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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 25, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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happened. scott, are police any closer to tracking down the suspects? > >: i just checked witht the police and they will be working around the clock.tyou see out here. its was a very had hit him dangerous situation. they are looking for this man. he is on the run. dangerous and reckless. they called out the swat team.
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they look or a room and used tear gas today in their. >> reporter: shoppers out here fill of the settlement. >>: that was horrible. >>: its going to be anger everywhere you live. >> reporter: now police still looking for two men who are responsible. the person that died that are released the name.
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another person is still in critical condition >> vicki: a birthday party at a santa rosa home turned dangerous last night... police say between 75 and 100 people were celebrating when a pair of angry guests drove their vehicles... a pick-up truck... and a small s-u-v... into a group of people standing outside. one person was run over and taken to the hospital with a leg injury. two other people were sideswiped. none of the injuries were
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serious. so far... one of the suspects and both vehicles have been found. >> vicki: a woman in her 30's is in the hospital tonight following a hang-glider crash in milpitas this afternoon. the crash was reported just after 1:00 at ed levin county park. emergency crews arrived and the woman was transported by a helicopter to a hospital a little before 2:30. fractured ankle and a possible spine injury. police say... the woman landed 600-feet away from the landing zone. female in her 30's landed 600 ft away from the landing zone >> vicki: new at eight. the golden state warriors are gearing up to play the new orleans pelicans for tuesday's our kron 4's alecia reid got a chance to sit in on their practice today, and talked to expectations. >>: last season was very >> reporter:
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and ready and focused. >> reporter: peter oleson is a season ticket holder. things will be a little different to kick off this year >>: i hope we can come around with luke as the coach since steve kerr is out right now >> reporter: the warriors practiced drills anticipate seeing more of last season's excitement. >>: the energy is going to be awesome. we put on a show last year so it's gonna be great. steph curry and thompson are so was awesome to see them live. >>: i'm optimistic because they're the underdogs all of a sudden this season. you win a championship and now everybody's after you. >>: i just wanna see the warriors repeat. just bring the championship back to the bay area. and the parade, that was how pretty awesome. >> reporter: reporting in oaklandalecia reid >> vicki: we will have continued coverage on the warriors. as they gear up for the season opener next week. that's coming up at 9 o'clock on sports night live.
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>> vicki: c-h-p officers bust a late-night sideshow near rodeo. it happened just before midnight last night. in a parking lot near highway 4 in unincorporated contra costa county. officials say drivers were doing burn-outs and donuts in the parking lot. seventeen people were cited for participating in the sideshow. officials also impounded their cars. >> vicki: a woman died after suffering major injuries early this morning... after crashing a minivan on an embankment along westbound 80 in san pablo. the crash was reported just after 4-a-m... past the san pablo dam road exit. officers found the woman pinned inside the vehicle... unable to get out. emergency crews extracted her, and she was taken to a hospital and later pronounced dead. investigators say the driver was racing and lost control. all westbound lanes were closed between san pablo dam road and mcbryde road for almost two
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>> reporter: you. >>: "they're definitely a bother." >> reporter: you're not alone. >>: "they're kind of wreckless -- they don't clean up after themselves." >> reporter: ethan jones still lets his 4-year-old daughter to play at ohlone park. but says the recent homeless invasion hasn't been pleasant. >>: "there's not a level of care with these people living in their little encampments and what not." >> reporter: councilmember linda maio takes it a step futher. >>: "the liquor bottles, beer bottles, the, uh, basically, its very unsavory, and so the families then tend not to use >> reporter: maio represents this part of town, and in her 22 years on the council, helped found this park. but says in the past month, because of the economy and getting booted out of other camps. the homeless have taken over the park, especially at night. illegally camping out, and making it unsafe for her
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grandaughters to run freely. >>: "they would run througn the grass without any shoes on. that doesn't happen anymore because the number of needles people have found. and, a couple of dogs have been poisoned by picking up remnants of methamphetamine." >> reporter: and, maio isn't the only one concerned about what's going on here at the park. in fact, on saturday, she called a special meeting at t he north berkeley senior center. and, some 100 people showed up to discuss the issues. >>: "we need more police presence for the nighttime campers because they do come back and camp overnight, even though they're not supposed to. how do we protect the vegetation. we need better garbage cans, we need more portapotties." >>: "it won't be simple, but its our job now. we have to rescue our park. its not ok to say sure." >> reporter: in berkeley, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> vicki: police arrested two men on suspicion of possessing burglary tools saturday in morgan hill during a high-risk traffic stop.
