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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  October 7, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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it. >> reporter:here are more photos showing one male suspect and the one female caught on surveillance camera video which you can see on top of your screen the thrid photo bottom photo released todayshows the another manthat photo taken by a quick thinking bystander. >> reporter: police say they were able to close this case quickly because of the help they got from the community. >> summary people are in possession of cameras. and they became crucial with this investigation. >> reporter:officials say portland police arrested the trio outside a community dining hall at 2:15 this afternoon because they were able to use technology to
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locate the victim's car >> with the gps technology we were able to locate the car creek and other information that we do not want to share at this point. but due to that technology weaker able to pinpoint the vehicle. subsequently, did a book to " kick the three suspects. --they were able to locate the three suspects. >> reporter:marin county detectives are now in route to portland to interograte the suspectsthey have yet to be identified.and we still don't have a motive for this killing >> reporter:maureen kelly kron4 news >> catherine:we're learing more about steve carter. well known therapists in their field. >> catherine:according to their website they've advised more thanthey hosted retreats in their former home of costa rica. >> catherine:recently friends say the couple moved back to california for treatment of lokita's breast
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cancer diagnosis. steve's friends and students describe him as lighthearted.understanding - with a great sense of humor. >> catherine:steve's wife - lokita - released a statement today. >> catherine:on their 'go- fund-me' page she wrote " the devastating news is that my beloved was murdered in cold blood yesterday afternoon while walking our dog. >> catherine:please hold steve and me close to your hearts and in your prayers. i am shattered, shocked, enraged, and so so sad." >> catherine:the go fund me page was originally set up for his wife's breast cancer treatment. but is now being used to help in the wake of steve carter's death. >> catherine:his wife was diagnosed with a rare form of the disease in july -- and they moved back to the bay area so she could be treated at the marin cancer institute. >> catherine:roughly 20- thousand dollars earlier today. >> grant: >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> grant: we are looking at
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a picture here with a guide than going from a building. just bush, is live at the same. jeff? there is quite a scene just looking at this guy. >> reporter: cent street is not open. to our north here. i was just finished speaking with c h p and s f p d. here is the skinny on the story. and our 15 or 20 minutes ago chp encountered a stolen vehicle. and inside, the suspect took off and ran into the building. north of paris and st. he is hardly hanging out of the window, john-that's starting to jump brett negotiators are apparently right there on the ledge right next to him trying to talk with him as sfpd have does some
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preventive measures that to cannot see at this moment. there is a huge chrome on the sidewalk. under the window. --a huge foam >> reporter: it has been quite a spectacle here. hopefully, there will be able to get this suspect under custody and and to safety. just bush, kron 4 news. instead francisco. -- in san francisco >> grant:we're learning new information tonight about the susect arrested in connection with a deadly shooting in berkeley. police say 24-year-old anthony durant had been arrested with another shooting in the same place last year. >> grant:two men were hospitalized in that shooting. durant is accused of shooting christian sheppard last night.
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>> grant:it happened near the corner of russell and california streets around 8- 30. sheppard was taken to the hosptial. but died a short time later. >> grant:investigators arrested durant this morning. about a >> catherine: crimestoppers of oakland is offering a ten-thousand reward. for a man they say killed an ice cream vendor on saturday. >> catherine: police say jasvir singh was killed in east oakland over the weekend. they are looking for this man - joevan lopez. >> catherine: investigators say lopez shot singh was shot on peachwhen first responders dead on the street. >> catherine: police have not offered a motive in this case. >> catherine: a san jose man was arrested today. suspected in the murder of a woman in milpitas. milpitas police say they found a woman stabbed to death monday - in a home on manzano street. >> catherine: investigators says the suspect is kevin nguyen. he was arrested in san jose today - with the help of a the santa clara county main jail. >> catherine: investigators say the two men were acquainted - but the details are not clear. been released.
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>> catherine: this is the first murder of 20-15 in milpitas. >> catherine: a san francisco man was and sexually assaulting patients. a jury found him guilty of >> catherine: more than 30 felonies.including identity carlos guzman-garza practiced medicine without a >> catherine: ten victims testified in the case. including nine women he had operated on. investigators say he operated a dermatology clinic on mission street called "derma clinic." >> catherine: the women claim he assaulted heavy medication during their procedures. >> catherine: guzman-garza faces nearly 40 years in prison. he was arrested in 20-11 for the crimes. >> catherine: palo alto police are investigating a man who turned himself in for peeping today. norbu norbu is accused of in her bathroom. >> catherine: that woman called police in july and said a man was taking pictures with a window. >> catherine: police were able to identify
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investigators are looking at a similar case from june on olive avenue to see if he's connected. >> catherine: parents of students at an east bay elementary school say they're outraged tonight. the problem -- the behavior to students being locked in their classrooms. madyun that the school didn't notify them about what happened. >>"they were asked to be locked in their classrooms" >>"they are on lockdowns" >>"i have not heard a single thing about an incident taking place" >> reporter:parents here at mt diablo are voicing their concerns about the school district not notifying them about a recent incident involving teachers and students locking themselves in their classrooms for protection from the behavior of a 3rd grader >>"if it required a lock down i would have liked to have been informed"
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>> the rest of the story was that he came on brown kicking and screaming on the doors to be let in derrick that is scary for him as a kid. >> of course i do not know how old is this the tip of this situation is. --how sensitive this situation is >> reporter:i checked with clayton police and they say that monday's incident at the school did not reach the level of a lockdown by law officer was dispatched to the scene but left shortly after seeing that things were under control. these parents say they feel the mt diablo school district should have notified them just the same. >>"the school is pretty good about sending out emails" "the principal is pretty responsive but she is just not allowed to say anything, her hands are tied" >>"she told us to get inside
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and lock our doors" >> reporter:we will hear from one of the students who was locked in her classs during monday's incident coming up on kron4news at 6in clayton haaziq madyun kron4news >> catherine: east bay park officials believe they've found the body of a missing salesforce contractor. >> catherine: fishermen spotted the body around 7-am - in lake del valle. >> catherine: ragha-vendra indu-guala work team- building trip to the lake. the boat capsized. and everyone was able to make it back to shore except indguala. >> catherine: the water where the boat sank was about fifty feet deep. there have been searches since the weekend. >> catherine: and an emergency minutes a matter. how does years fleet week will handle disasters. and another local library is shutting down because of bedbugs. where? and what will be done to get rid of them.
