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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  October 8, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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she tries to make us feel like she's okay, but she's really not. >> exclusive at home with the family of the imprisoned "jersey housewife." >> plus bl shelton on life after miranda. what she's saying now. >> it's coming up now. >> on "entertainment tonight." i'm part of this city now. >> her new interview her new home town as blake defends his drinking. >> i'm not in rehab. >> he's the life party. >> then -- >> while teresa giudice sits behind bars we're with her husband and teen daughter. >> it's been rough. >> also inside "family ties" reunion 26 years later. >> and we're with janet jackson
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as she rehearses for th european leg of her tour. >> plus -- ♪ >> on stage, bac stage, only "e.t." is everywhere for wynonna and naomi judd's big reunion. what happens when they face the press? >> wynonna in like a raging bull. she's going to apologize to you. now in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." >> thank you very much for joining us, everybody. we are packed top to bottom big exclusives tonight. >> a lot of stuff. only we are in vegas sitting down with the judds and w at home with joe giudice and his daughter as teresa sits in prison. >> we have news on the couple split apart by a smoking divorce. blake shelton and miranda lambert. i'm still trying to get over it. >> i think we all are. >> blake and miranda embracing the single life. >> blake is making the most of his single life as one would as being one of the most eligible batch lors out there.
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>> i'm in a good place. i wasn't am now. >> he's spending a lot of time with his guy friends, going on trips, the life of the party. and that hasn'tstopped. >> people says shelton is enjoying being single for the first time in a decade and addressing those rehab reports ♪ ♪ lips taste like sangria >> the "voice" coach denied gossip about drinking. >> i'm good, i'm good. i'm not in rehab. amazing how quickly life can turn around for you. >> blake is the person to really address the rumors. he'll go on twitter himself, talk to fans dire say he should go to this rehab or that rehab. >> yesterday he posted a kind of in your face tweet, i'm dripging, get over it. today blake went on a tweeting frenzy saying this, the stuff i read about myself blo my mind. shouldn't i get to do all these things since i'm already accused of them? # double jeopardy.
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"people's" blake story out tuesday. and miranda. >> liste my music or written music every ingle day since i've been here for the whole basically. ♪ whatever happens >> thetwo-time grammy winner moved back to nashville after her split from shelton this summer. yesterday she received a star on the musi walk of fame. >> i want to keep going. i want to earn my star now, know what i mean? >> oh, she's already earned that star. so talented. >> a long time ago. >> we have news on ben affleck and jennifer garner. there she is yesterday without ben. there was a report that they had put their pacific palisades estate on the marke but "e.t." has learned that is not true. it is not forsale. >> i'm just trying to figure out what is going on. >> i just hope they get back together. that's all i want to see. >> i hear you. we'll move on to other news. been nearly a year since teresa giudice entered federal prison for fraud and our news editor
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sat down with husband joe for a very candid conversation about their family, joe's impenimprisonment and how teresa's time behind bars has been tougher than expected. >> she's holding up. i can't say she's doing great. she keeps her spirits up and tries to make us feel like she's okay, but she's really not. >> the judge is imposing 41 months and a 15-month sentence for teresagiudice. >> the family iapart. teresa imprisoned until december an is at home trying to raise the who range in age from 6 to 14. >> how often do you guys get see her? >> i'm allowed to go every other weekend. my daughter go every week. >> why are you not allowed to every weekend? >> because i'm a convicted felon. i don't know. that's what they say, i guess. the lawyer says [ bleep ]. >> teresa's infamous temper led to this wild sce the show
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and may have influenced her prison assignment. >> does she still same job, still working in the kitchen? >> she's got a job she likes. she doesn't want to change it. i think she wipes down like a couple tables aday, whatever tables they have in there. she's done within three minutes and that's her job. >> teresa is also writing a book about prison life. >> does it kind of prepare you? >> no, nobody's ready for that. you what are you going to do there? work out, wastetime? play cards? a lot of this also came from the show, you know what i mean? it didn't just from me doing a couple of illegal things. >> do you think if you never did the "real housewives of new jersey" your future would be different? >> absolutely. everybody always pointed to the show. the lawyers pointed to the show. if you weren't show, you know, you wouldn't be in this position. >> i have to ask there were reports of you being on dates with other w while teresa has been gone. is that true orfalse?
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>> no. i never go on dates. i would never go on a date with anybody. that would be stupid of >> do you thing this experience made your marriage stro >> no. we're de pretty close, thank god, as far as everything. if i wasn't taking care of my kids, we'd be done. for sure we'd be done. but my kids are priority. i take care of no matter what. >> the situation could get worse for joe. after he serves his 3 1/2 yea he still faces the possibility of being deported back to italy. and how are their girls? how are they holding up? i got that answer when gia joined our conversation. >> hope okay. i just hate that the kids are affected by all of this. that's the worst part. >> let's in cameron madison for a diva update because when we think divas, the first person i think of -- not. >> you think of me, you think of j. lo. why don't we start there? jennifer lopez news.
