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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 14, 2015 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>james: the three drifters accused of killing two people in the bay area stand before a judge today that in the relationship between two of the three suspects a string of deadly train accidents killed two people on the few hours the which other. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: a got hot desert and. >>anny hong: we saw mid to upper
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90s and today if it was a little too high guest today that did a little bit of cool weather definitely no war mid-90s expected here was a look outside working to partly cloudy conditions and oakland in the cycle will look as 65 degrees temperatures in the early '80s by 3 of 4:00 p.m. the western grades 5 to 10 mi. from our to purchase of going to be fairly mild this evening copper seven is at 6:00 tonight low 70's o'clock this evening it will be a little bit more comfortable to them simply as our mild for some locations mid 60s and san jose and the kids are complaining they did not want to wear a jacket to school we are
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expecting some high clouds and to the forecast area of the route the day today through the system we're watching coming up from the south again it will be spotty at best from really night amounts that will see the clouds from the of north also made sit couple thunderstorms as well here's a look at a high for this afternoon's 76 in san francisco memories and sunnyvale and san jose copper '80s and santa rosa is 86 degrees for our friends and apple northbound 88
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at mount it better is accident and now traffic is so light that no major slowdowns this morning check out the bridges. >>anny hong: your drive time from the macarthur maze into downtown san francisco revenue under 10 minutes this morning set a live look at the san mateo bridge shot we also had a clear conditions temperatures are still pretty mild traffic is very light once again also like an easy ride on interstate 580 in fact no cars on the road here at the moment but again very
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light chapter conditions. >>james: that will stand before a judge today there in marin county jail facing what was charges including murder yesterday we learned details about who allegedly pulled the trigger killing the marin hike and the taurus and golden gate park. >>reporter: it is believed to be the facebook page he posted a picture with one of the other accused killers in the post from august 2nd he plays a game with the alphabet and for the letter k he right to kill someone yes long time ago is already on probation and parole for other crimes here is the criminal complaint against sean
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all charged with murder second- degree robbery and car theft and possession of stolen property the marin county district attorney accuses him of personally firing the gun that killed one of the victims if the more randy a accuses the three of line and wait to kill him so they can still his station wagon so even though the d a believes that he pulled the trigger off three can be charged with murder see. the tree >>reporter: 0 is charged with murdering audrey carry a canadian back after and golden gate park protect
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passport and airline ticket applauded the complaints were filed with the drifters and portland with the complaint does not say who pulled the trigger and her murder. >>james: tragedy on the tracks for train collisions and the bay area before with in the span of just a couple of hours to move those accidents were deadly and amtrak have record or trained at a pickup truck in santa clara surely after that a bt a trend in san jose at a pedestrian account i had a presence at mattel in the person was killed by a bart train in san bruno
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again and off a dramatic day for mass-transit the bart station was shut down after a person was hit and killed by trying video of the currency held off a partnership with abc seven happened around 6:00 in investigating the incident is still unclear whether person was on the tracks and the first was then reopened about two hours later. >>james: there will working for nearly an hour to get the person out from under train their despite the efforts the man was pronounced dead at the scene the san mateo county transportation the person had all the tracks that person survived and is the hospital if no word on the extent of his injuries or parka edition we're checking on that for you the accident caused major delays and the station last with the trend that had a truck in santa clara the driver was heard but no injuries reported among the crew or
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passengers they were delayed for roughly two hours south. >>james: 14 lighter fluid including harley costumes and then set on fire to happen yesterday on this. boulevard about 2:00 in the afternoon to the smoke in the aisles with this video police had to shut down the wal-mart for several hours they run in san leandro and we have more on the fire. >>reporter: in this video of the employees desperately tried to get frames under control after they set up for your man use charcoal lighter fluid that they picked from the garment section to set tilden's harlan costumes on fire since such a
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social error to the fire under control security matters at hand a suspect and hold them all to please god to the same if they're looking into whether he is when to other crimes in the aerial. >>james: it occurred on hospital campus the suspect as the former contract employees we are in red with city and have more on how police called bettman. >>jeff bush: he's charged with sexual assault and battery the case goes back to early last
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month police say that he advertise a modeling job on the internet and went to a reply and it said it would be to pass a medical examination and made an appointment to meet them here south of the dignity helps or a hospital on alameda de las colors were he was employed as a contract security guard the woman arrived at different times on the afternoon of september 10th he then identified himself as the examining doctor and he told both women and hospitals for an exam have to take place in the utility closet of the parking garage. >>reporter: she was sexually assaulted in the closet >>: i didnt know exactly what his role was i know it was a security officer and that is how he got access to areas of hospital to perpetrate this scam. >>james: investigators alyssum
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the final report on the malaysian airline flights that were shot down will break down exactly what they from coming out the first democratic debate kicked off last night will before recap of the debate in the most memorable moments coming up next here is a lot of the outside the san mateo bridge highway 92 so far the committee going well will be monitoring that for you and you know when it begins to slow down this morning.
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>>james: did another of the on the forecast for today we talked about the chance of maybe some sprinkles today. >>anny hong: the release on the
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way will back off from the temperatures today ever so slightly and will continue with the court down over the next few days there is a live look outside we do have a clear conditions at the airport and at temperatures also running fairly mild this morning 63 in san francisco mid-60's in san jose conference 67 little more good morning to you, mild 68 degrees santa rosa were coming in and 56 degrees at this hour the visibility we saw the golden gate bridge shot thing a little bit of fog everywhere else looking at a mile visibility no visibility and not an issue this morning pretty much all across the the area with may be the exception of the golden did the does not look too bad by 9:00 a slow warmer was seized '60s and '70s was still one look quite nicely on a lot of the above average a lunchtime was his seventies and eighties across the bank in them by 3:00 this afternoon temperatures topping out generally '70s and then '80s
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were not going to see any more '90s on the map. >>anny hong: heading farther inland and the only 90 will be brought would potentially everywhere else looking at mid to upper 80s a little more comfortable but still printed above average 89-livermore and pleasanton 87 and then the upper 80s and what the creek 87 and martina's will keep that slight chance for just a little bit of a shower for today and should generally softened in points out you have a better chance to see it otherwise expected mostly sunny to conditions a few high clouds streaming and thursday it continues mid '80s for our inland spots and on friday low 80s will be a lot more comfortable still a little more followed by the end of the work week. >>anny hong: for hercules to
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berkeley or interstate 80 it would take about 15 minutes nothing to slow you down so far and yet concord high way for will take about 15 minutes as well looking at very light traffic conditions also like chapter will be the current wall the creek drive on to 42 that would take about eight minutes this morning. >>james: the sec to look at this is in 2016 the first face-off in the democratic presidential race you see them on stage and they have a chance opportunity to relate to draw from lines and draw some distinctions on the issues between themselves and to to lot of talks on political jabs and a few tense moments as well with cyclic a suitable place with the candidates differ. >>andrew spencer: the divisive issues on states to deny what the canada stance on gun control clinton as bernie
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sanders on that issue that had a tense back-and-forth would mark o'malley which can raise our voices what i come from several states and the views on the control are different than in urban still is whether we like it or not all of this agreement did i get quite so he did he said of the convoke in nevada he will probably vote to legalize recreational marijuana allowances she is not ready to take a stance on recreational use. >>andrew spencer: but to agree on these decriminalize and that
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the can is also disagree on the best way to move forward in the ongoing conflict in stereo the business never announced will part wall street down to close the debate will focus on the economy for and be in reality tv stardom are on has was worse to
