next year $15 now and october of 2017 and least three cats have disappeared in the past 10 days leaving the on the devastated investors for answers there are investigating the cambrian bishop of san jose neighbors believed it was a serial killer to blame the cattle are taken within the five already is they believe the same person is telling the killing of the cap of the cows apparently you been eating the wrong way. >>darya: you're throwing away 70
5:22 am
percent of the of the cause nutritional value it contains more antioxidant the more for some vegetables the biggest
5:23 am
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>>mark: in the low fifties the interest lost myself getting longer as did the temperatures
5:26 am
are getting cold in the morning 56 as san jose 50 in the more we can forecast. >>darya: you have to push that chip off as a black friday the customers and employees should have the chance to stay home during big holidays if if you cannot beat them banham that is a new strategy to get to buy their media products.
5:27 am
>>mark: moving tv and scroll past four online shopping the company will also for the new listings for the products buy the products allow customers to and is the worst of this video that will continue to sell the devices that compete with inspired tv in fire stick those include place station and six blocked those allowed the prime video streaming coming of continuing to follow the breaking news of oregon 10 people shot and killed on the college campus we will hear more about the government's past.
5:28 am
5:29 am
5:30 am
>>darya: welcome back and we're continuing to solve the riddles of or been 10 people have been killed in a mass shooting in committee, as the rose bird the gunman shot and killed nine people before being killed someone is outside one of the door shooting up the doors will have one of the month of the shot at the turn.
5:31 am
>>: he is in the classroom biggest in the gunsights of mail these in the classroom on the saudi side of the hall he has a long gun many analysts as possible the been identified as on 60 park or they're still trying to determine the motive of the shooting the toll from the shooter was targeting prescience. >>: from what i understood was his said he shot a professor this man had enough time that will start asking people one by one what their religion was it your christian stand up and they would stand up and he said
5:32 am
because your christian you're going to see god and just about one second and then he shot and killed them. >>darya: 18 your daughter was hit in the backed by a bullet she is expected to survive the father of the shooter spoke briefly welland more information about the government's past. >>anny hong: he had a disturbing and troubling past for example the 26 year-old praised the gunman who shot the
5:33 am
former colleagues on live television because it made him famous in a hayfield bloc opposed to august and during that tv broadcasts and the role of virginia according to his online dating profile they're looking for low but also interested in someone who shares my beliefs and is similar to me the corn to other on-line to be is an accounts they're also a fan of the irish republican army terrorist group and not sit enthusiast will continue to follow this story as new information comes in as far as a model for his deadly shooting rampage investigators are talking to the mother open to get more information. >>darya: will continue to track the latest developments on line
5:34 am
will have a timeline of the event as well as pictures from the same size hist. >>james: and you're planning a day we sea temperatures in the
5:35 am
mid to upper 50s a little chilly mostly clear all the cool side by noontime will see the gradual warming takes hold slightly warmer than it was yesterday 83 expected for the inland valleys 70 by the bank will be back in about 15 minutes of a complete check of the outlook for your including the latest of the weekend will talk about the chance of made a sprinkle or to. >>george: we were watching the construction work and 880 in the southbound direction thankfully it has been completely picked up in the and the residual effects of the what slow traffic we did see his car and it is an easy drive into somalia to the good news is there was no impact from the northbound side with to the come from the direction fast. pfft
5:36 am
>>george: coming from the east bay into downtown san francisco. >>darya: happen today a lot of people gathering for the 15th annual strictly bluegrass off six. >>reporter: separation already in motion is at golden gate park in the barricaded doors and even so test floors inside putting down chairs and blankets to have the crowds sphere it all starts this morning at 1030
5:37 am
soph. >>: this solemn fortunate given the we were just won the title says it is all part of an and we will be ok a major setback for the champion golden state warriors wear out indefinitely as he deals with back problems after two surgery's corruption and fact in game 5 at the nba finals.
5:38 am
hopefully early in the season and will be back in it would not be an issue but this the same with high expectations a team that was to repeat in have the talent to repeat he certainly is important. >>mark: the warriors regular- season data on october 27th arise and by crime including four recent murders has one east bay city on alert hacker's hit t mobil would save a personal information that was stolen after the break.