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just when you think she's done it all, j. lo breaks new ground in her career. bring on tcatwalk of costume changes. j. lo has snagged her first ever hosting gig for american music awards november 22nd on abc, and she's going to perform, too, giving all a taste of her upcoming vegas planet hollywood residency that starts in january. >> i've been prep for this my whole life. it will be everything you expect. it's going to have all hits, but it's also going to have my latin side and my funk side and my hip- side. >> not to be outdone, janet jackson's got her own big announcement. ♪ the rhythm nation >> the po is taking her unbreakable tour to e march 30th. here she's getting her rehearsal on for "e.t." she'll play london's o2 arena, where michael was slated to perform his "this isit" show. janet was at paris fashion week
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checking out the hermes show with her husband who loans paow of the luxe lin ♪ ♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪ >> yep, you probably hear that song. carrey's alleged diva demand to producer, to place her"mean girl" in the lead. >> mariah is not only directing film, she's also acting in it. she'll play lacy's rival. i'll be on set a from sunday to see how she's doing juggling those duel responsibilities. >> she's got them twins. she knows how to handle things in two. >> good point. >> mama to twins. still ahead, only we ca show you the making of new "empire" music video >> if you thought miley cyrus was on snl, then brace yourself for amy schumer this weekend. >> we're going to have a great show. >> a alex keaton and his
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family are back together. the "family ties" reunion is next. but first, here's what to wa tv tonight. fans of "the talk" will like seeing her solve crimes on "criminal minds." she'll be a forensic psychologist on several episodes this season. yep, he's rocking asupershort wig. >> she got her little cut going on. >> tucked up in my little wig. fun and easy to ghere. because i work all day at "the talk" and nice not to have to spend another hour in hair and makeup. >> on tonight's code black these two are at odds over a patient's ability to have a baby. >> i'm interested init. so actually learning those procedures a medical dialogue is s it helps when you care about it. >> you love that part. >> i do. >> i think this part he could perform real surgery. i'm not kidding.
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most aller pil onlcontl one nflaatorsubsnce, flone corolsix. so youre gaterhan ur alrgie flone. six greer tn on thishang evethin welcome to my house. >> check out cameron matheson
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amy, this is your year. you just won an emmy. >> thank you. >> you wrote and starred in the movie "train wreck" this summer. >> which you were also in. >> and now you're hosting "saturday night live." and that's when it all came crashing down. >> what? >> don't you believe i cannot wait to watch what amy does on snl this weeke i'm sure it will be priceless. but let's turn back the clock to tv in the '80s. "family ties" was one of the biggest shows of the decade. we were all over that s now the keatons are back together. all five of original cast posing around in vintage portrait laughing and every minute of seeing each other again. ♪ what would we do baby ♪ without us
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>> perfect for the reagan era, the was about former hippie parents raising a modern family and a right-wing son. >> the '60s are over, dad. >> flipping through the channels and i'll see "family ties" come on and i'll stop for a second. like looking in a photo album. >> the reason for a get-together, the reunion issue. >> i don't believe this. how could i let this happe >> "e.t." was right there when "family tie hit the air in 1982. 54, michael j. fox was just a kid. >> i'm 22 and my energy's right now focussed on my career and just trying to set up base for my life. >> michael met his tracy pollan on the show. meredith baxter is now 68, michael gross is also 68, tina yothers is a stay at home mom for her kids. and justine bateman is ucla.
