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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  October 8, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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and then fast toward the end of this morning's flight in the. numerous people involved appears spencer is up against several individuals flood on the video here and the man as he is a step from behind. you even realized u.s. data until seconds later he turns. that point you can see blood on his shirt he's still moving around that before he goes one way in the sale and go the other. "assault of not appear to be a random act related to a nightclub incident." "it was tested the torso significant injuries potentially life-threatening. he had three wounds to his torso." >> j.r.: release about the show and the suspect in this case please. say the left and a dark colored toyota camry. at this point no arrests made as to motive behind the police will not say possibly starting in the
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nightclub a disagreement in that my club that will and in the nightclub but tell you from much of the afternoon detectives were inside a nightclub called the depot. >> grant: currently stationed at travis air force base. traveling in europe which to chop wood from the summer and all three transformed from touristic heroes. "around and saw that look to be of ak-47 stone/the bloody after helping said to a heavily armed terror suspect already shop passenger on the french high- speed train." >> grant: don't the spencer and its friends for the summons to the presidential palace in paris. "fell ill was important to the
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highest honor the show how grateful we are." >> grant: spencer flew home to a hero's welcome in sacramento. the three friends grown up together in the suburb of oak park on an 11 this year there were honored and domestic the steps of the state capital. "it will all of you and of sacramento. >> grant: clear wearing a purple heart he was convinced by the present at the white house stone and his friends traded out spencer is one tough guy and only he could've done something like that and lived yet again. >> pam: the three suspects being interviewed for the murder of a hiker and dog walker on a popular trail and fairfax.
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marine kelly reports new key pieces of evidence have turned up including possible murder weapon. "then we believe was the weapon used in crime here fairfax. >> reporter: suspected weapon and during the rest of the three suspects in the victim's car at the time the sheriff says that as a similar culverts the weapon searching for and other gun related evidence recovered but would not elaborate on what that was the. the government has evidence found steve carter found i'll marine road by a hiker and search rescue volunteers will back out thursday, and the soldier at the shoulder for any other evidence that might of been tossed out a victim's stolen car by the suspects but police still do not have the motive for the shooting to kill the popular and wounded his dog on this hiking trail monday they do have theories/my
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opinion that this is a crime of opportunity. >> reporter: not have as much background on the three suspects 18 year-old scott all good 23 year-old morrison pays an 24 year-old shawn michaels and gold and son have any form of the state issued identification. "people will throstle what people might refer to off the radar and people choose to be that way whether these three individuals have chosen to be that way or a combination of circumstances that's what we need to find out where some have appeared on the radar a mug shot from 2012 arrested number of time. >> reporter: marijuana possession and more than one occasion as well as criminal mischief and graffiti.
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>> pam: posted the today she wrote only the knowledge of how much you all love stephen mean it keeps me going at this extremely difficult time we never know when leica will come to an end and that hog you gave each other might be the last one the page has doubled its donations in one day originally set up to help pay for breast cancer treatment now being used in the wake of the death his wife diagnosed with a rare form of the disease back in july that moved back to the bay area so she could be treated at the marin cancer institute more than $50,000 has been raised as of today. a man >> pam: escape from custody last night is still on alicea and rob flambeau has new information about how the
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handcuffed man got away from his escort. >> reporter: 9 year-old of san jose got away in handcuffs from the failed bondsman hand him over to corrections officers of the county jail for booking all- pro bail bonds from the state has no comment and the owner of the boys bellbottoms. "individual without bail failed to appear to his court date and the recovery agents were apprehending them and back in the custody tubas bondsman happen to be their witness the escape video from kron 4
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helicopter partnership with abc seven shows dozens of san jose police to join the search wednesday evening scouring the wide area around the county government center in four hours later they called off. lisa as he and other bondsman or sent to the jail every day it. and very few escaped custody. "sure they will be reviewing with tapes in the lobby it happens. we do long enough summer is going to get away. one by police on two felony warrants for assault deadly weapon burglary. the police in the belmont agents now said to be looking in the possibility he r.i. from someone. a ride from someone. >> pam: and jose police say they've made an arrest. robert
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farmer into custody investigators say to kids and evidence farmer was identified as a suspect. police found him sleeping in his car upon certain the car found a dead cat. the vanity or owner of the animal not yet released this time. following the story since the beginning and spoke with the owner one stolen cat named go to carry video showed a man wearing a cat to him before running off with that and then the other reported missing cats and attended catnapping in the past few weeks, currently charged with felony animal cruelty. >> pam: the scene anywhere you go someone has pulled out their cell phone to record a video you. are probably right it happened most recently set francisco mayor ed lee a constituent confronted him about the city's affordable housing crisis exchanges all caught on video and herman live in city hall tonight with more. >> reporter: you can argue skyrocketing rents and lack of