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the house of after being found on responsive in a nevada brothel. >>james: was from yesterday afternoon to leverage that's about 7 mi. outside of las vegas the department says they tried to airlift the basketball player to las vegas but he was too tall for the helicopter that had to drive from with an ambulance the report the he was frowned on by a worker with a mucous like substance coming out of his mouth and nose or 4¢ a given partings and saturday a third five-year retire from and be back in 2013 and saw reality tv fame for his four year marriage to called for-10 will have the latest on his health as a developed throughout the morning back to bay area had learned despite the concerns raised by a number of experts the bay bridge committee is questioning the need for repairs to tower and provides yesterday's composite governing body voted to the one to approve for the study rather than moving forward but i for repair work official said about a quarter
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century the base of the biggest hours are exposed to the water this is due to faulty grouting the repairs would include a detention the route to a more moving the grout retention the roster will also replace the grout with no protective material their desire to provide safety in case an earthquake. >>james: pfft this is surveillance video from a dock ferryboat without alcatraz cruisers to consider halting play out in the middle of the screen is a wide shot bill schaller people try to see what happened at the hearing the thrashing in seeing the blood in the water into a full-blown strike comes completely out of the water as you can see there experts said this the first time in one of the report said a great white shark go in for the killed and side of the san francisco bay and a veteran mean what is suing after a 60 lb. pine cone fell across to install
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a san francisco asked shaughnessy him as soon the u.s. government at the national park service. >>james: he is asking for $5 million the attorney says the veteran and was relaxing on t anon made of pine tree and the park on the cone fell and hit him it calls an irreversible brain injury he is had two surgeries and still requires a third a death row inmate in texas will be executed for killing the dow's this officer back in 2001 he was convicted of killing an off-duty police officer outside of a dallas nightclub last week the supreme court refused to review his case and on monday at the texas board of pardons and parole decided against a reprieve a small plane for to make an emergency landing on a freeway and idaho the small cessna was forced to land after interest
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and in failure with a said the plan on the freeway the pilot could not get the landing gear down so he managed to avoid hitting in cars on the road in rabat was in the middle of the rush hour traffic and made a belly landing on the pilot was the only one on board and not injured. >>james: also ahead lies a woman gives birth to quintuplets in hawaii for they are the first ever surviving quintuplets in that state the mother of 37 your marcy debt accrues gave birth seven to four boys and one from chicago board was ever going to happen but two years ago she began and the for position gave birth to a son was with the process again sea became pregnant with quintuplets to
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give birth prematurely about 28 weeks in six days into a pregnancy the premature by that amount the babies weigh less than 3 lbs. each doctor said another three months before those babies are allowed to go home. >>james: still had this baby herds will will tell you where the apparent high hills can do to your health that is into this help men and there is a live look outside the toll plaza, showing us oakland and the approach on was the bomb 80 at the bay bridge currently of was a to 6 degrees warming up to one school of 81 today. ort for your joints, cartilage and bones in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on. and now try move free night. the first and only 2-in-1 joint and sleep supplement.
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>>james: and airport workers said the bride recalled passport
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was to damage to use 10 percent of the popular restaurant could be yours if you consume 25,000 cals and a single hour what they bought and the brittle chatter is pretty allowed bras and york + what to have if you want a healthier and hauler baby the most women put on a pair of high hills. >>: can cause fractures tendinitis all types of bonds burns and encourage bunyan and
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hammertoe it can affect other parts of the body the knees and hips go forward and that has had a standout was this could lead to arthritis long-term pain enjoy the pain still most women do not want to give up their share last the american association recommends that women were hills no higher than 2 in. the bay area will say what city cracked the top 10.
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>>james: the three people accused of murdering a heart from marin county jail and of the golden gate park will stand trial before judge for train collision in the bay area all happened within a span of just a couple of hours some of the more deadly san jose hit and killed a
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pedestrian they had a person in san mateo and the person was killed by a bart train in san ramon a man is behind bars is one accused of on lighter fluid on the several items in the wal- mart and then setting it on fire and happened to the store of the boulevard around 2:00 yesterday afternoon the suspect the for your land use up to court about a charcoal lighter fluid that he grabbed from the garden section and then set the children holocaust on fire half the police found and lead to three sections of the store had been doused. >>james: now look at the weather. >>anny hong: san jose and the record and 93 will definitely
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are seeing the heat with the he will back off a little bit today still way above average but the release continues for the next few days will allow more comfortable temperatures hope will give them a c break here is a live look as san mattel this one where we can to clear skies, we are looking at a really nice day for some wasn't a little bit cooler right now 66 for a mile start to your wednesday morning my lunch time was 679 degrees warming up to mid '80s this afternoon will call it one at 76 and i'm also in fairfield those are the warmer readings this morning mid-60's for hayward and 55 half moon bay this morning to catch for shows us of your and the san
4:33 am
jose area and area south of san jose you may see some clouds into the area this morning and also did a slight chance illiterate of a sprinkle into this afternoon with a system coming from the north by lunchtime. >>anny hong: it will help keep those temperatures of the accord today compared to yesterday and then did the system showers and storms firing up as well for parts of this year later on today and earlier this evening of for '80s and the more 80 in antioch located in oakland still warm and san francisco at 77 degrees 84 in san sale and for our friends on the list of 21 of our '80s and now to 86 degrees in san rafael we come back will take a look at the seven day from the before cast and the know-how the weekend is shaping up to the showers and still possible over the weekend.
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>>anny hong: just south of '92 when there is an accident injuries are unknown but according to the chp there is a vehicle stopped on the right- hand shoulder that may slow you down a little bit of you're heading southbound on interstate 880 this out of 92 checking out the bridges the swarm of look the bay bridge traffic has picked up a little better but still is an easy ride across interstate 80 the drive time from the macarthur maze into downtown san francisco a ticket just under 10 minutes this morning a live look at the san mateo bridge to be also very light traffic conditions now hot spots to report all across the bay this morning golden gate a little far get otherwise we are looking at the trouble for it to you on 101 if you're heading south down from the north than we're seeing a few more cars on
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interstate 580 but again traffic is fairly light all across the bay area and is a good time to leave the house. >>james: a score resource officer was informed of a threat against the student the lockdown was lifted about half an hour later after stood was located outside the campus the weapons were found in the possession california is dropping a proposal to allow by the inmates to fight wildfires comes a day after the deal was announced sunrays public-sector concerns included and is convicted of violent crimes they're trying to help find ways to increase the pool to fire fighters the number of a low level of tennis have been from the to men of not being sent to county jails and not state prisons their release
4:36 am
their final report yesterday on malaysian airline flight that was shot down over ukraine in 2014 of a missile exploded outside the cockpit of the inmates 17 flights also because in the death of and one on board. >>polo sandoval: this reconstruction revealed will likely happen to eastern ukraine july 17, 2014 report by the safety board concludes the born to pull seven was taken down by up to air missile killing all 298 people on board the vessel is determined hundreds of high winds ripped through the cockpit killing the flight crew as causing
4:37 am
devastating structural damage the four sets of the planned events to broke away crashing in the field nearly 5 mi. on the rest of the wreckage those room for other countries including the united states maintained a warhead and a russian-made missile system that took part of the investigation disagreed with the insist it was not possible to confirm the weapon used why was in at 710 allowed to fly over an armed conflict zone in the first place the chairman of the safety board now believe the airspace should have been closed the final official report on amex 17 estimate questions but will likely do little to ease the pain of families who lost loved ones on the fly. >>james: a list is out for the best and worst cities to raise a
4:38 am
family fremont is the only bay area city to crack the top 10 in the list of best cities in which to raise families and also look at the opportunity for fraud and recreation it was also number one the low divorce rate and number two allows percent of families living below the poverty line the number one city kansas they're popular in virginia beach and the dream was no. 3 his project is on the viral the tech reporter talked the man behind this a real picture pretty on-line buzz is an interview you will see first.