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>> diane: and nice beautiful day with clear skies. but we have one day ahead of those with clear skies coming up next! this is the dawn of an old day.
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because at&t and directv are offering
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yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. >> catherine: bedbugs are blamed for yet another library closure on the peninsula -- this time in menlo park. >> catherine: kron four's rob fladeboe tells us what's being done about it -- and has some reaction from library patrons.
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>> reporter:a recorded message on the library's voice mail system informed callers to what unsuspecting visitors discovered for themselves throughout the day on wednesday. many of them sounding a bit un nerved by signs explaining the popular alma street >> reporter:library is closed because of bedbugs. >>nervous patron -- i am surprised. believe this is kind of scary because this could be spreading where i live down in belmont. >> reporter:following recent bedbug nearby palo alto and in berkeley, the menlo park closure comes after a single bedbug was discovered in an isolated but nonetheless seating area. >> reporter:out of what it says is an abundance of caution, this drive thru book drop here in the parking lot has also been taken out of service entire
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facility is now being inspected, treated and cleaned as other patrons expressed concern about how and where the bedbugs are coming from and whether they might be spreading on borrowed books and other library materials. >> reporter: >>more worried patrons -- this is kind of disturbing. i do not want them in my house and i'm already paranoid when i travel. >> reporter:the library could reopen as soon as thursday morning but not before it's inspected again and cleared by bedbug- sniffing dogs. in menlo park rob fladeboe kron 4 news >> catherine: this isn't the first library in the bay area to find bed bugs. >> catherine: last month three different libraries found them. >> catherine: in palo alto - both the mitchell park and rin-conada branches closed to deal with the pests. north berkely's branch also shut its doors. >> catherine: the mitchell park location was the first to find them on the 24th. with the rin-conada closing on the 29th. berkeley's problem was discovered on the 25th. >> catherine: all three libraries have reopened.
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>> catherine: some elementary school children in san francisco were taken outside for an important lesson this morning. -- >> reporter: 1000 nurses and contra costa county are not working today. 600 of them belong to the regional medical center and other county clinics they are protesting what they call low wages. they say the county spent more money to train good nurses who end up leaving after a year, because they can get paid more money elsewhere. >> we had to make a stand. because we were releasing too many experienced nurse disparate it does not make
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economic sense. >> it jeopardized his patients' health care. we are paid about 30 percent less than the surrounding facilities but more important, it we are losing at we are training nurses and they are leaving for better wages for it we need to invest that money into having at least competitive wage grit--wage >> reporter: >> catherine: the 1000 in union have been working without a contract for 15 months. the county is not talking on camera but in an earlier written statement
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said " we hope to be able to resolve this as quickly as possible quick-". >> grant: officials with the hospital is were read through it with patients needing to access to hospital on game nights. there will be a limit on a number of days that the warriors and giants both have home games. uc as app is endorsing the proposal warriors the item in san francisco. >> grant: and the deal, and special transportation improvements, will be critic for the neighborhood and there will be a limit on the number of days that the warriors and giants both have come games. however, a group is still opposing the project. expo spent for the
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mission bay alliance that the proposed agreement accomplishes nothing but common in gridlock for san francisco. vowing to fight even harder to protect uc as as and health care and san francisco. >> catherine: the bay bridge glacial is coming back! the popular 500 the high art installation will soon be shining again. the 25,000 lights will begin blinking sometime before super bowl 50 in february. the ruble back in march agreed to allow caltran crews to do make its. --to do in a net maintenance >> catherine: the lights were first installed in 2013 and quickly became a fixture on the waterfront. last year, caltran and the bay
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area toll authority agree to take over operation and maintenance. $4 million was raised to reinstall the lights and make them permanent. >> diane: the temperature has been nice and live camera is showing but golden gate bridge with very few clouds and the sky. unlike this morning. >> diane: we had sunshine that lasted all day long and we will continue to have that trend that should last all week. >> diane: tonight plan expect things a little bit cloudy with those areas along the peninsula and the coastal regions. will have more clouds rolling in by 10:00 p.m. and morning f o g. >> diane: so, here is why we
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are warming things up with this high pressure system brandon war along the coast to push through along with that, the coastal f o g for the morning hours and get see it all right here in place. with the moisture associated will stay in that pacific northwest. >> diane: 79 degrees along the east bay shore cities. and friday will be the warmest day of the rest of the week. with 84 degrees warmer and mild temperatures lasting for saturday as well. we will talk more about the 7 day forecast, and how long this weather will stick around coming up in just a few minutes. >> catherine: an encouraging report on breast cancer and
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marin county. since 1981, up lamar ran at one of the highest rate in the country. the number of breast cancer cases has dropped 30%. it is now lower than state average. the cancer prevention institute of california is this the biggest factor in the decline may be that fewer women are using hormone therapy. the dual use of estrogen and progesterone has delete to breast cancer in women over 50. other factors could be a drop in obesity and increase at fitness among marin women. >> catherine: fleet week is half full swing curry it the marin is the main event creek--main event
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>> catherine: some elementary school children and sent francisco were taking outside for an up or less in this morning. kron4 avery harper said it was all about walking or rolling. and the city brought in some high-level help. >> reporter: used san francisco ed lee as surgeon general came to ask at the spring valley elementary school to promote walking or rolling to school. the surgeon general since walking just 22 minutes a day is good for your help and once people to get into the habit early. >> catherine: the main event. the blue angels are getting ready for the show
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this weekend. >> catherine: a preview coming up next and later, oscar winner take winds let on our role in the new steve oscar winner take winds let on our role in the new steve jobs movie. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train.