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police say the men were driving a stolen car. officers stopped the car after observing erratic driving near monterey road and vineyard boulevard. police quickly determined that the vehicle had been reported stolen out of salinas. 21-year-old augustine ybarra and 22-year-old michael rashe were arrested. police suspect the two may have committed other property crimes in the area. >> vicki: tragedy in sacramento. police say a 13-year-old girl is in critical condition after being shot in the head while sitting in her home with her grandmother last night. rina nakano has the story. >> reporter: since 1973. olga lamar has proudly called west sacramento "home." >>: know." >> reporter: she says its a neighborhood so quiet. she always feels safe strolling around with her grandson. you can even hear church bells from the distance. >> reporter: but saturday night. she and her >> alan: like pop. pop. pop. like 4 to 6. >> olga lamar:i heard the
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police. it was quick. i mean, the sirens. >> reporter: west sacramento police say at around 8:50 pm, someone shot into this home on the corner of hobson avenue and solano street. multiple bullet holes remain on the side of the duplex. one of them hit a 13 year old girl. investigators say the teen was sitting on the couch with her grandmother. when a bullet hit her head. the victim's friends say she is a great student, always staying out of trouble. >> reporter: the brother of the victim told me off camera that the only two people who live here are his grandmother and his 13 year old little sister. so he has no idea why anybody would shoot at the home. >>: scary. scary for the family >> reporter: alan franciscus lives just across the street. he was jolted by the stream of gunshots. >>: it was interesting because i didn't hear a screech or a car or anything like that. >> reporter: west sacramento police are working off limited information. they do not know if this was a drive by, a walk-by, or if this was a targeted shooting. they don't have anyone in custody.
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>>: lamar with baby >> reporter: lamar says this incident is a sad reminder. that things have really changed since 1973. >>:"clean up. and have more respect for humanity. that's all i want. is respect." >> vicki: police do not know how many suspects may have been involved.or if there was an incident that preceded the >> vicki: police are looking for a person in connection with a burglary at a petaluma department store friday which over 2-thousand dollars worth of merchandise was taken. officers responded to a report of a burglary at a kohl's north mcdowell boulevard. police learned a man chose three vacuum cleaners and placed them in his shopping cart. he walked to the back of the store with the shopping cart and exited the building through a fire exit. spheresthe suspect then ran to a waiting pickup truck nearby. he is described as a white man, 6 feet tall, weighing around 220 pounds. >> vicki: this just in. authorities say at least 3
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people have died after a whale watching boat sunk off vancouver island. 27 people were on board the boat. it happened just before 4 this afternoon near tofino, british columbia. officials have not released information on the nationalities of the victims. we will be sure to bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. >> vicki: coming up at eight. democratic presidential hopefuls taking the stage in iowa. which candidates are seeing a turning point in their bid for the white house. the woman charged with mowing parade. facing manslaughter charges. what her lawyer says was going thru her mind. and where they're measuring rain in feet not inches. >> vicki: torrential rainfall is smashing records in texas. >> reporter: as storm coming this week all have your forecast >> reporter: as storm coming this week all have your forecast coming up.