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affordable housing in san francisco many fingers pointed in many directions a lot of them pointed here at city hall directly at the mayor one person to set his the confront the mayor directly. at cellphone video of the area above artist confronting 7 cisco mayor attlee. confrontations >> reporter: and the city's affordable housing crisis came tuesday during an impromptu meeting. also known as valley it has not met the record the conversation then post the social media. "when he can do is help low- income housing. help people build more medical clinics for
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people there. politician has a few chances like cat burglar human beings have a second chance. >> reporter: most of his friends are forced out of the city by skyrocketing rent. time something was done about. you were in touch with members of the mayor's campaign as well as those in the mayor's office in hopes of getting some sort of comment the talk representatives and message with them heard absolutely nothing in terms of the statement in response to these comments. >> pam: still ahead at 5 how character from pirate ship toy sparked a firestorm of controversy with one california mother saying it as racist close of big loss for bill cosby
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coming up the judge's ruling that will put the entertainer on the hot seat and blue angels above seven francisco getting ready for fleet week airshow next year from a pilot they called the boss. >> diane: a full day today was the clear skies we will have warmer temperatures heading our way coming up here in the extended forecast
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car crash >> grant: is in san ramon. they see the black sedan and the video here currency a helicopter for the ship with abc seven. the acosta boulevard at montgomery street in san ramon. what is telling us a building was unoccupied you see the tow truck there to get it out that budget might be under construction as well the word if the driver was injured we don't know if this was when those confusing gas to break situations of. it will stay on top as we get them. >> pam: lisa sentences silicon for artworks stolen from its installation. and sculptures taken from the our silence is public art display at harry bridges plaza near the ferry building the police say the statues are 8 in. wide and over a foot tall and they notice our work was missing four days ago police say it is possible whoever stole the art may catapult that or have used a
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multi for scrap. >> pam: spectacular sight above san francisco in the bay area today the navy blue angels were here for the fleet week airshows saturday sunday and the six faa teams practice their maneuvers formations more than an hour today giving us all pretty along with the calm and has he was there at the oakland airport when the blue angels took off for their first test flight over the bay area of housing was there he spoke with the blue angels flight commander about this weekend's big show. >> reporter: u.s. navy's blue angels the voice of this year's blue angels flag leader captain tom frost better known here as the boss.
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cap uncrosses his team of six pilots 130 support staff love performing here in the bay area. that new"and one of our signature cites a credible claim community many years ago a huge military implications and still think we a tremendous supporters here. >> reporter: that's what they area will be treated to a rebel angels flight maneuver called the bombing during world. for captain ross was the boss few little kid from michigan attending his first play to show.
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"some of her show with my dad it left a profound impact been underselling the navy was but the blue eagle jets left an impact the less dark and maybe one or pursue aviation. if we can leave the show and spire one kid i think it's worth the. >> pam: all the action on kron 4 as we bring you blue angels live coverage starts this saturday october 10th at 2 in the afternoon. question as if that mother nature will cooperate all those people expected to come out can actually see. mother and >> diane: incorporating all morning long warm temperatures clear skies it will be great this week and the warm things up in the '90s and again and reached the '90s
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today in an allocations believe not what live camera now. the high clouds and place certainly been some warning form for our area that's what this world be like the next couple days i. this week and heading up to our week and clear skies and a forecast of a trend now for a very heavy in the '90s 91 concord 92 livermore out in brentwood as well the space shoreline cities staying in the mid upper '70's francisco currently is 74 and the pencil locations mid-60's the low fifties there when speaking of a slight fit with onshore breeze the mouth are oakland 13 hayward even down in san jose at 14 mi. an hour redwoods state and a bit at 8 mi. an hour 7:00 p.m. moseley's cloudy skies and then by 10:00 p.m. we have that light breeze in place of into crazy with the wind speeds just an eight to 10 mi. an hour wind speeds that should die down in the overnight hours by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning mostly sunny conditions already in the 50 degree mark for the valley 57
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for east bay shoreline cities and as mentioned we will serve warm things up quite a bit and a week and forecasts of like this from 84 degrees mostly sunny skies and the weekend sunny conditions both days saturday 83 degrees to the valley 81 for bayside city's 72 along the coast sunday warm and mild conditions. it will be a mile along the east and warm in the valley for 85. degrees and in mind 71 along the coasts and the mostly clear skies author of the weekend, how long the warming trend will last year 74 pass coming up next.. >> pam: 4 than does candying costumes for retailers the final stop before a crucial holiday shopping season will renew billions of dollars in sales for retailers hope certain trendlines will look more sweet than spooky. >> reporter: august turns his
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total party the total freight masquerading as a whole in headquarters for the season. "by causing the early as september stores the core will spend a lot money can. the skeleton of pumpkins costumes seem frivolous but small stores and big box retailers take halloween seriously.. >> reporter: the list of celebrity halloween average of $74 $6.9 billion overall including 2.1 billion on candy to play five on costumes that
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the drop from last year spending expected to reach $7.4 billion and as wal-mart store in maryland to manager says consumers coming in prepared consumer lending for last-minute deals probably find the basics the season's hottest custom trend minions princess's stars the kids >> pam: the judge's ruling which will force them defense attorney gloria and then later a new application that allows you to try out cosmetics. without putting them on your face.
