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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  October 3, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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david cassidy's hit-and-run. why he could face jail time. >> plus, why sandra bullock kept her reported second adoption a huge secret. >> it's what's coming up right now. >> on "entertainment tonight." >> do you see the world a little differently? >> details on sandra's reported new daughter and the other star adoptions kept secret. >> did they use the same methods? >> dark cars and decoys. >> and david cassidy and the hit-and-run accident. what we learned. clooney plays third wheel. then behind the scenes of the
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unauthorized 90210 tv movie. are the look alikes nervous? >> i hope shannon doesn't get upset. >> also, we the jury find the defendant -- >> our o.j. coverage 20 years later. only "e.t." talks to marcia clark and other key members. >> the jury, they loved o.j. >> it shook my belief in the system. >> now in our 35th season, this entertainment tonight. >> hello, thank you for joining me. samantha harris in with me, in for nancy o'dell. >> let's start with a big sandra bullock news. how she kept her reported adoption a secret. >> i think the minute you have a child, you become just worried. >> there is no confirmation from sandra's rep about the report she's adopted a child but he says it's understandable she may want to wait before going public. >> there's no legal reason that an adopting parent or parents would be overly concerned in this period. but that's not to say that
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they're not worried about it because i think psychologically, you know, they worry until the adoption is finalized. >> a woman who wrote the book "instant mom" said she worried about the paparazzi. >> we kept our adoption secret. we didn't want our daughter photographed. we were afraid that a judge would rule that we could not provide anonymity to a child. it happened to us once before. >> sandra's possible strategy? when the actor went public with louie on the magazine cover, she told the magazine how she kept it under wraps. >> she kept dark cars and doctor's appointments were cia operations in order to get louie to the doctor. they really wanted to make sure that nobody knew she had this little baby with her. she would go to fittings at hotel rooms. she would tell friends her house was under construction. she really did make sure that nobody knew. >> another celebrity strategy to
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keep adoption secret, adopt overseas. >> rocco was all about having a little brother. >> madonna adopted her children from malawi. >> i like to go and adopt a whole orphanage. >> it's far more complicated and far more bureaucratic. >> angelina jolie adopt ed maddux from cambodia and her daughter from ethiopia and and pax from vietnam. >> we have all the different countries and adoption regulations. >> every adoption is beautiful. but to me, there is something special about these countries that also need a lot. i tend to go back to the countries where my children are from and work inside the countries. >> it's unclear if sandra's reported new addition is from the u.s., when she adopted louie from new orleans, she talked about how important it was to adopt domestically. >> do you see the world a little differently? you have this little black child that is going to grow up in this world. >> wait a minute. he's black? >> i don't know if you knew this. >> oh, my god. does that mean -- >> that is good.
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>> yeah. you know, it's funny. i don't see that anymore. i see my gestures. i see him in me. >> now we have celebrity legal news to report. >> look who's in trouble with the law right now. >> david cassidy, cited for a hit-and-run accident and could be headed to jail. according to police, he was involved in an accident with a box truck in broward county, florida, on september 9th. then left the scene despite witness reports that cassidy silver kia had significant damage. he was cited for sideswiping the truck but the greater problem, david was driving on a suspended license. also his registration had expired. on tuesday, the state's attorneys office charged the 65-year-old with leaving the scene of an accident, a misdemeanor which carries the possibility of jail time. >> listen to me. >> this won't be his first trouble behind the wheel.
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he had three dui arrests since 2010. >> wait, wait, wait. wait. don't interrupt me. >> more recent, there was this appearance on september 11th. >> i'm sorry, i don't understand what you're asking me about. >> david appearing angry and confused at times which sparked headlines and tweets, questioning cassidy's sobriety. >> we're talking to you -- >> are you just here to rubbish me? >> if you want to learn more about this story, go to our website, >> time to go through more headlines. >> we begin with kaly out last night and proving nothing, not even a divorce shocker can keep a good woman down. >> in a little black dress attended an equestrian event in l.a. she was all smiles. very relaxed. happy and chatting with everybody. there were a lot of high powered celebrity offspring at this event. the boss' daughter was there.
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she isn't letting the breakup stop her from going out. she's also riding in an event tomorrow. >> next up, one day until miley. she instagrammed this shot. i'm pretty sure that is a wig. on fallon, she proved she is not afraid to diss her fellow celebrities. >> i mean even kanye is kind of old, to me. compared to me. but he's about to be our future president. >> next time. vice president, hello? >> miley might be able to disrespect kanye a little bit. we think she may want to dial it back. a source confirms that hillary clinton herself will be participating in s&l's cold open this weekend with her impersonator. no word if miley will be involved in that sketch. either way, i can't wait to watch it. >> let's move over to london now where clooney and randy they call all the shots inside. everyone was having a great time.
