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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  October 15, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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sergeant attending the arrest other sergeant move around and hold the suspect of the sergeant yelled to his partner beginning news getting my gun he's got my gun shoot him. "at what point in time his partner officer fired to shot striking the suspect. other sergeants gun came to rest on the sidewalk suspect not survive his injuries. >> reporter: know that about a suspect killed in. hispanic male in his late 20s both the sergeants involved described as the senior officers bearable the injured and being treated for not a life-threatening injuries at two different hospitals.
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>> pam: pedro cortes accused of striking a man with ford pickup truck tuesday morning the man in his 60s not identified he died at the scene cortes' a book on felony hit-and-run charges crash happens in your north white road florence avenue the truck was a founding cortes' later turned himself and investigators failed connect cortes to the crash and the security video at a nearby bakery sells a searching for answers this evening in the wake of a deadly shoot straight race lead of three young people dead and lone survivor of that crash still in the hospital tonight. police still have not on the other car involved in the race. rob flood of boat reports the mayor says the solution to call trustee racing starts with
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keeping kids from dropping out of school. . >> reporter: the accident that claimed three young lives during the street race continues to draw mourners to the scene of the tragedy also attracted the attention of city hall ultra street racing getting the blame some of those who knew the victims knew their racing is what happens to kids and they lose interest or dropped out of school sallows a mayor december cargo agrees. "when they get them back in schools and fact looking at their opportunity rather than taking what risks marron says the solution is not a symbol of putting more cops on the street trashy calls to mind the importance of pushing funding for more summer jobs for young people and hiring initiatives they desire to keep kids in school and busy." i shall"and we face
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collectively. and we need to work with the committee to see how we can bring kids 1516 year- old back on track ravin choosing have like this. >> reporter: sunthorn the wrong crowd after got the school did that involve the stolen cars at its. street racing since. he is 12 years since >> catherine: fbi announcing a nationwide crackdown on human trafficking. the operation crosscountry lasted a week and wrap up the fbi released a video of some other teams in action sometimes setting of asians motels to catch traffickers and rescue the young victims nationwide 149 underage the victims found 153 pence were
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arrested the bay area was one of the many focal points. in the bay"area with 29 montforts the agencies participating in this effort in the course last week we recovered six juvenile and arrested seven traffickers. 52 purchasers during last week. agent >> catherine: safe hands and bring under age girls to the bay area because there is a large metropolitan area fairly wealthy operation cross country the ninth such nationwide crackdown. freeze >> pam: suspects charged with murdering a hiker on in fairfax canadian woman in golden gate park remain in marin county jail tonight we still do not know how much time they spent in the bay area prior to both murders some of their time we
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do know was spent in san francisco's ashbury district for dened herman joins us live tonight with stories from people who cross the paths of the suspects prior to the murders. >> reporter: suspects charged with murdering a hiker in a backpacker and golden gate park await their next court appearance was to cross the palace prior to the killings still trying to make sense of all after their arrest steve posen realize he said next morrison all-out war walking his dog maggie in golden gate park
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unclear how time the three spent in san francisco they were familiar faces the people. and this woman in the third suspect . r weber says the last few times she sought ankles he was consumed by drugs. "the surprise of he did something like that he lost his mind that happens when mess with the drugs all-time. the fed >> reporter: sought that somewhere in san francisco for some part of time raising safety questions not just here but also in golden gate park more on that part of a story tonight on kron 4 news at 6.
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>> pam: new details on the stabbing of spencer stone of the three young men hailed as heroes after terrorist attack on a train had and france stonehams of the hospital recovering at home tonight released from the medical center this afternoon he was attacked earlier this month outside of a bar in sacramento stabbed several times during a brawl police say the woman with him also stabbed three times place are still searching for the two men responsible for that attack all caught on this surveillance video >> grant: rain in southern california causing mud slides these video from short time ago cars some half swallowed by the mud flash flooding the devastating impact on homes as well in the town of like he was 65 mi. north of l.a.. helicopters out right now searching the area fortunately
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no reports yet of any victim's no injuries certainly. trying times as the modest covering streets right there a flash flood warning remained in effect for that area. 645 tie we keep you posted on the breaking news out of seven california. >> pam: finkel caught in traffic trouble in union city is getting larger figure from helicopter partnership with abc seven showing just how large that hole is look at this happened at the intersection of of ron noble art in new haven street and union city right near alvarado middle school and fire station just been join us live from the scene with the latest on efforts to repair the holes and traffic nightmare that's causing. new equipment >> reporter: just arrived here you see the big two right here a vacuum that will suck out all the water and soil
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debris that's at the bottom of the sinkhole was all that has gone crews will be able the see better what is happening under there that will help them determine the cause finkel is roughly 25 ft. wide 10 ft. deep repairs continue all day thursday or when the soldering a replacement water main pipe the collapse, the old one to break under all the pressure detours all around alvarado created terrible traffic parents waited in long lines to pick up their kids all the rodham middle school the usual entrance blocked off because the construction repairs traffic slowed in the stalled in response parents tell us it's an inconvenience.