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>>james: in maystadt becoming a problem professional artist and photographer in n.c. he actually released a series of pictures showing people all the electronic data is the will to devices removed as you concede this mother and daughter it sparked a nationwide debate
4:42 am
>>gabe slate: the photographer project is resonating with people around the world >>gabe slate: the images captured were people look like with their absorbed in their mobile devices to market and home to more public and first the seventh the shock to people he knew he had imposed 70 remove the devices he at strangers if he could photograph them as they use the devices which pitcher was disfavored he said they all were at when she had to choose like to welcome his wife in bed on the devices that were falling asleep like this and one night and helped to inspire this project.
4:43 am
>>: welcome to the sound of my from hitting the floor and i looked over my hand was still opened like articulating as of i was holding the device. >>james: twitter said there be laying off hundreds of workers will take a look at whether this is a sign of the tech of bubble burst more on that coming up.
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>>anny hong: temperatures are
4:46 am
fairly mild out there livermore good morning to you 68 degrees that is a mild reading low '70's by 10:00 would not be is quick to warmer but it will be well above average today to the jews will no longer be in the upper 90s to triple digits that sea breeze will help bring down those temperatures all across the bay area across the golden gate little bit of fog to visibility not an issue for it was all across the bay to allow visibility temperatures are fairly mild low 70's right now and antioch 59 and fairfield 64 in richmond 65 in downtown san francisco mid-60's also and hay were for our friends in san jose under clear conditions temperatures will be a little bit cooler compared to your survey still plenty above
4:47 am
average by 9:00 will see '60s and '70s will slow to warm up this morning we may see some high clouds streaming in from the south that will help bring down those temperatures by lunchtime was his '70s and '80s all across the border and then by late this afternoon between 3 and 4:00 p.m. that is when the temperatures will pick it will see the warmest location get into the upper is close to 90 but again no more to put it heat and no more mid-90s from a spots 86 in redwood city and san jose our friends in the north of the warming up into the mid to upper 80s are more fallout weatherly fought over the next few days as simple as continue the gradual cool down low 80s and by friday it mostly sunny
4:48 am
conditions and on saturday we're keeping a slight chance for showers may live in the not as we're watching the system come from the mark on saturday to the wise a lot more comfortable ride around average over the weekend a quick check of the chapter on wednesday morning at 448. >>anny hong: on 684 walnut creek to dublin it will take about 16 minutes this morning no major slowdowns there was also looking at very like traffic conditions all across the bay area san leandro to oakland on the interstate 880 that will take you about 40 minutes to very like an easy ride last but not least baltimore dublin ride will take you about 26 minutes on interstate 580 we want to quickly mentioned in the ninth base of about one at like to them and ran there is recourse of a large deer wander on the highway so again on interstate 101 southbound and slidell again
4:49 am
watch out for that beer the reports that it may slow you down this morning. >>james: could reduce here does come into the new law will force of multiple deaths in santa clara after a car accident this at the mountain 30 last eyewitnesses said two car racing each other one crashed police are still looking for the second vehicle we have a crew headed to the same the beginning of this as a become available bizarre and tragic case at a san francisco hotel as police looking for new answers the tech the violent assault in the hotel now to a suicide. >>j.r. stone: senses the please respond to the marriott marquee hotel room for the commission after a man jumped off their roof to the death-42 early evening hours that same day as the speedy response to a report of a missing hotel worker a
4:50 am
short time later that worker is found to transfer to san francisco general hospital for treatment of those injuries two separate instances of the police are now working together the victim has been identified as 46 year-old alex of new york he was worked for the cardiovascular research foundation which is holding the convention with thousands of guest just blocks away from the hotel the man is dead after he was hit and killed by a car is a warrant and san jose the officers now believe the man was either standard or walking in the street intersection wide world of florida avenue the man
4:51 am
i get identified by police said he is thought to be in the '60s he was pronounced dead at the scene to. >>james: the driver remains at large a picture of a white ford pickup show the car believed to be involved the truck has black ramson to windows and loud exhaust the man and a security camera video from the bakery is the person of and choose they're looking for they dusted for fingerprints and a cooler were the same man stood in the victory he was there just prior to the accident so far this the third nine traffic deaths this year in san jose it is the 16th edition to be killed on the streets a big announcement letter the san francisco-based company announced it will be laid off are the workers to follow the story as developments to the morning they announced
4:52 am
that it is laying off 336 people about a percent it is a professor of business management and san francisco state university. >>charles clifford: they are long overdue and the changes could help kickstart the company's sluggish performance the bay area economy does follow boom and bust pattern he believe that the adjustment atwitter do not made is about to burst finally this as if twitter wants to survive to stay competitive they need to innovate full
4:53 am
investigation underway in kansas city from the mass and then the apartment complex fire from monday night to firefighters died in a blaze at the wrested it from the complex now specialized team of investigators is at the scene jessica has more on the investigation. >>reporter: 4 hours after a fire caused an apartment complex to collapsed killing to kansas city firefighters questions are being raised about the build and safety he knows many of the people who live there the
4:54 am
president of the heights neighborhood association also telling of the building did not seem well maintained the news investigators found from lima to the building was like three times in 2014 for work being done without a permit we found the owner of the building the all the son who did not want to talk on camera store is the part of the bill did have smoke detectors in each room although it is too early for crews to confirm that information did not yet known there and working sprinklers and the building we will be right back
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>>reporter: lysol york is donald trump of the gop front runner will host saturday night live for the second time in 2004 he takes over studio 8 h of november 7th at kelly and to list on the hollywood walk of fame a daytime talk show host the 2,561st to receive the honor the co-host was on hand to help her celebrate she is known by many names but now she can add sexiest woman alive the magazine is a lot to her for the annual honor the issue is stand next month the 2015 american music awards announced his nomination and talus what leads the way with six head of
4:58 am
thinking out loud helps and tie for second along with the weekend that five nominations each including some of the here and heirs no. 27--airs. >>james: they're following a deadly car accident the latest on that coming up in just a minute.
