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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 18, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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field is going viral. this video has more than 130- thousand views on facebook tonight. band members say they were pushed and even spit on by deer valley high school players performance. good evening, i'm vicki kron 4's kate cagle is live in kate. >> reporter: bears a joint investigation and between both schools. at this point there was a miscommunication. the teams were caught in the metal >>: "get out the way!" >> reporter: in this viral video >> reporter: you can hear parents from the pittburgh high school stands yelling for players to get out marches onto the field. >>: "this is a very traditional thing that we do. every game."
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>> reporter: was right there on friday night. >>: >> reporter: in two years of marchingit was the first time she'd ever seen football players on the field >>: "i just saw a lot of football players coming up to us. shoving >> reporter: band members say the football them.and even spit on a member. >>: "i even heard a coach say just them." >> reporter: but when i talked to 18 deer valley playersthey say that's not true. >>: being in such a traumatic miscommunication. and i apologize for that. >> reporter: team was focused on the gameand just trying to ge through their warm up routine. >>: "we're here to play football. that's it." >> reporter: both sides say this is a communication failure. >> reporter: the parents of these deer field goes viral. and osakwe wants to clear the >>: "i want to thank them for doing their job and continuing to play. because their band was
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>> reporter: we did get a statement from the principle. the have a close relationship with the high school and to hold off any judgments from source for social media. >> vicki: a sideshow in oakland was broken morning. it happened along i-580 near the fruitvale avenue exit. one driver was cited and released after a brief pursuit according to the highway patrol. the driver's car will be impounded for one month at the driver's expense... which means a lot of towing fees. the c-h-p says that sideshows about are dangerous and illegal... and to think twice before you're involved in a sideshow... it could cost quite a bit.
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>> vicki: new at eight. a tiny house in oakland has the u-c-s-f benioff children's hospital. kron 4's scott rates is live at the hospital, where that house scott, where's the house now and how did it get there? >> reporter: the house was moved just a few blocks down from here it's old location and if you didn't think an 80 year old house could be put on tracker trailer and driven down the street, well, neither did i, but this morning it happened! as it's wheeled out on the mlk blvd, and under the bart tracks. this house that has been called a real-life version of pixar's "up" house was picked "up" and wheeled away from spot where it
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laid strong for 81 years. >>: a it's a very nice thing >> reporter: david stone and his wife kathleen were given the house after oakland children's hospital, who owns the land it >>: it will be our new outpatient center. >> reporter: used to sit on offered to give it away because the hospital needs the space. >> reporter: stone and his wife received the house and the $20,000 it would have cost to have it demolished. >> reporter: the couple were chosen out of close to a hundred people who stepped forward after the hospital made to announcement when he first set eyes on it -- stone knew he had to have this classic piece of oakland's history -- now he's just hoping it's still in one
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piece. >> reporter: they got $20,000, but the moving the alone coasted $35,000, and between the new foundation, building codes stone and his wife could spend another $100,000 >> vicki: a series of earthquakes continue to shake up northern california. around six a-m this morning.the u-s geological survey reported a magnitude of a 3.4 earthquake that shook the lake county area. surrounding cities like the geysers, healdsburg, clearlake, windsor, and parts of the sacramento area may have felt the quake. northern california has gone through several minor earthquakes within the last month. >> vicki: meanwhile. another magnitude 3-point-1 earthquake shook parts of san ramon today. it happened just after 3-30 along the calaveras fault.
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which intersects with the hayward fault. this afternoon's quake is one of many that have struck the area in the last 10 days. >> vicki: thunderstorm have caused a lot a concerns. >> brian: the center of the storm system that's been affecting northern california this weekend is spinning over the central valley tonight. it's been producing thunderstorms with heavy rain along the
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western edge of the sacramento valley around vacaville. the best chance for showers will remain east of the bay area, but a few raindrops close to the bay sunday night are not out of the question. >> vicki: a reminder. for up to the minute weather forecasts and all your bay area news. be sure to download the kron 4 mobile app. it's free for apple and android devices. >> vicki: one man is dead and another is in critical condition after a car plunged off the santa cruz wharf... according to the santa cruz fire department. the driver went over a parking block... then tore through a rail and plunged about 20 feet into the ocean last night. lifeguards in swim fins and wetsuits swam to the white sedan and brought 2 men to the surface both men were taken to a hospital. the cause is unknown... but witnesses say the car swerved to avoid a pickup truck leaving the area. >> vicki: santa cruz, calif. - one man is dead and another in critical condition after a car
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plunged off the santa cruz wharf. santa cruz fire battalion chief mike ditano tells the santa cruz sentinel the driver went over an 8-inch parking block then tore through a 4-foot rail and plunged about 20 feet into the ocean saturday night. lifeguards in swim fins and wetsuits swam to the white sedan and brought a man to the surface and swam him to the beach on a paddle board. minutes later they brought a second man to the surface and swam him to a waiting coast guard boat. >> vicki: at least one person is dead it happened just after 4-30 this morning along eastside road near windsor. the driver crashed into a tree. a person who was driving in the crash saw the car. and alerted authorities. >>: be married
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>> reporter: it will be a long time before they can rebuild. >> reporter: they raise over $2,300. >>: it's humbling that the committee has gone together for them. >> reporter: 70 per cent of the money donated will go to them.
