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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 8, 2015 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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to mid '80s brought the wine country we will be right back. . good morning everybody. 4:00 here on thursday, october 8th. thank you for joining us this morning. let's begin with a check of weather and traffic. anny in the house to talk about the forecast for this thursday. >> well, we are looking at another warm day across the bay area for places like the inland locations. livermore got to 90 yesterday, warming up quite a bit. so temperatures today will be similar to that. i would say mid to upper 80s. here's a live look at sfo. we are waking up to cloudy conditions all across the bay area, so you will notice gray skies starting off your thursday morning. oakland is at 62 degrees under cloudy conditions. by lunchtime we'll hit low 70s and warming up into the mid 70s
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by 2:00 p.m. hour high is 77. look arrest a southwest wind, 5 to 10 miles per hour. we'll see partly cloudy conditions. temperatures cooling down into the mid 70s by 6:00 and then upper 60s at 8:00. upper 50s in downtown san francisco, low 60s in sunnyvale and for our friends in san jose. mid 60s in livermore and we're talking 50s for vallejo at 56 degrees and 54 in santa rosa. in a remote village lived raymond. here's a look at your future his internal clock was off, so he'd wake people for breakfast at all hours. cast. by 9:00 we'll see generally a mixed bag of 50s and 60s, a little slow to warm up through the cloud cover this morning. while most were annoyed by raymond, one man was inspired. i'm expecting the clouds to to serve breakfast all day with freshly cracked egg, ham, burn off by lunchtime. grilled bacon and savory sausage. the loaded breakfast sandwich. nice day to be outdoors for lunch for a lut of locations --
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jack in the box. home of breakfast served all day. lot of locations. by 3:00 p.m. temperatures will peak into the upper 80s. in the south bay looking at temperatures topping out generally into the mid and upper 70s today. so another nice day. a lot of you can get away with shorts and t shirts once again. >>rob fladaboe: this is here's a quick check of your traffic on your thursday obviously the most unique the morning. no major hot sports. we'll did a quick check of your u.s. marine corps and v-22 bridges. offering is the most versatile first we'll start with the bay bird in the sky sacramento bridge on interstate 80. native is our pilots a pair of very light traffic conditions here. it will take you less than 10 minutes this morning. look at your san mateo bridge commute. also very light traffic conditions here on 92. your drive time into hayward just across the san mateo ospreys arrived at the field on bridge is running just under 10 to the to draw an arrest you and minutes so a good time to leave the house. a live look at the golden gate is also a large earthquake in san francisco on the airport as
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out of service is the job bridge shot, also quiet traffic conditions. no problem to report yet on 101 transport first as farms and supplies to the same as the for those of you heading southbound on 101 this morning. also nothing really going on at the richmond san rafael bridge, very quiet this morning on giant twin rudders to get 24 sea cargo holds and the cockpit for interstate 580. time is 4:03. which he is flown many our rescue missions like the clever james back to you. we now know the names of three people accused of killing a bay area hiker. police have identified them as an 18-year-old, 24-year-old and another. all three are suspects in the killing of a person on monday. they're arrested, remain behind bars, and now family members for which it is a main it can and friends are remembering land a takeoff and hover like a steve carter. we have the story. traditional helicopter or it can >>reporter: with their arms around each other, friends held to the rollers and fly like an a moment of silence to remember airplane 4,000 mi. without steve carter right at the spot
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refueling law ospreys and now where he was shot and killed. >> he's just a being of love and light. >>reporter: the 67-year-old was found dead on monday night on a being refueled for the return trip back to san diego and miramar with their with orders popular marin county trail. for the next mission. the therapist was highly regarded and missed. >> it's going to be a huge hole >>mark: we're proud to welcome in people's live. the blue angels they're going to >> that's the question we want to know. >>reporter: the marin county sheriff's office tracked carter's stolen car by gps all the way to portland. here are the suspects, two men and one women outside of the have the way along the for silver jeta at a gas station, miller tied megamerger and the this picture taken only about a beer world is on hold. half hour after the murder. the three suspects were arrested at a community dining >>darya: will tell you how she did >>mark: former teammate fight hall. >> the primary purpose of this was to ease the mind of people over 01 and we will explain and have more on that coming up. in marin county who were
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concerned about the fact that a terrible tragedy had occurred, and obviously the second thing is to commend those that came forward to help in the investigation. >>reporter: with the killers now in custody, his grieving friends feel some relief. >> i just hope that the people who did this heinous act will >>james: 04 before too much get their just rewards. longer it will brighten up just a little bed heavy clouds over >> marin county sheriff's detectives are in portland the bay area earlier looks like we have lot more brick of right now. they'll be interrogating the happening the will see some decent son it is cool 59 as san suspects this morning. also in +++the news, ath0ha today, a library qffr÷no carrie0 francisco's six to 61 degrees south of oakland and san jose slightly warmer out in livermore 63 the current temperatures in the south bay today take a look at the forecast the temperatures will expect clear on this afternoon. >>james: 83 for san jose 80 in
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mountain view all along will be a nice summer like forecast it will still great and all around the bay east balance probably give a warm spot mid to upper 80s ultimate '80s and an open 72 in downtown san francisco it shows the weekend and it looks pretty good with my sunshine during the afternoon hours for the four passenger heading out the blue and the show we're looking saturday it will be crowded to start was to clear up my sling. >>george: tsk not because of any major incidents right now is just a slow traffic left in the wake of our labor calm problems will cause low we're on interstate 80 in the westbound direction with the backed up, down from the coming skyway
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police found 24-year-old problems reported at franklin christian shepherd at the canyon on highway 4 we're intersection of in berkley. looking at some slowing here as he had been shot and later died well as the west about ride in at the hospital. come out to meet interstate 80 police say the suspect is tracking the ride here on highway 880 south about still jammed up through the corridor anthony durant. this is not a 53 instead of a 33 this morning shepherd's mother says she forgives the killer. >> he knows i love him and i minute to tie south of a freeway is getting busy as well the would ask people not to judge this situation on what anthony's actions were. we don't know what was said trip time as well over 25 between him and christian and minutes your trip to the san mateo bridge is slower and anybody else. >> well, durant was caught slower 26 minutes driver time about a block from the crime out of hayward heading over toward san mateo the golden gate scene. he's been charged with murder. bridge problem free no delays as for shepherd, he grew up in out about and the trip to marin the neighborhood where he was county still under 35 minutes gunned down. he was a deacon. he leaves behind a wife and two here at the san mateo at the daughters. san francisco police richmond san rafael bridge
