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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 12, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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these killers of love and yoga teacher. facing murder charges. >> grant: white shark in a feeding frenzy at near alcatraz marine biologists say we may be seeing more charts and the future. california fire resources stretched to the next night the controversial proposal the but violent felons on the fire lines and kids say the new icon is hot owner of this luxury car says it gets too hot and scorch marks on the cheek to prove it hp further your choice of prime time news >> pam: specks of facing charges including that could include the death penalty. cut the partnership with abc news the suspects brought back from oregon. we've been following
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this story since the murder was first reported but not a week later the jester is charged with two murders back in the bay area. grant will show is the timeline of against first >> reporter: they're being held tonight without bail. led by marin county a share fsu be.
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"leave the evidence and the case of a clear deliver murder. >> reporter: face a robbery unlawfully taking a vehicle possession of stolen property morrison lamp we also charged with being in next a felon in possession of a stolen firearms. and animal cruelty charge presumably for shooting carter's dog. if found guilty they face life in prison without possibility of parole or death penalty.
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the case"based on substantial evidence. obviously if we didn't think we could meet are required." >> reporter: time we see these three defendants will be wednesday. when they are set to be in court for arraignment i did ask the three attorneys lot of questions could not answer for me tonight including who pulled the trigger did say we will get a lot more answers in court. >> pam: grant has more. >> grant: whole lot has happened concerning these three in the last week and a half we will begin with audrey if perry murder said. in a october 3rd golden gate park 20. three-year- old from canada backpacking trip the trail behind of this killing. to carry shot ahead in the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. to lisa letter a week
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ago monday october 5th pop. diller yoga instructor killed farmer and honey hiking trail near fairfax the. the dollar also shot but survived the next day investigators released images of some suspects fled. it's wednesday the senate the three arrested in portland carter. as a stolen car but the wagon out cytosine kitchen portland when they were arrested last. thursday eight san francisco police the three suspects also responsible for autry carry murders. linking the two murders of the the suspects had some of caria the stolen property and a gun was used in both murders that. was stolen from a car fishermans wharf area september 30th october 1st. he may >> pam: skull was found in moscow said. they're trying to figure out how it got there the film may be related law high-profile missing persons
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case out of morgan hill. if bush has more on the story >> reporter: the discovery of a human skull not far from our location here a month to be narrowed the is made around 9:00 a.m. sheriff deputies got here on c-net too long after that it expanded cadaver dogs all sorts of all day long and appears the investigation into the evening. and here's what we do not know what male or female face of this person was or how long this call has been there but detectives on scene are hoping the pieced together all the information. all this brings to mind the sierra lamar 15 year-old teenager who disappeared on her way to morgan hill to and half years ago every shot her mother
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marlene after what her reaction was to the discovery and toshio is definitively what happened to have any reaction. golden >> pam: state lawyers on their way to a new arena. especially purchased 2 a. of land and mission bay south of at&t part of rjr stock in the allocation with more on what the lawyers have to safe. they are >> j.r.: one step closer environmental review that needs to be approved. the land that they bought off about the way and show you the 12 a. behind me bought by the golden state warriors as to where it is south of the bay bridge looking off in the distance you can see the bay bridge right their pants the left you can see we are also self of at&t part
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"we are full speed ahead on this project" >> j.r.: is talking about the stalled acre site in mission bay. location they plan on building a new lawyers for enough street's focus clear like
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for ambulances and. backing of ucsf and advisory commission..
