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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  October 2, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the community college next week we know the names of those victims killed they range in age and team to to test--67. >>catherine heenan: the gunmen stormed the backlash from an open fire we have learned authorities confiscated 13 weapons associated with the gunman six of the side of the killing seven and his apartment he was also equipped with a flak jacket out to do with a steel plate and buy magazines of ammunition. >>catherine heenan: president obama slammed activists he is still calling on congressional lawmakers to again stem gun violence. >>: five men for women the old is a 67 year-old teacher the dundas 318 year-old just ordering the early stages of their college education where a lot more but the victims of the deadly shooting they range in
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age from 18 to 67 and were students and the oldest a teacher among the ninth of the killed and the cards for as the father confirm the news there was also killed her sister call this an emotional facebook post saying that should serve as friend. >>: this time is up, living through the nightmare in the most personal way possible investigators say they recovered 13 weapons related to the investigation six from the school and seven more from the shooters home. >>reporter: the have identified the shooter as chris harper mercer he shot students and faculty and of these two buildings on campus. >>: i heard when then shot and i looked over outside and people were running away from the building. >>reporter: the father of a young woman who was shot said he specifically targeted christians during the rampage the president says something has to change before another life is taken. president obama: i'm going to
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talk about this on a regular basis and i will politicize the. >>reporter: listen committed to members are trying to figure out what had motivated a 26 year-old to carry on a senseless tragedy. >>: one person's arranged at the have been broken all our hearts but he cannot prevent our ups from growing back bigger and stronger more on the issue some there but describing him as skittish they have a bad buy of sam he had served one year in the military but i'm in a statement saying he was discharged because he failed to meet minimum and a set of standards. >>catherine heenan: our coverage continues there have been a huge outpouring of support for the grieving community. >>reporter: red cross and rose bird has basically been packed
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since the open their doors this morning some people waiting more than three hours to give blood she is waiting with her family in the hot sun for their chance to get in one of these tears the small red cross donation center has a wait list that goes on for pages donors clutch their numbers as they wait for their chance to help she was already having an emotional day yesterday a military husband was deployed and then she heard about the tragedy at nearby community college she went to church where one member inspire her to give blood today. >>: for family members were one of the victims were able to take that moment we all need to learn
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to show our love down the street hundreds of more down the shoulder to give their blood so many showed up only on-and a possible donors were accepted there is a small memorial here outside the campus for the most part this is just the crime scene know when been allowed in the size investigators. >>catherine heenan: her mother said she was hit in the backed by a bullet that travel down her spine she says what her daughter live bleeding on the for the gunman called out to hurt we're hearing stories of people showing incredible bravery christopher as he walked to
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school yesterday not realizing he would be saving lives on the shuttle witnesses say he charged him and he was shot seven times he blocked the door to keep the shuttle from entering the classroom reports say that the shooter was his son's birth that did not do this both of his legs were broken but none of the organs were hit by the bullets his army veteran and his family since he moved to oregon to help raise his son the father of the canada college gunmen spoke briefly with reporters last night he suggested in talking with the police and fbi cases this has been a devastating time for him and his family and he shot. >>: is been a devastating day
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for me in my family i access to give us our pricing.--privacy. >>catherine heenan: a startling fact continue uncovered in the wake of the letter shooting there had 142 school shootings since the senate took shooting in 2012 that is when he killed 20 elementary school students and six adults before turning the gun on himself and connecticut the data comes from a gun advocacy group called every town the 142 school shootings are classified as when a gun was fired inside of a school building or on a campus that is an average of nearly one week will continue to track the
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developments on the air also on line will hear from shechem witnesses to describe the horror that the witness on campus and we have a slight shock from the scene of the shooting yesterday bringing you up to that of the latest information. >>catherine heenan: the woman has been arrested for stabbing to in your boy in the shoulder on a bus and san francisco yesterday to happen just after 3:00 p.m. he was riding through the bayview district police said he got into an argument with the two to seven your woman who stabbed him with a folding knife passengers on the bus restrained woman took the knife when she was arrested by police the boy was taken to the hospital is expected to recover. >>catherine heenan: they're getting closer to identifying the man who killed an oakland street artist will read police headquarters today with
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officials talk about the two key reasons they're making progress in this case. >>haaziq madyun: they're closing in on a suspect the shooting death of your hard disk into a ruml's he was gunned down to the morning following an argument with a passerby on the 580 over past here in west oakland the shooting took place in front of multiple printers or their with him working on the mural homicide investigators credit the new collaboration between the fbi in oakland police for the progress being made in tracking down the shooter the fbi brings not only resources the personnel to team up with our investigators to help all this information together proven to be useful in determining the identity of the man who shot him are in
