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tv   Teen Kids News  KRON  October 3, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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the final four meets today for our semifinal on quiz kids! it's the bay area quiz kids brought you by the san mateo credit union and now, the best host on the west coast, brad friedman hi everybody. you are in for a treat today. as the top four teams from our season meet today to find the final two for next week's championship round. let's meet the first two teams right now. first, the bellarmine bells and the valley christian warriors
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gentlemen, you've played so well this season you've earned your spot in the semifinals good luck to both teams. here's your first tossup question. the madeira and rio negro are tributaries of the second longest river in the world. what is that river?. amazon river for 25: the mouth of the amazon is in which country whose cities include santarém and manaus ? brazil for 50: the amazon also goes by its city of iquitos in what country? peru this nation's authors include alice munro, robertson davies, and michael ondaatje . canada for 25: french-canadian author yann martel wrote which book about an indian boy who survives for almost a year adrift in the pacific with only a tiger for company? life of pi for 50: which other canadian author wrote alias grace and the blind assassin?
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margaret (eleanor) atwood of course! 50 points! molecules of this compound are found in two photosystems, each of which has a different variety of this substance. what is this green pigment that plants use to generate energy from sunlight? chlorophyll for 25: the two types of chlorophylls are named p680 and p700 for what property of the light that they absorb? wavelength for 50: the photosystems containing chlorophyll are found in what membrane-bound structures inside chloroplasts? stomata no, thylokoids. omg, you know nothing! we are at 125 to nothing -- to zero, only for a temporary moment let's stop and say hi to the teams. the bellarmine bells. jarek, you're a senior i'm going to ask every one of you today to give some gratitude some thanks to whoever you'd like
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your seniors, you are about to go off into the world who would you like to thank, jarek? on behalf of all three of us, i would like to thank our parents, without whom we would not be here, both literally and. especially my parents i think they're the best of the three of us so your parents literally brought forth jonchee and namit? i'm confused. i'm going to move on to jonchee, because he has to thank someone i would like to differ, but i would like to thanks the teachers at bellarmine especially dr. sylvan who is probably watching this program and t.a. who is probably also watching this program very nice. thank you to the teachers. namit, who would you like to thank? i would like to thank our coaches and our team. we have mr. fleitas and mr. flowers. and also our other senior friends who aren't here today great. well, thank you gentlemen. let's move over to valley christian high and give dilip, omeed, and ashish the same chance to thank somebody.
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or some people for all their success. so i'd like to thank my family first of all for helping me prep for quiz kids and for other quiz bowl tournaments. they've helped me read questions and thank you dilip. omeed? i'd like to thank valley christian high school for giving me a lot of opportunities in various media . very nice. ashish? i'd like to thank the show quiz kids for having us have the ability to be on the show. for me it's been a great opportunity and for my team i'm pretty sure the same thing goes for them as well. thank you, ashish. thank you, gentlemen. let's get back to the game. we want to get valley christian on the board with our next tossup he won the battles of friedland , jena , and austerlitz , but was defeated by the british at waterloo. who was that general crowned emperor of france in 1804? napoleon bonaparte for 25: which nephew of napoleon became french president in 1848, then emperor after an 1851 coup? napoleon iii
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for 50: napoleon iii ruled france's second empire; that regime was followed by which other government that lasted un? third republic he won the 1904 nobel prize in physiology and medicine. which russian is most famous for conditioning... ivan pavlov a salivation reflects in dogs, for the home audience who would like to hear the whole questionn for 25: which swiss psychologist theorized four stages of childhood development, beginning with the? jean piaget for 50: an eight-stage theory of psychosocial development was posited by which author of childhood and society and young? erik erikson
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a carthaginian general won a stunning victory over the romans at the battle of cannae . hannibal for 25: in 218 bc hannibal daringly crossed the alps with these animals trained for war. elephants for 50: the second punic war was finally ended after hannibal lost to this roman general at the battle of zama. scipio since 2009 the willis tower has been the official name of what chicago skyscraper originally named for a retail giant? sears tower for 25: in the book of genesis, construction stopped when which structure's builders began speaking different languages? tower of babel for 50: which mathematical puzzle involves moving disks such that no larger disk may be placed on top of a smaller disk? tower(s) of hanoi catching up! next tossup.
