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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 19, 2015 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>anny hong: south would get the headlines and just a second of
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first a look at your weather would days and how was it looking this morning? we are waiting for the next into the off shore flow pattern dreier and hotter warmer conditions as on the way. >>reporter: not much in a way of traffic will maybe a little bit of glaze perhaps some fog may be some spots and there is instead a cloud cover to do with we have confidence business with the low double sunny on all last weekend if it is still here think of it is a climate controlled temperature wives for us because we will not warmer today compared to how much we're going to over the next couple days off there is a fire weather what to double cover most of the higher elevation for the drop of to wine country was see all the colorization through wednesday with the far were the what the next step is problems with fires still the scattered clouds
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looked over by noon it should be clearly out as to the to start to get up to the upper 60s if evince start to a couple in the late afternoon it is the low pressure system i was talking about that will take awhile for us to start to really spiked. >>reporter: not to trestle was going to be below is probably more the temperature climate control than it is early anything else the off shore flow have yet to develop and their debt to, as far as temperature of the czech downtown san francisco up to about 771 like to into the lower 60s and a middle 60s by the timing of off- is afternoon a quick peek into timber just across the east bay shoreline one of yellow or '70s
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>>anny hong: will start with the bay bridge to conceive we have very light traffic conditions the drive time from the macarthur maze into downtown san francisco will take you just under 10 minutes with like an easy ride for a live look to send whatever is also very like traffic conditions in both directions there are reports of high winds earlier had in the evening hours of overnight and they did go ahead of the chp issued a traffic advisory for the high winds on the san mateo bridge for live look at the golden gate bridge could you also very light traffic conditions on the monday morning no major hot spots to slow you down all look at the richmond san rafael bridge very light traffic conditions on the 580 a great time to leave the house to get you on the road no major delays or hot spots controversial video howe of an east bay high school class
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nobbling bylaw their push to an even split on how by deer valley high school players during their pre-performance. >>reporter: in this viral video you can hear parents on the pittsburg high school stand a gallon for players to get out of the way as the band marched onto the field the saxophone player was right there on friday night than member said the football players yelled at them push them and even spit on a member when i talk to 18 players they
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say that is just not true he says his team was focused on the game and try to get through their warmer porting. >>reporter: they're particularly upset at this moment as the crowd is at the stand from a national anthem and the band begins to play the football players are run back out onto the field this is a communications failure the parents of these teenagers are worried their kids are getting a bad rap as the video goes by
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row. >>anny hong: san francisco fire department said they got the call around 3:00 p.m. the rescue or recovery about body about half an hour later the have not yet identified the body in the investigation is still on going to live the lives of they for you as soon as we learn more one man is dead and another in critical condition after a car plunged off the santa cruz were the driver went over a parking lot and then tore through rail he dropped about 20 ft. into the ocean on saturday night by stars swam to a white sedan and brought to men to the surface both members second to the
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hospital because on no witnesses said the car swerved to avoid a pickup truck leaving the area of their a long road ahead for victims of the valley fire and us today a local academy raise cows of dollars to help the families of one of their students people travel from across the bay to the late. >>reporter: many of them did not know each other but they can't all over the bay area to how justin it was a bit much to taking that first return to their home with the escort and out cabral's growing robert given his son the update watt on air since then there been
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nonstop help but the struggle is real it will be a long time before they rebuild the community raised a little jittery hundred dollars to and learn from great glut of that the lead in the time to share knowledge and shipping items to raise additional funds police
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have identified the man killed in the shooting and design missing street party in florida. >>anny hong: the 20 year-old died of a gunshot wound on saturday night he played football at a local junior college the shooting said the large crowd of people dressed like zombies running through the streets and brought an abrupt end to the festival had been expected to draw more the to thousand fans dressed as zombies four people were hospitalized with non life- threatening injuries enough to refuse treatment splits are currently searching for the suspects happening today president obama unveils a new
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web site for our college campaign the goal is to on kirch tutors to continue their education after high school the first lady says better make from that court will be a great resource for students ages 14 to 19 the can access information on finding a to the s.a.t. and act exam for allow federal financial aid forms and visiting college campuses it is announcing the web site at the what side today and says more than 20 media business and nonprofit groups are assisting the campaign and new role for drawn owners will have the latest government announcement for people who use the flying the vice + next on a bus but let's talk about the latest movie sequel out of philadelphia will explain in oklahoma literally moved to a new location the couple's story and how they have this home here is
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a live look outside san mateo bridge working up to clear and cool conditions on the monday morning getting ready for a little more more more details on the weather coming up a little bit later.
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>>reporter: going on at the bay bridge and a little bit and the waves of fog to do with just a touch of some scattered cloud cover as well and then this afternoon will be clearer out and still waiting for some last- minute business if you will that blow that was ahead of us patients from the weekend is the precipitation from that is what went behind and around the turn to crime control and that is the biggest impact will get contractor would come our way in a couple of days will have all sure slow coming in from the land is always the dry and warm phase of the allowable fire threat to will get into that is
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the coverage of course will have the changes is being and off shore flow was a distant place tim to on the border pretty much lower 60s adjutancy pretty uniform to the effect of the cloud cover we're at overnight a chilly start of the santa rosa 4960 to track with that 55 about in the bay shoreline for a much of the lower 60s or ed lee for right now and a look of the bus stops to which is to is this going on by the time you start today by noon 68 looks like the in the balance to nine at the base 68 for the coast notice how we go from 1 to noon with a nasty temper to spy just yet that is because again the impact from the lows keeping to buttress the would control for now the and
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dollars on a to 757 to go on for much of the bay shoreline. >>reporter: is a professed drop in typical you did that with a very dry air which is what we do not have yet to a close inspection due to these bay shoreline temperatures will cover 69 disk done for the to
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the east. >>reporter: this is all we're talking about still the low pressure system climate control for tomorrow hear from the offshore flow with them remember that dry air coupled with that the bay shoreline was seen around 80 at the close revisiting. >>anny hong: new casino with the slowdowns they're the drive time from antioch to conquer on highway 4 will take 15 minutes no major slowdowns as well drive time from copper to walnut creek south after a massive
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power outages pg&e officials have hired a consulting firm to find rubble caused a power outage the ginny's as it may be because of a high-voltage transmission lines that came down near moss landing around 7:00 yesterday morning as it was restored to about half of the customers will still live a roughly 28,000 without power story say six people were staggering a party in northern california and happened in the town of madison on saturday night the common shares offices the victims all adults have not life-threatening injuries police said a senior suspect was arrested near the site of the
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attack your message is still trying to determine a motive such. >>scott rates: wheeled out of touch and ok boulevard and under the bart tracks is been called a real-life version of the stars of the house but on sunday morning this house was picked up itself and wheeled away from the spot where into a strong for 81 years he and his wife were given the house after the children's hospital who owns the
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land offered to give it away because the hospital needed the space they receive the house and the $20,000 it would cost have been demolished the couple were chosen out of nearly zero hundred people who stepped forward at the hospital made the announcement even from the first time he set eyes on and he knew he had to have this classic piece of oakland's history now his just hoping it is still in one piece that houses move a block away from this location is now cleared the stones did receive two to thousand dollars for the house to be relocated however it caused a 5000 off all the work and they're still looking at about another hundred thousand 20 all departments and the work that needs to be done to the house but they say it is absolutely worth it said.