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started to see the back of form for the west about ride. department may start a >>george: going from the richmond park with the drive times at 16 minutes into san permanent fund. supervisor london breed made rafael. >>anny hong: meantime the the proposal. it would only go to information that leads to arrest an conviction in a murder case that's gone unsolved for at least a year. tourism in sausalito was a topic. it calls on the city council to create a plan to deal with the impact of tourism. >>reporter: beyond the stunning volkswagen of america ceo will screws of this quaint -- views be washington d.c. this morning of this paradise, this couple visiting from new york say their ultimate destination is san francisco but they couldn't pass up visiting sausalito. we just learned about the >> it's probably a must stop in cheating software. >>anny hong: negotiators cut a the area. >>reporter: and they're last-minute build a cut of her impressed. strike at the got chrysler
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>> we're enjoying the walk, going to grab something to eat, sit outside. >>reporter: those living here don't feel so warm about the negotiators had just hours to spare but for 40,000 workers number of outsiders coming in, would have walked off the job crowding the streets on foot, they're not saying what is in the agreement 28 year-old in buses and bikes. >> we created these bicycle lanes for them and they don't want to stay in the boundaries and it's very irtating. >>reporter: one of several matthew of vacaville was issues he thinks needs to be convicted yesterday of giving addressed. that's why he invited the town the group lobing credentials for the company which owns the time to address tourism. as well as other media outlets residents asked to sign his it inspired by the sacramento tv petition to put his initiative on the june ballot, it would station owned by him and prosecutors say he was a require the city council to payback the new study finds the draft a tourism plan every two cost of climbing for companies years, outlining a set of goals in the u.s. and overseas. >>mark: this time that the to improve the situation. >> plan to have more or less or collect more money or less average annual cost of cyber crime for a large company is $15 money or change anything necessarily, but to have a million that is up from 12.7 million a year ago.
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plan. >>reporter: irwin says short- term vacation house rental is another topic that needs attention. >> it's a tragedy when you're a tiny town and nobody wants to go downtown anymore because >>anny hong: this is a wild it's too congested. coming up, more questions story the local union says the about hillary clinton's e-mail server. there's a new report that shows members filed a grievance against the policy their it may have been hacked. employees is at this and more >> idling cars can be bad for than seven minutes in the rest from their bosses will begin to docket money from their pay and your child's health. even then leave sign they're >> here's a live look outside our san mateo bridge camera this morning. aware of the grievance and let's take a look at conditions taking the situation very seriously the website ranked in san jose. right now it's 62 degrees. should warm up to the upper 70s by noon. looking for a daytime high of about 83 at 3:00 this afternoon. airlines web site offers business premium, because as a single u.s. carriers are less the top-10 list dominated by the pacific and middle eastern airlines they're earning the
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most top spots the pacific in new zealand air and at that also scored well the editor in chief of airline got calm to american carriers are behind international competition would come to aircraft updates and new services. >>anny hong: police chase to for speculators and taxes will show you our all ended here is a live look outside the san mateo bridge we're looking at a cloud start your thursday morning paulo out so good morning to you 57 degrees looking for sunshine the high of 80. between you and me, they're, they're strange creatures.
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[get up to 48 monthsw interest-free financing and what's up with the cat? [ laughter ] in oakland so it is fairly cool on tempur-pedic. save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. out their 53 pleasanton numbers are a little warmer right now or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. compared to two to four hours ago due to the cloud cover we're the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train. seeing this morning. >>michelle apon: they will will allow slower due to the cloud cover but they should be burned out by late morning and into the early afternoon hours here is the high of the east bay shore break down for a nice day for you 77 oakland the '80s in castro valley 77 in union city, adding to the east they glow cases we see a lot of bits of for '80s and '90s once again 87 at the higher look like a five in san ramon of our '80s and the more low 90s in brentwood. >>michelle apon: it looks really fantastic for fleet week and at >>mark: very treasure's founder the blue and the next couple of days. some backyard the fbi says it was stolen six other thousand dollars buried in the backyard of southern california the money
4:15 am
was stolen from a truck last in fontana for people and the rest of for taking more than a million dollars from an armored truck to of timber truck driver source of lead took the money during the delivery they're still looking for the of the $300,000 taken from the truck on of the suspects has pleaded guilty and serving a five-year sentence. >>anny hong: police chase all right out of the wild west they responded to 05 at a rodeo monday night the two men left on horsebacks one of them quickly surrender that he kicked his horse into high gear and took off that eventually tracked him down some three suspects are behind bars. we will be ride back
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>>michelle apon: under 10 minutes is a great time to leave the house. >>james: they try to encourage parents to pick up their children for school not idle their engines pollution from in the cards poses a danger to children. >>charles clifford: parents some time after we of very long time to pick up their tents a group ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be
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♪ just you and i ♪ of students and a local health officer when cart to cart to encourage parents to turn off their motors. >>james: he signed legislation to make sure the pedestrians and bicyclists to see it across the golden gate bridge for free the >>male announcer:this is the bay
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area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>jackie sissel: in san rafael would tell you how they track down the suspect coming up in a live report the search is on for mental state police custody in the south bank crews are busy selling thousands of elie the allies on the bay bridge to bring back the light show the " light show on the bay bridge is coming back is been dark for a while in fact a long process of installing a thousands of lights begin wednesday allies for a big favor for about two years until they were taken down for maintenance work the light will be tougher in their design to stand up to the weather and when a lot better than the we're beginning to see a few alliance of nonprofit groups raise about $4 million to bring breakups we have blue skies to back it is expected build it up enjoy in host we released the sunset is in the making right and working buy superbowl 50 now and see what happens over the next half hour or so. that is this come from very a town in massachusetts and relieve the man who disappeared at sea during hurricane. >>james: he was one of 33 >>james: it will be a cool start
4:19 am
sailors on the ship the is shop in the morning if you can get by without a jacket because you during thus sunk during us certainly will not need a little odd in the day near 80 degree storm. weather with mid-70's by the bank by 3:00 just school getting >>james: president obama left out extended his condolences ankle to the grieving family deserve answers we have to do everything in our power to insure the safety of our people. the ntsb once a navy salvage due to start looking for the wreckage. >>james: the private e-mail server was the target of cyber attacks apparently from the world of law enforcement
4:20 am
official said the gunmen in the shooting at the community college was discharged from the army at the time to commit suicide harper and later turned the themselves today republican take a big step toward picking a new house speaker they will vote to nominate a candidate this afternoon the person with the most support from the party's base is run into opposition from the far right wing. >>: ever get to this spot a second line to be president of united states.