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where was amal? >> so amal was not actually able to attend the party herself. but a source tells us another woman was there in her place. her mom. george and maria are very close. he was seen giving her a sweet kiss on the cheek at one point. >> he got behind the bar himself during the party and started make drinks for guests. >> that is matt damon in "martian." the big question is will it take transylvania 2 out of the box office? they say "the martian" is expected to bring in $56 million this weekend. cameron has the story. >> we're doing a story on oscar buzz. you're on the list. >> who's list? >> well this particular one,
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we'll take full credit for. >> okay. >> this is our -- well, thank you for putting me on the list. >> of course he's on the list. his performance as an actor stranded on mars is out of this world. and his humble co-star is list worthy as well. >> i shouldn't be on the list. >> matt damon is on the list. >> he is. he's on the list. you're on the list. >> i think matt is amazing. i think they did a great job making this film. it makes me really happy. >> this will come as quite a shock to my crew mates. and to nasa. but i'm still alive. >> fans flocking to early previews, brought in $2.5 million last night. >> it's the best thing on earth. >> you agree. >> thank you. >> proving matt's habit of playing the guy that gets left behind is working. >> surprise. >> in the film, obviously left behind, left behind in
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interstellar. what it is like you getting left behind? >> i don't know. it seems like it's a theme. you know, in this movie they come to get me. it's like "saving private ryan," they come to get me. i'm repeating these themes, i guess. or i'm just very leavable. i'm not quite sure which. >> how do you prepare for a role in such solitude? i had visions of you going off on retreat. >> i don't get to do that, no, not with four kids. i could use some solitude. >> up next, inside lindsay lohan's recording session with duran duran. >> was she on time? >> no. >> do you have to go to her apartment and wait for her? >> plus, kevin hart takes it to the streets thousands out to be >> plus, kevin hart takes it to the streets thousands out to be a part of his movement. (nature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm.
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>> that is the new single from duran duran. the boys are not known for having guests open the song. did they pick a doosey for this one. lindsay lohan. i mean what could go wrong? >> we have to trust each other. and together, i think we can beat this thing before the music ends. >> no, she's about two weeks late. but that's okay. we're pretty loose, too. ♪
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>> so for simon and the guys, the most difficult part of getting lindsey to perform on "paper gods" was getting her to show up. >> you can't just send a car and expect her to be in the studio. you have to go there with the producer in her apartment and wait for her to put her makeup and perfume on and bring her to the studio. and it's absolutely worth it. >> in the song, lindsey is a doctor who is helping someone work through an ail they call dance phobia. >> does it exist? it does now. i think he was thinking about get something english actor like jeremy irons or something. and i said what about lindsey? and everybody comes and says that will be quite cool, actually. >> she really nailed it. >> it's more english. >> the band is about to head overseas for the rest of the tour. the last show will be at madison
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square garden. >> if there are tickets, you ought to get some. it will be a good show. coming up, inside the unauthorized beverly hills 90210 story airing this weekend. it doesn't match up to what we saw behind the scenes. >> i hate jason. >> then do you remember where you were when the o.j. verdict was read? i do. >> of course. >> 20 years later, we're with prosecutor marcia clark who will never forget. >> there was that little part of me that says, but they can't. they can't do it. >> stick around. closed captioning provided by --
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at that moment, jack knew what to do. share it with the world. southern-style breaded all-white meat chicken on a gourmet signature bun. the homestyle ranch chicken club. you're acting crazy. you're short. you're like a tornado. you're like a mixture between a shark and a tornado. >> see what i did there? see how i did that? i like it.
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well that is lifetime's unauthorized 90210 movie. it doesn't air until tomorrow. we have a look at i. >> of course we d don't forget we were behind the scenes of that as well. >> oh, yeah. >> you're crazy. >> whoa. >> they kind of make shannen doherty look catty and oversexed. >> cut! what it is, man? >> yeah, what, darren? >> what was wrong with that? >> the shoe porn is over there, not here. >> back off. >> which one? >> the one those two are salivating over. >> she's just an extra. >> okay. well i never want to see her again. >> the unauthorized story fans three years of the show. of course, we were there for the real thing from the beginning. how much of the infighting and fan craziness was true to life? a lot. >> i hate jason. and i don't care who knows it. he's been mean to me ever since the show started. no. >> you get a little paranoid because you get psycho people writing you to, too. they think that they're married to you and drag you back home.