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>> pam: the judge has ruled that he'll have that answer question the alleged attack on a 15 year- old girl. insider following the story from hollywood. >> reporter: today he faces a attorney gloria allred and court because be under oath. media"will not have to answer questions under zero built a levee is the best position to the scheduled model lawsuit brought in by a woman who says she is molested when she is 15 more a. forced after questions posed by attorney gloria allred is it represents 26 of over 50,
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the accusers including judy husk. "he was 19151974 cut before the turn of performing sexual acts on him. "there is a case sofa in the criminal statute of limitations anything said could be used against him there have the will find that the face tough questions had on. member >> pam: familiar faces and names and this year's list of not dummies rock and rock- and-roll hall of fame. among the group's singer janet jackson nominated for the first time. recently released her first album in seven years the. other
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first-time nominees in northern california residence steve miller chicago fans cast their ballots by visiting the halt in website role. and >> pam: democratic current james bond says he cannot fathom doing another double 07 movie in an interview he brother himself and do another movie would like to move on plan to spy for the fourth and last time upcoming film he says if he ever does to do another bond movie just before the money. >> pam: collection methadone and
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republican party in the house and the chaos. how distillate pirate ship has california mother average.
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>> pam: mccarthy made a stunning move today. the drop out the race to be the next house speaker. mccarthy congressman from bakersfield to not believe he of the necessary votes from within his own party than god reports this leaves a lot questions about the future of the republican leadership. of a >> reporter: many thought would be a formality turn in the chaos on capitol hill. congressman house majority leader kevin mccarthy front- runner for house speaker unexpectedly dropped out thursday. as the balkans gathered the have a closed-door vote now postponed. the fear"monday night become strong and the new face held that. the possible the secret ballot vote to they would nominate as speaker and mccarthy
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needed just a simple majority from his fellow republicans. going into today that the three man race for a speaker at mccarthy. you taught in florida at the daniel webster endorsed by the freedom hogget that conservatives who some believe was speaker was something done first-class. >> reporter: but say they plan to gather in the coming days to figure out the next move. >> reporter: but the deep soul- searching and see what happens. >> pam: retiring house speaker had plans to leave at the end of this month now says he will state tell the house votes to elect a new speaker. >> diane: high cloud of this afternoon live look at sfo
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pretty much what it looks like moving out and inland valley locations as well as the face shoreline cities look ahead for you this evening to tomorrow around noon time 9:00 p.m. tonight mostly clear skies the move of the coastal areas 72 degrees for the valley's 67 for the basic see to the coast 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning mostly sunny skies temperatures between 53 for the coast 59 and in the valley and in time and clear skies high clouds in place certainly won't stop the warming trend in effect for aggressively afternoon highs tomorrow 4:00 p.m. handful of brady's friend and allocations at livermore 85 livermore 84. and the not too far behind the east bay shoreline " cover 70 under clear skies 81 down in fremont 7 cisco 73 degrees mostly clear skies daly city averaging 71 degrees this warming trend staying with us
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for the rest of the week and explain how long it will last and how warm will get for the weekend and the extended forecast coming up next. >> pam: see over operations testified capitol hill today about the automaker emissions heating scandal michael horne blames engineer the company for the defective software that cheated u.s. emissions tests denied anyonin senior management made a decision to break the law german automaker had already admitted as diesel cars were programmed to limit emissions when they were tested three vw employees have been suspended as part of an internal investigation one representative on the hill told businessmen that is enough "find out a company deliberately cheated seems to me asking customers for patience is not
5:34 pm
sufficient. >> pam: volkswagen to the recall half-million vehicles in the last and says as many as 11 million vehicles from the world might be affected it will start recalling diesel cars in january 07 set aside $7 billion to cover the cost of this scandal >> pam: 9-and saving lives and the community college of portland on a hospital chris shot seven times trying to stop the shooter and a 30 year-old left the mercy medical center today one week after the shooting nine people were killed in the community college attack the shooter killed himself after police shot him authorities credit quick response by law enforcement for keeping the death toll from climbing even higher test are james blight will get the face the new york police officer who tackled and handcuffed him video of the
5:35 pm
incident outside a hotel last month like says he is waiting to attend the u.s. open when officer threw him on the sidewalk thinking he was a suspect in a credit card fraud investigation the officer never identified himself as police he was terrified and near civilian complaint review board reckon that rep the amending charges should be folly of the officer who tackled like like attorney says his client appreciates the review board's decision board also found detectives should be punished for abusing his authority in the incident and the police department still reviewing the case. >> pam: commensal mother of rage at the the toy can with a racist character higher chip with a
5:36 pm
dark skin figure appears to be a slave reporter karen shore has the story. "at before son barron using this power shift set for a birthday gift from an. only afterward did she see the sun was playing with the 71 ships passengers marks and character toeshoes tattered pants and yes directions and stripping her son what appears to be the next piece with little about her son was playing with toy slave ship itself comes with what she called a dungeon reflect today
5:37 pm
to the quicker plan abele level messages no one responded the item came from toys r us around $90 an ounce sale on the web site was arrested hours on the multiple requests for comment today either today the president steven webb says the organization is demanding action. >> pam: tonight the playmaker issued a statement saying figure meant to represent a pirate who was a former slave and the historical context. the intention to offend anyone in any way. >> pam: new motion buttoned his
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book is working.
