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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  October 17, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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"e.t." is nexs 20 years later. "e.t." is next. khloe's first words since lamar's hospitalization. we have surveillance footage from inside the brothel moments before and after his collapse. >> it's what's coming up right now. >> on "entertainment tonight." >> he promised not to do any drugs. >> doing shots, popping a pill and asking for illicit drugs? we have lamar's 75,0$75,000 bilr two women as his condition takes a turn. >> he has opened his eyes and commu commuted. >> and are brad and angie doing halloween on the beach? plus, nick and kate's secret hotel hookup. >> and christy brinkley swarmed
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with john mellencamp. also, we go home with america's queen of comic. >> 31 years i've been married to the same man. don't clap. you don't know him. >> the laughter healing her pain. >> i really wanted to end it all. >> and alanis morissette's 20 years after "jagged little pill." >> did you realize the impact? >> i had no idea. >> now in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." hi, everybody. thank you so much for joining us. kevin frasier has the night off. >> there are new developments in lamar odom's fight for life. here are the latest details in las vegas. new video from inside the brothel where lamar odom was found unresponsive. "e.t." has obtained four days of surveillance footage from inside the love ranch. you can see lamar surrounded by women and at one point it appears to be smoking. he also gives a woman a kiss on the cheek. and there he appears to be
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taking a pill. on tuesday the ambulance arrived just after 3:30 p.m. and this appears to be moment when the first call was made to 911. >> he is conscious? >> no. >> a source says that lamar opened eyes and he has been able to communicate. >> meanwhile, the kardashians suspended all activity on the apps. they all posted this statement, "as a family, we decided to hold off on publishing content while we continue to support and pray for lamar." lamar's children thanked supporters in a statement and said we ask for your continued prayers. >> next, more disturbing details we obtained from the love ranch that indicates that lamar's weekend started with $75,000 swipe on his amex. >> $75,000 was the number he came up with and what he wanted was two girls, 24 hours a day for a minimum of four days, possibly five. that's what the agreed amount
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was for. >> the owner who is also an author says those same two women also found him. >> when they woke up yesterday morning, it was eight news crews in front of the love ranch in las vegas. one of the girls hasn't left her room since this happened crying. they were traumatized. >> this is interesting. so cocaine and herbal viagra are mentioned by people at the ranch on the 911 call. but now multiple sources are telling "e.t." that on sunday during his stay at the love ranch lamar wanted another illegal drug and somebody planned to go to las vegas to obtain it. >> they tell me he was not doing any drugs on the ranch. i kind of believe that. because he was able to sleep every night. he was eating. he had a big appetite. so those are indications to me that he probably was not doing drugs. although, he may just hid it from us. we don't know for sure. >> we'll continue to fall lamar's condition all weekend and we'll have the latest for you monday on "e.t.." here's a peek inside some family fun. angelina and the kids straight
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out of a fairytale racing across a beach. and we're loving shil yoe's top hat and the dreamy skirt and max in his skeleton suit. no tricks here, just treats. there's brad with the whole family looking like the sweetest biker bunch ever and ready for a joy ride. it's all in next month's issue of "vogue" magazine. in it, the author reveals the joys of wk her kids who are home schooled by an international group of teachers and events that have an impact on her life. my mother and grand mother started dying in their 40s. i'm 40. i can't wait to make 50 and know i made it. >> relationships can be extreme. can you absolutely love the same person waunt to kill. >> had is the first together in ten years written and directed by angelina. even the kids were on set. >> blowing you a kiss. >> blowing you one back. >> let's keep moving. more news to get.
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to. >> here's a story that we've been following. >> and it's really awesome. we might have just caught nick jonas sneaking in to see kate hudson last night in new york. watch closely much it's a little confusing. 4:00 a.m., there is lavato sneaking in and will is nick trying to go unnoticed. kate shows up at that same hotel. coincidence? maybe. i sort of hope it's not. >> so here's what happened. earlier in the night, kate and nick both went to demi's album launch party. but the new question is what brought these three together while kate and demi starred" glee", i'm going to sat real connection is nick. >> i'm 23, single and loving life and a moment of just trying to have as much fun as possible. >> it was a big night for the ladies before her maybe meeting with nick was on the red carpet. two looks in 12 hours. and demi, well, she practically shut down times square.