4:59 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>darya: all of the south by a deadly crashes san jose a we're at the bridge the news this with the latest >>anny hong: we are learning there are multiple fatalities involved in this crash is a look at the map of where this crash is in san jose 22nd and east
5:01 am
santa clara street this crash happened at around 1030 last night the reports of multiple fatalities witnesses save their two cars racing each other police are still looking for the second vehicle is said to second and east santa clara street in have been around to the rest might multiple deaths would have a crew headed to the scene to bring you the updates as soon as the become available. >>mark: 18 of them since yesterday morning the largest this morning up 2.9 hit at 358 this morning about 30 minutes to four or 2.7 the reports of any damage or injuries
5:02 am
>>james: this low pressure system continues to migrate to the north as far south of san jose in my did this regard to this afternoon if it changes
5:03 am
direction or against any closer than right now is a live look outside relatively clear and open we expect temperatures to want to low eighties tonight a 10 degree drop from how we got yesterday and. 24 >>george: 98580 or the nimitz freeway and a 11 minute trip time into san francisco on the san mateo bridge highway 92 the east bay writer the 15 minute
5:04 am
call from hercules to berkeley all you're ride for the maze. >>mark: this one will learn more about who may have pulled the trigger and at least one of the murders. >>will tran: it will go from this location a few feet over to picture this has gripped the bay area for at least the week that
5:05 am
realize there in portland actually at a soup kitchen there are arrested and had to work on some of the procedures and bring them back to bay area you are held equally responsible all three are connected in the court
5:06 am
side all three will face the same charges if convicted we will have much more on the store across the morning including get a reaction from the prosecutor and defense attorney before the arrival in court. >>mark: tragedy on the tracks for train collisions and the bay area reporter with in the span of a few hours and some didn't it happen as before 5 last night when the capital or a trend at a pickup truck in santa clara of the sea its trained in san jose had a pedestrian the caltrans had a person in san the tail and a person was killed by a broad trend and san ramon here is seen this in berlin this video courtesy of helicopter partnership the station is back open this morning is not clear
5:07 am
what a person was on the tracks here is the scene san jose just out of our for bell station rescue crews worked for a while to get a person out from under a train napa-account deficit is not clear why this person was on the tracks a person had by caltrans when they're on the tracks that person survived and is in hospital where when for a bit on the condition before the incident and the amtrak train in santa clara getting out of trucks on the tracks this happens out the great american and lafayette street the driver suffered only minor injuries and is not clear. >>darya: 40 your men have been in the store for several hours was acting strangely it said the
5:08 am
children's halloween costumes on fire wal-mart employees were able to get the fire under control with the fire extinguisher the security officer held of the man until police got there and after a court investigation police found at least two cook resections of the store had been doused with lighter fluid the former nba player reality tv stardom are older now hospitalized was found unconscious and in nevada brothel he was from yesterday afternoon at the low rent is about 7 mi. outside of las vegas led trice ellis the basketball player to loss biggest but he was too tall for
5:09 am
the helicopter. >>mark: was foaming at the mount hidden partings and saturday the present trend said the nba star had been acting differently since the split from call with our dasheen---chloe the 35 year-old from cloud our dasher retired the been hospitalized and stabilize and taken to a dozen view hospital.
5:10 am
>>darya: when he was struck the victim has not been identified here is the white ford pickup truck that they're looking for that was involved in the crash please release this of and this video of a personal interest also was in a bakery prior to the accident there is the man of them looking for to talk to the third a minor traffic that this year the 6¢ per pedestrian to be killed in the streets >>mark: face off in las vegas the five democrats who want to be the next president took the debate stage there not many fireworks will plenty of hot topics they did agree on a list
5:11 am
one. >>: the american people are sick and tired of perry about your e- mail's laws as a 10 to rescue all the e-mail situation the secretary of state did not give him a pass from the slots they are democratic socialism many democrats schieffer sanders on the issue of gun control same that he is not tough enough on gun-control he promised the live tree during the debate his feet was mostly phil would read to is what he did throw barbs at lincoln chafee and martin o'malley he added he was sorry there was no star on the stage the republican gop canada has more than four a half-million to order flowers.
5:12 am
>>darya: plane crashes into mobile homes in florida and investigators still gonna hum the victims there are this morning will have more on that and you want to have a healthier and taller child was to you why you may want to name for having a child during the summer months. [announcer] through sunday at sleep train, get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale ends sunday at sleep train.
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(nature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack,
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and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. ♪ >>anny hong: which is that new information that everyone involved in the class war are all under 18 years of their young lives lost including two who died at the scene one at a hospital according to san jose police the fork in critical condition here is a live look at the democrats seemed in san jose is in the area of second and east santa clara street this crash happened about 1030 last night in the reports of multiple fatalities all of them under 18 years old with this is said
5:16 am
their protest of the two vehicles are racing each other last night police are still looking for the second vehicle again we understand that to teenager is under 18 years old died at the scene when died at the hospital and one is still in critical condition this morning will have a crew here it will bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. >>james: divorcee in the showers today it will likely be south of san jose and is that of the latest thinking you concede it
5:17 am
is going to slowly make its way up every now again the could get a wave of moisture the greatest chance today will be south of san jose if anything does fall of the light showers may be a pot of thunderstorm the conditions will not be ideal on the stress of san jose we had pretty this and fall pushed on through just about five minutes the stress of san jose we had pretty this and fall pushed on through just about five minutes ago when the camera adjutancy i0
5:18 am
>>james: mid to upper 80s in the south bay same for the unarmed a 77 and downtown san francisco thursday 5 it will wrap the work week with the clouds continuing to gradually cooling temperatures of the make our way toward friday. >>george: out toward san mateo
5:19 am
foster city and the easy drive as the head westbound on highway 92 the golden gate bridge ride good to and from recounting no delays reported no incidents 4101 between novato and the golden gate bridge and the east bay ride into iran through richmond looked good heading for the richmond san rafael bridge within eight minutes of time attracting more east bay ride for you the trip was about of livermore into dublin that looks good nine minutes this morning the south 680 rotted 20 minutes from dublin come to fremont is right on track here in the saga with us showing green on all of the freeway senses that is good news we do have the street clothes to downtown and it is right here along santa clara street east of town because of our breaking news story. >>george: the police investigation has santa clara street clothes between 21st and 24 track in the drive on one 01
5:20 am
northbound and 18 metric ton this morning from highway 85 out of south san jose. >>mark: the proposal to allow violent and makes to fight fires this comes to this after the idea of the trust announced some people raise public-sector concerns over included in is convicted of violent crimes this is to said they're trying to help find ways to increase the pool of the to the firefighters the number available low-level offenders who have been falling due to many of them being sent to come to jail and not to state prison. there's >>mark: question the need for repairs to our anchor ride despite concerns raised by the number of experts the governing body voted to 1 to approve for the study of the problem rather the moving forward with repair work about a quarter of the still rosset from the base of the biggest power to expose the bare wire because of faulty grouting the repairs would include the tens and the rise and move and the grout that
5:21 am
retention of the rock and replaced the grout with the protected material. >>mark: they're designed to provide safety >>darya: new video shows a different more dramatic perspective of a great white shark the bar receive nine off the coast of alcatraz the sec a look of the surveillance video we have from a ferry boat with alcatraz crew a wide shot of the video shows people rushing to see what happened as the heard the thrashing to them and saw blood in the water and you can see a 10 ft. long shark completely comes out of the water this is the first time anyone has reported seeing a great white shark go for the kill. >>mark: the rescue crews and there is an unknown number of victims the plane hit to homes in palm springs for and go from one of the homes in flames this is different from the sale early this morning showing the damage that happened yesterday
5:22 am
afternoon but still unclear if it once was killed. >>darya: this serve the ground zero of after september 11th to significantly higher rates of cancer that examine the medical records of about 40,000 officers they found a rate of cancer or roughly 50% higher for those who had served between 2002 and 2014 half of off to battle with cancer or ground zero less the two to four hours after the attack when a person served there at some point the attention stress is a baby's born during summer months have helped give birth weight in the end of being taller than a
5:23 am
summer birth to mix a child healthier because mom to be a bit more sunlight and vitamin d. in their second trimester of some of it is maybe health care with do not appear to be better in school that may be because of their birth dates and starts or younger than their peers will follow the latest of violent sex offender to release on bay area's trees and six weeks unless the state finds a place to put him. >>mark: when nicklaus on this offering if you could eat plenty 5,000 cals and in our.