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(nature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us.
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the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. ♪ >> grant: no-nonsense what judge back-and-forth domestic violence
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but dumb did not show for her attackers trial and sentencing the woman standing heard a joke retreated for contempt. a man sentenced begging for leniency share the one-year-old child judge was not budging. but the beazer in the case guy who texas woman 16 days in jail for simple battery the victim the woman put the deal for three days and have a misdemeanor conviction as well. >> gabe: obligation exceeded try and make up on virtually. to 10,000 of sunshades would look like, next on kron 4.
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>> diane: will explain in your 70 forecast coming. up in a few coming
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>> pam: seemed to be lost souls. coming up tonight are news at 6:00, the woman who know the suspect and what she told about 23 year-old coming up atop the hour and kron 4 news of 6:00. >> pam: a virtual make a studio in your pocket publication allows you the courage to try and they can make up any shade without putting anything on your face.
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>> reporter: 82000 products at instilling in real time share with your friends by the product right here in the application. >> gabe: its for phones and tablets using the front facing a camera on your device and face recognition technology it it will virtually apply the makeup on your face taken see how other cool feature if you're across any color in real life to a trial on your face of stiff with lipstick and i showed a picture of it and it will match the caller offered to you to try on your face see ballistic not only get a picture of that color
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and subtly try that shade. "the color of much of that international so here we go this one very similar to the address. the dark more subtle recently got a great hot pink lipstick i would never of up to try on an inspired by this really cool flour now have ballistic can accomplish all the time with his cool. >> pam: this book showing volume reactions in ireland already knew buttons this book says express a broader range of motion is in the new button of available to u.s. users and a couple weeks going to start
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costing a little more to use net flexed. the tv service says that it's raising the cost of standard plan $9.99. the standard plan allows customers to watch programming onto devices that the same time the current subscribers wanted a bill go to next year that the seventh reason the price so it can add more television shows and movies to its service. on wall street the market's close continue the week of gains dow gained 140 points on the same day the government released new figures on jobs. mark gannon talks about all with financial expert brought black in tonight's winners and losers. leader of"market doing ok the lowest reading since mid july
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number of claims had its lowest level since 1973 the red below the theoretical and virtual tie towards a strengthening economy and labor market. who will buy new domain name for laypeople still understand how it affects who will. alphabet suffer restriction company put rarest cars into what he conceived a financial statement for the better also owns 18,000 other web names again. stock
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was $92 earlier in now 2713 times next year cameras a beautiful of commodity type towards them a new form has suffered built into it november and from what apple in the will does the big product coming out for christmas all streets and among the level in good numbers next year and that's the problem that has a tough time shaking warm temperatures and and and the allocations were they reached the '90s resh as you approached the bay bridge area but will be like for the rest of the evening of the jurors right
5:51 pm
now dealing with the upper eighties to low 90s concord livermore 92 a pleasanton east bay shoreline cities amid upper '70's all seven francisco currently at 76 degrees 59 billion city of north bay seven for net fustanella 84 and said rosa and overnight lows of 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning when you wake up upper 50s across the board 59 and yet 56 livermore 58 for a word fifth in an oakland here's what we have some popcorn morning hours by clause 57 today in the afternoon hours the weather pattern or the system see here push into the area there for ferrying two things for temperatures and a straight pushing out to a high clouds there in the afternoon hours than to the overnight hours low clouds pullback quite a bit of a vacancy 6:00 a.m. friday morning off the coast there in a lot of sunshine areas in and
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allocations in the south and north bay so i left a cloud pull back quite a bit in the way will be for the rest of the afternoon as well joensuu) 4:00 a.m. saturday morning 4:00 tomorrow afternoon dealing with the same pattern for severance as the peninsula area a bit of a difference for east bay shoreline city 3 degrees warmer for the space science cities in an allocation for from the same situation there 86 from 25 livermore 85 and bill martinez 84 degrees down to the south bay the false assumption in this area at 83 degrees and the north they have some scattered clouds clearing in the afternoon the seven day forecast if not tonight is a vacancy in the sunday forecast start warming things up as a gift of a week and early next week and monday tuesday a performance on a sunny tuesday 90 degrees on trend will
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be to stay with us for much of week
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>> pam: the keyed gives us a
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taste of busty blondes. dusty buns mrs. buns make it sweet. and of an oven that makes it look like a fire breathing dragon. >> reporter: signature grilled left chile. kinds of pressure gannett goodies sauteed oyster mushroom.dusty there and another one dusty learn to cook
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at the kremlin. you could say dusty is a very hands-on. onions and tomatoes. >> pam: the suspects under interrogation 6 record getting a better picture of one of the suspects from someone who knows them. too many accidents on the tracks new crackdown on peninsula to keep cars from getting too close a. lot more