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>> vicki: tens of thousands of utility customers in monterey county are still without electrical service this afternoon because of a massive outage, according to pg&e. while the exact cause of the outage is still under investigation, it may be associated with a high-voltage transmission line that came down near moss landing around 7 a.m., pg&e spokeswoman jacqueline ratto said. >> vicki: thousands of woman took to the streets of san francisco this morning. running in nike's women's half-marathon. the winners finished in just about an hour and a half. kron 4's averi harper followed runners from start to finish at today's race.
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>> reporter: 25,00 women ran in the nike women's half marathon today finishing here at marina green. >> reporter: and we were able to talk to some of the runners. >> reporter: the winners of sundays 13.1 mile race. crossed the finish line hand-in- hand. an important nod to the theme of today's race. >>: "the whole theme of the event and nike right now is better together. we're former teammates and we're reunited here so it meant a lot." >> reporter: thousands including winners jordan hasay and alexi pappas started at union square early sunday morning to kick off the days festivities that were all about empowerment. >>: "we train together, we're best friends so we just wanted to run together and we empowered each other and so at the end when we held hands that's really how it is." >> reporter: and the energy at the finish line was all about empowerment. the challenging race left many runners wanting more. including the groups winners. >>: this is why you've run all these miles and it's true. all those ladies out there everyone has worth it when you cross that finish line" >> reporter: in marina green
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averi harper kron 4 news. >> vicki: coming up at eight. a statue standing since the 1800's has been decapitated. who would behead a likeness of st. junipero serra. monterey police on the hunt for the vandals. another shark attack - this one near one of hawaii's most popular beaches. what they're telling tourists before they go back in the water. >> vicki: and el nino driving venimous snakes ashore in southern california. we check with local experts to see if they'll be washing up on bay area beaches.
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>> vicki: the discovery of a rare venomous sea snake along the southern california coast this week is directly related scientists say to el nino. today, kron four's philippe djegal asked a local snake expert if it's possible these snakes may wash up on our
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shores. >> philippe:rarely found on land and unique to warmer waters. a yellow-bellied sea snake spotted as far north as southern california. a surfer in ventura county friday came across this one slithering in the sand. and captured the finding on camera. >>: "it's always amazing to see how adaptable animals are. they have been seen in the area, but not since pretty much the last el nino." >> reporter: and, that's exactly what scientists believe brought this snake to california's coast. normallly, sea water in the eastern pacific is cool. but the national oceanic and atmospheric administration says this year's el nino is strengthening and heating the waters along our coast. >>: "are they dangerous? um, they are potentially dangerous, they do have venom, um, but it is my understanding that the >>: y're not particularly aggressive, especially on land, they not meant to be on land." >> reporter: we wanted to know if what washed up down south could find its way up here.
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>>: "anything is possible." >> reporter: so, we stopped by the linsday wildlife experience in walnut creek to meet with sarah parnell. >>: "it's kind of exciting -- >> reporter: a biologist, parnell studied herpetology at u-c berkeley and is an expert on snakes. >>: "they depend a lot on ocean temperatures and the food, you know, that is available to them. um, they're definitely a warmer water species. but, um, you know, as i said, animals are adaptable, so anythings possible. um, currently, they don't expect to see them up here >> reporter: parenell says this snake most likely came up the coast from mexico. philippe djegal, kron four news. >> brian: the center of the storm system that's been affecting northern california this weekend is spinning over the central valley tonight. it's been producing thunderstorms with heavy rain along the western edge of the sacramento valley around vacaville. the best chance for showers will remain east of the bay area, but
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a few raindrops close to the bay sunday night are not out of the question. we'll have leftover clouds from this system to start out the day monday, but as the storm center moves to our south and east, offshore winds will develop. this will clear things out and warm us up for much of this coming week. by tuesday afternoon, highs will be close to 80 bayside and in the mid to upper 80s for the valleys. >> brian: the north and northeast winds will also make for low humidity levels, increasing fire danger. the national weather service has issued a fire weather watch for the higher elevations of the north bay from monday night through wednesday morning. >> brian: sunny and warm weather hangs on for the entire week. we'll turn a little cooler by the weekend as a storm system pushes through the pacific northwest and onshore winds return.