4:21 am
>>andrew spencer: they still have time to choose a new speaker to replace the resigning john maynard the second-in- command kevin mccarthy has the most support he might have enough to clear the full house would vote at the end of october residue got some support from into what a conservative group yesterday with house from indorse congressman daniel for the speakership mccarthy is still the one to beat the republican will vote for is nominee this afternoon and mccarthy notes that both knees the majority of republicans said last thursday and 90 to 18 and to you get to the house floor. >>james: they have cut a last
4:22 am
medill at the chrysler denied our workers' union said it will be ironed out a tentative agreement the company yesterday afternoon the had just hours to spare before some 40,000 workers would walk off the job the officials are not saying is in the agreement just yet with the union council will vote on it tomorrow we will take a break coming up listen to look at the restaurant with creative food and a funny name that will be in this morning's edition of the line and-here is a live look outside their proton was about 80 so far there is a quick look at the weather in oakland 62 fair sky just a few clouds floating around 72 by noontime were looking for good to a degree warmer between now and the lunch hour alternately about 3:00 we should hit the peak temperature. of 77
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>>james: for violin case or raise called off of it was video a man got out of his car with the rifle will tell you call the driver to get so mad to get smart watched by catcher has designed a bracelet called the candle it last year on a single charge will have more on that product check this out what to you because this 50 lane traffic gridlock and china the dog eat dog food were.
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>>vicki liviakis: this is dusty and his family hist sauteed or stir must rue family owned scratch made plush seats they learn to cook but prefers more
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down-home or may grout is very hands-on in the meantime lawyers and tomatoes but hold the bonds a quiet community now in shock after a woman is killed in her home will table will learn about the victim.
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>>jackie sissel: we're here at that sharecroppers were they held the press conference yesterday for apricot to announce the are rest of those three suspects in the killings of steve carter on a popular north the hiking trails on monday here is video of surveillance video of the three suspects involved in this case that acted very quickly that discovered the body from 6:00 p.m. and midnight since then the put the word out to the public asking for assistance if the that is exactly what they got they were able to track these three through gps of the victim's car that had losses of
4:31 am
it is built around fairfax and around grand counted on for a convenience store and gas stations but also from the public some people snap pictures of the suspects and were able to track them to portland where all through the were arrested in the suspect's car 18 year-old 24 year-old to to three-year-old all have residence as an unknown origin but they were arrested up in portland. >>jackie sissel: we know the seven officers are up in portland right now try to talk to these three suspects were
4:32 am
hoping to hear some sort of information from the sheriff's department later on this morning about when they expect to see these three suspects back here recounting. >>james: our web site in the mobile application with the lead to violence that's turned their attention to whether. >>anny hong: pretty much all across the bay october will fall like summer in some spots where or what not to cloud and this is all across the bay area san francisco to purchase now are in the low 60's at this hour by lunchtime upper 60s close to 70 will hit the high as 72 degrees
4:33 am
temperature is cooling down into the mid '60s under partly cloudy conditions crowded conditions we did see some delays yesterday and temperatures right now looking at 55 in vallejo mid-60s and the more a little milder for this hour compared to two to four hours ago 59 in san mateo and the '60s in sunnyvale and sandals that all of us on the crowded conditions this by lunchtime on should be a really nice day to head outdoors south
4:34 am
ave in the east bay temperatures look really nice a lot of lower 70 degree readings downtown san francisco. >>anny hong: by 3:00 p.m. this model undergoes a temperatures a little bit will be of the '70s as we get out of the '60s some places getting close to 90 degrees here is how those tempted to break down 80 in the war 84 antioch 85 in conference seven is 7:00 low 70's in daly city in half moon bay for the peninsula are a lot of low 80s as well 81 and redwood city and 83 in san jose and there is
4:35 am
nothing to slow down the ride right now this morning in the slight traffic is very light pretty much all across the bay area a live look at the san mateo bridge to milk they went into foster city will run you just the wrong 10 minutes across the bridge things i'm looking the great a live look at the golden gate bridge commute also very light traffic of this of no-fault reported just yet for that drive headed southbound on 101 to the no. 9. >>will tran: 2 marron but today
4:36 am
the superstar of the wheat obviously are the blue angels and their recurrence of the ginza 2:00 this afternoon the they will the crisscrossing all over the bay if you come to a location for dispensing the embarcadero you will get a good side of the blue angels look at this to this is magnificent. >>will tran: the ship pulled been this is pure 30 your bill to set to soar this is pretty much started on monday but is going to be of very busy day today because many events to happen there be a softball and 10:00 and toward the ship do have a concert tonight the blue and two at 2:00 this afternoon by the way practice runs will be from 2 to 4:00 in the afternoon today and tomorrow if you like
4:37 am
american military power this is it for you this the 35th anniversary of fleet week just remind people the reason why the bay area how cool is this. >>james: will give you the best seat in the house. >>: wonderful person
4:38 am
>>james: a remembered adult woman who was killed and left for dead in her own home in milpitas on wednesday that are arrested a suspect in the case. >>j.r. stone: she was far larger and her milpitas home on monday afternoon close friends of hers are still grieving the daughter was friends with her in fact two years ago when she was a student at milpitas high school she was a substitute teacher he met with her parents on wednesday this is a 26 year-old suspect it was
4:39 am
arrested in san jose on tuesday and booked for murder the pays says he studied at san jose city college in this picture he is wearing a safeway name tags as to the motor behind the killing police would not say but family friends tell us she was is that is your friend she was an only child family friend said she was a private person will one who had matters and cared for others. >>james: saw the suspect is due accord letter on this afternoon we will take a break still had
4:40 am
there is a mobile application and the tri lead to virtually without having to apply the like a to your face and to see what 10,000 different shades will look like.