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. >> pam: these three people all suspects arrested yesterday and organ the three authorities say shot and killed a man walking his dog on a hiking trail monday happen just west of fairfax. local investigators have been in portland's talking to the three suspects today can get much information about them in the crime they're accused of investigators revealed portugal lisa trouville the gun vault the woman believed to kill carter a monday. them. and investigators
6:00 pm
say, beloved yoga therapist - shot. as for the motive. we'll have to find out from the suspects, but we are not going to tell you what we learn any time soon investigators say, it will be at least until next week, before the suspects would be brought to marin county. the marin county sheriff's department describes the suspects as drifters. who are apparently off the radar. new at six. kron 4's maureen kelly is learning more about one of the suspects. from court records and a former friend. >> reporter:this is morrison haze lampley's mugshot from a 2012 felony arrest for marijuana
6:01 pm
possesion. according to court records he has been arrested by portland police on a number of times since 2010.several times for allegedly possessing pot. .as well as criminal mischief and grafitti. marin county sheriff's say this surveillance video shows lampley the day of the murder inside a fairfax convience store. i really hope it's not true that's the voice of a woman who says she was friends with lampley for several months about 2 years ago. she didn't want to be identified but says she says she met him in san francisco.he didn't speak much was born there. the two travelled together to portland that year.she describes him and their brief friendship as intense. he has really strong views on things.i thought he was a good person. she says some of those strong feelings involved his esoteric type stuff. in fact that's why she is surprised that lampley was arrested for the murder of the popular tantric therapist.since that's the sort of thing the guy she describes as a hippie.would
6:02 pm
she says she last saw lampley in portland.the same town he was arrested with the two other suspects. that happened wednesday afternoon outside a community dining hall.witnesses to describe that takedown as intense.
6:03 pm
>> grant: last night at home town of sacramento outside a bar the big guy white shirt and dark pants stone right there the budget guy is targeting him stun was with some friends apparently last night and outnumbered here does get stabbed with a blood spot right there on his shirt. stain on his shirt. >> j.r.: right now spencers don is recovering here stab at three times as of and motive
6:04 pm
detectives will not say they spent much of the afternoon inside the sacramento bar depot and other night spot one block away from buff at st. but leavened heights section of town area known for its debars officers did not leave this as a hate crime and be a so does not appear to be mappedin the south bay. is really intense dr.. say stone was stabbed in the torso spoke about his condition earlier this afternoon. "would say serious because the nature of injuries he had potential threat for his life though he is quite stable now his condition would still be serious. >> j.r.: last seen driving away in a dark toyota camry again
6:05 pm
hear the of the motive is unknown. >> pam:the active search has been called off, but san jose police are still looking for the man who escaped from custody wednesday, as he was about to be booked into the county jail. police then set up a dragnet across a wide area, along north first street, near the county government center. kron four's rob fladeboe has more details on the escape. and man is wanted. >> reporter:calm has returned to this usually quiet neighborhood just east of the main jail after the search for an escaped felon was called off, but several residents tell me they'll be making sure their this is the man whom police are hunting. he was identified as 29-year-old nghouni neang, of san jose. he escaped, in handcuffs, from the lobby of the jail where bail bondsman were taking him to be booked after he'd apparently jumped bail in connection with felony assault and burgaly charges.
6:06 pm
yolanda tincoco, who was on the street just outside, describes what she saw. chase as we see in this video from our helicopter partnership with abc news, police spent the next four hours searching for neang, who got away. police say he was a a total of $400,000. how we escaped managed to evade that
6:07 pm
the manhunt still in half >> diane: for 87 allocations' 80. nine livermore, pleasanton 88 degrees eighth encounter 76 hayward 76 fremont and san jose 76 as well. seventh is the peninsula upper 60s mid-70s afternoon highs tomorrow and 4:00 p.m. bring it down just a bit to it is cooler compared to today dunno if cooler will be the difference here because will deal with 84 degrees for invalid
6:08 pm
conditions cooler out in a special relative of the peninsula locations you feel cooler temperatures arriving because of low clouds in place for those areas in the afternoon areas of high clouds to dominate the area and it will keep temperatures warmer as we get through the rest of the weekend for you here if you we can forecast friday for with a disguise saturday sunny either in an balloted jersey's bay shoreline low 80s sunday roll around it will be warm dealing with warmth mild temperatures for the rest of the week early next week and in your 74 has won a return. for push alerts on breaking
6:09 pm
be sure to download the kron 4 news and weather on your phone issue of bedbugs - in menlo park today, a the main library after a bedbug was found on tuesday. as kron four's terisa estacio reports, library officials say they were hopeful the creepy crawlers were gone - because this was a big day for kids to go to the library. >> reporter: she is not been around to see and if the bedbugs argon. tuesday library officials say someone found a bedbug. the patron"punted out a and 6 at bonaventure and we've identified it as a bedbug add call the facility in and buy rental service department and identify it as a bedbug. wednesday morning company cannot afford the building with steel to the
6:10 pm
the senate with the sniffer dogs come through. "after treatment cleared the area that meant all lisa action could come in today with a special day for kids and the park library a special music class reading session and maybe your quite disappointing of the class was canceled due to the bad bugs. say they're relieved at the situation was properly handled. "i don't care to the care that i'm glad they did and will keep coming. >> pam:it can be difficult to distinguish bedbug bites.from other insect bites or rashes. but they're typically red, often with a darker red spot in the middle. and arranged in a rough line or cluster they're also most likely on the face, neck and arms.