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in greek mythology, oceanus and hyperion were among which giants overthrown by the olympians? titans for 25: which group was made up of clotho , lachesis , and atropos , who spun, measured, and cut the thread of life? fates don't get too excited omeed. we don't want you to get hurt. calm down. for 50: eudora and ambrosia were among which sisters of the pleiades who brought rain? the muses no, the hyades. viewing a scene through a lens may result in white lines developing a prismatic fringe. what do we call that form of aberration? polarization no, you can discuss that for a few seconds. and give me the correct answer to steal. chaos the six of you don't know one thing. that's a moment. chromatic aberration
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gentlemen, your next tossup. what do we call the semiannual events where the length of day matches the length of night? for 25: in the northern hemisphere, the "vernal equinox" occurs on the first day of what season? for 50: also in the northern hemishphere, which equinox occurs on the first day of fall? autumnal he squabbled with his advisors, cardinal wolsey and thomas more. henry viii for 25: henry viii's daughter by anne boleyn was which "virgin queen" who bested the spanish armada? elizabeth i for 50: which successor of henry viii died in 1553 while still a teenager?
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edward vi and you have quite a lead. 325 tovalley christian's 125 one of these teams is going to go into our top two teams. find out next after this message. since 1952 san mateo credit union has been proud to help san mateo county members and their families achieve their financial dreams. our deep commitment to the community we serve includes offering a wide variety of financial education programs. like financial literacy workshops for youth, adults, and seniors, seminars about raising money-smart kids, identity theft prevention, and many more. for more information about san mateo credit union visit us at
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let's give a big hand to the coaches who have guided their teams through this terrific season. first from bellarmine, mr. chris fleitas. and from valley christian, chitra aksary. thank you both so much. all right valley christian, you need five correct answers to stay in this game the questions are worth 40 points each and here are your three categories for the day cabinet secretaries, painters, and bears
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which category would you like? we'll take bears. name these things having to do with bears it's the city whose nfl team is the bears chicago that's right. it's the constellation whose name means great bear ursa major correct. it's the opposite of a bear market flea market no, it's a bull market. with the stock market, bullish? he created baloo the bear in the jungle book kipling that is correct. he's the mascot who seeks to prevent forest fires. smokey that is correct. a.a. milne wrote about this bear. winnie the pooh yeah. you're sounding like eeyore here one more question. this asian carnivore's diet is almost exclusively bamboo.
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panda that's correct yes! 365! bellarmine, you need to answers to get into the top two would you like cabinet secretaries or painters? let's take painters. and to give you a slight disadvantage, i'm going to read all these questions in hebrew. except the painting titles, that's all we need. the painting titles... actually, all i'm going to do is give you the painting titles and ...nice shot, jarek! and you tell me the author...the painter who wrote them i mean the painter who painted them okay? joker? which american artist painted arrangement in gray and black number one, the artist's mother? whistler that's right. and this is for the win which artist painted new york movie and
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nighthawks? hopper you have just gone into our final two teams! congratulations. valley christian, you are a force to be reckoned with we really loved having you with us this season thank you so much bellarmine, we'll see you next week we'll find out who joins them when we come back from these messages.
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we are back and things are about to get a little confusing
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let's meet the next two teams. over here we have captain karthik and the homestead mustangs! and over here we have captain karthik and the mission san jose warriors they sound like the titles to two elton john albums. gentlemen, welcome. and good luck, mr. friedman on your emceeing here. here's your first tossup question. the historian suetonius wrote that he was stabbed 23 times. julius caesar for 25: caesar's victory at alesia completed his conquest of which ancient region that includes most of present-day fr? gaul for 50: caesar ignited a civil war when he brought one of his legions to the italian side of which river that marked the boundary of gaul?
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the black river no, the rubicon. christopher columbus named them after the legendary saint ursula. the american portion of what island chain was purchased from denmark in 1916? samoa no, you can steal homestead. talk it over. virgin islands for 25: the virgin islands belong to whic arc of lesser islands; jamaica is part of its greater arc? antilles for 50: the capital of the u.s. virgin islands, charlotte amalie , is on which island named for a saint? st. john no, st. thomas because of a mistranslation, there are horns on this statue's head instead of rays of light.
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moses for 25: which abolitionist and conductor on the underground railroad was known as moses for her skill at helping others out of slavery? for 50: which cordoban philosopher wrote the guide for the perplexed? frederick douglass no, it was moses maimonides 50 to 25. let's take a moment and say hi to our team members william, we've asked all the teams to give thanks to some people or groups who of them out with quiz kids, or with school, or with life who would you like to thank? so i'd like to thank my dad and my grandma for really being enthusiastic and supporting me and also our quiz bowl club adviser mr. wilson, because this wouldn't be possible without him. that's very nice. karthik? ok, rather like william, i'd like to thank my parents for supporting me in everything i do my club adviser and my teamms
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because i wouldn't be here without them. that, and the drone you have flying over everyone's house. i am never going to live that d. you are never going to live that down. brandon, who would you like to thank? i'd like to thank my parents. they've been super supportive not just here, but throughout my life i'd like to thank the president of our club jessica chin who's a junior right now who is unfortunately too busy to come e and i'd also like to thank my favorite game show host, who is of course, alex trebek but your number two so i'd like to thank you too. i don't know how to kick him off this game without seeming rude. thank you, sort of, brandon. you're welcome, sort of. anoop? who would you like to thank? so on behalf of all of us, i'd like to thank our parents, who have motivated us, inspired us, and help to study and brought us to where we are toda. very nice. karthik? i would like to thank mission san jose high school for giving us this opportunity to compete here and
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we'd also like to thank dr. brucker for being here and helping us prepare for the competition very nice. and kelvin? i'd like to thank quiz kids for this great opportunity i'd like to thank my teammates as well, and our club adviser mr. geschke. very nice. ok, gentlemen. let's get back to the game with your next tossup question. indicators such as phenol red are used when performing it. what's the laboratory technique in which the ph of a solution is changed until the endpoint is reached? titration for 25: titration is often used to analyze what types of solutions that may consist of a weak acid and its conjugate bas? buffer for 50: often used in titration experiments is what thin glass tube with volumetric markings that allows individual drops to be added to the solution? burette you've taken the lead. cambodia, laos, and vietnam are the major nations on this asian peninsula that projects into the south china sea.