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>>james: into virtually child and it turned makes up in the shade without getting anything on your face. >>gabe slate: you could try over 2000 products is the leader she is trying on legal right now without having to actually put in on her face this for partisan tablas using the camera on your price and face
4:43 am
recognition technology it will virtually applied the lack of on your face to you to see how looks you see ... that only wore a red carpet events that are picked of the color and could instantly tried that shade.
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>>james: 4 have a complete look at the forecast coming up in was a glimpse at the current conditions.
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>>anny hong: look-oakland a planner for not looking at cloud conditions far off the thursday morning all across the bay area crowded skies by lunchtime the should be better off low seven is expected trip
4:47 am
or to take a lunch outdoors of the a nice day did not to get your sunglasses and sunscreen to much as on to be warming up quite nicely on live look at the bay bridge were we have crowded skies san francisco good morning to you low 66 to one also for san jose and concord mid-60s and the more a mild reading for you this morning due to crowded conditions santa rosa of the cool spot at 54 degrees the wind speeds are fairly light on a to laws and our supplies are, including oakland and hayward the when should be fairly light drop the afternoon hours to pick up a little bit out toward the close the to estimate up to 50 lost our touch of sunshine by the afternoon low 80s and
4:48 am
redwood city and for our coastal locations a mix of the '60s to lower subsidies a nice day along the beach for the south bay community a lot of 80 degree readings including 83 in santa clara and san jose 85 and campbell and the '80s the los gatos. >>anny hong: a little cooler but lots of sunshine of the can will regret over the weekend it will be wonderful for all the flea week festivities those blue angels are practicing the big show will be great for all those aerial shells it would take about 16 minutes all grain silos slowdowns this morning you're ride from dublin to fremont on 680 would take about 20 minutes
4:49 am
of very light traffic conditions for alleged hot spots to report and from walnut creek or 24 the highway 13 interchange will take about 12 minutes no major hot spots to report. >>james: at the london it is the latest episode regard to the student that particular student and they're concerned about safety some parents say something should be done until then they're not bringing their children back to school.
4:50 am
>>james: he was convicted of pretended to be a doctor and sexually assaulting patients they found him guilty of 30 felonies including i didnt that an assault they face nearly four years in prison.
4:51 am
>>: is of that happening rather slowly and we do not didnt in time in a very difficult to tarmac the governor was disappointed the third part of the bill did not survive that par was the gasoline will have cut gasoline use of california roads and nursery use the same server is on nearly 70 people this was a new jersey it is administering free flu shots at a clinic in west windsor because the need is for change with a flu shot the department of health says the risk of infection is low the department of health has referred to the name of the lawyers involved which regulates and take disciplinary action against nurses the military me what had
4:52 am
to divert to aircraft of assyria to avoid a russian jet they're headed for turkey and attempted to bomb an isis target when this happened they're not able to fit the mission as a result the pilot had strict orders to change flypast if for russian plans of some 20 mi. there is no agreement with the russians on maintain a vigil slight safety rules and practices this the first time the have to divert since russia began military operation and syria at the end of september. >>james: 7 californian uncovered hundreds of thousand dollars they believe were stolen from an armored truck last year the fbi says the six other thousand dollar or buried behind home of one suspected robber in fontana for people of an arrested for taking more than a million dollars from the our truck two of them were truck drivers to report to the money during
4:53 am
delivery they're still looking for about three of the thousand dollars estimate, for one of the suspects according pleaded guilty he is serving a five-year sentence speaking of less give you a quick update all conditions in concord 62 nice warmup this afternoon.
4:54 am
4:55 am
>>james: the california it commission will review the proposal that will happen later on today is opposed and right after this bigger tanks will pave the way for more or
4:56 am
breeding and represent the marketing ploy to boost attendance of the theme park for a population of the san diego facility is not to the big increase if the product is approved. >>james: she cannot wait any longer and rather to give her dad a big hug of the city of san francisco to try to encourage there's some money in it for you a quick live look outside track the weather back with the full
4:57 am
forecast in just a minute.
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love, love, ocoleamy, th aittlsomething tra.
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mmdeliciousness. ocolcookies orlmonds.y. rsh's mine, yours, ouchocolate.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: think it for joining us integrate. >>james: every bar on the map represents a 2 hour. and the temperatures will expect by noontime 77 in san jose were to look '80s this afternoon fantastic for the santa clara valley it will be really pleasant in the evening hours right now we're seeing this picture at the san mateo bridge
5:01 am
south. >>george: on the other is here on 880 northbound this end of the vicinity of marina boulevard 98 avenue it is slow going already out of san leandro the issue likely be picked up between 5 and 530 as long as they're out on time there but no residual effects but right now into downtown oakland give yourself an extra five to eight minutes into the bridge no need for an extra time it is a normal ride for westbound 80 as it is for the san mateo bridge the early morning hours there are no delays and 11 minutes to turn out of the east bay in torrance and retail
5:02 am
>>anny hong: the murder of the man hiking on the marin county trail. >>jackie sissel: this is where they made the announcement just a little over 12 hours ago of the rest of the three suspects they believe murdered the 67 drolled stealing his car they were arrested in portland oregon yesterday there is video of the victim in this case 67 year-old he was murdered on the old railroad grade trail on monday night his body was found around
5:03 am
6:00 people's cars with the also used gps inside of that data to track them up to portland oregon where they were arrested yesterday with the victim's car 23 year-old morse lamp we all been charged with the murder of 67 year-old they had lots of help from the public.
5:04 am
>>jackie sissel: there will be facing those murder charges obviously the sooner they get down there the sooner they will be in or wait to hear from the marin county sheriff's office exactly how soon they think it may be before the three people are down there but obviously a big part of this will survive as the bill provided to them by multiple sources around the bay area included a gas station that has a valence of them standing by the car from about an hour after the murder occurred they had a loss of help from the public in they are very appreciative that the new information about how soon it will be before they are down here we will let you know.