6:11 pm
experts say that some people have no reaction to bed bug bites, while others can have a severe allergic reaction. that includes blisters or hives. next week. solano county workers are planning to walk off the job on wednesday. employees say the county is using unfair labor practices. 90-percent of the almost two thousand county workers voted in favor of the strike last friday. a spokesperson for s-e-i-u local 1021 is unwilling to negotiate with them. talks are going into their third month. and the union's contract expired at the end of september. public employees include. nurses, librarians, and safety dispatchers. light installion of the bay bridge begun wednesday night. the lights were previously removed in march to prepare for permanent installation. they will continue to shine until at least super bowl 50. the game will be played at levi's stadium in santa clara on feburary 7.
6:12 pm
the bay lights were designed by leo villareal. they were first installed in 2013. the bay area toll authority san francisco mayor ed lee comes face to face with a frustrated resident.and it's all caught on camera. his choice words.just two minutes away. plus, a spike in train versus vehicle crashes has authorities down. and it's a fleet week treat. the blue angels, flying high above san francisco bay. in 8 minutes, we'll talk one of the jets in the air.
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6:14 pm
6:15 pm
strong words from a san francisco rapper directed at mayor ed lee over the city's affordable housing crisis. >> pam:mayor lee is up for reelection in four weeks.but this one-sided debate that happened at a restaurant earlier this week has kron 4's dan kerman spoke with the man who had so much to say to the mayor. he's live at san francisco city hall tonight with the latest. >> reporter: angry about gentrification about for affordable housing and buy yourself and restaurant near the mayor this man the head of
6:16 pm
artists in the area decided to confront the mayor and here's what he has said. this was a one-sided conversation they're not commenting back very angry about the whole thing as an easily warrant specifically the mayor most of his friends had been about because skyrocketing rents. he felt like he really
6:17 pm
have to say something with the mayor and his nephew was filming in the post said this social media one get the word out the special election coming out. the reach out to the mayor's city hall office and kept at the office the comments and let of affordable housing. no comment from either in that regard. >> pam: the focus of attendance route rights rally in san francisco city hall today dozens of people rallied to encourage the mayor of the sign
6:18 pm
legislation passed by the board of supervisors would end affair frivolous nuisance of actions the bill off than by supervisor this measure will stop landlords who are looking to get rich before making people reason. "those two out of action notices hanging laundry other window are content to get an eviction notices leading a baby stroller in the lobby is a real stories legislation will close allowed tenants test kilties violations before getting evicted. mayor >> pam: 10 has till end of the day tomorrow to sign that legislation and has yet to make a decision. >> grant: 30 year-old woman killed her vehicle hit by caltrans mangled right there. menlo park back in february there of been several times this year caltrans had a car and
6:19 pm
dodge and the agency burlingame police working together of a problem increasing enforcement out there transit police and burlingame police started giving people warnings citations educating people on safety from the track's last year and last year there were any vehicles hit by caltrans this year at the beginning of august 6th incident. >> diane: can as he approached the bay bridge high clouds and the stay with us for the rest of the evening and look ahead at 9:00 p.m. after 62 years but have a 67 for the bay 72 out of ballet and 70 tomorrow morning mostly sunny conditions gradual clearing around noontime your temperature's anywhere from 70 as the co 75 for the bay and 78,000 in an allocation satellite image showing you what we're dealing with here while we have the warming trend having it
6:20 pm
this week and continue for the rest of weeks bring all the low clouds and place the morning hours a. high cloud in the afternoon moister rain associated with that in dealing with a warming trend modest wetbacks. a.m. tomorrow morning showing the cloud cover here pulled back quite a bit off the coast transition. right around noontime to 1:00 you see here a lot of sunshine areas for an and allocations on the south bay in the north that even along east bay shoreline cities agree on the clauses, staffed the coast there getting time to warm up in the upper 80s even close to the 90s against the valley. gloria moneys to the next round of low clouds and the east bay shoreline cities of oakland hayward fremont expect clinicians saturday early morning as well severance the peninsula even up in san rafael and vallejo fear the highs for tomorrow somerset situation in pencil locations for your high tamales bay shoreline below bit
6:21 pm
above 2 degrees warmer 7978 union city 71 on fremont the board inland valley locations for mentioned in effect you feel more in these areas of the valley to san ramon brentwood 8682 of orinda mostly sunny skies also mostly sunny conditions for the south as well 85 degrees in looking up the north face serious see the low cloud center fell militarily clear out by midmorning at 70 forecasts for you noticed the pattern a forced march 83 saturday clear skies for a week and then 85 for sunday we get closer to the '90s come monday and tuesday and that woman journalist they with us till mid week next leaf. >> pam:the blue angels are back in the bay area.