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abundance of surveillance cameras in the area of. >>catherine heenan: a suspected west oakland game was the target of an early-morning raid by oakland police they're working alongside fbi agents here the raid happened at home on the 2800 block of filled for st. five suspects taken into custody in cities including sacramento into a bowl and the ghost town neighborhood of west oakland, no one local hoffa's building that a major way of this morning how the car and the right to the front door the mayor returned from a trip to china was detained and sfo will have details on that attack these possibly attacked killer
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>>catherine heenan: the driver had been speeding at the time this happened primary eyecare
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optometric says on cash about boulevard this is their lack chabot road with their and shows us what is left of that car and the business. >>will tran: as the driver of a wide to unicameral lose control of a car tech sunny guiltily box goes across this very busy intersection and slams right through primary eyecare this happened on 7:00 in the morning to employees weren't and the backed no one was hurt the place was not open for business and no patience in the lobby at the time you can see the damage to her car our front windshield was smashed the front part in her and then pushed back with concerted this is definitely a controlling factor at this point and there are some witnesses they set the vehicle was driving
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at high rate of speed some people some 60 mi. an hour more but really were on a to do a thorough investigation which will we will do and what the time at that point what exactly happened this happened right down the street from eden valley medical center she was once a hospital in last shut should survive for injuries. >>catherine heenan: after an incident with the u.s. marine veteran yesterday authorities say brian blast was driving erratically led them on a chase from the get the mug shot they say he ran into several patrol cars and an open fire with a 45 caliber gun the deputy was eventually hit in the right ear and elbow he is expected to be
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ok his co-workers said that devastated but the suspects friends say he was not getting the help that he needed. >>catherine heenan: brian's case and a number of serious charges including time to kill a police officer security officials detained stockton's mayor and seized his laptop and cell phone stock the mayor and the missile but he was coming back from a trip from china on monday were looking at photos here and sfo he says home and security officials seized his electronics given no explanation for the
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search and seizure of the and to say it was routine the mayor says he has not been given his electronics back and he said that raises some privacy questions and his attorney are planning to meet with home and security officials that u.s. attorney's office have not publicly commented on this. >>diane tuazon: when speed up picking up as a bridge the condition with onshore flow as to see the live camera on the embarcadero the palm trees will grow quite a bit too much as a den with one conditions for out and about 85 the livermore added to pleasanton, and not too far behind as well it is more like the '70s and san francisco along the peninsula and the low sixties to mid '60's tear the wind speeds as into a thicket of quite a been 14 on the warrant of moscow our down san jose it
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would not have to buy about 13 mi. per hour is wind speeds will stay with us and that until tomorrow which is why we will have and advisory for 8:00 p.m. saturday at this is for saturday evening but still like to mention that to you will be on the for the north bay hills area are to santa rosa out and napa and sonoma and santa fe as well we're talking about the amount of our when a gust for that time period between 8:00 p.m. and really into some the early morning of tonight's plan a seventh animal to clear skies threatened him breezing in the amount of our wins is attempting to 59 degrees for the coast 68 inland 66 with a special line we have a low pressure that is not too far off a much lighter on this area here and have high pressure and a low pressure in the middle and a slab had the
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wind conditions and warm temperatures to mount a forecast of the cool and crisp in the morning hours and the mild and the afternoon and install locations for your home to more than with the upper 66 the ninth and the sale cerberus and 60 in san francisco also is 68 across the bridge and especially more like the seventh for san leandro to get to about seven to which and 67-tomorrow here is what we have mild temperatures for the ballet a lot of clear skies and sunshine here 79 for bird was 77 the more 75 for denver again wednesday is all about it the san francisco is the shoreline and allocations. >>diane tuazon: 77 degrees up in the north they will have the when it buys and in fact a p.m. tomorrow if it had in mind when it for people the offense and on an apple otherwise temperatures in the mid-70s for your afternoon high the next three days 77 saturday 76 sunday and monday with back to about 77
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degrees nice consistent flow would talk about the forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >>catherine heenan: you to download the mobile application your number-one source for news and weather on the phone or on tablets now fallen to a store we first told about last night a security video you have seen the show a man still on the cat in san jose. >>rob fladaboe: stolen clack slack this one could now be sent across the came area animal control is looking for a possible connection between a stolen attack and recent reports of missing cats in the neighborhood the investigation had begun after a home surveillance camera captured video of a man who was seen
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making off with a net of a cat named go a week ago monday the cat is still missing animal services confirmed there are now investigating the death of this cat whose owner says it was found dead in a box in the same neighborhood where go the was stolen and a third missing cap report leading to speculation the cat may have met with foul play there is no denying that there is no evidence linking this three cases whenever suspect the missing cattleya fallen prey to coyotes and dating from the nearby hills
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until they can get to the bottom of this mystery animal control reminds pet owners to keep their cats and at night. >>catherine heenan: continue to grow strong and the impact it could have on the east coast.