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>> catherine: now to fleetweek. on treasure island today. a mission with a single focus. saving lives in the cases of emergencies. >> catherine: this drill was part of the bigger humanitarian effort that is a part of fleet week. san francisco fire fighters along with members of the marines and navy teamed up to learn each others manuevers. >> catherine: officials say it is vital so that when a real disaster comes, these resuerers will be best prepared to help the public. >> catherine: a part of the drills included these dogs, specially trained to find people trapped in rubble. marines also learned out to shore up structures so they can go into collapsed buildings and rescue injured citizens. >> so they can get underneath and as to the victims are there. --
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excavate victims out of there. >> catherine: the main event this fleet week --- is the blue angels air show over the bay. kron four's terisa estacio has a preview of what fans >> catherine: will see this year. >> it is going to be awesome threat we have a great plan ahead. >> reporter: >> she will be flying over the san francisco bay. her name is katie higgins. >> reporter: aerobee a brand-new venue caught fleet
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says. >> we have bay area band that will perform. there'll be a lot to do while you are waiting. >> we will put a bully up on the water and up near alcatraz. on thursday, it will go up in groups. >> reporter: is a lot to keep track of. it is best to go on the web site. and check things out. >> reporter: yes kron4 is the best place to turn to. we have an extensive list for you. so get ready! >> catherine: you can catch all the blue angels thrills here on kron-4. as we bring you the blue angels live, this saturday october 10th starting at 2
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>> catherine: republican presidential candidate ben carson is under fire. after comments he made in reaction to the campus massacre in oregon. >> catherine: said. and the support he's getting from an unlikely place. plus. support for hillary clinton is fading in california. >> catherine: next. who's 'gaining' california democrats.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> grant:south carolina is still feeling the effets of unprecedented flooding that began this weekend. today. a truck was overcome by flood waters. and the dive team was called in to perform a dangerous rescue. >> grant:three people were saved, but two others were later found dead. that brings the death toll to 19 people. >> grant:35 dams are currently being monitored throughout the state. of those. at least 11 have failed since saturday. >> grant:hundreds of national guard members are in columbia to help. helicopters have been flying over the area. dropping sandbags and equipment to repair dams. >> grant:residents of
5:32 pm
upstate south carolina are stepping in to communities-- donating food, water and toys to help displaced neighbors. damages are estimated to top a billion dollars. >> diane: texas looking ahead, or around 9:00 p.m. with mostly cloudy conditions or of the coastal regions. by 7:00 a.m., tomorrow morning expected coastal f o g r run the area about midmorning and it should clear up. by noontime, gradual clearing is in place with temperatures averaging about mid to upper 70's. things will start warming up back into the '80s. to marcia be 10 degrees warmer. around 85 per antioch, down in fremont with 81 degrees. and upper 70's for san francisco and
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an envelope and the low seventies. overall. >> diane: low clouds in place should clear up a route 11:00 and the morning but clear sunshine. >> catherine: we're learning more about week's mass shooting at annine people were killed when the gunman opened fire campus of the umpqua community college. >> catherine: two detectives arrived on campus just minutes after the first 9-1- 1 call was made. christopher harper-mercer shot several rounds at them. >> catherine: the detectives returned fire. hitting mercer in the side. he later turned the gun on himself. >> i reviewed the facts of this case and that determined by the officer against the shooter, was justified. once the suspect and gave the police officers, he did not shoot
5:34 pm
another student. >> these men saved lives that day. >> catherine: one of the survivors was released from the hospitaltwo other women remain hospitalized. condition. the other is in fair condition. >> catherine: republican presidential candidate ben carson has received criticism for remarks he made in reaction to the mass shooting in oregon. >> catherine: and now. he is getting support from an unlikelyfrom our partners at c-n-n. ryan nobles joins us from washington with more on this latest controversy on the campaign trail. --unlikely source. >> catherine: >> reporter:it was this comment on fox news channel that started the controversy. >>presidential candidate i would not just stand there and let him shoot me. i'd say- hey guys. everybody
5:35 pm
attack him. he may shoot me. but he can't get us all! >> reporter:critics, such as fellow republican presidential said carson crossed a line by questioning how the victims of the tragedy responded during the chaos. >>presidential candidate i just don't think that is the road to go down in terms of questioning people who have you have no idea what you would do. >> reporter:carson attempted to explain clear he was not questioning the victims' actions. but instead talking about how he personally would've reacted. >>presidential candidate we live in a culture now where to set up battle lines, and we need to get on this side of it, or that side of it. rather than collectively trying to figure out how we solve the problem. >> reporter:carson also contends that if students or teachers had have survived. >> reporter:as the attacks sailed the trump who has battled with carson during the campaign. went to twitter to defend him. >>"ben carson was speaking
5:36 pm
in general terms as to what he a gunman, and was not criticizing the victims. not fair!" the billionaire wrote. >> reporter:an interesting turn. given in the polls to trump and perhaps his biggest threat in the republican race. >> reporter:as for carson. the criticism does not appear to bother him. >>presidential candidate i can twist myself into pretzels trying to fit into their silly little box or i can be who i am and we need people who are willing to stand up and talk what's logical right now. >> reporter:protesters briefly disrupted donald trump at a campaign event in iowa today. the g-o-p presidential front-runner was talking about syria when protesters held signs and began chanting. remain calm, and thanked them for not hurting him. >> the next time. thank you. listen to this.
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>> catherine: >> we want to be non-violent with those people. i thought they were on our side. nonviolence. nonviolence. >> catherine:the protesters are believed activists. trump's visit to iowa comes as he continues to lead the g-o-p presidential field in the state. >> catherine:here in california hilary clinton has lost her former commanding lead among the state's democratic voters. a field poll says fewer than half of them now support her for the nomination. down from 73 percent in february and 66 percent in may. >> catherine:self=described socialist bernie sanders has climbed from nine to 35 percent, with his strongest support in the bay area. >> catherine:two out of three democrats say it would
5:38 pm
be a good thing if vice president joe biden entered the race. but only 15 percent say they'd vote for him. >> catherine:president obama is coming to national committee events this weekend. he arrives friday night. >> catherine:saturday he'll attend a fundraising concert at the warfield. rapper kanye west will perform. >> catherine:the president leaves the bay area saturday night. s >> catherine: the change in quarterback has been getting louder from forty-niners fans. the mounting pressure that kapernick is facing. >> catherine: neiman-marcus christmas books some of the overtop gift.