6:22 pm
the high flying navy aerobatics team took to the skies today to practice for this weekend's big fleet week air show. our camera were rolling when the jets roared across san francisco bay. marina green, as well as anywhere that overlooks golden gate bridge. fighter jets ready for take off. earlier today kron4's haaziq madyun spoke to a member of the blue angels maintenance crew about their crucial roll in fleet week the blue angels are the putting f/a/18 hornets that will be amazing crowds during the upcoming fleet week air show these fighter jets fit for
6:23 pm
officer 2nd class anthony moreno"that is correct in the 70-years maintenance has never been a factor in an air show being cancelledtop notch techs we all come from the fleet in the navy" he says having a pair of back up"in the event that something goes wrong we can pilot in and out in a spare jet in 2 minutes" as you can imagine, he knows everything there is about these "this one behind us is an f a 18 charlie horneteverybody can see them fly and enjoy itshow the country what we do" with the blue angels at oakand
6:24 pm
madyun kron4news >> pam:kron 4 is proud to welcome the blue angels to this year's san francisco fleet week. you can catch all of the high comments.
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
>> grant: above the new york city hotel last month video right there/like wasn't her book called excessive force police
6:27 pm
brutality and york civilian complaint review board recommending charges should be filed against the officer who tackled him lisa the officer never identified himself as police and city was terrified that the serb republic with a suspect in a credit card fraud investigation of the arctic lisa harmon still reviewing the case the details tonight about the fight between an nba coach player from another team that barnes says he went through a strange wife's home check us kids. not to confront their fischer was there. the to fight for the shirt of the press charter is not right now. nba investigating fisher reportedly dating barneses strange wife korea for two months on the
6:28 pm
basketball was reality tv show. survivors >> pam: result of last month blas ben carson over his controversial comments. 645 carries. tell us why linebacker mark brooks will not be sitting up the forty-niners this weekend.and our top story. authorities recover the gun they say was used in the murder of a bay area therapist. where it was
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
6:31 pm
>> reporter: evidence in the murder of a hiker here at this trail monday night but and i believe the murder weapon and arrest portland wednesday. that same day they say a record on the victim's wallet along west marin county road. the social rescue volunteers back along the west of the murder scene looking for any evidence the suspect may of thrown out of the car. men >> gabe: known for. >> j.r.: man known for slapping tariffs on the train recovering after being involved in the street fight and sacramento. talking about spencers stone stabbed three times in this fight and in stable condition
6:32 pm
the suspects are still on loosed. >> reporter: cut felony suspect remains at large after escaping. about be booked and connie jail wednesday afternoon he escaped from the bell bondsman export the swat team search form across neighborhoods southeast of about four hours somehow he managed to escape the is facing charges of suspicion of felony assault and burglary. duquesne >> reporter: at a great many pointing fingers in several directions point right here at the mayor's office 7 cisco city hall one constituent saw the mayor and the senate confirmed him directly.. the video posted
6:33 pm
a social media. >> pam:the army veteran injured. while the bis are is now at this time rebels the not prevent him from will occur weaponsthe discharge - since it was not dishonorable - did not prevent weapons.
6:34 pm
nine people were killed last thursday when harper-mercer like this." ben carson just can't seem to shake the firestorm he ignited. on wednesday, carson doubling down on controversial comments he made about last week's oregon campus massacre. "from the indications that i got they did not rush the shooter. the shooter can only shoot one person at the time. he cannot shoot a whole group of people." now -- a survivor of the shooting has responded. telling c-n-n, quote. i'm fairly upset he said that. nobody could truly understand what actions they would take like that in a situation unless they lived it. carson first commented on the massacre on tuesday, telling a- b-c news what he would have "i would ask everybody to attack the gunman, because he
6:35 pm
can only shoot one of us at a time. that way we don't all end up dead. "" "i would not just stand there and let him shoot me. i would say, 'hey guys, everybody attack him. he may shoot me, but he can't get us all.' but just a day later, the former brain surgeon recounting a much different reaction when he was once held at gunpoint in baltimore to sirius x-m radio-- "guy comes in, puts the gun on my ribs, and i just said: i believe that you want the guy behind the counter. he thought i "in that calm way? in that calm way, okay." "so you just redirected him to. on wednesday, an unlikely ally coming to carson's defense. "mr. trump real quick on ben carson, you're tweeting differently about him. are you defending him?" "i thought he was treated unfairly." >> pam: sinclair from the comments tuesday night on that network he was not drudging the
6:36 pm
shooting victims at all. east bay shoreline city more like a load mid-70s and all so san francisco peninsula low 70's next three days for the warming trend stays in our forecast for the portion of the week and early next week as well. and we can forecast friday mostly sunny conditions of low clouds in the morning hours gradual. clearing right around midmorning. 84 for the valley 81 for the base size city and 80 to the coast. so clear skies fleet week 83 for the valley seven needed to fly coast. sunday warmed mild
6:37 pm
temperatures along with the bayside cities and and and allocations to. temperatures between 85 degrees and 714 along the coast. >> pam:still ahead. technology can be a real challenge for a generation of now, there's help for that.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
kron 4 >> pam: news that a clock-. red crabs cover the coast. thousands of them washing ashore. what is causing this massive buyoff. that coming up tonight on kron 4 news at 8:00. technology >> pam: technology is just about everywhere today. and health however, senior citizens get left behind the tech curve. but there's something new aimed at changing that. >> reporter:more seniors are getting online to help keep in touch with family, but technolgy
6:41 pm
can be a real challenge for a generation it. as human beings we need to stay and that we love. >> reporter: 5 enabled blusher meters. and trucks senators health, by connecting with critical wellness sensors, like wifi-enabled blood pressure cuffs, scales, blood sugar the system can be used by someone living independently in their own home, in a senior nursing home. what independa does is saves time, energy, anguish for those who are trying to take care of a loved one from a distance. the daughters and sons and granddaughters and friends and families. for today's health minute, i'm >> pam: a strange start to play-off base-ball.