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what is that peninsula the mekong? no. ... formerly covered by formerly covered by french colonies? indochina for 25: a 1964 congressional resolution that escalated the vietnam war is named for which arm of the south china sea? gulf of tonkin for 50: to the southwest of indochina is which other gulf named for the country bordering malaysia and burma? gulf of thailand these devices work by supplying energy to a gain medium, such as a combination of helium and neon. what are these sources of very coherent light? lasers for 25: what form of information communication transmits data as laser pulses through long thin media?
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fiber optics for 50: what devices that produce coherent microwave beams rather than visible light were first built in 1954, a few years before the first laser? masers this king sent his wife edith to a nunnery during a dispute with edith's father godwin. who was this king known as the confessor? (saint) edward the confessor for 25: this first norman king of england claimed that edward promised him the throne. who won the battle of hastings and was crowned in 1066? william the conqueror for 50: edward was part of which royal house that traced descent to alfred the great and originated from a saxon kingdom in southwest england? house of wessex tudor? no, it was the house of wessex at sacramento, the sacramento river joins what other river?
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san joaquin no, you can steal the american river that is right. for 25: what is the name of the bay in which the sacramento and san joaquin merge? suisun bay what's the play in which laura loves her collection of animal figurines? the glass menagerie for 25: which author of a streetcar named desire wrote the glass menagerie? (thomas lanier) tennessee williams for 50: the wingfields identify jim o'connor, who is seemingly a suitor for laura, with what two-word term?
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white knight no, he's the gentleman caller. strontium 90 has a half-life of 28.1 years. by its greek letter name, what sort of particle does it emit as this radio-isotope breaks down? beta particle for 25: beta particles are high-speed, high-energy forms of which atomic particles? electrons for 50: an alpha particle is identical to the nucleus of what light atom? helium that is the end of the round. 225 for mission san jose 110 for homestead. we'll be right back to determine the winner. don't go away. ♪ san mateo credit union 60 years of experience providing financial services to the people of san mateo county. security...value... community...tradition. where people are worth more than money.
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first from homestead, mr. jason scott. and from mission san jose, dr. charlie brucker. thank you so much gentlemen for all your hard work. all right, homestead, you are behind, and i believe that started by coincidence when brandon determined that he was . just sayin' now you get your chance to move ahead we have three categories. the point value of each correct answer is 30 points. and you need four correct answers to stay in the game. this week's categories are the earth, spain, and elections.
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we're going to do elections. all right. given his party and election year name the presidential winner. this democrat was first elected in 1992 bill clinton that is right. this republican was elected in 1904. theodore roosevelt right. this republican was elected in 1860. lincoln that is right. this democrat was elected in 1948. truman right. this republican was elected in 1928. hoover correct. this democrat was elected in 1828. jackson you got it. and the last one, a democrat who was elected in 1960. kennedy you got them all for 320. congratulations.
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that means, mission san jose, that you need to get four correct answers. ok? the earth or spain? the earth these are all things having to do with the earth. it's the layer between earth's crust and outer core mantle that is right. it's the month in which earth day occurs. april that is right. she was the greek goddess of the earth. gaia gaia is correct. if you get this correct you will be part of our final two and go into our championships he was the composer of the song of the earth. stravinsky no, it was gustav mahler it's the rare earth element with symbol la lanthanum you are in our final two
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congratulations! homestead, you're a great team you played so well this season. thank you. we'll see you next week. and we'll see you next week for the finals final championship of quiz kids
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>> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm veronique. here's this week's top story. one of the highest compliments you can pay someone is to call him or her a rocket scientist. but as our next report shows, you don't really have to be a genius to build a rocket and successfully launch it. >> before we get into that, here's a short lesson on the history of rockets. [ asian-st


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