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>>catherine heenan: they have really been descended on the golden gate park you be saying that all we can hardly stricken bluegrass festival kicks off southern states is more than hundred musical acts set to entertain the crowds there san francisco part the provinces more than 750,000 people attend each year they're expecting that again this year. >>reporter: in san francisco
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golden gate park the party has started the harvests strictly bluegrass festival has to stop what thousand of the local became a joke and enjoy the musical will be heard all weekend long and golden gate park the hardest trick when vessel is celebrating the 15th year and have a falling so strong that this local started going in before 5 this morning to get a good spot the by this unbelievable and everyone is very cooperative in this very interested in the music. >>catherine heenan: 01 local
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university will start seeing bigger paychecks the university of california's plan to raise the minimum wage for all student employees that is now in effect the minimum wage rose to $13 an hour yesterday for all employees work at least 20 hours a week bill increased to $14 an hour this time next year and $15 an hour and october of 2017 net of five there will learn more about the victims of yesterday's mass shooting of oregon where live in rows for with new information in the eastern seaboard is bracing for brush with her can walking.
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>>catherine heenan: will continue to track the balance with the campus massacre and rose bird or an we know the names of the nine victims killed by gunmen on a college campus they range in age from 18 to 67 most were students also a teacher one day after the mass shooting a community is grieving and trying to come to terms with this terrible tragedy the shooter is also bad we're live in rows dark tonight with the latest in what relearning.
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>>reporter: weather and a lot more about the shorter one he had a brief in the military will look on it for about five weeks but he would discharge dismissed because he failed to meet minimal administrative standards and a statement from the farming we also know the writings have surface and in these ridings he showed an admiration for other people what to carry out successful mass killings he highlighted the shooter in eyeless to california on think he said as he felt that they should have shot it out with police and his father he would kill police and others and one more thing he expressed frustration with the fact that he did not have of our friend and a version these writings the surfacing now. >>reporter: and tax of as proof
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falls on lines suggested while not a question that it was spiritual as he highlighted what he walked into the room according to eyewitness accounts forced to kill the teacher and then he walked up to other students in the classroom maxxam is a repression and then said something to the effect of the good you're going to meet got in just a moment so he clearly targeted christians the we're not saying in an anti- corruption rance online or social media get it is not pure speculation because he did go for like a better term was cool toward california that dealt with students who might have learning disabilities and or
5:31 pm
emotional issues described by many witnesses now including neighbors sang it was skittish demonstrated paranoia and is never also said he got are really bad buy off of him have been very tough with that right now, is not saying much at all about that but we're right here in world war or the one to tell you is in motion a couple of days everyone seems to know everyone in this town to the from the area of the pit of the the one to get away from it was going to be a much safer place to place their really did not have our own scrawl or inner- city crime that absolutely devastated by what happened to this community college. >>catherine heenan: and other
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republican presidential candidate my copy was talking about the shooting today he says there is no gun law that can prevent shootings like these he said instead of changing the laws it might be time to consider another amendment might come to be a long time, said on fox news along with his real show how to report the oregon college massacre is heading closer to home for dancing with the stars carol the insider
5:33 pm
joins us with more on that from hollywood. >>reporter: the nation facing yet another gunman ran pays as the star speaks out on the senses or the shooting nine lives to god for ever in the nation in mourning at the aftermath of that devastating massacre at oregon's committed college dance with the stars he attended the college in 2014 before being deployed to afghanistan 620 he was one of three american heroes who stop the gun for opening fire on a pair is bound train this morning he told them if he was caught after the on dancing he would have been there he became an
5:34 pm
advocate for gun control after a mass shooting broke out during a screening for film trend wrapped we did love to oregon they expressed their careers were jimmy campbell said " none of them ride left what ever we are no one wants this to happen again last night in the late show old james quarter started the broadcast with a saw the message. >>: is land would happen but we want you to know that our party and our prayers are with you in regard to have so much more on the story tonight at 7:00. >>catherine heenan: will continue to track the the death of vince on the air and on line >>anny hong: will hear from scheck and students who describe the horror they saw on campus and will have a slide show from the scene of yesterday's shooting and to treat the wanted they bring it up to date on the latest information the storm