6:42 pm
the rangers and toronto series with-out a key defensive player gary has the latest and all the kron 4 has a new feature - called the "ford high school selfie." just send us a selfie from your game. you can either submit it to our website. or post it on twitter, facebook or we'll feature a photo every week
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> gary: will try something new when we take on the new york giants we will see that the
6:46 pm
offensive coordinator. and supports tom salat he calls the. place the capital at lis st. >> reporter: the linebacker is not going to play for the 49 hours on sunday night in new york. his four year-old sister passed away from lupus. he is currently in louisiana with the family. and returning to the 49ers' early next week expected to play when they host the baltimore ravens on october 18th. >> gary: payton many last visit here in oakland broncos taking
6:47 pm
on the raiders. three and seven the raiders' record against the broncos 2010. upon time this is a great rivalry. in the numbers point out that this young man derek carr we can get this thing going against one pigment and norton jr. haven't heard him talk very much. defensive coordinator. "can't get too caught up in what he is doing can't even execution defense. important we know what we're doing and do very well.
6:48 pm
>> gary: 20 the guys when you played your entire life what you do and he got into coaching now coordinator of personality might be head coach one day a real nice guy.
6:49 pm
>> gary: watch from the same old stuff we are really connected to chronograph community station if you listen closely. >> gary: all i can say is again right on. >> gary: the jays and the ranger is a game one the american league playoffs here adrian date the transcanada picture yes it a prize the number one of free agent bobby up today though. straining his back had
6:50 pm
believe the field. josh donaldson is a need in the head. >> gary: headley donaldson after concussion protocol jose batista to much of the blue jays known. >> gary: he go he cracks a solo home run five f three major league record. and with his his first pro season game 948 start time tomorrow television tell you when. and of course not o'clock sunday night the trouble to get down don't forget before self picture. >> gary: salt creatine usa and national president bush: cost.
6:51 pm
>> gary: the first-round lead to one all those presidents cup fans what people unplowed and telling jokes and all its business. >> pam: big entertainment news find out who will direct the new fast and furious movie/.
6:52 pm
♪ ♪ it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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[during sleep train's the triple choice sale. big for a limited time, you can choose up to 48 months interest-free financing on a huge selection of tempur-pedic models.
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or choose to save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. you can even choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular stearns & foster mattresses. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> pam: your of the popular and aa at bottom, and will direct the fast and furious franchise renounce the news thursday on faced uphill star producer and diesel the picture of himself that this will be the first movie in the series without paul walker who died in a car crash in 2013. far of entered him in news on the way at 7:00 the
6:55 pm
insider followed by entertainment tonight at 730 we are back with kron 4 news at 8:00 remind. your pitcher bryn new episode of the back story this sunday at 930 right after sports night live on kron 4 and before we go the weather. >> diane: temperatures tonight low clouds in place of. 74 cast for you warming things up again to a week and early next week. kron4news-dot-com
6:56 pm
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the "insider" from hollyw d hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. big development in the bill cosby case. >> there's no respons >> the comedian will have to answer questions under oath. >> bill cosby being forced to br silence on sexual abuse allegations. but questioning cosby could come wi challenges. >> i'm trying to answer. if you would shut up, i would have finished it. >> what could this deposition cost hi then terrance's blowout goes viral. is their "empire" in trouble? >sleena -- selena gomez on her heal crisis. >> plus, geerting dowe're gettih
7:00 pm
cool and the gang with the star on the walk of fame. >> over 70 million records sold. >> and i can only think of one way celebrate the good times. ♪ everyone around the world come on ♪ >> that's pretty good, right? >> now hollywood from the out, it's the "insider" together with yahoo. janet, nba, which artist will get their spot in the 'n' roll hol of fame? >> that's a tough one. >> first, the heat is on cosby. from his alleged accuser speaking out if prime time to news today that he will now face attorney gloria alred in court. let'sinside cosby under oath. >> night of a big development in the bill cosby case. he'll have to answer questions under oath. >> the lawsuit is moving forward. >> bill cosby's deposition is scheduled for tomorrow in a lawsuit brought against him by a woman who sa


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