5:39 am
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5:41 am
>>darya: between september 1st and september 16th experiences immediately reported this breached and of the tech to consign the effort to free hall on the is recalling were the 100,006 honda says it is a must fix for software problems. >>mark: could cause the front wheel to a lot of the announcement came today for her to the 43,000 in 2015 the software in question managers with a retransmission recall notices will be set in a few weeks so far there is, but say no passengers have been linked to the software problem. >>james: i have a full look at the what fog has come up here was a glimpse of san jose and
5:42 am
the temperatures drop the day should like to write that about 79 to 80 degrees this afternoon. itch waty ey. most aller pil onlcontl one flamtoryubstce, flase ntro six see e wod in who new ght. flonas thichans everhing when caret crangs t, ali cathu getng rief. onlyicorte mi haa pateed fastissoing rmul it startto rievesudd crangs st. i ner kn whei'llneedelie that'shy inly oosenicotte ni.
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5:44 am
i ink this is a kin' up pret gooplace. ♪s folgers youcup >>darya: a gunman opened fire yesterday killed at least nine people seven others in the hospital right now he was shot and killed by police in a shootout this happened at the community college and the small
5:45 am
town of rose bird is about hundred and 80 mi. south of portland one survivor says the gunman who was identified as the 26 year-old demanded that get them state of their religion and then started shooting those who said their repression another survivor says he was targeting them. >>mark: he said yesterday's and every once in france out to you seeing a few hours later he said he was heading to rose bird and ask everyone to some thought and prayer to the families it was a southern california rehearsing for upcoming appearance on dancing with the stars in the shooting happened will track the less the limits on line and the story we have a timeline of the event and pictures from the scene she met with the pope
5:46 am
spark a controversy in the vatican is insisting the meeting does not the main. >>darya: she is predicting the end of the rodent nothing like a hundred games who she says could cost the apocalypse. >>james: it will cloud as we get into the weekend having first to our live via the satellite read our perspective visibility nice and filled them to capitalize on the berkeley hills often the distance on the cool side
5:47 am
compared to yesterday's 57 for san francisco and oakland agricola and son was a widespread meant a perfected generally across the bay area at the moment will replace that with seven is for most of the bay that is was a really nice and comfortable it will range anywhere into a 86 in the north that again mostly clear and sunny temperatures mild upset is along the bay shoreline with temperatures in the opposite is the low '70's monday beyond next week we have steadily warming temperatures as we head toward
5:48 am
wednesday and thursday that is the weather. >>george: bay bridge was brought what the middle class have been activated for just about 15 minutes the back of still not too bad 14 to 16 minute trip time 880 of a crossing we're the slowdown begins in the right out of the east bay added over toward san mattel still doing well with an amendment to time how the ride to an already counted as problem free across the golden gate bridge zero delays and that isn't a 10 minute time was about out of richmond and heading toward san rafael speaking of trip times less take a look at some like the hercules to berkeley ride this morning still at 15 minutes with no delays from paulo and richmond down to the lower a sure-fire way you're ride into oakland is
5:49 am
clear the northbound direction from san leandro with a 14 minute trip time. >>darya: largest peer of the old bay bridge is soon going to be going out with a bang that will employ it it will likely be done with 400 small explosives it will have close to voters are supposed to stay away as well as the most environmentally safe solution but a lot of groups are against an.