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track of hurricane this is not shifted east toward open waters but officials along the east coast of very concerned about the potential impact. >>andrew spencer: nothing has shown the immense power of hurricane what king what it is done in the bahamas as it essentially part of a country as a category 4 hurricane forecasters expected to drop to under 20 in. of rain through friday is a long trip from long island to the bahamas the long island the york but they're already getting ready to give up mounds of sand to build dunes while keeping the potential storm surge from flooding in the area of all the calls they're preparing for worst-case scenario fog to getting their boats of all the water others
5:36 pm
take down what they can and strapped down everything else officials in south carolina keep their eyes and a storm track it is prepared and urging residents to do the same and n.c. officials of gone so far to kicked scores of so-called island high commissioners issued a mandatory evacuation order forcing visitors to leave the average people who live there will be allowed to state officials are asking them to compare themselves and their home justic his hurricanes had when the category 4 storm
5:37 pm
stalled over the bahamas with wins and are huddled under miles an hour they're expected to begin moving northward later on today probably will stay over the land to but the east coast of the west could face some serious flooding. >>diane tuazon: when spins our packing of just a little bit and places like a work at 13 m.p.h. in oakland at 9 also down have more than 10 mi. per hour inland on the south as san jose nice when the conditions tomas all the ones they were pretty much stay with us for the rest of the evening we have higher average purchases to dominate the reason that and the temperatures nice and warm early this afternoon given us a clear sky in place we do have the low pressure just off to the east to west and another one of the above was in the pacific northwest by
5:38 pm
noontime sun conditions and a gradual warming up for the inland location and is the shoreline not so much the case for the san francisco peninsula things as they cool along the coastal region. >>catherine heenan: to more santa clara county correctional deputies have been arrested those of rest or in separate cases when that is accused a worker's comp fraud another accused of accessing companies to record and this comes as a judge that his have been under a lot of scrutiny since three officers were arrested for the murder of the inmate michael tiebreak of three-these are accused of beating him to death seven lives a new school system that could help track assure on campus we will explain what the
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there russia is not limiting untaxed i sensed this to the third ever russian air strikes in that war-torn country russia says no air strikes are being carried out against civilians but active and serious and nearly 30 civilians have been killed in roughly 50 people critically wounded the vatican seems to be trying to distance itself now from the recent meeting with kim davis the kentucky clerk who spent six days in jail for refusing to issue a marriage licenses to same-sex couples. >>catherine heenan: the meeting sparked a lot of controversy during the pope's visit to the west days later a vatican spokesman is saying that davis was only one of several dozen people invited to greet the pope and he did not have details on her situation and the vatican trying to make a point to that of san the pope also met with the same-sex couple around the same time washington state
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authority has suspended the company's service until release november the entire fleet of vehicles will be inspected five people died dozens injured when one of the amphibious scratch into a tour bus on the seattle bridge that the september 24th the victims who died was all on the tour bus instead hammered on the tour service investigation is set for november 3rd tracking us for sure how on the school system is designed to do just that it warmer temperatures came through today but will that last for the rest of the week ahead will tell you all about in the extended forecast coming up next. [announcer] right now at sleep train,
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>>catherine heenan: how the community is showing support in the midst of a lot of sorrow they visit the memorial hi to learn about this note for caution and his report. >>gabe slate: shot the news to appear at the solution offers indoor and outdoor then fire detection with in the wanted to
5:48 pm
think that we have secured campus is our schools on save or even the city has the violence nor more high-school is like a city insist on 42 a. when police arrive on the senate know exactly where to have on campus to stop the shooter.
5:49 pm
>>diane tuazon: clear skies pretty much everywhere else san francisco the special online temperatures right now still dealing with a is for the valley sentences on the peninsula's thing in the mid to upper 60s mainly in the north the hill areas places like not for some santa rosa and parts of san rafael because of wind speed will pick up anywhere between 35 mi. out for thought about our went against to the
5:50 pm
running anywhere between 59 degrees 68 out in the valley 5:00 a.m. from the crowded skies. >>diane tuazon: parts of fremont in the cloud cover this is 2:00 a.m. sunday is a light rain sour
5:51 pm
and the brentwood area for some the early monday with dutch all clear a son after them also hear the highs tomorrow 4:00 p.m. 76 antioch 78 presence and seven into a consistent out richmond says senate will have mostly sunny skies and 7¢ for the inland valley task.