5:05 am
>>mark: he's still the lowest this morning san jose police a 30 year-old court and from a bellbottoms he was about to be booked if first. >>anny hong: he later died at
5:06 am
the hospital police said the suspect they say that he knew the victim this morning the mother says she for against his killer fact he was called about a block from the crime scene he is now being charged with murder and igor the neighborhood where he was gunned down he was a deacon at the true faith baptist church in oakland he leaves behind a wife and two young daughters the senses copley's the farmer may start a permanent fund toward homicide cases with up to two hearts and
5:07 am
$50,000 supervisor made the proposal. >>mark: house should always do not have to do this and they still have time to choose a new house speaker to replace john banner majority leader and republican from california kevin mccarthy has the most support but you might not have a lot to clear the full house to get the
5:08 am
nomination they need support from the jury of republican nomination as a guarantee the speakership. >>anny hong: it will not be ready until next september it would not be ready until september of 2016 is expected to say he just learned about the cheating software the union
5:09 am
says and i ran out the tentative agreement with the company yesterday the negotiators had just hours to spare before 40,000 workers would have walked off the job the strike would have been the first the company and eight years. >>mark: a menlo park reopened after bed bugs were found and the feeding areas water was found on the chair at the library a drive through book drop in the parking lot has rejected the service until further notice the library will be inspected by bed but sniffing dog to determine if it is safe to reopen this to the fourth library to close its doors because of bad books to sign
5:10 am
legislation that would insure pedestrian and bicycle is a tendency to cross the golden gate bridge for free and have been talking of putting aside walked all the to qualify a steady fall they generate nearly $1.5 million a year that argued it worked against the goal of a curse and walking and biking rather than driving if it happened the golden state would have become the only continue was bridge in the nation with such a toll the golden gate bridge actually had a tall for pedestrians in the first 30 years it was opened. >>anny hong: it is believe in sausalito and waterman is sponsoring an initiative that would manage the growth industry that's what the sauce a little with a stunning shift for retired residents said the situation needs to be addressed he invited the town to discuss terrorism and how should be
5:11 am
track and manage at a meeting last nine. >>anny hong: it will outline how impact sausalito and set goals to improve the situation they have until jan. to collect 500 signatures so far he has 300 the long process of installing of thousands of at the lights began yes to that. >>mark: there were taken down for maintenance work back in march the new lights will be tougher and design to stand up to the weather and winds a nonprofit group raised $4 million to bring them back then began testing like slides like
5:12 am
to be up and working by super bowl 50 next roarings. >>mark: will see what he has to say about the coming back in just about 30 minutes still ahead for get smart watches a local company has designed a smart bristly called the candle and at last a year or a single charge.
5:13 am
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5:16 am
cloud cover wicking up to overcast conditions mild cool to my fifth is 54 novato 58 in oakland pushing the 90 degree mark low to mid '80s in the dark
5:17 am
bay 72 in downtown san francisco to ever to is probably peaking too are just as it gets underway with the blue angel showing that afternoon and the slide will head a nice comfortable temperatures. fifth >>george: watching an accident just reported in richmond on interstate 80 at hilltop drive the literalized
5:18 am
activated and that will back things up across the entire toque files but the san mateo bridge for the golden gate bridge of like an easy ride in both directions and problem free through marin county is a light and easy ride. >>anny hong: the gunman and last week's shooting at an oregon community college was discharged from the army after tried to commit suicide south after just a month back in 2008 the discharge since it was not this honorable did not present him from purchasing weapons there were killed last thursday when he opened fire inside the
5:19 am
building on the campus of off commuter college he later turned the gun on himself it comes a week after that massive and sphere they have little chance of success the driver could keep the issue alive during next year's election and complicate the reelection campaign and close to divide state democrats say their plans would include broadening background check requirements to cover all sell the gun shows and all blind from. >>mark: he was one of 33 sailors on board the of tarot card or ship that's something during the storm the coast guard and a seven they searched for any survivors and sundown last like
5:20 am
for all critical levels and are presumed drowned hautbois extended condolences say " to the grieving families deserve answers we have to do everything in our powerful to insure the safety of our people including those who work at sea fadeout won a navy salvage june to start looking for out fraud led to such. >>anny hong: the into the attack came from china and germany and south korea it happened in 2013 after they left office according to congressional documents a thread about trying product installed by the employees were able to stop the attack with the server was unprotected for three months prior to the hack. >>mark: she does not agree with president obama on one of our march of this presidency it agreed to transfers of the
5:21 am
partnership the massive trade staple of the administration policy in the pacific region and our stance is a blow to the president's chances of getting the bill approved by congress. >>: i do not believe is going to meet the high bar i am not in favor of what i have learned about it she made the announcement pbs yes today. >>mark: >>anny hong: this was called oscillators video this is in for bed, texas did concede the pick up falling to the shot with a man hanging out of the pesticide
5:22 am
window he gets and prices wife at the other car and then he smashed the window with his gun as the other truck tries to get away the county sheriff's office is investigating a new survey reveals the scary news that half of americans have no money in the savings account or even have a savings account at all the reported the have no cash reserve 62 percent have less than a thousand dollars in the bank that is a big problem most
5:23 am
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5:25 am
>>mark: look at temperatures of
5:26 am
around the bay area in mid '50s up and about 260 and san francisco 58 in oakland and san jose and even what in the mid '60s. >>anny hong: it is the latest tool the have introduced to let people express themselves but adding that fog rolls you also use of the filters and that at stickers. >>mark: you only have the target once a year to develop but oakland base is curved display wrapped around your wrist and this playtex e-mail and maps we were not using it becomes a fashion statement disclaiming
5:27 am
any picture or pattering you choose hope to ship the catcher and fair during we're live in san francisco where is fleet week you can see behind me will have a live interview with the u.s. navy talk about the taurus and would you can expect today coming up in just a few minutes.