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
>>mark: make a 10% stake in the restaurant and a pitcher but the dawn tsingtao real challenge have to down a 30 lb. brittle in one hour of the real consist of three and half feet of the tia about the size of a manhole cover eaton, the beef five times arise for ounce of cheese and avocado and 4 lbs. of salsa and if you were to somehow get the 25,000 cal monster you and
5:27 am
hospitalized. >>james: we will be right back with the news weather and traffic
5:28 am
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>>mark: where falling as democrats to happen on the santa clara near 22nd street where the senate details >>reporter: we're standing at the intersection of east santa clara and san jose this into a car traveling west at a high rate of speed when one loss control and hit a light pole the hit a tree the other car kept
5:31 am
down now the car that hit the tree had four people inside and three of them died to here at the scene and the other at the hospital police will not go to the detail of the ages of the people aware of all on the 181 of those victims was a male they tell us is too early to tell of that is true they do not have any details about how fast is up to those cars will go on at this point have no discretion for the of the car those involved in the accident and they're still looking in there and hoping to talk to people who and what of the car will begin to drop one to of the u. >>mark: were from another backing to the swarm of small earthquakes and the eastman will have more from breaking news best quite a few people felt and early this morning from the east
5:32 am
bay in 18 quakes since yesterday morning the largest 2.9 magnitude quake in that one had just before 4:00 this morning and about 30 minutes after before that there is a 2.7 magnitude quake nearly a hundred people reported to the usgs early this morning signed the offer of the 2.9 ... morning minute reporting week to like shaking and the son of the republic in bed. >>anny hong: do so like shaking and many of the responses came from danville and san ramon we do have will on the way to the scene to bring us more on that will keep you posted on the update there are no reports of any damage. >>james: will it be a lot know
5:33 am
where would fall probably south of san jose were set of models that put some ran over the peninsula later on this afternoon to the evening chill have the very latest radar for you and as always if you want the latest download the mobile web application in this free and look at the devices will work for both to give you the real time radar if you happen to be at work chicken before you leave if to the rise in san jose a we
5:34 am
have and increase the temperature is heading up. >>george: we're looking at a 15 to 16 minute trip time for the west about ride out at the east bay but we are however still a problem free heading toward the san mateo bridge out of the east bay and the ride on 92 was bought out to the san mateo bridge the trip times to 11 minutes from hayward to san mateo. >>darya: taxes have led an assault in the hotel to a suicide on sunday morning that
5:35 am
responded to the marriott marquee hotel before the commission at a man jump off of the roof letter that is implicit a report of a missing hotel worker the employee was later found in the penthouse suite with life-threatening injuries now police are linking those two things together so far police a not listen details on exactly what happened to the hotel worker. >>mark: he has not been given specific housing the judges to the '60s the estimate the sex offenders frazier's left after three failed place as the judge ordered the town to find a place for him or he will be released on was called transient status that miti will be able to live in motels throstle on accounted
5:36 am
for five days at a time he remains at the call when the state mental hospital the national average to a 31 gal. california, liftoffs of statistics and the nation with the highest prices there's the bay area to 85 for an average gallon of regular and san jose and oakland and two of five san francisco $3 for the down a regular a list is out for the best and worst cities to raise a family >>darya: fremont is the only bay area city to crack the top 10 let's take a look the east bay city coming in no. 7 the compared 150 most popular u.s. cities bass on 30 things among them a cost of housing or part of local schools health-care systems and list of the opportunity for for recreation
5:37 am
the no. 1 overall city to raise children is over compart kansas in plano texas is no. 2 virginia beach virginia is no. 3 >>mark: mayor ed lee will recognize the team and give them the key to the city during an event inside city hall klay thompson draymond green seo and jim bob myers will join the mayor for the ceremony the celebration of running all day from nine this morning till 4 this afternoon the war is becoming the 15th to win four or more and be entitled and and the the 201415 season by capturing it in a bid championship fifth
5:38 am
newlywed dismissed part of their honeymoon because an airport worker says the bride passport is to damage to u will tell you what happened did they get to go on their honeymoon here is a live look at the bay is drenched.
5:39 am
5:40 am
>>mark: he survive by eating ants that is that the most remarkable part of this survival his survive without in water and reason with him to above 90 degrees after a land and air search this from the 62 year- old 9 mi. from where he went missing in was dehydrated and low but otherwise the on ok a
5:41 am
couple was banned from flying to your for the honeymoon after a u.s. air employee told the bride her passport was to damage to track >>darya: the passport of ride and the camera there were strings came after sidon since ames was splitting she was not able to travel her husband chris they got married on friday to close the border greased for their honeymoon the second manager who also refused to override the decision to spend thousands of dollars to rebut in cancellation fees did not charge them for the flight change with the also deny given any refund she apply for new passport and since she is now got one its plans to go on the honeymoon to
5:42 am
than >>james: we have some wet rain to our south slowly making its way to bay area was what the timing and the potential for free sprinkles letter on this afternoon. [announcer] sunday's your last chance to save big
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5:45 am
>>mark: the spirit of george washington in the first presents mountain run a state we created some of the whiskey that george washington himself used to make what she plans to make with this statement is they're celebrating after the team's win over the cardinals last nine suspensive this one will and should 200 year-old cubs fan who's been waiting for this for awhile.
5:46 am
>>james: is one to happen with iran as a worker with rock today by about 3:00 the class is getting out the school was out at that point there is another
5:47 am
computer model will show you another bed where in the predicament we have computers that are showing us two different things the odds are that we will not see much on the bay if anything does fall south of san jose but again the of the computer model coming up in the next hit there was what we have clear skies not month's fall out their temperatures mild 64 in san francisco 69 for concord into antioxidant in the more off terrell to the warm start a war to the upper eighties may be alive the here and there but nothing in there as hot as it was yesterday that is easily forecast the duplicates for the sock in the not bay atop a is brought to my country 77 in downtown san francisco leon the slight chance of a sprinkle just a cloud in the cooler
5:48 am
temperatures for the rest of the week said it will introduce a second chance of rain but in all honesty the chance diminishing. >>george: law to start with a look at the bay bridge we had early backup of the westbound direction me realize reactivated a little earlier than usual right now conditions are about where we expected to be even with the early activation where backed up ride to the five in flight over it is just beginning to back up the drive times are already at 18 minutes for the westbound ride it still looks good were all about 45 minutes away from seeing the spec to back up earlier than usual here at the golden gate on the backed
5:49 am
up into the caslon's of the right side of the toll plaza that will clear out the 6:00 when the open - 3 and 4 tracking some drive for your we're looking at a couple of incidents but no hot spots here is the ride on 580 west farm slow and a little into the dublin and to change their report of an accident at the interchange still the trip to the single great adjustments and while the st. louis are just beginning to back up here in san jose we still have a strict closure with the police investigation from the crash it occurred less my east about east santa clara street close to 21st and 24. >>mark: investing in the discovery of a human skull was found in the section of los gatos and around 9:00 monday morning homicide detectives evaluated the scene the crime
5:50 am
scene was expanded they're looking for any clues in any of the bone or fragments which could be near by homicide detectives are tied to track the identity of the remains if it is male or female in the age of the. >>mark: this morning they're still searching for more possible attack victims' attorneys for your robert was arraigned in san jose in the case of missing task in the cambrian neighborhood he was from slipping in his car with the carcass of a cat within arm's reach when he was arrested its lessons will grab the cat is what led investigators to him that all of us at the hearing or emotional when talking about the case they're being held on seve $5,000 bond \
5:51 am
>>darya: 13 road has been arrested after she accidentally shot herself in hand with a gun she from the weapon at school and arrest from last week the teenager told officers she put the gun in her backpack or 4¢ a sit home she was on to show the gone off to a grandmother and then accidentally shot herself in the hand of choose recovering the took the gun and booked into juvenile hall on suspicion of weapons charges no word on who ask me on that damn. >>darya: he jumped into our arms and bucharest it was as dark and she came to the party and he jumped into her hand and hazardous which she said and so she sued she $127,000 so she testified that she loved some in the she believes that his be
5:52 am
held accountable for her injury is a good jury less than half an hour >>mark: ticket on the general wage gap and an asset for the online newsletter the actions expressed anger for getting paid less than her male co-star and american also she did not want to fight for men's of dollars because she did not need the money and she didn't come across as difficult or spoiled she says she is over being likable wall of male counterpart are committed for banks this even though we are still weeks away from the start of the next season the warriors already starting to get some criticism critics are accusing the team of being lucky by winning the championship matches in the peace after responded edition
5:53 am
the sarcastic apology fifth. >>darya: work itself out on the court october 27th to the first game with the new orleans pelicans it is 55 a santa rosa
5:54 am
54 san francisco is one for the and the spot after howe 1 yes today 7-eleven morses 9 antioch and mid-60s and san jose
5:55 am
5:56 am
>>darya: president obama was playing golf and sandhill saturday when he made a guest appearance at a wedding he greeted the guests as well as the bride and groom their photographers captured a once- in-a-lifetime moment he said congrats and good luck and then he saw my foot on the train of the wedding dress and he says it can't figure from a wedding dress it did not stay for a ceremony with the couple said they're going to remember this for generations to come, the
5:57 am
next hour or three teenagers are dead and more than critical condition after a crash and san jose live, with the very latest on what happened 20 earthquakes to we're having more on this and a live report aback appear on the bay bridge already will be back into men's and it we're with you until 10:00.