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>> reporter: district crews tend to sit here stabilize the sinkhole in order to continue to work on the repairs which will take 12 hours and a fixed rope cannot come soon enough for students out of their way to get home with their chance to do right now is stabilize the hole putting and she piles basically metal boards that will go round the circle of a hole that will keep it from collapsing for making a bigger or falling on the workers down the bottom of it transfix said we did find out from the city that they do expect this to be totally repaired by next tuesday. >> grant: >> pam: lamar clinging to life as the care-and family and by his bedside visit to the nevada brothel before his collapse coming off
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plus east bay church threatened with fines neighbors complained of the church is too noisy and predictions on the upcoming all me know what we cannot expect this winter next
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>> pam: says complaints against the church in west oakland. the complaint says the church should be fine thousand dollars city leaders tell us why that is not likely to happen. the sampling >> reporter: says of the music of the baptist church and with a plan creating a nuisance because there is too loud but vocal in trying to hit the mute button on church worshipers in this part of town and medication director karen says no way this letter sent back on august 31st this year implies $3,529 news and case be civil penalties of $500 a day could be brought against the church city council members when at the star city hall is
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concerned the matter is resolved although one complaint from resident against the church allegedly playing loud music after 9:00 p.m. councilmember says that there is a bigger picture issue of growing concern here. to account and all members talk more of that and the story coming up on kron 4 news of six. >> pam: last few days there's been a series of earthquakes and east bay in the area of san ramon all but small still there were five earthquakes and just today residents are questioning if all these mean anything wonder if there are a warning sign of larger earthquakes a
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looming usgs officials say they are not a warning sign of a larger earthquake reminder to prepare for possible place in the future budgets earthquake in the nation organizers called it a today california shakeout indicating california and is ready for the big one every harbour joined leaders in oakland for their drill. rakehell >> reporter: 20 a shakeout statewide effort to make sure your prepared for straw narthex information on how earthquake proved her home explain how to keep your valuables from flying off the wall of concelebration had its residents can way feeling a big favor.
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"a refreshed in many things" the the >> reporter: matter of place in the letter let you test that you do if your palms start of the rumble test of drop cover and hold on motions to keep you from being hurt from off following items concept didn't quite grasp the the first time after a couple tries i think i got. basel >> grant: alenia new prediction there is now very little doubt this will be a very wet winter four years of drought could see a lot more of this and this and this torrential downpours of mudslides flooding power outages
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in 1997 record all milhaud was being called the climate event of the century the time lapse comparing 1997 with 2015 red showing warmer seas the blue color temperatures warming pacific ocean dramatic effect on our weather national weather service is predicting a warm winter for most of the southern u.s. the 33% more rain than average in northern california 40% in the bay area 50 in southern california one expert at the jet propulsion laboratory trend toward extreme weather makes it hard to define what is normal climatologist fell patrick says north america this will definitely not the normal winter. >> pam: after days of summer like temperatures actually feels
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and looks like fall outside today bannister of the loss on the weather details live shot there as he approached the bay bridge a lot of low clouds hovering over the east bay area said francisco peninsula inland valley locations indication we're going to continue to cool things down the rest of the week temperatures right now current numbers in the '80s ladies for parts of england by location of her seventies as well east bay shoreline cities of for 6067 oakland 65 richmond 9 fremont at 68 degrees at francisco 53 daily city at 6 degrees again seven degrees cooler compared to what we've been experiencing last couple days. speed onshore breeze side 39 hayward. >> diane: jose currently 60 mi. an hour with the wind speeds. it will stay with us the rest of the evening what it looks like
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saddam to mostly cloudy skies of. 52 for the coast 74 inland valley location 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning partly sunny skies patchy fog coastal regions low clouds and place cooling things down quite a bit low pressure surrounding the area here from the south even southwest being rainshowers moderate rain showers at that gives a slight chance of rain showers saturday evening and sunday morning chance of that as 20 percent anything else is gonna bring a lot of clots in place from now till then and coolest on quite a bit afternoon highs around 4:00 ladies in the valley of the '70s east bay shoreline upper 50s have francisco 70 forecast and when i return latest on former nba star lamar zero of his condition later the on-screen brain polled on the set of homeland
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>> catherine: news the fed for its life and that the hostile tonight video of the strange white chloe. rushed to hospital tuesday being found on conscious and in nevada brothel workers there say they've found him using cocaine around supplements tablets during his state civil-rights leader visited him in the hospital staff he is on life support for the manager of the brothel in question talked about the fact that he and told her he wanted to get away. "that matters self as the fight
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for as if life. >> catherine: video of the love rat-tat house chloe's sparring over the media frenzy surrounding this he says that these dismiss her quest he stopped talking to reporters he says he knows what happened and protecting his business by telling the truth about. the television >> pam: show keeping up with a car-lenses for his downfall a pressure cooker the car-and women continue to soar the men seem to crash and burn in cider has more from hollywood. >> reporter: in rehab today even the brother rob battling depression wait struggles aside the curse of the car dasheen men. i love and prayers to pull