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>>catherine heenan: will feature a full every week on sports night live
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>>catherine heenan: matt damning get stuck on the moon and get stuck in the middle of the drug war we have this week's now showing the march and is rated
5:55 pm
pg-13 and to cargill and idealistic fbi agent joins a carton of task force to define themselves deal with the steers government officials such. >>catherine heenan: the back story is backed return this week and a possible go behind the
5:56 pm
scenes so sphere tonight at 930 ride at the sports my client is still ahead were going to take a closer look at the gunman in the shooting of an oregon college campus the government and the surfacing said the type of broad when the state is over how his
5:57 pm
children has settled with the late actor's wife.
5:58 pm
male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 evening news starts now. >>: there is no solution or prevent every shooting but we must and we will that is a resolute governor of oregon facing the worst mass killing in her state. >>catherine heenan: that have been emerging today the douglas county sheriff officially named the nine victims of the rampage
5:59 pm
and try to piece together what happened and why sit she went back to the campus today where there is a lot of feeling of confusion and fear to men as a member said the sign outside of the tennessee college campus solid rock today more people had been stopping by hist he helps people get over mass shootings if elizabeth oregon coast in this will happen ride in his backyard. >>reporter: today the community
6:00 pm
came to help the only way they knew how by giving blood and that hundreds of people came out and some had to be turned away as here at this site there are only accepting all-and all possible donors this is how communities hill but the fact that religion may have been a factor in yesterday's shooting makes it more difficult and for himself shift hist why this memorial has grown from today the cab was still blocked off only and members of shut the local community and the share department had been allowed back they tell us at this point and is still a crime scene shifts. >>catherine heenan: they have
6:01 pm
been learned a bit more about the government statistics you're christopher harper he was a student at the school and enrolled in that particular classroom where the shooting happened still live at an apartment in roseburg with his mother investigators say the attack clearly was planned he showed up heavily-armed such out of those 13 what is we have in custody six were recovered at the school seven were recovered at the shooter's residence in addition to weapons recovered we also read able to recover of flank jacket the jaconet still plays along with five magazines test sets the u.s. army says he
6:02 pm
was in the service in 2008 but flunk out a matter of weeks to track the partners and inside edition it it was a closer look and what does we've learned about the shooter. >>reporter: is the matter metal from the community college in oregon he is holding a rifle in this bottle people also should media he lived with his mother and this apartment complex near parma is a seven minutes from the campus neighbors i spoke with described the gunman as a quiet loner who never said a law that is slated to have your estranged he always wore the same clothes camouflage army past and combat boots this neighbor said she saw him throwing clothing in the trash bin the day before the massacre hist the gunman and his mom move to oregon after living in this
6:03 pm
apartment complex in los angeles the government's father still lives in los angeles has that system also spoke to reporters this in the government's own profiles along the getting some special passion that, he described himself as an introvert with a dislike for organized religion in senses tabi include killing zombies. >>reporter: is a clear reference to his fascination would not seek the manifesto expressed an obsession with sex in writing i serve the darkness a chilling question before opening fire at the community college a witness told cnn he acts and the repression and if your question stand up and it was stand up and he was said because you are christian you will see got in
6:04 pm
just about one second and then he shot and killed now they're left mourn the victim of another shooting shocked america students had been last a very shaken after the brutal attack questioning when they should come back to the classroom which should have been a quiet day in committee because of course anything but one student talk about having heard the shot at liberty to date needed to go the other senate by bay on an episode of c.s. i. >>catherine heenan: the school does remain indefinitely closed not clear yet when the students will be about to return to class or what it could mean for others or year the campus massacre is
6:05 pm
hitting close the home for one hero he was under by the president and open to take down a suspected terrorist on the train to paris you might know his contestant on dancing with the stars but now he's back in his hometown of rose bird or in the day after the gunman opened fire and his he went to the community college. >>: it breaks my heart to suffer like this happen i am angry and i cannot it were to this community is so small and when those in this award was hurt or killed in this attack he went to the community college after high-school it had planned to go back for awhile this fall which also said the invitation to be on dancing with the stars' first also today president obama ordering all flags fly of the
6:06 pm