5:50 am
>>darya: that are sick of rising rents and demanding action from other officials tents were set by tenants to say it is rising too quickly the city of alameda a planned a special hearing to discuss what options they have
5:51 am
in oakland homicide are up 24 percent according to the oakland police department. >>mark: the shooting death of a strip artists early this week the rise and by installed last year's dramatic drop in crime they say it appears to be linked to rival gangs of the employes have started doing extra foot patrols a few days a week one shot on this tellus said the patrol should be every day we go behind-the-scenes to show you how we bring you the news last take a peek >>reporter: are some the the law is unfolding at this hour but something on folding it is unfolding as we speak we still have to remember that there is a family on the other side what they're watching is the back
5:52 am
story this sunday. >>mark: take a look at current temperatures around the bay and santa rosa 515258 in san francisco we will be. be. [announcer] right now at sleep train,
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>>mark: we learn more about the mass shooting in oregon the second look at the latest information we have 10 people are dead including the gunman he was shot and killed by a least 57 others remained in the hospital this morning there was a candlelight vigil last night to honor the victims he lived in california where also hearing about who the bomber may have been targeting stores he was asking people who was a question and say that they was they got a matter of seconds. >>polo sandoval: you have the legal question with so many people in this small community on the fast and so this morning is why hundreds gather for a
6:01 am
candlelight vigil on during the victims of thursday's shooting rampage at the community college according to state police a 26 your man was killed when the shoot out officers and had enough ammo for four long fight for his father spoke briefly to reporters thursday night as into privacy first students describe the horror as the gunman went room to room firing the father of one of the victims told reporters what he learned from his daughter about the shoe the small gulf he would ask them if you are christian stand up and they would stand up and he said because your question you're going to see god and just about one second and then he shot and killed them shockwaves of resorbing fell from the picture fog in community to the halls of congress and white house about
6:02 am
expressing deep anger over the nation's latest mass shooting somehow this is become routine. >>: reporting is routine my response to hear at this podium and of being retained this morning class a resume at the college physicist is still rope off and still technically considered and at the crime scene with still missing the stories of the victims and also saw the survivors as well we expect to lure more of them in the hours of hostile to the senses are expected to release more information. >>anny hong: we're learning more about him including the fact that he was withdrawn young man
6:03 am
he was very close to his mother was quite protective of him also said it is on-line profile and social media presence and a 26 road did show signs of being supportive of violent acts he spoke of his admiration for him that this winnipeg's journalists who killed his two former colleagues during a live tv broadcast the role of virginia neighbors are saying that he wore the same outfit every day he wore combat boots and green army pants and white t-shirt and was a loner and not very social
6:04 am
according to of the online profile he described himself as an and to avert what the dislike for organized religion and according to the other social media profile he was also a fan of the irish republican army terrorist group and not seem to exist and a critic of the black lives a matter protester we have a time line of the events as they unfolded and also pick just from the scene. >>darya: it would continue to fall this will throw the morning and live reports.
6:05 am
the vallejo motorcycle officers were patrolling around broadway street and crosstree when they saw on motorcycles speeding to watch itasca more cyclist and also collide with the pedestrian pushing a shopping cart is suffered minor and of the pedestrian hospitalized with moderate and and but is expected to be ok. >>james: it a lot to start of class look for temperatures that will be on the cool side mid to upper fifth is mostly a few low '60's at that point by noontime
6:06 am
will read it one more round 80 for the inland valley schools by three crosses afternoon sunny into the just warming up to about 83 on average for the inland valley 78 by the bacon for sixties to low 70's that is to get you ready for school out the door will be back in 15 minutes of the more complete look including an extended outlook take a look at the weekend. >>george: that always means good news for you no surprises for your drive no major obstruction already so of the bay bridge if already slow through hayward on the nimitz freeway remember heavy going for the ride on a 880 trying to get to 92 with the drive times across the span is still just 11 to 13 minutes out to san mateo. >>mark: his sexual assault to a
6:07 am
woman at the university campus where live at the school with more what happened and what the police looking for. >>will tran: they listen a description of this person this woman was walking through campus on wednesday at 7:00 at night is illiterate dark at that time for this man came up to her wrapped are above the hips and then put her on the ground put his face against her body that will serve to avenge this was not something that happened quickly that he moved artur bench and concern several times she breaks away manages to get to the muted platform she hops on the bus and was able to get away sure for the disciplines that are math the slab to be a light complexion man about 6 ft. tall light brown hair and he was slender and build or rent are