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through reclusive robbed her-in with a close aide lamar broke the silence putting this image caption reading prang nonstop for a brother. person felt so isolated so cutoff from the circle of people and when treasury strikes ever knowing centering around and bring support. guy just checked in the rehab yet again to combat his addiction. robb has lived the life and virtual hiding with the impression if weight gain relief in the aa
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soared so much more on this at 7 on the insider. john >> pam: same mouse at the white charges tomorrow los angeles county coroner and arrested him back in june 12th responding to a call for a witness who says the actor was behaving strangely driving erratically when monfort of the actors step away from the spotlight second rehab for substance abuse starring in a sitcom called grandfather that the three beautiful house he is charged with one misdemeanor count of be why if convicted faces a maximum sentence of six months in jail. >> pam: growing prom for more
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>> pam: more more east bay commuters have a problem when it comes to taking part. cannot find a place to park when they get the station of your says the problem is especially difficult at the record station just being got some answers as to a bar is and is not doing to make more space available tonight's my kron 4 story. >> reporter: from each and every space of the record forestation scenarios and knows all too well as practitioner comes from record to 7 cisco every weekday when she arrives 715 in the morning she says the law as artful rock ridge park station
5:31 pm
is a big busy one website shows parking lot here fill up by 725 in morning writers cannot promise street bears a two hour limit to one kron 4 to find out what part is doing about adding more spaces spokesperson and sir questions the e-mail there's no room to grow many stations in densely populated areas there currently has no money to purchase real estate for parking lots for multilevel garages are just raise parking fees over the summer with that money for losses send text the millers to writers when a lot is full still works as an idea this frustrate
5:32 pm
commuter likes the did also recommend her pool program commute to a parking lot of other writers. park and a designated car pulls off. >> pam: this was brought to our attention by a viewer to a story like us to look into some it your idea on a website kron4news-dot-com click on the micron a four story to have to send us your story. >> diane: deconditions out there right now live can outside golden gate bridge low clouds and place even like that on east bay shoreline of the north they take a look of that storm trackers shot and scattered showers and pamela mancera says well center fell pushing out west and out of the system here
5:33 pm
will continue to the early evening hours and then another chance of beguin come saturday next few days for you from 81 partly sunny skies saturday more clouds roll and the chance of showers again saturday evenings sunday morning them by sunday morning and afternoon partly cloudy skies temperatures in the upper seven is for the valley is 70 the state's shoreline cities and along the coast and then a big story here far rebuffed pressure system cooling things down as we progress in the end of a week and early next week as well as the cloud cover succumbing in saturday that has a slight chance of showers million the north bay again and parts the east bay shoreline cities all that will clear out and goes back falling temperatures. >> pam: or in afghanistan enters the 15th year ends for americans now pushed back president of, today announced the drawdown of troops from afghanistan the late he says the army is not ready to
5:34 pm
take on the task of securing the country steve has details from washington. >> reporter: reversal from president gamal he hoped would be part of the ministration legacy: all u.s. troops out of afghanistan this will bring the number of trips down the 5500 early 2017 and initially that it was to be that by the end of this year than have them to see only presence by the end of next year "the imposter the more rapid drawdown will allow to sustain our efforts to train assist the forces as they grow stronger "shivs' is not the thinnest trading american troops "society cultural normal and taken time to overcome a lot of those normals
5:35 pm
the late >> reporter: is necessary given recent events according to the lan and surgeons now spread to more of the country than any time since post 911 of invasion the defense minister says his country's military strides still me tell >> catherine: joe biden teasing reporters with pro long flirtation and during the 2015 presidential race found several different ways essentially say no comment and outside this official residence with for the arrival of the presidents of south korea
5:36 pm
>> catherine: trajan provide any political plans for parts and service he is quietly told supporters his family would be onboard with the decision to convert president when people most interested and his eventual decision hillary clinton democratic presidential candidate in texas today she said she will not be silenced by comes to talking about gun violence and some large as the dividing line between clan her chief democratic rival sen the bernie sanders she says she'll continue to challenge the nra sanders says during the sixth
5:37 pm
ave all the shouting in the world will not keep guns out the hands of people who shouldn't have them and a vulcan carli has been and i love all the town hall meeting there when asked about president no bomb was decision that he the boots and afghanistan she says she is glad finally recognizing reality as she put it. writing on after reports money from donors poured in since from the vapor campaign aide says she has $7 million >> reporter:.
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my name is griselda zendejas. i love working in the salinas area because i always wanted to do something where i could help people around me. so being a construction supervisor for pg&e gives me the opportunity to give a little bit back to my community. i have three boys. they're what keep me going every day. our friends, families live in the area. and it is important for all of us that we keep our community safe. together, we're building a better california.