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>>anny hong: the crews and some of california corpuscles of stratus cars and trucks free after the flash flooding the reopen stretches of interstate five roads in mawson communities about 40 mi. lost laws and less. >>anny hong: the progress was threatened by higher weapons and toward unity set away from
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bringing weapons and less humidity is concerning some >>anny hong: the u.s. department of presentation will announce the formation on drawn later today the dude is reportedly include the creation of a policy towards anyone who buys one to register with the department and falls a number of proof file security incidents partly on commercial dry users are required to register the drawn aircraft sit with the federal aviation demonstration the trip police
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are investigating a bizarre crime and the charge on the city's west side of the orders at a man threatened a pastor with a brick retaliation police said the pastor shot and killed the man. >>reporter: emotions running high witnesses refusing to talk to media police investigate a fatal shooting involved a man on with a brick and the pastor of the church says that man a later dying at an area hospital
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the dodge charger was told and taken to police evidence they hug and frayed outside of the church they learn that before the shooting victim died at he threatened to kill everyone in the church says however it is not known if he was armed with the dawn sources say he has been targeting the pastor is stalking him at his home and at his full- time job here is a live look outside the bay bridge toll plaza we have clear and cool conditions more details when the forecast and traffic coming up after the break.
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>>anny hong: aground in sacramento calls off the wedding of days before the big day live-in obliged family the special guest it decided to invite to enjoy the wedding feast if you're planning a weekend getaway are getting ready to travel for the holiday the not for wade the boarding pass afterward how hackers' continues the cold and your ticket to access your personal information said and more than just football fans will likely to it and watch monday night football why the fans have or reason to walk she says every now and then what life and city lines intersect sit this is jumping joey on staten island
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the kangaroo belong to a man visiting a friend in this house so this said it somehow lock the backyard fence and then it escaped said the tanker was on the lows for nearly 10 minutes south a man snapped his 4 ft. long bowl constrictor on the philadelphia transit bus he wrapped around his neck and was hiding it under his jacket the owner says that they're on their way to a pet store he did not want to stay still and decided
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to get some air and that was when he said things when south. shh >>anny hong: he could face charges show coming up by one until the company is posting fake reviews on amazon products if howe amazon is responding to the company, the possible change that is coming to one southern school is ahead the actions tile the brother of is responding
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>>anny hong: the opposing football team has on the bar band members and could spark high school say as the repressed and spit on by the high school football player from antioch during this free game performance the principal at deer valley high schools and school officials are working closely with the high school on a resolution as a people hold off on making judgment until the investigation is over will be live at high school starting at 5:00 with parents and their reactions to what happened to the state university and police will vote on whether their strike install the salary
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negotiations the california faculty association once the 25,000 union members to authorize a strike if contract talks remain unsuccessful in issue is the size of pay raises that union members will receive the school year the strike opposition vote start today of the 23 cal state campuses the recovery continues for victims of the valley fire and over the weekend a local drug this academy raise thousand dollars to help the family of one of the academy students said the community raised more than two to $300 during the fund-raiser guest living. >>reporter: we haven't about to the showers yesterday and it was responsible still in the back data prior to the north and is running and is replaced will be high pressure that is one to be the offshore dry affect we have of our web watch its this going
4:33 am
for the next thing we need to watch out for is a red flag warning that is the next thing the or six is for temperatures on the border and to guard u.n. notice 55 and fairfield 40 in santa rosa a chilly start in the not make here is they're ready for school for cash fifties at 8:00 a.m.. >>reporter: there is the time he noticed hot temperatures still run on one for example in the '60s still the problem will not
4:34 am
be the case tomorrow and wednesday their receipt of what happened and to the sacraments of ballet with that as someone new compared to what is coming our way sh. hist >>anny hong: still looking a very light traffic conditions san mateo also very like here there are some concerns the there's some high winds on the san mateo bridge this history has long had issued a traffic advisory for those high winds knowledge hot spots to slow you down this morning if you're heading south about on 101 and last but not list the richmond
4:35 am
san rafael bridge also looking very quiet this morning with nothing to slow you down this morning all the to the jews are a great arm across the bay area. shaw's >>anny hong: some in the carter questioning his ability to be president >>reporter: said they continue to take jabs at each other following the commerce on friday social media hit the asylum on a matter until sunday he told fox news bed tax will not happen on his watch she
4:36 am
shifts. >>: i am leading and everything. >>anny hong: first debate for a democratic president to canada's is not in the history books and a new online poll from nbc news
4:37 am
survey shows every clinton with a strong lead nationally at 45% test after two did not debate the closest challenger is sitting at 31% first vice- president joe biden who still has not said she has any inches in front of the race since a 10% with this latest poll gonna talk remains at the top of the pack of republican presidential hopeful the former gop nomination matt rom is assisting is highly unlikely he will make it into the and six that are good that there are more qualified candidates..
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>>anny hong: if they continued to lead in polls across the key states nationally amazon is going after people who reportedly fell phase reviews from car is on what side they
4:39 am
solicit tech review is and where would policy is that only the people who made a purchase can post a review tracey morgan and his return to tv this weekend will recap the latest entertainment and today's hollywood man coming up after the break still is alive the outside the embarcadero more details on the forecast coming of the time now for 39.
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>>anny hong: he makes a triumphant return on tv he shows signs of improvement and goose bumps as no. 1 with moviegoers. >>reporter: laughter of the best medicine as he returned to nbc's saturday night live this weekend the committee was injured in a 2014 car accident
4:42 am
that left one person dead and suffered broken ribs broken nose and a broken leg still he needs to the parents to poke fun of themselves in the is star lamar show some signs of improvement this week in the waking and speaking he is hospitalized since to them this fall on counters the drugs and a system of legal brothel near las vegas he suffered serious damage to his vital organs at the box office that took the top spot on its opening weekend bring in 23.5 million shares. >>anny hong: and neil is doing
4:43 am
more than changing the whether it is bringing where venomous snakes to southern california five is next may washed up on our shore is next year's ally of the outside the san mateo bridge very light traffic conditions so far on this morning the time now for 43.