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it's pretty interesting. >> we're not destroying anyone's life. i think it's good fun. it's nostalgic. >> it is entertaining. >> samantha who plays shannon told us one of the hardest parts of making this was doing the cat fights in mom jeans. >> why are you disrespecting mom jeans? >> we all wore them at one time. >> thank you. while we're talking 90s, it was 20 years ago this weekend that o.j. simpson heard the words not guilty and that verdict which changed america is now being retold in a new show from producer ryan murphy, "american crime story." we talked to some of the key real life players in that trial. >> i would caution the audience to remain calm. >> it crushed me. the jury. they loved o.j. >> mr. simpson, will you please stand and face the jury. >> o.j. simpson rose, the eyes of the world were on that l.a. courtroom. outside, thousands waited as
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well along with a huge media crush in the midst of which was our "e.t." team. also reporting, maria shriver and brian gumble. gloria alred attended. >> i had a chance to take a look back with the trial's prosecutor marcia clark whose memories are still vivid. >> i knew if there was a verdict it was going to be not guilty and still there was that little part of me that said but they can't. they can't do it. >> as a matter of the people of the state of california versus o.j. simpson -- >> as you can see, there are numerous highway patrol vehicles behind the suspect vehicle. >> the o.j. obsession really hit overdrive 15 months earlier during the bronco chase. simpson was a suspect in the murders of his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman. he failed to turn himself in to police and was on the move.
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>> the bronco. it was unbelievable. it's just the craziest thing i've ever seen in my life. i remember just hearing the first reports. you're going, o.j. simpson what? >> he was a hollywood star and gushing about his new wife nicole. >> i think my wife nicole brought stability in my life. i never thought i'd remarry. >> then when they were found dead with multiple stab wounds and o.j. accused of the murder, the world couldn't get enough of that trial. >> then all of a sudden, all people want to talk about your hair. >> i thought it was absurd. i thought it was ridiculous. >> o.j.'s dream team including the late robert kardashian whose kris with bruce were often in court. >> it was such a tragic story. nicole was so dear to my heart. when they come back up, it's like it was a minute ago. >> shawn chapman holly was a
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rookie lawyer for the defense team. >> we had death threats at the office. there were many occasions where we had to have security follow us home and stay outside of our home all night. >> witnesses like cato kalin who had stayed in o.j.'s guest house became instant celebrities. >> i realized how horrible he was. i walked in not people knowing me. i walked out people screaming my name. >> not exempt from the spotlight, were the families of the victims. >> here all of a sudden overnight we had helicopters over our house. it was really, really intrusive and invasive. our private lives were completely gone. >> what was it like walking out into the media day? >> it was overwhelming. you know? yeah. the media out there was cameras constantly. couldn't walk to lunch without a throng around you. >> finally, when the verdict came in, we had cameras rolling from coast to coast. in bars, times square, and, of
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course, outside the courtroom. >> we the jury in the above entitled action find the defendant not guilty of the crime of murder. >> a dramatic not guilty verdict was read inside the courtroom, the scene outside the county courthouse erupted into mayhem. >> opposite reactions everywhere from cheers outside to tears inside as ron goldman's family wept as nicole's sat stoically. >> i just wanted to get out. i wanted fresh air. i wanted to go on with my life. if i can't change things, i have to move on. >> it was an outrageous verdict. the evidence was overwhelming. it pretty much shook my belief in the system. >> there were tears of joy as well as o.j.'s son jason cried. >> i felt that justice was served. i feel -- still feel it was absolutely the correct verdict. >> across the country, everyone had an opinion. >> there was reasonable doubt, definitely.
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>> were you shocked by the acquittal? >> yeah. i did. i thought in my opinion, i thought he was guilty. >> what were your thoughts now that you see robert kardashian's expression? >> i think bob kardashian thought it would be guilty looking at his expression. there were others that were stunned. >> i'm sure everyone will remember where they were the day o.j. simpson became once again, a free man. >> 20 years later the one thing that surprised me the most about this entire situation was the death of kris kardashian jenner's relationship with o.j. and nicole. they vacationed together. how much did her late husband robert kardashian really know about what happened that night? >> he definitely took that to the grave, right? >> yeah. >> well now in our entertainment tonight birthdays, which tv host auditioned for a soap opera without ever seeing it? was it kelly ripa, rachael ray or kathie lee gifford?
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the answer is next in the "e.t." birthdays.
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celebrities. welcome back to the show. which tv host auditioned for a soap opera without ever seeing it? >> i went on the audition just because my friends were fans of the show. i had never seen it. >> that is kelly ripa, of course. today she turned 45 years old. >> and looking better than ever. all right. we are out of here. but we got one more thing we want to share with you. >> have a great weekend, everybody. >> more than 2,000 people joined kevin hart last night for his latest 5 k run including his two kids and chris paul he's been all over america and kevin said he's taking it global.
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>> i don't do anything half ass. why not show that i can affect people all over? the "insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> active shooter. 1140 on college road. >> it's incredibly hard to try and do a comedy show whether a tragedy occurs. >> hollywood reacts to the oregon shooting massacre. >> we can only express our grief for the people who were lost. >> how the tragedy hit too close to home for a dancing with the stars hero. >> if i didn't get called for the dancing show, i would have been on campus. >> then -- >> these are very trusting. >> yeah. they're also very mischievous. >> they double down on


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