5:28 am
5:29 am
5:30 am
>>will tran: this is the best shot i promise you they are ready to go this is on of six ships it does not really kick into gear until this weekend we do know a couple of highlights for to that the blue angel those are the superstars the ship in the taurus began at 10:00 this morning from september 11, 2001
5:31 am
were coming from on the east coast coming to san francisco there are a lot of close ties to the city where a very happy to bring this to the local people here if this is a landing transport what that means is not only sell the also u.s. marine when you come on board for the taurus and will come to the ship will be the will dock with the mercury vehicles come in will go to the flight deck and also want to have an opportunity to go to the bridge where the
5:32 am
sellers actually steer the ship from. >>mark: this saturday blue and the slide no need to come down you could catch all the high- flying action. >>james: soft just after takeoff he when the article and
5:33 am
slammed the to the back of the sea south pretty exciting for him friday just a quick break down for you light winds will be great during the afternoon hours temperatures in the city should max out in the low to mid 70 saturday will have some morning clouds on saturday this task. >>james: it is will integrate >>george: 6 slowing the ride this like construction 880 north about picking up is still backing up the ride into castro
5:34 am
valley and with an accident and allow lisles rolled steel locking mostly all at all france to interstate 880 we're live on the bar to their with details on what was done. >>reporter: the site along the embarcadero will get a lot brighter as the bay like to return and would to a sneak peek of what they want to look like take a look at this video this is what it looked like last night when there were tested some of the lies that are returning after been taken down for maintenance we talk to one
5:35 am
of the founders take a listen to what he had to say. >>reporter: a much anticipated return they will be returning just in time for super bowl 50
5:36 am
friends and family are more in the deaths of 20 year-old she was a graduate of milpitas high school goes to lawyers say her death was senseless this. >>anny hong: 4 man they say killed an ice-cream vendor on saturday they say in he was
5:37 am
killed and is local and over the weekend they're looking for this man they're now looking for they took in as the memory card to a camera store on tuesday that is when the employee look to the car is all about a dozen photos he was the rest of the return to the store is far more evident during the search of the home they're looking into other possible charges. >>mark: he had run from them after traffic stops we brought you the story at all during the
5:38 am
6:00 hour after a standoff there were able to talk the man down the car he was driving was stolen and the man was arrested six sect help calm down. >>anny hong: they have to take an hiv and hepatitis test after an hour's makes a huge medical mistake but what she said came upper.
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
>>anny hong: it dug out about $600,000 buried behind a home of one suspected robber taken more than a million dollars from the truck two of them were truckdrivers true to the money during will delivery that are looking for about $300,000 taken from the truck that already pleaded guilty and he is now serving a five-year sentence. serving a five-year sentence.
5:42 am
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5:43 am
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5:44 am
>>mark: will work and to do she to be amazing creatures coming out. >>anny hong: a soldier and talal of this little girl could not wait to get him out of if you
5:45 am
think traffic is bad on the bay bridge thousands of more arrests will help stranded for hours this capital tuesday after their return home from a week -- the hauler and there are calling at the great wall of china.
5:46 am
>>george: it continued to slow the rise on a 80 westbound toward highway 4 and we are tracking the construction the lake and san leandro along to 38 northbound at about eight minutes now to the drive times another accident around highway 92 and then there is the crash had a lot of miles from we added to the minister the trip time southbound on 880 leading down toward 237 the golden gate
5:47 am
bridge is problem friend. >>james: hot along the peninsula coastline down there half moon bay and down to about 8 mi. for
5:48 am
our will keep an eye on that temperatures right now mild to call here is the clincher for the east bay valley call for mid to upper 80s today 90 in brentwood with upper 80s to almost 90 out in the livermore valley that is what we are safe for the east bay valley is the real incentive for us and where else here is the outlook for continuing to climb and hold onto those of our '80s to near 90 degree temperatures saturday and sunday with the mild out the seventh to look '80s by the bay
5:49 am
shoreline. >>anny hong: the government took action by signing the measure guest today that he says will improve the californians and boost the global efforts to fight climate change and required the state to have electricity and double the energy efficiency and buildings by 2030 with the new fall season, was ologies' if you're not able to sidestep the allergies are awesome thing to do to minimize the fax. >>mark: allergy shots to help
5:50 am
relieve symptoms become also limit.
5:51 am
>>mark: a practice medicine without a license including nine women he operated farm he operated as a door cause the clinic on mission street called their clinic they claim the assault while they're on heavy medication during the procedure they're now facing four years in prison for many retailers howe way to the final stop before the big holiday shopping season the that's the retail federation estimates americans celebrate halloween was from an average of $74 added up to $6.9 billion overall that the clothes were the 2 billion each of tandy and costumes this year's cost of a clue dominions princess and star wars characters for kids and super heroes.
5:52 am
>>mark: what the football is here are not i will decide i am not worried about job security we will be right back.
5:53 am
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or choose to save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. you can even choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular stearns & foster mattresses. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>james: we want to give you a glimpse of what we will see for
5:55 am
the shoreline starting with the east bay shoreline 77 oakland 80 in castro valley 81 down there fremont the other side of the bay will be a little bit cooler a comfortable 72 in san francisco 7 for several 81 degrees in redwood city. >>anny hong: she took down the president and times our size and taxes that is a big alligator she killed this and how the pound alligator from 15 yds with a single shot from our cross both shook the massive reptile between the eyes paralyzing and a 34 write one of the world it is the second year in row winning the title and 11 your boy is helping build a back
5:56 am
cave the help of all of the bat mobile build a bat cave for sick children he said the 35,000 sq. ft. facility will be used by family with the pediatric elders to make their lives a little brighter the original goal was 1000 jars of coins to from the bat cave and with the jar still coming in as to conceal it looks like he's going to exceed his goal. >>mark: working on several developing stories and the next hour every open the doors after bed bugs a bid but a single bed bug shut down the library.
5:57 am
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6:00 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>anny hong: let's get to weather in just a minute. >>george: the east of the ride on the nimitz no big accident but late start for the ride with
6:01 am
upper seven is the low 80s ride around the bay shoreline with the stand out look in 15 minutes left it to the latest on the hotspots. >>george: the drive started backing up the ride a spa occurred in san pablo ave from hercules to berkeley and it is not about into oakland and accident and a street and 92 and early retirees accident and
6:02 am
southbound and allow lisle's rolled is already of 45 metric ton it should be about two to five minutes trip you're ride to the bay bridge the leader relies have been activated and the back of moving toward the macarthur maze with an 18 minute trip time. >>anny hong: three suspects are behind bars this morning for the murder of the man on moran county trail 67 year-old was hiking with his dog and the fairfax monday when he was shot and killed two men and one woman were arrested yesterday in connection with the killing that identified as 18 year-old we're live in marin county this one with details on how deputies to track down the suspect and what is next for them.