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suspend >> catherine: from sports extra curricular activities for the rest of school your. the head >> grant: coached the years probation. the assistant coach member ec here told the players the rest needs to pay suspended for the rest the school year gets two years probation bray already resigned but does want a coach again
5:41 pm
today see making emotionally charged plea defending himself and his character before the state's fourth official aboard the players involved told brief the officials had used the n word and other racial comments earlier in the game every says that's why he told the players refuse to pay freeze says he never told and the physically hit the ref and was surprised when happened last month. player >> grant: 17 year-old michael guarino will never play again in high school ranks on
5:42 pm
the right 15 year-old sophomore factor. >> pam: land and knowing the tough three graffiti artists say hired by the show to write arabic graffiti on the said the paper and assyrian refugee camp preceded the right phrase including homeland as racist as no homeland homeland of the joke if the artist the credit for the work on a bog it was a protest, homeland betrays arabs afghans in pakistan is homelands crater admits the show did not catch the prank before the episode aired applauded what he called artistic 7 tush. >> pam: be golden gate bridge, and the north family and on the bridge all northbound lanes shut down at this hour and no traffic leaving san francisco and marin county will further details
5:43 pm
coming up
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all of >> pam: north on lanes shutdown and the commute right now car fire in the northbound lane you can see emergency vehicles on the right side of your screen very little traffic and the san francisco no traffic leaving san francisco and marin county no word if there are injuries associated with the fire for gathering additional information will bring it to you as we move your newscasts this evening if you're heading in tarrant county golden gate bridge northbound lanes are all shut down at this hour. >> catherine: new evidence if you have a high screen job killing you especially if you're a woman researchers track
5:47 pm
140,000 workers all over the world flows and high strain jobs as they put that which says nurses other service industry jobs by 22 percent higher risk of stroke fell more pressure jobs factory workers gender does seem to matter here women in high strain jobs 33 percent more likely the have a stroke researchers suggest it might help employers redesign jobs to give employees more control over how to do their work if you take a blade out of your piece so warning tonight environmental working group picosecond including cancer causing additives for potassium bromate and the flower that nonprofit agency from the chemical 86 brad's other baked goods also and things like federal's meatballs potassium bromate added a florida firm up the dough for the group says that's not necessary if it is pressuring manufacturers to use other ingredients. wall street
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trader move into positive territory across the board of dow of 217 points the mood coming on the heels of the good jobs report financial rob black talk about today's winners and losers with james fletcher. "no. reports the jobless claims report if reading this right decrease the since 1973 is that what you have to what's cool about that people who've been ago and marched down to unemployment first-time jobless claims of unemployment the lowest level since 1973 low levels tell you labor markets and courage right now that flicks of have them and vote was a column stock is down at the big winner on the s&p 500 toy
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a double cheeseburger drink for 250 burger king can peacenik it for about 49 big news is consumers to the past few but this is a wonderful deal for you when a >> diane: speed picking up the take a look at this live shot at the approach of a bridge a lot of low clouds hovering over the east bay. >> diane: 9:00 p.m. cloudy light fought along the coastal region 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning meantime increasing clouds temperatures 67 degrees for coast that moisture responsible for the cool down the we could get out of the system comes saturday evening in the sunday morning. if anything else to get a lot of low clouds and our skies and then high clouds in the afternoon hours right now that system we of light showers coming and in the north they
5:51 pm
pass. among center rows of pushing out west there so the remainder will last only early this evening and then things clear aqua of it without moisture in the future path showing the clots in the atmosphere 5:00 a.m. widespread throughout the valley even east bay shoreline cities 11:00 a.m. holes back quite a bit high clouds approached an inland that locations as to get in the afternoon hours and then transition after high clouds in place saturday morning low clouds and then off the coast there you see the green area coming approaching giving us that chance of light rain shower and what merely happen in north the east bay shoreline cities as well highs tomorrow 4:00 in the afternoon cooler temperatures for tamara 69 san francisco 72 sandbur now moved over to the east bay shoreline cities family and just 74 fremont 78 castro valley at 76 inland allocations much cooler now as we get into the
5:52 pm
end the week we only have a low 80s there where was felt warm in the '90s mechanical down definitely needed their highs moss of they say is a lot high clouds in the afternoon to morning otherwise high as the low 80s or face the scattered clouds here overall average temperature 75 degrees 74 forecast for you there those the clouds come friday saturday increasing clouds and that has arranged are put set up their sunday things clear out temperatures start cooling down alleys to mid week next week. >> pam: fish of the golden gate bridge and just now the bridge is in on the right side your screen northbound traffic is now open up a car fire had shut down all northbound lanes during the thursday evening commute and now the cars are going again seconds ago as we bring you this live picture a car fire northbound side in the emergency crews had