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check her out surrounded and showing off the pipes. she is trying to get people excited for her new album "confidence" which dropped today. and here's another couple we got our eye on, christie brinkley and john mellencamp, the fifth date in four weeks, going to an art gallery. that smile must be sign that things are still going well. >> these two are completely proving that you can find love later in life. she is 61. he is 64. and who else but christy brinkley could make rocker chic the look to steal right now. #foreveryoung, whatever you want to hash tag it, she's 61 and stunning. >> and i just can't wait for tracy morgan live from new york. he arrived on snl like a king in a white limo wearing a red cape. after a 12 hour rehearsal, he rested. >> how are rehearsals going? >> they looked good. >> it's going to be a funny show. >> i did used to work here? >> yeah, he worked here for seven years. >> after rehearsal, what did the
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comedian dohe? went to one of the favorite hangouts in the bronx to get some chinese takeout. >> finally, this sois our favore video of the day and proof that bieber is giving us car pool karaoke part two. with a little lip-reading and some close listening, we can tell they're doing beebers as long as you love me. >> it's no surprise that these two reunited of all the car pool karaokes, the original is the most on youtube. 47 million views. ♪ as long as you love >> it has been a year of making big headlines for gwen steph annie. first there was an end of her marriage. then came the rumors she was dating her fellow "voice" coach blake shelton. but today in new york, gwen told us how she manages to rise above it all. >> it seem like the cowboys are really happy on the show. >> the cowboy would be blake. and those rumors just won't die. >> you have read the news? >> which is why we love gwen.
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she can laugh about anything, even though she's going through a divorce. she's battling three competitive coaches on the voice. oh, and she wrote a whole new album in just eight weeks. >> it's a gift. to be able to take kind of some tragedy and write a song about it and share that and the reward that i have gotten through that is just unbelievable reward. >> tonight she'll share some of that new music at another of her mastercard priceless surprises concerts. first since february. changes in her personal life drove her to redesign the whole show. >> not that much time has gone by. but so much has happened. so i had to change it. you know what i mean? i had to get new costumes, new band dancers. everything had to evolve the way i have. >> one of the biggest fans sh another coach "the voice," shakira. >> i think we should ged rget rd of adam and blake, they're worthless and just take girls, me, kristina, gwen.
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it's gold. pure gold, guys. >> but until nbc green light that's all girls "voice" edition," she kyra is racing her son who is 9 months old. >> he's so delicious right now. he's edible. really edible. >> it's her second child with her spanish soccer star. >> my boyfriend's/baby daddy is a great father. he changes diapers and gives bottle and all that. that is great for me. he's awesome. >> girard hooked shakira up with the creators of "angry birds" and created a new game called love rocks. >> it's gotten really involved in this game. creating it, designing it. >> and this is amazing. shakira holds the world record for the artist with the most likes on facebook. she just began the most followed latina on twitter hitting 35 million. yep, that's even more than jennifer lopez. on the way, see how the gang from "big bang" is giving back to young students. >> congratulations.
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>> then meghan trainor after video video with snoopy. stick around.
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with snoopy. music i want some more. what's he doing? please sir, i want some more. more? he has asked for... thank you. well he did say please... yes he did. and thank you. please and thank you. pass it on. (crowd of children) thank you.
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(crowd of children) thank you. (nature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. ♪ ♪ >> it is so good to see meghan trainor singing again after
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having vocal chord surgery wlachlt a way to return. >> a good one. meghan was out of commission for two months but now she is dancing with snoopy. you just can't beat. that here is her behind the scenes. ♪ yeah, yeah ♪ >> yep, that is meghan trainor dancing with the peanuts gang and her dad. the 21-year-old singer who also brought her dad to this year's grammys wrote the song better when i'm dancing for the new peanuts movie. >> i was on tour and i -- the director brought me in. i got to watch some clips. and he told me he wanted a song about dancing and about being confident. sn snow. ♪ show the world you got that fire ♪ everything is shot in black and white first and then he put my family and everyone in bright colors. by the end, we were all dancing and having a great time and playing the song. >> this time, it's all about family. she instagrammed this footage writing when your family travels
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across the country to dance in your music video. #family, #cousins. >> i was terrified and hhnored. i just, like, want to tell my grandmother. she was pumped. and i told my cousins, they were pumped. the coolest thing i've ever done. ♪ yeah, yeah >> we'll be with meghan on november 1st. coming up, we're at home with woman known as the queen of clean. how america's cleanest comic turns pain into laughter. >> anything you drag out of the dark into the light has no more power over you. >> then alanis morissette 20 years after "jagged little pill." how she influenced other artists and young fans hearing it on the radio for the first time. >> my son is always asking me, is that you, mommy? is that you? >> that's ahead. closed captioning provided by --
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no way?! chevy, chevy, chevy. wow. that's a clean sweep. sing along kids and unbridled fury, that's what made alanis morissette's "jagged little pill" a world phenomenon. it is about to sell a whole lot more. she is rereleasing the record on october 30th to celebrate the 20th anniversary. she is talking to us about what it took to make the iconic breakup album of our time. ♪ i'm here to remind you >> it's the 20th anniversary of "jagged little pill." what do you remember most about that time when you were writing and recording that album? >> i just remember not wanting to stop until i wrote a record that really represented where i was at. >> alanis morissette was angry -- >>. ♪ ought to know >> edgy and fearless. ♪ it's like rain
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on your wedding day ♪ >> mid 90s teens and everybody loved it. >> at the time, did you realize the impact it would have? 20 years later, it's an emotional impact. >> i had no idea. i knew i loved it. ♪ i got one hand in my pocket and the other one with a cigarette ♪ >> i did think i was the only human being on the planet going through whatever it was i was going through at the time. >> you definitely weren't alone. in fact, here are three ways "jagged little pill" changed everything. first, it influenced artists. >> one day i was at a friend's house an she played "you ought to know" and i was like, wow. she just kind of let all of her thoughts and emotions come out. didn't care what anyone else thought. she just did it completely honestly. >> and isn't it ironic that taylor swift brought out alanis morissette to bring her iconic
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breakout anthem. ♪ ought to know >> the record changed songwriti songwriting. winning her five grammys and consider this -- ♪ crying, perfect storm >> the album paved the way for a kind of girl power sisterhood that confronted guys directly. ♪ i think i finally had enough >> my husband goes to the grocery store with me and we hear songs. my son is asking, is that you? >> there was a financial game changer. >> people started to think that women could make money. so it is a really hor ubl wayri to put it. record stations would say, we're playing a female. we can't do. that a female? so that changed. >> "jagged little pill" was one of the bestial bumdz of the 199199 0 1990's. >> what do you hope your legacy will be?