6:03 am
>>jackie sissel: the had an overwhelming amount of tips and leads provided to them by the public the also use modern technology to track down almost immediately after the murder occurred on monday it is the receiving tips from the public about these people and purses of answers which led them to make those of last they used everything from a surveillance video and convenience stores people send them photos of these potential suspects and they also use ups tracking and the victim's car they say the suspects told the car after the murder occurred and they were able to track that car to or did were they made those. those >>jackie sissel: during the press conference he talked about
6:04 am
how much help the public was in this case if we're being told by the marin county sheriff's office they have officers and deputies of their and portland trying to interview the three suspects the question is when will those suspects be back here to go in front of the judge to face those murder charges it is unclear whether not the suspect will fight extradition back to california.
6:05 am
6:06 am
6:07 am
6:08 am
>>: but to have a plan he said short-term vacation told them they need to be managed he has rented a worm to collect the five are the signatures to get the initiative on the ballot so far he's collected 300. >>mark: there have been a lot of talk about putting in sidewalk falls in from the tolls would generate nearly $1.5 million a year for the golden gate bridge but critics argue work against the city's goal of the courage to walk in biking rather than driving an habitants and pedestrians all for 1937 until the war broke in 1970.
6:09 am
>>anny hong: the long process of installing the thousands of elie the lights began yesterday with our live on the embarcadero details on what is being done. >>reporter: we were testing some of those lights the bay bridge lies will be returning after they've been taken down in march for maintenance the new delhi the allies are designed to be covered to withstand the weather and winds on the bay bridge and nonprofit group did raise $4 million to get the backed up last night were we able to talk to the founder a much
6:10 am
anticipated return of the bay lies will be about to see them on the embarcadero you build to see the from the embarcadero and they will be back in time for superbowl 50.
6:11 am
>>mark: a plane crashes in the backyard and a barely miss the swimming pool area what they will cause the crash of an update on how the pilot is doing san diego was to expand the tanks that the wells levin but animal rights activists are saying that it is a bad idea was so you why. this is the dawn of an old day. because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy
6:12 am
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6:14 am
>>james: let's show you that as a fog camera watching this pretty closely once the sun came up with saw the low clouds blanketing the sky and cause delays for incoming flight we're watching that closely if they do come and will let you know the tech a quick look at the satellite radar perspective yet to see the clouds coming and the winds also come from the direction as well they will hang with us until about mid morning a week to cease and desist clearing we also have some fog but not terribly bad yes today was pretty bad of the napa valley nine my visibility that fog is from about giving you a
6:15 am
general haziness at the moment will let don't think it's any worse the present time we have temperatures that are cool to mild. >>james: it was 65 in the last update soap cooling as head toward sunrise here was credible to should go after sunrise widespread '60s the seven is come in but noontime by 3:00 this afternoon should again solidly into the '80s for all of the interior valleys that includes the east bay and the stop it or should sea temperatures from 83 to 80 degrees for places like the more possibly 90 out of the one across the lawn today faugh is one to be absolutely comfortable in beautiful short-term forecast for the week of kicking really
6:16 am
into high gear starting tomorrow there's activities as well. >>george: a slow ride and to help with this morning southbound on 880 continue down toward free month and beyond the core commit at 48 minutes instead of 28 minutes this morning 101 northbound has been the central the incident
6:17 am
freeware just picking of some delays for the ride north you're ride to the bay bridge was about backed up for the macarthur maze but not into it the san mateo bridge ride not yet slowed in the next 15 minutes likely will before your trip to the golden gate headed into iran via the richmond bridge no backups get for the west about 580 ride still just a 10 minute trip time howe of richard into san rafael. >>anny hong: the gunman who killed nine people at our command because last week was discharged from the army after tried to commit suicide he left the basic training and for jackson's south carolina after being there for a month back and 2008 since the discharge was not this honorable he was able to still legally buy weapons that are preparing another legislative push to curb gun to
6:18 am
in the wake of the for the college shooting they controlled congress have shown little interest in restricting guns and a democratic effort has the chance of success but their drive to keep the issue alive during the election and complicate gop senators election campaign and some close to divide the state's democrats want a broader background check on our mastercard or all sales at gun shows and online. >>mark: the identity of a construction worker who was killed by itasca ready to the morning of the south side of san hausen he was working for san jose this inc. the record of the construction site near bruce went on and rolled their 1120 in the morning on tuesday they found a bucket of the past to better had hit a man he was pronounced dead at the same shares office and out ocean are now investigating the top of massachusetts and remembered a
6:19 am
man who disappeared at sea during hurricane working jeffrey matilda of one of 33 sailors on the of our ships than likely sank during the storm people in kingston held a vigil last night at the coast guard and a seven day search for the missing crew members. >>anny hong: 33 have presumed to have drowned the extended condolences saying " the grave of families deserve answers will have to do everything in our power to insure the safety of our people and to those who work at sea. >>mark: the trade bill is a staple of the president obama administration foreign-policy in the region her stance as a blow to the president's chances of getting the bill approved by congress in block 12 countries the president says the building for work in this is how the environment and help the economy initially the secretary
6:20 am
of state supported the partnership she made the announcement in the interview with pbs yes today the same data to called amoy shown she was beating learning centers and vice-president joe biden at the end of the race in the presidential candidate paul for the democratic primary winning in floor ohio and pennsylvania but in the latest poll. >>mark: came from china and germany and south korea and happened in 2013 after she left office as secretary of state according to the documents a threat monitoring product installed by clinton employees was able to stop the attack but they said the server was unprotected for three months prior to the act. >>anny hong: picking a new house
6:21 am
speaker available to innominate the part is candid this afternoon as a conservative house republicans still have time to choose the new house speaker to replace don banner then resigned and among the majority leader kevin mccarthy of bakersfield has the most of 49 not have enough to clear the schoolhouse. >>: unfortunately kevin mccarthy as the current majority leader does not have enough support he has the most of for but not enough on the floor house influence of conservative group called the house freedom carcass isn't to get the nomination the canada need support from the majority of republicans the nomination does not guarantee a speakership the full house will vote for them on october 29th
6:22 am