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>> vicki: firefighters have contained about 60-percent of a central texas wildfire near austin. but officials say their progress was threatened today by higher winds and lower humidity. about 275 firefighters were assisted by at least seven aircrafts dumpking water and fire retardant on the hidden pines fire in bastrop county.about 40 miles southeast
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of austin. officials warned a weather front bringing winds and less humidity later today was a concern. >>: we don't have new numbers on structures. >> vicki: the fire has burned over 4,600 a.. >> vicki: police responded to a report of a domestic disturbance yesterday where a shooting occurred at a home in the town of rodeo. deputies arrived at the scene and entered the home finding a 69-year-old woman suffering from police detained a woman who was later arrested and booked for homicide. she has been identified as 71- year-old linda june thomas of the state of washington.
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i'm roy gillham with pg&e. i'm a customer relationship manager. anderson valley brewing company is definitely a leader in the adoption of energy efficiency. pg&e is a strong supporter of solar energy. we focus on helping our customers understand it and be able to apply it in the best way possible. not only is it good for the environment, it's good for the businesses' bottom line. these are our neighbors. these are the people that we work with. that matters to me. i have three children that are going to grow up here and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy. together, we're building a better california.
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>>: "i was saddened, greatly saddened." >> reporter: standing almost ten feet tall, overlooking the monterey bay harbor.a statue of saint junipero serra. dennis copeland, a historian for the city of monterey, says the granite sculpture has been at the lower presidio historic park since 1891. >>: "it depicts father serra arriving in 1770 in a small boat from the ship san antonio. 42:18 "this statue represents a history of monterey and of early california." >> reporter: but on thursday morning the statue was found decapitated. presidio and
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monterey police have teamed up to find the vandals. right now they believe the head was broken off with a strong object. and this isn't the first time vandals targeted saint serra. last month at the carmel mission. a statue of serra was torn down and covered in green paint. just days after pope francis made him a saint. >>: "it's extremely disturbing that this would happen, because of the canonization of junipero serra, i assume." >> reporter: serra has been targeted by some native american groups. criticizing his treatment of their ancestors. >>: "he did not make a difference. he accepted what was happening? by saying that we were children and that we didn't know what was. >>: copeland say the statue is an important public art piece. and there's hope it can be fixed. >> reporter: >>: "what we have
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to do is go on, repair the statue, get it conserved, and the story of it and have people enjoy this wonderful park." >> vicki: coming up at 8:30. a deadly shooting sends people dressed like zombies running through the streets. what put an end to zombie-con. plus a kangaroo makes an escape and gets loose on the streets of one big city. how they finally caught the runaway roo.
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>> vicki: still ahead. one teen who didn't let a battle with cancer spoil his homecoming.
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how a beauty queen made it even more special. the groom got cold feet. so what did the bride and her family do? we'll show you the night they'll never forget. plus - yet another shark attack in paradise. the warning now - at waikiki beach and whether or not it's safe to go back in the water. why let someone else have all ththfun? the sosotimemehaphphard,d, never boring fun.
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the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing this all fun.time fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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>> vicki: witnesses rush to help save a man after another shark attack in hawaii... it happened off lanikai beach yesterday. the man was swimming towards shore from the mokulua islands when the shark bit him. our c-n-n partnership's chelsea davis tells us what happened next...
8:30 pm
>>: i didn't realize the severity of his injuries until we told them out of the water. >> reporter: the victim say he's the 40 year-old man. two people in a canoe paddled out to bring him and. >>: his legs were just hanging on. life is precious. >>: we couldn't find a pulse. >> reporter: authorities don't know his name yet. >>: people say was a 7 ft.
8:31 pm
tiger. >>: were going to go on the shallow water but decided not to. >> reporter: she is being treated at the hospital. >> vicki: in a separate incident... a shark bit a 33- year-old man's foot in waikiki. he was also taken to the hospital with serious injuries. >> vicki: scary moments for saturday afternoon shoppers. as a shooter fired at police officers outside a pennsylvania walmart. officers from multiple agencies faced a barrage of gun fire at about 12:30 in the afternoon. after investigators say a gunman with a rifle started shooting in the parking lot at the walmart in wilkes-barre township. the walmart was put on lockdown
8:32 pm
for nearly an hour. detectives are trying to figure out what sparked the gunfire police vehicle and other cars in the parking lot. >>: the people are not from the area. all kinds of things can happen here. >>: i was happy no one got her. i didn't know what happened until we got here. >> vicki: no shoppers or officers were treatment. >> vicki: a sheriff's deputy was shot and killed in minnesota this morning... according to authorities. the deputy was in a st. cloud hospital guarding a suspect that was being treated there. the suspect grabbed a gun from the officer and shot and killed him. hospital security officers subdued the suspect with a stun gun... and he died soon afterward. the deputy was 60-year-old steven sandberg... and the suspect was 50-year-old danny hammond.