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>> grant:it's already that time of year. neiman marcus has released its 20-15 christmas book. >> grant:the book was first published in 19-26 as a booklet. and is filled with all kinds of holiday gift ideas. however. it's recently become known for its fantasy gifts. >> grant:at the top of this year's list--- a motorcycle ride with actor keanu reeves for 150-thousand dollars. the store also offering a
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tour of italy for 150- thousand dollars, and a high-altitude ballon ride to the edge of space. >> grant:that goes for 90- thousand dollars. for a complete list of gifts in this year's christmas book. just head to our website at kron-4-dot-com. 2 >> catherine: next. 49ers quarterback collin kaepernick talks about the mounting pressure he's facing this season. >> diane: a nice beautiful day but mostly clear skies. and we have more warm and clear skies ahead of us. coming up next!
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>> catherine: turning our attention to the nfl--the losses keep adding up for the 49ers and many fans are starting to feel the season slip away. >> catherine: as the team prepares for another road trip, the question was whether jim tomsula would hit the reset button at quarterback. >> catherine: mark carpenter was at levi's stadium this morning and has more. >> reporter:after watching the 49ers for the last three weeks, you could say the quarterback situation is reaching tomsula maintains his system is not broken and neither is colin kaepernick's confidence. >>"mental health for me is doing everything i can to help this team win. sitting isn't something i've been too big on since i was young." >> reporter:slump or not, kaepernick is back on track.and that's staying pro-active. >> reporter:and like he has in each of the last three weeks, coach tomsula doubled-down on his support for the young triggerman. >>"i want a confident man,
5:47 pm
critical. i believe in the quarterback. i believe in him. i believe in colin kaepernick." >> reporter:but does the team believe in itself? >> reporter:this recent string of losses is reason enough for any locker room to start breaking apart, but the hope is that it'll all be turned around this sunday against the giants. >>"we're 1-3. i have a hard time standing here and telling you anybody has played great or coached great or anything. we're 1- 3. we have to, the guy right here has got to do a better job he's got to stay on top of it. he's got to stay the course. he's got to keep attacking it. walking into --and being honest. >> reporter:this is the second straight year the 49ers have played the giants in new york. last off eli manning five times. >> reporter:at levi's stadium, mark carpenter, kron4 news >> catherine: and don't forget to send in your selfie from your school's high school football game. >> catherine: you can either
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submit it to our website. or or instagram under the hashtag "kron 4 selfie". >> catherine: we'll feature a photo every week on sports night live. >> diane: as you can see here with 50 mi. per hour wind. 14 in san jose and temperatures with the low 80s and upper 80s out in the valley. stay nice and comfortable in the 17th and 64 on average for san francisco. >> diane: drinking and a lot of low clouds for the morning hours and the apache f o g. --patchy >> diane: high-pressure system dominating dominating our region. i just want to
5:49 pm
show you the low clouds in place. pulling back quite a bit. we do have low clouds for san mateo, san jose in fremont. >> diane: cloths >> diane: much of the same pattern as with the clouds rolling and for about 8:00 p.m. thursday with widespread into the valley area. pretty much, moving into friday and for the west of the weekend appeared. >> diane: east bay shoreline cities with 70's and place. hayward at 75. fremont with 81 degrees and move out into the belly and that is where you'll see the warmer
5:50 pm
temperatures. in fact, we should be allowed to warm temperatures. --mild to warm >> diane: each day, warmer temperatures and more conditions. fretted 86 degrees saturday and sunday clear skies and pure clouds. --friday 86 degrees. >> catherine: on wall street. >> catherine: the markets ended the day in positive territory. with the dow gaining 122 points. kron 4's mark danon says. the trading day started on a positive note as well. (cheers & applause) >> reporter: watching today's low winners and losers with rob black our analysts. how exciting
5:51 pm
today? >>/bay storage. problem but the company revenues growing great. lost 182 this year but every dollar they make in revenue they lose out. >> it is a great story. but be careful you have to wait for and sell-just insider to sell. >> a big tech investors and the late 90's, he calls over a billion dollars of twitter stock at this point. he
5:52 pm
purchased in and before they became public so he now owns 30 million shares with 4.8 million shares. what is a billionaire putting into a stock? he tends to park money and not move it. >> reporter: pandora print they buy ticket fly >> 10 gore had a good quarter recently. to get fliers sold 5 million tickets. and they're selling to the intimate and live music expressed smaller type then use. --venues >> catherine: next --- oscar winner kate winslet talks about her role in the new steve jobs movie. >> catherine: and working with what she calls some of the sexiest men in the
5:53 pm
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>> catherine: cake when sled was the envy of--kate winslet many women when she worked with leonardo dicaprio in 1997's "titanic". now she's adding a new hollywood heart-throb to her resume. the insider's debbie
5:56 pm
matenopoulos has more from hollywood. >> reporter:yes now hollywood reporter's new covergirl is sharing movie stud, michael fassbender! it's a tough "job" but somebody has to do it. >> reporter: pick of the sexiest leading men alive. >> kate: michael is he's fantastic he's such a wonderful guy i think we were lucky because / i think you have to have that sense of comraderie and i think we did >> reporter:the oscar winner - looking lovely in black tom ford at a new york film festival party, gushing about her 'steve jobs' co- star! steve jobs >> reporter:michael is just one hot a-lister on kate's long list of steamy leading men!!! >> music hit that is neverland >> reporter:she found neverland with johnny depp, locked lips with leo again in 'revolutionary road', bared it all with brolin in 'labor day'. and next she'll play liam hemsworth's love interest in the upcoming film 'the dressmaker'. >>dressmaker clip up: liam: i think you came back for me! >> kate: i have been really lucky its always a pleasure to work with incredible actors but when they happen to be quite good looking as well its nice to walk along
5:57 pm