6:08 am
dark green hoodie at the time she is still working with the police department, with a composite sketch of the the very best they can have at this time also please what they're searching for this man they want to remind all the students you need to be with someone. >>will tran: in this case she was walking by herself at the time the family 16 year-old son is under arrest and accused of murdering them the eldorado county d.a.'s office said he killed his father little brother and his father is your friend with a gun and then set the cab on fire after killing them to start at and a fire classmates say they're stunned by the news he did not seem like a kid he was a good student would not know what he was into did not know him that well but he was
6:09 am
always hard worker the cabin fire was reported weeks ago the to umbrella detained but then released them he had been in the care for is grandmother since the murder in this and found evidence in his truck that contradicted their original statement and was taken into custody early yesterday morning and benicia high-school. >>darya: this follows the death of walter an inmate who died in his cell on monday as well as before that the beating death of inmate michael tyree's three officers had been charged with his murder the share of said the fire more correction of officers on on allegedly to connection with the tyree beating the department is asking the fbi to help with the investigation official said the death of a child molester is about as a
6:10 am
prison counselor that is a homicide the 45 year-old was found dead in his cell on monday he was serving a life in prison for lack acts with the child under 14 years old this say the cell mate who was serving a life sentence for murder is a suspect in that killing in the sense have not said how he died he will be arraigned on the indictment on monday. >>mark: he broke into a bullet hole home and kidnapped and denise and savagely at a $15 ransom please stop whole thing was a hoax and then they're released in bees more than 400 mi. from our home in june he was arrested in connection with home invasion and dublin and found evidence in that case that went into the volley of kidnapping still ahead firefighters reach full containment on the deadly fire burned in a macabre as
6:11 am
counting but they're still trying to get the valley fire out will have the latest on that and her can shifting away from the east coast. >>darya: storm could bring heavy rain we are tracking the hurricane after the break.
6:12 am
san fwhile this parking loting lies still. life, proposition d and mission rock will create a new neighborhood right here with 40% affordable housing, 8 acres of parks and open space, all connected to public transit, and generate $25 million a year in revenue for san francisco. vote yes on d to turn this into this. ♪
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>>james: the hurricane is moving farther out to sea to men make a direct impact. >>mark: people are still concerned keeping a close eye on this major hurricane to the forecast is expected to be into the rain fall today in the bahamas for this category four hurricane. >>mark: they're still getting ready they're all over the city and ready to respond whenever the rain falls where it falls
6:15 am
>>mark: there has been to prepare for worst-case scenarios and can enhance their way. >>darya: the government is aware of the state of emergency that have allowed them to mobilize two to 500 employees there on call to being to in the roadways over to ocean city maryland and getting ready for the storm as well could start from there today high winds and large amounts of grain are likely before the hurricane arise. >>darya: do not have any plans for any evacuations the last time the city was back where it was during hurricane sanding.
6:16 am
>>james: fortunate it looks like it will thread the needle between bermuda and the east coast since in the federal and state except for the fact that the outer bands of the hurricane may last the east coast. >>james: is one to get awfully close to the east coast last the calls as a will ride on up and pass n.y. that as the war course it is cooled in was
6:17 am
yesterday you need a jacket on the kids and they had doubt it will feel really nice feature past 9:00 '60s than 7 is low and by noontime and those '80s on to come in for 3:00 this afternoon as they're getting out of school. >>james: located throughout most of the inland valleys with mitch of the '70s by the bay shoreline here is the extended outlook fangs cloud level = off a touch of the site will have a very slight chance of a few more speakers saturday night into the first half of sunday. >>george: all of which hard to predict traffic more so in the few minutes buy things are pretty steady we're not backed
6:18 am
up into the macarthur maze record we're still holding at a 14 minute trip time and for you're ride headed out toward the san mateo bridge if you're getting out the door and the next 10 minutes or so to get to the bridge you might be ok use the by about 630 even on a friday it will start to see things really bogged down not too many bright lights at golden gate bridge trouble-free right now and likely stay that way at any and since no problems through marin yet still an under 30 minute drive times of novato and four east bay ride over to iran starting to build a little bit at the toll plazas now but still no delays a 10 minute trip time. >>george: not to take a look at the ride out the to a 680 southbound to the soul great to to to men and it is up about already adding five minutes to the drive time from 238 down to 237.