federal buildings to below were to have stafford on the nine people that died or been if including the psalms and the whitehouse will continue to track of the elements on air online and you hear from witnesses who described the or they witnessed we have a slide show from the scene of yesterday's shooting and we will have to stop running you up-to-date on the latest. >>diane tuazon: 14 pleasanton a for concord and down in your id to bay shoreline cities and south bay as well 75 for san jose 6 deadline for haywood fremont for seven agree san francisco 65 degrees daily steady at 60 of the breezy right now the wind speeds currently 30 mi. off our for oakland a's was
6:07 pm
is pretty much stay with us will rest of the like into tomorrow a look at it plo's the clear skies 72 for the ballet in the shoreline 7:00 a.m. chris and cool air for tomorrow will have the warming trend giving us a little bit more of the clear skies and temperatures in the '70s the next three days saturday 77 high for the valley 72 for bayside city's 66 along the coast by sunday most sunny conditions again as you notice temperatures are pretty much consistent throughout the rest of the weekend. >>diane tuazon: 7 forecasters coming up in just a few minutes >>catherine heenan: will head to weather and live doppler radar you can down load the mobile application the no. 1 source for news and weather on your from or on the tablets to more santa clara county correctional
6:08 pm
deputies have been arrested the sheriff's office concerned assure turned out their reasons separate cases when that is accused of worker's comp fraud another accused of accessing confidential records the rest come the deputies have been under scrutiny at the jail since three officers arrested for the murder of the inmate michael tyree was that these are accused of beating tyree to death today a number of search warrants were served targeting violent members of an alleged east bay gang the fbi was involved in this operation to happen in four different cities. >>haaziq madyun: go in cycles and high-powered ammunition was all confiscated during at all employees fire retardant and led west oakland gang from the 20 have the block of filled st. friday morning the efficiency
6:09 pm
with assistance from the fbi five suspects were taken into custody and open vallejo antioch in a faraway the sacramento however investigators said was on location is particularly troubling due to the close proximity to the kind of a high-school in addition to the fiber rest for firearms were brought to the got it won her the round drum of 50 round magazine with ammunition a half pound of marijuana an undisclosed amount of cash or
6:10 pm
recover during the execution of the search warrant we learn that the fight over robin williams the state apparently is finally over black actors will and his children had been fighting over how to buy personal items were worth millions also a reserve fund to maintain a family home he died in august of last year at his to brought home the corner will the deficit will side he had been struggling with depression and anxiety and diagnoses of parkinson's disease the valley fire their return home to from their homes looted will have of the its 619. >>catherine heenan: john to disguise as healthful what you need to know cats being stolen and san jose police need help in finding the person stealing and killing the neighborhood pets that story's coming up next.
6:11 pm
6:12 pm
6:13 pm
>>catherine heenan: investigators say they're closing in on a suspect in the shooting deaths of the artist and torero most he was gunned down tuesday morning after an argument with a passer-by happen here under the 580 over past the
6:14 pm
new collaboration in the fbi in progress made in the case also got on a surveillance video to look at that will help police say it is only a matter of time before that identified the suspect abroad but cement will serve more than two decades behind promoting a woman hostage the police said the 21 year-old was burglarized and home and san mateo county and the victim of 66 your woman came home from the store and he held her hostage for more than 24 hours before she was able to break free call police officers arrested the suspect after video showed him using the victims atm card to let a judge sentenced him to more than 23 years in prison. >>catherine heenan: the third
6:15 pm
cat now missing all this happening in the same south san jose neighborhood pieces animal control is looking for. a for >>rob fladaboe: the cat is still missing security cameras outside of the cab to this video a man who stole the cab after paying a visit to her home on friday and animal control confirmed and are investigating two other missing cat cases she found him than in the box and the same neighborhood where it was stolen the third cat is now
6:16 pm
missing here is fliers like this one are learning of the pet owners some form suspected the cats may be falling victim to coyotes san jose police also said they too are investigating the say so far there is no evidence of foul play or solid link between the theft of go and the missing cats. >>catherine heenan: san francisco police stepped in and on education and training and patrol and still too large a $55,000 grant their restraint more officers on drug recognition and drug driving it also will for public awareness efforts they said people should
6:17 pm
also begin to expect more driving under the influence checkpoints the fire is now fully contained afterburner for nearly a month and, or cover accounting consider the seven the most destructive in the state's history the strike if hundred buildings and many homes killing two people the cost still being investigated but pg&e said it could have been start when a power line came to contact with the trip the valley fire and lick napa and sonoma county containments still stand a 97% it is holding about 76,000 a. for people killed in that fire in the 2011 destroyed including more than 1300 homes of the evacuation orders have been lifted the cause remains under investigation. >>catherine heenan: since the airlift of more than a dozen home on a to evacuated during the modifiers say their homes have been burglarized lake county authorities arrested at