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>> vicki: torrential rainfall is smashing records in texas. some parts of the state are measuring the water in feet... not inches. houston and galveston have sustained localized flooding. today the rain... and the floods that come with it... are heading our c-n-n partnership's kim hutcherson reports... >>: "is anybody building an ark yet?" heavy rainfall is pounding >> reporter: parts of texas this weekend.up areas. breaking local records.: "i ain't never seen it this bad."forecasters predict more is on the way.and it will be wide- spread.: "the potential for high water could occur anywhere across the region."flash flooding in houston led to the closure of downtown exits on i- >> reporter: and officials report 50 confirmed high water locations in the city.residents of galveston are dealing with up to a foot of rain in the forecast. strong winds are battering the coast line.pushing tides five levels.forcing people to
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prepare >>: "we're just moving furniture around the everything. we've heard there's never been water inside any of the garage or any of these rooms except for hurricane ike. >> reporter: is cleaning up from the effects of hurricane patricia.the most powerful storm ever recorded in the western hemisphere made landfall friday.before quickly losing much of its strength.patricia's remnants, however, are feeding the rain in rain that forecasters say is moving east towards the louisiana coast.i'm kim hutcherson reporting. >> vicki: another sunny day here in the bay area. rain in the forecast. brian van aken has been tracking the weather. brian, when can we expect to see the rain? >> brian: the tail end of a weather system going through the
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pacific northwest made for clouds and a few sprinkles sunday morning. there were no reports of measurable rainfall in the bay area. the closest reports were a couple of.01's in southern mendocino county. with this system out of here, skies have been clearing this afternoon. the forecast models are indicating a big area of low clouds for the bay and valleys monday morning, but as of 6 pm sunday, there are no low clouds showing up quite yet. for now, monday's forecast is low clouds clearing through noon with sunshine and warmer temperatures for the afternoon. another storm system out in the pacific will start to arrive overnight monday night into tuesday morning. we should wake up to a fairly cloudy start on tuesday with clouds thickening through the day. we may get a first round of light rain tuesday evening and a slightly heavier batch for wednesday morning. things start to clear
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out wednesday afternoon. the wettest forecast model is showing about a quarter-inch of rain out of this. the storm moves south and east out of the area wednesday night. behind it, a strong offshore wind pattern is setting up. wind gusts thursday may be over 40 mph, perhaps even 50 mph if it all plays out as forecast. the offshore winds will also clear us out and warm us up into next weekend. today. hundreds of families gathered for the redwood city symphony halloween concert. musicians wore their favorite halloween costumes for the event.
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they performed dozens of songs, including songs from the nightmare before christmas. >> vicki: families were also offered a tour of the orchestra and theater. the redwood city symphony is an all-volunteer orchestra. >> vicki: the average price of gasoline has dropped 10-cents over the past two $2.24 a gallon. industry analyst trilby lundberg says prices have fallen 63-cents in the past 19 weeks. lundberg says the price slide could end if crude costs remain close to current levels. the highest average price of regular gasoline was $2.87 per gallon in los angeles. the lowest was $1.85 in charleston, south carolina. the u-s average diesel price is $2.56 per gallon.down a penny from two weeks ago.
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>> vicki: flip saunders... the longtime nba coach who won more than 650 games in nearly two decades and was trying to rebuild the minnesota timberwolves as team president, coach, and part owner... has died at the age of 60... the team said. saunders was diagnosed with hodgkins lymphoma in june and doctors called it "treatable and curable." the minnesota timberwolves made the diagnosis public in august. he took a leave of absence from the team in september. saunders went 654-592 in 17 seasons with the timberwolves, detroit pistons and washington wizards. >> vicki: the hurrcaine that was more bark than bite. the path of patricia. - dry as a bone for now.
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>> vicki: forecasters are predicting that because of el nino, most of california will probably see above average rainfall this winter. southern california is expected to get hit the hardest, but yosemite national park could also see above average preciptation. the park does have a history of very dramatic flooding and earlier this week kron 4's charles clifford was in yosemite. he asked the park service if they are prepared for a wet winter. >> reporter: this was the yosemite valley back in january of 1997. warm, heavy rain combined with a rapidly melting snowpack flooded several streams and the merced river. thousands of park visitors were stranded for days until the waters receded. it was the worst flooding in the recorded history of the yosemite national park. in the aftermath of the flood, the national park service made extensive changes along the river. >>: since 1997, the park has moved campgrounds away from the river. that's to both mitigate flood impacts and to work with the merced river plan that the park is in the process of implementing. >> reporter: even though there is a high likelihood that the
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large el nino in the pacific ocean will send heavy rains into california this winter, the park service say that a repeat of the 1997 flood is unlikely. >>: if we get heavy rains with the el nino this year the difference between that and 1997 is that we had that huge snowpack in 1997. we don't have that now. if we get warmer weather with heavier rains the river is going to have much more capacity to handle that water. >> reporter: the park service is also hoping that a wet winter will result in a deep snowpack which could help relieve drought conditions and keep the streams, rivers and waterfalls flowing through next summer. >>: we would certainly love to see lots of snow in the upper elevations here in the park. it helps to feed the reservoirs but we would be glad to have the rain as well. >> vicki: that was charles clifford reporting. noaa is forecasting that the yosemite area has a roughly 40 to 50-percent chance of seeing above average moisture this winter. >> vicki: coming up at 8:30.