5:53 pm
checked on the northbound lanes leading san francisco and marin county those lanes just now opening up an unexpected back of his human imagine people heading home during the evening hours here south from lanes no problems and this is a still picture now is to the villagers green smoke pouring from the bridge from a car fire here no word whether or not there were injuries associated with the car fire apparently whatever was going on is under control in the emergency crews have just moved that car off a bridge fillets are flowing again we continue to gather information he posted on developments all lanes appear to be flowing smoothly right now more news ahead
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people walk faster it will not impact the actual content. >> gabe: the idea so far- fetched. really interesting to see quick note to what catches on in changes the way we watch tv. >> pam: we will go back live to where the ground is giving away the massive sinkhole far from being fixed but is spending lots of frustration tonight then wait till you see the creative way contrabass sureness getting the word out about the drought warning. as for you at the top of the hour next on kron 4 news word out about the drought warning. as for you at the top of the hour next on kron 4 news that six. ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be
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>> grant: vast improvement from 1050 minutes ago been note traffic tonight. on a farm land. >> grant:-north on section of the golden gate bridge had been shut down for about a half hour of four cars a slowly started traveling northbound 10 minutes ago as you can see the image as we first showed you not moving these are pictures of the car fire the so great their back to live picture and as you and see no one is going anywhere at the moment cars not even inching forward chp did start leading over back of this extreme and
6:01 pm
you should die north of lanes of the golden gate bridge for the evening commute. the residual impact will be for some time overseeing.-the word on injuries connected note that we do not know what specifically caused the fire and this is what we're dealing with the one we continue to follow the breaking news at san francisco. >> pam: from bad to worse frustrated drivers sounding off on the massive sinkhole and union city continues to expand tonight. these pictures courtesy of our partnership with abc 7. more traffic headaches for drivers it's not all crosstree grown from just the day yesterday to a huge gash just
6:02 pm
been in union city tonight and a status update from the city was being done to fix the mess. >> reporter: the vacuum is working right now sucking up all that water debris from the bottom of this thing called allows crews to get a better look at what's going on try to figure out what caused the road to collapse in the first place the whole is 25 ft. wide 10 ft. deep and first reported around noon yesterday right in front fire station no. 32. the entrance much of the day to day was spent trying to fix a broken water main pipe broke because it was crushed by the collapsing street the county water will be here for the next 12 hours trying to fix the broken water main and also enough they from
6:03 pm
the city they told me what will be doing overnight tonight this jury here closer look at those metal doors also talked about at 5:00 there gimmicky the whole from collapsing on workers and the bottom and we do know now this should be totally repaired by next tuesday a major headache for parents and students trend picked up all the rodham middle school the entrance as great here and the construction crews are blocking the way of this for talking to parents and students you hear them tonight as we continue following this sinkhole sawed-off. >> pam:san francisco police
6:04 pm
fatally shoot a man they say was violently resisting arrest. this video of the scene if from our helicopter partnership with market and 8th street. kron4's maureen kelly is live >> reporter:pam the streets are open now but this intersection where the shooting happened and several blocks in every direction were shut down to traffic.rerouting drivers and muni riders. on july"rigidly breaking bottles and from of this order flow down the officers because the broken glass would top the tire of a trap and the two sergeantsthe suspect was allegedly in front of this construction officers because he was worriedthe two officers.sargents.described as
6:05 pm
senior officers.confronted the cuffs on the suspect.that police section on the ground yelled is getting my gun he's got my gun. shrewd and" >> reporter:preliminary information is that the other sargent fired twoa man eating lunch around the gunshots. bite police say the gun they were struggling over got loose came to rest on the sidewalk.
6:06 pm
all we know about the man who was killed he is believed to be hispanic and in his late 20's. this is the fifth fatal police shooting in san francisco this year. the deadly crash that claimed three young lives in san jose this week is being blamed on four's rob fladeboe has some insight on in street race >> reporter: will happen on east
6:07 pm
santa clara street shocked the community renewed a call for action the mayor says the solution was simple as putting more cops on the street picking up the street racers is easier said than done. most of the time the races are not plan and can happen almost anywherewhat happened has shocked the
6:08 pm
perez says east santa clara bailey avenue are racing hot spots. he too has been called out to join in but has resisted and hopes the death of his cousin and her two friends will encourage others to say no too. a man suspected of setting a antwan johnson is accused of setting fire to the store's \ / >> pam: he was arraigned today in alameda county court. san leandro police say johnson was seen at the store spilling lighter fluid around the area. shorty after that fire erupted
6:09 pm