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>> pam: if you like it to its hot weather get another dose tomorrows. by and is here and the tablatures are going to stay in the '90s tuesday then there will be. changed >> diane: i draw your self '90s yet again. breaking a record against tamara high pressure systems is the way it is i'll region and in the '90s in an vallate locations. the vouchers cooling things down finally for the inland valley areas. east
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bay at shoreline and 68 richmond 76 for san francisco. when speeds colmar right now. and that opec got up again in the overnight hours are. right now, when speeds that i have. for 9:00 p.m. was the clear skies and. 8:00 p.m. most 59 for the coast the six. before out and inland valley locations. noontime meal gets 75 the day at 83. warming things up for inland valley 85 and warmer by the meantime. we have the warmth of no moisture in our area for now and high wage pressure system that's what's giving us temperatures in the inland valley locations. how long that will last and the 70 forecast coming up when i return. >> pam: foster parent arrest for early action on a child. they arrested this man david elliott after all mother told police about alleged inappropriate behavior and has been a foster
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parent is for the past five years. police are looking for the possibility of additional the films may have been in contact with him during that time. >> pam: a man on this bicycle you see in this moment barely wearing a helmet when he was hit by a bus. he died in the st. paul. lisa a 48 year-old mark was between two buses when he was killed. though in the same direction when he apparently. lost apparently not clear how the bicycle is between those two buses hit was passing whom. and vicki was live at the sight of this awful accident we understand the family and other bicyclist are mourning his death in. sounding the alarm about the dangers. out dangers >> reporter: those of us who ride bikes in the city know how treacherous and can be people who no new mike of berkeley say it didn't ride a bike in san
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francisco here on market street where there is an incident happening right now paramedics are here you're taking one big rest. quite quiet >> reporter: neighborhood as thoughtful bikes even a bike shop bicyclist we spoke to were sad about their neighbor you all know who have friends go down periodically. this provides a close race say there are hazards on every corner but when fresh meats metal metal will win every time.
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. and had a couple times nothing broken i've made it thru ok.. very >> reporter: sound advice we are back here live the man who died got his will suck ass streetcar track happened to me a couple years ago my bike tire got stuck and fell head over heels broke a hand one of the rest of riding on two wheels here in the city, >> pam: had tonight at a incredible video a great white shark showdown with a steel rake
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in bay waters plus local man says he was trying to change a song when has found exploded in his hand next the strand in the mountains chased by mountain lions of a local teenager says he would before he was rescued
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>> pam: a teenager recounts the story on the mount diablo trail being tracked down by not mind when he is finally rescued in such bad shape yet to be hospitalized alicea joins us from walnut creek were at the teenager is recovering although in a lot of pain he is lucky to be alive. >> reporter: he is a lot pain but that the be around the civilized asian dehydrated recovering from muscles breaking down releasing damaging proteins to his blood nathan was brought the senate i'm at mount diablo during that time he says he is chased by to not lie and met with scratches and bruises he tells me he tried fending off by
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shining his flashlight and i've essentially from his backpack at them. at some point sell-off site but that he had no food or water for 24 hours of trying to find help. >> reporter: evening search crew was looking for the 18 year-old searching for food and water. "he isn't only recovering physically he also recovering mentally he says he would never want have an experience like this for the rest of his life he has support to the discharged for tomorrow afternoon. right >> grant: news try. jack news out of kansas city to firefighters have died in an apartment building four other
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firefighters injured to. critically looking at live ariels above the scene crews are still can't get this fire under control the chief their fescue who died just rescued to residents polling on the second floor on two letters. they were trying to clear an area 0 with a partially collapsed roof when the structure collapsed fully. and that's what killed the two injured in the northeast portion of kansas city see very active seen self the chief calling this the worst day of kansas city fire chief again to fire fighters have died to life trying to save people and a burning apartment building identities have not been released we will continue to follow the breaking news out of kansas city. >> pam: lot more scenery than they were expecting during a trip out travels week and great white shark appeared right in front of them. the first time