5:58 am
it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner. unleash the power of dough. give i ia pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard.
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but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning
6:00 am
news starts now >>mark: a deadly crash on the streets of san jose we're looking at the home that we have of the scene to disconfirming three people died in the crash all under the age of 18 >>reporter: police a gesture of the santa clara street to traffic as they continue to clean up the senate the democrats that killed three teenagers based on eyewitness accounts their two cars traveling west on santa clara street at a high rate of speed at 11:00 last night when one loss control and hit the like all in the tree the light pole was actually where the cone is an insult to clear streets now the other car kept going back car that hit the tree had four people inside three of them died
6:01 am
to victims are at the scene and the others died at the hospital that would not go into detail of the ages of the people who were in the car but they're all under the age of 18. the ku >>reporter: 11 racing down the stretch of santa clara street but it is too early to tell police a they're looking for people who work in that vehicle the other vehicle kept going but they do not have a description at the time >>reporter: investigation into what happened overnight is still ongoing will be up here to update you as time goes on >>darya: let's look more at traffic impact of this >>george: the good news is this is on surface streets and not on the freeway sold the likelihood that it will have a huge impact on the commute is minor but it is a popular route to get to highway 101, is closed for the three blocs stretched into then happened at 23rd street and east santa clara they close the
6:02 am
street off from 21st to 24th that its a close tie 11 but not affecting the free ride a horse of my friend looks pretty clear right now >>george: 101 of my trip is still on the clock in at 21 minute lead is not too bad arrive at all track in the ride to the bay bridge that some of the heaviest traffic this morning as we are looking at delays already from the macarthur maze and we are ready up over the 20 minute mark as we move just has just 6:00 for the west on ride out of the east bay into san francisco >>darya: following recon news of the east may were now 20 small earthquakes have been reported near san ramon since yesterday morning >>anny hong: we have just a couple of more earthquakes the just happened in the last 15 minutes a soap very minor but they will add to the cost four squares that have been reported over the last 12 hours or some we've had now 20 quick
6:03 am
since yesterday the largest of the 2.9 magnitude quake this is in the san ramon area that had just before 4:00 this morning a slightly smaller one about 30 minutes before that there was a 2.7 magnitude quake began in the same area nearly the usgs they felt the 2.9 early this morning many of those responses came from the danville in san ramon areas their reporting anywhere from week to like shaking and no reports of any damage here is a look as some of the come as we've been getting a lot of people responding to the facebook page and harris what they're saying some lanes as yet thought about my closet door another person brandon says it will come up another word your asking the question is the big one coming up where on the
6:04 am
wane over to the east bank of more details and to see if people there felt the second this morning but again most of them at a very smart or to- shaking would definitely rattling out of bed early this morning will consent to call the store and the enough anymore quick stop of brought the morning broadcast.
6:05 am
>>james: we're watching that very carefully this is not a big rainmaker south of san jose that might get a pot of thunderstorm but here in the bay area properly looking for bright sparkle to anything at all unfortunate events we got a little more than half will let you know fasted developed what the course of that at this point is a very slight chance to show clear conditions out at the bay bridge as a lookout to the east will much in the court down 89 sound like a hot temperatures this afternoon which hit at about 3:00 or 4:00. >>james: 89 quite a bit of a court docket to were working to four hours ago that is the latest with the two of the weather coverage to that the potential what weather and the court down will have more on the forecast, and 15 minutes.
6:06 am
>>mark: there will be before judge morris announced a shawn and go and live look out of it are in jail facing multiple charges including murder this morning we're learning who helped pull the trigger and is one of the murders of their rented the a's said he is one who fired the gun that killed steve carter on the hiking trail and fairfax on october 5th and said the three waited to kill and to the cost of his car illegal unless that even though investigators think the people the trigger all three suspects can be charged with murder is still unclear who shot and killed all three in golden gate park hearten passport and atlantic of a fawn with the suspect when they were arrested in oregon there sensing life in prison without possibility of
6:07 am
parole or the death penalty if convicted they're doing or nine this morning and we will be them the first happened just before 5:00 last night and amtrak have the court order at a pickup truck in santa clara surely after that of the tea a train in san jose and pedestrians. >>darya: had a person in san mateo and the person was killed by a trend in san ramon as well as look at the map with and now go to video from san bruno with that of the accident it was closed for several hours last night it is not clear why a person was on the tracks rescue crews worked for a while to get the person out from under the train and a pedestrian was pronounced dead at the scene is
6:08 am
not clear why that person was on the tracks in san to a person was hit by couch time they're on the tracks here the fourth incident last night an amtrak train in santa clara had a pickup truck it was on the tracks that happens is out of which america and lafayette street the driver suffered only minor injuries is not clear what led to that accident but police said they do not suspect drubs alcohol played low the requested cannot swinging in the first democratic debate car and was simple semantic lead in the poll and prove to the party that she
6:09 am
is the standard bearer for maintenance of bernie sanders have shined during his rally novels that to see him as a debater they're looking to seize the spotlight from the top two among the key moment the controversy over the private e- mail server continues as secretary of state did disagree the cave of three clinton and opening the outcome was not
6:10 am
going to stay quiet. >>mark: he promised as the five democratic hopefuls took the stage history was mostly for retreat of the detective few jabs at and can take the martin o'malley and trump added that he was sorry there was no star on the stage the republican presence of canada has more than four have million followers the image showing his wife on the screen he posted a pitcher with the caption what happens in vegas. >>darya: every parent wants
6:11 am
their or maybe to the healthy when you have your baby and i could make a difference the best time of the year to give birth coming up move over hillary clinton donald trump is said to take over the set of saturday night live where wanted to you when he is going to host the show.