side them down the corridor >> reporter:but while she's walking the halls with michael on screen, in real life the mom of three has been walking by the side of her husband ned rocknroll, who just helped her celebrate her 40th birthday! >> kate: we did go out on a boat and had a really lovely family day and it couldn't have been better >> reporter:did she just say boat? with someone other than leo? we'll have so much more on this story tonight at 7 on the insider, for kron 4 news, i'm debbie matenopoulos, back to you >> catherine: authorities are not credit it that they were able to quickly track down the three suspects. due to community assistance. >> catherine: the news will continue and 90 seconds i kron 4 news at 6.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine: it's a crime that rocked a quiet north bay community. >> catherine:now the three suspects wanted in the shooting death of a popular therapist.are behind bars. good evening, i'm catherine heenan. >> catherine:authorities credit technology, and tips from the public for helping them track down the suspects in the murder of steve carter >> catherine:the trio was arrested this afternoon outside a dining hall in portland oregon. more than 600 miles from where carter's body was
6:00 pm
found in fairfax on monday. >> catherine:kron 4's maureen kelly was at today's news conference.where authorities announced the arrests. she's live tonight in san rafael with the latest.maureen? >> reporter:the arrest of the three suspects happened only hours agothe marin county sheriff's department says they were able to use gps technology to track the victim's car to a location in portland oregon. >> reporter:officials say portland police arrested the trio outside a community dining hall at 2:15 this afternoonin possession of the dead man's car. >> reporter:this surviellance photo shows the three outside jetta at a point reyes gas station.only about a half hour the murder. >> reporter:67 year old steve carter was found shot to death and his dog wounded shortly after 6 monday night on the old railroad grade hiking trail just west of fairfax. another hiker found the body just 100 yards from this gate along sir francis drake blvd. search and rescue personell and dogs were sent out tuesday to look for the gun. police aren't saying if they were able to recover it. >> reporter:here are more photos showing the suspect one the top of male suspect and the one female caught on surveillance camera video taken at a fairfax
6:01 pm
convienence storethe bottom photo released was todayshows the other male a quick thinking bystander. police say they were able to close this case quickly because of the help they got from the community which had been shaken by this crime. >> there has been a number of phone calls. people are concerned because there was a school nearby. they are asking how safe are we? and that is a difficult question to answer. so we understand and hear people are concerned. >> reporter: everyone in town has been on edge. >> and not only does not happen here. he looked like a nice guy. but that it happened to. so there were
6:02 pm
probably passing through and unfortunately he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: were seen in fairfax says everyone in town has been on edge. >> reporter:marin county detectives are now in route to portland to interograte the suspects they are expected to be on the ground by 8p tonight. >> reporter:officials haven't released the supsect's identifies.or a motive for this killing maureen kelly kron4 news >> catherine: we want to update you on breaking news we're following out of san francisco. that's where a police stand- off is happening after a car chase. >> catherine: it's happening on 10th street near harrison. kron 4's jeff bush is tracking the developments.and he's live on the scene. jeff? >> reporter: catherine, this drama has been playing out for two and a half hours. it started with a c h p stop of a motorist. the vehicle was pulled over and the suspect
6:03 pm
pulled over and took off running. near paris and an attack streaker income at the video, with a very dramatic scene. then i went out of the window for several hours. it were a police of officials were trying to help him, and from outside of that window. there is padding out on the sidewalk and just for safety sake for it if we can come back alive rather quickly creek in you to see the development and the story happening as we have been on the air. >> reporter: the man has got inside the apartment building. he is not in police custody and it appears that this standoff has now come to a closure. >> grant:a woman.shot and killed just blocks from union square. arrest the shooter. >> grant:the calls came in just after 8:00 last night on masonyou see the proximity to the tourist hot
6:04 pm
spot. >> grant:the shooting.technically in the tenderloin district. the chest.officers tried cpr but she died at the scene. >> grant:a person of interest was taken in for far no arrests. police are hoping more witnesses come forward. >> grant: catherine >> catherine:there will be a candlelight vigil tonight for a berkley man shot and killed last night. police have a suspect in custody. >> catherine:police responded to reports of shots being fired just after 8:30 near the corner of russell and california streets. kron 4's alecia reid is live at berkeley police headquarters with what we've learned about the suspect's connection to a previous shooting.alecia? >> reporter: kaplan, people are already starting to gather here at the location where kristin shepard was gunned down last night. he has been described as funny and a good man and kind.
6:05 pm
>> reporter: sheppard was shot multiple times. the pull-spotted the alleged shooter anthony durant, and their backyard also told police of his whereabouts and within a few hours he was are rested a block away from the shooting. iran has been charged with murder and violation of probation treat the police will comment on why he was on probation. >> reporter: and this incident. two-man each other but will not say to what extent. >> this is still an active investigation. so, we do not want to give up too much animation. -information
6:06 pm
>> reporter: we'll bring you the latest from people who knew him well at 8:00 newscast creek light and first--like them berkeley police still read. --alecia reid >> catherine: parents of students at an east bay elementary school of a 3rd graderwhich led to students being locked in their classrooms. one of those students told happened. >>"what happened" >>"he was walking by our class" >> reporter:how did that make you feel? >>"scared" >> reporter:the scary incident happened elementary school in clayton. for their own safety teachers and students were told to lock themselves in their classrooms for protection from a 3rd grade student. this little girl's mom finishes the story >>"the rest of the story is that he came around kicking and screaming on the doors"
6:07 pm
>> reporter:parents here say this is just the latest episode with an ongoing safety issue regarding this particular student >>"he has witnessed him throwing rocks on the playground" >>"it scares them and it scares my kindergartener too" >> reporter:these parents are not alonemany of them told me off camera that something should be done and until it isthey are not bringing their kids to school >>"that's why i'm keeping them home" >>"but i believe the school district is going to do something" >> reporter:however both parents admit this is a sensitive issue >>"get him what he needs now" >> reporter:in clayton haaziq madyun kron4news >> catherine: late today.assistant superintendent debbie maher released this statement to kron 4. >> catherine: saying - "the district can
6:08 pm