6:18 pm
least six people for suspected of building or planning to look homes that is after the fire started september 12th the lack come to share for is one bird but even broke into home spray- painted a car in the garage to make it look like a police car so the fifth to get away more quickly the red cross is asking for donations you to make a donation online through our web site you could tax the word red cross to 90999 to make a $10 donation or call 1800 rtc are all as best--redcross. >>diane tuazon: piquancy the distance and the coast there the overnight loan is around 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning a handful of protected across the map of los '60s tonight's planner for you by 10:00 p.m. after headed out this evening dress in layers temperatures in the '60s all
6:19 pm
across the map to a.m. tomorrow morning by noontime will have mostly clear skies temperatures and a low seven is for the valley since december along the coast staying in place for pretty much of a couple days the low for coming in that would drop down ride up there come saturday evening into sunday morning clear skies also when the conditions coming through high tomorrow for the to the shoreline cities san leandro and
6:20 pm
77 in nine an average there for more and hill and have agreed not mountain view we have a nice touch is very beautiful this weekend despite the wind factor that will last for much of a week next week. >>catherine heenan: jesse massey was given three life sentences
6:21 pm
today for a different case in virginia he entered what alford plea meeting he does not admit to criminal he does concede the state has an of evidence to convict him the case was related to a victim who survived after being abducted and attacked by matthew he still have to stand trial for the murders two other men were in that car the three adults were not heard police said have someone in custody it
6:22 pm
is the third deadly drive-by shootings involving a child and one month and cleveland this is time to return to chicago and the but the family president obama has chosen dietary secretary education to john b. king jr. to take over where live and roseburg with new developments on the shooter a broad background of we know the names of the victims that is just ahead is 6:00. >>catherine heenan: careening through an east bay intersection we have a light pole in building and you will see what is left of
6:23 pm
that car and the building. [announcer] right now at sleep train,
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is already here with x1. only from xfinity. >>catherine heenan: accident in the house overlooking he was not on donnish train was some of the death defying acts are on the you to page he would do a stunt
6:26 pm
guest today. >>catherine heenan: the netted backhand down this person to there was about $1,500 in cash and side and no id what a car and domestic calls the best and nasty brand high-powered offense to face off.
6:27 pm
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>>catherine heenan: we know the names of the nine people who was killed by them on across campus the commission it has time to come to terms with this terrible tragedy we are liable bird has been out there since this happened. >>reporter: what we understand from reports that the shoulder or burst into his english class and then began shooting the first person he killed was the professor to students and the
6:31 pm
oldest a teacher among the nine people killed of the car and the stepfather confirm the news they're also killed her sister published an emotional facebook post saying that she was a best friend six from the school and seven more from the shooters home law enforcement official identified the shooter as chris harper mercer he shot students and faculty into buildings on campus hist the father of a young woman who was shot said they specifically targeted christians during the rampage hist this is something has to change before another life is taken now lives in canada
6:32 pm
members alike are trying to figure out what could have motivated the 2 to 60 to carry all a senseless tragedy in his riding the gunman revealed he had an admiration for other shooters and mass killings said that he suggested he was frustrated that they did not shoot it out with police. >>catherine heenan: what are they saying about response was the considered pretty good? >>reporter: it was considered an incredibly fast and in fact she quite a few law enforcement experts not only around here but
6:33 pm
all mask levels said the response was so quick that it could have been we were considering how hard it was a well-planned this was it sings in the modern era at all these tragic shootings the idea is that you do not stage and get on the walkie-talkie and talk about going and you is engaged in shooter right away and we know there was in a gunfight last night. >>catherine heenan: could hear from the witnesses describing what they saw we have a slide show from the scene and to stop the debris of the latest information with the help of the fbi they're closing in on a suspect the shooting death of an tamarau most. >>haaziq madyun:. in:
6:34 pm
>>will tran: after a driver loses control of the car at the intersection of lake chabot road and a cache of valuable hard to exciter intersection box was control the light also takes out to hold goes across the street slams into a and i care clinic fortunately this happened 7:00 in the morning one hour away from this place opening for business to employees and side of their and the back no injuries to anyone else the driver was taken to hospital hist.