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>>reporter: there is a lot of to shower the legacy out to sea as they break up a load been whistled dead live a bit of a on sure from the elbe shifted offshore as a fire was the watch the oppose this cover a lot real-estate for the cut off and the wine country to receive higher elevations the misstep of the brick by warning them to
4:46 am
respond to that and then later on and for cash right now miller 6 is the kron 4 overhead have a couple of uniformity the bus the forecast was of a large and the upper 50s 4:00 a.m. turned and saw what are the party but a point after no one of the four is rallying 7 5/7 to offer the bay will close as 67 those are muted temperatures of is what we are getting. >>reporter: as far centers will check into san jose you saw the car was is today are planned against him to receive close to
4:47 am
seven for the inland from an east bay clearing in mild by 5:00 p.m. were top 76 or so whatever's is continue to fall. >>anny hong: you're ride from san leandro to oakland on 880 will take about 14 minutes this morning but it and does nothing to slow you down and last but not least the 23 to 237 ride on the was it about of the five minutes on your on the morning the measure hot spots to report so far.
4:48 am
>>phillipe djegal: rarely found on unit to warmer waters of the yellow belly sea snakes aren't as far north as southern california surfer in ventura county friday can cause this one slip during in the sand and capture the finding it on camera normalcy water in the eastern pacific a school but the oceanic and atmospheric administration says this year's annual is strengthening and heating water along our coast we
4:49 am
want to know at what lost of down south the finest way up here to stop by and for the wildlife experience in walnut creek to it was sarah cornell biologist his party setting a uc-berkeley and is an expert on snakes this nightmare is likely to of the coast from mexico. >>anny hong: it happened along interstate 580 near the four bell avenue accent when driver was cited and released after a
4:50 am
brief pursuit according to the highway patrol the driver's car will be impounded for one month at the javits expense was and is allowed to own fees of the sea its pieces the size of our dangerous and illegal and to think twice before you're involved in a side show does it cost quite a bit a six your boy is chicago accidentally killed his little brother police said the boy found loaded handgun on saturday night the father of the two boys is now in jail this morning he did i know there was a gun in the house until he found his three year-old grandson shot he heard a pop and saw the six your brother running up the stairs. >>reporter: the rest of what to
4:51 am
the hospital but doctors could not save him the police said the father of the two boys have left a loaded handgun on top of the refrigerator. >>andrew spencer: he got hold of it what the two boys playing in shot and killed the three your brother the old boy may not even fully understand what happened he is a former gang member they said he obtained the gun illegally the samoset's do that work saturday night when the shooting happened he is now in jail charged with child endangerment resulting in the death of his young son. >>anny hong: change is coming to university of mississippi in oxford they will vote on tuesday whether to remove the state's live from campus the flight design features the confederate battle flag confederate symbols
4:52 am
came under scrutiny in the south since the june killing of nine african-americans at the emmanuel african episcopal church in charleston south carolina to lease three of the state's public universities already do not fly the flag in a world knows rescue teams are out in the destructive and deadly typhoon and hit the philippines armed police and civilian volunteers are scrambling to rescue hundreds of villagers they're trapped in their flooded homes and rooftops a northern province battered by the slow- moving typhoon said the storm has lasted at least two dead and the air or problems and forced 16,000 villagers from their homes. seth >>anny hong: the agreement may take years to complete the deal is close to becoming president obama would issue a waiver of some sanctions against iran it will not apply until the u.s. and its allies are
4:53 am
satisfied with nuclear program adjustments that issue a legal document allow inspectors to check on a nuclear war the goals of mentally and i ran suspected nuclear weapons program in return for a listing of all western sanctions 6¢ a teenage cancer patient had a dream date for his homecoming whom he invited to as high school dance coming of next very light traffic and this is so far on this monday morning.
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>>anny hong: 18 is cancelled patient had a dream they for his homecoming invited miss new jersey and lindsay g. any need to join him there arrived at the venue in manchester pennsylvania and this limo last night consisted this would not have a
4:56 am
day so he went on a lamp and invited jenny was she said she was touched by his story and his bravery his system of this house were a little jealous the homecoming was the first because she missed her on for years ago and had been battling the blast of looking for about six months and parachutist misses the target and lands in the car at a houston air show high winds at the wings of a houston air show forced the cancellation of the skies of performance but the first man had already made the job by the time the call was made the parachutists landed on a 10% of vendor merchandize scattered across the field he suffered, as the university employees are getting ready to vote on whether they will strike or respond some negotiations the
4:57 am
looking for a 5% increase always members or they're threatening to strike will have more information on the strike coming up in the next hour plus crews are working in east bay to record giants sinkholes and open-air school will be lies at the next hour on the progress being made. >>will tran: we also have far video come out of the east bay there was a battle between a band in a football team right before the game you did not want to miss that will show that to you in just a few minutes.
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>>will tran: it was supposed to be a battle between tool taine's.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>anny hong: temperatures will rebound of the next few days to the judge are born to generally be in the '70s to much as i said
5:01 am
woman up later into the mid '70s by the afternoon hours in some of the progress of the afternoon with plenty of sunshine a quick look at the satellite radar pictures we do have more expected high pressure in the offshore winds along the to warm things up over the next few days here we also have the fire weather watch for parts of the north bank out for napa but indicated by the orange this is starved to my going through wednesday and have to watch out for law committed these and some when this is not good news for firefighters attracting these areas. >>george: a quick look into the busy corridor is the bay bridge in san mateo bridge which often
5:02 am
a good start this morning not tracking any delays with the and the minister of time currently in from the is a. >>darya: contreras of the bill of a cross between to is to buy high schools is going viral this morning band members of pittsburg high said that they will push and spat on by deer valley high school football players from antioch during their pregame performance on friday instead of football going
5:03 am
there was a little bit of a scuffle before the game. >>will tran: this is posted on facebook in so far within the span of 2440 hours it has been viewed what hundred 40,000 times this on friday night you can clearly see kids bird high school band on the field and then you can see the deer valley football players to going onto the field and there is little dispute will have the right to be on the field the band members or the football team shares fetched one band member was spent on we got a chance to talk to some of the football players over the weekend here is what they had to say about this incident fifth.
5:04 am
>>will tran: no one knows truly has the right away and the stew's obviously the football players have every right to warm-up before the game the principle of deer valley high school he wrote a statement for both of the schools and said his basic heartbroken because it is then posted on facebook it would viral he does not want his players on his cool including pittsburgh to be judged until the investigation is complete with gonna how long the investigation is going.