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the printer has been seen striking his prey in siphon francisco bay. estimated the great white in this video is 80 10 ft. long and that pray and call for this feline many members of the sentences to basic lending club known as the dolphins club little disturbed by this news;. "if kept me a little closer to shore and in the cove in case i was thinking about going out the open and. "i have left little uneasy a check my feet all the time." >> pam: finances of great whites attacking humans extremely rare 90. percent of those of victims of california coast survive sharks commonly spelled out any human victim. >> grant: years close tie kayakers more than one dozen
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sightings biding its california coast the figure pictures taken by surfer in southern california. marine biologists say the marine ocean warming is luring the sharks close to shore they expect that pattern to continue. "could see more sharks if we have already in much earlier in the season." 20 >> grant: 9 year-old fishing off point that off of malibu a hammer had grabbed his leg if. flag down a boat to get in the short airlifted to a hospital. two weeks later another hammerhead i'd kayaker off several. the button with the ban
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on the east coast >> diane: skies for the rest of your evening clothes. temperatures on the horizon the. amateurs in the upper '70's
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and even 80s for the valley 81 livermore 7/7 @ pleasanton at 79 e.. sofa at shoreline cities richmond 68. in san francisco peninsula locations upper '70's. overnight lows 5:00 a.m. job but to a handful of low 60s. inland valleys bay shoreline and also sell francisco every word. also on the peninsula states in the upper 50s. warming trend for one more day encourage purchases from one given staying in our region for another day or so. all this moisture down south will live up to our area. and that will in turn will help cool things down quite a bit this time of year. and will give us a slight chance of rain showers come saturday afternoon. the future castro 11:00 a.m. and be in the upper 80s for the valley of for seven news for the east bay shoreline and san francisco as well to clock the 3:00 the see the red indicates a lot of nineties there down the south bay as well we talk about how long this will last forming
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trend in the 70 forecast and return. >> pam: inmates of my past so to the frontlines of california wildfire. >> j.r.: feature in the mobile operating systems. >> gabe: phones and i pads could cost people extra for monthly data plans. next on crime show you how we can turn off a feature and save yourself some money. >> gary: the coaches say something also dodgers a big deal the highlights coming new news for the lawyers.
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>> pam: all social media and in at apple for owns zero. by phone users the complaining about extradite the charges the to the new feature called a wife by assessed. we have the explanation and how to turn off the site and have to worry about the monthly allowed data. >> gabe: the new feature called wifi assist this is running in the background by default. supposed to make sure you're getting a decent wifi. this is a good thing if you're on an important phone call video chat on your device and then it gives funky you will. not notice behind-the-scenes your phone
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will such you over the failure littler data and not interrupt what you doing. the users who have unlimited data plans big enough. the board allowed the usage this is not a problem. but for many users on a budget need to keep under a certain amount of data. this could be an issue. having wife iswifi assis. scroll down to the bottom its wifi assist a posted instruction on the tech page on our web site kron4news-dot-com and mobile application. >> pam: and video of violent fight a school playground and a fifth grader is under arrest.
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rick >> grant: news we are following in kansas city. two firefighters killed battling an apartment fire. the live scene here crew is still putting the fire out and the deaths reported a short time ago for other firefighters injured two of them critically and the two who died at apparently just drafted a couple people pulling them out a window onto a ladder and part of a roof collapsed track. she and kansas city two firefighters
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killed we keep posted here. >> pam: crowds gathered the see of pumpkin growers a face-off in the half moon bay pumpkin away off. plan the hell oregon farmer with the board that the scale that nearly 2,000 lbs. roughly the 300 regular size pumpkins and they have to break the world record of printed 23 lbs. set. pius was gore last year when i got 12 fouls and dollars for his efforts. i have >> pam: edson i. appearance made national headlines now we see how a baby is doing after she's back home. in a local man burned fetas card damaged effort then if i found exploded and his hand. >> pam: 7 to the public safety.