8:33 pm
details of what hammond was being treated for has not been released. >> vicki: police have identified the man killed in a shooting at a zombie-themed street party last night in florida. officials say 20-year-old expavious tyrell taylor died of a gunshot wound at the scene... he played football at a local junior college. the shootings sent throngs of revelers dressed like zombies running through the streets and brought an abrupt end to the annual festival, which had been expected to draw more than 20,000 fans dressed as zombies. >>: resaw i guy on the ground. detect another guy out on a stretcher. >>: i could not believe it >> vicki: fort myers, fla. - the mayor of fort myers, florida, says authorities are reviewing surveillance videos from restaurants and shops to help them find the person or persons who fired shots during last night's zombicon. police say one person died at
8:34 pm
hospitals with non-life who was killed has been identified as expavious tyrell taylor, a 20- year-old who played >>: i don't want jap bush to say
8:35 pm
he kept a safe. >>: there's no denying that my brother kept the safe >> vicki: the first debate for democratic presidential candidates is now in the history books. a new online poll from n-b-c news and survey monkey shows hillary clinton with a strong lead nationally - at 45 percent. after tuesday night's debate.her closest challenger - vermont senator bernie sanders is sitting at 31-percent. vice president joe biden - who still has not said if he has any
8:36 pm
interest in joining the race - sits at 10 percent with this latest polls. >> vicki: pope francis has canonized the catholic church's first married couple in modern times.declaring the parents of the beloved therese of lisieux saints in their own right. francis told followers the couple practiced christian service in the family.creating day by day an environment on faith and love which nurtured the vocations of their daughters. >> vicki: the pope's aim is to provide catholic families with saintly role models who take care to educate their children in the faith. >> vicki: international negotiators got the ball rolling today on the iran nuclear deal. though the agreement may take ten years to complete... the deal is closer to becoming a reality. president obama will issue a waiver of *some sanctions against won't apply until the u-s and its allies are satisfied with nuclear program adjustments. iran will issue a legal document that will allow inspectors to start checking on its nuclear work. the goal is to eventually end iran's suspected nuclear weapons program, in return for
8:37 pm
lifting of all western sanctions.
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>> vicki: at least 30 vehicles remain stuck in now-hardened mud along state route 58 in southern california. now.crews digging vehicles out from under tons of mud are dealing with another round of rain. more than 100 cars and semi- trucks were trapped on the hundreds of cars were also stuck on interstate 5.but those vehicles were cleared and the
8:40 pm
freeway reopened by late friday. >> vicki: back here in the bay area. temperatures are expected to heat up next week. brian van aken has been tracking the forecast. brian, how hot is it expected to get? >> brian: the center of the storm system that's been affecting northern california this weekend is spinning over the central valley tonight. it's been producing thunderstorms with heavy rain along the western edge of the sacramento valley around vacaville. the best chance for showers will remain east of the bay area, but a few raindrops close to the bay sunday night are not out of the question. we'll have leftover clouds from this system to start out the day monday, but as the storm center moves to our south and east, offshore winds will develop. this will clear things out and warm us up for much of this coming week. by tuesday afternoon, highs will be close to 80 bayside and in the mid to upper 80s for the valleys. the north and northeast winds will also make for low humidity levels, increasing fire danger. the national weather service has issued a fire weather watch for the higher elevations of
8:41 pm
the north bay from monday night through wednesday morning. >> brian: sunny and warm weather hangs on for the entire week. we'll turn a little cooler by the weekend as a storm system pushes through the pacific northwest and onshore winds return.
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>> vicki: here's one homecoming you won't want to miss. coming up, we meet the teen cancer patient who's taking miss new jersey to the high school dance.