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body cam video of a daring raid on isis. what it shows from the u.s. soldier's point of view. and the mystery of how the el faro sank could be solved soon. what search crews hope to find out from dredging up the ship's black box.
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>> vicki: still ahead. a teen beaten bloody and it was all caught on cell phone video. what happened to the mom who dealt the blows. two teens in custody tonight. how their plot to carry out a mass shooting at their high school was foiled. plus - we'll take a look at how
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the latest campaign stop could change the race for the white house. ♪ ♪ it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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>> vicki: hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley... all trying to energize supporters in iowa. our c-n-n partnership's jeff zeleny reports from des moines, where the democratic race for president... just got real. >> reporter: fireworks in the presidential racedemocratic rivals descending on iowa 100 days before the first votes of the 2016 primary. >> reporter: hillary clinton seizing on the >>: "fight on 2016 is right around the corner." >> reporter: and the political power of bill clinton - in his campaign trail debut.
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>>: "i've never been the warm up act for katy perry before. but i am well aware i am the warm-up act." >> reporter: the biggest week yet of the democratic presidential race ended in iowawhere clinton had plenty of company - and competition. >>: "people power! wooo!" >> reporter: bernie sanders has become a democratic star of his own his campaign chartered a plane to fly over their dueling rallies, calling for a revolution .before marching side-by-side with his followers. >>presidential candidate: "this is a march which will end up in a year when you will join me at the white house." >> reporter: a festival of politics coming to a full boil at the jefferson jackson dinner, a marquee event for democrats. it was at this dinner, eight years ago, where illinois senator barack obama jumpstarted his presidential campaign. >>: "if we are really serious about winning this election democrats, then we can't live in
8:31 pm
fear of losing it." >> reporter: sanders said history could repeat itself. >>: presidential candidate "about eight years ago all of the political experts talked about how another democratic candidate for president just couldn't win. he was unelectable. remember that guy? what's his name? oh, it's president obama." >> reporter: sanders presented himself as a principled progressive - drawing a sharp contrast to clinton's votes on iraq, gay rights and wall street reform. >> presidential candidate: "i will not abandon any segment of american society / just because it is politically expedient at a given time." >> reporter: former maryland governor martin o'malley said it was time for a new generation to lead. >>presidential candidate: "new leadership or the same old battles or our past. actions or words? do we want to get things done? or do we just want to keep shouting past each other?"
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>> reporter: but clinton argued her experience makes her the party's strongest nominee. >> presidential candidate: "it's not enough just to rail against the republicans and the billionaires. we have to win this election." >> reporter: in iowa, clinton has an edge in the polls. but sanders is capturing the enthusiasm, a sign this democratic race is not yet settled. >>: "bernie! bernie! bernie!" >> vicki: donald trump has been leading in the republican presidential polls -- not only nationally but in every early primary state -- for months. but now he finds himself suddenly slipping.dropping to number two in iowa behind ben carson. trump sat down for an interview with c-n-n's jake tapper. >>: i really think, nice person. this country is to really undivided. present president
8:33 pm
obama has divided this country. >> vicki: later in the interview, trump lamented the house select committee on benghazi's questioning of hillary clinton. he called the hearing - quote - "very partisan" and said that it hurts both parties and the country. >> vicki: the woman suspected of crashing her car into a crowd at a homecoming parade at oklahoma state university is being held on four charges of second degree murder. tony coleman.the attorney representing adacia chambers says he believes she suffers from a mental illness. coleman says there is no indication that she had been drinking or taking drugs.before police say she drove into spectators at the parade on saturday morning. mark mcnitt.a family member of one of the victims.spoke out about the tragic event. >>: it's been a crazy 24 hours.