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people find this unsettling? >> reporter: at first glance at the unsettling the details and not quite as bad across california of thousands of inmates working as firefighters have non violent offenders crew is going in and digging trenches fighting these fires these rules could change california struggles of consecutive drought conditions well fires across the state continue to grow every year in the inmate crews brightly colored uniforms supervised 24 hours a day operate under, fire the direction and cunning firebricks and hard to reach places currently. nonviolent inmates those who qualify drop
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from 4300 to 3800. he noted a boost those back of california department of corrections the proposed inmates convicted of violent offenses. assault or robbery to join the program. there will be restrictions those inmates will have to show several years of good behavior before being allowed to join. anyone convicted of arson and murder six offenses or kidnapping will be not eligible. in this fight years remaining on sentences cannot enter the program under proposed plan extended to seven years propose. leads to be approved by corrections department plan would then be sent the hellfire also needs to sign off on the changes. >> reporter: trudeau also fight fires also ascended do parkman and flood protection for restoring historic structures. >> pam: news now authorities
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investigating an armed robbery west of santa rosa. the long hot stony point road near todd road last night. the three suspects entered a family's home bound the father with the ties place the rest of the family members on the ground. the pistil of the father got away with the family's truck with money several pounds of marijuana and other valuables police say there were signs of marijuana cultivation in the home. if the debate on the still in shock early this morning on western avenue and authorities still looking for the suspects involved for the first time we are seeing a little rain peterson to. year-old from ohio disappeared over a week ago. she >> pam: is not a hospital great-grandparent's reached out to a reporter who has the story tonight. >> reporter: days after being released great-grandmother pearson gave me a call. she
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wants to show everyone touched by this little girl's story she is doing well. a few scratches from a 48 hour ordeal away from home she's back to turn to it to her two year-old self. talk about everything from the time she disappeared, the cover"the area very well i thought and i couldn't understand why they didn't find her. and the"family got word she was found alive.
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"it's happy she's healthy. it is overwhelming so many people out the health and some neat people that love this little girl never laid eyes on her it was unbelievable >> pam: crazy girl facing assault charges in missouri reportedly accused of bullying in the past this time caught on video parents of a school on her expelled this started circulating on line showing a
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young girl by the cape in track another girl across the schoolyard thing just a school district or respond with a statement saying it is important we partner with parents community members to prevent bullying in fighting the matter what time it occurs thing johnson says they are investigating. a local man shows us the damage to his luxury-car every says his more fun exploded in his hand from his seat and a celebrity superstar vendees corresponds the people of the body shamed him after an unflattering picture surfaced and the see the blue angels like you've never seen them before that story next. >> diane: 74 passes come up 78 forecast is coming out
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>> grant: you think watching the blue angels overhead is ". will get this for the first time when it feels like to actually be in one of them but said this tragic guy will drill treasure island. of course not the are awesome and screaming over the bay as they're playing chicken with of the blue angels coming the opposite way. they are ridiculous go pro video capture and the jets at times 18 in. from wing tip to wing tip. the hornets doing their thing this team perspective is cool. how close they get to the others at times. very cool video will. glad to be awfully weak stations. for complete coverage
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of we week all. what a week it was behind the scenes video. for a sailor by buying them a burger a. all that and much more on kron4news-dot-com >> pam: check on the bay area weather hot today hotter tomorrow guy and is here with details >> diane: look outside sfo clear skies across the map for sfo east bay shoreline out and inland valley locations temperatures her number is 81 out in livermore 72 oakland 7 cisco 77 and that the planner was the clear skies like on a live shot tomorrow morning as well 64 the valley tomorrow a.m. 64 for the base that city's fifth. the proposal regions noontime pick things up by mid '80s ladies for the bayside cities of san. five for the
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coast. what we are warming things up know what this year in the atmosphere right now. they have oyster dauntless of the bar area of. once the lives of our region that will in turn close down. and also a slight chance of rain showers i should say. a chance that the f-15 and 20 percent will come in saturday if that happens to. if anything it will give us cooler temperatures are that system high samara the peninsula for clock 89 san bruno redwood city 88 potto across the bridge east bay shoreline cities 89 financial 889 fremont richmond 80 degrees and the allocations most low 90s another round that warmer temperature mild temperature the further you out out antioch 93 miranda martina's down to 92 degrees south bay cities clear skies as well 91 degrees to 92 and up in the north they scattered clouds around center fell mill valley in the morning hours certainly
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will not block all the warmth you get in the afternoon hours low 90s their 70 forecast for you one more day with the warm temperatures 92 tomorrow 78 for along the coast wednesday we of some clouds and place chopping down to mid-80s and with all the cool down come friday mostly sunny conditions the cool down there with the clouds will get less aid to greece and saturday as mentioned a slight chance of rain showers will get us back the fall like temperatures that will last till early next week. hear from a local man who says there kirnan burn marks left in the luxury-car after his-and exploded in sports the 49ers raiders coach the discuss competitive losing games that leave them all under 500 and a rude welcome in queens n.y. gary has highlights playoffs all the sports for coming off.,
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>> pam: the offer ipho0ne owners what could cause a fall in the start smoking. >> reporter: undeniable the audience as a nice car./kevin has one and one for years. now that he has one of your ride a better be on your best behavior now is perfect car has a flaw this young mechanic can't fix burn marks on the front seats all happened last tuesday the seats were burned when as i found six + exploded this is and
8:46 pm
the first time and i found have exploded sporadic aport reports as far as india recently or before in new jersey no official word from apple but experts say it may be the way we carry our phones always put your eye phone in your front pocket because of the putting your back pocket the pressure from sitting on it may harm the battery 7 already on his way to the apple store when it happened. phono hot out of nowhere he doesn't have any pictures of the device that will give him a new one immediately and they then question the story.