6:19 am
hist >>george: at three minutes to the trip time from the capitol expressway to the montague expressway since the 5:00 hour. >>darya: more people come to costa county are voicing anger still plays a sexually violent predator in the quiet community that happened today a public hearing on those plans 51 year- old was convicted of having sex with a minor step help the fish are recommended he be released to the neighborhood on dutch low road along the battle island and oakley border the supplies or represents that area does not want that to happen she said the location is hard for police to get to because it is so remote and has a history of drug sales in a criminal activity. >>darya: the hearing on the place is set for a 30 this morning past couple hours from now of the superior court and martinez. >>mark: the destructive fire broke out and amador the cover
6:20 am
is counting are fully contained the study were the three weeks ago the firefighters declared that it was under the second time last night the fire grew hundred and 11 square miles before it was put out to men died and 475 homes destroyed pg&e is still looking at the possibility that one of the power lines may have started the fire by touching a live tree but the official cause is still under investigation. >>r >>mark: it is holding just over 76,000 a. about hundred and 18 square miles four people died in this fire in nearly 2000 structures were destroyed including the latest home towns of to 1307 homes destroyed all the veterans orders have been lifted and the cause of this fire is still under investigation. >>darya: it happened wednesday at the the city of thousand oaks about 40 minutes north of los angeles summer use the rock as
6:21 am
you can say to shatter the when the and they cost of the type of flammable liquid through the windows planned parenthood is this criticism and progress of backlash in recent weeks after anti-abortion groups accuse the organization of supplying tissue from aborted fetuses for scientific research at least three cats have disappeared in the past 10 days live on the on the devastated and desperate for answers test detected on a bus to getting in san jose neighbors believe there is a. serial >>mark: they saw a man grabbing one of the cat's back on september 21st. hist >>: we look to the videos we did not see him for the date they did a horrible crime he came from this side and he was chasing a but he was too slow to
6:22 am
run and then he grabbed some and went back there trying to catch the man they're all set with an five our radius and believe the same person is responsible. >>darya: the universe is california plans to raise the minimum wage for all student employees and is now in effect the minimal rose to $13 and our guest today for all you ever see him for his work in 20 hours a week it will increase to $14 an hour this time next year and a $15 an hour and oakland of 2017. >>mark: this in the kentucky court was once it is a joke refusing to issue a marriage licenses to same-sex couples are turns as a meeting with the vote was an affirmation of her ride to the contents of chapter that the security pact and the husband up and brought them to the vatican embassy and was in the same attorney claimed the
6:23 am
vatican told her to change her hairstyle so shall not be recognized since the one thing, kept secret the spokesperson claim that choose one of several dozen people who met with the pope and the meeting should not be considered a form of support for her.
6:24 am
6:25 am
>>mark: lifted his arm, pleasanton and san jose 50 currently in san francisco cupertino headquarters apple is diversifying its ranks the former cfo of boeing gained as been appointed to the board directors the only african-
6:26 am
american on the board this comes with a major to come is under fire for not have enough women and minorities leadership roles would all work force they have two women what is now a director board said the star of the post apocalyptic home games will be sent into the war could be coming. >>darya: donald trump becoming president would be the end of the world and she's was not alone sums campaign had to be a publicity stunt sky will have more on the weather forecast as we head into the weekend to live look at sfo right now what we're saying.
6:27 am
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♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>mark: opening bell on wall street of the day to day as we
6:29 am
have the monthly jobs report and it was very weak only a hundred 42,000 jobs it would drop back below the 16,000 mark. >>darya: there were killed in a mass shooting at a college and rose bird. >>mark: and happened yesterday morning at the committee college and rose were about 70 mi. south of eugene and hundred miles south of portland.