6:12 am
6:13 am
6:14 am
>>james: with a is a your computer model to put a line on the peninsula for tomorrow morning was the right to want to show you what's happening right now that is what we're saying at the moment a wider view shows there is some what weather to the south where are tracking that as for how much rain will fall at least when the rain will fall if it doesn't to the bay area. >>james: load of a different computer model calculus of the variables and a cut clouds of the debate and which is right here at o'clock this morning
6:15 am
3:00 in the afternoon nothing class is getting out school is over we have to fast forward all the way it said and mention role nothing happened until 3:00 a.m. thursday morning now have the possibility of some stop the showers as we rotted for internal and actually continue ride of the peninsula even intensifying by endicott tomorrow morning perhaps never to grow one with more talk about in the way of rain at the moment for to the of the site were growing pretty good six to nine and set it is a very mild start with the mild afternoon it will get one but will not get as hot as it did yesterday will finish up and a is an low 90s in the interior valleys to begin thursday morning we have the
6:16 am
care of one share from tonight and then friday the cloud sit with us will sunny day and afternoon but temperatures will continue to cool that will be the name of the game as we wrap up the work week. >>george: convict back of the bay bridge this morning backing up earlier than usual and more than usual are retracting to four minutes for the trip time out of the macarthur maze and it is backed up now eye to eye with 24 for the westbound ride given the length of the back of the speeds are actually pretty good the san mateo bridge right out of the east bay over toward san mateo or about 15 minutes away from seeing things really bogged down here if we follow a typical pattern track in the ride to the golden gate bridge we are still essentially the late offering and are and some free from recounting for the 1 01 southbound ride in his look at the richmond bridge just the first glimmer of the back of westbound still only a metric
6:17 am
ton tracking some east bay slowdowns for your. >>george: that is the good news we have the mine accident here at the dublin and to change the traffic as a little slower leading out of livermore but because the problems in the altamont not much traffic is getting through with added three minutes to the drive times for 680 in the southbound direction in nine minutes to the drive times now with a 34 minute trip time through the corridor from to 38 down to 237. a man >>darya: is behind bars is one after he started a fire at its san leandro wal-mart and there is video of the flames police arrested a for your man he poured lighter fluid again grappling the garnet section of several items on the store including the candy aisles and the kids halloween costume and set them on fire this is the store had a spiritual rotted happened onto a caucus to the afternoon the employes said the
6:18 am
guy was acting wears a they're watching him while the what the employees of the fire out with their own gear and a firefighter shoulder of the other employees held the suspect until the police got there and it turns out they say the police investigated their release to three different sections of that store and had been doused with the lighter fluid. >>darya: lamar oldham is in hospital after he was found on come to a nevada brothel he was on yesterday afternoon that the government is about 7 mi. outside las vegas the shared department tried to airlift the basketball player to lost lake is but you to call for the helicopter was driven by ambulance he had to cabiri and alcohol in their reports and
6:19 am
even parkinson saturday the personal trainer says he has been acting different listens to split from missed calling-- closely--chloe. he gets a lot of calls and fax messages within five your split from her after a four year marriage retired from the nba in 2013 will bring you of that on his condition san jose police a looking for the driver who struck and killed a pedestrian in san jose yesterday morning we cover this live here when the accident happened investigators believe that the man who was trout was either a standing or
6:20 am
walking in the street into such a wide world in florida avenue and they think that this truck was what had him. >>darya: this is from a nearby surveillance camera that surveillance video of a person of interest at a victory before the accident at it like to talk to. >>mark: that are dropping the proposal to allow some violent inmates to fight fires this comes to less after the idea was first announced it will raise public sector concerns of inmates convicted of violent crimes prison official said there time to find ways to increase the full potential fire fighters a number of available low-level offenders have been falling due to men have not been sent to, jails and not the state prisons the bay bridge committee is questioning the need for prayer tower and the ride despite concerns raised by a number of experts the project's governing body voted to 1 yesterday to approve for the study of the problem of the move for repair work about a quarter
6:21 am
of the still ross the repairs will include the chill ramon the grout and retention and regarding the rods are designed to provide safety and kiss of and a quick. >>mark: the convict has petitioned the ship was to install all along stainless steel nut to to see below the bridge sidewall the transfer to the district has begun seeking bids on this project and officials hope to start installing the netting and in their place officers to search the grounds or after september 11th have significant higher rates of cancer there was no study conducted by the nypd and
6:22 am
a group of hospitals and examine the medical records of 40,000 officers. if >>darya: rates of cancer were roughly 50 percent greater for those who has served between 2002 and 2014 more than half of the officer died and those with cancer were at ground zero cluster two to four hours after the attack on 911 of 2001 and 80 percent were there at some point babies born during the summer have a of their birth weight and their taller the summer birth next child health care because the get more sunlight and vitamin d. in their second trimester of the cell wall some babies tend to be held there that do not appear to be better at school and the mighty because
6:23 am
there birth that system starting school young than their peers. >>mark: a great white shark of our nc line and the bay off the coast of our patras--alcatraz you could see blood in the water but and for a long sharp comes completely out of the water this is the first time and one has reported seeing a great white shark go for the kill in side of san francisco bank the spirits of george washington already for the tasting how the first president of burns the state recreated some of the whiskey that george washington himself used to make rocket and the bay area weather and traffic were already on the san mateo bridge were watching them for your watch and for an hot spot
6:24 am
will have more the chance of rain will be right back. [announcer] sunday's your last chance to save big
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during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose up to 48 months interest-free financing on a huge selection of tempur-pedic models. or choose to save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. you can even choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular stearns & foster mattresses. the triple choice sale ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>mark: they tasted the to the
6:26 am
whiskey incident was zone of one of the biggest whiskey and the lifting century back into thousands mount vernon reconstructed washington's original republican presidential donald trump is set to host saturday night liv next month the real dollars from nbc said it host a show on november 7th is a reunion of some sort for the nbc and the network and trump close to their presence of the offense with enough work for over a decade and also hosted s&l 2004 relations between the network in the sour over the summer and he listened conference the comments about immigrants early this month the
6:27 am
democratic presidential hopeful early clinton appearance as an out and that was pretty funny to his own to face watching the weather cooled to adjust all parts of the bank a few more clouds and iran works out more on the full forecast coming up the deadly crash killed three teenager and san jose police one in critical condition all the details coming up next. ♪ ♪
6:28 am
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>>mark: the relations our grand opening bell retail sales barely rising the figures are down 50 what it was below the 17,000 park will continue to follow revenues out of the south than out of san jose on the santa clara street near 23rd street like last night and every harper is there. >>reporter: they clear the senate the democrats to kill three teenagers on the santa clara street and second street,
6:30 am
on lifting the the last year of this crest of the one of the points of impact for the group attended the doubles in the car police say that they did receive recall from people who said that there were two cars going and a very high rate of speed police said that those i would say there are too hard on a hybrid of speed ago, and a gold color a dark colored accurate a honda lost control and hit a light pole before spinning into a tree for people inside the go on the two people a man and woman were prompted here at the scene and another male victim died at the hospital the last person is in critical condition at a local hospital that honda was actually stolen they're still looking for the people or inside the of the car this was near the intersection of east santa clara
6:31 am
street and 22nd street in san jose and coming back to live here in san jose police have been on the street to traffic. >>reporter: but identity of those victims in the car and not available at this time to is still trying to notify family members and at all the victims of a tennis unequivocal another names of the people who were in the car. >>george: this incident is blocking city streets and to her every said the good news is it is adjacent to the freeway and does affect some people that will be heading to or from 1 01 just west of the highway and but it is not really going to jam of the ride in fact if the see the traffic is on this low for a couple of blocks from the immediate area and the three block closure 24 minutes was the
6:32 am
drive times out of the macarthur maze even the 880 brand starting to back up now over the westbound lanes of the frequent and already slowed the ride to the san mateo bridge with the back of the riches beyond cloud wrote for the west not to ride and a dry type of 18 minutes out of hayward over to san mateo. >>james: what weather to the south have two things where talk about on the waterfront chancels propose today and cooler temperatures this tells the chance of rain story because it a portion of the system floor and with the sock that we may see a slight lead on this afternoon as a result a lot of areas in the ultimate success is
6:33 am
right now we expect that to some extent the same to the beginning of class 79 by the bay and by 3:00 this afternoon almost 90 the school and that was yesterday for the imbalance--and the balance. >>darya: we're like a brick and a test of the thame >>anny hong: 20 small are quite since yesterday morning the lord is with a two-point 9 magnitude quake that was just before 4:00 this morning in the san ramon area 30 minutes before that there is a 2.6 magnitude quake in more than a hundred people have already reported to usgs if they felt the second this morning is best for the 2.9 in most of those losses come from danville and san ramon this morning so far no reports of any
6:34 am
damage but definitely did with a quite a few people out of bed this morning from recall the door were shaking will it be posted if we get any more reports of artworks this morning earthquakes. >>mark: lincoln a soft in the hotel to suicide and the sun and wind respond to the marriott marquee on fourth and mentioned after a man jumped off the roof later that evening plans to support a promising hotel worker that employee was later found in the penthouse suite with life-threatening injuries that are lacking the two continents to get an to four
6:35 am
plans are not releasing details on what exactly happened to the hotel workers the sec's revived in canada will be released out of the north bank of he's not been given specific housing >>darya: he was convicted of raping a 17 yorker salon accounting back in 2006 he has three of the report or intent to rape convictions after a of a failed placement the judge ordered the county to find at home for him or he will be released on what is called transient saddens the admissibility live in motels throstle, accounted for five days at a time for now remains at the state mental hospital coming up a list of the best places to raise a family is out where in the bay area made the top 10 the california woman is painting a fence on the border of the u.s. and mexico to make a
6:36 am
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>>mark: san diego chargers is leading an effort to point of order fenced a group of 30 harvest are working together on the senses and arizona fernandez once a like a political statement about water she's painted in blue sock pearson visible sense similar project in tijuana and risk getting arrested this digest permission from mexican authorities to think defense for the similar side of the border with iran not sure i'd use a courier response people using ladders along the border fence
6:40 am
and we will be right back
6:41 am
6:42 am
>>darya: huge judgment against a gun store this sold to use up half results of what the jury awarded the officer the war is the defending champions and not fit into the desert to be where for one very outspoken warrior about what he thinks about hairs.