5:05 am
this >>darya: it is the tragic day in bay area history on october 20th the oakland hills firestorm killed 25 people it is still the worst fires in our country's history the economic loss estimate of one and have very
5:06 am
dollars soph >>mark: professors librarians councils of university employees and getting ready to vote on whether there was track over stalled salary negotiations that will the 25,000 union members offer our strike if contract talks remain successful if along with the 2.7% base years of service the university is offering 2 percent happening right now they're trying to figure out how the body and the san francisco bay the discovered a floating body and water around 3:00 yesterday afternoon shift a
5:07 am
rescue boat recover that bought about half an hour later police have identified the victim and they're releasing very them the information will bring you the of the customs we get more on the story. r >>mark: 60 the are recovering after there were stabbed during the party last having happened saturday night during a private party at the madison town hall
5:08 am
>>darya: there was also stuck on interstate 5 were those cars to clear away she it for 2 04 for real employment to about 20 ft. into the ocean they swam to the saddam and brought to men to the surface they're taken to hospital the driver swerved to avoid the truck leaving the area. >>darya: this is our hiring a consulting firm to figure out what caused the outage at some
5:09 am
point where the 55,000 customers. >>mark: people travel to all of the bay area to take part in this fund raiser for the peak family and other balance fire victims the family home was destroyed last month the committee raised more than $2,300 during its founder is a restaurant she's petaluma animal
5:10 am
services was helped displaced pets. >>darya: a for 81 years is not off the mark and the couple took the house from oakland hospital and moved a few blocks away the home was wheeled off onto m.l. king boulevard in oakland yesterday morning to move to its new location they got the house and a $21,000 a it would cost to demolish it. sphene ask south
5:11 am
>>darya: they say between the new foundation and the building close the could in a spend another hundred thousand dollars police trying to find the person who opened fire during a zombie thing party in florida will have more on that story in the investigation draw on as a be required to register their jobs with the federal government how the new rules are set to be unveiled today first lady president obama launching of the resource designed to help kids get ready for college will take a look of her new web site and take a look at the san mateo bridge travel and swiss so far on this monday morning.
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this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing this all fun.time fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. >>anny hong: timbuktu's will be
5:15 am
cloudy and the court turned out there there was a slight chance for a lingering shower we want to mention as a hit out the door san jose good morning to you where not on the low 60's at this hour on four high of 75 will have fedorov 3:04 p.m. this afternoon on the parlor to mostly sunny conditions the evening ride home will be in the '60s and nice ride home to task for the is a pretty good job of some of the slight chance of some showers to the sea at 5:00 may be in san jose a the see most of the sour chances remain south of san mateo and also heading to the south that other than at 11:00 will see more clearing the more sun shine. >>anny hong: expecting part of the most sunny conditions will be a very nice ride home 74 live
5:16 am
more also pleasanton and mid-70s in martina's here is how the next three days of shipping of the dorm is back on the to the offshore lands tuesday that the to the '80s and land above ever same bill for wednesday the warmer it is expected antelope '80s for the bay shoreline >>george: we're not tracking any hot spots right now and conditions look pretty good around the bay so far less star with a look at the bay bridge ride the bus bound backup has just beginning to form and as we move closer to 630 will start to see the doctor began the meeting
5:17 am
remise what activates within the next 15 minutes and there will be off to the race is you're ride to the san mateo bridge highway 92 still and 11 minute time out of hayward and across the highway 101 and 92 into change here is the richmond braves would like traffic out of the east bay, live for san fell within a minute drive times and the golden gate bridge the ride to and from marin county looks good the bridge is now settle for the morning commute.
5:18 am
>>mark: he opened fire on the bus station in southern israel last night the soldier was killed and 10 others injured the attacker was also shot and killed police identified the man who was killed as 20 year-old exhibit is tyrrell in the shooting happened at the zombie, party saturday night by two to thousand people were at the event and for myers just as zombies >>darya: they said large crowds lining through the streets to
5:19 am
the four people hospitalized are expected to survive their review of the surveillance video for restaurants if you on a drone you will will have federal government. >>mark: they're expected to announce the formation of the new tax forms the task force of
5:20 am
the skit was supposed to involve blanks but one of the actors guns fired live rounds in the standoff as to the crash into a lake in arizona the car plants into attempting townlet yesterday morning is still unclear why the police and the goes to medical the parents along with two of their children but it was. too was it will >>mark: another child and the car to a few hours later when they pulled my best to try to find all buy the car went into the lake. >>darya: cyber secure company says china is violating the newly rented side agreement with the united states security
5:21 am
officials say it happened regularly over the past three weeks since the cyber agreement was signed and late september this says that is stop the attack before the corporate secrets to stolen. >>mark: while rigs have to stop the center the first half of last thursday afternoon outside wall more than a stunt man approached a woman in a parking lot took her purse he fled in the green, a minivan and happen friday outside of the safeway on it east avenue again the of the spotted man approached a woman in a parking lot install harper's >>darya: she unveils a new web site for her college campaign that encourages students to continue education after high school the web site called a better make room will be a
5:22 am
resource for students ages 14 to 19 that kron-4-dot-com to sign up to the asset to in the act to allow federal financial aid forms and planned visits to college campuses that also should stores about their goals progress and what inspires them to go to college the first lady will lost website at the white house today the grocer or run recall of the wedding days before the bid they live on the bride's family with a venue and a lot of food and a wedding will today but the special guest they decided to invite to enjoy the wedding feast said.
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she >>mark: it looks like a little summer is coming back more on the forecast had the sacramental couple calling off the wedding the family turns it into extravagant fees for the homeless the groom got cold feet and broke up $35,000 for the
5:26 am
sweating and so instead the family invited the city's homeless and enjoyed a male-- male. >>: same live this to be something that we would do to give back i feel a lot of heartache and heartbreak for her but i will take away something really good from this
5:27 am
coming up next rescuers are trying to reach thousand people who had to back because of a super typhoon will have the latest recovery efforts we take away your stuffy nose. you keep the peace. we calm your congestion and pain. you rally the team. we give you relief from your cough. you give them a case of the giggles. tylenol® cold helps relieve even your worst cold & flu symptoms. so you can give them everything you've got.
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>>anny hong: in your lives at
5:30 am
the bay bridge where a story of a cloudy skies we do have a chance for a lingering sprinkle here and there will talk more about that in just a second sentence is so good morning to you low 60's at this hour is at around 2:00 p.m. today on the sunny skies will be a nice day in the city for talking mid-60's is 6:00 tonight for the evening ride home check out the highs a lot of service on the maps of the for the more 71775 01 percent is not always taught in 67 half moon bay and 75 in san jose when we come back will talk more about the shower chance in the forecast and a look at the storm track the seven and.