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>> gary: bifurcating everyone i know about you on my pet peeves someone sitting on a couch saying no and better than the guy plan on the field will do it and exports fun but cabinet getting it in getting it but the critics can take a week off jimmy thomson was team last night the but the giants' right to acquire san francisco like they're in a win this but eli manning the giants marched down under to mets won the 3227 once again professional football players won in for no one will say you give a good chance the given a real good shot feedback at least will all the real crux for one week. we should relax a
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little bit because they almost one back in the day we did win one. one sourballs but this is what they are right now in the cabinet have a decent game bellies everyone relaxed for a week the raiders have to lisa relaxed going into a buying opportunity this week and pay in manning and the broncos did not really take apart the raider defense charles wilson the best player on the field yesterday a couple interceptions 39 years of age first time in his career and a seven point maning debt twice but this past was that the raiders marching down the field
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and pork are a threat to the denver broncos they went on to win yesterday the raiders go to break. kabul >> gary: effect at the will have the face and a unit of something grant lotus the monday night football just ended because the camera and highlights to the game is over for. we figured run along with branstad >> grant: this type of audit. we will tell you about it >> gary: to grant. your aug.
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thing in the blue angels. one more time >> grant: the steelers have the ball five seconds to go there with a win and said the thai they won it with the steelers beat the chargers 2420. >> gary: and what you think.
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dodgers mac's fans after tonight the guy who may decide the other night everyone's talking about rubin whose leg was broken on what many consider a dirty slide i guess they got even for the mets driving one out they estimated 440 ft. right now 13 to four months of about to go of two games to one and wrap up tomorrow night in new york alba the cobs and cardinals this maybe a cubs your league home runs today anthony went deep at. today the cut 54 and the fed but what aid the six
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cobb's early this series two games to one of the. rabin of tomorrow in chicago. they also say toronto once today toronto now tied to to with texas as they head back to canada. >> gary: a man when his career galway talking about steve kerr see the end of. come late yesterday by the university because there were various reports that he showed up year drunk during a game against arizona state for prior to yesterday's practice he they get home. and today this of the tough he spoke at a booster banquet friday second year head coach at usc from heaven and having gotten the job done so they fired him today and checked
8:53 pm
himself into alcohol rehabilitation center of sad story
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the drought is affecting all of us. at pg&e we've definitely put a focus on helping our agricultural customers through the drought. when they do an energy efficiency project
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and save that money they feel it right in their pocket book. it's exciting to help a customer with an energy efficiency project because not only are they saving energy but they are saving water. we have a lot of projects at pg&e that can help them with that and that's extremely important while we're in a drought. it's a win for the customer and it's a win for california. together, we're building a better california. >> pam: and the so shutting down the. body t shame are. >> grant:vin be sol >> grant: about anywayb vin diesel firing back posting
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pictures of himself not looking like that with the cigarettes. king like that. we have a timeline some people are wondering about when all those pictures were taken. >> pam: have a good night everyone we will see you tomorrow.
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