6:30 am
>>:active shooter ucc, he is in the classroom. dispatches many ambulances as possible 20 victims he's been identified two to six or chris harper mercer and they're trying to determine. >>mark: the shooter was targeting christians she said he shot the professor point blank one shot and killed and others had been injured and then this man had enough time for his a to
6:31 am
your daughter was hit in the backed off by a bullet she is expected to survived the father of the shoe spoke briefly with reporters last night. >>: is been a devastating day for me and my family i does accents to your respect our privacy is shocked is all i could say. >>mark: the team coverage continues on the store and when
6:32 am
this started as live from the bracket new test for the history of the mass shootings and the united states that have been so many in fact we've been accounting here is a look at some of the shootings. >>anny hong: a 19 year-old was killed and two others wounded in the shooting at seattle pacific university in washington before another students tackled the gunman as he possibly low of a lawyer was charged with first- degree murder and has said that mental illness was a factor to the to to your role apparently shot himself to death after a shootout with deputies in june 20135 people were killed and several others will on the and
6:33 am
santa monica when john's where he sought his father and son are strangers and cars to santa monica college were students there were taken finals a 23 year-old was shot and killed by officers and the college library and in the bay area we remember the seven people were killed three injured when a 43 year-old former student opened fire and the university in oakland. >>anny hong: he was charged seven counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder cycas evaluations concluded that he suffered from long-term paranoias concern for him swear
6:34 am
or to continue to track the latest development in the shooting online if he went to the school where the shooting happened will take a look in his post on social media. >>james: the bay bridge approach camera of the brightest one another because the crowds will be off on the horizon about half an hour waiting to see it in the making the statue of lincoln to the to about 8:00 a.m. when class to start my no time was
6:35 am
the '80s and land at least 80 degrees not much warmer than that 3:00 in the afternoon class is getting out will see kids in a home or getting into the afternoon program with about 82 degrees on average. >>george: were looking at the riches like the bay bridge westbound still only at 19 minute trip time out of the macarthur maze the approaches are not too badly backed up at all here for the westbound ride the east bay ride over to san mateo, out of hayward right now as we move past the study is right on cue it almost set your watch by it was about traffic really slowing down even though it is only 15 minute trip across the span is not a 20 minute
6:36 am
drive headed over from hayward track in the right of the richmond bridge because we've already started to see attracted back across the lanes 14 minutes now and to san rafael. >>darya: happening today many people are going to be gathering for the 50th annual harlem should we blue grass is a free festival in san francisco. >>reporter: the proper is already in motion a the barricades are up in the security guards are out with even since the festival were sneaking into put on some blankets and chairs to get a good spot ahead of the crowd 750,000 people are expected to gather and voting a parked for the festivities this weekend
6:37 am
were the 100 ardors were performed on the seven stages here at the park will be here throughout the morning and to organize a conference logo was arrived in the build of that you brought the morning. >>mark: after the break we would tell you which company was had in the information that was stolen to get a live look outside to the bay bridge the talk about the back of the was formed in a beautiful start today.
6:38 am
today. and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. ♪
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>>mark: the wireless company said hathor's all personal data of 15 million customers
6:41 am
including so security numbers this to the information was i'd taken from credit reporting agencies experienced with secure uses a credit of as customers and customer will fly to sign for two mobile service last month may be affected if the main customer affected are those who apply for regular u.s. a postpaid plan between september 1st in the 16th it really reported a bridge and the threat the consignment for to for years a credit monitoring cash. >>james: coming up here san francisco de part forecast to attempt to drop the day maxxam out somewhere around the neighborhood of 73 this afternoon.
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welcome to fort green sheets. welcome to castle bravestorm. it's full of cool stuff, like my second in command... and my trusty bow. and free of stuff i don't like. and in my castle we only eat chex cereal. chex cereal. it's full of delicious crunchability. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. and that's something even my brother ... sister can understand. mom, brian threw a ball in the house! >>mark: the gunman opened fire
6:44 am
yesterday morning killing and least nine people and wounding seven others before dying in a shootout with police this happen at the committee college and a small temple town arose bird about half a mile south of portland the government was not identified as 26 your chris harper mercer he demanded that the victim state their religion and the started shooting questions one of the three northern california men who love to stop the terror attack on a train headed to paris as a student of the committee college the committee cause with the massacre happened. >>darya: he said every once in france ought to use the sea a few hours later he said he was headed to rose bird and ask everyone to send thoughts and prayers to the families he was in southern california at the time of the shooting were rehearsing for dancing with the stars.