6:43 am
>>james: forcing out near st. louis to the spa hopefully to bring as a wave of moisture throughout the letter evening hours tonight and through early tomorrow morning what and looks like on the streets to cast for this to the mile run the shows with the senses are singing graniteware might fall into caught nothing but clouds noontime was all around the bank again just clouds were not want to see too much rain at the factory clock kids can have a school nothing to show even by 6:00 tonight were not looking for too much activity that is a model that shows some what weather to the south in the peninsula early during over nine hours early tomorrow morning and maybe even as late as if the clock in the morning.
6:44 am
>>james: temperatures mild with the concord 60 degrees livermore also 68 a one lot of locations and '60s right now temperatures this afternoon should one of nicely for talks and it's almost time for the east of the dollar which is much cooler than it was yesterday in >>james: and seven san francisco 81 and oakland here is the extended forecast of that on the back to purchase continue to court friday and then have another chance of rain all of this plan it looks like a slim chance. >>george: we're track in the bay bridge as a hot spot has a bigger the usual back up even though it is an incident free
6:45 am
drive times already over 30 matt west bound traffic leading to the bay bridge backed up we move past the starting it will paulo late be higher than 30 minutes the third it >>george: bigger delays for the ride leaving the east bay heading for more ran there is an accident track in the ride here to the east bay starting to pick up some slowing of concord
6:46 am
and to all look creek on 6 is out and we've added quite a bit of time to the drive on a westbound and backed the doubling in from 16 minutes to 32 minutes for your trip time from hercules to berkeley for interstate 80 westbound. >>darya: that continue to investigate the discovery of the human skull if as reported yesterday on the morning news the skull was found in our rural area of lost battles around 9:00 monday morning--los gatos. >>darya: they're looking for any clothes and other bones and fragments that might be there by homicide detectives are still trying to figure out the 24 your was arraigned in san jose guest today in the case of the missing cats in the neighborhood he was
6:47 am
found sleeping in his car with a carcass of a cat police said there was a cat with an arm's reach when he was arrested the home since video is what led investigators to him the cab on a to the hearing were emotional when talking about the case he's been held on seven $5,000 bond authority set a 13 your antioch a girl has been are arrested after she accidently shot herself >>darya: the process' is found the gun at school and a rest from last week and that she put it in her backpack when she got home she was going to show the fire on to her grandmother for she accidently shot herself in the hand she is recovering but police took the gun and able to into juvenile hall no word yet on loans backed down accord to
6:48 am
the city attorney's office to confine all types of drugs at this mcdonnell from lsd to mushrooms back and myself as a city attorney says a letter to the mcdonald won in the city was prepared to sue over ongoing problems at the site now the property on at that mcdonald's has agreed to hire security officers to be there all times all our operations increased number of security cameras as well and add financing and lighting that agreement just announced yesterday it also includes a $40,000 payment to the city of san francisco. >>darya: navy veteran is slowing after a 69 lb., fell on course installed in san francisco issue and the u.s. government and national he's asking for $5
6:49 am
million his attorney says the veteran was relaxing under a non native country and the park when the giant pine cone fell on him and caused irreversible brain damage he has had to surgeons already and still needs a third one. >>mark: the start picketing at 7:00 this morning at the county administration center the representing the social worker's mental health specialists public health nurses librarians public safety dispatches and clerical workers is the first time is gone on strike in 25 years the have not been have to come with an agreement on employee contracts the contract expired at of september 28th despite a significant decrease in gas prices last month the bay area gas prices are among the highest in the nation there is in the report offered triple at the national average to show it to
6:50 am
a 31 gal. california currently topping off its stake in the nation >>darya: 285 on average in san jose and oakland the same and $3 for a gallon and san francisco >>mark: does it worry is headed to san francisco for their season to of celebration the mayor recognizes the tim given the key to the city during in a band in saddam city hall celebration runs all day from 9:00 this morning the war is became just of 15 nba history to win four more titles to 241015 season by capt. and bleep happens to call the fourth time in 40 years--first time >>darya: from the east bay city came in at seventh and here is why that trend have the fifth most popular u.s. cities and in the aesthetic things cost of
6:51 am
housing quality of schools health-care system opportunity to start from a recreation the fremont scored well on the list and is also number one on the lows of four straight and number two and a low for families living below the poverty line the best is to raise a family in the country the number one city is overland park kansas number two is planned out taxes and about three virginia beach virginia. >>mark: we will be right back [announcer] through sunday at sleep train,
6:52 am
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>>: i am a hundred and two months we to take on our on lunch and pop and we never paid any thing
6:57 am
>>darya: the senate is exactly the same as was first started going mary barnes hit two home runs their it was fantastic this is our year they will to 2015 and they sat with the cubs won it would be incredible our top story following recon news out of the south by three teenagers killed in an accident and is connected to our race with a live report on that of basketball star who found himself thrust into reality tv if not in the hospital for talk about baseball howe the wrath of a full bid to move on and we're watching bay area weather
6:58 am
and traffic
6:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now a deadly crash on the streets of san jose this is video the scene where police say three people died in that
7:00 am
crash all under the age of 18th >>reporter: police had cleared the seen an accident of east bay and san jose that killed three teenagers to take a look behind all thing that is left is a cone that marks the point of and i take a look it would look like a bit earlier as police were cleaning up the scene this said the crash happened at about 11:00 last night for the crime scene investigators are working well into the morning to clean of debris is set according to eyewitness report to cars and driving down the santa clara street in a very high rate of speed the honda lost control and had a light pole before spending into a trend for people were inside the car to people all man and woman were pronounced dead at the same another male victim died in a local hospital and the last victim is still in critical condition at a local hospital >>reer


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