5:31 am
>>george: we're not talking any hot spots now were taken a look at the east bay ride over to san mateo on the san mateo bridge a was about 92 is still a clear shot from the nimitz freeway all the way out to highway 101. >>mark: fly from lax and sfo had returned to loss and after a fire broke out mid flight it declared an emergency landing at the things that physical when the plane reached to get it went on to the plan to deal with two passengers remaining hundred and 36 passengers were san francisco bound arrived five hours behind schedule the two passengers were not traveling together. >>mark: 16,000 people had been forced to evacuate their homes
5:32 am
in the philippines because of super typhoon the storm landfall early as the abortive trees knocked down power and destroyed homes right now nine properties have no electricity their scramble to rescue, the villagers trapped in the flooded homes and rooftops and the two have died >>darya: 6 your boy accidentally killed his little brother over the weekend and the boy's father is now in jail the shooting happened saturday night there were playing all seven their grandfather israel her law pop and when the grandfather would into the kitchen he saw his three your grandson lying on the ground able to the voice of the hospital but doctors cannot save him the police said the boy's father had left a loaded handgun on the top of the refrigerator the grandfather says he denied you know the gun was in homes
5:33 am
the father to the former gang member who got the gun illegally the federal system would work all the shooting happened is now in jail charged with child endangerment. >>mark: according to scientists there but in an s&l that founded yellow bellied snake on friday the silver strand bleep and after an on-camera they believe the recent a living will is will block the sec to the california coast normally sea water in the eastern pacific is cool of the national and cher could the minister said this year's will strengthening and heating water along the coast south
5:34 am
>>darya: the driver's car escorted to be in town for month that the come same the september 11th attack would not have happened on his watch the republican candidate has been a trading jabs with fellow candidate jeb bush about his brother's presidency this jeb
5:35 am
bush was quick to respond >>mark: from democratic side there shall the canada stand after for a democratic primary debate on ninth offer in the sea news shows heller clinton has a strong will 45 percent the closest challenger is bernie sanders the 31% vice-president joe biden who says he'll be
5:36 am
injuring the face had 10 percent in this latest poll if you're planning a weekend getaway car you're getting ready to travel for the holidays do not throw away your plan a boarding pass as the travel howe hikers can use the code on your ticket to access to personal information so mortgages football fans elected to the tune in to watch monday night football while star wars fans have reason to watch a live look at the approach to the bay bridge will be back with more weather and traffic in just a few minutes.
5:37 am
5:38 am
>>george: 13 to 14 minute trip
5:39 am
time, and for the westbound bay bridge ride the will of the rest of the traffic coming right up >>mark: the security expert says the cold on the past tense and a lot of personal information: name phone number and program intimation that can be enough for hacker to control your account once they do in my the endless civil other flights you book or even changer can happen to like it and need your past to take information he says is possible for them to get the to the boarding passes and a poster also submitted and find a website to the cold the data if use an electronic past and deleted from your phone when you're done
5:40 am
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it's from virtually anywhere.rn of danger it's been smashed, dropped and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... the cold... and dragged through the mud. introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gle. it's where brains meet brawn. >>mark: they're not out of the
5:43 am
hospital this morning he was back in sacramento earlier this month but he sang about his recovery and the police are looking for the stabbing + you cannot relive your childhood while driving. >>darya: is for cell were going to say how much is going for us away to the offstage or economic drain binge drinking this year is costing the economy in most of the money because people are not going to work instead their nursing and hear what will have these stories and more coming up in the next hour. >>anny hong: temperatures around
5:44 am
64 degrees by lunchtime purse '60s by 4:00 p.m. hitting high of 75 degrees very mild for the east in the communities in the evening ride home looking of the '60s by 6:00 to low to mid 60 that it o'clock this evening we mention the fossil here is forcing reduce visibility of water around a quarter mile visibility or so santa rosa palo not fall down to three tense visibility due to the fall the conditions this morning because see elsewhere looks could to my visibility for oakland if sfo and san jose the future cast taken of some stray showers this one and at 5:00 this morning you can see a slight chance for lincoln shower primarily in the south make it considers our chance to stay well below the peninsula. >>anny hong: will descend dry and sunny conditions for the
5:45 am
rest of the afternoon by 5:00 tonight things look really nice to the evening ride home with lots of sunshine and also low humidity any fires that to start at the potential to spread very quickly the high today looks like low '70's in san francisco 73 in redwood city and how auto really nice afternoon 74 cupertino to mid-70s and san jose men is expected by the middle of the week in london and even to the shoreline and even some low seventies to the coast the rest of this week.