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♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. >> vicki: tivo's new d=v=r. is getting a lot of buzz for the two, new features. they bring to the home t-v watching experience. features which have never been possible before now they are called - "skip mode" and "quick mode" our tech reporter gabe slate
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>>: "so skipmode allows you to skip over complete commercial breaks, so when you get to an end of a show segment, there will be a little indicator at the top to press the d button on the remote, if you press that button it will go right the beginning of your show again, so you don't have to watch any commercials, they will still be there so if you want to watch them when you want you can. " >> reporter: you heard her right one button press skips the entire commercial break and cues it right at the beginning where the show starts up again. with this you don't have to fumble with the fast forward and rewind trying to skip the commercials yourself but not go to far skipping past where the show picks up. when your show goes to commercial you see this at the top of the screen at that point you just hit the d or skip button on the remote and that's it. it shoots it to where the show picks up again. >>: skipmode only works with primetime cable popular tv shows not any news broadcasts national or local. shows that you have recorded
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that offer skipmode are labled so you know >>: the other new feature the tivo bolt dvr offers is quickmode. this one is facinating >>: " quickmode allows you to watch your shows 30% faster than you could before. it's 1.3 times faster. what that enables you to do is watch a 30 minute show in 20 minutes. and an hour show in lot of time in life. >> vicki: every now and then, wild-life and city-life intersect.and
8:47 pm
animal from down under paid a visit to the big apple. a jumping joey on staten island. this feisty marsupial prompted surprised calls to 9-1-1. when urim osmani and his brother opened up shop saturday morning at alb's auto repair on travis avenue, they saw something hopping around their parking lot. police say the kangaroo belonged to man visiting a friend at this house on victory boulevard. they say the pouched pet somehow unlocked a backyard fence and escaped. the kangaroo was on the loose for nearly 10 minutes. >>: i'd thought it was a dear >> vicki: buster's big adventure ended when the cops showed up. they cornered and released him into the custody of his owner.who has since brought the kangaroo back upstate. >> vicki: he invite could gian
8:48 pm
me. she was touched by his story and some of his paws were jealous. >> vicki: the homecoming was for first for the star she missed her on-own. >> vicki: it was supposed to be a the sacramento skyline. but after the groom got cold feet, the would-be bride's family was left with a venue, but no wedding. k-c-r-a's tom miller shows us how a heartbreaking situation turned into a night they'll never forget. >> reporter: the tables are set, food hot out the oven, and one by one.the guests arrive. these aren't the men women and children the duane family originally planned to host, but they're happy to do it nonetheless. >>: "when i found out on monday that the wedding would not be taking place, it just seemed like, of course this would be
8:49 pm
something that we would do to give back." >> reporter: earlier in the week the would-be groom got cold feet and called off the wedding. rather than cancel the 35 thousand dollar outing, the bride's family invited the city's homeless for a once in a lifetime meal at one of sacramento's finest hotels. >>: "i think it's very generous actually. to lose out on something so important to yourself and then give it to someone else is really giving." >> reporter: many came with their families, giving their kids a rare night out. >>: "when you're going through a hard time and struggle, for you to get out to do something different and with your family, it was really a blessing." >> reporter: reporter standup: the food is similar to what you'd find at the hotel's four star restaurant grange. their salad, cauliflower.salmon, even tri-tip. >>: "this is not coming out of our kitchen, we love our chef leo but he wouldn't be preparing nothing like this." >> reporter: while full stomachs and smiles are everywhere, the night is still painful for the duanes. their 27 year old daughter chose to stay home.
8:50 pm
>>: "i feel a lot of heartache and heartbreak for her, but i will take away something good from this, i will." >> reporter: turning a night that was supposed to be about their family, into one that takes care of others. in sacramento, tom miller, kcra three news >> vicki: part of the 35- thousand dollar wedding price tag includes a non-refundable honeymoon. so.mother and daughter will take the trip instead to belize. >> vicki: happening tonight. is an all new episode of kron 4's "the backstory" you'll follow our reporters and see a hidden trick one uses to keep his cool. >> vicki: the backstory. tonight
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at 9:30. >> vicki: what's happening on the big coming up, we've got what's hot at the box.
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>> reporter: the committee was severely injured and that left one person dead. >>: people are wondering if she could speak. to this i could never. >> reporter: welcome back tracy. >> reporter: modem is now speaking. he was found it with drugs and a system at a brothel. >> reporter: at the box office
8:55 pm
do response to duck number one at the box office this weekend. >> vicki: sports night live along with bip roberts. finally some good news from niners!
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a a a a a an aho>> vicki: stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at mobile apps. our next newscast is tonight at 11 o'clock. see you then. goodnight.
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>> j.r: good evening and welcome to sports night live. i'm j.r. stone joined by bip roberts and mark carpenter. good day for the niners so let's do it. the 49ers facing the baltimore ravens.the first time since their 2012 super bowl matchup.


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