6:35 pm
>>rob fladaboe: then the for connection between the stolen cash and missing cats and began with the death of the 17 year- old tabloid named ago in the cambrian neighborhood the act called on surveillance convivial now san jose animal services confirms it is investigating reports of two other missing cats in the area one of which was found dead so far there is no evidence to cases are connected. >>reporter: the golden gate park the party has started the started pouring in before 5:00 this morning to get a good spot.
6:36 pm
>>diane tuazon: chef along san francisco and the peninsula and the eastman shoreline with a live camera as sun begins to set for your temperature is right not the with the '80s the location is to live more and one for pleasanton out in fairfax and four degrees stand a percentage of san francisco in the peninsular stay in the low 60s and the east bay shoreline. >>diane tuazon: will transition to mild temperatures for the inland valley location 76 antioch has to look like 70 degrees are averaging about 68 degrees 68 degrees for san francisco as well 66 to bay city a slight breeze factor in effect for tomorrow when the conditions for the no. 3 which is why there is a wind advisory in
6:37 pm
effect for saturday evening at 8:00 p.m. just a little of the region the next three days look like this for your saturday 77 degrees 72 bayside 66 along the coast by some the most sunny conditions monday reported musket the same temperature as they're consistent throughout the rest of the week of of roe were looking like a product of this for the rest of the evening of nine hours and then exercise during the day all week long. >>catherine heenan: code doesn't like to eat junk food but should it is sometimes disguised as health food what you need to know about the snack you're probably eating.
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>>catherine heenan: you can posted on the twitter facebook use the printer will feature a total every week on sports my lai she
6:43 pm
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6:45 pm
>>gary: this is a big week end in cabinet once again to everyone, everyone off his back he has to come through and a little bit of good news for jim thomas to a company that looks like reggie bush is going to play he was injured on opening night and tapper neck in this have maybe bush coming out of the backfield to do a little something with the engine his
6:46 pm
left calf early in the first game but now he is ready to go again all that talk you have to back it up on sunday at home 0125 kickoff against alan rodgers and the green bay packers men madre is making a little bit of history first time since 2012 they've been a favorite and arose again of
6:47 pm
course the quarterback is a big position the raiders have an advantage with the young card he's dynamite of course and is the high school football picture is a trip and high school game tonight tomorrow send it again
6:48 pm
she will be here at 844 all the fans calling and demanding. >>gary: and the nfl their global will have won game gear and london so it is one to beat the jets and the dolphins and this is just an the new york jets brought through how the the 50 rows of to fly toilet paper with them due to the apparent that this of toilet paper they did not want to do anything that reprove unfamiliar with the players so the dolphins will face of a 60 5:00 a.m. our time sunday morning and the jets have brought their own toilet paper
6:49 pm
and great player in phoenix and in dallas he is from santa clara remember yes today he he has a bad back and executive producer said you better get in here early now the chemical the
6:50 pm
next day and walk around and janice and i work together in sacramento the chicago cubs on to the post-season and of course one of the more famous memories in recent history is steve bergman was to blame to
6:51 pm
this that will cause them come to the playoff the word is you are kidding me their it is that barred men they have done the stories about espn. >>gary: did a 90 minute special who had to go into hiding because they blame him still had diane said it could be pretty windy we can.
6:52 pm
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6:54 pm
>>catherine heenan: the reality show returns this sunday with new episodes is unfolding as we
6:55 pm
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6:58 pm
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it's a win for the customer and it's a win for california. together, we're building a better california. the "insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> active shooter. 1140 on college road. >> it's incredibly hard to try and do a comedy show whether a tragedy occurs. >> hollywood reacts to the oregon shooting massacre. >> we can only express our grief for the people who were lost. >> how the tragedy hit too close to home for a dancing with the stars hero. >> if i didn't get called for the dancing show, i would have been on campus. >> then -- >> these are very trusting. >> yeah. they're also very mischievous. >> theyle down on adoption. how their y're leading hollywoo single mom's club. >> and prime time's power women
7:00 pm
are rocking the vote. >> congratulations, madam president. >> is tv laying the groundwork to put the first female president in the white house? >> hillary thinks it's true. >> that's pretty good. >> now hollywood from the inside out, it's the "insider" together with yahoo. >> hello, everyone. welcome to the "insider." we begin with the tom trending story dominating headlines. >> a dancing with the stars hero thrust into the center of the oregon college tragedy. the nation facing yet another gunman's rampage as the stars speak out on the senseless oregon shooting. >> 1140 college road. >> somehow this has become routine. >> why does this keep happening? >> the conversation in the aftermath of it. my response here at this podium ends up being routine. we have become numb to this.


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