assure that the rights, safety and security of all of our children and their families is of the utmost importance to the district. as such, the district is taking every measure to address any and all concerns." >> catherine: a thousand nurses in contra costa county are on strike. they picketed today. >> catherine: 600 of them work at the contra costa medical center in martinez.and this was the second day of their 2-day strike. the nurses say they're underpaid and overworked. but plan to go back to work tomorrow. >> catherine: they say they had no other choice - but to strike. >> we are training new nurses and then did are leaving for better way disparate we need to end that that money into keeping a competitive wage. >> catherine: they also say with the affordable health care act -- but don't have the them. >> catherine: another library on the peninsula is closed -- and bedbugs are once again getting the
6:09 pm
blame. >> catherine: this time it's happening in menlo park. the library was shut down on tuesday and remains closed tonight. that's after a bedbug was found in what's described as an isolated public seating area. >> catherine: pest control workers havethere's speculation that homeless visitors are to blame.but others remind us >> catherine: that bed bugs are found across society. >> reporter: >> any place where people congregate. they can come from any source, i believe. >> they can be at four-star hotels, three-star hotels, fleabag hotels, homeless their sleeping bags at is a real issue. >> catherine:the menlo park closure follows earlier bedbug infestations at libraries in nearby palo alto and in berkeley, which have since re-opened. >> catherine:the menlo park librarian tells kron 4 the
6:10 pm
plan here is for bedbug-sniffing dogs to inspect and clear the tomorrow morning and the library could be open again by 10 a.m. >> catherine:it can be difficult to distinguish bedbug bites.from other insect bites or rashes. but they're typically red, often with a darker red spot in the middle. and arranged in a rough line or cluster >> catherine: the face, neck and arms. >> catherine: nice day today, diane! >> diane: by 7:00 p.m., 63 degrees for the coast, 71 for the valley. by 10:00 p.m. we will have a light breeze. at temperatures will be slightly breezy. tomorrow, we will have coastal f o g and then gradual clearing with that. >> diane: dealing with similar situations as we did
6:11 pm
today with one to two degrees warmer. >> diane: stay pretty much where we work today with our highs. 73 degrees on average for san francisco and the peninsula locations. we will talk more about how long this will last when i return! >> catherine: you can download the kron4 news mobile application. for push alerts on breaking updates, and live doppler radar be sure to download the kron 4 mobile app. it's your number one source for news and weather on your phone or tablet. >>happening tonight. >> catherine: reinstallation of an l-e-d light sculpture on the bay bridge will begin tonight. "the bay lights" is nearly
6:12 pm
500 feet tall. and creates a colorful display on the bridge. >> catherine: the lights were removed in march to allow caltrans cres to perform maintenance on the bridge cables. officials say the reinstallation should be completed in time for super bowl 50 next year. >> catherine: every minute counts in an emergency. today - several special teams joined forces to figure out how to make precise decision in the field - that can save lives. >> catherine: we will be back!
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
>> catherine: every minute count and an emergency. today, several special teams joined forces to figure out how to make persistent or precise decision and the field that can save lives. as kron4 terisa estacio shows us. it is part of the biggest picture of fleet week. >> reporter: here at treasure island. san francisco fire personnel along with members of the marines and navy worked side by side. they will have to in a real emergency in various ways all focused on one goal saving lives. take a look at this thrift >> reporter: this is a drill involving a dog trained to find a person trapped in rubble. the adult worked quickly, a critical
6:16 pm
step potentially saving a person's life monday. over here. the crew was learning how to safely lift a large block of c mat. >> reporter: this joint at her with a buyer and military members in town for fleet week is a man, when officials say for the public. --win/win >> get to work with their guys. and we had at comfort zone. wiccan and long we are on and respond to it we will go out with san francisco fire. we know each other and professor accurate and can get the mission done. >> reporter: the crews do these drills every year the state each year they learn something new and helps them
6:17 pm
even better and going out and perform remissions on the call comes. >> catherine: kron4 is proud to welcome the blue and just to this year san francisco for the week. you can catch all of your high-flying growth as we bring to the blue angels live, saturday october 10th starting at 2:00 p.m.. >> reporter: >> diane: the wind speed is picking up. keeping 124 concord for it and livermore creek light breeze there for eight moss per hour. >> diane: in this seat is pushing through the areas then a place for the rest of the evening also giving us coastal f o g for the morning our. >> diane: widespread what
6:18 pm
these clowns out in center field creek, concord and even livermore would also expect as far g 4 san francisco and the peninsula locations. >> diane: transitioning to 3:00 p.m. where our daytime high is normally hit fricasseed a lot of sunshine-the-clouds are pull that off the coast giving us plenty of sunshine close to what we had today. the high will be between three degrees warmer to 8 degrees warmer as we get through the week. the highs peninsula similar to today's high at 79 degrees. >> diane: 77 oakland and fremont 81 degrees castro valley 81 as well. we will have the mid-80s here with brett was an 86 at
6:19 pm
livermore. >> diane: south bay with the average of 83 degrees in moving to the north bay expect some f o g and the morning. it should clear up on some 9:00 in the morning. 854 thursday. and it should be sunny all week long. >> diane: closer to '90s, monday and the rest of next week. >> catherine: doctors without borders is accusing the united states of committing a war crime. saturday's deadly airstrike that took out one of the hospitals in afghanistan. >> catherine: the white house maintains it was a tragic mistake. from our partners at c-n-n. dianne gallagher has more. >>"even war has rules." >> reporter:and the question now is. >> reporter:did the united states break those rules
6:20 pm
with airstrikes on a doctors without borders hospital in afghanistan saturday. >>"in kunduz, our patients burned in their beds. our doctors, nurses, and other staff were as they worked." >> reporter:12 staff members and ten patients died, dozens were injured. >> reporter:on wednesday doctors without unprecedented independent investigation by the international humanitarian fact finding commission- which has been around a quarter century- but never actually used. >>"particularly given the and afghan accounts of what happened over recent days, we cannot rely only on investigations by the u.s., nato, and afghan forces." >> reporter:the white house says doctors without borders on wednesday to apologize and express his condolences. >> reporter: the current department of defense investigation. but didn't say whether he supports the independent one >>"the united states, when we make a mistake, we are honest about it, we own up to it, we apologize when necessary, as the president did in this case, and we implement the kind of changes that make it less likely that those kinds of mistakes will occur in the future."