walmart employees were able to put the fire out quickly. investigators have not said why they believe johnson set fire to the holiday section of the store. he is being held at santa rita jail. and is scheduled back in court tomorrow to possibly enter a plea. >> grant: none of them especially encouraging. weicker's champion estranged husband chloe a nine but then, of being found unresponsive to stave nevada brothel outside and sincere reporting a 35 year-old will strokes several organs are failing including his kidneys use of video the brothel right there getting dialysis employees at a low branch say he had recently done cocaine taken to an herbal by rebels fled now being tested to see what else may be in his system problem manager drove him from the airport saturday the owner says
6:10 pm
he won two titles with the lakers a $75,000 for on the clock companionship at that brothel close as been by his side since hospitalized the file for divorce papers signed fathom them processed yet not officially divorced because he reportedly does have a living will close is making decisions for him and will of tracking developments with the condition with a very latest on push alerts download to the mobile of vacation for your phone or tablet. >> pam: flash flooding somewhat crack car number on the car just
6:11 pm
got word interstate 5 that the grapevine is closed this is happening in the town of like he used 65 mi. north of los angeles helicopters searching the area no word on rescue's going on right now and the flash flood warning remains in that area 645 tonight here in the bay area noticeable change in our weather office like much of the reason and checking the forecast. give >> diane: and was light rain showers right now in the north face the panel the memo was earlier fairfield area center rows of petaluma as ec continues to push out less for many of these for this system is only going to last the next couple hours are so another round of it comes saturday for right now afternoon highs tomorrow 4:00 p.m. for low 80s
6:12 pm
in the inland guy locations 80 antioch livermore and pleasanton 79 concord east bay shoreline cities in 79 oakland 60 for richmond severances camauro 69 degrees and then the next three days for you cooler temperatures partly sunny skies tomorrow saturday with more clouds rolling in a chance of showers we get out of that system coming up from los angeles sunday with partly cloudy skies only last for a day with the rain showers but the couple would have the jurors are here to stay and more that a new 70 forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> pam: activity at an east bay church not sitting well with some of its neighbors with
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
of what the >> pam: church and how its new neighbors dealing with the ousted leader's talk about what to do next. >> reporter: a moment really
6:16 pm
critical if a deal with other issues was complaint against the west oakland church appears to be resolved city leaders say the issue is giving them an opportunity to address the larger concern of a housing crisis people are feeling priced out and pushed out in many ways bound up with of against to the council passed a fairly important piece of legislation last budget decreed department of raising equity the administrator's office in the coming that department together and a place of opportunity for us to really look at the issues of emerging.
6:17 pm
"and history of not only been diverse we are saying to newcomers we don't accept we do not tolerate in tolerate we are going after a very real way of protection of our communities. the math >> pam: theater's spring what the to the whereabouts charged in a murder of a hiker of fairfax and golden gate park in the three-year war members of a homeless population that is raising concerns tonight and other homeless people in that area about safety-. news left with more. >> pam: >> reporter: it is clear to many
6:18 pm
the suspects lived here in austin and apart for some. time unclear how long that was people are concerned with the others among some here can also be equally on say. 1130 and hear this person's fessing three hours later really intense. he met audrey and since then no longer sleeps in the park steves
6:19 pm
of the stuff of two of the murder suspects walking his dog and golden gate park he to plans to take extra precautions. "now what and would so much alone a santa trails and stuff like that we in. of the film crew association says police are doing all the can but the lack of prosecutions has made things worse because people just returned to the area. "as an older person feel very intimidated." >> reporter: the three suspects made their court appearance yesterday. back in court entered pleas at the end of the month.. >> pam: lieutenant governor spearheading a new proposal fell further ammunition restrictions
6:20 pm
in the state of california requires a background check with purchasing ammunition hoping to rollout the plan and a voter initiative next year it comes in the wake of a number of high- profile killings including an oregon access york state had a similar proposal suspended several months ago national rifle association says he's trying to chip away at second i and many rights of the initiative also bad possession large capacity magazines to survive a blue-ribbon commission to improve sackler county jail due friday the committee is being formed in response to the life of beating death of an inmate by three deputies back in august officials introduced the plan last month not of the safety in the jail and committee 25 people including judge mental-health experts a member of the clergy former inmate civil rights organizer the
6:21 pm
commission members will be announced on tuesday to enter zero of just released they say this year the ranks among the strongest on record i'll look 40 percent more rain than average coming here in the bay area in january. lasting through march however nasa predicting california would need 11 trillion gallons of grain to the fall to the and the drafts. >> grant: you provides relief it will likely will not be enough and the official drought. next seasonal outlook will be issued november 19th when you take a look at this you see why we need the rain so badly. lysistrata monitor out today shows 46 percent of the state remains in the darkest right experiencing exceptional drought conditions most of the bay area is not in that force category.