conference islamic sea roar until well the tanks the coldwell this and deal could build bigger and surprisingly is being opposed can then go to hear this $100 million proposal from sea world that will pave the way for bigger tax surprise and the animal rights activists oppose the plan getting better time to lead to more breeding in captivity and they said that a squirrel this said the population of the san did a facility would not significantly increase this is just a marketing ploy to boost falling attendance that the sufferance of the release of the documentary blackfish would focus on the dangers of keeping kill cells in captivity investigators said the planes and then fell shortly after takeoff. >>mark: he was able to get out
6:23 am
of the plan as home and was hospitalized with a deep cut over his eye no one else was a plan and no one injured. >>anny hong: a group that includes the california medical association and american lung association to men and about and it's been yes to that it would raise the cigarette tax by $2 per pack the current per pack tax is the fifth times lowest in the nation at 87¢ a cinnabar will no longer speak at the university after he said he learned how to score and the students will lose their faith the professor says he takes issue with the school's policy was forces to a high of their change of faith or face expulsion. >>mark: it was as close to speak at the supposed of this week but decided not to attend after a
6:24 am
group called free byu tell them about the policy the have the right to determine the memberships since it is a faith based institution scientists discover more than 200 new species in the eastern himalayas were in addition to some of the amazing ever before same creature here is a live look at the san mateo bridge keep an eye on weather and traffic more details coming up after the break with fifth for
6:25 am
6:26 am
>>mark: more on the forecast in just a few laps is hard to save money when you are paying ridiculous rent or mortgage payments. >>anny hong: half of americans have no money in their savings account or savings account at all the server for market watch from 49 percent of americans had no cash reserve 62 percent have less of a thousand dollars and a bank is a big problem and means most of the people cannot cover and emergent see you have to rely on credit our family sixth
6:27 am
sign to did not know that these animals exist at the world live on said more than 200 new species have been discovered in the himalayas the jackal officious saw was long fangs on its face as well as the fraud but i'd rather look like horns there's a snub nose monkey see otherwise water runs and was nose and texas means the species will be here and discovered within the last six years the walleye funds as many of them are threatened a cat help san francisco police and a standoff with a man hanging out of the second story window will explain the fleet week festivities taking into high gear you can see right behind me one and six ships will tell you about the
6:28 am
taurus and the rehearsal for the blue angels coming up in just a few minutes from now. ♪ great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
6:29 am
>>mark: bringing in the opening bell wall street this morning the fix is headed to the penalty box down 55 points.
6:30 am
>>will tran: which cannot wait for that also right behind me and kissed and o'clock this morning you can begin the tour of the ship this is one of six ships that pulled into san francisco bay the u.s. have somerset a we found out it is great information this morning parts of the 1911 united flight 93 that crashed in central pennsylvania took part of the wreckage of superimposed on as the way it dedicates the ship to those people who died on that day this is a small memorial >>will tran: you can go to the bridge all begins at 10:00 task.
6:31 am
tes >>will tran: the blue angels will zip through here in san francisco all over the bay area of debris during the rehearsal and tonight at pier 39 do have a concert as well yes actually start. >>mark: you content fleet week blue angels live this saturday will be live starting at 2:00 coming up at 645 another eye- catching flying machine here in part of fleet week will have that for you coming up in 15 minutes test.
6:32 am
>>james: this is what you could expect as to go outside the golden gate bridge the fog is out there and we're starting to see it build and spots and the golden gate bridge is one of them as we head into the moralistic you ready for school starting off at the clock start of school temperatures and that will be in the upper fifties to low 60s are with column for jack and you will not need in the afternoon are ready pushing 80 for the inland schools mid-70's by the back seat upper 80s mid to upper a for some of the warmest and unbalanced with seven in nine to near 80 degrees will talk about that coming up in 15. >>george: said did not any better we have slow spot starter with early morning accident the hot spots and the traffic of course continuing to build such
6:33 am
an adjustment to ensure free ride even heavier backing up for the ride heading westbound on interstate 80 has to come down from 04 highway for starting to back up toward the coming skyway test with a 34 minute time from hercules to berkeley and should be about 22 and you're ride through hayward southbound leading down toward the dumbarton bridge the san mateo bridge that is now a 50 minute trip time should be about 30 minutes for the south about 80 ride again early retirement problems but the major here in the south bay the guadalupe parkway a backlog of which the 280 to highway 85 task. >>george: the drive times have climbed over 20 minutes backing up into the macarthur maze a 25
6:34 am
minute trip time from highway 24 and starting to see delays build in the right on time at 630. >>mark: friends and family are mourning the death of 20 rodin of pasquale's she was a graduate of milpitas high school those who know her say that her death was senseless saw 26 year-old cabin was arrested in san jose on tuesday and booked for murder he is due in court today
6:35 am
they will nasa with the mob was in the killing the family friends say he was the ex- boyfriend. >>anny hong: there were killed in oakland over the weekend of vesey is out looking for this man investigators say he shot them on peachtree than 94th avenue when the responders arrived they found him dead on the street that are still looking for. a loaf >>mark: a man and a sow that is behind bars for possession of that took a member car to a camera store on tuesday and that is when the employees look at the card and found about a dozen for rapid falls he was arrested and when he went back to the store there arrested him that found more evidence they're looking into other possible charges against them.
6:36 am
such >>anny hong: 2:00 in the class will the students had been screaming and kicking classroom doors they say the latest episode regarding the students and their concern about safety some parents say something should be done until then they're not bringing their children back to school. >>mark: man is sent behind barred after spending hours on a ledge of san francisco building this man ran away from them after a traffic stop yesterday in and went to the stock market able to get into the building on 10th street near harrison and persons of out on the window ledge they were able to talk the man down a that was attacked
6:37 am
that apparently helped the standoff hang in the second story window he went to see is that so he went at his cap for him. >>mark: he will see his cap before it was arrested in have calmed him down and into the situation safely say the blue angels are not the only eye- catching flying machines during fleet week will take a close look at another big attraction are warm homecoming for soldier and carl whose little girl does could not wait to get some of the the video coming up next. babies who are talked to from the time they're born
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are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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>>george: whereat as six started things are really started to bog down the drive times continues to climb for the west about the trip even aware incident free the drive times currently at 19 minutes from hayward to san mateo a special really a for a
6:41 am
soldier returning home in colorado behind the soldiers got home from a month deployment during this welcome home ceremony a little girl decided she could not wait any longer to get hurt that a hog she ignored military protocol and rats and get some of hog and lieutenant gave her a hug and kiss before sending her back to her mother. >>james: temperatures in the low
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