6:21 pm
>> reporter:doctors without borders says it notified coalition and afghan forces of its coordinates just days before the bombings happened. >> reporter:in washington, i'm dianne gallagher reporting. >> catherine:president obama is coming to san francisco for democratic national committee events this weekend. he arrives friday night. >> catherine:the president will be traveling from oregon. >> catherine:where he will be meeting with the victim's families of the umpqua community college shooting. saturday he'll attend a fundraising concert at the warfield. >> catherine:rapper kanye west will perform. area saturday night. >> grant:authorities say the gunman who killed nine people at an oregon community college killed himself inside a classroom after two plainclothes officers shot and wounded him. >> grant: the detectives
6:22 pm
shot back as he stood in the doorway. he went into a classroom where he fatally shot himself >> grant: attorney rick wesenberg said at a news conference wednesday that the two detectives who were the first on scene heard a volley of gunfire and ran toward the shots at umpqua community college last thursday. >> grant:they spotted 26- year-old christopher harper- mercer in the doorway of a building the officers, who weren't wearing bulletproof vests. >> grant:wesenberg says they filed three rounds, one of which stuck the shooter in the right side. once harper- mercer was wounded, he went back into the classroom and shot himself at the front of the room. >> grant:also tonight.dozens of people in oregon are getting show their support. some have hearts in that part of the state. >> grant:others say 'roseburg strong.' the parlor has done more than 70 of these tattoos so far, raising nearly four- victims and families of people killed last week.. >> catherine: republican
6:23 pm
presidential candidate ben carson is elaborating on controversial comments regarding last week's mass shooting in oregon. >> catherine: in a television interview carson said if he was in the room during the shooting. he would try to tackle the shooter. and not just sit there. here is an excerpt of that interview. >>from the indications that i got, they did not rush the shooter. the shooter can only shoot one person at a time. he cannot shoot a whole group of people. so the ideal is overwhelm him so that not everybody gets killed >> catherine: critics say carson's comments suggest the retired neurosurgeon is blaming the victims in oregon and other mass shootings. >> catherine: but carson says he is not judging the shooting victims at all. he's also getting support from fellow candidate donald trump. >> catherine: . who tweeted that carson was speaking in general terms as to what he would do if confronted by a gunman. >> catherine: the big-name support? next! the warriors
6:24 pm
stadium in getting the green support? next! the warriors stadium in getting the green light. or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train. my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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6:26 pm
>> catherine: >> catherine: muir woods visitors will see the new parking restrictions take effect in less than a month. the marin county board of supervisors decided to eliminate most of the parking along the road. >> catherine: they were concerned about potential traffic hazardsa new parking reservation system is being set up. >> catherine: more than a million visitors private car. >> catherine: plans to install a suicide barrier along the golden forward. the building and operations park service permit tomorrow. >> catherine: bridge officials need a permit so they can use national park service land to store materials and equipment during construction. >> catherine: if the project is approved.then. preliminary work wouldthe project costs 76-million dollars. and would take about 3 and a half years to complete.
6:27 pm
>> catherine: u-c-s-f is endorsing the proposed warriors stadium inthis comes after previous concerns that the stadium would create too much traffic near the u-c-s-f medical center in mission >> catherine: hopsital officials were worried that it could cause difficulty for patients hopsitals.
6:28 pm
san francisco mayor ed lee, u-c-s-f, and the warriors an agreement today. >> catherine: in the deal, a special transportation improvement fund will be created for the neighborhood. that would place a limit on events at the stadium in special circumstances.
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
>> reporter: this fall
6:31 pm
shows three suspects about a half hour after the market with the victim's car at a gas station. using gps technology to trace the victim's car to port or get where the police there made the arrest. at this point, they do not have a clear point for the murder. >> reporter: candlelight vigil for kristin shepard, gunned down last night at the intersection of california at russell. police arrested at a meager rent and charged them with the murder. reporter in oakland and berkeley terisa read--alecia reid kron 4 news >> reporter: patrons were turned away wednesday as a result of big bucks at local library. pest control has been called and to treat and
6:32 pm
clean and and and expect this around the area. inspect. rob fladeboe kron 4 news >> reporter: about the nurses and contra costa county are on the picket line. this is the second day of their two day strike creek 600 of those nurses along to the regional medical center and contra costa county. with the same story that they have heard throughout the industry predict where they are overworked and underpaid. were more experienced nurses are leaving for better wages. that move along can give them a 30% pay raise. as far as the patients at this hospital, not a major concern because the hospital was made aware of it and they were able to bring in replacement nurses.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: a series of drills all focus on saving lives. for fleet week. working through a series of drills. they also learned how to go underneath a collapsed building so they can find someone. officials say, that they always learn a great deal from each other during these operations. here at treasure island. >> catherine: the u.s. coast guard has said that they have done everything that they have been able to do they have now extended they have now suspended this ship that sank last week during
6:34 pm
hurricane walking. --joaquin >> catherine: it ended its search for survivors from the 'el faro' at sunset. >> catherine: twenty-eight americans and five polish nationals were on board. >> catherine: the ship sank thursday off found debris and a body in a survival suit.but were >> catherine: and able to retrieve it. >> catherine: south carolina is still feeling the effects of unprecedented flooding that at least 15 people are dead , and damages are estimated to top a billion dollars. relief operations are underway...even as dams breach and evacuations continue. >> catherine: hundreds of national guard members are in columbia to assist with mitigation efforts. chinook helicopters have been flying over the area... dropping sandbags and >> catherine: south carolina is still feeling the effects of unprecedented flooding that began this weekend. at least 15 people are dead , and damages are estimated to top a billion dollars. many residents are stepping efforts.
6:35 pm
>> catherine: yon pomrenze has the latest from columbia, south carolina. >> diane: by 9:00 p.m. mostly cloudy skies. in the morning hours, coastal f o g in place. 53 along the coast, 58 along the inland valley locations. noontime, credit clearing of those clubs and closer to 86. by 4:00 p.m. at the mid '80s in general. >> diane: east bay shoreline with 75 for hayward, and one in fremont and 77 for oakland and richmond. sapper cisco and the peninsula between 70 degrees and more. >> diane: the warming trend
6:36 pm
will last about mid week until next week before knuckle down is in place. >> diane: >> catherine: allergies may not be over although summer in its current we have some tips that may provide some relief. >> grant: getting the kron 4 news application is easily carried to school to play on any android device or apple store if you have iphone or tablet. touch or download print be sure to all-out push cooler so you would know when there is breaking new st start here, with the kron4 news application grit download today.