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>> she's like the dim-wit mallory. >> go in the opposite direction and see what happens. >> an would michael want to see play him? he chose justin bieber. coming up next, the teenaged daughter of teresa giudice's emotional phone calls with her mom prison. i got upset because i wished she was here. >> then the judds, wynonna and naomi take us inside their rehearsals. ♪ i cry myself to sleep >> is this th finale for the judds? stick around. [announcer] you're on the right track to save big
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do you like this outfit? >> i'll be really honest, i think it's hideous. >> oh, well, okay, that got awkward. robin leach holding absolutely nothing back with naomi judd. and you were there. i kind of felt bad tore her. >> i'm still sweating behind it was really, really awkward. i was the only one that got the invite to sit down with the judds one on let me tell you something, nancy, i love these ladies. >> me, too. >> i really love these they're so excited to be back performing in las vegas. but they were still buzzing about that bumpy start with robin at the press conference. >> you know what? she's my mom. if she wants to show up in spandex and a tube top, go, girl. >> do you like it? >> it's different for a 12:00 on
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a tuesday morning. >> this is 40 bucks that i in a second-hand store. >> let's move on. >> so i'm downstairs in my dressing room and wynonna came in like a raging and she said, he's coming downstairs now. and i went, and she said, because he's going to apologize to you. >> let me tell you what your daughter did, because i was standing out here. she came out hlock, stock and barrel and was not a happy person and was making sure he did not disrespect her mother. i loved every bit of it. >> i l my feathers. and if i like my feathers -- >> he hurt your feelings. if anyone hurts your feelings, it will be me. >> like every other mother and daughter, they fight and annoy each other but they're fiercely protective. they're totally real, whether cameras are rolling ornot. >> i got in a twitter major
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feud. wendy williams. don't you talk about what i have for lunch. and all of a sudden he comes over because we're still famous. >> we just have to get our time in. ♪ >> the relationship and the music is why the judds have reunited for a special nine-night residency they call girls night out at the venetian in las vegas. 32 year since they first began, these two fun feisty grammy winners are ready to go. >> i was here talking to reba mcentire, brooks and dunn not too long ago -- >> i i probably did. >> that's good. that went over my head. i just got it. hilarious. i got to watch that one. >> is this the finale for the judds? >> get that gig at a bar mitzvah or -- >> unless trump gets to be president and doasks us to singt
12:23 am
his inaugural ball. >> it might happen. >> who knows. >> stranger things happen. >> i would say talking to them was a complete blast. we finished talking and we like, well, that just kind of felt like a girlfriend chat rather than an interview. know, their first show is tonight and tomorrow we're n done with the judds. we'll take you backstage to get a sneak peek at outfits and all that fabulous jewelry that they're going to be wearing on stage. >> they are so much fun. so much personality. also tomorrow just when you thought you knew ev about the kardashians >> that's disgusting. the things kim does are wild. >> their most embarrassing moment ever. >> i'm too embarrassed to say it. >> this is a real story. i'm notkidding. >> wait. let's start over. >> tomorrow. back to another reality s family. the giudices and how they're dealing with t reality of her
12:24 am
prison time. her husband joe mentioned how huff it is on their daughter. how toug when oldest daughter gia joined the conversation. >> when was the last time you saw her? >> this weekend. >> you get to see her every weekend? >> pretty much. but now it's kind of like t countdown. so she's like four more visits. >> this call is from -- >> teresa giudice. >> an inmate a federal prison. >> it's mommy. >> in between the v it's the phone calls that keep them close. they speak as she gets ready for an eighth grade dance. >> i'm thinking about you every second. i wish i was there with but i'm glad daddy is. is your makeon? >> yeah. >> you see this clip the night of your school dance and you getting upset that your mom wasn't able to be there with you. >> well, it was obviously hard not having my mom there, but just when i heard her voice, that's when i got upset.
12:25 am
bec wished that she was here. but everything was okay. i'm pretty strong. so i can it. >> you're very strong. you're 14 years old. where do you find the strength to k of be strong for your sisters and your dad? >> my parents. my mom my dad. >> where they taught to kind of do in tough situations like this? >> just stay strong. because anything can happen to any family. and it could be wo like they're coming home. my mom's coming home. my dad's going to come home. >> three-part special, "the real housewives of new jersey" teresa checks in, is remarkably composed for teen dealing with the absence of a parent. >> your mom comes home, then your dad leaves in a couple months. are you prepared for that? i'm happy for that to happen. it's going to be good to like have it back to normal for couple months, but then like
12:26 am
when my dad leaves, it's just going to be the same thing all over again. >> to me, this is the big question. will teresa get out of jail and go back to filming "th housewives"? >> absolutely. she's signed on for next season. she'll have a couple days of down time with her family to get home and situated again, then she starts filming right away. >> wow, that's prize. great interview. >> no doubt. in birthdays, which former "american idol" judge dro out of school at age 16? is it simon cowell, paula abdul or randy jackson? i think simon. >> i'll go randy. believe , i t th hai rouga lo eve day at'shy ieed tal pair l'oreas tol reir 5hamp syst with ceride ghts si. weak, y, dl, rgh hr -anspliend. no w! wi l'oal tal rair my hr fes stng.. rt toore p. d lo at is sne .
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time for the answer to tonight's "e.t."birthdays, which former "american idol" judge dropped out school at age 16? it is simoncowell. i got it right. he turns 56 today. happy birthday. it's wednesday, and that means "empire." when the show wanted a new lead single for their sound track out in november, they called up pitbull. >> and only "e.t." got to join the video shoot. check it out. bye-bye. >> it feels so incredible to be here today shooting my first official music video. and of all things, it's with pitbull. ♪ do it tonight >> representing dade county. >> the video for "no doubt about it" already hit the indulgent party checklist, lamborghi girls shaking it, and you got to
12:30 am
make a splash for sure. >> we're sitting here in this crazy, crazy house in florida, and it's beaut and the people here are like nex level gorgeous. and it's a good time. "the insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> i think i pulled a hammy on that last one. can someone tag in for me? thanks. >> jay leno and jimmy fa "tonight show" tag team. >> after years of cut-throat competition are the late-night wars finally over or is new battle brewing? >> then is rihanna finally over her heartbreak? we've got the rap sheet. >he


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