5:46 am
>>george: we're not yet tracking any hot spots there no incidents slowing you're ride around the bay with the bay bridge is back in the now 14 to 16 minute trip times as the drive starts to slow right as you exit the macarthur maze and roll and to the toll plaza flat for 92 in the san mateo bridge were still rolling well with just 11 metric time know delays yet if you had a cross and hay were out to the toll plaza at the richmond bridge was down five if you pick up cash to the lake for the right lane only those two towboats and the castle is three and four british open at 6:00 that will take care of the backed up the trip to the golden gate bridge of light an easy one this morning >>george: delay free through marin county we are however picking of some delays on highway for westmount now coming in at 23 minutes from antioch to concord with the slowest traffic at the antioch and the that
5:47 am
ride. >>mark: contra costa shares responded to domestic disturbance call on garrison avenue early saturday morning is from 69 your woman suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to perform cpr but she died the have not identified her they're arrested the 71 year-old and a connection with the killing the triplets and unseeded bizarre crime happened at a church in the city's west side they said duringvice at the city of church a man threatened the pastor with a brick in retaliation the passing shot and killed before the shooting he
5:48 am
was threatened to kill everyone in the church and over it was unknown if the man was armed. >>mark: sources close of the man has been targeting the past the stalking him he was taken in for questioning investigation is ongoing firefighters are making progress on a wild fire that is burning in central texas is call the hidden kind fire. >>darya: the fire was 60 percent contained high winds made it difficult for firefighters on frontlines no injuries have been
5:49 am
reported to the nuclear deal to officially take effect with the u.s. expects it will take months of the book to the and of the path to go substantially in the nuclear program to the country cannot make an atomic bomb to return crib and you ascensions will be lifted but they have to for a ring in the nuclear program for giving relief from those sanctions. >>darya: the flag design features the confederate battle flag the souls have been a source of controversy in the south and west of the troughs in church shooting nine african- americans or killed in june at
5:50 am
the manufacturing and map the this episcopal church in south carolina the government was the picture also some media showing him with the confederate flag and least three of the public and overseas and mississippi already do not fly the flag and students are going to go on with a plan to do tomorrow what the cause of people sold five star reviews thru web site called fiber that come off as a web site with a compact of odd jobs for less $5 the policy bans fake product reviews to the company's own people for breach of contract and violated federal consumer laws the policy is only the people who made a purchase. >>darya: snuck his abode constructed on a bus yesterday he wrapped it around his neck
5:51 am
and then headed under a jacket apparently the second did not want to stay still and decided it needed some air and that is when the owner says things went south the bus travel stop the bus and ordered everyone off the got the snake in the owner apologize for schering the passengers he won a to go to the pet store. >>mark: matt expected the war more 46 to cool spot in santa rosa
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
>>anny hong: here is a look at the visibility we're down to three tenths of a mile visibility and of santa rosa and the knot of wear down to have my visibility with our sense of walking into a condition for parts of the north bay this morning everywhere else looks good when i sing in the fall of this crowded conditions were also attracted a slight chance of some lingering showers or sprinkles primarily in the south bay this morning we have left a will much of the to the to see bright as a little sprig of here and there otherwise by the morning hours before more sunshine and mild conditions will bring down the forecast coming up on a little bit later. >>mark: more the football fans will ask it to into was the have town tonight and to track of the
5:55 am
for star wars the force awakens will they debuted during halftime the giants to a deficit ego's gain after travelers table on sale for the fed was is not open until december should it brought in 23 1/2 million this opening weekend he is not part
5:56 am
of an oblique the canada and the performers presented him with the march time prizes to the top honor for humor than seven was the last night >>darya: the ceremony was taped for broadcast and you build to see it air next month come of in the next hour and employee and the east elementary school stop the kidnapping howe suburban american taking an 11 year-old student from in va star still in hospital after he was found unconscious and nevada brothel will have an update on his condition as to who was
5:57 am
suspended from school after a teacher mystic the quaffed a build from now headed to the white house tonight will say what you do what he is there a lot at the san sale bridge were attracted will fearlessly for 557 on monday morning or whether track ahead as the law news returns in just two minutes. rning ted! scott!readto h some ball ooh! scott!readto h some ball hey ddy,hat's up
5:58 am
thiss wh it can ke thavehingsoh, man. paif y hadhickenpox,. thshines virusislready inso 1 in peoe will g ingl in eir lifeti.aftealmo 3, i st rlly want toive a st. yoknowi'm no elinit today. ta to ur docto phaacist toda
5:59 am
>>will tran: 2 east of a high schools and happen right before friday night's football game was a violent video coming up a live
6:00 am
report >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>george: will of the bay bridge is in drive times coming up >>anny hong: it will be above average for places in the north to bay lots of sunshine expected to live look at the bay bridge will talk about the traffic here but we're looking at cloud conditions all across the bay area where down in the low 60's at this hour by lunchtime with a low seventies on a partly cloudy conditions in the '70s if that
6:01 am
is the high this afternoon you did that between 3 and 4:00 p.m. if the west and 3 is 5 50 mi. from our checkoff the visibility we are seeing some fall out for santa rosa fellowman and knocked off we're all down anywhere from pretends to have my visibility up as another round of issues for sfo oakland and san jose >>george: as a consequence traffic is just beginning to back up all around the corner at the berkeley kerr's not yet into the macarthur maze to ensure prompt is now about a team in the trip tie into san francisco we expect the backed up to start to sell land on all the approaches here at the san mateo bridge and 11 metric time the volume is building come over some an image that is now back to get tracking the drive
6:02 am
here from macarthur maze yet to see two to four still looks good so this 580 and nimitz drop in the image freeway ride brought about out of san leandro and just 14 minutes into downtown oakland.' >>darya: 2 passengers firefighting on the plane were alive and sfo to tell us what happened >>jackie sissel: it took almost six and a half hours for the passengers to get from los angeles to sense and cisco because that'd be diverted back to lax there was an altercation broke out on flights to 10 shortly after takeoff it was between two passengers right now it is unclear exactly what the altercation was furthered by but
6:03 am
ultimately the pilot in the southwest plane decided it was enough so much he had to revert back to lax in emergency landing at that 0.1 of those passengers was taken off of the plane were not sure if he'd been arrested and not with the severe lot of frustrated passengers there on the fly in fact some of them started sending out what they were still in the air at 131 passenger jet to crash as got into a physical fight and that is why five hours later a little while later the same person said if nothing else goes wrong i should be in bed at 3:00 a.m. which means is taken two hours longer to fly home then drive a lot of frustrated passengers according to south west sound like a plane landed shortly after 1:00 a.m. but after a lot of problems on the flight across.
6:04 am
>>mark: they're getting ready to vote on whether not the strike of the stops our negotiations the fact disassociation 1 to 25,000 union members of ross strike of contract some of unsuccessful the pay raises the union members receive the school year the stock the association was a 5 percent salary increase for its members along the 2 4/7% based on years of service and universities offering 2 percent the opposition will start today of the 23 cal state
6:05 am
campuses including the state and the vote scare the to run through the end of october a body in the consensus go back to discover the bodies of fallen about 3:00 this afternoon it was between into violence as the island the have not identified the victim will continue to give you more information to soon as we did it >>darya: 64 recovering after they were stabbed in the party at an event hot in the town of madison netizen yellow county the shares offices all the victims were adults and they all are expected to make for recovery is the status happen saturday night at a private party at the madison town hall and 18 your was arrested >>mark: the every open some of the road where barry and tons of mud during flash flooding every
6:06 am
open stretches of five rows and all the communities located about 4 mi. low of los angeles 100 cars and buses are bees in the grips with track on state route 58 but a handful of them for free they're also stop and i five of those cars that were cleared on the freeway reopened late friday pg&e officials time to grow called the massive power outages in monterey county over we can even hired to investigate a one from one addict 5000 customers lost a power it was full restore this morning just after midnight pdt things the out of the called by high- voltage transmission the can down the loss landing. >>darya: he regains consciousness and now is communicating this morning he is able to breathe on his own and
6:07 am
he is able to talk right now is communicated through a thumbs-up and thumbs down and the text messages his wife is there she is bound to stay with him throughout his recovering the college coach said he came out of of home when she said i love your they're waiting on a blood test results to determine what causes medical of a seoul last tuesday he was from conscious of the love ride to a brothel in of the nevada where he spent $80,000 on prostitutes and will stay for several days. >>mark: and air man our northern gulf tired of the session last night the soldier was killed and
6:08 am
others in injured this it did tackle shot and killed all the place and should not been deployed drop the country to hand and the violence >>darya: after a car plunged off the santa cruz were stagira one over a and parking lot on saturday night and torture of four for rail and plunged 20 ft. into the ocean lifeguard swam to the sudan and brought to an end to the surface most of them taken to hospital one of the men died this is not clear will call the driver to drive off the wharf this said he swerved to avoid a petroleum in the area. >>mark: sit the first half of last thursday outside a mall on to instead hispanic mayor for and forcibly taking occurs he fled in a green-man band it
6:09 am
happened friday al-sabah said four of its governor the man for storm and a car lot of force to restore person this time the suspects fled in a silver honda sedan. >>mark: the 24 years ago today october 20, 1991 the oakland hills firestorm killed 25 people and injured hundred and 50 others to three days to turn am burned 4000 homes on the worst fires in u.s. history it was estimated at more than half billion dollars the peak it destroyed a home every lesson seconds the mayor and the of the fighting on will be gathering of this afternoon to remember the
6:10 am
victims. >>darya: the couple took the house some hospitals and move to two blocks away.