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>> catherine:some people welcome the cooler temperatures of fall.but they can also bring a spike in autumn allergies. things you can do to minimize the misery. my eyes start to water and my nose just starts to get really stuffy. >> reporter:that's a common complaint. allergy symptoms of sneezing, runny nose, congestion, coughing, watery eyes, loss of taste and smell, and fatigue may mimic a cold, but there's two key characteristics that may signal you actually have an allergy. >>"you usually don't get as much itching with a cold.
6:40 pm
but itching is kind of a sign of allergies. but with colds it's usually over in five to seven days. allergies can last a lot longer." >> reporter:and while you may be tempted to "gut it out" in the hopes that symptoms will improve on their own, it may be better not to wait to seek treatment. >> reporter:medications like anti-histamines, and allergy shots will help relieve symptoms. but avoiding allergens may be your best defense. start by limiting your time outside. >> reporter:plan outdoor activities when usually during rainy, cloudy, and windless days. >> reporter:but if you're unable to avoid the outdoors, take steps to keep your home pollen-free. >>we suggest people wash their hair before they go to sleep, take their shoes off, keep their windows closed, use air conditioning, wash their pets, things that are just practical suggestions for keeping the pollen out of the house as best you can. >> reporter:for health minute, i'm adam mccoy.
6:41 pm
>> catherine: colin kapernick is asking questions about his job security. all of the sport's next! >> catherine: we will feature a total from every on every sports night live. --a photo
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>> gary: good evening! >> gary: all right, let's
6:45 pm
worry about kapernick. as the losses keep piling up, the groans continue to grow louder about the >> gary:but apparently, the one person not worried about a switch at signal caller is colin kaepernick himself. >> gary: what is going on at 49 years headquarters, mark carpenter had only been here himself, and mop the he is their concern themselves. --but he is very concerened. >>colin kaepernick >>"i don't play for job security. whether football is here or not, i'll be fine. when i go out i play to win. i'm not worried about job security when i step in this building." >> reporter:strong words
6:46 pm
from a man that's on pace to have the worst season of his career-- 5 interceptions, no passing touchdowns in the last two weeks. >> reporter:and for those wondering who's choice it is to keep starting him-- jim tomsula addressed that this morning. >>tomsula >>"i do not have to clear that with anyone. it is 100 percent my decision. i believe in the quarterback. in colin kaepernick." >> reporter:but is the rest of the offense that convinced? >> reporter:as the team prepares for new york, the main objective is re-vamping an attack that's scored 10- points over 8- >>"we're trying to figure our timing out about how we want to run routes and get on the same page with some of those things because there were times that we're not on the same page and those are things that we are working to fix." >> reporter:kickoff against the giants is set for 5-30 this sunday. >> reporter:mc, kron4 sports >> gary: are right! >> gary:ahmad brooks was excused from 49ers practice today head coach jim tomsula said
6:47 pm
it was for "family reasons" and does not know if brooks will play with the team this sunday against the giants. tomsula did indicate it was a serious matter >> gary:the 10-year veteran had a sack on aaron rodgers last week to go along with five tackles in 17-3 loss to green bay >> gary: i will just tell you. if i owned 18 or general manager and signed a guy for $18 million, i want someone to check with me. it wouldn't you think, grant? >> gary: $18 million? >> grant: that is the whole thing four times to look. they think they he is just a puppet. --tomsula >> grant: well, it's tom shanahan. >> gary: well shanahan got
6:48 pm
bounced got there too. >> gary: we all have more to worry about. but thank god, people have a passion for sports. but, cap i did not know i do not like to beat up on one guy. >> catherine: i know. i know and i approve. >> gary: the raiders are 2 and 2. everyone are ripping the forty-niners. it cockling hero or around these parts, we will find out what they have, with the denver and peyton manning.
6:49 pm
4-0 on sunday. what he does not have the arm strength he used to have. he is still peyton manning. >> he has problems like an office of courts nadir with a computer in his head. it is a heck of a challenge. >> he's a first ball at hall of famer. >> gary: this guy grit party is going to play for the dallas cowboys again. he was in a very difficult situation. his skate
6:50 pm
conviction because she would not halt. he was accused of blowing his girlfriend on a futon print which was full of guns and ammunition. >> i hope by come out guns blazing. i am really excited. >> reporter: have you learned as a man ought of this process to read--out of this process >> that you should probably eat before you got practice. >> god bless america and accurate--america getting into a physical
6:51 pm
altercation over the weekend. fisher is dating bars ex-wife gloria. knicks coach was with her and france for a bonfire. barr's drove 95 mi. from santa barbara to come from fisher upon hearing that he was at the house. sources say fisher walked away with a few scratches and does not plan to press charges brigit--charges. normally we laugh about this but when you have the police being called. >> gary:the great biggie smalls said it best, more money more problems!
6:52 pm
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"the insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> i think i pulled a hammy on that last one. can someone tag in for me? thanks. >> jay leno and jimmy fa "tonight show" tag team. >> after years of cut-throat competition are the late-night wars finally over or is new battle brewing? >> then is rihanna finally over her heartbreak? we've got the rap sheet. >> then we go behind that viral booty pop. >> i worked one and twerked one. >> you made the perfect choice.
7:00 pm
♪ >> then we're with the og q of shock pop. grace jones. >> my mouth gets me in a lot of trouble. >> before madonna and gaga, there was the amazing grace. just don't tell her imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. ms. jones throwing major shade. and throwing me for a hoop. >> now, hollywood from the inside out. it's "the insider" together with yahoo! tom hanks is definitely living up to his nicest man in hollywood moniker. trending for his lost and found twitter quest. now we're with the lucky lady that was on the receiving end of the oscar winner's good deed of the day. >> that's why everybody loves tom hanks. >> so true. >> we'll get to that, but late night's blast from the jay leno's "tonight show" return, his bromance with jimmy fallon going on. his feelings for the other jimmy, jimmy kimmel, not so much. but let's start with last night's epic jay and jimmy t team.


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