6:22 pm
>> grant: from the city of west hollywood. of throne's to give people the tension and people the conserve more water northern california. california cutting back and how well milhaud is causing to the crabs to wash ashore. where the tap water made pace a little funny for bay area communities. what to do about that followed the cyclical way kron4news-dot-com >> diane: the forgets to weather here on 610 commit to go north click on the space center ron 1.7 magnitude 61012 minutes ago
6:23 pm
of. the move if that said we of flow cuts in place or on the east bay region inland valley fair francisco hansel location beautiful shot live camera from our embarcadero and 9:00 p.m. cloudy light fog will continue in the close to reaching. here's what we of the cooling trend in place. all the weather system will storm self from the soft. and then essentially to our region. a chance to come saturday for right now flow clouds and place lower temperatures also a cloud. and after 5:00 a.m. tomorrow friday morning widespread throughout the morning out in the valley falls backward of that. in high clouds and the south bay at livermore finland bilocation north face and rose up in the center fell. and friday evening
6:24 pm
saturday morning often more clots in place. and then fifth of having a range are continue in the saturday evening hours. i saw the peninsula for 60 + 70. over the east bay shoreline more like the 70 degree range for stanley and joe. finland allocations in the '90s. for more. aid to come pleasanton and the move out of the south bay high clouds and place dealing with much cooler temperatures. south dade temperatures averaging 80 degrees their no. they scattered clouds the morning hours expects temperatures to below 78 degrees on average. radio and fairfield. and a seven day forecast for you friday partly sunny skies saturday more cloud cover. and then there's the chance of showers saturday afternoon sunday early morning things should clarify monday to states are warming things up again come wednesday much of last end of next week.
6:25 pm
>> pam: and information on the men to believe to escape from alcatraz survive with their relatives are saying tonight less. top two gop candidates in the race like house threatening the pullout of the next presidential [announcer] sunday's your last chance to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose up to 48 months interest-free financing on a huge selection of tempur-pedic models. or choose to save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets.
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6:27 pm
the ford. there's no reason why they shouldn't be. let's see how you did. oohh! that's the chevy silverado hd, the chevy silverado, and the chevy colorado. no way?! chevy, chevy, chevy. wow. that's a clean sweep. >> catherine: the question whether any of the three men escaped the prison 1952 ashleys survived evidence for upcoming documentary history channel includes 197550 and brazil two men believed to be brothers clarence and john relative say they did not drown and the official line in fact that became farmers. increasingly forensic experts say they agree and the u.s. marshall told in said addition this should be taken very seriously.
6:28 pm
clearly"evident the airline a year earlobes around the nose almost perfectly similar relatives say the men had wesson children in brazil in planning to go deceive the commis up the allocation will happen the third man involved frank morris if alive of brothers would be 8485 fax 630 america's longest war just got longer. extend >> pam: and for u.s. troops in afghanistan and the top competitive as and the gop for the white house threatening to boycott the next debate next
6:29 pm
story of a massive sinkhole in union city still causing problem.
6:30 pm
6:31 pm
much >> reporter: of the work done to date the fix the broken water main pipe and to stabilize
6:32 pm
the whole from getting any bigger or collapsing on the workers down at the bottom line to figure out the cause. it's 25 ft. wide 10 ft. deep.. the other young people killed >> reporter: tuesday 90 on he said clare st. on able to locate the driver of the other car in a race that did not stop just of perhaps as to what the and a thumb.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: have been no reports of injuries or any damage. what they say is critical about these earthquakes should. serve everyone a reminder that it is not a matter of if there will be another large earthquake when and important for one to be prepared for that happen. >> reporter: suspects connected the three bay area murders spent some time and thus to cross their path buzzing towners. "never would of thought that of them" >> reporter: be disruptive to the murder suspects walking his dog in golden gate park.
6:34 pm
>> catherine: abominably tin thousand troops will remain in afghanistan. he hopes to bring virtually all of them home by the end of the year. in stead when he's acknowledging the security forces. faraday the hold of the tall than and afghanistan. and enters its 15th year considered a sobering reality check. maintain"in our current posture of the most of next year than more rapid drawdown will allow the stuff the the the train and assist afghan forces to grow stronger. >> catherine: number of trips to 5500 early 2017. and initially with was to do that by the end of this year. then have
6:35 pm
embassy only presence but then the next year. u.n. says that the tall then spread to more of afghanistan than at any time since the post 911 invasion. >> catherine: doubt from threatening to boycott next presidential debate office on west end as quickly made in the format now fend carson suggesting maybe he will be a no show compass of set the host cnbc for vulcan national committee of the faith if not include opening closing statements. and the fact it would run two hours plus another 60 minutes and commercial breaks carson as agreeing with all these complaints and a spokesman for cnbc. tonight of the network will take the canada its views in the consideration. >> pam: we are giving you information from southern california flash flooding said maude crashing down on to a number of car. in this video a
6:36 pm
number of them are stranded the cars are stock interstate 5 facility closing at this hour and then water is rushing up to the car doors the debris in the roadway lightning and thunder in the area on the town of like he used the 65 mi. north a loss angelo's helicopters are searching the area the reports of rescues of the injury however flash flood warning is still in effect in 645 developments on this area of this area keep you posted. >> diane: loquats and place cooler temperatures for the us the evening to tomorrow when