6:11 am
>>darya: and $5,000 for them to move the we will be run backed.
6:12 am
6:13 am
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6:14 am
>>anny hong: spher--you're not e
6:15 am
low '60's at this hour going for high of 75 nice smile back on the partly to mostly sunny conditions and will cool down to the '60s to that evening ride home with on tonight they're showing us the cali conditions all across the bay and we do have a slight chance a lingering showers institutionally primarily on the south vacancy there spotty at best and looking at it like sprinkle or drizzle possibly after that by 11:00 or done with the sharp chances and the sock or on to see clock cannot reckon with a partly cloudy skies look for mostly sunny conditions to the rest of the bay area by ride around 3:00 p.m. and mi the clock will for clear skies systems and apple
6:16 am
system for livermore 62 oakland and out of our fifties in daly city and half moon bay. >>anny hong: heading over to the location to to to be read from an average of seven is umbrella with an 77 walnut creek here is look at the next three days like the warm temperatures, also a wind clearing a nice warm for tuesday and wednesday mid '80s by the man of the week in low eighties for the bay shoreline here is look at the traffic >>george: coming from the e sure
6:17 am
free rent on the corner of the berkeley curve is balanced out 16 to 18 minutes on the approach out of the macarthur maze the second business corridor is the san mateo bridge and in about 15 minutes to could see stop and go conditions here at the toll plaza at the request of thing beginning to come on for you're ride to the richmond bridge was a bomb just beginning to back up for the trip out of the east bay track is to drive times for you look trip on an answer to this to track time and 21 minutes from hercules to berkeley will starting to pick a soul on six this of the bond 101
6:18 am
northbound this begins to slow through the southwest with a 21 minute return from the capitol expressway to the montague. >>mark: the student who science was the cause of national last month as this in the white house and mike president obama and by him to attend astronomy night in d.c. a 14 year-old was arrested when school officials missed the clock to build from they denied the religion played a part of his arrest a bomb sent him a quick lesson on invited to bring this clock to the white house for an event tonight she
6:19 am
announced she bought a 10% stake in with watchers international the stock had been soaring in overnight trading doubling a one. she joined the we were to board a lusterless and the bison >>mark: $43 million as of right now over nine she's made 38 million. hist >>darya: the federal penalty for not having health insurance is set to jump to $695
6:20 am
next year the penalty if you do not have health insurance to 325 the overhaul are urging their ministration to highlight the increase as a marketing strategy the 2016 son of these stars november 1st the average customer with subsidies could it six months or more coverage for 609 $5.70 getting the penalty could contact the with the federal government know about the rest of our merchants was is expected to announce the formation of a new task force on drums the task force is reportedly created a policy that requires anyone who buys the drawn to register with the department of the solid number of high-profile security incidents only commercial drawn users how to register the drums for the as and he was at this
6:21 am
tree for in sacramento he's done the best weekend was still recovering after being stabbed in the chest the source shows the state line his chest at the end open-heart surgery to repair the wound he knows very little about his attackers but he spent most of the date on saturday sitting with the detectives were of suspect sketches minute the neighbors are sly american flags with his honor >>mark: the police are asking now for help identifying them the door is released a sketch saturday at the base on the other witnesses' accounts he did not fit into charges in this incident. >>darya: the some secured
6:22 am
caprices china is violating this new the cyber agree with the u.s. to the security company strikes says there have been numerous hacking attacks on american corporate intellectual property and happen regularly over the past three weeks did flee of the elements to school being praised for stopping the kidnapping happen friday morning and antioch the staff member was on her way to work when she recognized none of your student in a strange car vehicle do not recognize the driver so she used her own car to block the vehicle and called police to walk to school after a quarter into the car there not been charged with kidnapping been streaking is costing u.s. economy to win $49
6:23 am
billion. >>darya: employees lesson hangover seoul not doing the best job the study defines been drinking as tricky at least five and a colored drinks for man and four for women the programs under used excessive drinking for 88,000 deaths each year she lost a new web site to help your child to college will to the house works and lives up at the bay bridge of this monday morning and we did enough to work in many school will be right back.
6:24 am
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>>darya: she unveils a new website for her college can't and it charges to this to continue after high school is called a better make room door or the can use the web sites on the for the s.a.t. is he right there for financial aid forms
6:26 am
and planned visits to college campuses they lost the will start today at the white house exposure to, airbag inflator is spreading the more vehicles jim's recall more than 400 cars because the side air bag inflated corruption since trout not the driver and passengers their problems unarmed growing to more new models the lettuce recall covers 2015 surely cannot small boat to compare their clothes as well do it across cadillac exeunt and gmc to line there and kill will live with the faulty of players from the vehicles month before hundred thousand a sure they turned not wide to boost your help this is the university of geneva
6:27 am
>>mark: have to deliver new learned fax and still see memory live from those who had a 90 minute nap found it easy to remember what they learned especially if they were rewarded great activity in the area of the brain is critical those to cannot compare to those who did not having a blue more than changing the weather is bringing where venomous snakes to our state the five snakes my wash up on the shore.
6:28 am
6:29 am
>>mark: could almost doubled overnight with news that she invested 43 millions and 30 million as of right now.