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the medical center has helped out to say the least. >> vicki: parts of western mexico are cleaning up after hurricane patricia.which was the strongest hurricane on record. the damage wasn't nearly as bad as many predicted. but rafael romo tells us, that's little solace, for those who were hit hard. >> reporter: rafael hernandez says he and his family were barely able to evacuate as the floodwaters rushed into his home. >>: "my brother woke me up," he says. "when we got on our truck the water was up to our knees." >> reporter: his wife rosa maria begins to tell us that they've lost almost everything >> reporter: sadness. >> reporter: the hernandezes live in mascota, a town located in the mexican state of jalisco, one of the areas that were hit
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the hardest by hurricane patricia. hurricane winds in this sierra madre town were not the problem. >> reporter: the river running through town - overflowed. the water is only up to my ankles now at this street but neighbors tell me that it got all the way up to this stain on the wall. it's about five feet high and as you can imagine many houses in this area got completely flooded. >> reporter: officials say the homes of about three-thousand people were damaged here. that's a fifth of the entire population in this town of 15- thousand. >>: "the river overflowed unexpectedly," this town official says. "the water covered several streets that had never flooded before." >> reporter: this woman who has a heart condition and is now living at a shelter says the only thing she took with her as she escaped the floodwaters was her oxygen tank. >> reporter: and this mother says she had to jump through
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this window with her six-month- old baby because the door was already jammed. >> reporter: mexican government officials say hurricane patricia spared many areas but it could've been much worse. mascota residents say they don't even want to think about what something worse would've looked like in their town. rafael romo, cnn, mascota, mexico. >> vicki: there's newly released video of a raid by u-s and kurdish commandos on a prison in northeastern iraq. dozens of hostages were reportedly being held there by isis. during the raid... which happened on thursday... master sergeant joshua wheeler was killed. he is the first us soldier to die in combat in iraq since 2011. that raid has raised more questions about the united states' role in fighting isis. the mission marks the first time us soldiers engaged isis fighters on the ground in iraq since the u-s sent troops back into the country last year. >> vicki:
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>> vicki: you've heard of an airplane's
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>> vicki: the search continues for the missing cargo ship el faro that sank earlier this month during hurricane joaquin. a u-s navy search team is on the hunt for the ship and its data recorder... known as the "black box." here you see them getting ready to deploy a 'towed pinger locator'... an instrument designed to detect a downed vessel's "black box." they're focusing on a 100-squre- mile zone near the ship's last known location... northeast of crooked island in the bahamas. the jacksonville, florida-based el faro disappeared october cargo run to san juan, puerto rico. the ship's 28 american crew members and five polish nationals are presumed dead.
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>> brian: the tail end of a weather system going through the pacific northwest made for clouds and a few sprinkles sunday morning. there were no reports of measurable rainfall in the bay area. the closest reports were a couple of.01's in southern mendocino county. with this system out of here, skies have been clearing this afternoon. the forecast models are indicating a big area of low clouds for the bay and valleys monday morning, but as of 6 pm sunday, there are no low clouds showing up quite yet. for now, monday's forecast is low clouds clearing through noon with sunshine and warmer temperatures for the afternoon. another storm system out in the pacific will start to arrive overnight monday night into tuesday morning. we should wake up to a fairly cloudy start on tuesday with clouds thickening through the day. we may get a first round of light rain tuesday evening and a slightly heavier batch for wednesday
8:41 pm
morning. things start to clear out wednesday afternoon. the wettest forecast model is showing about a quarter-inch of rain out of this. the storm moves south and east out of the area wednesday night. behind it, a strong offshore wind pattern is setting up. wind gusts thursday may be over 40 mph, perhaps even 50 mph if it all plays out as forecast. the offshore winds will also clear us out and warm us up into next weekend.