6:37 pm
speeds pick up quite a bit to miles an hour for redwood city at livermore 14 as well and for san jose they will stay with us for less leaving and then tomorrow 82 pleasanton and livermore 79 out and conquer oakland 75 richmond 68 degrees san jose 79 and san francisco should be at the 69 for your daytime highs fix the day is cooling things down more cloudier skies for the rest of the weekend and friday 81 degrees partly sunny skies saturday a little better chance of showers and happen in the afternoon early evening hours then again in the overnight hours sunday it then early morning hours should be ok dealing with cooler temperatures because the clause 76 malate 35 east bay shoreline 69 along the coast sunday parleys month study skies answer the transition where temperatures mid next
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
of a >> pam: myelination
6:41 pm
robbery with the croats were after coming up tonight at 8:00. >> grant: today with the tennessee sports company's nevada gaming officials daily fantasy sites than draftings facilitate the and the form of gambling and the mate medium realigned that gambling licenses to involved in the states officials running down and that of the fed's investigating draftings fanned will at issue those games are being manipulated by players of inside info company employees and will spokespersons of the company cooperating with all parties hundred define the rights federal's for the industry as a continues to grow and members of congress calling for hearings federal oversight possible legislative actionn come on >> pam: tace shares his thoughts on 14
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> gary: the evening everyone azeris big dodgers mets winner moves on the play the cubs in the fifth inning tied at 2 and jacob facing the back very very entertaining. nothing better than those that insiders tramontana making the rounds today company said joe how much you want to come and say like a product now jokes their
6:46 pm
quarterback of all time. we all have joe on and talking a little bit about cabinet of course struggles that he's gone through fast asked him well share your thoughts and catholi capper next he often"is to go back letting him play the game he knows. although it does it feel there because they obstruct this section are they played adolescent. this latest of to do. the others >> gary: in the interview and joe and montana no more humble with all that he achieved.
6:47 pm
>> gary: 50,000 and roger for 5000. >> gary: year in sports can you help them get joe montana to speak for literally grew. how much it is said well started 20.
6:48 pm
>> gary: mark brooks for the 49ers lost his sister a couple weeks ago. did not play against the giants. 49ers the dismissal of the airline aircraft game back up did not require maquette. and pierre thomas from the new orleans saints. >> gary: she's taking the money and enjoying the training here worked out with a 49 year today in will host baltimore ravens.
6:49 pm
traders will be out if one that but the raiders began a special justin torn pictorial muscle her connecticut at tackle undergo surgery next week and at this stage of his career probably at. >> gary: tiger woods goes gary firth of the steam at the silverado country club brand and steel. on the back 9-9. and the
6:50 pm
fund balance. >> gary: sunday night at 9 as pat likes to tell you for high school self picture. weapons i can on coming ops heavy mudslides livermore.
6:51 pm
>> pam: based under fire for claims that its battery killer the social media said is doing will be back with more. [announcer] through sunday at sleep train,
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>> pam: spoke application id it to blame for the battery life sir. use a battery life of being open and. within the cellular network what the range of its content and drains your phone's battery. there lisa statement saying its aware of the problem looking for ways. >> pam: that looks experiencing growing prince sitting service that added 880,000 u.s. subscribers and sounds good but that number is far short of the more than 1 million the company had anticipated overall more than 69 million subscribers including nearly 3 million overseas. lack of growth on the transition to a chip based credit we will be back in a
6:55 pm
clock. in a number this is the dawn of an old day.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ today we're gonna talk about trucks. works for me. which truck brand do you think offers best in class hd towing? ford. i would say the ram. ok, lets move to the second door. best v8 horsepower. the ram. i say ford on the v8. chevy. what about this year's motortrend truck of the year? chevy. what do you think? the ford. there's no reason why they shouldn't be. let's see how you did. oohh! that's the chevy silverado hd, the chevy silverado, and the chevy colorado. no way?! chevy, chevy, chevy. wow.
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that's a clean sweep. the "insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. lamar odom is clinging for life. >> reportedly showing small signs of improvement. >> khloe remains by her ex-husband's side. did her ex keep up with her? >> i'm probably broke down mentally. >> are the kardashian men cursed? >> you're no longer a man, you're an entertainer. >> plus, viola's historic emmy speech had hollywood in tears. >> in the unemployment line a lot, man. >> but why is whoopi raining on her parade? >> what it means, there are plenty of opportunities. >> and thank god it's thursday. inside tonight's big shandaland explosion. >> see this garbage? >> there's a lot of pressure on the relationship. >> then, the donald changes his tone? >> i think i could be a little bit more politically correct.
7:00 pm
>> but will a new book blow the lid off a softer, gentler trump? >> he has said that he brings out the worst in women. >> are you happy that your father is running for president? >> that's a complicated question. >> now hollywood from the inside out. it's "the insider" together with yahoo!. the top trending story today continues to be odom's suspected drug overdose, with khloe kardash by his side in a las vegas hospital. >> she filed for divorce in2015 and we're the divorce is still not finalized. >> they say the show is to blame for lamar's down fall. a pressure cooker in which the kardashian women continue to soar but their men seem to crash and burn. >> you got to point there. rob is battling depression and weight struggles. tonight we go inside the curse of the kardashian men.


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