6:30 am
>>anny hong: here is a live look outside of your breakfast and i have cloud conditions we are seeing some fall to the not included santa rosa and not aware visibility reduced down to the core of a mile and half
6:31 am
is shown as temperatures by 9:00 will see widespread '60s was a gradual clear broth the day to be a pretty nice mild they all across the bay area with the exception of alaska or two this morning in the south that it was a quick check of your traffic >>george: the good news is we're not tracking any hot spots were start with the bay bridge the
6:32 am
drive times 16 to 18 minutes the san mateo bridge right on cue right here at 630 and looking at nearly stopped conditions at the toll plaza this will continue for several hours 18 to 19 months to drive times will likely climb by another 1014 minutes to the 68024 interchange the controversy video of a cross between two east bay high schools and is now on viral >>mark: or live in pittsburgh with reaction
6:33 am
>>will tran: is reviewed about hundred and 40 times for a thousand times over the weekend the issue who have their right to be on the field at that time was of the band or was the football team the seven have every right to be on the field to stress to get ready for the game were ever to track down the captain at deer valley football team is will be at the same about this incident fortunately
6:34 am
ian no injuries or major injuries the in the day with in the the case and medication they're still working out the principle dear rally high- school sense is telling people please do not rush to judgment by looking at that video >>darya: 16,000 people had been forced to back with their homes in the philippines because of a super typhoon called the storm made landfall early yesterday approved entries not now power
6:35 am
to the scramble to restaurant the villages or trapped in a flooded homes there on the rooftops and many homes and the northern province they killed a least two people the sea water in the eastern pacific is cool
6:36 am
anything is possible par-3 they do not expect seagram also warm water for or close the door to the side of have a quiet winter with not a lot of storms that said the state was like it came off the coast of mexico >>darya: he accidentally killed his little brother of the weekend and it was installers done that he used to kill and the shooting happened saturday night the two boys out there playing all some the grandfatherly watching the kids in here is a loud pop when he went into the kitchen he saw the three your grandson line on the ground bore was forced to the hospital where doctors cannot say from there is the voice father tsk prosecutors say that
6:37 am
is a former gang member who got the gun illegally of his family says user work with the shooting happened right now he's in jail charged with child endangerment the republic and canada has been trading jabs from jim bush about his brother's presidency he spoke against about comes linking the former president with the terrorist attack. >>: inspire running things i doubt those families and those people have been in the country i am not blaming george bush by the will to jeb bush to say my brother kept a safe one of the
6:38 am
19 men who hijack the plane had illegally entered the country on business towards visas. >>mark: the canada stand after the first democratic primary debate bill clinton remained on top the poll shall succeed some of the vote bernie sanders and a slight but now to 35 percent support coming up now you can relive your childhood while driving down the street in one of those type cars with this one is adult size if you're getting ready to travel for the holidays do not throw away your plane or flight boarding pass hackers can
6:39 am
use the code on your ticket in the your personal defamation we will tell you how.
6:40 am
6:41 am
♪ great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. >> >>mark: it contained a lot of personal information: your name phone number and fire program information that to be
6:42 am
enough to take control of the account was to do the might of the symbol of the flights your book or change your pan that the vatican and need your boarding pass to get your information initially used in the time passes and delete them from a year from when you're done. >>darya: she would never have to grow after tech arrived in the adult size little tyke car two brothers and the u.k. invented the big type of vehicle that in 2013 and according to them and took about a thousand dollars to make it because some $6,000 to build a standard features a regular car and has a cup holder the forecast come of next
6:43 am
cloud start fog in some drizzle will have the complete forecast coming up after the break the time now is 643 has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at ♪
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6:45 am
>>mark: a founding member of the debt is battling bladder cancer is being called the dumbest play in the history of football with the coat were thinking on this.
6:46 am
>>anny hong: we have no problems for oakland and san jose airport the visibility of the unarmed especially compromise is approved a little bit now santa rosa word of the pretense about 40 minutes ago no ridges on the two mile visibility to chose as we are starting was cloudy all across the bay area this morning a few task picking up a slight chance for shower primarily in the south bay this morning he'll be spotty at best by 11:00 the cause of clear on out here a fire weather what has
6:47 am
been issued to the national weather service starting tonight it goes all through wednesday for parts of now and also for san will sell parts of marin adjutancy indicated by the orange with the low humidities and high winds if. >>anny hong: can trace a critical fire weather conditions the peninsula forecast for today looking at a really nice afternoon more sunshine with the clouds coming out though some is in san mattel were sought the upper seventies 67 and a half moon bay farther to the south the intimacy and nice if you again a slight
6:48 am
chance to make this shower this morning or even sprinkled otherwise temperatures into the mid-70s the santa clara and san jose 74 in morgan hill >>george: as we move closer to 6:00 and 548 the back of this began to reach into the macarthur maze 18 to 22 minutes of time here san mateo bridge ride started to slow at 530 it remains heavy as the drive time bills to 2 to 4 minutes for the ride into marin county at the back of non just beyond the
6:49 am
reach and parkway, already at a 16 minute trip time into san rafael from senator phil southbound to the golden gate bridge. >>george: sup 101 north about slows a bit more into to 6 minutes with track and delays as one coming up from santa cruz leading toward the summit we had a number of minor incidents northbound on 17 that left traffic slowed, i'll talk to alan
6:50 am
>>mark: the shooting said large crowds of people running through the streets please server and storage videos of restaurant and shot to help them find a person or people start shooting to lead the university city of oxford and getting ready to vote on whether to remove the state live from campus the flat fee to the confederate battle flag on a and a confederate symbol have been a source of controversy especially recently in the wake of the trout to track shooting were
6:51 am
nine americans were gunned down in june the mystery of a public university already do not find five installed as a on to vote tomorrow on what the plan to do. but a >>mark: thousand people sold five star refused to your web site called fiber that calm is with that of the dupont also little $5 the policy bans think part of use >>darya: a local disc to cabarets also dollars to help the family of the student's people travel from all over the
6:52 am
bay area to take part in a fund raiser for the peak family and for other victims of the fire the home was destroyed and about a fire last month the community raised more than $2,300 in the fund raiser yesterday the peak say they're thankful for a rebel who donated a local business also jumped in to have contributed the raffle items to raise additional funds 70 percent of the money donated goes to the peak family >>mark: left the family with the venue but no wedding they decided that they put the deposits and it cannot cancel the 35,000 even the in by the sacramento home to an demille
6:53 am
part of an $5,000 wedding price included the non refundable on the mound the bride is a mom will now be enjoying the trip to believe is getting a look at the weather on this monday morning. >>anny hong: the radar is pretty quiet will see rain come off the coast more details when the storm track the weather of the coming up after the break.
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>>mark: that would like to be turning into what have time to die during monday night football there is a neutral for
6:57 am
star wars before to weaken after place to go on sale of the type of open to december 18th is the seventh film and friends at the laws and to spend a movie of the year the chair launches the user population what to you which rose are cleared in which ones are blocked.
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