6:45 am
>>mark: we're talking about a lot more at 745 right now is to look at weather and traffic on this friday morning. >>james: it will make you feel a little bit better in looks great note cloud cover at all it is most to clear everywhere except for a ride on the immediate cause for some overcasting san jose hear the to the just for today as a back down the
6:46 am
forecast by about the no time should be in the mid-70s woman to upper seven is to near '80s the winds on allied side tried to mount our come generally from the ocean to the judge let now heading out the door the next few minutes is 57 and san francisco and oakland 56 down a san jose it is cool no way as to said bring a jacket this afternoon will be nice and warm and this is the forecast for the inland east bay 82 expected in pittsburgh in san ramon 85 level more ultimate a digitally across the. east of a the >>james: 0% is a very low and is in the santa clara valley also look yellow '80s today minutes
6:47 am
of the >>james: clouds roll and saturday of a system that will push through and the slight chance of the >>george: it has been a fairly simple ride at the bay ridge was off not into the macarthur maze 192 to minute trip time that is not bad at all >>george: the drive times currently at about 22 minutes out of the network and triggered a trip into a san francisco over
6:48 am
at the rich as othello--- richmond bridge. >>george: canaand just 16 minut. >>mark: california is dropping out of a multistate investigation listed the part of justice said california is allowed to participate in their investigation that conducting its own probe as we have the
6:49 am
nation's troubles and are meant lost california until regulators uncovered evidence that forced volkswagen to amend that is the clean air rules and rectum is to test about 500,000 from the vehicle sold in the u.s. about having the software lower the admissions tests when they knew it was being tested on the recall of horcher thousand civic unfit models of honda says it is a must fix for software problems and call the front wheels the lockup and covered a hundred and 43,02014 and 57 and 2015 if the software question a manager to continuously variable transmission if it will be set out in a few weeks and so far this event no crashes and reflect the software problems. >>darya: they're looking into all models of accusation that bill cosby is sexually abused at the playboy mansion if they present evidence for possible criminal case on wednesday if the model says that he dropped
6:50 am
her and it cost her in a bedroom at the playboy mansion and 2008 said the lawyer has denied the allegations same that he was not an lost angeles at the time since that not decided whether to press charges stick at least 51 women have accused him of rape or sexual assault south last a couple in the in the first one tub of psychologist to apply against means yes standard for when investing in central seoul claims the policy requires the costs of voluntary agreement to partners sit this time the legislation doesn't tell me a requirement for high schools to teach yes means yes for for sexual violence i had. >>darya: they have the final permits the they need to implode
6:51 am
the pier and will be done with 400 small explosives is full 66 seconds in the debris is was contained by a curtain of compressed air it will be closed for about 50 minutes in this is their way from the area is the most environmentally it solution but it disagrees with the decision the demolition is set for saturday november 7th. >>mark: and does not include the most recent killing this week in fact is punctuated by the shooting death of a street artist earlier this week and the rise and violence follows last his dramatic drop in crime the official said all the recent climb spike went to rival gangs with a is a start on foot patrols of two days a week but the toilet like to see those patrols every day the reminder for you check out the back store the show returns this weekend of all of the soldiers sit.
6:52 am
>>terisa estacio: the fire affecting so many people who live in this community. [announcer] right now at sleep train,
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>>mark: it was purchased at the supermarket on lone tree way the
6:56 am
wind has not come for but they matched five of the six numbers they did not the power baltimore 300 women dollar jackpot for all of the this person matched five #one 1.7 $7 million the one has hundred and in 80 days to plan the ticket. >>darya: warriors without steve kerr and the jets without their culpeper will show you what their ticket to london and check
6:57 am
out the tissues a tearful goodbye and track in the bay area weather and traffic as we headed to the weekend there was a live look at san francisco international airport will have a look at the forecasting your neighborhood.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>darya: never come to the terrifying moments the gunmen opened fire at a southern oregon community college in happened yesterday when alomar by
7:00 am
yesterday's mass shooting hear the latest information after this hour to and people are dead he was shot and killed by police a lot more information coming out about the victims and the shooter this morning. >>polo sandoval: they try to find an answer to a very key question hundreds gather for a candlelight vigil


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