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>> legacy is too heavy for me. i want to serve in some way. hopefully serve someone. >> and she is still trying to reach people. just this week she launched her own podcast, conversation with alanis morissette. she said you can interview people on her favorite subjects. >> now nancy, we know some of her best lyrics are not for young ears. here's a woman the whole family can listen to. shanda pierce. she is known as the queen of clean and brooke anderson visited her at her home in tennessee where she finds humor in her painful situations. >> a lady said i don't think you should talk about taking anti-depressan anti-depressants. that makes your face look weak. i said you need to take your glasses off and drive home. >> did you ever have to really overcome dark thoughts? >> yes, i did. i really wanted to end it all. >> surprising since cheedian shaunda pierce made a career out of making people laugh. 9 devout christian's sales make her the top selling comedian in
12:23 am
the country and now she's getting personal in a new documentary laughing in the dark. >> he sound les like he's tryin trying to talk to me. lucille ball said i'm not funny, what i am is brave. >> shaunda is very candid in the new documentary opening up about loss and her battle with depression. >> you talk in the movie, you're very open about the darkest time. you would go on stage. you knew what jokes would hit and what would make them laugh and as you saw them laughing, you thought how are they laughing? they're not funny. what is going on? >> yes. >> but you really forced yourself through the moment and through the day even when you were at the depths of your misery. >> i used to say all the time, anything you drag out of the dark into the light has no more power over you. 31 years i've been married to the same man. don't clap. you don't know him. >> shaunda shares her heartbreak over losing her husband while making the documentary. he died last year during emergency brain surgery and was a big part of the film talking
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about their courtship. >> i have a question for you. would you go steady with me? >> i did 30 years ago. i said what? this time i go -- yes. >> how has comedy helped you cope throughout your life? how has the pain fueled your comedy? >> it's been a gift. it can also be a curse. i'm not the person i was when this documentary started. and i don't ever want to be that person again. >> what do you want people to know when they watch this? what do you want them to take away? >> hope. that's the number one thing. hope is the sweetest thing. thank you, brooke. >> thank you for having me. >> i can't believe y'all did this. >> we love you. that's why. >> are you kidding me? >> it's been wonderful. >> i want you to eat more.
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>> how about this? shaunda also has her eyes on late night tv. she says she would like to break into that boy's club and have her own talk show. >> i hope she does it. take a look at what we have monday on "e.t.." binldy irw bindi irwin's dance lesson. her proud brother, a spitting image of her dad. >> thank you, i love you. >> and what mom really thinks of bindi's boyfriend. >> i do have a gun license. >> and an "ncis" cross over. >> i'm l.l. cool jay. >> monday on "e.t.." >> and in our entertainment tonight birthdays, which sex symbol didn't mind being called a dumb blonde? it is susan sommers, pamela anderson or charlize theron? you got a guess? >> i'm going with charlize theron? >> i'm going with pamela anderson. the answer is coming up next in the "e.t." birthdays.
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welcome back, everybody. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which sex symbol didn't mind being called a dumb blonde? >> i enjoy it. i do it well. you know, it's something that i have that is unique. >> that is susan sommers. she turned 69 today. >> i'm batting zeroes on the birthdays. it's time for the weekend again to get started. we'll leave you with one more thing. >> good way, everybody. >> congratulations. >> there were hugs and the "big bang" collars. 20 ucla students awarded scholarships to pursue higher educations in science. >> we're honored to be part of the scholarship fund to encourage that in real life. >> it is wonderful the power of any piece of entertainment when it's used for good. >> they got ipads as well and
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"big bang" mastermind says more scholarships will be added each year. >> you cannot take being a physici physicist, okay? >> no pressure. but we expect you to change the world. the "insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> the latest on lamar odom's fight to stay alive. >> my marriage to lamar was i loved it. >> lamar remains in critical condition leaving khloe to face a new reality. >> can i only imagine she's gone the grief process. >> then -- >> lady o sounds off on the presidential candidates and trump's son's response. >> he's a man that does not lose. >> plus, as sophia prepares to walk down the aisle --


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