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>> vicki: the force was used against him. and now a star wars collector is hoping to get it back. what happened to stolen next.
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>> vicki: the facebook mobile app could be seriously affecting your phones battery life. a problem in the inner workings of the their application has
8:45 pm
been discovered. our tech reporter gabe slate >> reporter: say it aint so! our favorite us. hurting us. the facebook app is the most downloaded app ever. so you know this affects a lot of people. there is a major problem with the facebook app draining the battery from smartphones. >> reporter: when the ios 9 software update came out for iphones it came with this new feature that showed you what apps were eating up your battery life the most. for a lot of people it was facebook. even if they were not actively using it a lot so as you can imagine this became a hot topic on social media and the web. people companing about this. and it turns out the facebook mobile app is flawed and is causing unessasary battery drain. if you watch a video on the app and switch to another app to do something else, the audio component of the video sometimes continues to run in the background. the other problem has to do with code that is causing the app to continuously ping facebook's main network. >> reporter: facebook has
8:46 pm
admitted to this problem with their app. they have apologized for any inconvenience and they released an update to fix the problem. >> reporter: so check your phone right now for a facebook update. if it's sitting there. you should run it. and that will ensure more battery life so you can keep posting to facebook without interuption. >> vicki: puget sound's endangered resident orcas have welcomed yet another new addition... the center for whale research in friday harbor has confirmed on its facebook page that a newborn orca designated as... j-53... was seen traveling yesterday in haro strait with it's mother... a 38-year-old orca known as princess angeline or j-17. it's the sixth baby born to puget sound's three orca pods since last december... boosting their numbers to 82.
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>> vicki: rung for a same-sex couple who were denied a marriage license by kentucky clerk... kim davis. karen roberts and april miller tried to obtain a license back in july. after davis refused to grant it... they partnered with the a- c-l-u to push for equal implementation of the law. their case was one of the cases that led to davis doing jail time. roberts and miller have now been reception. >> vicki: a missouri woman and her son have been charged with assault and robbery. because of a fight that was recorded on a cell phone. 15-year-old jordan koontz was at this apartment on south oxford near east 35th with her friend nicole and 17-year-old shane shafer. koontz says shafer's mother.shelly matthews.wanted her gone and was driving her home, but took a detour to winner park. >> vicki: this is where koontz says she was beaten for sitting next to matthews son. she was left bloody and beaten during the attack. >>: it was over a boy. you don't teach your children to beat up other people. >> vicki: koontz took her cell
8:48 pm
phone to shane shafer took the video of in virginia, two teenagers are >> vicki: in custody on allegations they were planning to carry out a in spotsylvania county. it started october 12th, when the school resource officer arrested a 17-year-old male at the school. an investigation later linked a friday, a 15-year-old was arrested. after searching the students' homes, both males were charged with conspiracy to commit murder. deputies say they had access to firearms. >> vicki: the sheriff's office credits riverbend's officer and other deputies for preventing what could've been a nightmare.
8:49 pm
>>: there as a people lining up to by myself-stuff. 1 if anyone can help please bring a back. i want y stuff back. >> vicki: jeremy has hollywood
8:50 pm
man. >> reporter: he tied the knot with hanna. the exchange of vows with close family members. they took off to their humming honeymoon. >> reporter: fowling was being honored. he fell and injured his right hand. >> reporter: at the box office the martian was the top.
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>> vicki: tonight on the backstory. we take you behind the scenes as kron 4 covers the warriors >>: i don't know anything about basketball. >>: and the parade just started rolling. >>: we're going to continue our live coverage. >>: the best shot we have all morning. >>: people shouting >> vicki: the backstory airs this tonight at 9:30. >> vicki: talk about the
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>> vicki: joining us here in the studio - jr stone - hosting sports night live along with bip roberts and mark carpenter. pretty exciting to watch those raiders in action today.
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>> j.r: i'm excited about the raiders. nba champions. oracle or read the thousands of people sitting around. steve is still out. we are going to do a travis race. ammoniac going to show be front part.
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>> vicki: 8. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or download one of our mobile apps. our next newscast is tonight at 11 o'clock. see you then. goodnight.
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